2600 - Das Thanatos-Programm
The Thanatos Program
Uwe Anton

It is six years after the end of the war against the Frequency Monarchy: These last years have been peaceful. The Trade Star JERGALL - a gift of the superintelligences ES and TALIN - was stationed in the Aurora system and now serves as a coordinating point with other galaxies of Polyport network. In the galaxy Andromeda they are discussing the idea of a local version of the Galacticum, while in the Milky Way, the number of hyperstorms rises sharply. On the Earth a new race of aliens have started showing up, called Augurs by some people.

September 5, 1469 NGE : Perry Rhodan - now no longer Terran Resident , but instead the Special Representative of the Galacticum for the Polyport Domain - holds a press conference in the Solar Residence on the renovation of the BASIS and its upcoming journey into the galaxy Anthuresta. During the conference there are failures of technology and the Residence threatens to crash, but is safely intercepted. It later turns out that there such incidents throughout the Sol system – however, the origin remains unclear.

At the same time there are mysterious deaths happening on the BASIS. All the so-called aureole effect affected victims call out shortly before their deaths for Perry Rhodan, and they also say that his son is waiting for him on the ship. On board the MIKRU-JON Rhodan heads for the BASIS, accompanied by the mousebeaver Gucky, where they learn that strangeness effects have occurred near to all the victims. The manifestation of these effects suggests that another universe is trying to penetrate theirs. A little later it becomes known that the entire Sol system has vanished.

Shortly afterwards, a stranger appears on the BASIS, who introduces himself as Ennerhahl. He warns Perry Rhodan of an impending attack by the Dosanthis, who are pursuing a plan to steal the BASIS and bringing it to an ominous shipyard. In addition, he shows Rhodan the way to a previously unknown space - the Multiverse Ocular – in which Perry Rhodan first encounters his son Delorian Rhodan, and then finds the Suit of the Universes. Delorian gives his father an enigmatic warning before vanishing again: " QIN SHI is awakened. The BOTNETZ is ready. " He also learns that QIN SHI is responsible for the disappearance of the Sol system, and that no matter what, QIN SHI may not take possession of the BASIS, as Delorian needs it for himself. He has therefore triggered the Thanatos program. Its purpose, however, remains a mystery.

Ennerhahl gives the additional information that QIN SHI may in no case get hold of the Ocular and the suit, so he advises an evacuation and abandoning of the ship. Although the ship would fall into the hands of the enemy, the suit would not. Before he also disappears, Ennerhahl passes Perry Rhodan a data crystal.

After the disappearance of Ennerhahl, the BASIS materializes in the matter bridge between two galaxies, which Perry Rhodan initially christens Chanda I and II ChandaII. A battle with the Dosanthis, who use a particular paranormal gift, generates total panic, which the crew of the BASIS can barely escape from. The BASIS is evacuated. Perry Rhodan flees along with Mondra , Pucky and Partijan Nemo aboard the MIKRU-JON. More and more enemy ships appear and attack not only the BASIS, but also the ship’s fleeing boats…

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2601 - Galaxis in Aufruhr
Galaxy in Turmoil
Leo Lukas

The BASIS was captured by the Dosanthi and the crew is on the run, hunted by the ships of the conquerors. The people from the BASIS, converted for peaceful trade, can hardly defend themselves against the massive attack. In addition, the attackers have a special Para-gift, by which a total panic is generated, which the crew can barely escape. Perry Rhodan flees along with Mondra , Pucky, Nemo Partijan and Ramoz aboard the MIKRU-JON .

The semi-intelligent, lynx like being Ramoz falls into a coma due to the effect, and his fur-colored, barely recognizable, elastic cuffs on his hind legs begin to change. They change color into green and begin to form branches and growths that gradually spread over his entire body.

Based upon the emergency protocols of the LFT Perry Rhodan flies with the MIKRU-JON to the nearest Sol type star, since these are intended as a rendezvous point for fleeing ships. The nearest star of the said type is shaken by countless UHF eruptions, leading to health problems in direct sunlight. Therefore, Gucky gives the star the name Morpheus, in reference to the ancient Greek god, because he can perceive no mental activity there. In the space of the system they discover a badly damaged BASIS-Tender that is identified as the CHISHOLM, whose crew is mostly unconscious from the impact of the UHF eruptions.

The MIKRU-JON succeeds in recovering the CHISHOLM from the danger zone and flying with it to the second of the twelve planets of the system, despite a warning message being automatically transmitted from a space fort. This planet is baptized Orontes, by the suggestion of Nemo Partijan, in reference to the ancient name of the river Nahr al-Asi , the "Recalcitrant River", which flows in Lebanon The air of the planet is generally breathable but contaminated with smoke and ash due to a large number of volcanoes. It also has very high temperatures. Even in the month-long polar night minimum temperatures are above 50 degrees Celsius. In addition, the surface contains countless ruined cities and spaceports that have been abandoned for millennia. Nevertheless, they decide to establish a base for the repair of the CHISHOLM and possible other spaceships on this planet.

It remains peaceful at first on the surface. A little later, however, it turns out that there is a great danger hiding in the underworld of Orontes. Countless robots rise out of the ground and attack the Terrans. Thanks to the help of Gucky and Heatha Nero Verde, a TLS agent doing an undercover internship on the ship, they manage to repel the attack. After things settle down, they decide to explore the underground, with Gucky taking the lead…

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2602 - Die Todringer von Orontes
The Death Wrestlers of Orontes
Michael Marcus Thurner

Perry Rhodan and Nemo Partijan start with MIKRU-JON to explore the environment of the planet Orontes, because probes cannot penetrate the hyperphysical chaos raging in the atmosphere. The mousebeaver Gucky is sent with Sinaid Velderbilt and Rynol Cog-Laar to the underground of Orontes in search of other possible dangers to the MIKRU-JON and the CHISHOLM in need of repair on the surface. Gucky continues to have problems with his using his skills as usual, which is probably caused by the Para-flickering. Radio communication is disturbed by the surrounding rock - the lower the group goes, the stronger to the radio traffic is affected, sometimes completely blocked.

At the same time there are several groups of death wrestlers - caterpillar like beings who, supported by very old exoskeletons – are on the way to the surface to kill the invaders. This is done primarily out of the fear of the " World Scourge ", which devastated their world long ago and almost eradicated their race. They live in nine clans, each headed by a clan mother is, and fears a second blow by the World Scourge. Their whole mindset is influenced by a variety of fears and taboos and their technology is gradually failing, because they no longer understand it. The arrival of the Galactics is the worst imaginable scenario for them. They believe that the strangers might cause the return of the World Scourge. Since all their old battle robots have been destroyed by the strangers, the clan mothers sent two hundred death wrestlers in several groups that are to destroy the newcomers.

The young death wrestler Awkurow falls into one of those groups. Like all creatures of his kind, he has a Para-gift. He can withdraw ambient heat and solidify any object into ice. When his group encounters the three Galactics, the various Para-gifts are used in coordination. The death wrestlers are very surprised to find an opponent in Gucky who can fight back against them with the same means, while Rynol must only play on his musical instrument to neutralize the forces of a death wrestler. Awkurow dares to attempt an attack by himself, but is ultimately defeated like his companions were. Surprisingly, the strangers refrain from killing Awkurow and his companions. On the contrary, as soon as the translators begin to work, Pucky and the Ertruser ask for asylum for all the Galactics. Just in time Pucky esperts the real plan of the death wrestlers. They want to make a volcano erupt in the immediate vicinity of the two crash-landed spaceships and thereby destroy the Galactics.

The crew members of the two ships guess nothing of this, of course, and they also have their own problems. The Mehandor Patriarch Tongger Feszak has become a troublemaker and campaigns against Perry Rhodan. Heatha Neroverde keeps an eye on him and realizes that he is guided only by fear. The Para-flickering continues to further deteriorate the state of Lor-Eli Aluccs , and Ramoz is now almost completely covered by the outgrowths from his "cuffs". Nemo Partijan, however, assumes that Ramoz is being protected against the Para-flickering by the outgrowths, but that they simultaneously deprive him of too much vital energy.

Gucky succeeds in persuading Awkurow to lead him to his clan mother Syb. She appears to be reasonable and brings about the termination of the attacks. The Galactics may remain for now on Orontes - that Pucky has the offered the death wrestlers a technology transfer, may have played a role in this decision. Awkurow is declared an intermediary between the death wrestlers and Galactics and sent to the MIKRU-JON. He is looked after by Heatha Neroverde.

Perry Rhodan’s reconnaissance flight with MIKRU-JON confirmed that a multi-ethnic mixture of races live in the matter of bridge Chanda. Apparently everybody is against everybody else - but all are struggling against the Dosanthi. Rhodan wonders whether it would be possible to form an alliance with one of the other races against the conquerors of the BASIS. Finally, radiograms are received from other corvettes that had escaped from the BASIS: The HARL DEPHIN and SENCO AHRAT have sent out compressed emergency calls. The ships are only a few hundred light years away and in trouble ...

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2603 - Die instabile Welt
The Unstable World
Michael Marcus Thurner

Heatha Nero Verde leads the death wrestler Awkurow through the CHISHOLM, to try to help him understand the mentality of the Galactics. As Awkurow learns that Lor-Eli Alucc is dying due to the Para-flickering, he sees an opportunity, for how to improve the still fragile relationship between the Galactics and death wrestlers. Although he was ejected from his people because of his past behavior and has to expect death by returning, he still takes Heatha Nero Verde and Sinaid Velderbilt into the underworld of Orontes. Although he is cruelly punished, the death wrestler ultimately sees his plan fulfilled. His people allow him to bring the autistic death wrestler Retepko to the CHISHOLM. Retepko’s Para-gift enables the damping of hyperenergetic influences. In this way Retepko shields Lor-Eli from the Para-flickering, so that Pic Lershimon can heal her.

Meanwhile, Perry Rhodan tries to aids the embattled BASIS corvettes SENCO AHRAT and HARL DEPHIN with the MIKRU-JON, but must soon discover that even the superior means of his ship are not sufficient to free his companions. Both Corvettes are badly damaged; the HARL Dephin can barely maneuver under its own power. More than seven hundred units of two races from the matter bridge of Chanda have encircled the corvettes. On the one hand, there are the Quolnäer Keretzen with their winged ships, and on the other are tulip shaped ships of the plant beings who call themselves the Sabyren. Both groups are battling each other, but end up working together against the Galactics. Despite all his efforts, the corvettes are at risk of being destroyed. The attackers are merciless and do not respond to attempts at contact. Rhodan cannot do anything - he can only choose to either save his own ship or to die along with the corvettes.

Pucky jumps into a unit of the Quolnäer Keretzen to explore and finds out that these beings, whose faces are dominated by oversized, downward curved tusks, only stand three feet tall, but are extremely aggressive and dangerous. The aggression of individuals and groups builds up again and again, like the Halutian pressure urge, so that they can no longer be stopped from attacking. They have no command structure, but a kind of swarm instinct that directs larger sized groups. Every individual being has a higher level of consciousness or a kind of psi-organ: the Tantoram. All these beings are connected by the Tantoram and somehow connected with their ships. The Tantoram can gain the upper hand and cause the Quolnäer Keretzen to repulse Para-gifts. It is also possible for them to emit a death pulse, which the Galactics call a flash wave. This causes the Quolnäer Keretzen to commit suicide and tear all living being in close vicinity with them to their doom. As the MIKRU-JON is caught up in the border of a flash wave, the state of Ramoz changes again in a strange manner, as the cocoon of tendrils wrapping him captures all the energy of the death impulse in the ship.

At the last moment the two three hundred meter battle cruisers MISSISSIPPI and TUBLIR materialize. With their heavy armament and the element of surprise on their side they shoot the three other ships an escape corridor. All five units flee into the corona of a nearby sun. There, the corvettes can be repaired, so that finally a common attempt to break through the cordon of enemy ships can be started. The environment of the sun, however, was mined. The MISSISSIPPI remains to give breathing room to the other ships, but is heavily damaged doing so. Perry Rhodan tries to help, but has to flee when the Quolnäer Keretzen trigger another flash wave. Rhodan, who has mentally joined as pilot with the MIKRU-JON, directs the energy to a "lightning rod": Ramoz or actually the cocoon which he is surrounded by. It captures the death impulse. All of a sudden the little lynx like being transforms into a man sized humanoid. He asks Mondra whether she likes his actual shape and comments that it is nice to be back home...

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2604 - Die Stunde der Auguren
The Hour of the Augurs
Wim Vandemaan

On September 5, 1469 NGE the stars go out in the sky over Terrania. The entire Sol system was wrapped in an energy field and presumably moved to a different location. It comes to inexplicable power outages, and the mainframes, NATHAN and LAOTSE are unresponsive until they can be reconfigured. All the transmitter connections to other solar systems are collapsing, and the transfer chimneys in the GALILEO Polyport court go out. But these are not the only pieces of bad news with which the First Terran Henrike Ybarri and the Terran Resident Reginald Bull have to deal with. The displacement of the Sol system was connected with space quakes, which lead to attacks of fatigue in humans. Many people suffer also suffer temporary memory loss and cognitive difficulties. Matter begins to dissolve into nothingness in a completely unpredictable manner - the so-called Nirvana phenomenon. There are also effects that are coined as Gravo-splitting and Gravo-erratics. These are localized gravity fluctuations, sometimes hanging items frozen in mid-air. Rock debris from the Kuiper Belt and the Oort Cloud rain down on the planet. Not all of the debris can be stopped in time by spaceships of LFT fleet, and so it comes to heavy destruction – including in Terrania City.

Journalist Shamsur Routh , Henrike Ybarri’s former husband, living in Terrania finds himself in a changed world. He sets out to search for his and Ybarris daughter Anicée. She has disappeared and does not answer attempts at contact. Her trail leads to Hamburg, where she and her friend Auris Bugenhagen have gone to listen to the pronouncements of so-called Augurs. These Augurs have been living for some time on Terra. No one seems to know anything about these humanoid beings. They appear to be androgynous and have no individual identity. Their faces are sometimes white in color and sometimes like shimmering mother of pearl, in which the gold-colored eyes with slit pupils, and a constant smile stand out. They always accompany their strange sermons with a song, one that they play on their musical instruments, the Phenube. Younger people especially are fascinated by their speeches. It seems as if they have suggestive influences. Routh attends such an event on the Reeperbahn. The Augur Stradnaver speaks of a new ear coming that will lead to the "Reformatting" of humanity. There are only a few tests to be passed, and then the goal will be reached - freedom. On September eighth, he announces, the great Augur Stradhaird would hold a crucial speech in Terrania.

Before Routh returns to Terrania, he follows Stradnaver to a seven-story pagoda tent on the grounds of the Ohlsdorfer Cemetery in Hamburg. There seems to be more Augurs in this building, the Gnauplon. Routh sends a spy probe into it, which, though destroyed immediately, is still able to transmit a still image. The torso of a fresh human corpse is seen in it. Are the Augurs actually ghouls? Stradhaird speaks on September eighth and ninth to tens of thousands of young people. He talks to them of a bondage and warns them of "the old". The old, he claims, will plunge into the abyss and tear along everyone that clings to it. Routh speaks to Anicée and Auris after Stradhaird’s first speech, but his daughter wants nothing to do with him. Suddenly, it comes to a disaster as a result of the Nirvana effect. A building collapses, burying many people underneath it. Anicée survives it with critical injuries. Auris, who had thrown herself protectively over Anicée, is probably dead. Routh takes his daughter to the nearest hospital. The next day he himself hears Stradhaird’s second speech. Routh believes that the Augurs want to fight a kind of proxy war on Terra.

When the situation normalizes at least a little bit, Reginald Bell sends the BOMBAY, a one thousand five hundred meter ship from the Explorer fleet under the command of Colonel Nuruzzaman, on an expedition into the surrounding area of the Sol system. It seems that the system is in an unfamiliar space, which has a diameter of only one hundred fifty light years and in which the laws of nature are being modified. Several dozen suns were in the strange miniature universe. The nearest one is seventeen light years away. Bull gives it the name of Next-Stop and sets it as the destination of the BOMBAY. Apparently, the foreign space is not uninhabited. Three space ships with two thousand six hundred meters length, vaguely reminiscent of gigantic nails, penetrate the Sol system. They do not react to radio calls or to transform cannon shots across the bow. On September ninth they dive into the sun, where they obviously start some manipulation, because on the same day all the people in the Sol system feel terrible name for a few seconds...

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2605 - Die Planetenbrücke
The Planet Bridge
Verena Themsen

The EX-33 BOMBAY ventures into the one hundred forty-three light year wide space bubble of the anomaly, in which the Sol system has been sent. Its goal is the Next Stop system, only seventeen light years from Sol. The flight has great difficulties due to the raging hyperphysical disturbances in the space bubble. The deputy commander Jenke Schousboe , a Irmdomer , loses two of the four SCARAB launches sent out to do reconnaissance, but at least it is determined that space itself somehow appears to "thicken" when you use too much energy as thrust.

Arrived in the white sun system of Next Stop, the crew of the BOMBAY is offered a fascinating picture. Two identically sized planets, each with elven thousand two hundred eleven kilometers of diameter – one an oxygen world and the other a poisonous gas planet - orbit the sun on a common orbit, and they are connected by a one thousand kilometer wide tube. The tube has a length of exactly twenty times the planets’ diameter. A gigantic city covers portions of the tube, and is apparently covered by a still unknown disturbing influence, because as the BOMBAY makes its approach, the ship's systems begin to fail. Therefore Schousboe lands on the oxygen world with the SCARAB VAHANA. Also on board is the cultural diagnostician Zachary Cranstoun. His twin brother Aiden began a relationship with the Irmdomer without her knowing that the twins are connected to each other with such a strong telepathic bond that one always experiences exactly what the other experiences.

The VAHANA ends up in an interference field and makes an emergency landing. It comes to peaceful contact with the friendly inhabitants of the planet, the Favadarei, who call their planet Faland. The Favadarei are more or less humanoid, taller than Terrans and have a very lean, flexible physique. Their heads are relatively small and bulbous. They have no face, but sensory prongs and a speech membrane. The Favadarei are gifted inventors, and they have all striven for a long time towards a common goal. They want to reach the planet bridge (the Shathrona), for which a special vehicle called FATROCHUN must be built. As their level of technology only includes the use of steam power, this goal is still far off. But Shimco Patoshin, one of the most gifted inventors of his time and a member of the committee that welcomes the Galactics, quickly recognizes that the stranger might be able to help the Favadarei in achieving their goal.

The VAHANA is repaired as best possible, so that it can be used for an expedition to the north continent Povgheuc. The closer the expedition approaches the Shathrona the more high-end devices fail - initially the SCARAB, then the SERUNS. During the subsequent forced march Zachary Cranstoun is killed by a predator. Aiden, still aboard the BOMBAY, suffers a shock from it. The expedition is canceled. Following an ancient tradition of the Favadarei, Zachary's brain is interred in the Continual Segment of the Amgheuc necropolis. The wormlike Gheucen preserve the brains of all the deceased Favadarei there from decay. Shortly after the funeral, Aiden is possessed by the consciousness of his brother. The Favadarei brains are still alive and they have joined together. Zachary's brain is welcomed into this collective and transmits his brother all the knowledge of the ancestors. This includes information that will enable the Galactics to rebuild the VAHANA into a FATROCHUN. A network of nodes of special hypercrystals is a part of this, which secures the SCARAB from the disturbing influence emanating from the Shathrona.

Before the VAHANA launches, Zachary sends his friends instructions on how to get past the gatekeeper of the Shathrona, and warns of the Omnipresent Rearguard, whatever that is. Then his spirit finally merges back into the collective consciousness of the dead. Shimco is allowed to give the command to start the FATROCHUN...

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2606 - Unter dem Stahlschirm
Under the Steel Screeen
Hubert Haensel

Despite the FATROCHUN, increasing network technology failures and the aggressive fauna of the northern regions of Faland make the trip by the VAHANA to the planet bridge difficult and dangerous. But finally the destination is reached, the password is transmitted and the way to the city that surrounds the one thousand kilometer long interplanetary tube ring is free. Unknown attackers with flying wing aircraft try to capture the SCARAB, but are able to be repelled. Finally, the VAHANA arrives at Hascomen, a multi-ethnic city upstream with a mixture of residences. The residents explain to the Galactics that the ring city by the name Alldar-shath and long ago became the gravesite of the positive superintelligence ALLDAR. ALLDAR once appeared in the form of various avatars as a protective power of a great empire and was killed by something called the Tombarsian Shock. The Fato'Fa - ancestors of Favadarei that built the planet bridge and still live there today - had the job, to securing the body of superintelligence in her tomb. The entire solar system was then moved for safety into a miniature universe - the anomaly. The Ubiquitous Rear Guard guards the tomb, whose only access is underneath a huge building called the Steel Screen.

In Alldar-shath Jenke Schousboe and her companions mingle in among the people and listen to a speech by High March Assigner Mareetu , the head of the city and the Omnipresent Rear Guard. He belongs to the race of the Fagesy, which are also responsible for the attacks on the VAHANA. Mareetu claims that ALLDAR’S rebirth is imminent and the super-intelligence had sent out one of her avatars: a cyborg named Trogey. The being with pearly skin also gives a speech. Suddenly there is unrest: Resisters draw attention to themselves. A raid follows, in which the Galactics are also captured. After some time the Fato'Fa Shipa Gajoship appears and frees the Galactics. He and his ilk are enemies of Fagesy. The opposition believes the story of the upcoming resuscitation of ALLDAR to be just propaganda which is intended to secure the power of the Fagesy. As Shipa stated that the disruptions ruling in the miniature universe have their origin in Alldar-shath, Jenke is ready to be pulled into his plans. The Galactics are to penetrate into the tomb to find out what is really going on.

For this purpose, the Intrantum left in Mareetu’s ownership is needed; it is a kind of key to the vault. Under the steel shield should also be accommodated ALLDAR’S accumulated knowledge, and access to this archive would certainly be helpful. The Fato'Fas create a diversion by attacking the cyborg. The being with the pearl colored skin repels the attack, but cannot prevent the abduction of Mareetu. With the Intrantum, the Galactics and Fato'Fas penetrate into the tomb on September 22, 1469 NGE. But ALLDAR’S shrine is empty! It seems that the Ubiquitous Rear Guard has failed in tis duty. Maybe that is the reason for their current deception...

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2607 - Der Fimbul-Impuls
The Fimbul Impulse
Wim Vandemaan

The findings of the Terrans show that it is the goal of the strangers who have penetrated the sun with their nail-shaped spaceships, to remove ARCHETIM’S body from Sol. They have failed in their first experiment, which gives the Terrans time to do something about these operations. Reginald Bull goes personally to the solar research station AMATERASU. He calls for mutant support from the TIPI. They put him in contact with the telepath Shanda Sarmotte, born in the Stardust system, who is currently located in rescue operations in areas affected by meteorite impacts and other disaster districts in Terrania. Shanda is given a tour in the AMATERASU by solar physicist Mofidul Huq and opens her telepathic senses. She finds ARCHETIM and realizes that the dead superintelligence does not simply rest there in the sun - the body has become so intertwined with Sol that they have practically become one. And that seems to interfere with what the foreign visitors are trying to do.

Shanda ends up in contact with the foreign beings, but has little understanding of their thoughts. The strangers form a disembodied collective being and call themselves the Spenta. They are sun cottagers, beings that live inside a sun. They have a special "organ" that allows them to convert energy so that it assumes any material shape desired by them (ephemeral matter). The presence of a super-intelligence’s body is unbearable for them and they are trying to eliminate this disgusting pollution from the sun. When this proves impossible, they develop another plan: They desire to extinguish the sun. That seems to be possible for them, but only with reinforcement. For Bull, one thing is certain: If more nail ships appear, they must be attacked by any means. At the same time the mass production of artificial suns must be started, for the worst case scenario. Without their central star all the planets of the solar system would within a very short time become dead, frozen wastes.

Meanwhile, Shamsur Routh is looking in again on his daughter. Anicée is leaving the hospital against her doctor’s advice. He overhears a com conversation between Anicée and her friend Auris that she thought was dead, but in fact: She now has a biopositronic brain prosthesis implanted. Routh learns that the Augurs call themselves the Sayporaner, and that a special event was going to soon occur in the Terrania Zoo. With the help of intelligent gorillas, who he used to know, Routh discovered in their Habitat one of those buildings that the Augurs have built on different continents. He estimates that there must be four hundred youngsters gathered inside it. He believes that Anicée must also be near. The young people are talking about the "passage over the transit parquet "and of a " new formatting at the patronage world " where they will become the new elite.

As Routh tries to enter this so-called Gnauplon, he is stopped by an Augur with a thinly veiled threat. Then all the young people suddenly disappear when the entrances to the structure are shut. Apparently, they were sent off by some kind of transmitter. Routh realizes that he must be like a child to be able to take the step over the transit parquet and follow his daughter. First, he informs Henrike Ybarri about his discoveries. Then he has his consciousness partly stored away by his Memo Implant "Puc”'- a prototype for a new Ara product. Mentally regressed to a five year old and instructed by Puc he is transported somewhere by the transmitter in Gnauplon.

As Ybarri responds, it's already too late; somewhere between fifty thousand to two hundred thousand young people in the solar system have disappeared. On September 12, 1469 NGE Reginald Bull holds a transmitted speech to all the planets, in which he informs the public about the latest events…

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2608 - Konflikt der Androiden
Android Conflict
Hubert Haensel

According to Alaska Saedelaere’s subjective feelings it has been ten to twelve months since that day in April 1463 NGE when he had begun to search for Samburi Yura with the LUMINOSITY. But he is not certain of this because the Cosmocrat ship has its own time frame. As a result of their experiences on the planet Tolmar the mask bearer and the android Eroin Blitzer have become true comrades - if not friends. This trend is observed by the other androids suspiciously, and it appears to Alaska that they and also the ship’s computer DAN are beginning to show less and less cooperation towards him.

The conflict flares up days later when the LUMINOSITY reaches a galaxy that was said to once belong to the empire of Harmony (but is now desolate, with uninhabited planets), and the ship approaches a strange constellation consisting of two black holes. Between the singularities is an unstable sphere of indefinable space-time which seems to have a harmful effect on the cylindrical spaceship, because it causes an unscheduled stop. Saedelaere is convinced he will be able to find a trace of Samburi Yura here, but DAN refuses to approach any further. Therefore Saedelaere and take the sloop ROTOR-G and penetrate deeper into the sphere. Something that the two denote as degenerate Strangeness badly strains the sloop. But it turns out that Saedelaere’s Cappin fragment generates a growing zone of peace, so that continued flight is possible.

A small spaceship made of form energy is located and pulled into the ROTOR-G. Two tiny creatures emerge from the ship that looks like a giant walnut. The beings consist of a fluffy furred main body the size of a child's fist with big eyes, pointed ears and a small nose, to which is attached a long tail at whose end an anti-gravity organ sits, with the help of which the being able to move through the air. The two strangers are trusting beings. They feel especially good towards Saedelaere, because the radiation of his Cappin fragment is very pleasant for them.

Translators fail, so the Terran and the android are not informed that their two new companions come from the race of the Firibirim, who are living in several hives within the anomaly. Their names are Mel-anta-Sel (a Knowledge Seeker with black fur) and Dom-helo-Rom (an Artist with orange fur). They had taken flight to undertake something against a fleet of invaders that is disrupting the energy structure within the sphere that serves the Firibirims as food. The disorder causes the fact that the Firibirim initially all white offspring develop almost exclusively into Red Furs that belong in adulthood to the caste of command givers. Brown Firibirims responsible for all sorts of work, and Violet Firibirims that are the only ones of their race who can bear children are developing at an increasingly lesser rate.

The excitement of the little fur balls knows no bounds when the sensors of the ROTOR-G show a one hundred meter long ship, which has the shape of a log sawed off at both ends. The Firibirims know units of this type – they are the harmful invaders. A radio contact image is established. Humanoid creatures are seen. They all wear masks - just like the performers of the Cautionary Play of Tolmar.

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2609 - Im Reich der Masken
In the Empire of Masks
Christian Montillon

The masked humanoids aboard the log like vessel are Escalianers, a race belonging to the Empire of Harmony. They may be suspicious, but do not behave hostilely. Alaska Saedelaere speaks with Guard Lieutenant Pridon, the commander of a fleet that had been protecting the Administrative Palace. Alaska Saedelaere learns that the fleet has been abducted by an unknown space-time phenomena in the Libration zone anomaly and lost contact with the Administrative Palace. Some fleet ships were destroyed and the same fate threatens the remaining units. Saedelaere offers to help - not entirely altruistically, because Pridon claims the builder Sholoubwa Saedelaere has been looking for is located in the Administrative Palace. This unit, in which the Duchess is staying, must have been placed in the core of the anomaly. To get there, the Escalianers need Saedelaere’s protection. The fact is that this protection is not produced by the ROTOR-G, but by the Cappin fragment, which the Terran does not initially reveal. The ships are grouped closely around the ROTOR-G. In this way they can penetrate deeper into the anomaly.

During the flight, the Escalianers suffer from increasing physical ailments. The first death is Pridon’s adviser Boraod. Saedelaere tries to concentrate the emanations of the Cappin fragment on the tracking devices of the ROTOR-G, for a systematic search for the Administrative Palace is otherwise not possible due to the raging hyperphysical chaos in the anomaly. The Administrative Palace is finally found. The Duchess receives Guard Lieutenant Pridon, Saedelaere and Eroin Blitzer. The Firibirim are with Saedelaere, carried in the pockets of his outfit. While they can still not communicate with Saedelaere, their Zenta organ allows them to understand his words. The conversation with the Duchess has to be interrupted because the Escalianers in the Palace are suddenly suffering from the same ailments as Pridon’s crews. It becomes clear that the Cappin fragment is responsible. Saedelaere tries to warn Pridon, but the Guard Lieutenant suffers cardiac arrest as he attempts this. Battle robots arrive to arrest Saedelaere. A spider-like robot appears and wants to converse, but apparently it has an organic component, because the Cappin fragment badly affects it also. When the battle robots open fire, Eroin Blitzer catches the identification of the spider robot. It is "Sholoubwa"...

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2610 - Die Entscheidung des Androiden
The Decision of the Android
Christian Montillon

Alaska Saedelaere and Eroin Blitzer are placed in severe distress in the Administrative Palace by battle robots. The android loses the control box, with which he could produce a UHF window that would allow them to step into the ROTOR-G. The Firibirims are able to penetrate the screens the Palace raised and retrieve the box. Back in the ROTOR-G Saedelaere tries to explain everything to the Escalianers over the radio. However, he does not receive a response. Meanwhile Blitzer is remembering that he had found a Necrophore in the LUMINOSITY, within in the private reservation of Samburi Yura. Finding one of the Chaotarc’s ultimate weapons on the ship of the forces of Order is what had made him open his own view of the world. With the help of a time box he sends Fallun Vierauf a message in which he asks his colleagues to think for themselves and hopes it will lead Vierauf to do the right thing.

The ROTOR G retreats from the vicinity of the Palace. A data packet arrives – is there an unknown friend in the Administrative Palace? Saedelaere decides to return to the Palace, because they have to help each other. The Escalianers have no chance to leave the anomaly on their own. But the Terran has to accept the fact that the continuously expanding influence of his Cappin fragment will injure the Escalianers again.

The ROTOR-G is carpet bombed immediately as it approaches. Guard Lieutenant Pridon, who had died, but was resuscitated, is the one that gave the order to fire. He would like to trust Saedelaere, but finds no evidence of the good intentions of the Terran himself through a ritual with which he can retrieve the data memories stored in his second brain. As a result of the degenerate Strangeness, the ROTOR-G is made vulnerable to attack and damaged. As Saedelaere makes his second overture to the Palace, the Cosmocrat ship is destroyed. The men flee in an escape pod, but Dom-helo-Rom is killed. Alaska determines they are incapable of leaving the anomaly with the capsule alone, so they have no choice but to penetrate the Palace again.

Meanwhile, Fallun Vierauf also enters Samburi Yura's private reserve and also sees what is stored there. The destruction of the ROTOR-G is registered. DAN still refuses to fly into the anomaly. The on-board computer even activates a new batch of androids to replace the old crew. Fallun Vierauf, however, has made provisions for this. He believes that Samburi Yura had taken the Necrophore for a case such as this, and threatens to use it to destroy the LUMINOSITY. Samburi Yura’s created artificial beings, with who he has made a pact (they are also determined to have the commander found), will do this for him. DAN relents. The LUMINOSITY approaches the anomaly...

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2611 - Gegen den Irrsinn
Against the Madness
Marc A. Herren

Alaska Saedelaere and Eroin Blitzer penetrate the Administrative Palace. Their arrival does not go unnoticed, but all the soldiers who approach them, immediately suffer from the ever-widening radiation of his Cappin fragment and cannot stop him. They begin to hallucinate and rage around themselves, with some of them suffering organ failure. The Duchess commands the use of fighting robots, but Pridon opposes the order and instead sends Sholoubwa as a negotiator, because only the Terran can direct the Palace from the anomaly. The Cyborg disables his biological components and is therefore able to approach the Terran relatively unscathed. Saedelaere gains access to the control room and starts the drives. The Palace accelerates with minimum values. It will be able to leave the anomaly under its own power - but by then all the Escalianers will probably be dead. While the Palace slowly approaches the edge of the anomaly, the Duchess and Pridon also fall victim to the madness radiation from the harmful influence of the Cappin fragment. As Saedelaere prevents the Duchess from fleeing with a spaceship as planned by Pridon, the Guard Lieutenant turns to Sholoubwa to carry him to the headquarters where Alaska is working.

Suddenly the LUMINOSITY appears. The Cosmocrat cylinder is still under the control of Fallun Vierauf and has pushed ahead to the Palace. But even this powerful spaceship is badly affected by the chaotic conditions prevailing in the anomaly. DAN is unresponsive. When the ship accelerates the Palace with tractor beams, the cylinder begins to flicker and then totally disappears, as if it had never existed. Pridon reaches the headquarters and attempts to fire at Saedelaere. Mel-anta-Sel pounces upon the Escalianer and directs the man’s weapon arm downward. The shot misses Alaska and badly disables Sholoubwa. Pridon also suffers serious burns.

The Palace then reaches the Libration zone in a short time. The madness radiation immediately fades away. The conditions in the Palace return to normal. Pridon is treated and has good chances of survival, but Sholoubwa apparently cannot be saved. A Firibirim hive is located. Mel-anta-Sel could return to his people, but would rather stay with Saedelaere. The Terran is now to be brought to the Empire of Harmony and investigated - the Duchess still does not trust him. Eroin Blitzer does not seem to cope well with the loss of the LUMINOSITY. He sinks into apathy...

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2612 - Zielpunkt BASIS
Target BASIS
Michael Marcus Thurner

The BASIS was conquered by the Dosanthi. The crew is fleeing with lifeboats. Some Galactics end up left behind, including the Ertruser Trasur Sargon and the Terran gardener Gamma Oulhaq. After the problems caused by the Dosanthi panic attacks have subsided, the two reprogram a Daniel robot in order to access the computer net safely. In this way they learn that Rear Admiral Erik Theonta is also still on board. Protector Kaowen from the humanoid people of the Xylthe, the leader of the QIN SHI-Guard , leads the conquest of the BASIS. He must at all costs bring the Suit the Universes and the Multiverse Ocular into his possession. The search for the two objects is difficult, especially since Kaowen has no idea why he is doing this. The Protector orders the transport of the hijacked ship to its original destination, the shipyard APERAS KOKKAIA.

Perry Rhodan, Gucky and Nemo Partijan break out with the MIKRU-JON to search for the BASIS. Mondra remains back on Orontes. This pleases Ramoz, who has tired of the endless medical studies, which he had to endure since his transformation, and aims to have Rhodan's girlfriend to himself. The BASIS is no longer at its last known position, but the memory crystal, which Rhodan received from Ennerhahl, points the way to a probe. According to the data stored in it, the BASIS was brought to the sector Kollaron-Viibad. There Hyperstorms are raging, presumably stabilized by clouds of blue hypercrystals - possibly for thousands of years. The so-called Viibad-fractures are stable columns of hyper-hurricanes that end in Tryortan gullets and pull through the space sector.

The MIKRU-JON reaches the coordinates stored in the probe on September 25, 1469 NGE. Here, they find both the one hundred forty-nine kilometer measuring spherical shipyard APERAS KOKKAIA (seemingly a converted Trade star ) and the BASIS. The Terran long range spaceship is broken apart - but not according to the standard schematics. And apparently the process is still not complete. Partijan assumes that a new object of unknown shape is being formed from the fragments. Each fragment is covered by a protective screen, protecting them from the enemy fleet. For Rhodan it is clear that it is a consequence of the Delorian introduced Thanatos program. Ennerhahl’s crystal frees more information that will allow a modification of MIKRU-JON’S protective screens. In this way the MIKRU-JON can approach the BASIS fragments unnoticed.

Rhodan follows a recorded message from Ennerhahl to come to a meeting in a specific fragment. The Suit of the Universes allows him to penetrate the protective shield of the fragment, and expands the possibilities of his perceptions. Ennerhahl has been waiting for Rhodan. The interior of the fragment changes while the two of them talk to each other. Its matter seems to melt and form new shapes. Rhodan decides that his next target is the gray room. Somewhere in the vicinity, Raphael materializes...

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2613 - Agent der Superintelligenz
Agent of the Superintelligence
Michael Marcus Thurner

With the help of Daniel robots, Trasur Sargon and Gamma Oulhaq find more crew members remaining in the BASIS, including Captain Erik Theonta. But he is wounded and leaves leadership of the group to the Ertruser. As it turns out, the Para-ability of the Dosanthis also stranded in the BASIS fragment has been exhausted. Trasur Sargon therefore plans to counter-attack.

Meanwhile, the BASIS decomposes further and further, until only tiny fragments are left of many of the individual segments. Perry Rhodan and Ennerhahl, are looking unsuccessfully for the Grey Room in which the Multiverse Ocular is probably hidden. Rhodan manages to communicate better with the Suit of the Universes. With it, Perry makes short contact with Raphael, an old helper of ES, who expresses surprise at the activation of the Thanatos program - ES had not arranged this event. He says that the Phanes configuration is producing a "rebirth" of the BASIS.

The activities of the two men do not remain hidden to the Xylthes. The intruders are located and brought with tractor beams to Protector Kaowen’s flagship RADONJU. Ennerhahl allows this to happen and even remains unimpressed when Reparat Mastarmo threatens them with torture. Ennerhahl does not complain when Rhodan volunteers to go first, but Kaowen chooses Ennerhahl. Only now does Ennerhahl act, reaching to hidden arsenal of weapons in a nondescript bracelet and activating a temporal field which greatly accelerates the passage of time for him and Rhodan. Ennerhahl humiliates Kaowen by tattooing obscene images onto his face. Rhodan and Ennerhahl flee, but do not depart the ship. Instead, they hide in a storeroom and the dark-skinned humanoid tells the Terran his life story, as far as it is known to himself.

Ennerhahl’s memories appear to begin with hard training that is carried out by his only companion, the robot Anarch-Gama, on the planet Begin. Ennerhahl was trained for an unknown client with inscrutable morals and enigmatic goals, that he calls Shadow Light. He completes some missions. One day he receives a job from the client’s android messenger. He is to recover the BOTNETZ for his client. For this purpose, he receives an enhanced light cell and limited access to the time wells. His search leads him to Totemhaim, where he meets Alaska Saedelaere, and finally into the galaxy Chanda, which is called Alkagar in the Polyport network. This galaxy should be accessible by the Polyport network, but is not and since 1463 NGE no longer even appears in the controllers. In the yard APERAS KOKKAIA he meets a stranger ( Delorian Rhodan ) who wants to win the BOTNETZ for himself, and a battle ensues. Finally, he learns of the planned transfer of the BASIS to the shipyard and sabotages this process to give Perry Rhodan time for countermeasures.

After the end of his story, Ennerhahl asks Rhodan once more for cooperation, but the Terran believes that he is still holding back important information. Before Rhodan can clarify this, an explosion occurs. Gas penetrates the storeroom and paralyzes the two men. Their hiding place has been discovered...

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2614 - Navigator Quistus
Navigator Quistus
Christian Montillon

In group remaining stranded on the BASIS, Trasur Sargon decides to strike because the Para-ability of the Dosanthis has dried up and their physical powers are also diminished. The Galactics , however, are still in great danger, when the BASIS fragment continues to split.

Meanwhile, Ennerhahl has some more means and possibilities that once again allow him and Perry Rhodan to escape capture on board Protector Kaowen’s flagship. In a new hiding place they tap into the on-board computer of the RADONJU. They use this to locate where sloops are stored on board. Ennerhahl and Rhodan want to use one to escape the flagship. While watching Kaowen over the network, they notice that the Xylthe visits a specially secured room where something seems to be hidden. As Rhodan and Ennerhahl penetrate the space, they encounter Quistus and his companion Serume, two intelligent hydrogen breathers from the race of the Iothones.

The Iothones look like four-armed octopuses with four eyes. They must use survival capsules to move around on the RADONJU. They are telekinetic. They use this ability in part unconsciously in order to float, but are also able to use this power to purposefully move things telekinetically. They also have the ability to orient themselves in space without technical aids. They can even navigate Hyperstorms. Quistus and Serume were captured some time ago by Kaowen and tortured. He used them to navigate the BASIS, and apparently has other goals he wants to achieve with their help.

Rhodan and Ennerhahl liberate them and try to flee with them to a sloop. Combat robots engage them and Serume is killed. Although Quistus uses his Para-ability to destroy some of the robots, their numerical superiority and firepower is too great. Ennerhahl disappears, only to appear again in Kaowen’s shape, in order to distract the opponent. As a result, only Rhodan and Quistus launch with the sloop, but something is wrong with the ship. It suddenly falls from linear space and dives into the atmosphere of a hydrogen world.

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2615 - Todesjagd auf Rhodan
Death Hunt For Rhodan
Markus Heitz

Perry Rhodan and Quistus lose control of their escape ship. It crashes on a hydrogen atmosphere world. An unknown influence there disturbs any higher technology or makes them only barely functional, and also disables the Para-ability of the Iothonen. The ship is destroyed on impact. Rhodan and Quistus survive and take off on foot from the crash site. They hide in a cave. Kaowen is following the two personally. In fact, he has staged their escape, for he has long been concerned with the planet. He believes there is a special transit parquet hidden there, which he absolutely wants to bring into his possession. He wants Rhodan and Quistus to find it for him - and none of his subordinates must know about it. Because he knows the conditions on the planet well, Kaowen has a particularly glider specially shielded, and brings along a sword and daggers. Through a tracking device hidden in the body of Iothonen the Xylthe can follow his prey anywhere, even though he also sees himself exposed to the planet’s dangers.

With the Suit of the Universes Rhodan recognizes that huge hollow spheres that float in the atmosphere are part of an intelligent collective being. After the Terran and Quistus survived the first attack by Kaowen – and Quistus can again use his active telekinesis - Rhodan makes contact with the hollow spheres. He and Quistus are brought to safety inside one of these creatures. The being reports of a foreign influence on the planet, which is also causing it pain. For Rhodan it is clear that this is the same interference that has impaired his SERUN. The collective being brings Rhodan and Quistus to the source of radiation. The two discover a cavern in which none of the adverse effects are noticeable anymore. There is an operational transit parquet there. Kaowen attacks them again. With the help of the Iothonen Rhodan gains the upper hand. Then the two escape using the transit parquet. Kaowen, whose suit was breached in the battle, so that the poison gas atmosphere penetrates, tries to follow them. But Rhodan had activated the self-destruct system. The Transit parquet explodes.

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2616 - Countdown für Sol
Countdown for Sol
Arndt Ellmer

Korbinian Boko and his twin sister Lia are "Spark Children"; their mother was once touched by the golden shower of sparks. Lia is a close range Teleporter, but Korbinian does not seem to have a Para-ability. The children grow up on the planet Aveda in the Stardust system. Their parents have mental health problems and keep the whole family isolated from the neighbors. In July 1415 NGE - the twins are six years old - the family home burns down. Lia searches for her missing brother and suffers brain damage because of smoke inhalation. Corbinian’s father finds his son later in the rubble of the house. The child is cowering completely untouched under a table and has a few toys with him, as well as the control module of the house’s servo unit, which actually should have contained the fire. It is clear that the boy must have somehow taken out the device, which is actually impossible, and thereby unknowingly caused the disaster. But how could he have survived the fire?

Three years after the fire, the family moves to Zyx. Lia is severely in need of care, as she still lies in a vegetative state. At the age of twenty Korbinian learns through a farewell letter from his parents, when they disappear with a glider and apparently commit suicide, what really happened at that time. He now knows how he survived, because over the years he has discovered that he is in fact Para-gifted. He can create a miniature universe around and can take along whatever he wants to. With some practice this "refuge," as he calls it, can be enlarged. Korbinian moves to Terra and cares for Lia in the following years, with the help of a Ferrone nurse named Ve. He keeps hoping for improvement in Lia’s condition. He becomes a star chef in a prestigious restaurant and falls in love with Ve.

Through the help of a friendly Terran, Korbinian encounters the Sayporaner Stradprais in 1468 NGE. He treats Lia with music from his Phenube. To the surprise of all the doctors, Lia’s condition improves rapidly. After some time she regains consciousness and can lead a virtually independent life again. Stradprais demands no money for this treatment, but a favor in the future. Korbinian must quit the restaurant and get hired by the Solar Fleet. His new job is in the research station AMATERASU in solar orbit, where he cooks for the crew. In due time, Korbinian learns from Ve, who is apparently equally under the spell of the Sayporaner as his Terran friends, he will get a signal in his ear from a micro-receiver. Then he will have to take action.

After the kidnapping of the sol system Reginald Bull and Shanda Sarmotte come to the AMATERASU. The Nail ships of the Spenta appear and begin the construction of the Fimbul network that will extinguish the sun. While desperate emergency measures are taken on all the planets, Shanda tries to learn more about the Sun Cottagers. On September 13, 1469 NGE - observed by the CUCULA PAMPO - another eleven Nail ships arrive, so that the Fimbul network will soon be completed. Although Shanda can maintain mental contact with the Spentas, the assembled warships of the Terrans are not able to locate the Nail spaceships or the network stations. As Shanda can finally determine their locations it proves impossible to relay this information to the fleet. The AMATERASU has suddenly found itself inside a refuge created by Korbinian. Shortly afterward, the Fimbul pulse is triggered ...

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2617 - Der dunkelste aller Tage
The Darkest Day of All
Hubert Haensel

The sun does not go out immediately after the Fimbul Pulse, but only two weeks later. In the meantime, it is possible for Shanda Sarmotte to locate the creator of the strange miniature universe where the AMATERASU is trapped. Korbinian Boko seems to lie asleep in his cabin, but is enraptured by his false reality. Shanda believes that she can get in touch with him when she leaves the station. She is supported by Reginald Bell, who accompanies her. The two intrude into Boko’s dream world. Due to his feeling of guilt for it, the Stardust Terran keeps living through his parents' house fire in which his sister Lia was seriously injured. Shanda takes on Lia’s shape and leads Boko back to reality. He materializes in his cabin, while at the same time the “refuge” expires. Bull and Shanda reappear somewhat singed in the airlock. The station is suddenly back in the solar corona , but they cannot leave, because the sun is now wrapped by the Fimbul Crust, a two-dimensional membrane of ephemeral matter that does not let photons through and is impenetrable for the AMATERASU.

Meanwhile, a meeting occurs on Terra at the Society of Absent Friends - a group launched by Homer G. Adams. The Whistler robotics specialist Toja Zanabazar is a member of the society. The young woman is a director of the Whistler Museum in Terrania and has created several elaborate robots, including the increasingly "human" becoming Pollux and huge icicle shaped machines based on VARIO-1000 robots - OTHER and WISE. On behalf of Adams she brings messages to the Plophoser Flint Surtland, the hermit Virgil Rifeshyd living in the Arctic and Enoch Godolphin, the head of the Syncopha Syndicate. With the Springer cylinder LADY LAVERNA Toja travels to a gigantic construction site in space. There the Syncopha is working on the reconstruction Jupiter moon Ganymede, which had been destroyed in the year 1461 NGE. OTHER and WISE combine into a super computer that will serve as the central computer of the fort, which is a control station inside the emerging moon.

On September 29, 1469 NGE the sun begins to darken. Since it is also inflating, the AMATERASU caught on the other side of the Fimbul Crust is brought to the brink of destruction. Shanda takes up mental contact with the dying Boko and convinces him to create the "refuge" one last time. In the protection of this inverted space the AMATERASU manages to pierce the Fimbul Crust on September 30. Boko then dies.

Seen from the outside, the sun is like a giant black ball...

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2618 - Flucht von der Brückenwelt
Escape From the Bridge World
Verena Themsen

Jenke Schousboe and the other Galactics have found that ALLDAR’s body is gone. After they safely escape the crypt, this information is publicly distributed. There are be riots and violent clashes between the population and the Omnipresent Rear Guard. As the former High March Assigner Mareetu is stripped of his power and lobotomized, the Fagesy Phocallu is named his successor. The Supreme March Assigner Facao announces that the Galactics had stolen ALLDAR’s body. However, the fighting continues. The minions of the ubiquitous Rear Guard battles the insurgent population with full force. Jenke Schousboe falls into the hands of Facao and is brutally interrogated.

In the VAHANA a radio message is received from the BOMBAY, that the Omnipresent Rear Guard is attacking cities on Faland. The VAHANA is also attacked. A Fagesy enters the SCARAB and is killed, but part of his body substance is still alive and disappears somewhere in the ship. Then Jenke is freed and returned to the VAHANA. Zachary Cranstoun, who lives on in the dead brain collective, supplies the Galactics an important piece of new information. There are various control centers for the Dysfunctional Field, which interferes with the equipment of the BOMBAY. Even the locations are known. After a commando squad infiltrates one of these old centers and shuts a part of the field off, the VAHANA is able to escape into space.

Spaceships that resemble ancient human galleons with a humanoid figurehead and four outstretched arms, attack the human ships. The VAHANA is able to be channeled into the BOMBAY at the final second. But the Galactics might have a Trojan horse on board, because the remains of the Fagesy are still present on the VAHANA. On September thirtieth, the ship begins its journey back to the Sol system.

Meanwhile, Facao meets with the Augur Gaztraid to notify him that the Battle Ovules are ready and have made the connection. Gaztraid considers that this is very good news - everything is going according to plan ...

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2619 - Planet der Formatierer
Planet of the Formatters
Wim Vandemaan

On September 12, 1469 NGE, Shamsur Routh finds himself, like the other Terrans kidnapped by the Augurs, in the city Whya on Gadomenäa, one of the five planets of the world ring, circling the sun Banteira on the same orbit. Strangeness effects are confusing Routh, plus he had ordered the memo-implant Puc to partly download his memory to allow his passage through the transit parquet. His daughter Anicee is nowhere to be seen. All the newcomers are being cared for by squires and maids (which are possibly robots, but perhaps also living beings). Immediately after their arrival, they are assigned to "foster parents". Routh’s foster father is the old Sayporaner Chourtaird, who does not seem to care at all about the Terrans. In the following more or less uneventful days Puc gradually returns Routh’s memories.

Thus Routh recalls how he once went to check out a rumor on the planet Patralon with his fellow journalist Jaron Peppererg. During their not quite legal inquiries the two men come upon a group of Aras , Swoons and Terrans who were conducting secret experiments on animal cranes and turkeys. The aim of these experiments was to create an external memory, which should serve as a backup for the memory of the user. The saved awareness should allow one to recover from a brain injury or be imprinted with a new brain. In addition, new information should be able to be provided in the same manner, which the user would then "remember", as if he had always possessed it. Routh and Peppererg were madereluctant guinea pigs. They were the first humans to carry the storage method, partly created with their own brain tissue. Peppererg had not survived the procedure, but Routh had a won new companion with it: Puc.

Routh enjoys complete freedom of movement on Gadomenäa and can seek his daughter undisturbed. With Puc’s help he finds out that the kidnapped youths are being manipulated in a subtle manner and subjected to a kind of brainwashing. Oxytocin, a hormone that affects behavior is used to reinforce their confidence in the Sayporaners. All the newcomers get access to the Spainkon, which is also used by the Sayporaners as an online encyclopedia, story teller, etc. The youths are shown the atrocities committed by humans in the past. At the same time a history of Sayporaner is conveyed to them, like a parallel version of Terran history starting from Perry Rhodan's landing on the moon and is used highlight the supposed high ethics of the Sayporaners. Above all, the Sayporaners are influencing the development of the young human brains. Their myelination is reversed, so that the students learn all the knowledge that is imparted to them by the Sayporanern like they are the formative first impressions of newborns. The youngsters are thus - at least where it concerns their memories - practically turned into Sayporaners.

When Routh learns that Anicee is in the city Cherayba, he goes there with the several kilometer long, mobile structure called a fog canyon. These vertical landscapes, the Onuudoy , help to shape the image of cities on Gadomenäa. Anicee recognizes her father, but is already alienated from him. Routh has to realize that the manipulation of the Sayporaners does not leave him untouched, even though he is protected by Puc. Everything around him happens in a friendly atmosphere. People are clearly satisfied with their new situation. But it is clear to Routh that all is not as peaceful as it seems, as is shown by the recording of his final spy probe. He sees how Anicee’s friend Benat Achiary is stabbed by a maid after they had talked to Anicee. Benat was one of the few Terrans, who objected to the indoctrination of the Sayporaners, and he had quarreled with Anicee shortly before the murder. Routh fears his daughter could be involved in the murder, but Anicee denies knowing anything about it.

On one of his walks through the city Routh feels a powerful alien presence. Maybe there are in fact enemies of the Augurs around. On the night of October third, Routh admits the whole truth to his foster father. To his surprise, Chourtaird agrees to help him rescue his daughter. Routh learns from Puc that not only Peppererg had been damaged by the operation. Routh had also shown the start of mental damage. Luckily, Puc could stop the decay - at least until now. The partial brain wipe has made the damage worse. Routh begins to wonder whether the events of the last days were perhaps only his imagination, as a result of a mental disorder...

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2620 - Fremde in der Harmonie
Stranger in the Harmony
Christian Montillon

The Empire of Harmony is inhabited by a multi-ethnic mixture of races. All the living beings, whatever their origin, are considered to be Escalianers and have one thing in common: they carry a tiny sliver of the super-intelligence TANEDRAR, as the Escaran is referred to, thereby gaining "Harmony". This ensures that the many different races cooperate peacefully. However, there often found "Disharmonious" people ( also know as Jyrescaos) that do not have Escaran. It is the job of the so-called Harmony Guards to detect such people and eliminate them. Uyarı Lydspor from the race of the frog-like Kandran is such a Harmony Guard. He is active in Klion. His current hunt is unsuccessful because the Jyresca receives help from "Harmonics" - an unheard of occurrence, but not the only one as Lydspor is informed by his superior Jezzel. Similar incidents have been occurring more and more often for some time now. In his research Lydspor discovers a training camp for Jyrescaos. AS he tries to observe the camp, he is discovered and comes under fire.

On the way to the Realm of Harmony Alaska Saedelaere receives some information from Guard Lieutenant Pridon, who has recovered from his injuries. The kingdom consists of two large galaxies and two smaller clusters that penetrate each other. They collided 9.8 million years ago - a time period that reminds the Terran of the Frequency Monarchy. The penetration of the star islands causes some chaotic hyperphysical conditions, such as hyperhurricanes and the such.

Three hundred light years before the planet Klion, the home world of the Duchess Rhizinza Yukk, the Administrative Palace falls victim to a Tryortan gullet. Only a part of the crew was able to escape with Pridon’s docked cruisers. Due to an unknown influence all the survivors, including Alaska Saedelaere, lose consciousness. When they come back around, spaceships appear - allegedly emissaries of the Empire of Harmony. However, they do not recognize the Guard Lieutenant nor the Duchess. They are considered strangers and enemies of the empire by these ships. Saedelaere learns that there was indeed a Duchess named Rhizinza Yukk a long time ago. She disappeared seventy-two years ago! The Terran is subjected to an interrogation and to be drugged.

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2621 - Der Harmoniewächter
The Harmony Guard
Christian Montillon

The cell activator neutralizes the truth drug, with which Alaska Saedelaere was supposed to be made compliant, but the existence of the chip does not remain hidden to the Escalianers. But they are not able to remove the chip because Guard Lieutenant Pridon frees the Terrans. Pridon and the Duchess were themselves freed by Eroin Blitzer. The very different companions flee by transmitter to a secret station built for members of the government back in the Duchess’ time. The facility is abandoned, but can be reactivated by the Duchess. The group prepares with new masks and protective suits. Their new goal is the ancestral home of the Duchess. Rhizinza Yukk hopes to find help there. Before leaving with a glider, Saedelaere learns that TANEDRAR is not always present in the Empire of Harmony is present. The arrival of the superintelligence seems shortly imminent.

Uyarı Lydspor survived the firing upon his glider. He is supported by help that arrives soon after the attack upon him from the military training camp. The place is empty - the soldiers fall into a trap. Huge explosions destroy the complex. Some time later Lydspor finds himself in a healing tank again. When he is fit again, he is commissioned to track down the fugitive calling herself the Duchess and her companions. In his research, he notes that almost all records of Rhizinza Yukk were deliberately deleted. Near the destroyed training camp, an ancient glider flies over the mountains of the camp. He follows the machine, but it escapes.

The glider is flown by Eroin Blitzer, who proves himself a master pilot. After the chase they land in the capital. Camouflaged by deflector fields they continue to Rhizinza Yukk’s family home. The property is already being monitored. Lydspor is also present. He can sense Jyrescaos and capture Saedelaere despite the deflector field. Jezzel and Guard Lieutenant Truyen Conscure show up and take away the Terran.

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2622 - Die Rebellen von Escalian
The Rebels of Escalian
Uwe Anton

After his capture Alaska Saedelaere is brought to the prison world Crepoin. All the Jyrescao prisoners are isolated on such a planet in order to ensure that they do not have contact with "Harmonious". Saedelaere can only remember his past in fragments. These memory fragments come and go. Saedelaere has no idea how he came to be on Crepoin and why he has lost his memory. Maybe this condition was caused by the interrogation techniques used on him. Saedelaere’s only clue comes from Haspelon , a blue-skinned humanoid from the people of the Dynoad , whom he calls "Swift" and who stands by Saedelaere.

One day, it comes to an uprising in the prison camp. A spaceship appears and sends out a battle glider. Armed forces disembark and use the chaos to liberate as many Inharmonious as possible, including Swift - but their main objective is Alaska Saedelaere. Saedelaere is taken to meet Carmydea Yukk, the granddaughter of Rhizinza Yukk . She is the commander of the spaceship SHEYAR and simultaneously head of the underground organization Jyrescaboro ("Guardian of the Inharmonious"), because she does not bare a splinter of TANEDRAR. The Jyrescaboro ensure that Inharmonious can live in freedom on certain worlds. They have developed a device that simulates the "stable odor" of the Harmonious so that they can move unnoticed among them.

Eroin Blitzer and Pridon are also on board. Blitzer reports that Rhizinza Yukk was badly wounded in a fight with the Harmony Guards and is being treated in a healing tank. The family of the Duchess has helped Saedelaere’s group, but not out of pure altruism. He should Carmydea Yukk help in the rehabilitation of her family, which turned into pariahs after the disappearance of the Duchess. TANEDRAR should be moved to rethink its position. To this end Carmydea wants to investigate the anomaly in which her grandmother lost seventy years. In return Saedelaere is to be brought to the planet Pean. Only there, so says Carmydea, would be a healing of his memory loss be possible. Saedelaere agrees - not least because he has developed a weakness for the beautiful Escalianer woman.

At first, their journey leads to the entertainment world Ementa. They hire Rizinze Baro there. The toad-like creatures is regarded as the only pilot who can fly in an anomaly. He follows the SHEYAR with his ship RHYLINE after Saedelaere won a dangerous contest against him and the price is negotiated. Carmydea would like to immediately fly to the anomaly, which is, however, a different one from the one that is known to Baro. But Saedelaere prevails: He wants to be brought first to Pean. The planet is considered the seat of powers that have supposedly done many wondrous healings. The Terran lands on Pean with a sloop. He is accompanied by Swift and Blitzer. The latter remains in the ship, while the other two men enter the jungle. The Terran encounters a giant tree creature. Then someone shoots a thermal ray at the tree being, barely missing Saedelaere...

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2623 - Die zweite Anomalie
The Second Anomaly
Uwe Anton

It was not the Peaner being shot at, but Alaska Saedelaere. Swift is the only possibility for the perpetrator. As the Terran reaches a settlement of Peaners, the suspicion is confirmed. Swift appears there and wants to attack, but is incapacitated by the mental powers of the tree beings. Saedelaere seeks peaceful contact and learns that the Peaners are Suggestors that can cure his amnesia. They also possess the ability to "implant" other creatures with foreign memories. Saedelaere has a vision in which he met Samburi Yura. She claims that he and she would have to "kill the gods". Saedelaere loses consciousness. He finds himself brought back to the SHEYAR. Apparently the Peaners have helped him, because he regains his self-confidence and more of his memories. Therefore, he now knows that Swift is a traitor: The man was at his interrogations and Saedelaere was probably on Crepoin to keep him under observation. However Saedelaere conceals this realization from his supposed friend.

With Eroin Blitzer's help Saedelaere penetrates the on-board computer of the SHEYAR and learns more about the Empire of Harmony. It is a kind of monarchy with a decentralized management structure under TANEDRAR’S graces. The Dukes rule from their mobile Palace ships. At the time each Duke was set aside a Sholoubwa-robot. Every ten years the ritual of arrival and departure takes place. The anomaly appeared during a period of openness. The SHEYAR and RHYLINE fly to the anomaly. It is in disarray. The RHYLINE flies into the anomaly, but accomplishes nothing there and barely escapes it when the structure collapses. Carmydea Yukk is not pleased with this failure (the snooping around by her guests does not remain hidden to her) and orders the flight continued to a second anomaly – that which Rizinze Baro allegedly exploited as a tourist attraction. This anomaly measures just over one hundred kilometers wide, is older than the first one, but obviously much more stable. Inside it has a diameter of almost one million kilometers. For Eroin Blitzer it is certain: someone is "building" miniature universes. The first anomaly was a trial run, while in the second the stranger had more success.

Inside the anomaly countless shipwrecks drive through space. It is clear that Rizinze Baro wanted to cannibalize these ships for profit. One of the ships is very familiar to Saedelaere. On closer examination it turns out that it is a Terran space jet of the VENUS-class. It carries the serial number B-SJ-031. The ship is a tender from the BASIS! Inside Alaska finds only corpses. He retrieves the data memory of the space jet for later analysis. In the center of the anomaly is an enormous organic mass. Saedelaere, Blitzer, Carmydea Yukk and other companions penetrate into the interior of the huge being. It wakes up and communicates with them over mental paths. The name of the system is SIL. It may be the remnant of a once larger entity and considers the visitor as its "children". The entity was abused by QIN SHI in Chanda as a guinea pig for a process by which the mental essence of the being was devoured by a machine. It appears clear that QIN SHI was behind the creation of the miniature universes and requires entities - or their bodies - in order to stabilize the anomalies.

SIL does not want to let his "children" leave, because only by their presence, can the entity remain conscious. Saedelaere programs the protective suits of the group so that they are all are simultaneously anesthetized. In this way, SIL is also stunned for a short time. Although the whole thing has to be repeated several times, the companions are able to escape in this manner. The Firibirim does not survive SIL’s mental attacks. Back in the RHYLINE Swift tries to shoot Saedelaere again. However, the Terran is able to paralyze him first. As the RHYLINE leaves the anomaly, it is surrounded by a cordon of ships of the Imperial troops and trapped...

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2624 - Todesfalle Sektor Null
Death Sector Zero
Arndt Ellmer

With the kidnapping of the Sol system a dangerous zone of hyperphysical chaos is created, called Sector Zero. At the former site of the system a hyperstorm builds up and the danger exists that it will merge with the storm area of the Antares Reef. That would be a disaster of Galactic proportions. Five thousand mobile Terran battleships block off Sector Zero. Fifty thousand more units are pulled together in the vicinity. Admiral Lagon Claudrin leads the operation. Bostich will provide twenty thousand ships of the United Galactic fleet. Sector Zero is a death trap - not only for space ships approaching it. If the Sol system should materialize at this point, then it would be destroyed by the hyperstorm…

On October 9, 1469 NGE, the special vessel BURNORRAL, constructed for the study of hyperstorms, enters the inside of Sector Zero. The vessel is escorted by the GEMINI and three other spherical ships of the EXPLORER class. But the Null Divers do not get far. The BURNORRAL is swallowed by a hyper-rip. The same phenomenon shaves off most of the lower spherical segment of the GEMINI. The Rumaler Wahna Porant, Chief Sensor technician of the GEMINI, blames himself for the disaster, because he was the one to propose the onsite exploration. He risks his life to save as many of his comrades as possible before the ship is torn apart by the Hawk converters blowing up. He believes to see that alien beings have penetrated the GEMINI. He assumes that a transition exists, with which you can reach the dimension in which the Sol system was kidnapped. At the last minute he manages to save himself and his deputy Sibana, as well as the other survivors in the solidly secured central sphere. The segment is blown free and escapes the destruction, but the energy supply breaks down, so that the life-support systems begin to fail. Only the JULES VERNE, which is currently located in the Charon Cloud, can now help the Null Divers.

A plenary meeting of the Galacticum on the planet Aurora is scheduled for the same day, because the disappearance of the Sol system and almost the entire LFT leadership has shaken the political structure in the Milky Way. A conference is to son be held on the LFT colony world Maharani in the Pleiades sector. There is no consensus reached on a new Terran home world.. Many Council members do not believe that Chairman Bostich, who simultaneously stands at the head of the sole remaining Galactic power, after the elimination of its diametric opposite – the Terrans – continues to represent the best interests of the entire Galacticum. There is, however, a group in the empire called the Ark'Tussan, which aims at the restoration of Arkonide hegemony.

Bostich is visited by USO Lord Admiral Monkey before the meeting. The Oxtorner tells the Arkonide that since August over eight hundred ships of various nations have gone missing in the Ordhogan Nebula, a former hyper-cocoon. Bostich believes in a connection with the kidnapping of the Sol system and considers the entire Milky Way to be at risk. He orders the preparation for the evacuation of the Arkon system and requested the proclamation of the highest level of military threat against the Galacticum. The Council agrees to collect all of the most powerful ships in the fleet and use the JULES VERNE as its flagship – with Bostich in command of the VERNE. LFT Foreign Minister Galo Kajat, who temporarily took over the tasks of the Head of Government, does not agree to this proposal. The JULES VERNE is to investigate Sector Zero under the command of Ronald Tekeners as expedition leader. Ma'tam Narvan tan Ra-Osar, of the Akonian Council, supports this. Bostich then lets the cat out of the bag. He declares a state of emergency and imposes martial law on the Milky Way, because this is an attack on all the races of the galaxy – for it is now clear that the unknown attacker can make use of the Polyport network for its own purposes. Considering the state of affairs, the Council cannot withhold its agreement.

On October 10 the central sphere of the GEMINI drifts through Sector Zero. The Paratron screen collapses and the castaways are helpless, at the mercy of the hyperstorm. The JULES VERNE arrives just in time to rescue the survivors. Then Bostich shows up and announces he is taking over command of the JULES VERNE and the securing of Sector Zero.

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2625 - Das Plejaden-Attentat
The Plejaden Assassination
Hubert Haensel

With the disappearance of the Sol system, a power vacuum was created that needs to be filled as soon as possible. At Maharani, a thriving Terran colony in the Pleiades Sector, an LFT conference is therefore held whose goal is choosing a provisional First Terran and the determination of a new Terran main world. USO head Monkey and Bostich, the Imperator of Arkon and Chairman of the New Galacticum, leave for Maharani after the Oxtorner has made it clear that the USO will not tolerate a takeover of JULES VERNE by Bostich. The barbell ship will be taken by Ronald Tekener to explore Sector Zero.

At the moment, Tekener is on an undercover mission on Maharani. The planet has been a playground of the intelligence services for the past few weeks due to the upcoming galactic conference. The "Smiler" pursues an LFT-Secretary named Morasan Jagan, who became a suspect due to certain irregularities. The man, however, gets murdered by persons unknown. Through an autopsy it is determined that the dead man is actually an Arkonide. His real name is Gaumarol Tharan. Tharan had supposedly died in 1465 NGE in a glider accident. Reino tan Vitar, commander in chief of the Akonian Energy Command, confirmed the rumors circulating on Maharani of a planned assassination. A man named Zoron Farsell is behind this. The evaluation of the recorded material from a surveillance camera that recorded the murder of Jagan, later confirms this allegation: Farsell is the culprit. He has, however, disappeared. As tan Vitar volunteers Akonian specialists to help in the search of Sector Zero, Tekener invites him on behalf of the USO to a forthcoming meeting of the main Galactic authorities. At this meeting, Bostich denies Arkonide involvement in the assassination plots.

The conference will begin on October 20, 1469 NGE. The deputies of the many thousands of LFT-member worlds are initially unable to reach agreement. The first ballot fails. On the following day the USO, TLD and Arkonide Celistas together prevent a disaster. Farsell’s arrival is registered, and the man is trapped in energy screens when he detonates a bomb implanted in him. He wanted to perform a decapitation strike against the LFT in order to guarantee supremacy of the Arkonide Empire in the Milky Way - even against the will of Bostich. The conference continues. On October 22nd, Arun Joschannan, administrator of the Pleiades Coalition, who was not originally nominated, is proposed by the former First Terran Tamira Sakrahan for election. He is eventually elected Acting First Terran. Maharani is also elected as the provisional seat of government of the LFT. However Joschannan considers it important that hope for a return of the Sol system is not lost. The post of Terran Resident initially remains vacant, while new elections are already set for January 1, 1470 NGE.

Bostich is happy with the choices. In a clarifying conversation with Monkey and Tekener he again emphasizes that all the Galactic nations must work together to overcome the crisis, and that he himself had nothing to do with the attack. Nevertheless, he accepts political responsibility for it, because he believes that the Arkonide group Ark'Tussan has their hands in the game. He renounces the power of getting his hands on the JULES VERNE, which then heads out October 23rd under Tekener’s command. The fate of forty-eight ships vanished in the Ordhogan Nebula is also to be clarified by the JULES VERNE.

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2626 - Suche im Sektor Null
Search in Sector Zero
Michael Marcus Thurner

Led by Ronald Tekener, the scientists of the JULES VERNE are investigating Sector Zero. The JULES VERNE is being supported by thousands of ships from the LFT and the new Galacticum. Sichu Dorksteiger is on board. She reports the emergence of huge Tryortan gullets at the Antares Reef that have spat out masses of hypercrystals since 1467 NGE until the disappearance of the sol system. The ejected hypercrystals were the same type as those discovered in the BASIS prior to its kidnapping. Tekener is fascinated by the Ator. The equally beautiful and brilliant woman gets closer to him than he would like, and rattles him more than once. A visit to the White Hall of the JULES VERNE brings no new insights. Instead Tekener and Dorksteiger are brought to the limits of their ability to deal with it. Something seems to be wrong with the room.

A short time later Tekener receives a coded message from the former TLS Chief Noviel Residor. Tekener follows a winding route to Residor who is on a wandering planetoid near Barnard's Star, which is only six light-years away from the Sol system’s location. Residor had faked his own death years ago and since then been living in the station which contains a backup of NATHAN’s data banks. Residor willingly supplies the Smiler with some information from the data banks. The real reason for the contact, however, is that Residor had received messages about suspicious activities by the Augurs shortly before the disappearance of the Sol system. He gives all this information to Tekener, and on November 14, 1469 NGE Tekener returns to the Jules Verne. Then the wreck of a ship from the LFT Explorer fleet is located. It is the GEMMA FRISIUS, a spherical ship that had disappeared on September 2 in the border area of the Ordhogan Nebula - three days before the disappearance of the Sol system.

At that time the GEMMA FRISIUS ended up in the area of a six-dimensional energy shower. Something or someone named Petal 37 gradually took control of all the onboard systems and killed numerous crew members. An oily substance - presumably an intelligent being called Glue 37 - was discovered. Robots and other equipment that came into contact with this substance developed an uncanny life of their own and turned against the crew members. A massive, graceful looking structure in the approximate shape of a flower appeared near the ship and seized it. The crew had no way of resisting this...

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2627 - Die letzten Tage der GEMMA FRISIUS
The Last Days of the GEMMA FRISIUS
Michael Marcus Thurner

Ronald Tekener leads a team into the wreck of the GEMMA FRISIUS. The destruction inside suggests that the crew has not only fought against an unknown enemy, but also attempted to stop the ship. Survivors are not found, but a strange substance, a kind of molten resin, runs through broad areas of the ship and many of the corpses are also encased by it. A hidden data crystal is recovered. It contains recordings by the Nexialist David Campese during the period from September 2-4 1469 NGE, and brings light into the darkness of the events:

The GEMMA FRISIUS is under the control of Glue 37, who has conquered the ship for Petal 37. Attempts to escape or resist are futile and only lead to brutal countermeasures by the sinister enemy. Resignation is spreading. When the crew detects that the ship towards starts to move the Sol system, its fighting spirit wakes up again. In desperate actions that claim many lives, it is possible for the Galactics to destroy four of the five Hawk III Compensation converters and various other aggregates. The ship remains maneuverable and reaches its destination. Forty-seven other ships are already positioned around the Sol system, hidden in some unknown manner from location by the Terrans. All the Petals are connected with each other and with the Antares Reef. An energetic band arises that runs around the Sol system. Campese is badly wounded in the fighting. With his last strength he records his experiences. It also includes a message that he has read on the terminals of a secondary headquarters: "The BOTNETZ is ready ... The forty-eight Petals of the Time Rose is enabled ..."

The structure pilots of JULES VERNE have suffered a shock with the discovery of the GEMMA FRISIUS, but are now whole and strong again. Kempo Doll'Arym explains that the reason for their illness was an absence of space at the site of the wreck; a zone of absolute nothingness, in which the laws of nature are not valid. It turns out that there are forty-eight such centers around the Sol system. Through massive bombardment from all the weapons of JULES VERNE all of this absence is again "filled" - space and time arise again…

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2628 - Der Verzweifelte Widerstand
The Desperate Resistance
Christian Montillon

Protector Kaowen is killed in the explosion of a transit parquet. Drawn by native crystals a new body that is stored in the shipyard APERAS KOKKAIA is imbued with his mind - it is one of five clones of the original Xylthe, and it's not his first “rebirth”. Two clone bodies have already been used up. This kind of immortality is QIN SHI's gift to his most valuable servant. After Kaowen collects information about Perry Rhodan, who he now understands has been inexcusably underestimated by his opponents, he breaks out with the RADONJU, to take part in a mission with the World Scourge, to depopulate an activation world.

What the World Scourge and the activation worlds are, Perry Rhodan learns from leaders of the Desperate Resistance, a powerful underground organization, whose members are recruited from many races and who fight in Chanda against QIN SHI. Rhodan and Quistus materialize in a base of the resistance; the transit parquet that Kaowen was searching for had been stolen at the time by the resistance and served for the observation of the activities of the enemy. It brought Rhodan and Quistus to the resistance, which triggered the self-destruction of the transit parquet. All this Rhodan learns from the Iothone Regius. This brings together the Terran Derrayn Anrene with Rhodan. The Colonel is commander of the BASIS tender SICHOU ZHI LU, which just barely missed destruction by the cone ships. The members of the crew of the tender, of which only the command-sphere is left, are "guests" of the resistance.

Tion Yulder is a Dosanthi stationed at APERAS KOKKAIA, but in truth is part of the resistance. In the rubble around the destroyed transit parquet, he finds the severed arm of an Iothone - Quistus had severed the part of his body, because a tracking device was hidden in it. Tion Yulder tries to destroy the tentacle, because this may fall into the hands of the QIN-SHI Guard. He has no success in this, but does capture data on the next site to be attacked by the World Scourge. He transmits this information to a contact person for the resistance.

After talking with Regius and Anrene, Rhodan is secretly visited by Högborn Trumeri from the people of the Oracca. The little creature that looks like a walking skeleton in a hooded robe, informs Rhodan about the origins of the Desperate Resistance. QIN SHI, Trumeri reported, sleeps for long periods of time and then devours entire planetary populations to become active again. The Oracca once worked for QIN SHI, to avoid their own destruction and get help in their spiritualization from QIN SHI. In return, the Oracca helped in the creation of the World Scourge, a kind of machine to destroy entire planets. The Oracca also spread propaganda among the populations of the activation worlds chosen by QIN SHI, until the future victims of the super intelligence were convinced, that QIN SHI's arrival was tantamount to achieving a higher level of existence. But the Oracca were duped just like all the other races. QIN SHI gave them extreme longevity, but hit their home world with the World Scourge and devoured the entire population there. Only a few million Oraccas, who were travelling elsewhere in the galaxy, escaped the destruction. Chased by all the other races, as well as by QIN SHI, they formed the Desperate Resistance under the leadership of Nartog the Far-sighted.

The resistance, however, is divided amongst itself. One group aims at the destruction of QIN SHI, another - to which Regius belongs - wants to flee from Chanda, but has taken no concrete measures to achieve this objective. Rhodan learns that QIN SHI intends to extend its power to the neighboring galaxy Escalian only 54.2 million light years away from Earth. This makes it clear that Escalian is identical with the galaxy Zagadan, which belongs to the Polyport network. Rhodan is hoping to somehow get access to the network, in order to return home. First, the upcoming usage of the World Scourge must be prevented, because QIN SHI has awakened and wants to feast on the population of an activation world. The resistance has constructed a weapon that works against the World Scourge and will be used for the first time on it. Rhodan must observe the usage of this weapon. Should it be able to stop the World Scourge, then QIN SHI could be permanently weakened and even forced back to sleep.

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2629 - Die Weltengeißel
The World Scourge
Christian Montillon

Perry Rhodan is a guest aboard the ship CHANDORY, which is about to attempt the first use of the weapon from the Desperate Resistance organization against the World Scourge. The weapon is called the Blinder and masks the mental impulses of living things being used as victims of the World Scourge, so that it cannot absorb their life energy. For this reason, the Blinder must be active as long as the World Scourge can try to do its work: thirty-seven hours. After this period, QIN SHI must cut of its connection to the World Scourge.

But as the CHANDORY arrives near the home system of the insectoid Cruny, which has repeatedly been afflicted over thousands of years by the World Scourge, it immediately comes under attack. Protector Kaowen has sealed off the system with a powerful fleet. The CHANDORY must pull back. Meanwhile, Kaowen sends a preparatory troop of the Dosanthis to the Cruny homeworld. The Dosanthis employ their para-abilities to put the Cruny into a state of panic. In this way any resistance can be nipped in the bud, plus it is made easier for the World Scourge to absorb the mental energy of the Crunys.

The Suit of the Universes speaks to Rhodan and tells him that it has stored the data on improvements to tracking protection that Ennerhahl had supplied for MIKRU JON. With this information, the Blinder buoys that must be positioned around the planet can be upgraded within a few hours. Not enough time exists for an upgrade of the CHANDORY itself. As the World Scourge starts its activity, the camouflage secured buoys hide the ground and the Crunys from it. But under the influence of the Dosanthis the Insectoids have still begun to kill each other en masse. In the end Kaowen stops the use of the Dosanthis because it is a waste of precious energy while the World Scourge cannot collect it.

Individual Blinder buoys are discovered in spite of the new detection protection and are shot down. The rest of them gradually fail by themselves due to some kind of instability. Five hours before the deadline the World Scourge can finally do its job. Millions of Crunys die, their life energy consumed. However, the World Scourge has collected far less energy than had been expected, so QIN SHI remains hungry. When QIN SHI breaks off contact with the World Scourge, it flies on towards the Pytico system. Kaowen’s fleet and the CHANDORY follow it...

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2630 - Im Zeichen der Aggression
In The Expression of Aggression
Marc A. Herren

The Vasanthi Tokun Gavang is born on the day of the Hyper-shocks on the planet Meloudil. Like many peers of his generation, he is an Agal-Atimpal - a Dosanthi in a state of "constant excitation". He is always stretched to full height, so that he dominates other Dosanthi at almost twice their height, and the normal Dosanthis’ usually suppressed aggression is permanently present with him. The Agal-Atimpals are considered as disabled by their race, but the truth is their blemish is a gift. Through special training the Agal-Atimpal learn to control their aggression and help all Dosanthi to use their para-ability particularly effectively. Tokun Gavang also has an unusual understanding of technology for his people.

Tokun is put into the homeland security forces and assigned for duty in the spaceship NYCORMO. He rises rapidly in the hierarchy there and finally becomes a strategist in the QIN SHI-Guard. He finds a good friend in Picaru Volil. But he also has an enemy: Vetela, a Xylthe with the rank of Reparat, who considers Tokun considers to be a member of the Desperate Resistance. The reason for Vetela’s suspicions manifests as a mission of the protection forces, in which Tokun and Picaru participate, is a debacle. In fact Picaru, Tokun’s constant companion, is the one who belongs to the resistance - Vetela has his attention solely directed upon the wrong person. Picaru himself is responsible for the failed mission. Before he dies in the firestorm, he tries to persuade Tokun to join the resistance. He gives him a data crystal with explosive information, but Tokun destroys the crystal.

Although he ignored Picaru’s plea, it wakes up doubts in Tokun about QIN SHI’s actions that cause a permanent war to rage in Chanda. He tries to flee to his home, but is caught, demoted and transferred to the XYLTHIA. He gradually works his way up the ranks again. One day, he is contacted by the Dosanthi Tiza Zempar, a resistance fighter who knows the truth about the debacle caused by Picaru. He provides Tokun the crucial question: Why did he conceal the events of that time and not deliver the data crystal to his superiors, so that he would be celebrated a hero? Answer: Tokun had already inwardly longed to resist. His first act on behalf of the resistance is to help in the murder of Protector Kaowen. This success has a bitter aftertaste, because many innocent people die with it, and Kaowen is reborn as a clone, anyway. Tokun’s betrayal is not detected, but for some reason his biological turns him back into a normal Dosanthi…

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2631 - Die Stunde der Blender
The hour of the Blinder
Marc A. Herren/Christian Montillon

Just a few weeks after his transformation into an Ogok-Atimpal - a "Permanently Scared" - in 1379 NGE Tokun Gavang recovered to the extent that he almost finds his way back again to his former power. He is sent to his homeworld, where he still is ninety years later, still on duty. In the year 1469 NGE it is reported that the World Scourge is approaching. As even spaceships of the QIN SHI-Guard appear and seal off the system, the unthinkable is certain: QIN SHI is reaching out for the main world of one of its aiding races, in order to kill billions of Dosanthis and refresh himself on their life energy. An evacuation is impossible; all the spaceships are stopped from launching by an override circuit. Their fate seems to be inevitable.

The CHANDORY has followed the World Scourge into the Pytico system. Regius and the other leaders of the resistance does not regard it as an opportune time to use the Blinder network – when QIN SHI intends to weaken himself through the destruction of his own aiding race, you do not want hinder the superintelligence in doing this. Perry Rhodan cannot tolerate this. He makes it clear to the Iothone that the Desperate Resistance will weaken itself if it does not help now. By saving the Dosanthis a signal must be sent, with which the people of this race might be pulled to the side of the underground movement. In fact, Tokun and Terahyr, an old Xylthe who works with him, are calling their respective races to resist. It comes to fighting on Meloudil against the landed troops of the QIN SHI-Guard.

The Blinder buoys have now been further improved, so that the activities of the World Scourge can be successfully disabled. But again the buoys fail by the dozen shortly before the expiration of the thirty-seven hour period. Rhodan has only one chance to prevent the disaster. He must try to make the World Scourge reboot itself with the ancient Anthurian controller. To this end, he has to approach the World Scourge closely with a crusier - a risky venture because Kaowen’s combat ships are combing the system for the opponents. Rhodan's plan works. The controller has access to the World Scourge, whose glowing red sphere wrapping it goes off. The World Scourge does turn out to be a burnt, modified trade star from the Polyport network. It is only shortly active before Rhodan can give it the reboot command.

On Meloudil Tokun and Terahyr are victorious. Vetela, Tokun’s nemesis who has never abandoned his suspicions of the man and had followed his nemesis to Meloudil, is killed when the World Scourge finally reboots and become active again for another short period. At the end of the thirty-seven hour period the World Scourge withdraws and goes to station twenty light years away. Perry Rhodan asks to be returned to the BASIS cruiser Sichou-1. Meanwhile, Kaowen is summoned by QIN SHI to report...

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2632 - Die Nacht des Regenriesen
The Night of the Rain Giant
Wim Vandemaan

The sun is wrapped by the Fimbul crust. Even heavy bombardment cannot penetrate the puzzling substance. Artificial suns shine on Terra and the other solar planets with just so much light that it does not lead to disaster. However, the average temperature on the Earth decreases.

On October 5, 1469 NGE the BOMBAY returns to the Sol system. The crew of the CASABLANCA, an eight hundred meter ship of the APOLLO class, locates the arrival of the explorer. Although it sends out a distress signal, it does not respond to radio messages and an energy shield has been activated. This shield has gaps so that Helia Margaud, the hyper-physicist of the CASABLANCA, and some other crew members can transfer to the BOMBAY by transmitter. Shortly after reinforcements have arrived - there is agreement about the fact that the BOMBAY could pose a threat - the transmitter connection breaks down. Margaud and her companions are on their own. The ship’s systems are disrupted and the crew is not to be found. Black, egg-shaped objects are distributed throughout the ship, which dissolve as soon as you touch them. Finally, the crew of the BOMBAY is found. They are lying in a deep sleep near the center of the ship and being cared for by Medo-robots. It is explained to them that the sleep is not of natural origin.

Major Achil van Taarnhoi gets awakened. From his report it can be inferred that on their return from the bridge world the VAHANA was planted with something: nano-machines that can infect computer systems and organisms. The nano-weapon took over the systems of the BOMBAY and put the crew to sleep by the hormone melatonin produced in their bodies. Margaud and her companions have also been infected. They succeed in disabling the organic content of the ship's logic programming network and stop the ship. It is also noted that the BOMBAY has transmitted data to a specific point in the Sol system. The Explorer has obviously been transformed into a spy ship, a quasi-Trojan horse. The escort ships can now be warned - The BOMBAY is quarantined.

A little later, one hundred fifty star galleons appear in the Sol system and attack it. Seventy-eight are destroyed, while most of the others retreat. But three manage a breakthrough to the Earth. They are destroyed by artillery forts, but they first manage to throw countless four millimeter wide objects which are later named blinder ejectors, and torpedoes, that they name hell screamers. The blinder ejectors produce a bright light that makes people blind, and electromagnetic waves that are perceived as heat for a short time. Hell screamers cause a terrible noise with one hundred seventy decibels of sound pressure, far beyond the threshold of pain. Although the effect of both weapons is not fatal, millions of people have been severely traumatized by them.

The three star galleons are hit hard and seem to explode. In fact, they have blown themselves up. Their debris falls down in the Gulf of Papua, the Khövsgöl Nuur and the Gulf of Mexico. The ship’s figurehead from the bow of one of the star galleons goes down over land by the Gulf of Mexico. The object is not only like a giant humanoid shaped with four arms, it is actually a creature named Nachtaugs Beisohn. The figureheads are fused with their ships and adapted to them. They only remember their past in bizarre dreams.

Nachtaugs Beisohn is discovered by the fifteen year old Terran Geronimo Abb and his au pair Dayszaraszay Schazcepoutrusz (also called DayScha), a twenty-three year old Cheborparner. Geronimo and DayScha are on their own, because the boy's parents were in the Wega system at the time of the kidnapping in the Sol system. The older brother of Geronimo is one of the young people who followed the Augurs over the transit parquet. Their family house on the Yucatan Peninsula was almost completely destroyed due to the Gravo-erratic phenomena, under which Terra is still suffering. Therefore, the two young people decided to camp in the forest. They heard the noise of the crash and found the humanoid in a clearing.

At the same time Reginald Bull sends searchers into the crash regions.

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2633 - Der tellurische Krieg
The Telluric War
Hubert Haensel

The crash of the three star galleons was only a feint. The ships were deliberately sacrificed to smuggle a weapon to the ground: nano-robots that replicate and create mini-factories. The Lithosphere Technician Bentelly Farro is consulted. Using his own nano-machines, which are used to combat earthquakes, he finds out that the alien machines serve a single purpose: to create a super quake.

Nachtaugs Beisohn has survived the crash, but is seriously injured. Geronimo Abb and DayScha try to help him. They even manage to finally communicate with him. He speaks of a hunter, which he allegedly cannot escape. Since the authorities do not take their message seriously, they transport the giant humanoid, still overgrown with an aggregate base, with a suspended freight ship. The base repairs itself and produces weapons that it directs upon the Terran and the Cheborparner. They are rescued by Don Monwiil, a seriously ill man (his blood crystallizes at irregular intervals), who works for the Society of Absent Friends. He destroys parts of the base, so that it no longer represents a danger. Nachtaugs Beisohn is then handed into the possession of the Society.

Homer G. Adams informs his friend Reginald Bell about these events, and gives him some information about the Society. Adams warns of the Augurs, because in his opinion, these foreign beings have infiltrated the TLD and the government during their two-year presence on Terra. Adams submitted a secret plan to Bull in which an android copy of Bull created by the Swoon Fanom Pekking presumably has a role to play. Bull agrees - Terrania will have to get by for a while without him. Then he heads by transmitter to Central America.

At 9:17 PM local time on October 5, 1469 NGE the Central America region is rocked by the strongest earthquake in living memory. The epicenter is located directly beneath Mexico City. The foreign nano-machines have created a gravo-mechanical shock pulse, raising the ground by thirty meters. The land then falls back and breaks up. Mexico City is destroyed. Innumerable people die. The Popocatépetl volcano erupts but is capped by a Paratron-screen. Secondary quakes and tsunamis follow.

On October 6, at 10:31 AM SIN-TC (the Solar Information Network of Terrania City) reports that according to eyewitnesses Reginald Bell was buried in Mexico under the rubble of a burning glider. They also claim to have seen an expanding spiral galaxy over the ruins of Mexico City - the sign of the death of a cell activator bearer….

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2634 - Terras neue Herren
Terra’s New Masters
Hubert Haensel

Before the earthquake, in the Zona Mexico, Reginald Bull leaves the Earth with the LADY LAVERNA, a cylinder ship of the Society of Absent Friends. Nachtaugs Beisohn is attached to the outer hull and taken away from the planet. Geronimo Abb and DayScha remain on board as guests. The ship is hidden inside of the Ganymede building site. Nachtaugs Beisohn is being prepared for interviewing.

After the quake Bull’s "corpse" is salvaged from a wrecked glider. It is, in fact, a carefully prepared clone. The illusion is perfect, because it was prepared from a tissue sample of the Immortal, and in its shoulder, it carries a replica of a burnt out cell activator chip. Since no one in the highest government circles was initiated into the plan, even the First Terran Henrike Ybarri believes in the death of the Resident.

On October 6, 1469 NGE the sixty-three star galleons who survived the first attack return to the Sol system. The Sayporaner Marrghiz and Fagesy Chossom contact Ybarri and demand the surrender of the LFT. They remind her of the nano-machines still active in the Earth’s crust, which had triggered the powerful earthquakes, to reinforce their demand. The Terrans get time to consider. Ybarri decides it makes sense to surrender and then act from underground. She informs her Cabinet members that the strangers must have managed to long ago manipulate all the data centers, including NATHAN and LAOTSE. By a narrow majority, the cabinet joins Ybarri in her decision. Terra is occupied, and all members of the government are given "consultants" - people who are on the side of the invaders. The final arbiters in any decision are Marrghiz and Chossom. The journalist Phaemonoe Eghoo is chosen by the invaders to their government spokeswoman.

Marrghiz asserts that humanity had reached the end of their path and will find peace in their new home, the miniature universe. He also heralds the return of the kidnapped youths. Then he and Chossom study Bull’s corpse, to convince themselves of its authenticity. They talk about their most important goal: the discovery of the superintelligence ALLDARS 's missing body . They suspect it to be in the Sol system. They are not pleased when they find out that not only 2300 patrolling Fagesys have disappeared, but also fifty million inhabitants of Terrania, including Homer G. Adams. Each individual has left behind a white armband - a sign of resistance since the SOULSOURCE dictatorship and the subsequent establishment of the Group of Gentle Rebels.

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2635 - Jagd auf Gadomenäa
Hunt on Gadomenäa
Hans Kneifel

Chourtaird informs Shamsur Routh of the fact that Anicee was among the first Terran young people whose reformatting has been completed. The young people were then taken to the planetary capital. If Routh wants to see his daughter, he must travel to Anboleis with the Onuudoy Vae-Bazent, a flying landscape, because the capital is located on a different continent. Chourtaird supplies his protégé with a protective suit and a weapon called a stimuli flooder. Routh makes his way on to the flying landscape, while it sucks off fresh water from a lake.

Vae-Bazent is a desert landscape. The Implant memo Puc locates the Regularium, a control center, which Routh must reach to ensure the course of Onuudoy. During the arduous march Routh repeatedly loses contact with Puc and suffers, as predicted by the Implant memo, increasing mental disorders. Then he saves a being called Spiegel 1113 Taomae from some Cocculares . The latter are giant bipedal crabs, while Taomae is a shapeshifter from the people of the Vae-Vaj with the basic form of a human-sized dragonfly. She accompanies Routh and gradually takes on the shape of a Terran woman. She reminds Routh of his former wife Henrike Ybarri, and the two become intimate with each other. During this time they are captives of the Cocculares. In a while, they manage to break free and take the Cocculare Pahklad hostage, who gradually gains respect for the former prisoners.

As Taomae gets closer to the Regularium, she gradually returns to her natural shape. She remembers that there is a connection between her people and the Regularium. In fact, she is recognized by the system as entitled to command it. She tells Routh of the past of her people. The Vae have shared a similar fate to the Terrans. Many young people among them were also kidnapped – Taomae’s ancestors. Anyone found to be unsuitable for the purposes of the Sayporaners, was disposed of on-Vae Bazent. As Taomae says that the Sayporaners had then taken certain organs from their victims, Routh recalls a similar scene he had observed in Hamburg. After her report, Taomae dies. The Onuudoy reaches the destination. Anboleis is a city of transparent buildings. As Routh enters the city, he feels fear...

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2636 - Das Schema des Universums
The Pattern of the Universe
Christian Montillon

After the temporary defeat of the World Scourge Perry Rhodan wants to return with the Sichou-1 to the shipyard APERAS KOKKAIA. He hopes the MIKRU-JON will be found there. But Regius has a request that the Terran cannot deny. According to the information of the Desperate Resistance, three spaceships of the Badakk are in Penkett system, which is on the way to Penkett. He wants Rhodan to find out what the Badakks - known as a race of scientists in service of QIN SHI – are looking for there. The Sichou-1 and the cone ship Kadura belonging to the resistance reach the Penkett system on November 1, 1469 NGE. Rhodan, two Xylthes and a Badakk from the resistance, along with Quistus and some combat robots fly into the system with a weapons boat from the Kadura. Rhodan poses as Reparat Danrhoper from the staff of Protector Oronak. For camouflage he leaves the mirrored helmet of his SERUN closed. As Rhodan sees what the Badakks are working on, it is not surprising that his controller had activated: In orbit of a giant planet hovers a Polyport court. However, the huge station appears to be badly damaged.

In fact, the Badakks headed by Cawo-Shumgaard and Ledrut-Strywen are investigating the court without the knowledge of their Xylthe superiors. Cawo hopes to present results soon and thereby win QIN SHI's favor for his people. That is why he has concealed the existence of the court. However, the Badakks have not yet been able to put the court in operation. When Reparat Danrhoper requires a report, Cawo fears the worst. However, he has no choice but to grant the supposed inspection team access to the court. Rhodan unwittingly confirms Cawo’s fears when he uses his controller to activate some ancillary systems of the Court and downloads data packets. He is not able to activate anything important, but Cawo is clear now that he must eliminate Danrhoper and bring the controller into his possession.

As Rhodan tries to leave the court, Cawo orders an attack on the group. Only Rhodan, Quistus and Xylthe Hisparan survive. Rhodan uses his controller to make the court reject the attached Badakk technology so that all of it on board explodes. Nevertheless, they come close to being overwhelmed, until the intervention of Ledrut, who has always disapproved of Cawo’s secret plans. He kills Cawo and asks Danrhoper for clemency. The Reparat agrees to this and leaves the court. Ledrut is very surprised when he some time later contacts Protector Oronak, who claims that there has never been a Reparat Danrhoper.

Back in the Sichou-1 Rhodan evaluates the automatically retrieved data. The defective court is named THASSADORAN-4 and was damaged back at the time when VATROX-VAMU tried to access the PARALOX ARSENAL for the first time. The Court is indeed inoperative, but it had belonged to a Distributor depot. Therefore, seven more courts must be somewhere in Chanda. Rhodan hopes to return them to the Milky Way or get reinforcements with one of them. On November 3, the Sichou-1 continues on its way to the shipyard APERAS KOKKAIA...

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2637 - Die Informationsjäger
The Information Hunters
Arndt Ellmer

Gucky teleports on the 4th of October, 1469 NGZ with Nemo Partijan inside the shipyard APERAS KOKKAIA to look for information on the location of Perry Rhodan and the status of the BASIS. On account of the para-trap installed there the Ilt can teleport only over short distances. After they paralyze some Xylthes, Gucky and Partijan find out that in the center of the shipyard there is an immense hollow cavity full of form energy clouds in which a four and a half kilometer wide black sphere floats. At the sight of the object Gucky feels reminded of a time well. The name “Place of Transformation” which was named in connection with the shipyard might in fact refer to this object. The mousebeaver decides to take under closer inspection. It appears that recently a space jet from the BASIS disappeared inside this sphere and never reappeared.

When Gucky and Partijan approach the sphere, they are subjected to various hallucinations. Partijan believes to see three objects which belong to another continuum and are connected to each other like transfer chimneys. Gucky and Partijan can free themselves from the spell of the ball only with effort and decide it is time to leave APERAS KOKKAIA. They return to MIKRU-JON on the 3rd of November; it turns out that they have lost a month due to a dilatation effect or some similar phenomena which is effective around the sphere of the black ball.

On the 5th of November Perry Rhodan arrives after a winding flight with the SICHOU-1 and the KADURA. Now all three ships begin a journey to the secret base Orontes.

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2638 - Zielpunkt Morpheus-System
Target Morpheus System
Marc A. Herren

The fear of the Death Wrestlers of Orontes towards the World Scourge has not decreased in all the millenniums since the first disaster. Clan Mother Syb fears that the World Scourge might be lured by the presence of the Galactics. A seer states that the World Scourge has been stopped recently from refreshing itself, and now looks for new victims. Therefore, in a conversation with Mondra Diamond on the 26th of October, 1469 NGE Syb demands the departure of the Galactics. The Clan Mother grants only a short time extension for the repair of the engines of the CHISHOLM. In the interim they must search for a new shelter. While on the search, the cruiser TUBLIR observes a battle between a fleet of the Quolnäer Keretzen and the spaceships (reminiscent of a praying mantis) of the Tiradeure, a race they have not met up till now. The TUBLIR ends up between the fronts, but is able to escape. It appears that the battle is shifting steadily in the direction of the Morpheus system.

Meanwhile Mondra Diamond tries to define her new relationship with Ramoz. She puts questions about his past to the former feline being, but demands too much of Ramoz with it. He falls into a perpetual state of shock. Then the mathematician Martin Felten presents Mondra a theory that the suicide flash wave of the Quolnäer Keretzen can be absorbed by a certain kind of rock from Orontes. However, to prove this theory would require an experiment with a living representative of this people. The opportunity for this arises shortly after the return of the TUBLIR when the first ships of the two hostile fleets reach the system. Mondra, Sinaid Velderbilt and Felten stealthily approach the wreck of a ship of the Quolnäer Keretzen with the space lens ARCHIMEDES. A crew member is still alive, and the Galactic really are largely protected by the Orontes rock brought by Felten from the injurious mental impulses of the being – but not completely. A much larger amount of the rock would be necessary complete protection. The Galactics must hurry to leave the enemy ship, because its self-destruction mechanism was initiated.

After a period of time, the fighting fleets disappear by themselves – the warning which has been sent out for millenniums by a space fort in the orbit of Orontes has not lost its deterrent effect. A few days later the CHISHOLM leaves the system in peace. On the 12th of November Perry Rhodan arrives at the rendezvous point with the MIKRU-JON, the SICHOU-1 and the KADURA. Ennerhahl also appeared with the other three ships in his light cell. Mondra suddenly receives word that Ramoz has awoken. He wants to speak to Mondra immediately.

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2639 - Die grüne Sonne
The Green Sun
Hubert Hansel

Ramoz awakes, but behaves strangely. He speaks incomprehensible words and seems to recognize no one. Ennerhahl’s measurements show that the thorn growing from the eye of the former lynx like being is acting as a transmitter / receiver for pulsing hyperstructures. Ramoz suddenly speaks of a green sun, which limits the search for the possible destination or source of the Hyper-pulses. Two locations come into consideration for this. One is a sun with the expected wave spectrum. The MIKRU-JON and Ennerhahl’s light cell head there. The slower SICHOU-1 and KADURA follow behind. Mikru is fascinated by Quistus . Due to his special talents the Iothone would make a far more suitable pilot than Perry Rhodan. Ramoz, now completely regains consciousness and offers Mondra Diamond an alternative to her previous "vagabond life." Rhodan is not pleased with either.

The flight is interrupted on November 14, 1469 NGE when an emergency call is received. A Xylthe vessel of a type which has not been built anymore, according to Ennerhahl, for seven hundred to eight hundred years, is pushing inexorably into a black hole, while a Tryortan gullet in its environment too. When the MIKRU-JON approaches the ship - it is the PARTOGA, a freighter, loaded with native crystals - there is a para-reality resonance exchange along with temporal phenomena, which causes a crew member named Jeketi to keep experiencing time over and over again, as Rhodan comes on board and then disappears. The PARTOGA is pulled out of the hazardous area with tractor beams.

The MIKRU-JON and the light cell arrive at the green sun on November 17. The surrounding area seems to be completely empty, but Quistus recognizes an eighty-five million kilometer wide warping of the space-time structure. The MIKRU-JON can only penetrate this anomaly, as Rhodan and Quistus work together as pilots of the Obelisk ship at the same time. The interior of the anomaly is saturated with blue Chanda crystals. There, the visitors find thousands of spaceships of various types. Ramoz claims that this is his fleet, and points out the MIKRU-JON to a particular ship. Rhodan and Ramoz are admitted. A voice recognizes Ramoz as authorized to take command of the fleet and speaks with him.

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2640 - Splitter der Superintelligenz
Splinter of the Superintelligence
Christian Montillon

Upon exiting the anomaly, the RHYLINE is surrounded by spaceships of the Kingdom of Harmony. The situation is hopeless. Alaska Saedelaere and his companions surrender. They fall into the hands of Carmydea Yukk’s twin brother Craton, who commands the huge battleship DRUSALAI. The only card up their sleeve is Eroin Blitzer, who makes himself invisible and had previously stunned Swift, so that he cannot betray him. Craton invites his prisoners to take a captain's dinner. He harbors no fraternal feelings for Carmydea. He goes there purely and simply, to extract information about the resistance movement from her. He does not shrink from torture, as he makes abundantly clear to Carmydea by applying a shocker against her while eating. Even Guard Lieutenant Pridon and Rhizinza Yukk are at his mercy. The former Duchess was being held in a Medo-tank. She is only a shadow of herself.

Since returning from the anomaly Alaska Saedelaere has repeatedly had visions, especially of a doll that embodies Princess Arden Drabbuh from the Cautionary Play. She claimed he was not in danger, and that she would meet him soon. The prisoners are taken to a Drama Theater and meet Melwai Vedikk, the Chancellor of the Kingdom of Harmony. Harmony Guard Uyarı Lydspor is also present. Alaska is treated kindly because TANEDRAR’S arrival is finally imminent, and the superintelligence wants to speak with the Terran. Alaska is led through the Palace. Many living beings are present, and suddenly all of them are filled by a feeling of excitement and euphoria. People rip their clothes off, take off their masks and surrender to an orgy. Each Harmony adherent’s splinter of the superintelligence becomes visible. Alaska feels a presence - TANEDRAR has arrived.

As in his visions, one of the Princess dolls comes to life, animated by the super-intelligence. She promises Alaska that he will understand everything soon, and awards him an Escaran, even though he does not want it. Alaska is still aware of the fact that he is affected, but the feeling of an all-embracing Harmony is getting stronger. The super-intelligence begins to tell the story of its origin ...

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2641 - TANEDRARS Ankunft
Michael Marcus Thurner

While everyone in the Empire of Harmony provided with an Escaran splinter from TANEDRAR indulge in the ecstasy associated with the Arrival, Alaska Saedelaere is experiencing the original emergence of the super-intelligence in the hyperphysical chaos stricken star island.

Two hundred ninety-three years in the past the relatively new entity NETBURA dominates one of the four galaxies, which has been penetrating another for 9.8 million years. There is a conflict with the entity TAFALLA from one of the neighboring galaxies. TAFALLA’s assisting race, the insectoid Krol, are preparing to conquer NETBURA’s realm. As the entity tries to bring a huge fleet of his own principal aiding race, the Schwanta to safety, they fall into TAFALLA’s trap. The enemy entity appears with an overpowering Krol force and wants to incorporate NETBURA into himself, but then the area is shaken by tremendous space-time quakes. The opponents are separated, so NETBURA can flee and hide in a miniature universe. Both aiding races are killed during this event.

Only two hundred thousand years later NETBURA emerges from his hiding place. A researcher named Lanistar of Breugelt is there and becomes NETBURA’s avatar. The entity reinforces his contact with his aiding race by giving each individual a splinter of herself. More than ten thousand years later NETBURA first encounters two other entities from the other two neighboring galaxies: ARDEN, which sees itself as a female and DRANAT who is always ready for a bit of levity. The three entities, unlike TAFALLA, which also reappears, are peacefully inclined. A merger would be possible, but TAFALLA is reluctant. Finally, NETBURA recognizes the driving force behind the aggressive actions of his archenemy: TAFALLA is afraid.

Over time, the entities grow closer together until it in twelve thousand four hundred years ago the beings merge into a single mental being, which has the status of a superintelligence: TANEDRAR arises. At the same time, however, massive space-time quakes occur again. This event disturbs the merger, and TANEDRAR is influenced by the inner conflict of its thickness concentration. Therefore, the four components of the new superintelligence still think of themselves as independent entities. In the following millennium, the system of giving and taking between TANEDRAR and its aiding races is perfected. The superintelligence feasts on the mental energy of living beings and simultaneously controls them by the splinters. The latter happens on TAFALLA's request. A cult of personality arises around a man named Morrceta from the people of the Lirbal, leading to the general wearing of masks. The origin for this is that it was a protective mask, which the Lirbals had to wear in order to survive on their homeworld. The Empire of Harmony takes on its final form.

Eight thousand seven hundred years ago ritual of arrival and departure arises. One of the four entities is released at regular intervals from the collective to travel around the empire. Through the euphoric feelings connected with the ritual, the sense of togetherness of the aiding races is reinforced. Two thousand years later the kingdom is visited by Renyi Hemdebb, a servant of the higher powers . He knows that TANEDRAR suffers from the fragmentation of its mental substance and the ritual of arrival and departure, and has an offer to make. The one of the Four Who Are One - beginning with TAFALLA - should work on behalf of the higher powers in the multiverse. In return TANEDRAR will receive Sontaron generators from the funds of the higher powers, and Sholoubwa will install and maintain the splinter process and the separation ritual. TANEDRAR agrees to this.

TANEDRAR’s report ends with the comment that matters began deteriorate with the events related to TRYCLAU-3 …

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2642 - Der Maskenschöpfer
The Mask Creator
Michael Marcus Thurner

Fartokal Ladore is a mask creator. He lived more than ten thousand years ago on Lirbe, the home planet of the Lirbals. To protect against radioactive fallout and the effects of global environmental pollution, Lirbals must wear hermetically sealed clothing and masks. Ladore dies after an unpleasant encounter with a client who is a privileged nobleman, and goes to TANEDRAR. The superintelligence makes him her avatar and releases him into a new life in the following millennia with various orders. He fulfills his first mission in the identity of the inconspicuous technician Morrceta, who disempowered the nobility and led Lirbal to the stars.

After further jobs, for which he is transferred to various guest bodies, Ladore experiences the arrival of Renyi-Hemdebb, whose offer TANEDRAR accepts despite Ladore's warnings. Calmed by the beneficial forces of the Sontaron generators, which make it easier for the superintelligence to absorb the mentality of their helpers, TANEDRAR is not interested in destroying entire planets in the Empire of Harmony through the production of relief supplies for the higher powers. The empire threatens to be bled economically as Sholoubwa, who literally divides himself among the members of his Technogarden and thus can be active in many places at the same time, begins the construction of the forty-eight petals of the Time Rose. When the BOTNETZ is completed, it is transported to the controversial Cosmonucleotide TRYCLAU-3 and activated there in a protracted process. TAFALLA also goes there and Ladore accompanies him.

While there are terrible battles between cobalt blue ship ships of the Cosmocrats and units of the Terminal Column TRAITOR, TAFALLA is sucked inside the Cosmonucleotide. Nega-psiqs infect the entity and convey their gruesome insights into potential futures. TAFALLA fled and returned to TANEDRAR, but had to be expelled, as he threatened to drive his three partners into madness. The "reduced" superintelligence kills the higher powers' envoy and creates the cautionary play of the Lake of Tears as a trap for TAFALLA. Thousands of para-gifted beings remove the negative components from the entity, which is thereby weakened, but also cured. The negative components form a new entity, which is then sent away

When Ladore travels with ARDEN in 1372 NGE, there is almost an encounter with the superintelligence KASSORR, who is currently speaking with a messenger of the higher powers. ARDEN recognizes that he cannot be perceived by the other entities. This allows them to completely hide the Empire of Harmony from the rest of the universe. Nevertheless, TANEDRAR cannot control everything. Anomalies are formed and a superintelligence called QIN SHI seems to secretly seek for a foothold in the empire.

After the end of the story, which was his last assignment, Ladore finally merges with TANEDRAR for good. Then TANEDRAR tells Alaska Saedelaere that he is the perfect person to complete an assignment for her.

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2643 - TANEDRARS Puppe
Christian Montillon

Alaska Saedelaere has heard TANEDRAR’s history and received an Escaran. Therefore he is no longer a stranger in the Empire of Harmony, but a Harmonious, is automatically trusted by the other Escaran bearers and accepted by them as a friend. Vice versa he feels mistrust towards all Unharmonious, even if they were his trusted companions before, like Carmydea Yukk. This becomes clear to the Terran when he is invited to another banquet in the DRUSALAI in which the princess doll enlivened by TANEDRAR takes part. Saedelaere knows that he is being influenced, but cannot completely defend himself against these feelings. TANEDRAR acquits Rhizinza Yukk, who has clearly recovered, of all charges against her. Carmydea brings forward that she had become unharmonious by no fault of her own and, just like the other Jyrescaboros, does not regard herself as an enemy of the empire. TANEDRAR wants to give her the opportunity to rehabilitate herself. Carmydea is to take part in an expedition led by Alaska Saedelaere into the anomaly he had already visited before. Such anomalies were observed at many locations within the four galaxies, but only one still exists because the entity SIL has stabilized it. The empire believes it will be used for an invasion. Therefore, SIL should be removed from the anomaly or be destroyed. For this purpose the RHYLINE is reequipped. Saedelaere is particularly interested in the anomaly when he finds out that it has a connection with the Polyport network. In case of a success the Terran will receive help with his search for Samburi Yura and information about Sholoubwa – in fact two "presents" left by Sholoubwa are installed in the RHYLINE. One of the two big cylinders is a solar bomb of immense destructive strength. The intended purpose of the second aggregate is not known, but as Saedelaere approaches it, the device seems to register his presence (or that of his cell activator chip). In the language of the Mighty the cylinder announces the beginning of a reconfiguration.

The RHYLINE penetrates into the anomaly. Saedelaere first inserts a stopover at the space jet B-SJ-031 which he had already discovered with his first stay in the anomaly. This time he discovers a survivor there – or at least, he succeeds in establishing radio contact with a chef named Endreas Konno. Nevertheless, the man has been dead for a long time. He alone survived the escape from the BASIS and the transfer into the anomaly because he was the only crew member in the space jet at the time caught in a sort of time field. This time field transmits radio messages from the past into the future and vice versa. Konno’s corpse lies in a cabin. He must have spent a long time alone there.

The conversation with SIL turns out to be difficult, because the entity is no longer completely sane. Although the second cylinder, which has an unknown function, activates by itself and causes great pain to SIL, the entity agrees to leave the anomaly with them. The body of the entity is anchored to the RHYLINE and transported outside where it is wrapped in a chain field for safety's sake. The solar bomb is left behind in the anomaly and explodes. As a result it breaks down.

Everyone returns to the DRUSALAI. Saedelaere receives information which should help him to find Sholoubwa, as well as his own ship: the SHEYAR. Chancellor Melwai Vedikk announces that Carmydea will now be the official mediator between TANEDRAR and the Unharmonious. She is to begin negotiations between the Jyrescaboros and TANEDRAR...

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2644 - Die Guerillas von Terrania
The Guerrillas of Terrania
Verena Themsen

The Terrans resist the occupation of their home world. Again and again, patrolling Fagesys disappear without a trace. And the unauthorized use of a transit parquet in Terrania is determined. The High Marauder Chossom wants to execute a Terran for each missing Fagesy but Marrghiz discourages him in this and asks for patience. Fydor Riordan, a callous opportunist (and supposedly a distant descendant of Tipa Riordan), who has taken on the leadership of the TLD is to take care of the matter. However, the resistors are difficult to capture because they avoid open struggle and rely on guerrilla tactics. In addition, the various resistance cells do not know each other and act independently - in any case, nothing is known about a joint leadership

On October 12, 1469 NGE, the resistance Cell X formed in the apartment of architect Barisch Ghada, who takes the lead role. Ghada, three other men of his acquaintance and the Matten Willy Snacco get trained by the former TLS agent Sharoun Beffegor. Each of them had lost somebody when the Augurs kidnapped the children of Terra. They are now planning an assassination attempt against Fagesys. They acquire the weapons required from a friend Sharoun’s, the Topsider Chakt-Vachtor, working in Beijing as an antique dealer. On October 23rd, the time arrives. Cell X finds its way to the bridge of the hotel “Terrania Silver Bridge" in the middle of Terrania, in order to attack three armored gliders. The coup threatens to fail, when two more Fagesys unexpectedly appear. Two members of Cell X die and Sharoun is already preparing to die, but a shadowy stranger intervenes and turns the page in favor of the resistance before he disappears again.

Sharoun and her remaining companions escape with the last surviving Fagesy. He is imprisoned in Barisch's apartment and interrogated. Barisch prevents Sharoun from shooting the prisoner and is able to communicate with him. The name of the being is Oachono. From him the Terrans learn for the first time that they are considered thieves who had stolen ALLDAR’s Psi-body, and also that there are Fagesy dissatisfied with the Omnipresent Rearguard. Not all the Fagesys believe in the promise that ALLDAR will return soon. Moreover, by examining a tissue sample from Oachono, it is learned that the Fagesy may be genetically manipulated, artificial creatures.

Through his collection, Riordan picks up the track of Cell X. He is always looking for old coins, and Chakt-Vachtor is one of his suppliers. When Riordan looks at new arrivals with the Topsider, he has his assistant, Ferrone Ve Kekolor with him. The young woman is a weak telepath. She reads Chakt-Vachtor's thoughts and sees a connection to Sharoun. Riordan fears being compromised and murders the Topsider. When Sharoun finds out, she is aware that the service knows about Cell X. A member leaves the group. Sharoun and Barisch get in contact with Urs von Strattkowitz and offer to hand over Oachoni. In return, the child Dweezil Beffegor is to be released. At a second meeting the Secretary of State agrees to the exchange.

The meeting will take place on the 4th of November at the Terrania Zoo, but von Strattkowitz comes alone. It turns out that the whole thing is a trap by Riordan, and the second conversation was probably actually conducted by him. The Fagesys attack. Again, the "Shadow" appears and allows the rebels, as well as Oachono, to escape. Von Strattkowitz is killed in the firefight. This had not been planned, but Riordan is quite satisfied. The TLD chief believes that von Strattkowitz was somehow involved in the matter with the transit parquet. There is something found at the scene where the "Shadow" was lost. It is a component of a non-Terran nano-machine .

This information is kept secret by Riordan when he is called up by Marrghiz. The Sayporan says that the reformatted young people will soon return to Terra. They will form the Umbrian Council - the new government of the Terrans. Marrghiz believes that the humans will quickly give up their resistance as soon as they have a government of their own, but which will act in the interests of the Sayporans. Riordan is of a different opinion. The TLS chief has recognized that the "Shadow" is a new power in the game, whose goals are still completely unknown.

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2645 - Die Stadt ohne Geheimnisse
The City Without Secrets
Wim Vandemaan

Shamsur Routh is looking for Anicee throughout the sterile looking city Anboleis. Nobody disturbs his presence. With the pattern dress, a symbiont that he had received from 1113 Taomae, he can camouflage himself in an emergency and even make himself invisible. On the 8th of November, 1469 NGE, three weeks after his arrival, Routh discovers two of Anicee’s friends: Kathiko and Chensit. He finds out where he can find Anicee and that her reformatting is almost complete. Anicee stays distracted, but she talks to her father and lets him stay with her. She explains that she will soon return to the Earth. She and the other mentally transformed youths, calling themselves Sayterranians, will form the Umbrian Council there. Thus the people will be able to free themselves from the bonds of the immortals - who are just marionettes of the superintelligences and the Cosmocrats . Before that, the Sayterranians must connect themselves with the Universal Spainkon, a vast knowledge store, which has just been contacted by another, equally comprehensive archive. With this, the Sayterranians will absorb all the knowledge of the Sayporans. When asked about Benat Achiary's death, Anicee said the young man had been incurably ill and wanted to die.

Disguised with the pattern dress, Routh goes to the Spainkon and crosses a sort of portal. A human in it named Zachary Cranstoun talks to him and explains to him that he is within the Continuous Sediment - the brains of the Favadarei are a new intelligence added to the archive of the Spainkon. Routh finds himself physically in a million-year-old memory and "experiences" the story of the race of the Chaom ingichiy chaodhas buchesgha. This insectoid people living on the planet Chaom fachis in the galaxy Khooch had developed the Mentronics: Computers, into which the brains of an individual, and then several other dead beings from various races were implanted. From the Mentronics the Chaom first developed the dead-brain, and from the combination of many of these dead-brains, the entity Alldar emerged. The Chaom and all the other nations became more dependent on the extensive influence of Alldar in all the processes of life, so that it amounted to a shock when most of the dead-brains left their planetary bases for the last step towards becoming the super-intelligence ALLDAR. ALLDAR'S slumber came some time later, when the black hole, in whose orbit ALLDAR had moved its seat, became a quasar.

On November13th, Routh returns to reality. He has gained important knowledge. The anomaly in which the Earth is trapped is an independent universe that has been "implanted" into the standard universe. The miniature universe is unstable and can only be stabilized by the psi-body of a superintelligence ( ARCHETIM ). This was the reason for the abduction of the Sol system. The miniature universe is to be controlled by ALLDAR’S brain. It would thus be a kind of living being, a universe with a brain - a Neuroversum.

Despite his camouflage, Routh is discovered. He is barely able to escape immediate capture, but is encircled. His ‘foster father’ Chourtaird appears with his unusual little space ship ANAIRY and picks up Routh. The Terran is thus safe. Chourtaird says that Anicee is an important person, among other things for the Academy for Logistics on Druh. This is the secret government of the world-wreath system and the seat of the usurpers of the Sayporan culture. The space ship leaves the world-wreath system. Routh believes the trip is going to Terra…

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2646 - Die Tage des Schattens
The Day of the Shadows
Leo Lukas

QIN SHI personally meets with Marrghiz and talks about the progress made in the Sol system. According to Chourwayr's ancient Explicator, who can communicate with the Spenta because of its para-ability, it will only be a matter of time until the Psi-body of ARCHETIM is finally extracted from the sun. However, time passes differently inside the anomaly in which the Sol system is trapped. There are three other sites with bodies of superintelligenes ( Zyorin Zopai , Conybara and Djeenoun ), but there have not yet been any significant successes.

Despite the guerrilla attacks on Fagesy patrols, the situation on Earth is considered to be quiet. The Terrans believe that the Fagesys and Sayporans have not come as conquerors, but as friends who will lead mankind to a happy, peaceful future. That's why Marrghiz is not pleased with Chossom's independent action. The Fagesy attacked the Waringer Academy on November 8, 1469 NGE, because according to an anonymous source ALLDAR’s corpse is being hidden there. Hundreds of Terrans are wounded, and fifty deaths are to be lamented. The so-called Shadow is becoming all the more popular, as he haunts the invaders with nonviolent actions. In one act, he draws a giant smiley face on a star galleon and places a basket with a new born white donkey on the pyramid of the Ellert Memorial, where Fydor Riordan actually wanted to trap him. In addition, the unauthorized use of a transit parcel is registered for the second time.

Phaemonoe Eghoo is tasked to devise an event to put the invaders in a better light. The return of the first Reformatted youngsters, scheduled for November 15th, would be a good occasion for accomplishing this. The government spokeswoman prepares a folk festival along with the ceremony at Dolan Memorial Park.

In the meantime, a strange man is talking about himself in the Café Trieste in Terrania. The new regular guest is named Toufec dresses like a desert nomad and keeps his enthusiastic audience amused with profound bits of wisdom. He also speaks to Phaemonoe, but fails with her. Kornel Krisch, the head waiter at the Café Trieste, is suspicious at first, but the man behaves himself and pays well. As a means of payment, he uses 4500-year-old, extremely valuable frankincense beads.

The return of the Reformatted youths via transit parquet proceeds as planned. On the other hand, the sense of reunion is restrained on both sides. The returnees behave reserved, as if they are strangers. Anicee Ybarri, daughter of the First Terran and one of the Reformatted, takes the floor. She declares that she and her thirty companions are the new government of the Terrans. The Reformatted will form the Umbrian Council of Sayterrans, and Anicee will be its spokeswoman. The first meeting will take place in three days.

After the departure of the Umbrian Council, the Sayporans immediately begin recruiting new youths from the audience, but they are unable to transport them across the transit parquet, because the Shadow takes control. Strange animals, which look like a mixture of camel and lion, are unable to be stopped by the defense fire of TARA battle robots. These animals are obviously products of superior technology. The chimeras transform into drilling rigs and destroy the transit parquet. Phaemonoe talks about the incident live on the scene and has even a better sensation: the Shadow reveals his true face and gives her an interview. It is none other than Toufec. He calls himself an emissary or a harbinger. He was allegedly sent to Terra to announce that salvation is approaching. There is a power that fights against the Fagesys and Sayporaners. All the Terrans, who are of good will, are to stand by the side of this power. Then Toufec disappears on a flying carpet.

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2647 - Der Umbrische Gong
The Umbrian Gong
Leo Lukas

With the help of the Shadow Sharoun Beffegor, Barisch Ghada, the Matten Willy Snacco and the Fagesy Oachono Fydor escape Riordan's agents. Toufec meets with Sharoun and announces that he is working for Rhodan. The guerrillas cannot return to Ghada’s apartment. That is why Sharoun gets in contact with Undine Comerell, a colleague who, unlike her, had remained with the TSD. The two were not girlfriends - actually, they had a real catfight during an exercise mission in 1466 NGE - but Undine has lost confidence in Fydor Riordan since after Chakt-Vachtor's death. The Topsider was Sharoun's and Undine's instructor. Undine rightly assumes that Riordan murdered him. That's why she is helping Sharoun's group escape.

After the media covered attack of the Shadow on the transit parquet at Dolan Memorial Park, Riordan is making every effort to get Toufec into his hands. The mysterious man is declared state enemy number one. This does not bother Toufec much, as his fans begin to imitate him. He continues to deliberately attract attention. With his superior equipment, which even allows him to walk like a structural runner through solid matter, he thumbs his nose at the TLS and the police again and again. Riodan needs to find the right bait to put pressure on Toufec. He believes Sharoun and her companions would be appropriate hostages. He quickly finds that there is a link between Sharoun and Undine. The latter had disappeared since November 5, 1469 NGE, allegedly moving under the cover of a Unither woman into a witness protection program. The security measures of this program are so sophisticated that even the new TLS chief must come up with something special to find his victims.

The first meeting of the Umbrian Council, however, is scheduled to meet. It will take place on November 18th in front of three thousand spectators in the Cosmopolitan Opera House. There are numerous journalists present, but interviews are not welcome. The whole event is a farce. Anicee Ybarri is officially appointed Councilor. She announces the founding of a new state for Humanity called Formatted Terra Umbra (FTU), in which the older non-Formatted Terrans and beings from other races will be simply tolerated until they die off of old age. The first measures to be taken by the new government will be to set up a large number of transit parquets, which can be used to send further youths to the Weltkranz system. The artificial suns will also be darkened some for the comfort of the Sayterranians. The Umbrian Gong is also to be delivered as a gift for the Council. This eleven meter-thick, light pink film is installed at a height of twenty meters above the Solar Residence . The gong hits for the first time at exactly 10PM local time. The audible sound makes all Terrans (even Toufec) fall into a pleasant trance for a few minutes. According to Pazuzu, Toufec's technical jinn, simple ear plugs are sufficient to protect oneself against it.

On November20th, Riordan and Ve Kekolor, head of the Residence Ministry for Mutant Questions, visit the TIPI. The para-gifted Terran Ofner Kiwanika is to help in the tracking of the guerrillas. The twenty-two-year-old man has been traumatized and is mentally retarded, but has an ability similar to the sensor gift of the mutant Fellmer Lloyd. Kiwanika can only find people who mean something to him. But he does not have to know them personally. Therefore, in the TLS Tower, he is shown how two arms are separated from a Fagesy (Oachono had the same thing happen), while Kiwanika's para-ability is enhanced by an experimental hyper-drug. He feels Oachono in the space habit Nuevo Quito Orbital. Riordan personally directs the attack there on the next day, but Sharoun's group can escape in time by a cage transmitter. Undine had already contacted an agent of the Society of Absent Friends. The refugees meet at Heathrow Spaceport with Homer G. Adams, who invites them to the fort in New Ganymede. The refugees fly out with the LADY LAVERNA .

On the same day, the Umbrian Gong beats for the second time. However, it is then destroyed by falcons - the "animals" consist of nano-machines and were sent by Toufec. Marrghiz takes the setback smiling. He believes that by this action, Toufec had lost a lot of his popularity. In addition, new gongs are to be installed. Toufec, however, is fine. He gives Phaemonoe Eghoo (who publicly takes this occasion to quit her public office) a new interview, which is broadcast on all channels. Toufec warns against QIN SHI and the imminent fall of the anomaly. He proclaims again that salvation by his master, who is already in the Sol system, is approaching. The name of Toufec's master is Rhodan! After the end of the transmission, Pazuzu creates a small spaceship. Toufec and Phaemonoe set off to meet Rhodan.

All the events on Terra are watched carefully from the fort. In this well-equipped and shielded station in the middle of the construction site of the emerging moon New-Ganymede, in which Reginald Bull is hiding, the twenty-three sleeping crew members of the BOMBAY are also quarantined. Kirte Otorongo, Chief Medic of the fortress, is trying to wake them up. Nachtaugs Beisohn, one of the crew members, is monitored by Geronimo Abb and DayScha. He is on the road to recovery. Meanwhile, Morse code signals are received on November 22nd. Someone is asking for permission to enter the TOLBA - signed: Rhodan! Bull gives the permission, but when he sees the TOLBA - a one hundred and ten meter transparent sphere with a seventy-five meter diameter sphere embedded in it, he is doubtful ...

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2648 - Die Seele der Flotte
The Soul of the Fleet
Christian Montillon

The MIKRU-JON is inside an anomaly. The hypercrystals there have a detrimental effect on the ship and its crew. Cold is spreading, most of the crew members are unconscious, and Mikru is shows signs of dissolution. Even the Suit of the Universes becomes problematic. It tells Perry Rhodan that he has failed to exploit his full potential. A creature resembling an Oracca speaks to Ramoz. Since the latter cannot find the right words due to missing memories, he has to prove himself in a test to be the " soul " of the fleet waiting for him for a long time in the anomaly. Perry Rhodan, Nemo Partijan and a Lare named Numenkor-Bolok - a former pilot of the MIKRU-JON, who is given a new material body - are transferred into the partly real, partly unreal world.

Partijan recognizes that the hypercrystals somehow influence all the events in the anomaly and keep the fleet in stasis. Rhodan does not know where the scientist gets his knowledge from (Partijan's back pain seems to be related to it somehow), but trusts him. He thereby succeeds in penetrating into the headquarters of one of the foreign ships. There he does something with a control console that brings the fleet under Ramoz's command. However, the wait was a bit too long: only one ship is currently operational.

Ramoz and Mondra Diamond decide to stay in the cold space. From there, they can observe what is happening in normal space, while trying to make the rest of the fleet operational. If they succeed in this, Rhodan wants to possibly man it with people from the Desperate Resistance. Rhodan leaves the anomaly with the MIKRU-JON. He has to reach the BASIS, the transformation of which is almost completed, according to Partijan. After the MIKRU-JON has passed the structural lock of the miniature universe, conditions return to normal. Numenkor-Bolok's body begins to dissolve. Rhodan has to "kill" him so he can return into the datastreams of the MIKRU-JON.

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2649 - Die Baumeister der BASIS
The Master Builders of the BASIS
Michael Marcus Thurner

QIN SHI kills Kaowen to punish him for his failure. Before the mind of the Protector receives a new clone body, it enters the superintelligence and learns how it fills itself with the mental energy of the population of two worlds, killing them. As he then dwells again among the living, Kaowen finds that he carries a splinter of QIN SHI, who had tormented him, but at the same time gave him new insights and abilities. The preparations for the conquest of Escalian are in full swing. A huge fleet is being brought together at the shipyard APERAS KOKKAIA. The fragments of the BASIS are wrapped in a cloud of hypercrystals. QIN SHI hopes to bring the vessel - or the suspected Suit of the Universes and the Multiversum Ocular - into its possession in this way.

However, the metamorphosis of the BASIS is inexorably advancing meanwhile. By November 6, 1469 NGE, the fragments begin to reunite, while at the same time undergoing fundamental transformations. The material dissolves and then forms new structures. Gradually two spheres with a diameter of 12.5 and nearly 6 kilometers are formed. The last surviving Galactics aboard, who have been fighting for survival for weeks against the invaders and transforming segments, cut off from their own, are in mortal danger. The group led by Trasur Sargon includes Tino, a criminal whose true identity is unknown until the drugs he is addicted to run out, so that he reveals the truth in his withdrawal delirium. He can remain in the group, because with his abilities he is valuable for the battle against the enemies remaining in the BASIS.

An announcement is made by the computer of the BASIS, according to which the Phanes configuration has been initiated. Form energy humanoid figures appear from thin air and perform mysterious activities. Tino succeeds in forcing one of these phenomena into a dialogue. The humanoids refer to themselves as Raphaelites. The had not expected anyone to be in the BASIS. Since they do not want to kill anybody, all living intelligent creatures on board are told to meet in a certain location for evacuation through a transmitter tube. Trasur Sargon and his people must convince their enemies to join them. On the 17th of November, Tino speaks to Reparat Haogarth, the commander of the invading command, and comes to a truce agreement with him.

The evacuation runs smoothly. About seventy Galactics and one hundred fifty Xylthenes, Dosanthis and Badakks are placed in a BASIS fragment, which remains stable. But there, the Galactics fall into a trap. Korech Zadur, a Dosanthi from Haogarth's squad, sacrifices himself to trigger a huge panic wave. The Galactics fall there helpless. The invaders load their weapons, preparing to kill the foolish Galactics…

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2650 - Die Phanes-Schaltung
The Phanes Circuit
Uwe Anton

After various difficulties in leaving the anomaly are overcome, the MIKRU-JON and Ennerhahl’s light cell fly back to the location of the BASIS. The old long- distance spaceship has completely converted itself into two different sized spheres. At the same time, more and more attack ships are gathering to invade the galaxy Escalian. QIN SHI orders the transfer of the BASIS to the interior of the shipyard APERAS KOKKAIA, but its conversion could not be prevented. All attempts by Kaowen to crack the protective screen of the BASIS were in vain. Suddenly the screen expands in two waves, destroying the hypercrystal cloud in which the ship was wrapped. In addition, the APERAS KOKKAIA’s screen collapses, which the MIKRU-JON takes advantage of to fly in. Perry Rhodan and Gucky teleport inside of one of the BASIS-spheres, because the mousebeaver felt mental impulses coming from it and energy shots were registered there. Erik Theonta and other crew members there are saved from Haogarth's Xylthes. But few have survived the fighting.

A Raphaelite and the original Raphael appear. Ennerhahl is recognized as an authorized representative of ES (although not authorized to act as a proxy). Rhodan learns that the transformed BASIS is in fact the Multiversum Ocular. The actual Ocular is located in the larger spherical cell, while accommodation and supply facilities are accommodated in the smaller one. Due to hyperphysical phenomena inside it, no one can enter the larger sphere. Supposedly, the Gray Room, the Phanes Configuration and the Multiversum Ocular were part of the BASIS from the beginning. They would have given the Galactics the opportunity to enter the Arresum, but that had turned out not to be necessary at the time. Someone must have had access to the Gray Room and blocked the Phanes circuit during the time that the BASIS waited for the Tarkan Federation to return. It was recently activated by an unknown person. Rhodan assumes that Delorian is behind all this - when he mentions the name, Raphael does not react. He does not know the name. The suspicion grows in Rhodan that everyone has been manipulated by Delorian, including ES himself.

The BASIS begins to move and approaches the anomaly in the center of the APERAS KOKKAIA. Apparently, the BASIS is to be brought to Escalian. Suddenly parts of the shipyard are torn by a huge explosion, in which Kaowen's last clone body is destroyed. It is shown that a solar bomb was sent through the anomaly and then blown up halfway through. It is now no longer possible to cross the anomaly. The Suit of the Universes informs Rhodan that he had been its second "second choice" as a bearer. Its actual bearer, says the suit, is somewhere nearby. Gucky jumps with Rhodan, Ennerhahl and Nemo Partijan to a prison section of the shipyard. There they find Samburi Yura, who is only a shadow of her former self, her body rapidly aging, and they take her back to the BASIS cell. QIN SHI appears personally on the scene, but does not seem to notice the Galactics and moves on towards the anomaly. Samburi Yura's body quickly disintegrates. She mentions a morning nurse and the term Anaree, then dies and dissolves completely. In the puddle of her remains, Partijan finds a star sapphire…

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2651 - Rettet die BASIS!
Save the BASIS!
Leo Lukas

Nemo Partijan notes that the remains of Samburi Yuras are genetically unstable. It was probably not the real Enthone, but a replica. The super-strong protective screen of the former BASIS goes out. Gucky is tormented by QIN SHI’s psychic broadcasts and they elicit incomprehensible warnings from him.

QIN SHI is confused and lets countless individuals out of his collective consciousness. They are physically inside APERAS KOKKAIAS, suffer under the condition of being released and do everything they can to return to the superintelligence. Like QIN SHI, they are looking for vital energy and set up a slaughter among the crew of the shipyard. Kaowen is powerless, because the affected sectors are closed off and QIN SHI’s confusion is also affecting all his people. Gucky, Rynol Cog-Láar, Quistus, Nemo Partijan and Perry Rhodan are suitable prey for the beings released by QIN SHI due to their para-abilities and cell activators. They are kidnapped with a kind of fictive transmitter and, separated from each other in the shipyard, have to deal with the former components of QIN SHI. Gucky learns that ES is responsible for QIN SHI’s confusion.

Rhodan meets Hauge Hay'änn and his queen Kand'ak Sarshaktin from the people of the Yuneti. Both are Concepts or avatars of QIN SHI. Rhodan's cell activator is to serve them in a return to the superintelligence reserve of consciousnesses. Rhodan must play for the cell activator and wins. He is allowed to keep his cell activator, but he is also supposed to be subsumed into QIN SHI. He is inaugurated into the plans of superintelligence. The anomalies stabilized with entities or their corpses (created with Sholoubwa’s aid) should serve as a means of transport and weapons, but above all as an area of retreat. In the interior of the anomalies, QIN SHI would be deprived of any access by the higher powers. In preparation for the invasion of Escalian, QIN SHI would first have to stabilize the anomalies herself. The superintelligence, however, fears that someone could find and destroy their anchors, which they apparently must leave behind in the anomaly.

QIN SHI pulls back in the emitted consciousness content and penetrates the anomaly. Rhodan is threatened by the same fate. He is, however, saved by Gucky, who has already retrieved the other abducted people. They all return to Ennerhahl's light cell, where the MIKRU-JON stands, and has now docked with the smaller of the two BASIS spheres. Raphael appoints Ennerhahl as commander of the supply sphere. He himself has to bring the larger sphere with the Multiversum Ocular to safety by means of an emergency transition with an unknown destination, because the current Paratron screen could not provide adequate protection against Kaowen’s attacks. The top priority is to save the BASIS! The supply sphere also flees, while the anomaly expands and destroys the APERAS KOKKAIA. The supply sphere contacts the SICHOU-1 and the KADURA. Meanwhile Kaowen fled with the RADONJU from the shipyard.

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2652 - Traum der wahren Gedanken
Dream of the True Thoughts
Susan Schwartz

Tormanac da Hozarius is the "adviser" to the Arkonide Imperator, a man of far-reaching authority and great power, but hardly anyone knows his true function. He is Bostich's right-hand man and does a variety of tasks for him - often without the knowledge of the Imperator. For example, on the planet Travnor, an important hypercrystal discovery is owned by Shekur Mapoc da Akkat, whom Tormanac considers a member of the notorious Ark'Tussan Faction. To investigate this, Tormanac travels personally to Travnor with his friend and bodyguard, the Naat Ghlesduul. Two assassination attempts and a dinner in Mapoc's estate later, Tormanac is certain that his host actually belongs to the Ark'Tussan, but not he, but his nephew Anelag is behind the attacks. Ghlesduul locates the assassin, a simple Anelag employee named Herm Porlt. The man is babbling about Genesis Plasma, a pool of true thought in an underground facility, and the Badakks.

In the meantime, the oppressed Unither workers organize themselves into a kind of union and send their spokesman Kormph to Anelag. The Arkonide does not allow Kormph to speak, but announces the relocation of all factories for the further processing of hypercrystals to Travnors moon Travsheyn. The Unithers are to be relocated there. On the way back, Kormph is kidnapped by robots and placed in a basin containing a liquid that penetrates his body. After that, he hardly has his own will and tries to convince his comrades that it would be good for them to give up their homeland and live on Travsheyn in the future. Kormph physically gets worse and worse. He thinks he has to go back into the pool again, or else he will die. His friends Vlck, Knfl, Robff, Stozi, Uwtn, Rcst and Brcl try to help him.

Tormanac is also on his way to the underground facility where the pool is located, but alone. He falls into the hands of strange cylindrical creatures and is paralyzed by them. HE is placed in a basin filled with an oily, gelatinous fluid. As the substance diffuses into him, he feels strange thoughts. They are exposing memories that Tormanac has repressed a long time ago…

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2653 - Arkonidische Intrigen
Arkonide Intrigues
Hubert Haensel

Tormanac da Hozarius remembers his past, starting with the failed activation of his extra sense after the otherwise extremely successful conclusion of the ARK SUMMIA on Iprasa. His family hires a mysterious man named Cregon to take over Tormanac's education. Tormanac accompanies the stranger, who always hides his face behind a distortion field - but only after he has accepted a challenge from the young Arkonide and found a lost family symbol, the Crystal Star of Emperor Hozarius XIX. As it turned out, Tormanac da Hozarius always wore the crystal star on himself.

For the next three years, Tormanac learns everything one needs to know as an agent of the Arkonide Intelligence Service, without actually being admitted to the Tussan Ranton Celis. Under Cregon's guidance, in 1407 NGE he participates in various missions on planets in the Dashkon Star Cloud. In this area, which was embedded in a hyper-cocoon until the Hyperimpedanz-increase, there are always Arkon- hostile actions in motion. The Tu-Ra-Cel takes care of the problem. In an incident in an antique shop, in which Terran Samurai swords are sold, Tormanac figures out that Cregon must have a special relationship with the Terrans. He learns that Cregon is a Kralasene. His real name is Shallowain.

Thereafter, Tormanac and Cregon / Shallowain spend an entire year on Aurora, home of the New Galacticum. Tormanac works in Galakto City as an assistant to Tu-Ra-Cel Adviser Joresska. He briefs her on a recent purge by Imperator Bostich in the Dashkon Star Cloud, and is sent to the Sol system shortly thereafter. After completing his relatively minor job on Mars and returning to Aurora, Shallowain has disappeared. Joresska is behind it - she belongs to the Ark'Tussan Faction, in whose machinations the Ragnaari-Khasurn is also involved. Joresska can be tracked down with the help of some Kralasene, but she resists arrest and is killed. Shallowain is also dead. He had been kidnapped and committed suicide to prevent revealing information that could damage Bostich. Tormanac gains access to a specially encoded Shallowain file containing a voice recording from May 1332 NGE. The message proves that even then there was a plot against Bostich. Tormanac now intends to track down the other people involved in Shallowain’s death...

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2654 - Zeichen der Zeit
Signs of the Time
Hubert Hansel

Tormanac da Hozarius works on Urengoll, the twentieth planet of the Arkon system. The ice world is the fiefdom of the Arkonide Chief Scientist Aktakul and has been expanded into a huge research center. Tormanac is promoted and demanded by Aktakul. He masters all his exams with flying colors. After two and a half years - five and a half years after Shallowain's death - Aktakul introduces his protégé to the Naat Ghlesduul from one of his teams. Tormanac's blemish (the failed activation of his extra sense) did not remain hidden from Aktakul. Ghlesduul is assigned to serve Tormanac as a bodyguard and "external extra". The Naat accompanies the young Arkonide everywhere as a sounding board, repeatedly questioning Tormanac’s decisions, and knows how to deliver a snappy comment for everything. In addition, he is a capable helper in every situation. The two soon become friends.

In 1417 NGE Tormanac leaves Urengoll for a round trip through the Milky Way. More than eight years later, he is recalled by Aktakul. Tormanac's mentor has aged significantly and is nearing his end. He presents Tormanac with the choice of working either for the SENTENZA, to which Aktakul once belonged, in the future or joining the Science and Research advisory board under Imperator Bostich. Tormanac chooses the latter. In addition, Tormanac is asked to conduct the funeral ceremony for Aktakul, who died on December 29, 1425 NGE. Bostich attends the disintegration ceremony on January 29, 1426 NGE. On this occasion, Tormanac personally meets the Imperator for the first time. The SENTENZA is also active there and tries to steal Aktakul’s research data. Agents of the SENTENZA penetrate into the sensitive areas of the facilities on Urengoll. Tormanac is committed to ensuring that they at least receive copies of some of the data and are allowed to withdraw without hindrance. He even contradicts the Emperor in this, taking the initiative for himself.

Thirty-seven years later, Tormanac, now seventy-nine years old, has risen in the hierarchy and heads Bostich's advisory board. He is a member of the Arkonide delegation, which travels to the Blue System on March 25, 1463 NGE at the invitation of the Akons. A stranger - probably a member of the Ark'Tussan Faction - informs him of the impending sabotaging of the firing of the Akon Beacon. Tormanac is among the scientists who prevent the disaster, by calling for an evacuation in time. Bostich then turns him into his unofficial right hand man.

Six and a half years later, shortly after the disappearance of the Sol system and the abduction of the BASIS in September 1469 NGE, Tormanac meets with Ronald Tekener and warns the Smiler against the " Ark'Tussan Faction". Thus, the assassination of the LFT conference can be prevented, in which Arun Joschannan is elected the new First Terran. Tormanac himself is still trying to locate the instigators of Shallowain's death, which he also suspects to be from the Ark’Tussan Faction. For this reason, he goes to Travnor and ends up in the power of the Badakk…

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2655 - Garrabo schlägt Phenube
Garrabo Beats Phenube
Arndt Ellmer

Before his capture, Tormanac da Hozarius was able to make an emergency call. Ghlesduul saves him. Mapoc da Akkat is informed about the most current incidents. He assures Tormanac of his support. The secret facility is under investigation. Nobody can make sense of the terms “Badakk” and “ QIN SHI”, which Tormanac now knows, but it is clear that extragalactic infiltrators are active on Travnor . They fled the secret base, but still have to stay on Travnor. Tormanac decides it's time to call on the USO. Ronald Tekener shows up with the JULES VERNE and ten Posbi Fragment ships of the Galactic Fleet. The TRAJAN arrives shortly afterwards. The genesis plasma from the Pool of True Thoughts is analyzed. The mucilaginous substance consists of modified Badakk cells. It invades any host body where it envelops organs, creates its own ganglia, and evolves into a second, conscious entity within the host body that can fully direct its host. Whoever carries such a quasi-Badakk, gains weight just as significantly as its appetite is increased, because the parasite is dependent on its food intake.

Tormanac assumes that there are already numerous victims of the genesis plasma on Travnor. He himself was not in the Pool of True Thoughts long enough, so he can escape this fate. With the Unither Kormph, the process was also not fully completed, but unlike Tormanac he carries enough of the pseudo-Badakk inside him to be partially controlled, but his physical condition steadily grows worse because the process had gone on for too long. Anelag, Mapoc's nephew, is identified as the carrier of a fully developed parasite and captured. Tormanac believes that the Badakk had chosen Anelag because he is a Garrabo Master whose strategic skills they want to profit from. In order to learn more about the strangers and save Kormph, Tormanac orders the Unither to be put back into the genesis plasma and lays down in it as well. In this way he learns that both the Badakks and the Sayporaners, which have been encountered under the name of “Augurs”, are helpers of the super-intelligence QIN SHI that aim at destabilizing the Milky Way. The Badakks have infiltrated the Ark'Tussan for this purpose. The system of destabilization has existed for at least two years.

Tormanac is pulled in time from the genesis plasma before it can take him over. However, Kormph is probably beyond help. At the same time, many inhabitants of Travnor are beginning to behave strangely - they are all carriers of parasites, and their masters, the Badakk, have given them up as they attempt to flee with Anelag's spaceship the DREAM OF TRAVNOR. When the ship is caught by the JULES VERNE and the TRAJAN, it is blown up by its crew. Only one Sayporan named Marrnuur, who has remained behind on Travnor, falls into the hands of the Galactics…

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2656 - Das Feynman-Kommando
The Feynman Command
Wim Vandemaan

The TOLBA is brought to the fort on November 22, 1469 NGE. Reginald Bull personally receives the man who steps out of the ship - it is not Perry Rhodan as hoped, but his son Delorian. He no longer considers himself the Chronicler of ES and now wants to do what his father has always lacked the courage to do. Delorian declares that he has arrived with the Star Alliance in the Sol system (Toufec is one of them) whose job it is to lead the Feynman Command working on Terra. He does not reveal any further information, but invites Bull to accompany him to Terra on the TOLBA. The Resident is not enthusiastic about this, and he looks with suspicion at the effect that Delorian has on the crew of the fort: The Galactics seem to see something almost like a savior in Rhodan's son.

Bull receives a message from Nachtaug's assistant. A strange ship has supposedly penetrated the Sol system and is now near Uranus. Bull first wants to know if this is a new threat before deciding on Delorian's invitation. He flies to Uranus with the heavy cruiser CLEOPATRA , which serves him as an emergency vehicle. He is only accompanied by Shanda Sarmotte; The CLEOPATRA is largely automated, under its biopositronic’s control and does not require a crew. Three star galleons are on site; apparently they are also looking for the intruder. In the protection of the Paros shadow screen the CLEOPATRA is safe. Guided by Shanda’s Para-ability Bull discovered an unknown ship in the crater Skynd of Uranus’ moon Umbriel - it's the ANÄIRY with Chourtaird and Shamsur Routh on board. The two of them are not in good condition. The small ship is taken on board and brought to the fort. Previously, Bull fakes the destruction of the CLEOPATRA to fool the star galleons. Since Bull has to deal with the newcomers, Shanda flies with Delorian to the Earth.

While Shamsur Routh's condition remains worrying, Chourtaird recovers quickly. Bull receives some important information, from the two new guests in the fort and the Medic Kirte Otorongo, who examines the Sayporaner. Chourtaird is at least one thousand years old – or at least some of his organs are. Some are younger, some even older. They are obviously from other creatures. Chourtaird's genome is not homogeneous; there are hundreds of dominant DNA patterns. Chourtaird is unique. The Sayporaner confirms this and says he that, like all "elders who have survived," he cannot reproduce. Routh reports on his encounter with Zachary Cranstoun in the dead brain, which is supposed to stabilize anomaly and must awaken for this purpose. Otherwise, the anomaly will be destroyed and the sol system with it.

Chourtaird adds that QIN SHI would be unassailable in the Neuroversum - even by the Higher Powers. The Neuroversum could thus become the nucleus of a new cosmic superpower. Undoubtedly, QIN SHI will soon be hunting and killing superintelligence to use their bodies to stabilize the anomaly. Eventually, QIN SHI might reach out to more rewarding prey, such as Matter Sources. Then the entire known universe would be in danger. After informing Bull about some peculiarities of Sayporan culture, Chourtaird says that his people have fallen for QIN SHI. The Inspectors of the Academy of Logistics on Druh had made sure of that. Chourtaird asks the Terrans for help. In return, his group will see to it that the Sol system is left to the Terrans and transferred back to regular space, if the people so wish. However, the Sayporans can do nothing against the Reformatting of the youths and the Fimbul Crust of the Spenta. The Terrans, however, will receive the coordinates of the Lichtwirt system, the home of the Spenta. Bull then assures him of his help.

The TOLBA lands undetected in the middle of Terrania on the 23rd of November. They meet with Toufec and on the following day with Phaemonoe Eghoo, who spreads Delorian's recorded message via SIN-TC. Rhodan's son proclaims, "We'll get the Sol system back," and asks for "a grain of patience." A little later, Fydor Riordan arrives at SIN-TC and kills Phaemonoe, deliberately making him a bogeyman on behalf of his new bosses. Meanwhile, two other Star Alliance members meet Delorian: Clara Esleve and Duncan Talbot , the head of the Feynman Command. They are protected by mental hoods against telepaths. Talbot takes off his hood and lets Shanda participate in the mission of the Feynman Command, which neutralizes the Fagesy nano-weapons. Thus, no more earthquakes can be triggered. In a second prepared message on November 26th, Delorian tells this people this.

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2657 - Geheimbefehl Winterstille
Secret Order Winter Silence
Leo Lukas

The TOLBA listens to Residence Radio. Thus Reginald Bull learns that the occupiers of Terras are reacting to the destruction of their most important means of pressuring the Terrans by activating the protective screens of the Solar Residence and activating the secret order Winter Silence. With this code, which is meant to prevent the takeover of the fleet by enemy forces in a crisis, all the spaceships of the home fleet are virtually frozen in the Sol system. Except for the life support systems and other basic functions, the ships can no longer be operated. Through these measures, all attempts to overthrow the enemy are to be nipped in the bud. Chossom, who has always been an advocate for tougher action against the Terrans, prevails and calls for reinforcement from home - several tens of thousands of Utrofarian Ovoids, which are making their way to the Sol system.

Anicee Ybarri is not pleased with this development, as she has been convinced to be doing something good for her fellow human beings and to achieve a peaceful integration of humanity into the Sayporan kingdom. Nevertheless, she causes the deactivation of the artificial sun. This is meant to achieve a "cooling of the minds". Anicee gives a speech in which she invites Delorian Rhodan to the Solar Residence. She presents it as if the nano-weapon was going to have been deactivated anyway in the near future. It's a trap: TARA battle robots reinforced by units of Fagesy move to the Residence. This is the moment when Flotilla Admiral Tanny Abro loses patience. Parts of the FIrst Terran Space Division, which she has commanded, have so far remained in readiness in Terrania's underground . Now they move out and form a second encircling ring around the Residence - a stalemate arises. Oachono turns to his peers from the fort with a speech and makes heavy accusations against the Omnipresent Rearguard, which are ignored by Chossom.

Chourtaird gives Bull more information about the Spenta. Among this sun-dwelling people, there is a group of them called the Light Hosts who reject the coexistence with planet dwellers sought by all other Spenta. Only the Light Hosts are currently active in the Sol system. Chourtaird demands the release of ARCHETIM's psimaterial corpse in exchange for his help. Bull agrees. The pact is sealed by dismembering Bully’s tip of the left pinky and attaching it to Chourtaird. Bully’s mutilated finger is repaired by the injection of a regeneration agent.

At the same time, many citizens of Terrania celebrate the hoped-for early liberation of Terra. A group of teenagers use holograms to show caricatures of Fagesy during a joyous procession. The starfish like beings cannot accept this insult. They attack the revelers with paralyzers and capture them. Abro sends soldiers to free them. The troops are supported by Toufec and some Haluters. On November 27, 1469 NGE it comes to short, but fierce fighting, after which the Fagesy have to retreat.

In the meanwhile, the crews of the eight hundred meter battleship KRAKAU II and the LEIF ERIKSSON IV succeed in undermining the secret order Winter Silence. In the case of the KRAKAU, Security Officer Qester Brnowatz comes up with the idea of feeding glitches into the computer system via a so-called vampire tap. In the LEIF ERIKSSON, Residency Minister Vashari Ollaron is able to use her overriding authority. Bull, who is generally thought to be dead, contacts Ollaron and Abro. Because the tide could turn badly for the Terrans by the upcoming arrival of new Ovoid spaceships , the League Fleet must be released immediately from the secret order Winter Silence. For this purpose, Bull must go personally to the Residence to gain

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2658 - Die Stunde des Residenten
The Hour of the Resident
Verena Themsen

Although Delorian Rhodan has promised comprehensive protection for the Sol system, it cannot be deployed until November 28, 1469 NGE. But Chossom requested reinforcements that will arrive earlier, which would find the LFT fleet helpless due to receiving the secret order Winter Silence, which immobilized it. Reginald Bull must therefore penetrate into the Solar Residence and take control of LAOTSE. Delorian claims that he can access the transit parquet installed by the Sayporans in the Residence and send troops from the 1st Terran Space Division as soon as the Paratron screen of the Steel Orchid is deactivated. Time is still pressing for another reason, as the Spenta are already releasing ARCHETIM's psi-corpse from the sun. Bull uses an override code to enter the Residence. After checking his personal impulses and the vibrations of his cell activator, the way is clear.

Meanwhile, some March Givers of the Fagesys decide on their own authority that the waiting is over. To find out where the Terrans have hidden ALLDAR’s body, they want to take advantage of the opportunity and read the central computer of one of the paralyzed LFT ships. In an action not sanctioned by Chossom, they board the MANNHEIM, whose crew is desperately trying to defend themselves but is ultimately fighting a losing battle. At the same time, the Earth gradually cools down as a result of the extinction of the artificial suns, causing many plants and animals to die.

Reginald Bull is led by a holographic guide in the guise of Siganese Ulan Soso through the Residency Museum and uses more holograms to confuse the Fagesys. He releases nanomachines from Delorian's collection, which immediately start on their own way to the transit parquet in order to reprogram it. LAOTSE is less willing to cooperate than expected, because the Umbrian Council has lawfully obtained power of the government and the Resident has no sole authority. Although LAOTSE switches open a structure gap in the Paratron screen, only fourteen space landing soldiers and twelve TARAs in Toufec’s accompaniment can penetrate before its closing, and only the one who gave it has the right to repeal the secret command Winter Silence - presumably Henrike Ybarri because the codes of the first Terran were used. However, LAOTSE does agree to disable all combat robots that have not yet been reprogrammed by the Fagesys.

Nevertheless, there is heavy fighting in the Residence, because the events do not remain hidden to Chossom, Marrghiz , Fydor Riordan and Anicee Ybarri. Cleverly, Bully misleads his pursuers, making his presence public, and then locating Henrike Ybarri. However, the First Terran did not activate secret order Winter Silence; it was her daughter. Bully challenges Anicee and makes it clear that the peace efforts have in fact failed. The Facesy's attack on the MANNHEIM proves that Chossom is no longer in control of his own people.

Anicee cancels the secret command is canceled. Now it is easy for the crew of the MANNHEIM to throw the attackers out of the ship. The fleet eliminates the ovoid ships of the Fagesy. The Residence is occupied by Tanny Abro's forces, but the TLD Tower is still being fought for. The Umbrian Council resigns and is placed under house arrest, and LAOTSE is deactivated for safety reasons. Marrghiz and Chossom have disappeared. The solar satellites are switched on again.

On November 28, forty-eight spherical, eighteen kilometer wide structures appear around the Sol system. Delorian explains that they are objects made of modified hypercrystals that his Star Worthy have stolen from QIN SHI With Bull's permission, the obejcts are activated, creating a Sextadim veil that completely shields the Sol system.

Shanda Sarmotte asks Bull for a conversation. She could finally read Toufec's thoughts…

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2659 - Toufec
Richard Dübell

In the era of the Regent Belshazzar of Babylonia, more than five hundred years before Christ's birth, the oasis city of Tiamat on the edge of the Nefud desert is a haven of thieves. A young man named Toufec, who considers himself the cleverest caravan robber of Tiamat lives there. He works for the mighty " Uncle " who holds his protective hand over Toufec - Toufec suspects he is the illegitimate son of the Uncle. One day, a robbery goes awry due to a mistake by Toufec's younger brother Asincommits. Toufec's spies die and the entire booty is lost. Toufec and Asin barely get away alive. To make up for his failure, Asin walks out into the desert and approaches a sandstorm. He believes in the legend told by Toufec that, according to him, djinns dwell in the sandstorms, fulfilling the wishes of those who succeed in catching them. Toufec must commit treason towards his Uncle to follow Asin, but he cannot find his brother. It is Toufec's fate to die in the sandstorm. But Delorian Rhodan, who knows the course of his life, has other plans for the desert son and saves his life.

Delorian brings Toufec, who believes he is in the hands of a wizard, to the planet Sanhaba in the dwarf galaxy Ecloos with the spaceship TOLBA. On the planet is the city of Aures, a structure that juts into the sixth dimension and is very ill, as it has to feed on peoples’ mental life. Delorian provides this life by procuring new residents for Aures. In return, Delorian is allowed access to the superior technology of the city. It takes a long time and requires some hypno-training until Toufec understands what Delorian is talking about. He will live in Aures from now on. The stay does not hurt him and Aures adapts itself to his wishes. The "genie" Pazuzu (an autonomous conglomerate of microscopic nano-agent robots ), who helps acclimate Toufec, keeps him company. Toufec never gives up the hope of finding Asin one day, who is lost in time, according to Delorian. Toufec spends a long time in cryostasis whenever Delorian is absent.

Two thousand one hundred eighty-two years later, when the year is 1631 AD on the Earth, Toufec learns what his task is. Delorian plans to rescue a few dozen people from the Earth whose death is already determined. For this he needs someone with Toufec's special skills. Toufec brings the doomed people to safety with Pazuzu's help. If necessary, they are replaced by dummies, so-called "imagos". Toufec's first target is Clara Esleve, who is to be burned as a witch at the behest of the Witch Commissar Franz Buirmann in Rheinbach. Toufec travels to Germany during the Thirty Years War and frees the beautiful young woman from the dungeon. He falls in love with her, but ignorantly, Clara considers him a demon.

Centuries later, in December 1960, Toufec has brought a total of fifty-four people to Aures. Toufec receives a companion for his last, particularly difficult assignment: Delorian awakens Clara Esleve from deep sleep. She is now "enlightened" and meets Toufec as a friend. The two are to portray themselves as Americans. Duncan Talbot, a physicist and colleague of Richard Feynman, the father of nanotechnology, must be saved from a falling plane. Contrary to Delorian's instructions, Toufec also saves Caspar Obadiah, a child who reminds him of his missing brother. However, Toufec leaves Caspar on the Earth. Toufec's is sad to see that Clara Esleve is romantically interested in Talbot.

Thus, the Alliance of the Star-Worthy is complete. Further rescues are not possible, because soon the superintelligence ES will intervene in the fortunes of humanity and prevent such manipulations. The Star-Worthy stay in the Slow House in cryo-stasis until Delorian wakes them up for their last mission. This time they are to save the whole Earth...

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2660 - Die springenden Sterne
The Jumping Stars
Christian Montillon

Ramoz is overwhelmed by memories of his past. He shares them with Mondra Diamond, who observes how the crystals of the Cold Space slowly merge into a huge face during the narrative.

In the double galaxy Chalkada formed from Dosanta and Zasaonta, the Oraccameos train very talented pilots. Ramoz, one of many aspirants of the Zasa race, wins the respect of Wörgut Gooswarts, the highest-ranked Orccameo, through a risky flight maneuver. He is appointed a full-fledged pilot and receives his ocular thorn. This enables him, among other things, to control two spaceships synchronously. At his request, his friend Sajon, who is not as gifted as Ramoz, receives the same operation. Ramoz learns how to use the hyper-cracks known as Viibad Fissures to quickly get from one place in the galaxy to another. After some time, he manages to control more and more ships at the same time. He learns that the goal of the Oraccameos is to create safe zones in the galaxy filled with hyperphysical chaos - the skeletal beings create miniature universes.

Ramoz basks in glory and honor and receives an improved version of the ocular thorn, but also suffers setbacks. One day he receives a call for help from Sajon. Ramoz's friend had been trying to gain access to a jumping star (a Polyport Trade Star). This was destroyed in the process. Sajon is brought to justice. Seeing how Sajon is being punished, Ramoz finally realizes why he is sometimes plagued by dreams of seeing little, furry predators that only follow their instincts: Sajon receives an injection that turns him into one of those creatures. This is true manifestation of the Zasa race. Their development has been accelerated by the Orccameos through genetic manipulation, and this rapid evolution can be reversed at any time.

After some time, Ramoz receives a visit from a man named Nijas. It turns out to be Sajon, who has once again been transformed into a humanoid. He was pardoned because the Oraccameos need as many pilots as possible. Nijas claims that the Oraccameos seek collective spiritualization and want to become an entity called QIN SHI ("Lord of Faces"), who they claim to exist already and who has made contact with them. While Ramoz gets the assignment to hide a fleet in an anomaly, Nijas is ordered to sacrifice himself to destroy a Trade Star. The first Trade Star damaged by Sajon is being redeveloped by the Oraccameos. Since Ramoz is reluctant to fulfill his own mission, he is subjected to the Reduction process and transformed back into a small furred being. His leggings accommodate projectors to create a stasis field. He is sent via the Polyport network to the Polyport Court Kyon Megas, which bring the Halftrack Changeures to Markanu. There, Ramoz sometime later meets Mondra Diamond.

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2661 - Anaree
Uwe Anton

Ennerhahl manages tp activate the star jewel that was found with the dying woman they had intially thought was the Cosmocrat servant Samburi Yura. Perry Rhodan touches the star jewel. As a result, the life story of the Proto-Enthone Anaree is projected into his mind. For a day – from shortly before midnight of November 18 until midnight of November 19, 1469 NGE - he is unresponsive to his companions.

Anaree is one of many Proto-Enthones of the Dayfolk, who live in the LUMINOSITY. She looks like a clone of Samburi Yura. It happens time and again that someone from the Dayfolk touches one of the gems that sometimes hang on the trees in their environment. These Proto-Enthones soon disappear without a trace. This is what happens to Anaree, who cannot resist the temptation of a star jewel. She is then suddenly no longer five, but fifteen years old and has an encounter with the Morning Sister Samburi Yura. In the following period Anaree (as others before and after like her) are shaped by Hypno-schooling and intensive training under the guidance of the small android M'ian Mor to become Samburi Yura's bodyguard. She is provided with a battle cocoon, a hyper-energetic web from the arsenal of the Cosmocrats, which makes Anaree invulnerable and can be used by her as a weapon.

Anaree accompanies Samburi Yura on various missions. She secretly observes a meeting of the Cosmocrat servant with Delorian Rhodan, in which the two forge plans in which QIN SHI seems to play a role. Anaree also witnessed Monkey and Alaska Saedelaere entering the LUMINOSITY, and was approached by a projection of the LUMINOSITY onboard computer DAN. DAN makes dark hints and assures Anaree of his help. She receives a star jewel that Samburi Yura does not know exists. On the homeworld of the Lokopters, Anaree realizes that Samburi Yura does not even think about retrieving the BOTNETZ for the Cosmocrats, since then she and Delorian would not be able to use it for their own purposes. At last she learns what Samburi Yura really has planned for her. Since Anaree looks exactly like the Enthone, she is to be put into the hands of QIN SHI. The superintelligence will thereby be made to believe to have made Samburi Yura harmless, trapped in the battle cocoon.

Anaree is captured by QIN SHI. Though safe inside the combat cocoon, her body cells begin to decompose. Anaree knows her death is inevitable, but at least she can entrust the truth to the Star Jewel DAN had given her.

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2662 - Kaowens Entscheidung
Kaowen‘s Decision
Arndt Ellmer

After the destruction of the shipyard APERAS KOKKAIA and QIN SHI's disappearance, Kaowen, as directed, goes to the Shikaqin Viibad in the other part of the double galaxy Chanda. He seizes command of the fleets stationed there, guarding an area protected by a camouflage field. But many commanders do not think of submitting to him. Kaowen executes those who want to follow QIN SHI to Escalian. Ironically, soon after parts of the fleet receive orders to do just that. Kaowen should stay behind. But meanwhile, Kaowen receives new units as reinforcements.

This includes cone ships of the Dosanthi dedicated to the Desperate Resistance because QIN SHI wanted to depopulate their homeworld Meloudil with the World Scourge. They attack the Xylthe ships. Tokun Gavang and his ilk are using their Para-ability to drive the Xylthes into panic and suicide. But there is a security measure that the Dosanthi did not know about. Kaowen can destroy their spaceships remotely. Thus, the uprising threatens to be crushed. However, the fighting rekindles, as the Chuferan and the fleets from Plepsons intervene on the Dosanthi side. The camouflage field goes out. A planet becomes visible. The world without an atmosphere is covered by a quasi-organic substance whose surface forms countless Oracca faces. Tokun Gavang's consciousness becomes paralyzed.

Meanwhile, Ramoz is trying to bring the fleet of seven hundred sixty-five thousand units gathered in the Cold Space under his control. His goal is to destroy QIN SHI. The fleet, however, has no energy. That is where the BASIS supply sphere comes in; Perry Rhodan returns to the Cold Space with this ship and other units. Within a few days, the supply sphere provides the required energy by tapping the sun inside it and feeing it through the blue crystals floating inside. Rhodan has misgivings about the use of the fleet because it was originally provided by the Oraccameo race, which is believed to have evolved into QIN SHI (although Högborn Trumeri persistently refuses to say anything on the matter), so QIN SHI may have set security codes for these ships.

In the meantime, Nemo Partijan examined Anaree’s star gem. Although it is a forgery and does not allow access to the Moral Code of the Universe, it does have some amazing qualities. Suddenly, Partijan's laboratory sets off a serious explosion. Hyperenergy is released. Ennerhahl says that Partijan is not supposed to be alive anymore, but the scientist claims that he is unharmed. After a conference on December 1, 1469 NGZ, in which Rhodan claims command of the fleet, Ramoz is to lead the ships from the Cold Space. But something seems to go wrong. Structural vibrations and hyperspace tears arise. Rhodan watches the MIKRU-JON's shell begin to collapse ...

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2663 - Der Anker-Planet
The Anchor Planet
Christian Montillon

Ramoz brings the Cold Space - a bubble within the Psionic Net - to collapse, because he ignored the warnings of an Oraccameo - hologram about pulling too much energy in the bubble too quickly, in order to quickly charge up the many ships of the mothballed fleet. The BASIS supply sphere pumps more and more energy into the Cold Space until the hypercrystals floating there are overloaded. The Psionic Net is restored to its original state as it expels the energy, causing severe hyperstorms. Although the starships of the ancient fleet materialize in normal space, one hundred fifteen thousand units are destroyed by it (and two hundred fifty-three thousand were previously irreparably damaged), while countless others must also be considered a total loss or repaired first. Only about one hundred thousand ships are ready to fight. In the starship ZASA , which Ramoz had declared his flagship , a meeting is called on December 6, 1469 NGE to determine what to do next. A reconnaissance mission consisting of the MIKRU-JON and Ennerhahl’s light cell is sent to check out QIN SHI’s anchor planet.

Kaowen's fleet is standing by there. A splinter of QIN SHI joins with the Protector. It comes to fighting insurgent Dosanthis and ships of other races, which appear as the planet Shikaqin becomes visible. Particularly dangerous are the Quolnä Keretzen, against whose flash wave the Xylthes cannot protect themselves. Perry Rhodan uses the chaos of the space battle to approach the planet. Meanwhile, Nemo Partijan has found out that Anaree’s purported star jewel contains "predetermined breaking points" that allow the explosive release of the stored therein hyper-energy. The jewel is shot at the planet after Gucky has telepathic contact with the living world. The mousebeaver recognizes that there the consciousness contents of QIN SHI devoured by the World Scourge continue to exist and serve as an anchor for the superintelligence. Their agony is endless and they long for final death.

The star jewel explodes. The organic matter that covers the planet is destroyed within seconds, QIN SHI’s anchor is destroyed. Nemo Partijan theorizes that Samburi Yura had delivered them the star jewel for just this purpose. Kaowen survives. He knows who he owes the newest defeat to.

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2664 - Hinter dem Planetenwall
Behind the Planet Wall
Hubert Haensel

Arun Joschannan is elected First Terran of the LFT on 1 January 1470 NGE. Just a few weeks later, he sets off for his first major official mission. On 1 February, he will represent the LFT at the Eastside Conference, in which almost all the Jülziish races, as well as delegations of the Akones, Topsiders and other races will participate. Thereafter, Joschannan wants to accept an invitation from the Theatrum system, which had been sent two years ago. Joschannan wants to convince the independent system to enter the LFT. Henar Maltczyk, the Secretary of the First Terran, is worried, because according to a report from Travnor, an assassination attempt on Arun’s life is planned. Joschannan travels with the TYLL LEYDEN, accompanied by two other warships of the APOLLO class. He meets with Admiral Ipthey-Hüriit, an Apaso, at the Nabeg Solar Pentagon. Ipthey-Hüriit accompanies the Terran ships with fifty of his own ships. He tells Joschannan about an observation he had made on January 2nd. Three discus ships of unknown ownership armed with heavy interval cannons had flown about in the middle of a Hyper-hurricane, possibly using a Tryortan gullet as a means of transport. Other ships of this type were tracked during the connecting flight. It remains questionable whether they were Blues ships, because they were superior to everything that Ipthey-Hüriit knows.

The Eastside conference takes place on one of seventeen identical planets on the Khamashnam Planet Wall. Quicheramo Blues had discovered the system a long time ago, but until now its existence had been concealed. Now it was proposed that the system is to be put under the administration of the Galacticum, because it is one of seven of the Old-timers built Suprahet - trap systems. This agenda item remains open, but it is decided, among other things, that the Galactic ATLAS EXPLORER fleet will operate increasingly actively in the Southside. Henar Maltczyk finds out that the Jülziish, fearing Arkonide dominance, is keen to bring the Akones and LFT closer together. Joschannan, who has already earned Ipthey-Hüriit's respect, is nicknamed "Honest Arun" because of his open nature at the conference.

The journey continues towards the Theatrum system. On the way, Ipthey-Hüriit's escorts get lost in a hyperstorm. The TYLL LEYDEN picks up an emergency call from the Terran trade ship WELLS FARGO, which is allegedly being attacked by the mysterious discus ships. As it could be a trap, Joschannan and his secretary stay back with a corvette, while the three APOLLO battleships rush to the rescue of the WELLS FARGO and its sister ship WESTERN UNION. Three Discus ships promptly appear and attack the corvette. The pilot Vanessa Pateng can get the corvette to superluminal flight, but the drive and life support systems are damaged. The corvette falls back into normal space and must land on the desert world Mackurat.

For a diversion, the entire crew except for the pilot and Captain Tyll Brager exit with two Shifts, while robots are simultaneously discharged. The discus spacers follow and capture one of the Shifts. It becomes clear that they are trying to capture the First Terran. Joschannan and his companions have to hide in a cave inhabited by giant wasp like creatures, but are tracked down there. Once again, they manage to escape, and on February 8, finally, the APOLLO ship and one hundred spaceships of the Jülziish commanded by Ipthey-Hüriit arrive from the Khamashnam system. Two of the foreign discs are destroyed, but the third escapes. The examination of the wrecks does not yield any usable results. The techniques used by the unknown builders is not of a specific Blues origin; it could just as well come from the Arkonides. They may be part of the Badakk infiltrated Ark'Tussan Factor.

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2665 - Geheimnis der Zirkuswelt
Secret of the Circus World
Marc A. Herren

Thea, a former Free Trader world in the Southside on the doorstep of the Jülziish, was settled a long time ago by the predominantly Terran crew of a circus ship in distress. The renowned Theas Circus Academy has produced several tamers and other artists known throughout the galaxy. The main economic factor there is the trading of goods, but the planet itself is considered insignificant. This could change if the Theatrum system were to join the LFT. Arun Joschannan, who visits the circus world on February 9, 1470 NGE, is there to promote this idea. First, the First Terrian is led through the capital Dolina Salamonski by Nuggnugg, an old native Topsider. The Topsider bodyguards Tork-Trak and Onttril-Gukzz are not the only protection Joschannan relies on. The JULES VERNE orbits the system, protected from sensors, and ten Posbi-BOXES are in a waiting position a few light years away. Ronald Tekener has learned during the interrogation of the Sayporan Marrnuur that the First Terran is to be kidnapped on a circus world. When the Smiler also receives the news that Sayporans are on Thea, he goes to Dolina Salamonski in a bioplast mask to warn Joschannan.

The kidnapping takes place during a speech by Joschannan on February10. The attackers have high-quality shields and weapons at their disposal. The LFT bodyguards have nothing to oppose this. There are dead and injured, and Tekener is paralyzed. Joschannan, his secretary Henar Maltczyk, the two Topsider bodyguards and other people are brought to the island of Osa Mariga, as it is soon discovered. Tekener follows the kidnappers with the hunting cruiser NAUTILUS III, but a folk festival is taking place on Osa Mariga, so that Tekener cannot use heavy weapons. A commando team led by him arrives too late. The kidnapped were already received by the Sayporaner Stradsoider and transported by means of a transit parquet to another location. The Terrans capture and evacuate a village inhabited by several hundred Sayporans and Badakks in pagoda style tents on the island. There are also at least forty Earth children, who apparently voluntarily stayed with the Augurs. Two three hundred meter spaceships, which were reported stolen seventeen years ago and now contain genesis plasma basins, are being examined. A flight recorder can be read on February11. Tekener figures out from it that the Sayporans maintain another base on the moon of the seventh planet.

In fact, Tork-Trak and Onttril-Gukzz are already being interrogated there by the Sayporan Chourweydes, who is much more aggressive than Stradsoider. As the JULES VERNE approaches the base, some of the spaceships parked there - including two Spenta nail ships - attempt to escape. One nail ship is shot down, while the others escape. Landing troops penetrate the base and quickly take out any resistance. While Chourweydes cooperates, Stradsoider fights to the last and is stabbed. Despite everything, Tekener seems to be too late again: Joschannan is already in a basin with genesis plasma...

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2666 - Die Pyramide der Badakk
The Pyramid of Badakk
Arndt Ellmer

The Badakk symbiont did not have enough time to take over Arun Joschannan completely. The genesis plasma cannot be removed completely. Joschannan remains in control of himself, but develops a very healthy appetite, which is due to the additional energy needs of the Badakk. Since nobody knows if and how the symbiont evolves and if Joschannan might lose his free will, he is under constant surveillance. Gashwa Perkat, an Oxtornian Specialist from the JV-1 receives the order, to liquidate the First Terran, if necessary.

Joschannan can feel the presence of other Badakks. After the population of Thea has been informed about the actions of the foreign invaders, Joschannan can move freely on Thea. In a meeting with the planetary circle of directors he realizes that numerous people in high positions have been taken over by the Badakk. The afflicted can be identified with Joschannan’s help and rendered harmless. In the meantime, the true extent of the infiltration is becoming known. Hundreds of circus spaceships are transporting equipment of Sayporaners through the Milky Way, so there are probably genesis plasma pools and transit parquets on countless planets. Ronald Tekener will pass on this information later. When examining the circus ship REGULUS, it becomes clear that the transport containers for these items were provided by the company Wettach, whose director is one of the infested. In addition, it is observed how the escaped spaceships from the lunar base disappear in Tryortan gulliets.

A Posbi of the JULES VERNE directs the storming of the Wettach Company premises with TARA-battle robots. There he discovers a pyramid consisting of two thousand five hundred networked Badakks. In this way, these beings are likely to gain superior skills. The pyramid is destroyed, but it cannot be prevented that the entire area is destroyed by huge atomic explosions that were triggered by the Badakks. Then the Sayporaner Chourweydes is interrogated by Joschannan. The Sayporaner agrees to contact the Spentas in the last remaining nail ship. He moves them grant the Galactics access to their ship. For this purpose, the ship is transported to Urengoll.

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2667 - Der Diplomat von Maharani
The Diplomat From Maharani
Michael Marcus Thurner

Based on the insights gained on Travnor and Thea, the Galactics are finding Badakks and Sayporaners everywhere in the Milky Way. On Arun Joschannan’s request, the USO works together with foreign secret services. The First Terran wants to seize the opportunity to improve relations between the Milky Way peoples. The actions are successful. It seems the Theatrum system was the starting point of the enemy’s activities. While the Sayporaners accept captivity, the Badakkd usually fight to the last and destroy themselves so as not to fall into the hands of the Galactics. Further Galactics "turned over" by genesis plasma are exposed and young people are freed again. One of them is Joschannan's son Caio Antwan. The medics try in vain to heal the adolescents changed in some unknown manner. In Caio's case, it is aggravating that his relationship with Joschannan was never very good - at first the First Terran fails to reason with his son. As before, Joschannan is accompanied every step of the way by his Oxtorner "Bodyguard", because it is still not clear whether the genesis plasma is continuing to spread through his body. Since excessive hunger is a bad sign, Joschannan does without many a meal.

On the 21st and 22nd of February 1470 NGE the Badakk interned at the USO base T9 as well as on the extreme world Trankun belonging to the Arkonide Empire undertake outbreak attempts. In some unknown way, the enigmatic beings manage to sabotage and take over all sorts of technical devices. Apparently, the Badakks use nanotechnology, which is hidden in their bodies for it. Ronald Tekener bombards a corvette hijacked by the Badakks, although the fate of the USO crew is unclear. The Badakks destroy the ship before it can be captured. The Sayporaners, especially Chourweydes , show to be a bit more accessible. However, many of them are getting worse and worse physically. Joschannan speaks several times with Chourweydes, but does not quite mange to get close to the Sayporaner, because the mindset of this people is so foreign to the Terrans and Chourweydes likes to speak in riddles. Joschannan demands that the manipulation of the young people be reversed. In this point, Chourweydes turns out to be surprisingly cooperative. He guarantees the "reconstitution" of the young people.

The study of the Sayporaners shows that these beings do not have uniform genetic material. Chourweydes reports that every Sayporan must periodically incorporate foreign organs into theirs to survive. The same must be done if the captive Sayporaners are to be rescued. Since cloned organs are not good enough, Joschannan must allow the Sayporans to access humans. Joschannan turns to Faroz Khalai, Caios attending physician. The man belongs to the Parsen religion. The Parsees do not burn or bury their dead but leave the dead corpses to the birds in open air ceremonies. In such a sky burial, the Sayporans may take over the role of birds on the 1st of March. Grateful, Chourweydes tells the First Terran of his people and the targets of the invasion.

On the 4th of March, Joschannan takes part in a meeting of the Secret Security Advisory Council, made up of representatives of many Milky Way peoples, on Aurora. All the captured Badakks are now dead. The "doubles" are free, because the genesis plasma in their bodies is decomposing. The Badakks have "treated" not only Galactics with the genesis plasma, but also Sayporaners. The liberated young people are on their way to recovery, Joschannan and his son begin to talk to each other again. All known hyper-storm areas where Tryortan gullets may arise are guarded by warships. Despite all this good news Bostich still cautions the others that the war is far from over, and that this is currently just the calm before the storm...

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2668 - Neuntau
Christian Montillon

Alaska Saedelaere is en route with the cylinder ship SHEYAR to the dwarf galaxy Dranat. There he hopes to find the designer Sholoubwa, because in Dranat are the construction planets on which the petals of the Time Rose were created. Eroin Blitzer recognizes that there are two suns orbited by construction site planets that are identical and connected by hyperenergetic lines. He assumes that Sholoubwa's main world, which monitored the construction of the Time Rose, is at the intersection of the connecting lines. On Saedelaere’s command (as an inharmonious on board, Blitzer has nothing to report) the SHEYAR flies to the target point and discovers a planet. There is a gigantic city, but no life there. The robots of Sholoubwa's Techno-guard lie around disabled, and everything seems to have been crumbling for centuries or millennia. This also applies to Nicomus Neuntau, a dwarf droid, whom the two encounter. He was left behind by Sholoubwa a long time ago and is gradually falling apart.

Blitzer is not pleased to see an example of his own transience in Neuntau. Neuntau is not happy with Sholoubwa and willingly provides information to the visitors. Neuntau was commander of the cobalt blue cylinder SCREW-B and served Sholoubwa at the behest of the Cosmocrats. Apparently there were differences at a certain time between Sholoubwa and his clients, because one day he could no longer enter his own tower, the heart of the entire system, and so he disappeared. Neuntau knows where to find Sholoubwa now and agrees to lead them to him. The journey continues into the Nahroin system, filled with planetary debris and gigantic aggregates created from it. There, the SHEYAR is subjected to various hyper-energetic phenomena. Nevertheless, Saedelaere, Blitzer and Neuntau manage to land on the third planet.

There are shifts in reality that allow Saedelaere to see images of the past. The planet has been mercilessly exploited for a long time without regard to its inhabitants. A large area is filled with huge, still under construction and interconnected Positronics, Sholoubwa statues and Sontaron generators. A humanoid statue, enthroned on a pyramid, appears to be Sholoubwa. Saedelaere speaks to him and learns that the designer is about to create something called Free Space - an activity to which he seems desperate to do. During the conversation, Eroin Blitzer taps into Sholoubwa's memories. Sholoubwa carries the visitors to another location with a transmitter field. There natives lead a hopeless fight against Sholoubwa's robotic construction machines. Neuntau is hit by a spear and dies, which he is not unhappy about. Since Saedelaere and Blitzer have nothing better to do anyway (their protective suits are inoperative), they look into Sholoubwa's memories, which Blitzer had been able to download...

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2669 - Wettstreit der Konstrukteure
Competition of the Designers
Marc A. Herren

4,235 years after the foundation of their empire, the humanoid Moweners in the galaxy Karn-Legrek are carrying out a war against the Orfenars. In the battle for the insignificant planet of Nunngar, a young industrialist’s son Cholaquin Port'aldonar - better known as Sholoubwa , author of the poetry volume » Love in Times of Abundance « dripping with patriotism - suffers a horrible abdominal injury. An airworthy medo-drone saves the dying Mowener's life, but for the rest of his life Cholaquin has to take a cocktail of medicines to maintain the unstable network of artificial organs in his body. His war experiences are processed by Cholaquin against the opposition of his father, who finally disinherits him, in new, far from patriotic poems. He is quickly attacked for this because the enthusiasm of his people has not diminished. Disillusioned, he ends his writing career and follows in the footsteps of his now bankrupt father. His own genius as a designer by far surpasses that of his father.

Already during his convalescence, Cholaquin comprehensively perfects the old Medo-drone, which he never wants to part with. Cholaquin is now involved in the creation of large transmitters and discovers the so-called Zero Channel - a kind of dimensional gate , through which two arbitrary points can be permanently connected. A deadly radiation released by this prevents the use of the Zero Channel by living things. Cholaquin gets involved in a bet. He sets his company against the hand of the wife of his competitor Husen, who is developing bio-Positronics. Cholaquin has to greatly increase the capacity of the Medo-drone if he wants to win the bet and prove that bio-Positronics are not as powerful as Husen claims. Cholaquin cheats by connecting the drone via Zero Channel with a Grand Positronic. He wins, but quickly loses interest in Husen's wife. Years later, he notes that the drone's circuits have changed in an irreproducible manner due to Zero Channel radiation. The drone is far superior to any mainframe because it can develop creative ideas. Cholaquin continues to improve the drone and gives it the name Sholoubwa.

In 4255 NRG Cholaquin is propositioned by a messenger of the Cosmocrats. With the development of the Zero Channel, the Designer has qualified to enter the service of the forces of Order. When Cholaquin asks for payment, the messenger reacts with incomprehension. Cholaquin sends him away laughing. Eighteen years later, Cholaquin's corporation is facing forced nationalization. Sholoubwa, who now has a pseudo Mowener body, is to be destroyed because biological shaped robots are illegal. Sholoubwa defends himself and kills the government delegates on his own. Cholaquin’s only choice left is to run. He and Sholoubwa engage in contracts with two hostile races and thus wage a kind of war against their own race. Cholaquin builds special subroutines in Sholoubwa, because the robot’s callous initiative for self-preservation has become scary to him. In addition, the student has long outstripped the master.

At the age of ninety-three, Cholaquin realizes that his death is imminent. Since his body cannot be saved, Cholaquin wants to temporarily transplant his brain into Sholoubwa's body and connect it with the Grand Positronic via an interface that was being developed by Husen. Sholoubwa is supposed to build the neural transmitter himself. He estimates the construction time to be seventy-two years. Cholaquin bridges this time with a dilatation flight. Arriving in 4379, he wants to use the subroutines to wipe out Sholoubwa’s intellect and take his place. But he is cheated. Sholoubwa has long since made the programs harmless and stopped building the neural transmitter after just twenty-two years. Cholaquin finally dies.

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2670 - Der Weg des Konstrukteur
The Path of the Designer
Marc A. Herren

581 NRG, two hundred and two years after Cholaquin’s death, Sholoubwa tests his latest invention to escape the race of the Allhe who steadily pursue his MOWENAS PRIDE because he has not only given them weapons, but also their enemies. Sholoubwa activates the semi-space bubble network, in which the enemy ships are temporarily stuck, so that he can escape. Sholoubwa is in constant Zero-Channel contact with the main Positronics of his asteroid base, as well as with his externalities - robots that he can control as if they were his own body parts. The same Cosmocrat envoy who once contacted Cholaquin, visits Sholoubwa at his base and recruits him for the higher powers. On Evolux, after lengthy tests a board of examiners from the people of the Firr find Sholoubwa worthy to work in the service of Cosmocrats. Although they sever his connection with his Grand Posititronics, but grants him access to an Evolux computer. In this way Sholoubwa's abilities are immeasurably increased. He gains unsuspected new insights into the cosmos and the way the cosmos works.

Decades later Sholoubwa is close to the completion of a Sontaron generator developed based upon the plans of an Emotio-transmitter. This device can amplify paranormal emissions. Supported by his more than two thousand externalities - the Techno-guard - Sholoubwa works on numerous projects at the same time, but in the eyes of his clients, he is just one design engineer among many. And, moreover, an outrageous one who pursues his own interests over and over again. Therefore, he is assigned Sub-auditor Voosla from the snake-like people of the Hoaponoset as a guardian. More centuries pass. Then Sholoubwa manages to perfect his HRB network and from this, will build the BOTNETZ designed by other Evolux-commissioned designers. For this purpose, a special metal is needed, and to get this, Sholoubwa flies with the SCREW-B into the galaxy Remmal. Nikomus Neuntau is appointed as his pilot and assistant. Sholoubwa enters the now material Intangible City of Connajent as soon as they arrive on the planet Nemkok. Sholoubwa uses a coder to force Connajent to stop at another stop. This will damage the city, but the job will be fulfilled. Sholoubwa receives metal containing traces of Carit from a Cosmic Factory. During this time he is persuaded by Eto Thalwaaruu, a resident of Connajent, to make life. Sholoubwa creates the Firibirim after the model of the local life form of the Firr.

The construction site for the BOTNETZ, a dimensional prison, which is to be used to hijack KOLTOROC and thus render harmless the Terminal Column TRAITOR, is located in Escalian. Renyi-Hemdebb leads the project. The BOTNETZ is finally used in the battle for TRYCLAU-3, but the mission fails and the petals of the Time Rose are damaged. Sholoubwa recognizes his mistake and begins to create a substance to improve the BOTNETZ. He watches as Renyi-Hemdebb is killed by AFALLA and sees how the miniature universes generated by the BOTNETZ can be stabilized. A thousand years after the Battle of TRYCLAU-3, Sholoubwa is working on perfecting the BOTNETZ on Tolmar. He manages to create a hyperperforation that permanently persists and forms a special constellation with Tolmar and a black hole. Afterwards he is visited by Resolution Commander Vuusla. Sholoubwa is ordered back to Evolux. When he refuses, the Zero-Channel connection with the Evolux computer is cut.

Sholoubwa had taken precautions and reconnected with his old Grand Positronic. But the asteroid containing it is attacked by a Rapid Cruiser of the Yakonto. However, Xylthe spaceships appear and annihilate the Rapid Cruiser. Then QIN SHI speaks personally with Sholoubwa. The superintelligence is interested in the BOTNETZ. Sholoubwa does not care about the construct anymore, so he agrees to hide it in the galaxy Totemhain until QIN SHI is ready to take possession of it. Centuries later, the designer survives a conflict with the entity TAFALLA, which has taken over Sholoubwa’s city on Tolmar for the Cautionary Spectacle of the Lake of Tears. Another two thousand years later, Sholoubwa suffers a terrible shock from the increase in the hyperimpedance. The basic program of the ancient Medo-drone reboots. Most of Sholoubwa's intellect has been destroyed. The designer is now only a shadow of himself.

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2671 - Das Weitenschiff
The World Ship
Christian Montillon

Sholoubwa brings Alaska Saedelaere and Eroin Blitzer to his techno pyramid, because he needs their help. In order to regain his grandeur and genius, he explains to his "guests," that he must create the Free Space. It is nearing completion, and thereafter the hyper-resistance in the Nahroin system will drop to its old value. At the same time, the World Ship, which is to serve as a replacement for Sholoubwa's asteroid-based Grand-Positronic, must be taken from its hiding place into the Free Space. Eroin Blitzer is to take over this task, for which the SCREW-B is made available. In return, Sholoubwa will help find Samburi Yura .

While Eroin Blitzer is on the move with SCREW-B, Saedelaere talks to Sholoubwa. The Terran becomes annoying to the designer, but it has to be kept alive because Sholoubwa has realized that a friendship has long since developed between Saedelaere and Blitzer. Sholoubwa does not want to risk that Blitzer will show any irrational reactions in the case of Saedelaere's death. Blitzer reaches the hiding place of the World Ship, deactivates the anti-detection screen and steers the SCREW-B into a hangar. The World Ship is a three-kilometer spherical ship, which consists of a variety of components. Among other things, this includes technology stolen from Evolux. The Free Space is created. Immediately, Sholoubwa's powers increase in potential, but he also realizes that his crippled ego had made many mistakes that need to be corrected to keep the Free Space up. The Designer is in contact again with all his creations, including the BOTNETZ. He grants Saedelaere an insight into one of the BOTNETZ-created mini-universes. To his horror, the Terran recognizes that the Earth is trapped there, and that Samburi Yura has something to do with it. Then the Free Space starts to collapse. The World Ship reaches the Nahroin system too late.

When the Free Space collapses, the hyper-impedance jumps back up. This shatters Sholoubwa's intellect once more, this time irrevocably. The robot is still able to act, but he will never be the old Sholoubwa again. He asks for "death." Blitzer fulfills his request after Sholoubwa betrays him Samburi Yura's whereabouts. Blitzer would have killed Sholoubwa in any case, just to punish him for the abuse of Evolux technology. Saedelaere and Blitzer leave the planet and intend to restore order in the Nahroin system to help the natives before continuing to track down Samburi Yura.

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2672 - Kosmische Agonie
Cosmic Agony
Verena Themsen

On November 28, 1469 NGE Homer G. Adams receives a visit by Delorian Rhodan, with whom he had met for the first time on May 28, 1463 NGE. At the time, Delorian had warned him of a danger posed by Perry Rhodan. Delorian was and is of the opinion that Perry Rhodan is subtly being manipulated by owning the Polyport controller and it is the job of the Society of Absent Friends to catch what threatens to occur. Adams also learned about the reconstruction of the BASIS. When this process now completes, Delorian proclaims, the real future begins. On the same day, after the fall of the Umbrian Council, the first regular government meeting is interrupted by a worrying message. The crew of the heavy cruiser HANNER TEKENBECK, found the enemy star galleons outside, and discovered that the anomaly is unstable and has already reduced in size. It is believed that the anomaly will collapse in the foreseeable future and that the Sixtadim veil is causing this disturbance. Delorian Rhodan confirms this assumption. Since a shutdown of the veil is out of the question, the Sol system must as soon as possible be returned to the standard universe. This requires the help of the Sayporans. For this reason, a Fleet personally commanded by Defense Minister Vashari Ollaron sets off for the World Wreath system to do reconnaissance.

At the same time, Reginald Bull meets with Chourtaird, as the Spenta have still not removed ARCHETIM's psi-corpus from Sol. If they do not succeed soon, it is to be feared that the darkening of the sun will never be reversed. Chourtaird contacts the Explicator Chourwayrs. Only he can talk to the Spenta. The Umbrian Council gives this its blessing after Bull has made it clear to Anicee Ybarri that a settlement of the situation is in their mutual interest. Shanda Sarmotte overhears the communication telepathically with the Spenta. The Spenta report of a seal , which presumably has existed in the sun for millions of years and prevents the recovery of ARCHETIM’s corpus.

In the anomaly, there is even worse chaos than before. Vashari Ollaron's fleet is decimated in a very short time by various hyperphysical catastrophes, and the minister is badly wounded. Her ship, the ZHENG HE, remains reasonably flightworthy, but a return to the Sol system seems illusory. With more or less severe damage only eleven ships survive the anomaly raging Gravo-shockwaves. They find a wrecked star galleon and can communicate with the Utrofar -Navigator Fernvater Augerbe. In order to accomplish the important mission he is on, the Utrofar needs the help of the Galactics - just as they need his help to find a safe way out of the chaos. Fernvater Augerbe is attached to the ZHENG HE. He directs the Galactics into a safe region, the Loom Land. On December first, an association of star galleons passes this area. The ships appear to be transporting the body of a dead superintelligence. All the Galactics suffer a shock through its emanations. Vashari Ollaron does not survive this incident.

After the rest of the fleet has returned to the Sol system, it is clear that the World Wreath system cannot be reached with spaceships. Delorian Rhodan suggests an alternative. The TLS tower must have a transit parquet connected to the Sayporan home system. Toufec will help the Terrans to enter the sealed and inaccessible underground TLS center.

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2673 - Das 106. Stockwerk
The 106th Floor
Hubert Haensel

Flemming Burnett is the Coco-interpreter for AGENT GRAY , the central Positronic of the TLS Tower. From 1458 NGE he has worked together with Fydor Riordan, the former deputy head of the “Terra Internal Department”. He follows Riordan's rise and is brought together with the half-Ferrone Ve Kekolor by him, whom Flemming develops a crush on. Burnett does not realize that both are only exploiting and harnessing him for their own purposes. In 1465 NGE Attilar Leccore succeeds the late TLS Chief Noviel Residor. Riordan claims that the Terminal Column TRAITOR is about to infiltrate the Milky Way with Koda Ariels. Many people in important positions have already been replaced by shapeshifters. He voices the suspicion that Leccore is one of them and hands Burnett a hair that allegedly comes from the TLS boss. In fact, the hair does have unknown DNA. Burnett is now convinced that he can only trust Riordan and supports him in the fight against the invaders. They are supposed to gain help from friendly aliens, who appeared some time ago in the Sol system: The Sayporaners. Burnett receives a data crystal with a program that he feeds into AGENT GRAY. It ensures that the Positronics receives messages about the activities of the Sayporaners, but then modifies or suppresses them. In this way the strangers can carry out their plans undisturbed.

On December 1, 1469 NGE, Reginald Bull, Shanda Sarmotte, Toufec and two agents infiltrate the TLS Tower to initiate its reconquest and ensure the capture of an intact transit parquet. They are supported by Attilar Leccore, who went underground after the fall of the TLS headquarters. Access to the tower is made possible by a "mobile room" that is currently used as a toilet in the restaurant Night Asylum in Sub-Terrania. There are three such spaces that can move through tunnels to the TLS Tower, but only this one is unknown to AGENT GRAY. After the task force gathers there, the room sets in motion and finally docks on the legendary 106th floor of the TLS Tower. When Leccore tries to open a door in the TLS Tower with his personal codes, an alarm is triggered. Fagesys and robots attack, but the infiltrators are also armed and have a converted TARA combat robot called Stainless Stan with them. They defend themselves successfully and discover a room in which clone bodies of Riordan and Kekolor are being cultured. Apparently the two traitors were promised the kind of immortality already granted to Kaowen.

As Leccore begins to carry out the destruction of the clones, and as expected, Riordan and Kekolor appear a little later with more troops. With Pazuzu's help, Bull's people remain victorious. Kekolor is killed, and Riordan is badly wounded. Burnett takes his own life. Now Terran forces can enter the TLS Tower. After getting the situation under control, Leccore visits Riordan who is dying in the medical center. The two talk about the supposed Koda Ariel hair. Riordan takes his knowledge of the origin of hair to the grave. Leccore orders AGENT GRAY to delete the recorded conversation.

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2674 - Das Reich der Angst
The Empire of Fear
Uwe Anton

There is a weak point in the space monitoring of the World Wreath system. All incoming information about the Thauta Theann (the information Cabinet) is forwarded to the Academy of Logistics on Druh. A team headed by Shanda Sarmotte, consisting of the agents Odo Ollowa and Daniil Veriaso, the TARA combat robot Stainless Stan and Toufec, is to take out the Thauta Theann. They will be transferred to the World Wreath system via the transit parquet in the TLS Tower. The counter station is a parquet in a Taychour (a meditation center) on Druh. The mission is hampered by the mobility of the Information Cabinet. It never stays in the same place and must be found first. In the search, the team encounters several huge mechanopods. These robots seem to be able to absorb and amplify emotions. When Odo Ollowa wants to examine a mechanopod more closely, he literally dies of fear. Veriaso and Shanda are also influenced. Stainless Stan is gradually dissolved by enemy nanomachines in the constant rain on this world. Only Toufec remains unimpressed by it all.

The Thauta Theann turns out to be a biomechanical brain housed in a cuboid eighty meters long. Stainless Stan is steered close to the cuboid. There, the robot triggers its self-destruction, which also destroys the Information Cabinet. Several combat gliders promptly appear. Maid Irriv comes out of one of them and addresses the intruders. Veriaso tries to escape and is shot down. Shanda and Toufec go into captivity. On December 4, 1469 NGE they face Paichander, the Dean of the Academy of Logistics. That Sayporaner has controlled the fate of his people for some time for the worse and works for QIN SHI. The ancient Sayporaner consists of body parts of various beings and must permanently reside in a life support system he calls his uterus. He is very interested in the bodies of his prisoners, especially their brains. He would like to incorporate parts of them in him. Shanda is not very enthusiastic about this and refuses.

Shanda and Toufec try to escape but are quickly captured and taken to Paichander again. He indicates that he has managed to manipulate QIN SHI so that the superintelligence has become almost his henchman. He offers to work together with his prisoners, whose special skills he has recognized. They are to help the expedition leader Choursterc in the recovery of a superintelligence corpse. The corpus is then to be brought to the Ephemeral Gate, a black hole through which the corpus can enter the matrix of the anomaly. Only then can the anomaly be stabilized and that would be in the mutual interest of them all. Shanda and Toufec agree and start with a star galleon to Zyorin Zopai. Shanda cannot shake off the unpleasant feeling that Delorian Rhodan and Toufec had planned this seemingly unexpected mission…

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2675 - Der Glanz der Stille
The Glory of Silence
Wim Vandemaan

The flight to the Zyor system takes a few days. On the way, Shanda Sarmotte and Toufec get to know the commanding Sayporan, Choursterc. He is ancient, cared for by the rod-shaped creature Aes Qimae , and has recently incorporated the brain (or parts of it) of the late ex-boyfriend of Anicee Ybarris. Benat Achiary's personality has been preserved. He tells the people the story of the Sayporaners, who owes their spread into space on the one hand to the Utrofars, who are about as important to them as the Posbis to the Terrans. On the other hand, there is also the technical legacy of an unknown people, that they found on the moon of Saypor. Their home galaxy Ayr was a "sealed" region at that time, which led to the fact that the Sayporaners came into contact with a superintelligence - namely QIN SHI - only late in their development. Choursterc says the Sayporaners would someday be so indispensable to QIN SHI that they could become the masters of superintelligence.

The search for the superintelligence corpse on Zyor Zopai has been going on for quite some time. It quickly becomes clear why all previous expeditions have failed. There is not just one corpse, but millions, if not billions of pieces of it. The remnants of the superintelligence descend from the sky in the form of wafer-thin amber threads and disappear into the ground. Planetary inhabitants, nearly humanoid creatures at relatively low levels of technology fighting a perpetual war, call these threads Pan-Factors and collect them wherever possible. There are countless uses for the Pan-factors. Among other things, they can be used to repair objects and to heal injuries. Shanda pulls the Zopai girl Pauthofamy out of a burning building. With her Pan-Factor, the child saves the life of the injured Aes Qimae. When Shanda picks up the thread, she recognizes microscopic inclusions in which entire cities and countries are located. She feels drawn into the Pan-factor, as if it is robbing her of something.

In planetary orbit are one thousand two hundred sixty-nine abandoned, but functioning space stations. Shanda and Toufec explore one station and meet a second Pauthofamy. Pazuzu notes that both girls are absolutely identical. It turns out that all the inhabitants of Zopai (as well as the cities and everything else) are only projections of the dead superintelligence PAUTHOFAMY, the twenty-first Guarantor of the dogma of Pau, consisting of a combination of copied mental structures that are far below as inhabitants of the cities created by the Pan-factors. PAUTHOFAMY was long ago infected by artificially produced pathogens and fell into degeneration. The superintelligence created a moon-sized sphere from the Pan Factors in the Zyor system and tried to fight against the disease. When she died, the Pan-Factor ball exploded and rained down on Zopai. Everything that exists on the planet is just a reflection of the sub-nano-reality stored in the Pan-Factors, and the war led by the Zopai is an expression of the struggle of the dead superintelligence against the disease.

Shanda makes it clear to PAUTHOFAMY that she is dead. All the cities and their inhabitants disappear. All the Pan-Factors unite again into a sphere in space. This is transported by nail ships of the Spenta to the Ephemeral Gate. Shanda and Toufec fly there in Choursterc's star galleon. On the way they talk about the experience. Achiary had mentioned the term “time companions” in his report. It is related to the city of Aures, of whose Nanogent funds Delorian Rhodan makes use of today. Toufec explains that Delorian has endeavored to understand the true nature of superintelligence. He was looking for a "pattern" of superintelligence. PAUTHOFAMY had also spoken of such a pattern. Toufec does not believe that the Superintelligences are an inevitable result of cosmic evolution, because if higher entities are supposed to inevitably become Matter Sources or Matter Depressions - why are there so many dead superintelligences?

The Ephemeral Gate is a black hole from the early days of the universe recovered by QIN SHI. It forms a triangle with the Gills-Ghaulinc - twin suns. Shanda enters in telepathic contact with the Spenta and learns that they have created a white hole at the core of the Sun Gills, which they use as a source of raw materials. In the Sun Ghaulinc they create the Chrono-Lot out of Ephemeral matter, which makes the use of the black hole possible, because the Ephemeral Gate lies beyond the event horizon and is thus actually unattainable. At the moment of injection, a superintelligence’s corpse is decomposed into quark-sized particles. These Psitones are timeless and get a new chronological alignment from the Chrono-Lot, which means that they can be recovered from the future behind the event horizon and fed into the anomaly . They attach themselves to the outer skin of the anomaly and thus secure it to a limited extent. From several layers of Psitonen a meta-mental layer is created. However, there is nothing left of the superintelligence’s consciousnesses, so the meta-mental layer is unable to control the anomaly. This remains unstable, which leads to the prevailing hyper-chaos inside. A definitive stabilization would only be possible through the awakening of the anomaly to a Neuroversum.

Thus, it is clear that the task of the Terrans must be to conquer the Gills-Ghaulinc system. Whoever controls it, can bring the anomaly to collapse or further stabilize it. However, Shanda does not tell Toufec that she has learned more: in the awakening of the Neuroversum, the Dead Brain of the bridge world of Faland will have an important role to play ...

After feeding the Pan-Factors into the anomaly, the Sayporaner ship PÄRSTAIR is made available to the humans. It starts the trip home on December 12, 1469 NGE.

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2676 - Der Chalkada-Schrein
The Chalkada Shrine
Christian Montillon

QIN SHI disappears in the direction of Escalian, leaving behind a power vacuum in Chanda that cannot be filled by either Kaowen's shrunken forces or by the Desperate Resistance that has broken out. In this situation, Högborn Trumeri sees his chance to help the Oracca race become supreme. He goes to the Chalkada Shrine, an ultimate power center that was hidden long ago. From the projection of an Orccameo, which belongs to a program run by the shrine and recognizes Trumeri as worthy, he receives a small spherical object with which he can bring Ramoz (and thus the fleet from the Cold Space) completely under his control. Gucky, who has followed Trumeri, observes this unnoticed and hides a tracking transmitter in Trumeri's ship.

Ramoz is plagued by visions. An Oraccameo claims that Högborn Trumeri is his new master. Through Rhodan, Ramoz has learned of Trumeri's intentions. He cannot defend himself against the Oracca, because he has a striking argument in the form of the small ball. With this device, he can always initiate the Reduction and turn Ramoz back into an animal.

A cone ship sent by Kaowen reaches the fleet and radiates waves of panic, but is destroyed by the MIKRU-JON. Nevertheless, Kaowen is now informed about the existence of the fleet. Perry Rhodan tries in vain to prevent another use of the World Scourge. Kaowen also arrives at the scene. The World Scourge does not interest him, for it has become meaningless to him. He attacks the MIKRU-JON. Rhodan just manages to escape. Without consulting Rhodan, Gucky teleports with Mondra Diamond into Kaowen’s RADONJU. The two want to try to sabotage the ship as Kaowen prepares to finally crush the Desperate Resistance...

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2677 - Rhodans Entscheidung
Rhodan’s Decision
Christian Montillon

Kaowen’s fifty thousand unit strong fleet is on its way to the assembly point of the Desperate Resistance. Mondra Diamond and Pucky try to sabotage the RADONJU and kill Kaowen but only put themselves at risk and are being hunted. They could have saved themselves the trouble, because Ramoz secretly pursues a reckless master plan. When the Xylthes reach the collection point, the Soul of the Fleet directs the unmanned, not fully operational starships in the middle of the enemy fleet as gigantic bombs. Thirty thousand Xylthen ships are wiped out, while the rest flee. The fact that some spaceships of the Resistance are destroyed, is considered by Ramoz as acceptable collateral damage. Triumph is somewhat denied him though, as Högborn Trumeri once again checks in and threatens Ramoz with the Reduction. For Ramoz it is clear: The Oracca must die.

Perry Rhodan has also made a decision. He wants to leave Chanda and follow QIN SHI into the anomaly. But before that, Mondra and Gucky have to be rescued. Ennerhahl is no help, as he goes immediately to the anomaly. Nemo Partijan succeeds in determining the next targets of the World Scourge. One of them is the Obliga system, an important Xylthe breeding world. Rhodan goes there with the MIKRU-JON. The RADONJU is already on site. Kaowen realizes that there is only one way to get rid of the annoying intruders. He directs the self-destruction of his flagship and gets ready to leave it with a sloop. For this purpose, however, he must emerge from the headquarters secured by an anti-Psi shield. Pucky is able to locate him. He teleports with Mondra into the sloop as it is leaving its home ship. Mondra shoots the Xylthe without hesitation, and shortly thereafter the RADONJU explodes.

In the meantime, Ramoz has hacked the MIKRU-JON’s systems and found out the location of the ORA equipped with Pucky's transmitter. Ramoz immediately flies to the hiding place of Trumeri's ship and destroys it, along with Trumeri. Thus, he is finally his own master, and with the starship fleet he has the greatest power in Chanda in his hands. With his help, Rhodan can drive out the World Scourge from the Obliga system. Pucky and Mondra return to the MIKRU-JON. Together with the starship fleet they now go to the anomaly where Ennerhahl waits. The World Scourge apparently also intends to dive into the anomaly. The MIKRU-JON is picked up by the light cell that attaches itself to the BASE sphere. While Ramoz’ starships keep the Xylthes assembled at the anomaly in check, all three ships fly into the anomaly. Somehow, QIN SHI seems to have merged with the anomaly. Rhodan and his companions are suddenly subject to a foreign influence…

Ramoz plans to seize power in Chanda. He awakens Kaowen's comatose original body, because he may need the help of the former Protector to get the galaxy under complete control.

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2678 - Das Windspiel der Oraccameo
The Wind chimes of the Oraccameo
Michael Marcus Thurner

In the distant past: The Oraccameo dominate half of the galaxy Chalkada. They wage a merciless war of extermination against the Kuippri who, with their explosive propagation, depopulate entire planets unless the Oraccameo intervene and pre-emptively destroy the worlds attacked by Kuippri larvae. The Kuippri have not developed space travel but is supported by a robot civilization whose only known goal is to destroy all life. War Minister Wörgut Gooswart keeps a consultant named Maran Dana Fogga, the last of its kind, who was once taken by Gooswart as a foundling and has received an artistic education. He entertains his master and serves as a counselor. In truth, he pursues a secret life plan and uses Gooswart and other high-level Orccameos as pawns.

Tion Youlder, the Supreme Lord of the Oraccameo, invites Gooswart and his rival, Ethics Minister Cofirazi Marturia, to witness the execution of three high ranking traitors. A new technique is used for the execution, which sucks the life energy from them, to theoretically save their consciousnesses in a small aggregate and fuse them together. Youlder informs his two guests that he wants to develop the "disembodiment" machine and someday use it to gain immortality for himself and their people. Gooswart, who plans to eliminate Yooulder to place himself at the top of the Oraccameos, sends Fogga to Youlder as a spy. Youlder sees through Gooswart’s intentions, so that a delicate balance arises. Youlder is protected by his Falcide canines and security technology, while Gooswart is safe as long as he has success in the fight against the Kuippri.

The experiments with the so-called World Scourge are initially not going well. Cofirazi uses this for a propaganda campaign against Youlder. On Fogga's advice, Gooswart takes the side of the topmost Oraccameo and eliminates Cofirazi. Gooswart and Fogga become more involved in the evolution of the World Scourge. Fogga leads the next experiments. At the same time, without Gooswarts knowledge, the Cold Space becomes developed, in which the majority of the fleet that will no longer be needed after the expected victory over the Kuippri is to be stored. This would simultaneously weaken Gooswart’s position of power. Time is short, because Youlder is meantime old and has not got much longer to live. At least that's what Gooswart believes until one day Youlder drops his mask. Due to advances in medical technology, the head Oraccameo is in fact still relatively young.

An unexpected chance for Gooswart arises as his Youlder’s space flight worthy security vault and its escort are attacked by superior units of the Kuippri. Fogga, who has infected three of Youlder’s Falcids with nanobots and taken control of them now has them attack Youlder, who dies. Gooswart takes his place. Under his leadership, the Chalkada Zasa pilots are created, who achieve great successes against the Kuippri. Fogga invents the legend of QIN SHI to prepare the Oraccameos for the forced spiritualization. The aging Gooswart gradually becomes Fogga's puppet.

Finally the time has come: The perfected World Scourges collect the life energy of four different races, so that four mental beings emerge and the fleet is relocated to the Cold Space. Finally, the Oraccameos are spiritualized down to a few tens of thousands of individuals. QIN SHI is born. Just before Gooswart’s consciousness content rises into QIN SHI, Fogga confesses the truth to him. He is an agent of the robot civilization, which wants to overthrow its most dangerous opponent, the Oraccameo. Fogga has ensured that QIN SHI cannot unite as planned with the other four entities. He intends QIN SHI to drift helplessly, stultify and finally dissolve after millions of years…

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2679 - Der Herr der Gesichter
The Lord of the Faces
Marc A. Herren

Maran Dana Fogga made a mistake. He allowed QIN SHI to absorb his consciousness. Thus, the entity learns where its enemies are hiding, and can at least temporarily quench its insatiable hunger by killing Fogga's people - the Ememthians - and absorbing their life energy. QIN SHI depopulates other planets too, but is forced to periodically take long periods of sleep. In order not to have to search for suitable worlds again on awakening, it plans the use of the World Scourges and recruits auxiliary races that it always visits in the guise of their peers. The Xylthes become his most valuable henchmen. They promote the development of other intelligent races that are bred and then "harvested" by the World Scourges. Thus, Fogga’s plan finally fails. QIN SHI does not degenerate but continues to grow.

Although the cycle of eating and sleeping leads to QIN SHI becoming more and more powerful, its hunger does not decrease - on the contrary. In search of new food, the entity arrives at Anthuresta. QIN SHI depopulates a whole cluster of stars, but the absorbed energy is still not enough. Subsequently, QIN SHI annexes a world that turns out to be the SHIKAQIN biomechanical mainframe. With this, QIN SHI has found its "anchor". Wörgut Gooswart and most of the other spiritualized Oraccameos are fed into SHIKAQIN. The technicians responsible for the computer are androids. They are called Badakk, but are made into non-humanoid beings by genetic manipulation made by QIN SHI. This is to avoid conflicts with the Xylthes, to whom the Badakk were too physically similar.

Some time later, QIN SHI encounters the seemingly helpless entity Peregrin. The two talk. QIN SHI learns a lot about the construction of the Cosmos, the Moral Code and the Cosmocrats. When QIN SHI tries to absorb Peregrin, it realizes that it has been deceived. The foreign entity is far more powerful than QIN SHI and snatches the consciousness contents form it that it had eaten in Anthuresta because Anthuresta is one of Peregrin’s thickness concentrations. QIN SHI is extremely weakened and falls asleep from which it only awakens centuries later.

Through this experience, QIN SHI gains the realization that it is better to hide from other entities. Its auxiliary peoples are to create a safe retreat for it based on the model of the Cold Space. SIL is the first entity to be abused to stabilize such an anomaly. Later, only dead superintelligences are used for this purpose. At this time, QIN SHI encounters the galaxy Escalian. It realizes that the local superintelligence TANEDRAR emerged from those four entities with which it had wanted to unite shortly after its creation. This problem should be fixed, but the project requires careful preparation.

QIN SHI takes the Sayporans into its service, because it needs not only warriors and technicians, but also helpers whose strength is cunning and who know where to find more superintelligence corpses. Then QIN SHI encounters the designer Sholoubwa. QIN SHI deceives the creative robot in order to be able to use its BOTNETZ for its own purposes.

Thus ends QIN SHI’s life story. Perry Rhodan wonders why Peregrin/ES - has told QIN SHI so much about cosmic evolution. His thoughts are interrupted by QIN SHI's disappearance. QIN SHI has left the anomaly. Only the Multiversum Ocular prevents the anomaly from collapsing…

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2680 - Aufbruch der Unharmonischen
The Awakening of the Unharmonious
Arndt Ellmer

Carmydea Yukk was appointed by Chancellor Melwai Vedikk as a mediator between TANEDRAR and the underground organization Jyrescaboro. She is to initiate negotiations with the Unharmonious and flies for this purpose to the planet Jyrescabat, which is managed by Carmydia's deputy Merveres Draupadi on the guard world of the Unharmonious. The crew of the SHEYAR switch to the Harmoniously manned GARRAN. Because they still distrust Carmydea, they hypnotize her for interrogation. Responsible for this is Security Chief Galoben Keann, and the board psychologist Pronk Trazyn, who happens to be Carmydia's lover.

Pronk Trazyn is the youngest member of an old, noble family. In the distant past, Duke Jyresca Trazyn preserved the galaxy Escalian against invaders from the people of the Ahl. Only his warriors armed with Syrr weapons were immune to the Techno-wave, which paralyzed Ahl's electronic and Positronic computer systems. Since the Syrr lichens would not tolerate the splinters of the superintelligence TANEDRAR, Jyrescas son Mauren refused to connect his people to the Realm of Harmony, and his people became Unharmonious, had to leave their home planet and burn down the Syrr lichen forest so that it would not fall into the Harmonious’ hands. On Jyrescabat, they set up a new homeland, welcomed like-minded people, and decided to join the armed resistance after a massacre by Harmonious.

More and more inhabitants of the Kingdom of Harmony suffer from nightmares. Draupadi's Jyrescaboro subordinates attribute this to an imminent invasion. It is assumed that the enemy will come from the anomalies that have been appearing. Draupadi and his people also believe that Carmydea was brainwashed and was sent to lead TANEDRAR's henchmen to Jyrescabat. The planet is therefore evicted. The headquarters of the Jyrescaboro is relocated to another world. Carmydea and her companions are forced to move to the KROURE and undergo new interrogations. Draupadi announces that he wants to depose Carmydea.

Suddenly all crew members have visions of faces that resemble their own on the walls. Carmydea realizes that the Unharmonies are under alien influence. Responsibility for this is carried by Sholoubwa, who has supplied the resistance organization for a long time with devices that allow the Unharmonious to move undetected among the Harmonious. These devices now force the Unharmonious under a foreign will. Sholoubwa - or rather one of his robotic externalities - is still active, and the name of his true Lord, who is now the Lord of all Unharmonious, is QIN SHI. Carmydea knows she is being influenced, yet she will work for the enemy superintelligence from now on. She orders the immediate mobilization of the Unharmonious...

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2681 - Welt aus Hass
World of Hate
Leo Lukas

Alaska Saedelaere and Eroin Blitzer infiltrate the SCREW-B into the World ship and fly to the world Tolmar, on which Sholoubwa’s information indicated that Samburi Yura was to be located. The planet seems to be uninhabited. There are numerous fortresses, industrial plants and the like. Much is destroyed, as if battles had taken place. Minor energy developments are located. Sixteen technical objects float in orbit - Paradim accumulators, as it turns out later. Saedelaere goes to the planet's surface for reconnaissance purposes while Blitzer waits in the World ship.

They do not know that they have been watched since they arrived. The planet is the refuge of the entity Tafalla - defeated by Saedelaere – who gave the planet the name Elicon. Tafalla was split into many fragments that had to find each other again. This was what caused the destruction all around this world. The entity is even more mentally disrupted than before and full of hate for the Cosmocrats and all their servants like Samburi Yura. He now masters Sholoubwa's technical legacies in which he has manifested himself. When Saedelaere activates the energy supply of a building and enters the search term "Samburi Yura" in a computer system, Tafalla recalls the mask bearer and plans Alaska’s destruction. Tafalla contacts Saedelaere under a false name (he uses the name of the planet, Elicon) and tries to manipulate Alaska for his purposes.

Although Saedelaere suspects something very quickly, he still allows Tafalla - as the entity desires - to contact the Paradim accumulators, to strengthen himself and call Samburi Yura in Alaska's name. She appears from a time well. Saedelaere's joy is short-lived, because the woman he has been looking for so long is dismissive towards him and not pleased with the reunion. However, the two must work together to defeat Tafalla. They are put into a kind of parareality, in which Tafalla attacks them. However, the entity has made a mistake, because this place is his core, and here Samburi Yura can effectively attack Tafalla. She removes the Cappin fragment from Saedelaere’s face and flings it at the entity. The energies of the fragment and the parareality work together to create a dimensional prison where Tafalla should now be trapped by Samburi Yura's will forever.

Samburi Yura prepares to leave and gives Saedelaere the opportunity to join her. Disillusioned with the knowledge that he was only being used by her, he refuses; this is not the woman he was once fascinated by. In addition, the Terran can feel Tafalla’s torment. After Samburi Yura disappears through a Paradim-window, Alaska uses the still existing connection to the Cappin Fragment to release Tafalla from his agony. The entity collapses and dies. The Cappin fragment returns to Saedelaeres face. Alaska returns to the World ship...

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2682 - Schlacht an der Anomalie
Battle of the Anomaly
Michael Marcus Thurner

Alaska Saedelaere receives a call from TANEDRAR. The superintelligence is directly threatened. The mask bearer is to come to the scene of the battle in the Redondo system. He sets off on the way immediately with the World ship. The damaged SHEYAR remains behind to be repaired.

Guard Lieutenant Pridon is a prisoner of the Unharmonious influenced by QIN SHI in the KROURE. Carmydea Yukk has completely changed and knows only one goal: to serve QIN SHI. She threatens Pridon with torture to wrest strategic information from him, but he remains steadfast. Carmydea plays a cruel game with him, allowing him to flee with a rescue pod. She then shuts down the power supply of the capsule by remote control so that Pridon must suffocate.

The BASIS spherical cells and some Terran ships are in anomaly. Raphael announces that the anomaly will soon collapse. That would be the end of the small spaceship association. The Terrans do not mean anything to Raphael, but when Perry Rhodan points out that even the Suit of the Universes is at risk, Raphael agrees to protect the ships with the Multiversum Ocular. Little by little the invasion fleet and the World Scourge leave the anomaly. Last of all, QIN SHI leaves.

Meanwhile, QIN SHI could not have chosen a better time to invade Escalian because the Rite of Departure is approaching. Every Escalianer equipped with a splinter of TANEDRAR suffers from the separation of the super-intelligence. Their ability to act is limited by grief and suffering. Craton Yukk, commander of the Escalian fleet, is among those affected. It even comes to incidents with the deployment of his fleet by the anomaly in the offshore cluster Caunard. The anomaly swells and engulfs some ships. Hostile cone spaceships and huge crystals, from which the Dosanthi generated panic radiation emanates, come from the anomaly. Craton's fleet suffers heavy losses. As it looks as if the page can be turned again in favor of the Escalianers, TAFALLA’s departure ruins everything. The spaceship crews collapse completely. With his last strength Craton can prevail against the Positronic of his flagship, which has seized the naval command and wants to fight until complete annihilation against the invaders. Craton orders the retreat, as thousands of Escalian cylinder ships suddenly appear - unexpected reinforcement?

Craton's joy at the alleged reinforcement turns into horror as the ships attack. These are manned by the Unharmonious manipulated by QIN SHI. Then QIN SHI emerges from the anomaly which then shrinks. Craton loses consciousness…

Jerry Schneiderman 2019-01-20

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2683 - Galaxis im Chaos
Galaxy in Chaos
Uwe Anton

The Multiversum Ocular, Ennerhahl's light cell, the MIKRU-JON and the remaining sloops from the BASIS leave the anomaly. At about the same time, the World Ship reaches the Redondo system. The battle between the Realm of Harmony and of the Unharmonious supported superintelligence QIN SHI is decided. Craton Yukk’s decimated fleet flees. QIN SHI incorporates the entity SIL. Perry Rhodan and his people end up between the fronts, because protecting the Multiversum Ocular has top priority for Raphael; the spherical cells leave with an emergency transition, without waiting for the other ships not yet ready to fly. After overcoming the discomfort caused to him by the Rite of Departure, Alaska Saedelaere rushes to help the Terran units. The World Ship filled with Cosmoratic technology holds the opposing battle spaceships in check so long until the Terrans and the light cell have enough speed for the change to superluminal flight.

At the agreed rendezvous point Perry Rhodan and Alaska Saedelaere exchange information. QIN SHI still does not have complete control over the galaxy Escalian, because in the decentralized administrative structure of the empire there is no major governance world that could be conquered by the superintelligence. It is believed that Chancellor Melwai Vedikk will be the next target of QIN SHI. To protect him, the Terrans need the help of Craton Yukk. The Fleet Commander is contacted, but first he has to overcome the shock of defeat and distrust of strangers who are not equipped with a splinter of TANEDRAR. In the meantime, it becomes clear that QIN SHI’s troops are in the sub- galaxy Dranat. The World Scourge depopulates one planet at a time, and the enemy superintelligence is obviously heading for Sholoubwa's control world.

Xylthen landing troops have already boarded the Chancellor’s flying palace. Ennerhahl destroys more than half of a small fleet that besieges Melwai Vedikk's station. The rest flee. Although Perry Rhodan is not enthusiastic about Ennerhahl's uncompromising approach, success proves him right: Melwai Vedikk is saved and brought to Craton Yukk. He is currently not able to act and must recover in the infirmary. Ennerhahl flies away with the light cell because his main task is to find Delorian Rhodan. Perry Rhodan's goal is to search for QIN SHI, even though he knows that he can do nothing against the superintelligence.

On January 9, 1470 NGE, the World Ship (the MIKRU-JON and the SCREW-B stand in its hangar) flies to Control World I. On the way the Suit of the Universes, dissatisfied with its present bearer, announces that "she" is in the immediate vicinity, but cannot tell who this female is. Meanwhile, the control planet is cordoned off by twelve thousand cone ships. All QIN SHI’s crystal spheres are orbiting the plant. They are connected by energy threads with Sholoubwa's tower. QIN SHI appears and starts to mentally subjugate them. Eroin Blitzer, however, who is immune to the influence brings the World Ship into hyperspace at the last second.

Jerry Schneiderman 2019-01-25

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2684 - Ein Pfand für die Spenta
A Pledge for the Spenta
Marc A. Herren

Chourtaird is ready to speak with the Spentas for the Terrans. The Sun Cottagers should remove the Fimbul crust and re-ignite Sol, and in return they can remove ARCHETIM’s corpse in peace. Reginald Bull, Shanda Sarmotte and the Sayporan fly into the Lichtwirt system with the 800-meter battleship LAERTES, which they reach on December 14, 1469 NGE. Colonel Prester Jellicoe, also known as the "Giraffe" because of his height of 2.20 meters, is the commander of the APOLLO class spacecraft. He accompanies Bull, Sarmotte and Chourtaird personally to the Plasma City made of Ephemeral matter, which the Spenta have built inside the sun they inhabit to make contact with other living things. People are greeted there by the maid Isgrud and squire Algamad.

At the same time, Paichander, Dean of the Academy of Logistics, is preparing for the transfer of Terra and Luna to the World Wreath system. Terra is to be positioned by Spheromorph machines and a gigantic transit parquet for the time being between Paladon and Jädvanas , the 12th and 13th planets of the system. Later Terra will be moved to take the path of the third planet. QIN SHI is supposed to depopulate the rest of the solar planets, so the people of Terra believe they 've gotten the better part of the deal. They should be content to live in the security of the World Wreath system.

Inspector Paitäcc is to perform this mission. He is in his flagship KOKOLLUN in the methane ocean of Neptune, waiting for the signal to strike. This signal is given by a small fleet of star galleons and cone space that bombard the sextadim screen and thereby generate a certain energy resonance. Paitäcc awakens from stasis conservation and convinces himself of the readiness of his force. 40,000 cone ships, each with 2000 Dosanthi under the supreme command of Chular Sairett, are hiding on Neptune. Humanity would be powerless against the panic radiation generated by them. Paitäcc only has to make sure that the permanent excitation on board the ships poses no threat to their own people.

In the Lichtwirt system, Bull and his companions make contact with the Spenta via the Great Language Grid. The energy beings are not very friendly. They suspect that the Terrans will contaminate their sun after the removal of ARCHETIM's corpse with those of other super-intelligences. Bull is prepared for this objection. He lets the Spenta read his mind and shares a memory with them that actually came from Perry Rhodan and that he had "implanted" in himself via hypnosis. It's about the first deployment of Hyperinmestrons on July 9, 2405 AD. At that time, the Andromeda sun transmitter and numerous other stars were destroyed by an anti-sun. Bull hints that the Terrans could do the same with the Lichtwirt system. The Spenta give in to his proposal. Bull, however, has to leave behind a pledge: a Terran. The choice falls on Prester Jellicoe, whose brain was irreparably damaged by mental contact with the Spenta. Bull realizes that Chourtaird took the man along on the visit for that very reason. Just before leaving, Bull learns from Isgrud that ARCHETIM is being removed from Sol at this moment.

ARCHETIM’s extraction creates an emotional tidal wave that infuses all inhabitants of the Sol system with enormous pain. This is the moment that Paitäcc has been waiting for.

Jerry Schneiderman 2019-01-31

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2685 - Der ARCHETIM-Schock
Hubert Haensel

The ARCHETIM shock - the flooding of the Sol system with a wave of agonizing emotions due to the removal of the superintelligence’s corpse - is Paitäcc’s signal to attack. His primary objective is the destruction of the crystal balls that sustain the Sextadim veil. Tens of thousands of cone spaceships attack the few totally surprised Terrans, for vessels have approached Sol to observe ARCHETIM’s evacuation. The Terran ships are destroyed. Only Callis Varro, Commander of the heavy cruiser BAMAKO, escapes with a rescue pod that descends to Neptune's moon Triton.

Millions of Dosanthi transmit their panic impulses to the inhabitants of the Sol system and thereby stifle any resistance in the bud. Landing troops attack the inhabited outer planets and moons. On Triton, genetic designer Rya Pascoe flies an old Shift and finds Varro's escape pod. He brings the injured man to safety.

On his return to the Sol system, Reginald Bull finds chaotic conditions. An effective defense is unthinkable. Anicee Ybarri, spokeswoman for the Umbrian Council, orders Paitäcc to stop all fighting. The Sayporan obeys her. His ships even deactivate their energy screens. Negotiations are initiated on December 17, 1469 NGE.

The Spenta fulfill their part of the pact with Reginald Bull. The fimbul crust begins to be dissolved. Sol will be re-ignited. Rya Pascoe and Callis Varro decide to watch the first sunrise in months from Triton.

Reginald Bull sends ships following the Spenta. Further contingents will be sent to the bridge world. Delorian Rhodan and his Starworthy will take over the liberation of the World Wreath system from the rule of the Academy of Logistics….

Jerry Schneiderman 2019-02-06

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2686 - Angriff der Nanokrieger
Attack of the Nanowarriors
Leo Lukas

Three large Terran fleets will be sent to the World Wreath system, to the bridge world, and to the Ephemeral Gate, as these locations will determine the fate of the anomaly and thus of the Sol system. It comes to a stalemate, because the power center of the Sayporaners and the Ephemeral Gate are backed by far superior fleets of cone ships and star galleons. The planet Faland, on which the dead brain is located, cannot be approached directly because of the disturbing radiation prevailing there. Toufec and his Alliance of the Starworthy have been ordered to depose or kill Paichander to liberate the Sayporans from the rule of the Academy of Logistics. From tracking the TOLBA and records that Pazuzu made while working on Druh, Delorian Rhodan concludes that the Academy of Logistics has been relocated to the plantation world Pareezad. This planet of the World Wreath system serves the Sayporans as a "store" for body parts that they can incorporate – people from many races live there, who are mentally influenced and exploited in the truest sense of the word.

The seven thousand, five hundred and one Sol Mobile Mission Fleet arrive in the Banteira system and make a fake attack on the forces commanded by Paigaross, the Salvage Academy Inspector, to distract them and allow six six-member Starworthy teams to land unnoticed on Pareezad. Toufec's team meets Ynirt, a Gyvie spider being, who is being forced to sacrifice himself to the god Antuu because of the birth of his second child. Suddenly Toufec's companions succumb to the same hypnosuggestive influence that dominates Ynirt. Only Toufec is protected due to his particularly intimate bond with his nanogents. Two of his men kill each other and other team members (including Clara Esleve) are seriously injured by their own nanogents. Toufec barely manages to get them to safety but returns immediately to the mission so that the mission does not fail, because the other teams have also had to flee.

Toufec releases Ynirt from the suggestive commands and disguises himself as a Gyvie. Together, they reach the Pinnacle of Transfiguration, one of many black pyramids with spiral antennas at their tops, from which the suggestive impulses emanate. This pyramid is something special. A Nano-falcon posted by Toufec has discovered that in a shaft in the middle of the pyramid there is a cylindrical object that has apparently been there for only a few days. Toufec does not doubt that it is the Academy of Logistics.

On December 19, 1469 NGE Reginald Bull receives a message from Commodore Jomo Wangare, who commands the fleet dispatched to the Ephemeral Gate. There, an additional twenty thousand star galleons have appeared, flying at low speed towards the gate.

Jerry Schneiderman 2019-02-12

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2687 - Alles gerettet auf ewig
Everything Is Saved Forever
Wim Vandemaan

Ynirt and the Toufec, disguised as a Gyvie, are led into the Pinnacle of Transfiguration by Steward Schtaoros, a cube-shaped artificial being. An Antuu - a kind of fire serpent, beings that are considered gods by the inhabitants of Pareezad - appears and lunges at Toufec, who kills the Antuu and Shtaoros with a Nanogent sword. The two intruders can continue on their way but are attacked by Fagesys. Ynirt is badly wounded. Toufec has to leave the spider like being behind in a medical center. Toufec encounters two seemingly senile Sayporans and kills one of them because he thinks he is Paichander. The Sayporan is actually named Dhaeconost and is a seal researcher. He seems to know something about the seal that held ARCHETIM's psi-corpse in Sol. But Toufec receives no useful information from the dying being.

Although Toufec keeps on advancing, his task overtaxes his mind, and doubt about Delorian Rhodan’s righteousness awakens in him. Asked for his loyalty, Pazuzu says he'll serve Toufec, if forced to choose. Finally, Toufec gives up on the assassination mission and now just wants to try to disable the pyramid. For this purpose, he destroys the antennas standing on the top of the building. After a fight against the Antuus, he still meets Paichander. At last, Toufec realizes why he has no more obstacles in his way: Paichander intends to incorporate Toufec into his body. Pazuzu is temporarily paralyzed. Only with the help of some Antuus who Toufec has lured there and with the support of an unknown person, does Toufec end up killing Paichander, after all.

This breaks the power of the Pai. The Chour return and pick up the reins. Chourtaird and Choursterc, the new consuls of the World Wreath system, declare that the alliance with QIN SHI is over in the name of the New Sayporan Constitution. From Anicee Ybarri Reginald Bell has previously learned that Paitäcc, where appropriate, "will be on the side of the Chours". Toufec takes his leave from the Alliance of the Starworthy. He wants to return to the city of Aures. Delorian Rhodan releases him.

On December 22, 1469 NGE Delorian Rhodan gives a speech to the inhabitants of the Sol system with Reginald Bull's permission. Through a mental projection he shows them which future he has to offer them. Those who follow him will start a new life as a spiritualized being in the Neuroversum, safe from the access of superintelligences, Cosmocrats and Chaotarchs, embedded in a collective of consciousnesses and in another reality that enables the realization of all one’s dreams. Bull experiences a sample of this dream world, in which everything that their inhabitants desire is possible. There, the dead are not dead, not even Bull’s father fallen in World War II on Omaha Beach, whose grave he has never visited.

Bull and most of the other humans and extraterrestrials in the Sol system reject Delorian’s offer. More than thirty-five million people (0.31% of the total population) accept it. Together with the Reformatted teenagers, they are transported to the World Wreath system. There they find huge halls with millions of suspension beds. The emigrants are supposed to be put into hyperspace here. Their ÜBSEF constants will be hidden there to be safe from the soul-eater QIN SHI. Bull assumes that the suspension technique will also be used for the planned spiritualization. Bull receives detailed information about this technique from Chourtaird. Meanwhile, the Resident suspects that it will soon come to a final battle against QIN SHI…

Jerry Schneiderman 2019-02-19

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2688 - Die zweite Wirklichkeit
The Second Reality
Arndt Ellmer

After barely escaping QIN SHI (who is about to depopulate an entire area of Dranat ), Perry Rhodan and his friends fly with the World Ship to the planet Pean. Alaska Saedelaere and Eroin Blitzer behave strangely on the way there, as if they were subject to a foreign influence, which they themselves do not notice. Rhodan, Saedelaere, Gucky and Nemo Partijan land on the planet. Their search for the Peaners (who are Suggestors) is difficult, because they do not want to be found and lead the intruders astray with mirages. Only Saedelaere is welcome, as they had previously healed him. The Peaners bring him to them and seem to lead him into a cave. There the Terran sees large amounts of Howalgonium. Apparently there are huge hypercrystal deposits in the mountain where the cave is located.

The Peaner call themselves the "godparents" of TANEDRAR. They report how the four forcibly-spiritualized entities once came to Pean from Chanda and hid there from QIN SHI with the help of the Peaners. In a protracted process, the suggestive powers of the Peaners enabled them to stabilize and unite. The Peaners also proposed the ritual of Arrival and Departure. Pean became TANEDRAR’s anchor. QIN SHI arrived a little later and wanted to take possession of both the Howalgonium and the Peaners, but was repelled by them.

That, the Peaners make clear, would not be possible for them today. Saedelaere realizes that TANEDRAR is hiding on Pean again. The Peaners intend to reconcile the two enemy superintelligences. Saedelaere and his friends volunteer to help act as intermediaries. The mask bearer brings his friends to the cave. Partijan has back pain again and collapses in the cave. QIN SHI is approaching...

Jerry Schneiderman 2019-02-28

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2689 - Kristall-Labyrinth
Crystal Labyrinth
Christian Montillon

QIN SHI is getting ready to attack TANEDRAR and all the Escalians connected to the superintelligence by an Escaran. This sumptuous meal will be better than anything QIN SHI has ever eaten. If QIN SHI absorbs the entire mental energy of TANEDRAR and the contents of the minds of billions of intelligence beings, it could create something unprecedented that goes beyond the known cosmic evolution.

In the Howalgonium mine Perry Rhodan, Pucky, Alaska Saedelaere and Nemo Partijan remain unnoticed. However, they suffer from the side effects of the hypercrystals. Partijan even seems to be dying from the hyper-radiation. All four are connected to each other and to TANEDRAR through hyper-energetic strands. Rhodan and Gucky have visions of current events in Escalian, in which reality and delusions mingled in a bizarre manner. The Terran leads a hopeless fight at the side of Craton Yukk against the invaders as a replacement for the missing Chancellor Orsen Tafalla. The mousebeaver finds himself in a zoo on Pean. Later, he witnesses King Noser Netbura trying to convince the Xylthians to turn sides but fails and sacrifices himself instead.

Having failed to get QUIN SHI to give up her attack, Rhodan and Pucky wake up. Gucky believes that two parts of the quadruple entity TANEDRAR now no longer exist.

Jerry Schneiderman 2019-03-06

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2690 - Der fünfte Akt
The Fifth Act
Marc A. Herren

Alaska Saedelaere and Nemo Partijan are still linked to each other and to TANEDRAR through hyper-energetic strands. They experience the defensive struggle of the Empire of Harmony against QIN SHI’s invasion force, where reality and visions mingle.

Partijan meets Gommrich Dranat. The Court Jester from the Admonishing Drama personally intervenes in the space battles, but only accomplishes pinpricks against the opponent, which are bought with high losses on the Harmony side. Ultimately, the fleet of the Empire of Harmony is destroyed by a minefield laid by the Jester himself. DRANAT is devoured by QIN SHI.

Saedelaere tries to convince Princess Arden Drabbuh that the war cannot be won by battleships. She should follow the plan of the Peaners and unite with QIN SHI. On a mentally created red plain, the Princess negotiates with an avatar of the hostile superintelligence and offers him a pact. QIN SHI is completely unimpressed and begins to gnaw on the body of the Princess. She flees into a kind of fog bank, which QIN SHI is for some reason afraid to chase after her in. The red plain dissolves. The mask bearer falls into a sun through the void left behind.

Perry Rhodan and Gucky, who have already left the mental construct, assume that TANEDRAR has been defeated. The next target of QIN SHI will be the Peaners and them. Gucky asks Rhodan what they can do about it…

Jerry Schneiderman 2019-03-12

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2691 - Der Howanetzmann
The Howanet Man
Hubert Haensel

The destruction of Pean is imminent. Perry Rhodan, Gucky and Alaska Saedelaere flee from the Howalgonium cave. They take the unconscious Nemo Partijan with them. The Peaners give their guests protection for enough time that they can escape the downfall of the world with the SCREW-B. The cell activator bearers have to spend a few days in medo-tanks due to massive radiation poisoning. Whether Nemo Partijan will ever recover again is questionable, given the deadly hyper-radiation dose. When Rhodan awakens rom healing on January 15, 1470 NGE and finds Partijan's tank empty, he thinks the Stardust Terran has died. In truth, Partijan is alive and well and is already in the headquarters of the World Ship.

Rhodan is fed up with Partijan's secrecy and gets the truth out of him. Partijan informs them: At the age of five he was traveling with his parents in their prospector ship in the area of the sun of the Stardust system. The ship was attacked by a Howanet. It teleported into the headquarters, wraps itself around the boy, and excretes some hypercrystal shards. When the Howanet teleport away, the splinters combine at the molecular level with Partijan’s spinal cord and remain there. Not only does he periodically have back pain due to these splinters, he also gains a special affinity for hypercrystals and the ability to perceive hyperspace as a kind of landscape. On Pean, the splinters absorbed the deadly energies and rendered it harmless.

Like Alaska Saedelaere and Eroin Blitzer, Partijan was now recognized and hypno-schooled by the World Ship. He discovers a hitherto unknown legacy of Sholoubwa: A camouflage system that works in a similar way to an Antitemporal Time Field. This can shift the World Ship in time, so that it is hidden in an unstable zone and cannot be detected even by QIN SHI. Camouflaged so, the World Ship flies Sholoubwa's Control World I, because QIN SHI seems to be preparing something important there. On the 16th of January the BOTNETZ appears there. A dimensional tunnel is formed. Rhodan and Mondra Diamond assume that it will create a connection to the Sol system.

The Commander of the LUMINOSITY is watching these events from Tolmar. The hypercrystal planet is heated up until it breaks. A transfer to Control World I takes place. The cobalt blue cylinder goes there and is thus exactly where the Cosmocrats originally wanted it...

Jerry Schneiderman 2019-03-19

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2692 - Winters Ende

Leo Lukas

More than thirty-five million people will be transported to the World Wreath system in early January 1470 NGE to enter the paradise promised by Delorian Rhodan. Families and friends are being torn apart, because not everyone wants to give up their physical existence and live in an unreal illusory world, however perfectly this may be designed according to the wishes of its inhabitants. The family Estmon-Winter experiences such a family drama. The Terra-Nostalgic Yugen does not trust Delorian and will soon be separated forever from his wife Rabienne, who is ready leave him and their eight year old daughter Aria to stay on Saypor to be reunited with their older Reformatted daughter Irmayi .

Yugen and Aria go with Rabienne to Saypor, hoping to change his wife’s and Irmayi’s minds. From the Imarter Letriffa Hampton, who invites him to the meeting of a support group of other Terra-Nostalgics on Saypor, he receives a thermal emitter, which he uses to try to force Irmayi to return to Terra. The desperate action catastrophically goes awry as another Reformatted tries to wrest the gun from Yugen. A shot goes off. Rabienne and Aria are critically injured by falling debris. There is only one possibility for rescue: The two must be immediately spiritualized on a suspension couch. Yugen ends up staying on Saypor. Not to lose his entire family, he will accept Delorian's offer.

Meanwhile, the reignition of Sol is being prepared. As promised, the sun will shine again on Terrania City around noon on January 11th, but at the same time the alarm is raised. Professor Ruaidhri Brszescek, the Swoon Head of Hyper-sensors at the Waringer Academy, informs Reginald Bell that the interior of the anomaly is stable now, but its outer edges show signs of disintegration. Then, at a certain point a tunnel opens to the standard universe. Bull goes personally there with the LEIF ERIKSSON IV and a mission fleet of one hundred LFT-BOXES. In the middle of the ten million kilometer wide perforation, the TOLBA appears. Delorian announces that QIN SHI will soon attack, but that Sol system is sufficiently protected by the Sextadim veil modified by him. He leaves the anomaly, saying that he has work elsewhere to take care of.

Reginald Bull does not doubt that Delorian has used this tunnel many times before to switch to the standard universe and that QIN SHI does not know about the existence of the opening. Bull's fleet flies into the tunnel, but pulls back soon, because on the other side QIN SHI has a combat fleet consisting of thousands of ships waiting. Over leftover probes, it is observed on January 13 that QIN SHI is producing his own entrance to the miniature universe. Prof. Brszescek expresses the fear that the anomaly might collapse as a result of the hyperphysical chaos associated with it ...

Jerry Schneiderman 2019-03-25

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2693 - Meuterei auf der BASIS

Susan Schwartz

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2694 - Todeslabyrinth

Susan Schwartz

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2695 - Totenhirn

Michael Marcus Thurner

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2696 - Delorian

Hubert Haensel

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2697 - Der Anzug der Universen

Arndt Ellmer

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2698 - Die Nekrophore

Uwe Anton

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2699 - Das Neuroversum

Uwe Anton

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