650 - Der Bund der Sieben
The Alliance of the Seven
William Voltz

On December 28th, 3458, the whole Sol system is suddenly isolated fromthe rest of the universe. An unpassable hyperdimensional veil covers allthe system and prevents anyone inside from communicating to the outside.The ships can no longer travel to distant systems and linear travel isunoperative, while inside communications are undisturbed. Perry Rhodanmakes a short intervention on the TV to sum up the situation and confessesthe scientists think a greater power is currently making them a demonstration.

Alaska Saedalaere, the alien with a Cappin implant in his face, is joiningImperium Alpha, where all the mutants have been called back. He is startledto find an extraterrestrian in his room, who introduces himself as Calloberian,a Xysrapen.

Calloberian pretends he, and all those of his race, is able to see thestars, even though nobody in the Sol system can. He pretends he can switchbetween the dimensions, thanks to a special organ, not unlike the Laurinsflexorgan. As the scientists are trying to figure out how he can achievethis, on the 5th of January, the stars appear again. Shortly after, a mysteriousspheric ship suddenly materializes  in orbit around the Earth. Atfirst, the ship doesn't seem to be willing to land and keeps orbitting the Earth.

Rhodan finally makes contact with the unknown ship. It is piloted byHotrenor-Taak, a Laren, who seems to know Perry Rhodan and the human racefairly well. The Larens come from the NGC 21-3190-galaxy million light-yearsaway from Sol. He is the representative of the Council (or Hetos) of theSeven, which gathers seven galaxies. The Council wants the Milky Way tojoin them, with Perry Rhodan as the First Hetran. When Rhodan replies thathe doubts that all the peoples in the Milky Way would accept this nomination,Hotrenor-Taak says the Council supports First Hetrans with all their power ifneed be.

In order to impress the Terrans, Hotrenor-Taak asks them to test hisenergy shield. It quickly turns out that none of the Terran weapons canshake the energy shield of his ship. After the first blasts, the initially500 meter wide round ship swells to reach 5000 meters and takes a yellowish,bright hue. The energy shield seems to be made of pure energy, which leadsthe Terran scientists to coin the term "Energy cell shield", EC-Shield[Struktur-Variablen-Energiezellen Raumer or SVE Raumer. I am at a losstranslating accurately this term... --Cedric]

Shocked, Rhodan decides to allow the Laren to land in Terrania. He willpretend he accepts to enter the Hetos of the Seven until he learns moreabout this EC-Shield, and also on the other races involved in the Council.

The Laren ship lands and Hotrenor-Taak appears before the Terrans forthe first time. He says the Council is currently holding a meeting in theirgalaxy, and invites Rhodan to join them there in order to be introducedto the other six members. Pressed by the Terranian TV, broadcasting theevent galaxy-wide, Rhodan is urged to answer immediately. He turns theoffer down, saying that nobody in the Council ever considered asking himhis opinion.

Hotrenor-Taak is very surprised and retires to think the matter further.Meanwhile, reactions from the various peoples in the Milky Way start toarrive to Terrania, and they are essentially in favor of the nominationof Rhodan as the First Hetran. Rhodan still can't resign himself to it.He eventually agrees to go to Hotrenor-Taak's home galaxy, but accompanied.

He informs Hotrenor-Taak he wants to travel on board of one of his corvettes,inside the Laren's ship. He also gives him a list of people that will joinhim, among which Icho Tolot, Alaska Saedalaere, Gucky and Calloberian.Hotrenor-Taak is not surprised by all the names he reads, except for Calloberian,whom he admits he does not know. Rhodan explains that the Xisrapen is ableto see the stars despite the protection field the Larens used recentlyover the Sol system. Hotrenor-Taak accepts Rhodan's conditions.

The MC8 corvette is brought into the Laren ship, which then takes off.Shortly after, Hotrenor-Taak comes to see his guests and invites them tovisit the ship. He also informs them that the meeting will not take placein the NGC-3190 galaxy, as initially planned, but in the void between thegalaxies, on the planet Hetossa, second planet a seven-planet system, revolvingaround the Hartzon star. This unexpected change makes the Terrans moresuspicious about the Laren's intentions.

Shortly before they land on Hetossa, a Laren named Muskenor-Aart joinsthem on board and informs them about the planet, which capital is calledMivtrav. Hotrenor-Taak tells Rhodan that for now, he will only deal withthe Larens and will not get to meet the other members of the Council. Furthermore,the discussion makes Rhodan think that the Larens might be aware of Rhodan'srecent interactions with IT and Anti-IT. Questioned about this, Hotrenor-Taakadmits he knows about these facts but won't say more.

Hotrenor-Taak then alludes to the fact that Rhodan would have to disarmall the Solar Fleet, along with all the armed forces of the other races,in order for the Milky Way to join the Council. Rhodan is shocked by thisdemand but remains imperturbable, as Hotrenor-Taak seems to be confidentthat he will answer positively.

The Terrans are brought to their apartments. Fearing for their safetyif he refused the Laren's offer, Rhodan decides to pretend he will acceptall their demands. He sends the teleporters in reconnaissance, hoping tolearn more about the city before the conference begins.

After a few teleportations, Gucky and Tschubai discover a raging fightopposing two Laren armies. Forces coming from the capital are surroundinga group of Larens fighting for their lives. Gucky teleports back to thecity and brings Rhodan back on the battlefield. They kidnap one of thesoldiers and question him. Before he dies, the Laren says he's part ofa resistance movement. They wanted to take advantage of the arrival ofthe Terrans to make a demonstration to the Council. He says the Councilare merciless beasts that enslave people. He asks Rhodan to rescue Roctin-Par,their leader, who is about to be captured. Should this happen, there wouldbe nobody left to question the authority of the Council.

The teleporters eventually locate the rebels base and are able to rescueRoctin-Par before the Larens take over. Unfortunately, Calloberian diesduring the battle. Roctin-Par is brought back to the Terrans apartmentsand explains Rhodan that they're opposing the dictatorial ruling of theLarens. Questioned about the exact motivations of the rebels, Roctin-Parrefuses to answer.

On the Earth, the other Xisrapens realize that Calloberian might bedead, since they are no longer in mental contact with her (Calloberianactually turns out to be a female). However, she might also be simply pretending,they can't tell.

Meanwhile, on Hetossa, Rhodan prepares to meet the Council.

Cedric Beust

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651 - Die Rebellen von Hetossa
The Rebels of Hetossa
Ernst Vlcek

Three days later, Hotrenor-Taak comes to see the Terrans and takes themto a room where they will be given a training about the Hetos of the Seven.Hotrenor-Taak reaffirms his will to see a lasting peace established inthe Milky Way, even if this means confronting the Arkonids, Akonids, Blues,and all the other people of the Galaxy, who will surely object to beingsubmitted to a dictatorship. Rhodan then asks what the Larens are expectingfrom him in return.

Hotrenor-Taak explains that the command of the whole Solar Fleet mustbe given to the Larens. They will use it for the pacification of the MilkyWay first. Later, when things have settled, the Fleet will be incorporatedin the military forces of the Seven Galaxies. Rhodan says that it meansgiving up democracy, infuriating Hotrenor-Taak, for whom this concept ismeaningless. Rhodan still does not understand why the Larens named himFirst Hetran when they could use ther technological superiority to conquerthe Milky Way and have him, Hotrenor-Taak, nominated First Hetran. Hotrenor-Taaksays that this would go against their mentality.

Rhodan says that he suspects a greater chaos would ensue in the MilkyWay if someone other than him was nominated First Hetran, and that theLarens would have difficulties dealing with it, even with their technologicalsuperiority. Hotrenor-Taak is forced to agree, and then ends the discussion,drawing the attention of the Terrans to the monitors that are in frontof them, where a global overview of the Hetos of the Seven will be given.When Rhodan asks if this briefing will include armament, Hotrenor-Taakdoes not answer.

The screens then show how the Larens are able to manipulate energy andturn it into solid matter, but reveal nothing on the inner workings ofthe technology, leaving the Terranian scientists wanting for more. Hotrenor-Taakthen concludes saying that when the other members of the Council arriveon Hetossa, he will have to report to them, and he hopes that Rhodan willhave given his answer by then. Just before they are brought back to theirapartments, Gucky manages to read into the Laren's mind and sees that actually,Hotrenor-Taak intends to destroy their corvette so that they are left helplesson Hetossa. Rhodan then decides to act.

A teleporter is sent into the corvette in order to save as much as possible,while Tschubai and Gucky teleport into the mountains and start to dig ashelter for the Terrans. Meanwhile, the MC-8 is being taken out of Hotrenor-Taak'sship to be placed on orbit. It explodes shortly after. Unfortunately, IchoTolot is spotted by an SVE glider outside the cave. Lord Zwiebus and ToronarKasom open fire on the glider and destroy it, showing that Terranian weaponscan be effective against Laren technology.

Asked about the explosion of the MC-8, Hotrenor-Taak explains that amishap occurred while moving it. He offers an SVE glider in compensationfor the loss of the corvette and then tells Rhodan he will come to visitthem shortly for an important matter. Felmer Lloyd informs Rhodan thatthe Laren's concern is about the mutants, and not the destruction of theglider in the mountain. Rhodan is stunned to learn that Hotrenor-Taak isinformed of the capacities of the mutants, and fearing that the Laren mightswitch to a more aggressive behavior, he orders all of them to teleportin various places on Hetossa.

After scattering the team away, Rhodan and the few remaining membersof the expedition eventually make contact with Roctin-Par. They meet inthe underground of Mivtrav. There, Roctin-Par insists on the malevolenceof the Hetos Council and asks Rhodan what he intends to answer. Rhodandiscloses his intent to pretend he accepts Hotrenor-Taak's demands in orderto infiltrate the Council of the Seven. The two men eventually become allies.

Rhodan says he must fly back to the Milky Way to organize the resistance,but that it is not an option since Hotrenor-Taak will then nominate anotherHetran. Instead, Roctin-Paar suggests that he and his men shoud kidnapRhodan so that the Laren doesn't suspect they are actually allies.

At midnight, the rebels attack the buildings in which the Terrans reside.Rhodan and his team take advantage of the confusion to run away. Duringthe fight, Icho Tolot rescues a few injured rebels and this is enough forhe Larens to see through the stratagem. They now know that the rebels aretrying to free the Terrans. Gucky reads in their minds that their ordersare to capture the Terrans alive. Irmina Kotschistowa is captured duringthe fight.

As Rhodan and Atlan join Roctin-Par in his glider, Atlan suddenly decidesnot to leave. Since the plan has failed, Hotrenor-Taak will know the Terransbetrayed him. The only way out of this is to pretend they escaped fromthe rebels and came back to the Larens. Rhodan immediately agrees and theyboth leave, to Roctin-Par's great dismay.

Hotrenor-Taak then comes to the battle field and asks Rhodan and Atlanhow come they are wearing battle suits. Expecting the question, Rhodanexplains that the mutants had warned them about the forthcoming attack.Reluctant first, the Laren is eventually convinced by the two Terrans.He asks Rhodan not to put himself in peril in order to rescue his companions,and assures him the Larens will do everything they can to save them fromthe rebels.

Back in his bunker through a transmitter, Hotrenor-Taak directs histroops through the battle. Suddenly, the building where he left Atlan andRhodan is under attack and before he can react, his whole troops fall undera heavy fire. A few seconds later, hiw own bunker is shaken by an explosionand its protection shield suddenly collapses.

Outside, a rebel spaceship is landing and wreaking havoc on the Larens.Hotrenor-Taak is caught unaware and orders the whole fleet of Hetossa tocome to the rescue. The enemy ship then contacts him and affirms that Rhodanand the Terrans are on board. They will be executed unless the Larens letthe ship go. Hotrenor-Taak is forced to comply, but orders his ships tofollow the intruder in space. He cannot know that Rhodan and his companionsare not on board.

A few minutes before, Rhodan and Atlan were with the four guards Hotrenor-Taakhad left for them. As soon as the Laren leaves, the Terrans point theirweapons at the guards and disarm them. Rhodan then throws a bomb throughthe transmitter that the Laren had just used, and another one toward themain panel that controls the protection field. Then they run away and stumbleupon Gucky, who informs them that all of the Terrans are now safe withRoctin-Par in another part of Mivtrav, and that he must take them therenow. Gucky tells them about the ship that is supposed to be leaving withthem on board. Reassured, Rhodan and Atlan teleport with him, leaving onelast bomb behind them. The commando, along with Roctin-Par and a few otherrebels, is standing by a transmitter. As soon as the ship is reported tobe taking off, Roctin-Par switches the transmitter on, as its energy isnow covered by the departure of the ship. He tells Rhodan that they areheaded toward Peyntepor, the first planet of the Hartzon system, wherethey will learn all they need about the means used by the Larens to enslavewhole races.

Peyntepor is an ammoniac-methan world, whose native inhabitants arethree-meter tall cyclops. Roctin-Par explains their story to Rhodan : theywere contacted by the Hetos of Seven and, seduced by promises of freedomand power, decided to join. However, the Larens quickly took over theirgovernment, and then their fleet. All resistants were quickly disposedof and the Peynteporn soldiers were sent to distant planets.

Roctin-Par tells the Terrans he intends to send them back to the MilkyWay in a few days, but in the meantime, he must take care of an importantmatter. One of his agents was recently uncovered by the Larens. He is nowhiding on Peyntepor, but the Larens have located him. They are now searchingthe whole colony, and will soon find him out, which will have dramaticconsequences for both the natives and the resistance movement. Rhodan offershis help, and together with the mutants, they head for the small colony.

Thanks to Gucky, the Terrans rescue Wohlan-Pol just before the Larenscan find him. However, the Larens retaliate on the cyclop colony, killingdozens of them, but not being able to have any of them turn the rebel in.Rhodan sees for the first time the Larens in action, and is more than everdetermined to fight them.

One week later, Roctin-Par decides that the time for the journey homehas come. Seventeen small and stealth energy ships are prepared, each ofthem being able to carry two people. Each Terran boards a ship with a rebelas the pilot. Three hundred light years further, they dock with an SVE-Cruiserand head for the Earth, twelve million light years away. They reach theEarth several days later and after the initial surprise of seeing his friendback, Bull informs Rhodan that things have not been so quiet during hisabsence.

Cedric Beust

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652 - Duell zwischen den Sternen
Duel between the Stars
H.G. Francis

TEMSYV, a company specialized in advanced research on energy, is headed by Mrs Martola. Her nephew, Pilon Bonhero, is back from a vacation and starts to notice strange behaviors in the management of the company. They are acting most strangely, turning down interesting contracts and making decisions without his presence. He hires Raven Hornisch, a private investigator, in order to understand the strange behavior of his aunt.

Bully and his team come to the conclusion that the Hetos must have spies infiltrated everywhere. They decide to hunt them down. A special group is formed, headed by Ribald Corello, the Supermutant. Their first assignment takes place in Manila City, where terrorists have tried to steal vital industrial information from one of the main Terran companies. Caught during the act, the terrorists captured five hostages and are holding them prisoner in a building. Bully thinks that the terrorists might be related to the Hetos.

Ribald Corello, Takvorian and Merkosh quickly defeat the terrorists and are able to rescue the hostages. It quickly turns out that they have nothing to do with the Larens, and thus, the Hetos Inspectors must be working in a much more secret way.

In the Martola company, the lead accountant is voted down and someone else takes his place. More than ever, Bonhero is convinced that someone is trying to take over the company. He receives a phone call from Prinz, the lead scientist, who tells him he thinks somebody broke into his lab. Bonhero immediately joins him into the building and just as he enters, he is shot at by an invisible aggressor and barely survives.

The day after, he decides to go and talk to his aunt, Mrs Bonhero, to set things straight once for all. Raven Hornisch first tries to talk him out of doing so but, unable to convince him, eventually joins him. At the moment where they enter Bonhero's office, the detective shoots at the old woman. Bonhero manages to kill him. The woman is still alive and taken to the hospital.

We then learn that she is an agent of the Laren. She was selected because of her resemblance with the actual Mrs Bonhero and she took her place three years ago. Now that she is in the hospital, she fears that a thorough brainwave examination might reveal her real identity. She manages to escape, killing a doctor and two guards on her way out.

The TEMSYV situation reaches Bully, who decides to send his team for investigation. After some research, Bonhero finds out that the Old Lady owns a yacht in a nearby harbor. He goes there and just as he is about to approach it, is almost killed by a heavy defense. As he thinks he is about to die, the mutants glider intervenes and rescues him, capturing Martola Bonhero.

Brought back for interrogation into Imperium Alpha, the lady is hypnotized by Takvorian and begins to reveal her story. Her name is Veila Wong. She took the place of Martola Bonhero three years ago, and the Old Lady was killed. Since then, she has been relaying information to several other agents she couldn't identify. She only knows of one other Hetos Inspector, Raven Hornisch, the man who tried to kill her, probably because she was becoming a threat to the whole organization.

Bully then gets to meet Ramon Prinz, who has completed his research in Imperium Alpha. The young scientist discloses his discovery to Bully : he has found out a way to detect Laren ships despite their SVE shield, so that they no longer can land on the Earth undetected.

One week later, an SVE ship is detected as it lands in a desert region. The mutant team is dispatched there to observe the Larens and find out about their intentions. Shortly after they started to spy on the ship, the Larens spot them and send a commando to capture them. As they are surrounded and about to surrender, the Larens suddenly return to their ship, which takes off. Balton then contacts Imperium Alpha to report the mysterious behavior of the Laren ship. He learns that Perry Rhodan is back in the Milky Way but the communication is interrupted as their ship is shot down. The reason for the sudden departure of the Laren ship is deceptively simple...

As soon as he learns about Rhodan's return, Bully takes off with Galbraith Deighton to meet with his friend, still on board of the SVE ship. He knows he made a terrible mistake, though : he should have let Perry know that a Laren ship was on Earth. But the information came in too late and now, it's likely that the SVE ship is fully aware that Rhodan is back in the Solar System.

Rhodan contacts Bully and says he has taken control of the ship, showing on the screen that Roctin-Par is now his prisoner. As he is reporting about his stay on the Laren world, Roctin-Par breaks free and with the help of his partisans, disarms Rhodan and his crew. The whole scene has been seen by Bully who is dumbfounded. It didn't fool Atlan, though, who suspects the whole thing to be a clever simulation. Meanwhile, the Laren SVE-ship is closing in on Rhodan's ship. Atlan and Bull observe helplessly as the fight between the two Laren ships start.

The ship of the rebels turns out to be more powerful than the other one, and Roctin-Par quickly destroys his opponent. Then they leave the Sol System and head for 21-NGC-3190 million light years away.

Cedric Beust

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653 - Der Terraner und der Rebell
The Terran and the Rebel
Hans Kneifel

Siete-Torr, a Laren rebel living on the planet Hoptrec-Haich, is running for his life. He has just overheard a conversation between two Laren officers disclosing information about the resistance movement that might endanger the whole organization.

On the SVE-ship where he has supposedly been kidnapped, Rhodan gives Roctin-Par an overview of his plan. He wants Atlan to be nominated in his place by the Larens as First Hetran of the Milky Way. Meanwhile, they will prepare their counter-offensive in NGC-3190. Their destination is Ercre-An-Thek, a system made of seven planets. The third planet -- Hoptrec-Haich -- is under Laren control but the resistance is very strong there.

Just as they approach the planet, Roctin-Par receives a communication from one of his agents who tells him that the Larens are setting up a planet-wide trap to capture him. First terrified by the news, Roctin-Par is eventually calmed by Rhodan who decides to use this information to his advantage. They will pretend they ignore everything about this trap and Rhodan will escape from the Rebels.

Using the onboard transmitter, Rhodan, Tolot and Roctin-Par teleport themselves several thousands meters under the surface of the planet, under the main city, Ervto-Thur'Han. The second group, made of Kosum, Lord Zwiebus and Alaska Saedelaere reappears in an old mine. Using the directions given to them by Roctin-Par, they find their way through the maze and eventually find the elevator. As they are about to enter it, an alarm sounds and several explosions cause the tunnels to collapse, blocking their way. A group of soldiers appears and surrounds them.

Rottan-Ctass, the commandant of the Laren fort in Hoptrec-Haich, waits for the rebel ship to land. The Larens detected the impulses from the transmitter on the ship, despite the efforts of its crew to hide them. However, they don't know where the other transmitters are, although they suspect they must be under the surface of the planet.

In the mine, Rhodan and Tolot try to find their way upward. They eventually meet with Gucky, who has been exploring the surroundings. The group led by Kosum and Zwiebus is now in a safe place, waiting for them. Rhodan eventually reaches the main control of the nuclear power plant that the rebels used as a hideout and also supplies power for the nearby Laren fort. He turns off the plant and destroys the console. Then they resume their ascent and eventually reach the surface.

The little group, now gathered again, then heads toward the Laren fortress. Rhodan calls them and pretends they just escaped from the rebels and they need assistance. Behind them, the rebels are closing in, and since they are not aware of the plan made by Rhodan and Roctin-Par, they open fire on the Terrans. Just as the gliders are about to catch up with them, Rottan-Ctass eventually answers. The Terrans safely make it into the fortress but shortly after, the rebels attack and thanks to the subterranean work performed by Rhodan and Tolot, they successfully break into the fort.

Rhodan escapes the battle and observes it from far away. The rebels first have the edge, but soon, Laren supports led by Hotrenor-Taak join the fray and defeat them. Rhodan reports to Hotrenor-Taak, who congratulates him for behaving as a true First Hetran of the Milky Way. Hotrenor-Taak announces that they are now headed back to the Milky Way, where his nomination as First Hetran will be appropriately celebrated. However, Rhodan learns that the Council has already started to set foot in his home galaxy by sending there one hundred thousand SVE-ships.

Skirmishes have taken place between the fleets of the Hetos and the Arkonids, the Akonids and the Springers. Given the superior technology of the Laren, the outcome of the battles leaves little room for hope. Worse of all, the rumor has it in the Milky Way that it's Rhodan himself who is leading the attack.

On Earth, Atlan and Bull are busy organizing the evacuation. Ships and personnel are being taken away and scattered to several planets, as planned, and unnoticed from the Hetos Inspectors, who have now ceased to be spies and are coming out in broad daylight.

On March 3, 3459, an official ceremony makes Rhodan the First Hetran of the Milky Way.

Cedric Beust

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654 - Das Mondgehirn denkt anders
The Moon Brain Thinks Differently
H.G. Ewers

On his way on a diplomatic mission into the Blue empire, Tatcher, a Terrandiplomat, finds himself in the middle of a raging battle between tenthousand Blue ships and a few hundreds Laren opponents. To his dismay, hesees the Larens completely destroy the Blue fleet. Since the Larens havesuch an obvious technological advance over the Milky Way inhabitants,Tatcher is pretty much convinced that this was just a demonstration to showthe people of the Galaxy that resistance is futile against the Laren empire.

Tatcher makes contact with the Blue empire and, secretly, informs them aboutthe real issue behind Perry Rhodan being nominated as First Hetran of theMilky Way. First incredulous and hostile, the Blues eventually understandthe part that Rhodan is playing and agree to cooperate with the Terrans.

On the Earth, Rhodan, Bully, Tifflor and Hotrenor-Taak are talking. TheLaren informs them that they must convince all the people of their galaxy todisarm their fleet, and that the Terrans must relinquish control of the Moonshipyard to the Larens. Rhodan reluctantly complies.

Since he escaped the rebel ship, Atlan is more and more suspected byHotrenor-Taak to be on the side of Roctin-Par. He secretly goes to the Moonwith two of his agents, Tatcher and his companion, Rorvic, a half-Cynos whohas the ability to materialize visions. There, he meets with Rhodan whoinforms him of the latest Laren moves. Rhodan says he cannot let Nathan fallin the hands of the Larens and decides to transfer its knowledge in a safeplace. Atlan violently disagrees and tells Rhodan that taking such a risk issuicidary. Nathan should be destroyed immediately. The two immortals cannotagree and Atlan leaves the room, furious.

Once alone, he tells the USO agents he intends to destroy the Moon computerdespite Rhodan's opposition. He successfully convinces Ras Tschubai andPucky to help him out. The small team manage to enter the restricted areasof Nathan, but the computer eventually reacts and protects itself with anAnti-Temporal Field, thus placing itself five minutes away in the future.

Meanwhile, Rhodan is having a confusing dream showing a different reality,in which he meets with Atlan and it turns out that the Larens never existed.His dream is interrupted when he is awakened by the alarm set off by Nathanwhen it realizes it is under attack.

Thanks to Rorvic's ability and Tatcher's diplomatic skills, the protectionfield is deactivated and Nathan is brought back into the present, whereAtlan eventually disconnects it. Hotrenor-Taak is mad at Rhodan and ordershim to chase Atlan and bring him before the Larens, so that he can be triedand most likely, executed.

In a final debriefing, Rorvic tells Tatcher that he believes Nathan didn'tactually die but took steps in order to stay alive without endangering theHumans. The half-Cynos suspects Nathan is now gone on another plane ofexistence. It was probably responsible for the very vivid dream that Rhodanhad.

Cedric Beust

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655 - Der letzte Magier
The Last Magician
William Voltz

Hotrenor-Taak informs Rhodan that Atlan must be chased with all the Terranforces in order to be tried and judged for the edification of the inhabitants of theMilky Way. Before Rhodan can even react, the Larens capture Atlan near theVega system and his trial is quickly scheduled.

Rhodan comes up with a hopeless plan involving a Kayndell, acosmopsychologist and Goronkon, a magician, former specialist of impossibleescape tricks. The first phase of this plan consists in stealing Atlan'scell activator and replacing it with a fake. Rhodan and the magician aresuccessful in their attempt and the deadly countdown then starts for theunsuspecting Atlan, who only has 62 hours left to live.

The trial starts and not surprisingly, Atlan is found guilty and charged with all possibleespionnage deeds and sentenced to death. Then Rhodan speaks and to thegeneral bewilderment, asks Hotrenor-Taak if he can execute the sentencehimself. The Laren agrees and then, on Rhodan's demand, hands theAdministrator his gun. Rhodan enters the cell and aims at Atlan's chest,destroying the pseudo-activator. Atlan is severeley injured in the processbut remains alive. Rhodan then explains that the sentence he decided wouldbe for the Arkonid to slowly decay to death. Rhodan becomes the most hatedperson throughout the Galaxy.

A few hours later, he goes to see Hotrenor-Taak and tells him he estimatesthe Terrans have had their share of shock. Atlan should at least bedecently buried. He convinces the Laren to bury the Arkonid in a cemetery hechose. A clever arrangement ofmirrors is supposed to make Atlan's body immediately replaced with a dummy,while he will be transfered to a safe place where his cell activator awaitshim.

Although suspicious, Hotrenor-Taak agrees and using a diversion caused bythe Terrans, Goronkon successfully substitutes Atlan's body with the dummy.Atlan, who was on the verge of death, realizes that Perry never let himdown and understands the risks he took to save him.

Cedric Beust

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656 - Der Geheimnisträger
The Secret Messenger
Clark Darlton

While Perry Rhodan is in a meeting, Orana Sestores -- his fiancee -- irrupts into the room and publicly insults him for murdering his long-time friend, Atlan. Rhodan tries to defend himself but nothing can convince her. She leaves, saying she never wants to hear about him again. Atlan and Pucky feel that Rhodan has been hardly hurt by this loss and decide that Orana must be informed of the situation, despite Perry's recommendation.

In Imperium-Alpha, Alpar Goronkon -- the magician who made Atlan's escape possible -- is now part the the secret services. However, he turns out to be the former agent of a terrorist organization, the ZGU. Despite the mutants' close watch, he escapes, killing several guards. He eventually meets Hotrenor-Taak but to Rhodan's surprise, he does not disclose his information.

Atlan and Pucky kidnap Orana and take her into Para-Burg, an undersea secret base. Para-Burg is a former lemurian outpost sitting 5000m under the ocean. They let her know about Rhodan's bluff against the Larens and install a psychic block so that if ever she is interrogated, she will forget everything she knows on this matter. When she gets back to Imperium-Alpha, she lets Rhodan know that she now understands his reasons. They decide to get married.

Rhodan, now certain that Goronkon will somehow try to extort him something, decides to put the pressure on the traitor and sends the mutants after him. The stratagem succeeds and, now feeling unsafe even within Laren territory, Goronkon escapes, killing more Laren guards on his way.

In Imperium-Alpha, Orana vanishes. Hotrenor-Taak soon lets Rhodan know that she is on board his ship and that they are on their way to his home galaxy, NGC-3190. On the screen, Orana explains that she is being well treated and that Hotrenor-Taak asked her to come as the future wife of the First Hetran, so that she can receive appropriate information on her duties. Rhodan is helpless and the SVE-ship leaves for the distant galaxy.

Meanwhile, the chase for Goronkon is continuing. He first heads for the Moon but he is quickly spotted by the mutants. He steals a spaceship and sets sail for a secret ZGU base on a lonely asteroid. Atlan and Pucky are on his heels but they can't stop the ship to enter the base. Inside, Goronkon is greeted with hostility, as he previously quit the organization. He wants to inform the ZGU headquarters about what he knows but refuses to disclose this information to the commandant. The link is established with the ZGU headquarters and Goronkon starts to speak, but Pucky intervenes and manages to kill the traitor before he can say anything vital.

A few days later, Orana is back on Earth where she confirms that she was well treated and had a very impressive glance at the Laren culture. However, she mentions having had some sort of sickness while she was there, which Hotrenor-Taak attributed to some harmless radiation emanating from the distant galaxy.

Once again, Rhodan's secret is safe, but the psychological struggle against the Larens, who have now set foot everywhere on the Earth, becomes more tense than ever.

Cedric Beust

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657 - Der Arkturus-Zwischenfall
The Arcturus Incident
Kurt Mahr

As Rhodan, on board the Marco Polo, is about to rendezvous with the Doro, a smaller ship gathering all the team of scientists working for the resistance, he is the witness of an event yet unseen : a Laren ship, cruising by, is replenishing its energy tank. This is achieved by tapping some unknown energy force through a long tentacle-shaped ray of energy. The Marco Polo being still unnoticed, Rhodan decides to attack the Laren ship which, to their surprise, blows up under the Terran radiant shots.

Later, Rhodan faces Hotrenor-Taak who breaks furious when he hears that one of his ships was destroyed. He threatens Rhodan that if this happens again, the whole Milky Way will be mercilessly repressed. Rhodan doesn't back up and hints that the Larens will face the deadliest resistance should this ever happen. Hotrenor-Taak eventually calms down.

In the underwater base, Rhodan meets with Atlan and, to his surprise, with Roctin-Par, who secretly rallied the Earth. The rebel has realized that he won't be able to fight the Larens without help from the Terrans. He informs Rhodan that he has about a dozen secret bases throughout the Milky Way and invites the Administrator to come and visit them. The bases are hidden by dark clouds and thus, escape the standard Laren detection devices. The closest one is situated near Arcturus. Rhodan cannot leave Earth right now so Atlan decides to go with Roctin-Par.

The two men teleport on board the Empress of Arkon, an unconspicuous looking trade ship. However, the teleportation is detected by the Larens and immediately raises suspicion, as the detection reveals that it emanated from Imperium-Alpha. The Empress of Arkon takes off and heads for Arcturus. Hotrenor-Taak informs Rhodan about his suspicion and tells him that the Larens are able to track ships through linear space. Rhodan realizes that Atlan and Roctin-Par are in great danger.

Under the false pretext of hunting the Empress of Arkon, Rhodan takes off and heads for Arcturus, where he hopes he can warn Atlan in time. He arrives there shortly before the Arkonide and as soon as the Empress of Arkon emerges from linear space, the Marco Polo takes its control remotely. As both ships are heading toward the giant star to hide within its corona, a huge Laren ship materializes. It is more than 10,000 meter long and belongs neither to the Larens nor to the resistance. The ship observes the scene but doesn't intervene. It eventually shrinks down to a more normal size and disappears.

Meanwhile, a Laren ship has spotted the Empress of Arkon and starts chasing it. The Marco Polo, using the latest data collected by the scientists earlier, attacks it and manages to destroy it. The ship has barely the time to transmit a message but it can't identify the Marco Polo as the aggressor.

Cedric Beust

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658 - Flug in die Dunkelwolke
Flight into the Dark Cloud
Kurt Mahr

Hotrenor-Taak has asked his assistant, Loremar-Hunut, to investigate the mysterious and unauthorized teleportation that occured within Imperium Alpha a week ago, as the Empress of Arkon was about to take off. The Laren quickly finds the transmitter in the deep recesses of the base and walks through the arch. He arrives in an empty cave and decides to wait for someone to show up.

Rhodan is immediately informed of this breach in their secret place and, after talking with Atlan, decides to send Ribald Corello. The giant-headed mutant enters the transmitter and talks briefly with Loremar-Hunut, telling him his enemies are not those he thinks. Then Corello disappears.

Loremar-Hunut reports to Hotrenor-Taak but in the middle of the conversation, he starts to aggress the Emissary of the Hetos. He draws his gun and shoots Hotrenor-Taak. An unseen protection shield saves Hotrenor-Taak and he kills his assistant who, he has quickly figured it out, has been hypnotized by the resistance.

Rhodan decides to investigate the Dark Cloud that Roctin-Par mentioned as concealing one of his bases. Hotrenor-Taak does not prevent Rhodan from leaving but lets him know he will have him followed closely. Actually, Roctin-Par sends two spies on board Rhodan's flagship. The first one is quickly uncovered by the crew but Rhodan, who knows his enemy better, suspects that it was too easy. Further investigation reveals the presence of the second spy who is eventually captured. He dies before he can answer Rhodan's questions.

The Marco Polo emerges near the Dark Cloud and after some time, a small Laren ship appears. Roctin-Par has come to greet his friends and also to staff Rhodan's crew with pilots able to navigate in the Cloud. Before he comes on board the Marco Polo, Roctin-Par asks Rhodan to hide Icho Tolot, the Haluter, because the pilots he is bringing along with him have a strong feeling against Haluters.

Roctin-Par comes on board the Marco Polo, accompanied by two humanoid-looking creatures calling themselves Vincranians. Rhodan greets them in Lemurian language, bewildering Roctin-Par. The two Vincranians are indeed descendants from the Lemurs.

Thanks to the two Vincranian pilots, the Marco Polo safely makes it to a lonely planet called Black Mantas. The atmosphere of the planet is shining with sparks caused by the contact of the dust particles that populate the dark cloud. Shortly after they land, Icho Tolot unexpectedly reveals his presence to the two Vincranians, who run away in fear. They steal a glider and leave the ship. Rhodan follows them in a cave but triggers a trap that shuts him inside, destroying a mysterious altar. The two Vincranians are nowhere to be found and Ras brings Rhodan and his team safely to the Marco Polo.

However, the explosion has broken the fragile balance that allowed the planet to keep orbiting. Soon, it is shaken by violent earthquakes and Rhodan has no other choice but to order an immediate take off. As soon as they are airborne, the Marco Polo is violently hit by the dust particles. It seems the protection field will not be able to sustain such a pressure for long. Against the recommendation of the scientists, Rhodan orders a blind linear flight. Just as they are about to proceed, an unknown ship appears.

The person that contacts them looks like a Vincranian but turns out to be from another race. They are called Terkhetans and tell Rhodan that they have been spying on them and thought the Terrans might need their help. They demand a retribution for their assistance and Rhodan accepts to give away one of his shuttles, but asks that this new technology will be used for flight purposes and not warfare. The Terkhetans accept.

The Terkhetans lead the Terrans and Roctin-Par out of the dust cloud, to Prov, a planet belonging to the resistance. There, they are trained by the Terrans and quickly depart with their new shuttle. Shortly after, the shuttle explodes. Rhodan explains that he had deactivated all the weapons on board the shuttle but he had a protection installed. If the Terkhetans try to rearm the weapons, a nuclear bomb will go off.

With the connection finally made with the Laren resistance and therefore, access to the Laren technology, Rhodan finally starts to regain some hope.

Cedric Beust

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659 - Das Bio-Programm
The Bio Program
H.G. Francis

The Marco Polo has landed safely on Prov III, in the Dark Cloud. There, the Terrans start organizing their counter-offensive with the help of the rebels. Ras Tschubai has befriended one of them, Izal Ronon, and, as he is visiting him one day, finds him dead. He has been murdered.

Irsac-Rar, the detective in charge of the case, first suspects Ras Tschubai but the mutant can quickly prove he is not the murderer. The two men start working together on the case. Ivec-Tanhor, the son of Izal Ronon, is persuaded that Tschubai is the murderer and tries to attack him, but the mutant escapes. Over the past days, Ivec-Tanhor has been plagued by extremely violent pains in his stomach, and he cannot explain them.

Searching in the past of the deceased reveals that Izal Ronon was a key leader of the resistance against the Larens. Fifty years before, he had been arrested by the Secret Services and released some time later. Tschubai wonders if the resistant wasn't hypnotized and become a Laren agent in the process, but this hypothesis is quickly dismissed by the doctors.

Ivec-Tanhor is developing a sheer hatred against the Terrans and the Resistance. He intends to make a bomb and leave it on board the Marco Polo. He hopes to kill Roctin-Par and Rhodan. And added benefit would be the destruction of the new weapon that the Terrans have invented, the so-called KGP-Device, and that disrupts the energy protection field of the Laren ships.

A psychologist finds a vital clue in Izal Ronon's past and informs Rhodan that actually, it's not the deceased who is a Laren agent, but his son. Somehow, the Laren altered his genes when they captured him and he was bound to have a son who would turn unconditionally to the side of the Larens when activated. This activation must take place with a hyper-impulse, but Tschubai thinks that the Laren never suspected their spy would end up in a place so far away from their mother world. Plus, the Dark Cloud must have blocked any impulse that might have made it that far. However, Ras thinkgs that it's the mutants who activated the agent, simply by emitting parapsychic waves.

Ivec-Tanhor steals some anti-matter and, using Roctin-Par's trust, manages to hide a bomb on board the Marco Polo. He tries to gather some information on the KGP-Device from Rhodan but the Administrator, who now suspects him, only discloses trivial information to the spy.

Ras and Gucky investigate Ivec-Tanhor's room. However, a parapsychic trap captures Gucky and locks him inside a hyperdimensional jail. The mouse-beaver has very little left to live. Ras reports back to Rhodan.

When he comes back to his room, Ivec-Tanhor sees that the trap has been triggered and now knows that the Terrans found about him. He flees and goes to see the Vincranians. He manages to convince them that the Terrans have always been enemies of the Old Lemurs and that if the Vincranians refuse to guide them, they won't be able to get out of the Dark Cloud.

Ivec-Tanhor takes place in a Vincranian ship and they take off. Rhodan contacts the ship and persuades the commander that Ivec-Tanhor doesn't care about the Vincranians but is about to betray the whole resistance. Ivec Tanhor kills him but is killed by one of the officers.

Cedric Beust

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660 - Operation Bumerang
Operation Boomerang
H.G. Ewers

On the World of a Hundred Suns, Dr. Eygel Hoschtra is perfecting the anti-SVE spaceship weapon. They are a few hours shy of starting to equip a whole fleet of Posbi ships with it. The resistance team is worried about colonel Hetely, the official representative of the Solar Empire on the Posbi world. Since they believe Rhodan is now obeying the Larens, they decide to have Hetely arrested so that he doesn't interfere with their work.

In the absence of Rhodan, who is still in Provcon-Faust, the dark cloud where the resistance is gathering, Bull is in charge of the Earth. He wants to inform the Posbis about the actual situation but they cannot take the risk to see this message intercepted. Therefore, he decides to send an innocuous-looking messenger who will not draw the attention of the Larens. Captain Maytusz is chosen for this task. He departs for the World of a Hundred Suns.

Maytusz is received by the central plasma and tells the whole story about Perry Rhodan's undercover resistance to the Larens. The plasma acknowledges this new information but cannot believe that a simple captain would be sent to carry such vital information. Therefore, it has Maytusz arrested. The captain is imprisoned with Hetely and together, they manage to escape and head for the Earth.

On the Earth, Bull learns about Maytusz's arrest and also that the Posbis have gathered a fleet of forty thousand fragment ships, supposedly fitted with the new weapon. When Bull realizes what they're about to do, he immediately asks Roi Danton to fly there and try to dissuade them from confronting the Larens now.

In deep space, the fleet of the Posbis awaits the Larens. When the SVE spaceships show up, the fight begins. Hoschtra's weapon is a success : three thousand SVE ships are destroyed within a few minutes. The Larens flee.

Roi Danton arrives on the battlefield and talks with the central plasma. As Rhodan's son, Danton eventually convinces the plasma that what Maytusz said is the truth. But it's too late, the Larens are already busy finding a response to the new weapon. Eight hours later, a new fleet of SVE spaceships appears and they are immune to Hoschtra's weapon. The Posbi fleet has to retreat in disarray. The Posbis expect the Larens to show up on the central world any time now, and they know they don't stand a chance, especially if they receive support from the other six races that form the Hetos council.

To their great surprise, the Larens don't show up. On the contrary, they are busy removing all the Hetos Inspectors they had dispatched throughout the Empire and it's quickly obvious that they are withdrawing their forces from the Sol System. As he is busy trying to find a rational explanation for this behavior, Bull is contacted by Hotrenor-Taak.

The Laren commander informs him that a bomb has been set in the Pacific ocean that will destroy the Earth, and later on, the whole solar system. The bomb will be detonated unless Bull turns in the new weapon and its inventor to the Larens.

Cedric Beust

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661 - Der Sonnenzünder
The Sun Ignitor
Hans Kneifel

The Terrans have fourteen days to locate the bomb that the Larens hid in the Pacific ocean. One hundred million people have been dispatched in the ocean while the rest of the population is being evacuated. The scientists determine that since the bomb is supposed to destroy the whole solar system, it has to be some sort of sun ignitor that will cause Sol to turn into a nova, therefore obliterating the nine planets.

While searching a former Lemurian city on the ocean floor, a submarine finds a device that might be the bomb. The machinery activates when the Terrans approach but turns out to be some sort of observatory.

Perry Rhodan has returned from Provcon-Faust and is holding a conference with Atlan, Pucky, Icho Tolot and Orana Sestores in Para-Burg, the underwater resistance hideout. They are suddenly attacked by four Larens using deflectors. Thanks to Icho Tolot, the aggressors are quickly eliminated but Pucky and Orana pass out. Before fainting, Pucky mentions the presence of strong five-dimensional vibrations. They are taken to the hospital and Rhodan and Atlan try to understand the motive for this aggression.

They wonder if the Larens are thinking that their search for the bomb might succeed and therefore, they need another pressure point to bring Rhodan to turn in the new weapon and its inventor. A message then arrives from Mercury. The sun is shaken by violent flares, but this seems to be temporary and it is already coming back to its original state.

After checking out the times of both events, Rhodan's suspicion is confirmed : the vibrations were emitted from Para-Burg, and more precisely from Orana. She is the sun ignitor. The Larens implanted this mechanism in her cell bodies when she was taken to visit their empire a few weeks ago. The aggression was just meant to make sure that she was still receptive to the triggering impulse.

Rhodan only has a few hours left to take Orana away from Sol and bring her into the vicinity of a lifeless sun. They leave the Earth and head for a lonely sun, twenty thousand light years away from the Sol system. Shortly after midnight, Orana receives the impulse from the Larens and the small sun starts turning into a nova.

Rhodan returns to Earth as Hotrenor-Taak is addressing the population. The Laren says that he has been asked by the Council to test the Terrans to make sure that the are worthy allies. Perry Rhodan has successfully passed the test and the bonds between Larens are Terrans are therefore reinforced.

Cedric Beust

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662 - Jagd auf einen Toten
Hunt for a Dead
Ernst Vlcek

The activity of the resistance has increased since the Larens left the Sol system after the Sun Ignitor crisis. The terrans have gathered a lot of vital equipment and are about to evacuate it to Provcon-Faust, the Dark Cloud, so that their research on the anti-SVE spaceship weapon, the KPL cannon, can be accelerated. The person in charge of the shipment, Satago Werbot, turns out to be Atlan with a disguise.

Unfortunately, Atlan's personal wavefrequencies are spotted when he crosses a transmitter. The alarm is instantly given and Atlan barely escapes. The Larens now know that Perry Rhodan has been fooling them during all this time. Rhodan has but one alternative.

Over the past weeks, the terran scientists have been busy improving the anti-temporal field generator which they had already used in the past. Rhodan intends to use it once more to send the whole Sol system one second in the future.

The ATF is activated and the Sol system disappears from the continuum. However, eleven Laren spaceships that were patrolling nearby are taken along. They materialize in the solar system and immediately start attacking the terran bases. Their shields have been weakened by the transfer, though, and using the KPL cannon, the Terrans are able to destroy them before they can reach the ATF generator.

However, the anti-temporal field exhibits fluctuations. Instead of staying at a specific time in the future, the Sol system keeps oscillating. This anomaly is accompanied with the appearance of millions of spiral-shaped energetic creatures who start destroying terran installations. The Hyspies, short for hyper-energetic spirals, are eventually destroyed by Ribald Corello's parapsychic abilities.

Two days after the time jump, the Sol system eventually stabilizes at 1.11 minute in the future. However, Rhodan knows that all he gained was a reprieve : the Larens will eventually breach through the field.

Cedric Beust

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663 - Leticron, der Überschwere
Leticron the Heavy
William Voltz

Leticron, a Heavy, has just overthrown the government in the Punta-Pono system. He intends now to become First Hetran instead of Perry Rhodan, who is now officially in disgrace after the Larens found out that Atlan was still alive. Leticron thinks he is more worthy of this title because he totally agrees with the political views of the Larens and also because he happens to be a mutant, possessing some telepathic skills.

Hotrenor-Taak is conferencing with the Hyptons. The Hyptons are a member of the Council. They are jellyfish-like creatures capable of convincing people they talk to. Hotrenor-Taak is trying to persuade them that the Earth should be destroyed but the Hyptons vote against it : they are afraid that it would strike fear upon the other races of the Council if a member attacked another member this way.

Applicants for the First Hetran position are beginning to arrive at Hotrenor-Taak's ship. Only two of them are seriously being considered by the Laren : Spanger, an Anti, and Nos Gainor, who already defeated Leticron in the past.

Hotrenor-Taak learns about the Sol system escaping in time behind the anti-temporal tide field. He is more than ever convinced that the Terrans must be destroyed. Leticron arrives by Hotrenor-Taak's ship and officially declares himself as an applicant. He starts by destroying a potential rival, in order to impress the Larens.

Hotrenor-Taak makes Leticron fight his two competitors, and the Heavy eventually defeats them, thus proving his valor. The Laren is still suspicious about Leticron but the Hyptons force him to nominate the Heavy as First Hetran right away.

On the Earth, the Terrans intercept communications between the Larens and they learn about Leticron's nomination.

Cedric Beust

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664 - Tunnel durch die Zeit
Tunnel through time
H.G. Ewers

Rhodan knows that the Larens will be able to locate the Sol system in the future, so Abel Waringer, the hyperphysicist, is busy trying to design a time modulator. The idea, called "Dream Dancer", is to have the ATF generator fluctuate randomly in the future. Shortly after a conference, Rhodan barely escapes a murder attempt. The assassin is eliminated by his body guard, Hubert Maurice.

The time modulator is started. Initially at 1.183 minute in the future, the Sol system drifts until twenty minutes. Suddenly it goes back and reintegrates the present. Fifty thousand ships are mobilized and the Terran fleet expects an attack from the Laren, while Waringer tries to reactivate the ATF generator.

The Larens have built a time tunnel. They dispatch SVE spaceships through it in an attempt to find the exact duration of the Solar system's shift in time. They lose several spaceships doing so but they manage to approximate the exact time. When the Sol system comes back into the present, they cannot call their fleet back in time to cause enough damage. Several SVE spaceships make it into the Solar system before it flees again in the future but they are destroyed by the Terrans thanks to the KPL cannon. Rhodan knows that if the whole Laren fleet enters the System, they will be helpless.

Meanwhile, Leticron has used the temporary breakdown of the ATF generator to send a message to an unknown recipient in the Sol system. Another murder attempt happens shortly thereafter on Rhodan, by a metamorph. The assassin changed shapes and identities and eventually made it to Rhodan.

Rhodan decides to send a small commando aboard a cargo ship to Olymp. They must contact Anson Argyris and try to bring back equipment into the Sol system. However, something goes wrong and instead of rematerializing on Olymp, the cargo ship appears right by the Laren base. They are captured and questioned by Hotrenor-Taak. The Laren decides to send the ship back but with 5,000 Heavy on board and two small SVE spaceships that will destroy the ATF generator on Mercury. At the last minute, the commandant sacrifices himself and destroys the ship. Leticron notices that the Hyptons appear to be shocked by what happened but he can't tell exactly why.

The Larens are closing in on the exact location of the Sol system, but they are still using an approximation. The Terrans use the transform cannons to disrupt the Time Tunnel and the Larens lose several hundreds of ships. The Time Tunnel is eventually destroyed as the time modulator is activated.

The Sol system is now randomly moving into the future.

Cedric Beust

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665 - Die Vulcan-Diebe
The Volcano Thieves
H.G. Francis

A few years ago, in 3436, an unknown metal was discovered on the planet Gopstol-Maru. The metal, called Chmorl, after the name of its discoverer, could only be found in the vicinity of a volcano, where an ancient civilization had started its study. The Chmorl has the ability to increase the intelligence of people around it through a six dimensional radiation. A few years later, Antis built a university on the volcano in order to study the puzzling material.

The present.
Frank Eygt, the Anti in charge of the university, has been conducting genetic experiences with the Chmorl. He has been able to create a cybernetic clone, Chmorl-Pamo, who uses both positronics and Chmorl as his brain. So far, the humanoid has been asleep, though.

A fleet of sixty-four cargo ships is detected by the Antis, headed toward Gopstol-Maru. The commandant, a Cheboparnian called Faynybret, informs Eygt that Rhodan wants to transfer the whole volcano to a safe planet, where the Larens won't be able to find it. The Antis refuse and oppose resistance to the Terran fleet, using an energetic weapon they found in the ruins of the lost civilization.

When Faynybret is informed that the Larens haved learned about Gopstol-Maru and that they dispatched a fleet there, he intensifies the efforts and eventually convinces the Antis that they should work together. A fleet of Heavy spaceships enters the system, led by Poleicra. He has been asked by Leticron to take control of the volcano university.

Chmorl-Pamo has awakened and seems to be learning about his surroundings fast. He explored the lost city and came back with a glove made of Chmorl which seems to give him some kind of inner strength. Pieces of the volcano have started to be transfered by the Terran cargo-ships, protected by the Antis. However, SVE-ships enter the system and give assistance to the Heavies.

As the situation starts looking desperate, the Antis try to use the energetic weapon against the Laren ships. It's a success : the projectiles tear off the energetic shields of the Larens, leaving the SVE-ships without any protection. The volcano is successfully lifted off the surface of the planet and the Terran fleet heads toward its destination : in the middle of the Provcon-Faust dark cloud.

As they arrive there, they meet with Vincranians, who are supposed to lead them through the dense matter of the Cloud. However, they ask Chmorl-Pamo to leave because his presence affects their perception. The artificial being takes a shuttle and leaves. Then the fleet enters the Dark Cloud.

Cedric Beust

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666 - Im Bann des Sonnendreiecks
The Sun Triangle
Hans Kneifel

Reginald Dick is reading a report which tells the story of two Explorers. It happened shortly before the Swarm arrived in the Milky Way, twenty years ago.

20 years in the past, November 3440.
Lerg Mopron, commandant of EX-1819 and EX-8977, has been sent in the center of the Milky Way in order to find a Lemurian solar transmitter. The information, retrieved from the Lemurian city at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, states that the transmitter is made of three suns forming a triangle. The transmitter is eventually located and baptized Archi-Tritrans. Further analysis reveals that it's not powerful enough to reach Andromeda. Therefore, its destination must be somewhere in the void between both galaxies. Besides, one of the sun happens to have a companion, called Goblin, another mini-star in a very low orbit, probably altering the functioning of the transmitter.

As the two spaceships are expecting orders from the Earth, a debilitating radiation hits them. The EX-1819 departs and the EX-8977 heads right through the transmitter. They emerge in the void, 880,000 light years away from the Milky Way. The receiving station is made of two suns, which they call Duet and eleven planets, of which two are viable. The whole system is baptized Gulver.

The Explorer is attacked by a small fleet of outdated ships piloted by creatures called Pacatians. The enemies are easily defeated. Then other kinds of ships contact them, Lemurs obviously. They don't seem to have any notion of the connection that exists between Lemurs and Terrans, who they accuse of sacrilege. Despite their obvious technological edge, the Terrans decide to comply and land on the planet under escort, which they call New Lemur.

The Neo Lemurs are governed by an Emperor-God called Gulyv-Tau. Searching into their archives, the Terrans learn that they exiled voluntarily fifty thousand years earlier and settled on this world. The Terrans decide to stay there for a while. Four months go by, then New Lemur is attacked by the Pacatians. The Terrans successfully fight them back and realize then that some kind of radiation must be happening on the surface of Neo Lemur, lulling them into forgetting what they were here for.

The Terrans decide to head back for the Milky Way. They program the Explorer so that minimal piloting is necessary, fearing that the debilitating radiation might be awaiting them when they emerge from the transmitter. However, they don't know that since then, the Swarm has fully engulfed the Milky Way. Upon exiting the transmitter, the Explorer travels on its own on auto-pilot and eventually completes a full circle, going through the transmitter again.

When they recover their senses, another four months has gone by. They suspect that Goblin is the cause of the black-out. The EX-1819 materializes in the system but it is captured by the Pacatians before Mopron can help them. The Terrans have no other choice than settling in the Gulver system.

Cedric Beust

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667 - Wächter des Ewigen
The Guardian of the Eternal
William Voltz

The past.
A mysterious being named Calibso arrives in the Archi-Tritrans system. He meets Skopein, a barbarian, whom he trains in order to make a "guardian". He says he has already recruited seventeen guardians throughout the galaxy, among which seven are active. He takes Skopein in the main station of the transmitter, PP-III. Callibso leaves the frightened barbarian on the station to pursue his mysterious quest. Unfortunately for Skopein, the station is trapped : the Lemurs have left behind some kind of spore. Initially destined to be used against the Halutians, the spores turned out to be ineffective against their armor-like skins. Skopein unknowingly touches the spores which quickly take over his body and kill him.

The present.
Perry Rhodan wants to install a solar transmitter within the Sol system in order to have an emergency exit if the Larens managed to break through the Anti-temporal Tidal Field. To achieve this, another expedition led by Atlan is sent to Archi-Tritrans. Its mission is to examine the transmitter and see if Goblin, the small neutron star orbiting one of the two suns forming the transmitter, could be moved into the Sol system.

Meanwhile, the Larens are not staying idle. They have designed the Timescout, a device that allows them to scan the close future in an attempt to locate the Sol system. Their fleet, led by Leticron, is keeping the location under close scrutiny. Atlan's ship, the Cagliostro, breaks through the blockade and escapes in linear space, heading for the center of the Milky Way.

Shortly after they have arrived near Archi-Tritrans, the two lost Explorers come out of the transmitter. A commando sent on Ex-1819 shows that the crewmembers are now living in symbiosis with some sort of plant and react with hostility to the Terrans, who leave the Explorer. The two Explorer spaceships suddenly set in motion. Before the Terrans can react, they are headed towards one of the two suns and disappear there.

Ras Tschubai teleports on PP-III and finds out about the fungus. Before he can react, some of the spores settle on his spacesuit. He is helpless to get rid of them and starts suspecting that they are a very dangerous organism. As the Terrans are giving up about taking control of the station, Alaska Saedelaere decides to use for the first time his "annihilation spacesuit". He puts it on and boards PP-III. The experiment is a success : the spores die at the contact of his spacesuit.

The control station is now accessible to the Terrans.

Cedric Beust

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668 - Operation Sonnenbaby
Operation: Baby Sun
H.G. Ewers

The scientists are busy setting up the operation : the ArchiTriTrans transmitter must be redirected to the Sol system. Then, Goblin, the small star, will be hurled into the transmitter. For this to succeed, the Sol system has to deactivate the anti-temporal tide field, making the Earth defenseless for a few minutes. The teleportation of Goblin is slated for the 28th of October, 3459, between 12:00 and 12:03.

On the Earth, the scientists have detected inconsistencies in their computations. Somebody is obviously sabotaging the results. Rhodan asks Hubert Selvin Maurice to investigate. The bodyguard quickly limits the range of suspects to three physicists, but they are all loyal Terrans.

Leticron visits Anson Argyris on Olymp. The First Hetran asks the robot regent to host a conference gathering all the peoples of the Milky Way. Argyris is forced to comply. Shortly thereafter, he receives the information about the ongoing operation. He heads for the Earth, breaks through the ATF protection and tells Rhodan the date and time of the Goblin operation. Then he goes back to Olymp where is greeted by a very suspicious Leticron. However, the First Hetran cannot prove that Argyris is working with the Terrans.

Maurice eventually identifies the saboteur, who is actually a metamorph alien named Poorch. The creature, sent by Leticron, had taken the shape of one of the scientists and was skewing the results. Maurice convinces it to work for the Terrans instead.

On October 28th at 12:00, the ATF field is deactivated. With a lot of fright, Rhodan detects a fleet of sixty thousand spaceships. Then he realizes that not all of them belong to Leticron. He eventually understands that some reunion must be happening. No Laren ship is around but as soon as the shield is turned off, Leticron asks everyone to attack the Sol system. All the Milky Way races are forced to comply, despite their clear sympathy towards Rhodan and his resistance to the Larens.

At 12:03, Goblin still hasn't appeared in the Sol system. Rhodan decides to give it more time. SVE ships are spotted, headed for the Earth. Rhodan knows that he cannot take the risk of any of them entering the solar system. At 12:22, just as Rhodan is about to reactivate the ATF field, Goblin materializes between Sol and Mercury. The ATF field is turned back on. The Sol system quickly stabilizes and a new gravitational balance is reached.

The first part of the transmitter is now in place.

Cedric Beust

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669 - Stützpunkt Donnergott
Thunder God
H.G. Francis

A small Heavy ship led by Eymontop was able to sneak into the solar system while it was back into the normal continuum. The Heavies were sent by Leticron to destroy the Anti-temporal tide field. They head for Neptune where a secret base, named Thunder God, awaits them. Eymontop eventually understands that Rhodan intends to build a solar transmitter within the Sol system and decides to stop him.

Goblin is still on an unstable orbit and needs to be readjusted or it will fall into the sun. Eymontop decides to sabotage the operation but one of his lieutenants makes a mistake and their ship comes too close to Sol. They are able to abandon it through a transmitter just in time before it gets crushed by the Sun. Rhodan is informed of the event but he doesn't understand why no Terran ship is found missing.

The Heavies hijack a Terran spaceship in order to manoeuver within the solar system more easily. A small commando successfully sneaks onto the Earth and attempts to kill Rhodan but the victim turns out to be a decoy robot. However, the secret services are now aware of the presence of Heavies within the solar system and they start looking for them.

The suspicious spaceship is quickly spotted and Pucky teleports on board. He kidnaps one of the Heavies and understands that the commandant wants to break out of the ATF field in order to warn Leticron. They refuse to surrender and try to break through but their ship is eventually destroyed by the Terran forces.

Cedric Beust

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670 - Der Hyperraum bricht auf
Hyperspace Breach
Clark Darlton

The Terrans need to test the newly formed solar transmitter. In order to do that, they will need to deactivate the ATF generator and then send a spaceship through the transmitter. Dino-55, a cargo ship led by Nara Malinowa, is designated for this mission. The ship goes through the transmitter but on Archi-Tritrans, nothing happens. In the Sol system, the Dino-55 seems to be stuck in the middle of the transmitter. It becomes partly transparent and starts swelling.

Panic ensues on the Earth. At the current rate of growth, the altered Dino-55 will eventually touch Goblin and the star will most likely collapse. Pucky tries to teleport on board of the cargo ship but fails. He manages to perceive thoughts, though, showing that the crew is still alive. But he can't teleport inside the spaceship. The experiment has had another unfortunate effect : when the Sol system came back into the future, a time-tunnel originated from the Dino-55 into the present. Some part of the cargo-ship must still be stuck in the present and there is now a wide open hole in the ATF field.

Pucky, Balton Wyts and Irmina Kotschistowa take a ship and come back into the present. There, they spy the Larens and quickly locate an SVE-ship on its way into the tunnel. They teleport on board and take control of the Laren ship, capturing two Larens and a crew of Heavies. The SVE-ship makes its way through the tunnel and appears in the Sol system.

Actually, the SVE-ship materializes inside the Dino-55, which has kept growing. The Terrans leave the Laren ship with their prisoner and the SVE-ship explodes. Pucky interrogates the two Larens for a possible explanation of what went wrong with their experiment. The Larens quickly understand that they have to cooperate and give the information to the mouse-beaver : in order to enable the impulse modulation field, which is supposed to contain the energies delivered during the process, the Terrans need to activate the Kalup converter when they go through the transmitter.

Nara complies. The Dino-55 stops expanding and eventually shrinks back to its initial size. Then they go through the transmitter. The transfer is a success : they materialize in Archi-Tritrans where they are greeted by Atlan.

Cedric Beust

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671 - Der Zeittaucher
The Time Ripper
Hans Kneifel

Abel Waringer, the hyper-physicist, says that the escape through Twin Sol, the new Solar transmitter made of Sol and Goblin, will not be possible before another four weeks. Expecting the Larens to break through the ATF Field at any moment, Rhodan asks all the Terran forces to converge towards Archi-Tritrans and go through the transmitter. The result of the operation is that 88,000 ships are now in the Solar System.

An alarming phenomenon manifests itself in the outer parts of the Solar System : a breach appears and lets an unknown ship through. There can be only one explanation : the Larens have created a device, coined "Time Ripper", capable of getting through the ATF Field. The Time Ripper is captured by the Terrans and brought on Earth. There, a thorough examination reveals that this device is most likely not the only one. The scientits reach the conclusion that they are being produced en masse on Olymp.

A small commando led by Pucky is sent to Olymp to sabotage the construction of the Time Rippers. With the complicity of Anson Argyris, the robot emperor, the Terran commando quickly finds its way to the construction site and sets atomic bombs at the critical places. When the bombs are activated, three hundred Time Rippers and their associated parts disappear in an atomic cloud.

This victory achieved by the Terrans drives Leticron mad. The Heavy talks to the entire Milky Way and promises to be merciless to anyone who will assist the Terrans in their fight.

Cedric Beust

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672 - Countdown für Terra
Countdown for Terra
Ernst Vlcek

Colonel Hetschic is in charge of Potani-Pano, a USO base located 38,000 light years away from the Earth. When Nathan's memory was erased, its knowledge was scattered through 14,608 robots and Potani-Pano received 3,763 of them. The Terran scientists came up with these numbers so that they cannot easily be recovered by the Larens. However, should more than 923 robots be missing, the whole database would be lost.

A USO transporter, the Cetus, lands on Potani-Pano and its commandant, lieutenant Nemetz, informs Hetschic that Perry Rhodan is asking for the retrieval of the 3,763 robots back to the Sol system. Hetschic complies but he has to fight an opinionated hyperphysicist, Dr. Ammun, who is violently hostile to Rhodan's politics and who believes that the Administrator actually wants to turn the whole humanity to the Larens.

Ammun tries to prevent Hetschic from giving the robots to Nemetz and the conflict turns into a fight. the Cetus eventually takes off with all the robots on board. The base explodes, killing Ammun and his partisans. The Cetus then heads for the Achi-Tritrans transmitter. However, Rhodan informs Atlan that it is no longer possible to bring the Solar system back into the present : the ATF field generator is overheating. Therefore, all the robot parts have to go to the Earth with a regular linear flight. The Cetus breaks through the Laren blockade and reaches the Earth using the time conduit.

The scientists are now confronted with a new problem : Nathan refuses to be uploaded with this information. A quick analysis of its impotonic cells reveals that some of them are sick and have overruled the giant computer. Pucky leads a commando on the Moon in order to remove the sick cells. The operation succeeds and Nathan is uploaded with its former database. The 14,608 robots are sent back to Quinto Center, to be used as a possible backup.

Perry Rhodan informs the Terrans of his intentions : the Earth and the Moon are to be taken through Twin Sol, the transmitter, and reappear at a secret place in the Milky Way. To achieve this, thirty-two artificial suns are installed around the Earth to replace the Sun.

Cedric Beust

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673 - Raumschiff Erde
Spaceship Earth
Kurt Mahr

The journey of the Earth and the Moon toward the Twin Sol transmitter is slated for February 2, 3460. In the meantime, the Earth government is faced with unrest from a minority of the population that is opposed to this audacious plan. However, when a fleet made of Heavy and SVE-spaceships break through the ATG field thanks to the Time Ripper technology, all the opposition wears off. The Terrans manage to destroy the intruders with the recent supports they received, but Rhodan knows that it's only a reprieve, and that the Larens will eventually resume the mass production of Time Rippers.

A small ship seems to have escaped the Terran strike. It is equipped with a stealth technology that makes it hard to detect when it's not using its engines. Bully tries to chase it but eventually loses its trace.

As the deadline closes in, the Earth welcomes more than five billion Terrans from the outer planets. On top of that, a Paratron shield is erected in order to protect the Earth from the sun when it starts moving closer to the transmitter.

On the planned date, a fleet of more than ten thousand galaxy class spaceships start tracting the Earth and the Moon, hurling them toward the transmitter. The experiment succeeds : the two planets start moving towards their goal, which they are supposed to reach within two weeks.

Meanwhile, the undetected spaceship is spotted again : it is headed straight towards Mercury. As it is about to be destroyed, it vanishes. Bully suddenly realizes that the Heavy must have used a technology similar to the fictive transmitters. As a matter of fact, the spaceship materializes on Mercury and crashes on the suerface. However, the crash point is far from the ATF generator. A Terran commando starts chasing the Heavies on the surface of Mercury.

Before the Terrans can intervene, a massive explosion shakes Mercury and destroys the ATF generator. The field collapses and Larens and Heavies invade the solar system massively. It's too late, though : the Earth and the Moon are now in the transmitter and they cross it as the enemy ships are closing in. Once the two planets have disappeared in the transmitter, Goblin leaves its orbit and takes the Ear's place in order to maintain the gravitational balance of the solar system.

In Archi-Tritrans, Atlan detects the impulse indicating that the transmitter has been activated. However, nothing appears. The scientists quickly review the films and while it seems that the Earth and the Moon appeared for a fraction of a second in the middle of the transmitter, they suddenly vanished.

The Earth has disappeared.

Michael Mahoney

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674 - Im Land der Dreemer
In the Land of the Dreamer
H.G. Francis

On Archi-Tritrans, Wadder Krermein, a hyper-physicist, is reading the latest analyses from the computers about what happened to the Earth. The estimations give a 92% chance that the Earth and the Moon were destroyed during the transfer. In such a situation, Krermein sees no point in trying to evade the Larens and decides to betray the Terrans in an attempt to receive a good treatment from them. He steals a shuttle and escapes with two coworkers.

However, Krermein doesn't know that the results he read are incorrect. The odds that the Earth survived the transportation are much higher. When Atlan learns about the physicist's betrayal, he asks Hetschic to chase him.

On board of the stolen shuttle, the three fugitives discover a mechanic called Emperor Karl, who tells them that the engines of the shuttle are under repair and won't take them further than a few thousand light-years. The hyper-radio is broken as well. He offers his services to the three men, who reluctantly accept. Karl fixes the hypercom but modifies it so that when Krermein tries to call the Larens, the Terrans will be notified as well.

When Hetschic receives the signal, he immediately tries to locate it. Meanwhile, the shuttle is approaching a planet called Clearwater and Karl decides to abandon the three fugitives. Wearing an atmospheric spacesuit, he leaves the shuttle and lands on the planet. Shortly thereafter, the spaceship crashes on Clearwater.

A group of small scientists is working on the planet. Their mission is to study a rodent called the Dreamer, who seems to have some intelligence. Krermein is the first to make contact with the researchers. The unsuspecting scientists give him assistance and food. Karl meets with the Dreamers, who reveal their intelligence to him. Using their support, he catches up with Krermein and together, they manage to kill the physicist before he can inform the Larens about Archi-Tritrans.

Cedric Beust

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675 - Monumente der Macht
Monuments of Power
H.G. Ewers

Roctin-Par arrives on Olymp. He wants to get in touch with Anson Argyris. The Heavies are taking control of the planet and more and more people are getting arrested. As Roctin-Par contacts somebody from the resistance, black pyramids appear in the sky of Olymp and silently land.

Using different masks, Anson Argyris has successfully escaped the Laren police so far. He is hiding in his underground shelter, protected by numerous traps. Roctin-Par is eventually taken to him. To Argyris' surprise, the Laren has come to Olymp to ask for his help.

Asked about the black pyramids, Roctin-Par explains that they represent a symbol of conquest. They are cosmic landmarks : once the Council has taken over a new galaxy, they land everywhere in order to secure the area. They are spaceships but no Larens or Hyptons have ever penetrated inside because they are protected by a deadly force field, called the Albino Circle. The Larens have no idea who the pilots of the pyramids are. They also serve another purpose : that of refilling the polar blocks of the SVE ships. Therefore, the power of the Larens depends on the timely appearance of the black pyramids. Roctin-Par has come to Olymp in order to ask Anson Argyris to penetrate inside one of these pyramids. Since he is a robot, he should be able to survive the Albino Circle. The Emperor accepts.

If a live human being enters the Albino Circle, its flesh loses its color and it dies immediately. Anson Argyris steps inside the field and aside from his mask, which is organic and therefore immediately succumbs, he survives the experiment. Argyris enters the pyramid. At the same time, an SVE ship comes hovering over the top of the pyramid, getting its polar blocks recharged. Suddenly, a huge explosion sweeps the land. Roctin-Par has the impression to see a gigantic Argyris' face appear fugitively in the air before he loses conscience.

When he wakes up, he sees that the pyramid has been damaged on the top and that the SVE ship has been destroyed. He sees Argyris in the distance, obviously injured but still within the Albino Circle. He manages to direct the robot towards him and then carries the Emperor as he passes out. The two men are being chased by SVE ships but they make it safely into the emperor's hidden quarters. They board a shuttle and leave Olymp right before the Larens finally break into the secret base. When Argyris wakes up, he hardly remembers anything of what happened inside the pyramid.

Cedric Beust

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676 - Im Mahlstrom der Sterne
In the Maelstrom of the Stars
Hans Kneifel

The Earth and the Moon have materialized in an unknown region of space, in the middle of an energetic stream that is carrying them away. Because of all the disturbances, it is impossible to know precisely where they are, but the scientists suspect that the energetic stream stretches between two galaxies, one of them being probably the Milky Way.

The energetic stream has a lot of nasty consequences on the Earth : first, earthquakes and tidal waves are sweeping the land. Then, Nathan, the Moon supercomputer, is behaving strangely. Pucky and Ras Tschubai are sent there to investigate. Also, the stocks of howalgonium are getting very unstable, transforming the samples into projectiles. And finally, the linear drives of all the spaceships are out of order.

On the Moon, Nathan's plasma has gone berserk and is flooding the base. The Terrans try to contain the cells run amok but they have to retreat in front of the huge mass that it represents. Fellmer Loyd detects that the plasma is emitting fear impulses. It seems to be terrified by something coming from the energy stream. The Terrans realize that the plasma is only trying to bring all its parts together. Once they make that possible, the plasma no longer tries to flee.

On the Earth, the howalgonium stocks eventually settle down. Waringer suspects that the five-dimensional alloy might be the reason why the transfer through Archi-Tritrans failed : the huge quantity stored on the Earth must have been emitting strong radiations that altered the normal functioning of the transmitter.

On March 10, the situation is back to normal on the Earth and the Moon.

Cedric Beust

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677 - Das Erbe der Glovaaren
The Legacy of the Glovaarians
Clark Darlton

Investigating the stocks of howalgonium, Pucky detects thought impulses. He teleports there and finds the dead body of a condor-like creature. Even though the creature is no longer emitting any thoughts, Pucky is convinced that it was the source of the impulses but he has no idea how the bird got there.

Goshmo-Khan tells Rhodan that before the Earth went through the transmitter, he put a posbi ship in a secured place, safe from any five-dimensional radiation. It appears that the linear engines of the Box are fully functional. A test drive is decided.

Box 7149 leaves the Earth and heads for a nearby star, using a linear phase. The engines seem to work. As they arrive near the sun, a pyramidal spaceship is detected in the vicinity. Pucky teleports on board and discovers beings similar to the condor he found in the howalgonium stocks. He suspects that for some unknown reason, the bird got teleported onto the Earth, probably because of the radiations emitted by the howalgonium. While initially looking dead, the birds suddenly awaken. They turn out to be natural telepaths. Pucky names them Glovaarians.

Pucky starts talking with them and learns their history : two billion years ago, two galaxies collided. Since then, they have been moving away from each other, therefore creating this "Stellar Bridge" in which the Earth is now caught. Most of the Glovaarians died during the incident and the survivors decided to start a journey in order to find other members of their race. Pucky also learns about the Imps, the name given to telepathic storage where the Glovaarians have stored more information. Before he can ask more questions, a hostile group of Glovaarians decides to attack the Terrans. Pucky is made prisoner.

Using Pucky as a hostage, they board the Box. Since they're all telepaths, they have no problem guessing the Terrans intentions and making most of them prisoners. Although paralyzed, Pucky makes contact with the bird he rescued on the Earth and receives help from him. The Terrans regain control of the posbi ship but the Glovaarians have badly damaged it.

The Glovaarians start to die when they realize that they have failed. Pucky is able to salvage one Imp from the stranded pyramid. The tablet mentions the existence of a power which can be found at one end of the Stellar Bridge. This power is supposedly able to use the tremendous energies given off by the energetic stream. The Imp runs out of energy before Pucky can get more information.

Meanwhile, the Box 7149 is almost wrecked. The Terrans barely manage to land on the only planet orbiting the sun they were aiming for.

Cedric Beust

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678 - Zeus Anno 3460
Zeus 3460 BC
William Voltz

Box-7149 crashes on the planet, baptized Goshmo-Castle. The Terrans are attacked by primitives but they can easily fight them back. As they start diagnosing the damage of the ship, a giant appears. He is 250 meters high and calls himself Zeus. He makes it clear to the Terrans that they are now his prisoners and that they will stay on this planet forever. A quick attempt shows that conventional weapons cannot harm the so-called father of the gods, who is quite real.

Zeus sends an assistant to watch over the Terrans : his name is Fontain and he is a cyborg. Bull asks Zeus if he intends to destroy their ship, to which the god replies that he would never do that, or the Terrans would lose all hope of ever escaping. And he wants his prisoners to entertain him.

Goshmo-Khan starts experimenting on Fontain. He is very familiar with the work of a now-dead cybernetician, Van Moders, who discovered the secret of the Posbis centuries ago. Applying these theories, Goshmo-Khan is able to bring Fontain into a paradox loop and the cyborg starts terminating itself. When Zeus realizes what is going on, he threatens to destroy the Posbi ship but it's already too late, Fontain is deactivated.

Zeus lashes out at the Terrans : he starts attacking them with lightnings and the Box incurs severe hits. Pucky engages him in a mental fight. As he is about to give up, Zeus stops his attacks. He tells the mouse-beaver that there is no point for him to fight them since all he ever wanted was some company. First suspicious, the Terrans understand that Zeus is really willing to put an end to the hostilities. The god warns them about the actual rulers of this area of space : they are his enemies and now, they will also attack the Terrans.

Bull, who thinks that Zeus is actually It, asks the god who he really is. Zeus agrees to show them his real shape. He turns out to be a five-meter tall ant-looking creature.

Cedric Beust

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679 - Im Bannkreis der Pyramide
In the Pyramid's Zero Field
Ernst Vlcek

On the Earth, the 96,000 space ships of the solar fleet suddenly regains the ability to make linear trips. It only lasts for a few minutes, though, and the linear engines go off line again. On his way back from Goshmo-Castle with a conventional shuttle, Pucky tells Rhodan about what happened there. They realize that the power-surge coincides with the moment where Zeus revealed his real shape.

Rhodan decides to meet Zeus. He takes the Marco Polo and heads for Goshmo-Castle. However, as they arrive at the coordinates, there is no planet to be found.

On Goshmo-Castle, Bully sees the Marco-Polo zoom in the atmosphere and go through the planet surface as if it didn't exist. Bewildered, he asks Zeus what is going on. The god explains that the enemies he mentioned earlier are trying to land one of their spaceships, a pyramid, on Goshmo-Castle. Zeus' only defense is to take the planet to another plane of reality. However, he reacted too late and the pyramid has landed. And to make matter worse, the Marco Polo, who crashed on the other side of the planet, is now in its containment field. This field, also called Zero Field, neutralizes all electricity and atomic based energies.

On the Marco Polo, the Terran crew finds their way out with a lot of difficulties, since all the elevators, gravitic shafts, etc... are off-line. When they come out, they realize that they have landed on top of a pyramid, from which emanates some sort of field that isolates them from the rest of the world. Bully and Zeus have just arrived on the location of the crash and they communicate with signs. Zeus tells Rhodan to look for a certain switch inside the pyramid, which should turn the Zero Field off.

They find their way inside the pyramid and start fighting toad-like creatures whose thoughts seem to be focused on murder and destruction exclusively. The command-center is protected by robots but Pucky manages to use the Zero Field against them. Then they turn the Zero Field off.

Cedric Beust

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680 - Strafplanet der Eroberer
Prison Planet of the Conquerors
H.G. Francis

In Quinto-Center, Atlan is reviewing internal files with Julian Tifflor. They learn about two scientists, Theinbourg and Conschex, who are specialized in the solar transmitter technology. Unfortunately, they have been captured by the Heavies and are being held prisoner in some unknown place. Atlan decides to send Ronald Tekener after them.

Under a disguise, Tekener and his crew are captured by the Heavies and sent in a prison on Mars. There, they learn that the two scientists are most likely being detained on a prison-planet called Watsteyn. The Terrans manage to get transfered there.

On Watsteyn, Theinbourg and Conschex have successfully escaped from the camp but they are now on their own in the hostile jungle of the planet. When Tekener arrives there, he has no choice than to escape too and look for the two men.

Atlan makes a trip to visit the mutants, 40,000 light-years away from Quinto-Center. The disembodied mutants have hardly been in touch with the recent events in the Milky Way, so Atlan fills them in. Atlan has come to take Tako Kakuta with him, so that he can use his teleportation skills.

Tekener eventually finds the two scientists, exhausted by their recent adventures. They are all safely taken aboard a shuttle and leave Watsteyn. Tekener tells them that they have been assigned a difficult mission : find out where the Earth was teleported during its failed attempt in the Archi-TriTrans transmitter.

Cedric Beust

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681 - Das Sonnen-Fünfeck
The Pentagon of Suns
Kurt Mahr

Atlan meets secretly with the Maahks on Midway, the starbase in the Great Void, 800,000 light years away from the Milky Way. He asks them if they are monitoring all the solar transmitters in Andromeda and if they do, if they have noticed anything special recently. Grek-1 answers that all the Andromeda transmitters are under close Maahk scrutiny but nothing of importance has happened recently. Then Grek-1 remembers that there is one transmitter only which they don't monitor : Gercksvira. As he is about to explain why, two Laren agents interrupt the meeting and shoot on them.

Atlan and his crew barely escape. It seems that the Maahks are surprised too by the Laren agression. The fact remains that the Larens have advanced in the Great Void and maybe even as far as Andromeda. Atlan decides to investigate the matter and heads for the neighbor galaxy.

In the fringe of Andromeda, a small Terran colony has settled in the Kraltmock system. A Maahk ship lands on the planet and informs the Terrans that they have to leave the planet immediately. The mayor refuses to comply and captures the two Maak spokespersons. Soon, a whole Maahk fleet surrounds the planet and starts attacking it.

Atlan arrives in the vicinity of Kraltmock and tries to rescue the Terrans, but the situation is hopeless. An imperial ship of the Maahk materializes in the system with the main ambassador on board. He asks to speak with Atlan. They eventually agree that the whole fight was based on a misunderstanding but the ambassador reiterates his demand : the Terrans must leave the system as soon as possible. Atlan now knows for sure that the Larens have set foot in Andromeda, and that they are pressuring the Maahks to interrupt all contacts with the Terrans.

Asked about Gercksvira, the Maahk ambassador explains to Atlan that this transmitter emits deadly radiations which already caused the loss of several ships. However, he accepts to take the Terrans there.

As they are closing in on the transmitter, made of a pentagon of stars, the bedroom of the Terran is suddenly filled with ammoniac. Soon, the gravity reaches 3g, which is the normal living condition for the Maahks. The Terrans reach their spacesuits in time. First, Atlan thinks that the Maahks are trying to kill them. However, it turns out that they must be getting too close to the transmitter because the whole Maahk crew is acting insane.

Atlan rescues the Maahk ambassador and they all escape in a shuttle. Shortly thereafter, the Maahk ship explodes. They are soon rescued by the rest of the Maahk fleet. During the debriefing, Atlan explains he thinks that somehow, the deadly radiations emitted by Gercksvira might be connected to whatever happened to the Earth in Archi-Tritrans. He is decided to unravel the secret of the Pentagon of Suns.

Cedric Beust

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682 - Terror der Ungeborenen
Terror from the Unborn
Hans Kneifel

Atlan approaches the Gercksvira transmitter, looking for the control station. Two of the blue suns have a planet. They head for the first one, which they name Tockton. It seems to be deserted, mostly covered with swamps, but former Lemurian constructions are still apparent, although they are probably about 50,000 years old.

Atlan lands on the planet with a commando and they make their way through the swamps, fighting hostile animals. They eventually make it into a tower. Although protected by a field force, the tower lets the Terrans in, probably confusing them with Lemurians. They find several mummyfied bodies of Lemurians inside. Searching each of them doesn't give them any clue about the location of the control station.

In another room, they discover fourteen embryos, frozen. Brester, a man from the commando, is able to establish a telepathic contact with them. The embryos are hostile and they make it clear to the Terrans. One of them mentions a "natural archive" but will not say more. They seem to be in control of the planet's surrounding fauna and the Terrans are soon attacked fiercely by swamp creatures. They manage to fight them back.

On their way to the shuttle, they notice a herd of peaceful looking animals. Struck by the contrast in behavior with the rest of the fauna, they decide to take one of them on board of their ship to examine it.

They discover that the Graunzers, the names of these animals, are semi-intelligent and were used by the Lemurians as some kind of archives. They stored all their knowledge inside the two hundred animals, hoping that only Lemurians would be able to use it in the future. The Terrans start downloading all the information from the Graunzers and learn what happened in the distant past : the Lemurians tried to go through Gercksvira with 22,000 ships but the whole fleet was lost because of some anomaly. They eventually found out what happened and they documented their findings inside the Graunzers. All the Terrans have to do now in order to use the transmitter is to analyze the information in its entirety.

Cedric Beust

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683 - Das Mädchen von Lemuria
The Woman from Lemuria
H.G. Ewers

In Andromeda, the Terrans are looking for the control station of Gercksvira. The Solar Transmitter only has two planets. Atlan leads a team on the first planet, Peschnath. As they enter its atmosphere, they are contacted by a beautiful woman who warns them against landing. Since Atlan refuses to comply, the woman, who is using the Lemurian language, opens fire and shoots the shuttle down. Several Terrans are killed during the crash. Atlan contacts the Lemurian again and is stunned to see that she is wearing a cell activator. As she is about to destroy them, Atlan shows his own activator and manages to negociate a meeting.

The woman's name is Ermigoa, and when Atlan asks her about her cell activator, she pretends that her father gave it to her, and that he also made those used by the Masters of the Island. Suddenly, she has him attacked by two humans. Atlan defeats them and Ermigoa explains that she is testing him. Then she shows him her multi-duplicator, which she uses to create beings to serve her. As Atlan begins to understand her interest in him, she tricks him and paralyzes him.

When he awakes, he tells her what happened to the Earth, and how they think that Gercksvira is connected to what happened in the solar system. All they want to do now is send a wrecked spaceship through the transmitter and analyze what will happen.

Ermigoa still doesn't trust him but accepts to let the Terrans experiment with the transmitter if he will let her make a clone of himself with the multi-duplicator. Atlan accepts reluctantly. As a truce seems to be finally reached, Ermigoa locates two Terrans who penetrated into her base. A fight ensues in which the multi-duplicator is destroyed. Ermigoa herself is injured during the fight and dies shortly thereafter.

Cedric Beust

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684 - Die falschen Itrinks
The Fake Itrinks
Ernst Vlcek

Thirty-two unknown ships arrive in the vicinity of the Earth and open fire. Their technology is inferior to that of the Terrans, though, and they are easily destroyed. Asked about the strangers, Zeus mentions that they are also his enemies, but he won't say more.

Spaceships are sent to examine whatever is left of the battle. As they approach a wreck, Zeus appears and destroys it before the Terrans can do anything. He justifies himself by saying that it would have been dangerous for the Terrans to proceed.

Meanwhile, the scientists have set up an experiment : a bridge of spaceship is laid out, reaching out as far as possible away from the Maelstrom. While it doesn't allow them to figure out where the Earth and the Moon have been transported, they come to the conclusion that some black hole awaits them at the end of the stream. If nothing is done in the next thousand years, the Earth will disappear in the vortex.

Radio signals are detected by the Earth. Once translated, the message turns out to be a call for help. Even though it is about four-hundred years old, Perry Rhodan decides to send a team on the planet where the signal supposedly came from.

The target solar system only has two planets with life on them. Seventeen spaceships are detected in a stationary orbit near the main sun. They are identical to those that attacked the Earth earlier. As a Terran command teleports on board, they quickly realize that all the vessels have been deserted. On all of them, a transmitter is running, waiting for the crew to come back. The Terrans deactivate all the transmitters and assume that the owners of the spaceships must be attending some kind of business on one the the two planets.

The Terrans land on the third planet, since it seems to be the source of the radio signals. They make contact with a race of bird-like creatures, called Itrinks. Though their technology is very primitive, the Terrans don't resist and surrender. Then they are judged for a reason they don't understand. As they are about to be executed, Pucky detects that one of the Itrinks is actually an impostor of another race. The mousebeaver exposes the traitor, who is quickly killed. The unknown being looks a lot like Zeus, an ant-like creature, except that it is much smaller : about two meters tall, as opposed to five for Zeus.

Some Itrinks decide to support the Terrans but most of the others hunt them. Once safe, the Terrans understand that the strangers must have headquarters on this planet. A quick search leads them to this place where they exterminate the aliens. The Itrinks are now free from the invaders and the Terrans leave in peace.

Cedric Beust

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685 - Planet in Angst
Planet in Fear
H.G. Francis

Ras Tschubai and Felmer Lloyd are sent on the fourth planet of the system, an ice-world. They meet with two natives who were investigating a valley where strange events have been happening lately. The whole area seems to be protected by a force field and anybody who tried to go there never returned.

The mutants have no problem breaking through the force field and discover a warm area with a lot of exotic plants. They are soon attacked by the same insects as the ones the commando sent on the third planet met a few days ago. They call the insects Ploohns. The Ploohns seem to have settled on this planet much more aggressively and the Terrans discover several of their bases under the surface.

As the Terran superior technology is giving them a clear edge against the insectoids, the Terrans detect seventeen Ploohn spaceships headed towards the planet. They are the same ships that were orbiting the sun. The Terrans call the Marco Polo for help.

They try to make prisoners but the Ploohns commit suicide as soon as they are captured. Pucky eventually manages to catch one and immobilizes him before he can commit suicide. The Ploohn doesn't seem to be surprised to undergo a telepathic questioning and resists it effectively. Pucky nevertheless obtains some information.

The Ploohns call themselves Cschmorts. They are long-lived creatures who are the main power in this area of space. They are constantly looking for planets that can be suitable for their expansion. To the Terrans surprise, the prisoner knows Zeus very well and actually, the Ploohns are actively looking for him. He dies before he can tell more.

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686 - Die Flotte der Toten
The Fleet of the Dead
William Voltz

In Gercksvira, four scientists are working on the wrecked Lemurian spaceship which is about to be hurled into the giant transmitter when the operation is started. The spaceship rematerializes in an unknown region of space. The four scientists only have a few hours worth of oxygen left, so they decide to leave the spaceship and explore their surroundings. They discover the lost fleet of 22-the-Lemurians,000 spaceships that disappeared centuries ago.

On the Earth, Zeus says he wants to help the Terrans. He tells Rhodan that somewhere in the maelstrom, there is a lost fleet of Lemurian spaceships which might be of interest to the Terrans. Rhodan doesn't trust Zeus but he decides to give it a try : Alaska Saedelaere is assigned the mission to locate the Lemurian fleet.

The scientists board one of the spaceships, which turns out to have a breathable atmosphere. They soon discover clues indicating that live beings were on board recently. They also discover an alien in cryogenic sleep. The creature is identified as a Mahsak, a race that used to serve Lemurians. The Terrans reanimate him. First hostile, the Mahsak, called Fonchie, becomes more friendly towards the Terrans when he realizes that the crew must have died of the shock of going through the transmitter. Why the four Terrans survived the transition, they can't explain.

The Lemurian fleet has become the realm of caterpillar-like creatures called the Artmacs. They only possess seventeen ships, though, but they are extremely aggressive. When they find out that four unknown creatures have entered one of their spaceships, they immediately look for them. They finally capture them. As the Artmacs start questioning them, the Terrans decide to pretend that they are Lemurians.

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687 - Begegnung im Chaos
Meeting in Chaos
William Voltz

The Terrans manage to escape from the Artmacs and leave the spaceship. They board another nearby space cruiser from the Lemurian fleet. As soon as they are on board, they notice the presence of floating jellyfish-like creatures. First dormant, the creatures start converging towards them, emitting energetic sparks. The Terrans back off in the interior of the spaceship as the creatures start multiplying.

Alaska Saedelaere and two crewmen arrive in the vicinity of the Lemurian fleet. They are spotted by the Artmacs and before they can react, their shuttle is destroyed. Alaska survives thanks to the annihilation suit but the other two men are killed. He is now wandering in space, helpless.

Two of the four scientists are killed by the energetic creatures. Their situation is becoming desperate. They send an SOS and retreat further in the spaceship. Alaska receives the SOS and hovers towards the spaceship. He rescues the two scientists as they were about to be killed. The three men take a spaceship and head for the Earth, where Perry Rhodan is informed about Atlan's latest efforts to locate the Earth.

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688 - Der Einmann-Krieg
The Single Man War
H.G. Francis

Wazzer Jacintho is a Solar agent pretending to work for Leticron. He is in charge of watching over several key personalities on Czugmoth, a prison-planet, where the Heavies' propaganda machine is working full time. Atlan sends a commando on Czugmoth in order to free the several thousands of Terrans prisoner there.

Jacintho notices the arrival of the shuttle and, using the complicity of Ann Ephro, a Terran woman working at the spaceport, manages to hide it from the Heavies. Leticron is due for a visit of the planet soon, so Jacintho decides to act. Together with Anne, they sabotage several of the installations and fights break out. Anne is killed during the battle and Jacintho is made prisoner.

Five hundred spaceships of the solar forces land on Czugmoth and free all the Terrans. The Heavies are outnumbered and surrender. Leticron escapes with his flagship with Jacintho on board. He asks to see the agent, curious to see the man who caused him to lose a whole planet. Irritated by Jacintho's arrogance, Leticron eventually kills him.

Cedric Beust

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689 - Die Irrfahrt des Mutanten
Wandering of the Mutants
Kurt Mahr

Thomas Kantanberg, a USO specialist, manages to escape from a Heavy prison. He makes his way until Honeycomb 1000, the asteroid where the consciences of the eight old mutants are held. Kantanberg arrives as the mutants are about to be evacuated by Atlan to a safer place, namely : Provcon-Faust, the dark cloud. Kantanberg will be used to host the conscience of Tako Kakuta, the teleporter.

Kantanberg has actually been brainwashed and he is now working for Leticron. Using Kakuta's ability, he teleports on a Pariczanian spaceship that was following them and they head back to Zabrijna, a secret base where he must meet Leticron. When Kantanberg lands on Zabrijna, he is taken to Leticron, one on one. The First Hetran kills the traitor and Kakuta has no choice : he must transfer his conscience into Leticron's, who therefore gains the ability to teleport.

Cedric Beust

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690 - Die Flucht des Körperlosen
The Escape of the Bodyless
Kurt Mahr

Hotrenor-Taak pays a surprise visit on Zabrijna. The Laren wants to know what Leticron knows about the Old Mutants. Leticron is shocked to learn that the Laren knows about this well-kept secret. Tako Kakuta uses this moment to escape from Leticron's mind. The only suitable host seems to be the Laren spaceship's protection field. But as soon as he has merged with one, the energy field overloads and the spaceship explodes. Kakuta has barely the time to integrate the mind of a Laren technician.

As Leticron is reluctant to give answers, Hotrenor-Taak takes him before Hyptons on board his flagship. Leticron soon gives in under the mental pressure of the bat-like creatures and he tells the Laren everything he knows about Honeycomb 1000. He also tells him about his failed attempt to capture Tako Kakuta. Hotrenor-Taak quickly makes the connection with the explosion of two of his spaceships and he quickly spots Kakuta's host. The teleporter hops out of the Laren and finds shelter in the Hyptons crowd.

Hotrenor-Taak finds him again and the teleporter is turned in by the Hyptons to the Laren. Kakuta is now hosted by Hotrenor-Taak. Meanwhile, the Laren has ordered the destruction of Honeycomb 1000, but the Larens arrive too late, the Old Mutants have already been evacuated.

Hotrenor-Taak is a much stronger opponent but Kakuta manages to take him by surprise and he finds shelter in the Laren's assistant. He teleports on board an SVE-spaceship on its way to their home galaxy. Kakuta persuades the commandant that Hotrenor-Taak is a traitor and that they must reach their galaxy as fast as possible. The commandant complies.

As the SVE-spaceship is about to leave the galaxy, Kakuta spots a Terran ship and manages to jump on board. He quickly convinces the crew that he is not really a Laren and he is safely taken back to the Terran headquarters.

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691 - Sargasso des Alls
Sargasso of the Universe
Clark Darlton

An expedition of 12,000 spaceships is sent towards the center of the Maelstrom, in the hope that some meaningful information can be found there. As the fleet is approaching its goal, all the spaceships are slowed down and then finally completely stopped by golden filaments that surround them. The little worms, hardly more than a few centimeters long, are able to penetrate inside the metal and completely incapacitate the fleet. They seem to be stopped by plastic, though.

Toronar Kasom makes an analogy between this region of space and the Sargasso sea, where similar things happened in the past on the Earth. A small shuttle manages to escape before it gets caught. On their way out, they notice a foreign spaceship which doesn't seem to be inconvenienced by the golden worms.

On the Earth, Pucky detects Kasom's thoughts and takes the lead of a rescue mission on board the San Antonio. They spot one of the unknown spaceships and follow it to a barren planet, which they call Onyx. The inhabitants look like kangaroos and they tell the Terrans that they inherited this technology in a distant past. Their civilization is dying. They only have seventeen spaceships left and have no idea how they could help the Terrans.

An elder knows more about the mysterious substance, called Schanath. It is half-organic and half-living, and works through the golden filaments by establishing a symbiosis with them. The Terrans cut a piece of the metal and bring it back on Earth. Unfortunately, the piece of Schanath dies once it is on Earth. Somehow, Pucky thinks that there might be a connection with the Blues but he cannot explain his intuition.

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692 - Die Insekten-Königin
The Insect Queen
H.G. Ewers

The queen of the Ploohns, Jaymadahr Conzentryn, is worried by the increasing power of the Terrans. She decides to launch a massive attack against them. She takes the lead of a fleet of thirty thousand spaceships and they head for the vortex, the center of the Maelstrom. They encounter and destroy Terran spaceships that were monitoring the area.

Perry Rhodan sends twenty thousand spaceships to oppose the Ploohns and both races engage in a furious battle. Both sides incur heavy losses and a ceasefire is called.

Jaymadahr Conzentryn is shocked by the power of the Terrans and is now afraid that they might find out about one of the Ploohn's most kept secret : the vortex is actually a giant transmitter that is connected to the Ploohn's original galaxy. Rhodan attempts to attack the queen's flagship with the mutants but they face psychic traps and are forced to retreat.

Rhodan eventually notices that Ploohn ships are escaping through the vortex and he decides to go through the transmitter with the Marco Polo while the rest of his fleet retreats.

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693 - In den Höhlen der Ploohns
In the Caves of the Ploohns
H.G. Ewers

The Marco Polo emerges from the transmitter near a solar system. Rhodan immediately seeks shelter around its main sun. The solar system is made of four planets, the second one being obviously important to the Ploohns judging by the heavy traffic of spaceships around it.

The recent events between Terrans and Ploohns have been observed by a mysterious entity called Schuyt-34027. He seems to be a mere observer and he makes a quick contact with Dalaimor Rorvic. He withdraws before the mutant can ask him any more questions.

A small commando led by Ras Tschubai is sent to the second planet. They notice that the insects are using a mysterious powder to fertilize their plants and Tschubai suddenly identifies the substance, which emits powerful hyper-vibrations : it is molkex (Molecular Extract). Tschubai remembers the fight of the Terrans against the Blue empire, and how they managed to synthesize the only weapon efficient against the molkex : the B-Hormone. However, as soon as the molkex was exposed to this hormone, the mysterious "drive effect" took place and the samples flew in the sky at incredible speeds, toward an unknwown destination. Tschubai suspects that the molkex samples were headed toward the center of the galaxy where the transmitter sent them into the Maelstrom.

As they are about to withdraw, the Terrans are spotted and captured by the Ploohns. Jaymadahr Conzentryn questions Tschubai and is stunned when she learns that the Terrans know about the molkex, but most of all, that they have a weapon against it. The Terrans manage to escape and flee into subterranean caves. There, they meet with Kayzihr Mandaynah, a former queen who assists them. She explains that at birth, all queens are killed but one, and that she was able to escape the slaughter and find shelter underground.

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694 - Die Anti-Molkex-bomben
The Anti-Molkex Bombs
Hans Kneifel

A Ploohn ship approaches the Marco Polo and tells the Terrans that they are here to negotiate. Rhodan meets with them on board his spaceship. The Ploohns say that they captured three Terrans and give Rhodan Tschubai's gun as a proof. The Ploohns want the Terrans to kill Zeus and in return, they will sign a peace treaty.

Rhodan says he needs time to make a decision and the meeting is adjourned. The scientists examine Tschubai's weapon and identify a morse message encoded in it. It only contains one word : molkex. Pucky makes the connection with the mysterious golden alloy he saw on Onyx. The Psaltasians mentioned a planet called Grag Schanath, located beyond the Pharynx, and supposed to hold tons of this metal. Rhodan doesn't understand why the molkex disintegrated when it was taken to the Earth, though, but he decides to investigate the matter. First, he receives confirmation that the Marco Polo has one hundred and twenty anti-molkex bombs on board, and second, he sends a spaceship through the Pharynx to try and locate Grag Schanath.

The cruiser Nathan goes through the Pharynx and once in the galaxy of the Ploohns, starts looking for huge quantities of molkex. The detection soon spots a system made of six planets, which they call the Horror Worm system, in memory of the conflict against the Blues.

On the Marco Polo, the Ploohn ambassadors are getting impatient but Rhodan asks them for more time. The Ploohn queen, Jaymadahr Conzentryn, comes on Rhodan's ship to lead the negotiations. Rhodan tells her that he found Grag Schanath and that he has a weapon to destroy the molkex, which the Ploohns calls Teyme. The queen is schocked and asks for proof.

In the Ploohn galaxy, Pucky is sent on Grag Schanath with several anti-molkex bombs. One hour later, the bombs are detonated and the effect is spectacular : first, the drive effect occurs and the samples of molkex fly in the sky at unbelievable speeds. Shortly thereater, a breach in the hyperspace opens and engulfs the material. The queen is horrified. Rhodan tells her that he is not going to kill Zeus but that he is not going to help him either. The queen reluctantly agrees to sign a peace treaty.

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695 - Die Unantastbaren
The Inviolable
Ernst Vlcek

Hotrenor-Taak has just landed on Ertrus, which has become the center of the resistance against the Larens. He is decided to exterminate the several groups of resistance opposing the Council. Three Etrusians decide to launch an attack against one of the three pyramids. They found out that the "Albino Circle", the protection field surrounding the pyramid, is considerably weaker underground.

Hotrenor-Taak learns about the attempt but disregards it, estimating that nobody can break into the pyramids. Not even Larens. The Ertrusian commando makes its way under the pyramid and, after resisting several psychic traps, breaks into the pyramid. The whole interior is made of one huge cavity, and they arrive just as an SVE spaceship is replenishing its tank. A wave of strong emotions shake the three men and they pass out.

They wake up in a twilight world. They no longer have bodies and are contacted by the Mastibeks, the owners of the pyramids. The Mastibeks are a very ancient race born on the planet Joyl. They reached the summit of their evolution thousands of years ago and then, they decided to lose their bodies and become spirits. Since their existence was becoming dull, they joined the Council and teamed with the Larens in order to travel with them and feast over people's emotions.

The Mastibeks say that they are merely observers and that they won't get involved in a rebellion against the Larens. Then the three Ertrusians are sent back to their bodies.

Cedric Beust

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696 - Botschafter des Friedens
Ambassador of Peace
William Voltz

Hotrenor-Taak learns that a spokesperson of the fourth people of the Council, the Greikos, is on his way to the Milky Way. The Greikos are a pacific race who are persuaded that the Council is a peaceful coalition. So far, the Larens have been able to fool them into thinking that they bring peace in the newly discovered galaxies.

Hotrenor-Taak is extremely worried as a Greiko was not supposed to show up in the Milky Way before ten years. Since the Greiko, called Kroiterfahrn, is sick, Hotrenor-Taak directs him toward Tahun, a hospital planet where he can be treated during his visit. Before the Greiko lands, Hotrenor-Taak changes the life conditions on the planet : prisoners are taken away and only loyal servants of the Larens will surround Kroiterfahrn.

Meanwhile, the USO has noticed that things have changed on Tahun and sends a special agent to investigate. The Greiko is greeted by Hotrenor-Taak and Leticron and he asks to be shown around. At night, he notices a fight in the yard : the USO agent, called Schultz, is paralyzed and captured by Laren soldiers. Outraged, Kroiterfahrn demands to speak to the prisoner.

Leticron suggests that both Schultz and Kroiterfahrn should be killed, but Hotrenor-Takk refuses to take the risk. Instead, he has the Terran hypnotized by the Hyptons and then, he sends him before Kroiterfahrn. At first, the plan goes well and the agent is unable to tell the truth. But the doctor, a secret resistant, injects him a medication that weakens the psychic effect. Soon, he regains full consciousness and understands what the Larens are trying to do. He has to be extremely careful, though, because he knows that all their moves are being monitored.

Kroiterfahrn requests a flight over Tahun. He boards a glider with Schultz and a Laren pilot. At the first opportunity, Schultz paralyzes the pilot and takes control of the glider. Then he tries to escape, all the while telling Kroiterfahrn what the Larens have actually been doing in the Milky Way since their arrival.

Cedric Beust

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697 - Im Interesse der Menschheit
In the Interest of Humanity
William Voltz

Schultz and Kroiterfahrn have been rescued by a USO spaceship and taken into Provcon-Faust, the Dark Cloud. The Greiko now knows the truth about the true intents of the Larens and he is horrified to learn that they have been fooled for so long. However, this is a dead-end for the Terrans right now because they have no way of letting his people know about the situation in the Milky Way. Beside, Kroiterfahrn's health condition is deteriorating rapidly.

Meanwhile, Hotrenor-Taak has finally agreed to let Leticron chase and kill the Greiko. He talks with the Hyptons about how they should handle the situation with the Greikos on the Council. They decide to let them know as soon as Kroiterfahrn dies. They reckon that his compatriots won't suspect anything since they are a very trusting and peaceful people.

In an attempt to heal Kroiterfahrn, Atlan asks Tako Kakuta to enter Greiko's mind. The operation fails, but the teleporter learns that the Greikos are the creators of the Council of the Seven, and that without them, the alliance would have fallen apart long ago.

Atlan and Ronald Tekener decide that in the interest of humanity, they must turn Kroiterfahrn in to Hotrenor-Taak. The Larens will have to kill him and that will put them in a difficult position with the rest of the Council. They assign Schultz to this mission. The USO agent is appalled by their decision, which he thinks is cold-blood murder, but he has no choice. He hosts Tako Kakuta, who will help him get away when Leticron finds the Greiko.

Shultz and Kroiterfahrn leave the Dark Cloud and land on a planet where Leticron quickly finds them. The First Hetran comes in person and eventually corners the two men. Schultz tries to hide Kroiterfahrn's location as long as he can but he is no match against Leticron's psychic skills. The First Hetran finds the Greiko and only then, he realizes that he has fallen in a trap laid out by the Terrans. Unaware of the plot, Shultz escapes thanks to Kakuta.

Back in the Dark Cloud, Atlan tells Schultz that he couldn't tell him about the plan earlier or Leticron would have read it in his mind. Kroiterfahrn actually died days ago during his stay in the Dark Cloud, but in order for his death to be useful to them, they needed to persuade the Larens that he had been murdered by Leticron, so that their situation would become precarious within the Council. Leticron had to pretend he killed the Greiko himself or he would risk to be removed from his position as First Hetran.

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698 - Meuterei auf der MEBRECCO
Mutiny on the Mebrecco
H.G. Francis

Danzien Germell, commander of the cargo-ship Mebbrecco, thinks that the Earth is doomed. He decides to mutiny against Rhodan and find a planet with a brighter future than the Earth. He manages to convince most of the crew and they take off from the Earth. During their flight, an unknown object breaks through the hull of their ship. Shortly thereafter, a crewmember is found dead.

The object is actually a harmless creature which unsuspectedly kills humans when it touches them. As the Mebrecco moves away from the Maelstrom of stars, it is finally able to locate the Milky Way. However, their home galaxy is much too far to be reached by conventional linear drives.

The creature contacts the crew and offers to lead them toward the paradise they are looking for. Before they can answer, the creature takes control of the positronics and directs them toward an isolated planet. Very similar to the Earth, the planet seems to offer everything the humans were looking for. They settle down and start colonizing the planet, but some of them soon suffer from a disease which turns out to be lethal.

Germell has no other choice than dismantling the colony, but the few people left start acting madly. Before Germell can do anything, the whole colony is decimated and he is the only survivor. He takes off on a shuttle and heads for the Earth. The creature follows him and explains to him that he has offered them exactly what they were asking for : the paradise. And he intends to do the same with his compatriots. As soon as he is within range of the Earth, Germell transmits his findings about the position of the Milky Way and then commits suicide, destroying the creature.

Cedric Beust

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699 - Terra unter fremder Sonne
Terra under a Strange Sun
Kurt Mahr

Zeus reiterates his proposal to Rhodan : in exchange of three fertile Ploohns, which he will use to breed and create a new power to counter-balance Jaymadahr Conzentryn, he will help the Terrans to stabilize the Earth around his sun, Medallion.

On the Earth, the scientists determine that the radiations emitted by the artificial suns are not exactly similar to those of Sol, and mutations are beginning to appear. Since the Ploohn queen seems to be willing to cancel the peace treaty signed with the Terrans, Rhodan decides to accept Zeus' offer.

A commando manages to capture three Ploohns and to bring them back to Zeus. Then, the operation begins : using devices hidden in the depths of Goshmo-Castle, Zeus starts tractoring the Moon and the Earth toward Medallion. Suddenly, a series of explosions shakes Goshmo-Castle and all the installations are destroyed. It turns out that the three Ploohns had been conditioned by the queen to destroy Zeus as soon as a breeding would be attempted.

As a result, Zeus has disappeared in a burst of six-dimension explosions and the Earth and the Moon are now headed toward Medallion without any tractor beam to hold them back. As the situation is getting helpless, Jaymadahr Conzentryn appears in her flagship and offers her help as a tribute to the Terrans, who helped her to get rid of her rival, although unsuspectingly so.

The Terrans accept and the orbits of the Earth and the Moon are soon stabilized at two hundred million kilometers around Medallion. Although the humanity seems to be at last safe for the time being, Perry Rhodan cannot hide his concern to Bully : for the first time in human history, the Terrans would have perished without the assistance of an external race...

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