2500 - Projekt Saturn
Project Saturn
Frank Borsch

More than one hundred years have passed since the end of Negasphere of Hangay and the withdrawal of the Terminal Column TRAITOR from the galaxies of the local group. The peoples of the Milky Way have dedicated this time of peace especially to research Now they face a new danger, and the superintelligence ES sends his servant Homunk to Perry Rhodan to warn him about it.

Project Saturn

On the 3rd of January, 1463 NGE (in 5050 A.D.) Perry Rhodan initiates his still not ageing companion Mondra Diamond into the top secret Project Saturn. About sixty years ago Explorers discovered an abandoned transport court of the Halftrack-Changeures in the orbit of the sun Lashu-12a, situated in the galactic Northside and towed it to the Sol system. Since then the scientists of the LFT have devoted themselves of the investigation of this square, two thousand five hundred meter wide space station which is called the Poly-port court GALILEO. In a recess in the middle of the transport court four blue shining transfer chimneys are recognizable. The research team is led by the as brilliant as he eccentric hyperphysicist Milton DeBeer. Two Laosoors Vanqueron and Isuzu (a short distance-Telekinet and a short distance-Teleporter) support the team. One hopes, the the transport court can serve the Terrans one day as a gateway to other galaxies - intergalactic space travel is not quite impossible since the rise of the hyperimpedance, but still connected with long travel times. Because the technology of the Halftrack-Changeures is mostly incomprehensible for the Terrans, up to now they have not succeeded in reactivating the inactive transport court. From the holographic projection of a Halftrack-Changeure it is only to be found out that the Anthurianers who disappeared long ago created the transport courts, and that the Polyport-net formed by the numerous courts should be used only for peaceful purposes.

However, now the transport court seems to have begun to reactivate itself for unknown reasons. First the radio communication systems come back up. Many incomprehensible radio messages are caught, but some are recognized to be in the language of the Mightys. They tell of a war: The Frequency Monarchy is conquering one transport court after the other. Mondra Diamond suggests blowing up the GALILEO, before the Sol system also ends up in danger, but Perry Rhodan does not consider this, if only for the fact that another radio message comes with which the court NEO-OLYMP from the Stardust system announces itself. Its commander Stuart Lexa states that an attack of the Frequency Monarchy is directly approaching, and calls for help on behalf of Administrator Whistler. Because the GALILEO shows the only known possibility to reach the Stardust system, the station may on no account be lost. Suddenly a full alarm is given.

Attack of the Frequency Monarchy

After the conquest of the Distribution depot ITHAFOR, a 8.5-km-long and approximately 4 km wide space station in which eight Polyport- courts are flanged, the Frequency Follower Sinnafoch, a high-ranking envoy of the Frequency Monarchy, learns of the existence of the lost court KIIRFALK. He sends a Regiment of his Darturka soldiers over the Polyport- net there and personally follows them with his battle orderly Skulptis. The Darturkas (three-meter tall, beefy beings with relatively small moray like heads, cloned on a huge scale and blindly loyal to their commanders) bump into unexpectedly violent opposition: Humanoid beings and battle robots defend the KIIRFALK and quickly decimate the Darturkas. Sinnafoch learns who his enemy is: These are Terrans, and the name of their leader is Perry Rhodan. KIIRFALK is the court GALILEO hidden in Saturn orbit.

Perry Rhodan and Mondra Diamond find htemselvesin violent battles after the astonishing attack of the Darturkas. Because Milton DeBeer succeeds by sabotage in bringing the transfer chimneys to shut down, the opponents receive no reinforcements and can be taken out. Mondra and the two Laosoors capture Sinnafoch and Skulptis. Gucky and Icho Tolot interrogate the two, but accomplish nothing, because Sinnafoch and Skulptis are also para-numb like the Darturkas, i.e. Telepaths cannot read their thoughts. In addition, Sinnafoch, a thin humanoid with black skin, carries a so-called inductive cell in his brain, a sort of technical extra sense, which advises him. Moreover, as a Para-skulker Sinnafoch is immune against any kind of Para-gift (e.g. a Telekinet cannot hold onto him) and can make himself invisible - but the Terrans still anticipate nothing of this. Nevertheless, they operate on him to extricate the inductive cell out, which turns out to be a great humiliation for Sinnafoch, as does the loss of his hair plait, grown over many years as a splendid status symbol. This Pigasoshaar was burnt during the battles. The Terrans learn hardly anything else from the haughty Frequency Follower, than that he is descended from the people of the Vatrox, and that he regards the Frequency Monarchy as far more mighty than the LFT.

Counterattack of the Terrans

Shortly after the end of the battles Perry Rhodan receives a visit from Homunk. The android reports that Lotho Keraete is dead and ES has lost control of the situation in the star cluster Far Away. That's why ES once again cannot help the Terrans in the Sol system. Perry Rhodan should protect the Polyport-net at all costs, because it may not be allowed to fall into the wrong hands.

Perry Rhodan personally takes over command of about one hundred Terran specialists and also many TARA battle robots, which is supported by some Ertrusers, the two Laosoors, Mondra Diamond, Gucky and Icho Tolot. The group uses the transport lenses left behind by the Darturka to penetrate to the counterstation of the Polyport-court. The Terrans thereby reach the ITHAFOR. The second attack wave led by Reginald Bull arrives after a little while. They find out that the gigantic station is near the center of the unsettled star cluster M-68 with the proper name Dhogar. This cluster is approximately thirty-eight thousand four hundred eighty light years from the Sol system and lies twenty-three thousand light years above the galactic main level of the Southside. Perry Rhodan sends for a cruiser association for support. After violent battles the Terrans are able to establish a bridgehead and conquer other areas of ITHAFOR bit by bit. Perry Rhodan sends for Sinnafoch and Skulptis to be sent to ITHAFOR, because he hopes to be able to move the Frequency Follower to talk by a demonstration of Terran power. However, this turns out to be a failure.

The Terrans suffer heavy losses, because the Darturkas are warriors who show no consideration for themselves. Many of them rush in kamikaze actions with activated protective screens at the hostile battle groups. In the chaos of the battles Sinnafoch and Skulptis are able to escape their cells. They meet Mondra and the Laosoors. While Sinnafoch makes himself invisible and flees, Skulptis attacks. He kills Vanqueron and comes to his own end when a ray weapon is triggered in the brawl with Isuzu, so that both burn to death. Sinnafoch bumps into some Darturkas, which escort him up to the transfer chimneys. On the way he views the data, which the Polyport court remote control device has collected up to now about the Sol system. When he finds out that the system is a ‘location of the first class’, he thinks to be able to transform his defeat into a triumph. Such locations are extremely important for the Frequency Monarchy - in other words: The Sol system must be conquered. The Monarchy has been looking for some time for the PARALOX Arsenal, a lost ultimate weapon with which all galaxies that hold Polyport courts could be controlled. Every single lost court could contain a clue to the PARALOX Arsenal. Sinnafoch retreats to a neighboring galaxy using the transfer chimney and intends to return with a fleet consisting of invincible DC-battle light ships. His now has a very special hatred that is directed towards Perry Rhodan...

After the situation in ITHAFOR has calmed down, a transfer takes place in one of its Polyport courts. The Halftrack-Changeur Ariel Motrifis appears from it, gives Perry Rhodan recognition for the conquest of ITHAFOR and asks him for help against the Frequency Monarchy…

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2501 - Die Frequenz-Monarchie
The Frequency Monarchy
Christian Montillon

Perry Rhodan assures Ariel Motrifis of the help of the LFT, but demands in exchange for it, information about the Polyport net and the Halftrack-Changeures. Motrifis invites Rhodan and two companions - Mondra Diamond and Icho Tolot are selected, to Gucky’s displeasure - to accompany him to the planet Markanu. This is the native land of the Halftrack-Changeures in the solar system Andury-Aphanur in the galaxy Kyon Megas, which they have blocked off from the net.

Motrifis has entertained a big gamble in leaving this world over the Polyport net and asking the Terrans for help. Nevertheless, it was unavoidable, because the Halftrack-Changeures are helplessly facing the Frequency Monarchy, which began the conquest of the transport courts only ten days ago - they are a peaceful, slowly becoming extinct race, to which war is completely foreign. After troops of the Frequency Monarchy have once again attacked the Distribution depot and been beaten off, Motrifis closes the transfer chimneys with his controller - only with these devices can one steer the Polyport courts, and only Transfer Operators like Motrifis ordinarily own controller. Unfortunately, the Frequency Monarchy also disposes of some of these devices, so that it is only a matter of time, until the blockage will be lifted again.

While the Galactics travel together with the Halftrack-Changeur in the Polyport net to Markanu, Motrifis reports about the past of the Andury. This race discovered the first desolate Polyport court of the missing Anthurianers at that time approximately eighty thousand years ago. With the controllers they also found, of which there are three classes A, B and C, they could start running one transport court after the other, although they could never really decipher the technology. As time went on the Andury became the Halftrack-Changeures.

They have knowledge of at least two hundred fifty courts in eleven galaxies - to which Andromeda also belongs. However, many of them are severely damaged for unknown reasons and are considered “lost courts”, like the GALILEO was. With controllers of the category C it should be possible to reach the so-called trade stars. With these stations it should be possible to also transport bigger objects - including spaceships - but such a controller was never found. The Halftrack-Changeure made Polyport courts available to races that have been checked by them and been judged as morally far enough developed.

Markanu is a water world whose endless oceans are covered by immense, floe-like structures. This is the Endless City, an ancient relic of unknown origin which has been already been settled by many races over time. Here live the Halftrack-Changeures in complete isolation; their Polyport court is ordinarily a blind spot in the net.

Perry Rhodan assures the members of the council - the heads of the Halftrack-Changeures - of military help and requires in return, insight into all the secrets of the Polyport net. He wants to be an equal partner of the Halftrack-Changeures. Before the Highest Councilor Konfi Gaschumon Ata can respond, a Darturka regiment attacks the city and causes a slaughter among the defenseless population.

The Galactics are the only ones that can defend themselves. But they also must flee and Ariel Motrifis leads them into catacombs. He rightly gives himself the guilt for the disaster, because by his use of the Polyport court of Markanu it was possible for the scientists of the Frequency Monarchy to notice and locate it. Motrifis says that he has no information about NEO-OLYMP, the court in the Stardust system. He knows only that the Stardust humanity had started running it approximately fifty years ago, but that it is not accessible from the net.

A lot of Halftrack-Changeures avoid the disaster, when they "go": They become immaterial and disappear with an unknown destination. Gaschumon Ata does this, as a Frequency Follower Kharonis, the leader of the Darturkas, interrogates him in order to try to get information about the PARALOX ARSENAL. Kharonis later uses his ability of Para-skulking to follow a not yet "gone" Halftrack-Changeure...

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2502 - Im Museumsraumer
In The Museum Ship
Christian Montillon

Perry Rhodan, Mondra Diamond and Icho Tolot flee with Ariel Motrifis through the catacombs of the city of Maran in which the troops of the Frequency Monarchy are settling in. They want to try to find a museum located on a neighboring floe, because a spaceship displayed there is their only chance to leave the planet Markanu and reach the second Polyport court stationed in this solar system. They do not succeed in bringing other surviving Halftrack-Changeures to security, because it repeatedly comes to battles with the Darturka-clone soldiers whom the scared Halftrack-Changeures avoid by "going". This is also what happens with a Changeure that the Frequency Follower Kharonis managed to capture with the help of his ability of Para-skulking. While Kharonis still tries to get out information about the PARALOX-ARSENAL from him, he evaporates and disappears.

Finally, Ariel Motrifis explains to his companions what this ability of the Halftrack-Changeures is. Millions of years ago the sun around which Markanu circles became the grave of the superintelligence APHANUR and was thereby transformed into a six-dimensional shining jewel. But as a result of this radiation the system was moved into the focus of various powers, which did not always have friendly intentions (once even Cairol was supposed to have landed with a cobalt blue cylinder). At the same time the Andury at that time who had withdrawn to Markanu approximately eighty thousand years ago after the creation of the Mesoport network, also attained the ability to move themselves over the so-called Halftrack into the Aphanur demimonde. This is a phase-shifted parallel world with a slowed down passage of time, and the Halftrack-Changeures have since then lead a sort of psionic double existence. They exist virtually at the same time in the standard universe and in the Aphanur demimonde, but can move themselves by an effort of will completely into the latter. They can return at any time if they desire to - but Motrifis expects that the shock that his people have suffered from the attack of the Frequency Monarchy is too great, and that there will be no return this time. Therefore, he supposes that he is the last Halftrack-Changeure living “ on this side”.

Kharonis, who has observed a fight of the small group against his Darturka-Regiment now pursues Rhodan personally, because he has recognized that the Terran must be something special. He therefore wants to capture Rhodan. The fleeing people have, in the meantime, reached the museum and the spaceship MIKRU-JON displayed there. The Galactics meet a living being there which resembles a small tiger with black-silver fur. Mondra falls for the mini-tiger and gives him the name Ramoz. She wants to take him with them when they leave. MIKRU-JON is the only spaceship on Markanu, because the Halftrack-Changeures had long ago given up space travel. The ship seems to possess its own consciousness and seems happy to make the acquaintance of Rhodan, Mondra and Tolot. In the case of Motrifis however, things look different. This does not bother the Halftrack-Changeur, for he does not intend to accompany the Galactics anyway. He wants to now transfer himself into the Aphanur demimonde and face his surviving people there, for he feels he is to blame for the Monarchy finding them. First, however, he wants to give Rhodan his Class A controller – it is the last one he has, because all the other controllers were destroyed, so that they would not fall into the hands of the Frequency Monarchy.

Unfortunately he has no time to instruct Rhodan in the controller’s use, because Kharonis, his war orderly and his Darturka soldiers suddenly attack. After a hard battle, the Galactics are victorious, however, Ariel Motrifis seems to have fallen victim to an attack and explosion. The Galactics retrieve two more Class A controllers from the dead Frequency Follower. Then they launch with MIKRU-JON.

Unknown to the Galactics, Ariel Motrifis had actually managed to flee, mortally wounded, into the Aphanur demimonde. Despite his guilt, he feels welcomed there, as he dies.

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2503 - Die Falle von Dhogar
The Trap of Dhogar
Andreas Eschbach

Reginald Bull has command of the troops and scientists working on the Distribution depot ITHAFOR located in the star cluster Dhogar. On January 13, 1463 NGE, the chief scientist Milton DeBeer reports that the Polyport radio has been brought under control so that one can now also send messages. Bull first tries to call NEW-OLYMP, the Polyport court in the Stardust system, then sends a message to Perry Rhodan in Morse code. However, there is no answer - all calls over the radio have ceased by now. An eerie silence prevails on the radio network.

At the same time Frequency Follower Sinnafoch, is coming with 24 DC-battle lights from the neighboring Andromeda galaxy, to ITHAFOR to retake the station and eradicate his disgrace. His flagship is the CARLUZ, and like all DC-battle lights it resembles a 1650 meter in diameter, 820 feet high, symmetrical polished ruby, surrounded at the equator by a groove filled with red light. These vessels are made of charged form energy and are - it is believed by Sinnafoch - superior to anything that other races can muster in the era of the fourth hyper-depression. When they arrive on the 14th of January near ITHAFOR, he observes, as 36 warships of a nation, which he still does not know appear there. These are Arkonide ships, and their commander, Keon'athor Rokulon, offers Bull the support of Bostich’s GWALON-battle ships. Though Bostich makes this offer in his capacity as chairman of the New Galacticum, and not as emperor of the Arkonide Empire, Bull rejects it in a rather undiplomatic way. He assures the Arkonide that the LFT had no need of help, and supported this claim by a small demonstration: 120 battle ships of the APOLLO class and 20 JUPITER-Ultra giants turn off their Paros-shadow screens. The Arkonides then leave.

Sinnafoch is glad not to have run into the trap, and now attacks. The shots of the Terran ships are ineffective, because the DC battle lights can put themselves into an energetically shifted continuum in which, although they cannot fire anymore, they are unassailable and still maneuverable. The Terran shadow screens represent no obstacle for their weapons. Reginald Bull will do whatever is needed to avoid losses and orders a retreat. Sinnafoch brings Darturka landing troops to ITHAFOR. When he is personally at their head, Bulls activates 'Plan B': PRETORIA unmasks itself. Even the ships of the Frequency Monarchy cannot escape the concentrated firepower of this huge space fortress, and in a short time, several are destroyed. At the same time new troops in ITHAFOR move forward a particularly strong protective screen and surround the invaders. Bull wants to take one of the Monarchy’s secret bearers captive. Sinnafoch, who has not yet digested the new defeat, understands this. He reaches for the last resort, and plans his suicide. Death is not final for him, for his soul (the Vamu). Like that of all Vatrox will return to a Hibernation world and obtain a new clone body. Sinnafoch wants to take as many of his enemies with him into death as possible and asks to personally negotiate with the Terrans. He uses his ability of Para-skulking to hide a grenade from the people – but does succeed in hiding it from the TARA battle robots that are monitoring the meeting. They kill Sinnafoch before he can detonate the grenade.

On January 16 the cleanup begins. All the Darturkas are dead and the DC battle lights are destroyed. The Terrans have suffered only small amounts of losses. In the rubble of the remains of the CARLUZ a chart machine is found, which contain references to the star cluster Bengar. This is only 4500 light years away from Tefrod. There is only one ship, with which one can reach this star cluster, which is located in Andromeda, in a reasonable time: The JULES VERNE. Bull calls for the barbell spaceship to come to the ITHAFOR…

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2504 - Die Hypersenke
The Hyperdepression
Leo Lukas

The Munklu Feubald is transferred to the ANIAZUU. The just completed ship is the pride of the Bokazuu, possessing the new type linear engine. As tradition calls for, the commander appointed to the ship, Leyharte Semfuu "buys" a Munklu, Feubald, so that he can fulfill his function on board as a luck bringer. A good relationship quickly develops between the two of them.

In contrast to this, the relation between Semfuus and his First Officer Sonarte Horiuu is burdened from the beginning. Semfuu believes that she had only been appointed as his deputy based on political games and would have rather been promoted by her family immediately into the seat of the commander anyway. However, in a discussion, Horiuu reveals to him that her family was in favor of Semfuu’s nomination, although other influential families had demanded a younger commander. She will not interfere in the ship’s leadership, but will handle outside representation and contact with foreign beings. Because Semfuu has never liked these duties, he agrees to the clear distribution of jobs. The relationship between the two smoothens.

The ANIAZUU reaches its first goal, an important trade base, without problems. Because its maiden trip is supposed to make a good impression to the outside, several important personalities are taken on board as special guests. Among them is the famous Lore bard Görn Exiffele Barost, who proves to be a very difficult character to deal with. This shows itself in among other ways that he wants to be addressed only in the third person and declines to pay the nine percent of his fare, which a cancelling sponsor is no longer there to settle. Sonarte Horiuu arranges a performance by him as a way to pay off his debt. After an incredibly entraining presentation during the concert, suddenly something absolutely unexpected happens: the safely tested and used linear engines explode. Leyharte Semfuu immediately gives the repair order and sets off an emergency call

Perry Rhodan, Icho Tolot and Mondra Diamond have meanwhile launched with the MIKRU-JON from the world of the Halftrack-Changeures. The onboard computer proves to be self-willed, but cooperative and reveals that it is able to still carry out hyperlight flight under the changed conditions of the Hyperimpedance without problems. The first Hyperapce flight succeeds and Icho Tolot firmly determines that Kyon Megas is not unknown to the Terrans. Kyon Megas is a galaxy well known to the Terrans as Centaurus A. This lies in the direction of the power concentration of the superintelligence ESTARTU and in the vicinity of a row of cosmic focuses, like a former power center of the Cosmocrat Taurec or the arsenal of the Baolin N’da. Through various exercises, meanwhile, Mondra Diamond determines that the lynx-like being Ramoz is paranormally gifted and possesses at least weak telepathic capacities. While MIKRU-JON prepares its next Hyperspace-jump, the engines fail and almost simultaneously the emergency call from the Bokazuu reaches the Galactics. Perry Rhodan decides to go on board the ANIAZUU together with Icho Tolot, in order do what is right and try to help them.

Seyharte Semfuu and Sonarte Horiuu discover that in one of the container weapons are being transported disguised as merchandise. The beamers turn out to have an unusually great effect, just as the Hyperradio is now functioning much better since the loss of the engines. Semfuu arrives at the supposition that there, where they are presently stranded, the increase of the Hyperimpedance has been nullified. He gives the command to start the engines with low power. At this moment, the computer system of the ANIAZUU is infiltrated by a virus. In addition Perry Rhodan and Icho Tolot request entry.

Semfuu takes the two Galactics on board. It comes to a misunderstanding because Horiuu considers Perry Rhodan t be a servant of Tolot, based upon his resemblance with the Munklu. The ship’s leadership of the ANIAZUU tends to believe Perry and Tolot’s peaceful intention, but Görn Exiffele Barost intervenes loudly and as the spokesman of the discontented VIP guests demands the arrest of the two. Semfuu gives in to the demand. Perry and Tolot let themselves be taken away. In the makeshift cell of the medical center, they easily succeed in overwhelming the guards and escaping the center. During the escape they encounter Feubald, who they have no trouble convincing of their peaceful intentions. Investigating, they discover that Görn Exiffele Barost proves to be a spy of the Svirener, and is responsible for the computer problems. Barost is arrested. The diminished Hyperimpedance in the Hyperdepression stabilizes itself again in the meantime to the normal value, without the cause for this phenomenon being found.

A few days later, the MIKRU-JON reaches the Polypport-court PERISTERA. Semfuu only knew the court by hearsay, but was able to give Perry the warning as he departed to be sure to beware of the craftiness of the Toykens.

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2505 - Der Polyport-Markt
The Polyport Market
Michael Marcus Thurner

The Polyport-court PERISTERA is a space station with the same basic structure as GALILEO, but its form almost disappears underneath countless additions and superstructures. A multi-racial conglomerate has occupied the court, circling a dual star, long ago and been using it as a trading post. Indeed PERISTERA is the only free trade zone in Kyon Megas and serves the many stranded races that fled the war raging in Diktyon, as a last resort. Countless ships swarm around the station, but MIKRU- JON finds no signs of activities of the Frequency Monarchy. The court itself seems to be inactive. Perry Rhodan must bargain a deal to get the ship a landing permit. Should the negotiated sum not be paid within two days, he will lose possession of the MIKRU-JON. The landing pad given to the MIKRU-JON is located right in the center of the dome, under which the transfer chimneys would be located. The ship shows a remarkable interest in PERISTERA, but is once again stingy with further information.

Perry Rhodan and Mondra Diamond look around a little. Toykens seem to hold power in the free trade zone. These beings, reminding one of upright walking boars are the security personnel, coming from the same people as the market leader Ulocco Lo'tus, who pursues the MIKRU-JON’S arrival with interest. A special benign tumor in his brain enables him to think without emotion and increase his mental capacity enormously. He finds out that ships like the MIKRU-JON belong to the Halftrack-Changeures, and that the current crew of the ship does not come from this people. He decides to acquire the ship. Rhodan and Mondra have no idea of this when they try to head to the market to draw the attention of the market leader, in order to learn about the Polyport-court from him. Their attempts to activate the court with the A-controllers, are unsuccessful, and they decide they must find a way to penetrate into the interior of the space station.

While Rhodan and Icho Tolot continue the experiments with the controllers, Mondra goes exploring. She decides to try to raise the necessary money for the docking fee and soon finds employers: She is hired as a defender of the Wagokos. These harmless creatures have been trying for some time to barter their goods in the market, but always end up being intercepted by guards. They keep “confiscating” enough of the goods that the Wagokos can barely make enough profits to continue bartering. With her superior equipment and combat experience Mondra can safely help them transport their goods and ward off the guards. As the guards complain to Ulocco Lo'tus, he sees his chance in it. He allows the guards to use otherwise prohibited weapons. They set a trap for the second transport and during it some Wagokos are killed and Mondra is captured. Rhodan, Tolot and Ramoz track her down to the market’s prison catacomb. However, it turns out she has already freed herself from her cell. At the same time, Ulocco Lo'tus appears with heavily armed guards and confronts the trio…

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2506 - Solo für Mondra
Solo Mission for Mondra Diamond
Diamond Michael Marcus Thurner

While Perry Rhodan, Icho Tolot and Ramoz penetrate into the prison tracts of the market city established on PERISTRA looking for Mondra Diamond, where they are now facing the heavily armed mercenaries of the market leader Ulocco Lo'tus, the former TLS-agent, albeit with great effort, has already liberated herself and fled through a ventilation shaft. She has taken a Toyken’s multi-function device with her and ends up locating her SERUN, which she recovers - just in time, because during her escape she has sustained various injuries. The SERUN now puts her into a short healing sleep, and after this she manages to get inside the Polyport-court. You need to insert the controller in a designated recess in the floor, in order to open the hatch. The court recognizes her as authorized to use it and opens the central dome to retrieve MIKRU-JON. On board the ship Mondra freshens up and recovers. She makes the acquaintance of Mikru, a holographic incarnation of the vessel in the shape of a young woman. Mondra learns that the ship is concerned about being left behind, as the Galactics will use PERISTERA to go to another court. Mikru states that the ship was designed so that it could use the transfer chimneys. To do this the ship can divide itself into three parts. Mondra promises MIKRU-JON that it can join the trip.

Meanwhile, Perry Rhodan has been negotiating with Ulocco Lo'tus. Icho Tolot, who the market leader takes to be a dumb bodyguard, keeps observing the whole thing carefully. Rhodan claims he was commissioned by the Halftrack-Changeures to inspect PERISTERA. As the power of the market leader is based in part on a lie (he had claimed to have found special weapons on PERISTERA, but has never really been inside the court), he would like to make it true, so he behaves peacefully at first, and agrees to help look for Mondra. Ramoz uses his nose to track Mondra’s route and finds the access hatch that Mondra used. This opens and Mondra rises out to hug Rhodan. Ulocco Lo'tus gets tired of his charade and orders his henchman to paralyze them with a shock grenade hidden inside him - but he has not suspected that such a weapon could not impress Icho Tolot’s constitution. The Haluter grabs the Toyken and imprisons him.

Now, the Galactics deal with PERISTERA. Unfortunately, the controllers are programmed to only allow transport to certain stations, which do not include ITHAFOR. For an intergalactic transport a distributor-depot is required, so a trip to GALILEO or NEO-OLYMP is also ruled out. Rhodan opts for a different goal: the Polyport-court OROLOGION in the neighboring galaxy Diktyon. Before leaving PERISTERA, the Galactics warn the station manager about the Frequency Monarchy, which will soon attack - the activity on PERISTERA will not stay hidden from them. Mondra also forces him to release the last surviving Wagoko. Ulocco has no intention of clearing out the market town. After all, he now has at last to the interior of the station. He realizes his mistake when he hears of a battle going on inside the station soon after the Galactics leave.

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2507 - In der Halbspur-Domäne
In the Halftrack-Domain
Arndt Ellmer

With the spaceship MIKRU-JON disassembled into its three components Perry Rhodan, Mondra Diamond, Icho Tolot and Ramoz travel along the Halftrack to the Polyport-court OROLOGION in the galaxy Diktyonin which they arrive at on January 15, 1463 NGE. The Court is not in the hands of the Frequency Monarchy, but most of Diktyon’s courts have already been conquered. OROLOGION is teeming with refugees. Pscholian Lox, the "caretaker" of BLUE RIMBOR (or another being from the same people), is on the transfer deck, but runs into the not generally accessible areas of the court. Rhodan also observed a group of hulking black creatures in pressure suits, which he found strangely familiar.

Galhamo Ciono, chief of the security forces from the people of the Acronis receives the Galactics. On OROLOGION an attack by the Monarchy is expected at any time, and new refugees actually arrive that announce the court GWARONAX had fallen. Since no one on the ground has a controller, OROLOGION cannot be sealed off. Rhodan says he will help, but does not reveal that the Galactics have three controllers – which they can still not operate properly, however. Icho Tolot holds the fort in MIKRU-JON and goes through the information collected on Diktyon to put Rhodan and Mondra on the track of the beings in the pressure suits. Ramoz will not leave the side of his mistress.

After some difficulties Rhodan and Mondra contact the unknown beings. Rhodan is somewhat surprised that they are Maahks – and even more: He later learns that these creatures are developing into Shadow Maahks. The methane breathers are strangely reticent with Rhodan, what arouses his suspicion. He is mollified when he realizes that the Maahks have recognized him. The Maahks can feel emotions, unlike normal Maahks, and this is the reason for their restraint. Gradually Maahks open up with information. Having fled from their home Andromeda because they were persecuted by fundamentalists there, they were accepted in the Halftrack-Domain. Perry reveals their controllers and Grek-1, the leader of Maahks, shows the Galactics how to use them. Meanwhile Tolot has one received Reginald Bull’s Morse code message on the Polyport radio. Contact with their homeland can be established, and information is exchanged. Rhodan gives his consent for a counterattack. Rhodan accepts the risk that the Frequency Monarchy will catch his response and track down the OROLOGION.

Mikru is suddenly more communicative than usual, and tells of the discovery of the first Polyport-courts. The ship is in the truest sense of the word ensouled, as the former pilots of the ship could mentally merge with it and thereby better navigate - and an "echo" or "impression" of them remained in MIKRU- JON. Thus JON MIKRU is more than just a machine. The ship was afraid of being left behind again as it was when the Halftrack-Changeures gave up space travel. Rhodan promises that it will not come to that again. The Maahks look to the Galactics and ask them for help. To protect the last free courts from the grasp of the Frequency Monarchy controllers are urgently needed with which the transfer chimneys can be blocked. The Maahks know that a cache of controllers are secured in the Distributor-Depot ARTHA, but the space station is already occupied by the forces of Frequency Apostle Ghoranfogh. The Shadow Maahks can indeed teleport, which would allow them to infiltrate ARTHA, but it consumes much energy. They want Rhodan to accompany them, so they can pull the required energy from his cell activator chip. Rhodan agrees. The coup succeeds, not least because the Darturka in ARTHA are distracted by a Bokazuu, who has a controller. He blows himself up rather than trust Rhodan, who tracks him down. With seventy-six retrieved controllers, Rhodan and the Maahks return to OROLOGION. Rhodan blocks the transfer chimney leading to ARTHA. The controllers are divided: the Maahks receive half to try to help organize resistance to the Frequency Monarchy, while Rhodan takes the other half to bring them to the Milky Way. Since ITHAFOR is still not accessible, another target must be sought. The choice falls on ARTHANOK, a yard uncoupled from ARTHA, which makes intergalactic transport possible as a component of a Distributor depot. This is just a short stop, though. The Galactics want to travel to NEO-OLYMP - for unknown reasons, this court is now suddenly accessible. On January 17th, the Galactics head out...

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2508 - Unternehmen Stardust-System
Adventure Stardust-System
Uwe Anton

On November 13, 1346 NGE, the date of the closing of the Teletrans point, Lotho Keraete secretly carries out one last task in the Stardust system before he embarks on another dangerous mission: He sabotages the three Vario-1000 robots left by the LFT to observe the colonists.

About half a year later, on June 25, 1347 NGE, Administrator Timber F. Whistler, elected for a term of five years, receives a visit from the TLS-agent Duncan Legrange. Whistler has just launched the inaugural session of the parliament and government of Stardust humanity and found that the reality of his everyday life may be politics, but that it is not what he has longed for his future to be. His strongest rival, the opposition leader Rabea Furtok has already shown him in the debate over the naming of various institutions that he faces strong resistance to him. Whistler has established that the proposed seat of government will receive the name of Zeus Tower, and the the administration building Stardust Alpha. Furtok has pushed the designations Stardust Intelligence Agency (SIA) for the Intelligence bureau and Interstellar Bureau of Investigation (IBI) for the Federal Police. Legrange, who feels more committed to Stardust humanity than the LFT had reported to Whistler of the existence of the Vario-1000 robots. All three, Whistler learns two days later from Sigurd Echnatom went wild after assembly and had to be destroyed. Legrange wins Whistler's trust and is appointed the Special Representative of the Administration.

The design of the cities for the eight hundred and four million emigrants (which includes 2.2 million non-human beings) on the planets and moons of the Stardust system continues. Many people take part in the hunt after the cell activators hidden by the superintelligence ES. Beginning in July 1347 NGE Whistler learns from Lexa Maximilian, a member of the team that is investigating the Stardust Monument, that this structure contains hidden cavities that secured from sensor investigation. Lexa is the second of the three former TLS agents in the Stardust system and has made the same decision as Legrange. He also believes that Stardust Mankind must evolve independently and regardless of the LFT. As Whistler personally looks around on the grounds of the Stardust Monument, a matter projection disguised as a wall in front of him dissolves. A holographic message appears, which is identical to that of the first Galactic Puzzle and one thousand symbols are found which any cell activator hunter must puzzle through for the gift of immortality. A system of tunnels and halls is now accessible, which appears to be empty – except for a cage transmitter, which is assumed to be connected to a network of four thousand and ninety-six transmitters distributed throughout the system. Whistler realizes that it will not be easy to find the two cell activators ...

Since the supply situation in the Stardust system has gradually stabilized, on July 5, 1347 NGE a new project can be addressed: The FARAWAY I, a battle cruiser of the MARS class heads out on its first long-range reconnaissance to the border areas of the cluster Far Away. The expedition leader is Duncan Legrange, and Maximilian Lexa replaces the former pilot of the cruiser. The commander of the ship is Rikoph Furtok, Rabea Furtok’s son. Therefore, tensions are inevitable on board. The mission objective seems to be simple: They want to find out what is beyond the imaginary barrier that has prevented any long range detection on the edge of the two hundred light year in diameter globular cluster. When the FARAWAY I uses its long range sensors about one light years away far from the Stardust system, it must recognize the fact that the barrier is real. All detections (normal visual observation) fail, and the superluminal flight is affected by an unknown factor so that it decelerates until the ship has to go sublight. Whatever is causing this, it is topping the ship from moving, even though all the drive systems are running on overload. The FARAWAY is thus firmly stuck in a barrier that they call the Sextadim veil. The ship can only free itself by having standard drive units mounted outside the ship and moving relatively slowly through normal space, until out of the range of the veil’s influence. The FARAWAY I returns empty-handed to the Stardust system. The only knowledge gained was that Stardust humanity cannot leave the globular cluster - at least not by traditional means.

On the world Cataract, many fortune hunters settled in the area of the intangible city of Prymtuor become known as the prophets of the cities. Others are devoted to the exploration of the ruins that were discovered on Cataract. A team of archaeologists digging in the city Marirthorn on the big island Candall discover a rock fossil that resembles a whale preserved in the mesa. Huslik Valting a colonial Terran from the planet Cyrglar belongs to this team. During a storm early in July 1347 NGE his glider crashes and the base camp is destroyed. Valting is seriously wounded and is dying, so he regards the voices that he hears, at first, as a fevered hallucination. He has a vision of the island Talanis and finds himself in a pavilion full of butterflies. When he regains consciousness, he sees an apparition of a gold sphere, which dissolves into countless sparks. These press into him and his buried comrades, and heal them. Filled with new energy (he feels almost rejuvenated) Valting discovers a cave, which contains a hidden chamber with a cage transmitter. He manages to activate it and ends up at the pavilion of his vision. There he hears that laugh that people immediately associate with the superintelligence ES, but it is not an amused laugh - it sounds more desperate. Filled with fear Valting flees back through the transmitter. Upon his return, he learns that over a year has passed by...

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2509 - Insel im Nebel
Island in the Fog
Horst Hoffmann

In 1377 NGE is a Timber F. Whistler ne hundred fifty-two years old, has held six terms of office as Administrator of Stardust mankind following each other and on January 1, 1350 NGE created the union of the Stardust planets and concerns him with the advancement of his people. Certainly, he also thinks that ES has brought the emigrants to the Stardust system for a very specific, still unknown reason, but he by no means shares the views of a much larger growing number of people who are convinced that it is their destiny to rise into ES. The former splinter party of the Birds of Paradise represents these people and, meanwhile, has become Whistler’s strongest competitor. Their head Vorremar Corma - the single Siganese moved into the Stardust system – does not hold back from staging extravagantly poignant public appearances during the election and uses Huslik Valting as a figurehead. Valting is first of a number of people who were rejuvenated by a gold shower of sparks. The Birds of Paradise consider this phenomenon as a sign for the fact that ES is still taking care of Stardust mankind, despite Lotho Keraete’s statements. Whistler fears that the passivity propagated by the Birds of Paradise could endanger the continued construction of the colonies already having difficulties and rebounds.

When Whistler and his closest familiar Duncan Legrange are flying in a glider on June 2, 1377 NGE on the planet Cataract on the way to an election campaign, they end up in a thunderstorm over the Goo Mesa and crash. When it is maintained that Whistler has withdrawn from the political stage - Corma is elected the new Administrator. Meanwhile, Legrange and Maximilian Lexa - the latter now a colonel and commander of the Stardust-Explorer fleet - observe on August fourth in the protection of deflector fields how Corma and Valting penetrate in secret into the Stardust-rock needle and try in vain to decipher the still unresolved puzzles in the Hall of a Thousand Tasks. Rikoph Furtok suddenly arrives. He has also received wind of the event and reproaches Corma with the fact that he has abused his office to appropriate the newest scientific knowledge about the puzzles. Furtok also evidently desires the immortality and forces Corma to work with him on the puzzle. Still camouflaged Legrange and Lexa follow the two to Cataract. Meanwhile, the Rokingers there have created new settlements and begun the construction of a hypercrystal-processing industry. Sharud Thurbund is their leader.

Corma and Furtok meet Thurbund to have him tell them more about an old legend of the Rokingers, which is about an island in the fog. The Indochimi of Zyx also have such a legend. When Thurbund is set under pressure by Corma, Legrange and Lexa give up their camouflage and intervene. Because it is completely clear to the Rok that the Terrans will get what they want to have by force if necessary, he reveals the coordinates of the island in the fog to them. The odd quartet flies with a glider to this position. On the way they observe enormous sea living beings which can rise on wings into the air, and end up being hit by one them, then fly into a two thousand six hundred fifty kilometer wide and one hundred kilometer fog bank which causes fear to appear in them and prevents all technical detection. Lexa steers the glider into the middle of the fog, then the machine becomes pulled by an unknown force down onto the two thousand kilometer wide, paradisiacal island. A few kilometer before the north coast of the oval island a dome rises from the water. Beings similar to centaurs and innumerable butterflies are to be seen in the wooded slopes of a mountain. A Vojaride - a " midwife of ES “ walks towards the newcomers. She announces, that they are not “ the correct ones”, and sends them away, but only after she helps them to a kind of self-knowledge - for example, is is made clear to Corma that his single motivation for finding immortality consists in being able to return to the Milky Way and to his family. The only one not apparently given a vision is Legrange. When the intruders leave the fog, they find themselves on Aveda, and four months have passed – it is December tenth.

On December eighteenth Whistler awakes from a six month long coma in the headquarters of his firm. He is medically examined and then finds out that he had suffered deadly injuries in the glider crash. Most of his body was not to be saved and been replaced with a full prosthesis. Only the brain is left from the original Whistler, stuck in a robot body. The skin and certain parts of the body were replaced with genetically improved post-cultivations. Whistler suffers from the thought of being nothing more than a cyborg, because in the public the rumor has gone around for a long time already that the members of the Whistler family are nothing else than robots of the firm itself. Nevertheless, he has won a form of immortality in this way. In a press release from January 1, 1379 NGE Whistler announces that he wants to finally withdraw from public life.

In the meantime Corma’s star has sunk rapidly. In 1382 NGE the new Administrator Telmach Istban is elected, coming from the Association for Local Peace. Maximilian Lexa, an admiral since 1385 NGE, is on the way with the ARGOS - the flagship of his explorer fleet consisting of twenty cruisers of the Phoenix class - at the end of May 1388 NGE in the border area of the Far Away star cluster. On May twenty-seventh he meets Rikoph Furtok, who is meanwhile running a small merchant fleet. One of these ships has made a sensational discovery: an unmanned space probe that has been traveling for three hundred forty-five thousand years at speeds under the speed of light. This is - apart from the ruin cities of Cataract, the Rokingers and the Indochimis - so far the single sign for the presence of other intelligent beings in Far Away.

The course of the probe which has covered only thirty-two light years in all that time is backtracked. Its starting point is one of three planets of a nameless sun. There one hundred eighty thousand year old ruins are found under which the degenerated descendants of the former inhabitants live. These are apelike beings with lion heads which have fallen back into primitiveness. Only a single energy source is located. It is a structure in the form of a snow crystal which does not consist of " normal matter “ - Huslik Valtings team had discovered exactly such a structure at one time in the Irthom Mesa on Cataract.

At the beginning of January 1389 NGE Whistler receives a visit from Sigurd Echnatom. The former Minister of Finance has retired for some time as the leading candidate of the Brother's Help party and therefore from the government. Echnatom hands over to Whistler a storage crystal with photographs which unambiguously prove that Duncan Legrange had manipulated the glider with which Whistler had the accident. Four weeks later Whistler confronts his friend, who denies everything. It comes to discord between the two, and Whistler asks himself whether Legrange was actually ever a true friend.

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2510 - Die Whistler-Legende
The Whistler Legend
Hubert Haensel

In the Stardust system, the third generation of settlers has grown up. These people know the Milky Way and the Sol system only out of historical documents and stories; they regard Aveda, Cataract, Zyx and the other worlds of the system as their actual homeland. There are no enemies or other space traveling peoples in the Far Away star cluster that could become rivals in the exploitation of the amply available raw materials there. Certainly, ships are lost now and again in hyperstorms (Sigurd Echnatom is lost in one of these in 1408 NGE), but such setbacks can no longer weaken the union of the Stardust planets. The economy of Stardust humanity flourishes, and neighboring systems are explored with spaceships of newly developed classes. And hundreds of people are being rejuvenated by the emerging golden rains of sparks.

Yet one man cannot be quite so happy about this positive development, as he is tormented by his own worries: Timber F. Whistler’s cyborg body seems to be fighting against itself. Again and again the organic components die out for unknown reasons and must be replaced by cloned tissue. And once that is no longer possible, they are finally removed and replaced by robotic components. Whistler suffers from the thought of gradually turning completely into a robot. In order to explain his youthful appearance, he maintains that a golden rain of sparks had also touched him. Whistler longs for children – but he was already impotent before his accident, and Belyona Anshin, the doctor who becomes his constant companion, does not want to hear anything of artificial fertilization. This eventually leads to the two gradually growing apart. Timber’s conscience is still burdened by the memory of Duncan Lagrange. He still asks himself whether he had wrongly accused his former friend at that time of intentionally causing the accident.

Therefore he immediately hurries with the NEW GOOD HOPE to the planet Ares when he receives a radio message from there on February 19, 1405 NGE, whose sender uses a code term, that was previously only known to Whistler and Lagrange. In the message Sean Legrange, Duncan’s son, asks Whistler for aid. Whistler later learns that for the first years after their fallout, Duncan had immersed himself in self-pity and ended up getting a prostitute pregnant. The result was Sean - Duncan and his nameless mother died in a tunnel collapse on Ares. At that time Sean was just old enough to join the fortune hunters there, who prospected on Ares for valuable raw materials. Whistler tracks down the young man, exhausted and totally emaciated. He takes Sean with him to Aveda in order to raise him and work out his guilt over Duncan with it. Later Whistler even adopts the youngster.

March 16, 1408 NGE, Whistler wants to visit his ward, who has entered the space fleet, on the training ship NIKE QUINTO. Unfortunately, his body has another massive rejection episode and Whistler falls into a coma. On the next day the NIKE QUINTO begins a training flight. Sean Lagrange, Stuart Lexa (son of Maximilian Lexa) and Kraton Furtok (son of Rikoph Furtok) are comrades and friends. Rikoph is also on board and suddenly kidnaps the ship. He needs it in order to be able to get onto the planet First Found. This was planet, on which he had a nearly fatal encounter in 1388 NGE with a mysterious artifact in the form of a four meter large snow crystal, and lay after that in a coma for three years. First Found is a prohibited planet, and Furtok can only land there with the security codes of the NIKE QUINTO. Furtok is convinced, that he had had contact with a suffering being at that time, that he needed to free. When he now touches the object, it “sweats” tiny amounts of deflagrating Psi-matter, and suddenly explodes, transferring him and his companions (the three youthful friends) into another environment. They are suddenly in a fully mechanized mechanical plant and stand facing an immaterial being, who radiates a lust for life and terrible loneliness. The emaciated, black-skinned being with some kind of hair plait seems to want to fuse with Furtok, but the human uses his own beamer against himself. When he fires, the people suddenly appear back at their starting point. Furtok is dead, but shows no injuries.

On September 15, 1409 NGE, Whistler awakes from his coma. All that is left of his original body is his brain. The robot chassis is covered with newly cultivated organic tissue and therefore looks similar, as always, to an entirely normal person. Belyona, who now finally decides to leave Whistler, found out that the receptors that were planted in Whistler in 1347 NGE by the Indochimi, were to blame for the rejection reactions. A few months later, on January 5, 1410 NGE, the three friends Sean, Stuart and Kraton are underway to the Zeus moon Krian, in order to pass their practical flight test. In a crater, they discover a four kilometer wide object, two hundred meters thick, shaped like an eight pointed star that lies under the ice and is protected against orientation by a remarkable veiling effect. The three expose the object with a disintegrator, find an open standing hatch and enter a kind of station made out of an amber colored material with blue silver aggregates made out of form energy. Indications of battles or some other form of destruction are to be seen, but all traces of the crew – dead or alive – are missing. When the curious Kraton activates an unknown object, it turns out that bombs were left in the station that had not yet exploded. The bomb activated by Kraton is ejected in time and causes no damage, in spite of its terrible explosive power.

The three young cadets certainly a dressing down for their independent actions, but also praise for the find. Their training leader explains to them months later that the object found by them has exposed only a small part of its secrets. They found out that it is a material transmitter, and that it must be component of the Second Galactic Riddle, for it turned out on the day the veil vanished, after fading for months, the circle around the border of a symbol in the Hall of the Thousands Tasks also disappeared - and this symbol had the form of an octagonal star. The artifact is now going to be lifted and brought into orbit around Krian. It also received a name: NEO-OLYMP.

On June 30, 1411 NGE, a celebration is supposed to take place in the Whistler villa in Stardust City in honor of Sean; Whistler’s adopted son was promoted to lieutenant and received his first spaceship command. Suddenly something appears in the room that the people first believe to be another rain of golden sparks, but this apparition is different. The "sparks" are brown and lump together until the perfect embodiment of a person emerges. This man seems to suffer terrible torments and in a call for help shouts out the words “we are dying again”. The apparition disappears completely again, but had been filmed. The analysis of the recordings confirm Whistler’s belief in having recognized that the man: It was one of Perr Rhodan’s old Mutant Corps, Fellmer Lloyd…

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2511 - Schatten im Paradies
Shadows in Paradise
Hubert Haensel

Timber F. Whistler’s robot body is further modified and improved. Whistler does not appear to grow old and has returned to the political stage, after Belyona Anshin has left it. Meanwhile, he does not believe any more that Duncan Legrange caused the fatal glider crash. He theorizes instead, that ES could have had something to do with it. In 1462 NGE Whistler is again Administrator of the Stardust system and has cared for the fact that the investigation of NEO-OLYMP, that had been stopped in 1416 NGE by the Administrator of that time, Telmach Istban, for reasons of safety (not least on the pursuit of the Party for Interstellar Respect under the direction of Kraton Furtok’s daughter Helen), is farther sped up. However, the station which is in the meantime in orbit around the planet Krian could never be activated - as little as the second galactic puzzle could be solved during all these years. Nevertheless, the radio communication systems of NEO-OLYMP are in operation, and so the people have found out that the thing is a Polyport-court and what function it fulfills. They even made contact with the Halftrack-Changeures. Certainly, Stardust mankind has monitored the Polyport-radio, but has always paid attention to reveal nothing of itself.

On December 30, 1462 NGE Whistler and Secretary of Defense Sean Legrange learn from Stuart Lexa (meanwhile, Vice Admiral, commander of the Stardust-space fleet and commander of NEO-OLYMP) that emergency calls from the Polyport-net were caught. Evidently the Polyport-net is being attacked by a power which is called the Frequency Monarchy. Because NEO-OLYMP could also be in danger, Lexa had given the internal alarm. Whistler arranges the protection of the transportation court by a one hundred and fifty units strong mixed association of four POSEIDON Omni-carrier ships and cruisers of various size classes, led by the flagship STARDUST. Sspace soldiers and STARA-UH-III battle robots are stationed on the transportation court. At the same moment the work being done on the court are sped up.

On January 3, 1463 NGE, two Unither which belong to the prophets of the cities, Makron and his mate Miklant, observe how Amethyst City begins to materialize for the first time. Between the pilings of the city move spaceships which remind them of enormous wasps, while on the ground solid forms in battle suits with long tails and wedge-shaped heads with beaks are seen. The ships and ground troops seem to be trying to penetrate the fog bank that wraps up the city, but they do not succeed - then the materialization process breaks off, and Amethyst City becomes immaterial again. The Unithers inform Whistler on the sixth of January about this incident. There are even recordings of it, but they show only shadowy forms. Guard ships are nevertheless positioned above Cataract, and troops take up position around the immaterial cities. Whistler assumes a connection between these cities and the Polyport-net. That same day, on Whistler’s order, Lexa sends a radio call into the Polyport-net to warn the Halftrack-Changeures.

On January thirteenth, Marthin Trebb, one of the soldiers assigned to NEO-OLYMP, catches Reginald Bull’s Morse code message to Perry Rhodan. It is therefore now certain for Stardust mankind for the first time that the journey to the distant places of ES did not involve a journey through time or a transfer into another universe. They can also hope that the Sol system has survived the attack by TRAITOR. Four days later on Aveda, Zyx, Cataract and Trondgarden there appear two thousand six hundred and fifty kilometer wide and one hundred kilometer tall fog domes. At the same time the Siganese Vorremar Corma, who is once again in the hall of the galactic puzzle announces that one of the "cartouches" has changed and is shining. The Siganese has also received a mental message. It says that: “ The gates of the four heavens were opened! “

During this day, January 17, 1463 NGE, events quickly pile up. Still while the discussion of the situation in which Corma had interrupted with his message, Ras Tschubai materializes in the same manner as Fellmer Lloyd had fifty-two years previously - from a " brown shower of sparks “, but Tschubai manages to stabilize himself and not vanish again. However, he says that he is in fact Fellmer Lloyd. He announces the arrival of something unknown and asks for Perry Rhodan. They bring the suffering man to a Medo-station for treatment. About at the same time the facilities of NEO-OLYMP begin activating themselves and on the planet Cataract the Rokingers sense that they have been discovered. They capture all the Stardust humans that currently stop in the trading post Velai'n Thuinn. Sharud Thurbund requires to speak to Whistler, and informs him about the concerns of his people. Conail Skali, a Border Crosser of the Veil, observes from the planet Sionis from how the Sextadim veil breaks down. Kom Agonis, an Epsaler and Prospector of the Island, has taken possession to the planetoid P-17-25-1463 in order to exploit rich titanium deposits there. A strange phase displacement that they discover fades away and something appears that releases sheer horror in Agonis and his team.

At 14:22 o'clock during this eventful day Whistler, Legrange and Lexa are on the transfer deck of NEO-OLYMP when three things appear in one of the transfer chimneys which fit together into an obelisk. Two beings emerge from this object. They are Icho Tolot and Perry Rhodan...

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2512 - Die TRAITOR-Marodeure
The TRAITOR Marauders
Christian Montillon

In 1347 NGE the Terminal Column has withdrawn from the galaxies of the local group. The whole Terminal Column? No! Individual ships, station crews and such were left behind for various reasons: some have deserted, while others were simply forgotten. Most of those left behind have united and use two planets in the Milky Way whose coordinates are known to nobody outside of them, as bases for plundering raids. Because these TRAITOR Marauders limit themselves to hunting grounds off the big trade routes, up to now still none of the powerful galactic governments have gone forward militarily against them. Others Traitoristas left behind in the Milky Way have nothing to do with the Marauders; they just want to live in peace and were partly integrated into the populations of various planets. However, there is a group of Galactics which pitilessly pursues all former members of the Terminal Convoy: The TRAITOR Hunters. Because they disturb the galactic peace with their attacks, the USO is busy with the problem. The secret service has acted since January 1, 1350 NGE by order of the Galacticum and is accountable to only itself. Nobody knows who the TRAITOR Hunters are. Some suppose that they could be Akones, which want to take revenge for the cabinetization of Drorah.

In the middle of January 1463 NGE, Ronald Tekener, the new deputy of the USO Lord Admiral Monkey, undertakes the attempt to protect Mor'Daers and Ganschkares living peacefully on the planet Zorbar II belonging to the Dron empire from the TRAITOR Hunters and to simultaneously capture some of the Hunters to find out more about their bases. The indication to an approaching action by the TRAITOR Hunters on Zorbar II was received from the USO agent Noah Kelch, who has, however, now disappeared. Tekener leads a group of micro-Beasts to the planet, but the mission ends in disappointment. The TRAITOR Hunters manner to escape, it comes to disastrous losses in a Dron settlement due to a glider crash, and only a few hostages can be saved.

Tekener then proceeds to the planet Adeksion. In the mask of the rich man Saerdan Cerked he uses his gambling skills to steer the attention of the defector from the ranks of the TRAITOR Marauders onto himself, with whom agent Kelch was supposed to have had contact. The USO hopes to find out the position of the secret planets of the TRAITOR Marauders from the defector.

On January seventeenth Tekener meets a being who portrays itself first as a Terran female by the name of Catalina, but then it reveals its true identity. It is a Koda Aratier - a form converter of the Terminal Column and according to its own statement the last of its kind in the Milky Way. The being is ready to reveal the hiding places of the TRAITOR Marauders and arrange the release of Kelch, if the USO agrees to promote an integration, given the blessing by the Galacticum, of all former members of the Terminal Column in the community of nations of the Milky Way and to aim for a general amnesty. The desire is probably held by the majority of all the former Traitoristas, because one hundred sixteen years after the departure of the Terminal Column, the second and third generation of those born later is already living in the Milky Way. Only a few of them still hope for the return of TRAITOR. “ Catalina “ has still another offer too. The Koda Aratier is in the possession of a device which clearly belongs to the technological legacies of the Cosmocrats or at least the Mighty.

Tekener is not disinclined to this, but suddenly TRAITOR Marauders who have pursued the traitor appear. They shoot the form convertor and capture Tekener to extort ransom from the USO. However, the Smiler succeeds in activating his secret equipment, so that Senego Trainz can target his location and free him with a group of micro-Beasts. Nobody can be captured, because the TRAITOR Marauders commit suicide, rather than fall into the hands of the USO. The mission is nevertheless successful, because agent Kelch is found alive, and the artifact offered by "Catalina" is also retrieved. QuinTech Arinu Quhim examines the piece of booty. However, Lord Admiral Monkey has already learned from Reginald Bull what this small device is: It is a Class-A controller with which one can steer Polyport-courts. The TRAITOR Marauders carried off the Dron’s controller. They have been carrying out a war against the Hasproners. This allows the conclusion that this conflict could be over another Polyport-court.

Strange things have also been occurring on Terra. Homer G. Adams is just about to start contract negotiations with the Whistler-Company in Residence Park when a kind of gold shower of sparks appears which loses its color and coalesces into a material object. Certainly, the object disappears quickly again, but Adams believes to have recognized the face of Betty Toufry in it...

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2513 - Der verborgene Hof
The Hidden Court
Christian Montillon

Ronald Tekener proceeds with the light cruiser PETRALONA, a sloop from the TRAJAN, to the planet Mawego. The world belongs to the sphere of influence of the Drons, but Hasproners are also on the planet. There has already been tension between the two races for some time. The Drons are annoyed because the Hasproners are transforming parts of the planet filled with natural areas that they have leased into marsh landscapes like those which exist on their own home world. In recent days the conflicts have increased up to almost war, which has not actually occurred yet only because both races belong to the Galacticum and are obliged to stay peaceful. They cannot afford to offend against this rule and be expelled from the galactic community of nations. However, only a spark is necessary to light the barrel of gunpowder – and battle ships of both races are already standing in the system.

After his experiences on Adeksion, Tekener believes in knowing what the true reason for this cold war is. He is initially refused a landing on Mawego in spite of his authorization given by the Galacticum. Therefore, a group of micro-Beasts, led by Senego Trainz, lands undercover on Mawego and can soon confirm the assumptions of the Smiler: the Hasproners have discovered an inactive Polyport Court in an area which belongs to them due to a long term lease signed with the Drons. The Drons though, refer to older rights. Now armed combat units are confronting each other, armed to the teeth. The micro-Beasts penetrate unnoticed into the underground structure and return with photographs. Meanwhile Tekener tries to mediate between the arguing races. Two Mor'Daers that he saved of Zorbar II offer their support to him in this endeavor.

Eventually the PETRALONA lands on Mawego and is promptly locked up with chain fields. Tekener brings out heavier artillery "to facilitate" the readiness for negotiations of the Dron: the ultra-battleship TRAJAN lowers from orbit, down to the landing field. At last, it comes to a talk between Tekener and the responsible leaders of the Drons and the Hasproners. Unfortunately an old Dron war veteran is also present who wants to sue the Hasproner for "trespassing" on his land, which was being Haspro-formed. When he sees the two supposed Traitoristas, he shoots one f them. The other one gives the people present a speech on tolerance for others and demands an end of the conflict. Because Tekener does not suppose that bare words can bring peace, he reveals the micro-Beasts’ pictures to the Hasproner and Dron. Because a Polyport Court represents a possible security risk for all the people of the Milky Way, he declares Mawego to be under the direct supervision of the Galacticum.

When the Dron announces the desire to appeal against this decision, Tekener reaches still deeper into his box of tricks. As an interim solution until to settlement of the suit, he says he will have Haluters do gurad duty on Mawego - namely thousands of the young Haluters that have been born during the last hundred years because only half of the Halutian population had returned after the departure of TRAITOR to Halut. To the Dron and Haspronern the thought of being stuck with excitable Haluter yougsters does not bring any comfort. In the end, they renounce the attempt to appeal. Therefore the New USO can begin the investigation of the hidden court. Tekener does not betray to the Dron and Hasproner the fact that he is in the possession of a Polyport controller,.

Meanwhile during these days it once again comes in Terrania to the phenomenon which is called a gold shower of sparks. Betty Toufry and Kitai Ishibashi both materialize, clearly tormented by pains, and they ask for Perry Rhodan, before they disappear again. Some time later an enormous fog dome appears in the Atlantic for a short time...

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2514 - Ein Fall für das Galaktikum
A Matter for the Galacticum
Arndt Ellmer

Sinnafoch falls in the battle around ITHAFOR. His Vamu returns to a hibernation world of the Frequency Monarchy and animates a new clone body there - just as it has already happened many times before. The artificial being Referror-8211 takes care of the reborn Frequency Apostle who must win back all his memories and abilities in a process lasting several days, before VATROX-CUUR, one of the two rulers of the Frequency Monarchy, informs him that he is to take his old position back up and sends him back to ITHAFOR to transform the suffered defeat into a victory. While Sinnafoch remembers his own past bit by bit and finally remembers Reginald Bull's face, he is challenged, irritated and attacked over and over again by Referror-8211. The memory inducing process should be thereby accelerated, however, it also leads to the end of the artificial being; in the end Sinnafoch kills it.

Meanwhile Reginald Bull receives a message from Bostich intended for Perry Rhodan. The Arkonide Imperator appears in the message as the chairperson of the Galacticum and asks the Resident to report all the information he has from the attacks of the Frequency Monarchy, because this danger threatens the whole Milky Way. Bull travels with the JULES VERNE to Aurora, the new seat of the Galacticum. This planet lies halfway between Terra and Arkon and is a stopover on a transit road involving Situation transmitters, which was put into operation in 1366 NGE and connects the two mightiest states of the Milky Way with each other. On the January 16, 1463 NGE the JULES VERNE reaches Galacto City, the only city on Aurora. After a long day full of conferences Bull receives an unexpected visit from some Báalols in his rooms. They would like to erase the not very flattering reputation, which presses upon their race, and ask Bull to help in its rehabilitation. He believes that their anti-mutant forces can be well used against the Vatrox and their ability of Para-sidling, and assures them of the support of the LFT.

The next day Bull speaks in confidence with Bostich, then on the 18th of January the actual conference begins. Bull gives the Galactic Councilors all the information that he has on the subject of the Frequency Monarchy and requests military support by the Galactic fleet. He makes clear that the next attack is approaching immediately and that this time not only twenty-four hostile ships will come. Apparently Bostich has done a good job of preparatory works after his one-to-one conversation with Bull, because all the councilors agree.

On the 30th of January the expected attack occurs. Sinnafoch leads a fleet of 2400 units, comprised of various class sizes, against ITHAFOR. His flagship is the DQ-battle tower CRESSOR consisting of several coupled together battle lights. Sinnafoch is confused when the Terran ships withdraw without a fight. However, then three MOTRANS-Transmitters begin operation, and a neverending stream of huge cube ships are spit out - these are fragment ships of the Posbis which belong to the Galactic fleet. In the end there are fifty thousand fragment ships, as well as several squadrons of Terran spherical ships and Arkonide GWALON battleships. The battle lights encircle and destroy hundreds of them, but numerous units of the battle lights are stopped and boarded. In the end the same occurs to the CRESSOR, with which Sinnafoch wanted to ram into the Distributor depot in a last desperate suicide action. The Terrans capture the Frequency Apostle for the second time and CRESSOR explodes at a safe distance from the ITHAFOR.

Bull has to convince himself of the fact that he really has the believed dead Sinnafoch in his hands again, because the corpse of the Vatrox is still in a cold storage room. Because the Frequency Monarchy has a base in Andromeda where the Masters of the Island ruled long ago, Bully holds the suspicion that the enemy could possibly be in the possession of Multiduplicators…

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2515 - Operation Hathorjan
Operation Hathorjan
Rainer Castor

Atlan is now the Special Representative of the Galacticum for Solar Transmitters. His mission is to locate as many Lemurian sun transmitters as possible for the New Galacticum and reactivate them, as the plans to build a galaxy-wide network of transmitters will continue after the departure of TRAITOR. In recent decades, Atlan, who is on the way with his Solonium Hypertact cruiser ATLANTIS, has for example discovered a previously unknown transmitter in the middle of a hyperstorm zone, the Vengil Trio. His crew consists of members of many Galactic nations, including Lingam Tennar and his undisciplined children Icho and Fancan.

Atlan is called to Aurora by Reginald Bull and Imperator Bostich to be informed that he is receiving command of Operation Hathorjan. Its goal is to advance into Andromeda, because there must be a base (if not the center of power) of the Frequency Monarchy there. With the JULES VERNE Atlan is to go to the companion galaxy and activate a sun transmitter there to make a connection to the Milky Way – it has not succeeded so far from the Milky Way side. Then a Galactic fleet will follow, as the meeting place is set for Chemtenz. Plan B provides that the fleet will move to Andromeda by way of the ZUET-80. The platform was not destroyed by TRAITOR, and could be put back in operation, so it is to accompany the JULES VERNE to Andromeda.

The JULES VERNE starts with a largely new crew under the command of Colonel Tristan Kasom ( Gucky also takes part in the expedition) on January 19, 1463 NGE , followed by the ZEUT-80. The ATLANTIS is on board. The barbell ship is transmitted by the Kharag-Sun Dodecahedron in Omega Centauri to the Zhaklaan Triangle in galaxy Qoor, offshore of the Andromeda galaxy. From the central computer ZHAKLAAN Atlan learns the position of a sun transmitter within Andromeda, whose name he has heard before. It is the Holoin Pentagon, and it is considered a restricted area. The ZHAKLAAN transmitter can not raise this because it shows non-Lemurian changes.

While ZEUT-80 remains on station, the JULES VERNE flies to the 575,651 light-years distant Holoin-Pentagon which they arrive near on January twentieth. HOL, the central computer of the planetary alignment planet, does not recognize Atlan’s command authorization. Only a person in the rank of Maghan (in other words, a Master of the Island ) is entitled to use the sun transmitter. When the JULES VERNE nevertheless approaches the planet, it activates a defense arrangement of the MdI and turns the whole area into a kind of space-time labyrinth from which the JULES VERNE can only escape with the help of Meta-runner’s White Room.

Now is the search for information comes into the foreground. The Tennars leave with the NAUTILUS II to search for the Haluters that had escaped from TRAITOR and gone to Andromeda. The JULES VERNE brings the NAUTILUS I to Thirdal , because the Star Listeners (the "woody" ancestors of the Charandides) might know something about the current situation in Andromeda.

That something is wrong in Andromeda, is clear when the JULES VERNE come upon a space battle on the way to Thirdal between Tefroders and Gaids. The barbell ship destroys the Gaids when attacked, but the Tefroders also flee. After the barbell has left the NAUTILUS I, it flies on towards Chemtenz...

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2516 - Die Tauben von Thirdal
The Doves of Thirdal
Leo Lukas

The NAUTILUS I under the command of Juwal Mowak approaches Thirdal, the planet of the Star Eavesdroppers. The “lignified ancestors” of the Charandides risen into the Nucleus have stayed behind there, and from them the Galactics hope to gain information about the current situation in Andromeda. A team lands with a Shift on the planet. Aboard is the colonial Terran Francinn Teseus-Chan. The young woman comes from the planet Chonosso, a world belonging to the Tarey Brotherhood, and has a predilection for numerology, Terran history - and, most of all, for the mousebeaver Gucky, who she has revered since earliest childhood. She has risked everything to be able to go with him to the mission. Gucky accepts this calmly and leads his team on January 22, 1463 NGE into the jungles of Thirdal, in which nothing more is to be seen of the peace and order which had ruled there approximately one hundred fifty years ago. Instead, nature is in disorder; eat and be eaten is the motto there. The Galactics are also attacked and must defend themselves against a strange butterfly swarm which seems to somehow turn around the laws of causality and soaks up energy from the protection screens. Gucky’s telekinesis and Francinn’s katana protect the team.

Meanwhile the NAUTILUS I is ordered by an unexpectedly emerging ship of the Gaids to vacate the system. It is supposedly a restricted area. Naturally the Galactics ignore the demand. The Gaids, who refuse to negotiate, attack the superior NAUTILUS I, which is forced to cripple the ship. The Gaid cylinder makes an emergency landing on Thirdal, which does not end in a catastrophe only due to the application of the tractor emitters of the NAUTILUS I. The Gaids immediately use Antigrav platforms to go on the search for Gucky’s team. The mousebeaver catches himself the hostile commander and interrogates him, however, only learns that the Gaid is considered dispensable because he was replaced at the moment of his kidnapping by another person who has the same name as him. He has no idea of why Thirdal is considered a restricted area.

Meanwhile Francinn has persuaded her colleague, the Kamashite Perme Umbrar, to take the herb called Third. This plant was used by the Charandides as a drug and stands in close connection with their ability of the "listening". Under the influence of the drug Umbrar actually gets contact with the last star eavesdroppers, but they press him so stormily on the mental plane that he is almost killed. Gucky must intervene. He also takes some of the psi-active drug. Because he} is para-gifted and carries a cell activator, he deals with it better. He convinces the star eavesdroppers to release Umbrar. He finds out that the star eavesdroppers have lost the greatest part of their abilities and not contain the nature of Thirdal any more. They were torn one last time from their resignation and lethargy by the contact with Umbrar and Gucky. They point out to the mousebeaver what they could last still perceive of Andromeda. So Gucky gets to learn of the existence of a net which pulls through the galaxy like a melody and contains twenty » bright tones «. There is a kind of knot in this net that Gucky perceives in the form of a dark-fiery sky wheel vibrating on all frequencies.

The star eavesdroppers wish to reach this object. Gucky makes it possible for them, as he places a part of his mental substance at their disposal. He is also ready to leave behind his body and follow them there, but it does not come to that. Gucky’s companions knock him unconscious and flee with the Shift to the NAUTILUS I, which leaves the system immediately, because the Gaids had called in reinforcements. During the flight to Chemtenz Gucky rages through the ship for a day in his drug intoxication and does all kinds of nonsense – and the next day he has an enormous hangover.

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2517 - Die Prototyp-Armee
The Protoype Army
Arndt Ellmer

After a short visit to Chemtenz, the vain attempt to activate the Gercksvira Pentagon and setting down the NAUTILUS II at Halpat, the JULES VERNE heads for the Multika Duo. This Sun Transmitter comes not from the Lemurers, but was built by the Solar Engineers on order of the Masters of the Island. At the beginning of the 25th century the crew of the CREST III had destroyed four Multi-duplicators on the adjustment planet there. Now a diffuse field of some type lies over the old facilities and prevents any detection. Therefore, a task force led by Atlan lands on the planet on January 25, 1463 NGE. The soldiers are very much surprised when ten old one thousand eight hundred meter ships of the Tefroders, which were mothballed in subterranean hangars suddenly launch. The ships attack the JULES VERNE, but have no chance against the superior modern ship, which is on top of that enhanced with the Meta-runner aggregates. Indeed, the barbell ship does not even have to deliver a shot, because the Tefrodian spherical ships are manned exclusively by Duplos, which are obviously faulty. Security features installed by the Master of the Island become active and release the self-destruction of the ten ships.

The landing party finds out what has been happening on the planet: The Frequency Monarchy is on site and has found other functioning Multi-duplicators in hidden halls which had not been discovered at that time by the Terrans. By order of the Vatrox Ruitort, the Okrivar scientists have duplicated various prisoners. One of them is the Tefroder Weisnech, while the others are several beings from the short, but otherwise humanoid people of the Tlunx. The Tlunx used to be warlike, however, were pacified by a Guardian of the Light and have since developed various Para-gifts. They were kidnapped from their home planet and are to serve the Frequency Monarchy for the construction of a sort of mutant corps. As it turns out, Ruitort’s plans fail disastrously: The Multi-duplicators cannot be switched off any more and spit out uncontrollable Weisnech-Duplos by the thousands, which immediately begin to attack. Ruitort’s Darturka soldiers are not up to facing their superior strength and they are overrun.

The mission team from the JULES VERNE intervenes in the battles, but cannot prevent that almost all the Darturkas are killed. In view of the defeat many clones also commit suicide. Ruitort flees with his battle light after destroying the greater part of the old Master of the Island base. The Multi-duplicators are also destroyed. All the Duplos die, for templates were possibly faulty as a result of the raised hyperimpedance. The Galactics succeed in saving the original Tlunxs. The thankful small fellows help Captain Semwat Lenz of the landing troops fulfill, a special mission. Lenz is the descendant of the space soldier Stanislaw Lenz, who been killed in the twenty-fifth century in the adjustment world. The family knew that Stanislaw Lenz had left something on the planet, but none of his descendants had ever succeeded in traveling to Andromeda - till present. Dork, one of the Tlunxes, helps discover a memory crystal hidden by Lenz at that time. His descendant attaches a plaque commemorating all those who died at that time at the spot the crystal was discovered.

The Multika-Sun Transmitter is activated on January thirtieth. With it, the JULES VERNE wants to go to the Holoin Pentagon, which could not be approached "from the outside". Atlan theorizes that access is not closed "from the inside". The Tlunxes are still aboard, and are to be brought back to their homeland when possible.

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2518 - Patrouille der Haluter
Haluter Patrol
Christian Montillon

Lingam Tennar is travelling to Halpat with the NAUTILUS II under the command of Lieutenant-colonel Ohliver Allegrement. That is where approximately three thousand Haluters which had fled before TRAITOR had settled. Because they live in self-chosen isolation, they know nothing about the current conditions in Andromeda. They are told to search out Sturben Rager, a Haluter who is traveling because of a pressure urge phase. When the NAUTILUS finds him, he is in the midst of a battle against cylinder ships of the Gaids, with his spherical ship. These flee when the Galactics emerge. Rager informs them that the Gaids seem to be attacking worlds at random. One is of them is the strategically unimportant Tefroder settled planet Donure. Fancan and Icho, Lingam Tennar’s offspring, secretly go with Rager’s ship and fly with him to Donure. Meanwhile, Icho is having the first pressure urge of his life. Lingam, who is not pleased with the rebelliousness of his children, follows them with the NAUTILUS II.

When Rager tries to catch one of the satellites which have been brought by the Gaids into orbit of Donure, he ends up in a trap, because the satellites are only bait. Gaid ships attack. Meanwhile the Galactics of the NAUTILUS II find out that Gaid ships are stationed in the Curomia system, which they had not known about until now. They are scanning in the 6-D range. Lingam Tennar leads a raiding party onto the planet, intervening in the fighting between Tefrodian settlers and Gaid members of the occupying forces. Both sides have been struck by tiny parasites who among other things, connect with the brain of the infected. Lingam Tennar is also struck by the parasites. Actually the parasites are a component of a collective swarm intelligence which was attracted by the 6-D scanning of the Gaids. These beings evolve by the connection with intelligent beings, and in the Haluter - which is fitted out with two brains - they have found a particularly rich victim. They are raised by the contact with him onto a completely new evolutionary step.

But the parasites do not want to harm the Haluter. They instead show him their gratitude, while they teleport him himself and most of the members of his mission team, as well as the survivors of a battle group led by the Tefroder Trascho Pesbyn to security, as a warehouse occupied by the Gaids is blowing up. After the swarm has disappeared into the depths of the universe, the Galactics also withdraw. They cannot help the Tefroders, which rush immediately again into the battle. The NAUTILUS II arrives in time to save Rager, as well as both Tennar’s children from the Gaids. Rager joins the Galactics. On the way to Chemtenz, where the NAUTILUS II arrives on February 2, 1463 NGE to rendezvous with Atlan.

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2519 - Die Sonnen-Justierer
The Sun Adjusters
Arndt Ellmer

On January 30, 1463 NGE the JULES VERNE travels through the Multika-Sun transmitter to the Holoin Pentagon. The barbell spaceship therefore comes "from inside" and dos not end up in the trap system of the Masters of the Island, but is instead led by a tractor ray to the adjustment planet. There Atlan is identified on account of his cell activator chip as a Maghan by the station computer HOL and receives unrestricted power of command over the whole facility. The scientists immediately get down to work, because the suns of the pentagon transmitter must be readjusted, before a connection with the Zhaklaan Trio in the small galaxy Qoor can be produced. Atlan finds out that the space time labyrinth was established originally by Paddlers for the Masters of the Island, but works unreliably.

While the adjustment work proceeds, the JULES VERNE explores the Bengar spherical star cluster. There powerful units of the Frequency Monarchy are actually on the way, and thousands of battle lights are located. The center of their activities seems to be the Hades Dark Cloud. Besides, it is found out that Gaids and Tefroders are fighting each other in several battle zones. In the Kraltmock system the JULES VERNE reunites with the NAUTILUS I and the NAUTILUS II. New knowledge is exchanged. Then on the fifteenth of February the first contingent of the Galactic fleet materializes there. The main part consists of one thousand five hundred POSBI BOXES. In addition the MOTRANS platform MYLES KANTOR, five PONTOON tenders, twenty Terran ultrabattleships, thirty Arkonide GWALON-ships (including Keon'athor Gaumarol Ta-Metzat), twelve Haluter ships and twelve large cylinders of the Mehandor arrive. Most of the ships fly on to Gleam where a base is to be established. Chemtenz is guarded by twenty-five Fragment ships, and the remainder follows the JULES VERNE to the Holoin-Sun Transmitter.

There, numerous Gaid ships appear within a short time, some of which fall into the labyrinth trap. At last, on the twenty-first of February contact is produced between Holoin and Zhaklaan. Two thousand Pobi BOXES arrive and throw themselves into the battle, but the Gaids also receive reinforcements. And on the twenty-third of February, three thousand other Gaid-ships as well as six hundred battle lights appear. The Galactics conclude that the Gaids have become an aiding race of the Frequency Monarchy.

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2520 - Grenzgängerin des Schleiers
Border crosser of the Veil
Hubert Haensel

Shortly after his arrival in NEO-OLYMP, Perry Rhodan deactivates the transfer chimneys of the Polyport-Court, in order to protect it against enemy access. He exchanges information with Administrator Whistler and gets himself an overview of the situation in the Stardust system, visits the still unconscious Ras Tschubai in the Medo-clinic, is led through the administration facility and also looks around the Stardust-rock needle. When he touches one of the command buttons of one of the cage transmitters there (he chooses the number 1971 - the year of his moon-landing) which belongs to the second galactic puzzle, the cages are suddenly activated – they have obviously been waiting for Perry Rhodan to show up.

Meanwhile the situation in the Far Away spherical star cluster quickly comes to a climax after the breakdown of the Sextadim veil. Sionis, a base world of the Border Crossers of the Veil, is attacked by battle lights of the Frequency Monarchy. These ships use gravitation bombs to push through the remains of the veil; apparently they have been trying this for some time now. Darturkas invade the station, steal all the data stored in the Positronics and depart again. Conail Skali, a Border Crosser of the Veil, survives the slaughter. She is a scientist, not fighter, but she must face off against an injured Darturka who was left behind by his comrades. She prevails, but hurts herself in the process. She is saved later by space soldiers of Stardust mankind.

Battle lights and Darturkas also appear on the planetoid P-17-25-1463 - more exactly said: They must already have slumbered for a long time inside of the planetoid and were now aroused. It comes to a battle, and Dr. Kom Agonis and his partner Vacucha Sabo escape with the PROSPERO. They take up a waiting position at some distance to observe further and inform the Stardust system about them. On Cataract, Amethyst City finally materializes, so that the wasp like spaceships and the ground troops which have been observed already previously there can leave the city. They attack the Prophets of the Cities and the fortune hunters who have assembled there, and immediately try to get into space. There they are intercepted by units of the Stardust fleet. Miklant, the wife of the Unither Makron, is one of those killed.

When the news about the attacks arrives, Whistler asks Rhodan for help, because Stardust mankind has gotten used to the peace and cannot react properly without experienced leadership. From his controller Rhodan gets the news that a second Polyport-Court in Far Away has activated. Rhodan wants to approach this court now with a mixed association of ships from the Stardust fleet. Meanwhile, he has deciphered a cartouche in the hall of the galactic puzzle: It shows the schematic representation of the galaxy in which Far Away is. It is a ring galaxy with an outside diameter of two hundred twenty thousand light years, which once collided with another nebula of stars. Far Away lies approximately forty-eight thousand light years below the ring.

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2521 - Kampf um KREUZRAD
Battle for CROSS WHEEL
Michael Marcus Thurner

On January 22, 1463 NGE MIKRU-JON reaches the solar system , in which the recently activated Polyport-court is located long before the units of the Stardust fleet because they have to avoid a hyperstorm. Lexa Stuart gives the court the name CROSS WHEEL because of its appearance. The structure has a diameter of seven kilometers. The transfer deck is located in the hub of the four six hundred meter diameter spokes emanating from it. This structure is unusual for a Polyport-court, and it seems as if the whole structure was built around the original court.

An explosion in one of the spokes is observed. All the debris is sent into space, along with living beings. They are Darturkas and spherical shaped cyborgs. Obviously the Frequency Monarchy is trying to conquer the station and the other, unknown force, is resisting. At Perry Rhodan’s command MIKRU-JON saves both groups. At that moment, leaving two ships consisting of several spherical segments hooked together like pearl necklaces leave the detection protection of the sun. Rhodan speaks with the cyborgs. The spokesperson Protector Warhl, a slightly more communicative fellow, is ready to accept Rhodan and his companions as allies after a DNA test proves them to be human. However, the Protector will not immediately tell Rhodan how he knows about humans and Perry Rhodan in particular, already. Wahrl reports that the Dartuks control the transfer deck and therefore have a constant supply of fighters. Meanwhile, the defenders have orders not to damage the Polyport-court.

Rhodan, Sean Legrange and Stuart Lexa go to CROSS WHEEL with Protector Warhl and meet Chief Protector Bellyr , a being in a humanoid, spiked armor. Bellyr says that he and his kind - the Body Keepers the Bodiless Ones - are looking for their ancestors. "The Brother," a being "more" than Bellyr’s people, gave them permission to use the Polyport network. But in return, they promised "The Brother" to support the Terrans. The foreigners were only able to reach CROSS WHEEL with their pearl sphere ships after the collapse of the Sextadim-veil; a little later, the Darturkas appeared. The Monarch forces are inexorably winning the fight. Rhodan wants to block the transfer chimneys with his controller, but he is too far away. He develops a plan to get closer and at the same time lure the Frequency Follower Tonnvar, who leads the Monarchy attack, into a trap. The Vatrox ends up being killed at the same time as Rhodan is able to block the transfer chimneys. Thus the Darturkas are cut off from new supplies, but they continue to fight fiercely. Lexa gets in deep trouble during the battle and is rescued by Legrange. As Warhl’s metal sheath is destroyed, his white, amoeba-like body with two green eyes falls out. Rhodan recognizes that the alien cyborgs are Elfahders, although they do not speak Sothalk. Rhodan saves the amoebic being from death in the firefight. The Darturkas finally retreat and begin a waiting game.

On January 24, 1463 NGE the Stardust squadron finally arrives. Rhodan gives a controller each to Legrange and Lexa. They should remain on CROSS WHEEL and secure the station, while Rhodan flies back with MIKRU-JON to Aveda. Rhodan demands that Bellyr come along with his flagship ELFA. Rhodan knows that the silence of the Elfahders may not be only due to the strange way that they think. He hopes that Bellyr will break his silence when he learns more about the humans.

A message suddenly arrives from the Stardust system. Ras Tschubai/Fellmer Lloyd has woken up and asked for Rhodan. He claims that ES is in great danger.

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2522 - Winter auf Wanderer
Winter on Wanderer
Uwe Anton

On the day of arrival of the units of the Stardust fleet at CROSS WHEEL, Perry Rhodan returns to Aveda, to listen to what Ras Tschubai, who came out of his coma, has to say. The teleporter is also home to the consciousness of the telepath Fellmer Lloyd inside his body and is thus a Concept. He was released - like many other former mutants from the pool of consciousness of the superintelligence ES - and sent out to look for Perry Rhodan, in order to bring him to Wanderer. It would be possible to do so with a teleportation jump, for ES has given him the power to do so, but he can only take one person. When he refuses to disclose any further information, Perry Rhodan and Mondra Diamond have finally had enough of the secrecy typical for ES. That Rhodan also no longer feels to really know his old friend is not at all a soothing thought. Rhodan refuses to accompany the sickly and weak Ras, easily warding off the teleporter, as he repeatedly tries to kidnap Rhodan. Ras finally concedes that there is still another way to reach Wanderer, and they are soon on the way with MIKRU-JON to the smoke dome, under which the island Talanis hides. Mondra may come along, since she is the "mother" of ES. Icho Tolot remains with Whistler, who he has formed a bond with and wants to support in the current situation with the Stardust system.

On Talanis dying butterflies are observed. One of them touches Rhodan, thereby gaining new strength. The companions pass through a portal in a temple that grows large enough to let through even MIKRU-JON. They land on Wanderer, and discover that winter has sent in there. Piet Rawland and Homunk greet Rhodan, and all the other mutants who have searched for Rhodan appear, touch each other and dissolve, donating their vital energy to stabilize Ras / Fellmer, who clearly becomes strengthened. Homunk refuses to answer any questions about Delorian Rhodan. Then Rhodan meets with the elderly man who is one of the avatars of ES. The super-intelligence says he is dying and needs Rhodan’s help. For reasons of confidentiality Rhodan is again faced mainly with cryptic remarks, which Rhodan complains about. ES tells Rhodan that if he told Rhodan everything, then they would all be in danger. Perry recognizes that it is just like when he kept information from everyone else before his confrontation with KOLTOROC and comes to accept that the secrecy is in fact necessary.

ES informs Rhodan that he is having trouble holding onto his whole thickness concentration at one time because the local group and Far Away are so distantly separated. The super-intelligence will in the foreseeable future need vast amounts of mental energy, in order to avoid being torn apart. When Rhodan accuses him of having planned to use Stardust humanity for this all along, ES informs him that they would not have been nearly enough. Rhodan has no choice but to agree to help ES, because no doubt is left that rival superintelligences would appropriate the thickness concentration if it became orphaned and this would not be done gently. In addition, as ES’ main helping race, Mankind would be destroyed.

Rhodan receives at least a portion of the information needed for his task, as ES sends Rhodan back in time. He finds himself suddenly in 2402 AD and on the KC-38, a tender of the CREST III, on its way in Andro-Beta. At that time ES had appeared with a prophecy in which the end of a great race is predicted, and Icho Tolot proposes the establishment of a base on the planet Gleam. Rhodan is then transported to the base on Gleam, where Maahks (possibly Shadow-Maahks) and Terrans are active, but cannot see him. He writes a message in a wall with his disintegrator and leaves behind a memory disk with information, and then he is brought back to Wanderer. There, Rhodan discovers that forty-five days have passed in his absence, and the date is now March 10, 1463 NGE. Mondra has become a nervous wreck by now and fervently welcomes him back.

In a second interview with ES Rhodan learns that the Frequency Monarchy has been around for millions of years, in a cycle like with cicadas, and always following a period of decline, when the hyperimpedance rises. They exploit all the races along the Polyport network for their purposes. It always takes time to develop the power needed for this, because they "must" start virtually from scratch every time they awake. This time, however, there has been a further delay: their PARALOX ARSENAL was stolen during their last sleep cycle. Rhodan is told that the weapon is so powerful that it could destroy a whole galaxy. It will be his job to find this weapon before the Frequency Monarchy does. ES can also use it to restore his health. The job of Stardust humanity, whose galaxy Far Away is actually named Anthuresta, is to work on ES’ behalf. Anthuresta is the source of the Polyport network. The Sextadim veil was meant to give Stardust humanity a headstart on building itself up and it was planned from the outset that the veil would dissolve at the very same moment in which Rhodan selected the NEO-OLYMP station as his destination.

It is clear that Rhodan’s next target is located in Andromeda, where the Frequency Monarchy has its Hibernation worlds, according to ES’ information. ES warns Rhodan that the still unknown enemy of the Frequency Monarchy, who stole the PARALOX ARSENAL, is not necessarily automatically a friend of Mankind. As for his son, when Rhodan asks ES where Delorian is, the super-intelligence proclaims to know no Delorian...

After ES dismisses Rhodan and retreats into a resting coma, Homunk hands Rhodan a new controller and shows him that there is a Polyport-court on Wanderer. He can use it to travel to Andromeda. Ras / Fellmer, now in full possession of his powers, will stay with Rhodan to provide reinforcement. When MIKRU-JON then goes through the Polyport network to Andromeda, the group appears in the middle of a battle between two groups of Maahks fighting for the Polyport-court there…

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2523 - Am Rand von Amethyst
On the Edge of Amethyst
Christian Montillon

Icho Tolot has stayed behind in the Stardust system to support Timber F. Whistler. He joins Captain Eritrea Kush, who is in command of a company of the 3rd Stardust-Space Landing Division, which protects a part of the front at Amethyst City. A deadlock has occurred there: The spaceships of the strangers have been intercepted by the Stardust fleet, and all of Amethyst lies under Paratron-bolting fields which are generated by two battle cruisers of the ARES class, but the strangers have also established protective screens and, moreover, continuously receive new supplies materializing in Amethyst City. It is observed that they are building something. Whistler cannot allow that a new menace might originate there. Therefore, Tolot and Kush undertake the first attempt to penetrate to the invaders. The Paratron screen is deactivated, the cruisers shooting down the protective field of the strangers, and Icho Tolot and Eritrea Kush lead her troop on the attack. Icho Tolot has given the order to avoid victims on the side of the opponents as far as possible.

At least one of the invaders comes to respect the Stardust soldiers because of this order. Kardo Tarba, a Jaranoc and the leader of the ten thousand strong Fourth Jara Division, is clear that the humanoids would only need to have their spherical spaceships shoot at his people’s base to extinguish all the Jaranocs. They have not done this up to now in spite of their own losses, and moreover only paralysis weapons were used in the new storming attack. And, in the end, the humanoids are not the real enemy of the Jaranocs. Therefore, he orders his own men to proceed accordingly and use no deadly weapons. He still wants to fulfill his order with all means: protect the building site of the Hyperdim-Perforator. The Jaranocs come not from Amethyst City, but only use this to be able to reach Cataract from another location. They are pressed for time, because the city will soon move on to its next location.

Although it looks at first as if Icho Tolot and Eritrea Kush’s troops have a real chance to penetrate up to the building site, in the end the opposition of the Jaranocs turns out to be too strong. Not even the Haluter can change this, and finally the storming attack must be broken off when the strangers call over aerial support. The troops of Stardust humanity withdraw, and the screen fields are established again.

During the investigation of a wasp ship that had fallen beyond the protective screen dome, the ship explodes. Twelve Stardust soldiers die, and some others become seriously injured. Eritrea Kush is also wounded, but is soon back on her feet.

In search of an alternative way to the building site of the strangers Icho Tolot tries a transmitter connection from the Stardust-rock needle. Only a fraction of the possible destinations available with the cage transmitters that came to life with Perry Rhodan’s arrival have been investigated, and Tolot rightly supposes that one of the counterstations is within the protective fields established by the invaders. The transmitter stands in a hall under the planet’s surface, so that Tolot, Captain Kush and a small mission troop can really approach the building site. Already on the way the intruders can recognize that a bigger, five hundred forty meter long version of the familiar wasp shaped ship is being built. Detections prove that the ship is probably already finished.

The mission troop is discovered in spite of their deflectors. At the same time Amethyst City disappears. Due to the energy chaos linked with it all technology temporarily dies. The members of the mission troop flying to the building site fall and two soldiers die as a result of this. Icho Tolot still gives the order to penetrate to the wasp ship.

It comes to a battle between the Jaranocs defending the wasp ship and the mission troop of Stardust humanity. Moreover, the cruisers of Stardust humanity once more take the protective fields of the Jaranocs under bombardment. While the fighting continues, Kardo Tarba gives the order to begin the Hyperdim-Perforator. The wasp ship dissolves - it "launches". Again the Stardust soldiers must withdraw, their work unfinished. Kardo Tarba allows this as his sense of honor requires it of him. VATROX-VAMU can be content with his soldiers anyway, because the Hyperdim-Perforator was finished on time and brought to safety. Kardo Tarba decides to challenge the gigantic, four-armed fighting colossus that supported the humanoids to a duel as soon as possible.

Timber F. Whistler has received a new bad piece of news. Twelve battle lights of the Frequency Monarchy are approaching the Stardust system. The fleet has no hope against them. In this situation Tolot decides to activate one of the cartouches in the Stardust-rock needle, which the scientist Lira Weiluna had pointed him out. The symbol shows twenty-two circularly arranged stars, which represent the Stardust system. When the Sextadim-veil around the galaxy disappeared, a sketched line appeared on the system cartouche, surrounding it. As soon as Tolot touches the symbol, a new Sextadim veil forms around the system, which the battle lights now get stuck in.

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2524 - Der Sturmplanet
The Storm Planet
Leo Lukas

A stalemate has appeared at Holoin Pentagon. Hundreds of battle lights and three thousand Gaid cylinder ships besiege the system, but the fleet of the Galactics is still secure behind the space time labyrinth. Even the ships of the Frequency Monarchy cannot overcome this trap system as it turns out, when ten battle lights which were sent on ahead as a test on February 24, 1463 NGE get lost in it. Enough reinforcements eventually arrive that time would still remain for the Galactics even in the most unfavorable case to flee through the Sun Transmitter, so Atlan can permit himself to draw off a part of his own armed forces to investigate the Hades-dark cloud. The arrivals have also delivered Atlan a A-class controller, with greets from Blo Rakane. With the JULES VERNE, one thousand five hundred Posbi Fragment ships, one hundred LFT BOXES, two PONTON tenders, two LFT-Explorer ships and ten ultra-giants, Atlan flies first to the planet Multika on which the base Multika Alpha has been constructed. The JULES VERNE flies on from out of there alone via Coffoy and the Atrun system in the direction of Hades.

Aboard is the scientist Iris Shettle from the Charon Cloud. Atlan is glad to have her aboard because she comes up with the theory that back in the day, the CREST III had been able to move with ten percent of the speed of light in the area of Hades' because microscopically small hypercrystals are embedded in the dust masses of the dark cloud, by which the structure of hyperspace is affected. He also wants her t keep an eye on Gucky, who he has been worried about since the affair with the star eavesdroppers of Thirdal. However, the mousebeaver seems completely his old self again and requires no nanny.

As it turns out, Coffoy (where a Maahk base should be) has apparently been hastily evacuated. In the Atrun system settled by the Tefroders the Galactics have more luck. An attack of the Gaids was recently beaten off there. Atlan and Gucky are asked to a banquet by the Tefroder Admiral Meruv Tatur. The Arkonide and the mousebeaver get not only some boxes with Tefrodian delicacies, but also information. The Tefrodian empire was weakened, according to Tatur’s opinion, by fragmentation, and the Virth Jarron Thabaron reacts only hesitantly to the attacks of the Frequency Monarchy and the Gaids. The Maahks have withdrawn decades ago from the galactic stage of Andromeda because of internal problems. In the sphere of influence of the Gaids new suns have supposedly appeared and passed again in the shortest time.

On the 26th of February the JULES VERNE arrives at the Hades-dark cloud. Hostile ships are on the way everywhere. Iris Shettl’s theories are confirmed, but the JULES VERNE nevertheless reaches a speed of twenty-five percent of light, so that it can make hyperlight stages. Its destination is an area of particularly strong hyperactivities around which the hyperenergetically loaded dust masses of the dark cloud circle. When the JULES VERNE appears on the fourth of March near this area, it bumps into a hornet’s nest. At least five thousand battle lights are protecting a planet which the JULES VERNE cannot even reach using the ATG drive: the enemy can locate the "backwash" of swirling hypercrystals which the barbell pulls after itself. With the help of the Meta-runner technology the JULES VERNE is able to shake off its pursuers.

Then the Galactics fly to hyperactivity-abnormality three hundred seventy-three light years away which is evidently either being ignored by the Frequency Monarchy or was not discovered yet - the scientists of the JULES VERNE only became attentive of it due to the use of the Meta-sensors with this zone. The values cause them to suppose that there are large amounts of hypercrystals similar to Salkrit there, which would be of inestimable value for the Galactics. Iris Shettle discovers a violently storm tossed, faintly Earthlike world in their destination, which she christens with the name Eurydice. Gucky esperts the primitive intelligent beings, which use the storms as a form of locomotion, and whose religion forces a pilgrimage to a certain location upon them.

The Galactics decide to land just there. They find hundreds meter of high ruins and innumerable plant beings which resemble tumbleweeds. These beings, the Gurmaer, virtually consist of psi-material saturated air and live on crystallized Psi-matter (comparable with Salkrit or Altrit) in the atmosphere of Eurydice. Their pilgrimage goal is the mummy of a being from which they believe to all be descended. This being has the form of a fifty meter tall, upright going whale (possibly of the same race as the statue found on Cataract in issue 2508).

The scientists take a sample from the mummy. Then the JULES VERNE must flee, because ships of the Gaids appear by Eurydice. They do not pursue the barbell ship.

On the eleventh of March, with the first orientation stop outside of Hades, the scientists present their results from their examinations. The whale mummy is approximately ten million years old, and psionically loaded gold molecules are a component of the basic structure of this being – similar to the Inyodur from the Gold system of Charon whose remnants are the single known source of Salkrit. Suddenly the alarm is given: eighteen enormous Gaid cylinders have emerged and encircled the JULES VERNE, but do not immediately attack…

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2525 - Mit den Augen der Gaids
With the Eye of the Gaids
Wim Vandemaan

Eighteen great battle ships of the Gaids have encircled the JULES VERNE. However, unlike other ships of this race that thy have met recently, the Gaids do not attack. Instead, Daore Hapho, commander of the ZHANVOU, makes radio contact with the Galactics and asks to be allowed to come aboard with four companions. Atlan and the Xenopsychologist Sári Várady receive the delegation. One of Hapho’s companions is Cerdo Perisa, a very old Gaid who can move only with the help of an exoskeleton. He tells the Galactics his history, which explains at the same time how the Gaids have become the aiding race of the Frequency Monarchy.

At one time Perisa was the greatest composer among the Gaidors. His special talent consisted of virtually bringing hypercrystals to sing. This career was suddenly ended by the hypershock of 1331 NGE in the middle of triumphantly running concert. Perisa entered the fleet into which he was asked because of his experience with hypercrystals. When the Terminal Column marched into Andromeda in 1344 NGE and announced the TRAITOR DIRECTIVE, he was badly wounded with the battle against the Traitanks which attacked Gaidor. He survived and brought the fleet of the Gaids safely through the TRAITOR era by his caution and his diplomatic skills. In 1360 NGE he had reached the rank of an admiral and settled a conflict with Tefroders and Maahks over the planet Ajoor, which all three laid claim to due to its being blessed with rich hypercrysatl deposits.

In 1448 NGE a battle light of the Frequency Monarchy landed on Gaidor. Frequency Follower Vastrear offered a trade to the Gaids, which was accepted. The Gaids had to grant a free hand to the Frequency Monarchy with the search for an important object in their territory and give them support support. As a wage for these services they received upgrades to all their technology. Perisa flew with Vastrear to the planet, Hibernation-3, lying in a dark cloud to satisfy himself of the fact that the Frequency Monarchy could make good on their promises. The absolute superiority of the strangers who casually handled form energy convinced him completely. With the technology placed at their disposal by the Frequency Monarchy the Gaids experienced an unexpected uplifting. They had to fear no other power in Andromeda anymore.

However, not all Gaids were satisfied with this development. In 1456 NGE Perisa’s son Dargu Guoschan lost his life when rebels committed an attack on a public event. Perisa survived once again, but had to constantly wear the exoskeleton afterwards - also because of a progressive physical decay from which he had already suffered for some time. His close friend in this time was Daore Hapho, the leader of the naval secret service and the companion in life of his son. As a result of the shock suffered with the attack Perisa recognized that he lacked the memories of one of his days spent on Hibernation-3. The secret service head also thought that something was not right: again and again individual Gaids and whole ships were disappearing without a trace. One day one of the disappeared people, a Gaid by the name of Phyndor Daoschdan ,who had been declared dead announced the conquest of the Tefroder world Onoph V in a caught message. Perisa proceeded there himself. In a wreck he discovered numerous identical looking Gaids - obviously clones. One of them was a younger copy of he himself. With this it was clear what the Frequency Monarchy had done to him that day on Hibernation-3.

Perisa informed the Chancellor of the Gaids of all this. Vastrear was confronted with this knowledge. He admitted openly that the Frequency Monarchy was cloning Gaids on the large scale, crewing whole naval groups and important positions in this way. All of this was supposedly for the best for the Gaids, for "originals" were hardly to be wasted in space battles, but only clones. However, many Gaids, including Perisa, began to ask themselves what they were actually fighting for. In 1461 NGE Perisa and Hapho decided to go underground. When security forces approached, that were to arrest Perisa, he fled by transmitter to the ZHANVOU, which joined other rebel's ships.

With this Perisa’s story is up to date. Atlan, who was sympathetic towards the Gaids from the beginning trusts him. An alliance is arranged and the Galactics get the coordinates of a secret rebel base. Atlan has won several pieces of knowledge: the Frequency Monarchy is hiding their Hibernation worlds from somebody, so they fear an enemy who is still more powerful. The technology of the Galactics is stil superior to what the Gaids use, which is regarded as the best of their whole galaxy. The Frequency Monarchy in Andromeda had such easy game because the most important races of this galaxy have not cooperated. Therefore it is fixed for Atlan that he must generate an arrangement between Gaids, Tefroders and Maahks, like a Galacticum in Andromeda. Contacts with the Tefroders and the Gaids were already made, therefore this leaves the Maahks. Now the Galactics must find out why this race has withdrawn so much from the galactic events.

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2526 - Die Gespenster von Gleam
The Ghosts of Gleam
Michael Marcus Thurner

The battle cruiser JESSE OWEN is sent by the RICHARD BURTON III to fly ahead of the Galactic fleet and reaches the planet Gleam in Andro-beta on February 28, 1463 NGE. Gleam was an important base in the Terran Andromeda campaign of the 25th Century. The huge naval base Power Center was also maintained by the LFT and been left with a permanent garrison of three hundred people, and now to be used in Operation Hathorjan. However, Power Station does not respond to the cruiser’s calls. Therefore, landing troops are deployed, which will test the waters. Major Lethem Shettle, who selects the young, inexperienced soldier Anais Berkoff as a personal aide, leads them. He has noticed the potential slumbering inside her and requires high performances from her to see if he should mentor her. In this way he wants to prepare her for bigger tasks.

The landing troops find the station partially reclaimed by nature. It was also recently the scene of fierce battles and looted. The station’s crew cannot be found. After some problems with the aggressive wildlife of Gleam, Anais finds a dead Maahk and feels, just like Shettle, a ghostly presence. The message from Perry Rhodan, who left it only a few minutes earlier, is found. The soldiers encounter fighting Maahks and pursue them, but the hydrogen breathers suddenly disappear without a trace. Instead, the Terrans come across "The Murderous Youth of the Seventh Prayer" - Twonosers that give a martial impression, but who reveal their inferiority as soon as any pressure is applied against them. They are quickly subdued. Since the hyper-impedance rise their race has been on the decline. They were plundering Power Center, but were not responsible for the destruction and the disappearance of the station crew. They just used a window of opportunity that they had found. The Terrans take them into custody and transport them out of the station.

Finally, backup systems of the station can be brought back into operation and the Maahks relocated. It turns out that they are chasing two other Maahks. The Terrans trap the Maahks in a hall, but one of the two pursued Maahks mysteriously dies. The second asks for asylum and offers important information about Perry Rhodan. Shettle is ready to protect him, but the other Maahks demand the surrender of the fugitive. Supposedly, the Maahks have "evacuated the station, " to save the people from the "dangerous renegades. " In fact, they are using the three hundred Terran hostages to gain free passage, after they ruthlessly shot and killed the last fugitive. In the process they almost kill Shettle. The Maahks leave the Tri-system with their ship hidden in the solar corona and without returning the hostages.

Power Center can now be taken over and repaired by the Galactics. The investigation of the three dead Maahks reveals nothing special, but the chief physician of the JESSE OWENS, suspects they could be Shadow Maahks. That would explain the uncompromising hostility of the other Maahks.

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2527 - Kleiner Stern von Chatria
The Little Star of Chtria
Arndt Ellmer

Atlan is following up indications, which he received from Admiral Meruv Tatur. New suns have been appearing in the sphere of influence of the Gaids within the shortest time and vanishing again. One of the places this is happening is the Sicatemo system on the edge of the Bengar star cluster. In this system a small red star appeared years ago without affecting the gravitational structure of the system. The Gaids forcibly occupied Chatria, the third planet, settled by Tefroders, some time later. Because Chatria is considered, in spite of the deposits of Altrit, to be an insignificant world, the Virth of Tefrod has not regarded it up to now as necessary to proceed against the occupation. Nobody knows what the Gaids are actually searching for in the Sicatemo system. Now Atlan prepares an attack, which is to be the first common action with the Tefroders and the free Gaids.

Eloa Nobili, a Tefroder living on Chatria, gives birth on the day of the appearance of the red star to her daughter Sativa, who she calls her little star, blessed with an especially high Sagh quotient. Since the arrival of the Gaids, the Nobilis have greatly suffered, just like all the other Chatria Tefroders: The Gaids destroy space stations and spaceships if their crews violate the rules set up by the Gaids and public life is restricted more and more. In the end the Tefroders must withdraw into underground cities, in which they are however, not safe for long. More and more Tefroders join a resistance movement, as does Satol, Eloa’s husband, and their son Tokul. One day Sativa meets her father in a secret nightly excursion, but something is not right. The man acts strangely - and he visually identical to other men working with him. The Chatria Tefroders learn that the Gaids have taken prisoners and either cloned them or reproduced them with Multi-duplicators. As it turns out, the Gaids evidently find what they are looking for in some mountains, for they collapse all the case in them with their retrieval process.

On March 22, 1463 NGE, Atlan attacks with approximately five thousand ships. The Gaids leave the planet and retreat from the system without performing any considerable resistance. Then the littel red star disappears and a gravitational wave appears. Then a single Gaid cylinder ship returns and radios the JULES VERNE. The Frequency Monarchy, the message says, will not accept any further interference by the Galactics. What now happens immediately afterwards, can be done anywhere the Monarchy desires; for example in the Sol system. The spaceship then disappears. Atlan suspects what will come now, and orders the withdrawal of the fleet from the system. Shortly after that Sicatemo goes nova, killing everyone left in the system, including Eloa and her little star...

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2528 - Transmitter-Roulette
Christian Montillon

The New USO is still investigating the TRAITOR Hunters. A hot trace leads to the Achati Uma (AU), a powerful Akonian company that sells transmitters everywhere in the Milky Way. There is an unambiguous correspondence between the activities of the AU and assassination attempts by the TRAITOR Hunters. In ninety percent of all the cases the AU was had visited the respective planet shortly before. After Ronald Tekener brings the two Mor'Daers and the Ganschkare which were saved by the USO on Zorbar II to a secret asylum planet, he tries to reach the environment of the AU company head Simul tan Harol undercover. In the identity of special investigator Aerga Egrega from the planet Neann Ocis he gets access to the LEMCHA OVIR, the mobile headquarters of the AU. He is supposedly there to solve a murder that was camouflaged as a transmitter accident – the fact that the transmitter involved was sold by the AU, is the single true detail is in this freely invented story.

In the LEMCHA OVIR, a five thousand two hundred meter long spaceship in the form of an halved ellipsoid whose construction reminds one of the artificial world Wanderer and that has been beautified on its surface by the Akones in memory of their destroyed home world Drorah, Tekener alias Egrega works with the AU security chief Belar tan Picas. This man must care for the smooth expiration of an important event: on February 20, 1463 NGE the newly developed chrysalis transmitter is to be presented to the public in the Virth system. These devices combine the functional manner of cage and arch transmitters, in a small device that has a range of five light years - a sensation for post hyperimpedance shock conditions. When Tekener tries in secret to enter the protected areas of the ship, he is attacked by three Akones and wounded. Belar tan Picas intervenes in the last second and saves the life of Tekener/Egrega. Two of the assassins are captured, while one is killed by Tekener/Efrega with a knife in the throat.

Belar tan Picas orders the trails of blood examined and finds out in this way that Egrega is actually a Terran. Nevertheless, he trusts him, because not later than when the assassins are murdered in their cell, it is fixed that something is rotten aboard the LEMCHA OVIR. He uses his high ranking code to get himself and Egrega entry to an area of the enormous ship which is normally taboo for even him. There the two find a hangar in which a battle cruiser stands and which is fitted out with a Situation transmitter. This makes it clear how the TRAITOR Hunters could attack form out of nowhere and disappear again afterwards without a trace. Simul tan Harol and some of his people discover the intruders and attack. Belar tan Picas calls over reinforcements. The TRAITOR Hunters flee and arrange a bloodbath when they fight their way out into the middle of the running off presentation, in order to use the chrysalis transmitter to escape. Only Simul tan Harol succeeds in this. Audemo tan Pinfrari, one of his accomplices, stays behind dying. With his last words he announces that the Akon-Torch cannot be stopped any more.

Two days later Tekener and Monkey discuss the newest events. Certainly, the USO confiscated the LEMCHA OVIR, but there is a sister ship which possibly still serves the TRAITOR Hunters as a base too. Nevertheless, Monkey can report that the Galacticum plans to award the descendants of the Terminal Column born in the Milky Way full civil rights.

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2529 - Der Weg des Vatrox
The Way of the Vatrox
Frank Borsch

Frequency Follower Sinnafoch, who has fallen into the hands of the Terrans during the second battle for ITHAFOR, is exposed in the protection of an ambient-suit to the hell world Oxtorne. There he joins the Oxtorner Steelion Hartok, one of three thousand pilgrims who travel in search of spiritual inspiration to the final resting place of Deshwan Jankoff. Before his death, Jankoff had won spiritual inspiration, which has become for some Galactics a kind of doctrine of salvation. They proceed on a difficult pilgrimage and renounce technical aids as far as possible during it. For Sinnafoch this journey becomes not only a physical challenge. His previous view of things is changed by the various dangers to which he is exposed on Oxtorne, and his conversations with Hartok, but most of all, by the friendly feelings which soon connect him with Hartok’s eight-legged Okrill Philip. Although it is clear to him that this situation must have been set up by the Terrans, he ignores the demand of his inductive cell to commit suicide, in order to become reborn on a Hibernation world of the Frequency Monarchy.

Sinnafoch prepares his escape, but unwittingly fulfills Reginald Bull’s plan with it. The League Secretary of Defense observes the pilgrim's train from the light cruiser DESERT SUN floating in orbit of Oxtorne. Bull hopes that Sinnafoch will lead him with his escape to a secret base of the Frequency Monarchy. Hartok is a TLS agent and supposed to guard Sinnafoch. But Hartok turns out to be unreliable. He was manipulated psychomechanically before his mission, so that he now believes himself to be a penal prisoner who is convinced of Jankoff’s theses. The manipulation was carried out too hastily, and in the end Hartok succumbs to Sinnafoch’s insinuations. The Oxtorner regards the Vatrox for a kind of Guardian of the Light whom he must join to be able to reach a higher goal. With Philip’s help Sinnafoch succeeds in causing chaos at the destination of the pilgrim's journey. The Okrill drives dangerous predators towards the pilgrims, so that a panic breaks out. In the appearing chaos Sinnafoch captures one of the ships prepared to take home the pilgrims. He also convinces Hartok to throw away his amulet, as a symbol of breaking completely with his old life. However, it turns out that the piece of jewelry is a radio beacon – Bull’s single possibility to follow Sinnafoch.

Because Bull is on the spot with only a single cruiser, he cannot possibly pursue all the small ships carrying pilgrims fleeing from Oxtorne. Sinnafoch escapes, with Hartok accompanying him.

Cosmogony of the Vatrox

The cosmogony (world birth teachings) of the Vatrox is revealed in the introductions to some chapters of this novel:

The Vatrox believe, to be born from and inspired by the Vamu as “true life”. In the age of the first hyperdepression these people appeared on the planet Vat and from their Vamu the bodiless entities VATROX-VAMU, VATROX-CUUR and VATROX-DAAG developed themselves. These entities watched over the Vatrox and collected more Vamu to create a new, almighty spirit being. But this being turned against its creators. Vat was devastated, and VATROX-CUUR and VATROX-DAAG had to flee. They took the Vatrox with them. VATROX-VAMU, the strongest of the trio, stayed behind to fight, but was overpowered. The new spirit being consumed VATROX-VAMU and took on its name. The Vatrox discovered a station of the Anthurianera and stepped into the services of these people. At the same time they tried to live in a new way and created themselves a refuge in Hathorjan.

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2530 - Der Oxtorner und die Mehandor
The Oxtorner and the Mehandor
Frank Borsch

Sinnafoch, Steelion Hartok and Philip have escaped from Oxtorne with a damaged space jet. Reginald Bull has lost their trail. They are taken up by Mehandors of the UHLM kinship and truthfully portray themselves as seekers. Patriarch Vandur and his crippled daughter Kithara do not trust the newcomers, but grant them sanctuary in the UHLM, the only ship of their kinship. The spaceship is almost two thousand eight hundred meters long and was extended over time by each Patriarch. Vandur is old and notices how his influence in the kinship is shrinking. Kithara, a woman with the body of an infant and head of an adult, is his only trusted confidant.

Sinnafoch uses his gift of Para-skulkling and the Okrill Philip’s superior forces to conquer the Main Bridge of the UHLM. They take some hostages, among others Vandur’s son Yemin. However, Vandur can block the ship’s controls. Sinnafoch wants to force Vandur to fly the UHLM to a certain point but the Patriarch cannot afford to show weakness. He wins the agreement of his kinship, when he calls for an attack. Unfortunately the attack fails - and Vandur also falls into Sinnafoch’s hands. Now nothing remains for the Mehandors, but to head for the given goal: The planet Oaghonyr, once the main world of the superintelligence ARCHETIM and today still the location of ARCHETIM’S CRECHE.

On the way Hartok, who has unconditionally followed Sinnafoch so far, notices a strange change occurring in him. Something inside seems to want follow the urge to give away the ship’s position to the League by hyperradio and betray Sinnafoch. Kithara observes the occurrence in the protection of a deflector and eggs on his conscience. The Oxtorner finally sends the message, and when the UHLM reaches the Oa-system, it is met by Bull’s LEIF ERIKSSON IV. Sinnafoch, however, still plays the one trump card up his sleeve: A DC Battle Light appears. The Terran Ultra-carrier ship is not able to stand against it, so Bull must flee.

When Sinnafoch wants to shift over to the battle light with a ship's boat, Kithara attacks him, but Philip overpowers her. Sinnafoch wants to kill her, but this sight brings Hartok’s conditioning to finally collapse. He tries to shoot at Sinnafoch but the Vatrox again uses the ability of Para-skulking to defeat him. Sinnafoch finally leaves the UHLM with Philip, but leaves Hartok and the Springers alive.

In the aftermath, Vandur gives up his position as Patriarch and Kithara becomes the new head of the kinship, having been the only one to find the courage to stand up against Sinnafoch. Meanwhile, Hartok leaves the League Service in order to find himself again. The Oxtorner and the Mehandor fly into the unknown with a space jet provided by Reginald Bull as a parting gift and apology for the botched up conditioning Hartok had received.

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2531 - Das Fanal
The Beacon
Marc A. Herren

Since the cabinetization of Drorah by the Terminal Column, something has changed in Akonian society. The power base of the Energy Command focused upon isolation does not exist any longer. Together with the Akonian home world nearly the entire old aristocracy disappeared, so that this social class also lost its influence. The Akones have certainly pulled closer to the other Milky Way races in the Galacticum, but it is still unclear, in which direction this splintered people, who have avoided the location of their greatest defeat for decades, will develop in the long run. Fragmentary groups like the TRAITOR-Hunters and the remnants of the aristocracy are plotting something. The Akon governing council has also been pursuing a top secret project for a long time, whose goal is not known to Reino tan Vitar, the head of the Energy Command. He meets with Ronald Tekener, the deputy head of the New USO on March 6, 1463 NGE in a casino on Adeksion. He uses this meeting to fake his death and then be able to work behind the scenes with the USO. The plan runs off runs differently than planned, because an unknown group interferes. It comes to a shooting, with which a chance acquaintance of Tekener’s is killed. This experience sits heavily upon the Smiler’s shoulders, because he feels responsible for the death of the young woman.

From tan Vitar Tekener learns that the sun Akon became unstable from the Terminal Column’s attack and will eventually go nova. In a few days Narvan tan Ra-Osar, the Akonian Ma'tam, is going to make a secret government project public. Dignitaries of all the Galactic races are invited into the Akon system for this purpose. One of them is Alaska Saedelaere, whom Tekener asks to support him and tan Vitar with their investigations. The mask bearer had disappeared after the departure of TRAITOR for ninety-five years long and told nobody what he had experienced in all that time. He has since then been carrying out investigations in the Waringer Academy and often confers with NATHAN. Tek found out that Alaska is particularly interested in the twelve former hypercocoons and the departure of the Motanas to Ahandaba. Alaska believes, that the event to occur in the Akon system could be an indication of changes, which he has expected since the time of his absence, and therefore agrees to help Tekener.

On March twenty-fifth it is time. Representatives of all the important Milky Way races meet with their spaceships in the Akon system. Bostich and Reginald Bull are personally there. Even ships of the Linguides and the Solmothes come. The sister ship of the LEMCHA OVIR also appears. The Ma'tam announces that the time of isolation is past. The Akonian race is ready to co-operate in partnership with the Galactic commonwealth of nations. A signal must be set, which will remind all of the 1.5 billion Akonians that disappeared ( and considered dead) with Drorah. Thereupon thirty-eight moons of the gas giant Yrsah explode and form characters. Against the background of the giant planet the name” Drorah “ is now to be read. But that is not yet everything. The plan intends that Yrsah will be transformed by purposeful manipulation involving Situation transmitters into a second sun, by which Akon will be stabilized again. The four larger moons of Yrsah are to be shifted first to another place. Alaska, Tek and tan Vitar observe the procedure from a guidance station.

But something goes wrong: The four moons remain where they are. Strangers manipulate the process and ensure the fact that further gas giants of the Blue system collide with Yrsah. They are to be shifted afterwards to Akon, so that the sun becomes a supernova within the shortest time. This Akon beacon is meant as an accusation against the Galacticum, which did not manage to protect Drorah at that time against TRAITOR. At the same time it is to be made impossible for the Akones to ever return again to their home system. That way they will be driven back into isolation. And not least, as many of the present dignitaries as possible will die in the process.

It is clear that only Achati Uma can be behind the attack, and that the terrorists must be steering everything from the sister ship of the LEMCHA OVIR, where a Situation transmitter must be located. Task forces of the Energy Command and the USO storm the tender. Tek and tan Vitar follow them, while Alaska stays in the guidance station. He wants to try to stop the program. Tek stops Simul tan Harol, whom he identifies and personally kills as responsible for the death of the young woman on Adeksion. IN the end the boarding crew stops the disaster from occurring by shutting down the Situation transmitter aboard the vessel.

Meanwhile the gas planets and moons collide with one another, but not with Akon. Fortunately, all the moons had been warned early enough to be evacuated. As originally planned, a second sun appears in eth Blue system, which stabilizes the stellar structure. The fact that everything runs safely is to be owed to the close co-operation of the Akonian and other Galactic - above all Arkonide - scientists. Narvan tan Ra-Osar uses this circumstance to make a second speech. The separatists have seemed to accomplish exactly the opposite of what they wanted to obtain, and the homeland system of the Akonen could soon again be settled.

With the hope that the old enmity between Akones and Arkonides are now settled, Tek and Alaska return to the LEIF ERIKSSON IV. The Smiler works through the feelings that his experiences have stirred up, by putting everything down in writing. The mask bearer, meanwhile, wants to continue his research in Terrania. He believes that something is going to happen very soon now...

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2532 - Michael Marcus Thurner
Death of a Maahk
Tod eines Maahks

The Polyport-court DARASTO in Andromeda, which Perry Rhodan and his companions as well as the disassembled spaceship MIKRU-JON have reached, is the scene of violent fighting between Shadow and fundamentalist Maahks. Though the fundamentalists do not behave especially friendly towards the newcomers (they immediately state their intention to take possession of MIKRU-JON), Rhodan nevertheless manages to meet with their commander Grek-1. Grek-1 reports that the Maahks are protecting their survival after the millenniums of battle and pursuit by recently organizing along the lines of decentralization. There is no single main world or such anymore, but many single ethnic groups, as well as generation spaceships that are flying to other galaxies. Only the decentralized supervision authority still has the grand overview, but nobody knows who belongs to it and where it is. Grek 1 provides no information about the Shadow-Maahks. A member of the decentralized supervision authority is supposed to soon arrive at DARASTO and decide on the destiny of the Terrans.

Rhodan has no intention of waiting that long. Though he still does not completely trust the being made of an amalgam of Ras Tschubai and Fellmer Lloyd that ES has provided him with (he theorizes that it is not even the real consciousness of his former friends at all, but copies), he still makes use of the Concept’s Psi-abilities. He has himself teleported into different areas of the court, while Lloyd is checking telepathically. They hunt down the Shadow-Maahk Grek-363 who is accompanied by the slightly simple-minded Acronis Perbo Lamonca. Grek-363 tells him that the fundamentalists are pitilessly pursuing the Shadow-Maahks in all of Andromeda. Until recently, DARASTO had been in the possession of the Shadow-Maahks, however, now the fundamentalists have taken over this shelter. The Shadow-Maahks had no chance, because they renounce force as far as possible. Grek-363 states that he can utilize DARASTO for the Terrans with Rhodan’s class A-controller if he can only succeed in reaching a central control desk.

Ras can help there. Three of them teleport into the Polyport-court control room. Grek-363 immediately begins the manipulation of a switching console. However, Ras teleports with Grek-363 and Rhodan back in MIKRU-JON before the end of the reprogramming, because Fellmer recognized that Grek-363 wants to tear full control of DARASTO to himself and pursue his own goals. Grek must admit that he wants to expel the fundamentalists and save his companion Grek-259, who is being held prisoner by the enemy. Now Rhodan also finds out that Grek-363 is a female Maahk. Obviously it has also become clear to the fundamentalists that Rhodan is working with the Shadow-Maahks, because they are preparing a trap. Grek-259 is to be executed. As the other inhabitants of DARASTO, who come from the most varied races, suddenly and unexpectedly begin a desperate attack on the fundamentalists, Rhodan and his companions seize the opportunity. Ras teleports Rhodan and Grek to the execution platform. However, Grek 259 appears to be quite dead. It comes to a gun battle. Rhodan believes to feel his body being torn apart in a massive explosion.

Grek-363 and Ras teleport back to MIKRU-JON. Nothing remains of Rhodan and Grek-259 that can be retrieved….

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2533 - Reise in die Niemandswelt
Journey into the World of Nobody
Wim Vandemaan

Mondra Diamond cannot believe that Perry Rhodan is supposed to be dead. Because the least remnants of his body are not to be found, she clinches to the hope that he has been transported somehow to an unknown location. From the fundamentalists who appear to be friendly disposed again she gets the permission to look in the Polyport-court for him. Ras Tschubai/Fellmer Lloyd, Grek-363, Perbo Lamonca and Ramoz accompany her. The first indications bring them to the Berach Puofanii - these strange beings find a trace of Rhodan and a group of Shadow-Maahks which are hiding deep inside of DARASTO. Diamond send Grek-363, Lamonca and Ramoz back to the ship while she and Ras follow the trail. When the companions arrive there, they find Rhodan’s partly charred body. His consciousness has been conserved para-mechanically. Shadow-Maahk medics are trying to save him, but it seems as if the Terran has not decided yet whether he wants to live on or die...

In fact, Rhodan’s consciousness has entered another realm with the help of the Maahks, as they have stabilized his consciousness with the help of a reflection field. It finds itself in a kind of parallel world which seems to be a negative reflection of the real world. In his bungalow at Goshun Lake Rhodan meets his butler who accompanies him, to among other places the Irene Lieplich Station on Jupiter. Gradually Rhodan understands that he is in unreal surroundings created by his own spirit. The butler turns out to be none other than the Grek-1 that Rhodan had met in OROLOGION, a Polyport-court in the galaxy Diktyon. This Shadow-Maahk now carries the proper name Pral and was the one who saved Rhodan during the explosion on the execution platform, which he accomplished only with the aid of the vital energy given off by Rhodan’s cell activator chip. Rhodan learns that his consciousness has also split in two. His “dark side”, driven by a lust for power, has made itself independent and does not want to leave this so-called nobody world again. The "dark Perry Rhodan" feels absolutely happy in this meta-reality world created and controlled by him.

Rhodan perceives a kind of net which pulls through all of Andromeda. Pral explains that this is a kind of transport system set up by the Frequency Monarchy for the Vamu. It is partly based on the natural Psionic Net and can also be used by the Shadow-Maahks. In this network is at least one trade star, but Pral assumes the fact that this partly psi-material object has been burned out, possibly by VATROX-VAMU. Rhodan also sees a black whirlpool in space, which seem to be dangerous to him. Pral also has an explanation ready for this. The whirlpool is a weapon system of the fundamentalists, soul traps that they call Krathvira, which is meant to prevent the Shadow-Maahks from using their special abilities. This is what killed Grek-259. Rhodan and Pral make an agreement. The Terran wants to help the Shadow-Maahks in the battle against the Krathvira, but for this purpose his body must first be saved. DARASTO is the last refuge of the Shadow-Maahks from Diktyon, because meanwhile, almost the Polyport-Courts there have been conquered by the Frequency Monarchy.

After Rhodan manages to trick his “Dark half” into merging with him again, Rhodan’s consciousness returns to its hardly viable body. Mondra notes this with relief, but the joy does not last long, because the fundamentalists have tricked her. Mondra’s search for Rhodan was only allowed because they have rightly supposed that this would also lead to the last Shadow-Maahks and they somehow kept track of Mondra. Now they attack to finally extinguish the shadow-Maahks…

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2534 - Der Gesandte der Maahks
The Envoy of the Maahks
Christian Montillon

When the fundamentalists attack, Ras Tschubai/Fellmer Lloyd teleports the incapacitated Perry Rhodan, as well as his companions and three Shadow-Maahks into the security of the ship MIKRU-JON. There Rhodan is put into a Medo-tank in which his heavy combustion wounds are healed within the shortest time. Suddenly a transfer chimney activates itself. Only a single guest arrives: the Halftrack-Changeure Akika Urismaki. He has survived the extinction or the exodus of his people into the Aphanur demimonde, because he was traveling in the Halftrack-domain at the time. He is therefore the last of his kind in this universe. His single aim now consists in fighting against the Frequency Monarchy. The Maahks prepare to capture him, but Ras/Fellmer also brings him into the ship besieged by the fundamentalists. The Maahks appear ready to negotiate again. It is arranged, that the upcoming arrival of an envoy of the decentralized monitoring authority will be waited for.

During the wait, Mondra Diamond and Akika exchange experiences. Rhodan is in a kind of coma, but his senses are extremely sharpened so that he can hear everything that is spoken outside of the tank. He even believes to be able to perceive Mondra’s thoughts. The Halftrack Changeure examines the controller that Rhodan had received from ES. Akika recognizes that it is a Class-B controller, and therefore is an incredibly valuable and moreover extremely rare instrument - even the Halftrack Changeures possessed only a single copy, but that one is now lost. With the B controller, local Polyport-courts can be transferred to new locations. Moreover it perhaps also enables restricted access to the trade stars. Now Mondra is in a position to pressure the fundamentalists. She demonstrates to the Grek-1 of the fundamentalists that she has DARASTO under her complete control, so that she could destroy all the Maahks whenever she desires. Grek-1 must guarantee the Galactics full freedom of movement in the court now.

On March 14, 1463 NGE, shortly after Rhodan leaves the tank, Grek-11, the envoy of the decentralized supervision authority arrives. Rhodan is in a position to negotiate on an even level with him. He wrings out a period of two years for him to evacuate every single Shadow-Maahk from Andromeda. If this should succeed it, the fundamentalists will supposedly renounce eradicating the Shadows. Rhodan asks moreover for one of the Krathvira soul traps that he considers might be a useful weapon against the Frequency Monarchy. The wish is granted him, but only under the condition that exclusively Maahks will operate the device. Rhodan also learns of the activities of the Galactic fleet in Andromeda. The fundamentalists are ready to fight together with the Galactics against the Frequency Monarchy.

Meanwhile Akika has won new insights. Only one of the twenty-two Polyport-courts in Andromeda was not conquered yet by the Frequency Monarchy, carries it the name DARWAG. In addition, there are six courts, that are not indicated in the Polyport network. These yards are somehow "different". Rhodan assumes that a connection could exist with the six hibernation worlds of the Frequency Monarchy in Andromeda and also with the Stardust system, for in the hall of the Galactic Riddle, one cartouche had a representation of Andromeda with six emphasized points. The approximate locations of the six courts can be determined with this. Moreover there is a secret room in DARASTO that lies behind a massive metal wall. This opens only when Rhodan approaches it; Mondra had tried earlier with no success. Rhodan and Ras/Fellmer enter the room. The B controller activates itself and brings up a flood of Holos. Then a voice sounds...

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2535 - Der Seelen-Kerker
The Soul Prison
Frank Borsch

After a one week flight Sinnafoch reaches the planet Hibernation-6 in Andromeda. He is ordered to Frequency Mediator Cedosmo, who is in command of all the troops of the Frequency Monarchy in this galaxy. Certainly, the old Vatrox does not demote Sinnafoch, because of his failure with the battle for ITHAFOR and his unusual method of return (actually, he should have committed suicide, so that his Vamu could return to the Hibernation world), but the frequency follower is still downgraded to the status of a spaceship commander. He also receives no new war orderly. Sinnafoch feels insulted, but immediately forges new plans. He is convinced to be able to serve the Frequency Monarchy only in a high ranking leadership position. While he fights with his battle light CORRALSO against the Tefroders, who perseveringly refuse to surrender to the Frequency Monarchy, the Okrill Philip is implanted with an inductive cell. In this way the animal gains true intelligence and even learns to speak as time goes by with the help of a thought translator. Philip proves himself to be absolutely faithful to Sinnafoch and would do anything for his master.

When Sinnafoch finds out that the sun of a system settled by the Tefroders was transformed into a supernova (which could have been caused according to his opinion only by a trade star), he uses the favor of the hour. The explosion has shaken the space time structure so that the CORRALSO is cut off from all official communication pathways. Therefore, he is able to convince the on-board computer to grant him access to the naval data bank which is usually taboo for him. Among other things he gets information about two Polyport-courts in Andromeda that have not been conquered yet by the Frequency Monarchy. Sinnafoch is ordered back to Hibernation-6. This time he is not met at all by Cedosmo. His war orderly Vertebris explains Sinnafoch that his unauthorized access was noted, and threatens him with serious consequences if he tries it again.

Sinnafoch forces his first officer, the Okrivar Kruuper (who does not appear to have many skills but possesses in truth, however, special technical talents) to help in his plan. Kruuper hacks into the fleet network. Now Sinnafoch can inform himself extensively about the strategy pursued by Cedosmo, as well as the union of the free races of Andromeda. He discovers that VATROX-CUUR is drawing off large troop units from various battle scenes - including Andromeda - to shift them to Anthuresta where a power vacuum has developed because of a cluster of stars has suddenly become reachable again. Sinnafoch has Kruuper construct a device with which the Vamu can be intercepted and conserved: a soul prison. Devices of this kind are applied in the Frequency Monarchy to prevent the rebirth of the virtually immortal Vatroxes if they have made themselves guilty of an offence.

Sinnafoch now purposely allows his hacking into the fleet network to be discovered. As expected he is again ordered to appear on Hibernation-6. Vertebris meets him and is provoked by Sinnafoch into physically attacking him. But the Okrill, who now always accompanies Sinnafoch, kills the war orderly and some of the accompanying Darturka guards. Sinnafoch kills the others himself. Sinnafoch tracks down Cedosmo and has Phillip kill him. When this happens, his Vamu is trapped in the soul prison, which Sinnafoch had installed in Philip’s collar. Sinnafoch then announces to the fortress that Cedosmo and Vertebris have been entrusted by VATROX-CUUR with new tasks and that the Frequency Mediator had assigned Sinnafoch to take his place as the Commander-in-Chief of the Hathorjan forces. Sinnafoch believes that VATROX-CURR will not be angry with him for his actions because he is doing it for the good of the Frequency Monarchy and the crew believes his lie only too gladly, because Cedosmo was generally unpopular.

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2536 - Der Verborgene Raum
The Secret Space
Arndt Ellmer

It is March twenty-second and all the allied ships have left the Sicatemo system. Only the JULES VERNE remains there, as Atlan wants to collect data for as long as possible about what happens to the sun Sicatemo. Kantor sextants and meta-sensors measure and transmit the data to NEMO. Finally, the sun becomes a supernova. Atlan now commands Colonel Tristan Kasom to begin the flight out.

A few days earlier, Perry Rhodan is together with the Concept Ras Tschubai / Fellmer Lloyd in the hidden room on board the Polyport-court DARASTO. He identifies the voice that speaks to him as that of Homunk. The messenger of the superintelligence ES appears as a hologram and indicates that this space can only be entered with the B-controller in conjunction with the emanations of Rhodan’s cell activator. ES has secured DARASTO, as well as the courts in the Milky Way. DARASTO is to become the base for the resistance in Hathorjan. He is also informed that trade stars can be identified with the B-controller. There are four of these in Andromeda, three of which are damaged beyond repair. The fourth is on the edge of Bengar. This must have been moved by the enemy of the Frequency Monarchy be done, who also stole the PARALOX-ARSENAL (VATROX-VAMU?).

Next, Rhodan learns from Homunk about the events that have happened over the course of four hyper-depressions. Ten million years ago the Anthurianers of Anthuresta began the construction of the Polyport network within eleven galaxies in order to alleviate the plight of the races there. It was not unknown to ES, because an Eiris connection exists between the local group and the distant places, the two parts of his power of concentration. The Vatrox became the helpers of the Anthurianers, but rose against them during the first hyper-depression and even became the masters. The Frequency Monarchy arose, which one day created its own worst enemy, namely VATROX-VAMU. At the same time, they created the PARALOX ARSENAL, filled with psionic matter. It was intended to secure the power of the Vatrox forever at the beginning of the fourth hyper-depression, but things turned out quite differently.

The JULES VERNE escapes the inferno, and reaches the rendezvous point with the allied ships. In consultation with Meruv Tatur and Daors Hapho, it is decided to inform the people of Hathorjan about the destructive actions of the Frequency Monarchy to torpedo any existing and future alliances. In addition, probes are launched to return to the dying Sicatemo system. Last of all, the Posbis must carry the explicit threat by the Monarchy against the Milky Way home.

Meanwhile, Captain Semwat Lenz misses his household robot Coubertin, one of the Sembro class. The machine is not working properly since he had tried to reprogram for his needs. The robot finally turns up again and is checked out, but everything seems fine. Lenz, meanwhile, is a figure of mockery among the crew. He does not care about this and continues the investigation of Coubertin.

After a while, the JULES VERNE begins to evaluate the data from the probes. The scientists assume that the supernova was due to the use of thirteen grams of Psi-matter. Triggered by the Frequency Monarchy the process took place in three phases, namely structural shock, ruptured bubble and hyper-eruption. These must be carefully analyzed in order to resist it, if possible (small amounts of Psi-matter could be taken from the Trafitron drive for it).

Back on DARATO, the projection of Homunk finally presents Rhodan with three boxes from alcoves in the secret room. Two brightly colored ones contain 5.4 picograms of Psi-matter each, while a darker box contains ten grams, which can all be divided as desired with the B-controller. Having said this the projection of Homunk shuts down, although Rhodan would like to know more about ES first. Therefore, the Terran can only suppose that the super-intelligence is still losing mental energy and substance, which he wants to compensate for with the Psi-matter of the PARALOX ARSENAL. Rhodan has the Concept bring him back to MIKRU-JON.

On the ship Mondra Diamond informs him that Grek-11 is withdrawing the fundamentalists from the DARASTO. Moreover, Mikru has determined the position of the Polyport-court. It is one thousand one hundred ninety light years from Gleam in Andro-beta. The result is a new problem, because MIKRU-JON cannot fly through empty space to the Bengar-star cluster due to lack of possibilities for energy tapping. Rhodan decides to use some of the psi-matter to remedy this. The Shadow-Maahks will remain on the court (except for Pral, the Grek-1), as will Akika Urismaki and Perbo Lamonca. And Grek-11 and five other fundamentalists will travel with the MIKRU-JON with the UBSEF-collector / Krathvira soul-trap.

At the launch of the obelisk ship it is recognized that the DARASTO is within range of a gas giant, but not to be located itself. A few days later, it is March twenty-second and MIKRU-JON reaches the target area. A red dwarf is identified there. It must be the trade star. This suddenly flees - and on board the obelisk ship many of its systems fail.

Further data from the probes in the Sicatemo system make the discovery of the fire eye, which consists of psionic matter. Before it floats an obelisk seventy meters long. At first Atlan thinks that the two are connected in some way, maybe the obelisk is a control station for the sun. Atlan finally decides to have the JULES VERNE set course for dying system again. The fire eye suddenly dissolves and the obelisk is carefully brought into the JULES VERNE.

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2537 - Der Handelsstern
The Trade Star
Leo Lukas

Aboard the MIKRU-JON Perry Rhodan, Mondra Diamond and the others awake from a short unconsciousness. The systems of the spaceship are also just starting again and the radio communication system responds. The surprise applies to both sides, because it is Atlan on the other end, who would have counted on many things, but not on meeting with the barbarian of Terra.

The greeting aboard the JULES VERNE is warm, and the barbell ship returns to the rendezvous point of the allied fleet. Afterwards the Tefroder Meruv Tatur and the Gaid Daore Hapho come aboard for an information exchange. Grek-1 Pral and Grek-11 also join in. The fundamentalist explains that two thousand five hundred heavy battleships of his people are already set off in the direction of the Bengar star cluster. In addition they are placing at the disposal of the alliance the known command codes of the Frequency Monarchy.

The unification of all the known data produces the knowledge about the locations of six Hibernation worlds, four trade stars and the locations of the distributor depots as well as their Polyport courts. From it arises the goal of executing a massive blow against the Hibernation worlds. First however, Rhodan pleads to explore a trade star. As an aside, the Sicatemo supernova is elected as a symbol of the resistance against the Frequency Monarchy.

The nearest trade star, name Star One, stands at a distance of twenty thousand light years and becomes the destination of the barbell ship. On the way the scientists Abrahams Camaro, Iris Shettle, Ponson Merez and Chucan Tica get indications from Grek-11 of the way the ÜBSEF intercepting device works. The fundamentalist has decided to put all his cards on the table. But the flight is so short that not much is revealed for now.

The trade star presents itself to the Galactics as an orange sun with a diameter of a million kilometers, a pseudo-material projection. The Meta-sensors unmasked the object as being roughly round with a diameter of 16.5 kilometers. From it juts out quills, spirals and towers which are one hundred seventeen kilometers long. A maximum diameter of 250.5 kilometers arises from it. The surface looks charred, burnt-out, consumed by VATROX-VAMU. Nevertheless the object still contains nine hundred twenty gram of Psi-matter.

It is first back to the location Holoin-Pentagon where another twenty-five thousand Posbi ships from the Milky Way have arrived. There, on March 31, Rhodan talks the Arkonide into launching a commando mission against the only functioning trade star. The Class-B controller will play an important role, but so will the Psi-matter placed at Rhodan’s disposal by ES. The approach to the red dwarf that destroyed Sicatemo, takes place on April 4th. It is found out that the trade star in its sun camouflage is at least two thousand kilometers thick. The VERNE approaches up to four hundred nine light years, then channels out the MIKRU-JON, camouflaged as a battle light ferry. Aboard are Rhodan, Gucky, Grek-1 and the Concept Ras Tschubai/Fellmer Lloyd, plus one hundred modified battle robots, all disguised as Darturka-clone soldiers. By means of Grek-11’s command codes the approach to the trade star succeeds. There the docking maneuver follows - and nobody recognizes that it is a trap.

At another time and place: a meeting takes place every seventy-seven full periods, but Pü S'Karbunc did not want to cross the portal to the other side. His six Cos Mäddones make fun of him for it and his Pre-Maeddont Pü S'Tulapaposer reprimands him gently, but firmly. He had never had the chance to go over, because before seventy-seven full periods ago his genetic donor had still been in his youth. Once a Cos Mäddone of his, named Pü S'Tulubcorn had remained over on the other side, because he had found fulfillment there with another. Finally S'Tulapaposer bribes S'Karbunc with the indication of receiving the location of other Apokryphe Media libraries if he first visits the other side. So S'Karbunc visits the ceremonial location on a riding Saurus. Shortly afterward, his temporal organ tells him that the expiration of a full seventy-seven full periods has passed and Cryton, the metal man, begins to speak. Afterwards the robot opens the portal and seven groups of seven enter the tunnel.

Meanwhile, from the other side the Light Man Dimmer leads children into the tunnel. They meet saurians and take possession of them as riding animals. This includes Satwa who actually has no desire for all this. But then she recognizes that it is not saurian who will be her partner, but this thing that she had regarded at first as a pimple covered carpet. She and S'Karbunc attain a perfect resonance and merge physically as well as mentally with each other. Satwa and S'Karbunc understand that her Para-gland and his psi-mental discourse fistulae are extremely compatible with each other. Their Sagh quotient is what made the difference, though. So they proceed on a journey through the wide world of FATICO. So they get to know many of the sectioned off areas where other inhabitants live. But they also meet other travelers who ask themselves as they do her, who has created all this. But nobody knows and so the journey goes on, so that they can extend their horizon.

Finally, they come upon Lauscha, a shabby being who begs them to kill him, but they refuse. Lauscha tells them that he had also had a mental partner, Pü S'Tulubcorn. But as they had lost the qualifying round, S'Tulubcorn was disposed of and Lauscha left to his destiny, for they tolerated no failures. From this, Satka and S'Karbunc raise the desire to make it through the qualifying round - and the knowledge flows into them of where they have to go now. The journey is over, and now they go upwards to the light, to wisdom. They are told their new region to care for, where Satwa and S'Karbunc maintain and look after the flora and fauna. But one day their instructor Kezzket, who externally resembles Satwa if one ignored the tail and the predator’s skull, that they must learn to kill. It subsequently comes to a shooting party consisting of seven mental partner-pairs. They must each hunt down and kill a copy of Kezzket. After this, all that are left are Satwa who turns out to be a Tefroder female with S'Karbunc, an avian with an insect swarm as a partner and a four-armed warrior with a psi-potent net like being.

The next round (given them by a Vatrox) is a planning game. The two also make it through this and reach the final round. Afterwards they get to know from Kezzket that the FATICO is a trade star. Also, Satwa’s genetic matrix came from the planet Chatria. Frequency Follower Vastrear, the commander of FATICO, still had many other copies of other races of Hathorjan also cloned and matured at an accelerated rate. The symbionts, for their part, come originally from Anthuresta. After the final round the pair stand at the Frequency Follower’s side as his autochthonous orderly, an advisor.

Vastrear gives them their crowning final examination personally. Satwa and S'Karbunc should set up a firm, distinctive warning to the Galactics. The result completely fulfills the needs of the Frequency Follower and is pronounced on the radio - then Sicatemo becomes the supernova.

The next job for Satwa and S'Karbunc are to capture at least one key person among the opponents, who is a cell activator bearer. They obey the order, but Satwa also has something else in mind. She has figured out that Lauscha is actually in charge of the cloning and training process on the trade star and kills him. She does not want any more clones of her produced that might threaten her position. She strives to move farther upwards, dreaming of becoming a new Factor I, as S'Karbunc recognizes. After all, as the cloned Tefroder comments smiling, a young woman needs a model who she can orientate herself towards…

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2538 - Aufbruch der LEUCHTKRAFT
Robert Feldhoff and Uwe Anton

It is April tenth and Alaska Saedelaere is once again wandering about Terrania. In the evening light he notes a pursuer and must think immediately of the event which he is waiting for (it was not the Akon beacon). The mask bearer stops his pursuer who introduces himself as the Commo'Dyr Eroin Blitzer. He commands the ROTOR-G, a sloop of the ILLUMINATING POWER. At present the big ship is parked in the Dengejaa Uveso, but Mistress Samburi Yura is not aboard. She has been missing for some years now, not having returned from an important mission. The androids of the ILLUMINATING POWER have looked for the last Enthone female, but remained unsuccessful. Now the ship’s control brain has remembered Saedelaere - and sent Blitzer here. Incidentally, he pronounces Alaska’s first name as Alraska.

Using a so-called UHF-window the two board the camouflaged sloop which is parked about the Waringer Academy. It is one hundred twenty meters long and thirty-eight meters wide. Aboard are two other androids, the officers Fallun Vierauf and N'tur Lind, and the sloop is now located on account of the emissions of the UHF-window by the Terran space monitors. Cruisers and space jets appear, but the ROTOR-G can nonetheless withdraw from the Sol system unquestioned. First, however, it makes a stopover at Saedelaere’s apartment where he a message for NATHAN and takes a SERUN with himself.

Twenty hours later the ROTOR-G reaches the Dengejaa Uveso and infiltrates the ILLUMINATING POWER by another UHF window. There the androids at first seem to want to put Saedelaere to the test, until they finally leave him alone. However, the cell activator bearer cannot be disturbed by this, for after all, they want something from him. Meanwhile he walks about the ILLUMINATING POWER whose inside presents itself as a stony landscape.

Later the three androids appear again and Saedelaere finds himself in a stone filled, pulsating labyrinth which reminds him of basalt and sandstone. It represents the control brain DAN which shows a hologram of the Mistress Samburi to the Terran. Saedelaere is once again fascinated by her appearance. The Enthone speaks only one sentence, then the Holo is done: " QIN SHI has awoken. The BOTNETZ is ready ". This happened in the galaxy Totemhain, the next destination of the ILLUMINATING POWER. Alaska supposes on account of the available information that the BOTNETZ and QIN SHI are two opposing parties and the BOTNETZ - possibly on the side of the Cosmocrats – so that the great danger emanates from QIN SHI.

The flight lasts weeks, but Saedelaere who wanders through the ship (as far as this is possible for him) also comes across temporal effects and loses his sense of time. Arriving in the target area, Sector One Hundred-Eighteen of Totemhain, DAN is not ready to oblige Alaska and calculate a Terra date. The mask bearer begins to check the incoming data from the space sector. He bumps into the avian race of the Lokopter (which remind him of ostriches or emu) which inhabit the planet Kopter’s Aerie. Although technically and culturally high-standing, the Lokopters do not seem to know other races. Their world becomes the destination of the ROTOR-G.

Kopter’s Aerie runs around the red sun Lo, as do seven other worlds. The surprising thing is that at a height of ninety-eight kilometers above the planet over the equator are circulating forty-eight round objects, two hundred meters wide (instead of a ring bulge, flanges exist which remind Saedelaere of cannons). The objects, spaceships or satellites, are extremely well hidden, so that the Lokopters likely know nothing about them. And the ROTOR-G cannot keep them under surveillance.

There are also forty-eight big cities located along the equator which remind one of nests and float over the surface. They are, in each case, eight hundred forty-three kilometers removed from each other, no matter whether on land over the sea. Saedelaere sees a causal connection between the metropolises and the satellites. Afterwards the language of the Lokopter is deciphered and their capital Lokop’s Nest is found. Some dozen kilometers away from it the three androids find the trace of an evidently fading away stray emissions in the extremely high UHF area. Saedelaere wants to examine this on the spot and the ROTOR-G starts to land.

Saedelaere leaves the ship alone and shortly afterward stands before a shut down time well. Thoughts of the past haunt his head, as do speculations with regard to the time wells which may one day be completely available again. The mask bearer is so deep in his thought that he only notes the approach of another person when he is addressed in the language of the Seven Mighty. It is a humanoid with pitch-black skin, and his body is covered by a greenish-blue outfit. The cell activator bearer who was more than often called a cosmic being in the past sees another one in the black-skinned man.

The black man introduces himself as Ennerhahl and claims to be on Kopter’s Aerie because of a ceremony that takes place only every one hundred planetary years (twenty-three Terran years). He also states that the period of an old Mighty is drawing to a close and that of a new one is approaching. And he also says that forty-eight Shrines of Eternity are being renewed. As soon as he finishes speaking, he vanishes from one to the next moment!

Returning to the ROTOR-G, Saedelaere finds out that the androids have observed him, but seen nothing of Ennerhahl. However, Saedelaere is not content with this and orders all the recordings evaluated several times. It is finally discovered that Ennerhahl was absolutely there and using a camouflage system that approaches the level of Cosmocrat technology.

At night back on the ILLUMINATING POWER, Saedelaere has a vision with Mistress Samburi who asks him urgently to help her. The cell activator bearer is not that sure yet whether he actually wants to. After all, Mistress Samburi took the Suit of Destruction from him during their first meeting and saddled him again with a Cappin fragment - because it supposedly makes him a whole person. The androids have meanwhile found the Shrines of Eternity. However, the Lokopters speak not of the Mighty, but of guardians or guards. In addition the term Forty-eight Petals of the Time Rose circulates in the planetary communication system. The mask bearer wants to have a look at everything from up close and gets a device from Blitzer for camouflage – it works like the diffuser field of the ILLUMINATING POWER. It makes one believe that the bearer is a Lokopter.

In Lokop’s Nest Saedelaere visits a market place to eavesdrop on conversations of the Lokopters. In one stall he comes upon an object he would never have expected to seen there, a controller for Polyport-courts. Because he received local money from the androids placed at his disposal, Saedelaere acquires the Class-A controller from the trader - who then reveals himself to be Ennerhahl. He says that he had found the controller on another planet in Totemhain (for which he has another name).

The two cosmic beings decide to visit the local Shrine of Eternity in secret. When they finally manage to enter the building, it strikes them immediately that the technology inside was not made with local technology for sensitive avian beings, but for beings with coarser gripping appendages. Nevertheless, they locate three hundred forty-three Lokopters in the shrine (seven times seven times seven!) with their individual trackers. Shortly after this they are discovered.

Saedelaere and Ennerhahl are quickly surrounded by three meter tall humanoid shaped battle robots. Then a Lokopter enters and introduces himself as a guard Sikkel Snisedne Ghern. He accuses them of trespassing in the shrine and intimates that the punishment will be death. Ennerhahl appears unimpressed by it - and claims to be an incarnation of the Time Rose; one of the BOTNETZ that the Lokopters guard. Then he demands their submission…

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2539 - Schreine der Ewigkeit
Shrines of Eternity
Marc A. Herren

Syrst Tykvenst Lokop already had a particular lack of talent as a youngster. That has not changed till the current day, but he struggles through life with impersonations and confidence games. Svage Kittel Lokop, who has grown up with Syrst, is far different. Today Svage is a respectable professor. They meet again at a symposium about the philosophy of the Ur-Lokopters, where Svage unmasks the trickster. However, before it comes to an altercation, two Blue Feather officials appear and declare that Svage, as well as Syrst, belong to the three hundred forty-three Chosen who will determine the last seven that will begin the next one hundred year cycle as the new guards of the Forty-eight Petals of the Time Rose.

Ennerhahl's statement that he is an Incarnation of the BOTNETZ, no matter whether true or lie, distracts the shrine guard Sikkel Snisedne Ghern and allows the companion of Alaska Saedelaere to activates a time-lapse field. They can thus escape from the guard and robots and leave the Shrine of Eternity, the light tower and Lokop's Nest. Near the gone out time well Ennerhahl turns out to have knowledge, which the mask bearer begins to pull out of him by feigning knowledge of his own. According to Ennerhahl, the BOTNETZ is a weapon of a longest disappeared superintelligence, who once created the Forty-Eight Petals of the Time Rose in the fight against the powers of Chaos.

Meanwhile, their nest members escort the Chosen in a joyful procession to the local light tower. Only in case of Syrst is there nobody and he tries to disappear, in order to escape the destiny of having his pick being revealed a mistake. He wants to make a new beginning in another great nest. However, before he can start, there stands Keffira Sötest Lokop, an artist whom also nobody can simply wave off. She babbles and cackles to herself and pulls Syrst along with her persistence.

When pursuers still appear, Ennerhahl once again withdraws by making himself invisible. Saedelaere returns to the ROTOR-G where the three androids Eroin Blitzer, N'tur Lind and Fallun Vierauf are continuing their work. The cell activator bearer sends for the ILLUMINATING POWER to come to Kopter’s Aerie, because he knows the ship’s computer DAN has greater and more varied investigative possibilities than the sloop.

In a Holo-room Blitzer shows Saedelaere what is happening inside the light tower of Lokop’s Nest (and at the same time in the other forty-seven nests). It seems, as if the Shrines of Eternity are being lifted up the light towers. Everything seems to be following a certain protocol. Saedelaere recognizes an arena in which three hundred thousand Lokopters enthusiastically. The Chosen perform a dance, which goes along with a chant. However, of interest above all else is the remarkable misty fog that exudes from the feet of the Chosen. But this does not happen as impressively with some of the Chosen.

What Syrst and all the other Chosen Lokopters dance is called the Kish'Ah. And in addition they speak traditional Kor'kish, which tells the history of the mighty guards and their honorable job of protecting and preserving the Petals of the Time Rose. Each of the Chosen carries the Kish-tar-Ak lance, whose crystal tip starts to shine, the longer the dance lasts. Only when then the fog of the evaporations, called Kish, lifts, does Syrst understand what has happened. In the arena now stand only forty-nine Chosen, while the remaining ones have risen into the lances. The forty-nine should now be feeling filled with new forces, but Syrst feels nothing of that and senses something is going wrong with the ceremony.

The events are at first also unfathomable for the mask bearer. However, the three androids analyze the crystal tips of the lances and discover them to be 5-dimensional emitters with a 6-dimensional resonance touch. They are Howalgonium-Sextagonium hybrid crystals, better known as PEW metal. And as it is known, consciousnesses can be stored in them. This is undoubtedly true for the two hundred ninety-four disappeared Lokopters – but maybe it also applies to Mistress Samburi Yura?

In the arena the Kish'Ah begins once more and Syrst tried to rise into the fog, for he wants to be with Keffira, who he had come to have feelings for. But he is not destined for that and the last person in his group to rise in his Kish-tar-Ak is Svage. When the dance is over, Syrst is one of the last seven Chosen. And he knows that something is going on completely different from how it should. At this point, actually, the Seven Mighty from the last cycle should be coming down into the Shrine and hand over their power, both figuratively and literally. But no such thing happens – and in addition the Kish-tar-Aks empty themselves, as the consciousnesses in them slowly evaporate.

Saedelaere also recognizes that something is wrong in the area. Then he sees Ennerhahl in the crowd, entering the opening of the station in orbit, which the Shrine has raised itself to dock with. The mask bearer switches into the station using an UHF window. He immediately discovers that the BOTNETZ used to be there, but is now gone. He also discovers a broach on the floor of the station that belongs to Mistress Samburi’s dress. All of a sudden Ennerhahl appears and begins to walk towards him in anger, as if it should come to a duel between them. He also notices the broach and picks it up. He examines it, but quickly drops it again as nothing of interest to him. Then, instead of coming to Alaska, the black skinned man withdraws back into the Lokopter arena. Saedelaere picks up the broach, which suddenly lights up and plays a message from Mistress Samburi. It turns out that the Enthone had come too late and QIN SHI has taken the BOTNETZ and her away. He, Saedelaere, should follow the track of her star jewels and find her, before it is too late.

Returning to the ILLUMINATING POWER, Saedelaere recognizes that all forty-eight shrines have lost power and threaten to fall. This would be the end of more than fourteen million Lokopters, which the cell activator bearer does not want to allow. He makes the androids intervene to save the Lokopters, which contradicts the philosophical stand for the use of the Cosmocrat ship. But finally, he convinces Blitzer, Lind and Vierauf to obey him, by saying the stations may hold more clues to where their Mistress is located. The Lokopters are saved and returned to their cities with their shrines, while the forty-eight stations are taken elsewhere on Kopter’s Aerie. The investigation of them reveals nothing of use.

The available information indicates that QIN SHI is a Chaos power. However, the status of Ennerhahl cannot be unambiguously determined. DAN finally pulls a sequence of coordinates from the broach Alaska had found. The ILLUMINATING POWER launches approach the coordinates. Strangely enough, the DAN knows the coordinates, but not what is to be found there.

Meanwhile Syrst comes to find new confidence in himself. He buries his lance tip outside the city of Lokoter’s Nest and his time with Keffira with it. He also believes to see a figure that disappears into a black hole in the ground, leaving only a piece of muddy colored, cracked ground...

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2540 - Unter dem Schleier
Under the Veil
Christian Montillon

Since the disappearance of Amethyst City and the launch of the Hyperdim-Perforator, eighty-eight thousand Jaranocs have been stuck on Cataract without any view of supplies and reinforcements. They cannot break the Paratron-bolting fields established by Stardust mankind and of surrender is not to be thought of. It is impossible for the Jaranocs to surrender to an enemy whom they have offended with a dishonorable slaughter. Certainly, they hope that VATROX-VAMU will eventually arrive, but the food supplies will only last for three more days. Desperate plans are discussed. Among other things Vuran Khitar suggests the killing of half of all the soldiers to make possible a longer survival for other half. Kardo Tarba, Khitar’s former pupil, has a better idea which he must realize, however without informing anyone else. As Icho Tolot, to whom the situation of the Jaranocs is known, appears at the energy dome to negotiates, Kardo Tarba faces him as the Jaranoc negotiator. He challenges the Haluter to a duel to the death. Should Kardo Tarba win, Stardust mankind must supply his people with food. Should he be defeated, the Jaranoc will surrender - which they could do in this case without losing face.

The duel takes place at the beginning of February 1463 NGE. Kardo Tarba counts on his death. He knows that he will save his people in any case (after all, Stardust mankind itself will not let its enemies simply starve), but wants to supply Tolot with a good battle. Therefore, he shifts himself into a battle trance. In this condition the Jaranoc can unfold weak Para-gifts. Now Kardo Tarba can affect matter. He makes the ground permeable, so that Tolot sinks underground. Then he strengthens the ground again, trapping the Haluter. But he overspends himself so much that he finally breaks down. The Haluter is able to free himself without a problem. However, he renounces killing his opponent. The laws of Kardo’s people require from the Jaranoc that he becomes the servant of his conqueror for the rest of his life. From now on Kardo Tarba will be Icho Tolot’s vassal.

Meanwhile Vorremar Corma asks Administrator Whistler for the use of one of the newly developed mutant detectors. According to his investigations strong Psi-forces have been found in the Stardust system during recent years with numerous people. Corma wants to prove that these are the people who have been touched by the gold shower of sparks, or have parents have who have been involved with this phenomenon. When Whistler does not agree immediately, the Siganese asks his old friend Huslik Valting, who was once touched by this phenomenon, for help. The man ‘borrows’ one of the devices from the Medo-clinic in which he is examined regularly for possible signs of explosive cell decay due to his exposure to the life extending effect of the golden shower of sparks. Then the two of them follow up another theory of Corma’s. The Siganese has found out that an explosion had occurred on the moon Crest - namely just at the moment when the Sextadim veil was activated. Because the Furtok Interstellar Company maintains a shipyard right near the explosion site, Corma believes that this firm is secretly researching theoretical and presumed ancient generators which produce the veil. The two get close to the shipyard and Corma penetrates into the restricted area of the explosion site. But nothing is to be seen of foreign technology, but only completely normal equipment - enormous piles for energy production (sun tapping machinery) and innumerable Paratron converters unambiguously of Stardust Terran construction. Corma is discovered by guards and shot unconscious...

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2541 - Geheimprojekt Stardust
Secret Project Stardust
Christian Montillon

Vorremar Corma is hit by paralysis beams, but the dose was so high that the Siganese received an almost fatal dose of the radiation. He is treated in the facilities of the Furtok Interstellar Company. They save his life, but hold him in custody. Neither Helen Furtok, chairperson of the Party for Interstellar Peace, nor Administrator Whistler can dissuade Corma from his conspiracy theory. Finally, Whistler initiates the Siganesen into secret government plan. It was intended to install a system-spanning Paratron screen. The screen was to be activated when the battle lights approached - by chance at just that moment when the second Sextadim veil was based. However, the facility was not completely finished yet, therefore, parts of it exploded. The FIC was acting completely officially by order of the government; they had simply not wanted to inform the public yet. Corma must agree to continue to hold this information secret. Huslik Valting, who acted on his own initiative and entered which the FIC head office to search for his friend is caught and taken to meet Helen Furtok. Corma is taken to Huslik and the two are let go. Valting believes to perceive a bad change in Corma. The man still believes that they have not told the whole truth to him, which possibly has to do with the new mutants, whose existence Corma assumes. The Siganese wants to look for these mutants with the aid of the mutant detector stolen by Valting.

Meanwhile, all the spaceships which were not in the Stardust system at the time of the activation of the second Sextadim veil have possibility to return to their homeland. This also applies to the cruisers which accompanied Perry Rhodan to CROSS WHEEL and are now, together with some Elfahder ships, on the way back (a part of the squadron has stayed behind with the Polyport court). From on board their ship CATARACT, Stuart Lexa and Sean Legrange observe what happens on the edge of the veil. Battle lights of the Frequency Monarchy are fighting against units in the form of truncated cone that are arriving. On February 8, 1463 NGE a critical moment is reached: two bodiless entities arrive which can be located only because of their enormous UHF potential. Because of the mental pressure radiated by them all the Stardust-Terrans and the Elfahders experience extreme headaches. Stuart Lexa suffers especially hard from these headaches and in addition gets mental contact with the entities, finding out that they are VATROX-DAAG and VATROX-VAMU. The conical ships are units of the Jaranoc.

VATROX-VAMU expels his rival and its reserve units. On February eleventh, the Sextadim veil begins to flicker. Stuart Lexa finds out that this is due to the activity of the Hyperdim-Perforator, which has taken up position within the veil. The veil becomes permeable for VATROX-VAMU and the conical ships. VATROX-VAMU crosses the veil. The pains immediately disappear, but the concern about the Stardust system prepares the people great concern…

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2542 - Shandas Visionen
Shanda’s Visions
Hubert Haensel

Shanda Sarmotte is the daughter of two humans who were touched by the golden shower of sparks. She is a late bloomer, slightly naive and with little understanding for complicated connections. Her father regards her as mentally simpleminded, but her mother believes that she is something special. Shanda turns out to actually be psi-gifted, but keeps it to herself. She can not only perceive the thoughts and emotions of other people, but seem to project her mind into their bodies to share their experiences. She has never succeeded in doing this consciously, it simply happens. Moreover, she cannot take over control of her "host's” body. After the death of her parents in 1457 NGE in a glider accident on the planet Cataract for which Shanda considers herself responsible (Shanda was saved by Rokingers from the glider wreck), she lives with a friend of her parents whom she calls "uncle". She suffers from being considered simpleminded – but even more, from the foreign impressions, that uncontrollably wash over her again and again. It is a proud day when she finds a job in a pharmaceutical company and finds the work simple to do.

She discovers that she also has another special ability. She can intuitively pre-calculate herself the most complicated mechanical processes. It gives her pleasure to secretly deactivate the security protocols and to move with somnambulistic security between the countless robotic claw arms of the warehouse’s processing facility. Shanda pays little attention to the events in the Stardust system which provide for increasing restlessness (which is still heated up by the sensational press companies). The Sextadim veil becomes permeable and a foreign fleet supposedly penetrates into the system. Voices are expressed which demand an escape to the islands in the fog dome, because only ES can still help Stardust mankind. It comes to riots on many planets when the Trivid stations state that Zyx already lies under enemy fire. Shanda is herself involved in the events when a man wants to steal a space jet and takes Shanda hostage along with an old man. Security forces end the kidnapping. Only an address by Administrator Whistler brings about calm – it turns out that the strangers have still not delivered a single shot.

Shanda has her own worries, because her initiative in the warehouse blows up in her face. Her boss Fakan Noorgeg puts her to task for endangering her life with the robot arms and threatens to fire her. A bit later he calls her to his office, where she believes she is going to be fired. It turns out that Vorremar Corma, Huslik Valting and someone that seems to be an unpleasant bodyguard have come to question her. Corma has learned about Shanda’s parents, and now wants to find out with his mutant detector whether his theory is correct. When the Siganese pressures the unnerved young woman to accompany him for a test, Noorgeg intervenes. He throws out the unpleasant guests. Nevertheless, they come back after a little while, knock out Noorgeg and try to kidnap Shanda. Though she can hide in the warehouse for a while, and knock out Valtig and the bodyguard by tricking hem into the path of some of the robot arms, Corma tracks her down and intends to paralyze her. But Shanda suddnely feels a dreadful mental blow. In contrast to Corma, she remains conscious. She perceives millions of foreign mental impulses which are united into one single strong mind. She perceives the name of the entity. He is VATROX-VAMU.

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2543 - Flucht nach Talanis
Flight to Talanis
Hubert Haensel

VATROX-VAMU scans all the inhabitants of the Stardust system and seems to collect not only all the attainable information about the system, but to also look for something in particular. The mental presence of the entity is too much for the humans and other living beings. They all lose consciousness. The grand computer CREST integrated into many of the worlds’ processes prevents the worst from happening. Only the people who were touched by the gold shower of sparks (and their descendants) remain capable of acting. Shanda Sarmotte, Huslik Valting and Rence Ebion are some of them. Rence is a man who earns his living by optimizing other peoples’ products. His newest project is the improvement of robot battle spaceships for the Whistler-Stardust & Company. Shanda believes to hear a call that asks her to flee to Talanis. She gets mental contact with Rence which has also heard the call and wants to join the two others. Valting, who still possesses valid codes from his time as a politician, prepares a glider for takeoff. To be able to take the unconscious Fakan Noorgeg and Vorremar Corma along, Valting activates the bearer robot of the Siganese.

Some hours after the arrival of VATROX-VAMU the humans awake again, but are no longer themselves. They do not seem to be interested in their surroundings, although they do speak with each other. When Rence touches one of these people, who act like they are under remote control, they all suddenly focus upon and try to capture him. They can mentally perceive each other, but not Rence. The young man barely escapes them. Shanda and Valting also run into danger. Vorremar Corma also awakes, but he is possessed by a foreign entity. VATROX-VAMU has chosen him, because he has already been on Talanis. He demands to be brought to the Hall of One Thousand Tasks and becomes furious when the demand is not immediately obeyed. He prepares to shoot Shanda with Corm’s robot, but Rence reaches the glider just in time and interrupts this.

Rence recognizes what is happening. A Para-gift has been activated in him by the events of the last few hours, possibly due to the presence of VATROX-VAMU. He can disintegrate matter by force of will - and he does exactly this with the weapon arm of the robot. Shanda catches herself the Siganese, who then falls unconscious. However, she prevents Rence from killing him. The three companions leave behind Corma and Fakan and fly to the Talanis. The glider is permitted to land on the island. When she gets out, Shanda believes in feeling the presence of many people who like Rence and herself...

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2544 - Gefangene des Handelssterns
Prisoners of the Trade Star
Leo Lukas

MIKRU-JON is caught in a huge hangar of the trade star FATICO. The ship was enclosed by energy fields and surrounded by armored vehicles. Atlan, who is stopped with the JULES VERNE and a 40,000-unit mixed fleet at a safe distance waits in vain for news. Perry Rhodan decides to take the initiative, and leaves the ship with his companions, and fighting robots - all in Darturka masks. Satwa, the Tefroder clone and Autochthonous-orderly of the Frequency Follower Vastrear , cannot be fooled by it, however. She sees through the disguise, calls the invaders to surrender, and opens a structural gap in the energy screen. Gucky and Tschubai/Lloyd to take this opportunity to teleport. But there is a second, broader energy shield that stops the teleporters. While Tschubai/Lloyd, who has taken Perry Rhodan’s hand, is thrown back to the starting point of the jump, and the Gucky is stuck with the Shadow Maahk Pral in the energy grid. Their paramental skills hinder each other, so that the teleportation process continues indefinitely. Gucky’s vital energy begins to wane as a result of this.

Rhodan and Tschubai/Lloyd are locked in a cell and interrogated. Rhodan manages to conceal from Satwa, that he bears a cell activator. Meanwhile, the Terran battle robots are being dismantled by Okrivar technicians. In one robot, the Posbi Jawna Togoya has kept hidden, but now she bursts forth like a fury. She takes the Okrivar Irdelph hostage and learns that the various regions of the trade star form self-contained mini-universes, which can be exited only by an inter-regional transportation system - and only high-ranking personalities like Satwa are allowed use of the system. The Posbi takes on the form of Satwa, so that she can fool the computer systems of the trade star. She hooks herself into the internal communications network on board and leaves secret messages to catch her companion's attention. These activities do not remain completely hidden to Vastrear’s Battle Orderly Bhustrin. Because he is jealous of his rival anyway, he believes this is really being done by Satwa and he informs the Frequency Follower immediately, so that Satwa ends up in an embarrassing situation and needs to defend herself.

Meanwhile, Pral is able to save Gucky and himself from the trap by temporarily swapping their Para-skills. They then worm their way into a Darturka combat unit. Gucky encounters Jawna’s messages and makes contact with her. The Posbi is also able to disable the energy fields that separate the areas of the trade star from each other, but a red alert is given. Satwa, who was just about to crack Tschubai/Lloyd’s mind with the help of her symbiotic partner S'Karbunc, must again go to Vastrear.

In the meantime, the Galactics reconvene in the MIKRU-JON and prepare for the next stage in their plan. Rhodan can finally get closer to the center of the trade star with his Class-B controller and initiate a reboot of all its systems. While the reboot takes place the trade star is helpless and no longer disguised as a sun, so that Atlan can begin the attack. As Vastrear sees the approaching fleet, he recognizes that he has lost. He sends the few lights battle and combat troops remaining to him, into a losing battle, covering his escape. He takes along Bhustrin and Satwa. As he leaves, he locks all the functions of the trade star with his Class-C controller.

The allies occupy FATICO on the same day, April 4, 1463 NGE. This victory is precisely the success that Atlan and Rhodan needed for the final consolidation of the Pact of Sicatemo. However, the allies must realize that they cannot do anything with the trade star because of the command blockage. They need to prepare for the expected counterattack from the Frequency Monarchy.

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2545 - Vatrox-Tod
Vatrox Death
Michael Marcus Thurner

On April 10, 1463 NGE the fifth contingent of the Galactic fleet: 30,000 units, including 10,000 Haluter ships arrive to reinforce the armed forces of the allies. The total force is divided up. 40,000 ships are bound to securing the trade star, while 45,000 units fly on April 15 into the Facet Nebula to attack Hibernation-3. The tactical advance is planned by Perry Rhodan and Atlan during a ping pong game, and command remains with the Arkonide. Strong troop units carry out diversionary maneuvers at various points in Andromeda. It comes to great losses, but the action is successful: Atlan’s fleet is able to approach the Hibernation world unnoticed. The planet is protected by ten thousand battle light of all sizes - actually, a highly superior force.

The hopes of the allies rest on the Krathvira soul-trap. The would-be Nexialist Roman Schleifer works together for several days with the Maahk Grek-17 and the scientists of the JULES VERNE to modify the device to allow the Vamu of deceased Vatroxes to be collected by it. In this way, the rebirth of the key strategists of the enemy can be stopped. Schleifer, who has the ability to see the auras of other living things, recognize their emotional state and sometimes even modify them finally realizes that the UBSEF constants of the Vatroxes are directed to the Hibernation worlds by a certain hyper-oscillation. He suspects that the name "Frequency Monarchy" refers to this search impulse in the Dakkar range which the Vatrox sends out at the moment of death, after which it is “attracted” to one of the Hibernation worlds. The Krathvira will then be aligned to this frequency. This will make it possible to determine the whereabouts of living Vatrox.

The Krathvira is installed on the ultra-battleship MICHAEL FREYT III, which is to lead the attack on Hibernation-3 as an "icebreaker". The entire fleet crosses the position transmitter created by the MOTRANS-platform MYLES KANTOR. The battle begins. There will be terrible losses on both sides. Roman Schleifer is at the forefront, as a Gaid ship belonging to the Frequency Monarchy is boarded. As it was detected with the help of Krathvira that a Vatrox is on board, the effect of the soul catcher is tested here - and indeed, the Vamu is caught in it after the death of the Vatrox. Schleifer is surprised when a wounded Okrivar who wanted to surrender, turns into a giant white rabbit. It is a shape-shifter from the people of Atto . The Galactics take the being with them. Schleifer must paralyze Grek-17 to allow the Terran space soldiers to retreat, as the Maahk is against it.

Later in the battle the Krathvira is used to attract one Vamu after the other and destroys them. The enemy fleet increasingly behaves in an uncoordinated manner. Finally, the Gaids, throwing themselves without regard for their own lives into the struggle, fly attacks on Hibernation world. They do not want to conquer it, but to destroy it - in revenge for what was done to their people, and to prevent further danger emanating from it for their nearby home system. Atlan tries to talk them into not doing it, but does not physically try to stop them. The Vamu of 150 million beings are caught up in the Krathvira. The allies lost nearly 20,000 ships, of which 13,500 were Gaid ships.

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2546 - 26 Minuten bis ITHAFOR
26 Minutes to ITHAFOR
Arndt Ellmer

The Atto RourSi sits in a cell in the ultra-battleship MICHAEL FREYT III and thinks over his last few weeks. He is a kind of bard (he explores the myths and legends of all sorts of people and spreads them among other nations) and infiltrated himself into the Frequency Monarchy because he wanted to find out the truth about the rumors of diminutive descendants of the Maahks, the Okrivars. He encounters some of them and learned that these beings need a home world in every conquered galaxy, - and that it would be a huge blow for them and the Frequency Monarchy, should these worlds ever fall into the hands of the enemy. Once he is satisfied with a few tricks that the crew of the ultra-battleship is not Duplos or clones of the Frequency Monarchy, he wants to pass on his knowledge to them.

Meanwhile Sinnafoch, the self-appointed new commander of the Frequency Monarchy in Andromeda, discovers to his horror that VATROX-CUUR has been weakened since the loss of one hundred fifty million Vamus. Countless Vatroxes have since committed suicide to strengthen the entity. Morale has reached a low point, since it has been found that the Frequency Monarchy is not invincible. Sinnafoch realizes that he must act quickly.

The allies also plan their next steps after the destruction of Hibernation-3. Further severe blows against the Frequency Monarchy are to be carried out as quickly as possible, both from space and on the Polyport network. All the Andromeda and Galacticum races (especially Posbis , who have mass produced BOXES) contribute more to the fleet quotas. The Maahks inform them that serial production of Krathvira soul-traps has already begun. As many of the Frequency Monarchy occupied Polyport-yards and distributor depots as possible are to be conquered. These attacks are actually meant to serve for the diversion of the main attack against the remaining Hibernation worlds. All these worlds must be attacked simultaneously.

Perry Rhodan first transferred the Polyport-yard DARASTO with his B-controller to Gleam, the Andromeda base of the Galactic Fleet . Rhodan is amazed at how easy this procedure proceeds - the court seems to move through the Polyport network and reach its destination in a few minutes. Rhodan and then Lloyd / Tschubai travel to ITHAFOR to pass on eighteen A-controllers to the LFT. The "flight" runs with a curious slowness, but the estimated travel time of twenty-six minutes is not exceeded. After the two are met in ITHAFOR by the somewhat overzealous security chief Tanio Ucuz, they then speak to Julian Tifflor and exchange information. Thousands of small spaceships, Shifts and war robots are to be provided over the Polyport network in order to intervene at any time in the upcoming battles.

Tifflor and Ucuz accompany Rhodan and Lloyd / Tschubai to Andromeda. There Akika Urismaki apologizes for the troubling journey. He then goes to allegedly damaged Polyport sled to fix it. Rhodan wonders what was supposedly broken, since the thing has no propulsion system of its own. Tiff flies on to explore the trade star FATICO. There, on April 21, 1463 NGE the red alarm sounds: 40,000 battle lights are beginning an attack and ten times the force of gravity suddenly hits the trade star. All the clever plans of the alliance are now obsolete - Sinnafoch has surprised them. Atlan is forced to now (and not, as originally scheduled until April 25) order the attack on Hibernation-6...

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2547 - Garrabo in den Tod
Garrabo To The Death
Marc A. Herren

The Frequency Monarchy besieges FATICO, in whose protection the ships of the allies have withdrawn. Because the trade star may not be endangered, the battle lights do not attack it. But an attack is possibly approaching "from inside". It seems as if somebody is on the spot with a B- or C-controller who is trying to gain control over the trade star. Julian Tifflor proceeds through a transfer chimney to DARASTO and switches over to the JULES VERNE, which divides into its three constituent cells. Now Atlan brings the naval parts of the allies into position like the figures of a Garrabo game - of the game, which he learned in 8036 BC, at the age of seven years from his tutor Fartuloon on Gortavor.

Julian Tifflor takes over command of the JV center section. Perry Rhodan remains with the JV-2 under the command of Kala Romka at the trade star to keep using his B-controller to reset its facilities in order to foil the attempts by the Frequency Monarchy to take control of it. Atlan, who commands the JV-1, moves parts of the fleet to FATICO which opens the second front there, so that the battle lights suffer damaging losses and finally withdraw. Atlan does not participate in the battles, but flies on to the Holoin Pentagon which is also still besieged. This threat must be switched off, because the supplies from the Milky Way are guaranteed over this sun transmitter. It comes to a space battle in which the fleet of the Frequency Monarchy is worn down. The trap system of the space time labyrinth turns out, in this connection, to be a crucial advantage. It is repeatedly observed how a shipyard platform of the Paddlers almost - but not completely - materializes.

After this success the simultaneous attack for the remaining Hibernation worlds is prepared. Numerous Krathvira soul prisons are distributed to the various parts of the fleet. During the waiting period Atlan receives the Atto RourSi, who has already made friends with Gucky. RourSi passes on his knowledge about the Okrivars to Atlan (they come originally from Anthuresta and neither clones nor Duplos can evidently be made from them). Then he occupies the crew of the ship with a story and celebrates the Flame ritual of the Attos. But April twenty-fourth, the day before the crucial attack, the Frequency Monarchy once again demonstrates that it still has trumps in hand. Two "fire eyes" like the one that appeared before the destruction of Sicatemo emerge near the FATICO.

Then April twenty-fifth begins and so does the attack on the Hibernation worlds. As before, the Frequency Monarchy is to be distracted previously by diversionary maneuvers. For this purpose the allies attack the distributor depots KJALLDAR and HASTAI in the Bengar star cluster. But a fire eye also materializes there, approaching the allied fleet…

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2548 - Hibernationswelten
Hibernation Worlds
Hubert Haensel

April 25, 1463 NGE: the allies raise their hand for the crucial blow against the Hibernation worlds of the Frequency Monarchy in Andromeda. Their advantage consists in the fact that they are in relative security if they withdraw into the nearness of the trade star FATICO or the distributor depots, because the Frequency Monarchy cannot risk damaging these so important facilities by their own fire. The allies, nevertheless, suffer heavy losses, especially in the Bengar cluster of stars where Admiral Ipthey-Hüriit from the Jülziish people of the Apasos coordinates the attacks on KJALLDAR and HASTAI. His fleet threatens to die in a hyperhurricane, which the "fire eye" has released by the ignition of Psi-matter. He gets unexpected help from one thousand five hundred ships of the Andromeda Haluters. Sturben Rager announces himself. He explains that the Haluters of Halpat actually wanted to keep out of all the confrontations. However, in view of the destruction of the Sicatemo system they have decided differently. Now half of their people will participate in the fighting. Later on, another fifteen thousand ships of numerous races from Andromeda appear. They also do not want to stand back if it is about the defense of their homeland. In the hidden space of DARASTO Perry Rhodan once again produces contact with Homunk. He learns something astonishing. His controller is no normal copy of the B type, and it is even possible to fit out an A-controller with higher ranking authorizations by which they are lifted practically onto the level of a B-controller. ES does so with a controller, which Colonel Gregor Tovar - the half Arkonide and second base commander of Gleam, who is to become Rhodan’s deputy on DARASTO - receives. Homunk also informs Rhodan that VATROX-VAMU has become active in the Far Away star cluster. When Rhodan tries to reach the court NEO-OLYMP there via Polyport-radio, he gets no answer.

At twelve o'clock of that afternoon the attack begins to roll. All parts of the fleet use small amounts of Psi-matter from the fund which Rhodan received from Homunk. The Psi-matter bombs can be programmed so that they release either hyperphysical shock waves, or carry out a suggestive command on all the Vatrox in the wide vicinity, so that they are forced to suicide, so that their Vamus can be soaked up by the Krathvira soul prisons. The Concept Lloyd/Tschubai ignites a small amount of Psi-matter in the distributor depot LORRAND near to Hibernation-6 and thereby gains so much power that he can teleport the depot two million kilometers far away.

Within the shortest time all the remaining Hibernation worlds are destroyed. The Vamu of 1.384 billion Vatroxes are collected. With this success, they must still face their own terrible losses. But suddenly the system with Hibernation-6 is wrapped in a protection screen. A powerful mental presence approaches the JULES VERN-1 cell from the Hibernation world. Gucky is the first to suffer from it, but other crew members soon also break down…

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2549 - Feueraugen
Fire Eyes
Hubert Haensel

While everyone physically feels the presence of a superior mental power on board the JV-1, the Atto RourSi has an additional problem. He inadvertently offended against a taboo of his race and changed his shape in the presence of Gucky. He has thus stamped himself as an outcast. Meanwhile a fire eye is located in the Main Bridge after the destruction of Hibernation-6. It initially represents no direct danger and even seems to burn away. Then the Ilt appears and tells Atlan that he has important news for Perry Rhodan. By Trafitron mode the JV-1 heads out and approaches the trade star FATICO.

On board the JV-2, meanwhile, Rhodan has the feeling of being observed by the two locally present fire eyes. While the center section of the JULES VERNE docks again and Julian Tifflor comes to Rhodan and Mondra Diamond, control of the trade star is finally lost. The Frequency Monarchy must unquestionably have a C-CONTROLLER. Moreover, the Krathvira soul trap did not absorb all the local Vamus. Therefore Vatrox continue to live, protected by the high-ranking Polyport controllers on the still present battle lights or, more likely, the fire eyes. This is the situation when Atlan shows up with the JV-1.

At approximately the same moment, Frequency Follower Sinnafoch on board the battle tower VART receives the mental instruction from VATROX-CUUR to attack the opponent in savage despair with the fire eyes. The Vatrox communicates this to the Okrill Philip, who suggests, at least playing with the opponent. Sinnafoch must smile at this proposal of the Okrill’s, which has attained intelligence owing to an inductive cell. On the other hand, though, the Vatrox is scared for his life. Two more Hibernation worlds still exist in Anthuresta, but his gene material is not stored there.

By cage transmitter Gucky comes on board the JV-2 and visits Rhodan. It swiftly becomes clear that the Ilt was taken over by VATROX-CUUR. The Triumvir of the Frequency Monarchy complains about the Terrans at first because of the encroachments on the Polypor net, but then offers co-operation in the fight against VATROX-VAMU, the actual enemy. The cell activator carrier rejects this unjustified demand.

Rhodan abruptly sees himself transferred to another location. Is it again that netherworld he had visited during his recent near death experience? After some time, the Terran Resident comes to the realization that he is being manipulated by VATROX-CUUR. Then Atlan is suddenly standing beside him and demands that he cooperate with VATROX-CURR, for the sake of mankind. It comes to an argument between the two men, which ends fatally for the Arkonide…

Next Gucky comes to Rhodan and transforms into the image of the Terraner. In this way, VATROX-CUUR tries to curry favor for himself with the Terran. However Rhodan remains steadfast and fears the next step of his adversary will be the destruction of the JV-2…

The two Rhodans shift back and forth between the netherland and the JV-2. The genuine one arrives at the realization that VATROX CUUR is bluffing. The Triumvir can be seen as the sum of all Vatrox and is long weakened due to the Krathvira soul trap. Rhodan finally manages to use his remaining psi-ball - and the men and women of the JV-2 awake from the mental gagging. At the same time Rhodan’s double undergoes a physical change. The Concept Ras Tschubai/Fellmer Lloyd teleports the now freed RourSi into a Medostation.

On board the VART Sinnafoch feels the evaporation of VATROX-CUUR. This unbelievable and incomprehensible process shows that the trade star will soon be lost. In order to prevent this - and also, in order to escape the suicide urge - the Vatrox transfers to the FATICO. He is accompanied by Philip and the Okrivar Kruuper.

As it turns out, Gucky never left the JV-1. It was actually RourSi affected by VATROX-CUUR, who changed into the shape of the Ilt on the JV-2. Now in the Medostation, he regains his own shape. He is brought by Gucky back onto the JV-1, where he is to recover. The information that the Atto might have gained, can wait.

FATICO sudden becomes active. The trade star develops two transfer tunnels, which reach for the JV-1 and JV-2/Middle section. While the JV-1 barely escapes, the JV-2 dematerializes and remains missing.

One day later, at noon on April 26th and RourSi heralds the end of VATROX CUUR, the Atto speaks over the radio to all the races of Andromeda. He exhorts them to continue facing the future united.

Meanwhile, the automatic border measuring station OORT-149 at the edge of the Sol system locates an energy phenomenon, which suddenly materializes. It is identified as a fire eye and the OORT-149 gives the alarm…

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2550 - Die Welt der 20.000 Welten
The world of 20,000 worlds
Michael Marcus Thurner

Looking from the future: From a certain temporal distance the documentarian describes, among other things, the events of the 15th century NGE. The transfer of the JULES VERNE (JV-2 and middle section of the barbell ship) is described as a break. What Perry Rhodan caused in the galaxy Anthuresta, initiated unbelievable developments. The power of the Cosmocrats was to be broken and the cards in the card game of the higher powers reshuffled by it.

The ship is moving through the transfer tunnel generated by the trade star FATICO and Rhodan finds that only he – and possibly Julian Tifflor – are still conscious aboard. NEMO also does not react and the trip through an unbelievable transport medium continues. It continues for nearly five hours – and eventually the Terran also becomes unconscious.

When the people began to wake on board, the ship comes out near another trade star disguised as a sun. Before the Chief Scientist Abraham Camaro begins his work, Hyperphysicist Chucan Tica acts. First in cooperation with Chief Engineer Vanderbloom he takes of the fact that the ship can become maneuverable again. Afterwards Camaro reports the first facts on the still foreign trade star. It stretches 3,040 kilometers and has more than sixty-two protuberances, which are up to six hundred eighty kilometers long. With it the object is twice as big as FATICO.

Tica unexpectedly discovers a divergence in the matrix structure of the Aberois Stanton algorithm, which explains why NEMO is not working properly at the moment. The ancient scientist alarms the Main Bridge and orders them to make an emergency landing at the last minute on the surface of the trade star. A little later Tica points out that the immediate surroundings of the trade star are surrounded by Psi-matter. It is something special, because it shifts in physical state. It is also responsible for the fact that the other cosmic surroundings cannot be observed. At the same time the Concept Ras Tschubai / Fellmer Lloyd recognizes that Tica has a conversation partner whom he believes to be Myles Kantor. He is hiding this fact and theorizes it to be another aspect of the Psi thunderstorm.

In the course of the next hours, it turns out that the VERNE cannot launch. The Halftrack-Changeur Akika Urismaki makes the supposition that they are in Anthuresta. And the Shadow-Maahk Pral feels a mental presence which he gets in contact with - the Psi matter or a being which is being generated by it. He goes out on a mental excursion, while the Concept watches over his body.

In the conversation with the unreal Kantor, Tica soon speaks of a Psi-film. Kantor admits it is also food for not only him, but others of his kind. Their number is continuously growing. He is telling the truth and the Psi-film beings are bit by bit physically manifesting to each of the crewmembers. In the case of the Terran Resident it is his first wife Torah da Zoltral, which makes Mondra Diamond jealous, even though she cannot perceive her. Nobody can see the Psi-film haunting you.

At the end of four hours Pral is still on the move. This is also true of a number of robots, scientists and land troops under Lieutenant-colonel Ohliver Allegrement. They have gone onto the surface of the trade star and found a hangar gate. The Shadow-Maahk finally returns and reports: He perceived the Psi thunderstorm as a glittering-green sea and recognized structures in it. Pral identified a kind of controlling power and tracked it in the course of his excursion. As a result he found a psionic net whose center is formed by the trade star and stretches two astronomical units. It appears as if an immense number of worlds are stuck to its hull at the external frontiers of the net. The Psi density was also at its greatest there. In the end, Pral felt the presence of a living being which he probably woke up with his return.

It awoke due to an external influence. But it was a slow awakening and at first was filled with only the question of what he or it was. He or it realized that it had once had a job. It was a matter of gathering what it took to become stronger and more knowledgeable. Now the being wants to learn about the new guest. It is beginning to finally understand what its job is. It was a matter of seeing to Fogudare (whoever that is), because the master was in danger.

After Pral’s report, Rhodan takes a team and leaves the VERNE – where, in the meantime, the first Psi-film being dissipates – and opens the hangar gate with his B-controller. The team penetrates with all due care deeper into the trade star and soon stands on a transfer deck. It has huge magnitude and, therefore, is intended for the transfer of spaceships. Four transfer chimneys exist there, as does a central shaft which reaches 1500 km into the depth. The group dives into it and bumps into forks which lead to hangars, storerooms and more.

In the meantime, the 28th of April has begun, and when Tica angers Kantor the Psi-film being changes, taking on animalistic characteristics. He claims that he will soon be the last Psi-film left and become solid. He is doing this by sucking in the energy of the other Psi-film beings. Once he completes this process he will then take the vital energy from the rest of the crew and disappear with the JULES VERNE from this place.

A little later, this alarming development is noticed aboard the Vern. The concept feels something unusual and is encouraged by Pral to follow it. Tschubai/Lloyd teleports with Rhodan, Mondra diamond and the shadow Maahk - and they find themselves in the machine town Ambur-Karbush. However it turns out to only be a copy of this and it makes clear that there is a relationship between the Anthurianer, who were the builders of the trade star, and the super intelligence ES. The ground in the town is covered by hyper Crystal dust. When the concept picks up a little of it the dust tries to wrap him up. Tschubai/Lloyd begins to frantically teleports and heads for the center of the trade star.

When he is finally caught up to, he is on another transfer deck with only one chimney. This one looks much older than the first one. When Rhodan activates his B – controller a hologram forms. It shows the trade star above which disk worlds manifest themselves. The final count comes to a total of exactly 20,000 worlds like Wanderer. While the concept was covered with hyper dust he also received the mental concepts: Crystal engineers, master builder, Esnur, the Grand Songs.

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2551 - Das Wunder von Anthuresta
The Wonder of Anthuresta
Michael Marcus Thurner

An intelligent being which remembers hardly more than his name and job forms from the hypercrystal dust which lies around everywhere in the trade star. It name is Clun'stal, is a crystal engineer and must get in touch with his master Fogudare to become complete again, to get back all its memories and to protect TALIN ANTHURESTA - the Miracle of Anthuresta. As long as this has not happened, it calls itself Clun'stal Nothing - for Clun'stal is nobody. Joining with the crystal substance is difficult for Clun'stal. He is full of worry, because Fogudare does not seem to be in range of its senses. Moreover, strangers have penetrated into TALIN ANTHURESTA and the Psi-matter is acting up. Clun'stal tries to contact one of the strangers (the Concept Fellmer Lloyd / Ras Tschubai) and ask him for help. Nevertheless, the stranger reacts with panic and finally loses consciousness. Only when Clun'stal approaches him at a mental level in a dreamscape created by him which resembles the native country of Ras Tschubai, can a contact be established.

Perry Rhodan and his companions have brought the Concept - who had once again been wrapped by crystal dust, from which a roughly humanoid being has formed armless, with thin neck and oversized head without recognizable features and which disappeared afterwards – to safety in a Shift. The Concept appears to die when the being runs off, but then his vital functions awake immediately again.

Nevertheless, he must remain under medical treatment and put into a regenerative sleep. Rhodan pulls connections between the hologram shown by his B controller and four cartouches which were found in the Hall of One Thousand Tasks on the planet Aveda in the Stardust system. Now the Terran turns to the menace from the Psi-foil beings and they receive unexpected help from Mikru, who can move outside of MIKRU-JON. The "soul" of the ship has absorbed numerous Psi-foils into itself, and feels an affinity to them. Among them, she has defeated "Torah" and added her to her own mental substance. Now, except for "Myles Kantor" who is on the rampage in the JULES VERNE and torments the crew (in particular Chucan Tica) with unreal, but extremely painful visions, there is only one Psi-foil left - and this was created by Ramoz.

There is only one possibility to defeat this Psi-foil. Rhodan must move his mind virtually into Mikru's and ask "Torah" for help, while Mondra Diamond must try to get Ramoz to cooperate. The two succeed - Rhodan promises "Torah" to provide for the fact that she will live on as a quasi-independent being for good inside Mikru. It turns out that the still free Psi-foil carries the name Drrdin and is very powerful. Mikru rushes at this semi-material being and soaks it up, but no information about the real Drrdin or Ramoz' past is to be found out from it. Thus strengthened Mikru can face off against "Myles Kantor" and defeat him. Mikru now disposes of countless recollections from almost all crew the members of the JULES VERNE, and her existence is thereby raised to a new level.

After Lloyd/Tschubai learns what Clun'stal and Fogudare represent and has woken up again, he can persuade the Terrans of Clun'stal's peaceful intentions. Rhodan is led to a "cemetery" in which several fossilized looking, 50 meter tall whale like beings stand – these are the same type of beings that have been encountered in Far Away and the Hades Dark Cloud in Andromeda. Clun'stal tries to wake Fogudare. One of the fossilized whales actually starts to move, but Fogudare has become insane, because he seems to be the last of his kind left after the Great Song and cannot endure the loneliness anymore. The being starts to rage. It threatens to kill Rhodan and Mondra and possibly even destroy TALIN ANTHURESTA. The Concept teleports his friends to safety. Clun'stal asks Rhodan to kill Fogudare, because he cannot do it himself. The fossilized being awoken to life was only a kind of action body; the real Fogudare rests in a huge basin filled with some kind of liquid. Rhodan struggles with himself and finally flips a switch, after Lloyd has assured him that Fogudare really does want to die. The gigantic being and the whole basin disappear in an immense luminous apparition.

Mikru suddenly informs them that radio communication with the JULES VERNE has broken off and no more signs of life exist...

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2552 - Totenspiel
Death Play
Frank Borsch

Sinnafoch is in despair. VATROX-CUUR, all the Vatrox and all the others beings belonging to the Frequency Monarchy in Andromeda are dead. The Hibernation worlds were destroyed, so that a rebirth is impossible. Death would therefore be the final end for Sinnafoch. The Okrivar Kruuper, as well as the Okrill Philip, Sinnafoch’s of only companions, tries to rouse the Vatrox. Sinnafoch has the idea to use one of the Hibernation worlds in Anthuresta. New clones could still be created there from cell samples of his current body. Therefore, Sinnafoch tries to use the trade-star FATICO to reach the connected trade-tar JERGALL in the distant galaxy Anthuesta. Nevertheless, the transfer fails due to Perry Rhodan’s use of psi-matter. As a result, Sinnafoch, Kruuper and Philip are transported to an unknown world. The Vatrox loses consciousness and dreams of his first rebirth in the age of the second hyperdepression. At that time he was on the move as a Frequency Aspirant in the galaxy Kaskallen belonging to the Frequency Monarchy and was fighting against the Xerxen. At that time the Frequency Monarchy did not have yet the same structures as in the present; for example, the Darturka did not exist yet. Though their precursors, the D'Tar, formed an alliance with the Frequency Monarchy, in contrast to the Darturka clones they were an independent race with individual views, wishes and fears. Sinnafoch had made friends with one of them named Deliachlan.

D'Tars still live on the planet which these three so very different companions reach in the present. Most of them believe, that their world D'Tarka is a disc in whose center is the city of D'Tarm surrounded by thirty-six concentrically constructed walls. Their technology level is relatively primitive (electricity and steam engines are considered as very modern) and they must follow numerous dogmas. The inventor F'har and his assistant L'hete travel by their steam powered vehicle to the location where Sinnafoch, Kruuper and Philip have arrived. F'har has just lost a competition with his sharpest opponent Kritt'han and then observed how the transfer chimney flickered. When he talks to Kruuper, he is inspired - the arrival of the beings which come from other worlds is a scientific sensation that should help F'har gain new respect. He smuggles the strangers into D'Tarm. Kruuper finds out that there is a vertically standing transfer chimney in the center of the town. This was virtually encased, because the D'Tars believe that the tube brings bad luck. Now and again strangers appear there, but they are burned to death by the so-called Circle-Preservers. Kruuper wants to reach the tower with his comrades, because there is no other possibility to leave this world again.

Remark: The competition described by the inventor F'har, with his nemesis Kritt'han is about the efficiency of his steam engine, and is a retelling of the presentation of the real Magdeburg hemispheres.

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2553 - Die Stadt in der Mitte der Welt
The Town in the Middle of the World
Frank Borsch

Sinnafoch continues to dream of his first rebirth. In this time he and his friend Deliachlan lead a battle troop to one of insectoid Xerxen occupied planets. Their landing craft is shot and only a handful of soldiers survive. Deliachlan takes over the command, because Sinnafoch not is experienced enough to make the necessary decisions. Still, in the end, only Sinnafoch and Deliachlan are left. The latter does not allow Sinnafoch to give up and therefore enables a great victory for him. When the two are attacked by an overpowering number of Xerxens, Sinnafoch makes his friend allow them to be captured, because he supposes –correctly - that they will be brought to the Xerxen queen. He succeeds in escaping his bonds and killing the queen, so that her whole people lose their orientation and collapse. However, Sinnafoch also dies; in her death convulsions the queen pierces him with one of her legs. Sinnafoch reincarnates and receives the rank of a Frequency Follower as well as an inductive cell, due to which his consciousness changes. In the meantime, the Frequency Monarchy gets the upper hand in Kaskallen bit by bit. Now it uses the genetically modified D'Tar clones for the first time: The Darturka. One day Sinnafoch and Deliachlan meet once again. However, Sinnafoch does not recognize his old friend and sends him away, so that he can meet death in battle.

In the present Sinnafoch awakes when his companions have already left D'Tarm again. They had succeeded in penetrating up to the center of the town. F'har diverted the Circle-protectors with a feigned hunt for the "monster" Philip, so that Kruuper could reach the transfer chimney there. Nevertheless, this chimney turned out to be blocked and therefore unusable. Kruuper divested the control console of the chimney of various modules and used these modules to modify Sinnafoch’s controller. Another tractor duel occurred between F'har and Kritt'han, which F’har lost. But Kritt'han was actually only using the duel as a pretext to prove that F'har had granted a hiding place to intruders. The companions had to flee town with F'har’s tractor.

After Sinnafoch’s awakening Kruuper discovers a station on the edge of the world with the modified controller. The world view of the D'Tar is correct: The world is disc-shaped. The station contains a transfer chimney which can be directed on JERGALL. F'har and L'hete remind Sinnafoch of Deliachlan. He suggests to them that they come along through the transfer chimney. When they decline, he hands over to them two protective suits from the station. With the aid of these, it will be possible for them to assert themselves against their opponents and lead their people into a better future.

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2554 - Die lodernden Himmel
The Blazing Skies
Leo Lukas

from Clun'stal Nobody Perry Rhodan finds out that Fogudare was an Anthurianer. Clun'stal itself is a crystal engineer, an assistant of Fogudare’s. His body mass has grown a little bit, in the meantime, and now he also has two arms. However, his memories do not return completely. He says, they are "stored" with his people, the Esnur. He asks Rhodan to act as his chronicler, as he keeps losing memories. In the meantime, the Galactics believe that TALIN ANTHURESTA is an almost 230 million kilometer wide hollow ball with the oversized trade star in the center and 20,000 disc worlds in the inside edge, making a sort of Dyson sphere. Because they can no longer make contact with the JULES VERNE and, moreover, is wrapped by an energy field that emanates from a quill of the trade star, Rhodan splits his group. Mondra Diamond should try to reach the field projector. Rhodan, Fellmer Lloyd/Ras Tschubai, Clun'stal and a troop of space landing soldiers with fighter robots under the direction of Captain Curi Fecen use an active transfer chimney to reach one of the disc worlds. Rhodan’s choice falls on one of seven worlds which are designated as threatened by the control systems. The team reaches Frerino, the native land of the Frerin.

The Frerin are three-sexed races with bodies made up of three oval bodies, three brains, three arms, three legs and three senses. They have reached a level of development which corresponds to the early twentieth century. Their social structure is a conservative, totalitarian theocracy. They believe that a being called Anthun once brought them to safety before Chaon, a god of chaos, on Frerino. They keep a holy relic which supposedly comes from that time. The reactionary Pontifical Retreat holds all power in its hands; the Pontiff, the head of church and state, has not appeared anymore for many years. The Frerin are indoctrinated from childhood and must submit to stiff religious rules. Dissenters are pursued and cruelly destroyed. Still there is a small group of insurgents.

These "disbelieving Gnostics" have found out that something is not right with Frerino. The dome which covers the disc world is being penetrated by destructive energy which threatens to destroy the whole world. The Gnostics use the unimportant court assessor Orcizu to publicize the truth. Although he was hypnotized, Orcizu is able to resist the compulsion: in spite of the hypnosis he has still enough power over his speech organs and orders the guards present to shoot at his data pad before he can activate it. Although he is thereby badly mutilated and disfigured, he is now acknowledged as a martyr for the cause and is a welcome instrument for the Pontifical Retreat for the manipulation of the masses. He is raised up to an Apostul of the clergy.

After an arranged marriage to the secret agent Sebyri and the haggard actor Fortela, Orcizu heads out with a retinue on a proselytizing trip to the edge areas of the world. The General Vicar gives Sebyri the confidential order to get in touch with the Gnostics. The clergy has recognized that the menace to the world is real. Cooperation with the Gnostics is unavoidable, but may under no circumstance become known to the general public. Sebyri succeeds in tracking down the Gnostic Licafa, who has already undertaken an expedition to the edge of the world with his group of researchers and found out that chaos rules there. When Orcizu sees Licafa, he recognizes him: He is one of the Gnostics to which he has to owe his disfigurement. Orcizu goes through an astonishing change and is now no longer the inane puppet. He tears the control of the expedition to himself and requests the relic from the capital to use it against the chaos. When he holds the approximately twenty-five centimeter cone with the spherical head which seems to consist of gold in his hands, he is flowed through by new energy and wins hypnotic forces.

Meanwhile, Rhodan’s team has found out about the conditions on Frerino and received the hyperenergetic impulses emanating from the relic on their sensors. Degenerated Psi-matter seems to be responsible for the chaos ruling on the edge of the world, and the relic also apparently consists of Psi-matter. Rhodan invisibly gets in touch with Licafa, who does not yet stand under Orcizu’s spell. When Rhodan and Lloyd/Tschubai, as well as two TARA robots deactivate their deflectors, the sight is almost too much for the Frerin, because the battle robots look like giant copies of the holy relic…

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2555 - Kante des Untergangs
Edge of Doom
Leo Lukas

Perry Rhodan informs himself by way of Licafa and his team of scientists. The Terran assures the Frerins of his assistance with the investigation of the occurrences at the edge of the world. They accompany the next expedition there and protect them against the destruction, which would otherwise be inevitable. On the way there the Terrans and the Frerins develop an inexplicable powerlessness and exhaustion, while Clun'stal Nobody loses more and more memories. Both are caused by the raging of the degenerating psi-matter, by which the world is surrounded. Arriving in the danger zone, the Terrans observe, how the disk world disintegrates from its edges. They want to induce the Frerins to turn back, but do not count on Orcizu’s actions. The Apostle is in the possession of a holy relic and thereby reinforces its hypnotic powers. It even gives Orcizu the power to influence mentally stabilized Terrans. It sets free the psi-matter contained in the relic. This unites with the sphere around the world and stabilizes this for a short time. But then the dissolution process starts again and progresses all the more strongly.

With the loss of the relic Orcizu loses the greatest part of its Hypno-powers, so that the expedition can turn around and barely escape destruction. Some air cushion tanks of the Frerins are destroyed and Orcizu suffers fire injuries, but the Terrans suffer no losses. Rhodan learns that there is probably a Polyport court in the center of the city Frer, directly under the Basilica of the Pontifical Hermitage. The transfer chimney, with which they arrived, was only an alternate location. Rhodan plans the evacuation of the Frerins using this court, since the dissolution of the disk world cannot be stopped, even with the superior technology of the Terrans. Just in case, though, he gives the instruction to MIKRU-JON to gather and bring to Frerino as much psi-matter as possible from TALIN ANTHURESTA. When Sebyri addresses the Vicaress General on the threatening danger, she only harvests denial. The Vicaress General is afraid for her position of power, so she refuses the evacuation and orders Sebyri to murder Orcizu, because he has outlived his usefulness.

Since an evacuation without the agreement of the dominant caste is impossible, Rhodan penetrates into the capital with a camouflaged team, in order to speak with the Pontifex personally. Orcizu, who experienced a further change of mind and now wants to support the Gnostics, accompanies them. It turns out however that the transfer chimneys do not function because of the raging psi-matter, and that the Pontifex is long long. Its corpse, rigged with cybernetic elements, serves the Pontifical Hermitage for the manipulation of the masses. The priest caste could obviously access the high order technology of the Polyport court, but has used it exclusively for its own purposes instead of the well-being of its people. It turns out the Vicaress General has used it to artificially extend her own life by bio-implants and the entire basilica is stuffed with various weapon systems. When Orcizu recognizes the truth, he attacks the Vicaress General hypnotically. But she is prepared and strikes back - however not against Orcizu, but against the members of the various rivaling groups around her. It comes to violent battles, with which the basilica is almost totally destroyed.

Rhodan and Fellmer Lloyd/Ras Tschubai pursue the fleeing Vicaress General, but end up being led into a trap system, from which they cannot free themselves. Clun'stal Nobody appears to save them from the deadly danger and lead them to the Vicaress General. When she attacks them, Clun’stal resapes into a foil, to cover and suffocate her. MIKRU-JON appears and pumps in great quantities of psi-matter to regenerate the global dome, which thereupon stabilizes. The fighting Frerins regards MIKRU-JON as a tool of the gods and lay down their weapons. Orcizu has Fortela proclaimed as the new Pontifex. It takes over the media congregation, an institute for propaganda, with whose assistance he wants to gradually change the dictatorial societal system. Sebyri receives the post of the Vicaress General. Licafa’s Gnostics become scientific advisors of the new Pontifical Hermitage. Frerino is saved and the Frerins are on the way to a better future. On April 30, 1463 NGE, Rhodan leaves three TARAS as a parting gift, which are to help protect the Frerin reformers and takes off with MIKRU-JON.

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2556 - Im Innern des Wunders
Inside the Miracle
Christian Montillon

Mondra Diamond dreams again of Kintradim Crux and Samaho Torr. A response team, which includes the Halftrack Changeure Akika Urismaki, is to take care of the JULES VERNE. Accompanied by Pral, Mondra follows her "pet" Ramoz whose instincts she trusts. The feline leads them to the petrified Anthurianers, where he first leaves a puddle of excitement and then sniffs out a snow-crystal-like structure in the interior of one of the giant fossils. Mondra knows these snowflakes from the accounts of the events in the Stardust system. Pral frees his mind from his body in order to approach the structure in this way. He cannot reach it, but it is visible to him. Ramoz then leads them into the machine city. Mondra recognizes two things: She does not have the memory of those forty-five days, during which she spent on Wanderer waiting out Perry Rhodan’s absence. Three buildings in the city machines are exact replicas of buildings that are familiar to her from Ambur-Karbush. Now memories from Wanderer are returning piecemeal. She had time to chat with Homunk and look for Delorian. Homunk had only given her intimations of the kind that the chronicler of ES was unavailable at present, and advised her "to look properly." She enters the dome of the Physiotron and comes out in the Hall of One Thousand Tasks in the Stardust system.

Meanwhile, MIKRU-JON leaves Frerino on the way to one of the one hundred fifty kilometer wide structures which orbit TALIN ANTHURESTA. There are problems with deflagrating Psi-matter and a net-like structure which follows the ship and transfers it to a different area of the Dyson sphere. Mikru has a suggestion to make to Rhodan. She says the ship has a real need for a pilot to be able to develop its full potential. It had watched Rhodan a long time and found that he was the only possible candidate for this job. Despite some risks that Mikru does not explain in detail, Rhodan agrees. He trusts the ship and the virtual woman completely, but appears to be deceived. He has to go naked into the tank, which had healed his severe burns some time earlier. Rhodan recognizes that he would have to merge completely with the ship and the spirit of earlier pilot fragments, and he begins to resist the merge. But he cannot escape because the tank will not open and the overwhelming foreign thoughts begin to shatter his spirit...

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2557 - Der Mentalpilot
The Mental Pilot
Arndt Ellmer

Perry Rhodan calms down swiftly when he discovers that he receives mental contact with the consciousness fragments of the former pilots stored in MIKRU-JON, but is not overwhelmed by them. He is found worthy of steering the ship, which he promptly manages to do. He leaves the tank he was in and can now combine mentally with the ship if he sits in the pilot's seat. However, the connection is not entirely working. Something deeply inside Rhodan seems to struggle against the connection. Mikru is disappointed.

Because no contact with the JULES VERNE can be established, Perry Rhodan tries to reach one of two gigantic objects which it are connected with balls of Psi-matter in the Dyson sphere. When he orientates himself with the B-controller, he finds out that this synchronizes itself automatically with another controller that is integrated into MIKRU-JON. Mikru claims to have known nothing about it. In combination with the two controllers Rhodan’s mind is able to manipulate the Psi-matter. He thereby generates a corridor, through which MIKRU-JON can fly into the cloud. Inside is a 1177-meter-long golden-colored object whose construction (two tubes coupled together in parallel with two extensions which end in balls) reminds him of a double rolling-pin. Small probes leave this station and disappear with an unknown destination. Clun'stal Nobody remembers to have worked in the construction of the station. It is a Psi-Matter-Dispenser, and the 10-meter-long probes are hunters whose job consists of the elimination of foreign bodies. One of them attacks MIKRU-JON. Perry Rhodan takes his place again in the pilot's seat and dodges the probe, but then it manages to connect and carries out a transition with the ship from TALIN ANTHURESTA…

Meanwhile, Mondra Diamond lives through blocked memories of her earlier stay on Wanderer. She finds out that the Hall of 1000 Tasks is obviously not only in the Stardust system. It is presumably a copy of one which was established on Wanderer. Several scientists are examining the cartouches. These are only projections, but one of them perceives Mondra. It is Geoffry Abel Waringer. He states that the hall holds answers to questions which are possibly too much for normal people - and which may not fall into the hands of the opponents of the superintelligence. Together the two try to decipher the meaning of certain cartouches, but they do not succeed. Mondra later finds out from Homunk that the new galactic riddle is set up far more complicated and for the long term than the first one had been. Then soldiers of Stardust humanity attack her. They hunt down Mondra, who succeeds in escaping. She sees an ice covered area of the machine town from which blood flows out, as robots drill into it. Then she awakes and her surroundings disappear…

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2558 - Die Stadt am Ende des Weges
The Town at the End of the Path
Marc A. Herren

Alaska Saedelaere once again goes to an area of the LUMINOSITY, which does not stand under the control of the ship’s computer DAN. He supposes that it is a refuge of Samburi Yura’s, and that the surroundings there are always based upon the mental world of the visitor. This is how Alaska explains to himself the meetings with figures from Lewis Carroll’s "Alice in Wonderland" whom he has met there time and again. Moreover, he finds some huts there in which Proto-Enthones - or projections of beings which Alaska holds as the forefather of the Enthones - live and which entertain him. They know Samburi Yura, for whom she is the Morning Sister. They call themselves the day people. Nearby there is a tree on which a Suit of destruction is hung up. Alaska desires the suit almost more than he longs for a reunion with Samburi Yura, but DAN and the crew of the LUMINOSITY do not want to allow him to take this instrument of power for himself and there is a force field around it, stopping him.

When the LUMINOSITY reaches a wandering planetoid in the system of the white sun with four planets which is in location stored in Samburi Yura’s star jewel, a new opportunity arises for Alaska to finally bring the suit into his possession. On the planetoid is an Immaterial City (Alaska knows these cities from Reginald Bull's reports on the Stardust system). Its color is ultramarine, but it lies for the most part in ruins. Alaska supposes that it is not able to continue its "distance shifting" which would explain why a city of this color was not observed in the Stardust system. It is determined that it must have been stuck here for thousands of years now. Alaska enters the city and is almost immediately overpowered by its mental lures. The psionic influencing is darker, more evil, than that of the other known cities. He only with effort succeeds in returning to the LUMINOSITY. There is certainty that Samburi Yura has been here or at least wanted Alaska to look around Ultramarine City, so he must return there. And this is only possible for him, as he tells Eroin Blitzer and himself, in the protection of the Suit of Destruction. Hence, he enters Samburi Yura’s refuge, the "Wonderland" once more, and is led by the rabbit to the village of the Proto-Enthones. After an intimate experience with a woman from the day people who seems to change into Samburi Yura and tells him that some taboos must be broken. The force field is gone and Alaska takes the Suit of Destruction from the tree on which it still hangs, and puts it on.

Thus prepared he enters Ultramarine City once again. He feels an evil radiation which seems to emanate from the buildings and which stirs up the numerous inhabitants of the town to constant battling. Alaska observes how a lynch mob pursues an individual being and saves him. The being is named Korte Hanner. He is a Jaranoc, and townspeople accuse him of being guilty for the current state of the city. Because Alaska has saved his life, Hanner is now indebted to the Terran, due to the after the code of honor of the Jaranocs. Alaska shows some recordings to the Jaranoc. Hanner recognizes Samburi Yura’s picture and that of the star jewels. Suddenly the buildings become transparent. A Proto-Enthone female appears. No radio communication is capable with the LUMINOSITY. The city is beginning to continue its journey through the universe, with Alaska in it...

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2559 - Splitter des Bösen
Splinter of Evil
Marc A. Herren

The Intangible city (Korte Hanner refers to it as "Connajent, the Magnificent") attempts to travel on, but it does not succeed. Alaska Saedelaere now tries to reach the Time Headquarters and battles with the Jaranoc through the center of the city. The corrupting influence, which is palpable everywhere else, does not seem to have reached there yet. Alaska still does not trust Korte Hanner, despite his protests of loyalty, because the Jaranoc seems to be hiding some information. As Alaska is shot on the edge of a defensive ring that protected the center and runs because of his suddenly radiantly glowing Cappin fragment, as well as a failure of the SERUN caused by the Suit of Destruction, he is rescued by Korte Hanner. A cat-like creature who introduces herself as Ino Thalwaaruu accuses the Jaranoc as being responsible for the state of the city. The feline shows the two shows newcomers that the same heavenly conditions still rule in the city’s center, as Reginald Bull had encountered in Prymtuor. The feline claims that the Time Headquarters is not accessible.

Nevertheless, the Terran and the Jaranoc continue their march. They first reach a museum whose exhibits are all but destroyed. Alaska finds a star sapphire, but it is just a projection - just like Samburi Yura, who suddenly appears again. She repeats what Alaska needs to know about his mission. "The black hole that sings” is the goal. Korte Hanner helps Alaska pass through a seemingly solid portal. Behind it waits a psionic maze and the incarnation of evil - a kind of mental cancer that can dissolve reality around them. It whispers its name to Alaska. It is VATROX-VAMU. In a vision, Alaska experiences that VATROX-VAMU and the armies of Jaranoc had tried to conquer Connajent at one of the stations of the immaterial city. The city avoided this by traveling on, but when doing this, it carries along numerous Jaranocs as well as a splinter of VATROX-Vamu, which has been spreading ever since. Korte Hanner has to now contritely admit that VATROX-VAMU is his real master. He is the last surviving Jaranoc-warrior standing, but is not under the control of the splinter of evil.

Alaska and Korte Hanner reached the Time Headquarters with the help of the Suit of Destruction. There are two VATROX VAMU-controlled Proto-Enthone women there. In the tile mosaic, which is the steering mechanism of the city, lies a genuine star sapphire. As Alaska picks it up with the Suit of Destruction the Proto-Ethones begin to rave. When he finally manages to talk with them, Alaska learns that they had traveled here with Samburi Yura, in order to find and meet with the designer of the BOTNETZ, Sholoubwa. But he was already dead. Samburi Yura wanted to look elsewhere (presumably Kopter’s Aerie), for the BOTNETZ, so she left the two Proto-Ethones on Connajent to look for clues to the BOTNETZ. The star sapphire was to protect this part of Connajent from the splinter of evil and prevent the city from traveling on. Since Alaska had removed the gem, the city prepares to continue its journey and the now unstoppable splinter of evil begins to spread further. Finally, the Proto-Enthones tell Alaska of the " black hole that sings" and hand over a holo-projector that shows this black hole.

VATROX-VAMU’S splinter tries to conquer the heart of the city. Its influence begins to overrun the defense ring. Alaska destroys the tile mosaic, making the onward journey of the city impossible. Then he and the Jaranoc decide to try to reach the LUMINOSITY, where they will take back the Proto-Enthones. One of them suddenly attacks Alaska with a steel rod. His mask is broken and a concussion makes him delirious. He attacks Korte Hanner, because he has killed the attacking Proto-Enthone, but does not comprehend that it was only to save his life. Alaska takes the other injured Proto-Ethone back to the LUMINOSITY (the woman dies shortly afterwards), but he must return again, because he has lost the projector. Back in his right mind, he meets Korte Hanner again, who hands over the other dead Ethone and the projector, which he had recovered. The Jaranoc then takes his leave of Alaska - his debt to him is paid. He rushes off to battle approaching city citizens that have been driven insane by the splinter of evil and is presumably killed by them. Alaska returns to the LUMINOSITY and is convinced by the crew to order the destruction of the city, which is now entirely under the control of the evil and cannot be cured or evacuated. While the LUMINOSITY goes in search of the black hole that sings, Alaska brings the dead proto-Enthones to their comrades and places the Suit of Destruction back on the tree, along with the star sapphire. He suspects that the suit had driven him to his recent actions and is not happy about it.

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2560 - Das Raunen des Vamu
Whispering of the Vamu
Arndt Ellmer

Not all intelligent beings in the Stardust system are mentally enslaved by VATROX-VAMU. His aiding race of the Jaranocs remain unaffected, of course, but so do Icho Tolot , Timber F. Whistler , and all those people that were affected by the golden shower of sparks or whose parents belong to this group. These people saved themselves by going to Talanis where they want to set up the resistance against VATROX-VAMU.

Administrator Whistler, who constantly fights against the foreign influence, decides to investigate the Stardust-rock needle for clues to aid him. There, the mental pressure disappears immediately. No one responds to his attempts at contact, not even the mainframe computer CREST. But then Icho Tolot appears via transmitter cage. He is accompanied by the Jaranoc Cardo Tarba, who has pledged his life to Tolot, as well as Captain Kush Eritrea who he has tucked under an arm. The Stardust Terran is freed from VATROX-VAMU within the rock needle. The Stardust-rock needle suddenly transforms. Cartouches in the Hall of a Thousand Tasks activate and gray machine blocks appear from out of nowhere. A new area becomes accessible from the transmitter hall. It contains a control center with residential areas and storage rooms. JOKER, the computer supervisor of the rock needle makes its presence known and declares a ‘crisis of foreign influence’. It recognizes Whistler, as well as Tolot, to be authorized to command it. By touching a certain cartouche, the system’s Sextadim veil is turned on, as is a shield around the rock needle, which can only be turned off from inside.

In the lowest floor of a huge machine hall is discovered eight silver spheres and as many humanoid appearing statues. Tolot assumes that ES releases some of the creatures (known as the Oldtimers) out of his consciousness pool if needed. The same is true of the technology that appeared in the rock needle. The Haluter tells JOKER to shut down the cage transmitter and block the entrances to Talanis. Thus, neither the Jaranocs nor Vorremar Corma , still acting as a chosen one or incarnation of VATROX-Vamu, can access the rock needle or the islands in the fog. But this entity is not necessarily interested in Stardust humanity. It seeks rather its real enemies: the Frequency Monarchy and VATROX-CUUR and VATROX-DAAG.

On February 21, 1463 NGE Whistler and Kush take the first test flights with the silver spheres. During his flight in Whistler retrieved the container with 5.4 picograms of Psi-matter from Stardust XXII that Perry Rhodan had brought, while Kush brings as many soldiers as possible from Cataract to the rock needle. Whistler then retrieves numerous government officials from Aveda , including Admiral Kraton Furtok . All these actions take place largely unnoticed, due to the superior technology of the silver spheres. Two days later, hundreds of people have already been taken to safety. Tolot then undertakes an expedition to Talanis.

There are people at the Palace of the Four Heavens, a five hundred meter high and one kilometer wide cloud of golden sparks on the island. This huge flurry of sparks provide the people who are now in a Para-block with psi -energy. They want to attack VATROX-VAMU in the shape of Vorremar Corma, but the enemy entity is too powerful and strikes back. The Para-block is broken and the people lose consciousness. Only Porfino and his sister Parfina who come late to the Palace of the Four Heavens do not suffer. The two witness the arrival of the silver ball. Tolot and his companions step out of the sphere and witness familiar figures materializing out of the flurry of sparks: The Movator Takvorian , the unlikely team of Dalaimoc Rorvic and Tatcher a Hainu (with a coffee pot ), the Neanderthal Lord Zwiebus (with a mace) and a whole collection of droll mousebeavers.

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2561 - Insel der goldenen Funken
Island of the Golden Sparks
Arndt Ellmer

VATROX-VAMU has beaten back the hasty attack by the Stardust mutants and is now forewarned. Forty-five people died with the attack. The survivors are cared for by Querionian Medo-robots , formed by Icho Tolot’s silver sphere. The Haluter happily welcomes his old friends: Tako Kakuta, Kitai Ishibashi, André Noir, Betty Toufry, Ribald Corello, Merkosh, Balton Wyt, Lord Zwiebus, Anne Sloane, John Marshall, the Woolver twins, Takvorian, Dalaimoc Rorvic, Tatcher a Hainu and some Ilts (including Iltu, Gecko, Jumpy and Ooch) who have been released from the mental depot of the superintelligence ES, in order to support Stardust mankind in the struggle against the overpowering invaders. They immediately begin training the inexperienced Stardust mutants. The silver spheres ensures the supply of people for Talanis, as well as retrieving the soldiers deployed by Eritrea Kush.

Kardo Tarba has proven his trustworthiness. First he informs his new friends that according to the information stored in JOKER’S databanks, machine halls are installed in each site of an intangible city, which are similar to those under the Stardust rock needle. He also found the sites of two other intangible cities: Ultramarine City and Ruby City. The latter is referred to as the “Lost City”. Then, leaving the rock needle, Tarba asks VATROX-VAMU to be released from its services. To the surprise of Tolot, the entity grants this request - Tarba is free. The Haluter then explores the caverns under the site of Ruby City. There, a projection of Anthuresta is be found, in which, among other things, the locations of twelve trade stars and two Hibernation worlds of the Frequency Monarchy are drawn. This representation is similar to the projection of the Milky Way, which the Terrans once found on Impos.

VATROX-VAMU, which still uses the Siganese Vorremar Corma as an action body and "anchor", tried in vain to reach NEO-OLYMP and Talanis. The Polyport-court is protected by a signature of ES, and even heavier bombardment of the fog domes yields no results. Corma, who sometimes takes back some control of himself, learns by the mental contact that VATROX-VAMU knows who ES and ANTI-ES are. It was due to a previous contact with the superintelligence, that VATROX-VAMU became aware of the Distant Places. VATROX-VAMU has always understood itself as a representative of “life itself”. VATROX-VAMU took up the fight against his creators, to prevent that they could merge with him into a negative superintelligence and endanger “life itself” with the PARALOX ARSENAL. VATROX-VAMU wanted to attack the Arsenal, but was catapulted away by a safety device. The Arsenal subsequently disappeared.

Two and a half months after the first attack on VATROX-VAMU the mutants dare a second attack attempt with the additional people that arrived on Talanis either on their own or with the help of the silver spheres. They are supported by the ES-mutants and the Palace of the Four Heavens. Tolot releases Psi-matter retrieved by Administrator Whistler, while Ribald Corello creates even more of this substance. And the Howanets, which VATROX-VAMU has been sucking energy out of during recent few weeks, intervene. Corello coordinates the Para-block and the release of all the energy against VATROX-VAMU in one fell swoop by Telepsimatic access. The entity and the Jaranoc- cone ships are thrown away several thousand light years, while Vorremar Corma is killed. The Hyperdim Perforator is also pulverized. The Stardust mutants learn the history of VATROX-VAMU by a short mental contact with it.

All the people in the Stardust System are now free. On April 30, 1463 NGZ the ES-mutants say goodbye. They return into the column of sparks, but first warn the humans of the impending death of the superintelligence. It also turns out that TALANIS has not only a connection to four worlds of the Stardust system, but also to Terra. This connection becomes activated. Everyone of Talanis have a vision of a threatening eye of fire that devours everything there….

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2562 - Die Tryonische Allianz
The Tryonian Alliance
Susan Schwartz

On the planet Ganroj in the system Thagg in Anthuresta lives young Sichu Dorksteiger from the people of the Ator with her father Aranmu Dorksteiger and her mother Lebanna Dorksteiger. She grows up seemingly secure, without problems, and with many rights and privileges, because Aranmu is the owner of one of the biggest and most productive farms on the whole planet and, in addition, town governor.

The only troubling thing in her life is her father’s brother, Dadje Fardwas. He believes that the Frequency Monarchy oppresses the ruling alliance of the system: The Tryonian Alliance. He is constantly on the run, and hence, comes for a visit only very seldom. In his last visit, when Sichu is ten years old, he leaves her a letter in which he asks her not to get involved in the Frequency Monarchy.

A red gleaming glider in the form of a gemstone lands on the farm when Sichu is twelve years old. A Vatrox and some Ators emerge from it and take Sichu on the grounds that she is being taken for » the exam«. The glider takes her to the hangar of a small battle light. There Sichu is locked for what seems a small eternity in a simple cabin. Her only conversation partner, provided that she does not dismantle it or throw against the wall, is the Dogo dwarf Doso-Doso, a small robot. Finally, the battle light lands on Oranata, the "promised land" as Doso-Doso calls it.

Sichu is retrieved by the helper Tsch'kul, a Ch'ting and brought to a big hall, in which there are already about five hundred children from the four races of the Tryonian Alliance (the Ator, Arki, Ana and Ashen). The Vatrox Bondiron, head of the educational institution in which Sichu has landed, explains to the children that they will be trained here according to their talents and for the purposes of the Frequency Monarchy and laziness is a punishable offense. After this Sichu is brought to a lodging which she will share with the Ashei Edity Satch and the Ana Astura Mirag.

The next day their education begins. Sichu finds that she can easily handle it and feels challenged for the first time in her life. With the instructors pressing them hard, the students bond together. On her thirteenth birthday Sichu gets to know Ana Fyrt Byrask. The two battle over the next year to be the best in class. With the final examination of the first year which is made up to be like a scavenger hunt they master the final task together. With the final ceremony Bondiron informs them that it is the goal of the Frequency Monarchy to find the PARALOX ARSENAL with the help of the trainees. Sichu and Fyrt are together the best of year and get a new instructor, the Vatrox Tigehon, who is to train them in hyperphysics.

In the second and third year of practical training Sichu grows more and more enthusiastic about hyperphysics. At the same time the tensions increase between Sichu and Fyrt. Both turn out to be brilliant, but they often clash during discussions. At the same time they feel a mutual attraction. When their aircraft fails during an excursion in the countryside and they are waiting for help to arrive, they spend a night of love together. However, it remains with this one night, and the next day the usual competition rules again between the two.

When Sichu is nineteen years old, her training period on Oranata is finished. She and Fyrt receive the Vatrox Hochalon as a new instructor and they are brought to the planet Regu-1. The aim of their education is to train them militarily and to shape them into leaders. On the primitive, jungle-covered training world Regu-1 Sichu is brought to her peak physical efficiency. She must creep through mud, climb over palisades, run for hours with heavy baggage through marshes and learn to ward off hostile plant and animal life with only what she can make herself in the way of weapons.

After one year of training there, Sichu and Fyrt are appointed commanders of a team, consisting of thirty companions. The job of the team is the recovery of lost technical equipment from the jungle. The job appears like a real mission, but unknown to Sichu and Fyrt it is actually a simulation that they have been put into. They are attacked by dust riders and fail on account of the tensions which rule between them, leading them to make a wrong decision which then leads to the death of the whole team in the simulation. Only then do they awaken and find out that the attack was only a simulation, and are made to recognize their failure.

As a result Sichu’s and Fyrt’s education on Regu-1 is finished. They leave the planet with a spaceship. During the flight Fyrt tells Sichu about the murder of his parents and his hatred for the murderers. Suddenly an alarm is released: the spaceship is being attacked by foreign ships in the shape of truncated cones…

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2563 - Im Zentrum des Feuerauge
In the Center of the Fire Eye
Susan Shwartz

Jaranoc battleships shoot apart the battle light in which Sichu Dorksteiger and Fyrt Byrask are stationed. Together with some other students and their Vatrox instructor Hochalon they manage to escape in a rescue capsule. They land on a jungle world on which the battle light also crashes, which they must now reach in order to be able to call for help on the hyperradio. During a rough march through the jungle involving heavy personnel losses, the stranded are attacked by Jaranocs which only depart when they recognize that the victory over the far inferior students would only be a disgraceful slaughter for them. Only twelve students, who were called from then on “The Dirty Dozen”, and Hochalon reach their destination. The battle light is still partly intact and defended by Darturkas. Help is already on the way. The Jaranocs are expelled and the survivors evacuated.

Now Sichu learns about one of the mightiest weapons of the Frequency Monarchy. A fire eye made of Psi-matter is used to set an example with a race which has supposedly formed an alliance with VATROX-VAMU and is jointly responsible for the destruction of the battle light. The whole solar system of this race is destroyed. In spite of this gruesome event which makes some of her school friends commit suicide, Sichu is not yet ready to join Fyrt’s opinion which holds the Frequency Monarchy to be the true enemy.

During the following years Sichu and Fyrt live in TZA'HANATH, a research center formed from eight trade stars. Their new instructor is the Vatrox Yazeech. On TZA'HANATH the Frequency Monarchy is working upon its most important project: The lasting rise of the hyperimpedance within a whole galaxy - with the concurrent maintenance of a Hyper-cavitation in which normal hyperimpedance values rule. Sichu and Fyrt continue to form a team, but their personal relationship remains indifferent. Their research finds some success. They raise the hyperimpedance in the sphere of an inhabited planet, but the process devours immense amounts of energy and the effect is not long-lasting. Once again Sichu tries to edge out the grief that she, this time, has brought upon the planet’s inhabitants.

Some time later, Sichu and Fyrt are moved again to another location in Anthuresta. Now their job consists of penetrating a 6-dimensional field which surrounds a whole star cluster. By the permanent supplying of a Psi-matter stream, which materializes over and over again in large quantities in Anthuresta, Sichu succeeds in opening a sort of "viewing window" to the inside of the field. But when the veil dissolves one day, this is not due to Sichu’s efforts. But Undarach, Sichu’s Vatrox supervisor anticipates nothing of this. He believes that the success is to be owed to Sichu. He now sends her and Fyrt with a battle light, the VOSTAR, into the now accessible star cluster.

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2564 - Die verlorene Stimme
The Lost Voice
Marc A. Herren

Wrapped in a sphere of Psi-matter MIKRU-JON is transported to the galaxy Anthuresta. From the first moment Perry Rhodan awakens from the transition shock, he believes to hear the voice of a child. This phenomenon becomes stronger and stronger and limits his ability for action – but nobody else can perceive this voice. After everybody has overcome the transition shock and has come around again, detections can begin to be made. In the closer surroundings something is happening. MIKRU-JON is pulled into a more than two kilometer wide spherical sphere of energy which is filled with an unknown substance. A four hundred thirty-eight meter high octahedron ship and a spherical ship with one thousand seven hundred meters diameter which looks like a globe coated with blue luminous lines in a pattern like lines of longitude and latitude which fight against each other. All these unknown units seems to be interested in the Psi-matter in which MIKRU-JON has been wrapped up.

Rhodan, Fellmer Lloyd/Ras Tschubai and five veteran space soldiers (The Young Boys) teleports to the inside of the energy sphere ship. Over and over again Rhodan is distracted by the child’s voice. Moreover, in the meantime, he believes to see a small boy who always immediately disappears again. The group establishes peaceful contact with the crew of the foreign unit after some initial difficulties. They meet a round, flat, dough-cake shaped Ja'woor, then the Clun'stal appear, more than two-meter tall crystal beings, who are possibly descended from the same people (Essa which sounds like Esnur) and the one and a half meter Sha'zors, massive humanoids in protective suits with forty centimeters wide mirrored spherical helmets. Their ship which is called a life bubble lies under fire. The Tryonian Alliance, so states the Ja'woor, is attacking them.

The life bubble threatens to be destroyed. While the Young Boys help in the evacuation, which they are hindered in by the mistrust of the crew, Rhodan follows his hallucination. With the help of the Concept he completely dives into a vision in which he meets himself in the form of a small boy - on the farm of his Uncle Karl. He helps the younger Rhodan to make a hard decision, and thereby finds himself again. After the life bubble is destroyed, contact is made with the globular ship, which has received reinforcements in the meantime. A being which is not to be distinguished from a human feigns friendliness, introduces himself as an Adentoco Porvistar of the Tryonian Alliance and lends expression to his relief to have protected MIKRU-JON and the Psi-matter from the access of the pirates...

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2565 - Vastrears Odyssee
Vastrears Odyssey
Michael Marcus Thurner

Frequency Follower Vastrear flees with his orderlies Satwa and Bhustrin from FATICO to Hibernation-3, but is still not safe there. While Bhustrin and Satwa wage war against each other with all their available means to gain Vastrear’s favor, two assassination attacks are perpetrated against the Frequency Follower. Kumoson, head of the Hibernation world takes Vastrear’s warnings of the Terrans and their allies lightly - and pays a terrible price. The Sicatemo Alliance destroys Hibernation-3 and collects all the Vatrox Vamus. Vastrear and his orderlies flee at the last minute to Hibernation-4, where the same thing happens. Bhustrin and Satwa have to close an alliance of their own to protect their master and extract him from the depression into which the losses have put him. When Admiral Meruv tatur attacks with a psi-weapon that drives all Vatrox to commit suicide, Satwa and Bhustrin prevent Vastrear from taking his life. Satwa takes possession of the C-controller and works out a route that the three fugitives take over a number of intermediate stations, where it is also already being fought (including in the Distributor-depot ARTHA in Diktyon), until they reach the trade star JERGALL in Anthuresta.

To Vastrear’s surprise Frequency Mediator Demeiro, who he used to know, is already informed and waiting for him. Vastrear is personally granted an audience with VATROX-DAAG and can tell him what has happened in Andromeda. Satwa and Bhustrin are allowed to accompany their master. Vastrear learns that VATROX-CUUR was destroyed, and that the real enemy - VATROX-VAMU - is lurking in Anthuresta. Vastrear is punished due to his multiple failures, but not demoted, at least not officially. He gets to nominally keep his status, but not with any authority. Satwa and Bhustrin will assume his duties. VATROX-DAAG has discovered to his amusement that the attempted assassinations committed on Vastrear were staged by the two orderlies - they wanted to frame each other for it. The entity likes this ingenuity. The unlikely team is awarded the job to take a person into custody, which will soon appear in Anthuresta. This enemy has a particular controller that could actually damage VATROX-DAAG’s cause.

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2566 - Der Oase der Wissenden
The Initiate Oasis
Frank Borsch

When Sinnafoch, Kruuper and Philip arrive in the trade star JERGALL after an unauthorized Polyport transfer, not only the Darturka guards and Frequency Mediator Demeiro cause difficulties, but so does the depleted stock of hydrogen in Kruuper’s environmental suit. After Sinnafoch’s authorization is cleared up and Kruuper’s life is saved, the Frequency Follower is held responsible for the catastrophic defeat in Andromeda. Demeiro permits himself to play an insidious game with his odious peer. Sinnafoch may fight for his life - namely against his companion, the Okrill. Kruuper may accompany him. However, the two receive only light hand-held weapons. The battle is to take place on the planet Bargeron, one of the worlds “liberated” eight million years ago by the Frequency Monarchy, whose surface has been a contaminated desert since that time. Sinnafoch knows that he does not have the slightest chance to defeat the Okrill by force. After landing, he tries to speak with Philip, but discovers that the animal, become intelligent due to the inductive cell implanted in him, stands under foreign influence which slowly becomes overpowering. Demerio has reprogrammed Philip’s inductive cell. Sinnafoch flees.

Meanwhile, Kruuper is alone in the ruins of a city. He finds his way into underground facilities that have been transformed to an idyllic landscape. There the robot Elkayam has waited for millions of years for the "Initiates" to return. That is what it calls survivors of the destruction at that time, for which he has set up the heavenly shelter under the planet’s surface. The robot mistakes the Okrivar for an Initiate and is ready to help him. Sinnafoch also reaches the Initiate oasis after his escape from Philip. Elkayam recognizes him as one of the ancient enemies, but Kruuper is able to persuade it of the fact that the Vatrox is also an Initiate.

Sinnafoch has recognized that Philip has been made the slave of Demeiro through the inductive cell. He lures the Okrill into the Initiate oasis where Elkayam and Kruuper fire so long with ancient energy emitters at the almost indestructible animal that he finally breaks down. Sinnafoch tries to remove the inductive cell, but is suddenly contacted by VATROX-DAAG. The entity has taken over Philip and uses him to speak mentally to Sinnafoch. The Frequency Follower has won the respect of the entity by his independence, his ingenuity and his toughness and is therefore to become VATROX-DAAG’S governor in Anthuresta. His first job is to locate Perry Rhodan and kill him. To aid him in this, he is provided with two additional comrades-in-arms, who have already arrived on the trade star: Vastrear and Satwa.

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2567 - Duell an der Schneise
Duel in the Lane
Marc A. Herren

Five ships of the Tryonian Alliance have circled the MIKRU-JON and caught it with chain fields. The foreigners, however, act friendly. Adentoco Porvistar, their spokesman and Commander of the globe ship PACADEMO, makes personal contact with Perry Rhodan. He is exclusively interested in the Psi-matter in the probe still stuck like a wart to the hull of the MIKRU-JON.

The obelisk ship is brought into the PACADEMO and Rhodan, Fellmer Lloyd/Ras Tschubai and Scotty Sutter meet with Porvistar and some other humanoid beings in the PACADEMO. Rhodan reveals as little as possible about himself and his intentions. He learns that the Psi-matter has been materializing again and again in the field of the so-called Lane and that the Tryonian Alliance considers it to its property. The Lane, a sector in the area of the remaining core of the galaxy Anthuresta which measures ten thousand light years long and five hundred light years wide, is flown by regular patrols because of the danger of pirates. There are almost no stars there, but very much interstellar dust - perhaps remains of burned out Psi-matter. The age of the swath is estimated to be several million years. As Rhodan learns the names of the four member nations of the Tryonian Alliance and takes their appearance into account, he makes an important discovery, because Porvistar, an Arki, resembles a Barkonide, the Ashen resemble the Shuwashen, the Ator look like Hathors and the Ana appear to be Motanas. For Rhodan, it is clear that ES must have had a hand in the settlement of these races in Anthuresta. The Tryonian Alliance seems to know nothing of TALIN ANTHURESTA and it is initially unclear what relation the four races have to the Frequency Monarchy , because Lloyd/Tschubai cannot properly read their thoughts.

As Rhodan does not know the relationship, he refuses to release the Psi-matter and instead delivers a carefully metered threat in the flow of conversation in order to move Porvistar to release the MIKRU-JON (he even portrays himself as the envoy of a higher power), resulting in a stand-off. Rhodan forces movement by having Lloyd/Tschubai teleport him and Scotty Stutter around PACADEMO to distribute micro-bombs. Mikru, in the meantime, takes on Rhodan’s shape and distracts Porvistar. The Young Boy encounters a creature from a fifth race while on the move: it is humanoid, but has a hairless head in the form of a fleshy oval and without a face - but with entirely human eyes. The Terrans are discovered and arrested. Scotty Sutter releases a micro robot named Freddy, which brings him information about the path and the destination of the PACADEMO: The Globe ship is on the path to the Trade Star JERGALL. Then the bombs are exploded. Lloyd/Tschubai brings his companions back to MIKRU JON. The chain field generators were destroyed, but the hangar bulkhead grenades do not go off. Soldiers of the Tryonian Alliance attack.

Scotty Sutter affixes new bombs to the hangar bulkhead and thereby risks his life, because he is kicked by the blast into space and threatens to be left behind as MIKRU-JON flees. The obelisk ship is pursued not only by the PACADEMO and its escort, but also by five suddenly emerging battle lights of the Frequency Monarchy. Lloyd/Tschubai manages to telepathically locate Sutter and save him via teleportation. Rhodan directs MIKRU-JON directly to one of those networks observed in TALIN ANTHURESTA that was responsible for the involuntary transition by MIKRU-JON. This network has already earlier followed the PACADEMO. As expected the net transports MIKRU-JON again this time. Rhodan does not lose consciousness this time, despite the equalization pains, but has the impression of losing something – as if something floated out of his mind…

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2568 - Einsatzkommando Infiltration
Commando Infiltration
Rainer Castor

11th of February, 1463 NGE: The spaceship of the Stardust fleet returned by the CROSS WHEEL space station, as well as some pearl spaceships of the Elfahders are stuck beyond the Sextadim veil which wraps the Stardust system. After they have overcome the mental shock which hit them by the presence of VATROX-DAAG and VATROX-VAMU, and after the battle lights of the Frequency Monarchy have fled before VATROX-VAMU, the crew observes that the Hyperdim-Perforator makes the Sextadim veil permeable. Sean Legrange, whom the shock has not bothered at all, is able to establish contact with the space station SOLAR SYSTEM. There is a functioning transmitter with which one could penetrate into the inside of the system and travel on to the Polyport court NEO-OLYMP. Legrange puts together a mission troop from those people who have best gotten over the psychic shock. They turn out, above all else, to be the people who were touched by the golden shower of sparks or have parents whom this happened to. Some Elfahders also come along.

When the team arrives at their destination, the mental pressure of VATROX-VAMU becomes clearly apparent. Once more Legrange seems to be little bothered by it. The crew of the space station is either unconscious or stands under the influence of the entity. Jaranocs are moving about in the station. It must be assumed that similar things are happening everywhere in the system. Under the influence of the mental pressure Master sergeant Lucrezia DeHall suddenly develops mutant abilities. She can teleport and read thoughts. After initial difficulties she swiftly succeeds in controlling these new gifts. She finds out that something is not right about Legrange - only a vague mental echo is discernible from him. Legrange can no longer conceal the truth. He is not human, but a Vario 1000 robot in a cocoon mask of living tissue - and Duncan Legrange, his "father", was also only such a mask for the same robot.

The VARIO-1000 is one of those three robots which were smuggled by the LFT into the Stardust system in 1346 NGE. They were watched over by Matten Willys and were supposed to observe the emigrants. Their bioplasma coming from the Hundred Sun World gained actual individual consciousness by specific manipulations of the Posbis. Lotho Keraete, the messenger of ES, had modified all three robots after their arrival in the Stardust system by additional modules and Nano-robots for the needs of ES. Only the VARIO-1000 which later, in the shape of Duncan Legrange, became the most important aide of Timber F. Whistler had succeeded with the help of the Matten Willy Ducy in keeping this influencing provisionally in check. Nevertheless, one special program initiated by ES had activated itself several times. The two other VARIOS had been thereby made to make Whistler suffer an accident as a result of which he had to be made a virtually immortal cyborg. Legrange itself had discovered the Polyport court under the influence of the additional programming. He had visions on the island Talanis of an immense star-shaped shadow in a crater filled with ice in a disc world, and of the death of the superintelligence.

Legrange’s companions must digest all this information. Then they find out that people keep disappearing into thin air in the Stardust system. Moreover, some members of the mission team feel a mental call which lures them to Talanis. It is certain that the opposition against VATROX-VAMU is gathering there. The mission team reaches NEO-OLYMP. The scientists and soldiers used there have remained uninfluenced, and the court was not entered yet by the enemy. After he has welcomed Chief Scientist Florence Istban there, Legrange uses his controller and discovers a concealed space which is connected according to suddenly available information from the ES-program, with the Palace of the Four Heavens on Talanis. However, this connection is still blocked. The blockade will be lifted when the gate to Terra opens. Legrange decides to try to get in touch with the members of the resistance operating on Talanis.

Meanwhile, in Terrania on the 26th of April, 1463 NGE: Atlan returns with the JULES VERNE-1 to the Sol system. A fog dome has appeared on the Earth - exactly where Atlantis used to exist. The crystal screen is also activated, because a fire eye is approaching Sol. It will soon collide with the crystal screen…

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2569 - Das Goldene Zeitalter
The Golden Age
Michael Marcus Thurner

A squadron from the Stardust fleet led by the CATARACT returns on March 27,1463 NGE to the CROSSWHEEL, where the Elfahders now have the situation under control (in other words, all of the armed forces of the Frequency Monarchy there were destroyed). The Polyport court could be blocked by Perry Rhodan’s left behind controller and thus finally secured. On March thirtieth Stuart Lexa receives a hyper-radio message, stating that "something is happening" on the planetoid P-17-25-1463. From Kom Agonis and Vacucha Sabo , the only survivors of the prospector ship PROSPERO, Lexa has already learned that battle lights were hidden there. Apparently one of these ships has now crashed. Vessels from the Stardust Terrans and Elfahdians fly to the planetoid to capture the enemy unit. Extremely severe Hyper-storms complicate the approach. Only with the help of a mentally and physically ill adolescent named Marten , who has been recruited by Lexa from Stardust Citybecause of his excellent skills in data analysis, is a path through the hyper energetic chaos found. Marten is addicted to drugs, needs to be constantly treated medically and is unpopular with the crew. This is true the other way around also: Marten is filled with self-hatred and loathing of all his compatriots. Along the way he discovers the locating echoes of an unknown object with seventeen kilometers of diameter, which appears to be known by the Elfahders.

The enemy station on P-17-25-1463 is under an impenetrable shield. The crashed battle light can be easily boarded. Almost the entire crew is dead – only two humanoid creatures are still alive, but unconscious; a human looking man with red hair and freckles, and a woman who clearly comes from the people of the Hathor, who were thought extinct. The two are evacuated to the CATARACT. The sight of the female stranger dissolves a memory block in Upper Protector Bellyr. He can once again remember events from his own past and the history of his people. These memories were blocked some time ago by ESTARTU. The blockage had already been slightly eased by the encounter with Perry Rhodan and the Sextadim-veil, but only now can Bellyr tell the Stardust Terrans that the Elfahder had been in ESTARTUS services for a much longer time than had been known till now.

The superintelligence had once sent an Elfahdian expedition to Hathorjan (Andromeda), where they were to ask for help from Hathor. But the locals were more concerned with observing a strange white dwarf star and a sort of "umbilical cord" with a faraway vast amount of psionic matter reservoir that had attracted a mental being ( Vatrox-VAMU ). The entity was trying to break into the white dwarf, but it only led to the disappearance of the concentration of Psi-matter. The Hathor had declared to the Elfahders that the reservoir was found in a remote area of the thickness concentration of ES, which stood together with the other parts of the sphere of influence of the super-intelligence in a unison of Eiris, so that the long distance did not matter. The white dwarf had shifted by absolute movement along the Psionic net to a different location and enveloped by the Hathors into a Sextadim veil. The Hathors in Hathorjan as well as those in the neighboring galaxy were not willing to accompany the Elfahders. They had to therefore return empty-handed to ESTARTU.

Over time, a physical change had begun with them, which they attributed to contact with the white dwarf or the influence of the Psi-matter. The people of Elfahder split apart afterwards. Some turned away from ESTARTU. Another portion was known to end up being under the rule of the Eternal Warrior. After they had shaken off his yoke, they wanted to find their ancestors and arrived in the course of their search in Diktyon . Hirdal, an incarnation of ESTARTU, appeared and announced the imminent arrival of a messenger from ES. In fact, Ernst Ellert appeared aboard a seventeen kilometer wide spherical object with many protrusions and spikes - a sector bud. Ellert had the Elfahders go to Far Away, and passed on information to them about eh Polyport network. Hirdal showed up again and gave them the order to help the Terrans. The PARALOX-ARSENAL was split into time grains. These would have to be found to prevent the death of ES.

This ends Bellyr’s report. Marten’s internal organs gradually begin to fail, and he dies on April twenty-third.

Jerry Schneiderman 2012-10-03

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2570 - Die Falle von MASSOGYV
The Trap of MASSOGYV
Michael Marcus Thurner

May 2, 1463 NGE: A strange power has enveloped MIKRU-JON and transported the ship over fifteen thousand light-years into the middle of a hyperstorm, protecting it against the harmful effects of the storm. It seems to be a living being, because Fellmer Lloyd / Ras Tschubai can receive its thoughts. It describes itself as a net weaver, whose name is Radyl-im-abstract. Perry Rhodan - and, as it turns out, sometime later, all the other people in the obelisk spaceship - has mental contact with the apparently helpfully inclined being. Apparently the net weaver refreshes itself with the memories and dreams of other living creatures. Rhodan therefore has particularly vivid dreams, where he meets both an avatar of the net weaver and many long-dead or missing companions from earlier times - including Taurec, who reports puzzling things about Gesil and Eirene (Rhodan’s wife and daughter missing behind the matter sources). Rhodan suspects Taurec was possibly more than a dream figure generated by Radyl-im-abstract. The net weaver does not steal people's dreams, but rather only "nibbles" a little at them. This is its reward for bringing the MIKRU-JON to safety. Eventually it releases the ship.

May 4, 1463 NGZ: A life bubble of the Ja'woors appears in the close vicinity of MIKRU-JON. A Sha'zor named Murkad contacts them and asks Rhodan to tell him in person what he has to do with the Tryonian Alliance. Wolf Lee and Clun'stal accompany the Terran - the latter on Murkad’s stated desire, for there are also some Essa Nurs living in the bubble that are very interested in Clun'stal. Inside the life bubble Rhodan recalls that world Gray Foam in the Arphonie star cluster, the main world of Carya Andaxi where the Protector Tagg Kharzani once hid. Murkad takes off his mirrored helmet, and it becomes clear to Rhodan that there really is a connection: The Sha'zor is the spitting image of a Shozide. As Rhodan reports on TALIN ANTHURESTA Murkads distrust strangely enough disappears, even though he does not recognize the name. Rhodan learns that while there is no real resistance in Anthuresta to the Frequency Monarchy, there is still a loose alliance of the Sha'zoor, Ja'woor, the Essa Nur and another race that is called the Dust Riders: Intelligent clusters of micro-particles. The inscrutable net weavers do not exactly belong to the alliance, but are helpful to them at times.

May 5, 1463 NGZ: Perry Rhodan informs Murkad about the Polyport network, whose existence the alliance had never been exposed to. The Essa Nur Chal'tin gives Rhodan his confidence, allowing a genuine pact between the Terrans and the Alliance to be made. Chal'tin speaks with Clun'stal and recovered lost memories. It turns out that the Esnur are not only the ancestors of the Essa Nur, but also makers of the first stage of the Polyport system. The Esnur were supposedly artificially created by the Anthurianers. Clun'stal leaves Rhodan, with his permission, to work together with Chal'tin to find out more about the past of their people. Perry Rhodan uses his controller to find a suitable target for a first joint action, by which a bridgehead will be established in Anthuresta. They receive radio messages that tell of battles at the Polyport court MASSOGYV-4. This would be a good opportunity for an attack - in fact, it is a trap of the Frequency Monarchy. Sinnafoch has prevailed against Vastrear, who wanted to concentrate on the defense of the hibernation worlds. For Sinnafoch, it is clear that the most dangerous enemy must first be eliminated, and this is Perry Rhodan.

May 7, 1463 NGE: The trap actually appears to work. An obelisk shaped ship materializes near MASSOGYV-4 and can be destroyed by concentrated fire. Sinnafoch is still not satisfied, and an analysis of the explosion shows that it was not MIKRU-JON that was destroyed but a fake created of the form energy shaped by the Ja'woors It was sacrificed in order to distract the Frequency Monarchy - meanwhile Rhodan has captured the Polyport court ESHDIM-3 using his higher ranked controller and the aid of his allies. Once again, the Frequency Monarchy was defeated, but then it gets even worse: Jaranoc spaceships go on the attack against the Frequency Monarchy.

Perry Rhodan wants to travel to CROSSWHEEL to get reinforcements for the new bridgehead. But the transport does not run as usual. Rhodan is enveloped in a golden glow. He feels reminded of the dream where he met Taurec ...

May 2, 1463 NGE: A strange power has enveloped MIKRU-JON and transported the ship over fifteen thousand light-years into the middle of a hyperstorm, protecting it against the harmful effects of the storm. It seems to be a living being, because Fellmer Lloyd / Ras Tschubai can receive its thoughts. It describes itself as a net weaver, whose name is Radyl-im-abstract. Perry Rhodan - and, as it turns out, sometime later, all the other people in the obelisk spaceship - has mental contact with the apparently helpfully inclined being. Apparently the net weaver refreshes itself with the memories and dreams of other living creatures. Rhodan therefore has particularly vivid dreams, where he meets both an avatar of the net weaver and many long-dead or missing companions from earlier times - including Taurec, who reports puzzling things about Gesil and Eirene (Rhodan’s wife and daughter missing behind the matter sources) . Rhodan suspects Taurec was possibly more than a dream figure generated by Radyl-im-abstract. The net weaver does not steal people's dreams, but rather only "nibbles" a little at them. This is its reward for bringing the MIKRU-JON to safety. Eventually it releases the ship.

May 4, 1463 NGZ: A life bubble of the Ja’woors appears in the close vicinity of MIKRU-JON. A Sha’zor named Murkad contacts them and asks Rhodan to tell him in person what he has to do with the Tryonian Alliance. Wolf Lee and Clun’stal accompany the Terran - the latter on Murkad’s stated desire, for there are also some Essa Nurs living in the bubble that are very interested in Clun’stal. Inside the life bubble Rhodan recalls that world Gray Foam in the Arphonie star cluster, the main world of Carya Andaxi where the Protector Tagg Kharzani once hid. Murkad takes off his mirrored helmet, and it becomes clear to Rhodan that there really is a connection: The Sha’zor is the spitting image of a Shozide. As Rhodan reports on TALIN ANTHURESTA Murkads distrust strangely enough disappears, even though he does not recognize the name. Rhodan learns that while there is no real resistance in Anthuresta to the Frequency Monarchy, there is still a loose alliance of the Sha’zoor, Ja’woor, the Essa Nur and another race that is called the Dust Riders: Intelligent clusters of micro-particles. The inscrutable net weavers do not exactly belong to the alliance, but are helpful to them at times.

May 5, 1463 NGZ: Perry Rhodan informs Murkad about the Polyport network, whose existence the alliance had never been exposed to. The Essa Nur Chal’tin gives Rhodan his confidence, allowing a genuine pact between the Terrans and the Alliance to be made. Chal’tin speaks with Clun’stal and recovered lost memories. It turns out that the Esnur are not only the ancestors of the Essa Nur, but also makers of the first stage of the Polyport system. The Esnur were supposedly artificially created by the Anthurianers. Clun’stal leaves Rhodan, with his permission, to work together with Chal’tin to find out more about the past of their people. Perry Rhodan uses his controller to find a suitable target for a first joint action, by which a bridgehead will be established in Anthuresta. They receive radio messages that tell of battles at the Polyport court MASSOGYV-4. This would be a good opportunity for an attack - in fact, it is a trap of the Frequency Monarchy. Sinnafoch has prevailed against Vastrear, who wanted to concentrate on the defense of the hibernation worlds. For Sinnafoch, it is clear that the most dangerous enemy must first be eliminated, and this is Perry Rhodan.

May 7, 1463 NGE: The trap actually appears to work. An obelisk shaped ship materializes near MASSOGYV-4 and can be destroyed by concentrated fire. Sinnafoch is still not satisfied, and an analysis of the explosion shows that it was not MIKRU-JON that was destroyed but a fake created of the form energy shaped by the Ja’woors It was sacrificed in order to distract the Frequency Monarchy - meanwhile Rhodan has captured the Polyport court ESHDIM-3 using his higher ranked controller and the aid of his allies. Once again, the Frequency Monarchy was defeated, but then it gets even worse: Jaranoc spaceships go on the attack against the Frequency Monarchy.

Perry Rhodan wants to travel to CROSSWHEEL to get reinforcements for the new bridgehead. But the transport does not run as usual. Rhodan is enveloped in a golden glow. He feels reminded of the dream where he met Taurec ...

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2571 - Die zeitlose Welt
The Timeless World
Wim Vandemaan

The Nishai – vegetative intelligent beings like leafless trees with four eyes, three root legs and a relatively low level of technology - look at the planet Raqia as their home. They do not realize that they are the living on the timeless world of the Essa Nur and that the crystals in which their memories have been stored for millions of years are deposited there. Raqia is the most important world the Essa Nur because without their memories which they cannot keep in their minds due to their longevity, but have to hold externally, they would be lost. The Nishai describe the deposits as crystal ranges, as they are where the entire ground is covered with various sized crystals. They believe that phantoms exist in the crystal ranges. Therefore, these areas are usually avoided. Only Aghinjan, an enterprising Nishai, and her companion Munsguj dare to penetrate deep into a crystal range and remain there for prolonged periods. They witness a spaceship landing and the crystal humanoid creature emerges: Clun'stal.

Clun'stal is in search of his lost memories. As he steps onto the planet, the Essa Nur Udkigom forms from crystals and meets him. Udkigom will act as mentor and supply Clun'stal with crystals containing memories, but he also warns Clun'stal of the dangers that can be associated with it. The mind of an Esnur could be overwhelmed by the wealth of information. The first crystal that Clun'stal touchs contains the memories of the Essa Nur Bhuggadem. For Clun'stal it is as if he was seeing for himself what Bhuggadem had done long ago: He was part of a delegation of Essa Nurs, who had negotiated with representatives of the Tryonian Alliance. The Essa Nurs had refused to cooperate with the Alliance, as it had taken up arms against their enemies. The Essa Nurs always rejected violence as illogical.

Given a second crystal Clun'stal sees a much more distant past. He lived through the great song of the Anthurianers, after they petrify, which materialize psi-material artifacts in their bodies. Clun'stal wants to penetrate further into the past. A third crystal gives him the memories of Ghos'fajer and through his eyes he sees his former self, because it turns out that Ghos'fajer is his son and is working with him on the creation of TALIN ANTHURESTA. On disc world 2861, strange faults are reported. Ghos'fajer accompanied his father there. It turns out that foreign beings who refer to themselves as Peers and look like giant winged worms with mouths, beaks and foot tentacles, are there to spy on and steal the technological secrets of TALIN ANTHURESTA. The two Esnurs are captured and taken to the home world of the strangers. Lowered into a prison well, they come upon Kuum 0505, an intelligent machine that they can manipulate so that with its help they manage to escape. This memory is marred by growing problems, and Clun'stal eventually recognizes the reason for this: Ghos'fajer, his son, was killed during the escape, and thus his memories were damaged.

The grief over the loss of his son, of whose existence he had not remembered, is almost too much for Clun'stal. It threatens to devour him. But he hears the voices of Aghinjan and Munsguj, who also came into contact with the memory crystals. They give him courage, so that he is still able to come back to reality.

From a guard of the crystal range Clun'stal obtains a fourth crystal. This is supposedly the oldest of all the memory crystals. Again Clun'stal sees himself – after his own creation, which dates back tens of millions of years. His creators were the Anthurianers Tanfacher and Fogudare. They tell him that it was their intention to create an intelligent and creative machine that should help them to understand the world. As they constructed the first of these machines after their mental image, it unintentionally raised it to genuine self-knowledge and insight - Clun'stal was alive.

Leaving the crystal range, Clun'stal wants to travel elsewhere now to recover more lost memories. Meanwhile, Aghinjan proposes to return one day to the crystal range in order to learn from the memories stored there.

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2572 - Homunks Botschaft
Homunks message
Arndt Ellmer

Perry Rhodan and his companions are wrapped by a golden light during the Polyport transfer and reach not CROSSWHEEL as planned, but NEO-OLYMP in the Stardust system, which is actually impossible because the Sextadim veil wraps the entire system. Rhodan doesn\'t mind, because NEO-OLYMP was his real goal. After meeting the local authorities, Rhodan seeks out the hidden room in the courtyard. A Holo-projection of Homunk appears, once again with no usable information for the Terran, but says nevertheless that he was the cause for Rhodan’s displacement into the Stardust system and that help for the Terran is on the way. One of the ships which secures the fog dome on Aveda also receives a visit by Homunk a little later. Rhodan goes there and speaks with the android, which appears in the form of a matter projection. Once again Homunk will only warn of the approaching end of ES - the superintelligence has supposedly now completely solidified - and then disappears again.

Rhodan gets in touch with ITHAFOR and learns that the fire eye unsuccessfully attacked the TERRANOVA screen several times in the period from April 28 to 30 and then disappeared, so that the screen cannot be passed anymore since then and neither can the radio. That is the explanation for why the \"destination\" for Terra cannot be used. Atlan penetrated with the ATLANTIS into the fog dome on Terra and has not re-emerged. Rhodan permanently links NEO-OLYMP with ITHAFOR, DARASTO and ESHDIM-3. Also, CROSSWHEEL is moved as a precaution into the Stardust system. Rhodan is not very pleased when he learns that the PARALOX ARSENAL has been broken into time grains. He must not only find one object, but several. However, ES has supplied new resources for the fight against the Frequency Monarchy and VATROX VAMU, such as the silver balls from the Stardust rock needle. Rhodan decides to visit them. Hardly does he arrive there, as dozens of Jaranocs materialize from out of nowhere and attack only him.

It turns out that the attackers are matter projections that can definitely harm the Terran. Before they harm him, Jason Moor appears. He is employed by one of Whistler’s companies and works there on the programming of realistic simulations. He awoke on April 29 from the influence of VATROX VAMU and it took some time until he was ready to leave his totally rubbish filled apartment. He has realized that he must have done something in the Stardust rock needle under the influence of the entity - in fact he was the one who created the Jaranoc matter projections. Now he deactivates the projectors just in time. Through this incident, it becomes clear that VATROX VAMU has left behind some surprises for the inhabitants of the Stardust system…

Cedric Beust 2012-11-23

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2573 - Dorksteigers Dilemma
Dorksteigers Dilemma
Wim Vandemaan

The battle light VOSTAR ends up in a massive hyperstorm. The form-energy structure of the ship starts to dissolve. After Fyrt Byrask tries in vain to make a forced landing of the VOSTAR on a nearby planetoid in the protection of an energy field, he leads Sichu Dorksteiger into the solid core cell of the battle light. The two thereby survive the crash, while the whole remaining crew is killed. The two lose consciousness with the crash.

Sichu regains consciousness in the sickbay of the CATARACT commanded by Stuart Lexa, on May 2, 1463 NGE. They treat her kindly (Lexa is actually almost entrancedly by the attractive Ator), but she may not leave her Medo-cabin. To her relief she finds out from the Chief Medic Ana Leshkov that Fyrt was also saved. Nevertheless, the Ana is still in a coma. Sichu undertakes an escape attempt – which Lexa, who has observed her constantly, has counted on. He wanted to test her reactions. Indeed, the highly intelligent scientist is far more skillful than expected and disappears without a trace. She steals some technical equipment and prepares for the capture of a space jet, in order to flee together with Fyrt. Nevertheless, she always pays attention to endanger nobody. This does not remain hidden from Lexa. Even more than her thoughtfulness, he is impressed by the technical abilities which she reveals, while she makes a fool of the internal detection systems and alters three cleaning robots into battle machines. After a cat and mouse game, with Sichu always a step ahead of the Stardust-Terrans, Lexa nevertheless finds her trail. She tries to bring the artificial sun of a recreation center on the ship to explode. The thereby originating hyperphysical shock wave is meant to blind the ship's systems. Lexa orders the section sealed by a HU-screen, so that the shock wave blows off within only the recreation hall. Sichu falls paralyzed into the water and threatens to drown, but Lexa who has hated the water ever since his younger brother died in a racing boat accident, jumps in after her and saves her. When she has recovered, they make peace and allow her to move freely in the ship.

After this sidetrack and the awakening of Fyrt it comes to serious talks in which Lexa suggests to the two young people that they change sides in this war. With it he puts Sichu in a dilemma: Should she become a traitor, or should she remain loyal to a system which she rejects in the very core of her being? Finally, the Ator and Ana accept the offer of the Stardust-Terrans and are given asylum. They help the humans in the identification and investigation of some devices that could be rescued from the wreck of the VOSTAR. A Vamu-prison - a small, handy thing in which the Vamu of a Vatrox can be caught belongs among the objects. Sichu believes that the Vamu-prison could be the key to the freeing of the Tryonian Alliance from the power of the Frequency Monarchy. The device is first tested on the planet First Found. Lexa was already there once fifty-five years ago and has seen what happens if one touches the snowflake artifact found there. He and Sichu risk repeating this process. They promptly find themselves in foreign surroundings in which they meet a female Vatrox. The Vatrox merges with Sichu, but then her Vamu is caught by the soul trap.

Sichu and Lexa return to reality. The memories of the Vatrox have been caught by Sichu. She now knows that the snow crystal is a psi-material artifact of an Anthurianer, and that the name of the Vatrox is Lucba Ovichat. Sichu begins to tell the story of this woman to her companions...

Jerry Schneiderman 2012-12-12

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2574 - Das Lied der Vatrox
The Song of the Vatrox
Susan Schwartz

In the age of the first hyperdepression the Vatrox have settled all the planets of their home system, but there can be no talk of a great star empire - never mind of a power bloc like the Frequency Monarchy. The entities VATROX-DAAG, VATROX-CUUR and VATROX-VAMU do not exist yet, but on account of a still mysterious cause, possibly the radiations of the sun Vatar, all female Vatrox (but only few men) can mentally merge with each other and read each other’s thought. The Vatrox do not incline to sentimentality and have a very pragmatic view towards death. It is simply the end of everything - the Vatrox have no notion of the existence of immortality and the soul capable of rebirth (Vamu). A relatively strict segregation of the sexes rules among the Vatrox. The women are the »stronger gender« and make up the government. Every ninety years the women celebrate a planet-wide party and unite into a great circle - they form an immense Para-block with it. This party always falls with a special constellation of the sun, the main world Vat and the brown dwarf Pem. These celestial bodies reach their closest approach at the same time.

Lucba Ovichat, an important historian and teacher, discovers with her historical researches how the Psi abilities of the Vatrox women came to be five millennia ago. In a Holo-presentation by which events of the past are simulated in an incredibly realistic manner and projected directly into the mind of the observers in the lecture hall she informs the (female) public of her knowledge on the occasion of the ninety-years party. Lucba speaks of Tiotronic Hyperimpulses which were radiated millions of years ago from an unknown location and have spread out since then through the whole universe. The impulse reached the Vatar system at some point, as Vatar, Vat and Pem stood in conjunction and, therefore, was caught for a certain period in this system. Unbelievable amounts of information were included In the hyperimpulse. This knowledge was passed on to the Vatrox. Though they had not succeeded yet in utilizing it, remains of the hyperimpulse were trapped in a kind of "background rushing" till this day in the system, and moreover, the impulse has changed the radiation of the sun. This is what awoke the Psi-abilities of the Vatrox.

After this sensational revelation, Lucba shows three more events of the past in simulations. Four thousand seven hundred twenty-two years ago: Cagra Honovoch discovers her ability of the reading of thoughts when she saves her sister from dying in space. With it she attracts the attention of the Vamu Order which has directed its attention for generations upon telepathically gifted Vatrox and even has influence on the government. By its command her descendant Caha Honnofoch is involved almost four thousand years later in an experiment with which the destruction of a whole village is accepted as a sacrifice. The Order has recognized that in disasters with many deaths a strengthening of the system-wide "background rushing" occurs, which was discovered only recently. In such events even emotions are discernible. Two thousand one hundred eighty-seven years ago: The Vamu Order is already extremely mighty. Psi-gifted women are bred pure and, in the meantime, the Vatrox can not only read thoughts, but have also developed suggestive forces. On account of the willingness to make sacrifices, the evolution of the sisters progresses on and on.

The presentation is a full success. From practically one moment to the next Lucba becomes the most prominent Vatrox of all times. When the festivities reach their climax and the great circle is formed, voices suddenly sound from the "background rushing". All the Vatrox which have died have fed their Vamu into the "background rushing". They have observed the living and influenced their evolution unnoticed. Lucba came to gain her knowledge in this same manner. The dead people state that Lucba is the »greatest of the Vamu« and serves them as a catalyst. The establishment of contact has been possible only due to her.

Contact with the dead people representes a turning point in the history of the Vatrox. Lucba is celebrated as a savior and the creator of immortality. However, the enthusiasm of the masses takes on a menacing magnitude. Sisters rush at their savior and threaten to tear her apart in their fervor...

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2575 - Flucht nach Anthuresta
Flight to Anthuresta
Susan Shwartz

Lucba Ovichat is torn down and trampled by the ecstatic crowd, but her Vamu continues to exist. It joins the collective consciousness of all Vatrox who died and is reborn more than 38,000 years later with all her memories in a cloned body. Her journey back to life is difficult, for her mind resists accepting the rebirth. Kitapor , a male Vatrox, is at her side as her Referror (a readjustment aide). Lucba understands that the balance of power within her people must have fundamentally changed. The male Vatrox are now in power, and their original home world no longer exists. The Vatrox have moved to another galaxy. How much time has passed since her first physical death, Lucba only recognizes when Kitapor shows her various episodes from the past, using the Holo-memo-simulation which she had originally created and which was modified by the Vamu Order over the years. Kitapor does not suspect, though, that through this machine Lucba makes real contact through space and time with several female Vatrox whose Vamus have long since entered the collective. These Vatroxes supply Lucba far more information than would have been provided by Kitapor, and that in this way the memory of Lucba has survived over tens of thousands of years.

Eight hundred forty-eight years after Lucba’s death:

The powerful Vamu Order, which has evolved steadily, includes not only Mentalists, who can read minds, even without the formation of a circle, but also so-called Vamu-catchers. Sespa Bradogi is such a gifted empath. The Vamu-catchers can release their consciousness at will from their bodies, locate the Vamu of the dead and bring back the lost Vatrox souls who have not found their way into the collective. The collective is bound to huge deposits of Tiovam hypercrystals on the planet Vat. These hypercrystals are another result of the Tiotronic hyperpulse to which the Vatrox owe their skills. During this time the Vatrox, who now have developed faster than light space travel, begin the establishment of a stellar empire.

Nine thousand one hundred seventy-eight years after Lucba’s death:

The Star Empire of Vatrox contains 1500 colony worlds. The mental depots of Tiovam have become three mighty mountains. Their attraction is so strong that the Vamu are drawn back there from light years away. The collectives have developed into independent entities, which are named after the continents of their locations: Vatrox-VAMU , Vatrox-DAAG and Vatrox-CUUR . They act as rulers of the Vatrox and communicate with their own people through female speakers. Vinnochac Conca is one of them. The entities claim to have reached a critical mass and need to divide in order to not be destroyed. In truth, they want to create a "CHILD" by dividing that would no longer be bound to the Tiovam crystals. In this way they want to achieve a higher level of evolution. They call millions of spacecraft back to the home system and force twenty-seven billion Vatrox to suicide, in order to absorb their Vamus and create the fourth entity. But the CHILD turns against its creators and devours Vatrox-VAMU, then takes on its name. The other two entities try to destroy the new Vatrox-VAMU and fail. During this billions of more Vatrox are killed and their Vamus and sometimes even their physical bodies are consumed by Vatrox-VAMU. As Vatrox-VAMU finally leaves the Vatar system, Vat and the other planets are devastated or completely destroyed. Only 2.5 billion Vatroxes have survived - the dead are mostly women. The two remaining entities now turn their favor to the men.

The new leader of the Vatroxes is male and named Codesfatt. He takes Conca as his wife. Under his leadership the Vatrox, accompanied by the two entities, leave their home system in the galaxy Vamu-Vamu to find a new home and safety from Vatrox-VAMU. Two hundred twenty-six years later from the original million large fleet of ships there are only one hundred twenty-two thousand units couple together and 1.5 billion Vatroxes. Only one hundred thousand people are active at a time, while the rest lie in deep sleep. The trip seems doomed to fail, because the ships are barely able to survive the transition jumps taken by the entities, and the next galaxy is many light years away. One day the Anthurianer Sholkira appears with a bud sector and offers to help. The fleet is first taken to the galaxy Bra-Nok-Zo and from there into the galaxy Duerchan ( nowadays called Andromeda). There the Vatrox settle on a world in which a Polyport court is set in orbit. The Vatrox are allowed use of the Polyport network. About fifty years later the Vatrox have learned to retrieve the Vamus of the dead back to life - using the bodies of sleepers that have proven to be brain dead.

38,402 years after Lucba’s death:

The Vatrox are an important aiding race to the meek and unselfish Anthurianer. They now live in Duerchan and Anthuresta. Rebirthing has become the standard, but now clones are used. The process takes place on eight worlds in the two galaxies, where Tiovam depots were established. This technique is not perfect, however, because with each rebirth, parts of the memory are lost (probably due to binding to the two entities), and with each cloning, the ability of men to generate children decreases. Thus the population of the Vatrox is decreasing.

The Vatrox discover that there are only about five hundred thousand live Anthurianer, but fifty billion that are petrified but mentally active. The Vatrox have kept a few relics from their ancient times. One is a blood sample from Lucba Ovichat. Thus, it is decided to find the Vamu of their savior and bring her back to life. The Vatrox hope she will find a way to combat the increasing memory loss.

That ends the HMS presentations. Lucba begins to work secretly with Solia Innamboch from the Vamu Order, whose purpose is to overthrow the men. Lucba encounters the Esnur created by the Anthurianers and use their crystal structure to develop the first induction dam. This new structure will help the Vatrox against memory loss. One hundred forty-three years after her revival Lucba is taken to a planet in a star cluster of Anthuresta on which a fossilized, but somehow still alive Anthurianer has been discovered. As the male Vatrox open fire on the Anthurianer to test, how to best kill these creatures, Lucba recognizes that her people want to wrest power from the Anthurianers. She is opposed to the soldiers and is killed for the second time trying to prevent the body of the Anthurianer from being destroyed. Only an indestructible psi-material artifact remains, which takes in her Vamu.

Lucbas Vamu then survives millions of years, mostly in deep sleep. She finally woke up when a Stardust Terran touched the artifact in the 14th century NGE. Since then she's been awake and sending her spirit on the road, supported by the Psi-matter of the artifact. Then her Vamu was captured by the Stardust Terrans and taken out of the artifact. Having now told her life story, she asks to be released from the Vamu prison…

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2576 - Tor nach Terra
Gateway to Terra
Rainer Castor

On April 26, 1463 NGE Atlan has returned to Terra with the JV-1. The Sol system is still wrapped in the crystal shield, because the fire eye approaches. In the examination of the recently appeared fog dome in the Atlantic, it is discovered that it is not stable. It is believed that ES is trying to use this transition zone to make contact with the Sol system and refresh himself using ARCHETIM’S body, but the final push to complete the process is missing. Atlan wants to fly with the ATLANTIS into the mist to help ES break through. The very next day Solonium hyper-tact cruiser flies into the fog dome. Atlan and the rest of the crew have visions of Talanis and the battle against Vatrox-VAMU in the Stardust system. The ship’s shields collapse and the connection to the JV-1 breaks off.

Reginald Bell does not want to rely solely on the crystal screen. ZEUT-80 is ordered into the Sol system, and ordered to project a tele-transport field exactly in the direction of flight of the fire eye. It is intended send the fire eye to the Antares Reef. The aggregation of Psi-matter crosses the transport field unimpressed. The semi-space tunnel created by the platform only results in hyper-hurricanes and other disorders that create chaos in the Antares Reef. The only possibility left now is Contingency Plan Neo-Sol. Should Terra be in imminent danger, the transfer of the whole is planet along with Luna is planned by way of ZEUT-42 (a second transmitter platform found in 1388 NGE by Atlan in the Southside) to a more than three hundred light years distant sun. On April 28th, the fire eye strikes into the crystal screen for the first time. There are more impacts in the next few days. The screen is stable and every time the fire eye loses some of its Psi-matter. Fran Imith, Bully’s wife who had left him some time ago, because she could not bear the thought of growing old at his side, contacts her husband and wants to return to his side. And it appears that she was one of those hit by the golden shower of sparks, arresting her aging process.

During this time, millions of former Globists and their descendants gather at the Salkrit resonators, which were never taken down after TRAITOR left. They all have visions of a billowing sun and gradually form a Para-block, which even Schohaakes eventually join in. On April 30, the fire eye finally penetrates the crystal screen and continues on its path towards the sun. The Globists gathered in the former STATIONS and the remaining Schohaakes on Isla Bartolome shunt most of the shock wave resulting from the penetration into hyperspace. But there is a resonance between the fire eye and the Psionic storm released by it penetrating the crystal screen and ARCHETIM’S body. The screen cannot be deactivated and all the structural gaps are closed – the Sol system is isolated. It is possible that Psi-matter from the fire eye has integrated with the shield and maintains it after the shutdown of the LORETTA-tenders. Thus, the last resort Contingency Plan Neo-Sol can no longer be carried out. All of the planets are shrouded in Paratron screens. The Globists do their best to mitigate the Psi-Storm, but they are already overtaxed. It's only a matter of time until they collapse.

On April 30th, before the impact of the fire eye, the ATLANTIS got through the fog. Atlan enters his old deep sea dome, which is now located within the mist zone. There he finds Rico and one of the three VARIOS from the Stardust system. Both machines showed up in their "naked" form. The VARIO said he would serve as a kind of relay station, halfway between the outside world and the inside of the fog dome, which is nothing more than a passage to the true Talanis. Where this island really exists is unclear, but at least there is a connection between all of the “five heavens" and Wanderer. As a precaution Gucky disables the VARIO, because they do not know what additional surprises ES programmed into it.

From the deep sea dome one can also reach the Stardust system, and there are not only numerous golden spark people, but also ES mutants there. Gucky can finally wrap his arms around his long-lost wife Iltu again. Atlan learns that the golden spark people and the ES mutants have been helping the Globists to slow down the fire eye and curb the Psi-Storm. At the same time ARCHETIM’S body is tapped, so ES can be supplied new energy. The fire eye cannot be brought to a halt. A return of the Atlantis to Terra is not possible. The fulfillment of these tasks proved to be too much effort for the Para-block. By May 7th, twenty-six golden spark people lose their lives, and as Ribald Corello risks trying to use his tele-psimatic power to access the Psi-matter of the fire eye, he, John Marshall and Balton Wyt are killed by the feedback. Their deaths are final; there is no more return to the consciousness pool of ES for them. At the same time, it threatens to come to a resonance disaster in the Sol system and ARCHETIM’S corpse suffers damage. The Para-block requires more and more energy to tackle the fire eye, and this energy is therefore not available to be used to strengthen ES.

Atlan meets with Homunk, who seems to have lost all hope on the frozen ice of the artificial planet Wanderer. There the Arkonide sees a seventy meter high block of ice. He suspects that it is now the avatar form of ES. Atlan has an idea: Would it not be possible, to supply ES with the Vamus of the 1.4 billion Vatrox and the entity VATROX-CURR trapped in the Krathviras to strengthen him? The necessary transfer can only be initiated from the Stardust system, and the silver spheres (provided by Homunk, along with additional necessary equipment) are the only transport medium that can be used for this purpose. Atlan returns on May 8th to Talanis and learns of the final deaths of Tatcher a Hainus , Dalaimoc Rorvics and the pseudo-Neanderthal Lord Zwiebus ...

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2577 - Kosmisches Puzzle
Cosmic Puzzle
Christian Montillon

After the arrival of Atlan in the Stardust system, Perry Rhodan who is now informed about the menace to the Sol systems by a fire eye and the final death of some ES-mutants forges new plans. The additional aggregates provided by Homunk are inserted into the silver balls, which however does not go off without an incident: Eritrea Kush is almost killed by a defense reaction by her sphere, but is soon back on her legs. Rhodan also finds out about the existence of Sichu Dorksteiger and Fyrt Byrask, as well as of the history of the Vatrox. He believes to feel how many different parts of a cosmic jigsaw puzzle are bit by bit fitting together into a general overview, but he does not see it clearly yet.

MIKRU-JON is brought to NEO-OLYMP. Aboard are the Sha'zor Murkad, the Dust Rider Gomrakh, an Essa Nur and some Ja'woors. The latter own Para-gifts which enable them to directly access Psi-matter. In this manner they are to examine the Psi-matter probe docked to MIKRU-JON, because it contains several kilograms of the exceedingly valuable substance. First, however, Rhodan speaks with Sichu Dorksteiger and makes it abundantly clear to her how cruel the Frequency Monarchy proceeds against its opponents. With it he finally pulls the Ator onto his side. Later she reports to him about TZA'HANATH, a secret research center of the Frequency Monarchy. She believes that Rhodan can possibly find a way there to fight against the fire eye.

Rhodan makes an excursion with Sichu and Fyrt to First Found and the Corridor, using a silver sphere whose operation he has learnt, in the meantime, by Hypno-schooling. On First Found the snowflake artifact is taken aboard. In the Corridor battle lights attack, but can easily be repulsed with the superior means of the silver sphere. Apparently a troop shift of the Frequency Monarchy is taking place there. The silver sphere then goes back into the Stardust system where the Para-block incorporates snowflake artifact in order to strengthen itself. Perry Rhodan suggests to Mikru connecting MIKRU-JON with the silver sphere. The virtual woman is enthusiastic to attempt this and the plan succeeds. MIKRU-JON is practically integrated into the silver sphere, so that both can fly in the fog dome on Aveda where the ATLANTIS also is.

The battle against the fire eye has demanded more victims. Many spark people have died. Iltu and Jumpy have also met final death. This loss is too much for Gucky. He feels as if he is dying…

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2578 - Das mahnende Schauspiel
The Cautionary Play
Marc A. Herren

In search of the "black hole that sings" - the only trace of Samburi Yura - Alaska Saedelaere reaches a strange cosmic constellation in the spaceship LUMINOSITY. A solar system with a single planet consisting primarily of hyper crystals, a hyper-perforation curved into itself from which an unfamiliar radiation is emanating, and a harmoniously resonating black hole forms a triangle with an edge length of 1.8 light years. The radiation heavily affects the systems of the Cosmocrat cylinder. Countless spaceships are assembled in the solar system. From the captured radio traffic, the crew members of the LUMINOSITY learn that on Tolmar, the planet, the cautionary play of The Lake of Tears is to soon take place.

The LUMINOSITY is paged when it should be invisible to all. Even more surprising than this fact is the way in which the crew is welcomed: Heartily, as if they were old friends who had visited Tolmar before. Eroin Blitzer, however, denies ever having been there. Alaska and Eroin Blitzer are received as honored guests on Tolmar. Vetri, a hauntingly beautiful woman that arouses feelings in Alaska, leads the two visitors to a room and explains about the spectacle that takes place once every twenty-three years. It deals with the Empire of Harmony that was once visited by an emissary of the higher powers and involved in conflicts which led to its demise. Alaska feels to see relationships to himself in this, but does not clarify this suspicion. He assumes that the Empire of Harmony really existed and Sholoubwa , the designer of the BOTNETZES, had something to do with the whole thing. But he finds no evidence of Sholoubwa or Samburi Yura.

Alaska meets Martus, a toad-like creature that dwells as a critic on Tolmar and supposedly has information about the Empire of Harmony. He sends Eroin Blitzer later to meet with Martus in his spaceship. Alaska separates from his companion despite an uneasy feeling, because he wants to participate in the cautionary play. He does not listen to Eroin Blitzer’s misgivings about this and does not recognize at first, that he is affected and has already lost his free will. Only when he is transported through hyperspace in a space capsule, to where the actual stage (a type of space station) is set up, does he have a moment of clarity. But when the play begins, this clarity is gone again. The thoughts and feelings of the actors are reinforced by the planet for a range of two light years so that everyone within that area gets the impression that they are part of events depicted. This is what happens to Alaska also.

Eroin Blitzer, meanwhile, enters the Protenor Gavras , the critic’s spaceship. Martus is indeed on board, but he appears to have already been dead for centuries...

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2579 - Der Spieler und die Toten
The Actor and the Dead
Marc A. Herren

With the means of the ROTOR-G Eroin Blitzer scans the spaceships that orbit Tolmar, and notes that there is no life in any of them - just as on the planet itself, which he visits again a little later. The evaluation of the radio communications in the system shows that it is all recordings. His investigation shows that all the living beings in the system died simultaneously between two thousand and two thousand five hundred years ago. Moreover, the android finds that the radiation of the triangle configuration of the system is aimed at the area of the stage of the cautionary play, and that a normal person could not survive this radiation for long. It is clear to Eroin Blitzer that Alaska Saedelaere’s life is in mortal danger, and that all the residents of Tolmar - including the actors – are merely projections of a powerful disembodied entity. On Tolmar he meets Vetri who now behaves anything but kindly. She suddenly turns into Gommrich Dranat, the actor playing the jester in the cautionary tale. The projected figure lunges at the Commo'Dyr, but he successfully repels the attack with one of his Cosmocrat devices. He then taps the planetary data networks and heads out to rescue Saedelaere.

In his couch capsule Saedelaere takes part in the cautionary play and experiences the fall of the Empire of Harmony. The emotions of the actors are amplified and projected into his mind. This torment nearly kills him, but using his SERUN he manages to get out of the capsule. The mental influence that he was subjected to fades enough that he regains his free will. He approaches the bottom of the stage platform, where he meets the "actors". Because he assumes that the spectacle means death for the occupants of the other couch capsules (he does not know that there are no other spectators), he demands the play be stopped. The actors attack him, during which they merge into a single entity. The actor attacks right through the helmet of the SERUN and tears down Saedelaere’s mask. The Cappin fragment erupts with its energies that interact with the broadcast of the triangular constellation and shatters reality for Saedelaere into a kaleidoscope of visions. One of them shows him Samburi Yura’s first mission on behalf of Cosmocrats:

Samburi Yura was investigating Tolmar and decided to end the cautionary play once and for all. The entity Tafalla, a splinter from another entity had been repeating it again and again, although the spectators were killed during rehearsals for the first performance. The space sector was then declared a taboo zone. Since Tafalla appears unapologetic for this, Samburi Yura decides to destroy the stage platform, but Tafalla’s projection figures kill her androids. Samburi Yura has visions of various alternative futures - in one of which she provides Alaska Saedelaere with the Cappin fragment. The Enthone flees into the LUMINOSITY and now wants to destroy both the platform and Tolmar itself, but suddenly the designer Sholoubwa appears in the form of an amorphous mass of liquid metal in the Cosmocrat cylinder. He claims Tolmar was needed for a project of the Cosmocrats. Therefore Samburi Yura leaves with her mission incomplete, but expecting her tool Alaska Saedelaere to eventually complete it.

Saedelaere eventually returns to his reality, where Tafalla continues to attack him. Eroin Blitzer rescues Saedelaere from Tafalla’s projection shape by dispersing it with the weapons of ROTOR-G. Saedelaere then orders him to destroy the stage platform. Eroin Blitzer informs Saedelaere of his findings. Tolmar was in fact originally a factory world of Sholoubwa’s - and only one of many whose positions are now stored in DAN. Sholoubwas had probably created the BOTNETZ on one of them. The Hyperperforation at Tolmar, also a creation of the designer, could possibly be used for time travel and travel to parallel worlds. It also turns out that the ship Protenor Gavras came from the Empire of Harmony, so it was in fact a real place.

Saedelaere asks himself bitterly whether Samburi Yura had only given him the Cappin fragment in case one of her visions became reality and make him her tool. He will continue his search for her and when he finds her, she will have some questions to answer for him...

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2580 - Handelsstern im Visier
Trade Star in the Sights
Christian Montillon

The death of Iltu and Jumpy has hit Gucky so hard, that even after his physical recovery he can neither support the weakening Para-block nor help Perry with his next mission. Perry first gathers several golden spark people and ES mutants at the Psi-matter filled probe that he had brought from TALIN ANTHURESTA. They channel the energy from the four kilograms of Psi-matter stored in it to strengthen the Para-block and mostly to supply to ES. This gains them some more time to save ES, but it is only a drop in the bucket.

After a heated discussion with Timber F. Whistler, the Administrator agrees to send some of his troops with Perry on a daring to conquer the TZA'HANATH Research Center of the Frequency Monarchy, using seven Stardust Terran manned silver spheres. Betty Toufry , one from the ES mutants released from the consciousness pool of ES takes part in this. Perry Rhodan leads the mission with the merged MIKRU-JON /Silver sphere number eight. Relatively few battle lights guard the constellation comprised of eight Trade stars, but Rhodan does not succeed in rebooting the systems of any of the Trade stars despite several attempts, so his troops cannot be landed on them. The battle lights cannot exactly locate the silver spheres, but they lay down a wide spread of shots. The shields of the silver spheres hold up to the strain, and there are many battle lights shot down by them, but the mission has failed. Perry Rhodan orders a retreat. He himself, however, cannot retreat because an oppressive mental presence suddenly appears in MIKRU-JON and stops it from escaping.

Vatrox DAAG -appears in the form of the projection of a Vatrox in the obelisk spaceship. A hundred battle lights also appear and surround MIKRU-JON. The entity proposes a pact to Rhodan. The Terrans would fight together with the Frequency Monarchy against VATROX-VAMU. In return VATROX-DAAG would allow the Terrans to keep not only the PARALOX-ARSENAL, but also the Polyport network, as long as VATROX-VAMU can be destroyed. It is clear to Rhodan that he is being lied to and rejects the offer. VATROX-DAAG thereupon gives the firing command for the fire eye in the Sol system and orders the destruction of MIKRU-JON before vanishing. Perry Rhodan, however, has made provisions and the Net Weaver Radyl-im-Abstract is summoned. This being transports MIKRU-JON to a safe location away from VATROX-DAAG and the battle lights. Then Rhodan asks the Net Weaver for help again...

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2581 - Wunder in Gefahr
Miracle in Danger
Leo Lukas

The JULES VERNE is caught in a field of energy that paralyzes all the technology and the crew members, sucking at their life energy, so that they are dying. Only Julian Tifflor is still reasonably capable of action due to his cell activator chip - and based upon the sensors of his badly malfunctioning SERUN, there is another person also still active on the ship. Tifflor finally finds the other person, who turns out to be his bodyguard, Tanio Ucuz. The man seems to be under a foreign influence, because he is running amok, causing some damage to the ship and then attacking Tifflor, who barely manages to hold him off. Before Tifflor can discover who was controlling Ucuz, then man fades away into thin air.

Meanwhile, two groups in are in the Trade star that forms the center of TALIN ANTHURESTA. One is led by Mondra Diamond, the other by Akika Urismaki. The groups have no contact with each other and suffer from unexplained fatigue. Their equipment and vehicles are also affected by the inhibitory influence. A psionic storm rages outside the Trade star, and so far none of the groups has found a way to free the JULES VERNE. The Shadow Maahk Pral separates his consciousness from his body and discovers an immaterial net in which the Trade star and the disc worlds form nodes, but it reaches far beyond TALIN ANTHURESTA. It might be comparable to the natural Psionic net, but it cannot be used for their purposes.

Mondra Diamond is in the center of a smaller version of the Trade star. However, it is inaccessible. Mondra’s A-class controller proves useless, as she tries to activate a transfer chimney to go into the heart of TALIN ANTHURESTA. A group of robots with crystal inclusions suddenly arrive to surround her ground. Urismaki is also unsuccessful when he finally reaches the plants which produce the chain field around the VERNE. He notes, however, that the Psi-Storm is growing stronger, so that the destruction of TALIN ANTHURESTA is imminent. Obviously the Psi-matter dispensers are not doing their job properly, so that the Psi-matter is focused around them and no longer uniformly distributed in TALIN ANTHURESTA. Suddenly another host of unfamiliar robots arrive to surround this group.

Both groups have been under the observation of the Stalwart Agrester. He is TALIN ANTHURESTA’S chief of security. He was awoken too late and hindered by the Psi-Storm, so he could not stop Fogudare’s assassination by Perry Rhodan - because in its mental confusion, the crystal being could not decide which action body it should use. Agrester feels guilty for this and therefore takes a long time to decide whether and how to proceed against the invaders, especially those which carry controllers on them. He is also connected mentally, for unknown reasons, with one of the invaders (Tanio Ucuz), which further enhances his confusion. Finally, he sends the army of robots towards the two groups, which have been moving freely in the Trade star. Agrester is also aware of the danger that threatens the Trade star from the Psi-storm...

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2582 - Ein Kind der Funken
A Child of the Sparks
Leo Lukas

Tanio Ucuz is the son of two humans who were touched by the shower of golden sparks in 1347 NGE. He has several para-skills. One is an intuitive sense for all kinds of energetic phenomena, while the other hand there is the ability as a Para-poler to thread himself into energy flows where he can use the Psionic Net and even take along people and objects. He is also Para-communicator. As such, he can perceive the superficial thoughts of people and project his own into their minds, even if they are mental stabilized. These capabilities are only woken up in TALIN ANTHURESTA. This explains his mental contact with the Stalwart Agrester and his sudden disappearance. He gradually learns to control his gifts and himself. He accompanies Julian Tifflor into the control center of the JULES VERNE, but there, too, all the crew members are unconscious.

Meanwhile, it comes to battle between the two exploration teams and Agrester’s robots. Akika Urismaki is brought to safety by an Ertruser group member. He finds out that there an object in the immediate vicinity of the Discc world frozen in hyper-cold that resembles a Kybb Titan. Meanwhile, Mondra Diamond presents her controller to the robots, so that the machines stop battling the Galactics. She has a vision of Homunk, who had once told her something on Wanderer. Suddenly, she remembers the name “Agrester” and a code sequence. She speaks these two things and Agrester is forced to acknowledge her as an authorized presence with the highest ranking. He personally shows up, speaks with her and thus learns how it came to the death of Fogudare. He still does not fully trust her because she knows hardly anything about TALIN ANTHURESTA. But he must obey her direct command and so the robot army departs.

Two events finally convince Agrester that he must cooperate with the Galactics. Pral materializes and claims that Fogudare’s spirit still live on in the Psionic Net. And Ucuz makes it clear that he cannot save TALIN ANTHURESTA alone. Only with the JULES VERNE, will it be possible to reach the Psi-matter Dispenser and perhaps repair it. Agrester disables the chain field around the JULES JERNE and the influence that drains the life energy from the Terrans. The latter however takes days to fade. Meanwhile, Mondra, Pral and Ucuz are transported by Agrester into the heart of TALIN ANTHURESTA. They learn that the frozen disc world, as well as an area close to the center, is inaccessible to Agrester. The latter is a "hidden room “. Mondra discovers an access door. Homunk appears, but he is disappointed, that Perry Rhodan is not present, and disappears when it turns out Rhodan has just entered just the hidden room in NEO-OLYMP. So once again, Mondra has reason to be extremely angry with the messenger of ES.

The Psionic storm continues to grow in strength. When they try to launch the JULES VERNE on May ninth, it does not even move. The end of TALIN ANTHURESTAS and therefore also the crew of the JULES VERNE is imminent...

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2583 - Psi-Inferno
Arndt Ellmer

The net weaver Radyl-im-Abstraction carries the composite of MIKRU-JON and the silver sphere to the inside of TALIN ANTHURESTA with the help of another net weaver, who is already there. With the means of the silver ball they bring the JULES VERNE to safety. However, the Psi-storm is becoming more and more severe and in order to prevent the destruction of the Miracle of Anthuresta, the Psi-Material-Dispensers must be repaired. With the support of the crystal engineer Clun’stal and Julian Tifflor’s psionically gifted aide Tanio Ucuz, the Shadow-Maahk Pral is able to make contact with the Anthurianer Fogudare, who it turns out had stored his essence in the Psionic net when Rhodan had destroyed his body. He supplies Clun’stal with the information he needs to save TALIN ANTHURESTA and the disaster is averted. Once everything clams down, Perry Rhodan and Mondra Diamond want to try to reach the disc world being affected by hypercold via transfer chimney, because they are certain that it is in fact Wanderer. The transfer ends at first in an unknown location. A holographic Ernst Ellert appears as the messenger of ES in place of Homunk, who is now completely solidified in place on Wanderer by the hypercold.

Rhodan learns that his B-controller is one of the last old controllers of the Anthurianers. The device is now reprogrammed so that Rhodan can use it to its full potential. ES needs vast amounts of Psi-matter and/or vital energy of living beings. The superintelligence has tapped the Psi-matter stocks of TALIN ANTHURESTA in his time of need and unintentionally caused the malfunctioning of the Psi-Material-Dispensers with it. Neither the intended supply of the trapped Vamus of millions of Vatroxes and VATROX-CUUR nor the energy tapped from the body of ARCHETIM will be enough to save ES. Should Rhodan not soon bring the PARALOX-ARSENAL or the time grains to ES with the sector bud parked close to Wanderer, ES will find himself forced to take the consciousness of every living intelligent being in TALIN ANTHURESTA, the Stardust system and maybe even his whole thickness concentration, into himself. But that would still only bring a short reprieve. Ellert reports that Lotho Keraete had proceeded into the Corridor of Anthuresta to do research on the PARALOX-ARSENAL. Unfortunately, this led him to his death.

Doch wo soll nach den Zeitkörnern gesucht werden? Rhodan hat eine bestimmte Vermutung. Möglicherweise wäre die Schneise von Anthuresta der richtige Ansatzpunkt. Der Transfer nach Wanderer wird fortgesetzt. Die dort allgegenwärtige Kälte durchdringt die SERUNS. Rhodan glaubt zu erfrieren... So where should the time grains be searched for? Rhodan has a theory. The Corridor of Anthuresta might be the right place to start looking. Ellert departs and the transfer to Wanderer is completed. Everything is covered in a thick layer of ice and the omnipresent cold there penetrates the SERUNS of the humans. Rhodan feels as if he is freezing to death….

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2584 - Der Okrivar und das Schicksal
The Okrivar and Destiny
Frank Borsch

Sinnafoch and Vastrear and their companions Satwa , Kruuper , Bhustrin and Philip , who has become the carrier of a portion of VATROX-DAAG, are in TZA'HANATH. There the Okrivar chief scientist Durant has developed a technology that does not crack the Sextadim veil of the Stardust system, but can vibrate in such a manner so that all living things are burned in the area enclosed by the veil. He demonstrates this by means of some mortally wounded Darturkas. The development of units that would be able to do the same with the Stardust system will still take some time. Satwa has another proposal to make to bring the Terrans to their knees. Perry Rhodan should be made to surrender himself through the use of fire eyes against populated planets. They believe his death will destroy the morale of the Terrans. Kruuper is given the task of doing this. However, he instead sends the fire eyes into empty space, because having seen how the Darturkas were ruthlessly destroyed, and picturing the same fate occurring to Stardust humanity is the straw that breaks the camel’s back for him.

The Okrivar wants to be freed from the Vatrox and instigates a complicated piece of intrigue. He turns to Vastrear’s Battle Orderly Bhustrin, claiming that he wants to help him eliminate Sinnafoch because of his intention to kill Vastrear. He tells the reverse story to Sinnafoch. The Ator scientist Lashan plays an important role in Kruuper’s plan. By order of Vastrear, Lashan is involved with the creation of a new Vatrox clone body. Vastrear has a special interest in the cloning of a woman named Equarma, who he once probably loved and hated. Kruuper brings Lashan to create an Equarma clone to attack all Vatrox that he sees. He sets things up so that both Vastrear and Sinnafoch are present at the presentation, and that both believe the other one wants to commit an assassination on the other at this event.

Just before the presentation Vastrear successfully defends the attack by Perry Rhodan on TZA'HANATH. Then the Equarma clone is awakened. The retort being upgraded with sharp claws immediately attacks Vastrear and Sinnafoch. Satwa, who is also present, is seriously wounded by the clone. Suddenly Kruuper tries to prevent the clone from killing Sinnafoch. The clone rips open Kruuper’s suit. In this way the Okrivar reaches his goal: he escapes his tormentors by death. Sinnafoch who has thus lost his last confidant, surprises the clone and kills her. Then he bursts into tears and threatens to shoot Vastrear, who is mourning the death of Equarma.

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2585 - Der Tanz der Vatrox
The Dance of the Vatrox
Frank Borsch

Vastrear tells his history… 9.79 million years ago, about thirty thousand years after the revolt against the Anthurianers , Vastrear is still a Frequency Candidate and has the task of recruiting the Voidular race for the Frequency Monarchy. Since defeating the Anthurianers, the Frequency Monarchy has been collecting Psi-matter and storing it in the PARALOX ARSENAL, in order to one day use it as the ultimate weapon against VATROX-VAMU. The enlisted races get access to the technology of the Frequency Monarchy and in exchange deliver them Psi-matter. Vastrear fulfills his task with the help of Equarma Inalter, whom he meets for the first time on the planet Voidur. In recognition of his work he becomes appointed a Frequency Follower. He falls in love with the Vatrox woman and meets her repeated as time goes on - interrupted by the long hibernation periods between the hyper depressions. Vastrear believes Equarma is working on Hibernation 5 on the creation of clones because there are fewer and fewer births occurring and more and more errors are appearing in the clone bodies. Another Frequency Follower, Expeput, eventually tells him otherwise. He alleges that Equarma belongs to a secret women's order and is planning a revolution.

Eventually Equarma dies again and is reborn in a clone body that is blind. Vastrear finds that their relationship has changed and the two become estranged from each other. Vastrear spies on her as she meets with other women who have similar disabilities. Equarma eventually confesses to him that she is a VAMU collector. She and the others like her are working against the entities at the head of the Frequency Monarchy in order to liberate the Vatrox race from their servitude. The women are eventually caught by Frequency Mediator Cedosmo, who condemns the conspirators to final death. He will ensure that their Vamus are lost and tissue samples destroyed, so that a rebirth is not possible. For Equarma, the ringleader, he has a special punishment prepared. Her VAMU is imprisoned in a small device he himself developed, called a Vamu prison. Vastrear instigates a plot to regain Equarma’s Vamu and she had provided him some cell material for the creation of a clone body. He is successful in recovering her Vamu prison and eliminating all witnesses. Only his inductive cell still knows the truth - until the next rebirth, when the cell will be destroyed.

With this, Vastrear’s retelling of his history ends and Sinnafoch has him secured in his accommodations. Suddenly an alarm is given. Thousands of Jaranoc ships are attacking Sinnafoch’s fleet around the TZA'HANATH...

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2586 - Die Sektorknospe
The Sector Bud
Wim Vandemaan

Texas, at the end of the 19th century AD. The gunslinger Piet Rawland is on his way with four other outlaws to El Paso to rob the bank there. Before the town the men meet an odd stranger who is fluttered about by butterflies. Rawland strikes up an acquaintance with him. The robbery fails catastrophically. It comes to a gunfight with the sheriff and his deputies. Rawland’s cohorts are shot, and he himself receives two hits in the chest. However, he finds himself neither in Heaven nor Hell, but in the company of the strange old man. He takes Rawland on a fantastic trip whose destination is the artificial world Wanderer. Rawland thereupon becomes an assistant of the supreintelligence ES. He does some jobs for the superintelligence; among others, he gets shot in 1976 by Perry Rhodan and after centuries which pass for him like a dream and in which his only company is a metal robot he calls Steambody, Rawland becomes qualified as the pilot of a sector bud. ES intends to pass the sector bud one day onto Perry Rhodan, but Rawland should serve as a substitute in the case of an emergency.

On May 9, 1463 NGE Perry Rhodan and Mondra Diamond arrive on Wanderer. They are directed by clues to a western town in which they meet Rawland. Piet challenges Rohdan to prove he is really himself, but Rhodan cannot instantly prove his identity to Rawland by means of his Knight’s aura, due to having given it up. He must solve the old riddle of how to kill Rawland, but he can no longer do it with Piet’s gun: He solves it by having Mondra shoot the gunslinger with his own colt. Rawland is not bothered by this; he is already accustomed to it, in the meantime. He is returned to life, as usual, and takes them aboard the sector bud. Rawland passes on the Mnemotic guide - a storage medium which plants foreign memories in the consciousness of its guest bearer. These are the memories of all the former helmsmen of the sector bud BATIOVREE.

Thus Rhodan and Mondra find out that the sector buds were created 9,870,000 years ago by the Anthurianers, in order to drive through Tryortan gullets and use them as transport media. The sector buds are offshoots of the Anthurian genotype. The genetic offshoot was armed biomechanically and "manned" with millions of small robots. Although the sector buds have their own consciousness, they always need a helmsman. He controls and steers the vast amounts of Psi matter which are stored in the sector bud and used for all sorts of purposes, but above all for the impulse organs. The Anthurianer Tataoparan was the first helmsman of BATIOVREE, and this was the first finished sector bud. It crossed a Tryortan gullet and put out Psi-matter probes. In this way he laid the foundation-stone for the Polyport network. After the rebellion of the Vatrox, ninety-five sector buds were transferred to Amringhar where they were in putative security, but fell later into the hands of the Kybb in the hands, were modified into Kybb-Taitans and utilized with the help of Tagg Kharzani. In the end, they were largely destroyed in the battle against the Terrans.

The sector bud recognizes Rhodan as authorized when he activates and seats his controller. The Terran wants to be content with the role of commander, while Rawland should become its helmsman. Upon his proposal the sector bud is christened with the name QUEEN OF SAINT LOUIS – in memory of an old dream of Rawland’s, to once pilot a paddle wheeler steamboat. Back in TALIN ANTHURESTA a transfer chimney is switched to the Stardust system. The first contingent of 3000 LFT BOXES, 1000 Fragment ships of the Posbis and 2000 Haluter ships are moved from Andromeda via FATICO to Anthuresta. 489 Krathvira containers are transported with them and brought to Wanderer where the Vamus of millins of Vatroxes and VATROX-CUUR are fed into ES. The superintelligence recovers a little and can speak with Rhodan. However, ES only repeats the known demand for the PARALOX-ARSENAL. Rhodan also sees Delorian shortly in the ice column that represents the dying ES...

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2587 - Krieg der Schneise
War in the Corridor
Christian Montillon

After the stabilization of TALIN ANTHURESTA and a sufficient supply of combat ships is taken care, Perry Rhodan flies with the QUEEN OF ST. LOUIS into the Corridor of Anthuresta in order to begin the search for the time grains of the disintegrated PARALOX-ARSENAL. Icho Tolot and Kardo Tarba, each steering a silver sphere, meanwhile, watch the attack of thousands of truncated cone ships of the Jaranoc on TZA'HANATH. As it seems, VATROX-VAMU has given the command for a decisive blow against the Frequency Monarchy, so it comes to combat throughout all of Anthuresta. When there are signs of a crushing defeat of the Jaranoc by the Frequency Monarchy at the research center, Kardo Tarba asks his master to prevent a massacre. The Haluter uses the superior powers of the silver spheres to intimidate the Vatrox. With the threat of destroying the last two Hibernation worlds, he moves the Vatrox – who apparently believed Tolot’s assertion, that Perry Rhodan's troops are a more terrible danger than the Jaranocs – to allow the last Truncated cone ships to escape.

Tolot makes the decision to act as a peacemaker and end more space battles. Tarba is initially not fond of the idea, of saving not only Jaranoc but also Vatrox lives, but still supports Tolot. With Rhodan’s consent Eritrea Kush temporarily takes Tolot’s place in coordinating the remaining silver spheres in the search for the time grains. Before Tolot and Tarba leave to find a new battle to intervene in, they are contacted by of a battle light. It is the research ship FRUKETT, and it is entirely in the hands of the Ators - scientists who have been working there. Since they were being treated like prisoners after the outbreak of fighting, they have rebelled against their “allies”, under the leadership of Cartento Milian and his companion Chana Tiralto. All the Vatroxes and Darturkas were killed, but some of the Ators also fell. Cartento now asks for asylum. The Ators are willing to work for the Terrans. Rhodan has no objection to this. The FRUKETT is then brought into the sector bud.

Tolot and Tarba then try to stop another space battle. This time they contact the Jaranocs. Tarba appeals to their honor to get them to stop destroying the helpless battle lights. Rekner Lurrio , the squadron commander, is not impressed by this. Tarba then calls him out to a duel to the death. This takes place a little later on a stray planetoid and ends with Tarba’s victory. He calls upon his fellow Jaranocs, to disassociate themselves from VATROX-VAMU as he had. He does not receive an answer from them, but at least the Jaranocs pull back. Unfortunately, the Vatroxes take the opportunity to immediately go on the attack and destroy some Truncated cone spaceships. Tolot and Tarba blame themselves for this and engage the battle lights with their silver spheres. All the battle lights are destroyed. As several ships explode on the stray planetoid, Tolot’s silver sphere locates an indeterminate impulse...

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2588 - Aufmarsch der Titanen
Onslaught of the Titans
Arndt Ellmer

The Frequency Monarchy is waging a two front war in Anthuresta against the Jaranocs and VATROX-VAMU on one side and the Terrans on the other. Two Frequency Followers on Hibernation-8 receive new orders. Ellonit is to fly with the SCITON and nine other battle lights to the Polyport court ESHDIM-3 in order to recapture it. Fyeran is to conduct the defense of the Hibernation worlds. Hibernation-8 is a converted Trade star, three kilometers in diameter. There it comes to incidents with the Referrors. The artificial beings are behaving strangely and may be falling apart. It turns out that VATROX-DAAG has withdrawn his entire mental substance from the Hiberation world for fight against VATROX-VAMU, so that the Vamus of deceased Vatroxes no longer receive their bearing signal. The panic of Vmaus is carrying over to the Referrors.

Since ESHDIM-3 is protected by net weavers, Ellonit’s attack fails. He loses all his memories, as they are sucked up by a net weaver. In this situation Sinnafoch orders the launch command for the two hundred twenty-five sector buds that are owned by the Frequency Monarchy. They should protect TZA'HANATH and the last two Hibernation worlds. At the same time more fire eyes are requested. VATROX-DAAG’S splinter in the body of Okrill Philip gives Sinnafoch the order to fly to ESHDIM-3. He is accompanied by Satwa. He also cannot do anything there. Meanwhile, more and more Truncated cone ships appear in a specific staging area, from where they continue to fly their missions.

VATROX-VAMU'S large scale attack on the last Hibernation worlds begins. Countless Truncated cone ships attack Hibernatino-7. The hundred sector buds stationed there at first appear to have an easy time with the Jaranocs. But then an unknown influence takes effect, by which they seem to become disoriented. It goes similarly for the battle lights. Many sector buds and battle lights are destroyed. Finally, the planet Hibernation-7 is destroyed. Millions of Vatroxes die - the fate of their Vamus is uncertain, because due to the absence of VATROX-DAAG, they will probably not find their way to Hibernation-8, whose position is not yet known to the Jaranocs.

All these operations are observed in real time by Sichu Dorksteiger, Fyrt Byrask and Sean Legrange from the Oldtimer observatory on Cataract…

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2589 - Tod der Frequenzfolge
Death of the Frequency Followers
Arndt Ellmer

Using the observatory of the Oldtimers on Cataract, Sichu Dorksteiger observes how the fighting is developing in Anthuresta in real time.

The Jaranocs have not still discovered the last Hibernation worlds of the Frequency Monarchy. When VATROX-DAAG intervenes, the Vatroxes seem to keep the upper hand, but then VATROX-VAMU appears. Hibernation-7 and -8 are promptly discovered and destroyed, before the converted Trade stars can be completely evacuated. Now there will be no more rebirth for the Vatroxes whose clones are all destroyed. VATROX-DAAG sends two fire eyes against his nemesis, but VATROX-VAMU simply soaks up the Psi-matter and becomes even stronger. VATROX-VAMU has also presumably taken up the Vamus of all the Vatroxes that died on the Hibernation worlds into himself. Almost all the battle lights, as well as the sector buds, are destroyed. Nevertheless, VATROX-VAMU spares the infrastructure of the Polyport network and TZA'HANATH. VATROX-DAAG flees and is traced by VATROX-VAMU to the Polyport court ESHDIM-3. There VATROX-DAAG brings another ninety-six fire eyes to explode. The court is destroyed, but VATROX-VAMU again takes up most of the energy into himself. Then he devours VATROX-DAAG himself.

Sinnafoch has observed these events. It is clear to him that the Frequency Monarchy does not exist anymore in its old form. Only a few tens of thousands of battle lights are still available to him. Satwa, however, claims that all hope is still not lost. She speaks of an option which they had not thought of up till now...

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2590 - Der Tote und der Sterbende
The Dead and the Dying
Michael Marcus Thurner

Piet Rawland experiences problems with the consciousness of the sector bud. He had wanted to make the consciousness more animated, to have it show more independence and give him someone to talk to. However, as a result the sector bud becomes rebellious and refuses to cooperate with the gunslinger. It does not want to recognize him as its commander. In the artificially created environment of a wild west town it comes to a duel between Rawland and the resistance of the sector bud personified in the form of Rawland’s grandmother. The gunslinger uses a dirty trick which Grandma Henri had taught him herself, and defeats his opponent. The artificial intelligence finally submits to him.

Meanwhile, it is May 10, 1463 NGE. The Sicatemo Alliance has recaptured Markanu. They find out that the body of APHANUR is reacting to an unknown external influence. The Corridor of Anthuresta, the scene of violent battles between the Vatrox and Jaranoc, as well as the search of the Terrans for the time grains of the PARLOX-ARSENAL, is flashed across by an immense hyperflash. Hypercrystals materialize along its light year-wide range. A disc world – possibly Wanderer – becomes temporarily visible there. Nevertheless, it is announced from TALIN ANTHURESTA that all the disc worlds are still in place. After a second, weaker hyperflash Julian Tifflor's cell activator chip stops working. Tiff now has left only a little bit more than sixty hours, before he will disintegrate into dust. He has the suspicion that that ES has taken the vital energy from the cell activator for himself, but Perry Rhodan’s and Icho Tolot’s cell activators are still working.

Tolot locates hyperradiation whose pulse sequence seems familiar to the Terrans. It seems to be related to the radiation of the Psiqs in the Cosmonucleotide DORIFER and remarkably resembles that of the mini black hole Anansar whose emitted radiation the Nakken owe their special abilities to. Rhodan assumes that it is a trail laid out specifically for the Terrans. Only one person could have originated this: Lotho Keraete who had supposedly died in the search for the PARALOX-ARSENAL. Tolot knows the source of the hyperradiation. It is the moon on which Kardo Tarba and Rekner Lurrio had fought their duel. Fleets of the Jaranoc and Vatrox are deployed there, in the meantime. Silver spheres go there and lure away the enemies. In this way the Terrans have just enough time to retrieve a rock lump which shows the same energy signature as a Sextadim-veil.

Directed by Tanio Ucuz, Rence Ebion carefully disintegrates lumps of the rock with his Para-gift layer around layer, until a five meter wide ball appears. It is an Oldtimer silver sphere, and wrapped up by a Sextadim-veil. When Perry Rhodan touches the veil, it dissolves. The silver sphere shrivels to its inert size of a few centimeters and ejects a humanoid shape: Lotho Keraete. The putatively dead messenger of ES opens his eyes and mouth. A worm-like shape comes out of his mouth and heads directly for Tifflor…

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2591 - Im Auftrag der Superintelligenz
Order of the Superintelligence
Michael Marcus Thurner

A worm-like object is ejected from Lotho Keraete’s mouth and jumps onto Julian Tifflor. This thing is a kind of "security module" of the metal man, which can remain active even after his death. It has a self-consciousness, bears the name of Deep-One and shares with Tifflor how Keraete can be brought back to life. Once that's done, Deep One returns to Keraete. Together, they talk about how the current situation has come to be.

On February 22, 1291 NGE Lotho Keraete became the new messenger in the services of ES. On August 17, 1323 NGE ES showed him the Stardust system in Anthuresta and the developing Sextadim-veil. After moving millions of Terrans into this new home, and the shutting of the Teletrans point on November 13, 1346 NGE Keraete travels with a silver sphere to the part of Anthuresta with the Corridor where there is an asteroid that ESTARTU had set up as an observation station equipped with a fictive transmitter, Sextadim-veil, a Time transformer and some kind of giant plant. Before her separation from ES, ESTARTU had (with the help of the Anthurianers) found that the Corridor had emerged from a disaster ten million years ago, that led to the dematerialization of all the suns and planets in that area. In the Corridor there are several so called zero-field bubbles, which “exist in the future” and are also called time grains. The first time grain can be traced to the moment of the disaster. In their entirety, the zero-field bubbles form the time spear.

ES already knew that the Psi-matter collected in the PARALOX ARSENAL would soon be vital, and sent Keraete to find the ARSENAL. He travels back to the year 297,388 BC, that time in which the last time grain was formed and VATROX-VAMU tried to access the ARSENAL still positioned at that time in the center of TZA'HANATH. Just like TALIN ANTHURESTA it is anchored in the Psionic net. Keraete goes to the Trade star TAQARAN in Andromeda. Very near is the Frost Ruby which briefly materialized before being anchored by the Porleyters, and due to this event the TAQARAN had fallen back into the standard universe. The Hathors Yuga and Marduk Lethos, of the Andury which will evolve into the Elfahders one day, appear to investigate the station. Also located in the vicinity is the planet Gleam. Before he identifies himself as a high-ranking representative to TAQARAN, Keraete makes a trip to this planet. When he returns to the station, though, he is denied admission to the Trade star. TAQARAN is being flooded with more and more Psi-matter and transforms into a beacon, which attracts VATROX-VAMU. The entity consumes the Psi-matter and attacks Lotho’s silver sphere, which, however, can resist his attacks. The result of all this activity is that an umbilical cord forms between TAQARAN and the ARSENAL, which Keraete flies into, pursued by VATROX-VAMU. The entity tries to influence Keraete mentally. Deep-One turns into, among others, Keraete’s long dead lover Negra Tolt in order to motivate the metal man to resist the entity. Keraete uses the Sextadim veil to seal off the Psi-matter, after which the umbilical cord dissolves and VATROX-VAMU disappears.

Deep-One activates the time transformer in order to return them to the future. Only it results in the disaster, by which the ARSENAL is divided into time grains and the Corridor is formed. The ARSENAL is thrown ten million years into the past, where large amounts of Psi-matter are separated into twenty sections, which are embedded in zero field bubbles without their own time. These time grains spread along the vector directed into the past and make up the time spear. The vast majority came to rest in Anthuresta. Through this event all the suns and planets in a many light years wide area are displaced in hyperspace, where they probably fizzle out. Keraete is placed in hyper-stasis by Deep-One.

This ends Keraete’s report. Somehow, the Time transformer is still active and connected to something in the wandering moon in which Keraete was found embedded in. This is the last chance to salvage the Psi-matter of the ARSENAL and retrieve it into the relative present. With a silver ball Perry Rhodan , Tifflor, Icho Tolot and Keraete reach the inside of the moon. ESTARU’S plant is still there and it takes control of Keraete’s silver sphere and forms a kind of gate with it. Then it mentally speaks to them. It proclaims that only one person could pass through the gate. Immense suffering, strains and a need for patience await the chosen one.

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2592 - Im Zeitspeer
In the Time Spear
Leo Lukas

Julian Tifflor is chosen by the mysterious voice to enter the time spear. Perry Rhodan , Icho Tolot and Lotho Keraete jump in after him, but they are thrown back. The mutants received an order to search for Tifflor. Tanio Ucuz perceives an energetic connection into which he can slip.

Meanwhile, Tifflor rematerializes in a locked room, which turns out to be in the first time grain, located three hundred thousand years in the past. An artificial being in the form of a Darturka that calls himself Barbican, brings the Terran out of the room and leads him into a landscape in which various creatures cavort. Among others meets the siblings Krepsh and Velrit , ninety centimeter tall beings that look like a cross of Battle Orderly and Singuva to Tiff. They know exactly who he is - Tiff's appearance was predicted since time immemorial in the Log Book. Following the prophecy, the two escort the Terran to a KyBarrack , where he is to be "treated". He is delivered to Urga Chremtaka, a large reptilian being that knows about his still non-functional cell activator. The lizard uses his technology to analyze the unique signature of Tiff’s cell activator and emits a corresponding beam of radiation from the time grain, which will appear in a different time period so that a hyperflash appears in the Corridor of Anthuresta, which will disable Tiff’s cell activator. Tiff thereby - albeit unintentionally - created the conditions for his own current situation.

Tiff's next destination is the "Great Barrier", a decaying battle light of the Frequency Monarchy. There he meets a female Vatrox called Duleymon the Sixty-seventh, who rules this time grain. From her he learns that the time grains are connected by a sort of corridor, and that they have torn parts of inhabited worlds in it, enclosed in zero-field bubbles that accumulated around them like "scabs". Later on beings still enter these crusts, because spaceships were occasionally sucked in. Duleymon and at least sixty-six generations of her ancestors have been waiting for Tiff's arrival, as only he is able to walk through the corridor and retrieve the Perianth-keys hidden in all the time grains. The fragmentation of the PARALOX-ARSENAL into twenty grains was a security measure, and only with the Perianth-keys can one get access to the control equipment of the time grains. Of course, the key controlling a particular time grain is not to be found in that same time grain. Duleymon wants Tiff to bring all the keys to her so that she can unite the time grains together again and return the PARALOX-ARESNAL to her people. All the previous attempts to cross the corridor, have failed because going the whole length of the corridor takes millions of years, while only a few hours pass in the time grains. High level technology does not work in the corridor, but it is flooded with vital energy that will charge Tifflor’s cell activator, making sleep and food intake unnecessary and can keep everything that Tiff wears on his body intact. Tiff reads all about this in the Log Book. He is not even particularly surprised when he finds that he himself has written this book ... will have written it.

Tifflor takes on the job, enters the corridor and marches in it for thousands of years. In the corridor there is nothing and nobody but corpses and the remains of the robots previously sent out - Tiff is totally dependent upon himself. Duleymon gave him a detector, with which he can locate a key once he is in a time grain. He succeeds in various time grains after mastering various difficulties. One of the keys is in the body of a bizarre being named Banifour Crumplei, who was once the Orbiter of the Knight of the Depth Cryel Des Laox. Banifour seems to know Tiff. He accepts the fact that he must die for Tifflor to retrieve the key inside him. Crumplei has one last wish. Should Tifflor ever meet Perry Rhodan again - he must tell Perry to fight for his Knight’s aura. Once Tifflor retrieves the key, he heads back into the corridor…

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Leo Lukas

Julian Tifflor wanders for millions of years in the Time Spear and collects more Perianth keys , which he succeeds in doing sometimes easily and sometimes only with great difficulty. The more time that he passes penetrating the Spear, the more confused his mind becomes. Crystal dust settles on his body, so that a thin second skin gradually forms which envelops him completely and cannot be removed. A stranger, which he can sometimes see shadowy, helps him in his search. As Tiff gets lost in alcoves and side corridors of the Time Spear and thinks of suicide, he meets his doppelganger, who claims that Tiff has already put the worst behind him. In another time grain, he must use the already collected Perianth key for a robot called Safri-16, in order to allow it to return to its relative present. Tiff gives the robot his notebook, that will later be called the Log Book, to take along. In some unknown way this book will one day become the property of the monarch Duleymon...

The next time grain is empty. Somebody must have siphoned off all its Psi-matter. Only the Perianth key was left behind. In time grain number eighteen Tiff’s detector seems to fail - the Perianth key cannot be located. Then Tiff’s double appears one more time. It turns out that he has the key of this and the last time the two time grains already in his possession, and teleports (or tele-temports ) with Tiff into time grain twenty. Tiff realizes that his supposed doppelganger is actually an Anthurianer called Banlaroguel, who can take on various forms. Tiff learns that the Anthurianers created TALIN ANTHURESTA as an Ark in response to the increased hyperimpedance, brought or created the races on the disc worlds, that Wanderer replaced one of the local disc worlds, that ESTARTU only separated from ES through the spiritualization of fifty million Anthurianers (known as the Great Song), and that sometime after being trapped in the time grain Banlaroguel was the one that drove Fogudare insane, trying to make him listen to a warning about the Vatrox betrayal.

Banlaroguel has a plan. He wants to release the PARALOX ARSENAL again in the past and cause a time paradox. He wants the creation of the Time Spear and the Corridor of Anthuresta undone, to save his people from the Vatrox. Tifflor is intended to serve as a tool, for Banlaroguel can penetrate only a few time grains from his, and constantly drains his power. Tiff is charged with Psi-matter and his cellular activator suddenly starts working again. The Terran also receives a post-hypnotic block from Banlaroguel and is transported to Duleymon. Tiff takes the final key from her. All twenty keys fit together automatically. Tiff now has full control over all the time grains. Using his crystal skin, he succeeds in breaking Banlaroguel’s influence. The defeated disembodied Anthurianer thereupon kills himself in his despair.

Tiff now faces a dilemma: if he recomposes all the grains time again, it means the end of all the beings in the Time Spear. If he refuses to do so, then ES will die. Therefore, he isolates a small amount of Psi-matter to stabilize the crusts. Then he makes various arrangements that will result in closing his time loop so that he is the one who enters the Time Spear. Then he reopens the passage into the standard universe for himself and appears on MIKRU-JON where his friends are already worried because Tanio Ucuz had returned without locating Tifflor.

For Perry Rhodan, Tiff is now a stranger. His ten million year walk has changed him – and it is not only his blue crystal second skin which reminds Rhodan of a higher being or a messenger of the Powers of Order. Luckily he is not as mysterious as these entities, but speaks openly about what he has experienced.

On May 11, 1463 NGE eighteen time grains appear and combine to form a one thousand eighty-eight kilometer wide spherical object made of pure Psi-matter….

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2594 - Begegnung der Unsterblichen
Meeting of the Immortals
Frank Borsch

The Terrans finally have access to the PARALOX ARSENAL. But how is it to be transported almost thirty thousand light years to Wanderer? With the QUEEN OF SAINT LOUIS. Although the Terrans have a suitable transport, the raging hyperstorms in the area complicate the matter considerably. Worse: The incredible amount of psionic matter of the ARSENAL is what is generating the chaos, which means that the storms will be "dragged along", greatly slowing the transport. Piet Rawland wants to produce a screened space-time sucitontunnel to get around the problem. Another suction tunnel would then transport the Psi-matter into the interior of TALIN ANTHURESTA. The construction of the tunnel will take several hours to complete. While waiting, Perry Rhodan receives an unexpected visit. On the advice of Satwa, Sinnafoch wants contact with the Terrans, in order to form an alliance with them against VATROX-VAMU. Satwa has other plans for herself. She assumes that Rhodan will not get involved in a pact with his nemesis. She therefore wants to defect to the Terrans. In order to offer them something, she wants to kidnap Philip to take him along. The Okrill is unconscious and his inductive cell is defective, but there may be residual memories of VATROX-DAAG still stored in the Okrill’s mind - and that would certainly be of great value to the Terrans.

With the comparatively pitiful remnant of his fleet, Sinnafoch goes to the Corridor of Anthuresta. Perry Rhodan can be talked into a long conversation with him, but not into an alliance. He does, however, offer to protect the Vatrox and his people from their enemies. Sinnafoch, who has since learned of the re-emergence of the PARALOX ARSENAL, refuses this. A fleet of Jaranoc spaceships suddenly emerges. Satwa attempts her escape, but is intercepted by Sinnafoch. To protect the PARALOX ARSENAL from discovery by VATROX-VAMU, Sinnafoch orders the dispersion of his fleet. He explains to his people that the Frequency Monarchy is done. All his subordinates are free. He has programmed random escape courses for their battle lights. In this way the Jaranoc are to be lured away from the Corridor. Rhodan has to give grudging respect to his nemesis for enabling him the secure removal of the ARSENAL.

With his light battle VAT-DREDAR, Sinnafoch flies to the planet Yenter, a world with an extreme environment similar to Oxtorne. He lands in a sloop carrying himself, Satwa and the Okrill who is gradually awakening. The former Frequency Follower allows the Tefroder clone to go free with the sloop. It is programmed to return to the VAT-DREDAR, which now stands under her command, on his orders. The only restrictions are that the weapons of the VAT-DREDAR are locked for twenty-four hours to prevent her from attacking Sinnafoch, and should Satwa try to defect to the Terrans, the crew is under orders to immediately kill her.

Back on the planet, Philip awakens. He is now again the predator that he was before his domestication and the insertion of the inductive cell. Sinnafoch knows that he is nothing more than prey for the Okrill. Philip responds exactly as Sinnafoch wanted it: he kills the Vatrox and can live out the rest of his natural life here...

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2595 - Wanderer am Scheideweg
Wanderer at the Crossroads
Michael Marcus Thurner

Fearing his death, ES is grabbing for any possible straw. The super-intelligence has apparently degenerated into a being that thinks only of self-preservation and does not care about the collateral damage. First, ES destroys a replica of Ambur-Karbush in the center of TALIN ANTHURESTA and absorbs the energy released by this. Pral later observes how ES destroys the fossilized Anthurianers to strengthen himself on the Psi-matter artifacts hidden inside them. Then ES falls upon individual disc worlds of TALIN ANTHURESTA, as well as the psi-material shell of the Miracle of Anthuresta, which can itself only be saved by a miracle now, and taps into APHANUR’S corpse, so that the planet Markanu threatens to be destroyed.

Pral receives a message from Sichu Dorksteiger that confirms something which he himself has already recognized: the net weavers and the Psi-matter of the Anthurianer artifacts must somehow be related. Meanwhile, a fierce battle rages between the Jaranocs and the last forces of the Frequency Monarchy in TZA'HANATH. In the Stardust system Administrator Whistler informs himself about the latest work in the Hall of One Thousand Tasks. Changes in some of the cartouches in the Hall have been registered, but their significance is still unclear.

The transport of the PARALOX-ARSENAL is further delayed, because the space time suction tunnel Piet Rawland generated is not attuned properly to the ARSENAL and breaks down. Thousands of Jaranoc ships attack and VATROX-VAMU also appears on site. The silver spheres provide the necessary distraction, while a second tunnel is created. The direct transfer to TALIN ANTHURESTA is only possible with the help of a special circuit in the sector bud, and the greatest risk. Since Perry Rhodan still considers his presence there indispensable, he sends Betty Toufry and Eritrea Kush, who volunteer for the mission, to the Sol system with two silver bullets through the Polyport network and Talanis. Sol is still threatened by a fire eye.

Before the ARSENAL can be brought to ES inside the Miracle of Anthuresta, VATROX-VAMU appears again...

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2596 - Requiem für das Solsystem
Requiem For The Sol System
Christian Montillon

The fire eye has been activated through the TERRANOVA screen and expands. In the Sol system the rampaging psionic storm gets worse. Neo-Globists, ES- mutants and Schohaakes are desperately trying to mitigate its effects and stop the fire eye, but they are growing steadily weaker. Many Globists die as a result of the effort. The Schohaakes tap energy from ARCHETIM’S body and put themselves in the immediate vicinity of the fire eye. They manage to reduce the object back to its original size, which does nothing to reduce its dangerousness. Pucky travels with the ACHILLES through the fog dome of Talanis to Terra, where he and Reginald Bell catch each other up on the latest events.

The LFT-scientists are looking for ways to render the fire eye harmless. CV-Embinium equipped Salkrit resonators are used against the Psi-matter of the fire eye. An unmanned Corvette brings hundreds of such devices to the fire eye, but ends up exploding. Apparently the Schohaakes have something to do with this. In the end, it is determined that the fire eye lost twenty-six grams of Psi-matter in the explosion, and the previously impenetrable TERRANOVA screen was very briefly perforated. To destroy the whole fire eye, now consisting of seven hundred seventy-four grams of Psi-matter, thousands of new Salkrit resonators and tons of CV-Embinium would be needed – and neither of these are available in the Sol system.

Using the Polyport network, Atlan and Pucky penetrate a Trade star of TZA'HANATH. They want to try to take possession of a controller, with which you can control fire eyes. Seven Old Mutants give up their physicality and merge with them to strengthen and protect the two people. It becomes clear that there is an ongoing battle in progress in TZA'HANATH, because Atlan and Pucky are not coming upon any resistance to them. VATROX-VAMU’S presence hinders their progress significantly - Son Okura finds final death on the Trade star. Four controllers are finally retrieved and brought back to Terra. The six remaining Old Mutants stay behind in TZA'HANATH, as they have something else to do there, which they will not give Pucky and Atlan details on.

When Pucky reaches the Earth on May 11, 1463 NGE, he tries using the controllers, but it does not seem to work. Suddenly a hundred million Neo-Globists disappear. Pucky says that ES has forcefully taken them into himself to stave off his death…

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2597 - Hyperkälte
Christian Montillon

ES continued to eat away at the substance of TALIN ANTHURESTA, ARCHETIM and APHANUR. Then the superintelligence even begins to tap the energy of Sol itself, creating an increasingly large sunspot. This makes the raging hyper-energetic chaos in the Sol system even worse than before. There seems to exist a suction occurring through Markanu , the home world of the Halftrack Changeures, which keeps briefly exchanging places with Wanderer. At the same time seems Gleam transforms into a Discworld through increasing its rotation. Betty Toufry suffers from the hyper-cold of the superIntelligence, with which she is still connected by a mental bond. She believes to realize that there is more behind all this - the agony has to mean something else.

Once they arrive in the Sol system, Betty Toufry and Eritrea Kush watch, as the Para-block of the New-Globists , ES-mutants and Schohaakes collapse so that the ignition command for the fire eye finally gets through. The ball of Psi-matter threatens to explode. ES devours another two hundred million Neo-Globists. The Schohaakes, supported by Betty Toufry, direct Psi-matter from ARCHETIM’S corpse into the existing ball of unstable Psi-matter in the fire eye so that it becomes stabilized. When the fire eye reaches the sun, it is taken in by ARCHETIM’S corpse and then devoured by ES through his tapping beam - along with the Schohaakes, thousands of Spark people, more New-Globists and all the reincarnated mutants except for Betty Toufry and those in TZA'HANATH. The TERRANOVA screen shuts down and the people of the Sol system are again free.

Reginald Bull and Gucky begin the journey with the JULES VERNE-1 and part of the Sol Home Fleet to TALIN ANTHURESTA, where they are certain Perry Rhodan needs their help…

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2598 - Tod einer Superintelligen
Death of a Superintelligence
Marc A. Herren

May 11, 1463 NGE. ES needs to feed on the Psi-matter of the PARALOX-ARSENAL, but VATROX-VAMU and tens of thousands of Jaranoc combat vessels have appeared. The entity still remains passive - apparently he is afraid of failing a second time in the attempt to collect the Arsenal. Meanwhile, the planet Markanu suddenly materializes in Wanderer’s former location within TALIN ANTHURESTA. The disc world of the super-intelligence appears in the hole that ES had eaten through the Dyson shell. At the same time remaining ES mutants in TZA'HANATH force the TALIN ANTHURESTA to fall back into normal space using brute force. But in the process the mutants pay for this success with their lives. Wanderer moves slowly towards the Arsenal, but VATROX-VAMU pushes in between them.

The entity takes on physical form and appears in the shape of an avatar of Frequency Follower Sinnafoch, in order to make Perry Rhodan an offer. Rhodan would help VATROX VAMU to collect the Psi-matter. In return, the entity that has now mentally subjugated the crews of all the Terran ships would pull out of the local group and never bother it again. Rhodan is set down in a fictitious world in which he is located on a bridge between Sinnafoch and Lotho Keraete, where he must decide. He declines the offer of the entity. VATROX-VAMU wants to strike Rhodan down, but he suddenly disappears, because Betty Toufry and Eritrea Kush have brought three Krathvira soul prisons that could be used against the entity. VATROX-VAMU now apparently wants to refresh himself with the Arsenal without Rhodan’s help and approaches it, while Wanderer will probably not get there in time, although it succeeds in performing a transition. The Terran finally gets help from Andromeda : The JULES VERNE and thousands of units of the Galactic fleet arrive.

Betty Toufry calls Perry Rhodan to herself, but when he arrives with MIKRU-JON in their silver ball, she realizes that his lack of a Knight’s aura makes him useless for her mission. The mutant sends Rhodan away and directs her silver sphere directly into the PARALOX-ARSENAL, so that a kind of crack is created – but Betty finds her final death in the process. VATROX-VAMU then takes the form of a battle light and attacks Wanderer. The disc world is devastated and dissolves after a kind of death-cry of the super-intelligence is sounded...

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2599 - Der letzte Tag
The Last Day
Marc A. Herren

May 11, 1463 NGE, at exactly 6:57PM: The superintelligence ES launches his death cry. Afterwards, the "last day" dawns. Shortly before this, the Haluter Icho Tolot and the Jaranoc Kardo Tarba negotiated terms of surrender, so that it came to no combat. After the supposed death of ES, it is only a matter of time before VATROX-VAMU will absorb the PARALOX ARSENAL into himself - with unknown consequences. The use of chain fields against the avatar of VATROX-VAMU, however, ensures that the entity is temporarily not able to consume the PARALOX ARSENAL, which is slowly but surely dividing into two spheres.

The superintelligence ES has not passed as thought, but taken refuge in the Concept Fellmer Lloyd / Ras Tschubai, which slowly takes on the familiar figure of the old man of Wanderer. He takes along Perry Rhodan to the planet Gleam, where the avatars of ES and VATROX-VAMU (in the form of Frequency Follower Sinnafoch) fight a duel, where VATROX-VAMU ends up consumed by ES.

They return to the MIKRU-JON, which heads to Wanderer. The Old Man of Wanderer dissolves into a golden light, which goes down to the disc world as a kind of spark shower. The Hyper-cold ends, as does the winter there. The ice and snow melt and Spring breaks out on Wanderer. Perry Rhodan is invited together with Mondra Diamond to the disc world, in order to get answers there. There they meet the New Globists previously incorporated by ES, who are given the choice to return to their former physical life or to remain in the collective consciousness of ES. The greatest part of them choose to remain.

The super-intelligence has, with the help of Atlan as a catalyst, consumed the Psi-matter in the PARALOX ARSENAL and now carries out his secret plan to split into two twin superintelligences: ES and TALIN. Due to the recent events and the division of its thickness concentration, ES had been so weakened that it was threatened with death. Only a further development into a Matter Source would have been a solution, but that would have meant incorporating all living beings in its thickness concentration. By dividing, however, such a development now recedes into the distant future and the thickness concentration is divided instead: ES will continue to hold the local group, while TALIN takes over the distant sites. The disc world Peregrinus, created from the planet Gleam, will henceforth serve as an anchor for TALIN, while ES will continue to rely on Wanderer.

Fellmer Lloyd and Ras Tschubai have merged permanently with ES again, many other mutants such as Betty Toufry are now completely dead and gone. The Trade star JERGALL of Anthuresta is carried into the Milky Way as a gift. Furthermore, with the help of ES and TALIN the new entity VAMU is created from the Vamus of the Vatrox, VATROX-CUUR, VATROX-VAMU, VATROX-DAAG and CHILD, as a separate entity. Shortly afterward VAMU is robbed of all its memories by the two net weavers Radyl and Felna by means of a short transition and then disappears into the vastness of space, joined by many of the Jaranoc Truncated cone ships. A new home will be found for all the remaining Jaranocs.

The future care of Polyport network, is entrusted to the Shadow Maahks, so the network will again be available to all the races. Perry Rhodan plays with the idea of exploring the network and the Polyport galaxies, rather than continuing as Terran Resident.

So ends the Stardust cycle….

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