50 - Der Einsame der Zeit
Time's Lonely One
K.H. Scheer

The Arkonide Atlan wakes up after a long period of hibernation in his submarine dome situated close to the Azores trench. He had gone there during the catastrophe of 1971 when the Terrans were preparing to unleash the atomic war. He believes he is now the last surviving individual on the planet. Atlan is wakened up by Rico, a robot that appears humanoid. He is cut of from all contact with the surface, his satellite Tek-1 having been shot down two days after the beginning of his hibernation. The Positronic brain of the fortress detects radioactivity in the direction of the Azores trench, which seems to confirm Atlan's fears.

Five days later, Atlan leaves his fortress, equipped with a protection suit. He remembers hearing before his hibernation about the test pilot Perry Rhodan and his departure for the Moon. He thought that the story of Rhodan’s meeting with extraterrestrials was a hoax but was intrigued all the same by a photo showing what appeared to be a strong energy screen. Atlan is detected by an atomic submarine and captured as part of an undersea hunt. He is touched by a paralyzing torpedo.

Atlan wakes up and learns that he is aboard a tour submarine, which contradicts his hypothesis on the nuclear war. He has been mistaken for a fish of the depths. With the help of his psycho-radiator, he takes controls of the crew. He learns what happened since 1971, and in particular the foundation of the Solar Empire in 1990 over which Perry Rhodan rules as the Administrator. He decides to go to a library to get more information. He takes the identity papers of one of the passengers of the submarine, Phil Holding, and leaves the submarine. After having hidden his protection suit in a creek, he stops a car which brings him to Lisbon. He settles in at the Escorial Hotel where his cellular wavelength is then registered.

Atlan learns during his daily visits to the library that Mars, Venus and some of the moons of Jupiter have been colonized. He ends up feeling the presence of telepaths. He realizes that the submarine has been found. He seizes a boat in order to recover his protection suit. He returns to his fortress which he buries under tons of mud as a precaution.

Atlan decides to go to Terrania in order to have access to a spacecraft that can bring him back to Arkon. He fabricates a false identity for himself. He becomes a scientist, Skörld Gonardson, and applies for a position in Terrania. On 24 April 2040, he travels to Terrania aboard the ZACHO, the flight lasting a half-hour. Lieutenant Tombe Gmuna informs him that he will be in charge of Control Station S-18. Atlan is impressed by the takeoff of an "Imperial" class battleship, the SUPERNOVA II. He is introduced to Peter Kosnow, the Chief of the Solar Defense.

Atlan uses his psycho-radiator to escape an x-ray which would reveal his absence of ribs. His work includes the testing of Panther class Corvettes. He wants to escape with one of them. Rhodan arrives to carry out a test flight himself. When Atlan sees that suspicions against him are materializing, he uses his deflector, becomes invisible and, utilizing a helicopter, reaches some workshops three kilometers from there. He then comes back on foot, having erased his tracks. He hears Rhodan ask Kosnow to send out a call requesting Atlan to give up and make contact with him. Atlan enters the corvette before Rhodan takes off.

Atlan’s original plan was to emerge from his hiding place after the first transition jump but instead he faints from the shock of the three long-distance hyperjumps. When he finally does leave his hiding place, he finds himself facing Rhodan who detected his presence with his weak telepathic faculties. He and Rhodan fight and the corvette ends up flying out of control. It crashes on a desert planet called “Hellgate”. Perry Rhodan frees Atlan from the debris after the crash and the two men head toward a base two kilometers away.

Atlan and Rhodan face off against each other, using words as much as weapons. Rhodan tries to persuade Atlan that Arkon is now under the control of a robot. He learns that Rhodan had a son with Thora. They begin to endure the torturous heat. After a dozen hours, difficulties due to the extreme heat and the shortage of water increase. Atlan sings a song containing imbecilic text speaking about water and almost drives Rhodan out of his mind. Atlan shoots and believes for one moment to have killed Rhodan. After another eight hours and at the limits of their endurance, Atlan and Rhodan head toward the site of the base. Together, they succeed in opening the door to it.

A robot wakes up Atlan and Rhodan while pouring water over them. A Terran cruiser lands, disembarking several men. Atlan is now a prisoner of the Terrans. He then makes allusion to the Thirty Years War, causing Rhodan to go pale. Who is Atlan and how old is he?

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51 - Jagd nach dem Leben
Life Hunt
Kurt Brand

May 2040. While a light cruiser brings Atlan back to Earth, Perry Rhodan remains on Hellgate to consult the memory banks of the positronic brain there. He looks for information on the Terran agents infiltrated onto the planet Tolimon in May 2039. Thora and Khrest have begun to age and he is especially interested by rumors of beings who have successfully challenged old age and are supposedly living on this planet, where a gigantic zoo exists under the control of the Aras.

The agents infiltrated on Tolimon are two mutants: John Marshall and Laury Marten. Marshall has taken the identity of a Springer, Ixt, owner of an animal shop, and Laury the identity of Silm Arga, an Arkonide student. An Ara, Huxul, comes to buy some birds from Marshall, but Marshall reads in his thoughts that he wants in fact to bring back the cage the following day, equipped with a device that will make a recording of his brain waves. The Aras have found inaccuracies in their file on Ixt. Marshall is in the process of going to see the Springer ship captain, Rohun, who works for him. Thus, when Huxul presents himself, Marshall takes him under control with his psycho-radiator and forces him to leave.

Meanwhile, Arga Silm is sent by the Galactic Physician Gaige Moge to look for binns, weakly intelligent beings, at the zoo.

While arriving at the zoo, Laury Marten takes under her charm the Ara, Lo Pirr, and they head together toward the place where the binns are located. There, they meet another Ara, Man Regg, who is in charge of the production of the long life serum. Drawing in her thoughts, Laury impresses him while showing the same areas of interest as him. She gets assigned to his team, in the X-p station.

John Marshall reaches a secret apartment that he occupies in the poorer districts of the city and sends a message by hypercom.

While presenting herself to Man Regg in the X-p station, Laury Marten fails to betray herself while making allusion to secret experiences. She is then interrogated by several Aras but she manages it well and is assigned to the "Geomorphism" section.

John Marshall follows Otznam, a Springer in the service of Rohun who must pass himself off as Ixt during the forthcoming visit of the Ara Huxul. Huxul brings back a cage with the birds bought the day before and carries out the recording of the mental prints of the “false” Ixt. Marshall manipulates him with a psycho-radiator so that he takes in fact his own recordings and provides a tampered (falsified) report where all appears OK. The mutant then wants to see Rohun but the Springer’s vessel has already taken off. Laury warns Marshall mentally that Man Regg is beginning to have some suspicions. Marshall then meets Egmon, one of Rohun’s men, who informs him that the Springer captain left because the Aras appear more and more suspicious of him.

Ixt/Marshall buys some rare animals in order to bait the Aras who are always in search of new species. The animals are purchased by Kolex, an old Ara who feels friendship for Ixt although he reveals to him that the security services are interested in him. Marshall meets Tullin and Egmon in a house of pleasures. They stole a report proving that Marshall is not the real Ixt. The mutant and Springers escape the security services that subsequently invade the house.

In the zoo, Laury Marten discovers a Terran farm of Nordic type. Then she discovers a zone recalling Mexico. There, she meets Rodrigo of Berceo, an Earthman abducted from Mexico back in the seventeenth century.

John Marshall informs Kolex, he wants to enter into communication with physicians working on the survival serum.

In the zoo, Laury meets several other Earthman who have been present there for many centuries. She falls in love with Rodrigo. Surprised by a Frogh, one of the guardian creatures of the zoo, she coaxes it while providing it the stimulating pills that drive it into a state of drunkenness (intoxication).

John Marshall calls Rohun so that he brings back his ship.

In the zoo, Rodrigo informs Laury that the Aras want to come to look for him the next day. In the station, Laury betrays herself to the Ara Azza while speaking of a migraine, an unknown illness of the Arkonides and their descendants. She succeeds, however, in ridding herself of him while informing Man Regg by intercom that Azza ransacked her office.

Laury Marten finally finds a vile of the sought-after serum. She must run away from robots after having taken the director of the zoo as hostage. She goes looking for Rodrigo who she finds and frees. She is rejoined soon by Marshall aboard her corvette. They are attacked and the vessel is destroyed. They flee on foot. Marshall activates his hypercom mentally thanks to an psi-amplifier and alerts Rohun who comes to look for them with a shuttle craft. The three Terrans leave it one kilometer from the spaceport, steal a glider and regain the city. Marshall wants to reach his store but the district swarms with Aras. He triggers an incendiary bomb to erase all traces in his store.

He reaches his apartment in the poor district and alerts Rhodan who announces he is coming himself.

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52 - Der falsche Inspekteur
The Pseudo One
Clark Darlton

During the absence of Perry Rhodan, the colonists of Venus proclaimed their independence. Pucky intervenes and solves everything himself resulting in an amicable outcome. At the time of a banquet, he is called by Betty Toufry, responsible for the Mutant Corps in the absence of John Marshall. Rhodan has just called, asking for equipment and the mousebeaver.

Pucky arrives on Hellgate with a luxury yacht, the Koos-Nor. Rhodan takes the identity of an Arkonide inspector, Tristol. Pucky is to be his companion animal and a servant of weak intelligence - to the great dismay of the mousebeaver. The Koos-Nor arrives in the Revnur system (the planet Toloman) and announces its arrival.

Rhodan gets settled in a hotel. He captures the thoughts of men anxious to capture Pucky. Completely unknown to the Aras, he stirs their lust. Rhodan is invited to an official reception which he attends, leaving Pucky alone. When the captors arrive, the mousebeaver lets himself be captured. He is questioned by several Aras and awakens their interest even more when he states that he and his master have lived for at least one thousand years. He is then imprisoned in a cell but teleports himself out in order to find Rhodan again, who has since returned to the hotel.

The following day, Pucky goes for a walk in the city. He notices Froghs while searching for the three Terran fugitives. He follows them after having warned Rhodan. The mousebeaver is confronted by one of the Froghs in the old hiding place of Marshall in the low rent district. After he rids himself of the Frogh, he establishes telepathic contact with the mutant John Marshall. He, Laury Marten and Rodrigo of Berceo are in the company of Springers working for them.

Rhodan learns that the Aras, who have become increasingly suspicious, asked for information from Arkon on Tristol. In addition, a real inspector, Glogol, announces his arrival and affirms that Tristol is an impostor. Perry Rhodan and Pucky rejoin the three Terrans and thanks to a remote control system recovers the Koos-Nor. The yacht flees into space.

*Note - "The Pseudo One" is the Ace Book Title. Litteral translation is "The False Inspector".

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53 - Die Verdammten von Isan
Unknown Sector: Milky Way
Kurt Mahr

After having left Tolimon, Perry Rhodan’s yacht (space jet) makes some hypertransitions toward the heart of the galaxy in order to escape its pursuers. He decides to remain four weeks in a binary system to let the search for them die down. He lands on the planet Isan.

Eight years after a nuclear war that ravaged the entire surface of the planet Isan, the survivors try to organize themselves inside bunkers. Inside of the Fenomat bunker lives ten thousand people who begin to have some problems obtaining food. Ivsera, who is in charge of provisions, is informed by a member of the Fenomatian council, Killarog, that confrontations are taking place outside.

A group led by Ivsera goes to the surface. Their goal is the Sallon bunker. They enter the lock of this bunker but are then attacked and captured. During this time, the Sallonians seize the Fenomat bunker. Ivsera notices that the inhabitants of the Sallon bunker are clothed better and are in a better general state of health than those of the Fenomat bunker. She is brought before Belal, a young fat man who is the chief of the Sallon bunker. Ivsera attempts in vain to kill him. An unknown person intervenes then and the followers of Belal are unable to do anything in spite of their chief's orders. The unknown man, who is none other than Perry Rhodan, takes Ivsera with him. They go to see a Sallonian, Captain Feriar, who rallies to them.

When the alarm is triggered, Perry, Feriar and Ivsera leave the bunker. Perry uses an energy weapon to dig a gallery before rejoining an existing tunnel permitting them to reach the Fenomat bunker. This bunker is retaken quickly thanks to Perry's weapons, and he is also rejoined by John Marshall. Marshall learns telepathically that Havan, a member of the Fenomatian council, is a traitor who has plotted with the Sallonians for years. Rhodan wants to now recover Belal and Havan and to put an end to the conflict. John Marshall searches the entire Sallon bunker and discovers a power plant nourishing some secret sectors.

At the time of an exit, Pucky is wounded by a rifle projectile. He is able to reach the yacht.

From his side, Belal decides to seize the unknown vessel which is protected by an invisible barrier. He, Havan and some men approach it. They open fire after Rhodan has dropped the shield and is entering the yacht. Rodrigo of Berceo, unaware of the danger, wants to help him but he is killed. Belal and his men run away. However, their rocket impacts destroy the propulsion system of the vessel, as well as the shield.

The yacht is abandoned and Rhodan sends a hypercom message toward the Earth.

Feriar receives a message intended for Rhodan that warns of a new attack by Belal on the same yacht during the coming evening. He and the Isanian, Ther, leave the research laboratory to search for Marshall and end up finding Rhodan. Rhodan understands that the message comes in fact from Havan. Rhodan and Marshall regain the yacht and when Belal attacks, he and his men are decimated by the psycho-radiator.

Havan takes the Fenomat bunker. He also takes several important prisoners, among them Ivsera and Laury Marten. Laury uses her para-psychic abilities to destroy a part of the wall of Havan’s office while Ivsera diverts the attention of Havan. During the resulting confusion, Laury and Ivsera capture Havan who is now finally defeated.

The DRUSUS, the newest vessel of the Earth, then arrives with twenty million tons of food. Its commander informs Rhodan about the unusual activity of the Arkonides. One supposes that the Regent suspects Rhodan to be active again.

*Note - "Unkown Sector: Milky Way" is the Ace Books Title. Litteral translation of German title is "The Damned Of Isan".

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54 - Der Zweikampf
Again: Atlan!
K.H. Scheer

Since his return to the Earth, Atlan is constantly interrogated. On June 16, 2040, he is at his 22nd cross-examination.

Atlan is lodged in a small house in the administrative district of Terrania. A detachment led by Lieutenant Tombe Gmuna brings him to the HQ of the Solar Defense where he is presented to Allan D. Mercant who is in the company of Piotr Kosnow. The Solar Defense has uncovered Atlan’s previous identity from the twentieth century and now assumes that he has been on the Earth for a long time. The discussion at this meeting is about Atlan’s cellular activator, the function of which is unknown to the Terrans at this time. Atlan satisfies Mercant for the time being by telling him that the device is indespensible to his well-being - it is a matter of life or death.

Ever since May 12, Atlan lectures at the Space Academy in Terrania. He meets Marlis Gentner there, a descendent of Venus colonists who is proud of her forefathers. She is part of those who considers that the Earth doesn't treat the Venusians as equals. She expresses to Atlan her indignation regarding his captivity. On June 13, Atlan tells her where a part of his equipment is hidden.

Atlan gives a lecture on the colonial politics of Arkon and the psychology of various cosmic races. Marlis Gentner secretly gives him a deflector. They set up a future appointment on Venus. On the terrace of the Space Academy, Atlan takes advantage of the crowd of students who have come to ask him for autographs to escape from Gmuna. Atlan uses the transportation strips that are distributed throughout the capital to reach the central station.

Atlan’s train is fully searched in the Gobi Desert, but he still manages to get aboard a tender that brings him to Calcutta. He borrows a freighter to Tel Aviv. From there a small machine brings him to Tripoli where he seizes the private plane of a Lebanese official. In Casablanca, he takes control of a helicopter of the coastal police. He ends up recovering his diving suit in an underground cave close to Tangiers and then returns to his secret submarine fortress. The positronic brain of the fortress prepares him a mi-organic carcass to simulate a human skeleton.

Atlan takes an emigrant's place, Hinrich Volkmar, who has been put into hibernation in the submarine fortress. At Nevada Space Harbor, he is submitted to an x-ray that reveals a human skeleton. He embarks then on the GLORIA for Venus in the company of two hundred fifty other emigrants.

The emigrants are disembarked at the spaceport of Port-Venus. They are informed of the dangers of the planet. Atlan writes a letter to Marlis Gentner who provides him a contact, her half-brother Gunter Viesspahn. He meets him at the Terran museum. As he is the stepbrother of Marlis, Atlan understands that the Solar Defense probably has him under surveillance and will, therefore, soon be able to track him down again. Viesspahn proposes to Atlan that they meet again at his farm. After their separation, Atlan uses his deflector and locates agents of the Solar Defense. He wants to now see Marlis who lives in her aunt's armory (weapons shop).

Atlan visits Marlis Gentner in order to procure himself a heavy energy weapon. He leaves again to meet Gunter Viesspahn at the fixed appointment time. Invisible, he sees Pucky materialize, followed by Rhodan. Rhodan gives orders that nobody stops Viesspahn in order to be able to capture Atlan. Then he leaves in a jetcopter but suddenly returns and attacks and destroys Viesspahn’s unoccupied helicopter which he believes may hold the invisible Atlan. Atlan survives the attack but remains undetected in the area. Rhodan promises to deliver a new helicopter for Gunter Viesspahn. When the the new helicopter arrives, Viesspahn leaves with it but not before Atlan hides himself aboard.

Atlan secretly remains for three days at the farm of Viesspahn. Gunter Viesspahn repulses two sprinter dragon-lizards with the energy cannon of a watch tower. Pucky and the seer Wuriu Sengu suddenly materialize behind Viesspahn. Wuriu Sengu is able to see through the deflector field of the Arkonide and attempts to fire on Atlan. The Arkonide paralyzes them both. He recovers his things and seizes a launch. After having discarded the launch in Marshall Falls, he takes an individual flight device and leaves for Port-Venus. He wants to hide in the Terran museum.

Atlan spends twenty-four hours in the museum where many objects appear to him false or, at the very least, bad reconstructions. Perry Rhodan appears, also equipped with a deflector, and the two men fight with the medieval weapons in the museum. With his vast experience, Atlan defeats and wounds Rhodan. Thereupon, Atlan reveals that he is ten thousand years old and that he supervised the construction of the Venus base. Rhodan asks for his help to defeat the Robot Regent. When Pucky appears, the two men are quickly becoming close friends. Some medical robots arrive soon, accompanied of Piotr Kosnow and Tombe Gmuna.

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55 - Der Schatten des Overhead
Shadow Of The Mutant Master
Kurt Brand

The light cuiser LOTUS has been waiting for fourteen days close to the sun Hesperais. It waits for news from Ralph Sikeron, a member of the Mutant Corps, who is on a mission on the planet Volat. On July 12, 2040, it receives the message "The bell sounded three times" then all contact is cut. This sentence means that the Earth is threatened and the LOTUS immediately leaves for the Earth to inform Rhodan of it. There, the Administrator asks the LOTUS commander, Captain Jim Markus, to bring the mutant Fellmer Lloyd to Volat.

A gazelle with Fellmer Lloyd on it leaves the LOTUS to land on the planet Volat, not far from Sikeron’s gazelle, hidden under an energy bell. Lloyd takes an aero-train to reach Kuklôn, the planetary capital. He is suspected by the Springers but he presents himself as a Prebonian. He reaches the building where Sikeron worked and that belongs to the clan of the Uxlads. Others are interested in Getlox Asargud, the identity that Sikeron had taken. Lloyd is accosted by Kuri Onoré, whose clan had been ruined eight years earlier by the Uxlads. She knew Asargud who told her he had discovered something terrifying. After some investigating, Lloyd determines that he should go see the “Omniscient Mother”, the queen or great priestess of the indigenous Volatians.

While searching in the business of Sikeron, Lloyd finds the name Monterny written down on a diary. Stafford Monterny, a Super Mutant known as the Mutant Master, has been dead since 1981. He also finds mention of the KLO-XXII vessel there. The Springers break into the office but Lloyd uses his psycho-radiator to rid himself of them. He then leaves the Uxlad residence with Kuri Onoré. They inquire about the KLO-XXII which made a stopover on Volat one week earlier. He learns, by way of a rumor, that there may have been a murder but there is no corpse to be found.

Lloyd goes to the forest and gets an audience with the “Omniscient Mother”. She tells him that she had conversed with Sikeron who informed her at that time that he had discovered in Kuklôn two men possessing strange faculties. Back in the capital, Lloyd is confronted again by the Springers, of which one of them, Jidif, kills himself. The mutant learns from the Springer’s thoughts that they obey a chief without a face, the same as had been the case previously with the victims of the Mutant Master. Lloyd and Kuri flee into the poor district of the city. Lloyd now knows that he deals with a hypno and a telepath. They flee into the virgin forest, to the plateau where the city of the Volatians stands. When a mental attack hits Lloyd, Kuri follows his instructions and paralyzes him, thereby neutralizing him (as well has his hypnotic powers) but at the same time saving them both from further harm.

After have been welcomed by the Volatians, Lloyd leaves for Kuklôn with a team that he recruited. He ends up localizing a mutant of the Mutant Corps, Gregor Tropnow. He is one of the former followers of the Mutant Master. His accomplice is Nomo Yatuhin, also an old member of the Mutant Corps. Both were refused the cell shower on Wanderer because of their character and their mentality. In order to take vengeance, they concluded an alliance with the Springers, promising them the coordinates of the Earth. Their goal is to force Rhodan to bring them to Wanderer.

Zinxt, a Springer who works for Lloyd, witnessed Tirr Uxlad bringing the coordinates of the Earth to the P brain of the cargo ship RE-IX. After several confrontations, Lloyd succeeds in entering the ship and destroying the P brain. Attacked by the Springers, he is nearly paralyzed by a weapon but he succeeds in regaining his Gazelle and warning the LOTUS. He is then sheltered by the Volatians.

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56 - Die Toten leben
The Dead Live
Clark Darlton

While Perry Rhodan, Reginald Bell and Pucky are meeting to discuss the problem of the dissident group, “the Anti-Social Free Settlers”, the Administrator is warned about the arrival of the LOTUS. Jim Markus gives his report on events on Volat and Rhodan decides to act at once. The LOTUS leaves with Rhodan, Pucky and Andre Noir. While en route, they are informed that the mutant Gregor Tropnow had returned to the Earth in March in order to carry away Thora.

Once in the Hesparais system, a gazelle is ejected but it is destroyed before landing on Volat. The passengers, Rhodan, Noir and Pucky, are tracked by the Katanians, felines under hypnotic control and utilized by the Springers. The Volatians intervene and with the exception of one, all the Katanians are killed. The survivor is freed from the hypnosis and, baptized “Kittikat”, it becomes Pucky's friend. The Volatians bring the shipwrecked victims into their city where they recover Fellmer Lloyd.

Disguised, Pucky goes to the central trading post of the city of Kuklon. He is intercepted by a Springer and is brought before Gregor Tropnow, but Tropnow doesn't recognize him and he lets him slip away. The Springer who had stopped Pucky attempts to strangle him but the mousebeaver teleports into the village of the Volatians. He reveals Thora’s location.

Rhodan, Noir and Pucky go to the palace of the arkonide administrator, Mansrin. Rhodan calls the Regent, passing himself off as Mansrin. He declares that a rebellion is in progress and that he needs an arkonide battle squadron. Shortly afterwards, the real arkonide administrator realizes that something isn’t right with the hypercom reception station but the radio has disappeared. It has been hidden by Pucky.

Rhodan and his men search the trading post looking for Thora. The Solar Administrator presents himself directly to Tropnow who refuses to tell him where she is. This is, however, only a formality since, meanwhile, Pucky is successful in rescuing her. The men of Tropnow intervene then in strength.

While he is being correctly informed of what happened utilizing the radio which was just discovered, Mansrin learns that a gunfight is taking place at the central trading post. It is at this moment that the arkonide commander, Arona, announces the arrival of the seventh squadron of Arkon.

Lloyd kills Tropnow to save Rhodan. Pucky teleports Nomo Yatuhin to the summit of a rocky needle but the mutant prefers to commit suicide by throwing himself into the abyss.

In the confusion of the central trading post where Rhodan faces the Springers and the disembarked arkonide troops, the Mounder Talamon recognizes Rhodan just before Pucky teleports Rhodan to safety. Stunned, Talomon informs the Regent about what he has seen. The Regent verifies the message that has been sent to him and confirms that Talamon was right about Perry Rhodan who was supposed to have died fifty-six years earlier.

Rhodan and his friends recover their gazelle and return to the Volatian village. There, Rhodan is informed by the LOTUS that the Regent emits a hypercom message non-stop, asking to enter into contact with him. Later, on the Earth, Doctor Gertz determines that the Regent has some problems and that he needs the help of the Earth.

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57 - Der Attentäter
Solar Assassins
Kurt Mahr

Horace O. Mullon is the chief of the "True Democrats" (also known as "the Anti-Social Free Settlers"), a small political group which regards Perry Rhodan as a dictator. He travels to Terrania where he makes the acquaintance of Fraudy Nicholson, a student in exobiology. At the hotel where he is staying, he is paralyzed by an intruder in his room, but when he awakens the next day, he finds that, while his personal belongings have been ransacked, nothing has been stolen. He meets again with Fraudy who recognizes the bluish tint of his cornea indicating that he has been given a drug, céphéidine. They both visit the city and Mullon expresses his wish to see Rhodan in person. He learns that Rhodan sometimes attends public discussions in the assembly.

While they sail in the evening on Goshun Lake, some unknowns attackers capture them after having attacked them with darts smeared with céphéidine. Their captor is Walter S. Hollander, chief of the "Nature Philosophers", another small political group. Hollander and Mullon end up becoming allies in their common objective, to kill Rhodan, but Mullon mistrusts his new ally who looks to take power for his own profit.

When Rhodan arrives at the public assembly, Mullon, Fraudy and Feable, another member of the "Nature Philosophers", are present. The two men create an explosion. However, Rhodan was in fact an android. The conspirators run away. Fraudy misleads them and they are soon captured by the Terran security forces.

Upon awakening, Mullon is brought to Rhodan who tells him that he has been under surveillance since his arrival in Terrania. Mullon learns that Fraudy works for the security services. The twenty thousand "True Democrats" and five thousand "Nature Philosophers" have been stopped. At the time of the judgment, most conspirators are freed on the basis of no grounds for prosecution but eight thousand are condemned to exile. They will be deported to the virgin world, Rigel III.

The ADVENTUROUS departs for Rigel III with the deportees. Fraudy falls in love with Mullon and joins him. They are married by a registrar. The groups of Hollander and Mullon don't mix themselves. Hollander has Fraudy, who he considers as a secret agent in the pay of Rhodan, kidnaped. Mullon and some of his men free her. Hollander makes the commander of the ADVENTUROUS, Flagellan, believe that Mullon is planning a mutiny. Mullon is incarcerated and in fact it is the "Nature Philosophers" who seize the spaceship. During the ongoing fighting, a phase transformer is damaged. While the two group face off against each other, Hollander triggers a transition in spite of the danger, because a patrol cruiser is approaching.

The ADVENTUROUS materializes in an unknown region of the space. The "True Democrats" manage to take over the ship and Hollander is wounded severely. The spaceship succeeds in landing on a planet. By then it is only useless wreckage. The only device left on the ship that is still operational is a helicopter. The hypercom has been destroyed after Mullon succeeded in sending a message. The planet is named Grautier because the animals living there are a mixture of elephants and giraffes. They also construct a village, Greenwich.

The message sent by Mullon has been received by a patrol cruiser. Perry Rhodan decides not to intervene and will, for the time being, only observe the evolution of the settlers in the their new home.

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58 - Attacke aus dem Unsichtbaren
Attack From The Unseen
Clark Darlton

Perry Rhodan recalls to Earth all mutants presently on missions elsewhere in the Milky Way. Now that the Regent knows that Perry Rhodan didn't die, the situation is serious. The Solar Administrator proposes to meet with a representative of the Robot Regent utilizing the Mirsal System as a rendezvous point. At the request of Rhodan, the DRUSUS, the new flagship of the Solar Imperium, meets the Arkonide cruiser ARK-KOOR commanded by the Mounder Talamon. A relay station permits the Regent to converse with Rhodan. The Regent informs Rhodan about a threat that depopulates whole planets, humans and animals. The alert is suddenly given: invisible ships of unknown origin are located in the Mirsal System, that correspond to the apparitions already spotted at the time of previous attacks.

The guppy K-13 with Rhodan aboard leaves for a reconnaissance mission on Mirsal III but he finds no trace of inhabitants. The guppy K-7, commanded by Lieutenant Roux, detects objects that immediately disappear. Roux lands, and to his surprise, he witnesses his men and robots becoming transparent and disappearing. Roux returns to the K-13. The mutants also discern some fleeting contacts. Fellmer Lloyd begins to fade away but teleporters save him. The robots, and then the guppy K-7, disappear.

The ARK-KOOR detects a primitive rocket in space, that is soon a victim of the mysterious phenomenon. Contrary to what the Arkonide Astronomical index indicates, Mirsal II seems to possess a civilization. When the men of the ARK-KOOR begin to disappear, the cruiser finds itself on the edge of disaster and is forced to make a short transition to escape the unseen threat..

Perry Rhodan decides to go see what is happening on Mirsal II.

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59 - Rückkehr aus dem Nichts
Return From The Void
Kurt Mahr

Three Terrans - Fellmer Lloyd, Marcel Roux and the exopsychologist Rosita Perez - investigate the planet Mirsal II where several sections of the population has disappeared. They borrow a bus that takes them toward the city of Fillinan but while en route all the passengers disappear. Alone the Terrans are not affected. They enter the city of three million inhabitants, subjugating its sentries with their psycho-radiators.

The phenomenon of disappearance occurs again. It appears in the shape of an invisible curtain moving through the air. The Terrans determine that they can protect the natives while surrounding them with a protective field. They also collect a piece of plastic that has already passed through this curtain. They are stopped by the police but, this one having discovered their identity, cooperates with them.

After having carried out a carbon analysis on the piece of plastic, it is now certain that the phenomenon corresponds with the interference with another space-time continuum. The analysis of the plastic piece proves that time passes by 72,000 times more slowly in the other continuum. Randomly, the Terrans discover a way to reach into this continuum while tinkering with an energy field generator. This generator forms a ring, a lens. Marcel Roux passes through it in order to search for Rosita Perez, who has disappeared meanwhile.

He finds himself in an absolutely frozen world where the inhabitants of Mirsal appear as statues on a plain surrounded by a circular impenetrable shadow wall. Roux recovers Rosita, then he crosses the ring or lens in the opposite direction where Perez recovers her normal temporal rhythm.

With the disappearances increasing, the DRUSUS and the ARK-KOOR undertake to evacuate as much of the population of Mirsal II as possible. The DRUSUS reaches Arkon III where Rhodan then converses with the Regent. The positronic brain, which does not understand the problem of the different time rates in the two universes, is dependent on the assistance of Perry Rhodan and his Terrans. Rhodan is given command of 75% of all Arkonides battle squadrons and the saved inhabitants of Mirsal II are allowed to remain on Arkon I. Rhodan also obtains unlimited use of Arkon III and others Arkonide bases.

Michael P. Mahoney 2007-09-23

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60 - Festung Atlantis
Fortress Atlantis
K.H. Scheer

In October 2040, Captain Hubert Gorlat of the security services comes to look for Atlan in his apartment. He is brought aboard the DRUSUS, the flagship of the Solar Imperium. Facing Rhodan, Atlan explains that he wants to return to Arkon but the Administrator provides him with proof of the decadence of the Arkonides and Atlan must surrender to the evidence. Perry Rhodan informs him about what happened in the Mirsal System with the disappearance of the entire population and the ghost squadron that had pursued them. Atlan receives a shock because he already has had experience in the past with this type of phenomenon. He then begins to relate what took place ten thousand years earlier:

At this time, the Arkonides lead a fierce war against the Methane Breathers, beings inhabiting planets with atmospheres of ammonia and methane. In the system of Larsaf, a small yellow sun, the Arkonides have founded a colony on the second planet, Larsa (present day Venus). A colonist sends a distress message to the wise men of the Arkonide Great Council, complaining about the methods of the governor Amonar. Atlan, who has the rank of squadron admiral, is sent to restore order. Amonar is stopped and is sent back to Arkon. Atlan also sends a message and waits for his recall, little interested by this distant system.

A delegation of colonists comes to see Atlan. Among the inhabitants of Larsa are five thousand Zakrebians brought there by mistake and with whom the climate of Larsa doesn't agree. They ask to be brought to the third planet (present day Earth). Atlan leaves to take a closer look at this planet and finds the ideal place, a vast island between two continents (the lost continent of Atlantis). He obtains permission from the Great Council of Arkon to evacuate the colonists. After having left Captain Feltif there with men and the material, Atlan leaves the Larsaf System to support Admiral Sakal against the Methane Breathers.

Two years later, in the chaos without name generated by the intense battles against the Methane Breathers, Atlan succeeds in getting ten light cruisers on the base Alaget III. He receives a message from his uncle, the Imperator, who sends him back to the Larsaf System which Atlan had already forgotten about; the planet Larsa undergoes an unknown attack and a hundred thousand colonists have mysteriously disappeared.

When Atlan arrives, he learns from Feltif that the problem doesn't have anything to do with the Methane Breathers. The hostile ships seem to belong to another dimension. The inhabitants of Larsa disappeared without leaving a trace. One of Atlan's cruisers detects one of the strange ships that displaces itself half in the hyperespace, half in the normal space. The squadron hurls itself at it but without effect. The arkonide cruiser MATATO suddenly doesn't answer anymore while, meanwhile, the unknown ship disappears without causing any reaction from the structure detectors. The crew of the MATATO disappears, with the exception of one crewmember who has half of his body seemingly frozen in time. Grun, chief mathematician of Atlan’s flagship, the TOSOMA, proposes to transform ship propulsion units into cannons. Two ancient cruisers are sacrificed. Atlan requisitions cargo ships and sends back a major part of the colonists to Arkon, thereby reducing the remaining colonists to only one hundred fifty thousand.

Larsa is suddenly attacked. An extinction front resulting in a glimmering of air propagates itself across the surface of the planet, causing the disapperance of all animals and humans. For Grun, this is not the effect of a weapon but a natural phenomenon. When the mysterious curtain approaches Amonaris, the capital of Larsa, the propulsion units transformed into cannons open fire. Concentrations of energy produce themselves in space in the form of funnels and all of Atlan's squadron disappears with the exception of three ships. Atlan and the other survivors return to Larsaf III. A citadel covered by an arkonite dome is installed at the bottom of the ocean to shelter survivors in case of attack. Atlan informs the Great Council of Arkon about the situation but they are preoccupied solely by the Methane War.

Two months later, Atlan leaves for Larsa on a reconnaissance mission. He succeeds in pulling one of the foreign vessels, a long dark spindle, into the normal universe and destroys it. Atlan then receives a strange mental call. He travels alone to a mysterious object that is revealed to be a robot ship. An unknown being gives him a device that is supposed to stop ageing, a cellular activator, and plans for a dangerous weapon, the converter cannon. He also hears a thundering laughter. When Atlan returns to his men, eighteen hours have passed by on the outside. The plans of the converter cannon is sent to Arkon as well as two transports sheltering 40,000 colonists. With only 10,000 colonists remaining on Larsa III, Atlan takes care to fortify Atlantis, waiting for the decisive confrontation.

Once awakened, Atlan learns from Perry Rhodan the identity of the mysterious master of the robot vessel who has given him the cellular activator: the immortal unkown, IT. Alas, the secret of the converter cannon has long since been lost (many thousands of years ago).

Michael P. Mahoney 2007-10-19

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61 - Der Robot-Spion
Clark Darlton

While Rhodan converses with Atlan after his narration on Atlantis, an urgent call is received by Terrania. Jost Kulman, a member of the Mutant Corps involved in a mission on the planet Swoofon, sends out the signal "The bell sounded three times", synonymous with a serious danger for the Earth. The DRUSUS immediately sets out for this planet whose inhabitants, the Swoons, are specialists in micro-technology.

A Gazelle lands on the surface to recover Kulman. However, he states that he has not sent out any message. He is brought aboard the flagship along with his pet, Muzzel, a possonkal whose shape resembles a basset hound. Kulman is placed in the hands of mutants who don't find anything abnormal with him. Some unusual signals are then intercepted - they are identified as signals from a beacon and one suspects the presence of a spy aboard. The return to Earth is delayed. Pucky fraternizes with Muzzel, although he finds it strange that its thoughts always revolve around the aquatic element. When he questions the positronic brain, Atlan is paralyzed by an unknown assailant.

The DRUSUS heads toward the center of the galaxy. Several balls of 0.2 millimeters of diameter are discovered, each containing a miniaturized hypercom. A more detailed analysis of Jost Kulman reveals that a mental block is locking out a part of his memory. Even the hypno Andre Noir doesn't succeed in removing this block. Atlan suspects Muzzel but an analysis of its blood doesn't reveal anything abnormal.

Heaps of litter are discovered in ventilation ducts, composed of raw meat and carrots, all of which was dissolved by a fermentation process of non-terran origin. When he passes by the positronic archives, Rhodan discovers that they were utilized. The secret coordinates of the Earth have been read.

To trap the spy, one announces that the DRUSUS is returning to the Earth whereas, in reality, it heads toward the center of the Galaxy. The spy is finally unmasked and is killed - it was indeed Muzzel. Its body was that of a possonkal but a small capsule in its head directed its movements. Its thoughts came from the brain of an aquatic animal transplanted inside. Jost Kulman recovers his memory at the instant of Muzzel’s death.

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62 - Die blauen Zwerge
The Blue Dwarfs
Kurt Mahr

Several people fall sick in Greenwich on the planet Grautier, the body of the victims becoming covered with blue pocks. Some die. Mullon leaves on an expedition with the helicopter. He is accompanied by his wife Fraudy, Milligan and Pashen, a “Nature Philosopher” who disavowed the ambitions of the criminal Hollander. This last one (Hollander) prepares his revenge and sends three men to eliminate Mullon: Harper, Glannon and Cislarczik. These three travel on foot. Under way, Cislarczik fights with Harper who stuns him and abandons him.

Mullon and his companions establish a camp after the helicopter breaks down. Fraudy is attacked by a snake but saved by an animal which reminds them of the rhesus monkeys. These monkeys, who show a certain intelligence, are baptized rikkis. Milligan falls sick and he is saved thanks to the rikkis who prepare a mush with leaves that they chew beforehand.

Harper and Glannon arrive near the camp. Cislarczik joins them but he is killed by Harper. Mullon, attracted by a rikki, sees them and captures the two men. They leave then for Greenwich. There, the two men deny having acted on the orders of Hollander who is, therefore, not worried. They are condemned to several years of detention, the wreckage of the ADVENTUROUS serving as the jail. The patients in Greenwich are treated with the mush prepared by the rikkis.

Mullon leaves on another expedition with the same team. They establish their camp on an island in the middle of a large stream. The batteries of the helicopter are emptied. They are witnesses to the appearance of thousands of light apparitions that look like St. Elmo’s Fire. In the muzzle of a crocodile that attacked Fraudy, they discover a sort of blue rag that disappears soon. That night, new St. Elmo’s fires occur. The four Terrans faint and awaken as prisoners in a vast room filled with unknown devices. Their captors are the creatures which look like sparkling blue rags. They are baptized the Elmos or the Blues (Blue Dwarfs).

The Blue Dwarfs free them and take them into their city situated under the hill. Endowed with paranormal powers they bring them back to the helicopter where they recover the empty batteries. They are able to recharge them in the city thanks to a primitive current generator. After having destroyed the radio of the helicopter, supposedly by accident, Pashen proves to still be a faithful follower of Hollander. He shoots down Mullon with a bullet in the heart and flees with the helicopter.

Mullon is saved by the Blue Dwarfs. After more than one month, the Blue Dwarfs bring Mullon, Fraudy and Milligan close to Greenwich. Milligan enters in secret into the city and learns that Hollander has taken power. Mullon stumbles upon an unknown man named Gunter Chellish who presents himself as a former member of the “Nature Philosophers”. The Blue Dwarfs come in search for them. They cannot take all four in air. Instead they first carry away three of them, leaving only Chellish. Chellish is in fact a member of the Solar Defense assigned to supervise the exiles.

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63 - Die Mikro-Techniker
The Micro-Techs
Clark Darlton

On the DRUSUS, Jost Kulman gives his report on what happened on Swoofon. The Swoons, the most clever and talented micro-technicians of the Galaxy, have agreed to construct a structure anti-compensator, which greatly increases the risk that, sooner or later, the position of the Earth will be betrayed. Initially, Perry Rhodan thinks of just destroying the plans but Khrest proposes to seize the plans in order to construct a device to counter the effects of the structure anti-compensator.

The DRUSUS, TITAN and GENERAL POUNDER land on Swoofon (in the Swaft System) on November 10, 2040. Rhodan passes himself off as the Regent's emissary in pursuit of a dangerous Springer criminal. He orders the total blockade of the system and even gets the support of the Mounder Talamon.

Pucky, Kulman and Wuriu Sengu carry out a reconnaissance of the planet and penetrate into one of the numerous underground cities. Pucky establishes contact with the Swoon engineer Waff. The Terrans learn that the Swoons work for a Springer named Drog. When the mousebeaver meets Drog face to face, he reads in his thoughts that he is indeed the person responsible.

A pent-up Arkonide cargo ship demand’s an audience with the Regent, which immediately orders Rhodan to lift his blockade of the Swaft System.

Pucky brings the Swoons Waff and Markas to Perry Rhodan so that they can inform the two Swoons of their plans. Pucky, Markas and André Noir then rush in pursuit of Drog and succeed in making a copy of the plans of the structure anti-compensator. All details of this incident are erased from the memory of Drog. They also learn that it is the Regent who is at the origin of this operation.

Since the device needed to counter the structure anti-compensator requires Swoon manpower and expertise, Perry Rhodan decides, with their agreement, to take twenty thousand of them. The whole population of a university is transferred on board of the DRUSUS. The cruiser chases one of its own auxiliary vessels, making believe that it is occupied by the sought-after criminal. The auxiliary vessel crashes on the university, thereby erasing all traces of it and the missing Swoons.

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64 - Im Zeit-Gefängnis
Prisoner Of Time
Clark Darlton

January 2041. Perry Rhodan decides to send a team into the other universe. The location of the next interface between the two universes has been identified: the system of Morag whose main planet is Tats-Tor, the world of the Neo-Arkonides. A Gazelle under the command of lieutenant Rous lands in Akonar, the planet’s capital. Rous and Fritz Steiner go to see the Arkonide Administrator to warn him of the danger but he doesn't believe them. Biologist Ivan Ragow, who is part of the team, goes for a walk alone when he is taken by force to the palace. Some mysterious disappearances begin to occur but the Administrator suspects the Terrans of being the origin of them. Ragow escapes and reaches the Gazelle which immediately leaves for a city whose population has already disappeared. As foreseen, the analyses reveals that the inert matter has aged several millennia.

Some policemen arrive to stop them, the suburbs of Akonar itself now being touched by the temporal interface, but they also begin to disappear. The Lenticular Field Generator, which permits the opening of a window to the other universe, is activated. It generates a circle of light one meter in diameter. The six men go through it. They enter a world that seems petrified to them since the time is passing 72,000 times more slowly.

While exploring this world, the constituent light circle which is their tie with the normal world disappears. Nevertheless, they continue their exploration, leaving a man close to the site of the ring. They discover animals that look like gigantic caterpillars emitting a plunk and give them the name Druufs. They believe they have discovered the masters of this universe.

A foreign vessel is noticed then - an auxiliary vessel loaded with cameras. It has been sent from a mother vessel whose occupants worry about the presence of these strangers who place in danger their progress with the process of fusion of the two temporal planes. Making use of the advantage that procures them the temporal shift, the Terrans destroy the auxiliary vessel.

They then make an attempt to pull a caterpillar from its temporal rhythm. Ivan Ragow carries away a caterpillar and attempts to pass the speed of light of this world with the help of his arkonide battle suit. The attempt succeeds.

They then discover the auxiliary vessel (guppy) K-7, the one that had disappeared on Mirsal. They bring back the crew into their time plane with the same method that they had used for the caterpillar creature. For the crew of the K-7, hardly two minutes went by. In spite of the temporal shift, they emit a SOS from the auxiliary vessel and wait for help.

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65 - Ein Hauch Ewigkeit
A Touch Of Eternity
Clark Darlton

On January 13, 2041, ten days after the disappearance of lieutenant Rous’ team on Tats-Tor, Perry Rhodan goes to see what happened. The Gazelle is recovered without occupants and the Lenticular Field Generator is found to have been destroyed. At the time of a second journey, a new Field Generator which has been more perfected is tested but without any effect.

On July 16, Rhodan is contacted by doctor Erb, a physicist. Dr. Erb understands the reasons for the failure of the Field Generator. It was not adapted to the conditions reigning after an interference. A new model is constructed, and named the Warp-Field Generator, or WF Generator. The DRUSUS leaves for Tats-Tor and creates a large window through which penetrates the Light Cruiser SHERBOURNE , which also has a Warp-Field Generator.

The crew of the SHERBOURNE recovers Marcel Rous and his companions. Pucky confirms what they had begun to suspect - that the caterpillars are innocent and don't have anything to do with the real enemy, to whom, however, one continues to assign the name Druuf. The path back into the normal universe is cut off by the arrival of spindle-shaped spaceships which, with concentrated fire, prevent access to the ring of light generated by the Warp-Field Generator of the DRUSUS.

Pucky and Ras Tschubai teleport themselves on board of the Druuf ships but these are only occupied by robots. On the petrified world, Rhodan and his men discover to their big surprise that they are slowly adapting to the temporal rhythm of the planet. Tschubai discovers on one Druuf vessel a chart of the Earth where Atlantis is distinctly visible. Pucky is captured but he finally succeeds in escaping. At the time of a teleport jump, he temporarily meets Perry Rhodan on the Earth but the Solar Administrator ends up being immaterial. The mousebeaver is pulled brutally from this environment and arrives on the SHERBOURNE. One hypothesizes that, while crossing the surrounding energy bubble of the Druuf ship, Pucky also teleported himself through time.

The SHERBOURNE approaches the flagship of the Druufs, using the fictive transmitter against the other units. The hostile vessel sends them an emissary, a Kruukh, but this one begins to take the crew under its mental control. The Kruukh is put out of action by André Noir. The Druuf flagship disappears the instant when the SHERBOURNE uses the fictive transmitter against it.

The SHERBOURNE comes back into the normal universe where only two minutes have passed. Atlan believes that the use of the fictive transmitter brought them back into the past, counteracting the temporal shift.

Some months later, when Perry Rhodan goes for a walk in Terrania, he feels a strange presence and discovers Pucky’s prints.

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66 - Wächter der Verbannten
The Guardians
Kurt Mahr

Horatio Mullon and some companions, including Gunter Chellish, set up camp close to the hill where the non-human Blue Dwarfs live in order to make contact with them. Mullon tries to make them their allies in the fight against Hollander. Searching for Mullon and his companions, Hollander sends Pashen to the hill with some men and a rikki, a small monkey of Grautier capable of detecting hostile presences. Hollander doesn't wait long to follow, accompanied by a group of forty loyal members of the “Nature Philosophers”. Mullon and his people remain untraceable, hidden in the caves of the Blue Dwarfs. The Blue Dwarfs leave the hill and Hollander follows them, thinking that they will lead them toward Mullon. In fact Hollander and Pashen fall into a trap that Mullon set for them with the help of the Blue Dwarfs. Thanks to the paranormal faculties of the Blue Dwarfs, Hollander, Pashen and two of their men are taken prisoner in spite of the help of the rikki.

Mullon returns to Greenwich with his prisoners. Hollander’s partisans, learning of their chief's capture, abandon the control of the city. Hollander is condemned to death and then executed. The Nature Philosophers who had taken part in Hollander’s illegal takeover of the colony are condemned to two years of forced labor. Next Mullon, as president of the Council of Greenwich, calls for the establishment of diplomatic contacts with the Blue Dwarfs and the rikkis. All goes well for several weeks until the night of the 15th and 16th of January 2041 when the colony is attacked by aliens from the neighboring planet Myrtha XII. The aliens, called Whistlers (due to the sound of their strange language), bombard Greenwich and then make prisoner of all its inhabitants. Chellish, who is actually a Terran agent, makes contact with his superior, Captain Blayley, who is in a Gazelle hidden in the mountain. Captain Blayley refuses to intervene since the lives of the colonists are not yet in danger.

The aliens imprison the colonists close to their spaceship and search the city in order to confiscate all weapons. Mullon and Chellish are taken inside the spaceship where they learn that the Whistlers want to reduce them to slavery and force them to cultivate grain for the Whistler military back on Myrtha XII. They also learn that Pashen has allied himself to the aliens - it is he that provided the vocabulary allowing the Whistler translators to communicate utilizing the Terran language. The Whistlers then permit the colonists to live in semi-liberty, allowing them to return to their city. They provide them with fifteen agricultural machines and seed while giving them a precise production schedule and objective that they must meet in four months. The Whistlers subsequently leave Myrtha VII, leaving a camp of two hundred soldiers there close to Greenwich to supervise the colonists while waiting for the return of the spaceship. Pashen shows the colonists how to use the machines and makes himself the mediator with the Whistlers. Reluctantly, the colonists accept the unavoidable and begin work, while constructing some plans to pull themselves out of this bad situation.

Chellish, examining the machines placed at their disposal by the aliens, realize that they have an atomic reactor. He considers constructing a bomb with the help of material appropriated from the machines. On his end, Blayley indicates to Chellish that the Whistlers are from the planet Myrtha XII which has a very low atmospheric pressure. One evening, after the colonists have worked all day with the machines, Chellish disassembles the motor of one of them. The following day he finds an opportunity to apply pressure on Pashen by threatening that he will make the aliens believe that he has betrayed them. Thus, Chellish gets some very valuable information from Pashen concerning the Whistlers who have remained on Grautier. Of special note, he learns that the Whistlers are obliged to remain in pressurized tents and that they send a regular signal towards Myrtha XII to announce that all is going well. Mullon and Chellish formulate a plan to seize the camp of the aliens and make them prisoners.

Two days later, the colonists rise shortly before dawn and execute Mullon’s and Chellish’s plan, which by now has become quite elaborate. After having stunned a sentry, the colonists seize the weapons of the aliens that had been stocked in an arsenal tent. Due to the low air pressure issue, the aliens themselves take a certain amount of time before they can leave their pressurized tents and attack the colonists. As a result, the colonists have time to distribute the weapons among themselves and after a short battle all the aliens are taken prisoner. Taking over from the Whistlers, the colonists continue to regularly send the routine signal thereby giving themselves the whole time to construct the bomb from the agricultural machine’s atomic motor. Once constructed, the bomb is placed at the presumed landing place of the returning Whistler spaceship. Some months later, in April 2041, the bomb explodes, destroying the spaceship of the Whistlers just after its landing. Greenwich is not touched directly but the colonists prefer to construct New Greenwich at a sufficient distance, safe from the risks of radioactive fallout.

It is at this moment that Chellish chooses to announce to the colonists the presence of Captain Blayley and his Gazelle on Grautier. The presence of the Terran military on the planet is welcome news to the colonists and during a meeting between Blayley and Mullon, it is decided to establish a military base of the Solar Imperium on Grautier. At the same time Pashen is handed over to Terran justice.

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67 - Zwischenspiel auf Siliko V
Interlude On Siliko V
Kurt Brand

The candidates of the space academy in Terrania receive their graduation diplomas. Among them is Lieutenant Thomas Cardif. He does not know that he is, in fact, the son of Thora and Perry Rhodan. At the time of his birth, Khrest, as a result of an analysis by the P brain of Venus, predicted that Thomas Cardiff would be choked under the personality of his father and his mother. For this reason, he has been raised like an orphan. He is assigned to the base on Rusuf, which is under the command of Colonel Julian Tifflor. Several of his friends notice that during periods of tension, he looks a lot like Perry Rhodan.

Thora, anxious to see her son, learns that the graduation has already taken place and leaves for Rusuf. While she is on the planet, Arkonide combat robots attack and during the battle, Thora is kidnapped. All vessels rush to the space sector around Rusuf in order to search for her, soon joined by the DRUSUS as well.

John Marshall and Kitai Ishibashi investigate on the planet Rusuf itself and learn that the operation has been led under the command of a Springer named Itzre Delagin.

Thomas Cardif participates in the search, on board of a new type of Gazelle. On the planet Heet-Ris, he discovers clues indicating the presence of a strong secret Arkonide base in the 4186-4-162 System. He informs the DRUSUS that puts him in charge of going there to investigate. The Gazelle is destroyed while approaching the moon Siliko V which generates a powerful protective field. The only survivor is Thomas Cardif.

Taken inside by robots, he is suddenly confronted by his mother who, for one second, mistakes him for her husband Perry Rhodan. It is at this moment that Thomas Cardiff suddenly understands who his real parents are and immediately develops a deep hatred for his father.

The Terrans have confirmation from Delagin that Thora is on Siliko V and the DRUSUS attacks the satellite. After several battles, the fortress is reduced to silence and the Terran forces invest it. When Perry Rhodan finally recovers his son, Cardiff expresses only contempt and hatred for his father.

When Rhodan asks for an explanation about his wife’s kidnapping from the Regent, the giant robot brain states that it does not know anything about Siliko V.

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68 - Hetzjagd durch die Dimensionen
Dimension Search
Kurt Mahr

In January 2042, Perry Rhodan and Reginald Bell are worried. It is time that they renew their cellular shower that must, by necessity, take place before May first. But Wanderer is not where it should be. The artificial planet was almost certainly the victim of the interference between the two temporal (time) planes.

The DRUSUS arrives at the location where the artificial planet is supposed to be and on January 17 the guppy C-238, with Rhodan, Bell, Captain Gorlat and Lieutenant Tompetch aboard, travels into the the Druuf’s universe by means of the Warp-Field Generator. It arrives on a planet whose orbit has been modified lately, probably by the recent appearance of Wanderer. The guppy lands on the planet which is given the name Solitude. It seems petrified by the temporal shift and a ghostly silhouette is repeatedly seen. They follow it and arrive in a crypt where six caissons in the shape of coffins are located in the middle of technological devices. They use a psychograph to capture some thoughts, but the crypt explodes. The slowness of the process allows them to escape. The psychograph proves that an intelligent creature had tried to make contact with them.

Several ships are detected in space. The guppy gets under way and surpasses the speed of the light of the Druuf universe which is only 4.7 km/s. This results in a loss of causality and the hostile ships disappear.

Bell and Rhodan return to Solitude and detect a new spectral silhouette. They find another crypt but before continuing their research, they deactivate the bomb. Suddenly, they feel a strong heat and determine that they have just dropped into the time plane of the Druufs. As a result, the eight hostile ships are again there but the C-238 has now disappeared. The Terrans determine that the six bodies living in the crypt are actually all parts of one living being - a non-humanoid unisexual being capable of dissociating its mind from its body. The mind appears in the shape of an ectoplasm (ghostly apparition). The Druufs are responsible for the mutilation of these Solitude beings and take advantage of them to detect intruders. The Terrans gather the six parts of the Solitude intelligence from the crypt, allow them to recombine and give the resulting, fully awakened, being the name Nathan.

Some Druuf robots intervene and then the crypt explodes. Rhodan assumes that the Druufs passed into their time plane and reconnected the bomb, certainly to destroy an emitter that would have permitted localization of the Druuf’s home world. The robots begin to construct a building, probably to move Solitude back onto its original orbit. Captain Gorlat and Lieutenant Tompetch succeed in seizing one of the robots which appears to have the role of architect. Taking advantage of particular conditions bound to the loss of causality, Rhodan manages to board the C-238 when it rematerializes and to bring back everybody to their own time plane.

When the C-238 arrives back in normal space, it is 21 April 2042. Some specialists take care of the captured robot and learn that Wanderer came back into normal space but at another place of its orbit - a position that it should not have reached for another eighteen thousand years. When the DRUSUS leaves for Wanderer’s new location on April 23, there remains only eight days for Rhodan and Bell to receive their cell shower and keep their immortality.

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69 - Im Halbraum lauert der Tod
Death Waits In Semispace
Kurt Mahr

The DRUSUS arrives at the site where Wanderer is supposed to be but they do not find anything. The structure detector reacts as if an object is constantly trying to come out of hyperspace. Lieutenant Rous attempts in vain to pass into the other universe with the help of the Warp-Field Generator. Ras Tschubaï then tries to teleport while visualizing Wanderer but he ends up rematerializing inside the structure compensator. He succeeds just barely in time in using his emitter to alert Rhodan of his dire predicament. However, in the process of reaching for his emitter, he must voluntarily break his arm.

Atlan proposes the existence of an intermediate dimension between einstein space and hyperespace: he calls it “semispace”. The Solitude being named Nathan is asked to help. Its mind leaves its body and reaches the surface of Wanderer. Nathan is ultimately able to enter into contact with the immortal but he does not manage anymore to leave Wanderer. Atlan calculates that a part of Wanderer regularly comes back into normal space. Bell and Lieutenant Tompetch take the Gazelle G-203 and reach Wanderer in this way. They are forced to land and discover that they are six thousand kilometers from the physiotron (cell shower device). They realize very quickly that their bodies continue to obey the laws of normal space and for them Wanderer shrinks as the planet turns around its hypergeometric axis. Their Gazelle suddenly breaks down, its energy reserves being exhausted and they must pursue their goal on foot. Their progress is encouraged by the constant distortion.

At the same time that Bell and Lieutenant Tompetch are landing on Wanderer, another Gazelle is sent to Wanderer with the help of the fictive transmitter. The operation succeeds and this Gazelle, with Rhodan on board, does not undergo any distortion. However, their Gazelle breaks down as well due to a lack of energy. Rhodan and the crew see gigantic shapes which are soon identified as Bell and Tompetch. Wanderer continues its rotation on its axis and the distortion reverses itself. Returning back to normal size, Bell activates a generator allowing Rhodan’s Gazelle to travel the remaining distance to the physiotron. On May first, Rhodan enters the physiotron, soon followed by Bell. The energy brought by the two Gazelles allows Wanderer to completely fall back into normal space.

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70 - Die letzten Tage von Atlantis
The Last Days Of Atlantis
K.H. Scheer

On 5 May 2042 it is determined that the passage of Bell in the physiotron on Wanderer has not gone smoothly and he begins to have unexpected side effects to include becoming younger. If the process is not stopped, in three weeks he will once again become an infant. The only solution is to have him go through the cell shower again, but this time in semispace. The physiotron is disassembled and installed on an antigrav platform. The DRUSUS opens a window to the Druuf universe and the platform passes through. To the surprise of the Terrans, time now only passes four times slower in the Druuf universe. The conditions of semispace are simulated while a protective energy bell is erected around the platform. Bell enters the physiotron while several auxiliary vessels protect the platform from the intervention of Druuf vessels. The treatment is successful and they return to Wanderer. There, they are informed that new planets have been depopulated. For Atlan, the disappearance of humans and animals is occurring in order to balance the two temporal planes.

The immortal contacts Pucky and tells him that, as a result of its recent experience in semispace, it has lost a part of its psychic mass and needs a rest. One of IT’s statements has a big effect on Atlan and his memories of his time on Atlantis comes back to the surface.

Atlan, who is still in the Larsaf System, receives a message from the Arkon Council. He is instructed to make Larsaf an advance base of the Arkonide Imperium, to defend the system and to encourage its colonization. Contrary to the demands of Atlan, no reinforcements are sent. The fast cruiser Matoni leaves with a message for the Imperator. If Atlan does not receive any reinforcements in several weeks, he will abandon the system.

Shortly afterwards, an auxiliary vessel of the TOSOMA lands on Atlantis. Its commander announces that a relativity field is spreading out on Larsa. He also saw a gigantic funnel forming in space out of which came four unknown ships that attacked him. The TOSOMA and the PAITO leave for Larsaf II. After eight days of waiting, the unknown ships appear. Atlan studies them and notes that they don’t cross the funnels unless they remain stable for at least three hours. When some vessels appear again in a funnel, Atlan’s two cruisers go into action. They materialize before the hostile squadron, which they immediately destroy, and then they dive into the funnel. They emerge in a universe where the dominant color is crimson. After having attacked a planet possessing spaceports and factories, they return to the normal universe.

Upon their return to normal space, Atlan is informed that nine days have gone by in his absence. About hundred ships are now attacking Larsaf III. They immediately attack the hostile force but the PAITO is destroyed and the TOSOMA is badly damaged. As the only person capable of opening the submarine dome, Atlan is forced by the commander of the TOSOMA, who also happens to be his oldest friend and mentor, to leave the ship. In the company of Lieutenant Cunor, Atlan reaches the surface. There he witnesses the destruction of the TOSOMA.

While Atlantis is being ravaged by atomic explosions, Atlan and Cunor spend four months in suspended animation. Upon awakening, they only find primitive life on the surface. Cunor is ultimately killed by a barbarian in the north. Atlan is now alone. He installs a device which reacts to the least disturbance of the continuum and then goes into hibernation for five hundred years. The robot Rico is assigned to watch over him.

After the narration of Atlan, the Drusus leaves Wanderer.

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71 - Fehlsprung der Tigris
The Tigris Leaps
Kurt Brand

The cargo ship ORINOCO arrives in Terrania with a hole of six hours in its schedule. The security services determine that it has been followed by Arkonide ships equipped with structure anticompensaters. A plan is finalized to momentarily divert the Robot Regent’s attention.

On June 19, 2042, the cargo ship TIGRIS, commanded by Clyde Ostal, heads toward a point in space which is supposed to represent Earth and whose coordinates are registered in the P brain. All traces of previous transitions are eliminated. It then simulates a transition toward the planet Goszul but emerges in the Naral System. The third planet of this system is Ekhas whose inhabitants, the Ekhonides, presents all the features of the former Arkonides. The TIGRIS is forced to land and the Ekhonides are delighted to have captured it, persuaded that it arrived there by mistake. The thirty-three Terran crewmembers are placed in prison. The general Sutokk, the Arkonide commander on the planet, wants to have the Terran prisoners undergo psycho-interogation but is opposed by Egg-or, the Ekhonide chief of Planetary Defense.

The LOTUS, equipped with a newly developed frequency damper, which counteracts the Arkonide’s structure anti-compensator, leaves on a rescue mission. Aboard the LOTUS are Perry Rhodan and the three mutants Fellmer Lloyd, Kitai Ishibashi and Tako Kakuta. The LOTUS links up with the Springer ship MAB-1 but the Terrans realize that something is not right. Indeed, they are welcomed by Mabdan III instead of the Patriarch Mabdan I, which is in direct contradiction to all the rules in force among the Galactic Traders. Mabdan III is under the control of a mental block. A Hypercom communicating all conversations to the Regent is deactivated. Aboard the MAB-1, Perry Rhodan and his companions arrive on Ekhas aboard and search for the prisoners from the TIGRIS who have since escaped from prison.

The thirty-three Terran prisoners on Ekhas have run away naked while taking advantage of a medical exam and have now found shelter in a nearby forest. They stumble upon a camouflaged spaceport and Clyde Ostal is captured. He is brought before Egg-or but Sutokk, upon learning about Ostal’s capture, demands that the prisoner is handed over to him. The other Terrans make contact with the Springers and return to the spaceport. They are immediately pursued by Sutokk’s men. The mutants then intervene. Thanks to the faculties of the mutant Kitai Ishibashi, the fleeing Terran prisoners, Ostal, Rhodan and the mutants all succeed in capturing an Ekhonide ship. The ship escapes from Ekhas pursued by the Arkonide fleet. The vessel is destroyed but everyone on board is able to reach the LOTUS.

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72 - Die Gesandten von Aurigel
The Ambassadors From Aurigel
Kurt Mahr

After the destruction of the Whistler vessel on Grautier, the two remaining vessels of the Whistler fleet from the planet, Heeninniy, are still expected.

On Grautier, an auxiliary vessel of the ADVENTUROUS is repaired. Renamed FAIR LADY, it must land on the home planet of the Whistlers in order to banish all danger of invasion forever. It takes off on 16 August 2042. In order not to be recognized, the crew of thirteen men speaks only French.

The vessel is welcomed with pomp and ceremony on Heeninniy. Iiy-Juur-Eelie, the President-King, appears and welcomes them at the palace. Three Terrans remain in secret on board of the FAIR LADY. The Terrans present themselves as ambassadors from the planet Aurigel, a made-up planet supposedly located seven light-years from Heeninniy.

In the absence of the Terrans, the Whistlers enter the FAIR LADY and photograph documents that they then decipher. These documents, however, are fakes which have been intentionally planted and which describe Aurigel as a great military power. Iiy-Juur-Eelie wants to move his visitors further away from the FAIR LADY by forcing their plane crash in the desert so that he can search their ship quietly. The Terrans send a message toward Feejnee, another planet of the system, in order to deceive the Whistlers.

They then go for a walk in the city and meet a Whistler in a bar who invites them to a secret meeting. At the same time, in order to sow confusion on Heeninniy and thereby divert attention from Grautier, the Terrans stick up posters inciting a revolt against the visitors. Chellish and Mullon meet a mysterious Whistler who is part of a resistance movement.

Meanwhile, Fij-Gul, the aide de camp of admiral Wee-Nii, notices some resemblances between the language of the visitors - French - and the one of the occupants of the planet 7, Weelie-Wee (the Whistler name for the planet Grautier). He ends up discovering that the name FAIR LADY comes from the language of the strangers on Weelie-Wee and that the supposed ambassadors from Aurigel are impostors.

The Terrans are stopped during an excursion in the city, the secret services having placed some micro-tracking devices in their cars.

About two hundred Whistlers look for a way to enter the FAIR LADY but a protective shield is now in place. In his cell, Chellish is interrogated by Gii-Yeep, the chief of the secret services, and tortured. He reveals the nature of the protective field, and a Whistler technician takes notes. Later, a Whistler insurgent helps the Terrans to escape. They end up entering the quarters of Iiy-Juur-Eelie who they capture.

Driven back, they are saved by the sudden arrival of the SOLAR SYSTEM and two other cruisers. The Solar Imperium has decided to establish a base in this space sector.

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73 - Die drei Deserteure
Renegades Of The Future
Kurt Mahr

Myrtha VII (Grautier) becomes a strategic base for the Solar Imperium because it is projected that within a very short period of time a connection (rift) with the Druuf Universe will occur in this region of the space.

On October 3, 2042, Gunter Chellish, who has been placed in command of a Gazelle since the establishment of the solar military base on Grautier, is taken prisoner by three deserters, Oliver Roane, Walter Suttney and Ronson Lauers. These three belong to the original colonists of the planet, but they were also former followers of Hollander and his “Nature Philosophers”. They had remained at the military base on Grautier without any real incentive. Chellish, as pilot of the Gazelle, is forced by them to leave Grautier. They intend to contact the Arkonides in order to provide them with secret information regarding the position of the Earth. The Gazelle makes an emergency start and quickly disappears into hyperspace. As a result, Chellish is unable to give the alarm. When he learns the news, Perry Rhodan is very worried that the Arkonides could discover the position of the Earth.

The three deserters oblige Chellish to take the Gazelle close to a star situated twenty-five thousand light-years from Grautier. During this time Perry Rhodan initiates a vast operation which begins combing space to recover the Gazelle. Chellish perceives that the destination of Suttney and his partners is close to Latein-Oor, a star around which is located an Arkonide fleet. He guesses that his captors want to contact this Arkonide fleet in order to hand them the galactic coordinates of the Earth. Trying to win time, he provokes a breakdown in the Gazelle, making use of a moment when he is only supervised by Roane.

Roane warns his two accomplices that he suspects Chellish of causing this breakdown but they do not believe him. Wanting to take advantage of the disagreement between his three adversaries, Chellish tries to overpower them in a fight. But he looses and ends up being stunned. Upon awakening, Suttney obliges him to repair the damage to the Gazelle. He gets to work under the surveillance of Roane and, by a ruse, succeeds in inflicting a strong electric discharge on him. With Roane now unconscious, Chellish is able to put the anti-detection system of the Gazelle out of action.

During this time, the surveillance of space continues for the missing Gazelle, particularly by Mullon, the good friend of Chellish.

The Gazelle makes a second transition through hyperespace. Since, the anti-detection system is now disconnected, the Gazelle’s transition can be easily detected and it is Mullon who has the luck to discover it and to signal its position to the Terran squadron. The Gazelle emerges several parsecs from Latein-Oor where it is soon joined by the Terran fleet. Suttney, ignoring the presence of the solar ships, sends a hypercom call to the Arkonide ships. These arrive quickly, but, noting the presence of the solar fleet, remains waiting at a distance. Suttney decides to land on a nearby planet: Tantalum, a desert world. Once landed, Suttney sends a homing signal to the Arkonides, a signal that is also received by the Terran ships. On his part, Rhodan makes contact with the Arkonides and threatens to open fire on them if they approach Tantalum to help the deserters. Suttney decides by prudence to leave the Gazelle with his accomplices. He destroys the cockpit and wounds Chellish in the leg with a beamer hoping that Chellish will be killed by his friends if a Terran ship happens to discover the Gazelle on the planet’s surface. Suttney leaves the Gazelle with Lauer and Roane carrying with them a microfilm indicating the coordinates of the earth which they still plan on giving to the Arkonides.

Suspecting the presence of Terran ships attracted by the hypertransition signal produced by the defective anti-detection system, Chellish endeavors to leave the Gazelle as soon as possible. He follows the trail of the three deserters, very slowly because of his wounded leg. His departure is justified because shortly afterwards the Gazelle is detected and destroyed by a Terran ship. On the side of the deserters, this destruction does not pass unobserved and, as a result, they realize how close the Terran fleet really is. An altercation explodes between Lauer and Suttney regarding a disagreement on how to negotiate the coordinates of the Earth with the Arkonides. Lauer ends up knocking Suttney out. He then makes contact with Rhodan, threatening to provide the coordinates of the Earth to the Arkonides by radio if a new Gazelle is not immediately provided to him in order to escape from the planet. Lauer does not have the time to put his threat into action because, in the meantime, Chellish has been able to catch up with them. Getting ahead of Lauer and Roane, he succeeds in rolling a large boulder on top of a ridge down on them thereby forcing them to fall into a ravine. He seizes their microcom and uses it to send an SOS. Immediately the Terrans come to rescue him, to capture Roane and to note the death of Lauer during his fall into the ravine. It is now 15 October 2042.

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74 - Das Grauen
The Horror
William Voltz

Walt Scoobey and Colonel Marcus Everson, agents of the Solar Defense, arrive on Eppan in order to contact the mutant Goldstein who is on a mission on the planet. They meet up with the gladiator Maatal, an Eppan who is their contact. Goldstein himself is in an apathetic state, and the agents decide to bring him back to Earth.

In order to preserve the secret of their existence from the Eppans, they take Maatal by force with them on their vessel, the FAUN. It will be necessary to make three transitions to reach Earth.

Arriving on the FAUN, Goldstein pretends to have introduced "the Death" on board. Once in flight, some of the crew members feel a mysterious presence, like a ghost. The crew begins to worry and one of the crew members, Ramierez, appears to have been attacked and remains unconscious. In addition, the hypercom transmitter doesn't function anymore. The first transition is completed.

Two crew members, Stanford and Shorts, are the next ones to become victims of a sort of physical and mental paralysis. The fear begins to settle in on board of the vessel, and the transmitter is not completely repaired. Maatal is accused by some crew members and Zimmermen, one of the crewmen, attempts to kill him.

An iridescent, translucent and immaterial shade, detaches itself from the wall and attacks a crew member, Dealcour. Shortly after a fifth victim (Zimmerman) is found. In order to protect themselves, Colonel Everson concentrates all of the remaining crew in the control center. The victims can't stop repeating that "all is not finished". The second transition is completed.

The First Communications Officer, Marlo Landis, is the sixth victim. Doctor Norton suspects a psychic attack. A false reassuring message has been sent toward the Earth, and the propulsion unit is sabotaged. Finney and Wolkov, who are sent to repair it, are also attacked and neutralized. The third and last transition is now impossible.

Goldstein is in fact the person responsible for the attacks. On Eppan he discovered within himself the power to transform the atomic structure of objects and he decided to seize the vessel. He disconnects some nerves of the brain in order to paralyze the men. Navigator Inoshiro is about to unmask him but Goldstein is quicker. However, he feels an uneasiness deep down inside himself.

Goldstein succeeds in sowing confusion within the last four conscious Terrans who begin to mutually question themselves and to threaten each other. Fashong understands too late and succumbs in his turn. Everson paralyzes his last two colleagues and now faces alone both Maatal and Goldstein.

Goldstein explains that he wants to seize the ship in order to accomplish his "ultimate destiny" and that Everson and his crew must bring him secretly back to Earth. He won't hesitate to kill anyone who rebels. The crew's attempts to neutralize the mutant fail. Nevertheless Goldstein begins to wonder about the reality of his plans and the real source of his power. During a terrifying psychic fight that takes place without the knowledge of the crew, Goldstein succeeds in delivering himself from the control of Mataal who dies at the end of the fight.

Maatal is in fact a foreign creature, a Meetamorphe, capable of modifying his molecular structure. He had been stranded on Eppan and had hoped to enslave the Terrans through Perry Rhodan in order to make them servants of his race.

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75 - Das rote Universum
Crimson Universe
K.H. Scheer

Locations: Gray Beast (Myrtha System), Hades and Druufon (Siamed System). This is the 5th Atlan adventure. On Earth, Atlan observes the completion of the new superbattleship KUBLAI KHAN with 1500 m diameter. Colonel Marcus Everson, that should take over the ship, tells him about the bygone events on Eppan and the molecular transmutator Mataal. The Terrans known that a Druuf‐generated overlap zone would soon appear in the Myrtha System vicinity and the solar empire enters an emergency state. That's the new, stabilized discharge zone, which had its beginnings about 10,000 years ago. Perry Rhodan has mounted an operation base in the Earth‐like planet Gray Beast, 7th world of the Myrtha System. Atlan's presence is requested in Gray Beast. With revenge desires over the Arkonid losses suffered 10,000 years ago in the battle against the Druuf, Atlan starts with the KUBLAI KHAN to Myrtha System.

The newest achievement of the men of Terra was the successful copying of the mysterious matter transmitters of the Ferronians and all the major ships of the Solar Fleet were now equipped with at least one of these transport devices. Perry Rhodan now wants to station such a Transmitter in the universe of the Druuf in order to be able to act unseen.

Detecting the dimensional breech, the Robot Regent on Arkon sends out a fleet of over 30,000 ships. At approximately 20 light-years off Myrtha, they begin to fight a bitter battle with the unknown opponent. Rhodan picks up first measurements of the battlefield with the light cruiser CALIFORNIA. The cruiser CALIFORNIA belonged to the new State class light cruisers of advanced, lightning‐fast scoutships whose armor and weapons had been greatly restricted in view of their oversized propulsion units and power plants.

The CALIFORNIA starts in direction of the discharge zone with a Transmitter for a station. She arrives from her transition in the middle of the battle turmoil. The funnels of the discharge zone united already to a rip of approximately one light-year of length, from which the ships of the Druuf come again and again. The CALIFORNIA breaks through the battle front and flies directly into the rip. She is met by a fleet of the Druuf, which immediately opens fire upon her. With one, short transition the CALIFORNIA escapes the turmoil and appears 2 light-years further in a double star system with 62 planets.

The 16th planet [later called Druufon] of this system [later called Siamed] is circled by countless masses of Druuf ships, allowing the conclusion that it is the central world of the Druufs. Perry decides to land on the 13th Planet, similar to Mars, which Atlan names Hades. As soon as the shock from the transition fades away, the construction of the teletransmitter station, with 2‐light‐year transport range, in Hades begins.

Rhodan, Atlan and Fellmer Lloyd are in a tunnel when the base is attacked. The CALIFORNIA flees without the three men, which stay behind on Hades. Lloyd suffers from an intestinal illness - extremely unpleasant in the closed spacesuit. They must wait until the CALIFORNIA is again in the normal area and the Transmitter is mounted in the DRUSUS. A ship of the Druuf landed shortly after to examine the place where the strangers had landed. Without result, however, they take off again.

Three days later, Lloyd dysentery is in a worrying stage, the teletransmitter panel lights up. Rhodan, Atlan and Lloyd go through it and come out at a foreign place. Almost 2 G prevail there, however the air proves to be breathable for them. A relief for Lloyd! They have rematerialized on Druufon. A Druuf-Transmitter stood on reception and the signal had somehow switched to Hades station. One Druuf comes towards the team. The appearance of the Druufs is finally revealed. They are massive creatures, presumably insect descendants, 3 m tall, with columnar legs, a spherical head of 50 cm diameter, a triangular mouth and four eyes. They paralyze him. They wander through the halls of this seemingly subterranean installation and come upon a power plant with several nuclear reactors. The Druufs send out their Robots, which are received with blaster fire. Soon, also the way back seems cut-off to the Transmitter that there they receive a message telepathically: "Perry Rhodan, I am sorry to have caught you, I will send you back." While further robot keeps closing on them, they reach the Transmitter station of the Druuf and are transported again to the cave in Hades. The teletransmitter panel starts to blink in Morse code: D-R-U-S-U-S.

40 hours later, the DRUSUS landed on Gray Beast. Lloyd is treated and the delayed transportation connection is explained: 50,000 ships of the Arkonide and Springer formed an impenetrable front, so the DRUSUS couldn't come into the rip. However that is past, at present, no more fights take place at the discharge front. But a question remains open: Who is the mysterious foreign part, to which they owe their homecoming?

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76 - Unter den Sternen von Druufon
Under The Stars Of Druufon
Clark Darlton

Locations: Druufon (Siamed System) and briefly Hades (Siamed System), Gray Beast (Myrtha System) and Tatlira IV.

Marcus Everson, colonel of the Solar Imperium, is sent by Perry Rhodan to the Tatlira system for an old friend – Harno, an Energy Being in the form of a sentient globe – to ask for help. Harno’s ability, which can project images of distant events on its surface – is seen as very valuable in the planned expedition to the red universe of the Druufs. Harno agrees and they return to the Myrtha system, waiting for Perry Rhodan and much of the solar fleet. Only 22 light years away from Myrtha is the overlapping zone between the standard universe and the red universe of the Druufs. Fierce battles are being waged between Druuf spaceships and the robotic fleet of the Robot Regent of Arkon. At the overlap zone, the Terrans are mere active observers.

The DRUSUS, the KUBLAI KHAN and the CALIFORNIA transition jump to the overlapping front and enter into the fight in favor of a Druuf ship, which is hard pressed by Arkon vessels. By this mock display, Rhodan wants to fake a false alliance with the Druufs.

The three Terran ships penetrate into the red universe, already in Siamed, the home system of the Druufs, to the main world Druufon. On another planet, Hades, there is already an underground Terran secret base. Immediately they begin to supply the base with material by means of a matter transmitter. The Terrans make radio contact with the Druufs which agree to escort them for landing on Druufon.

Meanwhile, a stranger makes telepathic contact with them. It is the same being that acted earlier as an important helper during the first incursion with the CALIFORNIA. Harno and Gucky prove to be especially useful in this contact is. According to Gucky the unknown helper is the chief physicist at the Druuf, Onot, who, at the same time is confused about his own identity. He knows Perry Rhodan however, but he cannot recall where from.

After landing at Druufon, one Druuf leader comes on board of the DRUSUS and begin negotiations. Using telepathy, the Terrans quickly discover that the Druufs also want to deceive them with a false alliance against Arkon. After an eventual victory over Arkon, they would lead a war against Terra. On the Terran proposal to exchange knowledge about the standard universe for freedom of movement in the Siamed system, the Druuf, counter offers by mockingly pulling back for an internal meeting of the ruling Council of the Sixty-Six. The real and immediate goal of the Druufs is to reach an alliance with Terra against Arkon, without having to make concessions.

Meanwhile, Rhodan gives Gucky and Harno the order to find the unknown helper. After some difficulties, it also succeeds. It turns out that the alien being actually exists only in spirit form and is manifested in the body of a Druuf scientist, whilst not permanently displacing his spirit. The enormous knowledge of the Druuf is due to the alien spirit.

The council of the Druufs is now completed, they will pretend to accept the Terran offer. The actual contract will go ahead as planned before the Supreme Druuf. This aims to entice Rhodan, then take him prisoner. Their intention is to then put pressure on the Terrans. Rhodan, telepathically informed, enters the council arena. He intends to escape with Gucky’s and Harno’s help. His hope is to be able to contact again the unknown person, who seemingly knows him.

Before the Council of the sixty-six, Rhodan is put under pressure. They want to squeeze Terran weapons technology out of him. Rhodan can feel behind this urgency that something critical must have happened. At that moment, the stranger makes telepathic contact with him and informs that a very large number of Arkonid spaceships has penetrated through the gap to the overlap zone in the red universe. In about an hour, they would be able to reach Druufon. He recommends a quick escape. Rhodan expresses his desire to save Onot too. The unknown friend believes that now it is not possible, but hopes to return to Rhodan later. At that moment, the contact is terminated, the real Onot has regained control over his body. The Druuf Council quickly dropped all pretenses of friendship and proceeds to chain Rhodan. But Gucky teleported him to safety from under the noses of Druuf thugs.

The Robot Regent also starts attacking with many thousands of ships into the Siamed system. Arkon's offensive battle fleet had evidently surprised the Druufs and sent them panicking. Rhodan and some other friends are transferred to the transmitter secret base in Hades. There Rhodan decided, with the recalled CALIFORNIA to risk a new advance to Druufon to save Onot, and his stranger mental companion. He manages also to locate him, but the scientist mind is now predominant. Gucky and Harno discover a device that turns out to be ready for use as a time-freezing unit. Gucky irresponsibly fiddles with the device. Onot enters in the time-freezing field, allowing their unknown friend to take control of his body. He still is not willing to save himself, because he thinks he has discovered something that he would like to investigate further.

The CALIFORNIA returns to Hades. Rhodan decides to stay some time in Hades to further pursue the military events. He is warned that the Myrtha system hypercom is constantly receiving messages in which the Robot Regent begs for help. They decide to ignore the appeal for now.

Meanwhile Rhodan has a suspicion who Onot's spiritual parasite might be.

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77 - In den Fesseln der Ewigkeit
The bonds of eternity
Clark Darlton

Location: Druufon and Hades (Siamed system), Earth (Solar system) and briefly Gray Beast (Myrtha System).

SHORT SUMMARY (730 char):

Perry Rhodan, operating in Hades, is called back to Terra. The long lost mutant Ernst Ellert had awoken after 70 years. He communicated and revealed himself to be the strange spirit haunting the Druuf Onot, but he cannot return while his espionage is not completed. The Terrans manage to destroy the computer central in Druufon from inside with the aid of matter-transmitters and with the diversion created by the attack of an Arkonid robot battleship and hordes of robots landing on Druufon. Rhodan bargains with the Druuf demanding the technology of the linear propulsion and offering aid against Arkon in the Einstein-universe. Ellert forces Onot to reveal the Druuf technologies and Rhodan gets a prototype of the time-freezer.

LONG SUMMARY (4.5K char):

In the inhospitable planet Hades (Siamed 13), less than a light-hour away from the world of the Druufs, the Terrans had created a hidden subterranean base for a matter-transmitter. Perry Rhodan and the Arkonid Atlan decide to fly to Druufon (Siamed 16) with some mutants in the DRUSUS to make contact with the mysterious stranger who is helping them. With the help of the sentient energy ball, Harno, they make visual contact with Onot, the chief physicist of the Druuf, in whose body the unknown helper lived. Onot was in control of his own body and working again on the prototype of the time-freezer. A hyper radio message from Allan Mercant informed that something incredible has happened back on Earth. Perry Rhodan immediately sets off to Terra with a short drop by Gray Beast. In Terrania, a security central of the Solar Empire received a signal that Ernst Ellert has given a sign of life. Ernst Ellert was a time-space wanderer mutant working with Rhodan who suffered an accident in 1972, turning frozen, but not dead. His spirit was drifting in the whirlpools of time and space for millions of years, incarnating in diverse alien beings. Rhodan had put his body to rest in a mausoleum in Terrania, equipped to let him resurrect at any time. Rhodan already suspected that Ellert's spirit has caught on Onot. Once they all arrive in Ellert’s pyramid in Terrania, Rhodan, with Atlan and Harno, opens the entrance of Ellert's resting place. Ellert is still not alive, but part of his spirit has returned, takes possession of Atlan's body and communicates: the crazy journey of the spirit threw him back to the end of the universe and from there into a different time dimension, the red universe of the Druuf. Also Atlan is known to him, the colonization of the Earth by the Arkonids had happened only 3 months before in his time reckoning. Ellert's spirit reported in detail about the time-freezer and the linear propulsion of the Druuf, but he could give details about those only as Onot. The activation of the time-freezer by Gucky had caused the partial liberation of Ellert, but it is not time for him to return yet. He must return to Onot to learn the technological secrets of the Druufs. Before Ellert’s mind disappears, he advises the destruction of the central computer in Druufon.

Rhodan returns to Gray Beast. Harno gives a picture of the situation in the Red Universe. 30,000 Arkon robot vessels patrol the overlapping front. They decide to attack through the transmitter stations on Hades and Druufon. They go with the DRUSUS to the unloading zone, in the midst of a fleet of ships of the Springer and make contact with the robotic ruler, which continued to call for an alliance with the Terrans. Rhodan informs the Regent of his plan to break through with a robotic Empire-Class battleship to Druufon to cause chaos there, the ruler agrees. Arkon sends out a battleship and an additional 500 combat robots, which Rhodan takes aboard the DRUSUS. The robots are transported via the transmitter to Hades, where Rhodan is planning the attack for the next day. Using Harno’s skills, Rhodan asks Onot-Ellert, to prepare the transmitter station in Druufon to receive a cargo of Hades the next day.

In Druufon, Onot interpreted his ongoing headache for months as a kind of disease. However, he informed no one and continued the time experiments. The next day, the Council of 66 decides the mobilization of Druufon for defense. At the same time Arkon fleet begins to attack, and a single robot ship his kamikaze action. Meanwhile, Onot lies down to rest and finally Ellert may take physical possession of him. The attack on the discharge zone is raging. A single ship is approaching Druufon. When it came under massive attack, released from all its hatches a robot army to the surface of Druufon. Out of the hundreds only a few reach the ground intact, although there directed at destruction, but are soon eliminated by the defense weapons on the planet. Also, the ship is shot to the wreck. Druufon breathes. Too soon. Rhodan hypocritical message about an impending robot attack confused them all the more. Onot, wakes up, goes to the transmitter station, and is subject to doubt what he was doing. Ellert discloses to Onot their several months together and then forces him under his control. The plan succeeds. The robots of Hades reach Druufon and unleash hell onto the data center.

Rhodan has now landed with the DRUSUS on Druufon. The Druuf ask for help in the underground computer station. Before the Council of the 66 Gucky puts Tommy-1, the translator of the Council to fly. Rhodan plays poker with Tommy-1 to cooperate against Arkon or with Arkon against the Druuf. The prize: the linear propulsion of the Druuf. The Druuf fake to accept the bargain. Tommy-1 yet got a card from his sleeve: the gravo-burner, a kind of gravitational force amplifiers (which Gucky revealed to be only a bluff) by which they would soon defeat all enemies within the Druuf-universe, while Rhodan should take care of the fleets outside, in the Einstein-universe. Elsewhere in Druufon, Ellert urges Onot to seek out his secret laboratory and forces Onot to reveal the plans for the linear propulsion and the time-freezer. Rhodan flies in a shuttle pod to Druufon to pick up Ellert. Onot gives him the prototype of the time-freezer and remains on Druufon to attend to the linear drive. Rhodan flies back with his booty to the DRUSUS.

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78 - Thoras Opfergang
Thoras Sacrifice
Kurt Brand

October 2043. Three months earlier, Thora lost all traces of youth over night. Since then, she lives alone on Venus. When an emergency arises, the physicians who treat Thora call Eric Manoli. The days of Rhodan’s wife are counted. The Ara serum of longevity have led to the development of deadly tumors. On 4 October 2043, Doctor Villnoess proposes to confide Thora with a mission in order to fight against the apathy that he sees growing in her. He only gives her six months to live. General Deringhouse informs Perry Rhodan of the bad news. At the front, Druufs and Arkonides are weakening each other in a deadly protracted struggle. The Regent contacts Rhodan and asks him to come in person to pick up the hundred ships of war which Rhodan asked Arkon for back at the end of September. The Solar Administrator assigns Deringhouse to pick up the ships for him. In turn, Deringhouse proposes to take Thora. At first Rhodan is opposed but Bell persuades him to accept.

Deringhouse goes to look for Thora on Venus, who is mad with joy at the idea of taking part in an important mission and on returning to her home world Arkon.

In the battle zone, the Regent is in full confusion. As a precaution, all communication is forbidden between Grautier and the Solar System. Bell receives a short message from an agent on Aralon who states that the Regent is preparing a new plan of attack.

The Terran frigate BURMA arrives in the battle zone at the same time as the Regent puts its new plan in place against the Druufs. When the commander of the BURMA establishes contact with a robot-cruiser, Thora presents herself in the BURMA’s command center, again full of vitality. The Regent orders them to come to Arkon III. When the frigate arrives in the system, some robot cruisers insist that the BURMA be taken over by remote control. Deringhouse refuses. The BURMA is forced to land on Mutral, also known as Arkon XXVII. They are contacted by Taa-rell, the decadent Arkonide commander of the base. The Regent calls them and agrees to deliver the hundred vessels promised in return for thousands of officers and Terran technicians. Thora refuses.

The BURMA attempts in vain to take off. Some heavy combat robots approach in order to seize the Terrans and get Earth’s position from them. A fight begins between the robots and the frigate which still cannot manage to take off. A Terran robot commando probe is sent to disturb the computers and the P-brains of the base. The Terran robots bring back some prisoners, Taa-rell and two Aras, and the frigate can finally get under way. The base explodes but other Arkonide units appear.

The frigate carries out a hurried hypertransition as it begins to receive direct hits from the enemy ships. It reappears on the other side of the Tri-Planet system, escapes the attraction of the sun, and then makes a jump of more of fifteen thousand light-years. The physicians on board the BURMA confirm that Thora’s rejuvenation is complete - the serum ended up having its intended effect. However, when Deringhouse goes to announce the good news to Thora, he is witness to her murder by one of the prisoners, an Ara.

Thora is buried on the Moon, a mausoleum being constructed at the crash site of Thora’s old cruiser. Thomas Cardif attends the ceremony but he refuses to shake the hand that Rhodan holds out to him.

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79 - Die Atomhölle von Gray Beast
The Atom Hell Of Grautier
Kurt Mahr

On 23 October 2043, Rhodan gets ready to initiate an attack against Arkon in order to depose the Regent. The fleet is waiting, under the command of General Deringhouse, parked five hundred light-years from Grautier. The frequency damper of the cruiser RIGEL loaded with provisions for the base on Hades breaks down, and its transition near Grautier is detected by a large Arkonide fleet. The cruiser is immediately ordered by Rhodan to make another transition jump in order to mislead the Arkonides. He gives up this idea, however, when some Arkonide robot ships arrive in orbit around Grautier. The Terran base on Grautier is quickly detected and is attacked. Struck by five Arkon bombs, the planet is ravaged by a nuclear fire.

Trapped on the planet, Rhodan, Bell, Atlan and Fellmer Lloyd leave the Grautier base and head toward the city of Greenwich, in search of a vehicle to move them away from the nuclear fire so that they have more time to wait for help. They fight against the violent storm caused by the fire and against robots disembarked by the Arkonide vessels with the mission to capture some Terrans. They succeed in recovering a glider.

Sheltered on an island, Rhodan, Bell, Atlan and Lloyd escape the certainty of death in the fire, but it is an Arkonide robot cruiser which takes them out of the flames of Grautier. Meanwhile, after having attempted to help the survivors, General Deringhouse aborts the planned attack on Arkon, and decides to bring the fleet back into the Solar System. The planet Grautier explodes.

Handed over to Ekhonides who will deliver them to Arkon, Rhodan and his three friends attempt to escape from the Ekhonide cruiser. They succeed in capturing the control center of the Ekhonide cruiser but it is then attacked by the Druufs who defeat the Ekhonides, capture their vessel and take the four Terrans as prisoners into their universe.

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80 - In den Höhlen der Druuf
Caves Of The Druufs
Kurt Mahr

Rhodan, Bell, Atlan and Fellmer Lloyd have been captured by the Druufs and have been taken to a gigantic planet in the Siamed System. The planet possesses a strong gravity and a methane atmosphere. The equipment of their jail consists of an artificial gravity generator. Rhodan immediately develops a plan to provoke variations of gravitation in order to attract the attention of the base on Hades. The signal doesn't pass unobserved by the Druufs, who put an end to the attempt and separate the prisoners. But the gravitational variations are received well on Hades. They are localized in the Siamed system, on the thirty-sixth planet, called Roland, and Captain Marcel Rous identifies the signals as an S.O.S.. As only a few Terrans are familiar with morse code, Rous conceives the fantastic hypothesis that the Terrans in danger could be Rhodan and his three companions who everybody believed had died on Grautier, but whose bodies were never recovered.

On Earth, Freyt and Deringhouses discuss the political situation. Thomas Cardif, the son of the presumed dead Administrator, has claimed his birthright as Rhodan's successor. After a demonstration of his partisans, Cardif's cause is damaged in the eyes of the public. Betty Toufry announces to Deringhouse and Freyt that she has received a weak telepathic communication emanating from the mausoleum of Ernst Ellert - a call for help regarding an unknown third person in the Druuf universe.

On Roland, Rhodan and his companions are not locked in: the Druufs trust the atmosphere of methane and ammonia in the passageways to keep them confined. But it doesn't stop the Terrans, who explore their jail, stun the commander of the base and seize a weapon.

Deringhouse, Pucky and Ras Tschubai arrive in the base on Hades. The mousebeaver must enter into telepathic contact with Ernst Ellert who occupies the body of the Druuf Onot. Finally Ellert appears by seizing the body of Captain Rous. He reveals that the Druufs brought back four Terran prisoners a few days ago who they consider as important. He also gives the location of the base on Roland. The reflections of Deringhouse take the same path as those of Marcel Rous: could Rhodan be among the prisoners?

The four Terran prisoners pursue their escape attempt. They obtain a Druuf spacesuit, which they adapt somehow to their size and look for an emitter, but they must face the Druuf robots which have been put on alert.

Aboard a Gazelle, Deringhouse, Pucky and Ras Tschubai arrive on Roland to rescue the four prisoners. Tschubai teleports into one of the rooms, but he is surprised by the elevated gravity and overcome by a Druuf. Rhodan and his companions find the exit of the base and risk going outside (after obtaining more spacesuits), despite the strong gravity. The Gazelle landed close by, but the robots give chase to the escaped prisoners.

In addition to the robots, the fugitives must face a rising storm. Rhodan is put in difficulty, because his spacesuit is pierced. Pucky attempts to rescue Ras, but he is paralyzed in his turn. The two teleporters are brought before the commander of the base. They regain consciousness, and to the big surprise of the Druufs, dematerialize. Back in the Gazelle, the mousebeaver is able to locate the four escaped prisoners and bring them back on board. The Gazelle takes off at full speed, under fire from the Druufs. Just before its destruction, the commando team evacuates the Gazelle by matter transmitters and arrive in the base on Hades.

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81 - Raumschiff der Ahnen
Spaceship Of Ancestors
Clark Darlton

For millennia, a gigantic Arkonide vessel has traveled thru the universe at sub-light speed.

Aboard, the machinist known as M-7 attempts to enter into a conversation with his colleague M-4, then the chief physician, D-3, but without success. The First Officer, O-1, loses patience waiting to replace the commander of the ship, C-1. Three men, Ps-5 (Psychologist), D-3 and R-75 (Repairman), ask for an interview with C-1. They ask a very important question: what is the purpose of their life? They then convey some very important information to C-1 in regards to their recent activities.

Within the past few days D-3 lured a robot into a trap and disassembled its weapons with the complicity of M-4. Meanwhile, R-75 penetrated with a colleague into a forbidden sector of the vessel to repair a broken down piece of machinery – a sector in which there were containers filled with people. However, some guards intervened and killed the colleague of R-75. R-75 barely escaped with his life. The three men, Ps-5, D-3 & R-75, returned to the forbidden room and discovered that their ancestors are kept in a cryogenic sleep. As they are leaving the room they are stopped by robots and a battle ensues. They are forced to destroy three of the robots before taking flight.

At the time of the interview with C-1, this one refuses to answer their questions and threatens them with death in the converter based on the charge of mutiny. But Ps-5 learns that the commander is the only one informed about all the workings of their world and that he must pass on all his knowledge to his successor before dying. In order to remain alive to pass on this knowledge, C-1 is forced to take the three men into his cabin to reveal to them the greatest secret of the vessel. At the same time, M-4 informs M-7 on his recent efforts (on his own initiative) to disable robots around the ship and M-7 lets M-4 know the identity of the other conspirators to include D-3 who is their leader.

In the commander's cabin, the four men (C-1, D-3, Ps-5, and R-75) are welcomed by their ancestor's picture. This one asks the commander why he brought other men with him and orders him to call the robots so that they all are taken to the converter. The commander refuses. O-1 asks for an interview with C-1 but this one refuses, thinking that O-1, in a hurry to take command, only thinks about murdering him. The four men finalize a plan of action in order to take true control of the vessel. M-4 and M-7 are given the responsibility of continuing to disable the largest possible number of robots and to recover their weapons. The ship’s Second Officer, O-2, is informed of the conspiracy and recruits new conspirators, among them T-39. Alas, this one is at the end of his life and must be led to the converter by the robots.

End of December 2043: the Terran Cruiser ARCTIC emerges in normal space twenty thousand light-years from Earth. Pucky is on the vessel returning from a mission on Blisher III. He captures a telepathic call for help coming from another vessel and teleports to the vessel in question. He rematerializes in the room where the robots have just pushed T-39 into the converter. During the conversation that follows, he pretends that C-1 rescinded the order to execute T -39. The robots want to push Pucky into the converter but he defends himself by sending a robot into the converter while teleporting himself to safety. He meets M-4 in another room as M-4 is trying to convince some crew members to participate in a mutiny with the commander's support. After his initial surprise at Pucky’s appearance, M-4 informs him of the current situation on the “Ship of Ancestors”.

The conspirators decide to inform O-1 of the mutiny. At this moment, the five remaining robots of the death commando arrive in the control room in order to take C-1 to the converter for having contravened the law - supposedly in regards to rescinding the order to execute T-39. M-7 disables two of the robots while Ps-5 destroys two other and the last is destroyed by D-3. M-4 informs C-1 of the arrival of Pucky, their new ally. Pucky teleports with M-4 to the control room and is presented with the “master’s” picture on the television screen. After some minutes he informs the conspirators that the master is only a robot.

We now learn that after T-39 was placed in the so-called converter, this device actually began the process of placing him into a cryogenic sleep. Pucky, Ps-5, D-3 and R-75 go to the forbidden room where the people in the containers are located. In one of the containers they are surprised to recognize T-39. Pucky explains that the converters don't exist and that the men designated for death are in fact placed in a cryogenic sleep. The robots attack the ship’s control room but are annihilated. Pucky teleports into the center of the vessel - into a room filled with Sleepers. Meanwhile, Ps-5, D-3 and R-75 are attacked by robots. R-75 is killed while he attempts to flee. In the middle of the battle, the robots stop suddenly. Pucky reappears and explains that the robots are remote-controlled and that they are henceforth harmless because he cut their power supply.

Pucky now reveals to the conspirators the overall picture on board the ship. The master is actually a robot utilizing a projection with a human face. The so-called people driven to the converter are actually placed in a cryogenic sleep in order to be awakened in the future to found a new race, supposedly when the vessel arrives at a planet that can support life. They are destined to serve as a slave race to the robots. As a result of this new information, all the robots are reprogrammed to obey the crew of the ship (actually they are Arkonides) and Pucky returns to the ARCTIC where he does not inform the Terran commander of what has occurred on the ship. He believes that only Perry Rhodan should know what actually happened on the Ship of Ancestors.

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82 - Schach dem Universum
Checkmate: Universe
Kurt Mahr

Upon exiting a restaurant in Terrania on December 10, 2043, Colonel Julian Tifflor is kidnapped, and submitted to an indoctrinator session. During this session, Tifflor learns about a plan developed by Rhodan to provoke a war between the Arkonides and the Druufs. This war will hopefully weaken both powers to the advantage of Earth. Julian Tifflor will pose as a deserter and the head of a nonconformist Terran group. His mission is to convince the Druufs that the Regent is going to attack them, thereby inciting them to act first.

Julian Tifflor receives additional instructions from Lieutenant Lubkov as well as from a post-hypnotic suggestion from Rhodan. Tifflor’s group seizes an old cruiser, the NEWBORN, at the Terrania spaceport and then they get under way in the direction of the temporal rift zone between the Einstein and Druuf universes.

Rhodan warns the Regent of Tifflor’s "treason". He hopes that the robot will give chase to the supposed “deserters”, believing Rhodan’s story that they will give the Druufs important Arkonide intelligence.

During the Terran Commando team’s journey towards the rift zone, the NEWBORN is intercepted by an Arkonide cruiser. Ras Tschubaï, who is part of Tifflor’s team, teleports on board and sabotages the reactor, provoking an apparently accidental explosion of the vessel. The NEWBORN then takes flight directly to the rift zone where the Arkonide ships continue to maintain a blockade. However, it is a camouflaged Druuf ship that first makes contact with the NEWBORN. It takes the NEWBORN under tow with a tractor beam, and pulls it through the temporal rift into the Druuf universe.

On Siamed, the Council of the Sixty-six sits in session, and the concern reigns: after a long status quo, the Arkonide vessels begin showing suspicious movement in the rift zone sector. Although it is actually ship redeployments in order to capture the NEWBORN, the Druufs are persuaded that an attack against their system is imminent, and that their slower temporal rhythm will handicap them in the battle to come.

Rhodan arrives in the rift zone with the DRUSUS and the KUBLAI KHAN in order to help Tifflor if needed and to be in contact with the secret base on Hades. He remains on his guard opposite the Arkonide vessels, in spite of the Regent's obvious kindness. Rhodan knows the Regent won’t hesitate to destroy him if the least occasion arises.

Tifflor makes contact with the Druufs on Siamed. He attempts to convince them that he disapproves of the Terran talks in progress with the Regent, and that the Arkonides are going to attack them with the blessing of the Earth. Tifflor asks to speak to the Council on Siamed, which he hopes to manipulate with the help of Ellert. But the Druuf representative assigned to him assures him that the Druufs already took all measures necessary in order to repulse an invasion of the Arkonide robot cruisers. In addition, the Druuf asks Tifflor to remain and assume command of one of their squadrons: his quicker temporal rhythm will somewhat minimize the disadvantage of the Druufs in this respect. Tifflor is appalled by this proposition, but if he wants to remain faithful to his role, he must accept. He scuttles the NEWBORN and embarks with his men on board of one of the Druuf vessels.

Pucky travels by transmitter from the DRUSUS to Hades in order to maintain contact with the telepathic transmitter previously implanted in Tifflor’s body.

Tifflor despairs because he won't be able to carry through Rhodan’s plan to push the Druufs into a vast offensive against the Regent thereby causing the loss of thousands of vessels on both sides. Fortunately his concerns are unwarranted since the Regent, more than ever convinced of the importance of capturing the Terran deserters, acts instead and sends twenty thousand cruisers through the temporal rift.

Tifflor and his men will be the first in line to face them. Tifflor himself is now in command of fifteen thousand Druuf units. Rhodan’s plan finally comes to fruition.

The detectors of the Druuf fleet signal the approach of the Arkonide squadrons. Thanks to their tactical expertise and to their faster temporal rhythm, the Terrans lead with success several attacks against the Regent's fleet. But the Arkonides adapt quickly to the maneuvers of the Druufs, and reestablish the balance. The losses on all sides are enormous. The Druuf flagship is seriously damaged in the battle. When Tifflor attempts to reach a lifeboat, he is wounded by a Druuf robot. Pucky detects Tifflor’s weakening telepathic transmitter, and goes back on board the DRUSUS to warn Rhodan.

While the two Terran battlecruisers get ready to enter the Druuf universe to rescue Tifflor’s group, the Regent suddenly attempts to destroy them, and they must make an emergency transit thru the temporal rift.

Tifflor’s men regroup on board of a Druuf lifeboat which is equipped for linear space flight. Marshall notices that the colonel is missing, and Tschubai returns to look for him. He is successful in rescuing Tifflor.

Andre Noir attempts to take over the Druuf pilot of the lifeboat, but the effort it takes is too strenuous for him and he faints. The Terrans are forced to wound the Druuf pilot. His thoughts then become easier to decipher for Marshall, and he reads in the mind of the wounded Druuf pilot that the lifeboat is equipped with a linear drive and, in addition, he learns how to fly the small vessel. Thus, the commando team succeeds in reaching the base on Hades.

The lifeboat is quickly disassembled and sent by transmitter on board the DRUSUS and the KUBLAI KHAN. Colonel Tifflor’s mission ends on a double success: both the Druufs and the Regent loose innumerable vessels, and the Terrans are in possession of a ship with a linear propulsion that they will be able to study.

The Druuf prisoner refuses the care of the Terran physicians and, as a result, dies.

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83 - Hallo Topsid, bitte melden!
Planet Topide, Please Reply
Kurt Brand

On New Years Eve 2044, Reginald Bell cuts his thumb while breaking a glass of cognac, an incident that he considers a bad sign or omen for the coming year.

The Regent's activities worry the leading personalities of the Solar Imperium. In one year, the rift zone with the universe of the Druufs will become unstable and the Robot Regent will then be able to dedicate all its attention (and military strength) on the Earth. More and more robot-ships are being handed over to organic commanders, to include Aras and Springers. When Rhodan is informed that even some Topides are taking command of Arkonide units, he is seized by a quick concern. Indeed, since the Vega campaign, the reptilian beings have know the position of the Earth to within twenty-seven light-years.

Rhodan decides to mount an operation on their home world, the planet Topide. All mutants are convened. The battleship KUBLAI KHAN is prepared. Some spies are unmasked in time by Pucky and the entire group of conspirators is stopped. The Terran plan against the Topides includes using field generators of very high frequency to cut off all hypercom communication between the planet Topide and the rest of the galaxy. The KUBLAI KHAN is disguised as an Arkonide ship, and the crewmembers are also disguised to appear as Arkonides.

Just before departing, Rhodan is informed that his son, Thomas Cardif, made a subversive speech against him. He orders to the commander of the garrison on Pluto to treat his son like any other officer. Cardiff will be court martialed.

On 6 January 2044, Operation Kamikaze begins. Accompanied by about ten other ships, the KUBLAI KHAN arrives at the Topide System. The hypercom ionization field is erected around the system and Rhodan announces his arrival. A Topide squadron attempts to intercept the KUBLAI KHAN but it is forced to retreat.

The KUBLIA KHAN lands. Rhodan appears extremely distant and arrogant towards a delegation that comes to welcome him. He is informed that two Arkonide cruisers have arrived to embark some Topides. Pucky goes into action to eliminate all danger on this side.

Rhodan gets information on all Topides who participated seventy years earlier in the Vega campaign or who possessed reports regarding this operation. The mutants spread out to erase everywhere where possible the information on Vega. Ultimately, the communications blockade does not stop the Arkonides from becoming suspicious and intervening. At least two thousand Arkonide ships emerge in the system. The KUBLAI KHAN takes off at the last moment, having to wait for the return of the last mutants.

Seriously damaged, the KUBLAI KHAN is finally destroyed, and with it the fictiv transmitter that had been installed on board. The survivors flee on board of a lifeboat.

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84 - Rekruten für Arkon
Recruits For Arkon
Clark Darlton

A conference takes place in the Solar Imperium’s Government headquarters between Rhodan, Bell, Khrest, Atlan and Captain Gorlat of the Solar Defense. In one year, the rift between the Druuf Universe and the normal universe will be closed again. At that time, the Regent will once again be able to turn its whole attention to the search for Earth. Anticipating this future threat, Rhodan decides to finally bring the rule of the Regent to an end: either by destroying it or by deactivating it by means of a security device which both Khrest and Atlan presume exists. The first problem is to arrive incognito on Arkon. The path passes thru the planet Zalit.

Jeremy Toffner, agent of the Solar Defense, has been stationed on Zalit for three years under the identity of Garak, the promoter of fights between animals and gladiators in the arenas of Tagnor, the global capital. Rhodan asks him to watch for any unusual activity by the Arkonides on Zalit.

Several weeks later, the Zalite government encourages the recruitment of volunteers in the Arkonide fleet . And many Zalites already whisper that forced conscription could be coming soon. The birds of bad omen are right: the Arkonide admiral Calus of Monizer disembarks on Zalit and states that the number of Zalite volunteers is not enough as far as the Regent is concerned.

The business relationships and friends of Garak ask him to hide them in the old catacombs under the arenas: they don't want to serve as cannon fodder for Arkon. Garak himself falls under the mobilization order. Therefore, Toffner decides to disappear in his turn, and sends a report to Rhodan on the evolution of the situation on Zalit.

The message from Jeremy Toffner reinforces Rhodan’s idea: to reach Arkon disguised as Zalite draftees. A group of two hundred men is prepared: surgical intervention and elaborate make-up, as well as indoctrinator sessions, in order to give them the appearance and the knowledge of true Zalites. Jeremy Toffner is assigned to find a discreet shelter where the matter transmitters can be installed. He gives this mission to Hhokga, a Zalite friend who is too old to be drafted by the Arkonides. Hhokga chooses a cave site between Tagnor and the city of Larg. He sets up a radio beacon there.

The DRUSUS makes a very quick pass by Zalit, and by fictiv transmitter, sends matter transmitters to the coordinates demarcated by Toffner in the caves. The DRUSUS immediately leaves once this action is complete but not before being detected by the Arkonides. The CALIFORNIA, with the commando team on board, emerges near Zalit and several Arkonide surveillance vessels.

The CALIFORNIA avoids the interception squadrons and, via the matter transmitters, the two hundred men of the commando team disembark on Zalit, in the cave prepared by Toffner’s people. From the caves, the teleporters reach the catacombs in Tagnor and the commando team begins to get settled in.

Meanwhile, the supreme ruler of Zalit, the zarlt Kosoka, endures the reproaches of admiral Calus for his lack of readiness to obey the Regent's orders. While throwing into question the Regent's methods, Kosoka submits to the admiral.

In order "to wake the good will" of the Zalites, admiral Calus begins a set of daily speeches that are televised throughout Zalit. He is listened to attentively by Rhodan, and by Sergeant Roger Osega who presents a close physical resemblance to Calus. The biologists and the surgeons of the commando group turn Osega into an exact copy of the admiral.

Pucky and Ras Tschubai teleport Calus-Osega into the office of the authentic admiral, and bring back the real Calus to the catacombs. Calus-Osega plays the admiral's role marvellously, pronouncing the propaganda speeches to the people, and enforcing the Regent's orders, to include making all Zalites pass before a draft board. The Terrans will utilize this opportunity to enroll themselves in the Arkonide fleet. Tako Kakuta will be the first among them: to avoid being stopped by a robot, he brings other volunteers with him.

The Terrans with Kakuta include the hypno André Noir. Some robots are reprogrammed to obey them, and Noir takes the Arkonide officers under his control. This action facilitates the incorporation of 150 Terrans of the group, who are finally joined by Rhodan, Bell and Atlan. Major Rosberg remains with 50 men on Tagnor in order to reinforce the Terran position and to keep contact with Calus-Osega by way of the mutants.

Toffner, who can now once again move freely throughout the city thanks to a pass signed by the false admiral Calus, travels to meet Hhokga in Larg. He puts his friend in charge of forming a caravan, supposedly to bring back animals for the arena games. In reality, the caravan will actually transport the matter transmitters from the caves to the underground catacombs in Tagnor.

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85 - Kampfschule Naator
Conflict Center: Naator
Clark Darlton

A group of two hundred recalcitrant Zalites who are resisting mobilization by the Arkonides hide in the mountains between Tagnor and Larg. A member of this group, Rhog, dreams of an action which will prove the resistance of the planet to the Arkonide authority. He convinces his chief to institute and carry out an operation to murder Admiral Calus, the military governor of Zalit, and it is he that is designated to accomplish this patriotic act. Rhog gets under way toward the capital, hoping to join a caravan. One evening, he stumbles by chance on the concealed camp of a group of Zalites. Are they Traders? Deserters? Rhog is unsure but he is soon captured by a sentry. The ten Zalites of the group immediately discover that the papers of Rhog are false. Rhog pretends that he wants to join these Zalites who happen to be traveling to Tagnor. The chief of the group, Murgo, agrees to allow Rhog to accompany them. They will leave, he says, as soon as someone has delivered to them certain materials.

Flashback: Terran agent Jeremy Toffner travels to the city Larg where, under the identity of Garak, he convinces Hhokga the animal trader to help him organize a caravan to transport important equipment to Tagnor. That caravan is the one that will eventually meet Rhog. Toffner cannot help but have a premonition of doom while setting up this equipment transport.

Rhodan and his group of false-Zalites wait for transportation to Arkon. Thanks to the teleporters, they maintain the link with the double of Calus, Sergeant Roger Osega, and with Major Rosberg in the catacombs.

Three Terrans, disguised as Zalites, are discretely teleported to the hiding place of the transmitter, where Murgo and his caravan waits for them. The three Terran soldiers activate the transmitter, and on the agreed time, the equipment is sent from the light cruiser CALIFORNIA. The packets are confided to Murgo and his caravan. One of the Terrans remarks that there is one more man than expected - Rhog - but their chief doesn't judge it important. The convoy takes the road to Tagnor. Rhog realizes the difficulty of his mission, but he is inspired to carry it through. He must nevertheless be on his guard and avoid saying too much about it to Murgo and his companions.

A new contingent of draftees is embarked for Arkon. This time, Rhodan and his Terran commandos are part of it. They leave Major Rosberg on Zalit, with instructions not to contact them by hypercom except in cases of extreme emergency. Unfortunately, a setback waits for Rhodan and the Terrans: they don’t land on Arkon itself. The Arkonide Admiral Sénekho greets the new recruits in a military training camp on Naator, a moon of the fifth planet of the Arkon system.

The future soldiers must submit to a new medical exam, more extensive than the one they underwent on Zalit, and this exam is led by the Aras, the Galactic Physicians. The Terrans are at risk of being recognized immediately, either by a test of intelligence, or by an x-ray of their skeleton which is very different from the Arkonide skeletal type of the Zalites. The hypno, Andre Noir, must take all the Aras under complete mental control. In order to give him sufficient time for this difficult task, the teleporters carry an extensive operation of sabotage on Naator. While Ras Tschubaï places several bombs throughout the training camp, Noir and Okura search the hospital for the Aras. The first contact with the chief physician fails and turns into disaster, because the Ara surprises Noir by means of a surveillance device. Fortunately, the intervention of Okura diverts the attention of the Ara allowing Noir to successfully gain mental control of the Ara.

The sabotage attempts bear fruit. Admiral Sénekho suspects a rebellion of the Naats, and he forbids them access to the military facilities. This requires some modifications, however, in the organization of the camp, and the medical exams are temporarily suspended. Tako and Ras continue to scatter some bombs everywhere on Naator, adding to the confusion. Noir puts this delay to good use and “treats” the other Galactic Physicians. Finally, the acts of sabotage can stop. The medical exams take place and the Terrans pass undetected due to the excellent work of Noir. While all seems to be going well on Naator, bad news arrives from Zalit...

Murgo and his men arrive in Tagnor. An Arkonide officer discovers the false papers of Rhog whom he stops, while he allows the rest of the caravan to enter in city. Rhog succeeds in escaping the vigilance of his guards and disappears in the maze of the old streets of the capital.

Meanwhile, Pucky and Calus-Osega discuss the overall operation’s progress. The convoys of Zalite recruits heading to Arkon have been suspended, without the false-admiral having been informed of the reasons. Pucky sees the hand of Rhodan in this fact. The material sent by the CALIFORNIA has been safely routed to the underground hiding place of the arena. Pucky and Osega talk about an Arkonide officer under their hypnotic control who contributed to the equipment’s safe arrival. As an aside, they also mention that he is the officer who intercepted an extra Zalite in the caravan to bring to the Terrans, but unfortunately, this Zalite (who unknown to them happens to be Rhog) escaped. The mousebeaver believes that this Zalite is a deserter. He has been unsuccessful in locating the Zalite by telepathy.

Temporarily safe, Rhog continues with his one-man suicide mission. The Zalite succeeds in entering the Zalite capital’s broadcast station at the time of Calus-Osega’s daily speech. He kills Osega whom he believes to be the real Arkonide admiral but immediately pays for it with his life. His heroic act is a major setback for the Terran operation.

Rosberg informs Rhodan of this reverse. The body of the false-Calus is going to be repatriated on Arkon where it is to be buried with honors due its rank. If an autopsy is carried out, the anatomical differences between Terrans and Arkonides would immediately betray the substitution. Rhodan orders Major Rosberg to intervene with the mutants.

In the meantime, the Terran commandos on Naator are given an Arkonide battlecruiser of eight hundred meters in diameter, the KOR-VELETE, under the command of Ighur-Atlan and Sesete-Rhodan. The officers will continue to train their men on this spaceship. Many authentic Zalites are added to the crew, forcing the Terrans to control their behavior.

The squadron to which the KOR-VELETE belongs carries out several trial flights, to the satisfaction of Admiral Sénekho. On Zalit, the murder of Calus entailed a hardening of the Arkonide policies. Thanks to the relations of Jeremy Toffner, alias Garak, Major Rosberg learns that the remains of the false admiral Calus are in a robot-ship ready to get under way. Pucky teleports himself on board and steals the sergeant’s remains. To erase all trace, Ivan Goratchin then explodes the vessel. The body of Roger Osega is buried in a crypt under Tagnor’s arena.

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86 - Der Schlüssel zur Macht
Power Key
K.H. Scheer

On Naator, the instruction of the new recruits is finished. On 18 March 2044, the group that includes the Terran Commando Team takes off for Arkon III. Atlan has dark thoughts on the state of the Arkonide Fleet, which has been forced to entrust its vessels to robots and colonial races.

Once on Arkon, the squadron of cruisers led by Atlan’s ship, the KOR-VELETE, engages in space battle exercises. The dark mood of Atlan is not improved by the behavior of the degenerate Arkonide commodore that has been imposed upon him on board the flagship. Observing the intense activity on Arkon III, the former admiral becomes aware of the titanic task that the administration of the Arkonide Imperium, with all its colonies, represents. He wishes ardently that a security device exists that will permit a limitation to the Regents power so that it can be utilized only as an administrative computer.

The battle squadron led by the KOR-VELETE is judged ready for action. Before leaving for the front, the cruisers must first go to the shipyard for last minute maintenance and alterations. The crews of the ships benefit from this short delay when the Robot Regent approves shore leave for all personnel, allowing them to relax in one of the underground cities. In addition, Rhodan’s commando team benefits from this turn of events because their temporary living quarters during this short break are very near the Regents facilities.

Rhodan makes his decision: now is the time to strike! A group of ten men will attempt to destroy the energy power stations that nourish the giant robot.

But the Terrans only penetrate into supplementary facilities. The vital sectors for the Regent are protected by an impassable quintidimensionnel defense screen which cannot even be penetrated by the teleporters. The commando team must beat a quick retreat before the combat robots of the Robot Regent.

The Regent identifies the aggressors (Rhodan’s strike team) as Zalites. Hoping to catch them, it obliges all soldiers on leave in the underground cities to go back to their assigned quarters in a very short period of time, and then it kills any stragglers still in the streets. The teleporters are successful in transporting the entire commando team in just a few minutes back to their quarters - and safety.

Rhodan orders his explosives expert to start an Arkon bomb. Atlan opposes this decision in order to avoid the disintegration of the empire, but the Terran remains deaf to his arguments.

The Regent orders all Zalites in the underground cities evacuated under close guard by its combat robots.

The Arkon bomb doesn’t explode at the foreseen hour. The Regent presumably located it by its emissions and deactivated it. With the Regent now quickly closing in on the identity of the would-be saboteurs, the Terrans are obliged to attempt an escape from Arkon III, a decision doomed to failure.

As they are about to succumb to the superior numbers of Arkonide combat robots, Atlan, who is now desperate, reveals his identity and titles to the Regent, and voices his contempt for it. To the general surprise of all involved, his words trigger the security relay A-1, which in turn recognizes the right of Atlan to the imperial succession and banishes the Regent to an administrative role.

Rhodan’s complicated plan proves to be a long detour, but finally, the goal is reached. The Regent is dismissed and Atlan is now the master of the Great Imperium of Arkon.

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87 - Die Schläfer der ISC
The Sleepers
William Voltz

At 48 years of age, Maurice Dunbee, disappointed by life, decides to call on the service of the Intertime Sleeping Corporation (ISC) in order to have himself placed in an artificial sleep for a length of three hundred years. He is brought to the underground facilities of the ISC in Wyoming. But while the preparations are underway for himself and his sleeper vat, Maurice Dunbee discovers something that frightens him. He runs away and hides in the caves.

In April 2044, Jeanne Dunbee, the wife of Maurice Dunbee, hires the private detective Richard Kennof, a former member of the Solar Defense, to go to the ISC and convince Maurice Dunbee to change his mind about having himself put to sleep for three hundred years. Richard Kennof, who has been suspicious of the ISC’s activities for some time, sees Jeanne Dunbee’s offer as an opportunity and decides to take on the job. He infiltrates the ISC by applying as a potential customer, also known as a “Sleeper”. In order to come across as a more realistic customer, he simulates the bankruptcy of his business, and demands that Celia, a friend of his, play the part of an unfaithful fiancee. This makes his application to the Company more credible. He also gets help from Shane, a former colleague of his in the Solar Defense.

In a local office of the ISC, Richard Kennof is interrogated by the suspicious Mr. Me Artois, who finally accepts his application. With two other candidates, Kennof is taken to the main facilities of the ISC in Wyoming, where he undergoes a medical exam. Thanks to a micro-deflector that makes him invisible, he succeeds in placing a transmitter in the lower levels of the station. He then returns to visit the vats where the sleepers are stored but doesn't discover anything abnormal.

Shortly afterwards, he captures a quintidimentionnel signal that intrigues him. He discovers that the bodies of two other candidates have been sent by transmitter to an unknown location. However, during his unauthorized excursion through the base of the ISC, Kennof finally ends up being discovered. Pursued by the henchmen of Dunc Clinkskate, the chief of the base, Kennof takes refuge in the vat room and threatens to kill himself and, in the process, destroy the vats. He receives unexpected help from Doctor Le Boeuf, who works for the ISC but has decided at the last minute to change sides. Shortly afterwards, Le Boeuf is captured by the men of the ISC. Kennof then asks for a delay of twelve hours before surrendering, while hoping to be rescued in the meantime by Shane and Celia. Dunc Clinkskate accepts Kennof’s offer, but warns Owen Cavanaugh, the founder and president of the ISC. Kennof takes advantage of this delay to examine one of the sleepers more closely, and discover that the sleeper’s body is in fact an artificial disguise that contains a sleepy monster. The monster awakens and Kennof discovers that it is a Druuf.

Having received a S.O.S. from Kennof, Shane and Celia decide to intervene. They detain Cavanaugh and head for the Wyoming base of the ISC.

Dunc Clinkskate thinks back on how the whole enterprise began: the Druufs intercepted the broadcasts of a transmitter between the Earth and the Moon, which allowed them to discover the coordinates of the Earth and to enter into contact with Owen Cavanaugh, a wheeler-dealer without scruple. With Cavanaugh’s help, they set up the ISC, which is merely a means to allow an army of Druufs, to gradually infiltrate the Earth by means of a transmitter. The sleep candidates are sent by transmitter to the universe of the Druufs. In exchange, the Druufs send to Earth young Druufs who are hidden in the human sleeper disguises. The Druufs promise Cavanaugh the position of Solar Administrator once they have taken control of Earth.

When Shane and other members of the Solar Defense attack the ISC base, they meet resistance from Dunc Clinkskate’s musclemen. During this time, Kennof sets fire to the vat room, thereby killing the Druufs there.

Dunc Clinkskate and his men are neutralized, and the men of the Solar Defense link up with Kennof. During the battle, Doctor Le Boeuf succeeds in escaping from the cell where the men of the ISC had imprisoned him, and sacrifices himself by making an unauthorized (and therefore irregular and destructive) jump thru the transmitter joining the Wyoming base with the universe of the Druufs. Thus, the transmitter link between the Earth and the Druuf Universe is permanently severed.

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88 - Der Fall Kolumbus
The Columbus Affair
K.H. Scheer

May 11, 2044: From Arkon, Rhodan sends a message to the Earth to inform it of the fall of the Regent and the seizure of power by Atlan. He asks that the DRUSUS, under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Sikermann, arrives on Arkon after a stopover on Zalit to embark from it scientists and mutants. The DRUSUS leaves for Arkon the next day.

On Arkon III, Perry Rhodan attempts to make Atlan sign a treaty of mutual aid between the Solar Imperium and the Arkonide Imperium, but Atlan refuses to commit while assuring the Terran of his friendship. The DRUSUS arrives and Sikermann informs Rhodan of the aborted invasion attempt by the Druufs on Earth by way of a transmitter. Atlan, being better informed, affirms that he is nearly certain that the Druufs know the position of the Earth. Rhodan and the Terrans embark on the DRUSUS.

The solar fleet detects the emergence of space vessels forty-two year-light from the Earth, in the Capella system. Perry Rhodan, upon his return on Earth, believes that these space vessels are Druuf vessels. Khrest thinks that they are attempting to create a new passage into our universe. Rhodan organizes the defense of the Solar System. In spite of the precautionary measures taken by the Terran fleet, the Druufs localize the Solar System. They begin to accumulate gigantic numbers of troops and vessels in preparation for a direct attack on the Sol System.

Thousands of Druuf vessels attack the Solar System. In spite of their superior weapons, the numeric weakness of the solar fleet obliges Perry Rhodan to withdraw fleet formations positioned on the first line of defense at the orbit of Pluto. Before this situation, Rhodan solicits the help of the Arkonide Imperium.

In order to ask for the help of Ellert Ernst, who is always embodied in the scholarly Druuf Onot, Rhodan sends the CALIFORNIA, under the command of Julian Tifflor, with a group of mutants, into the universe of the Druufs. Once in the Siamed system, the mutants make contact with Ernst Ellert. He informs them that in orbit around Siamed XVI is the base that created the passage between the universe of the Druufs and ours. A daring action by the mutants permits the destruction of this base, thereby cutting off the Druuf fleet from its rear.

During this time, the solar fleet moves back gradually before the fleet of the Druufs. Suddenly the Arkonide fleet arrives accompanied by the fleet of the Springer Cokaze. These reinforcements and the closing of the door between universes seal the defeat of the fleet of the Druufs. Rhodan welcomes the Arkonides as allies, but demands that the Springers retire, suspecting them of subterfuge.

Now, the position of the Earth is known to all. A new era begins for the Solar Imperium.

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89 - Guckys große Stunde
Puckys Greatest Hour
Kurt Brand

On 2 June 2044, the situation is confusing on the Earth where great turmoil reigns. On the one hand the Springer Patriarch, Cokaze, occupies Mars and Venus with his fleet, on the other hand several voices rise up against Perry Rhodan complaining about his use of emergency powers stemming from the recent Druuf invasion. Not wanting to pass for a dictator, Rhodan plans to personally convince the parliamentarians. The parliament is getting ready to consider a vote of confidence and the Solar Administrator agrees to present himself before it. During the session that takes place three days later, a representative of the African group accuses Rhodan of misusing the Mutant Corps against the public. However, the tables are turned against the African representative, especially when Bell accuses the representative of having been involved in a shady business deal. It is at this moment that Rhodan is dismayed to learn that Thomas Cardif has deserted.

Perry Rhodan makes a call to Cokaze whose objective is to obtain a trade monopoly with Earth. The robot fleet of Arkon has withdrawn from the Solar System and Rhodan asks the Galactic Traders to do the same. Cokaze puts an end to the communication after having learned that Thomas Cardif waits for him on one of his vessels. At the same time, a rumor is circulated according to which Rhodan would have deliberately sent his sick wife to her death on Arkon. Cokaze meets Thomas Cardif and both agree to develop a plan which will lead to Rhodan’s downfall, if not the actual destruction of the Solar Imperium itself. Cardif wants to consult the Great Coordinator, ignorant of the fact that Atlan is now the real power in Arkon. The Regent answers that the laws of Arkon forbid interference in the business of another Empire. Next, Cardif distributes a message where he proclaims himself the new Solar Administrator.

Following Cardif’s announcement, many destructive acts of sabotage occur throughout the Solar Imperium (with the notable exceptions of Mars and Venus), stirring the publics rancor towards Rhodan. A state of emergency is declared on the Earth and the senators convene the parliament in extraordinary session. Rhodan receives Cokaze and his three eldest sons. John Marshall learns from their thoughts that Thomas Cardif is on the COKAZ I, the flagship of Cokaze. The Springers are ready to help the Solar Imperium but in return they continue to insist on a trade monopoly with the Earth. They are finally taken back to their ship. Later, Cokaze wants to double his attempts for a trade monopoly but Cardif advises him that prudence is the best course of action. He also warns Cokaze to especially be wary of the mutants.

The solar fleet positions itself between Mars, the Earth and Venus. Rhodan plans a commando operation against Thomas Cardif but he cancels it when he learns that the rumors about the death of Thora are spreading throughout the Imperium. Pucky then decides to act alone. He has himself brought to Venus by the vessel DON-4 and ultimately he reaches the COKAZ I. Meanwhile, Bell distributes to all the news networks the movie of the funeral of Thora where one sees Thomas Cardif refusing to hold out the hand to his father.

Pucky intervenes on the Springer flagship in order to stop some bombs from being used against the Earth. The alert is given on board, Cardif showing a lot of composure in relation to the panicky Springers. The hostility grows between Cokaze and Cardif with only their common interest in bringing down Rhodan keeping them as allies. Pucky joins Perry Rhodan on Earth and informs him that Thomas Cardif is absolutely convinced that Rhodan wanted the death of his mother.

The mutants go into action and sow confusion in the fleet of Cokaze. Several crews abandon their ships, others are destroyed to include the COKAZ I where Pucky destroys the nuclear power plants and propulsion system. Cokaze changes vessels and makes the COKAZ II his new flagship. On the advice of Cardif he hides the ship on the bottom of the Venusian ocean.

A hundred thousand specialists in interstellar navigation are sent to Arkon. In spite of the confusion, Perry Rhodan survives parliaments vote of confidence and is confirmed in his position as Solar Administrator. While concern reigns in regards to the fate of the three thousand Druuf vessels that took flight after the battle in the Sol System (The Columbus Affair), work continues to transform the Moon into a planetary arsenal.

Perry Rhodan gives the Springers five hours to leave the Solar System. Cokaze decides to launch an all-out attack against the Earth. Thomas Cardif interrogates two Terran prisoners who reveal that Atlan has taken power in Arkon. Made aware of this new fact, Cokaze changes his plans entirely. The news is of such importance that the Solar Imperium does not interest him anymore. And when the Arkonide reinforcements arrive, in the form of two thousand five hundred cruisers manned by the Terran specialists sent to Arkon, Cokaze accepts Rhodans ultimatum and withdraws from the system. The two prisoners are freed.

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90 - Atlan in Not
Atlan In Danger
Kurt Brand

The attention of the Solar Defense is attracted to Rabindranah Hindu. A physicist, he wrote an article recently on the linear propulsion of the Druufs that proved to be a hoax. Yet, the man still seems to be a genius and he is recruited by Rhodan to work on the scientific team studying the linear propulsion.

Perry Rhodan is informed that Thomas Cardif is now in the Rusuma System on the planet Archetz, the central world of the Springers. Cardif reveals to the whole galaxy that Atlan now hides behind the Regent. On 1 July 2044, Atlan confides his concerns over the latest developments to Perry Rhodan.

Some unexplained developments occur in the linear propulsion research department. Reginald Bell suspects Rabindranah, which awakens the suspicions of Rhodan since Bell usually does not display such suspicions about anybody without irrefutable proof. It turns out that Bell has been put under a hypnotic bloc. Three individuals in the research department are stopped and it is discovered that they used an Ara drug which temporarily gave them some psi powers. All three are linked to the C.H.G. Company located in Cape Town, South Africa. A search of the Company offices in Cape Town results in the discovery of a telecom connecting it to Cokaze.

Cokazes, Cardif and some other Springers meet with Ortece, president of the main bank of the Springers, in order to forge an alliance which will act against Atlan. Ortece refuses and Cokaze announces that he will then be forced to deal with the Aras. He also announces that his clan is going to withdraw all its accounts. Thomas Cardif is gaining greater influence over Cokaze and counsels him to stir up revolts on the worlds of the Arkonide Imperium.

Atlan appears worried about the number of seditious movements within the Arkonide Imperium and threatens the rebellious planets with the withdrawal of all Arkonide vessels from the Druuf Front.

The moons of one seditious system are brutally destroyed, but for Thomas Cardif it is proof that Atlan hides behind the Regent. The Robot Brain would have destroyed the seditious planet itself. Atual and Ortece, the heads of the "the Bank ", finally accept Cokaze’s offer. They must trigger a general inflation throughout the Arkonide Imperium.

The team of Bradley and Rabindranah finally complete a linear propulsion detector. Rhodan triggers Operation "Flyswatter ". Atlan places some robot units in the Rusuma System.

The CALIFORNIA, equipped with the detector, is able to detect the three thousand Druuf vessels in flight. The detector is transferred onto the DRUSUS which leaves in order to meet the Druuf fleet. Atlan informs Rhodan that confusion reigns in the Arkonide Imperium: inflation is rising, the Aras sell no more medications and a part of the fleet rebels. And when Atlan asks for the person's responsible the Robot Regent gives only one answer: "Rhodan". It does not specify if it is the father or the son.

The DRUSUS makes contact with the Druuf fleet and Perry Rhodan proposes a trade: he will indicate to the Druufs the path toward their own universe and in exchange their fleet must appear above a specific planet in an intimidation maneuver. Two hostages go voluntarily on board of a Druuf reconnaissance vessel: the teleporter, Tako Kakuta, and Doctor Brigonne. The Druuf vessel leaves in the direction of Archetz. The two Terrans place a miniature transmitter in an airlock so that Atlan can track them (since he does not have a linear propulsion detector on Arkon). The Druufs notice the transmitters presence but the teleporter intervenes and welds shut the access to the airlock. Nevertheless, the two hostages are still the primary suspects and are locked up.

Arkon withdraws its heavy units from the vicinity of Archetz. Thomas Cardif tracks the movements of the Arkonide fleet and advises Cokaze to withdraw from the Rusuma System as well. When the Druuf reconnaissance vessel comes back from the Rusuma System, Pucky exchanges the transmitter with another harmless device which diverts the Druuf suspicion away from the Terrans.

The Druuf Fleet then attacks Archetz, and contrary to the foreseen agreement, ravages the planet. The Druuf Fleet is, in turn, annihilated completely by the robot cruisers of Arkon. The two hostages can be rescued in time. Perry Rhodan believes that his son died on Archetz at the time of the attack. All rebellions within the Empire cease since it is realized that the Arkonide Fleet, controlled by Atlan, is still needed to protect all planets of the Arkonide Imperium from the ongoing Druuf threat.

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91 - Ernst Ellerts Rückkehr
Ernst Ellert Returns!
Clark Darlton

On Druufon, the capital of the Druufs, the physicist Onot, who shelters the mind of Ernst Ellert, is stopped by the police and is incarcerated in a cell. After having spent two days and three nights there, Ellert leaves his host's body and goes to Onot's secret lab in order to recover the metallic sheet containing the plans of the linear propulsion. He succeeds in this task by taking control of a police officer. Back in the body of Onot, he makes him activate a transmitter placed in his left arm.

The signal is received on Hades. The mutant announces that he is having difficulty controling Onot.

On 5 August 2044, Perry Rhodan is on Arkon III where he is preparing to return to Earth. Made aware by Marshal Freyt of the alert sent from the base on Hades, he immediately leaves for the Druuf universe. Onot is brought before some Druuf judges and Ellert tries at all costs to stop him from revealing that he is manipulated by a Terran mind. The body of Ernst Ellert, still stored in the mausoleum under the Gobi desert, shows signs of decomposition. It is brought by the quickest means available to Hades.

Onot is facing twelve judges and Ellert cannot control Onot's mind except for short periods of time. The events are followed from Hades thanks to Harno who broadcasts the pictures. Perry Rhodan, Ras Tschubai, Manoli and Pucky arrive on Druufon on board of a Gazelle whIch is hidden away in a narrow valley. They have brought the body of Ellert with them on the Gazelle.

While manipulating the mind of several guards, Ellert succeeds in allowing Onot to escape from the prison. He has Onot seize a glider in the spaceport. The glider is pursued by a squadron but the mutant succeeds in ridding himself of them. When he arrives at the secret laboratory, Onot is stopped by two dozen Druufs. He is placed in a glider which is to return him to the capital. The unusual powers of Ellert, revived by the proximity of his body, now allow him to take control of several Druufs at the same time and he manages to divert the glider. This time a global alarm is triggered.

Pucky locates Ellert and teleports to the Gazelle. Ellert keeps a promise he made to Onot and erases parts of his memory so that he will ultimately be found innocent by the judges. He then enters Pucky who teleports back to the Gazelle with the plans for the linear propulsion. The Gazelle reaches the base on Hades and all personnel of the base flee by matter transmitter to the DRUSUS in time before the Druuf vessels appear and destroy the base. Ernst Ellert recovers his body, although he lacks the right arm, the process of decomposition having been too far along. An artificial arm will be made to replace it.

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92 - Geheimmission Moluk
Secret Mission: Moluk
William Voltz

After having searched the house of Maatal and recovered some of his documents, the Solar Defense believes it has found the position of Moluk, one of the planets that was the goal of some Molecular Deformer colonists. Since the Molecular Deformers possess psychic powers, Rhodan and Mercant debate the opportunity to travel to this planet in order to meet them. Indeed, the Solar Imperium is in a delicate military situation and Rhodan is in search of new allies.

Colonel Everson, the mutant telepath Goldstein and eight other former crew members of the FAUN take off on board of the MEXICO and travel to the planet Moluk which is twenty thousand light years from Earth. After spending forty-eight hours surveying the Greenol System, the vessel lands on Moluk which seems to be inhabited only by primitive beings. At thirty-four meters of altitude, the antigrav propulsion unit cuts out and the vessel crashes to the ground. It will be necessary to carry out repairs which will take four weeks to complete. Weiss, Goldstein and Morton leave on a reconnaissance mission and discover a city inhabited by the primitive inhabitants of the planet. Based on their appearance, these primitive beings are named the “Greens”.

About thirty Greens attack the trio who defend themselves and capture one of the attackers. After four days and thanks to the translator device, the captured Green, named Murgut, can communicate with them. He explains to the Terrans that his people are terrorized by the" Pain Within" from the desert. At the same time Goldstein sees his mutant faculties neutralized. After some research it is determined that the Greens, unbeknownst to themselves, have a natural ability to neutralize psychic faculties and that probably due to this fact the Molecular Deformers have remained at a distance in the desert. Everson decides to put together an expedition, with the help of the Greens, which will go in search of the Molecular Deformers in the desert. However, out of superstition and fear, the Greens refuse to accompany them into the desert. Only the very old Green, Napoleon, informs them that there is a Tower in the desert and agrees to guide them.

Everson, accompanied by about thirty men, penetrates into the desert guided by Napoleon. Very quickly some strange phenomena occur: the goniometer disappears and crewman Bellinger shrinks before the horrified eyes of his friends for a few seconds before resuming his normal size, but not before being wounded by a rat. After some deductions, Everson concludes that these occurrences are a warning from the Molecular Deformers but he decides to continue. During the night a terrifying sand hurricane is released, carrying away a major portion of the equipment and hurting several men of the expedition. In addition, Napoleon is now missing. However, the wind seems to have brought them closer to their goal because in the morning they see the Tower.

The Tower is hundred fifty meters in height and has a hexagonal cross section. It is disfigured by crevasses and rips. It is determined that the Tower is, in fact, a stranded space ship. Napoleon's tracks guide them to an opening through which Everson, Goldstein, Sternal, Weiss and Bellinger decide to enter. They find Napoleon who now tells them his true history. He is not a Green but the last representative of the Molecular Deformers – he is the last member of his race, his planet having been accidentally destroyed by his people. The last vessel was stranded on Moluk and its crew of five thousand Molecular Deformers died. Napoleon wants to seize the MEXICO and keep the five men as prisoners. Meanwhile four men led by Dr. Morton penetrate in their turn into the ship. The first group notes that their prison cell is not real and that they have in fact been hypnotized; they escape and then continue to explore the wreckage.

An emergency expedition from the MEXICO led by Scoobey and guided by Murgut sets out to help the members of the first expedition. The men of Dr. Morton’s group feel strange earthquakes inside the ship. Goldstein, surrounded by his four unconscious companions, starts a psychic duel with Napoleon, just as he had done with Maatal on board of the FAUN (in Episode #74 “The Horror”). He unknowingly uses Murgut as a psychic relay and, as a result, Murgut begins to feel very sick. Napoleon defeats Goldstein and succeeds in taking over the nine men of Everson’s and Dr. Morton’s groups.

Soon afterwards Napoleon takes control of all thirty men of the first expedition and everybody gets under way toward the MEXICO.

They then join the group led by Scoobey. Goldstein attempts to escape the mental ascendancy of the Molecular Deformer again but he fails. Fortunately Murgut’s presence weakens Napoleon's psychic power considerably. Goldstein breaks free from Napoleon’s control and attempts to kill him. He is still met by significant resistence from Napoleon but the Molecular Deformer’s hostile attitude towards the Terrans activates a robot which came with the second expedition. This robot kills Napoleon with a single thermobeam shot. The expedition members of the MEXICO are freed but they were unsuccessful in finding new allies for the Earth.

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93 - Der Feind im Dunkel
Enemy In The Dark
Kurt Mahr

On Opghan, in the Ep-Hog System, the robot Ptal, in the service of the Arkonide Imperium, is attacked and destroyed by an unknown attacker. The Terran cruiser FINMARK is sent to investigate the “murder” of Ptal on this aquatic world which is inhabited by the amphibious Ephogers. After landing on Opghan, part of the FINMARK’s crew rebels for unknown reasons.

The Terrans become prisoners of the Springers and Aras who installed a secret base on Opghan. They learn that the Ephogers are the product of genetic manipulations begun a long time ago by the Aras on the original Arkonide colonists without their knowledge. From the undersea Psimo forests, the Galactic Physicians are now extracting a precious drug which is responsible for the behavior of the FINMARK’s crew. With the help of three Ephogers, the Terrans free themselves. Perry Rhodan and the Terran battleship BARBAROSSA appear in the Ep-Hog System, attracted by a radio call from the FINMARK, and put an end to the plots of the Aras and Springers on Opghan.

Michael Mahoney 2012-09-15

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94 - Die flammende Sonne
Blazing Sun
Clark Darlton

The natural communication (temporal overlap zone) between the Druuf universe and the Einstein universe deteriorates from day to day. The incursions of the Druufs become rarer. On Rhodan's orders, Lieutenant Grenoble patrols with a Gazelle on the outskirts of the rift zone. About ten Druuf ships materialize close to the Gazelle and set course in the direction of a blue star. Five other Druuf ships suddenly appear but dissappear at the same time due to the disintegration of the temporal overlap zone in that sector of space. Perry Rhodan asks Grenoble to return to the DRUSUS which then sets coarse for the blue sun. He decides to attack the Druuf vessels in order to make a demonstration by force for the Aras and Springers who are watching from a distance. In fact, when he starts out to confront the Druufs two Springer vessels observe him from afar. Rhodan attacks the Druuf ships on a planet of the blue star and destroys seven of them. The remaining three Druuf vessels take off and flee. Two are destroyed in flight whereas the last is allowed to escape. Atlan calls Rhodan by hypercom to inform him that he lacks competent Arkonide collaborators and then asks him to recover the Ship of the Ancestors. Rhodan returns to Earth to consult with commander Lund who was the commanding officer of the ARCTIC at the time of its discovery of the Ship of the Ancestors. In Terrania Pucky is on vacation. He pushes Bell, who is bathing, into the center of Goshun Lake by telekinesis. They are interrupted by the return of Rhodan who asks for them on board the DRUSUS.

Lund recalls his men to the ARCTIC while wondering why he must abandon the retraining of his crew that has hardly just begun. He receives the order to dock the ARCTIC in the hangers of the DRUSUS and to join Perry Rhodan. Pucky informs Lund about what really happened on the Ship of the Ancestors. They leave to search for the ship but upon arriving at the last known position determine that it has disappeared without leaving a trace. Rhodan believes that it may have made a transition through hyperspace and, therefore, it will now be like looking for a needle in a haystack. But Lund recalls that all transitions are recorded and archived in Terrania. Back on Earth, they determine that there was only one transition in that particular sector of space. The transition was for a distance of 20.3 light-years and it took place on September 10, 2044, eighteen days earlier.

On the Ship of the Ancestors the robots continue to serve the members of the last generation. During a meeting O-1 (the First Officer) proposes that they make a transition. He is supported by M-7 and D-3. Although he disagrees at first, C-1 (The Commander) gives into the majority and gives his permission. The transition succeeds but the space drive subsequently breaks down. At the time of a daily inspection of the vessel, M-7 and M-4 meet D-3. D-3 states that he just saw a shadow disappearing toward the cryogenic rooms. He then sent a robot into the room of the sleepers but the robot had not returned. In the room of the sleepers, Alos and Commodore Ceshal, members of the first generation, as well as many of the other Sleepers begin to wake up. At the time of the arrival of the robot they detain it and make it explain the situation. Ceshal then leaves the cryogenic storage room and makes contact with M-4, M-7 and D-3. When he learns that more than one hundred thousand Arkonide Sleepers are waking up, D-3 accompanies Ceshal to C-1 while leaving M-7 and M-4 as sentries by the door to the cryogenics storage room. C-1 decides to provide supplies and clothing to the ancestors (Sleepers) but not to let them out of the cryogenic storage chamber. Unfortunately, thousands of Sleepers do break out and overcome M-7 and M-4. Ceshal returns to the ancestors but by that time the Sleepers have managed to capture the entire deck of the ship where the cryogenic chamber is located. To conquer the rest of the vessel, Ceshal decides to block the renewal of air throughout the ship.

Detecting the decreasing oxygen content of the air in the Control Center, C-1 makes contact with Ceshal and decides to open all bulkheads. He invites Ceshal to come to the control center with his specialists. Arriving in the Control Room, Ceshal is given back the command of the ship by C-1 but by this time it is a meaningless title since they have already lost control of the vessel, the intercom system having been cut. On the Ship of Ancestors anarchy now reigns. Alos puts together a group of seven heavily armed robots and programs them as a personal guard detail. Protected by this robot detail he travels to the machine room in order to attempt to repair the engines.

Meanwhile, a Terran Cruiser finally locates the Ship of the Ancestors on September 29, 2044. The Arkonide ship, lacking any form of effective propulsion, is drifting toward the center of a sun named Magnus. Rhodan arrives at the scene with the DRUSUS. Ras Tschubai and Pucky teleport onto the Ship of the Ancestors. Arriving in the Control Center and aware of the situation, Pucky decides to go to the engine room while Ras remains in the control center to act as link between the two groups.

In the engine room, Erkal, Tunuter and Alos succeed in getting three engines operational. In another area of the Ship of Ancestors, Unista and Talassi as well as a group of awakened ancestors attempt without success to get to the Control Center. As an alternative they take over the fire control center of the ship. Detecting the DRUSUS which they do not realize is actually attempting to pull the Ship of the Ancestors from the gravitational field of Magnus, they decide to attack the Terran flagship. The DRUSUS, with the Ship of Ancestors in tow, slowly moves away from Magnus. But then Rhodan sees the muzzles of thermo cannons preparing to fire on the DRUSUS. He orders the defense shields raised but, as a result, the DRUSUS is no longer able to pull the Ship of Ancestors away from Magnus. Pucky teleports to Erkal who decides to cut the energy supply to the fire control center. Once the shooting stops the DRUSUS gets back under way. To reestablish order on the Ship of Ancestors Rhodan decides to send narcotic gas into the air conditioning system. Pucky arrives in the Control Center of the Ship of the Ancestors with gasmasks for Ceshal, Erkal and their friends. With the Arkonide vessel’s hyperdrive effectively out of order, Atlan sends five troop transport vessels to take the Arkonide ancestors back to Arkon for repatriation.

Michael Mahoney 2012-10-03

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95 - Himmel ohne Sterne
The Starless Realm
Clark Darlton

The hundred thousand Arkonides discovered on the Ship of the Ancestors have been successfully brought back to Arkon. Suddenly, the immortal calls Perry Rhodan requesting that he comes to Wanderer. The DRUSUS initially sets course for Venus in order to get Wanderer’s coordinates but the immortal saves Rhodan this side trip by transmitting the coordinates directly to the DRUSUS once it departs from Arkon. When Rhodan’s flagship arrives at the coordinates, the immortal appears in the form of Pucky and affirms that it needs Perry Rhodan’s help. It is about the Barkonides with whom it no longer has any contact – IT can no longer sense their thoughts.

Wuriu Sengu, Rhodan and Pucky depart from Wanderer on board of a vessel materialized by the immortal and in a brief period of time travel the hundreds of thousands of light-years separating them from Barkon. They land on the planet, but the ground is covered entirely by snow and there is no longer any atmosphere.

They leave the vessel that immediately disappears. It is programmed to return upon Rhodan’s first request. Pucky repeatedly senses some thoughts but there is nobody in the vicinity that is visible. They are then attacked by invisible creatures. They first try in vain to impose their will upon the minds of Rhodan and his companions but when this fails, they use conventional thermal weapons. Rhodan, Sengu and Pucky succeed in penetrating into the underground facilities of the Barkonides and reach a section where breathable air is still present. In the Barkonide Control Center, they find the button which starts up all the generators again. They push this button down at regular intervals but someone then releases the button thereby turning off the generators again. They finally discover an immense room where the Barkonides are in a unique form of suspended animation that does not require freezing.

Rhodan wakes up the four leading Barkonides in a room directly adjacent to the Control Center: Regoon, Laar, Gorat and Nex. They inform Rhodan that after fifty years of flight without incident, Barkon was attacked by unknown invisible aliens. The breathable air was then transformed into snow and the surface cameras deactivated. Then the reactors stopped working. As a precaution, the Barkonides placed their entire population into a temporary artificial sleep.

They return to the Control Center and the button that turns on the reactors is permanently soldered into the “on” position with a thermal weapon. One of the invisible aliens attempts to directly intervene in the Control Room but Rhodan’s team and the four Barkonides concentrate their weapons on the invisible being who then briefly appears before dying and dissolving into thin air. A force field is constructed around the planet to protect it.

Rhodan, Pucky and some Barkonide specialists inspect the surface where the atmosphere is being reestablished little by little. They witness the departure of four vessels of the Invisibles. The immortal then contacts Perry Rhodan and learns what has happened on Barkon over the past fifty years.

Sengu, Rhodan and Pucky return to the Milky Way where they learn that while one week went by for them on Barkon, only four hours passed on the DRUSUS. Upon the request of Rhodan, a cellular shower is granted to Rhodan and his closest co-workers. While the DRUSUS takes off, Rhodan worries about a future meeting with the Invisibles.

Michael Mahoney 2012-10-12

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96 - Der Anti
The Mystery Of The Anti
K.H. Scheer

A ceremony takes place on Arkon where Atlan attends the fourth session of the Grand Council. He has business with the Arkonides of the Council who are hostile to him and don't propose anything constructive. During the following night, an unknown individual enters Atlan's quarters and steals his cellular activator, thereby leaving him only sixty hours to live. Atlan asks Perry Rhodan for help.

Rhodan arrives with the DRUSUS and two frigates. Thanks to a device developed by the Swoons, they are able to search for the activator. In the same way, a blockade is formed around Arkon II. The pilot of a private vessel is interrogated, at which time he endures strange headaches. He is convinced he conducted two field officers to Arkon II on Atlan’s orders. His mental block is raised and the content of his true memory is projected onto a screen. The Regent identifies one of men as being Segno Kaata, the Grand Priest of the cult of Bâalol on Arkon II.

An assault is made on the temple of Bâalol on Arkon. The mutants realize that their special faculties don't function anymore. It proves that the Bâalols are anti-mutants, and are therefore given the name "Antis". Atlan enters into contact with Segno Kaata, stating he possesses a spare activator. The Anti ends up escaping aboard an oval vessel. A corvette takes up the chase.

The Anti vessel rematerializes in the Gala system. The corvette opens fire, forcing it to crash on a moon. Kaata survives the crash and the Terrans pursue him. To pierce his protective screen, Perry Rhodan uses a bow and arrow, since the screen repulses only energy weapons and not material objects. Kaata is killed and the activator is recovered.

Michael P. Mahoney 2007-08-28

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97 - Preis der Macht
Powers Price
Kurt Brand

On 22 November 2044, Perry Rhodan escapes an assassination attempt on Arkon III. He is persuaded that Thomas Cardif is the instigator of it, although the Regent is not of this opinion. Several other attempts take place and all tracks lead to Archetz, the planet of the Springers that was believed destroyed by the Druufs. It is in fact intact and the Galactic Merchants have organized themselves beneath the surface of the planet.

The actions of the Terrans focus on the Soltenites, who have the strange reputation as being liars. It is Rhodan who gave everyone the order to include them in the upcoming operation to find Thomas Cardif on Archetz but he does not remember himself why he included the Soltenites as part of the plan. The Terran Solar Defense and other specialists search for information on contracts between the Springer Cokaze and the Soltenites.

On Archetz, encoded communications between Terrania and the Regent are intercepted. Thomas Cardif has fallen into disgrace after the failure of the theft of Atlan’s cellular activator. Only Cokaze is again on his side.

The DRUSUS leaves for the Forit system, the home system of the Soltenites. It is finally determined that it was Pucky who put the idea of the Soltenites in the head of Rhodan. He had extricated this name from the thoughts of Cokaze several months before when the Springers were still on Venus. Once the Terran Commando Team arrives in the Forit system, the DRUSUS paralyzes the crew of a Soltenite vessel and seventeen Terrans take their place disguised as Soltenites. They leave with the captured Soltenite vessel for Archetz.

Once it has landed on Archetz, an explosion is triggered aboard the Soltenite vessel, the LORCH-ARTO, in order to permit the disguised Terrans to remain long enough on the planet Archetz. Mutants begin searching for Thomas Cardif but at the end of one week, they still have not found him. The various mysterious events triggered by Pucky attract the attention of Cardif. When the LORCH-ARTO is finally repaired, Pucky comes back aboard with Thomas Cardif. Rhodan and his team are then unmasked and the LORCH-ARTO is prevented from taking off by the Springers. Rhodan then calls Atlan for help.

The Terrans find shelter in the control tower just in time because the LORCH-ARTO is destroyed by the Springers. The arrival of Atlan's squadron permits them to leave Archetz safe and sound. Back on Arkon III, Thomas Cardif is submitted to an intense hypnotic block making him forget his identity and his origins.

Michael Mahoney 2012-11-18

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98 - Entfesselte Gewalten
Unleashed Powers
Kurt Brand

Insect-formed creatures land on the planet Vagabond, the world of the mousebeavers or Ilts, and begin the construction of devices that they call orghs. The mousebeavers, delighted with the godsend, "play" with these new toys and provoke a disaster that causes the destruction of most of the foreign vessels.

The energetic eruption is detected by the cargo ship POTOMAC that goes to investigate but does not detect anything special. Terrania, having also noticed the phenomenon, compares the data. It seems that it is about an energy that cannot exist. Perry Rhodan is immediately informed of it. But in spite of all efforts nothing is detected. The JANUS returns to the site of the energetic eruption. A blue stone made up of an unknown matter is discovered. It is determined that it is about a solidified organic energy.

For some time, Pucky has been depressed. He ends up revealing to Perry Rhodan that he is homesick. Understanding, the Solar Administrator grants him a one month leave of absence. On 5 January 2045, the mousebeaver leaves for the planet Vagabond with the corvette C-09. To his great horror, when he arrives he discovers that his planet of origin has changed orbit. He rushes to the surface and immediately undertakes to save his fellow mousebeavers who are attempting to survive the immense climatic changes.

He approaches the device that invoked the disaster. He attacks the orgh and succeeds in destroying it. A large, catastrophic explosion occurs. As the end approaches, Pucky succeeds in saving twenty-eight mousebeavers by teleporting them aboard the frigate BURMA which has come to the rescue. The planet Vagabond is destroyed completely.

Michael Mahoney 2011-08-31

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99 - Ein Freund der Menschen
Friend To Mankind
William Voltz

At the beginning of 2045, the Arkonide, Khrest, who sees his death approaching (old age), decides to spend his last days on a peaceful planet. His choice is "Khrest's World", a planet situated 6,381 light years from Earth. The SOLAR SYSTEM, with Perry Rhodan aboard, deposits the old Arkonide on the planet and constructs a house for him. Perry also gives him a Gazelle. The SOLAR SYSTEM then departs, leaving Khrest alone.

In space drifts the KASZILL, a vessel reduced to a state of wreckage, aboard of which has been banished three criminal Unithers: Golath, Liszog and Zerft. It crashes on Khrest's World, and the three individuals immediately attempt to appropriate the Gazelle. This is protected however by an energy shield. While the Unithers prowl around the Gazelle, Khrest penetrates into the Unither ship’s wreckage but he is captured by a device.

Like most brutal criminals, Zerft, wants to kill the Arkonide at once, but his companions persuade him to let their prisoner escape. In doing so, they hope to follow him and to seize the Gazelle. However, Khrest understands the ruse and, after having escaped, he finds shelter in a tree. Upon wakening, he sees Zerft attacked by an acid-thrower. He cannot let it kill Zerft and intervenes in Zerft's favor. Zerft shows no appreciation and attacks the Arkonide who ends up killing him.

On Earth, a sculptor gets permission to erect a statue of Khrest on January 24, 2045.

Extremely tired, Khrest re-enters the Unither ship wreckage where this time he must face Liszog. This one is wounded seriously by several horned burrowers and dies. The Arkonide then returns to the Gazelle and, after having been mortally wounded while facing Golath, kills this last Unither. Before taking his last breath, Khrest manages to send a message to Earth. His last thought is for a girl whom he had known at the age of eighteen years.

Michael P. Mahoney 2007-08-29

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