2400 - Zielziet
Target Time
Robert Feldhoff

In the spring of 1346 Dickland stands as one of the few parts of the Milky Way not under the control of the Terminal Column TRAITOR, which is using its vast power in the service of the Chaoslords to secure the resources of the Milky Way to ensure the creation of the Negasphere in the galaxy Hangay.

Present Day, 8 April 1346 NGZ

Perry Rhodan is at work in the Solar Residence. He has kept his plan of action secret from even his closest aides. Earth is being kept safe by the Terranova shield, but for how long? One mistake and it will be all over for Earth and the Terrans. Rhodan arranges a four way holo-confrence with Bully, Mondra, Homer. Bull is first to realize that this is connected with Operation Tempus.

Later, Rhodan is at the shipyard at the edge of Terrania, where he is looking at one of the new ultra-battleships of the Terran Fleet, the 2.5 km diameter Jupiter Class. He is joined by Mondra Diamond, Homer G. Adams and Reginald Bull. A Ganymede tender from the Charon Cloud has reached Earth, carrying with it an Agorrian Context Transducer and a team to operate it. A time machine!

260,000 Traitanks, the powerful battleships of their enemy, wait outside the Solar System, kept out from Earth only because the Terranova Fleet and the Nucleus of the Monochrome Mutants never relaxed their guard. 200 million terrans are working at their battle stations, ready to engage the enemy if ever the shield should collapse.

The RICHARD BURTON, under the command of Atlan is on the way to Hangay, ready to carry out a strike against the forces there.

Rhodan explains to his three friends why he's been so secretive, and that the defensive measures around Eath have at best five years. After that, Earth and humanity will cease to exist. Although the device can work as a time machine, Rhodan points out that undoing something like the invasion of the Milky Way is beyond its capabilities. Next, Rhodan takes them to a secret area on the moon. Inside Rhodan shows them the Jules Verne, the ship that is to carry the time machine, a smaller copy of the SOL. There is a limit to how much mass can be moved through time, which is why the ship isnt one of the ultra battleships - but as they will be going back before the Hyper Impedance shock of 1331, they will be able to use a lot of technology that had stopped working due to it.

Next they are introduced to Col. Lanz Ahakin, commander of the Jules Verne. Rhodan apologizes to Bull over the secrecy but points out that acting behind the TERMINAL COLUMN is a super intelligence that could pic kup the smallest of hints and work out what the Terrans are up to. He also breaks the news to Bull and Adams that they will be staying behind, and that the target time will not be told to them to avoid any chance of the information leaking.

After packing a suitcase at home, Mondra goes to visit a doctor. Although she doesn't carry a cell activator it would appear that her body no longer ages. Has she become immortal? The doctor believes she has been exposed to a cell shower, the technology that It used to use before It scattered cell activators across the galaxy. Given her involvement with It, the doctor suspects that the super intelligence is behind this situation.

Rhodan returns to his quarters and finds Lotho Keraete, the messenger of It, waiting for him. Thirty years have passed since It had left the Milky Way to an unknown destination. Keraete carries a seductive offer from It: to offer humanity a chance to flee, to become a part of space where the Terminal Column has no influence. Rhodan declines, even though the robot expresses grave doubts about the success of his mission. He also brings a gift, a silver ball that can be used to send a message to It if Rhodan should change his mind.

April 12. The ship is ready and Rhodan and Diamond are joined by Gucky, Icho Tolot and Alaska Saedelaere. The various parts of the ship are joined together. Rhodan conducts a briefing, 20 million years ago the superintelligence Archetim carried out a succesful retrovision when an attempt was made to turn the galaxy Tare Scharm into a negasphere. Their mission is to go back, understand what Archetim did and bring that knowledge back to the present so it can be applied to Hangay. They must not get involved or let the knowledge that Archetim perished in the retrovision as that could change history. Any action at all could cause history to split and they would never be able to return to their own time but would be trapped in a parallel world.

20.059.813 BC

General Kamuko is interrupted with an urgent message. 300 Traitanks are attacking the shipyards in the Caso Triteus system, almost next door to Oaghonyr, Archetim's base world. But she refuses to act as it would betray their location - she knows that billions will die as a result but she is firm. Her forces are 680,000 space ships and 5 giant Treck tenders. They are almost ready to set out for the final showdown in the battle fields of Tare Scharm but the signal for departure could not be given until Archetim gave the instruction. The attack on Caso Triteus she knew was a diversion, designed to stop their departure, something her staff could not understand.

The forces of order believe that Archetim has been fighting in Tare Scharm but in fact, it returned in secret to its home world twenty years before. Kamuko attempts to contact the Super Interlligence but gets no response. She then sets off to its HQ, she is able to contact Archetim but is not able to communicate with it. The super-intelligence seems worn out and broken and the general realizes it is all down to her.

1346 NGZ

The Jules Verne makes the dramatic jump into the past. The jump puts a tremendous stress on all crew and there are some injuries. Slowly the crew are treated and come around. Finally the news comes through - they are back to 20.059.813 BC, 4 years before Archetim's death. As a side effect of the jump, the ship is giving off a strong, blue radiation which they are unable to stop or explain.

Unable to fly, the ship is a sitting target. After two hours a fleet of 250 ship appears and demands that they surrender or be destroyed. These ships belong to System. While talking to their leader more ships arrive, this time Traitanks and a battle breaks out. The Jules Verne manages to get some propulsion going and limps away from the battle. However it is unable to escape into linear flight. The System forces drive off the Traitanks and Rhodan is told to expect a boarding party.

Gucky is able to confirm that they are opposed to the forces of Chaos and their leader, Rimmfal, recognizes Rhodan's Knight Aura. General Kamuko shows a similar aura. While Rimmfal is thinking how he can make his career from this contact, Rhodan decides to tell almost the entire reason for their visit. Not entirely convinced Rimmfal promises to send a tender to take the damaged ship in hand. A few hours later it arrives. Rhodan learns that their time machine may be broken beyond repair.

Twenty hours later they arrive at Oaghonyr. While they wait to see if the General will meet with the Terrans, they spend their time monitoring the planet and the communications from the great fleet gathered there to see what they can learn. They don't have long to wait. The General comes to visit. In a short meeting, she grants the Jules Verne permission to land on the planet and arranges another meeting. During a meeting with Rhodan and his friends, some thieves manage to break into the General's most secret vault which holds a weapon from Archetim. The thieves appear to have a teleporter amongst them and the General immediately links the theft to Gucky, whom Rhodan has admitted to being a teleporter. The Dick Verne is locked down at the space port and Rhodan and friends are arrested.

Gucky manages to teleport Mondra and Perry away from the General and her guard. At the same time Icho Tolot and the Jules Verne break free. Gucky is able to teleport them to the command centre but escaping from the planet may be more of a problem. Instead Rhodan sends the Verne to Archetim's stronghold. By flying into the protection field around the stronghold they are teleported out into space.

While the escape is happening, the General is informed that the stolen weapon has returned. The Jules Verne escapes but is badly damaged and the General is left puzzled. Rhodan retrieves the message device from It and reluctantly sends the message to It, hoping that it will not be used. The thieves plan to track down Rhodan.

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2401 - Vorstoß in die LAOMARK
Thrust into LAOMARK
Michael Marcus Thurner

JULES VERNE enters a strange space - and three activator bearers go on an investigation

The JULES VERNE hides in the tracking shadow of the sun Gagot Blue, after it has successfully fled from the planet Oaghonyr. With his hide-and-seek tactics before the searching Schohaake units, the Emotionaut Jason Colton interferes actively with the decisions of the spaceship commander Lanz Ahakin and expedition leader Perry Rhodan who gives him a stern talking to afterwards. In Colton's attitude, Perry Rhodan in fact feels reminded of his own behavior as a Major three thousand years ago.

Gucky draws the attention of Perry Rhodan to the fact that he still registers short scraps of thought in the ship, which he associates with Terran panthers. However, the ship's Syntron, NEMO can recognize no strange activities. Therefore, due to their parapolarisors, the presence of the Laosoors onboard remains unnoticed. Commander Pothawk uses another of these "miracle spheres" to call the LAOMARK. Shortly after a fleet of thirty spaceships of roughly one thousand five hundred meter size in each case appear, which remotely have the the shape of predators and are called Mounters by their owners. The JULES VERNE is immediately encircled. Perry Rhodan receives the order from the Laosoor-Commander Hohogom (a panther-like being) to hand over the JULES VERNE. A small escape corridor allows Perry Rhodan to order the alarm start of the barbell ship, only to find out then that the Laosoor had left open the corridor as a trap. Commander Hohogom boards the JULES VERNE. Perry Rhodan orders his people to perform no defensive actions. The contact between the two commanders takes place deferentially and Perry Rhodan recognizes that the Commander of the Laosoor is a creature of strict honor. The LAOMARK materializes in the orbit of the sun Gagot Blue and takes aboard the JULES VERNE. The LAOMARK is a two thousand kilometer moon equipped for hyperlight flight. While the JULES VERNE is infiltrated into the LAOMARK, Commander Pothawk takes over command of the Laosoor aboard the JULES VERNE.

Perry Rhodan withdraws to supposedly rest in a lounge, but uses this time only as a pretext. With Gucky and Icho Tolot he teleports unnoticed from the JULES VERNE into the LAOMARK. It turns out that the LAOMARK is a hollow sphere which owns an almost thirty kilometer wide outer layer. On the inside part of this hollow sphere the three hundred five million Laosoors live in a heavenly world which is shone on by eleven artificial suns.

As Commander Pothawk notices the escape of the Terran and his two companions, he gives the full alarm for the LAOMARK. Because almost all the Laosoor are short distances teleporters, the order of a teleport-ban which will be tracked by teleport-sensors goes out. Gucky discovers that in spite of his initial disbelief these teleport sensors do exist and the Laosoors get closer to them faster with every teleport jump which the Ilt makes. Even when the escape is continued on Icho Tolot's back, the Laosoors track down the three fleeing individuals very quickly again on account of their excellent hunting instincts.

Meanwhile Commander Pothawk is ordered to report to the Core-Castle where he encounters, along with the two Laosoor kings, Hawamoja and Arapanoag, the mysterious and sinister client who had given him and his brothers the three part order. This mysterious stranger uses a three meter black floating bearing robot, which reminds of the shape of a crouching humanoid. The ellipsoid head of the bearer robot has a clear window disk behind which one can vaguely recognize a small figure which seems to stare at the viewer with gigantic eyes. The mysterious client demands back from Pothawk the remaining parapolarisors, but Pothawk insists that he has used them all, which satisfies the mysterious client. However, Pothawk has actually hidden the last six parapolarisors. The mysterious client recognizes the achievement of the theft of the coordinates of the LAW-Giver and surprises all with the confession that he had not counted on the acquisition of the Glowlight armament at all. But he reacts with annoyance when he finds out that the Laosoors did not kidnap the Prinzipa Kamuko, but took off with the "other" aura bearer, Perry Rhodan. To force the Terran to surrender and carry out an important task, the mysterious client uses simple extortion, as he orders the JULES VERNE towed outside the LAOMARK and threatens to destroy it with the LAOMARK'S guns. Perry Rhodan is left with no choice but to bend to this extortion. When brought to the Core-Castle, the mysterious client is surprised by Perry Rhodan's aura and confirms that Perry Rhodan is very well suited for his purpose. He wants Perry Rhodan to go with the Laosoors on the CHEOS-TAI mission. If he fulfils this task, he can then go on his way free with his spaceship again. As the guns of the LAOMARK threaten the JULES VERNE, Perry Rhodan has no other choice but to agree to these demands.

Commander Pothawk starts to hate the mysterious client, because extortion counts as a mortal sin for the Laosoor and cannot understand why the two kings accept this extortion. This stranger has turned all the values that the Laosoors stand for, into mud.

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2402 - Der GESETZ-Geber
The LAW-Giver
Christian Montillon

Perry Rhodan on a special mission - the Terran should become a thief

Perry Rhodan has been aboard the LAOMARK and held prisoner for nearly a week now. Commander Pothawk explains to him that they will set off shortly to carry out their “Mission CHEOS-TAI “. Perry Rhodan receives no farther explanations at first as to in what capacity he should become a part of the enterprise. However, Pothawk is ready to cooperate with him, in so far as he permits Perry Rhodan to take up contact with the JULES VERNE, in order to inquire about the condition of the crew.

The Laosoors leave the LAOMARK with seventy-two Mounters. Beside Pothawk’s brothers Limbox and Vizquegatomi, who will act during the trip as Perry Rhodan’s "bodyguard", a female Laosoor called Imosazi also accompanies the mission aboard the ATHMU. Perry Rhodan figures out that a close emotional connection must exist between Pothawk and Imosazi.

From the memories of Pothawk’s youth, we discover that Imosazi was really his first love a long time ago. Pothawk’s emotional connection to his family is also more closely illuminated - not only to his two brothers, but also especially his younger sister, Pouxai who suffers from Molark's syndrome and thereby permanently remained mentally a child. Pothawk proved his future abilities rather early, when he stole the final exam questions for the admission into the Master School of Thieves, with his younger brother Limbox, without whose knowledge his older brother, Vizquegatomi would probably have not passed the entrance examination. Soon after this, their sister Pouxai, upset over the fact that Vizquegatomi will soon leave and thereby upset her whole world, decides to commit suicide. She goes into an underground labyrinth and her brothers are not able to save her from dying from hypothermia, after falling into a deep pool. During this attempted rescue attempt, Pothawk finally overcomes his old fears and begins to mature into the man he will become.

By Hyper-Translocation, the seventy-two Mounters proceed to the edge of the Thanuk Nebula, although their real target is the Quokan system inside the nebula, as Pothawk betrays. The Laosoors observe from a distance how a Schohaake world called Malawa-Kelechi is attacked by strange spaceships. From the inside of the nebula two thousand five hundred cylinder ships of the SYSTEM, troops of the Superintelligence ARCHETIM, rush to help the Schohaake world. Perry Rhodan supposes that Pothawk knew from his client that the Schohaake world would be attacked as a diversion to allow the Laosoors a relatively unnoticed penetration into the Thanuk Nebula. Hence, Perry Rhodan supposes that the attacking units must be from the Pressor Guard, and therefore it is for the Chaos troops of TRAITOR that the Laosoors work, directly by order of the Chaos powers. Rhodan understands that this bothers Pothawk, although he still believes in the need to obey the orders of his kings.

In the Quokan system the Mounters discover an eighteen thousand kilometer wide anomaly, which had been protected up to now by the troops of the SYSTEM. The seventy-two Mounters channel out a total of two hundred sixteen Mount-jets, which drift without impulse drives towards the anomaly, while the Mounters distract the remaining SYSTEM units. Perry Rhodan is with the three brothers Pothawk, Vizquegatomi and Limbox and the female Laosoor Imosazi aboard one of these Mount-jets, which penetrate into the zone of the anomaly. Trackers reveal that inside the space time anomaly is a spherical, golden-colored object of precisely one thousand one hundred twenty-six kilometers of diameter. Perry Rhodan realizes with amazement that the LAW-Giver CHEOS-TAI is probably identical to a Spore ship of the cosmic powers of Order. The anomaly around the CHEOS-TAI originates from a 5D anchor, which holds the LAW-Giver to this place.

To protect themselves from the pursuers of the SYSTEM, the Laosoor had laid a mine field with elevation warheads. Through close-distance teleportation they bring so-called Supra-emitters aboard the LAW-Giver, which should make the crew of the ship incapable of action for the time being after their ignition. On the golden-colored surface of the LAW-Giver, Perry Rhodan discovers the so-called dimensional-shimmer. Despite the loss of some Laosoors to this phenomenon, the approach to the LAW-Giver clearly succeeds relatively simply. Pothawk explains to an aghast Perry Rhodan that it is not intended to steal something from the CHEOS-TAI, but that the LAW-Giver should be stolen as a whole. And this is where Perry Rhodan at last comes into play. His Knight's aura should allow the Laosoors to gain „official“ access to the LAW-Giver and thereby set off the automatic defense systems inside of the LAW-Giver against them.

The CHEOS-TAI scans Perry Rhodan, identifies him as an envoy of the Cosmocrats and grants access to the inside of the Cosmocrat's ship to him and the Laosoor.

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2403 - Mission CHEOS-TAI
Christian Montillon

The past:

Pothawk continues to suffer from strokes of fate. The day before he goes four years after his older brother to the Academy of Thieves, his mother goes to commit suicide, but dies from unknown causes first. Then, arriving at the academy, he discovers that his first love Imosazi is in a relationship with his brother Vizquegatomi. Nevertheless the woman is still attracted to him and she eventually seduces him into having sex. Vizquegatomi walks in on them and breaks off all contact with the two of them. A few years later, Limbox also comes to the academy. One by one they graduate from the academy. When Imosazi graduates, second highest in her class, she breaks off her relationship with Pothawk, which hits him hard. Nevertheless he submerses himself in his studies and eventually graduates as best in class for his year. Years later, the paths of the three brothers cross during a thief’s mission, and when Pothawk saves the life of his brother Viz, the two reconcile.

Relative date - the beginning of May 20,059,813 BC:

Perry Rhodan and the group of Laosoors consisting of Pothawk, Imosazi, Viz, Limbox, and other Laosoors advances into the CHEOS-TAI, given authorization by Rhodan’s Knight’s aura. When they must take a break due to Strangeness effects, they come upon corpses of an unknown species, as well as a small group of still living people of this species, who are however in the process of dying. Pothawk realizes that the Supra-emitters he ordered set off caused this genocide. Their client had deceived them, which naturally does not escape Rhodan, who thereupon appeals to Pothawk’s conscience. The Laosoor is quite aware of this ploy, but continues to put the order of the two kings ahead of however he might feel.

Using to the layout plan of the CHEOS-TAI, which the client had provided, they advance after this incident, until they are entangled in combat by an army of robots. Imosazi, who had briefly before this admitted her love to Pothawk, sacrifices herself for the Commander of thieves. Only seconds the battle robots stop firing and withdraw. Yomhazanevan, the last survivor of the technicians from the race of the Tefta Raga, appears in a survival tank and says he just recognized an aura bearer in Rhodan and apologizes for the attack. The technician is dying, but nevertheless still manages to give Rhodsan some information before his death. The CHEOS-TAI is not yet quite prepared for operation, but its machinery is completely installed. According to Yomhazanevan the regular crew, which are Thermodyn engineers, are only scheduled to come aboard at Tare Scharm. To the question about the intended purpose of the ship, the technician answers:

"CHEOS-TAI opens the gate to Tare Scharm".

A short time later , the troop reaches the Main Control Room, and Rhodan is rescanned before being recognized as the ship’s new Commander. The Resident instructs the release of the hyper-energetic anchor, as is expected of him. He does this because he sees no other choice being left to him. However he decides to play for time by ordering the ship to do a complete systems check before it allows itself to be launched. What the Terran does not know: The Laosoors do not intend to move the giant conventionally. They use transmitter beacons laid all over the hull to transmit the CHEOS-TAI into the cavity of the LAOMARK....

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2404 - Versteck am Black Hole
Hideout in the Black Hole

On Oaghonyr Kamuko is still in search of the Glowlight armor. A visit to ARCHETIM’S Crèche brings nothing once again, as the superintelligence stays silent. Finally, she finds the breastplate, but first receives the next piece of bad news. It is namely that the LAW-Giver has disappeared. For ARCHETIM’S highest aide, it is another blow. On account of the fact that the coordinates of the location of CHEOS-TAI were highly secret and, moreover, that the Pressor Guard Malawa-Kelechi has attacked, the suspicion that Perry Rhodan stands behind the thefts dwindles slowly. It is obvious that it was a Chaos unit, which has spied on Oaghonyr.

Because the Guard continues to attack worlds, the Prinzipa goes on the hunt and discovers the secret base of the Pressor Guard, close to the black hole Zistaka. Even as she calls in a bigger fleet, ARCHETIM awakes and mentally gives the instruction to her to activate the LAW-Giver and set the Trail of the LAW in march. When Kamuko wants to report on the problems being encountered, she is not heard.

The Prinzipa succeeds in destroying the fleet of Traitanks and also the base which was, however, still being constructed. Moreover, she learns from a Guschkar which she captures that a bigger contingent from TRAITOR is on the way to Phariske-Erigon, that the Pressor Guard consists of a few dozen to several thousand ships and in each case carries a proper name. The proper name of the Pressor Guard in Phariske-Erigon is “Chada Saryeh”. Moreover, the Prinzipa finds out that the Guard is led by Ekatus Atimoss. Then the Guschkar dies by the Claw of the Laboraten.

The General leaves a sizable fleet by the black hole and returns to Oaghonyr. There she goes back to the Crèche, and this time she makes contact with her superintelligence. She learns the purpose of the Glowlight armor and that ARCHETIM has recovered the greaves. However, the whereabouts of the vector helmet is still unknown to ARCHETIM. But the superintelligence explains that the schedule still stands and that the Trail will leave if necessary without the helmet, but that she must get back the LAW-Giver. Kamuko finally accepts that Perry Rhodan can longer be suspected in the theft of the armor and nothing should not stand in the way of co-operation with him, if she can only find him…

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2405 - Pakt Gegen das Chaos
Pact Against The Chaos
Horst Hoffmann

On the JULES VERNE all Mondra Diamond can do is wait for Perry Rhodan to return. Certainly, the crew pulls in as much information as they can find on the LAOMARK and the Laosoors, but all direct communication attempts fail as they are being attempted. The Laosoors face the JULES VERNE with absolute indifference. Meanwhile Gucky is taken over by the energy being Aphaitas which begins to suck out the life energy from the mousebeaver. It does no intend to do this, but something instinctively forces him to do it. Aphaitas is actually on the hunt for the Psionic energy of the multimutant, but Gucky manages to effectively barricade this from the energy being. As a result of the drain and merging with Aphaitas, Gucky begins to literally fade out of existence

Meanwhile Pothawk is called to report to the kings, and on the way he discovers ellipsoid spaceships that move around in the LAOMARK. As he had expected, the client also appears and takes complete control of the talk. Pothawk explains that he had to kill Rhodan, disintegrating him to avoid him doing any damage. The client accepts this news and withdraws. When he is gone, Pothawk appeals to his kings to uphold the honor of the thieves, but they are completely apathetic as if nothing has been going on. Pothawk is close to losing his temper, but he reins himself in, although he has secretly expected nothing else. He therefore leaves the Core Castle to meet his coconspirators. Naturally Rhodan is not dead, he has conspired with the three Laosoor brothers and created the "pact against the chaos”. They have taken up accommodations near the Core Castle. From there they spy out the position at first. It is quickly clear that the Laosoors have no chance to break into the castle alone. Therefore, Rhodan suggests getting Mondra Diamond and Gucky from the JULES VERNE, so that the former circus artist and TLS agent can smooth the way for the whole group. Pothawk agrees and they begin. Rhodan’s fears are confirmed: Morgoth'Daers are inside the castle. Limbox succeeds in tapping the computer network there, and finds out that the ellipsoid ships have been sighted within the LAOMARK for centuries, but the entries were thoroughly deleted from the systems. They all realize that the only ones that could have ordered this done were the kings.

Aphaitas finally manages to disentangle from Gucky, latches onto the CHEOS-TAI, sucks itself full there instead and makes its towards the ritual of D'habranda somewhere else in space and time.

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2406 - Die Kristall-Annalen
The Crystal Annals
Wim Vandemaan

Mondra Diamond and Perry Rhodan have only approximately nine hours time to finish their mission in the Core Castle. Afterwards the teleport alarm units will automatically reactivate - the two would then not be able to flee with the help of a teleporter, and Rhodans cover as a "dead man" would be blown. The two determine that numerous Chaos servants are floating about in the LAOMARK, including some Column Motivators. That is the explanation for the spinelessness of the Laosoor kings. A gigantic complex actually spreads out under the Core Castle, which was already set up there many centuries ago by the Pressor Guard. The LAOMARK is the actual operational base of Ekatus Atimoss, the leader of the Pressor Guard Chada Saryeh. Ekatus Atimoss is an only approximately eighty centimeter tall reptilian Dual, one half of which (Ekatus Ajastoreus) originally came from a Negasphaere and is only inspired by the desire to return to such an environment and therefore only too gladly accepts TRAITOR’S order to fight for the establishment of a new Negasphaere in Tare Scharm (and later in Phariske Erigon). The other half (Atimoss Fry) was once a servant of the Cosmocrats, however not voluntarily, but according to his own words "officially coerced", and so had eventually changed sides. The Dual can manufacture Parapolarisators and in an extreme emergency situation can provoke a psi-storm, which can pulverize whole planets. In addition Ekatus Atimoss possesses the Para-gift of the "Zerotrance", with which he can observe other beings mentally.

The Dual being suffers from constant pain, because the two body halves perpetually reject each other. Staying in the bearer robot provides a certain easement, but a genuine release from the continuous agony the dual nature feels only, if it makes its "diary". To do this he uses the plot of Avalthani, a small disk shaped object, which is everything that remains of the entity AVALTHANI (probably a positive superintelligence). Ekatus Atimoss had led a TRAITOR campaign a long time ago against the armed forces of this entity and ended up destroying both their fleets with his Para-gift in view of a forthcoming total defeat. A Terminal Herald had thereafter presented the plot of Avalthani to him. The dual being can store his memories in it, freeing himself from the mental pressure they produce in him.

The two humans discover the accommodations of the dual being. It is a kind of curiosity cabinet, because Ekatus Atimoss has saved a "memento" from every one of his numerous campaigns. The remains of the former superintelligence seem to have survived in the plot of Avalthani, because the disk reacts to Rhodan’s knight aura and feels it almost as a relief to deliver itself to him – It had to do this, because it would have been not at all possible for the Terran to touch the object because of the extreme safety precautions the Dual had taken to secure it. Now the two humans can withdraw along with their co-conspirators. In a new hideout, the plot agrees to deliver its "contents" to all para-gifted associates of the aura bearer. Pothawk and his brothers can thus access the memories of Ekatus Atimoss. Doing so, they recognize the truth: The entire history of their people is a TRAITOR developed deception.

In fact, Ekatus Atimoss supplied eleven of the twelve moon spheres of the Laosoor to be utilized as resources for cabinets of the Chaotender INFATHER. He only retained the LAOMARK for himself, in order to develop it into an operational base - the Laosoor had often been used since then by then without its knowledge for the purposes of the Chaotarchs, so naturally they were also used with the CHEOS-TAI mission, which Ekatus Atimoss had been able to come up with, because he had succeeded some time earlier in catching and drawing all the information from the Schohaake Folsson Brack, a familiar of Gerneral Kamuko’s, with the help of the Column Motivators. Meanwhile, Ekatus Atimoss is to deliver the CHEOS-TAI to the Chaos powers for dissection and then destroy the LAOMARK and its people, in order to erase all traces of the theft of the CHEOS-TAI.

Rhodan can be pleased: If this information is brought to the attention of the people of the Laosoor, a rebellion might be instigated against TRAITOR. In addition he is able to for first time view the plans of a high-ranking Chaos servant through the plot of Avalthani. And it is a good assumption that without being able to purge his memories into the “diary” of the plot, Ekatus Atimoss will begin to lose his mind.

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2407 - Aufbruch nach Tare-Scharm
Departure To Tare-Scharm
Hubert Haensel

With the assistance of the Plot of Avalthani, the Laosoor Pothawk and his Terran allies under the leadership of Perry Rhodan, succeed in drawing in the leaders of the space fleet, military and High tech thieves of the Laosoors onto their side. The fact that the LAOMARK is being used as tool of the Chaos powers and is to be destroyed after the completion of its current task makes the necessity for swift action clear to all.

Thus the deployment of the rebels takes place in the form of a routine military exercise. Then two hundred thousand Laosoors, two hundred fighters from the JULES VERNE and three thousand TARA combat robot take part in storming the Core Castle. The castle is overrun, but Arapanoag, one of the two Laosoor kings, resists with his guard under the influence of Column Motivators and falls in battle.

Still bitterer is the fight against the units of the Pressor Guard in the secret base under the Core Castle. There the override control center of the LAOMARK must be conquered, which also succeeds with the assistance of Icho Tolot. The SHF-Transmitter block, which keeps the LAW-Giver CHEOS-TAI in place by sending it a false signal every 2.8 hours to convince it that it is a base of the powers of Order and keeps in touch with three thousand Traitanks trailing the LAOMARK, is to be likewise secured, but ends up being destroyed by troops of the Pressor Guard. The capture of the Dual Ekatus Atimoss fails when he provokes a psi-storm and flees with a Dark Capsule from the LAOMARK. The JULES VERNE opens fire on the fleeing unit, but – possibly damaged – it still succeeds in entering hyperspace.

The LAOMARK is then divided in have, using ancient machinery that was rediscovered, in order to release the CHEOS-TAI. Without the timed code signal the CHEOS-TAI awakes, emits a strong hypersignal, which paralyzes all organisms in the range of several light minutes for approximately forty hours, and flies off to Oaghonyr.

ARCHETIM announces the imminent arrival of the CHEOS-TAI to its Prinzipa Kamuko and instructs the immediate departure of the Trail of the LAW to Tare Scharm, with its first stop on the way being Camp INTAZO.

When the Terrans and Laosoors awake from the paralysis, no units of the Pressor Guard are yet to be sighted. The surviving king Hawamoja declares that Pothawk is to be the successor of the deceased Arapanoag. Perry Rhodan goes to Oaghonyr with the uncoupled JULES VERNE-1. He is told that the JULES VERNE was cleared of the charges of stealing the Glowlight Armor, but that they know he released the 5D anchor from the CHEOS-TAI, so he is not welcome with the Trail. The Trail of the LAW has already left, without leaving any information on its exact course or its destination coordinates, so Rhodan then turns back to the LAOMARK. There in the former accommodations of the Dual, a hologram of the Negasphaere was found, and on the basis of this, the galaxy Tare-Scharm is determined as NGC-3423, approximately forty-five million light years away.

Thus the recombined JULES VERNE begins its flight there, which will take one hundred fifty days. The now also recombined LAOMARK decides to also fly to Tare-Scharm. Their flight will last more than one year, but the Laosoors would like to now join the fight against the Negasphaere.

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2408 - Krieg der Prozessoren
War of the Processors
Christian Montillon

The RICHARD BURTON is on its way with the Hangay squadron on the three hundred thousand light year long flight to Cala Impex, the base of the Peace Drivers in the empty space before the galaxy Hangay. All the crewmembers understand the fact that no military victory over the Terminal Column is possible with this squadron. The Galactics are only on a reconnaissance mission.

Aboard the RICHARD BURTON is the Parapositronic ESCHER, which is required, according to its own statement, if the squadron wants to penetrate into the originating Negasphere. Because Atlan believes this assertion, he rejects the petition signed by half the crew to shut down the Parapositronic. The Arkonide is somewhat horrified to find out in this manner that there are large parts of the crew that are scared of ESCHER. Together with the Nexialist Dr. Indica, who makes a large impression on Atlan with her dry sense of humor, her intelligence and her pleasant appearance, the Arkonide speaks with Dr. Savoire, the "First Positronicer" of ESCHER, about this problem. However, a solution is not reached with this conversation.

A danger really does threaten from ESCHER, which nobody anticipates anything yet – not even the Parapositronic itself. Among the Processors of the Parapositronic there is a renegade, Rutmer Vitkineff. He was a latent Suggestor and has managed to create, unnoticed by the other Processors, his own Avatar. His goal consists of taking control of the spaceship and ESCHER, to become immortal in this manner and bringing himself to safety from TRAITOR in another galaxy. Only twenty of the consciousnesses networked, including Rodin Kowa, have any suspicion that something is going on and are investigating.

Vitkineff tests his ability to take over crewmembers. He succeeds with the ninety-six percent of the crew that is not mental–stabilized. His activities do not remain completely unnoticed, but nevertheless, the symptoms remain vague: The naval doctors register headaches, inexplicable work mistakes and health problems with numerous crewmembers. On May 15, 1346 NGE he makes his real attack – except for the mental-stabilized people, to whom Dr. Indica also belongs, all crewmembers of the RICHARD BURTON obey his suggestive given orders from this moment on, and at the same time Vitkineff expands his influence within ESCHER.

As those of Vitkineff’s people make an attempt at taking the life of Dr. Savoire, who is the only one able to deactivate ESCHER, Atlan intervenes. He saves the man and provides for the fact that as many other mental-stabilized people are teleported by Startac Schroeder to safety as possible.

The twenty Processors who had become suspicious find Vitkineff’s hiding place and transmit this information to Atlan. Startac Schroeder teleports Atlan and Trim Marath there, and in the fire of her hand emitters Vitkineff’s Avatar body is destroyed. Vitkineff’s shattered consciousness returns into the Hyperdim matrix, where it can perform no opposition in its weakened state when the other Processors isolate and "fragment" it, so that it goes out. ESCHER apologizes to Atlan for the trouble and the flight to Hangay continues.

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2409 - Grenzwall Hangay
Hangay Barrier
Leo Lukas

The Hangay squadron reaches Cala Impex, the base of the Peace Drivers just outside the galaxy Hangay. There the crews celebrate their arrival before the next phase of their flight.

Kantiran and Cosmuel Kain start for Earth with the remains of Dantyren.

With the help of the measurements and detection data of the Peace Drivers, the Parapositronic ESCHER calculates some theories in the meantime about the nature of the border barrier around Hangay. It apparently acts as a zone of hyperphysical discontinuity of fifty to one hundred light-years thickness. It does not seem to have any lasting passageways, because no two groups of Traitanks take the same course. The Column space-time-routers have the task of determining arising quiet zones within the prohibited area that contain normal conditions and supplying flying TRAITOR units with the appropriate course data. It must be flown with extremely low hyperlight factors, or else the flight passage used becomes unstable and breaks down.

With this information the Hangay squadron tries to fly through the border barrier for a while with instructions based on ESCHER’S model of the space time structure. However the border barrier has a dangerous effect, whereby the life force slowly drains from all organic life forms. Soon a constantly increasing proportion of the crews must be shifted into a coma like hibernation. Only Atlan, as a cell activator carrier, is immune to it.

Finally the expedition threatens to be stranded in the border barrier after the collapse of a passage zone. Therefore Atlan seizes upon a ruse and contacts the nearest space-time router, pretending to be a Traitank, in order to get flight data. He succeeds in doing this, but during one of the intermediate stops, they come in viewing range of space time routers, whereby the TRAITOR unit is now informed about their presence.

ESCHER meanwhile continued to improve its model of the border barrier, so that they can take the last stage through the border barrier on another course and finally comes out in a place unexpected by TRAITOR. Nevertheless five Traitanks are waiting in the proximity, which are however, destroyed with the assistance of the Paros shadow screen and the two VRITRA cannons of the RICHARD BURTON, without any losses on their side.

Before they can look for an escape route, the squadron is hailed from a nearby sun without planets. The Hangay squadron takes course for the sun, in order to take up contact with the author of the transmission...

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2410 - Der Kontaktwald
The Contact Forest
Horst Hoffmann

After they break through the border dam around the galaxy Hangay, the Hangay squadron searches for protection from Traitanks in the detection protection of the corona of a nearby sun, from which the squadron has been radioed. In the corona, they meet two Trimaranes of the Kartanin and their commander Rea-Chi-D'un, who have been observing the conspicuously frequent troop movement by TRAITOR in this sector from there and thus noted the arrival of the Hangay squadron.

Atlan finds out that TRAITOR has smashed practically all political structures in Hangay during recent years and taken over full power. But there is an opposition movement made up of the most important races in the galaxy, which has given itself the name Noquaa-Kansahariyya ("New Kansahariyya" – or briefly NK - in memory of old times), but it is no more than a community of the desperate. There are no purposeful actions being taken against TRAITOR.

Atlan declares himself an ally of the NK and receives the co-ordinates of one of their so-called segment planets, the world Quamoto. On the way there they encounter inexplicable course divergences by the ships. Rea-Chi explains that it concerns a phenomenon that is "normal" in the meantime, which are presumably to be led back to the fact that the known physical laws are being abolished bit by bit in Hangay. On Quamoto Atlan visits a conference of the local NK council and assures the people of Hangay of the aid of the Galactics. He finds out that the center of Hangay, an area only a few light years wide, is not accessible any more and is apparently the main focus of the activities of TRAITOR. In addition, the locations of so-called Proto-chaotic cells are known to the NK, and one of them is not far away from Quamoto.

On Quamoto is a circular, fifteen kilometer wide contact forest, a communal plant being apparently equipped with its own consciousness, which resembles the plant fathers of Segafrendo. This being holds contact with the contact forests of the other segment planets of the Noquaa-Kansahariyya. The communication is made in real time with virtually no time loss to the other contact forests. In this manner news can be spread in spite of the raised hyperimpedance by which the armed forces of the NK are otherwise strongly hindered. Contact forest speakers are required for communication with the contact forests. Afa-Hem-F'ur is the contact forest speaker for Quamoto and a Koda Ariel form converter that has apparently been active on this planet for a good amount of time already attacks her. Startac Schroeder hears her mental cry for help just in time, so that the Koda Ariel can be killed as it is taking on Afa-Hem’s form.

Afa-Hem later brings Atlan into the "heart" of the contact forest - an unusual occurrence, because ordinarily it allows nobody by the speaker herself into its core. Atlan makes it clear to the contact forest that Quamoto is no longer safe and must be abandoned. It appears that the contact forest has a certain authority to issue directives to the NK, because the contact forest determines the planet Kosichi as a new base for the NK. While the preparations for the evacuation of the base are still in progress, the whole contact forest frees itself from the surface of the planet. Apparently the forest itself is not the mysterious living being, but something inside a kind of spaceship on which the forest stands. The disc shaped ship accelerates and disappears into hyperspace.

Atlan’s next destination is the Proto-chaotic cell whose co-ordinates he had received from the Kartanin, while at the same time the Hangay squadron will support the Kartanins with the move to Kosichi. Atlan finds out that the former Kartanin contact forest speaker, a woman with the peculiar name Ar-Dus-Taar (it reminds Atlan of the name of a planet in the Pinwheel galaxy), has supposedly been missing for a long time in the Proto-chaotic cell. On July 19, 1346 NGE the RICHARD BURTON begins its journey there.

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2411 - Schwinge-von-Raffat
Leo Lukas

The Hangay squadron is on the way to the Segarenis cluster of stars to examine the Proto chaotic cell appearing there and search for the whereabouts of the contact forest speaker Ar-Dus-Taar. The hyperspace conditions will be much more difficult on account of the inconsistency effect, because the erratic abnormalities show the much greater tendency to end inside of a sun after every flight stage. The single remedy is the further reduction of stage lengths and UL factor. Finally, Atlan ventures the connecting flight with the RICHARD BURTON and the support of the Parapositronic ESCHER.

Past - the chronicler: the Wing-From-Raffat is a Vennok space station for the observation of the two and a half light months removed sun Koh-Raffat, an irregular, changeable hyperemitter. A crew of approximately four hundred scientists and space soldiers is aboard.

When the battleships stationed in the Segarenis cluster of stars of the Vennok are drawn off due to the confrontations with other races of the galaxy, the station is taken over and further developed by pirates. The chronicler Kerseluuf the Younger and some of the surviving crew members join the pirates.

With the rise of the hyperimpedance the pirates do well because of the primitive technology used by them – although with a reduced range of action. But as the Terminal Column TRAITOR takes over power in Hangay, the problems quickly grow. The nearby system Koh-Raffat becomes one of the centers of troop deployment by the invaders and then hyperspace begins to degenerate in the Segarenis cluster of stars. Interstellar space travel becomes almost impossible and the last available long range spaceship retreats with some mutineers, so that no more escape is possible. The battle for sheer survival breaks out among the twenty-five thousand pirates left.

The sloop of an expedition of the New Kansahariyya is stormed by desperate crew members and damaged irreparably. The sloop’s crew is slaughtered, with the exception of a few, including the forest contact speaker, who remain captives. Its parent ship leaves after a prearranged period.

July 1346 NGZ: this is the time when the RICHARD BURTON shows up. The Galactics conquer the station and secure themselves all the recorded sensor data on it. Because the commander of the station activates its self-destruction before his death, the surviving pirates are evacuated.

Ar-Dus-Taar, the last surviving crew member of the NK expedition, is freed. In terrible physical shape, she is brought to the ship’s medical area and it turns out that she is apparently in fact Dao Lin H'ay! Through the evaluation of the carried off sensor data the birth of a Proto chaotic cell becomes better understood. It also appears that the SOL was on the scene, having been probably captured by TRAITOR…

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2412 - Das Wasser von Aar
The Water of Aar
Susan Schwartz

On June 21, 1346 NGE Reginald Bull travels with the EAGLE, a sloop from the LEIF ERIKSSON II, to a secret conference of all the Milky Way races. Bré Tsinga and his wife Fran Imith, who is functioning as a bodyguard, accompany him. The meeting was prepared and organized by the Aarus, or more exactly by Cheplin, the Schwarmer of the Aarus Jima. The worm is the ideal meeting place: It offers enough space and is neutral territory. Thus Cheplin actually managed within a few months to bring together representatives of all the Galactic power blocs, including delegations of Posbis, the Blues and the mysterious Streganer, as well as a Haluter observer. Some personal guests of the Aarus from the PP also observe the conference, but without participating. Imperator Bostich I. likewise participates. The conference takes place under the strictest secrecy measures, because it does not only offend against the TRAITOR Directive, but has the declared goal, of creating a new federation of all Galactics to fight against the Terminal Column.

Not all Aarus agrees with the fact that foreigners have entered the worm (for the Aarus this is breaking a taboo). For Cheplin it is certain however that the Milky Way is the new homeland of the Aarus, and that his people cannot stay out of the fight against TRAITOR. Cheplin has also encountered little approval from influential families where it concerned other various measures. Cheplin has striven in the past few years to provide the same chances for all Aarus and to break the power of the Marked ones. A conspiracy is created, which designates itself the Water of Aar and it wants to overthrow Cheplin. More still: These high-ranking Aarus want to turn to the side of the winners and therefore offer to TRAITOR the services of Aarus Jimas. While the conference begins, the conspirators prepare the crucial blow against Cheplin.

The first meeting of the Galactics comes immediately to stagnation. The delegates cannot even agree on a name for the new federation, but above all the enmity between Bull and Bostich are causing problems. They accuse each other of wanting to dominate the new federation. Bré Tsinga therefore organizes a personal discussion between the two with Cheplin as moderator. This is when the conspirators make their attack. Cheplin and his people are knocked out, and the conference participants are intended to be used as a ” gift “for the Terminal Column. However the conspirators did not count on the presence of Bull and Bostich, who temporarily forget their differences and fight together against the aggressors. These however have already sent a radio message out to TRAITOR, which is caught by some Traitanks. The conspirators are neutralized, but the Aarus Jima is attacked by the Traitanks. An escape does not seem to be possible, because the conspirators have shut down all access to the command dome’s computers. At the last moment the Posbis, who had earlier been given access to the Oceanic Computer controlling the Aarus Jimas, succeed in arranging it to make a transition.

After the worm is in safety, the conference can continue. On June twenty-seventh the establishment of an organization is announced, which carries the name New Galacticum and stands under Bostich’s presidency. The New Galacticum is to fight TRAITOR together and protect the interests of the member races. Bull had taken the advice of his “women” and intends to pull the strings in the background, letting Bostich take the heat. Anyway, he recognizes that Bostich’s leadership qualities will be useful. He also hopes that Bostich will be so bogged down in his new position that he will be too busy to cause any trouble.

On June thirtieth, Bull returns to Terra. He is handed a message from a Peace Driver envoy and learns that the human half of Dantyren was only a clone of Michael Rhodan. Zheobitt also somehow receives news of this top secret information. He offers to help Bull with the search for the genuine Roi Danton. As payment he requires among other things Dantyren’s corpse and the exclusive examination of Roi Danton, should he be found...

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2413 - Das Genetische Magazin
The Genetic Warehouse
Arndt Ellmer

The Skapalm bark DERUFUS has a special place in TRAITOR; it stores the genetic warehouse. Among other things the collection is used to manufacture micro- and macro-Beasts. On the DERUFUS, in contrary to normal Skapalm barks, production is much less practiced than research is. Below the High Medokogh Rorian Omokra, are the Column Anatomist Sheymor Merquin and his deputy Pharoib Inssino, who focus above all on micro-Beast formation. Still friends during their education, they have now become competitors, if not even enemies.

When Rorian Omokra receives the call from the CRULT and learns the fact that Dantyren was very probably killed and gets the order to provide new copies of Roi Danton and the Mor'Daer Yrendir, he sends Merquin and Inssino into the genetic warehouse, in order to get the original bodies of the two.

These bodies are stored in the so-called bio-stasis vault - a black box Column technology, which is simply used by the Anatomists - just like the Paralog Reprotron, in which the bodies are almost perfectly replicated. The replication however has one problem; with each copying process the original body loses vital energy that cannot be replaced. Only Roi Danton is probably immune to this because of his cell activator, which the Reprotron cannot duplicate. The Anatomists also do not know how long the Danton copy can live for. Danton and Yrendir are “Stored” in preservation tanks for transport from the safe deposit to the Reprotron.

After the procedure they are not brought immediately back into the bio-stasis vault, but into a laboratory of the Anatomists. It is possible that there will be complications with the production of the new dual Dantyren and the LUCRIFER, where the new Dual will be created, will request more duplicates.

For the two Anatomists it is surprising that Danton can quite consciously take in his environment from the preservation tank and even communicate, while the Mor'Daer lies in deep sleep in his tank. Particularly the fact that Danton recognizes the Beasts, whose tanks he is brought past, excites their attention, because he might be able to help them make progress with their research, because the true origin of the Beasts is unknown to the Anatomists. They have much information in their archives, but much of it is wrong or false. It is likewise remarkable to them that Danton has detailed information about the Column. He can speak TraiCom, knows of Antakur von Bitvelt and can obviously remember his attempted Dual processing.

Although forbidden, the two Anatomists, in each case independently and in the secret, release Danton from his “prison” and go through the historical data on the Beasts with him. This continues over weeks, while Danton on his part also studies the two Anatomists and quickly realizes they are venomous enemies of each other. This is quite true, as they commit one assassination attempt after the next against each other, but without success.

After four weeks Danton has supplied himself with sufficient background knowledge about the two Anatomists and their arguments against each other. He breaks with Merquin, wanting to give him no more information, but reveal to him that he will reveal everything to Inssino, since he offers Danton better prospects to stay out of his tank. In the next nightshift he informs Inssino about M-87 and the experiments of the Okefenokees of the Skoars and at the same time places demands to him. When Merquin realizes that he lost, as soon as Inssino entrusts the information with the High Medokogh, he storms into the lab during Inssino’s conversation with Danton. It comes to a duel, which both pay for with death, so that they take the new knowledge into the grave.

Roi Danton is paralyzed by a robot and then stored back in his preservation tank. First, however, he had succeeded in smuggling a nail like object into his prison - a first bit of hope for Perry Rhodan’s son.

On LUCRIFIR meanwhile the attempt to create a new Dantyren fails…

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2414 - Die Bestie Ganymed
The Beast Ganymede
Michael Marcus Thurner

Roi Danton is not brought back to the biostasis vault because is still an open question whether another copy of him would be demanded for a new Dantyren. He is supposed to be knocked out, but repeatedly attains consciousness with the help of his cell activator. He periodically experiences what happens to Dantyren while he is alive. This is because Danton gets a kind of feedback, where he has mental contact with the dual being. Certainly, this contact is one-sided, but in this way Danton has seen almost everything that happens to Dantyren. With time Danton succeeds in retrieving the small "nail" which he had rammed into the flesh of his finger. It is in fact a micro-laser which is not strong enough to cut through the glass walls of his preserving tank, but he can use it to point himself out to somebody that is in a tank facing him: A Beast bred by the Column Anatomists with the designation 1213UII764.

The Beast calls himself "Null". He is submitted to all kinds of murderous tests with which he must prove not only his will to survive, but also his ability for logical thinking. The Column Anatomist Konzig Asmo, who is responsible for him wants make Null activate his planning brain, and he actually has success. Null is the first Beast bred by TRAITOR that succeeds in suppressing the berserker instincts of his common brain and in acting completely with the logic given by the planning brain. In this way he is able to defeat all his comrades and survive. Danton uses the micro-laser to develop communication codes which the Beast actually understands. By the light signals he informs the Beast of what the Terminal Column is doing, who he himself is and that he needs the help of the Beast to be able to escape from the Skapalm bark. However, by a simple sign Null informs the Terran that he has no interest in these plans. Nevertheless, the Beast takes on the name which Danton has invented for him: Ganymede.

One day, frustrated with the fact that he cannot prove that the Beast has a functioning planning brain, the dying Konzig Asmo fetches Ganymede for his final test. He explains to the Beast that he will die no matter what: If he fails the test, he will be eaten by the insects, and if he wins, the Anatomists will dissect him to find out how he figured out a method to do that. Now it appears that the earlier experiments with which Ganymede’s will to survive was to be woken were more successful than thought. Ganymede is not ready to resign himself to the destiny intended for him. He is able to free himself from the testing hall, which he only manages, however, because Konzig Asmo has lost a code giver there, with which robots can be controlled. Ganymede has them cut an escape route in the hall’s wall and then kills dozens of Column Anatomists. Konzig Asmo falls a victim to the insects whom he had let go at Ganymede. The Beast destroys the equipment in the genetic warehouse, kills numerous Column Anatomists and frees Roi Danton from the preserving tank because he needs somebody who can helps him to find the way in the self-determined world, so new for him.

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2415 - Armee der Mikro-Bestien
Army of the Micro-Beasts
Hubert Haensel

Ganymede releases Roi Danton from his preservation tank. She regards Roi not only as a friend, but even places herself completely at his service - from gratitude for the fact that the Terran induced her to independent thinking. Roi may again draw hope and immediately forges wild plans. Most of all he wants to kidnap the DERUFUS and bring it to the Terrans; the research results which could be expected from this would be of inestimable importance. Roi finds the destroyed original body of Yrendir, and later learns that the original bodies of Zerbone and Aroff are also in the DERUFUS. They however are still stored in the biostasis vault. Roi latches onto a monitoring device, which is apparently mentally steered. He thus finds out that he and Ganymed are not only facing approximately two thousand five hundred Column Anatomists on board, but also Mor'Daers of a new breeding stock, which were quickly woken.

Roi uses the knowledge which he had received from the one-sided feedback with Dantyren, and uses Dantyren’s override authority to shut down both the control and the radio communication systems of the bark, which can thus neither flee nor call for assistance. Ganymede meanwhile “takes care of“ the Mor'Daer soldiers. Then Roi releases all the micro-Beasts that are aboard, in order to make them his allies. This succeeds only with the help of the two leaders of the micro-Beasts: Senego Trainz and Mor Frant. The other Micros nearly kill Roi before their leaders show up. The Terran is able to convince the Micros of the fact that they have to help each other against the common enemy. However he has closed a pact with the devil, as he must recognize, when the Micros finally proceed pitilessly against all other breeding products of the bark and also against the Column Anatomists. They do not leave anybody alive, that could become dangerous to them or which they have no use for. Rorian Omokra, the High Medokogh of the bark, also falls victim to them.

For unknown reasons the bark suddenly begins to break apart. It seems, as if the biostasis vault and the Paralog Reprotron somehow recognized that they are in danger of being captured. Both units are self-sufficiently flightworthy and explosively separate from the bark, in order to bring themselves independently to safety. Roi Danton and some Micro-Beasts capture the ship's Dark Capsule GAIR IV. As Roi dos not use the opportunity to immediately escape, he manages to get approximately one thousand nine hundred Micros, as well as Ganymede on board, who would have otherwise died in the vacuum of space. This gains him the respect and affection of Senego Trainz and Mor Frant. Roi steers the Dark Capsule to the Aureuth system, in whose proximity there is a USO base. He lands on the tenth planet and transmits a message to the base for assistance, but fears that Traitanks are already on the trail of the GAIR IV. He therefore wants to program the ship to fly into the sun on autopliot. Ganymede does not agree with this. She does not want to be stuck on a planet and insists on flying on with the ship. One hundred Micro-Beasts accompany her, while the remainder remains with Roi. The GAIR IV does not make it far and is destroyed by arriving Traitanks before it can reach hyperspace…

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2416 - Mythos Scherbenstadt
Legend of Shard City
Christian Montillon

Dao Lin H'ay is struggling for her life and being treated in the Medostation of the RICHARD BURTON, but is able to tell the story of the SOL to Atlan. The Arkonide also finds the fact that Ronald Tekener and the Kartanin have finally separated - even if Tekener needed a long time to accept this fact.

In August 1342 NGE, eleven days after the flight from Ultra-blue, the SOL hides out at a sun which they name Old Red. The SOL has run aground in the halo of Hangay, because its hyperlight drive has virtually burned out. However, there is hope, because from the wreck of the TRAI Servicer that had fallen on Rothger not only almost two hundred sixty thousand metric tons of Khalumvatt had been rescued, but also some special hypercrystals, which they name T-Exagonium (TEX). The Solaners do not anticipate that it is Salkrit, but they recognize the possibilities which this substance offers. With the help of the Mom'Serimers which live in the SOL and wish for the right of more participation (the young Zeran Tronale was even ready to instigate a revolt), a space jet is modified, and afterwards the new fusion reactors are inserted from sloops in the SOL. On December first the space jet makes a successful test flight. With the TEX hypertact flight is possible, but the TEX used is quickly burned up in the process.

Six months later it is time: the SOL can fly farther in the direction of Hangay. The Solaners find out that TRAITOR is establishing a kind of barrier around the galaxy which can, however, be still crossed now. It comes to inexplicable deviations in course which are led back to the birth of the Negasphere, but the SOL is little hindered because the hypertact flight makes possible several thousand reorientation maneuvers within the shortest time. In October 1343 NGE the Mom'Serimer Siri Solaba, together with Blo Rakane, develops a Khalumvatt coating for the TEX which increases the efficiency of these hypercrystals farther because it is now possible to use a part of the deflagration energy from it. Dao Lin H'ay orders the approach to two Sunlight stations whose positions are known. However, both stations are destroyed, and the SOL finds on the 8th and 24th of October only ruins of Sunlight 7 and Sunlight 12. They were probably destroyed by TRAITOR, because the SOL is attacked near the second station by Traitanks and only barely manages to escape.

Dao Lin H'ay develops a new plan which bumps into little requited love with Ronald Tekener. She wants to organize the resistance of the people of Hangay against TRAITOR and is ready to leave the SOL to do so. On December third the Kartanin and the Terran participate in a secret conference of the people of Hangay, which takes place on the planet Yoki in the Yokitur-dark cloud. The two are received kindly, because they are still well-known in Hangay. But suddenly the conference members begin to behave peculiarly. The SOL, on which the same thing happens (only the activator bearers and the Mom'Serimers are immune), must flee. When the conditions return to normal again, in which the Mom'Serimer took a crucial part, the Solaners infer from caught Column radio messages what has happened. An Entropic cyclone has struck the dark cloud. Entropic cyclones cause a stultification of all intelligent beings living in its effective range and rob them at the same time of their vital energy. The Chaos powers use the cyclone to destroy all life in a certain space sector. They are practically the counterpart to the Spore ships and Swarms used by the Cosmocrats.

In recognition of their help the Mom'Serimers, which were till present only tolerated guests, receive extensive rights of codetermination in the SOL. In the middle of December Dao Lin H'ay leaves the SOL with a hypertact-flightworthy space jet to execute her plans alone. She never again hears anything about the SOL.

While Dao-Lin reports, Atlan gets the news on July 28, 1346 NGE that an Entropic cyclone is raging in the Jasandrich sector. Trim Marath perceives it like a great evil and deadly power. The RICHARD BURTON is far enough away to not affected by it and flies on towards Kosichi...

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2417 - Sklave der Maschinen
Slave of the Machines
Horst Hoffmann

The RICHARD BURTON reaches Kosichi on July 31, 1346 NGE and is met by the leader of the NK Hangay there, the Kartanin Elo-Dar-S'oon. The resistance has its center on the main continent in the city of Makeshi II, which is under construction. Atlan and Dao-Lin-H'ay enter the contact woods there. It is in turmoil, and they find out the story of its origin.

The existence of Alomendris begins as an offshoot of the plant father Aryste eighteen million years ago in the galaxy Segafrendo. He was bred specially for the purpose of serving the robot civilization of the Erish Vikhtold as its new master. These robots have been moving through the universe in search of a new master whom they could serve, after their creators, the White Masters had intellectualized themselves, in order to escape the robots. The robots transport Alomendris in a dish to their main planet 1A-Imeon where he grows and spreads out into a total of one hundred and twenty-six bowls, each of which is fifteen kilometers wide and connected by tunnels with each other. All together they comprise the entity Alomendris. The Erish Vikhtold report to him about their investigations of the galaxy, but they conceal something from him. He gets around the lines of communication controlled by the robots, using the tunnels and maintains the connection between the one hundred twenty-six individual woods at a higher mental level. The White Masters get in touch with him and inform him that the Erish Vihktold are actually leading a war of conquest and subjugation of other races in the name of Alomendris.

Four million years before the current time, he enters a symbiosis with some of the White Masters and develops new abilities. He also discovers that the one hundred twenty-six bowls are flightworthy. Meanwhile the empire of the robots breaks down, because it finally meets an equal opponent, who forces them to retreat. In the fight for the central world 1A-Imeon, Alomendris flees with all one hundred twenty-six forests.

After the long escape he sets down two million years ago in the galaxy Cydis-Cym, on the planet Ninilath. The Erish Vihktold eventually find him and establish her empire once again. Alomendris urges the White Masters to destroy the robots created by them. They finally become corporeal again and activate the self-destruction mechanism in whose consequence they and the robot civilization are both extinguished. However, Alomendris succeeds in escaping again.

Five hundred fifty thousand years ago he landed on the planet Yishra, where he atrophied for over half a million years. Then he felt a new power nearby, the Xybane, a cybernetic intelligence which has arisen from the remains of the Erish Vikhtold and continues their war of destruction. As a result Alomendris flees once more, finally coming upon the galaxy Hangay, which had recently been shifted into our universe. He distributes his one hundred twenty-six forests about Hangay. One forest ends up cut off by the presence of TRAITOR and the beginning of the establishment of the Negasphere in the center of Hangay. The rest are utterly terrified by the emanations of KOLTOROC. He sacrifices the one forest to secure the rest, and begins to take part actively in the opposition against TRAITOR. He gets in touch with the mortals and serves them as a communications network, where he gets the name of the contact woods.

Atlan and Dao-Lin-H'ay find out the reason for Alomendris' turmoil. ESCHER has been sending its Avatars down into the contact forest, in order to try to establish its own contact with Alomendris and he feels reminded of the robot civilization. He expels the RICHARD BURTON and ESCHER from the planet, but agrees to act as an information clearinghouse for the squadron, just as he does with the NK Hangay. Then, he dismisses the petitioners from the forest

After they have left the contact woods, Atlan and Dao-Lin-H'ay learn of a sighting of the SOL sixteen thousand light years away from their current location. They leave orbit to head there. Shortly before to the jump into linear space, Alomendris gets in touch once more and supplies Atlan with the location of the other one hundred twenty-five contact forests. He also lifts the land ban on the RICHARD BURTON again. After the shock of ESCHER’S intrusion, he has gathered new courage from Dao-Lin-H'ay’s old friend, Afa-Hem-F'ur, who had joined with the contact forest and he now trusts the newcomers from the Milky Way.

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2418 - Der Entropische Zyklon
The Entropic Cyclone
Arndt Ellmer

The Column Geometricians of the insectoid race of the Oahm'Cara living on the Column Factory INSTERBANE are ordered to use their scout ships to measure the progress of the Entropic cyclone YOMHALVU. The stay near one of these cyclones is also strenuous for Column technology, so the scout ships are quite susceptible to its effects. Therefore, Farick Gilitt with five of his brothers end up in trouble as they are carrying out their measurements in the surrounding field of the Entropic Cyclone. Their ship’s drive stutters, then begins to die. Only a forced landing on a nearby planet remains, during which the vehicle is fired upon by a ground fort. Only The Farick Gilitt survives the crash, but he is badly injured and doomed to die.

The RICHARD BURTON is together with the other ships of the Hangay squadron on their way to the Kuma Saka sector, from which there was news of the appearance of the SOL. They notice that around the sector, Traitanks of the Terminal Column collect themselves to retreat, because the upcoming arrival of an Entropic Cyclone was announced.

On the nearby planet Kalifurn stands a contact forest. Atlan da Gonozal flies there alone with a space jet, in order to warn and try to get the contact forest to help him collect more exact data about the Entropic cyclone. As a cell activator bearer he has some protection from the cyclone, but hopes that the forest can protect him completely from it.

Arriving on Kalifurn without the fort firing on him, Atlan submits his proposal to the contact forest, which consents. Shortly before the first spurs of the Entropic cyclone arrives Atlan registers the crash of the scout ship and makes his way to the wreck. He saves the injured Column Geometrician and brings him to the contact forest, where he gives Atlan important information before dying, figuring that Atlan was going to die also anyway.

Entropic cyclones turn out to emanate from a giant Terminal Column ship, which is the counterpart to the Spore ships of the Cosmocrats. They collect all the On- and Noon-quotas in their effective range, thereby killing all intelligent life there. The collected vital energy is then supplied to the proto-chaotic cells and thereby accelerates their development.

Atlan barely survives the cyclone and then leaves the planet with the knowledge he has gained. Returning to the RICHAR BURTON, he discovers that ESCHER has drawn some similar conclusions. They decide to now approach the Lettamas system, the center of the worlds of this sector settled by the Attavennok, and they find the world completely depopulated, littered with corpses everywhere.

All of a sudden, the SOL materializes in the system. It does not respond to Atlan’s hail, but sends out an alarm on Column radio and takes an attack course on the RICHARD BURTON, which withdraws into an emergency lin

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2419 - Der neue Herr der SOL
The New Master of the SOL
Leo Lukas

Ronald Tekener mopes in misery, until Dao Lin H'ay has left the SOL. He doubts himself and does not know on which course he should bring the ship. Then more than two thirds of all the Solaners sign a petition that is submitted to the ship’s leadership. The people are grateful to the Mom'Serimers for the help they gave during the Entropic Cyclone and demand their naturalization into the LFT. After some legal considerations are cleared up, this request is granted. On March 1, 1344 NGE all the Mom'Serimers, except for their leader Remo Aratoster, put in their individual applications and these are granted that very same day by the ship leadership. In addition, two hundred fifty Mom'Serimers are accepted as trainees in the naval service, and Steph La Nievand gets the honorable, even if extremely stressful task, of training the mercurial beings in the SOL training academy. During the following months the SOL explores the conditions in Hangay, gets to know of the suppression of the so-called resource galaxies by TRAITOR, observes the birth of the Noquaa-Kansahariyya and even tries to penetrate the dam which bolts the center region. It is flung back by this, however. On March 15, 1345 NGE all two hundred fifty Mom'Serimer trainees receive their fleet basic commissions. To Steph La Nievand’s horror, because of his success, the second trainee class has a thousand of the pains in the neck!

At the middle of August 1345 NGZ Kirmizz reaches the Service Castle SIRC. He is brought by some Traitanks to the border dam. While the SARI BANDA is taken into a Column dock and fitted out with additional Column technology, Kirmizz must have the bitter experience that he is unwanted here - the True Progress Terkan von Voosar residing in SIRC leaves no room for doubt that the VULTAPHER’S pilot is only being tolerated in Hangay as a guest. He is not even allowed in the center region of the galaxy. When he finds out that MINATERG, the future "heart" of VULTAPHER, has arrived in Hangay, he immediately makes his way to the Tir-Na-Tir system where the MINATERG is to be kept safe, until the Chaotender is finished. The Solaners have also located MINATERG and recognized immediately what it is, because MINATERG is constructed identically to MORHANDRA, the "heart" of ZENTAPHER. The SOL follows the convoy and takes up position by the Tir-Na-Tir system, because the destruction of MINATERG would be a crucial blow against the Terminal Column. However, direct attacks would be hopeless, even if the Chaos servants seem to tolerate the presence of the SOL at first.

However, Kirmizz has already developed a plan for the conquest of the generation spaceship. When the SOL catches an emergency call and saves four Kartanins from a wreck, it falls into the trap. The Kartanins stand under the spell of the mental Dislocator and enables him to locate the SOL at any time, as well as bring many crewmembers under his control within a few days. On September 22, 1345 NGE the SOL is encircled by thousands of Traitanks, and an attempt to escape is thwarted by the affected crewmembers. The ship is occupied by Mor'Daers and Ganschkares, and SENECA becomes watched over by four TRAITOR mobile computer cores, while Column Motivators make most of the crew pliable, as far as they do not stand anyway under the mental control of the new master of the SOL: Kirmizz personally takes over the ship. He likes the SOL if only for the fact that because of its hypertact-impulse it is also “straight away” prepared to fly in Hangay, which is not possible for the TRAITOR units without problems. Certainly, Ronald Tekener is not able to be influenced, due to his mental stabilization treatment, but he must nevertheless bend, because Kirmizz will only spare the life of the crew of the SOL under the condition that Tekener cooperates.

The SOL is armed, among other things with a dark screen and a fractal rip sheath. The fact that Kirmizz is fascinated by the immortal Terran, using him as his administrator and values him as a conversation partner, helps Tekener helps as little as his new title: He is appointed the High Sideryt. In secret, Tekener takes up contact with the Mom'Serimers, who remain largely uninfluenced. On August 19, 1346 NGE the meeting with the RICHARD BURTON takes place. Some time later the SOL receives the order from KOLTOROC to go to the Tir-Na-Tir system. There, on September first, a Terminal Herald delivers the coordinates for the building site of VULTAPHER: the Chaotender is to be built in the Milky Way. Kirmizz leaves the SOL that same day in order to go to the Milky Way. The next day the SOL begins its journey accompanied by two Traitanks. Their flight goal is the Elgas sector, close to the center region of Hangay. There the ship is to be mothballed, until TRAITOR finds some further use for it...

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2420 - Ketschuas Mondflug
Ketschua's Moon Flight
Christian Montillon

The Laosoor Ketschua is a freshman in the Academy of Thieves and a natural talent in the procurement of information. The presence of the JULES VERNE awakens his curiosity, and he boast towards his companions of his knowledge, as he makes fun of Perry Rhodan’s first flight to the moon. However, secretly he admires this act, and so he goes on an expedition to the JULES VERNE.

He ends up in the center section of the spaceship, and the still persisting Strangeness effects around the context converter incapacitate him for several days. When he finally comes around again in the ship’s medical unit, the JULES VERNE is already on its way to the Negasphere, Tare Scharm. Gucky and Mondra Diamond take care of the stowaway and care for a sound education of their protégé as a master thief.

In the approach to Tare Scharm a flight into the galaxy fails because of the existing border dam, but they encounter several destroyed Traitanks of the Terminal Column which have apparently been destroyed not by known weapons, but rather by some mechanical effect.

During a more exact examination of such a wreck a Traitank emerges and the Terran command aboard must resist against a horde of Morgoth'Daers. When other Traitanks arrive, however, an enormous energetic apparition similar to an amoeba also appears which envelops several Traitanks and destroys them. The fire of the Traitanks shows no effects on this apparition.

The battle aboard the destroyed Traitank leads to the fact that many Terrans are trapped in ruined parts of the wreck. Because Gucky cannot get out all the trapped people, Ketschua also helps, although he was supposed to remain a passive observer on the mother ship. Thanks to his help the last expedition members and Perry Rhodan are brought out in time. And during an earlier unauthorized "walk" around the ship he found a memory chip in the cabin of the commander of the Traitank, which gives valuable clues: in the spherical star cluster Aquon-Gorissa in the Halo of Tare Scharm exists a bridgehead of the forces of Order. And the CORRIDOR OF THE ORDER also supposedly begins there.

With this the next target of JULES VERNE is fixed and the ship begins its journey there.

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2421 - ELEDAINS Kinder
ELEDAIN'S Children
Horst Hoffmann

20.059.813 BC (1346 NGE JULES VERNE shipboard time): Until approximately one thousand six hundred years ago the galaxies Tare Scharm and Tare Minor - the latter was called by its inhabitants N'tantha Tare Scharm - as well as the globular star cluster Aquon Gorissa lying between them belonged to the power concentration of the positive superintelligence ELEDAIN. The superintelligence had provided not only for order and peace in its galaxies, but had also “born” children “: The Sekundims. These only partially material partially energy organisms appear like amoebas, but are generally one hundred forty kilometers big. But one day ELEDAIN died, and TRAITOR appeared, in order to make Tare Scharm a Negasphere. It is possible that the Terminal Column was also responsible for the death of the superintelligence. About at the same time ARCHETIM moved both galaxies into the focus of his attention and transformed Tare-Minor into a gigantic concentration area for his troops..

For five hundred years long the Sekundim behaved passively or went, as ELEDAIN’S last order planned it, on the attack against the Traitanks of the Column. Then however there was a large-scale attack on Tare Minor, which could only be repelled, when ARCHETIM’S troops and the Sekundims allied themselves with one another. Since then the Sekundims have been filled with hate for TRAITOR and destroys the Traitanks, wherever they might come upon them. Only the Column MACHINES can become dangerous to them, because these enormous objects have a weapon, which can completely destroy dozens of Sekundim within a few seconds. Since no new Sekundims can be born (they cannot reproduce), their population shrinks with time to approximately forty thousand individuals, not only due to the Column MACHINES. Many Sekundims die by wasting away, because they consider their existence senseless. Pheriandurus and Tauzedaphelgas are two Sekundims, who belong together. These beings are complementary in function and always stay together. One partner takes in energy, while the other takes in mass, which they then share with each other - only so can they nourish themselves.

The JULES VERNE approaches Aquon Gorissa. It is stated that the border barrier, which encloses Tare Scharm runs through the middle of the globular star cluster. Aquon Gorissa is a hyperstorm reef; here raves a super powered, permanent hyperstorm, which makes a test flight inside impossible. The Galactics assume that the border barrier is permeable within the range of Aquon Gorissa, so that chaotic conditions, which prevail in the developing Negasphere, are “slosh over“ there. On November third the Galactics observe how four of the already well-known giant amoebas crush several Traitanks. Two of the amoebas, however, are destroyed when a Column MACHINE emerges. Before it disappears, one of the amoebas takes up the JULES VERNE in itself. The Paros Shadow screen is not an obstacle for it. Perry Rhodan immediately feels an intimate solidarity with the enormous being - it is Pherian, which submits the Galactics to an examination and provides the spaceship with a Imprint, in order to be able to find it at any time again. Pherian recognizes the fact that the Galactics do not belong to TRAITOR but desire to help ARCHETIM. It gives them the clue that they are to look for Eledain Cishon.

Pherian and Tauzeda flee, but are pursued by Column MACHINE. The two Sekundims weaken more and more swiftly, but cannot are to return to Eledain Cishon, where they could quickly recover. All the still living Sekundim look for refuge there, and the MACHINE may therefore never find this place. As Pherian and Tauzeda - Tauzeda already threatening to fade away and die – contract themselves: They transform into singularities. But they are still pursued by the MACHINE, which is using them as bait to get other Sekundims. Fifty of these beings, which want to help the two, fall victim to the MACHINE. Help then arrives in the form of the JULES VERNE. The two Sekundims aretaken aboard and brought to safety. The barbell ship is able to escape from the MACHINE in the protection of its ATG field. Again Pherian examines Rhodan’s convictions and judges him to be a positive being. After the Sekundims strengthen themselves, Pherian is ready to bring the JULES VERNE to Eledain Cishon, ELEDAIN’S birth channel, which the Sekundim came from. The ship crosses this channel and in this way follows the Trail of the LAW to INTAZO.

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2422 - Das verlöschende Volk
The Dying People
Arndt Ellmer

After the passage through the Situation transmitter the JULES VERNE comes out in the INTAZO, a hypercocoon inside the Aquon-Gorissa star cluster of approximately two and a half light years length and approximately 0.8 light years diameter. The materialization zone is protected by large space forts, and the JULES VERNE is ordered to stop in order to be checked by the Conscience Guards.

The Conscience Guards turn out to be bodiless spirit beings which question individual crewmembers, beginning with Perry Rhodan and Mondra Diamond, after the reason and motive for their presence. Kamuko, the Prinzipa of ARCHETIM’S armed forces, vouches for the Galactics, so that they can fly on. The destination ANC 110, the modular dock of the Bakosh'wish, lies in the centre of the INTAZO.

Alaska Saedelaere and, most of all, his Cappin fragment excites the special interest of the Conscience Guards. They transport him to a LAW Giver, and the gathered Conscience Guards report their history to him.

While the Sekundima are virtually the children of the superintelligence ELEDAIN, the Lanterns functioning as the Conscience Guards were virtually the action bodies released again before her death. The Lanterns are only able to live in the INTAZO, the living space and the burial place of ELEDAIN and their number has sunk from eight thousand at the beginning to approximately two thousand five hundred. Soon after the death of ELEDAIN, ARCHETIM appeared to make the INTAZO his base for the battle against the Negasphere. The Thermodyne engineers stationed massive watch forts in the INTAZO and stabilized the hypersphere by stationing eight donor suns inside. Several LAW Givers produced a stationary hyper-rip, which created a path, the CORRIDOR OF ORDER, into the inside of the Proto-Negasphere. The troops of the Chaotarcs are trying to energetically overload the inside of the INTAZO by massive hyperstorms and thereby make the passage unusable, but it is working too slowly. Nevertheless, ships are dependent in the INTAZO on the permanent application of high-quality 5-D protection screens.

The Lanterns know that when the Negasphere goes out, so will the INTAZO and it might seal their doom with it. They hope that Alaska Saedelaere, or more exactly his Cappin fragment, can somehow help them to survive this. However, this is not the case, and so Alaska Saedelaere can only try to award them courage and remind them of their duty and purpose. After his return to the JULES VERNE, Alaska reports to the other crewmembers of his experience.

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2423 - Berserker in Not
Berserkers in Distress
Arndt Ellmer

On General Kamuko’s instruction the JULES VERNE flies to a modular dock of the Bakosh'wish, a large space station, which circles around one of the suns of the INTAZO. There a naval force returns from Tare Scharm through the GATE. The ships are in disarray and have suffered massive damage from an encounter with an Entropic cyclone. One of the ships is a unit of the To s'amosa, which takes a direct course on the modular dock and threatens to blow up. Perry Rhodan swiftly decides to start a rescue operation, although that represents an offence against Kamuko’s instructions. The Galactics evacuate most of the To s'amosa, although they inexplicably and forcibly attempt to attack their rescuers. The rescue operation is further complicated by the fact that the To s'amosa are amphibious beings, which resemble more than two meter tall sea horses. Many areas of their ship are therefore flooded with water.

The Prinzipa is not pleased about Rhodan’s action and arranges a renewed examination of the JULES VERNE, because the To s'amosa ship (exploded shortly after the evacuation mission) could have been brought under the control of hostile agents. In addition the freedom of movement of the barbell ship is continued to be limited, so that their mission goal of observing the Retroversion is endangered. After the heads of the modular dock pay a visit to the JULES VERNE, the To s'amosas thank them for their rescue and supply an explanation for their resistance to rescue. This race, once the favored people of ELEDAIN, only has a few hundred thousand still alive. They are a completely peaceful people. In order to be able to avenge themselves despite their peacefulness for the destruction of their homeland by TRAITOR, they implanted themselves with devices in their brains by which they become berserker like fighters. These devices began to misfire under the influence of the Entropic cyclone, so the crewmembers went out of control.

Later on, Rhodan and some of his companions look around the modular dock. They learn that ARCHETIM’S goal consists of destroying as many proto-chaotic cells as possible, before these can develop themselves further into full chaotic cells and connect into a network. Rhodan receives a message, with which he is lured into an ambush: To s'amosa’s in berserker mode attack them. The Terran and his companions, who are eventually supported by some Bakosh'wishs, are forced to kill the attackers. Rhodan believes to feel a strange presence in the area. He finds evidence that someone must have been observing the attack. The Terran it is certain that the unknown person must have manipulated the drivers of the To s'amosa, and that the attack was meant specifically for him. The question is, who the unknown manipulator could be, because the Lanterns are convinced to not have allowed any negatively inclined being into the INTAZO. The Galactics assume the foreigner must have technology, which are at least at the level of development of Cosmocrat technology, to be able to be doing all this. All they can do is wait for what will happen next…

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2424 - Die Thermodyn-Zentrale
The Thermodyne Center
Hubert Haensel

Something is happening in Camp INTAZO: the superintelligences allied with ARCHETIM appear, a big fleet pushes ahead into Tare Scharm, and some Traitanks crushed by the Sekundims are brought into the hypercocoon for closer examination. Perry Rhodan receives permission from the Bakosh'wish to also have a look at the wrecks. Therefore, with a small team including the always unbearable Curcaryen Varantir, Rhodan proceeds to Modular Dock ANC 88. There he has the feeling of being observed. Gucky teleports with him and his companions onto a Traitank wreck where they discover indications to the fact that up to a short time two living beings must have been hidden there, which had fled via transmitter. When Gucky telekinetically checks out the transmitter, he activates a self-destruct mechanism, which finally destroys the wreck. Before this though, Rhodan and his companions flee through the transmitter, so that they reach the same destination as the two unknown people: an assembly platform on which the strangers have evidently bunkered weapons from the Terminal Column. Rhodan’s next destination is the nearby Thermodyne Center SIAH.

There the Thermodyne Engineer Abanathan Seg Dathuel, a being whose race, the Ahomelech, has already worked since primeval times in the service of the Cosmocrats. The Thermodyne Engineers are brilliant technical engineers who can perceive their nearby surroundings by acoustical waves and thereby virtually "look inside" technical devices. Dathuel makes the acquaintance of these strangers whose trail Rhodan has taken up: a Terminal Herald and a being that sits in a bearer robot that have penetrated the hypercocoon and killed all the Tefta-Ragas working in the Thermodyne Center. The Terminal Herald mentally enslaves Dathuel and forces him to put into operation the Variable Field Thermodyne-Multiplexer. This most important generator of the Thermodyne Center is to perforate the hypercocoon - in the same way the suns were brought into INTAZO approximately one thousand thirty years ago - so that TRAITOR can attack the INTAZO.

Rhodan and his companions reach the Thermodyne Center in a transport capsule. The Terran Resident is horrified to find Ekatus Atimoss there. Now he knows who has been observing him and made the assassination attempt on him. Rhodan recognizes immediately what is going on and attacks. However, Ekatus Atimoss and the Terminal Herald manage to escape. Rhodan can do nothing about this, and he can also not help the lethally injured Thermodyne Engineer. With his last bit of mental force Dathuel ensures that the SIAH destroys itself, before the already booted up Multiplexer can tear the INTAZO’S shell. Dathuel dies, but Rhodan and his companions are able to flee in the transport capsule. Kamuko’s flagship picks them up from out of space. Once again the suspicion falls on the Galactics, but with the recordings from their SERUNS Rhodan is able to explain to the Prinzipa what really happened. She recognizes that she once again owes the Galactics thanks. Now it is clear: the supposedly so safe hypercocoon INTAZO has been infiltrated by the enemy.

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2425 - Zwei gegen INTAZO
Two Against INTAZO
Michael Marcus Thurner

While Ekatus Atimoss and the Terminal Herald wait in vain for the Thermodyne Center sabotaged by them to blow up, destroying the INTAZO, the Dual being remembers his flight from the LAOMARK:

Ekatus Atimoss procures a substitute bearer robot and escapes with a Dark Capsule, but it was damaged. He must wait for rescue and then flies in the direction of Tare Scharm with the TAITOR investigation ship which picks him up. During this time he only barely escaped from falling into madness - since the loss of the Plot of Avalthani he has been exposed to the torture of the failed fusion of his two body halves without hope for alleviation. He distracts himself with the creation of Parapolarisators. Arriving at their destination, his death sentence is delivered to him by the Terminal Herald Glinvaran as a punishment for his failure: He is told to commit suicide. However, it does not come to this, because two Sekundims destroy the Herald’s ship and the investigators ship of the Dual. Ekatus Atimoss escapes death only with the help of the Parapol veil produced by him, and in this way he also saves the Herald. However, the Herald is not ready to lift the death sentence in thanks, because it had been pronounced by a Progress Keeper. Glinvaran spares the Dual only because he still needs him to be able to get to the INTAZO, which the two also manage in the protection of the Parapol veil.

Ekatus Atimoss suddenly feels better there - the energy of the Intazisch dust revitalizes him. Glinvaran develops a plan for the destruction INTAZO. The intention runs into danger when the Thermodyne Engineer Zetadhal Bron Apathen perceives the two saboteurs in spite of the Parapol veil. Ekatus Atimoss provokes a Psi-storm which kills the Ahomelech. Then Ekatus Atimoss observes the arrival of Perry Rhodan with the JULES VERNE. He wants to take revenge on him and sets some To s'amosa on him. Meanwhile, he has so become strong that he can oppose the suggestive influencing of the Herald more and more. He forces Glinvaran to help him in his plans. After the failed attempt to blow up the Thermodyne Center, Ekatus Atimoss fakes his own death - he uses his bearer robot to attack some Millraks and produces an explosion.

Perry Rhodan suspects that it was a trick, but still falls into a trap set by the Dual. When ARCHETIM orders the application of one hundred eighty thousand ships in Tare Scharm, Rhodan wants to speak to Kamuko to get permission to participate in this application. He is called to go see her, then discovers, however that he faces not the Aeganer, but the Terminal Herald and the Dual. Rhodan’s attempt to escape fails, and Ekatus Atimoss captures him. Certainly, the Terran takes part in the flight to Tare Scharm on the TAROSHI, but the JULES VERNE must stay behind – it is left to Mondra Diamond to make this decision. It is clear to her that something is wrong with Rhodan, but she may not dare the flight through the GATE, because the LAW Givers would blow away any unauthorized ship trying to go into hyperspace past them.

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2426 - Aufbruch der Friedensfahrer
Departure of the Peace Drivers
Uwe Anton

Help for the local group - and the search for the Foundering Mother

At the beginning of July 1346 NGC Kantiran has delivered the body of Dantyren to Terra. There he informs of Reginald Bull that the Peace Drivers will actively take part from now on in the battle against the Negasphere, as they want to supply the resource galaxies with Structure Burner-torpedos. In addition, five OREON transporters appear in the Solar system to receive 500 torpedos and 50 Kantor Sextants. The Peace Drivers module and Polm Ombar proceed to Andromeda, Cür Ye Gatta and Auludbirst to Pinwheel against which Kantiran and Cosmuel Cain resolve to depart for Ambriador and to the Altera Empire.

On the flight to Ambriador Cosmuel reminds her lover of the search for the Founding Mother to which Kantiran can remember, however, no longer. Cosmuel delivers the headword "Injata N´tuvage" to him and a mental barrier suddenly seems to free itself from Kantirans mind. Injata N´tuvage is a growing old Peace Driver, whom Kantiran visits in October 1345 NGC and wants to prove to him that the ominous Founding Mother of the Peace Drivers is not dead, but also even lives today on the chapel moon, Ospera. A contact with the Founding Mother could be really helpful, particularly as she must have known the Negasphere at that time of Lord of the Elements.

After Cosmuel Cain’s appointment the Peace Driver which takes place in the glass basilica on the otherwise taboo moon, Ospera, Kantiran leaves secretly by a transmitter through which he, Cosmuel Cain and Injata N´tuvage return to Ospera to come along on the search for the Founding Mother. During their 2-day search the Peace Drivers feel foolish, because, they did not themselves discover clear, apparently consciously laid traces of a humanoid being. Ancient Injata N´tuvage wants to die on Ospera, only Kantiran cannot anticipate, why he has chosen him exactly as a companion.

After a climbing trip from which of the ancient Peace Driver stays behind, Kantiran and Cosmuel find the old person dead on a hill which the deathly sick person could never have reached alone. Near this place Kantiran and Cosmuel discover a residential cave, but no proof of the presence of the Founding Mother who does not really want to be found apparently. Why the Founding Mother has taken from Kantiran the recollection of these events, and why by the naming of the key word by Cosmuel causes the recollections of these events to return, remains for the time being unclear. Kantiran supposes that the mental barrier should cause them to concentrate upon their real, more important task instead of staying with the search for the Founding Mother. Coming before Ambriador, The THEREME meets violent hyperstorms and the OREON capsule thereby gets out of control.

While the module and Polm Ombar have reached Andromeda, in Pinwheel Cür Ye Gatta and Auludbirst observe the kabinetisation of Hyrion, a world of the Maakar. Although no Structure Burner-torpedo was fired, the process of the kabinetisation is still brought to a standstill by ultrahigh frequency energy in the 5-dimensional and 6-dimensional spectrum. Apparently there exists even a farther group which likewise wants to disturb and prevent the efforts of the chaos troops. Thanks to the sophisticated technology of the OREON capsule the Peace Drivers discover a "network" mainly integrated in hyperspace that turns out eventually like two networks linked with each other. One net consists of 49 spheres linked with each other. The windings of the connecting light spirals make this object reminiscent of a DNA helix. The second net consists of about 200 spheres of 120 meters of diameter which are connected through material strands with each other. To Cür ye Gatta this thing seems anyhow familiar. To Cür ye Gatta, it amazingly resembles a TRAGTDORON.

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2427 - Hilfe für Ambriador
Help For Ambriador
Uwe Anton

The Peace Drivers Polm Ombar and the Module visit the Haluter-Terran base in Andromeda, while Kantiran and Cosmuel Kain make their way to Altera, after their OREON Capsule survives a massively raging hyperstorm in Ambriador. The Terminal Column TRAITOR has already been active for some time in both galaxies. Three nameless, uninhabited planets in Andromeda were already converted into cabinets for VULTAPHER (they theorize that there were legacies of the Hathor on them that could have been of interest for TRAITOR), while in Ambriador this destiny is directly approaching the main worlds of the star empires there.

The THEREME reaches Altera on July 17, 1346 NGE. The system is teeming with units of TRAITOR in all orders of magnitude, including six Column MACHINES and numerous Column Forts on the spot. Thirty-two Chaos Squadrons outgun the local Alteraner armed forces, which are still suffering under the aftereffects of the Posbi war. Kantiran and Cosmuel Kain free State Marshal Khong Wokong who is serving a sentence in the Firm Works prison and soon to be interrogated, because only he knows the secret location of Administrator Anton Ismael. Ismael is meeting the First Hetran Kat-Greer, who has also gone underground these days, in order to win him as an ally in the resistance against TRAITOR. The Lare is not interested in this suggestion, as he intends rather in closing a deal with the Terminal Column. But he does not anticipate that his plans have been thwarted: The Second Hetran Bran-Dor had the order to affect the Dual Captain Romukan by use of the Hyptons of the An'Gal'Dharan colony on Caligo (they are Sugggestors), but Romukan had turned out to be immune against the mental influencing and destroys the Hyptons.

On July nineteenth Kantiran delivers a greeting message from Reginald Bull to the Administrator and explains to him the whole scope of the threat by TRAITOR. He hands over structure burner torpedoes to the Alteraners, and makes it clear to the Administrator that these torpedoes must be fired from Alteraner ships - the Peace Drivers may not step visibly into action. The Posbis are no help, because the eighty-sun world is completely bolted by innumerable Traitanks. With the few, hardly powerful ships that are available to the Alteraners Ismael flies back to Altera, but the application of the torpedoes threatens to fail. Then TRAGTDORON appears and gives Ismael enough time to bring these weapons to their target, so that Altera cannot be made into cabinets for the time being. At a safe distance from the old system it comes to the contact with Nano Aluminium Gardener and Vhatom Q'Arabindon on board the TRAGTDORON. The Peace Drivers and the Alteraners learn that THERMIOC certainly wanted to appear appreciative, for the help given the superintelligence by Perry Rhodan, but does not want to intervene any more. The failed attempt to damage TRAITOR with BARDIOC’S Null was a lesson to the superintelligence. Besides, TRAGDTDORON is needed elsewhere. Nevertheless there is support being given in the background, across the multiverse.

Meanwhile Polm Ombar and the Module have taken up contact on Rakusa with a resistance organization of the races of Andromeda. They find out that the Dual Captain Romukan knows where VULTAPHER is to be built. Romukan is touring the galaxies of the local group as a Controller of the activities of the Column Geometricians. The Peace Drivers want to kidnap Romukan in order to get the information from him. Before that, however, the cabinetization of two planets must be prevented. The applications of the structure distiller-torpedoes on August seventeenth with Tefrod and on September fifth with Kepekin II are successful. Then Polm Ombar goes personally on October tenth to Thetus in the Sulvy system in order to capture Romukan, the dual being comprised of a Beast's descendant and a Ganschkare. He overpowers the Dual and his bodyguard on a visit in Mirona’s Tower on Thetus, dazes the Dual and brings him into the MODULE. This action is, nevertheless, a failure, because Romukan is killed by his Claw of the Laboraten, before he can say more than the mysterious words “ hundred times … “

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2428 - Hobogey der Rächer
Hobogey The Avenger
Horst Hoffmann

Ekatus Atimoss and Glinvaran get to the inside of the Negasphere of Tare Scharm aboard the TAROSHI unnoticed. The dual being truly wants to kill Perry Rhodan, whom he has captured, but the Terminal Herald does not allow him to. Rhodan is to be made a slave of the Column. The goal of both Chaos servants is to reach KOLTOROC and betraying everything about Camp INTAZO to him. The TAROSHI hardly crosses the CORRIDOR OF ORDER, as Ekatus Atimoss sets off some dozens of Parapolarisators at the same time, so that a Psi-storm appears which paralyzes the TAROSHI and makes it possible for the Chaos servants to escape with a rescue capsule. Inside the Negasphere Ekatus Atimoss gradually feels better. An influence which is called the Vibra-Psi and is spread throughout Tare Scharm alleviates his sufferings. Unfortunately the rescue capsule was also damaged by the Psi-storm, therefore it must make a forced landing on the planet Ata Thageno. Rhodan manages to flee, but ends up in mortal danger in the swampy jungle there. Ekatus Atimoss saves him at the last moment and brings him back to the capsule, where Rhodan is then securely bound.

On Ata Thageno there are still other forces at work: the Genprox Analysts, the genetic cartographers of the Terminal Column, are observing the erratic changes which occur as a result of the effect of the Vibra-Psi in the gene pool of the planetary biosphere here. It is not only that whole populations fall apart due to the mutations which the Vibra-Psi causes. New living beings also appear that need this influence to stay alive. The Genprox Analysts observe this genetic process and look for previously unknown Emanations. Ekatus Atimoss and Glinvaran want to reach the station of the Genprox Analysts, in order to use their radio facilities.

But then Hobogey appears, a four and half meter long worm like robot that fervently hates all the people of the Terminal Column – but most of all, the Genprox Analysts whom he holds responsible for the extinction of his people. Hobogey hunts down and kills these beings wherever he can find them, and has therefore come to Ata Thageno. When he sees the dual being and the Terminal Herald, he becomes enraged and attacks. He uses innumerable small robot insects that he accommodates inside his body. In Rhodan he recognizes a possible ally and he frees the Terran. Because he cannot overpower the Chaos servants, he flees into the jungle, carrying Rhodan...

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2429 - Das Terminale Beben
The Terminal Quake
Arndt Ellmer

The Genprox Analysts are a people of very small sized Methane breathers with four arms and a sickle shaped head in which four eyes sit. With their Genprox-Explorers, which contain Genprox-Jets for sloops they explore the Vibra-Psi affected planets on which they are set down by Traitanks. Most of all, they look for the so-called Emanations. They use this designation for paranormal gifted beings which appear from the influence of the Vibra-Psi and are considered for positions as particularly capable servants of the Terminal Column within a Negasphäre. The center of their culture is the base station IROTHAK. The garrisons, also called Genprox-Explorers, they form self-sufficient offshoots of this station. Ish Conart is a Genprox Analyst who is promoted to the new commander of the Thalongron garrison. When he begins to proceed against the lack of discipline ruling in Thalongron, he makes himself enemies. Conspirators care for the fact that his Genprox-Jet fails during the Terminal Quake in the middle of a dangerous area. A mutated bird damages Ish’s protective suit, so that he is exposed to the oxygen atmosphere of the planet, which is poisonous for him...

Meanwhile, when Perry Rhodan and Hobogey reach safety away from the Dual Ekatus Atimoss and Terminal Herald Glinvaran, they try to speak with each other. Ironically they must use TraiCom, the language used by their common enemy, because only the language of TRAITOR is known to both. Rhodan finds out not only Hobogey’s motives, but also is hiding itself inside the worm: it is not a real living being, but a high tech means of transport for an only eighty centimeter tall humanoid, which is physically merged with the biomechanical worm. Hobogey (or Hobo Gey) is the last person from the people of the Sarti. The rest were destroyed by the Vibra-Psi radiation. The Genprox Analysts simply sat back and watched the process of extinction occur, not intervening g in any way – all they cared about was the evaluation of the data about it. When it comes to a Terminal Quake, as a result of the directly approaching union of two chaotic cells, which will then form a chaotic network, Rhodan and Hobogey run into danger. The laws of space and time do not seem to be apply any more. When the quake finally fades away, the two allies reach the dome-shaped base station of the Genprox Analysts. For the moment, they cannot do anything about the fact that Ekatus Atimoss and Glinvaran arrive with an Antigrav-platform before the station…

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2430 - Der Genprox-Explorer
The Genprox-Explorer
Arndt Ellmer

Ekatus Atimoss and Glinvaran reach the base station of the Genprox Analysts, but are stuck there. Because of the approaching union of two chaotic cells into a chaotic network no spaceship can leave the planet, and use of the hyperradio is not possible. Genprox Analysts submit photos to them on which Perry Rhodan and Hobogey are to be seen. IROTHAK’S sloops are sent out on the hunt for them.

Ish Conart survives the attack of the mutated fauna of Ata Thageno. The beak of the bird that has attacked him seals the hole in his protective clothing, so that he can be saved. He continues to search for the reasons for the hostility which some (but not all) the Genprox Analysts of the Thalongron garrison show towards him. He is distracted by two joyful pieces of news: his offspring have hatched, and as was expected his clutch is one of the " highest hope class “. Conart’s children will belong to the elite of their people. Conart also discovers that the Gresken - two meter long armored reptiles – have become the searched for Emanations under the influence of the Vibra-Psi. They have developed a Para-gift and can teleport over short distances, dissolving their bodies into a black cloud. However, the evolutionary process is not completed yet, but proceeding at unusually rapid speed. The Greskens long ago stopped being animals, they are at least semi-intelligent. Conart supposes that the Element of Darkness, which was also active on Ata Thageno, is involved in this phenomenon.

The Genprox Analysts begin to " educate" the Greskens for the purposes of TRAITOR and they use the dependence of the Greskens to the Vibra-Psi for it. With the Vibra-Psi amplifiers of their vehicles the Greskens are either rewarded by a raised supply of Vibra-Psi, or punished by its denial. Then, at last, Conart succeeds in capturing the conspirators. He finds out that they all belong to the same clutch of a certain Ak Lithra, and that they suffer from a disease which sometimes occurs to the Genprox Analysts because of their constant contact with the Vibra-Psi: the descendants of Ak Lithras are addicted to the Vibra-Psi. Conart has no choice than to order the arrest of members of the Ak Lithra slip as well as their descendants in order to execute them, and exactly this was the reason, why he was to be assassinated.

Meanwhile Perry Rhodan and Hobogey are indecisive about how they should proceed because the base station of the Genprox Analysts is too large for Hobogey’s weaponry. To win more information, they follow some Genprox-Explorers into an area, which seems to be particularly interesting for the Analysts. There they meet Greskens, which behave strangely. Rhodan recognizes that these beings have become Emanations. One of the reptiles leads the Terran to a hiding place in which Sharband hides - he is the leader of all the Greskens and possesses strong telepathic forces. He can communicate with Rhodan and informs him that he knows everything about the intentions of the Genprox Analysts and feels Rhodan’s Knight aura. He considers Rhodan as a friend because he wanted to warn the Greskens about the Analysts. Rhodan finds out from Sharband that the Greskens were affected by the Element of Darkness, and that the Element will soon return to take the Greskens with itself. Until it is time, Rhodan and Hobogey stand under Sharband’s protection.

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2431 - Attacke der Cypron
Attack of the Cypron
Horst Hoffmann

Perry Rhodan asks Hobogey to bring him to his ship, the HUNTER, which the Sarti inherited from Dirvan Molavi, an agent of ARCHETIM’S. There the two companions would be safer than in the mutated wilderness of Ata Thagenos, which is out of control. Rhodan assumes the fact that the hyperphysical disturbances which currently prevent hyperradio and space travel will quickly fade away after the union of the chaotic cells Bernabas and Bi-Xotoring. On the way Rhodan is almost devoured by the Element of Darkness, which has returned to take the Greskens. Finally, in spite of several Terminal quakes and the pursuit by ten powerful Analyst-protection tanks the companions reach the small disc ship. Hobogey can soon actually prepare the launch, but then he catches a Column radio message: Glinvaran has requested support. Nine Traitanks actually appear shortly afterwards to which all the information collected about Camp INTAZO by Ekatus Atimoss and the Terminal Herald are transmitted.

Before the Traitanks can pick up the dual being and the Herald, they are attacked by twelve suddenly appearing ships. Hobogey recognizes the tri-part ships which resemble maple leaves from the top view, battleships of the Cyprons. The Cyprons are the strongest adversaries of TRAITOR in Tare Scharm, and their ships are superior to the Traitanks. Marveling, Rhodan watches how all the Traitanks are destroyed and the Cyprons lose only a single smaller unit. ARCHETIM’S secrets remain protected. While the Cyprons also destroy the base station of the Genprox Analysts, Rhodan and Hobogey make contact with the Cypron commander Randa Eiss. He at first presents himself as reserved, but becomes much more accessible when Hobogey states that Rhodan is an aura bearer. The Cypron satisfies himself of it personally. The humanoid being awards Rhodan the status of an envoy of the forces of Order.

The Analyst-protection tanks attack. Randa Eiss thinks it is an act of desperation by the Chaos servants, but it is actually a diversionary maneuver. Glinvaran sacrifices himself to make it possible for Ekatus Atimoss to proceed in secret to the rescue capsule with which he reached the planet. There the dual being wants to wait, until the Cyprons have departed. The Cypron ships do soon leave the system, but Rhodan has seen through the trick and already awaits the dual being at the capsule. Now the Terran has the opportunity to kill Ekatus Atimoss, but he only paralyzes him and brings him with the HUNTER to the SHARKUVA, the flagship of Randa Eiss. Hobogey also practices the renouncing of violence. He has recognized that at least two Roganers - once the dominant species of Ata Thageno - have changed under the influence of the Vibra-Psi, and like the Greskens, have become Emanations. Although it is clear to him that TRAITOR might force these beings into its services, he does not kill them. However, he also does not anticipate that he carries seeds of these beings on the outside covering of his worm robot.

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2432 - Proto-Negasphäre
Hubert Haensel

While the crew of the JULES VERNE still looks for Perry Rhodan, General Kamuko returns to the INTAZO in failure. Seven thousand ships were destroyed, with many more badly damaged and innumerable dead. It was devastating that the emergence of the chaotic network could not be prevented. Mondra Diamond immediately gives the instruction to move towards the TAROSHI, Kamuko’s flagship, in order to face off against the Prinzipa. Mondra gathers some shipwrecked members from damaged ships with the GORATSCHIN and gains entry to the TAROSHI with no problem. There Gucky teleports with her without great trouble to Kamuko’s quarters. She tells the Prinzipa about what she thinks happened to Rhodan, but Kamuko tells her that she is sure Rhodan has not left the INTANZO and she has more important things to worry about with the current defeat. Mondra must accept this for now, but then the General reports of a psi-storm, which hit the TAROSHI, when the ship had reached the Proto-Negasphere, which had set off a rescue capsule from the TAROSHI - for Diamond, a clear indication that Glinvaran and Ekatus Atimoss did in fact kidnap Perry Rhodan and left the INTAZO with the TAROSHI. The General however is not convinced, but the Terran did succeed in sowing a grain of doubt. Diamond demands that the JULES VERNE be allowed to go through the GATE, which Kamuko rejects.

A little later discovered the rubble of a small space jet is found near IN-5. The analyses by the JULES VERNE show that not Rhodan, but a Schohaake had been on board, when the ship was completely destroyed. Thus the indications are piling up ever more that Rhodan and the two TRAITOR opponents really have left the INTAZO. Kamuko can no longer deny the possibility and gives order to close the exit to Eledain Cishon.

After the General receives new instructions from the ARCHETIM messenger AI-Myo, she immediately calls Diamond and Gucky to herself. She states to the two that the superintelligence had arranged three further attacks on the Proto Negasphere in the near future. The first goal is the newly developed network at Bi-Xotoring. She will allow the JULES VERNE to penetrate into Tare Scharm with her attack fleet. She may not pass on further details for security reasons. However she openly leaves a data crystal lying on her desk, which Guky quickly telekinetically steals. As a method of returning to the INTANZO, Kamuko offers the Galactics the position of a gathering point a thousand light-years from Bi-Xotoring for the third attack target. The only way the General can see herself handing over the exact coordinates of this point of attack to the JULES VERNE is to install guard columns in the ship. For lack of other options Mondra Diamond accepts this condition.

During the return to the JULES VERNE Gucky informs Mondra of his theft. At first Mondra is frightened, but after Kamuko still does not make contact hours later because of the loss and the scientists of the Galactics succeed in decoding the crystal and finding a current map of Tare Scharm in the data, it becomes clear that Kamuko wanted to pass on this data to them “under the table”, and counted on Gucky’s natural curiosity to make him steal it.

According to the data Tare Scharm is forty-five percent converted into a Negasphere, already pulled through by chaotic cells and networks.

After the Bakosh'wish set up three guard columns in the JULES VERNE, along with a self-destruct mechanism, which watches over the integrity of the crew, the ship makes its way into the GATE along with one hundred twenty thousand ships. As the crew learned, the two LAW Givers CHEOS AKIS and CHEOS DEGU would generate an exit in the Bi-Xotoring-system. There it is intended that the two giant stations would start a renewed attack on the chaotic network that had developed, while Kamuko’s task assigned to the fleet is to protect the two stations against attacks by Traitanks.

Already briefly after CHEOS AKIS and CHEOS DEGU begin to degenerate the chaotic network, the first Traitanks arrive, and it comes to the battle. The JULES VERNE, which remains to observe the LAW Givers at work, is pulled into the engagements. Ever more TRAITOR units show up, but when the message of an arriving Entropic cyclone comes, ARCHETIM’S ships must go on the retreat. In a last message Kamuko makes it clear that there is no means of surviving an Entropic cyclone, except flight.

With this information the JULES VERNE tries to leave the scene, but encounters difficulties with Temporal time streams and Traitanks. They do not manage to get back into the GATE…

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2433 - Der Zorn des Duals
The Dual’s Fury
Wim Vandemaan

On December 10, 1346 NGE according to the calendar of the JULES VERNE Perry Rhodan has captured Ekatus Atimoss. The dual being is brought on the SHARKUVA, the flagship of the Cypron Randa Eiss, and examined there. Rhodan, who immediately takes a liking to the Cypron and is accepted by them as an ally, gets to know more about this race. Under the influence of the Vibra-Psi practically all the Cyprons have become mutants and developed various Para-gifts. Thus the Sphärikers serve as pilots for navigation in the Negasphere, and several Cyprons with anti-mutant abilities prevent Ekatus Atimoss from creating Parapolarisators with which he could escape. The Cyprons are an amphibious life form and have taken on the job for a mighty ally, whose names they do not mention to Rhodan, of mapping Tare Scharm anew. According to their information the Vibra-Psi is a function of the Psionic Net, which has been manipulated by the Chaotarcs in the area of Tare Scharm and has been separated from the remainder of the Net. The Sphärikers are able to sense this net and thereby counteract the inconsistencies of reading it.

The Cypron have a way of possibly making the Claw of the Laboraten ineffective. They apply this so-called Atrentus procedure to Ekatus Atimoss, while the spaceship association led by the SHARKUVA flies to the so–called Lagoon Moon, which must be stopped at if one wants to reach Tarquina, the central world of the Cyprons. It is only there that the SAHRKUVA can get the final coordinates of Tarquina, which is now a wandering planet. Ekatus Atimoss receives an injection, which includes a nano-technologically changed cell culture from his own body tissue. This cell culture begins immediately to encase the Claw of the Laboraten, in order to prevent its influencing the dual being anymore – it would be impossible to remove the claw or to kill it, because Ekatus Atimoss would also die. The process will either work or kill the Dual. Moreover, an explosive radio beacon is inserted in the Dual without his knowledge. The process of encapsulation lasts several days, during which Ekatus Atimoss remembers an episode from his past:

At that time he had reached a Vector planet, a legendary world that was once a component of an immense transport system. At one time many of these worlds had been pulled from their multidimensional space and embedded in one single dimension. Over this route world one had been able to reach any point of the Multiversums in zero time, but it had disintegrated after some unknown disaster into several sections – the Vector planets. On this world Ekatus Atimoss reached a sort of mushroom-shaped tower, which was possibly a component of this transport system. The dual being only succeeded in leaving the planet again after a strange and mentally straining trip filled with peculiar events.

Finally, the Atrentus process is concluded and the Dual survives it. Rhodan offers the Chaos servant a chance to change sides, but if he thought that the freedom of choice won anew would automatically make Ekatus Atimoss an ally, he was wrong. After an involuntary orientation stop on December fourteenth with which the SHARKUVA must eavesdrop on instructions from a TRAITOR Space Time Router, they finally reach the Lagoon Moon. Here the Cyprons will receive instructions from a “Sleeper” for reaching the current location of Tarquinas – for safety reasons this world never remains long at any one place. Here Ekatus Atimoss ignites the first of two Parapolarisators, which he could produce, after he believes that he has succeeded, in lulling his guards into a false sense of security. He flees from the ship. In actuality, Randa Eiss wanted to allow him to escape. The Cypron hopes that Ekatus Atimoss will experience a change of his senses and decide to change sides. Otherwise the dual being will have to be killed.

As Ekatus Atimoss finds himself lured by the call of the ocean, he suddenly finds that he is absolutely painless – a state which he has not known since he awoke a Dual. He recognizes that it is, actually, a water being and needs this element to have no pains. Moreover, it becomes clear to him that TRAITOR must have known this, and that all the promises that have been made to him by it were only lies. TRAITOR wanted to have him as a pain filled being full of hatred to thereby make him a more effective tool. This knowledge makes Ekatus Atimoss position itself by his free will on the side of the Cosmocrat helpers, because he needs their help to take revenge on TRAITOR. After he has shed his skin, he returns to the SHARKUVA full of vitality and energy.

On the 22nd of December the SHARKUVA launches again to fly to the “Diving world” Tarquina, which should be reached in two days...

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2434 - Die Halbraumwelt
The Semi-space World
Michael Marcus Thurner

The JULES VERNE gets lost in the chaos of the Proto-Negasphäre. The course instructions from the guard pillars do not help it, because its current position is completely unknown. Therefore the rendezvous appointment for the meeting with Kamuko’s mission fleet passes by - the Terrans cannot leave Tare Scharm with her any more.

On December 24, 1346 NGE, JUELS VERNE time, Perry Rhodan reaches the diving world Tarquina. The planet surrounded by artificial suns is hidden in a semi-space bubble which is mobile and therefore offers maximum security before TRAITOR. Perry Rhodan, Hobogey and even Ekatus Atimoss are considered friends. The dual being can freely look around on Tarquina and is led by the young Cypron scientist Aina Sio about the underwater world of the planet. Rhodan and Randa Eiss find out meanwhile that not all is at peace with the Cyprons. A group of Isolationists under the Councilor Deco Forlane is against the participation of the Cyprons in the fighting against TRAITOR. They are calling for a retreat from Tare Scharm, ignoring the fact that the Vibra-Psi to which their people have fallen victim, is still effective in the semi-space bubble. The Ultimate Councilor Pan Iana - the most important antagonist of the Isolationists, and because of her power, possibly the last hope of their people - has been murdered. It is clear to Randa Eiss that the Isolationists are behind it.

Perry Rhodan’s search to be brought together with the armed forces of ARCHETIM is delayed for up to two weeks for the election of a new Ultimate Councilor. The Terran tries to convince Randa Eiss to run for this office. He wants to prevent Deco Forlane from becoming the new head leader of the Cyprons. Meanwhile Ekatus Atimoss accidentally learns about the existence of the radio beacon which was implanted in him. He operates on himself to remove the tiny broadcasting station and then, full of fury, begins to produce new Parapolarisators. He does not anticipate that Deco Forlane is already beginning to frame him as part of his plans for a putsch. Forlane uses a meeting of the Council, to try making it appear that Ekatus Atimoss is responsible for a bloodbath of the old councilors. Rhodan should also be killed in the attack. However, with the help of his Parapolarisators Ekatus Atimoss is able to bring Rhodan to security and bring the assassins to take flight. Rhodan must admit that he knew about the existence of the radio beacon, and that he owes the dual being for saving him. Nevertheless, Ekatus Atimoss has now shown which side he had decided upon.

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2435 - Die Nega-Cypron
The Nega-Cyprons
Michael Marcus Thurner

The JULES VERNE under the command of Mondra Diamond wanders through the Proto-Negasphere and can only barely escape from destruction by Traitanks several times. Only Alaska Saedelaere can settle the situation with the application of the Vector Helmet and recalibration of the hyperphysically working devices of the barbell ship to make it flightworthy again. He brings the JULES VERNE to a star in whose detection shadow spaceships of the Cypron are hiding. After hesitant establishment of contact the Cyprons trust the Galactics and bring the JULES VERNE to their central world Tarquina.

In the meanwhile the Exponent Randa Eiss who applies for the office of Ultimate Exponent is there. Together with Perry Rhodan, Ekatus Atimoss and Hobogey he goes to the continent Baybark, the homeland of the Nega-Cyprons to gain their support for his candidacy. His competitor Deco Forlane also does this.

While the two rivals recite their resumes to the leaders of the Nega-Cyprons, Perry Rhodan and his companions search for contact with "normal" Nega-Cyprons, to try airing the veil of secrets around these offshoots of the people of the Cypron. They end up in the graveyard of the Nega-Cyprons, a field of stone obelisks which throw no shadows. A woman gives the information Perry Rhodan is looking for about this. Eight hundred years ago the first Nega-Cyprons joined with a bodiless being, bringing forth the first Cynos which already dispose of strong Psi-forces and master the gift of form transformation.

When the Nega-Cypron leaders choose to side with Randa Eiss, his rival Deco Forlane does not want to accept this and attempts to murder the leader of the Nega-Cyprons with the help of the Isolationists followers. However, this fails because of the superior Psi-forces of the Nega-Cyprons. Randa Eiss executes his adversary.

After his election to Ultimate Councilor, Randa Eiss has access to the state secrets of his people. The Vibra-Psi is causing the population of the Cyprons shrink constantly and they are standing before extinction (with the exception of the Nega-Cyprons, whose number constantly grows). The mysterious ally of the Cyprons is none other than ARCHETIM, for whom the Cyprons map the Proto-Negasphere. Ki-Myo, an Aeganer from the same race as General Kamuko, functions as ARCHETIM’S envoy. Tare Scharm is already forty-five percent filled with chaotic cells and networks and stands shortly before the point at which the final transformation to the Negasphere will be irreversible.

With the arrival of the JULES VERNE on Tarquina Perry Rhodan and Mondra Diamond are reunited.

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2436 - Die Teletrans-Weiche
The Teletrans-Points
Uwe Anton

Dr. Baldwin Carapol wants to pay his first visit to a station which serves for the further examination of the body of ARCHETIM in the sun Sol. In connection with this, ticklish feelings overcome him aboard the DAEDALUS III with the thought that Myles Kantor was killed during a mission in the sun.

Suddenly hyperphysical phenomena appear, and it comes to microstructure vibrations in the space time continuum. After it is found out that no direct danger for the ship exists, they approach the source of the phenomenon and note that large amounts of energy are being drawn off from the sun and disappear in a point near Saturn orbit.

Meanwhile, Reginald Bull is holding a public appearance as a Globist together with Fran Imith. A short time after their return from it, the news reaches him that something unusual was measured close to Saturn orbit. Ships are ordered immediately to the area, among them the PRAETORIA. Bully proceeds by transmitter to the PRAETORIA and gives orders to send for Marc London and Dr. Baldwin Carapol.

On the spot it is found out that there is a hyperperforation of space which grows and eventually stabilizes at one hundred eighty kilometers of diameter. Slight Strangeness effects are also measured, as well as the radiation of a sun with which it is Sol. Bull hopes that Seven Mighties from another universe, who had promised to support mankind in the battle against TRAITOR, are returning with the promised. Or it is thought that it might be a new attempt by TRAITOR to bypass the crystal screen.

Both theories turn out to be wrong when a short time later a silver ball leaves the hyperperforation and Lotho Keraete, the messenger of ES announces himself from inside it. He comes aboard to speak to Bull and submits the offer of ES to evacuate as many people as possible from the Sol system to a distant and safe place.

Bull is disappointed, because he had hoped rather for direct help in the battle against TRAITOR, and not an evacuation by ES. The people would be brought through the hyperperforation which is called a Teletrans-point to the distant location of the superintelligence in the Stardust system. As a side effect of the transportation a large percentage of the hypercrystals in the ships will be destroyed. However, enough beds of hypercrystal exist in the Stardust system to balance out the loss quickly again. This is a one time offer and open for a period of eighty-eight days. Then ES will shut the Teletrans point forever. Therefore there will be no more possibility for a return to Terra through it.

Because they do not want to trust the superintelligence blindly, Bull starts a mission for the examination of the Stardust system with SCARAB scout ships, because these are less affected than all other available spaceships by the failure of hypercrystals. Bull participates himself in this expedition, and comes up with a way to be able to quickly compensate for the loss of the ninety-five percent of the hypercrystals with the passage.

During the passage Bull receives contact with ES. The superintelligence shows him two visions: the first is of the happy new beginning in the Stardust system, while the second one shows the destruction of the Sol system when TRAITOR mobilizes a massive number of units and collapses the crystal screen, then destroys all the planets.

When he awakens, the investigation starts in the Stardust system, and they end up visiting a place which Bull has seen in his first vision. At the same time, a SCARAB is sent back to report to Earth.

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2437 - Die immaterielle Stadt
The Immaterial City
Uwe Anton

August 18, 1346 NGE begins extremely positively for Homer G. Adams, because he gets the news that Roi Danton lives and is already with an USO convoy on the way to Quinto-Center. And Reginald Bull has sent back a SCARAB through the Teletrans Point whose crew reports that everything is all right on the other side. However, soon there is new annoyance. Lotho Keraete, who still stays extremely uncommunicative and cannot be lured from his reserve, announces the existence of the Stardust System arbitrarily in full public. The press naturally spreads this information immediately. To prevent a mass panic, Adam's must confirm Keraete’s information in a news conference. Nevertheless, he gains points when he announces that the Stardust system is already being personally examined by Bull and that some selected representatives of the press may participate with the flight of the next group of Scarabs.

Not all the people are immediately inspired by Keraete’s offer to evacuate the Sol system. The Globists are particularly resistant, because they do not see why they should give up what they have defended so hard for all this time. Then Keraete pulls a new trump from up his sleeve and presents the Holo-message which Perry Rhodan had sent on the in April, shortly after the context jump, with a silver ball. Rhodan leaves the decision about the offer of the superintelligence up to each individual Terran and says in encouragement that while he is proud of anyone that will stay, he would not take offense at any person who decides to take up the offer. Adams is angry about the fact that ES evidently received this message months ago and kept it hidden all this time. However, still worse is to come. On the twenty-fourth of August he receives the news that Roi Danton’s convoy was intercepted by Traitanks and almost completely destroyed. Nobody knows whether Rhodan’s son could escape in time...

On the other side of the Teletrans Point the habitable planets of the Stardust system are explored by Reginald Bull and his companions: the paradisiacal world Aveda as well as Zyx, Trondgarden and the relatively inhospitable planet Cataract. Reginald Bull goes to the last of these, because a forbidden zone is there, according to Keraete’s information: the continent Aumark. Bull supposes that ES wanted to awaken the curiosity of the Terrans with this information. On Cataract ruins are to be found everywhere. There was obviously once a highly developed civilization here. Marc London points out the presence of five immaterial cities which can be perceived only optically, not with sensors. Every city has another color, and each radiates a kind of siren’s call, if one enters into them. The fulfillment of all one’s wishes is promised. In the fifth city, which has a pearly white color things are different. Here there is a passage, the so-called shadow gate, through which one can actually enter the city. Bull, London and Dr. Carapol cross this passage and suddenly find themselves amongst living being from different races, who all give a lethargic impression.

A being similar to a man-sized cat that introduces himself as Aru Khaltaaquee gives some explanations to the Terrans. The city carries the name Prymtuor and seems to possess its own consciousness. It is on an eternal tour of three hundred twenty-one planets, and with its mental siren’s song it enlists new inhabitants. Bull is surprised when Khaltaaquee says that the city had been built by beings which live longer than the sun. To his horror he finds out that while the city certainly promises its inhabitants peace and a long life, it also ensures that the fact that they lose all ambitions - and most of all that it keeps traveling on to the next destination once it has taken on the new inhabitants, like in the case of Bull, London and Carapol! Prymtuor has already move on to another planet, which is possibly also in another time or another universe. Bull finds out that the city is steered from the Time Center, but that nobody that has gone looking for it has ever returned. The three Terrans succeed in entering the Time Center. And here, so Bull supposes, ES begins one more time to play little game with the people. They must disassemble three damaged cage transmitters in order to build a functional one, and these devices are identical to the ones used in the Galactic Riddle. At the same moment the Terrans are disturbed by a mental influence. Finally, they reach the actual Time Center over the transmitter, where the para-gifted Marc London succeeds in steering the city back to Cataract. The Terrans must hurry up to leave Prymtuor, before it travels on again – fortunately, the city puts no great barrier in their way.

Back in his SCARAB, Bull learns about Lotho Keraete’s "news conference". It is clear to him that an exodus of mankind to the Stardust system cannot be prevented now any more, and that he stands under even more pressure now to make sure it can be done safely...

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2438 - Das Stardust-System
The Stardust System
Hubert Haensel

Timber Whistler Jr., founder and sole owner of Terrania Robotics Retrodesign, a multimulti-millionaire and the biggest competitor of the company of his own distantly related family, is deeply touched in his core by Lotho Keraete’s speech of August 19, 1346 NGE. Practically from one minute to the next he makes the decision to not only emigrate to the Stardust system, but to put up the whole property of TRR for sale to finance a private colonist's caravan. It is not for him about profits – he wants to bring as many people as possible to safety from TRAITOR. He succeeds even in moving Lotho Keraete to agree to a personal conversation. The messenger of ES recognizes Whistler’s good intentions and gives him a data crystal which contains information about the Stardust system and the Teletrans-Point.

Whistler immediately gets to work announcing his plan over Gobi-Trivid, which belongs to his company, prepares the company for sale and acquires a good number of SCARB spaceships. Already after a few days TRR can hardly deal with the onslaught of people wanting to emigrate. With the means of his company, which has achieved a book property of two hundred fifty million Galax by the construction of robots with Low level technology since the hypershock of 1331 NGE, it is possible to him to realize this ambitious plan. Homer G. Adams, who tries at first to prevent Whistler’s plans, finally offers his cooperation to him.

Meanwhile the investigation of the Stardust system continues. Because a permanent radio communication link through the Teletrans-Point could be constructed, Reginald Bull is kept informed of the developments in the Sol system and knows that the first settlers will soon arrive. Reporters are brought to the four inhabitable planets, so that they can prepare an extensive reporting on them.

Bull examines the supposed danger zone between the second planet Parga and the sun. The explanation of the strong 5D radiation ruling there is soon found: The space close to sun is a gigantic lode of high quality hypercrystals. The only few millimeters thick crystals embedded in an unknown substance are floating freely in space – for Bull it is clear that this is not a natural occurrence. He theorizes that ES had deposited the hypercrystals here. Bull’s SCARAB is attacked by a strange object which is identified by Marc London later as a life form. The ship surrounds the ship as a thin netlike structure and taps it for hyperenergy. The SCARAB is able to flee, but is pursued by the object and attacked once again. Bull takes the risk of deactivating the HU-screen. As a result of this the sphere departs – apparently it was simply drawn by the hyperenergy of the protective screen.

The married couple Jirinia and Franck Jarantin (reporters from Albion-3D), are part of the reporters on the move in the Stardust system. They are flying with the SK-PRAE-101. On August twenty-fourth, on the planet Zyx, the two observe a water being whose behavior shows intelligence. They do not go back aboard when the SCARAB lifts again, because they believe to have found their paradise with the planet. They are therefore the first Terran colonists in the Stardust system. Others soon follow, because after the first press reports have reached the Sol system through the Teletrans-Point, and the government has no choice but to give the approval for the settlement. To steer everything into the proper paths, Adams orders the Assistant Secretary Sigurd Echnatom to be the interim administrator of the new LFT colony, whose first aim after the extinction of the Teletrans-Point must consist of restoring contact with the Earth as quickly as possible.

Moreover, extensive raw materials and machine deliveries are prepared. This includes kits a total of one hundred spaceships of various size classes. All together one hundred million immigrants volunteer by the end of August. Whistler, who has disposed of his company for only ten percent of its value, leads the first relay of his private SCARABS personally. Fifteen million people will follow him at his expense – the flight is free for them. On September first he lands on Aveda. There he sets up the flag of the LFT and takes the Stardust system in possession for humanity. This gesture appears to have only symbolic value, because the real authority lies with Sigurd Echnatom, who has also landed on Aveda.

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2439 - Menschen für Stardust
People For Stardust
Hubert Haensel

By November 13, 1346 NGE - the day on which the Teletrans Point shuts as announced - 804 million people altogether move into the Stardust system and begin to raise several cities from the ground on four habitable planets. Stardust City on Aveda is the first and biggest of them. Up till the closing of the Point the LFT accomplishes some true masterly logistical achievements.

Several million people as well as masses of equipment, raw materials and machinery are transported weekly in enormous standard container shipments - so-called Stardust Arks - through the dimensional tunnel. On the 7th of September the first Stardust Ark launches with the ARK 001 on the platform of a naval tender of the GANYMEDE Class to MOTRANS-1, where it is radiated with the Situations transmitter into the Teletrans Point and is then received on the other side at a makeshift space station by the name of SOLAR SYSTEM.

During this time Reginald Bull gets to the bottom of the secret of the hypercrystals floating in free space. They are actually the eliminations of the unusual spheroid shaped form of life that is named ’Howanets’ by Marc London. These beings fly constantly back and forth between the planet Parga and the sun. On the planet they graze matter, while at the sun they fill up with hyperenergy. On the way they excrete, as Bull finds out slightly disgusted, various hypercrystals.

Timber F. Whistler Jr. acquires the license from Temporary Administrator Sigurd Echnatom for exploitation of the hypercrystal deposits. In exchange for it he gives most of his SCARABS and other equipment and material that his settler’s caravan had brought to Stardust. The fact that the Howanets are not as innocent as was originally assumed, Whistler finds out when he begins to attract these beings with the hyperenergy of activated HÜ screens to move them to eliminate their hypercrystals where one can easily collect them. A Howanet destroys one of his SCARABS, and there are two casualties to mourn. However, Whistler cannot be thrown for long by this rebound and creates a new company together with the crews of his TRR SCARABS: Whistler-Stardust and Co.

Echnatom, whose strongly bureaucratic manners get on Whistler’s nerves receives a special shipment from the Sol system: three Vario-1000 robots which can use a variety of chrysalis coverings to mix in with the humans, by order of the TLS. A control of this kind seems to be required, because The LFT by no means intends on shirking their responsibility for the colonists, even if they will be cut off from the local group for an indeterminate amount of time, if not forever.

While Stardust City and the other cities quickly grow, some new discoveries are made. The Terrans settling on Zyx receive contact with intelligent amphibious living beings, which live in the oceans there. These beings call themselves the Indochimi, and can communicate with the settlers over translators. They wish to be friends. Furthermore it is found out that the Stardust system lies in the center region of a two hundred light year wide star cluster, which gets the name Far Away and apparently accommodates no other space-traveling people.

On November thirteenth the Teletrans Point goes out. In the Stardust system the settlers who now call themselves Stardust mankind are dependent upon themselves. Before the Point goes out, Lotho Keraete announces that his task is now fulfilled. ES will not make contact again with Stardust mankind. But as a farewell present, the Second Galactic Puzzle is begun: ES has hidden two cell activator chips in the Stardust system, for whoever proves himself worthy by finding them. Lotho Keraete disappears with his silver ball after making this announcement.

Reginald Bull, the immortal, considers all these developments with mixed feelings. When he arrives back home in the Sol system, the news that Roi Danton has arrived safely in Quinto-Center with an army of some sort and soon wants to travel to Terra, brings some cheer.

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2440 - Armee der Schatten
Army of the Shadows
Leo Lukas

Kirmizz leaves the SOL on September 2, 1346 NGE to proceed to the building site of the Chaotender VULTAPHER. The SOL remains in the hands of TRAITOR. Hundreds of Column Motivators keep the most important among the crew under control, which is no longer made pliant any more by Kirmizz' ability of the Mental-Dislocation. A garrison of one thousand five hundred Mor'Daer soldiers and three hundred Ganschkares under the leadership of the female Kalbaron Silathe looks after the rest. The SOL is ordered to the Service Castle SIRC where it - so much is certain for Ronald Tekener - with high likelihood will be scrapped. The future of its crew looks just as gloomy. The flight to the Service Castle will last twenty-two days. So much time remains to Ronald Tekener to recapture the SOL. The Solaners do not anticipate the fact that he has been making suitable preparations for months already. They believe that Tekener has given up himself and the SOL. The Smiler suffers from the disdain, which they bring him for this. Not to endanger his plans, he may betray to nobody anything about the shadow army, which is preparing for the coup: With cleverly laid out tracks Tekener has managed to train the Mom'Serimers.

About eight thousand of the frantic journeymen have begun to organize under Tekeners instructions into an army. Everywhere in Debris City there are training centers, war devices are manufactured, and Mom'Serimer troops check out the members of the occupying forces. Tekener is supported by Steph La Nievand and Benjameen da Jacinta. The former looks after the education of the Mom'Serimers, and the latter uses his ability of Null dreaming to transmit confidential messages. Thus Tekener and the Mom'Serimers can prepare for the implementation of the most important component of their plans: SENECA must become partitioned off, so that he can be taken away from the control of the four computer brains that TRAITOR installed on the SOL to control SENECA. Silathe anticipates nothing all this, but suddenly becomes a key figure in the struggle for the freedom of the Solaners. Kirmizz has left behind one of his consciousness splinters on the SOL, hidden in an artistic wooden casket, which Silathe is supposed to hand to the Progress Keeper residing in SIRC as a present from the VULTAPHER pilot. Kirmizz has rightly calculated on the fact that Silathe cannot resist the curiosity. She opens the small box and is taken over by the consciousness splinter.

Silathe, controlled now by Kirmizz, contacts Tekener on September twenty-fourth, one day before the arrival at SIRC and the planned coup. Kirmizz promises Tekener to help him in the conquest of the SOL, but this must happen within sight of SIRC. In this manner he wants to take revenge on Terkan von Voosar for the humiliations he had suffered. He hopes that the Progress Keeper might even fall from favor with KOLTOROC by this disgrace. Tek agrees, because with Silathe’s help it would be possible to minimize his own losses to be expected. On the subsequent day SOL reaches the vicinity of the Service Castle. Silathe destroys the mobile computer brains and gives pointless orders to her soldiers. They become completely thrown off balance by this, as well as the Mom'Serimers attacking them from out of nowhere, supported by SENECA. The Column Motivators are also defeated, which is to be owed to the Mom'Serimer Trest Harkanvolter. The young would-be hero bumps by chance into the Column Motivator which co-ordinates his comrades, and destroys him with a disintegrator.

The now rescued SOL flees with maximum speed before the masses of Traitanks, which are stationed at SIRC and go after the barbell ship immediately. The armament arranged by Kirmizz with column technology comes to the aid of the SOL. The joy of the Solaners is great of course, but Tekener is tormented by the thought to have overlooked something…

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2441 - Die letzten vierzig
The Final Forty
Leo Lukas

Ronald Tekener cannot get rid of the gnawing feeling to have overlooked something during the liberation of the SOL. While the barbell ship flees before the Traitanks that the SIRC has sent after it, the Solaner comes to the realization that Kirmizz has certainly not freed the SOL from pure philanthropy. He wanted to first disgrace the Progress Keeper, but then also remove the threat – however small it might be – that a free SOL would represent. It is to be owed to earlier observations of the Mom'Serimers that the bomb is found which Kirmizz has left behind: the former Kalbaron in charge of the ship which Kirmizz affected with his mental power has manipulated the Supratron generators. Tekener has the three generators dismantled and pushed out into space. Some time later they do in fact explode and these explosions would have destroyed the SOL if they had still been on board. Now, certainly, the SOL is no longer able to produce a Fractal rip sheath, but it is still totally free. This fact is celebrated with the biggest party the ship has ever had.

Now the ship needs to make contact with the Terran spherical spaceship that had been sighted some time ago. The Solaners cannot risk sending out an undirected radio call. Therefore, it is decided that an encoded message should be fed into the communication network of the Terminal Column. The Terran spaceship is to be notified of a meeting place in the Ackut system, because they assume the fact that the Terrans will be monitoring the Column radio. But who should take on this task? The SOL cannot show up anywhere anymore, because it is being looked out for by every Column ship in Hangay. The Solaners also know that painstaking descriptions of the Terrans and other crew members are being circulated by the Column. They may not let themselves be seen anywhere. Therefore the Mom'Serimers are used once again.

Forty of them are camouflaged with full body masks as Attavennoks. With a ship they found floating in space, they fly into the Cricker system where the megalomaniacal Gganschkare Commander Lyngiffer Xath has ordered up the Elysischen Games, a kind of Olympic games in which all the races of the space sector controlled by him are to participate. However, his real purpose for this is to gather suitable test specimens for the Genprox Analysts at a single spot. The Mom'Serimers portray themselves as the last survivors of genetically changed Attavennoks from the Drillock system, which has been depopulated by an Entropic cyclone, and announce themselves as participants for the games. Certainly, the natives see through the masquerade, however, do not betray the Mom'Serimers, because the Noquaa-Kansahariyya is preparing a blow against TRAITOR here. Certainly, this has only symbolic value, but it will make it possible for the Mom'Serimers to send out the encoded message. Therefore, they cooperate with the rebels.

During the opening ceremony of the games the Genprox Analysts begin to look for Emanations among the participants. A tissue sample is also taken from Trest Harkanvolter. While the other Mom'Serimers carry out the mission, Trest seizes a captured dark screen and destroys the Genprox-Explorer to which his tissue sample was brought. Xaths troops promptly attack in return. To make possible the flight for his companions through a transmitter they had brought along, Trest faces off alone against the aggressors and sacrifices his life doing so. The rest of the team makes it back to the SOL, but whole mission might have been in vain because when the broadcast is radiated, Tekener recognizes that one piece of the coding has been modified, so that the coding is no longer valid...

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2442 - Stützpunkt im Chaos
Base in the Chaos
Arndt Ellmer

The RICHARD BURTON and its escort ships establish a base in the Winola system, on whose third planet is a contact forest. Atlan then goes with the RICHARD BURTON into the Shiva Bazal space sector, because ESCHER has determined that an important event is about to take place there. Trim Marath confirms this, because his Cosmo-tracking ability gives him the impression that the sector is” ill “. On their way during October 27, 1346 NGE the cuckoo’s egg fed by Ronald Tekener into the Column radio is received. Since one of the three hundred questions does not result in a sensible answer, the message cannot be immediately decoded.

Arriving near the Shiva Bazal sector, a group of scientists is sent out with a small space capsule. The team has an improved Kantor sextant and hopes to be able to collect important measurements in the area. Nobody counted on what happens in the target area: A dozen Chaos squadrons appear, as well as one Column MACHINE and one hundred Column Forts. The latter are connected into a long construct in the form of a double helix. On the RICHARD BURTON they observe the procedures with concern. When several proto-chaotic cells are shifted into the target area, TRAITOR’S troops gradually leave the area. An Entropic cyclone approaches a little later.

Atlan heads out alone with a space jet, in order to evacuate the research team. This does not succeed before the arrival of the cyclone. This time different, less dangerous affects are observed with the Entropic cyclone. It clearly ejects the Biophore previously collected by it. After this, it takes back up its familiar operation as it leaves the sector. The sloop only scarcely succeeds in its return flight to the RICHARD BURTON.

It soon becomes clear what TRAITOR intended with all these actions: The proto-chaotic cells unite into a chaotic cell. The RICHARD BURTON must flee before the accompanying hyperspace quakes and psionic shock wave. Then the Vibra-psi begins.

At the same time, the last question of the” cuckoo egg “is corrected. The final decode message tells them that Tekener is waiting in the Ackut system...

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2443 - ESCHERS Plan
Christian Montillon

When Dr. Laurence Savoire awakes on November 5, 1346 NGE, he is blind. A cause for it cannot be found, so healing is not possible. Though Savoire mentally suffers very much from his state and goes for help from the Cosmopsychologist Fria Awaiting, he continues to carry out his duties as ESCHER’S First Cybernetist. Nobody anticipates that the Parapositronic holds the guilt for his state; its avatars have given Savoire a drug that caused him to go blind for the time being. The Parapositronic pursues a plan with it by which it wants to carry out the next step of the grand plan. Due to his loss of sight Savoire is "susceptible" to an offer, which Pal Astuin and Merlin Myhr present to him. ESCHER has kept a place free in the Hyperdim matrix, for Savoire to become last of the Processors. To make this offer attractive to him, ESCHER permits Savoire a "trip" to the inside of the matrix. His consciousness is moved into the Parapositronic and becomes intoxicated with the impressions, which it gains there. With it ESCHER has reached his first goal: The only person who could deactivate the Parapositronic is moved out of the way.

A meeting with the SOL in the Ackut system is not possible, because the system has already been made into a chaotic cell. The RICHARD BURTON goes into waiting position beyond the cell. Atlan takes the risk of sending out an undirected radio message. Ronald Tekener Promptly responds, so that it comes on the fourteenth of November to the first meeting of the two giant ships. Of course Traitanks immediately appear, so that the ships must flee. A new meeting place is agreed upon, and on the nineteenth of November the two immortals greet each other on the planet Khargard. The SOL and the RICHARD BURTON park side by side, and for safety reasons energy emissions must be avoided, but it appears that the ships have been pursued by a Dark Investigator anyway. Now ESCHER initiates the next step. He tries to take over control of SENECA, seals of certain portions of the RICHARD BURTON and begins the preparations to transport itself onto the SOL. Atlan reacts immediately. He orders all data cables between the ships cut and orders the Haluter Domo Sokrat to if necessary destroy all ESCHERS transport machines.

Now, finally, ESCHER announces his true plan using its avatar Pal Astuin. Supposedly it was the plan all along from the outset to just use the RICAHRD BURTON to transport ESCHER to Hangay and moving to the SOL when it was found. The barbell ship is the only suitable vehicle with which ESCHER can succeed in perforating the Hangay border barriers. ESCHER and the Nucleus assume the fact that Perry Rhodan will soon try to become active militarily in Hangay. ESCHER’S only purpose for existence consists supposedly in allowing Rhodan the access way to Hangay. Atlan, who is not enthusiastic with the thought of having been nothing but a glorified taxi driver for ESCHER, cannot be impressed by these announcements. He now, on his part, puts ESCHER under pressure and states that he will activate the energy screens to attract the Traitanks flying in the system, if necessary. ESCHER cannot risk being destroyed in an attack by TRAITOR, and gives in. SENECA remains uninfluenced, Savoire gets back his ocular light and the RICHARD BURTON remains fit to continue flying. Indeed, now Savoire’s relation to the Parapositronic is more than just cracked, although the temptation to return into the Hyperdim matrix is very great.

Both ships now launch, in order to make their way to the Win Alpha base...

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2444 - Vor der Finalen Schlacht
Before the Final Battle
Michael Marcus Thurner

A little bit more than two months have passed since Perry Rhodan’s arrival on Tarquina. On the JULES VERNE a habitat has been established in which four Sphärikers will stay in the future. They should make possible navigation in the appearing Negasphere for the barbell spaceship. As a special present from Randa Eiss, Rhodan receives a complete set of data and equipment, which are needed to execute the Atrentus procedure. With it Rhodan has all means in hand which he needs to make a Claw of the Laboraten harmless.

In February 1347 NGE JULES VERNE ship time an emergency call from Ki-Myos is caught. The envoy of ARCHETIM with his ship, the PLURAPH, has been hunted down and attacked on the way to Tarquina by Traitanks. The JULES VERNE accompanies a Cypron squadron, which hurries to help the Aeganer, and contributes to the fact that the Column forces suffer a devastating defeat by the application of its contra-computer.

Later, Ki-Myo announces that the Negane City has appeared, and this is the signal for the beginning of the final battle. Now all of ARCHETIM’S helpers, so the Aeganer demands, must join together and carry out the final, crucial blow against the Negasphere. A special job is intended for the Nega-Cyprons. Because of their special affinity to the Negasphere, they should serve as pilots in the most important ships in the battle. Because Randa Eiss cannot force the Nega-Cyprons to participate in the battles on account of the promise he had given them, Ki-Myo speaks personally to Davin Abangy, the Prior of the Nega-Cyprons whom he knows from earlier days. The Nega-Cyprons had concluded a pact with ARCHETIM many generations ago, but now they break it, because they are filled by fear of TRAITOR.

During these events Perry Rhodan also has the opportunity to visit Ki-Myo on the PLURAPH. This ship consists partly of a Column unit and can move completely unidentified in the rows of TRAITOR if it uncouples the remainder of the ship. By the Ph'akutu, mussel like beings that run through the whole ship, the PLURAPH has not only strong self-curing forces, but can resist the bombardment of a potential thrower without an energy screen. The other beings on board, which are called Urenzo Sa'pha, are the real crew. They had originally deserted the Terminal Column. Both forms of life partly live in hyperspace, as a part of the PLURAPH is also in this higher continuum. Rhodan finds out that Ki-Myo is already ancient and infirm. He camouflages his frail exterior with a videoplastic body mask. He asks Rhodan to participate in the final battle, but the Terran still believes in not being allowed to actively intervene in the events of the past, and refuses.

The Cyprons, on the contrary, are sworn to the battle by Ki-Myo and Randa Eiss. They manage a great coup when they pretend the self-destruction of Tarquinas in a copy of the semi-space bubble and at the same time destroy a great number of Traitanks. Now the war preparations can be completed undisturbed. On April 10, 1347 NGE almost all existing Cypronian battle ships depart to proceed to the Maginus-Rie rendezvous point. The JULES VERNE joins the fleet. The Nega-Cypron fly off, but they disappear without greeting with an unknown destination. The Prior Davin Abangy stays behind on Tarquina, because his end has come. He becomes an obelisk, which throws no shadow.

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2445 - Geschöpf des Chaos
Creature of Chaos
Horst Hoffmann

The Dual Ekatus Atimoss is in a moral quandary. Perry Rhodan offers friendship and full access to the knowledge of the Terrans to him, but the destruction of the Negasphere would rob him of the prospect of being able to live in a familiar, comforting environment filled with the Vibra-psi.

The JULES VERNE accompanies the fleet of the Cyprons to the rendezvous point of the fleets of the last free peoples of Tare Scharm. The spaceship is steered there by four Cypron Sphärikers, which can orient themselves in the chaotic hyperphysical conditions of Tare Scharm. Together with a quantity of ships from other races the reach the CORRIDOR OF ORDER, within which the fleets from Tare Scharm and the INTAZO meet. The LAOMARK has also arrived in it, and there is a reunion with Pothawk and his brothers. The Laosoors react disturbed to the presence of its former torturer Ekatus Atimoss, but finally accept Perry Rhodan’s reasons for this.

The CORRIDOR OF ORDER is free from Vibra-psi, and Ekatus Atimoss suffers much from it. He receives offers of help from the Terrans but rejects this, finding alleviation with the Cypron Sphärikers.

Since Perry Rhodan is not invited to the upcoming mission discussion by AI-Myo, he has himself brought there by Ekatus Atimoss under the protection of a Parapol veil. Altogether one hundred eleven LAW-Givers are stationed in Tare Scharm. Some form a kind of ringed path with eight junctions, from which the attacks on the chaotic cells and networks are made. The remaining LAW-Givers are clearing a path to the center black hole of the galaxy, which will be surrounded completely by chaotic networks. That took up several centuries and is coming to completion very soon. Thus the pathway to the Retroversion of the developing Negasphere is set. With this knowledge the two partners return to the JULES VERNE.

Afterwards Ekatus Atimoss takes matters into his own hands. He visits the ARCHETIM projection that has appeared, with his bearer robot, in hope for assistance. No assistance is given to him, and this escapade only serves to annoy the Terrans about the behavior of Ekatus Atimoss, for they see their trust given to this Dual abused by him.

On May 14 20,059,812 BC AI-Myo invites the Terran Resident on board the TAROSHI. He then clears up why Rhodan should not have the knowledge let out during the earlier mission briefing: General Kamuko has been missing now for now nine weeks in the Tir Tair sector, after her attempt to explore the Negane City that had appeared there with a ship's boat. Her disappearance has been kept secret so far, in order not to worry the troops.

AI-Myo asks Perry Rhodan to fly a mission command for the rescue of Kamuko and refers to the fact that the only ones he could send on this mission are people that do not have any knowledge of the planned actions of ARCHETIM. That was why the envoy did not invite Perry Rhodan to ARCHETIM’S conference. Perry Rhodan accepts the order and leaves AI-Myo in the faith borne of his ignorance.

Rhodan receives the PLURAPH from AI-Myo as support for the mission. Since it has valid identifications as a former Column unit, it is most suitable for the mission. Perry Rhodan is highly pleased by the addition of two hundred Laosoors who will participate in this mission, under the leadership of Pothawk, who will carry the rank of Commander for the mission...

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2446 - Die Negane Stadt
The Negane City
Uwe Anton

The branch of the PASSAGE OF ORDER, through which the JULES VERNE and PLURAPH reenter normal space, ends at the double sun Lotrafur. There the two LAW-Givers CHEOS-AKIS and CHEOS-DEGU (naturally protected in hyperspace) will wait for the return of the rescue mission, which wants to release the Prinzipa Kamuko. It is still sixteen years up to the Tir Tair sector.

The Terran barbell ship holds position close to an orange sun, 3.6 light-years away from the Negane city. In this sector of the Proto-Negasphere it teems with units of the Terminal Column TRAITOR, and over Column radio the city bids visitors welcome and encourages them to hurry, because the Tempolare ceremony is approaching.

The actual insertion to the Neganen city is to be accomplished with the PLURAPH. According to a conference of the expedition leadership, Perry Rhodan, Gucky, Icho Tolot, Ekatus Atimoss and twelve Laosoors plus Pothawk and his brothers will participate in the mission. Twenty TARA-V-UH robots and transportable transmitters are part of the equipment they take along. The ship, without its mast, starts on May 12, 20,059,812 BC. The Urenzo Sa'pha, beings that live mostly in hyperspace who crew the ship, reject the Terran as commander due to his Knight’s aura. This task is taken over by the Dual.

The Negane city proves to be a titanic sphere of asteroid sized building complexes with a maximum diameter of two thousand two hundred kilometers. It is stabilized by ultra-strong force fields, and a heavily loaded influence of Vibra-psi is notable. It must be present in enormous amounts in the city.

The PLURAPH receives landing permission, after the question, of whether there are further Claqueures for the Tempolare ceremony on board, was intuitively affirmed. After the landing, a monitoring unit comes on board, from which the mission team hides itself. The unit consists of Morgoth'Daers and small, bear-like Jonasers. They do a quick check and then leave again.

In two groups the commandos leave the PLURAPH. While Pothawk and the other Laosoors are to find information on the Prinzipa, Rhodan, Gucky, Tolot and Atimoss will try to fathom the secrets of the Negane city. They come into a multi-cultured driving, which the Terrans did not expect to find here. In addition the Ilt communicates that the visitors to the city are waiting for the arrival of the Chaotarch Xrayn. The Claqueures were called in specially for this event by the Negane Bureaucrats.

In order to collect further facts, the group with Rhodan looks for contact with one of these officials. They find a Perendrix, a being probably descended from fish. Glorithlin Pal makes the best of his position, because he was rather abruptly promoted to his boss’ position after his people had messed up a ritual dance. Pal feels extremely disturbed in his preparations for the Tempolare ceremony (he must learn four thousand four hundred fifty-seven particular steps in very little time). In order to get rid of his intruders as fast as possible again, he gives them some information. The center of the Negane city a 13.8 kilometers thick sphere, which is called the Tempolare arcade. So much Vibra-psi is being generated there that any normal organism would have to die there. But the arcade is intended for Xrayn. Moreover the so-called intra-structural seeds intended for use with the Negasphere are being transported here. In addition Rhodan, Gucky, Tolot and Atimoss are shown Holo-pictures of the warriors of the Korgylkan (genetically altered soldiers and shape transducers), the multiform Petethra Psionics, which harvest Magos of the Bobthrust as well as the Negagisten (logisticians). A Holo is also shown of the Multi-gene Expresser works. They all are to help during the settlement of the Negasphere.

At last Pal is left in peace, and Gucky communicates to his companions that the Tempolare ceremony is actually only an end in and of itself, to ensure the continuing existence of the bureaucracy. The actual preparation and greetings of the Chaotarch takes place via the superintelligence KOLTOROC.

The group around Rhodan, which does not possess direct contact with Pothawk’s group, penetrates up to the center of the Negane city, which are screened off by a 5-D screen. But with the assistance of his Parapolarisators the Dual the team brings the team inside. There the Haluter locates an auxiliary control room and can hack into the internal network there. He finds out that machinery discovered up to then represent the enormous boosters, which channel the Vibra-psi through transformers into the arcade. Then Tolot comes upon a message from the Laosoor.

On their way through the Negane city Pothawk’s group also comes upon a restricted area. They can penetrate there however owing to their gift of nano-distance teleportation. Limbox, the Nano-hand, finds success, when he determines that Kamuko still lives and is being held in the Negane Dungeon for the arrival of KOLTOROC. Limbox sends a coded message through the internal network, called the blackboard, and they begin the retreat to the PLURAPH, where the next moves are to be discussed.

In the meantime is May fourteenth, and their ship when Rhodan arrives at the ship, it is surrounded by the Choral caravan, timeless and bodiless beings he had already encountered once in the city. The Caravan attracts and absorbs the Urenzo Sa'pha into its ranks. Thus, it is to be assumed that the ship will not fly again. But they still have the transmitters. Nevertheless, time is pressing, because if KOLTOROC appears, they will surely be exposed.

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2447 - Warten auf Xrayn
Waiting for Xrayn
Uwe Anton

The PLURAPH docked in an Accommodation of the Negane city, a conglomerate of up to one hundred kilometer thick space stations, which are concentrated into a space sphere of approximately two thousand two hundred kilometers diameter. Its original crew, the Urenzo Sa'pha, joins the Choral caravan, and with this the ship is no longer flyable. The only back to the JULES VERNE remains through the long range transmitter that Perry Rhodan had ordered carried along.

But first the expedition of Galactics (Perry Rhodan, Gucky and Icho Tolot), Laosoors (Pothawk and his brothers, as well as nine other master thieves) and the Dual Ekatus Atimoss must free the Prinzipa Kamuko, who is being held in custody in the Negane Dungeon and tortured. A Claw of the Laboraten is also being implanted in her to force her to cooperate with the Chaos troops.

Because the guests of the Negane city enjoy almost complete freedom of movement, the commando team sets off with several gliders to visit one of the Accommodations nearest to the Negane Dungeon. Only two Laosoors stay behind to prepare the destruction of the PLURAPH. On the outward flight Perry Rhodan shortly has mental contact with a mental being that seems kindly disposed towards him.

The Negane Dungeon is a space station of approximately four hundred meters of diameter, surrounded by a high-quality energy screen. The liberators are brought inside by Gucky teleporting them into gliders entering the station. There they construct a bridgehead in a rarely used storage room and prepare the breakout. They cause a distraction by opening all the cell doors and technical acts of sabotage, like the disconnection of all the protection screens, and succeed in retrieving Kamuko, who tries to resist this, and her equipment. They then make their retreat to the PLURAPH.

Perry Rhodan himself does not participate in the liberation of the Prinzipa, because he desires to visit the mysterious mental being, which is called the World sage of Azdun. The being exercises out a fascinating attraction upon him, and only with the imminent approaching of KOLTOROC and the help of Ekatus Atimoss and Gucky does he break free of the being’s influence. Manwhile, the World sage revealed to Perry Rhodan that the Negane city serves to create small areas with heavily loaded Vibra-Psi conditions, forming the Tempolary Arcades which allow Chaotarccs like Xrayn to exist in this universe without being subjected to the feared transform syndrome.

Arriving back on the JULES VERNE, they find the entrance to the CORRIDOR OF ORDER blocked by large contingents of Traitanks. Once again, they begin a flight into the unknown…

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2448 - Tage der Angst
Days of Fear
Hubert Haensel

The JULES VERNE wanders through Tare Scharm and has difficulties reaching its real destination: the Margin-Chrilox black hole in the center of the Proto-Negasphere where the final battle is supposed to take place and where Perry Rhodan wants to observe how the Retroversion "functions". A petition from the crew, which demands their return into the relative present does not make matters any simpler. Rhodan rejects the unjustified demand by his officers, because he is convinced of the fact that the Retroversion must be observed from close up. However, he still is not clear about whether an important role in this might not be approaching the Terrans - or whether they risk a time paradox with it. When the Sphärikers gradually reach the border of exhaustion and the JULES VERNE reaches a space sector in which even the abilities of the mutated Cyprons fail, Alaska Saedelaere intervenes. Although it causes him terrible tortures to wear the Vector Helmet, he uses this component of the Glowlight Armor again and navigates the barbell ship back in a calmer "shipping lane". His Cappin fragment helps him to overcome the refusal which the helmet brings towards him.

General Kamuko is not doing well. The Terrans have found out that she carries a Claw of the Laboraten. Certainly, the attempt to neutralize the parasite with the Atrentus procedure succeeds, but shortly after this Kamuko’s condition rapidly deteriorates. She threatens to die. Rhodan puts on the breastplate and the greaves of the Glowlight Armor, but discovers that the armor utterly rejects him in spite of his Knight's aura. He loses consciousness from the pain the armor generates inside him, but he is freed from the armor just in time. After some further days flight the JULES VERNE reaches a space sector in which one transmitter field is being kept up by eight Column space time routers. Rhodan assumes the fact that one can reach the centre of Tare Scharm using this Transmitter. While he still considers whether the JULES VERNE should venture a transit, a Column radio message is caught, in which the alarm is given for Margin-Chrilox. They are now positive that the final battle has begun. Rhodan orders the approach to the transmitter. Everything goes so quickly that the armed forces of TRAITOR cannot react in time and the barbell ship manages its flight into the transmission field.

Meanwhile Ki-Myo must take over a task which dos not feel up to doing: ARCHETIM puts him in as commander in chief of the combined fleet because of Kamuko’s absence. The Aeganer gets direct, permanent contact with the superintelligence and is raised to the rank of a general. Meanwhile, the CORRIDOR OF ORDER is completed, so that the fleets can push ahead to Margin-Chrilox. ARCHETIM’S plans seem to work. Because of a large-scale attack on the Bi-Xotoring chaotic network, KOLTOROC moves a large contingent of troops there; the Element of Darkness, particularly feared by ARCHETIM accompanies this fleet. Now KOLTOROC is hopefully distracted enough, so that the real target can be hit: an enormous, convoluted thing - a double helix consisting of innumerable Column Forts. This is GLOIN TRAITOR, the needle of Chaos, the center of KOLTOROC’S power in the accretion disk of Margin-Chrilox. At the same time the call is sent out from the Negane city for the Chaotarc Xrayn ti come...

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2449 - Die Finale Schlacht
The Final Battle
Hubert Haensel

AI-Myo, ARCHETIM’S envoy, leads the united fleets as general into the final battle, although he can barely keep himself upright in his body mask. Since he is missing information about the goal of the fleet, he invokes ARCHETIM asking for assistance. This entity finally sends a consciousness fragment, which serves him as moral support. In reality AI-Myo possesses the knowledge about the goal of the fleet; ARCHETIM had only blocked it, until it was needed.

The fleet arrives in the target area in the proximity of the black hole Margin Chrilox, accompanied by fifty-eight LAW-Givers. These are to provide bearable hyperphysical conditions, so that the almost one million ship strong fleet can fight effectively.

Finally the fleet discovers GLOIN TRAITOR, the Needle of Chaos. It is a construct of over one hundred thousand Column Forts, guarded by other large units, including five Column MACHINES. ARCHETIM reveals the purpose of the battle to AI-Myo: GLOIN TRAITOR manipulates the Psionic net and so indirectly produces the border barrier. As soon as GLOIN TRAITOR is destroyed, ARCHETIM could begin the repair of the Psionic net undisturbed. The border barrier would break down, and it a cosmic messenger could fly in, which would finally dissolve the Negasphere.

In the meantime Kamuko awakes on board the JULES VERNE and the Galactics hands over the Vector Helmet to her; thus her Glowlight Armor is again complete. So equipped, she is able to lead the JULES VERNE to close to the location of the final battle. However the JULES VERNE is hunted by Traitanks and heavily damaged. Kamuko absolutely wants to get back to her fleet and finally leaves alone with a space jet of the SPIRIT class. She flies through the chaos, without getting far.

In the meantime General AI-Myo steers his fleet the best he can. But without the orientation possibilities of the Glowlight Armor and due to his lack of combat experience his troops suffer immoderately high losses. With a flanking attack he manages to divert the GLOIN TRAITOR’S attention, so that the LAW-Givers can suddenly expand the stable zone. The entire fleet of ARCHETIM now falls upon GLOIN TRAITOR and can finally destroy the Needle of Chaos.

ARCHETIM, using CHEOS-TAI as a catalyst and Psi-relay, begins the Retroversion by carefully delivering his accumulated psi-energy into the Psionic net. However a part of the Element of Darkness emerges in this moment, which is not bound at Bi-Xotoring by the diversionary maneuver. ARCHETIM’S primal fear of the Darkness breaks through and he destroys the Darkness splinter by an enormous explosion of psi-energy. However the impact was so enormous that ARCHETIM thereby inadvertently mortally wounded himself. Nevertheless the Retroversion succeeds and the Chaos powers cannot stop it anymore without GLOIN TRAITOR. AI-Myo instructs the retreat of all the troops.

The crew of the JULES VERNE now know everything that they wanted to find out, bu their situation becomes increasingly more dangerous, and the hyperlight engines are not operational. Thus Perry Rhodan instructs an emergency context leap. Kamuko unconsciously flew in a circle and finds the JULES VERNE again. In the moment, in which the space jet is infiltrated, the JULES VERNE dematerializes. The guests on board, Pothawk and his Laosoors, the four Cypron Sphärikers and the Dual Ekatus Atimoss are carried forward in time with them…

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2450 - Evolux
Robert Feldhoff

When Perry Rhodan awakens, Icho Tolot is tapping on his helmet. Some of the Ertruser and Epsaler crewmembers of the JULES VERNE are also active already. Colonel Lanz Ahakin finally awakens, and NEMO delivers messages with a Positronic voice. Everything working on board is back to lower level technology, so the context jump back into the present has succeeded. But the ship is still in Tare Scharm and the Margin-Chrilox black hole at its center is still reaching for them.

Using another emergency maneuver the JULES VERNE manages to escape into linear space and covers thirteen light years with it. Afterwards the Salkrit and HS-Howalgonium of the Hawk II converter are all used up. Meanwhile there has been a strange fire in the center section, and the context converter has dissolved from the inside. Almost all the sections and departments of the ship announce themselves as not clar for duty – except for the cafeteria behind the Main Bridge. All of the Salkrit and HS-Howalgonium in the storage rooms have also been drained of their power, so the barbell ship can only fly another eighty light years before all power is gone.

In his first address to the crew, with Mondra Diamond at his side, Rhodan tries to award them courage. However, he must reprimand Malcolm S. Daellian, who is spreading pessimism. Nevertheless, the Retroversion of Tare Scharm had been documented in detail, and they know how to carry out the Atrentus procedure. On the negative side, is the death of the four Cypron Sphärikers, as well as the probable death of General Kamuko, although this is not certain due to the total disappearance of her sloop and the Glowlight Armor. They assume that the infiltration at the last second did not succeed and she was destroyed. On the positive side, the explosive guard pillars from the INTAZO disintegrated. Alaska Saedelaere, Gucky, Ekatus Atimoss and the Algorrians are still unconscious in a healing sleep.

Rhodan orders the only possible option carried out, namely a cry for help on the hyperradio. Then the Terran visits the two hundred two Laosoors with Pothawk. Meanwhile, these people have understood that they will never again see the LAOMARK, their homeland. They appear to take it calmly, because they know there is nothing theydo do to change this. For now, they look at the barbell ship as their new homeland.

One day later twenty-one spaceships appear by the JULES VERNE, which immediately get the designation silver fish. They are between two hundred twenty and one thousand two hundred meters long and capable of taking modules in their middle. On the radio a delicate humanoid with emerald-green skin and catlike eyes announces himself, who wears a wine-red outfit. For Rhodan it does not come surprisingly when they announce themselves in the language of the Mighty. The spokesman introduces himself as Castun Ogoras, and his ship as the LIRIO. He belongs to the people of the Yakonto and their rapid-cruisers represent the guard fleet of Evolux. Ogoras insists on the fact that a robot command examines the JULES VERNE to rule out any affiliation to the Chaos powers. Meanwhile the barbell ship has been intensely scanned, and Ogoras receives some piece of information. Afterwards he wants to see Rhodan’s whole body and he is surprised in embarrassment expels the term Honored Aulicio Mac'lai - and announces his personal arrival on the JULES VERNE.

Ogoras comes in the company of six comrades aboard the JULES VERNE. Only he wears a white beard which is, however, no mark of age. Rhodan is known to the Yakontos as a Knight of the Depth, because their people worked long ago for the Knights (in particular, for Igsorian von Veylt). Even if the Order does not exist any longer, the Yakonto still hold the old values of it.

A lot is told to the Yakonto of the mission of the JULES VERNE and the battle against TRAITOR, but not the journey into the past. This naturally produces distrust, and Ogoras wants to have the information checked on Evolux. He does not believe that a Knight would deliberately lie. Nevertheless, at the end of the inspection Ogoras informs Rhodan that it was not the radio message that led his ships to the JULES VERNE, but rather the penetration of an object into their territory under temporal physical effects. Ogoras anticipates the full truth, but Rhodan acts the Knight and reprimands him for this. The bearded Yakonto accepts this and reports of the white world Evolux. It is a shipyard planet of the Cosmocrats, and the Yakontos protect it.

Subsequently a tender appears, a ring-shaped unit with four and a half kilometers of diameter which takes up the VERNE. After a one hour flight a constellation of eight white suns is reached which form a cube of seven billion kilometers of edge length. There stand three hundred thousand Yakonto units and approximately two thousand watch forts. And in the centre of the sun cube there stands the shipyard planet Evolux. It is actually about a brown dwarf with 77.11 times the mass of Jupiter. Evolux is an impossibility become reality with an oxygen atmosphere, one hundred forty-two thousand five hundred nineteen kilometers of diameter and 1.05 Gravos gravity.

The JULES VERNE is told to remain in orbit while Ogoras finds out what they are to do next. The Sequence Council in the Steep City has to decide on their destiny. The head of this is the Highest Sequence Inspector Dyramesch. This could take some time to happen. Nevertheless, measurements can be carried out. It is discovered that Evolux is divided into one hundred one thousand one hundred twelve Segments where just as many races perform service in them. They work on behalf of nine so-called Center Shipyards. The Segments on their part are organized by the Segment Control, a network of twelve thousand floating stations. Dividing fields between the separate Segments also stabilize the planet as a whole. The nine Center Shipyards are not observable, but blind spots. Center Shipyard One has been located. It is surrounded by the administration city Beliosa to which also the Steep City belongs.

The very next day Dyramesch, the Cosmofect of Evolux, appears as a projection on the JULES VERNE. Somehow he resembles the Mighty Kemoauc, perhaps coming from the same genetic pool. He cannot be impressed by Rhodan. As far as he is concerned, their mission has no importance for the forces of Order. He decides to have an inventory scan made on the ship before deciding on its destiny.

The JULES VERNE is set down in the Segment Gelephant, more than forty-seven thousand kilometers from Beliosa. The Galactics sense out the area and Rhodan undertakes an investigation in a Shift with Gucky and Mondra. Gelephant seems uninhabited, but then they meet four ursine Fralambs. They come from a neighboring Segment, and the words of Erlaruud deepen the realization that they have been pushed off by the Inspector. Nevertheless, the being informs them of the Transmitter-Tripod which possesses three gates of different capacities. Erlaruud even gives Rhodan a code for their utilization, before he laves with his comrades.

They then have the Tripod computer send them a copy of the Segment Catalog, which NEMO evaluates, and then an expedition will take place based on this. However, before this occurs, First Chief Engineer Istorico points out a repaired emergency Antigrav that must have been repaired by a ghost or power from outside the ship, because nobody on board did it. Then Ogoras appears from the Tripod and says he was told to fetch Rhodan to Dyramesch.

For Rhodan Beliosa is like a fairy tale city, a conglomerate of many cultures. He learns about the Sathox, a kind of military police and protection troop that has taken over use of the planetary teleport system, and sees the Steep City which does all honor to its name. It rises up to forty-five kilometers. There resides the Cosmofect - and Dyramesch lets the Terran look at what is being built in Center Shipyard One: a cobalt blue cylinder, a ship of the Cosmocrats that in now almost complete, after a ten thousand year construction time. It will be named the PENDULUM.

Dyramesch clears up Rhodan about his point of view: Hangay and the Proto-Negasphere are not the Terrans problem to deal with, but that of the Cosmocrats, who will take care it in good time. Therefore, there will be no aid to the JULES VERNE, but rather the Cosmofect has his own plans for the barbell ship. With this information the cell activator bearer is returned to his ship.

Back aboard he experiences a surprise, because in the meantime Gucky, Pothawk, Vizquegatomi, Limbox and Mondra Diamond have carried out their expedition. In the Chucharan segment they stole 1.5 kilograms of hypercrystals akin to Salkrit, ten kilograms of Howalkrit (which was still in production on Terra at the time of the takeoff of the JULES VERNE into the past) and all kinds of Evo chips, the local currency. With it the barbell ship, according to Daellian’s prognosis, can be made capable of acting again. It is also learned that the inventory scan must have already taken place.

In all secrecy the JULES VERNE is repaired. Afterwards the flight of the barbell ship begins. It divides, and led by Lanz Ahakin, Loni Geleske and Porter Lasik the JV-1, JV-2 and JV centerpiece push through Gate One of the Transmitter-Tripods one after another and materialize in Chucharan Segment. This is barren, in contrast to Gelephant, and Gucky cares for some confusion there, as he portrays himself in radio inquiries as a Fralamb. This gives them enough time to reunify the ship and bring it into space.

The acceleration phase begins immediately, but before the JULES VERNE can enter the safety of linear space, the barbell ship is jumped upon by a shadow of some kind, which knocks everyone out - and when Rhodan awakes, the JULES VERNE stands again in Gelephant. Before he can think about the unknown phenomenon, the projection of Dyramesch stands in the Main Bridge again. However, this goes out quickly again, and in its place the Cosmofect is standing there personally in the accompaniment of five Sathoxs by teleport. Dyramesch announces his judgment: Gelephant will now be the Terran Segment, and the crew of the VERNE will integrate itself into Evolux. He counts on resistance, but he will break it.

With these words the Cosmofect leaves with his guards, but not without getting a bloody nose from Mondra Diamond, who steps up to him and punches him out. Dyramesch lets go of it, without punishment. The Transmitter-Tripods are deactivated, except for their capacity for sending messages. Afterwards the Ara Istorico announces himself again. There was another ghost cure, this time documented on camera. The gradual repair of a Daellian pile is to be seen on it, but not the helping hand which does it. It awards them courage to hope …

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2451 - Die Metaläufer
The Meta-runner
Michael Marcus Thurner

The crew of the JULES VERNE is stuck on Evolux, a shipyard planet of the Cosmocrats, and stands under a quarantine. During an exploratory drilling with conventional means, trying to tunnel through the energy fields of the Gelephant Segment, they bump into reinforced rock after approximately seventy meters and stops. Therefore, this path also seems obstructed.

Meanwhile, the "spirit cures" of various generators continued on board. These are executed by the Meta-runners, a race related to the Paddlers or Errante races. The Meta-runners are not observed, because they just like their relatives, have control of the ability of structure running. The Meta-runners are work obsessed repair technical engineers of Evolux and deserve their reputation. They possess very advanced technology and were sent, actually, only to take stock of the ship. The unusual technology mix of the JULES VERNE particularly draws them to remain. More and more Meta-runners come to earn themselves their tattoos for repairs made.

While the Terrans look for other escape possibilities, a delegation of the Yakontos arrive under the leadership of Castun Ogoras. Perry Rhodan is invited to meet Wan Ahriman, the unofficial head of the Yakontos, in Mac'lai. Perry takes along Icho Tolot. The third transmitter arch is used for this, although it had supposedly been officially shut down for traffic. On the way the Yakonto show Rhodan the bright city with the graveyard of the Yakontos on which obelisks which throw no shadows are to be seen. Rhodan and Tolot immediately pull the obvious conclusion that the Yaknoto are descendants of the Cyprons or Nega-Cyprons, but do not mention it to the Yakontos at first.

Rhodan is led to the hidden residence of the Sequence Council of the Yakontos. These are the former leaders of Evolux, who were ejected nine hundred years ago by Dyramesch which had taken over power to put through an increase in production of 0.35% on Evolux. This had been firmly rejected by the Sequence Council, because they saw the harmony and perfection of Evolux endangered. Since then they had regarded errors with the production of a cobalt blue cylinder ship only as a question of time. The council had withdrawn into preserving tanks and observed as much as possible since then from hiding. They also believe to perceive increased disturbances and want to wait them out. Their biggest problem is their faithfulness to the shipyard, which prevents any direct action against Dyramesch.

Perry decides to confront the Council with the likely descent of the Yakontos from the Cyprons and Nega-Cyprons. He wants to pull them more strongly to his side in this way and lure them from their reserve. However, he is also conscious of the risk of perhaps accomplishing exactly the contrary with it. Therefore, he sends Icho Tolot to get proof from the JULES VERNE and to remove all indications to the presence of the VERNE in the past from it. After eight hours Tolot returns, and the proofs are submitted. Certainly, the Yakonto cannot position themselves openly on the side of the Galactics because of their faithfulness to the shipyard, but one can be sure of their friendship and sympathy. The Yakontos want to check all the proof one more time and ask for some time to digest and think over the new situation. Perry also leaves them the medallion which he had received from the Ultimate Councilor of the Cyporns and in which information was stored in a mental manner.

Meanwhile, Ekatus Atimoss has awoken and tests his abilities out. He succeeds even under the conditions of the raised hyperimpedance in producing Parapolarisators and making use of them. He only needs to use more of his energy with it. His addiction to the Vibra-Psi is alleviated by time released medication. Hiden behind the Parapol veil, he discovers the Meta-runners. Because Perry is not there and he has no other alternative, he speaks to Mondra Diamond.

Together with the Dual and the geologist Eziel Querada she follows the Meta-runners and ends up under the ground of Evolux. In a city of the Meta-runners it comes to an accidental incident with Querada with which he is badly injured. The Meta-runners are horrified and apologize for the injury. However, their officials decide to withdraw completely from the JULES VERNE, among other things in order to avoid violating the Meta-loyalty to the shipyard. But already after a short time three hundred Meta-runners meet to arrange to meet again "by chance", two hours later "by chance", to continue working on the VERNE. Now they begin to not only repair bigger generators, but to completely replace them with all new equipment.

After Perry’s return to the VERNE a delegation of the Yakontos appears after a short time and asks Perry’s participation in an expedition to an ancient spaceship with the form of a black obelisk, found over sixty thousand years ago in the halo of Tare Scharm. With their departure the Yakontos "forget" to switch off the Transmitter arch.

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2452 - Operation Kobaltblau
Operation Cobalt Blue
Christian Montillon

Perry Rhodan has left with some Yakontos on an expedition and is expected back only in some weeks. In the meantime Mondra Diamond hold s the leadership of the expedition. She does not thing of passing the time dormant, while Yakonto have left the transmitter portal open for their use.

Gradually a plan matures: the Cosmocrat’s cobalt blue cylinder ship, the PENDULUM, is close to completion. She wants to capture and, if possible, occupy it. With this, she wants to force Dyramesch, the administrator of the shipyard planet, to at least let the JULES VERNE leave the planet in peace. If necessary, she ants to actually use the PENDULUM to fly them back to their native Milky Way.

While she is thinking up this, a Quality Control team of Yakonto have discovered that Dyramesch’s measures to increase efficiency have begun to cause building errors. They have found a faulty high quality switch, which is produced for the cylinder ships. This has never happened before in the history of the planet and causes the quality control team to desire the ouster of Dyramesch. In their investigation for proof, they come upon the commando team from the JULES VERNE and agree to help them, since the loss of the PENDULUM would discredit Dyramesch. But they will not take an active part in the attack themselves, or do anything to endanger the position of the Yakantos in the planet’s society. Dyramesch has created himself many opponents, and only the faithfulness to shipyard prevents this from turning into an open revolt.

The quality control team gets the Galactic’s team to the Steep City. But the access methods into the shipyard are carefully protected. An old, deactivated transmitter can get them inside. If they can damage the machine, then it is theorized that the Meta-runners would quickly repair and reactivate it. This particular transmitter would not have the newer security features that would keep the team from using it to get into the center shipyard.

Mondra and Ekatus Atimoss are taken by one of the Yakontos to set up the bombs to damage the transmitter. They succeed in damaging the transmitter, but when they retreat to return to the Yakonto in the glider, it is gone…

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2453 - In der Steilen Stadt
In the Steep City
Christian Montillon

Before Mondra Diamond and Ekatus Atimoss are fetched by the Yakonto after the bomb explosion, they see how a Sathox policeman questions some Nyahays and makes a remark which awakens Mondra’s curiosity. Back in their base of operations she begins to investigate and finds out that these people entrusted today with administrative tasks were one day responsible for a civil war that nearly brought Evolux to the brink of destruction and led to the extinction of the people of the Sinanit.

While waiting to see if her plan works, she learns that the Meta-runners have already finished Object Hephaistos, an energy tap that has twice the performance characteristics of the JULES VERNES melted hypertap machinery under the conditions of the raised hyperimpedance.

Her plan does work: the Meta-runners repair the gate transmitter, so that the commando team from the JULES VERNE can reach the robot guard station of the Sinanit. However, this quickly turns out to be a deathtrap. It is hidden from the standard universe and cannot be left again. Innumerable robots as well as insidious traps are activated by the arrival of the strangers. Several Terrans and Laosoors die, before at least a stable front can be established.

Gucky catches the mental impulses of a being which has only just awoken from cryostasis. It is Rgartilas, the last Sinanit. He also cannot stop the robots, because they had turned against their makers on account of sabotage by a Nyahay agent all those years ago and now regards anyone that stops in the station, as an enemy who must be destroyed. Rgartilas is, however, able to help Mondra’s team leave the station by opening a transmitter passage to the PENDULUM. HE however, stays in the station, t return to cryostasis in the hope that the Nyahay will one day show up there.

It turns out that the Terrans and Laosoors find themselves after the transmitter passage not within the completed cobalt blue cylinder, but in an empty hull where they are promptly arrested by Sathoxs. The Terrans were betrayed: Vanta Aquinto, one of their Yakonto helpers, had informed Dyramesch about everything. In this way he wanted to take out his former leader Do Taptargo, because he was his rival for the favor of Siso Dirios. However, the woman decided to instead accept the shipyard penalty, rather than to live on at Aquinto’s side. As a result Vant’s companions are turned into Cyno obelisks.

Dyramesch thanks Mondra because she has unintentionally made it possible for him to identify all his potential weak spots - all those people who were secretly ready to help the Terrans. It was easy for him to manipulate the transmitter by remote control and divert the transport into the cobalt blue cylinder ANTALUCA, whose hull had just been completed. Mondra must admit to herself that her daring plan has not only failed, but caused more damage than expected, because now the Terrans may no longer hope for the secret support of their sympathizers once Dyramesch spreads the word that the TErrans tried to steal a cobalt blue cylinder.

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2454 - Schiff aus der Ewigkeit
Ship From Out of Eternity
Horst Hoffmann

Castun Ogoras leaves the LIRIO for the artifact museum on the planet Thestos accompanied by Perry Rhodan and Icho Tolot where this obelisk spaceship is kept from which the Yakontos hope for indications to their origin. The planet practically pours over with life, and beings are present everywhere which are only too well known to Rhodan: UFOnauts and their androids. They carry the name Tentones with the Yakontos, and they are considered as the highest law enforcement agency in Tare Scharm. The artifact museum and the five hundred eighty meter high obelisk ship are freely accessible, but like in every museum guests may only look at the exhibits here, but not touch. Jorgo, a round robot which communicates in a mental manner with the guests leads the Galactics and the Yakontos through the museum. Rhodan is irritated about the fact that the robot can read his thoughts. The fact that he feels observed by a beautiful, androgynous looking foreign being, does not contribute to his reassurance.

With the walk through the obelisk spaceship it becomes quickly clear that the accessible areas have been prepared so that one gets no indications about the crew or the intended purpose of the ship. The Yakontoa do not want to be content with it. They unite to a Para-block and affect the UFOnaut-Androids working in the museum as guards, so that these do not perceive at all what happens directly before their eyes. After three days of exhausting search the Yakonto discover a small object which represents a kind of log of the ship. It seems as if the object has "hidden" itself during all years. It wanted to be found by Cypron descendants. Rhodan and the Yakontos are subjected to an increasing mental influencing. The log, or the androgynous stranger and also Jorgo are nothing else than offshoots of the obelisk ship itself. The ship transmitted the Yakonto a thought picture of a certain star constellation which “ certainly cannot be safer”. They must find this place, if they are to get all the answers which they are searching for.

Jorgo helps the group to leave the museum unhindered. Now the LIRIO looks for the place from which one can see the said star constellation. Particularly Castun Ogoras is possessed by this task and endangers himself by his indefatigable work at it. At last, the space sector Alufir is identified as the searched for aim. However, there is nothing there - anyway, not in normal space. However, indications of a discontinuity are discovered in the space time continuum. Evidently something is hidden behind a time screen. Again the Yakontos form a Para-block into which Rhodan is also somehow integrated. At last, contact with an entity is produced which calls itself AMU. This being has the form of a black obelisk and is possibly this entity with which the Cyprons have once combined. A part of this entity has remained on the obelisk ship, however, the bigger part is a guest on an enormous, golden, round object - a LAW-Giver!

Before the contact with AMU breaks off, the LAW-Giver recognizes Perry Rhodan’s Knight aura. Immediately the Terraner is recognized as an authorized person. The LAW-Giver creates an opening in the time screen which can be crossed by the LIRIO.

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2455 - Sieg der Moral
Victory of Morality
Uwe Anton

Things could not run more differently for Mondra Diamond and Perry Rhodan: While the former TLS agent is interrogated again by the traitor Vanta Aquinto and must watch bitterly how Dyramesch has recordings of her failed mission transmitted all over Evolux, Rhodan Icho Tolot and the Yakonto succeed in penetrating into the LAW-Giver problem-free. Rhodan enters its Main Control Room, is recognized as authorized to give commands and now finds out the name of the gigantic spaceship: It is the CHEOS-TAI!

In the Para-block Castun Ogoras and the other Yakontos get mental contact with AMU again and find out the history of this entity. The mental nature evolved many millions of years ago from a people of hydrogen methane breathers by the name of Amugath. It had become a witness of a Refractive Jump, but at the same time a Quantum of Darkness had merged with the psi material of the avatar AMU which had been aboard the obelisk ship GAHISH. After the fusion AMU had had to suffer the same tortures like the Quantum of Darkness. She had lost consciousness and her avatar had been flung into hyperspace. In its place a pseudomaterial projection of AMU had appeared which had accepted the single form present nearby: that of a black obelisk. This obelisk was shadowless, because AMU’S body was only a shadow of her former manifestation. AMU had stopped afterwards for a time on Cyprona, however, had to suffer difficultly from the Vibra-Psi. Under the influence of the Vibra-Psi, Nega-Cyprons had felt drawn by AMU and teleported inside her, thereby developing the ability to accept any arbitrary form by means of a paraphysical mirror field. AMU left Cyprona again to prevent that the Nega-Cyprons could damage themselves by contact with herself any further. She searched the raving hyperphysical chaos for refuge before the Retroversion in Tare Scharm and, finally, reached the space sector Alufir where less hyperstorms raged because of the nearness of a cosmic messenger. There she met CHEOS-TAI which granted her asylum behind its time screen.

Certainly, CHEOS-TAI was badly damaged after the Retroversion, but is meanwhile again one hundred percent operational. Rhodan flies immediately with it to Evolux and makes sure that Dyramesch can take up no contact with the LAW-Giver. He himself demands the delivery of the JULES VERNE. Meanwhile, Dyramesch who is certainly a technocrat, but no unscrupulous rascal has pardoned Mondra and her team, but cannot give in to Rhodan’s demand because of the loss of face it would entail. He intends confronting the LAW-Giver individually with the PENDULUM, but the not yet completely tested out cobalt blue cylinder swiftly suffers malfunctions with its launch. Whether it is a real mistake, or one of the Tentone crw conspiring against Dyramesch remains a mystery. Nothing would change in the result anyway: The PENDULUM must land again, and on Evolux there rules disorder, because a factory defect in a cobalt blue cylinder is such an enormous disaster that the white world will possibly lose its status as a shipyard planet of the Cosmocrats.

Wan Ahriman and the other secret rulers of the Yakonto cannot tolerate this. They rise from their survival tanks and order a strike - therefore nothing more is produced on Evolux. Dyramesch pulls the consequences from a simple calculation: if he remained in the office, an efficiency decrease would be expected of over several percent. Therefore he resigns and leaves Evolux with his geometrical yacht. The old councils remove the Yakontoa loyal to the line of the new Sequence Council with Vanta Aquinto at the top and therefore again take over their traditional place as rulers of Evolux. Rhodan pursues these processes with mixed feelings, because, meanwhile, it has become clear to him that the desire of the Cosmocrats must have very particular reasons to look for an efficiency increase.

The JULES VERNE is brought in a hangar of the LAW-Giver. Because nothing stands in the way now of a return to Terra, Rhodan wants to leave immediately. The Algorrians will run the CHEOS-TAI until the Hangay campaign is over. Then they will take the LAW-Giver back to Evolux and live there. AMU remains with the Yakontos. Her first "official act" is to bring common sense to Wan Ahriman, before he applies the shipyard penalty upon Vanta Aquinto. Morality wins over revenge.

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2456 - Akademie der Mikro-Bestien
Academy of the Micro-Beasts
Arndt Ellmer

At the end of November 1346 NGE Roi Danton arrives with the battle cruiser MARA BOOTES on Terra. His identity was confirmed, of course, at Quinto Center, yet Reginald Bull’s doubt are only eliminated, when he personally faces Perry Rhodan’s son, and as Roi explains to him, with the 1800 Micro-Beasts in his accompaniment. Roi supplies important insider information about TRAITOR. He still suffers from nightmares because of his terrible experiences on the Skapalm bark. The mini-Haluters enjoy guest status on Terra, but feel caged in the Solar Residence. In addition they cause some damage with their aggressive behaviors. The Terrans therefore provide the mini-Beasts with a 106 kilometer wide area in the crater Lamb on Luna at their disposal, where they can rage to their heart’s content and live in a city specially created for them under an energy dome. The micro-Beasts want to be however more than only waited upon guests: They want to fight against TRAITOR and avenge themselves for the agonies, which they had to endure. Therefore they establish a training centre, which receives the name Academy of the Micro-Beasts in consultation with the Terrans.

The Terrans support this project, because the micro-Beasts could be valuable allies. On December 20th therefore the official training enterprise begins. The Dean of the academy is the Swoon Ilthun Coro, and the teachers are Siganeses and Terrans. Robots are used for support, serving at the same time as quiet observers. The micro-Beasts prove to be eager learners, even if some from them are only suited for use as brute fighters, due to their genetic makeup. The Terrans soon trust them so far that they install a transmitter connection to other places in the Sol system for them. The particularly eager to learn Khiz Turagga starts to study medicine on Mimas. In March 1347 NGE a satellite center of the Academy is even set up at Terrania University. But not all is well with the micro-Beasts. Some of them are classified by Noviel Residor as safety risks. Mor Frant, Senego’s deputy, varies between the desire to attack TRAITOR immediately or to turn over and join Terminal Column. After an incident, with which Mor Frant puts a Terran in danger, he is fired from his position as deputy leader. However, as he says, the last word is not yet spoken.

On April 24, 1347 NGE one of the new Galacticum worlds sends a message to Tera. A recent radiogram of TRAITOR’S was overheard, in which somebody inquired about the conditions of the development at the ‘Astrovent Complex’. Reginald Bull is concerned, because he does not have know what could be meant with this term, although he supposes it has to do with cracking the TERRANOVA Screen – he is shock, however, when he learns the name of the person, who sent out the inquiry: It is a Dantyren!

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2457 - Dantyrens Rückkehr
Dantyren’s Return
Arndt Ellmer

On April 25, 1347 NGE the micro-Beasts practice a maneuver on Luna. Besides, Senego Trainz almost falls prey to his former deputy Mor Frant, who wants to assassinate him, but is saved by Khiz Turagga, who kills Mor Frant. Some time later the Sol system is shifted one more time into the highest alert. This time it is because of an enormous UHF potential which appears with the Chaos squadrons on the edge of the TERRANOVA Screen, and seems to oscillate between the universes. It then suddenly disappears again without having undertaken any recognizable action.

After Roi Danton has overcome his nightmares of his captivity, he starts a daring mission whose aim first consists of capturing a Traitank and learning more about the second Dantyren. With the LEIF ERIKSSON II Perry Rhodan’s son flies to the Awful system in which according to his information a small TRAITOR radio and detection base exists. A portion of the micro-Beasts are with him, while whole body masks in the form of Ganschkares and Mor'Daers for prepared for Terran mission forces, as well as a Dantyren-chrysalis suit for Roi Danton. Certainly, the chrysalis mask fulfills its purpose, but it also causes Danton such pains that he can only wear it for a short time. The Yrendir half is fitted out appropriately with heavy wounds to explain its lack of speaking and Danton’s coordination difficulties. So camouflaged and accompanied by the six hundred micro-Beasts, Danton heads out in the Awful system with a small ship converted into a wreck on May 8th. Dantyren had met the Kalbaron Sikkor stuck before, and the Ganschkare is able to be duped. He believes the story that Danton serves him, replaces the supposedly destroyed equipment of his Column battlesuit and is glad when, at last, a Traitank with the registration number 1,199,188 emerges, which takes away the supposed Dual Captain again.

Danton tears the command of the Traitank to himself, as the previous commander Pogoris almost expects it from a Dual Captain, and heads the ship to the star cluster 47 Tucani, supposedly on a secret mission - a renegade Dark Investigator is to be observed there. That is the reason he gives to shut down the ship systems, which makes it impossible for the Traitank to quickly produce the general lock down condition. With Dantyren’s override code Danton leads the on-board computer to believe that a mutiny has broken out. Thereupon the greater part of the crew is paralyzed, while the micro-Beasts take out the rest. They have special difficulties with micro-Beasts who were already aboard and have remained suspicious. Their head leader Hens Gotar escapes capture. Certainly, Senego Trainz succeeds in killing him, but the micro-Beast may have already sent out an emergency call. Therefore, the evacuation of the Traitank is prepared. However, as arranged, the LEIF ERIKSSON II appears some time later, and takes the ship aboard. The next target destination is the Liforno sector where the second Dantyren supposedly stops...

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2458 - Der zweite Dantyren
The Second Dantyren
Leo Lukas

The second Dantyren is regarded by the Terminal Column as a failed creation - the Danton half almost died with the developing process, and his abilities are nowhere nearly as powerful as those of the first Dantyren. Therefore he was sent to the mining industry planet Liforno, settled by Blues and Akones in the Eastside of the Milky Way, where he heads the base there. He organizes pogroms, in order to force the rebellious settlers under his knout, but shows himself to be completely unsuitable even for the simplest functions of administration. The special characteristic of this Dantyren consists of the fact that both halves are very conscious of being only copies. They also know that there will be no further Dantyrens after them, because the two archetypes held by TRAITOR were destroyed. On May 24, 1347 NGE the arrival of a Traitank is announced. Dantyren, which had already briefly before been visited by a terminal Herald, which made it clear to him that he has to at least double the success of the first Dantyren, believes this is another visit to check up on him. In actuality, this is Traitank number 1,199,188 captured by Roi Danton a few days before, manned by Terrans masked as Ganschkares and Mor' Daers, as well as the micro-Beasts led by Senego Trainz.

The Terrans’ plan consists of replacing the genuine Dantyren. Roi Danton is to take over its role and thereby infiltrate the highest leadership levels of TRAITOR. Since it is to be feared that Antakur von Bitvelt will swiftly catch the change, Reginald Bull asks the Nucleus to affect the Progress Keeper mentally. The collective being agrees to do so and provides substantial excitement on CRULT with its activities: Antakur von Bitvelt believes in a forthcoming attack of a superordinate kind and pulls his Chaos squadrons together around CRULT. Meanwhile the Terrans on Liforno must find a way to make it through the mood swings of the second Dantyren and the distrust of two Awours, because their masks are anything but perfect. The crew of the Traitank pass the examination during Dantyren’s first inspection visit, but the Awours want to take up contact with CRULT, because the Terrans maintained that they were on the way with a special order from the Service Castle. The micro-Beasts eliminate this problem in their typical manner and set the results up so that it looks, as if the Awours had killed each other. In addition they discover Dantyren’s private accommodations.

Danton’s time to strike finally comes. He puts on his chrysalis mask and goes into Dantyren’s accommodations, protected by the darks field of some micro-Beasts, which accompany him. He plays Dantyren’s private recordings and learns that the Astrovent Complex must have something to do with the Posbis - a set of coordinates, which was conveyed to Dantyren in connection with the Astrovent, designates the location of the hundred-sun world. Suddenly the genuine Dantyren uses a secret entrance, of whose existence Danton did not know anything, to enter his accommodations. The Dual Captain forces the surprised Danton to his knees with the endogenous agony, but Danton succeeds in bringing the robotic Yrendir half of his chrysalis mask to run off one of its pre-formulated sentences - Dantyren interprets this as the prelude of an attack and concentrate the endogenous agony on the robot head, with which he naturally pushes into emptiness. While Dantyren is thus diverted, Danton reveals himself as the Danton archetype. Dantyren is shocked and this gives the Terran enough time to grab an emitter hidden in his body mask and shoot the Dual dead. Danton disintegrates the corpse and gets ready to head out to his next goal, in the role of Dantyren: To the hundred-sun world.

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2459 - Komplex Astrovent
Astrovent Complex
Wim Vandemaan

When Traitank 1,199,188 – baptized the DARK GHOUL by Roi Danton – arrives three hundred light years from the hundred suns world and begins to use its sensors, the Terrans experience a surprise: The central world of the Posbis has disappeared. They locate only heavy disturbances of the space-time structure within this range. The Traitank flies on and clearly breaks through some kind of barrier approximately ten light minutes away from the hundred suns world, because both the planet lit up by artificial suns and three hundred thousand deactivated Fragment ships, as well as five hundred thirty-six Chaos squadrons, thirty-eight Column Forts and a complete factory ensemble are suddenly to be seen. Aarus Zorm is also still present. Then a twenty-four thousand kilometer wide ring of two thousand one hundred twenty-one energy fields radiating in the ultrahigh frequency range is found. Roi Danton understands immediately that these are cabinets - the hundred-sun world is therefore the building site for VULTAPHER! Another cabinet arrives a little later.

The Terrans would love to immediately disappear again and bring this news to the Sol system, in order to lead an attack on the developing Chaotender with structure burner torpedoes. But radio contact has already been made with the Column forces there, so that a reversal would be recognized immediately as an escape attempt. Danton is compelled to go with his retinue to the Column factory TRAIGOT-1105 and play the Dual Captain Dantyren. He meets Kalbaron Ecktim along with the Column Geometrician Noryn Chapan. They inform him that the hundred-suns world was picked as the ideal building site for VULTAPHER because of its remoteness and an unusual hyperphysical stability dominating in this sector. As if on cue, an enormous UHF potential appears, which was located recently also in the proximity of the Sol system. This is MINATERG, the heart of the Chaotender. Along with it, Kirmizz also arrives at the hundred-suns world. He orders Roi Danton - alias Dantyren - to a personal meeting. Danton does not have choice, he must obey this request, although the pain caused by his full body mask is nearly overwhelming him. He enters a transmitter field and appears on the hundred-suns world, but no trace of Kirmizz is to be seen.

Hardly still conscious, Danton hides himself in a kind hut that he finds. He meets the Posbis Gessounin and Zaubilski inside, which help him. Gessounin is apparently the first positronic-biological robot that has developed Para-gifts. He is a relevance detector (he can feel, where and when something important will occur) and Temporal removator (he can stop and quasi ”turn back“ time). When Danton has regained his forces, he goes to find and meet Kirmizz. However the discussion runs more than unfavorably. The Chaotender pilot discovers Danton’s masquerade and breaks his neck. Shortly before Danton’s death Gessounin intervenes, turning back time. Danton may live on and again hold his conversation with Kirmizz, avoiding his errors this time. This time, he plays the half-mad deformed creation, which was Dantyren-2 really was. His pain, which causes him to lose consciousness in the end, helps him survive this time. Kirmizz turns away with a snide remark and lets Dantyren lie there - he grants life to such an inferior servant to the hated Progress keeper. He even arranges Dantyren’s return to the DARK GHOUL, which can finally fly back on June 3, 1347 NGE to the Milky Way. Danton must be operated on, because his contorted stance, forced by the full body mask led to the death of large parts of his tissue within the abdomen area.

Unnoticed by all something, which the Posbis call the cybernetic conspiracy, takes place at the same time as the visit by the DARK GHOUL. The Hyperinpotronic of the hundred-sun world received contact with the Supratronic of a Traitank and it manages to provoke the Supratronic into a kind of match with which is to be determined, which of the two artificial intelligences is the superior one. The Hyperinpotronic loses, but states that only one part of itself had been playing. This insults the honor of the Supratronic, which achieved its victory too easily, so that it requires that the Hyperinpotronic to pull all its forces together. This is just what the Hyperinpotronic was waiting for, because among the fragments, which it calls now for assistance, is Gessounin who has merged with Zaubilski. They manipulate some memory contents and program components with the Para-gift of Temporal removation in such a manner that the Supratronic can no longer differentiate between present, past and future. It is thus made lame by total confusion. The Hyperinpotroniv hopes that this paralysis will spread to all the networked Supratronics of TRAITOR, but it does not come to this. Another Supratronic became suspicious and destroys the “infected“ Traitank in time. Since the hundred-suns world is to be eventually converted into a cabinet of VULTAPHER, TRAITOR’S punishment remains mild. Only Gessounin and Zaubilski are to be destroyed. However only their robot bodies actually fall victim to the bursts of fire of a Traitank. Their artificial consciousnesses are secretly transferred milliseconds before by data transfer to a drone and are thus saved. They are put into upgraded bodies a little later and Gessounin feels good about the future...

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2460 - Soldaten der NACHT
Soldiers of the NIGHT
Horst Hoffmann

The Hangay squadron and the SOL are still looking for a way to penetrate the core barrier and get into the center region of Hangay - so far in vain. In the base Win Alpha the Army of the NIGHT causes unrest: they are one hundred Mom' Serimers, which were assigned there from the SOL, in order to collect combat experience. Their head and contact officer to the Terrans is Lieutenant Mirk Unamato, a Mom' Serimer, who shows an almost incomprehensible sluggishness in thinking and acting compared to his comrades. Unamato’s idol is Atlan, and it is his greatest desire to be able to go on a mission with the immortal Arkonide. However the Mom'Serimers in Win Alpha become aggravated with the perceived insults and isolation they feel and nearly start a rebellion. On February 5, 1347 NGE thigns take a turn for the better, when the RICHARD BURTON succeeds in finding and dragging to Winola III a TRAI-Servicer that it found floating dead in space. This Column unit is converted for Terran needs. In addition it has many valuable raw materials on board, which can be used in the base, among other things T-Exagonium. Atlan designates the ship with the TRAITOR registry number 21,992,562 the TRUCKER and plans to use it for a very special mission; on March third a Column radiogram is caught, according to which the Entropic cyclone AKAZU will arrive in a few days in the sector 3-Vutavan. Atlan wants to try to penetrate into the cyclone (which is not the force of nature it appears to be, but a spaceship) because this will with high probability fly unhindered into the center region of Hangay. The implementation of this plan, however, requires a cyclone scout of the Oahm'Cara, because only with one of these ships would it be possible to approach the cyclone. The TRUCKER is therefore used as bait in the space sector concerned. It radiates an emergency call, which is actually responded to on March eleventh by a cyclone scout.

Now the Army of the NIGHT is used, because except for cell activator carriers, only certain Mom' Serimers are resistant to the deadly effect of an Entropic cyclone. Twenty-eight selected Mom' Serimer – among them Mirk Unamato - enter the cyclone Scout together with Atlan and paralyze its crew. But then all of them are subjected to a hypnotic influence - there are Column Motivators on board! These are larger than the previously encountered beings of this type and glow not red, but rather golden.

Unamato, who was afraid so far to shoot at other intelligent beings remains, due to an almost superhuman effort of will and because of the ingestion of some peppermint bonbons (which represent a strong stimulant for Mom' Serimers), capable of acting and manages to destroy the two Column Motivators. Then the Entropic cyclone arrives. The protective effect expected from the cyclone scout fails to appear, and the Oahm' Caras die. Only flight remains to Atlan and the Mom' Serimers, but they succeed in carrying along the docked cyclone scout with the TRUCKER to the RICHARD BURTON, where Atlan continues to plan...

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2461 - Der unendliche Raum
The Endless Space
Horst Hoffmann

The Traukis sector, not far away from the Winola system is the next goal of the Entropic cyclone, and Atlan and Mirk Unamato’s troop of Mom' Serimers make a second attempt to enter AKAZU. The cyclone scout 30,086,018 - renamed “ LOOKOUT “ – is prepared by March 26, 1347 NGE so that it looks, as if it would have been damaged with the explosion of the TRAI Servicer TRUCKER captured by Atlan and then ended up in the outskirts of the cyclone. A call for assistance is sent by Column radio. Atlan and the Mom' Serimers must endure it in tiny hiding places, until Traitanks arrive – torture for the energetic little guys. As expected, the Column troops are interested in recovering resources for the Column, so they to recycle the scout. A Column unit of so far unknown type, which is baptized by Atlan as a tube tender, due to its form, takes in the LOOKOUT and transports it through a Tryortan gullet to the cyclone station AKAZU-8. The stations are clearly the only entrance path to the Entropic cyclone. These are hemispherical blisters with a ground diameter of seventy-eight kilometers and thirty-nine kilometers height. On the basis of the curvature of the floor space, which, as Atlan assumes, represents the outer hull of AKAZU, a conclusion can be made on the diameter of the Entropic cyclone. It must be nearly 1,284,000 kilometers - as large as the sun Sol.

The cyclone stations represent a transition point to hyperspace, and AKAZU is completely embedded in this superordinate continuum. While Column troops begin the investigation and repair of the scouts, Atlan and the Mom' Serimer lieutenant make their way unhindered to AKAZU. Its covering has a thickness of a kilometer and encloses an apparently infinite open interior, in which numerous likewise enormous spheres are arranged. In the search for a center or a bridge that goes into AKAZU Atlan and Mirk Unamato become attentive to some of the strange gold colored Column Motivators that they had already met with the conquest of the scout. These partially material beings are possibly the actual inhabitants and pilots of the cyclone. Many of them go into a fog zone, which seems to have an important function and is designated as an entrance to the Entropic area. Mirk Unamato tries to follow one of the partially-material beings in there but he does not get far. As it seems, the smoke screen rejects anyone that does not have the authorization to enter.

Atlan also tries it and has more success. The further he advances, the clearer it becomes that the price for entering the Entropic area would be the dissolution of himself. His senses become more and more confused, and he soon loses control of himself. His extra sense takes over control of Atlan’s body and steers it outside, back to the Mom' Serimer. He takes Atlan back to the rest of the troop, which has brought a new cyclone scout under their control. In the meantime the Oahm'Caras have discovered that unauthorized people have entered AKAZU, and released the alarm. The escape succeeds and Atlan gradually comes around again. Just in time, he orders everyone out of the ship, because it is blown up by remote control. Some Traitanks still emerge, but they do not discover the refugees floating in space. After the disk shaped ships disappear again, Atlan calls for the RICHARD BURTON, which retrieves the group. Atlan now finally sees that the thought to use something as incomprehensible as an Entropic cyclone for his own purposes is an impossible dream. This way to the core region of Hangay cannot be achieved.

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2462 - Der Fund von Amienolc
The Find from Amienolc
Leo Lukas

It is shortly before the transfer: The being, WirHier, which can create itself as it needs to, is concerned. WirHier, whose smallest units are billions of Cybazilli, is suspicious of the dozing elder. WirHier, who is a servant of the Chaotarch Xrayn, is watchful all the time and ready for anything.

The SOL under the command of Ronald Tekener, Fee Kellind and Blo Rakane is in the Amienolc sector, patrolling the Hangay border barrier, at the beginning of April 1347 NGE. By means of the Kantor ultra measuring instrument, a several light day wide dimensional distortion is registered, that interests not only hyperphysicists like Tess Qumisha.

The Smiler, who has Benjameen da Jacinta aboard, as well as the two mutants Trim Marath and Startac Schroeder (who recently transferred from the RICHARD BURTON), decides to examine the phenomenon closer. Traitanks are trying to penetrate the object, but do not mange it, because the dimensional distortion ruins the functioning of their sensors and engines. (Later it turns out that the effect is produced by defective aggregates of the object.) In addition strange Strangeness become registered, which means that the thing arrived in Hangay from another universe.

Marath notices a strong mental presence in the distortion. The Cosmo-tracker is certain of being able to guide the barbell ship by using this presence as an orienting point. But Tekener agrees to this only after having da Jacinta check Marath in a Null dream to determine that he is not being influenced. The Smiler wants to avoid a repeated capturing of the SOL.

In the distortion the barbell ship locates a one hundred kilometer long wedge-shaped space station, which is surrounded by Strangeness. Explosions are taking place in it, and it is assumed that the whole station will soon be destroyed.

Meanwhile WirHier risks everything to protect the world fragment from its end. The being is considered the quarter master of the fragment and the emerging barbell ship opens the possibility of restocking its material requirements in time, by mean of disassembling the ship. In order to hold the unknown vehicle there, WirHier sends out an invitation to a Temporale Ceremony.

On the SOL they receive the knowledge that the space station refers to itself as the Negane City and is inviting them to visit the Tempolare Ceremony. Marath meanwhile describes the mental presence as slumbering and it only needs to be awoken, in order to retrieve its knowledge. Tekener decides to advance with a small ship called the SUSHI and a mission team. The team includes Blo Rakane, Steph La Nievand, twenty-eight Mom'Serimers under Sinco Venethos and Gurli Grushgelaard, Qumisha, da Jacinta, Schroeder and Marath. They leave the SOL on April fourth.

The ship's boat locates an approximately seventy meter wide object, which reminds them of a snow globe. In it is the mental presence, which now reacts to the presence of the Galactics. It is the Null dreamer who succeeds in a one-sided contact. He becomes acquainted with an infinitely tired being, who is not really interested in any contact, unless it was by someone similar to Perry Rhodan.

In response, as a cell activator bearer, the Smiler tries to make contact. Tekener thereby becomes acquainted the World Sage of Azdun in its snow globe, who had met Rhodan twenty million years ago in Tare Scharm. The World Sage speaks of the fact that the Negane City will be completed in Hangay in a thousand years. It explains that it has searched for a long time for a possibility to get away from the Terminal Column TRAITOR. Perhaps now that the space station is going to be destroyed, it can finally die in peace. After these words and warning Tekener about the quartermaster, the World Sage terminates the contact.

Tekener, however, is not ready to just let the millions of years of knowledge, which presents itself here, simply commit suicide and get away. Against the will of the World Sage, he orders the snow globe detached from the space station. However it simultaneously comes to attempts by WirHier to infiltrate the SOL on the nano-level. The mission team also ends up danger when WirHier attacks them. It is so overpowering that Marath’s black twin materializes. The cloud warrior manages to give lasting damage to WirHier due to the fact that they are both connected to psionic energy in the UHF range. This gives the SOL the idea to use a PIEPER to generate ultrahigh-frequency wave fronts that disrupt the nano-aggressors. WirHier tries to continue the attack, but fails and can no longer prevent the space station, a fragment of the Negane City, from bursting apart and destroying it.

At the last moment the mission team was able to save itself and the World Sage, getting back onto the SOL, which then withdraws itself from the space sector. A little later the dimensional distortion closes. The barbell ship shakes off any pursuers and heads for the Winola system eight thousand light years away. Their find from Amienolc, the World Sage of Azdun, is certainly important, but also very annoyed in its hangar in the SZ-2….

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2463 - Isokrain der Kosmitter
Isokrain the Cosmitter
Uwe Anton

Ronald Tekener has a bit of fun not telling Atlan everything about the identity of his ”catch“ and his meeting with Perry Rhodan twenty million years ago. The surprise of the Arkonide is enormous, when he learns about this from the World Sage. Since the jellyfish being recognizes a former Knight of the Depth in Atlan, he shows respect towards him. He accepts Atlan’s explanation for preventing his suicide and is far more communicative than he had been with the Solaners. He informs them now about all he knows about the Negasphere, the Negane city, GLOIN TRAITOR and the true intentions of the Chaotarchs. Thus the Solaners now also know the only way to start a Retroversion. Already during the discussion Atlan makes a certain observation. SENECA’S recordings reveal that ESCHER’S avatars Merlin Myhr and Pal Astuin manifested themselves in the World Sage’s sphere, and that there must be yet another being in there which is unaccounted for. Atlan fears that the World Sage might consider ESCHER’S uninvited visit as an attack and confronts the Parapositronic. During this, he notices that Laurence Savoire has obviously changed sides and is no longer trustworthy.

ESCHER announces again, that its only purpose of existence is to at least perforate the Hangay border dams in order to make it for Perry Rhodan to lead a fleet into the Proto-Negasphere. It believes to be able to achieve this goal with the help of World Sage. As it seems, ESCHER has already been able to make a deal with the World Sage. Atlan figures out the plan: If the World Sage can succeed in returning to TRAITOR, then the only logical reaction would consist of bringing it to security - and the safest place in Hangay is now behind the bulkheaded center region. It remains unclear at first, how ESCHER intends to tag along on this journey. Atlan recognizes that this approach would be however the only possibility to get into the proximity of the primary attack target, GLOIN TRAITOR. He is ready to do without ESCHER and let it go. Negotiations begin, in which the avatar of the fourth being in the sphere takes part. This is Isokrain, a being from the insectoid people of the Insk Karew, who approximately three million years ago joined the Brother State of the Cosmitters. This organization had voluntarily carried out scouting services for the Mighty, as well as the Knights of the Depth at that time. The organization no longer exists.

Approximately two million years ago Isokrain had tried to explore the Negane City, but been discovered, outwitted and captured. After uncounted years of an artificially maintained coma, torture and humiliation by the Assomga in the Negane Dungeon and a lengthy period of recovering his memories, Isokrain succeeded in freeing himself by means of nano-columns that could reproduce themselves and infiltrate computer systems. During his escape he came upon the World Sage becomes a symbiosis partner with him - exactly the same, as the World Sage had wanted to force Perry Rhodan to do nearly twenty million years earlier, but this time it is voluntary on both sides. The goal of the two consists from then on of trying to get their physical bodies killed so they can escape from TRAITOR as an intellectualized higher entity. A diversionary maneuver of the Chaotarchs against the forces of Order offered the opportunity for this. A part of the Negane City (in which the World Sage was kept) was to be sacrificed in a Proto-Negasphere, in order to divert the Cosmocrats from the genuine and/or complete Negane City, which was at work in another developing Negasphere. In a projection body Isokrain now begins to sabotage the accommodation. The plan was working, as the World Sage’s section of the accommodation tried to escape from the forces of Order into another universe - ours. But shortly before the accommodation’s explosion, the SOL showed up and saved the World Sage against its will. In his contact with ESCHER Isokrain came to the decision that it was necessary to hold off the desire for death and convinces the World Sage to ally with the Para-positronic to fight against the Negasphere.

Since ESCHER cannot be transferred into the World Sage’s sphere, a reproduction of the separated support tract of the sphere is designed and then built from the remainders of the conquered TRAI Servicer’s supplies and flanged onto the sphere. ESCHER is hidden inside the tract, along with Savoire who insists on accompanying ESCHER. Everyone is clear that this mission is a suicide command, from which there is no return. On May 3, 1347 NGE, the SOL heads out. Atlan, who prepares take back command of the SOL for himself, risks destruction by superior enemy formations, which are supported by a Column MACHINE, in order to trick TRAITOR into retrieving the World Sage. The plan works, the SOL barely escaping destruction or capture. The World Sage and ESCHER are now on their way to the Hangay core dam, and Savoire has sufficient opportunity to think about and regret his resolution to join them...

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2464 - Das Archaische Programm
The Archaic Program
Arndt Ellmer

The Galactics use the duration of the flight to the Milky, estimated to be two months, in order to explore both the LAW-Giver and changes made by the Meta-runners in the JULES VERNE. While still more new energy taps are discovered on the barbell ship, by which the original performance is doubled, Curcaryen Varantir makes fewer advances with the attempt to manually steer the CHEOS TAI. The LAW-Giver accepts only Perry Rhodan’s instructions. Rhodan follows the suggestion to repeal the entire command hierarchy of the ship, but all this accomplishes is that CHEOS TAI behaves still more self-willed than before. In addition gold colored robots, which remind one of reptiles, suddenly appear everywhere but do nothing at first. Mondra Diamond’s investigation team discovers areas meanwhile, in which Strangeness prevails, as well as several still functional biotopes and containers in which hundreds of organisms are held in deep sleep. Obviously not the entire crew died during the chaos of the Retroversion of Tare Scharm. However all these beings disintegrate to dust, as soon as one tries to arouse them.

Curcaryen Varantir is soon at the end of his anyway limited patience and requests servo support from the computer system. The CHEOS TAI surprisingly confirms this instruction from him, but at first nothing at all happens – or so the Algorrian thinks. In fact, approximately one thousand three hundred Heromets awake from their twenty-nine million year stasis condition. These faintly beaver like beings fulfill various tasks of support in CHEOS TAI, i.e. they are” Servos “. Their head, Taffanaro, observes the intruders distrustfully. He decides not to work for them at first and to arouse the Tibirian Melechs, in order to set the so-called ‘fictitious prosecutors’ on the strangers. The Tibirian Melechs have the task of examining the convictions of each being that is on CHEOS TAI, to insure it works on behalf of the forces of Order. All this happens in secret - the Galactics do not suspect anything of these events are going on.

Apparently the Tibirian Melechs come to the conclusion that the Galactics are to be classified as enemies, because the golden combat robots suddenly open fire without any warning. Fortunately all the investigation teams are accompanied by Laosoors, so that the groups can be quickly evacuated to the JULES VERNE. Only Mondra Diamond’s team, to which the Lasoor Pothawk belongs, does not manage to get back in time. They arrive at the hangar in which it was parked just in time to see how the barbell ship is hurled by tractor beams from the hangar. Perry Rhodan can do nothing more for his part, because CHEOS TAI ignores all his instructions. The LAW-Giver begins to accelerate and leaves the JULES VERNE behind - still forty-four million light-years away from the Milky Way removes.

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2465 - Nach der Stasis
After the Stasis
Hubert Haensel

After the JULES VERNE is shoved off the CHEOS-TAI before they can get back on board, Mondra Diamond’s seven-headed mission team hides itself to a large extent unnoticed in the CHEOS-TAI. By observation and eavesdropping on radio communications, Mondra makes herself a picture of the current events in the LAW-Giver.

Only three hundred twenty-one Tibirian Melech survived the awakening process instigated by the Heromets. The fictitious prosecutors suffer from a kind of transformation compulsion: Their bodies begin to react in sudden thrusts as if they want to take on a completely different form than normal. Whoever does not succeed in stopping this process by an effort of will practically explodes or dissolves into protoplasm. The Tibirian Melechs cannot fulfill the hopes held by the Heromets in them, because they also have only little idea of how a LAW-Giver is operated and controlled. In addition, like the Heromets, they were submitted in the course of restructuring measures to a mental revision and can only remember fragments of their past. Only a Thermodyne engineer would be able to return things to normal conditions. The Tibirian Melech Inkh Selexon is recognized by CHEOS-TAI as authorized to give commands and he introduces the measures, which lead to driving the JULES VERNE out of the LAW-Giver. He discovers the recordings of Thermodyne engineer Eregitha Math Gaum, who implemented the Cosmocrats’ instructions at that time for the restructuring of the LAW-Giver and put all the Tibirian Melechs into deep sleep. Selexon comes at the conclusion that he and his people, as well as the Heromets, were simply forgotten after the mental revision and putting into stasis.

Due to this bitter realization, or possibly the affects of the mutations occurring in their bodies, the Tibirian Melechs decide to use the LAW-Giver for their own purposes. The enormous ship reaches the small galaxy Barmand Sternborn, in which there is an organization, which is called Anti-warrior-union, as well as some smaller power blocs. Selexon selects the Vakacool system as their first goal, because there are supposed to be particularly capable geneticists found there. Their assistance is urgently needed, because ever more Tibirian Melechs are being subjected to the transformation compulsion, which leads even to the fact that other Tibirian Melechs present when one begins to change get “dragged along” and begin to also change. Meanwhile the Heromet Taffanaro discovers a stasis chamber, in which Eregitha Math Gaum rests. On his own authority Taffanaro begins the awakening procedure - he would like to conceal this to the Tibirian Melech, since he does not trust them any longer and is sick of the fact that the fictitious prosecutors treat the Heromets like annoying pests. However, Taffanaro’s deputy Kafarain betrays what Taffanaro is doing to Selexon, because he does not believe Taffanaro has the right to override the Tibirian Melech’s authority. When Selexon learns of Taffanaro is doing, he personally strangles the reviving Thermodyne engineer to death and then goes back to the steering headquarters to await their arrival at Vakacool...

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2466 - Galaxis der Antikrieger
Galaxy of the Anti-warriors
Michael Marcus Thurner

In the absence of anything else to do, the crew of the JULES VERNE concerns itself, to the great joy of the Chief technician Istorico, in all peace and detail with repair work, and above all with the investigation of the repairs and replacements made by the Meta-runners. Through intensive practice tests Istorico finds out that the efficiency of the protection screens was enormously increased and the life span of the hypercrystals was improved. All this gives the ship a clearly higher range of travel. Differently expressed: The JULES VERNE can now reach the approximately forty-four million lightyears distant Milky Way under its own power. The joy of the crew about this information is hardly clouded by the fact that the flight would take forty-four years at maximum speed.

Unnoticed by the Galactics, one Meta-runner is still working on board. It is the involuntary stowaway Pan Greystat, a technician, who is blessed with slow comprehension, less talent compared to the rest of his people, an infinite naivety and an exaggerated sense of obedience. He received the rank of a Meta-runner only due to his above average structural runner abilities. During the departure of the JULES VERNE, he was so absorbed in his work that he did not notice the launch and got stuck on board. He decided to simply continue his work and stole spare parts of the type AKR-12a from the stocks of the barbell ship to do his work, which would earn him the right to a new tattooing. He is finally discovered, because the shortfalls become noticed in the warehouse.

Istorico assigns Ekatus Atimoss the investigation of the affair. Behind the Parapol-veil the Dual observes the Meta-runner and trails him to his hideout. He succeeds in winning the confidence of the small being. Pan Greystat is more than impressed by the friendliness, with which the Galactics - in particular the former Knight of the Depth deeply admired by him - accepts him. He proudly presents them the result of his work: He has finished a Tentonic crystal donator. The Galactics learn its purpose when Pan Greystat inserts a burnt out piece of Salkrit into it – and when the machine is done processing it, the hypercrystal has regained ninety-six percent of its power!

The JULES VERNE catches radiograms from the approximately three thousand lightyears distant galaxy Asdoran, which is called Barmand Sternborn by its natives. The Galactics learn that the CHEOS TAI has taken over control of the Vakacool system by force of arms. Perry Rhodan contacts the Anti-Warrior-Union, which controls the small galaxy. Tavocky U Arakay, the acting Secretary of State of the federation, is ready to accept a personal discussion. He considers Rhodan insane, when the Resident offers to take back control of the CHEOS TAI with a small mission troop, but he brings the group to the scene of the action. Ekatus Atimoss insists on the fact that his new friend, Pan Greystat, be part of the party with him. The new masters of the CHEOS-TAI clearly do not have the LAW-Giver completely under their control yet, because the mission team (to which Gucky, Icho Tolot and some Laosoors also belong) succeeds in entering the enormous ship. But there is soon stopped by locked hatches - the troop cannot penetrate further, because all the walls consist of Carit and are therefore impassable for the Teleporters. Howeverm Pan Greystat, who suffers from the radiant emissions of the Ultimate material, recognizes weak points, at which only little Carit is present. He penetrates it with great effort and opens the hatch from the inside. Unfortunately, forcing himself through the Carit impregnated hatch fatally injures him, because a part of his body substance literally remains hanging in the walls. Before his death he receives a new tattoo for this heroic act from his friend the Dual.

A Heromet, who manages to escape, discovers the Galactics. Thus the presence of the intruders is no longer a secret…

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2467 - Mentale Revision
Mental Revision
Christian Montillon

Taffanaro was beaten half dead by Inkh Selexon. He survives only because he was found by his comrade Salihcar and brought back to health in a medical station. He makes this station the headquarters of a quickly growing resistance movement. Not only he, meanwhile, but also most of the other Heromets have understood that something is wrong with the Tibirian Melechs, and that they are no longer acting in the interests of the Cosmocrats. When a Heromet announces that he has Perry Rhodan, Taffanaro struggles to admit to himself that he knows now he should have done something much earlier already: He takes up contact with the intruder. The situation is critical at first, but relaxes quickly when Taffanaro perceives Rhodan’s Knight aura. This meeting is observed by Limbox, but he interprets it incorrectly: He believes that Rhodan has been captured by the Heromets. When Mondra Diamond and Vizquegatomi try to free him, Rhodan is certainly impressed by the forceful appearance of his companion, but he must prevent her from starting a battle. A treaty is agreed upon and Rhodan begins to plan to recapture the CHEOS-TAI. When it is over, Rhodan will have command over the LAW-Giver and the Heromets will continue to serve as Servos on board. They want to help out in the battle against the Negasphere of Hangay. But the CHEOS-TAI must be returned to the Cosmocrats after the Retroversion, which Rhodna of course has no problem with.

Meanwhile Inkh Selexon forces several groups of the Vakanete to look for a solution for the conversion compulsion of the Tibirian Melechs. The geneticists from the Vakacool system find out that this compulsion is connected to a Para-gift of the Tibirian Melechs, but they do not recognize the type of this ability. When Inkh Selexon suffers a particularly strong attack, the mental protective wall which has up to now blocked his memories falls. Now he knows again that the Thermodyne engineer Eregitha Math Gaum had introduced the mental revision on order of the Cosmocrats and not on his own decision. A more efficient organizational structure was to be created by this measure in the CHEOS-TAI. Then Inkh Selexon also gets the message about the presence of Perry Rhodan. Perry demands the surrender of the fictitious prosecutors. The Heromets no longer react to Inkh Selexon’s orders – any collaborators have been “put on ice” in the meantime.

Together the Galactics and the Heromets start to storm the main control room of the LAW-Giver, where all the Tibirian Melechs have entrenched themselves. It possibly lies with this stressful situation, that all the Tibirian Melechs simultaneously are hit by the conversion compulsion. This time none of them succeeds in consciously stopping the process. Now Inkh Selexon recognizes what the purpose of the metamorphosis is: A single one of them (here it is just the particularly brutal Kalitt Lindbak) is changed into a Thermodyne engineer. However, he dies immediately. Inkh Selexon is the last to die, but has one last thrust of memory that returns first. Now he again knows, why the mental revision was really introduced. It was the intention of the Cosmocrats to replace the natural birthing of a Thermodyne engineer by more efficient in vitro breeding. When Perry Rhodan finally penetrates the control room, he finds no resistance. He stands in the truest sense of the term before a mountain of corpses.

The JULES VERNE is brought back into the LAW-Giver and the journey back to the Milky Way goes on...

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2468 - KOLTOROCS Kinder
Uwe Anton

After an intermediate stop in the Solsystem, where the realizations won in the hundred-sun world were passed on to the peace drivers, Traitank is 1.199.188 - the DARK GHOUL - within the center range of the Milky Way on the way. Roi Dantons a goal is it to switch the service castle off CRULT stationed here. It has however still no idea, as it is to achieve this goal illusory in the reason. Then one observes, how approximately 100,000 Traitanks and some column Forts block a space sector, which is valid according to caught column radiograms immediately as taboo. The Terraner makes itself natural immediately on the way there. At the goal arrived, the DARK GHOUL and one is ignored of Senego Trainz befehligte dark cap, which is out-sent to the investigation, completely. Are only three spaceships here, which remind high Christmas trees of 3880 meters. They are partly into one another wedged and afflicted with removing Strangeness, must not have come thus before too long time from another universe. Millions must be of organisms on board, but these react on no radio call.

The DARK GHOUL docks. With absolutely no problem a troop led by Roi Danton in the Dantyren body mask penetrates into one of the ships. The inside is filled with innumerable tunnels and chambers made of vegetable fibers. Intelligent insectoids live there, which are in radio communication with everyone else in their ship. As soon as their unusual symbolic code is decoded, Danton and its people learn more: The insectoids are called Tarnii KOLTOROC, which one could translate as KOLTOROC’S children or wards. They are interested only in their respective swarm and do not even know that there is a TRAITOR or a world outside of their ships. An individual Tarnii is nothing, the swarm is everything, and only the collective swarm intelligence as well as instructions from their queens, which they receive over implanted radios, make it possible for the Tarnii to keep functional and steer their spaceships. The names of the ships as well as their swarms are EVERPONAH, NEQETIRIS and TAPIANUTH. Those swarms constantly battle each other during the resting periods between the journeys of the swarm ships, sending special assassins to kill the pairs of kings and queens of the other swarms. Thus evolutionary pressure is artificially simulated, which would otherwise be absent because of the lack of outside enemies. Such an assassination attempt was just committed in the NEQETIRIS, but the associated chaos is not the only reason the Terrans can look around unhindered; the Tarnii simply do not take any notice of them.

For several days long the Terrans examine the living conditions of the Tarniis. Roi Danton meets Tybris Rokok, the assassin, who had killed the queen and king of the NEQETIRIS and is now taking over the role of the husband of the new queen from his own people. He notices Roi Danton, which is possibly because of his special assassin abilities. He readily tells his story to the Terran, who he regards as an unreal creature from the” lightless area “. Rhodan’s son is alarmed, when he understands that Rokok must have met a Quantum of the Darkness in this lightless area and when he learns that radio communication to the DARK GHOUL was interrupted. Meanwhile six Dark Investigators materialize in the proximity of the state ships. One of them seems to be piggybacking another...

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2469 - Das Paramorphische Feld
The Paramorphic Field
Uwe Anton

Roi Danton goes in the lightless room of the NEQETIRIS. He assumes rightfully that the Quantum of the Darkness (there are actually several), hidden there, belongs to the rebels in the ranks of the Dark Investigators. The being exposes Danton’s masquerade, but speaks more or less in a friendly tone with him. Its name is G' schogun and its Soul Clipper, named Quudarion, has been brought by one of the other Dark Investigators, which have encircled the DARK GHOUL. G' schogun reports that the state ships of the Tarnii KOLTOROC have served the rebels for a long time as a secret meeting place - a perfect hiding place, since the insectoids cannot notice anything but themselves. A Quantum of the Darkness must always remain on board, in order to inform the others by a psionic signal when the ships change location. G' schogun expresses the assumption that the Tarnii are the descendants of the race that KOLTOROC developed into a superintelligence from and will keep alive for sentimental reasons. KOLTOROC also set up the Paramorphic field, an influence, which wraps all the state ships to ensure that the Tarnii constantly fight each other, so that they do not degenerate.

While Roi Danton converses with the Quantum of the Darkness, the micro-Beasts discover a sealed off area, in which beings work, which resemble the Tarnii KOLTOROC, but contrary to these act completely independently. It turns out that there is nothing material about them: The area accommodates a kind of hologram diorama. Reskes Skibalf, a competitor of Senego Trainz, tries to touch one of the hologram beings. An alarm is promptly released, combat robots appear and attack the micro-Beasts, and the state ships activate a sealed condition. G' schogun notices that a psionic distress signal is being sent – whose addressee is KOLTOROC! The Dark Investigators succeed in suppressing the signal but the transmitter must be destroyed. Danton calls for a thousand micro-Beasts from his Traitank, and they succeed in doing so. The situation is swiftly cleared up, but there are some injuries and the Dark Investigators now feel compelled to give up their secret meeting place.

Those are not good conditions for further negotiations, but Roi Danton has an ” immoral offer “ to make to the Dark Investigators. He would like to make a pact with them in the fight against CRULT and invite G'schogun to the Sol system to speak to the Nucleus. The Dark Investigators only become interested in this offer, when Roi Danton tells them that the Terrans are supported by a developing superintelligence, and that the Nucleus has succeeded in masking Roi Danton (and/or Dantyren) from the mental perception of the Progress Keeper. This makes the Dark Investigators believe in a possible success and consent to speak with the Nucleus. G' schogun will take the Quudarion to the Sol system via the MOTRANS-OC1.

Danton, however, keeps himself a backdoor open. He wants to first talk with Reginald Bull and Homer G. Adams. If they should be against his plan, it would still be possible to move the BACKDOOR transmitter platform to another location. Thus he takes the wind from the sails of his critics. Before the DARK GHOUL makes itself on the way back to the Sol system, Danton has the micro-Beasts steal some thousand fertilized eggs of the Tarnii KOLTOROC, because if these beings are so important to the Chaopressor, it would be good to keep all the options open.

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2470 - Finsternis über Terra
Darkness Over Terra
Horst Hoffmann

In the Sol system they are awaiting the arrival of a Dark Investigator. This event is not held secret; actually the media blow it up and ensure that fear reaches out around itself - many people believe that they have been betrayed to TRAITOR by the immortals and that the Dark Investigator will destroy Terra. Although none of that occurs on June 20, 1347 NGE when G'schogun is channeled through the TERRANOVA Screen via MOTRANS-OC1, he does not react to any radio calls and some panic even breaks out in the Sol system. G'schogun stays only shortly over Isla Bartolomé, then he visits different historic places on Terra. Reginald Bull has to accept that he has no possibility to stop the Dark Investigator. Because his intentions remain unknown, an insecure feeling now spreads itself in the ranks of the leadership.

In Terrania G'schogun kidnaps the widower Tenpole Opera, as well as his children Corsair, Anulyn and Arnie. The family has been a wreck since the death of the mother; there is only quarreling and even hate between the father and the children. The four are forced to wander through the bizarre, inexplicable inside of the Source Clipper and they are separated from each other. In the danger they reconsider their solidarity and try to help each other. With it they pass a test to which G'schogun has submitted them. The Quantum of the Darkness wanted to know whether one can rely on the Terrans, and the four humans have proven this to him. Now the Dark Investigator heads for Isla Bartolomé again. G'schogun leaves the Source Clipper and speaks, at last, to the Nucleus.

A pact is concluded. Some Investigator rebels want to proceed to CRULT and hold themselves ready there. They will intervene, as soon as the Nucleus fulfills his part of the agreement and sends a Terran task force to the CRULT, which should attack Antakur von Bitvelt. G'schogun does not set a deadline for the Terrans; they can take their time for the preparations. The Dark Investigator also dismisses the Opera family and disappears from the Sol system where peace soon comes again. Reginald Bull plans to speak to the Operas about their experiences in the Source Clipper.

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2471 - Das Geschenk der Metaläufer
The Gift of the Meta-runners
Arndt Ellmer

After altogether fourteen months Operation Tempus approaches its final end. CHEOS-TAI reaches the close environment of the Milky Way after a good two months flight since its reconquest by the crew of the JULES VERNE. On the way back further changes made by the Meta-runners are discovered: Altogether three hundred sixty black balls with a diameter of 21.81 centimeters are distributed everywhere about the inner surface of the outer hull of the barbell ship. It is clear to all that the modifications and additions determined so far are only the tip of the iceberg, but nobody can figure out what the Meta-runners intended with them.

Icho Tolot, the Algorrians and two hundred volunteers stay in the LAW-Giver, while the JULES VERNE continues to approach its homeland. CHEOS-TAI goes into the detection protection of a nameless sun two thousand four hundred light-years removed from the Sol system. The date is September 25, 1347 NGE shipboard time, when the JULES VERNE flies into the range of the southwest quadrant of the Milky Way, but the clocks must be reset. According to captured radiograms the TERRANOVA Screen is about to be attacked again by forty thousand Traitanks – and the proper date is June 27, 1347 NGE. The MOTRANS platform is not in the Rigel system where it should be, but it left an automatic probe. This points the way to the Polaris system, where MOTRANS-OC1 is now stationed. The Sol system is to be easily reached over this transmitter platform, but first the JULES VERNE must prove itself real. That is not a completely simple venture, because the existence of this ship as well as its mission were kept top secret. Finally the barbell ship is transmitted into the Sol system. Reginald Bull insists on precautionary measures, despite all the joy of seeing his friends again. Soon everything is cleared up, but before an information exchange can be carried out, there is a reunification of father and son: Perry Rhodan is more than relieved, as he learns that the genuine Roi Danton was never transformed into a Dual being. Later on the public is informed about Rhodan’s return.

The fact that the precautionary measures are unfortunately ineffective and only too justified, is revealed all too soon. The Evolux balls in the JULES VERNE emit UHF hyperradiation, which is only a side effect of their incomprehensible activities. Apparently something in the barbell ship is the same time scanning the Nucleus on Terra. Suddenly the JULES VERNE moves with unbelievable values and races into the corona of the sun. Three blue shining control desks appear, but nobody can operate them. Then a hologram activates itself: The Meta-runner Nox Hauthorn announces proudly, that it is now possible to hand over a spaceship, which is worthy of the Knight over of the Depth. It was not possible to convert the JULES VERNE to a genuine Light Cell, but it does now have a Trafitron drive, just like these legendary Knight ships. The Evolux balls are energy supplies for this system, which can be used for various purposes, and they pull their energy from any UHF potential, or if necessary also from the Psionic net. The Trafitron drive was only activated for safety reasons with the reaching of the Sol system (to prove that Rhodan’s story was true). With the words that the Terrans must find the exact achievement parameters out of their” new “ship, the Meta-runner says good-bye.

However it comes to problems with the battery filling process because of the corpse of ARCHETIM resting in the sun, so that the JULES VERNE now approaches the TERRANOVA Screen, which represents the next possible energy source. Since neither Istorico nor Rhodan can get the control desks under control, a gap is switched open in the screen, which the barbell ship can pass through safely. Immediately several hundred Traitanks penetrate the gap. Reginald Bull’s armed forces are however are on the spot and destroy the opponents. Finally Rhodan succeeds with a desperate effort in deactivating the Trafitron drive. The JULES VERNE can return to the Sol system through a new gap. It is now overhauled completely in the Posy Poos shipyards on Luna for their next mission: The flight to Hangay is coming up. Meanwhile Rhodan visits the Nucleus. This communicates, that it already sent ahead an agent (ESCHER), but wants to follow the JULES VERNE in three months time. The Globists are in the meantime able to stabilize the TERRANOVA screen alone and he will leave a fragment - a BATTERY – for their support on Terra. In a motivating speech Perry Rhodan informs the Terrans as far as possible about the past events and announces that mankind will now give up its defensive attitude and go on the attack.

Perry Rhodan will lead this attack. He will lead the ARCHETIM mission squadron consisting of the JULES VERNE, one PONTOON Tender, three Ultra-battleships, 12 LFT BOXES and the LAW-Giver CHEOS-TAI to Hangay, in order to introduce the Retroversion of the Negasphere. In the meantime he has mastered the controls of the Meta-runner changes found so far, but is clear that one show oneself worthy of the gift. On July 6, 1347 NGE the ARCHETIM mission squadron heads out. It carries along the eggs of the Tarnii KOLTOROC. Meanwhile, Roi Danton gets ready to prepare the attack for CRULT. He has a new tool for it, which he receives from his father - the Atrentus procedure, which can be used to neutralize the Claw of the Labroten.

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2472 - TRAICOON 0096
Michael Marcus Thurner

Roi Danton has little time to prepare for the crucial blow against CRULT, because the Nucleus, which he needs for the distraction Antakur von Bitvelt will leave for Hangay in three months. Danton’s plan intends that the Nucleus will still strengthen his mental influencing of the Progress Keeper, so that he is impelled to call Dual Captains to himself for his own security. Danton wants to use the Atrentus method to free one of them from his Claws of the Laboraten, to then use him as an agent who will ignite two Psi-emitters in CRULT. These are intended to increase the disconcertion of the Progress Keeper farther. On July 16, 1347 NGE his team of the DARK GHOUL finds a suitable candidate. According to captured Column radio messages Zerberoff is in the Column Fort TRAICOON 0096 by the planet Woodlark, completely near the Sol system. Using the identification of a recently attacked Traitank, the DARK GHOUL approaches the Column Fort and can immediately dock for repair purposes. Some micro-Beasts immediately get down to exploring the Fort and find a secret path to Zerberoff’s accommodation.

The Terrans still do not anticipate that their mission has a double explosive effect, because Zerberoff has the order to decide on the destiny of the Sol system, and in view of the increasing threat by the Terrans he has come to the conclusion that the attempts to cabinetize Terra, are not worthwhile any more. Besides, the crew of the Column Fort has found not only indications to the existence of the BACKDOOR-Transmitter route, but has even located the LAW-Giver CHEOS-TAI. Zerberoff’s already prepared a recommendation for the destruction of the Sol system, but has not sent it off yet. Certainly, the camouflage of the DARK GHOUL blows up, but Zerberoff believes older (also faked) information according to which Traitank 1,199,188 is on its way by direct order of the Progress Keeper. Therefore, in his fear to fail before Antakur von Bitvelt Zerberoff undertakes nothing.

Meanwhile the micro-Beasts accomplish their goal. Rinka Porol, a micro-Beast who considers itself a female after conversations with the feminist Lipica Atabinmek and who had overcome the difficulty of her dyslexia, is part of the group. The micro-Beasts overpower Zerberoff, then Terran mission forces follow and neutralize the Claws of the Laboraten of the dual being. Now by access to his personal data archives they also get to know all that he does. Once during the treatment, which continues longer than expected, Roi Danton must appear personally - naturally in a Zerberoff body mask - in the main headquarters of the Fort with Kalbaron Awoko to prevent that the information about the detection of CHEO-TAI is transmitted. When Awoko becomes suspicious and visits Zerberoff’s accommodation, the Dual Captain has already won back his free will. From hate for TRAITOR in general and against Antakur von Bitvelt in particular he positions himself on the side of the Terrans, punishes Awoko with the endogenous torture and declares himself ready to take part in Roi Danton’s plan.

Zerberoff stays behind in the Fort with some of the micro-Beasts when the DARK GHOUL flies off. As a farewell present the Dual Captain has three thousand micro-Beast battle suits brought to the Traitank. Then he delivers his final report on the situation with the Sol system. He recommends a reduction of the siege troops there and discounts the sensor readings involving the BACKDOOR system and the CHEO-TAI..

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2473 - Verrat auf CRULT
Betrayal on CRULT
Leo Lukas

Reginald Bull and Fran Imith visit the Nucleus, which has meanwhile evaluated the information about the Retroversion delivered by Perry Rhodan. The Nucleus explains, that he is capable and willing to help with the Retroversion in the same way as ARCHETIM did. He will restore the Psionic Net at the Negasphere, but this will mean his death. When Reginald Bull expresses himself against it, the Nucleus states, that ES had initiated this plan. Some days later, the Nucleus produces an offshoot of himself. This BATTERY will stay behind on Terra and support the Globists with the stabilization of the TERRANOVA Screen.

Antakur von Bitvelt has given the order to gather all dispensable forces for the defense of CRULT, because the unknown psionic attack (by the Nucleus) disturbs him very much. Zerberoff is one of the six Duals which are detached to CRULT.

In his baggage, Zerberoff brings ten micro-Beasts who belong to Roi Danton’s command. He is supposed to take over command of the External Control Center, which coordinates the ship movements around CRULT. However, as his "assistant" they have assigned him Malikadi, who wants to prove Zerberoff’s incompetence and thereby distinguish himself by it.

Because Malikadi and his henchmen keep an eye on Zerberoff constantly, he cannot simply order the DARK GHOUL to CRULT, because it is considered as a missing ship. Time becomes brief, so Zerberoff reaches to his last means: He offers Malikadi the opportunity to discredit him with an intrigue. If Malikadi is then able to be isolated, he is to be pulled to the Galactics side with the Atrentus procedure. The plan succeeds.

Malikadi is still unsure what he should do now, because he has the choice to serve TRAITOR or to take revenge on it. Nevertheless, he authorizes the flight of a special Traitank for Zerberoff without finding out the background for it.

Later he hides in an abandoned observatory, to be able to finally think in peace. He comes to the conclusion that it would be completely senseless to kill Antakur von Bitvelt, because TRAITOR would not be damaged with it. Besides, he would be still subordinate to Zerberoff, even if he joins the Galactics. Therefore, he decides to betray Zerberoff to the Progress Keeper or the Terminal Heralds (whomever he is able to reach first). However, without conclusive reason the administrator on duty does not want to put him through to anyone at all. Even when Malikadi says that he has information about the approaching attack, it still takes a while, before he can speak to a Terminal Herald. However, in the meanwhile the micro-Beasts have found him again. Malikadi is just about to speak when he is shot. The micro-Beasts remove all traces of their attack, but have no time to destroy the corpse.

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2474 - Zwei Psi-Emitter
Two Psi-Emitters
Hubert Haensel

Traitank 1,199,188 lands on the CRULT, but it is still not possible for the crew to leave the ship. Roi Danton must wait for news from Zerberoff. The Dual Captain must deal first with the consequences of the murder of Malikadi. To arouse no suspicion, he himself orders investigations (among other things by the Awours) which end up becoming dangerous for him. It is his luck that Malikadi was unpopular in the whole Service Castle and even regarded as a danger because of his excessive ambition. Zerberoff uses the investigations to personally examine some Traitanks. One of the ships is naturally the DARK GHOUL. In this way it is possible for him to inform the Terrans about the current developments and get them accommodations in the Service Castle which are immediately used.

Now Zerberoff is initiated into Roi Danton’s plans. The Terran plans to ignite two Psi-emitters. The first one will produce a field slowly spreading out psionic energy about the whole Service Castle, virtually paralyzing Antakur von Bitvelt and should cause great confusion in the CRULT. The second one will deliver the compressed energy stored in it in the form of a shock front which should be sufficient, according to the opinion of the Nucleus, to kill the Progress Keeper. The wave emitter must be lit near the victim, because it has no great range. The Dark Investigator rebels are to enable Danton to approach the target as closely as possible. He must ignite the wave emitter with a mental impulse. But the risk exists that he himself will be killed by it, although the energy is calibrated for the most part on Antakur von Bitvelt. Danton hopes that his cell activator will help him survive the mission.

Danton, Senego Trainz, Rinka Porol and Khiz Turagga visit the Dark District. Inside already wait some rebels of the Dark Investigators, among them G'schogun. Now in view of the Psi-emitters presented by Danton, the Quantum of the Darkness also believes in a possible success of the planned assassination attempt and guarantees his support. Before Danton can move the first part of the plan into the act, the annoying Awours must be removed. Zerberoff who has just tried in vain to reach the Progress Keeper takes care of the problem for good with the help of some micro-Beasts. Then, at last, Danton can light the first Psionic field emitter. When the field reaches the anthracite sphere, an image of the Progress Keeper appears about the silver tower which grows to immense size, filling the CRULT, before it vanishes again with a tortured mental cry.

On Terra a decision of a different kind is approaching: Marc London fears losing Fawn Suzuke for good, because the Nucleus will soon leave for Hangay. He would gladly rise himself into the Nucleus to be united forever with Fawn, but this is impossible. Fawn’s love for Marc is so great that she would be willing to integrate her consciousness into the BATTERY which will stay behind on Terra. However, she would have to give up her corporeality and would die anyway, as soon as the BATTERY has used up its energy. Marc declines her offer, because existence as a pure consciousness would be like captivity for Fawn, and nobody knows, how soon the BATTERY will have consumed its psionic load anyway. Instead, he tells her to go with the Nucleus, for it is still possible that it will survive the Hangy mission. She replies that even if it does, it will not return to Earth, but continue on to ES’ distant place...

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2475 - Opfergang
Hubert Haensel

Shortly after the first appearance of an image of the Progress Keeper the shape appears a second time. Antakur von Bitvelt seems to be suffering terrible agonies. The psionic energy field produced by the psi-emitter causes chaos to break out in and around the CRULT. Roi Danton and its people, but above all the para-gifted Zerberoff, also have to suffer from the radiant emissions. The Dark Investigators make good on their promise and ensure the fact that the all-devouring darkness of the Dark District spreads over large areas of the Service Castle. What takes place in this darkness, the Terrans do not learn, but they see the effects: It comes to explosions deep inside the Service Castle, the surface breaks open, and whole lines of buildings collapse into themselves. A Source Clipper also shows up, which is not armed, but provides for further devastation. In addition the Laborat ends up released from its prison. Even the Effremi Jothadún is now no longer able to calm the beast down again. Altogether it is only a question of time, until the Service Castle will be destroyed.

Nevertheless the second psi-emitter must be used, because Antakur von Bitvelt would undoubtedly survive the end of the Service Castle itself. Danton is ready to sacrifice himself in order to kill the Progress Keeper. On the way to the anthracite sphere the task force, including micro-Beasts and Zerberoff, who was badly injured by falling rubble, view the devastation. Zerberoff’s hate for the Progress Keeper makes him refuse the suggestion of returning to the DARK GHOUL. In the fight against some crewmembers of the CRULT he renders valuable help, but is hit by an energy shot and is now close to death. There is a second attack shortly before they reach the silver tower. Elite fighters, who are accompanied by a Terminal Herald, badly injure some of Danton’s people. Some of the micro-beasts even die. Then the raving Laborat appears. The Chaos servants do not dare to shoot at this valuable animal and are thereby distracted so that they can finally be defeated. Meanwhile, Zerberoff shoots the Laborat, killing it.

Now Dantons hour finally comes, but Zerberoff interferes with this plan. He knows that he is dying anyway, and wants to ignite the psi-emitter in Danton’s place. The Terran is to continue the fight against TRAITOR, and Zerberoff also wants him to look for the original bodies of Zerbone and Aroff, which must be stored somewhere in a Skapalm bark. Danton agrees and flees with his people, but does not make it to safety immediately. When Zerberoff ignites the psionic impact emitter, whereby the Progress Keeper is actually killed and the Dual also finds death, the Service Castle begins to break apart. Just in time, the DARK GHOUL shows up and brings Danton’s team on board by tractor ray. The date is August 17, 1347 NGE, when a gigantic explosion tears the Service Castle CRULT to its final destruction. Two hundred fifty micro-Beasts were lost, among them Rinka Porol, whose recordings however, could be saved. Senego Trainz asks Danton to go through the partially illegible text of the dyslexic micro-Beast. Danton reacts annoyed, when he sees the illegible scribblings, but then realizes ashamed that he was more than just a leader for the small micro-Beast, who considered itself a female…

On Terra the hour of parting for Marc London and Fawn Suzuke approaches. The Nucleus knows that Antakur von Bitvelt does not exist any longer, and wants to now head out to Hangay. Fawn returns into the collective being, which is brought by the LEIF ERIKSSON II to the situation transmitter in Luna orbit. Only the BATTERY is now left to support Terra...

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2476 - Kommando der Friedensfahrer
Peace Drivers Mission
Horst Hoffmann

The Peace Drivers operating in the vicinity of Hangay and trying in vain to find a way through the boundary barrier receive remarkable signals on July 9, 1347 NGE from the Lazaruu star cluster. They start on an unusual joint action for these individualists, but stumble into a trap. In the Lazaruu star cluster, a Column MACHINE has appeared, that irresistibly pulls at the OREON Capsules, that ventured to close to it. These include Kantiran’s THEREME and Chyndor’s ship the ELLSUNTUR. The capsules are located, and a complete Chaos squadron appears. Because Chyndor is able to make no decision on what to do in this hopeless situation, the command imperceptibly passes more and more to Kantiran. It becomes clear that they will inevitably fall into the hands of TRAITOR. Because the Terminal Column may not be allowed to appropriate itself the knowledge of the Peace Drivers under any circumstance, the Peace Drivers decide on the self-destruction of their ships, in order to have any chance to escape.

Kantiran sends out a cry for help. Then all their OREON capsules are parked on an uninhabited planet. On Ejdu Melia’s suggestion the heavenly world is named N' jabo ("survival" in Ejdu’s language). The Peace Drivers leave their ships and prepare them to explode in the ocean while the Peace Drivers hide themselves in the jungle where Kantiran’s para-gift of instinctive telepathy help them in the battle against the aggressive fauna there. A little later Traitanks emerge and the some are actually destroyed while trying to retrieve the OREON capsules, as they fire on the Traitanks and then explode. But the Peace Drivers cannot breathe a sigh of relief yet. A troop of Awour hunters headed by the Honorable Harazzul penetrates into the jungle and eventually tracks down the Peace Drivers by the shore after a while. Harazzul requests Kantiran to surrender, but is answered by a ray shot - it comes to a battle, with which Chyndor is killed. Yet Harazzul and the other Awours also fall, when Perry Rhodan save the remaining Peace Drivers.

Perry Rhodan had arrived with the ARCHETIM Mission Squadron at Cala Impex on the tenth of July. There they received Kantiran’s cry for help. Rhodan headed out immediately with the three ultra battle ships. CHEOS-TAI’S existence may not become known, but the LAW Giver nevertheless could be used to lure the Column MACHINE out of Lazaruu. After the giant headed away, the ultra battle ships destroyed or chased off the Traitanks remaining above N’jabo and retrieved the Peace Drivers.

Now a new Patron must be found, and moreover the decision must be made on what the organization of the Peace Drivers should do next. Polm Ombar expresses himself against a direct participation in the battles in and around Hangay. Kantiran holds the opposite opinion and convenes a Peace Driver plenary assembly in the Rosella Rosado system to answer these questions. The Peace Drivers head there with Chyndor’s body, which is to also be buried there.

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2477 - Die Gründermutter
The Founding Mother
Christian Montillon

During the journey of several weeks with Polm Ombar’s ASH AFAGA to the galaxy Altasinth, Kantiran has enough opportunity, to make friends with the thought of the election of the new Patron of the Peace Drivers. His friends also try to convince him to run for the office. Cosmuel Kain and Polm Ombar believe that this is the only possible path, but he still hesitates. On September 5, 1347 NGE the OREON Capsule finally arrives in the Rosella Rosado system. When Kantiran gets a message directed to him from the old Patron shortly before Chyndor’s funeral in which he this calls Kantiran to become a candidate, and he meets the conservative Peace Driver Farigu Scot Elien the single other Guarantor who is going to run for office and which wants to keep out the Peace Drivers from the battle against the Negasphere with an election victory, Kantiran is finally ready to run for the office.

But the hunting instinct has awoken in him, because he believes in feeling the presence of the Founding Mother during Chyndor’s funeral on Ospera. He studies various recordings which were made in the past in the region with the Glass Basilica on Ospera, and notices a cave which appears suspicious to him. Covered for by Polm Ombar, the Examiner, Kantiran and Cosmuel Kain fly with the THEREME II to the chapel moon and examine the cave. Meanwhile the plenary assembly of the Peace Drivers already begins in the Ellega Palace in which big speeches are made - Farigu Scot Elien uses Kantiran’s taboo breaking against him, but Polm Ombar plays another message from Chyndor, who calls for Kantiran as his successor. The election takes place in Kantiran’s absence.

In the cave, Perry Rhodan’s son and the half-Cyno discover the excellently camouflaged station of a transmitter net. The transmitter is still activated and is waiting to be used. The pair uses it and reaches other identically constructed stations. However, the Founding Mother – nobody else could be the user of these stations – is not to be seen. Kantiran examines a transmitter and finds out that one can only reach a certain counterstation if one gives a code-word. He tries out some terms at random and, finally, has success with " LIGHT OF ANCESTOR “. The next transmitter jump brings Kantiran and Cosmuel into a round, eight and a half kilometer wide building, possibly a shipyard or a space station. The transmitter disposes of a system for picture recording which makes possible, at last, a look at the last person to enter the facility before Kantiran and Cosmuel. The two recognize her immediately, because they know all about Perry Rhodan’s adventures during Project Tempus: It is the Prinzipa Kamuko, and she is wearing the Glowlight Armor.

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Christian Montillon

Using screens Kamuko observes how Kantiran and Cosmuel Kain look around the shipyard hall and discover the individual parts of a disassembled battleship of the superintelligence LIGHT OF ANCESTOR. The mind of the Prinzipa is confused. She regards the two Peace Drivers as enemies that must be destroyed. Almost without noting it consciously, Kamuko activates the robots of the shipyard and orders them to attack both intruders. Then she remembers her past since the emergency context jump of the JULES VERNE.

Kamuko’s past

As the JULES VERNE gets ready to return after the end of the final battle into the relative present from the twenty million years dating back past, Kamuko is making her approach to the barbell ship with the space jet JV-1-SJ-10. Certainly, she cannot infiltrate in time any more, but a spur of this n-dimensional field, which makes the time journey possible, grasps it. After a long period of unconsciousness Kamuko finds her space jet floating somewhere in the empty space between two unknown galaxies. The JULES VERNE is nowhere to be seen, and the hyperlight drive, hyperradio and long range detectors of the jet have failed. However, the life support systems still function. Kamuko recognizes that she can reach neither of the galaxies and she will have to live out her life in solitude. She is alone with herself and her thoughts and cannot distract herself from brooding over her failure in the final battle with even a daily routine that grows into ritual. She gives herself the blame for ARCHETIM’S end and makes a vow: she will never again use the Glowlight Armor for battle.

When she cannot endure the solitude any longer, she reprograms one of her service robots, which she has christened with the name Deprot (Aeganer for "sorrow"), so that he develops something like his own consciousness with time and can serve her as an interlocutor. More than a hundred years pass. Eventually Kamuko recognizes that the Glowlight Armor is beginning to win power over her: this object of Cosmocratic technology holds the Aeganer alive after the normal span for her people, but also takes influence on her spirit. Most of all, the Vector Helmet seems to speak to her with a mental voice, trying to convince her to use it. Certainly, Kamuko defends herself successfully against this tormenting temptation, but one day she must recognize that she cannot take off the remaining armor parts any more, except temporarily for bathing. In her despair she destroys Deprot, but soon repairs him again when she locates an asteroid floating in empty space. Kamuko gets out to examine the rock, and discovers an ancient facility in which she can repair a hyperradio. Some time later a spaceship appears with the non-humanoid Sinlasas, which take her aboard.

The Sinlasa are an aiding race of the superintelligence LIGHT OF ANCESTOR. Kamuko is brought to the seat this entity in the galaxy Ahn-Aarhoven. The LIGHT resides on a paradisiacal island floating in the middle of the magma covered volcano planet, which is stabilized artificially and serves the Enthones as an accommodation. Kamuko is checked by the Heat Legion, which serves the LIGHT, and then gets an audience with the superintelligence. The LIGHT shows itself to her in the form of a mummified dragon like being. The LIGHT is convinced of the fact that Kamuko and the Glowlight armor have not come to it by chance. The superintelligence is a part of an alliance to which ES also belongs, and the LIGHT’S task consists of battling against the Negasphere of the Lord of the Elements. Kamuko finds out about the destiny of the Cosmonucleotide TRIICLE-9 and of the intention of the Lord of the Elements to create the Pseudo-Nucleotide Aqaho-TRIICLE with which he could steer developments in the cosmos. Kamuko should step into the services of the LIGHT and support the superintelligence in the destruction of Aqaho-TRIICLE. Should the Lord of the Elements succeed in finishing this hyperphysical object, then the attempt of a Retroversion of the Negasphere would be senseless, because as long as Aqaho-TRIICLE exists, the real Cosmonucleotide cannot return to its old place. Kamuko is not to be forced into the battle. Instead she gets the order to construct an organization of scouts in the galaxy Altasinth, which should use the Quarter Force in the Universal Lane.

Because the alliance serves neither the Cosmocrats nor the Chaotarcs, but fights for life in itself, Kamuko agrees. She has placed at her disposal all the means, which she needs to establish the moon chain of the Peace Drivers. Androids coming from ES are also part of her supplies. After seven hundred years the work is almost finished in the Rosella Rosado system. In addition, five hundred fifty Peace Driver railway stations have appeared along the Universal Lane. Then the LIGHT appears with an enormous fleet in the Rosella Rosado system. Nevertheless, the superintelligence asks Kamuko to now participate actively in the battle, but Kamuko remains faithful to their vow and declines. Some months after the LIGHT leaves, an eight and a half kilometer thick repair yard for battleships is brought into the system and hidden in a hyperspace alcove inside of the sun. Kamuko makes this station her base. After forty-eight years the triumphant superintelligence LIGHT OF ANCESTOR returns. Aqaho-TRIICLE was destroyed, but the price was high: in the battle against the Dekalog of the Elements and the Terminal Column TRAITOR almost the whole fleet of the LIGHT was destroyed, and the LIGHT itself was lethally injured. The superintelligence dies and is buried in the sun. Now Kamuko believes in being responsible for the death of a second superintelligence, and decides to make the not at all yet existing organization of the Peace Drivers a union of individualists who should work for life in itself and keep out of all confrontations of the higher powers.

When the YRKADA falls surprisingly after seventeen years with the Heat Legion on Ospera, and when after another eighteen years the last Enthones and Varias appear in the Rosella Rosado system, Kamuko’s plans complete themselves. The organization of the Peace Drivers appears, and Kamuko withdraws. She acts only from backstage, and soon she limits herself to pure observation, eventually almost entirely ignoring events of the outside world. The Glowlight Armor prevents Kamuko from growing old during all these centuries. However, the spirit of the Aeganer gets more and more confused. Sometimes she wishes to be able to simply die, but the Glowlight Armor seems to take the view that the former Prinzipa is still needed. Her last companion, the robot Deprot, "dies" with the hypershock of 1331 NGE: When his Syntronic brain fails, he is only a heap of scrap. As a result of the raised hyperimpedance the shipyard can be reached only over a transmitter; originally, it was intended that hypercorridors should be projected for letting ships in and out.

Kamuko’s awaking

At last, Kamuko awakes from the vicious circle of her confused thoughts. She recognizes that the intruders are not her enemies and that she has wasted the last two thousand five hundred years by her useless inactivity. Kamuko calls over the Heat Legion to hold the two, who are about to fall into a previously established deathtrap. She is surprised when she finds out that Kantiran is the son of Perry Rhodan. Kantiran tries to convince Kamuko as to the fact that a battle against the Negasphere of Hangay is inevitable.

Meanwhile, on September 9, 1347 NGE the Peace Drivers choose their new Patron. Chyndor’s message did not miss in its effect: the Peace Drivers elected Kantiran as their new leader. Polm Ombar informs Kantiran of the result when he returns with the THEREME II to Fumato. Now the battle against the Negasphäre is an agreed upon goal.

On September eleventh, Kamuko steps before the Peace Drivers. Her mental stupor has been overcome. She accepts Kantiran’s election and announces the state of war.

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2479 - Technomorphose
Arndt Ellmer

With the re-equipment of the JULES VERNE in the Sol system any more no longer required generators were removed simply by holes cut open in the outside hull, and this was not done with great sensitivity. Now Lanz Ahakin’s people all have their hands full making the barbell ship, which was disassembled into its three constituent parts, whole again in a hangar of the CHEOS-TAI. In addition, they are to test out the prototype of the new Hawk-III type converter. The work is not made any easier for them when the mysterious generators from the Meta-runners become independently active. Mobile objects walk about the ship and carry out inexplicable activities. In the areas which used to accommodate the virtual generators, altogether six round objects with 13.5 meters of diameter which remind one of oversized golf balls unfold. Then the hologram of a Meta-runner appears. This one introduces itself as an Ilz Namib, but the rest of his message cannot be made out.

At last, after several weeks of indefatigable work, Ahakin can announce the full readiness for duty of the JULES VERNE on August 6, 1347 NGE. On the twentieth of August, one and a half months earlier than announced, the Nucleus reaches Cala Impex. Nothing more can be gotten out of it than that they will wait for ESCHER. During the same day the JULES VERNE is recombined and carries out some problem-free test flights. Meanwhile, the Terrans have mastered control of the Trafitron engines, which makes possible fantastic acceleration values for the barbell ship. Three days later a radio message is caught which tells them that Ruumaytron, the Source clipper with which Nuskoginus and his Mighty companions retreated in some time ago is near the border dam. The JULES VERNE proceeds to the source of the impulses and finds out that the Source clipper is affected by Strangeness effects, so that one cannot approach it. It is also secured by a number of Traitanks.

In the protection of the Paros-shadow screen the JULES VERNE attacks the Traitanks and destroys most of them with the VRITRA cannons which had been inserted before the departure of the ARCHETIM Mission Squadron. The remaining Traitanks flee, however, they return some time later with superior reinforcements. The Terrans receive a message from Ruumaytron, which consists of only the words » forty-six percent «, then they must flee. However, JULES VERNE has been encircled. All of a sudden the Holo Ilz Namibs announces itself again. The Meta-runner announces that because of the peculiarity of the situation the unique process of a Hypervastor flash may be carried out. As it turns out, that is the hyperenergetic equivalent of a stun grenade. In this way escape is made possible for the JULES VERNE. Ruumaytron is carried along by a tractor ray, but disappears as soon as they reach forty-six percent of light speed.

On the fifteenth of September an OREON Capsule arrives at Cala Impex. Perry Rhodan learns of the current developments with the Peace Drivers from the android on board. The first contingent of OREON Capsules that will participate in the armed battle and arrive over a reactivated Peace Driver railway station is announced for October or November 1347 NGE. Rhodan also gets the message that Kamuko and the Glowlight Armor were found again.

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2480 - Die Prognostiker
The Prognosticators
Uwe Anton

On May 5, 1347 NGE the World Sage of Azdun is brought by the column ferry AGYYRE through the core barrier of Hangay. Thus the Parapositronik ESCHER hidden in the converted supply block, as well as Dr. Laurence Savoire and Isokrain reach the center region of Hangay. The Diakater immediately feels the influence of the Vibra-psi, which makes it difficult to concentrate. Hyperstorms rage in the center zone, and Tryortan gullets develop. The Cosmitter must use his Para-gift, in order to prevent ESCHER from being discovered by a security check. The commander of the Column ferry knows the desire of the World Sage to be taken to the Needle of Chaos cannot be carried out by him. GLOIN TRAITOR is still in the process of being built anyway. Thus he brings the World Sage to the space building site of a segment of GLOIN TRAITOR. This enormous object, the Portiv-section 3h3h2, becomes the residence of the World Sage for the next few months.

Until the object, which will consist with its completion of twenty-four Column Forts, is ready for transport, the World Sage is to be accommodated in TRAICOON 06-202a. ESCHER begins immediately to bring the computer network of the Fort under its control, but comes upon unexpected resistance. ESCHER’S entire capacity is actually taken up dealing with it. Some Processors of the Parapositronic (the consciousnesses of the deceased humans) exhibit strange disturbances. One of them is it is Warding Atarin, who feels carried back to his time as a TLD agent on Arkon III and lives through adventures that seem completely real to him. ESCHER lets Savoire know that he urgently needs new Processors, in order to be able to hold the Column Fort under control. Savoire is fully prepared to rise into the Parapositronic because it is clear that he will die soon either way, but he would only be a drop in the bucket for ESCHER. Instead the Diakater and Isokrain receive the order to manipulate the computers of the Fort in order to facilitate their subjugation by ESCHER.

During one of their missions, the two discover the true source of ESCHER’S problems. Cyborgs with the shape of 2.8 meters thick industrial gear wheels, which call themselves as T-Prognosticators and travel with a so far unknown type of Koffter, regularly dive into the computer systems and strengthen their efficiency exponentially. In addition they maintain a second, independent data network for unknown reasons. Apparently their actions remain secret within the Terminal Column also. One day Savoire and Isokrain get the chance to follow two T-Prognosticators. However, they are discovered by the Cyborgs and come into danger. Isokrain produces Nano-Columns, which finally kill the Cyborgs – yet strangely enough this causes no alarms. One of the Cyborgs had been carrying a storage crystal, which Isokrain discovers. After the death of the T-Prognosticators, ESCHER once again has a free path. Thus it is easy to bring large parts of the Portiv-section under its control when this is finished October eighth and transported on the subsequent day by fifteen Column Ferries to the Needle of Chaos...

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2481 - Günstlinge des Hyperraums
Minions of Hyperspace
Wim Vandemaan

ESCHER has the Portiv-section 3h3h2 under control and, meanwhile, already prepares to manipulate the Supratronic of the Column Ferry PASSAGH, which belongs to the fifteen ferries which are transporting the Portiv-section to GLOIN TRAITOR. The Parapositronic even has enough time to set aside capacities to translate the Periodic Chronicle of Latifalk Eight Eight. Laurence Savoire is integrated temporarily into the Hyperdim matrix, so that he also can tap into this mental diorama, which is nothing else than the life history of a being by the name of Latifalk from the people of the Palkari.

Long ago an emissary of the Terminal Column TRAITOR received the order to buy something from a nameless being, which was so powerful that the offered purchase price as well as the violence threatened in case of its refusal meant absolutely nothing to it. Because the being found the machinations of TRAITOR more amusing than the actions of the forces of Order, it made a present of the desired trading goods - the Palkari - to the emissary. These beings similar to snails are brilliant hypermathematicians with a special feeling for hyperspace. They are settled on Palkaron, a ninety kilometer thick artificial planet which is partly embedded in hyperspace and is circled by two TRAITOR space stations which the Palkari think are moons. The Palkari know nothing about their origin or the Terminal Column. In the lap zones to hyperspace now and again appears so-called dimensional weather which can transform whole regions into slippery glazed surfaces and dreadfully deform living beings. Whoever is touched by dimensional weather, however, attains particularly distinct abilities. On Palkaron the hypermathematical convention takes place annually. Particularly gifted Palkari assemble near the so-called Arkanportals. There are altogether thirty-six of these black six sided pyramids on Palkaron, and every year they put a question to the Palkari. Who solves this correctly within eleven days, gains immortal fame and may cross the Arkanportal. What purpose this procedure has, the Palkari have no idea.

The Palkari Latifalk belongs to these which were changed by dimensional weather. He solves the task of a hypermathematical convention, however, gains nothing from it, because his friend Canzuri gives the answer in his place, while he is in a healing coma from his encounter with the dimensional weather. When Canzuri mates with Fahxiage, knowing that Latifalk secretly loves her and then crosses the Arkanportal, which should have been granted, actually, to Latifalk, the Palkari wants revenge. A few years later he participates again in a convention and easily finds the correct answer. When he now also crosses an Arkanportal, he finds himself on one of the two "moons" and learns the truth about Palkaron and its people. Every year TRAITOR recruits new T-prognosticators who are promoted within the Column for the design and administration of particularly important projects and supplement the already enormous capacities of the Supratronics by way of intuition and feelings. In decades of education Latifalk and his comrades must file various tests. During one of these, Latifalk meets Canzuri again. When the spaceship of their group falls during the test into the accretion disk of a black hole, it is to be owed to Latifalk that it can free itself again. Again Canzuri reaps the fame which is entitled, actually, Latifalk, plus he even frames Latifalk so that he is blamed for the disaster. As a result, Canzuri is shifted long before Latifalk to GLOIN TRAITOR - this transfer is the great goal of all T-prognosticators.

However, the Palkari must still undertake another step to become to adequate T-Prognosticators. In a Skapalm bark their body is disintegrated down to the brain and central nervous system, which are transplanted into a cyborg body as a substitute. IN this way their capacity is further increased and they get a life expectancy which is calculated in centuries. Because there have already been eighty-seven T-prognosticators with his name, Latifalk gets the surname Eight Eight. During the following years Latifalk is used at various foci of cosmic events and, finally, also gets to GLOIN TRAITOR. The Needle of Chaos is in the galaxy Troumerrie which already stands shortly before its transformation into a Negasphäre. Latifalk explores the hyperend, the area of GLOIN TRAITOR which is stored in hyperspace, and decides it is the suitable place to fight out his last duel with Canzuri. However, Canzuri knows his way there better than he and is capable of flinging Latifalk off the end into hyperspace. To Latifalk’s surprise Canzuri sacrifices himself during the duel, in order to save Latifalk this destiny - or maybe it is to find his own fulfillment in hyperspace, for which the Palkari always strive. After decades GLOIN TRAITOR appears anew in Hangay. Here Latifalk’s life finds its end when it comes to the confrontation with Isokrain and Savoire. Latifalk renounces releasing an alarm in order to be able to find out what Isokrain is. Then Latifalk and his colleague are killed by Isokrain’s Nano-Columns.

The recording ends with that. GLOIN TRAITOR is finally reached a bit later on. ESCHER announces that he has certain plans for the Column Ferry PASSAGH and the SOL.

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2482 - Der ewige Kerker
The Eternal Dungeon
Leo Lukas

When the Galactics at the base Win Alpha catch a directional radio signal from ESCHER in October 1347 NGE, it is a relief for many, because since the departure of the Parapositronic most of the mission forces were condemned to idleness, and even the SOL which is still maneuverable in the Proto-Negasphere has accomplished nothing during the last five months. ESCHER informs them that the Column Ferry PASSAGH is on the way to transport a large unit of the Galactics through the Hangay core barrier. It is clear that only the SOL is possible for use with this. In a great rush the SOL center section is disguised with shells so that the original form is not recognizable any more. The two SOL spherical cells will not take part in the journey. When the SOL center section leaves on the sixteenth of October, Atlan, Ronald Tekener, Hajmo Siderip, Trim Marath and Startac Schroeder are some of the people aboard. The rendezvous with the ferry takes place on the twentieth of October. The transportation through the core barrier takes place during the following day with no problem, in spite of all the fears of the Galactics. Then the SOL is off loaded by the ferry and gets rid of its shell once the ferry leaves. Now the SOL heads for the coordinates which SOL had given them. It is promptly located by a Dark Investigator and must flee. It is to be expected that the ship will be hunted in the future.

A few dozen light years distance from the central black hole Athaniyyon three identical spaceships with three thousand eight hundred eighty meters length are discovered which remind them of fir trees wedged tightly into each other. A small mission team penetrates with space jets into one of the ships and discovers an enormous city which is inhabited by many different races – but none of them are real; they are matter projections and holograms. The Galactics find out the name of one of the species which are represented here: It is the Tarnii KOLTOROC. The mutant Trim then perceives a powerful mental presence; at least one real living being must be aboard. Suddenly an alarm is released for unknown reasons. Hyperradio impulses are radiated in which it is stated that, the " mental pattern of Inkadye has disappeared or has expired”. The Galactics withdraw, the SOL destroys the "fir tree ships" and flies off. A mass increase of about seventy kilograms is noted in one of the jets and in storage room they find an unconscious Sorgor female.

This Sorgor has the name Inkadye. She is immortal and serves KOLTOROC as a trophy. The "fir tree ships" are called Koltogor and had been are Inkadyes dungeon for millions of years. Whenever a Negasphere stands close before completion, Inkadye was awoken, so that KOLTOROC could visit her and reminisce in her presence about a long dating back victory over the forces of Order. Koltogor was completely aimed at Inkadye’s needs. All the semi-material artificial beings of Koltogor, like Volfdeprix, Lajo Ferhan, Sebio Euleal, Murtaugh or Skutnik and others, existed only for the purpose of making her stay there pleasant - but she was not able to leave her prison. After every meeting with the Chaopressor all her memories were deleted, and she was put back into deep sleep.

Some time before the arrival of the SOL Inkadye had been woken from a five hundred thousand year long sleep. She had awoken without memories and had had to solve various puzzles to escape from her prison cell; it was intended to recharge her senses and reactions. Gradually she came to learn more about herself and Koltogor. She had tried to reach her conserved spaceship, the AS'RIF, in a deep warehouse inside Koltogor, so that she could flee with it. However, she had not managed this. Then she had observed the arrival of the space jets of the SOL. She had regarded them at first as just another "game" by her captors, but in desperation she had nevertheless shifted herself then with a Fiktive transmitter tinkered together by Goku Kong-Eslan into the sloop. The passage had knocked her out, and when she was brought around by Atlan, Inkadye recognized his Knight's aura. Because even KOLTOROC could not fake such a thing, she believes that the Galactics are real and KOLTOROC’S enemies.

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2483 - Die Nadel des Chaos
The Needle of Chaos
Uwe Anton

When Portiv-section 3h3h2 is combined with GLOIN TRAITOR, ESCHER’S problems begin anew, because T-Prognosticators are on duty in the main section of the Needle of Chaos. Again the Parapositronic is overloaded with the attempt to bring the decentralized computer networks of the interconnected Column-Forts under control. Again and again the Parapositronic loses control over some Processors which withdraw into self-created worlds of fantasy. One of them is the archaeologist Warding Atarin, who is living an imaginary existence as a TLS agent on Arkon III. The intention to destroy GLOIN TRAITOR ends up having to be modified. Now ESCHER wants to try to affect the elementary Quintadimtrafer which runs through the Needle of Chaos like an internal double helix and must be considered as the point of origin of the Vibra-Psi. If ESCHER succeeds in manipulating the Quintadimtrafer, then this would result in an instability of the barriers in and around Hangay, so that the Galactics could penetrate into the Proto-Negasphere. However, this plan can still not be realized in ESCHER’S current condition. It is also not possible for ESCHER at presently make contact with the SOL center section as planned.

Laurence Savoire and Isokrain are anxious about these pieces of news and look for a way out of the problems. While they explore GLOIN TRAITOR and are almost discovered by a Terminal Herald, they come upon the idea of recruiting very special new Processors for ESCHER: T-prognosticators! The two succeed in bringing such a cyborg in the Thought Chamber. Merlin Myhr makes mental contact with the being, and it is actually ready to volunteer to rise into the Hyperdim matrix. For the T-prognosticator it will be exactly the fulfillment which its people have always striven for. Six other T-prognosticators are recruited and integrated into ESCHER. Now the Parapositronic has seven more Processors, and the enormous computational capacities of the T-prognosticators increase its capacity in not yet entirely foreseeable degree. Now, anyway, the conditions return to normal again, for at the same time Pal Astuin succeeds in disturbing Warding Atarin’s fantasy world with paradoxical events so that the Processor finally recognizes the truth and rejoins the Hyperdim matrix properly. The others will soon follow.

The dead cyborg bodies are returned to their accommodation. ESCHER then begins his manipulations and causes chaos in GLOIN TRAITOR. It comes to malfunctions and explosions in the required section. ESCHER has set things up so that TRAITOR will hold the “dead” T-prognosticators as the offenders. Unfortunately ESCHER’S sabotage was too successful, because one of the computers nodes over which he wanted to affect the Quintadimtrafer was damaged. Savoire and Isokrain got to repair it, then ESCHER is able to become active. He can only hope that the desired effect actually comes about...

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2484 - KOLTOROCS Atem
Horst Hoffmann

Dao Lin H'ay does not feel comfortable with the administration of the base Win Alpha. She wheedles her way onto the SZ-1 out of Don Kerk'radian for the establishment of contact with the Noquaa-Kansahariyya. She wants to go to the NK Segment planet Vatucym and use the contact forest there to transport to contact forest One Hundred Twenty-six, which lies within the core barrier. There she wants to collect information about KOLTOROC.

Reaching Vatucym, she rubs the commander there, the Hauri Beth Astromo, the wrong way. Strangely, there are one hundred and two modern Trimarane battleships parked on the planet, only three thousand light years away from the core barrier. However, a meeting which Dao-Lin has in the contact forest is still more peculiar: She sees some Kartans which can obviously teleport. It turns out that they are members of the so-called Vibra Squadron, which is being trained by the NK on various worlds and is jealously protected. The Kartans of this relay have (as many other of their peers in all of Hangay) gained various para-abilities, definitely unusual for their people, under the influence of the Vibra-Psi. Among other things they can navigate in the Proto-Negasphere what explains the presence of the battle ships and the stubbornness of the Hauri.

On October 23, 1347 NGE, Git-Ka-N'ida and some other members of the Vibra Squadron accompany Dao-Lin to contact forest One Hundred Twenty-six, where they want to guard themselves from KOLTOROC with a Para-block. All of them have taken poison capsules, (in Dao-Lin’s case she is implanted with an acid capsule), which will release their deadly cargo after three hours. This is meant to prevent any explosive information from falling into hands of the enemy. However, in contact forest One Hundred-Twenty-six the Kartans cannot accomplish anything. KOLTOROC’S mental presence is overpowering. In orbit of the planet float objects which resemble the state ships of the Tarnii-KOLTOROC, and the String-Legates are on their way in the contact forest. These beings resemble giant Tarnii-KOLTOROC, but are able to change their form. They affect the Kartans, so that they cannot move any more, and then they call out to KOLTOROC. Dao-Lin hears a mental message from the risen Afa-Hem-F'ur, who is therefore present in all the contact forests. However, she is not able to help Dao-Lin. But then, all of a sudden KOLTOROC and the String-Legates are distracted by something which has happened in GLOIN TRAITOR.

KOLTOROC withdraws and the Kartans can return to Vatucym. The three hour long period is almost over, and the antidote is given at the last second. A pregnant Kartan that was on the mission has lost her child (the unborn had teleported himself out somewhere). Dao-Lin suffers a severe injury when the acid capsule has to be burned out from her body with a disintegrator shot, due to lack of time. The SZ-1 must make its way back to Win Alpha - namely without Vibra Squadron, because Beth Astromo is ready to kill all of the remaining psi-gifted Kartans, if any member of the Squadron should try to board the SZ-1.

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2485 - Hyperflackern
Arndt Ellmer

Slightly irritated by the continuous silence of the Nucleus and the long period of idleness, Perry Rhodan has a bracing meeting on October 7, 1347 NGE: thousands of OREON Capsules of the Peace Drivers, led by the new Patron Kantiran, arrive at Cala Impex, and with them is Prinzipa Kamuko, the Founding Mother. Rhodan is concerned when he sees what a wreck she has become. It is clear to them all that her condition is due to the effect of the Glowlight Armor, and that Kamuko could become a valuable ally, if she could convince herself to put on the Vector Helmet. But the Aeganer continued to refuse to intervene actively in the fighting. When Alaska Saedelaere’s Cappin fragment begins to rave on October 23rd, something else stands out - the border barrier has become unstable. The CHEOS-TAI and the OREON Capsules approach the barrier, the latter with great difficulties because of the weakening Quarter Force. The so-called hyperflickering gradually dies away, but a structure gap in the shape of a funnel continues for a longer time. Strong armed forces of TRAITOR, to which two COLUMNS MACHINES belong, secure this area and mine it. Rhodan, nevertheless, orders the transit. The LAW-Giver is not located, and the OREON Capsules also have sufficient detection protection. The Quarter Force turns out to still or again be effective beyond the border barrier. Unfortunately, during the transit the structure gap shuts again. Then three super powerful UHF potentials appear, in whose "wake" the Peace Drivers can fly on - they are three cosmic messengers which are finally penetrating into Hangay. Another, not identified ship, also managed to follow the fleet through the barrier. Rhodan supposes that it could be the Source Clipper Ruumaytron with which Nuskoginus and his companions have been on the way. On October 24th the CHEOS-TAI (with the JULES VERNE aboard) and two thousand five hundred OREON Capsules (now called the Green Legion) rendezvous at the sun Ultupho. As soon as they have left the barrier, they came under the influence of the Vibra-Psi. The covers of the OREON Capsules offer good protection against this phenomenon. The Nucleus continues to stay silent about any plan, but nevertheless produces an avatar in the form of Fawn Suzuke as a contact partner for the Galactics. Rhodan immediately orders the continuation of their flight deeper into the inside of the Proto-Negasphere.

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2486 - Wispern des Hyperraums
Whispers of Hyperspace
Hubert Haensel

The CHEOS TAI and the Green Legion hide in the detection shadow of the sun Elataum. While Istorico and the technicians of the JULES VERNE continue to try figuring out the secret of an auxiliary conference room – the White Hall - rebuilt by the Meta-runners of Evolux, that no one seems able to enter without being repulsed, differences grow between Perry Rhodan and Curcaryen Varantir. Varantir supposes that the Retroversion of the Proto-Negasphere already began with the penetration of the three cosmic messengers, so that the CHEOS TAI is not required at all any more. Rhodan would like to use the LAW Giver for further missions in Hangay, while Varantir wants to return as quickly as possible to Evolux. Because the Algorrian has the Heromets, without whose aid the Galactics could not run the CHEOS TAI, on his side, Rhodan must partially give in. The CHEOS TAI will remain in the orbit of Elataum, while Rhodan will continue the reconnaissance of Hangay with the JULES VERNE. How it should overcome the core barrier, whose existence they assume, is not yet known.

Actually a messenger apiece has anchored itself above and beneath the galactic main level, and begun to restore the Psionic network, making the chaos physics ineffectual and dissolving the external boundary barrier. The Galactics locate the massive hyperenergetic anomalies that are caused by the two messengers, but all trace is missing of the third messenger.

All of a sudden the Nucleus leaves the LAW Giver without any preliminary announcement. Fawn Suzuke, who remains behind, knows only that the Nucleus must hurry if a great disaster is to be averted - what this disaster is exactly, she cannot say. Rhodan is not enthused with the continuous secret keeping of the spirit being and decides to follow it with the JULES VERNE. He demands the participation of an Algorrian on this mission. Varantir declares himself ready to go with the barbell spaceship. Fawn Suzuke also joins the party. When the JULES VERNE approaches the location of one of the two messengers, it runs into danger from incredible hyperenergetic shock waves it produces, along with the resultant rips in the space time structure. Rhodan and Alaska Saedelaere enter the "White Hall". Rhodan supposes that only people with a cosmic consciousness are able to do this safely. Apparently it is a type of observatory that the Meta runners have created in the "White Hall", or an extremely advanced orientation system, for Rhodan can see in it how the messenger restores Order in a constantly expanding area. Two Column MACHINES and some Chaos squadrons that want to attack the messenger, are completely destroyed within seconds - the messenger is very capable of defending itself. The Galactics are therefore not needed here.

Rhodan puts Fawn Suzuke on the spot, but can only pull the location Ixmachi-Afol out of her. This is the Kartane name for a sun indicated in the star charts in the vicinity of the center region. When the JULES VERNE arrives there, two things are determined: There is actually a completely closed core barrier, and the third messenger is trying in vain to penetrate it. It is clear that the messenger - exactly like Object Ultra at that time – will soon run out of energy and dissipate. This is also confirmed by the Nucleus that materializes suddenly in the JULES VERNE. It tried to divert the messenger from its senseless efforts, but had no success. It makes it clear that the two other messengers will also soon have exhausted their energy. If they should not succeed in destroying GLOIN TRAITOR within three to four weeks, Chaos will recapture its lost ground. Then the Retroversion will have failed. The Nucleus announces that the SC-1 is hiding in the detection protection of the nearby sun Valadock. It wants the CHEOS TAI and the Green Legion to also proceed there now.

In the background of the core barrier, Nuskoginus and the other Mightys in the Source Clipper Ruumaytron wait for the arrival of KOLTOROC. They are certain that the Chaopressor will attend personally to the cosmic messengers. When he arrives they want to use a new, secret weapon against him.

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2487 - Die String-Legaten
The String-Legates
Christian Montillon

The Awour Kalbaron Unkaruch, the Security Chief of GLOIN TRAITOR, is ordered by a Terminal Herald to find the person or persons responsible for the malfunction of the Elementary Quintadim-Shifter. Meanwhile ESCHER learns through intercepted Column radio messages that cosmic messenger and many spaceships have advanced into Hangay. The Parapositronic know that one of the messenger is unable to cross the Hangay core barrier and that it is slowing wearing itself out trying to penetrate it. The only way to clear its path is to either destroy GLOIN TRAITOR, which is not possible for ESCHER, or at least weaken it decisively. To this end, Laurence Savoire and Isokrain must read the memory content of ninety-six computers nodes of the Needle of Chaos. ESCHER’S new Processors, the T-Prognosicators, require this data in order to launch the decisive attack on GLOIN TRAITOR.

After three days, during which Savoire and Isokrain have already located and read several dozen computers, the situation is exacerbated by the arrival of some String-Legates. These beings cannot be deceived, and they are matchless trackers. Unfortunately, the last needed computer node is in the well-secured headquarters of GLOIN TRAITOR. As Savoire and Isokrain penetrate it, they are discovered by the String Legates - despite their camouflaging - before they can complete their mission. Isokrain teleports away with his companion, but the String-Legates are not to be easily lost. A return to ESCHER is thus impossible. In order to lose the String-Legates, Isokrain teleports into the Elementary Quintadim-Shifter. The Cosmitter sacrifices himself to save to Savoire from the forces of the Elementary Quintadim-Shifter. But the daring attempt does in fact shake off the String-Legates and Savoire is finally able to return to ESCHER and is finally integrated into the Hyperdim matrix - in other words, his body dies.

The T-Prognosticators get to work, but cannot disable the Elementary Quintadim-Shifter because of the missing data. Still, ESCHER manages to affect this central element of GLOIN TRAITOR so that it goes into a kind of testing mode. This leads to malfunctions all over the Needle of Chaos. In addition, ESCHER sabotages all the computer nodes that are under its control and causes further damage and confusion. However, all this betrays ESCHER’S existence and location to the String-Legates and ends up destroyed by TRAITOR’S soldiers, along with the World Sage. But it had been the World Sage’s original intention to have his body destroyed. This allows the spiritualized entity WORLD WISE to arise. The entity takes in the consciousnesses of all ESCHER’S Processors and leaves GLOIN TRAITOR. WORLD WISE observes how the barrier wall is beginning to flicker. This happens on October 31, 1347 NGE.

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2488 - Hinter dem Kernwall
Behind the Core Barrier
Michael Marcus Thurner

The CHEOS TAI- crosses the Hagay core barrier at the end of October 1347 NGE, as this begins to oscillate. The transit works only with the second attempt. All the other units of the Galactics, the two SOL-cells and the vessels of the Hangay Squadron, which have all met, are in hangars of the LAW-Giver. The Oreon Capsules follow on their own. The third cosmic messenger is less successful, and fails to get through the core barrier. The Galactics suffer even more strongly in the region from the Vibra-Psi. Gucky is suffering especially badly. He is supported by Karim-Simma, a physician from the beaver like race of the Bautio, with whom he wants to begin a romantic relationship.

A String-Legate is sighted in the JULES VERNE. One of these beings appears briefly in Perry Rhodan’s cabin (of all things, the clone elephant Norman’s trumpeting warns the Resident and Mondra ) and confronts him on his way to the Main Bridge. The String-Legate disappears without hurting Rhodan, but now the presence of the enemy is no longer hidden to KOLTOROC. The Chaopressor sends the Element of the Darkness, which swallows the spacecraft of the Galactics and the Peace Drivers immediately. Now is the time for the Seven Mighty on board the Source Clipper Ruumaytron to become active. They had collected Biophore tanks of

On- and-Noon quantum in another universe. They now set free a part of the Biophore inside the Element of the Darkness, where they hope to achieve a similar effect, as occurred when the emergence of Quantums of the Darkness emerged. They seem to have success, or at least the Element is weakened and must withdraw.

It is not with a little bitterness that Rhodan must learn that the Nucleus ha used the Galactics as bait and secretly made a deal with the Mightys to achieve this victory. Nuskoginus and his comrades consider it as an opportunity to rehabilitate themselves with the forces of Order. Six hundred twenty-two people disappeared without a trace in the Darkness and one hundred sixty OREON Capsules have vanished with it, irretrievably swallowed up by the Element of Darkness. The Nucleus now assumes that because one of KOLTOROC’S most powerful weapons has been repulsed, the Chaopressoor will now personally attack them...

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2489 - Schach dem Chaos
Check The Chaos
Michael Marcus Thurner

Shortly after the expulsion of the Element of Darkness, the Nucleus asks Perry Rhodan for an interview. He says that the time for hiding is over, because a surprise attack on GLOIN TRAITOR is no longer possible now anyway, after the discovery of the Galactics by String Legacies. The fact that KOLTOROC still knows nothing of the presence of the Nucleus must be exploited. Rhodan is to find a way to lure the Chaopressor into the LAW Giver. There the Nucleus wants to wait for the superintelligence and then attack through a sudden release of the psionic energy stored in it. The Nucleus will be hiding, and Rhodan is to activate a signal at the right moment, which he is given by Fawn Suzuke. Rhodan plans to use Nuskoginus and the other Mightys inside Ruumaytron, along with the stored Biophores as bait for KOLTOROC.

Meanwhile, the SOL cells are sent to explore the area. It is important to determine the position of the Needle of Chaos and find the middle piece of the SOL. On Rhodan’s request Dao-Lin-H'ay has command of the SC-1. The Peace Driver Ejdu Melia, who is suffering through a largely uncontrolled metamorphosis is on board as an observer. She looks to stay close to the Kartane in order to release herself from the transformation that had been “forced” upon her by the Peace Driver Sar-Soar, so that he could have a mate. She has formed a one-sided attachment to the Kartane, which would redirect her transformation into one into a Kartane. The SZ-1 witnesses a battle between Traitanks and a mixed association of Noquaa-Kansahariyya rebels. It intervenes when the Trimarans and other vessels are threatened with destruction, and the Sol cell destroys the enemy in a short time.

From Log-Aer-M'in , the commander of the Ultima Fleet, the Galactics learn that the NK had sent the powerful sixteen thousand unit battle fleet to the Hangay center region - although everyone knows that this is not more than the last helpless gasp for Hangay. The ships are piloted by members of the Vibra Squadron through the chaos of the proto-Negasphere, and they are equipped with newly developed guns, the NKH-artilleries, which can be dangerous for Traitanks, if enough of them use pinpoint fire on one. The Ultima Fleet lost so many ships with the crossing of the core barrier and as a result of attacks by TRAITOR that it has dwindled to ten thousand eight hundred units.

Dao-Lin-H'ay succeeds in convincing her fellow people that the Ultima-fleet must allow Perry Rhodan to assume command of it. The conversation between the two Kartanes is overheard by a String Legate, which has long in been in Log-Aer-M'in’s flagship for some time now. Ejdu Melia is able to perceive the presence of the creature, but has no opportunity to warn her companions, because the String Legate affects the Kartanes and stirs their dislike of the shapeshifter so much that they will not listen to her. At least Ejdu Melia is able to send Rhodan a warning in the radio conversation Dao-Lin-H'ay has with him.

On November 7, 1347 NGE, the Ultima fleet reaches Rendezvous Beta, the rallying point of the Galactics. The pilots of the Vibra-Squadron are to transfer to the OREON Capsules, because they are not maneuverable under their own power in the center region. Rhodan knows that the String Legate is present and will reveal the hiding place of the Galactics to KOLTOROC immediately, but he warns nobody, because only then can his plan be fulfilled. He goes into the hangar of the CHEOS TAI in which the Source Clipper is lying. KOLTOROC promptly personally manifests and immediately exercises extreme mental pressure on all living things present, so that they become incapacitated. Many String Legates simultaneously appear in the hangar. With his last strength Rhodan sends the signal. The Nucleus appears and hits KOLTOROC with a psionic shockwave, but the super-intelligence is only weakened, not destroyed.

After KOLTOROC has fled, the Nucleus makes it clear to Rhodan that little time remains for further action. The Terran orders the relocation of all the ships to a new sun that he designates Rendezvous Gamma and intends to handle the unpleasant task of explaining to his friends why he had to deceive them.

Meanwhile, Ejdu Melia reveals to Kantiran that as a result of the turmoil of the recent days she will soon assume the default of her true form.

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2490 - Die dunklen Grten
The Dark Gardens
Wim Vandemaan

On November 9, 1347 NGE Perry Rhodan orders the attack on GLOIN TRAITOR. It is a matter of using the probably limited period of KOLTOROC’S incapacity to act. All the OREON Capsules get one member of the Vibra Squadron as a pilot and participate in the breaking out battle. The ships of the Ultima fleet are not to participate in the battle, they so they will stay operational. Certainly, the Peace Drivers, the Hangay Squadron, along with both SOL cells and the ARCHETIM Mission Squadron and the CHEOS-TAI which restores normal physics in a closely limited area manage to blow up many of the innumerable Traitanks, but suffer their own losses in return. After six hours of battle, two hundred ninety OREON Capsules, as well as the ATHOS and the PORTHOS are destroyed - and GLOIN TRAITOR is not even damaged. It looks completely as if the Galactics are suffering a terrible defeat.

But the Galactics have a helper, about whose existence they still know nothing. WORLD-WISE, the entity created by the combination of the World Sage of Azdun and the Processors of ESCHER, intervenes in their favor. WORLD-WISE does not flee from Hangay, but lets himself be sucked in by GLOIN TRAITOR – in the same way that the Needle of Chaos does with the energy which it takes from the Psionic Net. WORLD-WISE destroys the calibration of the elementary Quintadim-shifter and lays waste to the Dark Gardens of GLOIN, which serve the Needle of Chaos as energy meadows. WORLD-WISE only barely escapes again afterwards. The Galactics find out that nothing more is to be felt of the Vibra-Psi: GLOIN TRAITOR is not working any more, but is not destroyed.

Shortly before the extinction of the Vibra-Psi the Peace Driver Dewlet Ghiray (a Bey from the Khanat of the Winter World who had been saved after a twelve million years lasting dilatation flight by another Peace Driver and later took his place in the order) undertakes the attempt to destroy the JULES VERNE and thereby kill Perry Rhodan. He does this under the mental influence of the newly born child of his Vibra Squadron pilot Wiia-Na-Daj. This child is a true Emanation, a child of Chaos, and wants to prevent her living space, the Negasphere, from being destroyed. Dewlet Ghiray can free himself only with the extinction of the Vibra-Psi. He sets off the self-destruct mechanism of his OREON Capsule, before it can ram the JULES VERNE.

Once Perry Rhodan feels the absence of the Vibra-Psi, he orders the fleets of the Galactics to withdraw back to Rendezvous Gamma. There, he considers what to do next…

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2491 - Der dritte Messenger
The Third Messenger
Christian Montillon

Though Perry Rhodan and the Nucleus are skeptical, because they do not know who is responsible for the deactivation of the Needle of Chaos, the facts speak against a trap of the Chaos servants: The core barrier dissolves and the third messenger penetrates into the center region of Hangay, anchors itself, releases immense hypershock waves and forces back the Chaos physics bit by bit. On the ships of the Galactics and Peace Drivers they enjoys the rest after the extinction of the Vibra-Psi – the only exceptions are the Kartanes of the Vibra Squadron for which the Vibra-Psi is refreshing. One of these is Ca-Her-L'ron, the pilot and only survivor of the OREON Capsule JOHSAB, who has deluded herself into not the existence of her massive burns carried off in the attack on GLOIN TRAITOR. The joy of the Galactics is not of long duration. Suddenly the Vibra-Psi starts up once more, and Chaos physics spreads out again. GLOIN TRAITOR was damaged only temporarily. Should the current state continue, the third messenger will also have soon exhausted its strength, and the Retroversion will have failed.

Rhodan has no choice: He orders the second attack on GLOIN TRAITOR. This achieves as little success as the first, because the protective screens of the immense space station are invincible. Then Kamuko, who pursues the attack from on board the THEREME II, intervenes. Kantiran is suddenly tormented by mental impulses that he identifies as radiation from the Glowlight Armor. The suit seems to have chosen him as a potential bearer, but it does not come to this. Kamuko is finally ready to put on the Vector Helmet. Hardly has she done this, as her infirmities disappear. The now restored Prinzipa takes over top command of the fleet with Rhodan’s approval and steers it with the help of her now hypersensitive orientation ability past all the hostile armed forces directly into the immediate vicinity of GLOIN TRAITOR. However, the attack led by her also fails, because the weapons of the Galactics are not strong enough to crack the protective screens of the Needle of Chaos. In this situation Ca-Her-L'ron recognizes that she is living in a sort of fever dream and steers her OREON capsule directly into the screen of the Needle of Chaos, where she dies.

Kantiran raises the idea that structure burner torpedoes could be the solution to their problem. They become used on November 11, 1347 NGE with the next attack on GLOIN TRAITOR. Again Kamuko leads the troops safely up to their destination. The crew of GLOIN TRAITOR does feel threatened by the destabilization of space time caused by the torpedoes and the concurrent massive fire of the attackers, because now for the first time they shoot back. The protective screens of GLOIN TRAITOR start to flicker and the ends of GLOIN TRAITOR anchored in hyperspace reappear - but before the Galactics can take advantage of this, the whole immense structure begins to move and withdraws deeper into the accretion disk of Athaniyyon, where the Galactics cannot follow it. Perry Rhodan suspects that GLOIN TRAITOR will be started running again after a repair phase. The Galactics have not yet achieved the crucial success. But at least the Vibra-Psi has gone out for now...

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Uwe Anton

On October 25, 1347 NGE Hery-Ann Taeg, the Chief Medic of the SOL, informs Atlan about the fact that the Sorgor Inkadye, saved from Koltogor, is dying. She has lain in a vegatative state since shortly after her escape, and something seems to be draining off her vital energy. When Atlan visits and takes her hand, she awakes. Now that she seems to be dying, all her memories are returning to her. Thus she can tell Atlan the biography of KOLTOROC, which is closely tied together with her own history.

Inkadye was on the move seventy 70 million years ago by order of the Cosmocrats to bring peace in the galaxy Serdragon, being torn apart by awful wars. She had succeeded in bringing both sides - the Auper'comos being descendants of the V'Aupertir and the insectoid Kollogoms – to the table, namely, the Light City of Paragor but with the architectural styles of both peoples. The most important instrument for the preservation of the peace was to be a higher, intermediatory authority: A psionic potential field brought to life with Biophores, which would be imprinted with consciousness copies of countless Auper'comos and Kollogoms. The process was successful. An entity originated which united, among the rest, the copied consciousnesses ("Imagini") of the greatest scientists of both races. Inkadye gave the entity a name, which in her language meant something like »Bearer of Hope«. The name was Koltoroc.

Unfortunately, the entity’s birth was perverted by an attack of the Chaotarcs. The Chaos powers had no interest in the pacification of Serdragon and sent the Element of the Darkness to stop it. When the Element attacked Koltoroc, it was struck by a Biophore. The Element managed to escape, but a Quantum of the Darkness which split off from it united with the birthing Koltoroc. The ongoing gruesome torture of the Quantum of the Darkness pushed Koltoroc’s development in an undesirable direction. Torn by the duality of the consciousness contents of the two races merged inside him, the peacemaker became the preliminary stage of a negative superintelligence which killed all the living beings in Paragor and its surroundings, in order to take up their consciousness in himself. Koltoroc spared only his "mother" Inkadye, but mentally took control of her will and made them leave Serdragon with the Light City. In the following millenniums Koltoroc put Inkadye into deep sleep over and over again and woke her up if he felt like having some entertainment. Inkadye looked in vain for a way to escape and never really understood what Koltoroc, actually, wanted from her - it seemed to her almost as if the disembodied entity longed for her company and really felt affection towards her, because Koltoroc protected her and kept her alive all this time. She also remained Koltoroc’s prisoner, because the entity was not yet strong enough and could not risk being betrayed by Inkadye to the Cosmocrats.

One day Inkadye relaized that the entity had carried out the last step to superintelligence. KOLTOROC killed countless living beings to strengthen himself with their consciousness contents, and created strange body projections for himself. After twenty thousand years KOLTOROC steered the Light City back to Serdragon to make this galaxy the core of his thickness concentration. The superintelligence subjugated the galaxy and the neighbouring star islands, but showed no interest in developing into a matter depression. After millions of years Inkadye was woken once again. She was to appear as a negotiator for KOLTOROC, because an envoy of the Chaotarcs had appeared in Serdragon. The being was a Saddreykare, possibly a clone of Saddreyu, who the Chaotarcs had once kidnapped. The envoy had an interesting offer to make to KOLTOROC. The Chaotarcs wanted to guarantee his protection, and in return the superintelligence wouald take over command, as a Chaopressor, of the just originating Terminal Column TRAITOR. KOLTOROC’S training for this job would occur in the Negasphäre of TRIICLE-9. KOLTOROC agreed, left Serdragon and took along his "roots" in the form of Paragor, Koltogor and the state ships of the degenerated descendants of the Kollogom, leaving Inkadye alone for a long time. When he returned, he reported about the fact that he had been given the answer to teh Third Ultimate Question in Negane Mountain - the negative counterpart of the Mountain of Creation - in the center of the Negasphere.

Now KOLTOROC completely devoted himself to the construction of the Terminal Column and developed the prototypes for the different TRAITOR ship types as well as the preliminary stages of the Dual beings with which were virtually effigies of his own ambivalent personality. As prototypes of the dual beings he created teh String Legates from descendants of the Kollogom from the space town of Athurgos, which were mutated under the influence of the Vibra-Psi. These beings always appeared in a pair and one "half" always knew everything that the other "half" perceived - distances and barriers of whatever kind made no difference. KOLTOROC carried out the next step, with the creation of the real Duals, which were produced from the body halves of any pair of living beings.

One day the Chaotarch Xrayn manifested himself in the Negasphere. He was not pleased about the fact that KOLTOROC kept Inkadye as a sort of pet. The Chaotarch finally told KOLTOROC that he should completely free himself from his past. The superintelligence was not ready for it yet, but during the next centuries he did not visit Inkadye any more and did not put her back into deep sleep. Thus it was possible for the Sorgor to monitor things from Paragor by Column radio messages and to find out that KOLTOROC created the Dual Metropolis for himself. An ostensible possibility for the escape came up, when Inkadye met the gelatinous being Eslan Goku-Kong, who had built a Fiktiv transmitter. She resolutely used the device, only to find herself in Koltogor, hearing the laughter of KOLTOROC. The flying city became her prison for the next millions of years, until the SOL rescued her. That is the end of her report

Inkadye had lost consciousness several times during her story. On the 31st of October Trim Marath recognizes that a psionic phenomenon is responsible for the vital energy loss of the Sorgor. He tries with Startac Schroeder to counteract this affect. The two seem to succeed, because already on the 5th of November Hery-Ann Taeg announces that Inkadye will survive. From her story Atlan has become clear that KOLTOROC is not one of several leaders of TRAITOR, but the Chaopressor - virtually the heart of the Terminal Column. Five days later the Solaners experience the Vibra-Psi going out. They suppose that Perry Rhodan and the Nucleus must be active in Hangay. Atlan wants to try to find a connection with these comrades-in-arms and thus orders the SOL furhter into the center of Hangay...

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2493 - Der WELTWEISE
Leo Lukas

Twenty-two naked people appear from out of nowhere on an atoll in the middle of the ocean. They have no notion about how they go there, but they know who they are – or rather were: Consciousness contents of the group being WORLD-SAGE and ex-Processors of the Parapositronic ESCHER. Laurence Savoire, Merlin Myhr, Pal Astuin and Matheux Alan-Bari are part of the group. When they see a giant jellyfish-like body in the sea and when the silhouette of the Needle of Chaos is to be recognized in the sky later, it becomes clear to them that WORLD-SAGE must have been weakened in his attack on GLOIN TRAITOR in such a way that he was forced to take back on physical shape and also restore the consciousness contents united in him into their physical bodies. The people have gotten back their original bodies, but it remains unclear what has become of the other ex-Processors. On the planet there is a small base of the Terminal Column where they perceive the appearance of the people and the World Sage in the form of hyperphysical peaks on their sensors. The area in question is searched with gliders, but the people succeed in hiding in time.

The ex-Processors recognize that the jellyfish being is dying, and transport him under great efforts into deeper waters where he can recover. However, he does not regain consciousness immediately. On the way to the deeper water, two of the humans fall prey to sea predators, one being Wilbuntir Gilead, Sybil Bytter's companion. Matheux Alan-Bari suddenly develops a Para-gift during the attack with which he is able to chase off the monsters.

Finding a new hiding place, the humans meet two of the planet’s native intelligences: the Ckornautes Sahmsivil and his father Jozzepok. Sahmsivil is not initially kindly inclined towards the strangers, because the Mor'Daers of the TRAITOR base have slaughtered the children of his school class like animals, in order to bring their pelts to the viper like base commander (Kalmor Avorru) – he wanted to have them made into a fur coat for his lover. The Ckornaute Sahmsivil had been charged with the death of the children, because the penetration of extraplanetary intelligent beings is so incomprehensible for most Ckornautes that they rather deny it, than endanger their world view, which is based on a stable world.

Sybel Bytter also suddenly develops a Para-gift: She is able to mentally communicate with Sahmsivil and persuade him of the peacefulness of their intentions. Sahmsivil, who well much about all kinds of sea life is able to wake the World Sage from his unconsciousness. The World Sage reports that he has had been caught, after the damage of the Elementary-Quintadim-shifter, by the hyperenergetic protective screen of GLOIN TRAITOR and thereby been saved from destruction. Then the Needle of Chaos fled to the planet Anun-Faeris where the screen was switched off. WORLD-SAGE had been so weakened that he had to go down to the planet and reverted to a former stage of development in order to regenerate and later on be able to remerge into WORLD-SAGE, Regaining some of his forces, he succeeded in equipping the humans with Para-gifts.

Now the people use these abilities to infiltrate the TRAITOR base, which Sahmsivil helps them with. Their aim consists of emitting the message "GLOIN TRAITOR is here!" on Column radio, because it is clear to them that the Galactics must find the Needle of Chaos. The infiltration succeeds. Sahmsivil also bumps into Avorru’s paramour, who is wearing a coat of Ckornaute fur, much to his horror. He kills her with his harpoon. The radio signal is emitted, then the people retreat. After a little while the whole base is destroyed from space. The World Sage makes the offer to Sahmsivil and Jozzepok to accept them into his consciousness group when he reforms. However, Sahmsivil must give some thought to being tied to his father for all eternity…

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2494 - Retroversion
Arndt Ellmer

The substance of the three messengers, intended to accomplish the Retroversion of the proto-Negasphere of Hangay, will soon be exhausted. It is, therefore, imperative to find and destroy GLOIN TRAITOR. All the ships of the Galactics and Peace Drivers are involved in the search. On November 15, 1347 NGE the JULES VERNE captures a radio message in an older LFT fleet code. It is from a cylindrical spacecraft, which disappears immediately: it may just be the long missing middle of the SOL. It comes at a rendezvous Where Atlan and Ronald Tekener are highly suspicious, for they do not know the JULES VERNE, and the crew could be clones made by TRAITOR. The fact that Ekatus Atimoss, a Dual being is on board, does not make matters any easier. After all the misunderstandings and doubts are resolved, it is a joyous reunion of the old friends and information is shared.

On the same day, after the THEREME II saves Polm Ombar’s Oreon Capsule from destruction in a small black hole, they catch the Column radio message, which the ESCHER-Processors on Anun-Faris had sent out. GLOIN TRAITOR is discovered by Kantiran’s ship. The Needle of Chaos is just fleeing back to the center black hole, protected by four Chaos Squadrons, but Kamuko can pursue its course with the Glowlight Armor. Kantiran returns to the fleet with the news. On November sixteenth Perry Rhodan orders the next attack. Structure burner torpedoes are used. No massive damage appears to occur, but a small structural rip occurs in the protective fields of GLOIN TRAITOR which Kantiran’s THEREME II gets sucked through. Up close it is possible to destroy some of its protective screen projectors. After this, the concentrated fire by the units of the Galactics plus the CHEOS-TAI breaks GLOIN TRAITOR’S screens for good. GLOIN TRAITOR breaks apart under the bombardment and the gravitational pull of the black hole, and its remains are devoured by Athaniyyon together with most of its Traitanks.

Now the messengers complete their work, but that does not mean the job is finished. The Nucleus explains that as a result of its origin coming from the universe Tarkan, Hangay has a special "inclination" towards allowing a Negasphere to be developed. This inclination must be specially removed, and the Nucleus can only do it with his own energy along with that of ARCHETIM’S energies that he had tapped. The collective being radiates all its energy and goes out – seeing it as the purpose and destiny of its existence - to normalize the situation in Hangay. The Chaos physics has been negated, and the psionic power structure has been completely repaired. There is thus no reason for TRAITOR, to continue stopping in the local group. But KOLTOROC, licking his wounds in the Dual Metropolis, takes the matter personally. He does not fear punishment from the Chaotarcs due to his failure (the establishment of a Negasphere succeeds in only one in a thousand cases anyway), but he wants revenge. He calls out to Perry Rhodan, telling him to face him in the Dual Metropolis, or else he will destroy Rhodan’s homeworld and the human race. Rhodan is willing to fight for the Earth, but to be safe one thousand Oreon Capsules containing all the important information are sent to the Sol system on November seventeenth...

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2495 - KOLTOROCS Feuer
Horst Hoffmann

KOLTOROC has challenged Perry Rhodan to duel him in the Dual Metropolis, but he did not reveal where this place is to be found. Rhodan has no intention of waiting for a Traitank to appear to take him there. He intends to travel there with the CHEOS-TAI and other of his forces. There is a way to possibly track down the seat of the Chaopressor’s power: Contact Forest One Hundred-twenty-six. This offshoot of Alomendris is still in the center region of Hangay, where KOLTOROC has been located up till now. All the armed forces of the Galactics and Peace Drivers are accumulated at Vatucym, where Rhodan goes with Git-Ka-N'ida, the leader of the Vibra-Squadron to visit the local forest. When asked to make contact with his lost forest, Alomendris reacts at first with his usual panic, but then he locates Contact Forest One Hundred Twenty-six, or at least its carrier spaceship. Perry Rhodan goes with the JULES VERNE to the given coordinates. Instead of the expected solar system, only a newly born nova is found. Is it a trick by KOLTOROC?

While Rhodan flies back to Vatucym, Git-Ka-N'ida and some other Kartanes of the Vibra-Squadron that had stayed on the planet go back to the Contact Forest of Vatucym. The Vibra-Kartanes have suffered since the destruction of GLOIN TRAITOR from a phenomenon that they call "flickering": one of them disappears and emerges only some time later again. Particularly affected is the young Min-Da-N'or, who had lost her unborn child when it teleported from her while in Contact Forest One Hundred-Twenty-six. In fact, he begins teleporting uncontrollably from one forest to another. The Contact Forest demands the Kartanes to leave him, but they remain and end up being taken alone when the carrier body of the forest launches him. Indeed all one hundred twenty-five free Hangay Contact Forests begin a journey that will bring them to the center region. Alomendris has finally decided to not hide any longer, but to seek a confrontation with KOLTOROC and to free his one hundred twenty-sixth offshoot. But Alomendris turns out to be powerless against the super-intelligence. In each of twelve forests a String Legate materializes and destroys the forest in fire. The affected forests burn in KOLTOROC’S fire on November 18, 1347 NGE.

The Kartanes recognize that the String Legates can detect the forests, because they are broadcasting search impulses, with whom they want to find their lost offshoot. When the pulses are turned off, no further attacks occur. The remaining forests stop their flight and turn to go to Vatucym. Their arrival is delayed, because Min-Da-N'or has involuntary teleported to Contact Forest One Hundred Twenty-six and overwhelmed by a negative entity there. This being is none other than her unborn child, which has become known to the Chaopressor and turned into KOLTOROC’S tool. The others mentally see what is happening to Min-Da-N'or and follow her. Git-Ka-N'ida ends up having to kill her before the monster can take over her body and become fully mobile. The Kartanes then return to their forest and can continue their retreat. On November 19 the remaining one hundred thirteen Contact Forests meet up at Vatucym. Gucky catches a brief glimpse in the thoughts of the Vibra-Kartanes and thereby learns, what has become of N'or-Da-Min. he also notes that KOLTOROC must be very close to Contact Forest One Hundred Twenty-six…

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2496 - Chaotender gegen Sol
Chaotender Against Sol
Hubert Haensel

On the November 17, 1347 NGE thousands of Traitanks once again fly an attack against the TERRANOVA Screen. It comes to strange phenomena in the Sol system; Reginald Bull finds himself temporarily in a Para-reality in which Terrania is depopulated and is overgrown by jungle. The Defense Minister supposes that TRAITOR’S armed forces had managed to break through with a continuation of the attack - but when the Para-reality breaks down, it turns out they have received the retreat order. The celebration of the Terrans break out with the information that the Hangay Retroversion has taken place, and that all the units of the Terminal Column have been ordered to gather at three rendezvous points, to wait there for further orders. Everything points to a departure of the TRAITOR from the Milky Way.

The good news is also received in the DARK GHOUL. Roi Danton has just observed how some ships of the Galactic opposition have used a new weapon in the fight against Traitanks, which however leads to the self-destruction of the carrier ship along with that of the Traitanks. Unfortunately, it is not possible for him to stop the subsequent destruction of the rebel's base. Traitank 1,199,188 flies on to the hundred sun world. Danton wants to learn what happens with VULTAPHER as a result of the retreat order. The previously used masquerade functions once more: The Kalbaron responsible on site swallows the story of Dantyren’s inspection tour and grants access to the Column Factory TRAIGOT-1710. It appears that the construction of the Chaotender has been slowed down by the application of structure burner torpedoes considerably, but it was not prevented completely. Several dozen finished cabinets already form a group all around MINATERG, the heart of VULTAPHER. String Legates are also operating in the sphere of the building site of the Chaotender. Though Danton does not know what these beings are all about, he avoids them the best he can, as a matter of safety. Meanwhile, a String Legate visits Kirmizz to deliver to him KOLTOROC’S new instructions.

Danton gets in touch with the Posbis. Though the central plasma has succeeded in influencing some Supratronics unnoticed and holding all the BOXES operational, the Posbis were not yet ready for attacks on VULTAPHER or the guard fleet. When a red alert is given, Danton returns to the Column Factory with his sloop, which has been "analyzed" earlier by a String Leagte. Danton finds out that VULTAPHER is to be completed as far as possible in quick order, so that it can then attack the Sol system and destroy it. String Legates appear once more and this with their special abilities they recognize that the micro-Beasts are not actually Column Assassins. Danton’s camouflage is also blow. The micro-Beasts react fast and sternly: They kill all the present opponents – except for the String Legates which seem to be untouchable by energy rays - and Danton orders the retreat to the DARK GHOUL. The whole team proceeds by transmitter into the BOX-9912. Shortly after this, Traitank 1,199,188 self-destructs, taking along with it the Column Factory and a number of Traitanks. Dantyren is now finally dead and Danton can destroy the odious full body mask.

But how can the team now stop Kirmizz…

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2497 - Das Monokosmium
The Monokosmium
Hubert Haensel

Kirmizz has set up a mental training ground on the hundred suns world, the Monokosmium, in order to improve his battle skills. He is currently in the middle in a simulation, but difficulties in the construction of VULTAPHER are reported. He decides that he must leave and personally finish off VULTAPHER'S construction.

In the meantime, Roi Danton and one hundred micro-Beasts go by transmitter to the hundred suns world. They want to kill Kirmizz, so that the Chaotender is rendered useless. They even speculate whether they could capture him...

Roi Danton deals with the Central plasma, who announces that the Posbis will start an attack on the VULTAPHER. Then Roi Danton and his Micro-Beasts are sent to the Monokosmium by the Central plasma, which they can penetrate only thanks to their Dark filed generators. In the Monokosmium they distribute themselves to attack Kirmizz immediately when he returns. Roi examines the remarkable exhibits and is drawn into various simulations, which leaves a mental imprint.

In the meantime, Kirmizz was able to overcome VULTAPHER'S problems. Now the assembly of VULTAPHER can again be fully automated.

Kirmizz returns with cargo robots to the Monokosmium, in order to disable it and rebuild it anew on the VULTAPHER. An unknown mental signature indicated by one of the statuettes is a warning signal for him and he turns on his individual protective screen so that he barrage of micro-Beasts. As a result, he provides a fight himself with the micro-Beasts and Roi Danton, as he begins to use pain scream ability. Roi notifies the Central plasma to now begin the battle space, in order to prevent that Traitanks bring Kirmizz reinforcements.

Within less than two minutes, the Central plasma has its entire fleet of three hundred thousand BOXES ready to fight and starts the offensive. Thanks to its newly developed 5-D-shredder can Posbis destroy Traitanks, but the VULTAPHER remains intact. Thanks to the Cybernetic conspiracy, they can even manipulate the systems of some Traitanks briefly.

Roi and the micro-Beasts discover that by destroying the statuettes charged with Kirmizz's consciousness fragments, they can weaken him. By destroying enough of them they manage to then break down his force field and kill Kirmizz. Then they flee before Mor'Daers arrive.

After a short time, the battle goes badly for the Posbis: VULTAPHER is ready and BOXES are being shot down. There are just too many Traitanks. Finally, when Roi sends the order for the BOXES to run, only approximately twenty-one thousand BOXES are left

The Galactics are not sure what will happen now. All of sudden VULTAPHER and all the Traitanks set in motion and go to hyperlight in the direction of the Sol system. (It is not known who has taken over command of the Chaotender.) Roi and his command follow them in a BOX, but know that they will arrive long after the decision has fallen...

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2498 - Die Duale Metropole
The Dual Metropolis
Uwe Anton

On November 20, 1347 NGE Perry Rhodan lies awake at night and ponders anxious questions: How can he face KOLTOROC and his threat? How can he protect the humanity? What would he personally be ready to sacrifice? His friends Reginald Bull, Gucky, Atlan...? Mondra? His immortality? His Knight's aura? On November 21, 1347 NGE at 10:12 AM VULTAPHER materializes on the edge of the Sol system, along with five hundred thirty-three Traitank Chaos Squadrons, containing two hundred fifty-seven thousand nine hundred seventy-two warships. The second siege begins, although TRAITOR no longer has an interest in the local group. Reginald Bull can only hope that the TERRANOVA Screen also stands firm against VULTAPHER. The Traitanks begin the bombardment. At approximately the same time Perry Rhodan, Mondra Diamond and Inkadye begin their preparations: These three will go to KOLTOROC. Perry Rhodan is able to persuade his friends that anyone else would be too dangerous. Mondra takes along eggs of the Tarnii KOLTOROC and Inkadye some Parapolarisators of Ekatus Atimoss. Perry Rhodan wraps up a secret weapon, two small objects... With the help of Alomendris they reach Contact Forest One Hundred Twenty-six and with it KOLTOROC'S direct vicinity. They are expected by String Legates and escorted. When they leave the Contact Forest, they bump into a virtual town, in which KOLTOROC has apparently shunted consciousness fragments as semi-material venues. They pass them, go past invisible buildings, and come to the Dual Metropolis: A vertical-standing disc, one side silver, the other black.

During this time an immense fleet of the Galactics materializes on the edge of the Sol system, primarily Arkonides, led by Imperator Bostich I. They are smuggled into the Sol system to support the defenders, except for Bostich who remains with his Throne Fleet beyond the shooting line. TRAITOR intentionally ignores these ships.

Perry Rhodan, Mondra Diamond and Inkadye are escorted to the inside of the Dual Metropolis. There they come upon KOLTOROC in a garden: He has created a four-meter tall projection body as a kind of Dual and appeared by a transmitter. His left body half is a perfect, aesthetic humanoid body, while the right half is a swarm of tiny, aggressive insects.

KOLTOROC apologizes, full of charm and politeness for the fact that he had to make Perry Rhodan come to him. He was still too weakened by the attack of the Nucleus for a trip. He makes an offer to Perry Rhodan: He wants Perry to change onto the side of the Chaos powers. KOLTOROC plays the charming host and talks to the three about the higher powers, in order to persuade Perry Rhodan. He discusses the Cosmocrats without any reservations, but that Perry Rhodan stands for life in itself, fills him with fury. How can somebody work for such an abstract and deceitful thing like life in itself?

Perry Rhodan refuses to join the Chaos powers, and KOLTOROC suggests another trade to him: The sparing of the Sol system and the Milky Way in exchange for Perry Rhodan's Knight's aura. KOLTOROC explains to him, that he cannot simply take it away from him, because Rhodan must agree to the transfer. Rhodan has to recognize that a Knight's aura would be an incomparable secret weapon in the hands of the Chaos powers. KOLTOROC could easily attain control over artifacts of the Cosmocrats with it.

Rhodan refuses, and KOLTOROC nonchalantly orders VULTAPHER to attack the Sol system.

The Traitanks around the Sol system begin to fire, while VULTAPHER activates an unknown weapon system. The TERRANOVA Screen is suddenly surrounded from a dark layer that weakens it.

KOLTOROC, Perry Rhodan and Mondra Diamond stare at the representation in the mirror of a String Legate, as Inkadye gets out the Parapolarisators, activates them all at the same time and flings the resulting Psi-storm at KOLTOROC'S body. He intercepts it laughing, flinging its back at her and thereby kills the Sorgor. While KOLTOROC is distracted by this, Rhodan and Mondra flee by a transmitter into another area of the Dual Metropolis. Rhodan was simply not close enough to KOLTOROC to be able to use his secret weapon...

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2499 - Das Opfer
The Sacrifice
Uwe Anton

Perry Rhodan and Mondra Diamond find themselves at a remote end of the silver city side of the Dual Metropolis again. This city side is populated by humanoids, the Auper'como . And the whole city, Rhodan recognizes, is KOLTOROC’S anchor, which the super-intelligence needs in normal space. But the knowledge is useless, because nobody knows where in Hangay the Dual Metropolis is located, and no one can attack it. To hide or run away makes no sense. They need to stop KOLTOROC, and Perry Rhodan has a plan that could have success. But he must not think about it, in the event that KOLTOROC can read their thoughts.

KOLTOROC wants Rhodan’s Knight’s aura in exchange for everyone’s safety. Once again Perry Rhodan weighs between the interests of the Cosmocrats, between good and evil, between the destruction of the Sol system and the loss of his Knight’s aura. But then he realizes: He does not want to negotiate. He wants to kill KOLTOROC!

Mondra Diamond also carries a secret weapon with her – the fertilized eggs of Tarnii KOLTOROC. Suddenly she feels a mental pressure and seems transported to a different environment, which is simultaneously strange and yet familiar to her. The proportions do not seem correct. KOLTOROC wants to show her something and asks how she would feel losing someone precious to her…

Perry Rhodan pulls out the parts of a small hypertransmission radio, that he had brought along, and while he puts together the unit, which is reality only serves as a distraction, two finger long objects get shifted from the backpack into the pocket of his SERUN. Then a String Legate appears, and a little later KOLTOROC himself comes through a transmitter. This time there is no polite conversation with the Chaopressor. KOLTOROC grasps after Rhodan’s Knight aura. And again the threat comes: If Rhodan does not voluntarily release the Knight’s aura and KOLTOROC does not repeal his command, the Earth will be destroyed in a few hours. The String Legates show the attack by VULTAPHER on the crystal screen. And it is clear to Rhodan that it no feint. The greedy insectoid part of the superintelligence would destroy the Earth if its will is not fulfilled.

Once again KOLTOROC tries to persuade Rhodan. He speaks about the Knights order, which was neglected by the Cosmocrats, until the last active Knight died with Armadan of Harpoon. Of the Cosmocrats, that had banished Rhodan from his homeland. And he reminds Perry of the many children on the Earth, that will die, if Rhodan does not give in. Perry Rhodan has the Degraders in his pocket, a weapon that can only be effective, if KOLTOROC is distracted for some time, so that he can get within ten meters distance from the superintelligence. He needs a diversion - and there Mondra Diamond strikes, quick as lightning. She hurls a load of the Tarnii KOLTOROC onto the Dual body of the superintelligence, a second on Perry Rhodan, and a third on herself, in the hope that the superintelligence will not attack his own brood. Then she suddenly has a heavy weapon in hand and aims it at KOLTOROC. Yet the beamer is torn out of her hands, by either tractor rays or telekinetic powers used by KOLTOROC. For the moment, KOLTOROC is not distracted. He continues to speak about the billions of children on Terra, and of Delorian – he can create a fantasy world, on which Delorian is again there, where Mondra Diamond and Perry Rhodan can live happily for ever after. Perry Rhodan tries to provoke KOLTOROC. The answer to the Third Ultimate Question, he says, had not cost KOLTOROC his reason only because he had already gone insane seventy million years ago. He also says the pictures from the Sol system could be false. KOLTOROC becomes impatient. He keeps approaching more closely to Perry Rhodan. Perry Rhodan still needs a diversion. And there is only one thing that can distract KOLTOROC sufficiently: Perry Rhodan lets go of his Knight’s aura...

In the Sol system, the crystal screen stands in flames. And Reginald Bull has formed the impression that VULTAPHER is only playing with them. A counterattack is impossible, as the Traitanks around the Sol system would easily destroy any aggressor. Terrible pictures come in from the FILLING STATIONS showing Globists collapsing, but there are still more volunteers for the FILLING STATIONS. Reginald Bull leaves the Residence, feeling that his only way to help now is volunteering at a FILLING STATION.

Perry Rhodan feels, as if his soul was ripped out of his body. For the first time, he recognizes what power lays in the Knight’s aura and what power it can give to KOLTOROC. KOLTOROC no longer pays attention to his environment, for it is hard for even a superintelligence to harness an aura not meant for him. He is effectively distracted by it. Perry Rhodan opens the first of the two phials that he received from Nuskoginus and that are filled with On- and Noon quanta. At first nothing happens. Then the Biophores attack the essence of the superintelligence. They destroy the interface between the two halves of KOLTOROC, the humanoid half and the half made out of an immense number of insect bodies. KOLTOROC fights for his body, but then Perry Rhodan opens the second phial. The humanoid half of KOLTOROC shows weakness. The insect half is no longer able to subdue its aggressive temperament and literally eats the part of the Auper' como-half that does not simply decompose into dust. Only a myriad of insects remain. KOLTOROC has been defeated. Yet a superintelligence does not die so simply. A Psi-storm breaks out and blows away the Knight’s aura under the force of the storm. It takes some time before Perry and Mondra are able to recover.

KOLTOROC is dead, but his String Legates live, and they still show the attack of VULTAPHER on the Sol system. Without a command to stop, VULTAPHER will destroy the Earth. How can VULTAPHER be controlled? Not over radio, but rather directly over the String Legates. Only KOLTOROC can command VULTAPHER, and a part of KOLTOROC still lives. Perry Rhodan steps into the middle in the swarm of insects, that surround his protection suit as quick as lightning and try to penetrate into his spirit. Perry Rhodan becomes one with the remainders of the superintelligence. Rhodan-KOLTOROC lets his spirit search, and finds access to the String Legates. He then sends a command to VULTAPHER.

Meanwhile, Reginald Bull is at the end of his rope. The crystal screen is pulsating more strongly than ever before. The BATTERY is approaching its end and can only deliver a small stream of energy to the Globists. It cannot be more than another minute until the screen collapses. Yet everyone fights against it to the end. For a short time Bull feels something like a cool breeze, then it is all over. He asks himself whether he is dead. But if so, then why can he still see the field of Magellan Stadium? He is still alive. Around him thousands lie totally exhausted on the ground. All of a sudden, security forces arrive to take him back to the Solar Residence.

Perry Rhodan is still in danger. The insects attack his SERUN, but above all they grasp after his spirit. Only Mondra can help him. With his last bit of power, he turns off the protection screen of his SERUN. Mondra uses first the eggs of the Tarnii KOLTOROC. Althought they had been of no use in the battle with KOLTOROC, they do distract the insects that fall greedily on this prey and release Perry Rhodan. Then she combines the fields of both SERUNS, and they climb into the air with their Antigravs. The insects of the Kollogom let go of Perry and in the end they eat each other up in their avarice. The mirror of one String Legate shows how VULTAPHER turns away from the crystal screen and leaves with an escort of Traitanks. The picture of the String Legates then become fuzzy. And in this moment, the breakdown of the Dual Metropolis begins.

He and Mondra make it back to Contact Forest One Hundred Twenty-six and are transported back to their own forest. The next day, of November 22, 1347 NGE, Perry Rhodan is enthusiastically received back on board the JULES VERNE by Gucky. Yet there is much to do. First he proceeds back to the planet Vatucym and again takes up communication with the Contact Forest. He makes it an offer: Because conditions in Hangay will continue to be unsettled for a long time, Alomendris should find a new homeland with the surviving Contact Forests in the Milky Way. Alomendris considers the offer. Shortly afterwards, the Contact Forests leave for the Milky Way. They will keep their location there secret for the time being.

A bad surprise is waiting for Mondra Diamond. She finds out, what KOLTOROC meant by his threat against her. He had in fact taken a life. In her cabin, she finds the stiffened corpse of Norman, the clone elephant.

Then another surprise appears: Doctor Laurence Savoire comes on board, or at least a projection of him. They finally learn of how WORLD-SAGE and ESCHER infiltrated GLOIN TRAITOR and what they did for the Retroversion. Twenty surviving Processors of ESCHER joined with WORLD-SAGE, and the entity now has an offer for the Peace Drivers. A little later, there is a discussion between Perry Rhodan, Kantiran, General Kamuko, and Ekatus Atimoss, the former Dual and leader of the Pressor Guard. The Peace Drivers have made a decision. They will continue to fight in the future against TRAITOR. WORLD-SAGE wants to take on the role of LIGHT OF ANCESTOR to aid them in this. It knows the Terminal Column and hopes to be able to help the Peace Drivers with the technology they will need for it. Ekatus Atimoss also wants to accompany the Peace Drivers. For Perry Rhodan, the departure of his son Kantiran means he may never see him again.

On December first, Reginald Bull finally orders the crystal screen shut down. After four years, the true starry sky is to be seen again over the Earth. Reports arrive from many planets, but most are cries for help. It will be many years or even decades before the damage caused by the Terminal Column are all erased. He suddenly receives word that a gigantic object has arrived in the Sol system: The LAW giver CHEOS-TAI. Perry Rhodan has returned, together with the SOL, the JULES VERNE, the RICHARD BURTON and the other ships. Perry Rhodan’s other son, Roi Danton, is on his way back from the hundred suns world and will arrive in some months.

On the Galapagos Islands, the BATTERY of the Nucleus flares up for the last time. Innumerable points of light climb from the BATTERY into the sky, like some fireworks. They wrap first the Earth, then expand to cover the entire Sol system, and in the end touch millions of Globists. Then the BATTERY goes out. Perry says they will have to eventually investigate the occurrence.

There is one last set of departures to go through. The Algorrians, Curcaryen Varantir and Le Anyante leave to fly with the LAW-Giver back to Evolux, forty-five million light years away, where their children wait for them. And there is the departure of Nuskoginus and the rest of the seven Mightys from the universe Eud' y-Asor-Jaroso. They are going to also fly to Evolux; there they hope to receive absolution by the Cosmocrats and be taken back into their service. Yet one group will not leave the Milky Way: Commander Pothawk and his Laosoors. Stranded twenty million years in the future, they want to find a new homeland on the Earth.

When he is finally alone with Mondra Diamond, Perry Rhodan wishes for only one thing now: Peace, for at least a hundred years.

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