2300 - Vorboten des Chaos
Harbingers of Chaos
Robert Feldhoff

At the beginning of 1344 NGC (4931AD), a good 12 years after the "hypershock", the situation has stabilized in the Milky Way to a great extent; at least in the galactic Westside. In the Eastside however awful civil wars rave among the Blues people. On Terra and the other inhabited worlds of the Westside, peace and normality has remained, interstellar travel even takes place once more. Still, there is a lot to do, because the individual nations are far from creating a true galactic community. Perry Rhodan has recognized that the galactic nations must rise up once again and pursue a common path, mainly because of the still inestimable menace which could arise to the Milky Way from the Negasphere originating in Hangay. Therefore, Perry Rhodan invites delegates of all power groups of the Milky Way (of which he also counts the new USO) to "the construction conference of nations" which should take place on 4 January 1344 NGC in the Solar Residence on Terra. He promises them technical innovations and a galactic vision. Imperator Bostich promises his participation to Perry Rhodan, but one month later than planned, and so the conference must be postponed until the 4th of February.

Meanwhile the Dual Captain returns from a space battle which has ended in tremendous losses for him. Nevertheless, in the Nega Hall, the Progress-True announces not the expected death sentence for the captain with the maltreated body, but instead, gives him a new task which amounts to a demotion. The Dual Captain - who posseses two heads - gets command of the column fort TRAICOON 0098 and should take over the Milky Way, by robbing them of their political leadership.

On Terra, the preparations for the conference are in full swing. Rhodan together with Mondra Diamond personally checks all the safety measures. A part of his thoughts stays with Atlan who remains in Charon's cloud. As Rhodan checked Bostich's accommodation, the apparition of a young girl stabilizes there who introduces herself as Fawn Suzuke and wants to warn him. The fused consciousnesses of the monochrome mutants from which the "nucleus" resulted are taking up contact with Rhodan in the form of the body projection the girl. Rhodan is warned about the appearance of the Terminal-Convoy "TRAITOR", however, the contact breaks off after few minutes again and Rhodan could only understand fragments of the message. However, he does not have a lot of time to think about it, because at this moment Imperator Bostich arrives. While Perry flies to the space harbour to greet the guest personally, he catches up on information about Fawn Suzuke from NATHAN.

In the column fort, TRAICOON 0098 the Dual Captain orders the assassins of chaos to storm the conference in the Solar Residence and to eliminate the heads of state. The Halutian-like beings are only approximately 20 cms high however, are called microbeasts. A command of 27 assassins sets off to the Earth under the direction of Zon Facter. Thanks to their dark field-technology the invaders cannot be located.

Meanwhile on Terra more and more conference delegates arrive. The Aarus, Ertrusers, Springers, Swoons and many other nations whom even for a widely travelled man like Perry Rhodan sees for the first time. Only the Akons and the Haltuters, both pursing a policy of isolationism, and also the Blues, who are torturing themselves in civil wars are absent. The Siganese delegation is worryingly overdue. At a short moment of rest the First Terran Maurenzi Curtiz discloses to Perry Rhodan that this will be his last term of office. Among the cell activator bearers a discussion takes place whether it was right to wait so long for Bostich, and the political situation of the Crystal Empire is discussed. Many colonies of the once so proud star empire have seceeded. Rhodan is still convinced that a strong Bostich is better for the Milky Way than a weak one.

The time for the conference has come. Only the Siganese are still missing. Nevertheless, with the knowledge that a hyperstorm or other phenomena could have detained the delegation - travelling aboard a Springer ship - Rhodan decides to begin the conference. Without a long preamble he gets directly to the point: His vision is a galaxy-encompassing transmitter network. The technology necessary can be provided by the LFT - thanks to the cage-transmitter of Ferrol and the recently developed "sun tapping" technology. This "line 1" which bridges interstellar distances via transmitter can be put into operation soon. The price which the nations must pay in return is the signing of peace treaties, as well as the peaceful subdivision of the regions recently appeared from the hypercocoons. A heated discussion breaks out. Rhodans proposal encounters interest, but also some refusal. The Springers are anything but inspired, for example, because they have seen their economic power terrifically expanded since the hypershock threatened. However, Bostich has become simply dependent, because a transmitter-connection would enable to him to win back the control of his disintegrating empire. Hundreds of systems have already renounced from the empire and have formed sovereign power blocs - and the Arkonide fleet is unable, because of the raised hyperimpedance, to be everywhere in time to suppress such rebellions as they form.

During a conference break, Perry Rhodan gets another visit from Fawn Suzuke; this time he understands more of her words. The Superintelligence IT has sent the nucleus as a messenger because IT himself can intervene no longer in Hangay where conflict has now broken out around the Negasphere. He himself is in great difficulty and cannot assist the Terrans. Also the Milky Way is in danger because an invasion threatens from the Terminal Convoy whose troop strength comes close to that of the Endless Armada. The Terminal Convoy is marching to secure the developing Negasphere in Hangay for the Chaotarchs. The Cosmocrats are otherwise bound by massive attacks from the chaos powers, but assistance to the Milky Way is on the move. Until this arrives, the Solar system must be held at all costs, because it is still "useful". The nucleus supposes the base of the invaders is in immediate proximity of the Solar system. The Terrans must repulse the attack; armies which are currently unknown to Terrans are on the move. After Perry has received this information, the contact breaks off. Luckily Mondra Diamond who was also present has recorded everything.

The conference is continued. Meanwhile the Siganese have also arrived. These were late because the scrap-worthy Springer cylinder ship needed much longer than normal to travel. The Siganese delegation consists of the minister for technological development, Ashlon Fogel who has apparently fallen in love with his travelling assistant, Dani Queenz. The young Siganesin has - unfortunately for him - only eyes for Fogel's long-standing friend, and the head of the government of Siga and former USO agent Demetrius Luke. However, for private problems there is no time, the conference is once again in full swing.

Rhodan does not know that the enemy is already in immediate proximity. The assassins of chaos were sent by the convoy fort TRAICOON 0098 which was stationed in the threshold of the Solar system and is invisible under the protection of a dark field for all detection devices of the Terrans. A troop of these assassins has landed near the Solar Residence in invisible "dark capsules" and has penetrated unseen into it. The troop immobilizes all active devices within the residence with a so-called "suprapulse-imponder", disables all security forces and attacks the unarmed conference members. The first victim is Maurenzi Curtiz, the First Terran. Bostich and Roi Danton become seriously injured, hundreds of representatives are killed. Gucky finds out by telepathic means from Luke that once again weapons can be used. Bit by bit he supplies the people present with weapons and protective suits, and only then can the attack of the invisible strangers be returned. In particular the environmental- conformists of Ertrus and Oxtorne ensure that the invaders are eliminated successively. Rhodan and the injured Bostich escape together but are followed. Working together they arrange a trap for their pursuer, Zon Facter. Astonishingly it transpires the being resembles a Haluter, but it is only approx. 20 centimeters high! Otherwise it has all qualities which one knows of the Haluters (or of their forefathers, the beasts). It is a horrific aggressive fighter and can harden his body up to the firmness of steel. Both heads of state take the assassin in a cross fire and see him fall into a shaft. Rhodan brings Bostich into safety.

The microbeasts have caused a bloodbath among the delegates but not the expected decapitation blow to the galaxy. In the conference hall the acting leader of the microbeasts, Rabozo, recognizes that he cannot fulfill his orders. Convinced of Zon Facter's death, he orders the retreat. The Siganese follow the microbeasts at a safe distance. Indeed, they encounter Zon Facter whose wounds are indeed severe but he is alive still. They follow the leader of the assassins unnoticed and so reach aboard his dark capsule. Behind them the bulkhead shuts, and Zon Facter initiates the start process. The destination of the dark capsule with the Siganese is aboard the column fort TRAICOON 0098.

Only 800 live out of 2400 delegates. From these only a few more than 400 have decided to attend Rhodan's call to a continuation of the conference. The vision of a transmitter-network moves into the background. First of all, it is a matter of facing the threat posed by the Terminal-Convoy. In a speech Bostich expresses his intention to meet this task together and his hope, to master it. In the last session Rhodan brings forward to the delegates Mondra's recordings. Now everyone knows with which adversary they have to act. Rhodan orders all available ships to search for the base of the Terminal-Convoy.

Later, gazing heavenward he wishes that the new TERRANOVA fleet was operational - since one thing is certain: There will be war.

Cedric Beust 2005-10-02

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2301 - Im Kolonnen-Fort
Inside the Convoy-Fort
Hubert Haensel

Perry Rhodan is still depressed by the events surrounding the construction conference of nations. He sees no reason to look optimistically into the future; however, he must not be discouraged. The attack of the chaos powers, dubbed "Case almond bread" has begun, and the powers of chaos have reached for Terra. Much unexpected and hard work must be carried out in the Solar System. Together with Malcolm S Daellian, he proceeds to Luna. There, in the Zwiebus crater, the RICHARD BURTON is being prepared to embark soon for an expedition to Hangay. Also, the TERRANOVA fleet is being readied. A section of this highly secret fleet are the LORETTA-tenders, 6 kms diameter giant discs in the DINO-tender structural style, with spacers of the Discoverer class as a control module.

On the edge of the system are the three "stowaways": Demetrius Luke, Dani Queenz and Ashlon Fogel in the dark capsule of Zon Facter. The microbeast's leader is on the way to TRAICOON 0098, a column fort of the Terminal-Convoy TRAITOR. The fort is under the command of the Dual Captain and Zon Facter feels fear, an emotion that a microbeast ordinarily does not know. He fears his master when he thinks of the failure of his troop. The assassins of chaos have never before failed. However, this time the order was only partially fulfilled. In addition, Facter's deputy is proving a pain in the neck. Val Rabozo will stop at nothing to edge him out of the leadership of the troop. The Siganese reconnoiter the fort and discover it has roughly a double "T" form. Oddly enough, the whole structure seems to be twisted slightly in on itself. The three Siganese find out that the station is approx. 16 kilometers long, 11 kms wide and 9 kms high and consists of a Ricodin composite material. TRAICOON 0098 is still a huge building site on which immense building operations are taking place. Yong Dreq creatures are the workers. They are overseen by the bird-like Ganschkaren. The fort is commanded by the Dual Captain who seems to have arisen from the fusion of body halves of two beings. He has two heads: The saurian skull of a Mor'Daer (battle troops of the Terminal-Convoy) and the bird skull of a Ganschkaren (technicians}. On the base of chaos a strict order prevails. The Siganese monitor the com traffic and, hence, overhear the concept "Fractal-tear bell", which sounds anything but harmless. Later, the three also encounter the Mor'Daer, the guard-troop of the fort. They are discovered, but are able to flee. The Dual Captain orders the hunt for them and instructs the microbeasts to find them, because he is certain that the intruders must have been brought back by them.

Zon Facter has quite different problems. He has inexpressible headaches and to make matters worse still, the Dual Captain calls him to report. In the eyes of the hybrid being, the microbeasts have failed. He punishes all of the microbeasts for it with "the endogenous torture", which is a paragift he posseses, allowing him to cause excruciating pain to other beings by a mental process. However, he does not want to kill the microbeasts. After they recover from the endogenous torture, Zon Facter is once again attacked by his brothers and seriously injured. Val Rabozo uses this to advance to the new leader of the microbeasts. Facter is only glad, however that he has survived.

When Zon Facter awakes again, he only just makes it back to his quarters. The headaches get out of control. Long buried recollections surface within him. For each microbeast – generated "in vitro" - the "claw of the Laborats" is implanted, making it pliant and loyal to the Terminal-Convoy. Facter's claw has stopped functioning, presumably from the injuries which he has suffered in the Solar Residence. However, Facter survives and also gets over a second report with the Dual Captain. Now Facter's thinking is free and he develops hatred for his present oppressors. Back in his quarters he notes a little green figure darting along the window. At first Facter considers it a hallucination, however, he then sees the Siganese again and remembers them from the conference. Has he himself allowed, perhaps, the strangers to penetrate aboard the TRAICOON 0098?

Cedric Beust 2005-10-02

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2302 - Die Mikro-Bestie
The Microbeast
Hubert Haensel

The claw of the Laborats has perished and Zon Facter is free, wanting his revenge against the Dual Captain and the Terminal Convoy TRAITOR. However these goals are not attainable in the short term, so he first devotes himself to the search for the Siganese, having already seen one briefly before in his lodging.

The three Siganese suspect nothing of the events surrounding Facter. They are searching for a way to communicate with Terra. While Ashlon Fogel is meant to process the data which they have collected so far in the hiding place, Demetrius Luke and Dani Queenz proceed to a hangar to examine the "dark capsules" there. But they do not succeed in reaching into the capsules. At a weak moment, the pair devote themselves to their mutual feelings and kiss each other passionately. They are observed by Fogel, who has followed them since they left the hiding place. After all, he also cherishes feelings for the Siganesin, but the hurt minister behaves as though he had seen nothing. Now as a threesome they still do not find any way to penetrate into one of the ships.

Zon Facter discovers the three Siganese in the hangar, and observes them under the protection of a dark field. Apparently no one but him knows that the intruders use deflectors. Suddenly, many Mor'Daer march into the hangar and at first, the Siganese are sure they have been discovered. Suddenly the Dual Captain appears and something dark flies in the hangar. The Mor'Daer repeats the words over and over again: "Dark Investigator!". The Dual Captain moves towards the void and in doing so becomes, smaller and smaller until there is nothing left of him to be seen. It appears not to be an optical effect; rather it looks to Luke as if the Dual Captain has penetrated into a microcosm.

An hour after he left the ship, the Dual Captain returns, and the dark investigator vanishes again directly into the room. The Siganese recognize that the captain has brought back a storage crystal. They follow him and his army of Mor'Daer. Zon Facter remains behind, as he wants to receive the Siganese if they should come back. If however they should manage to eliminate Zerberoff, as he names the Dual Captain, this would simplify his planned revenge.

On the way, the Dual Captain applies the endogenous torture against some Ganschkaren, as he is apparently dissatisfied with them. Then, he continues on his way until he looks at the storage crystal in a conference hall. It concerns data about the Milky Way; 58 important points are specially marked in the holographic image, locations of the convoy's other forts. They sit near Arkon, Halut, Gatas and further important worlds. Then the holographic begins to apportion itself into small sections, and by means of lasers, pieces are created in the graphics. Since the holo fills the entire room and the Siganese are in the middle in there, Dani Queenz is hit by one of the rays, and it immediately is sets off an alarm.

The Siganese are discovered! In order to procure time for his two companions, Ashlon Fogel sets off on a suicide action. He attracts attention to himself so that the other two can flee. Fogel dies from an emitter-hit. After over twenty hours, the two Siganese manage to return to their hiding place. They are already expected there. Zon Facter waylays them and begins a conversation with them to form an alliance between the himself and the Siganese. Facter wants to go to Terra and to talk to Perry Rhodan. For this purpose, he opens one of the dark-capsules. Dani Queenz suspects he only wants to go to Terra in order to kill Rhodan. The Siganese stand before a difficult choice; can they really trust Facter?

On Terra, Bully reports to his oldest friend, who just gave a moving speech at Maurenzi Curtiz's funeral, that the BRIXBIE has vanished, the scout-cruiser of the Diana-class last reported at a position only eight light-weeks from Earth! Bull believes it has discovered the location of the Convoy Fort.

Cedric Beust 2005-10-03

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2303 - Der Duale Kapitän
The Dual Captain
Arndt Ellmer

By unfortunate accident, the Terrans receive knowledge of the exact location of the Column Fort, TRAICOON 0098. One of the local gunners destroys the terran search cruiser, BRIXBIE, which approached beyond the a critical distance. When the DISCOVERER, FRITJOF NANSEN went to examine what remained of the BRIXBIE, this ship is also destroyed. The Terrans determine that the enemy must possess a weapon, which no known protection screen can withstand: The potential-pitcher. This cannon has a range of 5.3 million kilometers and only PRAETORIAS weapons can bridge a still greater distance; causes an overload of matter within a space sphere of up to 25 kilometers in diameter. A gravitational field the strength of a neutron star builds, so that within fractions of a second approximately 120 billion Gravos affect the target. In this way, the 1800 meter FRITJOF NANSEN is compressed to a ball of super dense matter approximately 90 meters diameter. This effect is temporary in nature; after a certain time the compressed matter tries to assume its original physical state again. In the case of spaceships this is equivalent to an enormous explosion.

Every available ship in the Solar system is drawn together in the relevant space-sector. Through the use of thousands of probes they are able to penetrate the darkness-field, that appears as a sphere with a diameter of 500 kilometers. It is completely impervious to all perception and orientation. Perry Rhodan arrives in person to get a first glimpse of the convoy-fort. There, the Siganese report back, that they have escaped unseen together with Zon Facter from the fort. Rhodan speaks with the purified microbeast and discovers that the Milky Way is to be changed into a resource-galaxy for the Terminal Convoy. The convoy even has the task to accelerate the formation of the Negasphere in Hangay. Zon Facter recommends an immediate attack on the fort, because it is only assailable as long as the construction is not yet completed.

Rhodan has no other choice and gives the instruction to attack. One salvo from PRAETORIA is sufficient, to break down the dark-screen. Then however the second defense system of the Fort is used: The Fractal Tear Bell. This energy screen has the form of a network 50 kilometers in diameter, whose "meshes" consist of constantly moving structure tears. If it is fired at, branchings are formed at the affected positions, in which the transformer salvos get caught. The weapon's energy is absorbed by the network. It is revealed that the network is so efficient partly because of its fractal structure, but above all, because it is charged within the UHF range of the hyperspectrum; the effect is comparable with the individual charge, which can be achieved by the Antis.

Another attack would only be reasonable at the moment that the only operating projector for the fractal tear bell could be destroyed. Zon Facter wants to take over this task. He returns to the fort with the dark capsule, and is accompanied by Demetrius Luke and Dani Queenz. Actually for him it is only about revenge against the Dual Captain. He faces him while the Siganese bring some fusion bombs into the target. They wait in the dark capsule for Zon Facter's return, but he does not come, because the Dual Captain has seen through his intentions and kills him with the endogenous torture. Just in time, the Siganese take off with the dark capsule, but must abandon it again because it is blown up by remote control. In addition, the bombs they set ignite and the highly impenetrable protection screen of the Fort collapses. The terran units attack immediately. Admittedly, the losses are high, since in the meantime further potential-pitchers are completed, but in the end TRAICOON 0098 can be annihilated. In the final moment, the Dual Captain's escape succeeds.

The Siganese are able to collect some new data. The information doesn't promise anything good: In a second wave, 2000 more Column Forts are to be installed in the Milky Way! Additionally, the chaos squadron will arrive soon, which was to have been stationed on TRAICOON 0098. Malcolm S. Daellian discovers meanwhile, something about the strange, curved-up on itself form of the Column Fort; One can join the individual Forts into an enormous structure. In this way, with more than 2000 Forts a gigantic structure would result in the form of a double-helix, which would be approximately 20,000 kilometers long…

Cedric Beust 2005-10-09

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2304 - Schatten über Atlan-Village
Shadows over Atlan Village
Michael Marcus Thurner

The Dual Captain Zerberoff escaped the destruction of the Column-Fort and fled with a dark capsule to Terra. To justify his failure before the True-Progress of the Terminal-Column, he begins to look for proof that the dark investigators did not completely inform him about the situation in the Milky Way. He comes upon two terms in Terrania, which have been unknown to him up to now: Project BACKDOOR and the TERRANOVA Fleet. Both of them have nothing to do with the destruction of the Column-Fort, but Zerberoff continues to follow up on them, at least, because his Ganschkare half with the name Aroff feels a fascination for the Terrans, although Zerbone (the Mor'Daer half) would very much prefer to destroy Terra immediately. During his investigations, the Dual Captain notices an unexplainable mental contact with an obviously psi-talented Terran. Zerberoff decides to bring this human under his power.

Zerberoff’s presence does not remain hidden from the Terrans. Malcolm S. Daellian’s research team succeeded in identifying the typical emissions of the dark field. Thus Daellian gradually picks up the trail of Zerberoff, but the measurements are inaccurate and only exist over comparatively short distances.

Daellian calls for the newly improved Ultra-Giraffe, produced in cooperation with the USO, to help him. The new equipment is dubbed the 'Kantor sextant', because the idea for it came from Myles Kantor’s left over notes. It is substantially more precise than the Ultra-Giraffe, has a larger detection range, a wider bandwidth - and is above all far more compact than the clunky older devices.

On February 20, 1344 NGE Project BACKDOOR is completed: A transmitter line between Mercury and Maldonaldo, the innermost planet of the Vega system, is established. The BACKDOOR transmitter station on Mercury is enormous; ninety kilometers in diameter, with eight 1.5 kilometer-wide force field roads that will transport a massive container stream in the future. For the sun-tapping process, they use the old power plants for the production of the ATG field. Perry Rhodan participates personally in the first transmitter jump to the Vega system.

Meanwhile Zerberoff seeks out the Terran, with which he had several short mental contacts. It turns out to be Marc London, a nineteen year old Cosmopsychology student, who does not know anything about his psi-gift. It is through this gift that Fawn Suzuke (or rather the body projection of the young woman risen into the Nucleus) approaches him. London regards her as a completely normal girl and falls in love with her. Before Daellian can pin down the location of the Dual Captain, Zerberoff kidnaps the young student and disappears from the measuring range of the scientists.

Jerry Schneiderman 2005-10-30

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2305 - Jagd auf die Dunkelkapsel
Hunt for the Dark Capsule
Michael Marcus Thurner

Zerberoff has succeeded in escaping unidentified from Atlan Village and slips out the young Terran Marc London, with whom he feels a special psi affinity. But before he turns to the mutant, he again detects high energy in the vicinity of Mercury, but before he arrives there, it vanishes again. (The cause of the energy was apparently the return of Perry Rhodan from the Vega-system.) In the protection of his dark field Zerberoff turns back to the Earth to devote himself to his special prisoner in a godforsaken region of the southern hemisphere.

Meanwhile, data is being examined in Terrania. Due to Marc London’s personal notes, Malcolm S. Daellian is certain beyond any doubt that the Dual Captain is the unknown person they are searching for. The LFT heads now begin to plan the capture of this dangerous representative of the Chaos powers.

On a small island off the coast of New Zealand Zerberoff leaves the ship with his prisoner and applies the endogenous torture against him, but the Terran reflects the Para-gift of the double headed being and Zerberoff is set upon by his own gift. He experiences buried memories of his own past. He remembers his two fathers and other details, but then he wakes up again under great pain and learns that London has fled. Not far away, he rediscovers the young Terran, who has fled by a small brook and now is in shock and suffering hypothermia. Because the medical equipment of the dark capsule is not made for Terrans, the Dual Captain looks for an isolated outpost of civilization to save London.

He finds an old hunting lodge in the middle of the forest, where he captures Ian Grant, a former space soldier who had retried from duty, after a good friend died in a space fight, and now lives in this remote area of the world. Grant succeeds in saving Marc London, but pays for it with a dose of endogenous torture. Zerberoff, who wants to get to know more about his past, delivers a strong impulse to London again, who reflects the psionic energy, and Zerberoff reels again in his past.

He must recognize that he was created by the Column-anatomists, joined together from two pre-existing individuals. His two ‘fathers’ were the Ganschkare Gamauf and the Mor'Daer Zirium. These two beings were butchered in painful operations and the remaining halves knitted together with each other. The memories of this were blocked. Now Zerberoff feels the hate for the anatomists again, most of all, towards Tomf, the head of the whole project.

When Zerberoff awakes again, the older Terran has managed to flee again. Grant succeeds in escaping, because Zerberoff’s dark capsule receives important messages and he is distracted during the chase. On the moon, weapons are supposedly being tested against the Column’s fractal rip sheath.

With London aboard the Dual Captain flies to the Coreos research center on the moon and into the LFT trap. His dark capsule is covered with shackle fields. Negotiating on the radio with Mondra Diamond, he receives promise of his freedom if he releases his prisoner.

In this way, the Dual Captain succeeds in escaping capture. Now Marc London is to be prepared by Mondra and Bré Tsinga for his future life, which is undoubtedly no longer be as ‘simple’ as it used to be any more.

Jerry Schneiderman 2005-10-30

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2306 - Die Kristallbörse
The Crystal Exchange
Horst Hauffmann

The Springer patriarch Jorgas Etoto smells the possibility for a mega-deal on February 25, 1344 NGE. An Arkonide wants to buy thirty kilograms of Khalumvatt from the Galactic Trader. After the hyperimpedance rose, the market value for it lies at twenty-four billion Galaxs.

But there is a tiny problem standing between the Springer and the Arkonide, who has two bodyguards with him. The buyer would like to see another test sample, but Etoto does not have one, because he is a swindler. In the face of potential profit he orders one of his sons to get another ‘sample’ from their brand-new ship, although on LE-GORGEOUS, the Crystal Exchange, crystal forgery stands under the harshest punishment and the mysterious Treasurer, the ruler over the space station in the orbit of Lepso, is considered a hard case.

It is Etoto’s bad luck that the Arkonide is an expert, and as it turns out after the scam is blown, his bodyguards are actually Kralasenes. All the people involved are stopped on the spot by the intervention of the Exchange-guard. In short process, the Treasurer reads out the punishment for the Springers: they are condemned to a lifelong banishment from LE-GORGEOUS. A very hard punishment, considering that the Crystal Exchange has cornered the market on hypercrystal trade. The Springers depart foaming at the mouth with rage.

Before their ship disappears into linear space, they still have a chance to sell their practically worthless Howalgonium, about 1.6 metric tons, to two Terran commercial agents, Solomon G. Gill and Inez Hatcher, both TLS agents working undercover by order of the LFT to buy as much Howalgonium as possible. This, formerly the most valuable hypercrystal, has fallen to a market value of two Galaxs per gram, but the LFT has developed a new top secret procedure to stabilize the delicate crystals.

Meanwhile, D. Manning Ostro, one of the best contract killers, has been hired to go to LE-GORGEOUS to kill Amanda van Veer, a rich aging Terran female, who has got her money through seven inheritances and eight separations. She is a fervent gambler who used to be on the BASIS, but has now changed to the LE-GORGEOUS, because the BASIS caught onto her games. But Ostro has not only killing on his mind; he has had himself implanted with neuro-chips from his earnings, with which he can hack directly into computer nets, and he wants to hit the jackpot.

Meanwhile, the two TLS agents notice that a bug exists in their Howalgonium storage area. They take this as an occasion to steal their way to the Treasurer, because they fear problems for the LE-GORGEOUS also. In the protection of deflector fields they penetrate into the office area of the Treasurer, but it turns out that he is already waiting for them. He reveals himself to them as Roi Danton, Colonel of the New USO, Perry Rhodan’s son and since 1337 NGE - the moment when the Taxit organization took control of the LE-GORGEOUS from a private syndicate - the Treasurer. Danton recognizes immediately that something is going on, and sends his Exchange-guard to secure the agents storage area. But the bug was only a bluff, and six blackmailers have gotten access to the legendary Exchange-Treasury by this diversionary maneuver.

At the same time, Ostro kills his target and afterwards catches the scent of big money available. He hacks into the computer net of LE-GORGEOUS, while Danton and the TLS agents quietly allow the ultimatum of three days to pass, the guests on LE-GORGEOUS are evacuated. Only Danton knows that the Exchang-Treasury does not really exist and all the Khalumvatt is fake, but the blackmailers do not know this.

When the ultimatum period has expired, the six blackmailers blow themselves up, but accomplish liitle because strong protection screens activated. The danger seems to be averted, but now Ostro reveals himself because he controls the whole station through the network. At the last minute agent Gill has the idea to save them. He gets Danton into the bathroom, which is the only place not monitored, by tradition, and has him overload the admission capacity of Ostro’s neural chips, which literally burns his brain out, saving the station at the last minute.

On March 1, 1344 NGE three of the three hundred meter wide carrier ships of the LFT fleet arrive under the escort of the DISCOVERER ship HERNANDO DE SOTO, to take the 8.7 metric tons of Howalgonium which the two agents bout back to Terra.

Note: In a subplot a Posbi and his Matten-Willy are on the station. The Matten-Willy loses its Posbi and later discovers him dead. The strange thing is that the Matten-Willy is still receiving a moving signal that matches its Posbi’s signal. It finally tracks the signal down and meets a duplicate of his Posbi. It turns out to be an unknown life form that calls itself ‘Observer’. He tells the Matten-Willy that the Posbi is not really dead, but he needed his mind and matter to accomplish his mission. He explains that even if the Posbi’s biological mass is returned to the shell and reactivated he will not be the same. Observer then dissolves and evaporates, leaving one very distraught Matten-Willy behind.

Jerry Schneiderman 2005-10-30

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2307 - Der Psi-Korresponder
The Psi-Correspondent
Arndt Ellmer

After Bré Tsinga and her team are unable to find anything out about the abilities of Marc London, Gucky is called in to take care of the matter. However a Howalgonium theft in the top-secret HWG-01 in Zwiebus Crater on the moon interferes with this. The mousebeaver takes London with him to the secret research center. There, among other things, an Akone is working as a sleeper agent for the Energy Command. He wants to steal the LFT’s results on stabilizing HS-Howalgonium. But, in the end he does not succeed. He and the team of Baalols supporting him all die, trying to blow up HWG-01.

Meanwhile, outside the Sol System, the LEIF ERIKSSON II observes the arrival of the Column-Ferry TROVAGE. It delivers a Chaos-squadron to the Sol System and then continues on its way. After the Ferry disappears, Zerberoff shows up in his Dark Capsule and takes command of the squadron. But instead of attacking the Sol System, as Rhodan feared, the squadron disappears in the direction of the Jamondi Star Ocean with an unknown goal.

Back on the moon, Gucky decides that Marc London is a psi-correspondent, who reacts unconsciously to other people’s psi-abilities by copying them. For example Gucky is able to teleport without the expenditure of any extra energy.

After all ninety-six LORETTA tenders are equipped with the HS-Howalgonium, the TERRANOVA fleet, which the tenders form, starts its first test flight. The tenders are to be used to reform the crystal screen again. The first test succeeds for a short time, but is not stabile enough, so that the screen breaks down after few minutes, and all the tenders are damaged to some degree.

After this occurs, Bully and Fran Imith decide to finally get married. They return to the Earth and the First Terran Tamira Sakrahan carries out the ceremony. The witnesses at the marriage are Gucky and Perry Rhodan.

Jerry Schneiderman 2005-10-30

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2308 - Die Schattenlosen
The Shadowless
Horst Hoffmann

Bully, Fran Imith, Bré Tsinga and Gucky are on the BUENOS AIRES, the new EX-1 of the Explorer fleet, flying through the star ocean of Jamondi, on a goodwill tour of the new LFT colony worlds there. On the way from Tan Jamondi II to Mykronoer they briefly register a strange ship, which however immediately disappears again from the Kantor ultra-instrument sensor. They then come upon a solar system, which is not registered on any of the charts. They approach the only world of the system, which lies in the biosphere range. There the spacemen meet the Novantes, a young race whose development has been steered until now by The Shadowless; nine black obelisks, which do not cast a shadow.

As Gucky quickly finds out, these are nine Cynos, but they are alive and not dead ones, as is usually the case with obelisks of this race. The Nine are in an uproar, because they have received an important message, which they cannot receive well enough to understand.

With Gucky's, assistance they succeed in understanding it. It is a message from the Pangalactic Statisticians, who warn the obelisks about the Negasphere that will appear in Hangay. The message urges the Nine to immediately leave the planet and come to safety with them. The Terrans are very surprised at the rush, for it means the Negasphere must be developing faster than imagined.

Gucky learns from the nine Cynos that they fled from the galaxy Tare Scharm eons ago, where there was great danger for them, a danger they have long ago forgotten the details of. It is obvious to the Galactics, however, that it must have been the development of the other Negasphere that ARCHETIM had fought against.

Suddenly the sensor reading, which the Explorer had received earlier, occurs again. The ship heads right for them and turns out to be a cobalt-blue cylinder seven kilometers long, like the ones used by the Cairol robots of the Cosmocrats. The ship does not react to radio calls. Both the Terrans and the Cynos have the feeling down to their core that they are being analyzed – then the cylinder leaves again, as much a mystery as it was before.

The Cynos wants to leave also, but they have lost their sense of spatial orientation. Gucky arranges for the Explorer ship’s Emotionaut, Arthur Eizmet, who has fallen ill with the deadly Coldox plague, which has been hitting only Emotionauts, to give up his body and join with the community of Cynos. He will be their navigator and thereby fulfill his life’s dream of journeying through the depths of the universe. Thus the Cynos can now leave the planet with the supposed goal of joining the Pangalactic Statisticians on Wassermal. But they first leave a gift for the Terrans; a data crystal with a set of coordinates.

The coordinates lie in the Charon Cloud, 26,930 light-years away from Jamondi. As it happens, Atlan is already heading there to help the ships exploring the area. Bull has set course for it, letting the goodwill trip wait. But first he must say good-bye to Jan Shruyver, who has decided to remain with Ela on the world of the Novantes. This Novante woman had experienced a terrible time and been helped back towards mental well-being on the BUENOS AIRES by the young Cosmopsychologist. In the process, he realized that his naturist leanings were drawing him to stay.

On April 20, 1344 NGE the Explorer sets off in the direction of the Charon Cloud. Before going to hyperlight, a message comes from Julian Tifflor, who was staying on Tan Jamondi II. He reports that a Column-Fort has been discovered in the proximity of Hayok. In its company is a Chaos-squadron, consisting of 484 ships, which are assumed to be the relay under the command of Zerberoff.

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2309 - Die Augen von Charon
The Eyes of Charon
Uwe Anton

April 2, 1344 NGE: Atlan is on board the VERACRUZ, a Explorer, in the center of the Milky Way. The high star density there, with which the hyperphysical resistance rises proportionally, makes space travel in this sector very dangerous. Hyperlight speed flights are possible only over a distance of few light-years. The VERACRUZ is in the company of the TABASCO, another Explorer, and the AUBERG, a battle ship, which was detailed for the protection of the Explorer. Atlan wants to work together with the scientists to follow up the hints from Gon Orbhons, concerning the Charon Cloud. The Charonii, a race in the star cluster, supposedly keeps itself hidden there in the Golden system. In addition, there is supposed to be Salkrit in the Cloud; a material that could be of great value to the Terrans, according to Gon Orbhon. The investigation of the twenty-eight solar systems of the star cluster however, turns out to be almost impossible. The Charon Cloud is surrounded by the structural drift, a phenomenon, which prevents penetration into the cloud and also massively disturbs detectors. Outside of the cloud only eight blue giants are located, that are arranged into a perfect cube. They are obviously the energy supply suns, which held the Charon Cloud in the hypercocoon until the hyperimpedance rise occurred. The expenditure taken to isolate the Cloud, suggests that ES assumed a danger to exist inside the Charon cloud.

The Terran researchers do not remain alone for long. Three spaceships of the Cystal Imperium arrive - two research spaceships and a GWALON CUP, as military backup. While Atlan and the commander of the Arkonide group work to make nice with other, the scientists cooperate without any problems. The researchers’ thirst for knowledge is clearly stronger than patriotism.

The scientists succeed in locating small stable zones in the Structural drift which prove to show everchanging Strangeness values. Since the VERACRUZ flies with forty-eight percent the speed of light, and the zones nevertheless remain stable in the detectors, the " eyes of Charon" seem to follow the Explorer, observing it. Atlan comes to the conclusion that the " eyes" must be spaceships or space stations of the Charonii.

Soon enough, the Terrans discover that they are not alone in the company of the Arkonides outside the Charon cloud. The three Arkonidw spaceships are destroyed, by the effect of a Potential Launcher. TRAITOR units are obviously operating in the area. Atlan sends the AUBERG to Terra, in order to request reinforcement. The weeks up to the arrival of the support are spent by the VERACRUZ and the TABASCO in the detection shadow of a sun. The dormant waiting eats at Atlan’s nerves. A long discussion with the commander Alysha Sarron does not help it, but at least makes it possible for the Venus born commander to better understand the immortal.

The Column-Prospector ships ACARO 1033 and ACARO 0830 stand under the command of Ain Cokkrys. Beside the members of his own people, the Charnaz Bakr, a Column-Motivator is also on board. Nobody knows exactly, what it is that the form wrapped in a nebulous fog does, but it obviously has an effect on the crew and watches over their performance of their duties in penetrating the Charon Cloud in order to retrieve the Salkrit.

After ten weeks, on June 10th, the AUBERG returns to the Charon Cloud, carrying the requested reinforcements. One of them is the Psi-Correspondent Marc London. Atlan believes that the young Terran, who travels in the company of Hajmo Siderip, can take up contact, using his psi-ability, with the Charonii. In addition the AUBERG has a Kantor sextant on board. The Cloud is measured again - without any major results. Atlan informs Marc about what has happened till now, and then events begin to heat up.

The Kantor sextant locates the TRAITOR units. The fourteen hundred meter ships deactivate their dark screen and develop an incomprehensibly strong gravitational field around themselves. They then – at first successfully – begin to penetrate the Charon Cloud. However they are soon attacked by an unknown weapon. Spellbound, the Terrans observe, how one of the Column ships is completely destroyed, while the other one is heavily damaged and leaves the Cloud again. Atlan sees his chance and takes a boarding crew to it.

On board the damaged ship the Terrans meet the Charnaz Bakr. The Haluter like beings are four and a half meters tall and have two pairs of arms. However they cannot structurally transform themselves and possess only one brain. Actually the Column-Prospectors had originally intended to surrender, but the Column-Motivator forced them to fight and instructed them to initiate the self-destruct mechanism. At the last second Atlan and his team escape. Nevertheless, they did retrieve a data crystal.

Back on board the VERACRUZ, the evaluation of the memory module reveals that the Charnaz Bakr were looking for the Slakrit for TRAITOR. Later on, Marc London believes to psionically recognize a pattern in the structural drift. The young Terran cannot say any more, but Atlan is sure that he will still be of further great assistance.

Cedric Beust 2006-02-24

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2310 - Strukturpiloten
Structure Pilots
Leo Lukas

Kempo Doll'Arym is a ten year old young Charonii and lives on the space habitat Aram Tachady. Mentally, he towers over his peers, but physically he lags behind them. His intellect ensures that he looks upon the history he is indoctrinated with at school with doubt. He searches for the truth. In the planetarium he is caught by Sheerdurn, a former structure pilot whose gift has become unusable due to a structure storm. The old Charonii tells the true history of Charon to him.

Over ten thousand years ago, Charon subjective time, the Protectors Order existed in Jamondi. They wanted to mine the rare material Salkrit in the center of the Charon Cloud. Penetration into the Charon Cloud surrounded by the structural drift was not possible, so the Motanas settled in space habitats surrounding the star cluster.

The Protectors hoped that the psi-gifted people would succeed in adapting themselves to the conditions of the Charon Cloud and they did. The Motanas developed the pilot's sense and the pilot's force. These abilities made it possible for the structure-pilots to form and stabilize structure-eyes around the structure-dolbes, as the Charonii called their one hundred seventy-five meter long, fifty meter wide ships, and the ability to navigate in the structural drift.

In the meantime, the Motana descendants, who called themselves Charonii, emancipated themselves from the Protectors. They were still supplied with Salkrit, but apart from that, contact was limited to the most necessary only.

The Charonii flew their habitats into the Charon Cloud. After that, the structure-pilots lived on them. The Charonii that do not dispose of the Psi-gifts live on planets because their vicinity to the structural drift would severely damage their minds.

The inhabitants of Charon were hit by the hypercocoon set up by IT completely unexpectedly. The Charon Cloud was isolated from the normal universe. After a disaster, the Gold system was declared a taboo zone. Among the Charonii, a system was established which placed priority, above all else, on stability.

It was this extremely conservative society that disturbs Kempo. He would like to change the world, and take a look outside of Charon to disprove the thesis that there is nothing out there. But the system slows him down because no Charonii under the age of twelve is allowed to take the Charon Test, in which their talent as a structure pilot is determined.

The returning of the Charon Cloud into normal space without consequences, only makes Kempo more impatient. He reaches puberty, which causes all sorts of hassles for Sheerdurn. Shortly before the Charon Test, the boy leaves home after arguing with his father, whom, in Kempo’s opinion, shows too little emotion toward him. Sheerdurn gives him shelter, under the condition that when his father returns from his next flight, they will meet to clear the air.

At the festivities taking place before the Charon Test, Kempo quickly falls in love forever with the attractive Auhara Mey'Deran. However, he cannot dedicate his full attention to her, because she is guarded by her - in contrast to her - very masculine governess. Following a talk between Kempo and his father Danoit, who is extremely relieved seeing his son safe again, they come to terms.

Thanks to Sheerdurn’s contacts, Kempo can quickly find out everything necessary about Auhara. His beloved is the daughter of Khal Pif'Deran, a high-ranking diplomat from the planet Bocyn. But it is not his origin that stands like a wall between Kempo and Auhara, but rather the governess which protects her ward against every admirer.

When Kempo finds out that Auhara wants to visit an event in the planetarium, he asks Sheerdurn for help. The older man, who knows the place better than anyone else, agrees.

While Sheerdurn, who normally avoids social contacts, distracts the governess, Kempo pulls Auhara into a hidden chamber. When the two come out again, it is unmistakably that there is a spark between them. Auhara makes her guard make a choice. Either she lets them have two hours in peace together – or she will simply sneak out to see Kempo. The governess agrees in the end, but puts a condition to it: Sheerdurn should spend the time that the two are together with her. He is not exactly inspired by the appearance of the governess, however, agrees when he sees the mute begging in the eyes of the young lovers.

The weeks up to the Charon Test fly by for him. Kempo and Auhara are overjoyed, and Sheerdurn also recognizes that the governess is a very pleasant and intelligent person. The day of the test finally arrives. When Kempo must take the scanning with the Psi-generator with which one’s capability as a structure pilot, he is checked two times. When the results are revealed during the Day of the Tears, the tears flow massively. First, from joy because Auhara has passed the test, then from sorrow because Kempo does not belong to the appointed.

While Auhara finds a place with the Doll'Arym’s, Kempo finds shelter with her parents. Completely frustrated, he breaks off all relations with his old life. After some weeks Kempo falls seriously ill. Sheerdurn visits his former protégé who is close to death, and recognizes the truth. Khal Pif'Deran had manipulated the results of the test and thereby prevented Kempo’s appointment as a structure pilot.

However, the motivation of the diplomat is not that he wanted to get rid of a disagreeable son-in-law, but rather in the fact that inside Kempo was an excessive potential of the explosive force, the third pilot’s gift. It is an ability that rarely appears. It enables the affected person to control the structural drift. But it usually backlashes destructively against the Charonii.

Sheerdurn and the governess succeed in saving Kempo and making possible his admission to the academy of the structure pilots. Kempo learns quickly and seems to be able to make up for his lost time with Auhara. His only problem is with aggression control training, because the explosive force appears as increased aggressiveness in its bearer. However, thanks to the help of his father, who shows him a meditative technique based on singing, Kempo can master his problem and the difficult test he faces with Yllay Hor'Boran. Soon, the time for the final exam arrives. Auhara, Kempo and their fellow students master it without difficulty and may henceforth be called structure pilots.

Right after the test, the structure-dolbe, under the command of Kempo’s father Danoit, ends up in a structure storm. The linear flight of the CELOWEZ must be interrupted. It turns out that Kempo and his companions are in the direct vicinity of the Gold system.

Meanwhile, aboard the VERACRUZ, Marc London breaks down because of the efforts of recent days. After a short break he is operational again, but shows no better results with his psi-abilities. Everyday life remains monotonous, for they do not succeed in producing contact with the Charonii.

The monotony aboard the VERACRUZ is interrupted when the BUENOS AIRES arrives with Reginald Bull and Gucky. They bring a data crystal that the Cynos on a planet in Jamondi gave them. It contains coordinates which point to a place right in the middle to the Charon Cloud. During a discussion of the situation Marc London asks to be allowed to return to Terra. However, his request is denied. Hajmo Siderip reads the riot act to him and forces the boy to gather new courage. Deciding to raise the stakes, a plan matures inside Marc to make contact with the Charonii.

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2311 - Die Explosive Kraft
The Explosive Force
Leo Lukas

It is due to the courageous intervention of Kempo Doll'Arym that the structure-dolbe in whose flight he participated as a cadet is not destroyed in a structure storm. It appears that Kempo is one of the most gifted structure pilots that his people have ever produced. He therefore has his choice of crew.

In the following months, as he takes over command of the DORYNA, his beloved Auhara and old friend Sheerdurn become part of his crew. After some official flights back and forth between the planets and pilots’ cities, Kempo realizes his old dream and penetrates the Charon Barrier with the DORYNA - an enormous event. However, the worrying discoveries which Kempo makes with his short stay in the outside world are ruled impossible by most the Charonii: There are gigantic spaceships examining the structural drift! However, they are unable to penetrate it. Kempo learns these ships belong to the unfamiliar races of the Arkonides and Terrans. The Charonii Council forbids the spreading of this knowledge, so Kempo and his people are ordered to be silent.

However, from the hints given by an old friend of Sheerdurn’s, they discover an enormous tower on the supposedly uninhabitable planet Stolp from which a network of observation satellites, located beyond the structural drift, can be accessed.

This equipment is the legacy of the so-called Charon Corps, an extinct organization that had consisted of elite structure pilots. There are also dozens of operational structure-dolbes on Stolp. They also find records of the arrival of a bionic cruiser. The Charonii learn that the Protectors still exist, but have now left to search for Ahandaba. Kempo decides to revive the Charon Corps and recruits the Charonii that had been exiled already because of breaking a taboo or those that are dissatisfied with the isolationist policy of the Council. The Council probably consists at least partly of former members of the Charon Box. This secret society was once responsible for the dissolution of the Charon Corps and still holds the true power in the Charon Cloud in its hands to this day.

Khal Pif'Deran, council chairman and the old opponent of Kempo, agrees to the revival of the Charon Corps. Its members should observe the Charon Barrier. However, Kempo is already thinking ahead: He recognizes they must search out new friends among the strangers and that they need a weapon against those who are hostile to them. Because the structure-dolbes contain no offensive armament, Kempo experiments with the explosive force which makes it possible to use the structural drift itself as a weapon.

However, it appears that this can be controlled only with difficultly. Therefore, Kempo breaks another taboo of his people and arranges the formation of academies in which use of the explosive force is practiced. Notes are discovered on Stolp meanwhile, and from them, is found that the Charonii were not alone in the Charon Cloud in prehistoric times. Thirty meter tall avian beings and upright moving cephalopods seem to be their race’s friends. However, what weighs most heavily is the information that the explosive force can be only used if a structure pilot sacrifices his or her life to bind the destructive forces of the hyperhurricane with a lethal impulse.

No time remains to brood over this information, because two Prospector ships from TRAITOR penetrate into the structural drift and destroy a structure-dolbe. Kempo attacks with the DORYNA, provoking the explosive force and destroying one Prospector ship and driving out the other. But someone from Kempo’s crew had to sacrifice her life for it - Auhara, the love of his life.

Meanwhile, beyond the Charon Cloud Marc London undertakes a daring experiment. He approaches the structural drift with a space jet and steps in "correspondence" using his para-gift with a structure pilot. In this way the space jet can penetrate the structural-drift without danger. A small spaceship soon leaves the cloud and makes radio contact. It is the DORYNA.

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2312 - Die Unschlagbaren
The Unbeatables
Horst Hoffmann

On June 20, 1344 NGE, the first direct contact is made contact between the Charonii and the forces of the LFT. Kempo Doll'Arym arrives on the VERACRUZ. He reports on the history of the Motana descendants, and in return Atlan tells of the events beyond the Charon Cloud and, most of all, of the danger which emanates from TRAITOR. Kempo is interested in a possible alliance, but has reservations with regard to the Charonii Council. Nevertheless he returns into the cloud to fetch other structure pilots, so that the DORYNA can virtually piggyback the VERACRUZ to the Ijor system.

Shortly after they penetrate the cloud, the field which holds back the structural-drift begins to shrink. At the last minute Gucky recognizes that Marc London is unconsciously interfering with the forces of the Charonii. Only shifting the young Terran into a deep sleep saves them, and the flight goes on, until the Ijor system is reached on July 1st.

There the Explorer is “parked” on the moon Houtog, at the spaceport of the crater city Aram Verger. As Kempo expected, the council closes its mind to the changed circumstances. Five council members who come to the VERACRUZ for negotiations do not want to accept any of Atlan’s arguments. No progress is made.

In Aram Verger, a small group of four Charonii youths calling themselves 'the Unbeatables', keep getting into trouble, ignoring the adults rules. This time they go their own way into the Ring Mountains where there are old ruins and artifacts, but it is strictly forbidden to roam around there, because the gravo-generators and screen fields that hold the atmosphere end there.

The four are caught, after an ancient station collapses. Ceppink, the "Professor" of the group no longer wants to take part in any more excursions, but Praulynd, Gyra and Leydon still talk him into helping them to go out once more, and they promptly get in trouble again.

An old, forgotten defense station of the Protectors of Jamondi reacts to the VERACRUZ showing up, and the last active robot guard cannot identify it as a ship of the Protectors, Charonii or Seecharan. Therefore, it begins charging up the station’s cannon and targets the ship. Unfortunately it does not recognize the Charonii city that it is parked on, as requiring protection. Its emergency programming is too narrow to judge the situation correctly. The Unbeatables fall through a hole in the ground that appears from the switching off of the force field surrounding the cannon. Caught in the beam shaft, the three recognize what is happening, and decide to try deactivating the weapon. They succeed in this at the last minute, but with the last of its remaining energy, the robot guard activates the countdown of the facilities self-destruct mechanism.

Meanwhile the fourth Unbeatable has informed the adults of everything, because it was getting dark in the meantime and his friends did not return. A search party is sent out, but is looking in the wrong direction. Only Ceppink finds the trail of his friends and succeeds in saving them from the shaft. The search party is called in and succeeds in picking up and leaving with the youngsters just before the defense station explodes. The pressure wave and the earthquakes that follow are so strong that the electrical supply of Aram Vergers fails and the artificial gravity and atmosphere force field go down. Atmosphere begins to dissapate in the crater city.

Atlan orders the crew of the VERACRUZ intervene immediately, and by means of the protection field generators of the powerful Explorer ship the artificial atmosphere is kept in place, so that the Charonii survive until they can get their power back up. A day later, on July 2, 1344 NGE the Charonii Council makes its first concession to the Galactics. Certainly, they still wish for no alliance, but they will allow the VERACRUZ to push ahead with the help of the Charon Corps to the Golden system.

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2313 - Das Goldene System
The Golden System
Hubert Haensel

After the Charonii Council gives permission to fly into the Golden system, the Terrans and Kempo Doll'Arym lose no time. Marc London is shifted back into deep sleep to rule out possible reciprocal effects with the psi-abilities of the structure pilots. The flight, nonetheless, runs into complications due to the chaotic conditions in the center of the Charon Cloud. To reduce the danger for the crews of the ships, speed is reduced. The VERACRUZ and the DORYNA, docked together, approach the Golden system in peace.

During the flight, there is an incident in a hangar of the VERACRUZ. The engine technician Mario Saats comes upon a stranger who is checking out the two SCARABS inside it. The sloops of the SCARAB class, which have received the scornful nickname of ‘dung beetles’ from the crew are small ships which, due to their durable and simple technology, can still operate under the most difficult hyperphysical conditions. Mario Saats tries to stop the intruder from leaving the hangar, when the VERACRUZ is torn violently from linear space. Saats crashes into a console and falls unconscious. The VERACRUZ continues its flight after a short rest and, finally, arrives at the Golden system.

The whole system is surrounded by a cloud of dust. A flight with the VERACRUZ or the DORYNA is impossible because of the hyperphysical conditions inside. Therefore, the group initially measures the system from outside. The Cantor sextant supplies important results. A sun is located, which receives the name Gold from Atlan. The system also contains thousands of asteroids, of which approximately twenty-six thousand are identified as strong SHF-hyperemitters. The Golden system paralyzes not only all higher level technology, but also psi-abilities. As a result the structure pilots must hold a safe distance from the system, and Gucky must run about the VERACRUZ on foot.

Mario Saats has awoken from his coma and carries out an investigation. The stranger whom he had met turns out to be a Dr. Gregorian. He is a descendant of Sato Ambush. The brilliant scientist from the staff of Malcolm S. Daellian turns out to be technically brilliant, but socially incompetent. He refuses any co-operation with the rest of the scientists, but supplies outstanding results solo.

Because the measurements from outside showa little usefull results, Atlan decides to penetrate with a SCARAB into the Golden system. He lands with his crew on one of the much less radiant asteroids. There he finds a small amount of the golden hypercrystal, Salkrit. The hypercrystal partially dissolves under the application of any mechanical energy. However, the Arkonide can, nevertheless, scrape out a small sample. Atlan also discovers the remains of what appears to be a Kybb Technite on the asteroid. The contents of the Technite’s memory chip can be only partly retrieved with the equipment on the SCARAB. So the Salkrit sample and the memory chip are brought back to the VERACRUZ.

Detailed examinations provide the first bits of knowledge about the Salkrit. The hypercrystal consists of psi-matter which has manifested itself around solid material clusters of gold atoms. However, this Einsteinian space anchor material makes up on average only 0.23% of the mass of Salkrit. Only the gold atoms can be shown to exist in conventional space. The remaining components are a projection of psi-matter in crystallized form. Treatment of the material seems possible only with Ynkelonium blades, because it limits the dissolution caused by touch to a very small area.

During the evaluation of the Technite memory chip, they discover a video in which a double-headed being similar to an octopus is shown. However, no other information can be retrieved. Therefore, Atlan decides to head once again into the Golden system with both SCARABS. This time Dr. Gregorian goes along with the party, because he cannot get quality information from outside the system.

The SCARABS land on a more strongly radiant asteroid and find a fossil there similar to a giant bird. It appears that the Salkrit is the fossilized heart of the creature. The big Salkrit find is brought aboard the SCARAB, but only after they are attacked by some still active Technites.

Shortly after the launch, the two SCARABS are approached by grid-shaped spaceships on an intercept course. The SCARAB, with Dr. Gregorian, manages to escape, but Atlan’s ship has no chance to reach escape velocity. The situation seems hopeless, until a white wedge-shaped spaceship emerges, radios Atlan and informs him that they know how to escape the Technite grid ships. The Arkonide must switch off all technology aboard.

Lacking alternatives, Atlan decides to trust the stranger. The trick works, and Atlan is led by the wedge spaceship to an asteroid hangar. There Ingal Fathen Aidon greets the Arkonide to GRAANWATAH, the Protectors’ final refuge. The octopus like being, who regards Atlan as an envoy of the Protectors introduces itself as the Eternal Chest of the Seecharan. But the security of the final refuge is deceitful, as thousands of Technite grid ships appear above the asteroid.

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2314 - Die Leben eines Seecharan
The Lives of a Seechran
Hubert Haensel

Atlan’s SCARAB-1 is stuck on GRAANWATAH, and there he learns the history of the Seecharan, although since even more Technite ships are gathering around the asteroid, the situation doesn't look good for the passing on of this history beyond the present day. During the history lesson, Atlan supposes that the Kybbs smuggled in the first Technites in order to prevent the Protectors from getting the Salkrit they had arranged for the Seecharans to mine for them. After the Technites destroyed the trade station where the Charonii had been exchanging goods for the Salkrit, the Charonii had declared the Golden system off limits and the Seecharans had been abandoned to the Technite attacks.

The SCARAB-2, with Dr. Gregorian, returns to the VERACRUZ, after it receives a compressed radio message from Atlan. There, the consultations of the scientists run into quicksand, while Gregorian again secludes himself in his cabin and researches on his own.

When the attack on GRAANWATAH begins, all hope fades, but as the Technites begin their ground assault, they suddenly begin to self-destruct for no apparent reason. It turns out that Dr. Gregorian had returned with the SCARAB-2 and sent out the self-destruct instruction, which he had wrung out with laborious work from the half destroyed Technite that had been found in the mineshaft. He had figured that it had a fifty percent chance of working, so he took the gamble.

Later, on July 21, 1344 NGE the Seecharans return to free their former home world Rohalon, which the Technites conquered twelve thousand years ago, after IT had raised the hypercocoon. In addition, they give one hundred ten kilograms of Salkrit to Atlan.

However, since it is supposedly impossible to transport more than five kilograms at a time, the Arkonide decides to leave the two SCARABS in the Golden system as storage depots and prepares to leave with five Kilos. Later on the Charonii will tow a replacement trade station to the system.

On July 22, the Arkonide is considering the situation with the Charonii Council, which could prevent trade between the LFT and the Seecharans with their obstinacy against a treaty with the LFT. Without this agreement for relations, there can be no trade.

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2315 - Kampf ums Salkrit
Battle for the Salkrit
Micheal Marcus Thurner

In the Charon Cloud, Kempo Doll'Arym goes to the Charonii Council, stubborn old men who don't want to know anything about danger from outside or changes within the Charonii culture. When a structure-dolbe announces twenty-two gigantic spaceships are about to penetrate into the cloud, the argument comes to a head and Kempo declares that he and the Charon Corps are withdrawing from the overview of the Charonii Council. The council naturally does not accept.

In the meantime, Sheerdurn has learned and informs Kempo that Kempo’s father was a member of the Charon Box. It comes as a strong shock for the young structure pilot.

In order to meet the danger of the Charnaz Bakr Column-Factories, Kempo gathers all of the pilots, who have any of the explosive force gift, and leaves for the planetless sun Tsaba. There they wait for the occurrence of a structure-storm, which the Charonii want to use for their attack on the factories that will pass here.

As the Charonii take up station, the Charonii Srecno makes an assassination attempt on Kempo, acting on behalf of Kempo’s father-in-law Khal Pif'Deran. Kempo is shocked at how far the power of the Box extends.

Then the battle begins. Twenty structure-dolbes are opposing twenty-two TRAICAH-factories, giants 40 kilometers in diameter. The Charnaz Bakr does not see any problems arriving, but the Charonii slam down on them mercilessly. However, it requires the ultimate sacrifice of Charonii lives, a fact, which Kempo conceals from Atlan. Nearly the entire crew of the DORYNA falls victim from Kempo’s raging against the factories.

Only one TRAICAH giant stays out of the battle and sets course for the Golden system. With a last forceful act, and with help of a tiny quantity of Salkrit, Kempo destroys the ship, suffering violent pain. No further Charoniis die, but the agony Kempo suffers from the use of the Salkrit is great.

The young Charonii intends to transmit the footage of this battle to the media. It is meant to help cause change in the stagnated Charonii culture. He also concludes a firm pact with Atlan and the LFT. The VERACRUZ is brought to the edge of the Charon Cloud and sends two 2.5 kilograms cases of Salkrit to the waiting AUBERG and TABASCO, which are to bring the material to the Earth for study. Gucky and Marc London are also to return to the Earth, since their job is done in the Charon Cloud and their abilities are severely limited there anyway. The Charon Corps will furnish steady ferry service to the Golden system and the Jonathon system, where the LFT can set up a base. They will also drag a trading station into the Golden system, in order to take up the trade with the Seecharan. In return the LFT will supply technical knowledge and weapon and detection systems.

The VERACRUZ and Atlan remain in the Charon Cloud.

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2316 - Rivalen der Kolonne
The Colony Rival
Arndt Ellmer

The Dual Captain Zerberoff arrives with his Chaos squadron at the location of Column-Fort TRAICOON 0096; more accurately, where TRAICOON 0096 should be. Column-Fort TRAICOON 0099, together with 6 TRAICAH Factories, are currently stationed there. TRAICOON 0096 is stationed at Clayson’s star. The exchange is problematic anyway because TRAICOON 0099 is not finished yet. To find out the reason for the exchange, Zerberoff boards the Colony-Fort.

There, he comes upon Tafferier. The Deputy Captain was created from a Mor'Daer and humanoid Awour, the species from which the headhunters of TRAITOR come. He hates Zerberoff because of an old experience where he saved Zerberoff’s hide and Zerberoff gave no acknowledgment of it. But he must accept the fact that Zerberoff is taking command of TRAICOON 0099, due to Tafferier's lower rank.

Zerberoff speeds up completion of the Fort, and with time he recognizes that the Terrans have found a method to locate the dark screen. When they discover the location of the Fort, however, it is too late, for the defensive weapons on TRAICOON 0099 are ready to fire. The Terrans and Arkonides are wise enough, however, to not come too close to the Fort.

On Caiwan a kind of tentative friendship has formed between the Arkonides and Caiwanes. The Caiwanes mine Khalumvatt and sell it to the Arkonides. In return, they are granted political autonomy. It is only figuratively, since an official four hundred eleven light years from Hayok actually controls them.

The Orbton Valthero, whose transfer to Thantur Lok is closely approaching, flies directly after work to an isolated mountain hut, where he meets his girlfriend Aya. To his fright, he finds the mountain in chaos, the ground shaking, and avalanches falling down. The plateau on which his mountain hut stoods doesn't exist anymore. His beloved Aya is still alive fortunately, as the Schaspakes, snake-like beings, saved her.

At the request of Aya, Valthero flies to meet with Dando Gentury. The ancient leader of the Caiwanes informs the Arkonides that the Schaspakes are responsible for the disorder because they are shifting location due to a disturbance of the energy field of the planet in the east. The military leadership of the Arkonides on Caiwan assumes that the disturbance caused by the energy field leads back to the radiation emissions of a spaceship. They think it is a trick to chase the Arkonides from Caiwan. However, when the disturbance seems to have dissipated the next day and the Caiwanes offer to mine ten days for free, as a thank you for Valthero’s kindness, the general Hogath da Morgan finally decides that there must have been be a TRAITOR unit near Caiwan.

On TRAICOON 0099, Zerberoff waits in vain for the arrival of the True-Progress. When the Fort’s hypercrystal supplies begin to run out in September 1344 NGE, he sends the COLUMN Factory TRAICAH 1003 to Caiwan to retrieve the hypercrystals that are certainly inferior, but exist in large amounts there. While he accompanies the Factory, he gives command of the Fort back to Tafferier.

When the Column-Factory arrives at Caiwan, the units of the Crystal Empire present there flee. The inhabitants of the planet are abandoned. The hypercrystals on Caiwan are mined with the application of interval ray-cylinders and a hyperloading division process.

What this means in effect, Valthero and Aya experience in person. A fire cylinder sweeps over Caiwan and extinguishes all life. Only Valthero and Aya, as well as some Caiwanes which have withdrawn into their caves, survive. The following morning the Caiwanes perish in pain because their symbionts, the Schaspakes, fell victim to the conflagration and therefore cannot detoxify their blood any longer. Valthero and Aya become eyewitness to how the Terminal Column mines a planet. TRAICAH 1003 divides into five parts and then sends out sloops. These crafts use rays which transform all organic matter up to four hundred meters deep into cinder. Only the hypercrystal is left and taken aboard the factories. Valthero and Aya succeed in escaping the rays. They hope that the Column will depart after its work is done and that they will be able to transmit the information they have been recording. But as they find out after a few days, their hope was in vain. During their last minutes of life, the two see how the Column-Factory blows up Caiwan in order to get to the deeper existing raw materials.

Meanwhile, aboard TRAICAH-1003 Tafferier sneaks aboard and challenges Zerberoff to a final battle to the death. Zerberoff manages to win the psychic battle and kills Tafferier, using the experience he had gained with Marc London. Neverheless, the battle totally drains his energy. It is days before he is able to speak to his deputy on TRAICOON 0099, an officer of the rank of Kalbaron. He is informed that the True-Progress is being delayed by events in another part of the universe. Zerberoff draws his conclusions from this information and orders the "dark obelisks“ brought into position to have the first part of the "sending" begun.

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2317 - Arkons Fall
Arkon's Fall
Uwe Anton

It is October 5, 1344 NGE, and Imperator Bostich I. announces how things stand in the Arkon system to the high nobility in the Council of Twelve. The Divine Empire is starting to unravel at its edges. In recognition of this, he institutes the measure of falling back to the term of the Crystal Empire again in formal statements as a morale booster. During the audience, a spaceship arrives from the LFT. It brings two Kantor sextants for the Crystal Empire. While these devices are sealed and capable of working for only a certain time, with it Perry Rhodan shows that everyone is in the same boat and he, the Terran Resident, is determined not to leave the Milky Way to the Chaos powers from false pride.

Bostich orders one sextant installed in his flagship and hands over the other to Aktakul, his friend and Ka'Marentis. Aktakul is in a no-win position, as Bostich has required from him a weapon against the Fracatal rip sheath, but the scientist holds no hope for this attempt. Nevertheless, he works on the VRITRA-cannon, a weapon like the dissonance gun. However, at this time only prototypes are ready.

With the Kantor sextant, Bostich immediately locates the Arkon Column-Fort and three TRAICAH factories thrown in as a bargain. Shortly after this, a dark obelisk from the Chaos forces proceeds on its way directly to Arkon I. The Arkonides are not able to prevent its penetration into the system and landing directly on the Hill of the Ways. Directly after the landing the obelisk extends antenna like extrusions and starts to send bearing signals in the UHF spectrum.

As a result, on October 9th Bostich orders an attack on the Column-Fort, even though Aktakul is against it. As the Ka'Marentis predicts, it becomes an utter defeat for the Arkonides, who have approximately forty five thousand units destroyed, while the Traitanks of the opponent have no losses to mourn.

However, the fight has produced something. While eleven of Atakul’s prototype cannons show absolutely no effect, the twelfth was what excited the cruel attention of the opponent. A slight change in the fractal rip sheath was measured. However, the bombardment of the twelfth gun did not lead to an actual danger for the Fort.

October 10th will come to be known as a dark point in the history of Arkon, as Bostich gives in to the superior strength of TRAITOR and orders the gradual evacuation of his forces from the Arkon system. His new headquarters, for hopefully only a short time, will be Zalit in the nearby Voga system.

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2318 - Der Dunkle Obelisk
The Dark Obelisk
Uwe Anton

On September 26, 1344 NGE a Traitank appears on the edge of the Sol system. The ship stays there for a while, then departs again without seeming to have done anything. Nevertheless, its emergence makes clear the awkward position of the LFT. The Chaos powers can strike at any time. A hyper-radio message reaches the Solar Residence on September 27, 1344 NGE. IN it, Atlan reports on the events in the Charon Cloud and announces that the AUBERG and the TABASCO are on their way with two and a half kilograms in each case of Salkrit and will arrive at the earliest on October 6. Also aboard are Gucky and Marc London. As a result Rhodan puts pressure on Malcolm S. Daellian. The Salkrit that arrives is to be inserted immediately in the LORETTA tenders, so that the new crystal screen can be reestablished as soon as possible.

On October 2, Fawn Suzuke appears in Perry Rhodan’s residence. The projection of the envoy of the Nucleus is weakened and desperately in search of Marc London. To support and protect the Sol system, she was irrevocably separated from the Nucleus, and now she runs the danger of simply fading away, from the lack of energy. Without aid from the Psi-Corresponder, only two days remain for her. Before Rhodan can say anything, the projection informs him of the coming of a dark obelisk and then disappears again.

Some time later, there is an accident the University of Terrania. During a health check of an employee of the Whistler Company, Radek Beibel, who was forced off the job by a fake medical report, the energy field of the medical scanner intermixes with that of Fawn Suzuke, and traps her in Beibel’s body. But he is too weak and psionically untalented, so that it threatens to tear him into death along with the envoy. Rhodan finally thinks to have Beibel brought to the Schohaake village. The oldest of the Schohaakes, who are also matter projections, like the envoy, finally manage to free the mental substance of Suzuke from Beibel’s body with support from Trim Marath and Startac Schroeder, who Perry had called in from Mars, and take her into themselves. But the Schohaaken are also too weak to keep her alive for long and a race against time begins.

Beibel reports to Rhodan on the dark obelisk, which the envoy had shown him in his thoughts, and Rhodan becomes still more nervous. Time is trickling away. Then Marc London finally arrives on the morning of October 6, as does as Gucky and the Salkrit. Daellian immediately gets to work with the Salkrit, and the Psi-Corresponder proceeds immediately to Fawn Suzuke. He succeeds in stabilizing her and the Schohaakes. As a result, Fawn separates from the bodies of the Schohaakes and begins to regain strength.

But then the next terrible news already hits in: an object has left the Hayok system on its way to the Sol system. It is a dark obelisk. The LORRETTA tenders are brought back into position, and the screen is brought up, destroying the obelisk upon impact. But most of the Salkrit was burned to do it; the operation cost almost two full kilograms, but the danger is temporarily warded off. The screen is taken back down to avoid the loss of any more Salkrit or damage to the tenders.

Later, Homer G. Adams sets up a fleet with goods for the Charon Cloud races. But the arrival of the next load of Salkrit is to be counted on arriving only between the 24th of November and the 24th of December. By then, Daellian needs to figure out a better way to process and use the hypercrystal, to guarantee a regulated manner of consumption and no wild burning off of it.

Meanwhile, on order of Rhodan, Gucky investigates the Whistler Company employees following the tip from its security expert Beibel. He does in fact find irregularities in the Whistler offices. It finally comes to a mysterious explosion in a toilet where afterwards, no sign is left of the suspect, who had been inside it…

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2319 - Die Siedler von Vulgata
The Settlers of Vulgata
Titus Müller

Vanderbeyten is a natural, peaceful world. In the fifth century NGE a Terran sect settled here. They named their settlement Vulgata and swore against the use of any advanced technology. They used the Christian Bible as the model for their society, but this knowledge fell into oblivion in the course of time. At current time only the ruling patriarch disposes of a hidden copy of the Bible. The message of Christianity has been perverted in the course of the centuries. The patriarch ruled dictatorially, and rules with five hundred and twenty commandments that cover every aspect of life.

Every few decades LFT ships have come to suggest various trade deals or treaties, but the patriarchs have rejected these offers in each case. After the most recent of these contacts, a few years after the hyperimpedance shock, a scandal occurs. Fifteen year old Arrick Aargrefe listens in on the meeting between the Patriarch and the Terrans. He is caught and having heard too much, is declared a rebel by the Patriarch.

The Patriarch attempts to force him to spy on the other settlers, in order to discover who else is a troublemaker. He buys himself time by agreeing. Eventually, he steals his way into Genesis House, where the Patriarchs have always hidden technology given them by the Teran spaceships. He wants to carry of a radio to call back the Terrans to help him against the Patriarch. While searching, Arrick finds a copy of the Bible, written in Intercosmo. It fascinates him and he takes it with him.

Arrick is discovered during his heist, and forced to leave the settlement for good. Over time, others who do not fit into the settlement’s life join him. He tells them the truth about the Patriarchs’ tyranny and preaches the Bible to them.

Some years later, the Galchines emerge. They are deserters of the Terminal Column TRAITOR. The task of their race within TRAITOR’S ranks no longer exists, and their people’s population has fallen to one hundred and ten individuals. They finally fled the Column and steered their spaceship into the system’s sun. The frightening looking and predator descended beings are searching for asylum in Vulgata, because the settlement’s world is of absolutely no interest to TRAITOR. It has nothing to offer the Column. But the Vulgater must hide the Galchines among them, so that TRAITOR’S search teams cannot discover their mental impulses.

With effort and at the latter second Arrick succeeds in reminding the Terrans of Christian charity, and the fact that their ancestors themselves also searched for asylum, a refuge from the mechanized world.

They succeed in deceiving TRAITOR’S mechanized thugs. But the robots destroy all technology that still exists on Vanderbeyten. They also the patriarch, who was trying to the Galchines with the help of the radio the Terrans had left him, in case of emergency.

Now, the Terrans and Galchines must learn to live in peace together.

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2320 - Terra im Psi-Schauer
Terra in the Psi-Shower
Arndt Ellmer

Fawn Suzuke has almost completely stabilized again. She explains that she is to be a kind of guide. For what, however, she does not say, only that she must find the correct locale. The projection of the Nucleus begins the search for the correct locale together with Marc London and Mondra Diamond, who serves as pilot and the representative for Perry Rhodan. The date on Terra is October 8, 1344 NGE.

While the search stretches on and on, there are mysterious events occurring elsewhere and mysterious pursuers following the three. The authorities theorize that TRAITOR is behind all of this. After some days they become impatient in Terrania, but no results come yet. From time to time Fawn feels disturbed by Marc, but must remain near her, and because he feels completely in love with her, he wants to also. While in Terrania they come in contact with a top secret building with the name ESCHER.

In Greenland the problem with the pursuers is solved, as it turns out to be representatives of a media mogul. On October 10th, Fawn Suzuke finds the correct locale for her needs on the Galapagos island of Isla Bartolomé. It turns out that the Nucleus is to appear there and manifest itself. But the mental being comprised of thirty-four thousand former monochrome mutants needs help as a buffer for its mental energy. Suzuke sees this help coming from the Schohaakes. They agree and the arrival of the Nucleus on Terra begins. While this process is going on, the news of Arkon’s fall arrives on Earth via the radio relay. According to Fawn Suzuke even more worlds will fall, but Terra may not be allowed to be one of them.

On October 14th the last mental fragments arrive on Terra. When the Nucleus is complete, it speaks to Perry Rhodan, Mondra Diamond and Marc London. The Nucleus explains that IT had to leave his thickness concentration on account of the developing Negasphere in Hangay. Therefore, the thickness concentration has now been orphaned. Furthermore, the lines of force of the universe are shifting, and it is therefore nearly impossible for positive entities to operate in this area. The servants of the Cosmocrats are also prevented from helping in the close to medium-term future. But mankind has more friends than it believes. An extra-galactic power is on its way, called by the Nucleus.

As October 16th begins, the stars over Terra go out. The TERRANOVA screen is back in operation. The plan intends for it to stay up for ten days.

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2321 - Schatten über Halut
Shadows Over Halut
Hubert Haensel

In the first week of October 1344 NGE Icho Tolot returns to Halut. He brings along a Kantor sextant, in order to be able to prove to his people that Halut is also standing on the list of worlds desired by the Terminal Column TRAITOR. Contrary to the other sextants, which Perry Rhodan is having distributed among the important peoples of the Milky Way, the equipment given to the Haluters is open for inspection. With some select scientists Tolot goes on the hunt with the HALUTA III for the Column-Fort and finds it. They immediately arrange a conference on Halut that will decide upon the future of the Haluters. Less than ninety thousand individuals still live on Halut, as the race of gentle giants was also hit by the risen hyperimpedance, as only eighteen of the nearly ten thousand Haluters that were off planet to deal with their pressure urge have returned so far. The giants have now adapted their spaceships to the new conditions, adding a new exterior shell to their spaceships to hold all the new modular equipment needed, while keeping the original ship as a core cell for emergencies.

As the same time as Tolot arrives, the Dual Captain calls the commanders of the other Column Forts together for a conference in TRAICOON 0106, which stand over Halut. The Dual Captain had selected this Fort because of its central position in the Milky Way. He wants to pull the other commanders, who are all lower ranked than him, onto his side and thereby protect his back keeps for his arbitrary action involving the Dark Obelisks. Most of the commanders are simple Kalbarones from the race of the Mor'Daer; only three commanders have the rank of Vice Captain and are dual beings like him. Among them is the commander of TRAICOON 0106.

In the Haluter conference it comes to an agreement, as Icho Tolot finds enough support for his plan for the Haluters to abandon Halut. Tolot states that it is not the planet that is of interest as a resource for TRAITOR, but the Haluter race, which would be integrated as gigantic combat machines into the Column. The old Haluter Conor Lerz, who had already took part in the escape before the Laren to Terzrock, holds the opinion that the Haluters should remain, in order to go down with their planet if need be. But the decision falls in favor of the escape.

On TRAICOON 0106 Zerberoff describes his past actions and his plans for the future. In Malikadi, the Vice Dual Captain of TRAICOON 0106, he finds an opponent, but just when Zerberoff thinks he has gotten control of the situation, a dark capsule appears on an approach vector to the Fort. At first the commanders think that it contains a Dark Investigator, but it turns out to be a much higher Terminal Herald, a powerful messenger in the service of the True-Progress and higher in rank than a Dual Captain. The Herald reports that the higher powers in Hangay are surprised that the Dark Obelisks were already sent out, and demands to know who gave the instruction for it. Zerberoff recognizes clearly that he cannot hide himself from the Herald, and confesses that it was he, but argues, as he had prepared for it, that the Dark Investigators must have done faulty work and he therefore had no choice but to proceed.

Exactly at this moment, it is October 11, 1344 NGE, twenty-five Haluter ships attack the Fort; they contain twenty-four Haluters in the throes of the pressure urge and who do not want to abandon Halut, as well as Icho Tolot, who is steering the attack with his Kantor sextant in order to give the escaping Haluters cover.

At first the commanders and the Herald ignore the annoying, but harmless attack. Eventually though, it becomes clear to Zerberoff that this is only a simulated attack, because the remaining Haluter ships are launching and scattering themselves in all directions within a short time, but none take course for the Fort. Zerberoff takes over command of the Fort and sends out the Chaos squadron, but it is too late. The five hundred forty Traitanks succeed in only intercepting one hundred twelve Haluter ships, including the twenty-four of the simulated attack. The others, including Tolot, which manage to get into linear space before the potential launcher slams again, disappears, in order to collect later at various coordinates. Halut is abandoned and thus worthless as a resource for TRAITOR.

The Terminal-Herald holds this lost battle against Zerberoff, but he also recognizes that the manner in which the Dual Captain has proceeded was meant for the advantage of the Column. Therefore he orders that Malikadi act as the Dual Captain’s adviser on all matters from now on. An affront, as Zerberoff sees it, but he cannot resist. He is to continue the campaign with "Stage Two", and as far as the Sol system is concerned, the Herald informs the Dual Captain that the Koda Ariel have been camped down within the range of Sol for quite some time now as observers. Zerberoff had not known this before. The activation of the system-clamping crystal screen will make the Koda Ariel go into action.

After the Herald has left the Fort again, Zerberoff attempts to take a closer look at the recordings of the events with the Herald and Column Motivators who accompanied him. But the Fort computer system breaks off the recording and informs Zerberoff that this was not authorized, and his action would be reported to a higher level the next time contact is made with it. In order to prevent this, Zerberoff hatches the plan to destroy TRAICOON 0106 before this happens, in order to cover his tracks.

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2322 - Die Schläfer von Terra
The Sleepers of Earth
Horst Hoffmann

Harmony Woharm is a widow, a soap opera fan and alleged dog owner. Her favorite soap is “love on Olymp”, which she has never missed an episode of.

On October 17, 1344 NGE Mondra Diamond reports to Perry Rhodan on the LEIF ERIKSSON II about the current situation on Isla Bartolomé, where the Nucleus has set up house for itself. But there is little new going on. Before they can leave the room though, a red alert comes in, and they learn that sixty-four Traitanks have appeared outside the TERRANOVA screen. The second acid test of the system-wide protection screen is a success, but nobody can figure out for sure why only sixty-four Traitanks were used. After the attack ends, Mondra returns to the Earth with a sloop.

On the LORETTA Tender-02 Sunday Arlsson is having a meal at the same time as Mondra was on the LEIF ERIKSSON II. But he is surprised by the alarm and must let the meal fall by the wayside. But in the emergency shelter, he meets Shawnette Corks. He had already noticed the woman before and exchanged some words with her. He decides to make a “conquest” of his colleague, before he is scheduled to go back to Earth on leave in three days.

Meanwhile Fiona Arlings learns more about the Nucleus. Her son was one the Monochrome Mutants before the Nucleus originated in 1303 NGE. And now she and other parents, brothers and sisters see the chance to get back together with their supposedly lost loves. About five hundred of these people meet on the California coast.

On the Galapagos Islands nothing is going on, as neither Fawn Suzuke nor the Nucleus show any sign of communicating further information. The spirit being must apparently still collect itself, after the dangerous "journey" to the Earth.

In the former Pluto’s orbit, Perry Rhodan orders the dormant Project BACKDOOR prepared for reactivation, so that in the case of an emergency the transmitter connection to Ferrol will be ready. Outside of the screen meanwhile six Traitanks separate off and approach the screen. They proceed against the system protection screen with the most diverse weapon systems, but they do not obtain a success, even if the Dual Vice Captain Zarmaur is sure that it would not resist all sixty-four Traitanks. But the Dual Captain Zerberoff has ordered restraint used until November first. On the Earth the TRAITOR fifth column Koda Ariel family will meanwhile become active, in order to take down the protection screen.

The Koda Ariel family meets on October 18 for a short meeting in a nature park at the Sirius River. The Kalbaron of the Koda Ariel family, an imperfect shape shifter, appears as a gray shepherd. It is the "animal" owned by Harmony Woharm. It meets its three Daerbas in the park. They resemble ugly owls. Over the "Koda net” they stand in constant contact with each other, but for a detailed data exchange close physical proximity is necessary. The Kalbaron submits the plan to the three others. On October 25, at exactly 12 o'clock noon, they are to make TERRANOVA screen fail. To accomplish this, three LORETTA tenders are to be sabotaged.

On the tender LORETTA-02 meanwhile Malcolm S. Daellian arrives for an inspection, and decides that Ordnance Lieutenant Arlsson, who cannot stand the scientist at all, is to lead him through the ship - together with Corks. Arlsson continues to play his act of being more in the know than he is with the woman. He hints at various "highly secret" things, but may naturally not betray anything about them, for they are really "extremely secret"! Shawnette plays along. As a result of showing Daellian around, Arlsson gets a completely different picture of Daellian, who ends up being very complimentary towards him.

Meanwhile, on the Earth the problem continues to brew, as in Monterey the relatives of the Monochrome Mutants decide to take a steamer to Isla Bartolomé. The sensationalistic news media support this project, especially because the LFT had issued a five hundred kilometer prohibited zone around the islands in the Pacific. The relatives head out with the ship MONICA.

Perry Rhodan sets Mondra Diamond on the case, because she had lost Delorian Rhodan, their child, to a higher entity also.

Later, a strange event occurs in the Waringer Academy, as Harmony Woharm arrives with her dog at the office of Nathan DeMoin, who knew her very well in former times, but the scientist acts very peculiarly in the presence of the dog. Completely against his habits, he chats about everything he knows about the TERRANOVA screen. When the two visitors leave again, he can remember nothing about the visit occurring.

In the park at the Sirius River the Koda Arial exchanges their final information. The sabotage plan still stands.

On October 19th, Sunday meets Shawnette, but somehow it is different than with other women; it des not feel like a conquest, in which a woman falls in love with her hero. And Shawnette surprises him, by jumping his gun, telling him that she knew he was playing her along. She played along to see how far he would go. A strange feeling grows within Arlsson as she says good-bye; he has fallen in love with her. They way she says farewell confuses him. It is more like a final farewell, than a goodnight. But he is leaving for Earth tomorrow, so he lets it lay for now.

Meanwhile, Mondra tries to stop the MONICA and its passengers by appealing to them with her own experiences, but she does not have success. The media wants to see, what happens if the ship crosses the five hundred kilometer security zone, and so do the relatives. Mondra sees only one possibility, and calls Perry for assistance. But, until he arrives the ship must be held back several times with tractor rays – fresh food for the gossip press.

In the late evening the Resident lands on Earth and, together with Gucky, goes to the relatives of the Monochrome Mutants. At first Perry does not succeed in convincing the crowd from turning back, but Gucky exposes one of the members as a media man of the gossip networks, who has been egging on the relatives the whole time. With this turn of events, the relatives give in, but extract the promise from the Resident that he not do anything prevent it, if the Nucleus wants to take up contact with them itself. Rhodan naturally gives in, and waits for some action by the spirit being.

On October 22, Sunday Arlsson is back on Terra, but he can think only of Shawnette. He gets drunk and is about to go to bed, when he has a strange meeting. An unfamiliar man rings the door to his apartment, carrying an ugly owl and he says he is one of Arlsson’s neighbors. He requests that Arlsson take care of his owl for a few days. When Sunday happens to look into the owl’s eyes, he suddenly believes that he knows the man and is happy to take care of the owl. He quickly gets the desire to rush back to the tender, for he now feels all alone on Earth.

The next day, he arranges to return to the tender. It already is October 23rd. In his backpack is his respirator, which is actually the owl, who makes everyone believe Sunday has bronchitis and it is the respirator. Arriving on his tender, Arlsson takes a trip around the various departments and inquires everywhere about a way to cause an emergency shut-down. Everyone readily gives him the information.

On October 24th Lieutenant Colonel Shire, the highest ranked security officer on LORETTA-02 gets the message that an act of sabotage is in progress. A coincidence brought it to the attention of a crew member. Sunday Arlsson did everything, so that it would come to an emergency shut-down, at exactly noon on October 25th. But an error occurred, due to his confusing a combination of keys because of a rare disease where he mixes up blue and yellow.

After trying in vain to find Shawnette, he finds her cabin almost empty. All he finds is a crumpled writing foil in the shower. After reading the marking and schematic representations on it, he leaves the accommodation crying. He returns to his cabin

Arlsson is picked up a bit later by a troop of TLS agents in his cabin. It clear that a suggestive influence had been used on a massive scale, causing everyone to act strangely. Meanwhile of the Koda Ariel triggers the Claw of the Laboraten, committing suicide to avoid being captured by the mental-stabilized agents who will certainly be sent to the cabin, and they are not to be influenced by its suggestive ability. The same process is observed on two other tenders. The two "owls" there also die.

On Earth the Kalbaron sees the first mission fail. It registers the death of the Daerbas. Thus it must change sex to provide for a new generation, but this will take a half year, until they mature in its body. Until then, it must act alone, going after individual targets. It has one in mind.

Later, Mondra returns to her cabin on the spaceship sitting on Isla Bartolomé, to find a wild flower sitting before her door…

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2323 - Kinder der Erde
Children of the Earth
Horst Hoffmann

On October 30, 1344 NGE the regular operation of the BACKDOOR transmitter path is taken up. The first goods that arrive on Terra are improved modules for the Kantor sextants, which are supplied by the New USO. With it a Psionic jet ray is located going from Sol to the Isla Bartolomé: the Nucleus is tapping ARCHETIM’S corpse, like Gon-Orbhon did earlier, in order to gain energy.

The Dual Deputy Captain Zarmaur continues to besiege the Sol system. He waits for the day on which, according to Zerberoff’s order, he may begin a large-scale attack on the system: November first. A group of another one hundred seventy-eight Traitanks is expected, but late.

A civilian freighter convoy materializes on the edge of the Sol system. Zarmaur corrals the ships and herds them with his Traitanks towards the TERRANOVA screen in an attempt to make Perry shut it down. But Perry Rhodan remains inflexible: He does not deactivate the screen, and the freighters are destroyed or sent to a para-reality when they touch it.

When Zarmaur’s reinforcements finally arrive on November second, the attack on the Sol system begins. The TERRANOVA screen threatens to break down, but then the Nucleus steps in. It has filled up with enough energy to stabilize the screen, so that it stands firm, although all the Traitanks attack it. Zarmaur is forced to withdraw. Fortunately, he does not know that the Nucleus would not be capable of such an act a second time. This was the reason for Fawn Suzuke’s secretiveness all this time: TRAITOR could not be allowed to learn that the children of the Earth have returned to take responsibility for the people they originated from.

While all this is happening, the surviving Koda Ariel form converter smuggled himself on Isla Bartolomé. He affects the crew of Mondra Daimond’s space jet, which is parked near the Nucleus. He orders them to blow up the jut, which should either badly injure or destroy the Nucleus. But Marc London perceives that a Suggestor must be at work on the island and the disaster is prevented. The form converter is paralyzed and captured, but the Claw of the Laboraten released a cellular poison in him and kills him.

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2324 - Traitanks über Drorah
Traitanks Over Drorah
Hans Kneifel

Forman tan Porgenia is the Ma'tam of the Akonian Empire. He belongs to the Energy Command, the Akonian secret service, like each of the governing councilors does. The Energy Command has taken over the whole council in a creeping infiltration; since 1340 NGE it is completely in the hands of the secret service. But the situation for the Akonians did not thereby become worse, for now the eternally arguing nobles have been replaced by decision makers who are all aligned. There is no opposition, because the Energy Command is still active against any opponent of the regime. Only an insignificant group of demonstrators without real supporters exists. This group is led by Dorn Tevomor, who is part of the crew that discovered the Lemurian generation ships (see the Lemuria mini-series).

On the first of November the open campaign by TRAITOR begins against the Akon system, but before this, a Dark Obelisk had already landed directly before the government palace. The dark screen of the Column-Fort TRAICOON 0031 falls, and four hundred eighty four Traitanks of the Chaos squadron make their way into the system. Two thousand ships of the Akonians, which have dealt relatively well with the hyperimpedance situation, go to confront them. But the success of the Akonian fleet supported by Baalol Antis is non-existent. Not one Traitank is even damaged, while hundred of Akonian units are utterly destroyed.

After this demonstration of power, the Kalbaron Gherrzon announces himself on the radio net and sends system-wide message in Intercosmo. He confronts the Akonians with the seven articles of the TRAITOR Directive. It becomes clear to the council that it must go underground. Forman tan Porgenia arranges for all the members of the Energy Command to attach mines in important points in the system, to be able to strike from secret in neuralgic points. Unfortunately, the Koda Ariel family, which has already been on Drorah for some time, gets wind of this and announces it to the Kalbaron. He in return sends some micro-Beast troops in dark capsules which go on the hunt in the protection of their dark screens for the heads of the governing council.

The Energy Command succeeds in attaching four thousand four hundred and twenty mines and handing over the ignition codes to the Ma'tam, who is already in his undercover identity. But the micro-Beasts are after him and his colleagues and acquaintances - the Ma'tam finds everyone he tries to contact dead. Driven into a corner, he hands over one of the two impulse givers for the fuses to Dorn Tevomor. Dorn is initially confused, but Forman has no time left for explanations. All he can do is give the opposition leader a name of someone to take the impulse giver to. Shortly after this, he is confronted and killed by a micro-Beast.

Tevomor proceeds to the contact man, but only finds five corpses there. Horrified he returns to his own house, still unclear about what he is holding with the package. Meanwhile, Traitanks come down to Drorah and approach the Dark Obelisk…

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2325 - Der verbotene Krieg
The Forbidden War
Arndt Ellmer

In the Eastside war has ruled since the hyperimpedance shock. It is, most of all, about hypercrystal deposits. The Gatasers want to hold supremacy again, but it is not easily accomplished, because alliances are overturned almost as quickly as they are arranged.

Admiral Fylynder Veyt is an important man among the Gatasers. He has quickly risen up the career ladder and hopes to be promoted to Marshal through a few more coups - the highest rank in the hierarchy of the Gatasian armed forces.

During all this turmoil the Blues races are in search of their Ur God, who has supposedly accepted the form of a Blue and be on his way on one of the Blues worlds. Even the secret services are behind him. And Admiral Fylynder Veyt finds out during a short visit on Gatas that the scientist of the Gatasers have succeeded in using the B-Hormone of Blues children under to stabilizing the purple Criipas and red Khalumvatt hypercrystal to 54.3% of their pre-hyperimpedance effectiveness.

On Gatas a supposed trace of their Ur god is found. In a park a nature photographer had taken a blurred photo of a Blue, and later murdered. And the cook Sayzlüt who by chance also observed the being was also murdered.

Meanwhile the Mor'Daer Kalbaron Trester is commander of TRAICOON 0355. On the one hand he is pleased with the attitude of the Blues in battle, but on the other hand he is also surprised about the bullheadedness shown by the races. But altogether he can absolutely imagine that the Blues would make a good addition to the races of TRAITOR.

The Column-Forts, which has been hidden until now behind their dark screens, suddenly emerge by all the important Blues worlds, as do the Dark Obelisks, which were also hidden. Trester announces the TRAITOR Directive to the Jülziish, but they are not bothered much by them. Instead, they repeatedly attack TRAITOR units. In return, the Column destroys the Blues command ships and begins to prevent any new flare-ups of violence with force of arms. On Gatas the government sector is destroyed and the government is thereby extinguished. Admiral Fylynder Veyt, the highest Gatasian in the armed forces after this action, is promoted to Marshal by the new government and receives supreme command. He then immediately works out a secret resistance plan, but the execution of this is difficult and in fact completely prevented by the Column which acts with undercover micro-Beasts.

Trester, who considers the current action against the Blues closed as of November 15, 1344 NGE reports to the Dual Captain Zerberoff and now decides to use Column-Motivators to affect the leading Blues.

The Jülziish cannot be beaten down by this. Government members are inexorably killed by the secret service if an influencing is discovered. For this reason, the affected Fylynder Veyt is killed by the agent Hüyi, who he knows under the name Miinzysh.

As it turns out, Miinzysh discovered that the supposed Ur God was actually a Koda Ariel and killed it.

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2326 - Galaktische Dämmerung
Galactic Twilight
Horst Hoffman

On November 1, 1344 NGE, Dual Deputy Captain Malikadi announces the TRAITOR Directive in the Arkon system. Nevertheless, the Deputy Captain cannot prevent fifteen thousand ships from fleeing from the Arkon system. The articles of the TRAITOR Directive are carried out with a heavy hand. The four hundred eighty-four Traitanks succeed in shooting one thousand of the fleeing spaceships.

The Arkonides, in the person of Shallowain the Hound proclaim the refusal of the Column’s claim to the system. Malikadi does not fall for Shallowain bluff that he would destroy Arkon I, Arkon II, Arkon III, Urengoll and the Naat moon Naator with sixty ships loaded with bombs in their orbits if TRAITOR continued to try taking over. Malikadi orders the ships destroyed by the Traitanks.

The Kralasene takes a transmitter path to his ship stationed on the edge of the Arkony system and manages to leave the Arkon system unhindered. He heads for the Imperator.

On the third of November the Solar Government meeting with Perry Rhodan makes the decision to initiate Operation Bermuda. All important research equipment, production plants and other facilities of the LFT are to be removed to one thousand twenty-four secret locations, thereby taken to safety away from access by the Terminal Column. The leader of this operation is Reginald Bull who initially struggles against leaving the Sol system. However, in the end, he sees that he is the best man for the management of the opposition beyond the Sol system as the Secretary of Defense of the LFT.

Bull first leaves with the LIEF ERIKSSON II and two ships that are to bring half of the 3,894 kilograms of HS Howalgonium stock from the Sol system to the Jonathon system in the Charon Cloud, in the protection of a diversion against the Traitanks surrounding the Sol system. In addition, the Jonathon system in the Charon cloud should be built up as a second base beyond the access of the Terminal Column. All the important researchers of the LFT should be pulled together there.

Bull flies with the LIEF ERIKSSON II to the Wega. There he draws off the complete LFT naval contingent. Thort Kelesh is horrified at first and smells betrayal, but Bull is able to persuade him of the fact that it is the best for the Wega system if it remains inconspicuous. Only so, can the secret of LINE ONE, which is vital for the isolated Sol system, remain protected.

Changes are also occurring over Lepso. The Treasurer, an undercover identity of Roi Danton’s, closes the Crystal Stock Exchange, in view of the menace of TRAITOR. He fears an attack of the Chaos servants, because the Crystal Stock Exchange clearly offends against the TRAITOR Directive. However, during the clearing of LE-Beautiful it comes to a revolt, because some criminals and turncoats do not want to shut down business and they take over the station. Danton warns them once more about the Chaos troops, but cannot convince them to leave.

With half of the bought up Howalgonium supplies, Roi leaves the station with the REIKING. The other half of the Howalgonium supplies is handed over to the LFT. At the end of November 1344 NGE, the Crystal Stock Exchange is destroyed by a Traitank, which then announces the TRAITOR Directive to Lepso.

In the middle of November Bostich I., who has left the Voga system with twenty thousand ships has arrived meanwhile at the red giant Ladon Deka in sector ARK-10.437, halfway between M-13 and Hayok. The free ships of the Arkonide Crystal Empire fleet have gathered in the detection protection of the sun without planets. Bostich looks at the problem of TRAITOR quite soberly. The Milky Way can be released of this yoke only by the collaboration of all the people, above all the Crystal Empire and the LFT. Therefore, he sends a messenger with an offer - ten Cantor sextants for the recordings about the application of the VRITRA-cannons in the Arkon system for the LFT.

On November 26th the LFT succeeds in smuggling ten spaceships from the Charon cloud into the Sol system. With a risky maneuver Perry Rhodan gets 50 kilograms of Salkrit, the treasure of the Seecharan, into the system. Before this, two hundred grams of Salkrit had been reloaded for the New USO onto a ship bound for Quinto Center.

In M-13 meanwhile, Traitanks destroy the whole positional transmitter network of the Crystal Empire.

On November 28th Bull meets Bostich. It is clear to both that only a collaboration of Terra and Arkon can bring success. Therefore, Bull accepts the Imperator’s offer, and ten Kantor sextants are handed over in return for the data crystal with the recordings of the fight in the Arkon system. One of the VRITRA-cannons created by Aktakul had generated some kind of effect in the fractal rip sheath of the Traitanks, the first beginning point for the development of a counterweapon against it.

In addition, Bull presents another offer to Bostich. The LFT wants the Arkonide’s scientists to also come to the research base in the Charon cloud. In addition, Aktakul should take over the scientific leadership of the base, because Malcolm S. Daellian is bound to the Sol system by Rhodan’s order. After a short time to reflect, the Imperator agrees.

While the galactic twilight begins to fall everywhere in the Milky Way and the TRAITOR Directive is pitilessly carried out, the Earth succeeds in transferring a tiny amount of Salkrit over LINE ONE to the Wega system. Daellian, who accompanies the transport reaches the Wega system dead, but can be revived. It turns out that he cannot go through a transporter conscious, because the shock is too great for the remains of his body.

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2327 - Risikoplan Charlie
Suicide Plan Charlie
Uwe Anton

USO Major Raduk Hefner, disguised as an Arkonide, makes contact with the Termianl Column with the help of the local SENTENZA leader. The price of this help from the criminal organization consists of the murder of an Arkonide. Hefner is brought to the Column-Fort of the Hayok sector where he betrays the location of Quinto-Center to the Dual Deputy Captain Cardenuk. In return, the Deputy Captain guarantees the traitor, that his home world will be spared the same fate as Caiwan; being destroyed in order to retrieve its great resources of hypercrystals. Cardenuk scents his chance to earn credit with the Column leaders, and proceeds with some dozen Traitanks to the coordinates named by Hefner. His ships have been searching the Hayok sector for weeks already for the secret base of the USO.

At the coordinates named by Hefner, Cardenuk finds only a small asteroid, however - and a minefield in which some of his Traitanks explode because they had deactivated their fractal rip sheaths, because no obvious danger had emanated from the dead asteroid. Cardenuk’s Traitank is one of three that threaten to explode. Hefner delays the Deputy Captain long enough, so that he cannot flee and the two are apparently destroyed together with the ship.

This whole scene was part of the risky Plan Charlie, designated after the small asteroid. Hefner had become exposed during an earlier mission with an Ara contact poison – the man responsible for this turned out to be the Arkonide, which Hefner was made to kill for the SENTENZA - and had only a few weeks left to live. The poison causes attacks that become more and more incapacitating and painful each time. Therefore, Hefner had asked Monkey for a "suicide mission", in order to give a purpose and sense to his end and to save himself the final death throes connected with the poisoning.

By Hefner’s sacrifice and a diversionary maneuver flown by Taxit spaceships, two things are made possible: on the one hand, enough time is given for Quinto-Center to get Salkrit from Terra and boost itself to hyperlight speed. Certainly, the flight does not go off completely smoothly, but the moon can nevertheless temporarily be brought to a place of security that is not being searched by the armed forces of TRAITOR. The second thing is that the remaining Traitanks can be lured away from asteroid Charlie. This allows Roi Danton, who has returned on November 6, 1344 NGE to Quinto-Center and prepared the minefield, to recover the ruins of the destroyed Traitanks with the TRAJAN. The USO hopes to gain valuable knowledge from the examination of the scraps about the technology used by TRAITOR, particularly the mysterious Ricodin covering of which all the units of the Terminal Column consist.

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2328 - Mission der SOL
MIssion of the SOL
Frank Borsch

At the beginning of January 1330 NGE, the SOL reaches Hangay. Their initial course leads to Vinau, the main planet of one of the most important Kartanin empires in the galaxy. There they meet with Gyon-T'an, old war master who now stands at the head of the empire, asking him for help in the battle against the threatening Negasphere. But they get no help. The peace before the storm rules in Hangay, as Dao Lin H'ay and Ronald Tekener learn from the regent of the Vinau Coalition. This hopeless situation arises from a strange terrorist action which shook the galaxy at the beginning of April 1329 NGE. In a peace conference of all the empires of Hangay it came to a cruel bloodbath to which practically all the participants fell victim. The unknown aggressor acted invisibly; no monitoring camera or other device supplied even the smallest clue of who they were. Since this act, peace has slipped far into the distance again, and the Kartanin want to hear nothing about another threat.

The SOL receives the delegates of many empires, but all of them turn a deaf ear to the subject of the Negasphere. They also harvest a refusal from the emperor of Karapon, but the young emperor who lost his sister and father in the conference, hands Dao over a data crystal. Only two pieces of information are contained in it: a picture of a blurred foreign disk shaped spaceship, and the other is a disk-shaped space giant of 40 kilometers of size.

Dao is frustrated; a long time has passed, and they are already in the middle of August 1331 NGE. Then a discovery is made by Blo Rakane with the further developed ultra-giraffe. In the Duff system near the giant black hole Athaniyyon, the scientist discovers a station that is estimated to have an age of between twenty to fifty thousand years. There the Haluter pulls up a message from a console in an ancient language, which does not come directly from Hangay, but from a former neighboring galaxy in the Tarkan universe. The language is called Irthuin and the message is: " I bid you welcome on Sunlight 18. My name is Virhug Vial, and I hold the eternal watch over this star island. This galaxy is endangered. The physical prerequisites make it a preferred aim of the powers of Chaos. They will come and try to seize and transform it into a Negasphere.

Suddenly, fifteen disk shaped ships attack the station, which sends out a final radio call before it is destroyed. The SOL is allowed to escape undisturbed, as the disk ships do not pay attention to them at all. Blo Rakane works like a berserker and locates the addressee's system of the recorded radio impulse. It is the sixty-seven thousand light years removed Ultra system. It should be a flight of twelve hours for the hypertact-engine of the SOL. But the flight stretches out to over six days in length, as the rising hyperimpedance reaches for Hangay. The SOL still manages to reach its target system. On September eleventh it makes a daring approach run at Ultrablue, the cold, fourth world of the sun. The hyperimpedance reaches its climax, and the SOL begins to fall uncontrollably towards the surface, as all the Hi Tech technology on board completely fails. At the last moment Fee Kellind manages to set down the gigantic ship manually. The SOL has run aground, on an insignificant world in the halo of Hangay - on a world of Kartanin.

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2329 - Gestrandet in Hangay
Stranded in Hangay
Hubert Haensel

Ultrablue is an inhospitable, cold world with a long winter and a short but intensive summer. There is a small colony of the Kartanes here. The settlers call themselves Gray Kartanes, because their body fur has evolved a gray coloring due to the lighting conditions predominant on Ultrablue. Most of the Kartanes live in domed structures in the capital U'Hartu, but there are small settlements and farmsteads on all the continents of the planet. The head of the Gray Kartanes of Ultrablue is the "High Lord" Ron Sha R'itt, a courageous and charismatic leader, who can reach for hard methods though, if it depends on it. When all high-tech fails due to the hyperimpedance shock, the Gray Kartanes initially believe in an attack by the Karaponides. The Karapon Empire intended to make Ultrablue a support base and had already furnished a spaceport in the proximity of U'Hartu some time ago. It frequently came to disagreements with the Karaponide security guards there. But then the SOL lands somewhat roughly near U'Hartu. Ron Sha R'itt does not recognize the ship, and regards it as a Karaponide unit.

The crew of the SOL gradually comes to understand that the generation spaceship will not launch again very soon - if at all. All the power supply units and the permanent taps failed, and only the earlier refurbishing of certain equipment to low tech levels prevented the worst from occurring. Fortunately the on-board computer SENECA is not Syntronic, but a Biopositronic, which still functions without any problems. For now the SOL is stranded on Ultrablue. Dao Lin H'ay takes up contact with the Gray Kartanes and quickly exchanges information with them, in particular with Ron Sha R'itt, with whom she immediately feels a connection. She ensures that the suffering Kartanes quickly receive urgently needed technical aid. After all, the Gray Kartanes and the Solaners are now neighbors for the indefinite future and will have to get along with one another.

Ronald Tekener swiftly notices that Dao is changing. Gradually he understands that she has clearly fallen in love with her Kartane comrade R’itt. For the time being there is however a different, more urgent matter, that pulls his attention: An unknown ship had fallen on Ultrablue’s moon during their approach, and the addressee of the message, which they had followed from the Duff system, must be found. A Gray Kartane had actually discovered a strange station on the south continent, but it had allegedly been found abandoned.

Tek’s first action is to explore the moon Rothger with a quickly repaired cruiser from the SOL. In the crash location of the unknown ship only small pieces of rubble are to be find at first - the strangers have already disappeared again. They however left a corpse, who is examined later on the SOL: It is a humanoid, obviously avian descended being.

Ron Sha R'itt meanwhile solves the Karaponide problem, after a raid on the Gray Kartanes fuel depot and food farm, without listening to Dao’s attempts at conciliation. The Karaponides have been badly suffering from the consequences of the increased hyperimpedance and therefore attacked the city, in order to rob it of the supplies. Ron Sha R'itt takes a team and storms the space port, killing the entire security force. He discovers enormous supplies of weapons - a further proof of the arming of the empire for war. Ironically, it turns out that the weapons are no longer usable because of the hyperimpedance rise.

When Dao informs Tek she is moving into U'Hartu in order to try to help them down a peaceful path, he finally confronts her. She is shamed into confessing her feelings for Ron Sha R'itt. She says that she will not return to the SOL. Tek’s final thought on the matter is that Ron Sha R'itt is not immortal, like Dao Lin H'ay…

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2330 - Spur ins Nichts
Trail in the Void
Arndt Ellmer

The ship that has fallen on Rothger belongs to the Terminal Column TRAITOR. However, it is no Traitank, but an only lightly armed TRAI-Servicer. The cargo ship was reequipped like all of TRAITOR’S units for the conditions of increased hyperimpedance, but someone made an error – and this led to the crash. The ship is now a wreck and lies on Rothger, but could still be moved from the crash location and camouflaged. Some of the survivors use cryo-tanks on the ship, in order to wait for the others to build a new hyper-radio and call for another ship from the Terminal Column. But due to a malfunctioning timer, Fartyze, the last surviving officer of the ship, and his men spend not only a few months in cryogenic sleep, but eleven years. When he awakes again, the crew he had left awake, as well as half the cryogenic sleepers is dead.

Meanwhile, in these eleven years there have been some changes with the Solaners stranded on Ultrablue. Several more attempts were undertaken to find the ship fallen on Rothger but they remain unsuccessful. Benjameen Jacinta had only received a weak Zero-dream contact with one of the survivors there. Nevertheless, they know now that the strange ship must actually still be on Rothger. On Ultrablue the remnants of an age-old city sunk into the ice are examined. Fay Vani D’au, an old Gray Kartarnin, who knows the planet like her vest pocket, takes the Solaners there. The ice city is on the continent Vaccao. It seems to be completely abandoned. No clues to the whereabouts of its former inhabitants or its intended purpose are found, other than a few decorative inscriptions.

Blo Rakane advances the re-equipping and repair work on the SOL. The UHF extreme measuring instrument is improved, and the anti-gravs are finally put back into working order, so that the generation spaceship is safely anchored on its landing spot. On June 20, 1332 NGE, the separation of the SOL-Cell-1 from the parent ship succeeds for the first time. The SZ-1 accomplishes a short linear flight and returns to Ultrablue, but it is clear that they cannot return with the ship under the current conditions to the Milky Way or even to the main part of Hangay. The engines and hypercrystals cannot stand the strain. Dao Lin H'ay is still living with Ron Sha R'itt . Ever more Solaners follow her example and settle in U'Hartu. Arlo Kellind opens a flourishing business, manufacturing and selling skis and ice skates...

On July 12, 1342 NGE the SOL registers a hyper-radiogram being sent on an unusual frequency. It turns out that the signal comes from Rothger. Fartyze was finally able to send out his emergency call. With the cruiser SUSHI Ronald Tekener follows the signal. Fartyze tries to blow up the TRAI-Servicer because no matter what the cost, it may not be allowed to fall into foreign hands. Blo Rakane manages to prevent this at the last moment, but is critically wounded by Fartyze, before he is killed himself by another Solaner.

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2331 - Die Eisstadt von Vaccao
The Ice City of Vaccao
Uwe Anton

On July 17, 1342 NGE the crew of the SOL begins the investigations of the fallen TRAI-servicer on Rothger. It quickly becomes clear that the ship is mostly wrecked and the technical plants are all black boxes, which are provided with explosive charges. In the containers of the ship are raw materials, hypercrystals and a safe, in which a special material is found, whose hyperactivity is not measurable, but since the gold colored material cannot be assigned to the periodic table and behaves like hypercrystal, it must be something special (Note: Although the crew does not know it, the material is probably Salkrit.) Blo Rakane, who recovers from his injuries, recognizes a chance quickly get the hypertact engines back in operation. They also succeed in saving a piece of technical equipment. It concerns a makeshift radio, with which the fallen crew of the servicer sent out their final distress signal. The work on the wreck must therefore be sped up, because at any time an enemy ship might come and search out the wreck.

Meanwhile Dao Lin H'ay returns to the ice city of Vaccao to examine it again - with a new scientific team. It turns out again and again that the crewmembers resent her for the fact that she had left Ronald Tekener. But she is still an expedition chief, and her private life is not their concern. Just as they are about to give up the search, Dao Lin H’ay uncovers the entryway to a station similar to Sunlight 18.

On Rothger the recovery of the containers contents is completed and Tek has the scene set up to look like the crew killed itself.

On the SOL Blo Rakane is able to fix the radio. It works in super-UHF bands. And a crystal containing the last log of the commander Fartyze is also decoded. Thus the SOL learns about TRAITOR.

After this, Rakane goes to Dao Lin, in order to examine the station under the ice. Apparently she has discovered the master station. Here in former times the messages of the other 25 Sunlight stations were gathered, in order to then be transmitted to another galaxy in the Hangay universe. But since its transfer into the standard universe no more messages were sent.

The researchers find frightening proof that Hangay is teeming with ships of the Terminal Column. And by way a radiogram, which was sent by Sunlight 9, they receive a frightening view of history. The message tells the fact that the first proto-chaotic cells have formed and that greater danger exists now that a Negasphere is developing. This Negasphere also turns out to be passage between multiple universes. It was triggered eons ago by one of the first artificially produced messengers of THOREGON. There is also talk of the Hexameron, Xpomul, Lord Heptamer and the Lord of the Elements, which clarifies how old the message really is.

At the same time the modified Ultra-giraffe in the SOL discovers a ship approaching under a dark screen. Tek has the instruction spread to act as if nothing had been registered. In particular, no protection screens are to be raised. With the stolen radio a message is intercepted, which says that the TRAI-servicer is to be removed, in order to blur the traces of the Column. In addition, Awour ships are to be sent to Ultrablue to investigate a ship with a golden hull that was discovered. The golden material might be of interest to the Column. Tek immediately realizes that the SOL must disappear. Within one hour the SOL leaves the planet of the Gray Kartanes. Dao Lin H'ay is the last to come board. Six hundred seventy-three Solaners choose to remain on Ultrablau, among them Arlo, the son of Fee Kellind.

As the SOL is building up speed to enter linear space, eight TRAITOR disks emerge in the system, but the SOL succeeds escaping them. It is July 23, 1342 NGE. The ships do not pursue the SOL, but go to examine Ultrablue. After doing so, they appear to leave. On August 1, 1342 NGE, Ron Sha R'itt thinks of the past twelve years and still desperately misses Dao Lin.

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2332 - Die Psychial-Werber
The Psychial Solicitors
Michael Marcus Thurner

On December 30, 1344 NGE, at 7:30 AM the system alarm rings once again through the Solar Residence and the entire Sol system. Beyond the TERRANOVA screen are still lurking the sixty-four Traitanks of the Terminal Column TRAITOR.

Perry Rhodan, who is sitting down for breakfast with Modra Diamond, receives a message and terminates the system alarm. The radio probes outside the system caught a radio message, meant for the Nucleus of the Monochrome Mutants. Perry asks Mondra to bring the message to Isla Bartolomé. Malcolm S. Daellian informs them that the message is highly encoded and cannot be cracked.

Mondra hands the message over to Fawn Suzuke, but Fawn will not tell you who has sent it. Only when Perry Rhodan appears with Gucky appears does the Nucleus become a bit more talkative. It announces that on January 1, 1345 NGE at 6 PM local time an envoy from the potential help for the Milky Way will arrive.

On January first, the envoy arrives. It is a single ship, which lands close of the island, and two people emerge from it. They are Alaska Saedelaere and Kantiran da Vivo Rhodan! Perry Rhodan is disappointed that it was not a contingent of battleships or something similar, but is still happy to see his friend and his son again. After the greetings of everyone present, including Startac Schroeder and Trim Marath, Alaska begins to tell his story:

On May 28, 1312 NGE the mask bearer, as well as Cairol the Third leave the SOL by a time well. At the other end of it, the two go their separate ways. Alaska had asked the robot about the whereabouts of Lady Samburi Yura, and in response Cairol reprograms the time well, before a cobalt-blue cylinder fetches him. As he is about to leave, Cairol tells the mask bearer to “follow the power", which means little to Alaska.

After the Cosmocrat robot has left, Saedelaere goes again through the time well. He comes out on an agrarian world. When he turns around, the time well has already gone out. By the Micropositronic of his SERUN Alaska learns that he is on the world 2-Olthugos in the galaxy Varratergir. The inhabitants call themselves Olthugs, and a nearby city is called Anda Ilth. The mask bearer goes there. He mixes in among the Olthugs and thereby meets the talkative and friendly Gntbn, whom Alaska ends up calling Gantenbein.

The native brings the mask bearer to a bar, where Alaska learns that something special is happening on the next day on 2-Olthugos. The Psychial Solicitors are coming. Gantenbein is going to Solicitors, but betrays no details on what will happen. Likewise, the other Olthugos also refuse to tell anything about what will happen on the next day. In the bar Alaska notices another offworlder, but the two do not introduce themselves. Gantenbein later takes Alaska home with him.

The next morning Gantenbein sends Alaska off, for he must prepare for the ceremony with the Psychial Solicitors. The mask bearer goes to the local market area, where he sees the stranger from the bar again. Alaska feels pursued by him and sends a few micro-probes after the man. But the foreigner notices this. The two then introduce themselves. The foreigner is an Empath and calls himself Xa-Va-Riin Qaar from the people of the Artuchen. The two exchange a little information about themselves, without either of them showing all their cards. Afterwards the two go on their ways. Alaska goes to the arena, which holds enough space for a hundred thousand Olthugos, where the Psychial Solicitors are expected.

When the stadium is filled, a Psychial Solicitor enters the interior of it; it is a fog-like being without a firm shape. This being sets up a kind of altar and over it floats what looks like a weak flame. Then thousands of Olthugos are led into the arena, and the crowd begins to chant ‘lCh'cealo’ over and over again. Alaska joins in also, and then something happens; the Olthugos in the arena die and their mental substance seems to merge with the flame, because it now burns more strongly.

Alaska is shocked and leaves the stadium, while the procedure is repeated several more times with new Olthugs.

The mask bearer decides to attach himself to the heels of the Psychial Solicitors. They go to the space port, where their ship lies, and he waits there. A woman asks him whether he is also waiting for the "entry". Alaska is confused, but when he brings Ch'cealo into the discussion, the woman abruptly turns away, as if he was doing something blasphemous. Alaska therefore has no choice but to wait and see what happens. On the next day with the sunrise many thousands of Olthugos appear near the spaceship. It turns out that all are family members or friends of those "taken up" and will accompany the Psychials to the ceremony at "Ch'cealo’s Path", which will take place on the trade planet Ch'anrangun. Alaska joins their ranks and is accepted as a friend of Gantenbein.

On Ch'anrangun more Solicitor ships arrive from many planets of the galaxy. And then, when all the relatives and Solicitors come together, the LUMINOSITY ,which recognizes Alaska immediately, arrives with the Lady Samburi Yura. The mask bearer wants to make his presence known to her, but his SERUN shuts down all but its essential functions. The ceremony takes place where the Cosmocrat aide takes on the five thousand flames of the Psychial Solicitors onto the ship. Alaska despairs. He then sends the Lamuuni, who still accompanies him, to the mysterious woman. As the Lamuuni materializes near her, she waves it away but becomes attentive of the mask bearer. She lets him come to her. Alaska expects answers and actually gets some. CH'CEALO is a superintelligence that watches over Varratergir, who must be strengthened, in order to survive the forthcoming rise of the hyperimpedance.

Addressing the question of the fragment under his mask, she informs him that everyone wears a mask; he only wears his visible to all. She also tells him that he has a chance for a great destiny. Then she says good-bye, and the LUMINOSITY leaves Ch'anrangun. Alaska stays behind, with no idea of what to do next, when he is called. It turns out to be Xa-Va-Riin Qaar. It turns out he was trailing the Psychial Solicitors in order to try and find out what Lady Samburi Yura was up to. Alaska is surprise that Xa-Va-Riin Qaar knows about her. Once Alaska brings him up to speed, much to the man’s relief, Xa-Va-Riin Qaar asks Alaska to join him as his companion on his ship. He wants to tell Alaska more about himself, because he is looking for a successor for himself. It turns out that Xa-Va-Riin Qaar is a peace driver.

Far after midnight, Saedelaere interrupts his report for a short meal, before he continues…

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2333 - Die Universale Schneise
The Universal Lane
Michael Marcus Thurner

Alaska Saedelaere continues telling his story...

Alaska follows the peace driver Xa-Va-Riin Qaar to his ship, the RESEARCHER. He accompanies the old Artuche on a peace mission in the galaxy Ganuya, with which a conflict between two battling races is settled. They then finally head for the base of the Peace Drivers. On the way he learns something about the group. The Peace Drivers are a rather loose union of idealists and individualists, who carry out their work as secret federation.

They do not have a taut military organizational structure and few firmly defined rules. The most important one is: Where powers of Order and Chaos are active, the Peace Drivers do not intervene. In addition, in their sphere of influence the Peace Drivers want to ensure peace between all the races. The certainly do not serve the higher powers, but neither do they fight against them. The Peace Drivers fight for "life itself".

The Peace Drivers were created by the Enthones and their legendary “Founding Mother” (who is apparently now no longer active). The Enthones still stand at the top of the hierarchy though. The Peace Drivers use the technology of this people, but cannot copy it.

The Peace Drivers can be active only along the Universal Lane, which extends from the Maelstrom of Stars, over the galaxies Erranternohre, Norgan Tur and the Milky Way until Algstogermaht, because only within this range does the Quarter Force work - and only with this force, about which the regular Peace Drivers do not seem to know anything, does the superior technology of the Enthones function.

At present there are approximately 4500 Peace Drivers. It is forbidden to for active Peace Drivers to return to the galaxy of their birth. There are now approximately 8100 of the typical spaceships used by the order, which they call OREON Capsules. Along the Universal Lane there are 550 stations to be found. Friendly races support the Peace Drivers, but the Peace Drivers do not depend upon them.

ES is not unknown to the Peace Drivers: A long time ago, the superintelligence put 18,000 androids at their disposal, which are able to mentally control the OREON Capsules and are used for missions too dangerous for regular Peace Drivers. At this point, there are only 10,000 of them left.

The home base of the Peace Drivers is in the Rosella Rosado system in the galaxy Altasinth, which lies in the Virgo Cluster. Only beings with a positive nature can fly into this solar system. The Heat Legion psionically examines anyone approaching the system. Whoever does not pass the examination, is forced away or destroyed. What this Heat Legion actually is, the Peace Drivers do not know. They seem to be energy beings or something similar, which can live in space. The examination of Alaska lasts an unusually long time.

The eight moons of Sumnat, the only planet of the sun Rosella Rosado, are all in a common orbit and therefore called the Moon Chain. The various needs of the Peace Drivers are fulfilled here, such as shipyards, living areas and so on.

Fumato is the residential moon for the Peace Drivers. The oracle moon Norena is the seat of the Oracle, the central Biopositronic of the Peace Drivers. On the Chapel moon Ospera new Peace Drivers are sworn in. The Sealed moon Rosella Enthon is reserved for the Enthones. When Alaska sends his Lamuuni out to the forbidden moon, the level teleporter returns without clear results.

Although Alaska does not agree with everything that concerns the Peace Drivers - for example that all Peace Drivers are observed and judged by the Examiner based upon the implementation of their goals, which do not always agree with their ideals – he agrees to his admission into the secret federation. Xa-Va-Riin is very relieved, because he recognizes a great potential in Alaska. In addition, he longs to retire, in order to finally return to his homeland and die there.

As a final test, Alaska receives the task from the Oracle to observe the galaxy Hangay along with other Peace Drivers. He hears the first reference here to the work of the Terminal Column TRAITOR in this galaxy and locates a kind spaceship, which moves with many thousands of times the speed of light in normal space. The meeting place of the Peace Drivers here is the station in the halo of Andromeda.

Alaska’s initiation takes place on March 21, 1313 NGE. Alaska meets an Enthone briefly before it. To his boundless surprise he recognizes that Samburi Yura belongs to this race.

Soon after, Xa-Va-Riin takes Alaska with him to Artuch in the galaxy Erranternohre, in order to end his life. Alaska takes over the RESEARCHER, whose central computer MIRKET seems to have its own consciousness, just like the self-willed Medo-robot Callebu. He continues the peace mission in Ganuya and the observation of Hangay.

In the year 1314 NGE the Peace Drivers learn that the Quarter Force no longer works in Hangay. This section of the cosmos is thus now blocked to them. They recognize however that the Terminal Column TRAITOR is working on the establishment of a Negasphere there.

When the Nocturnen Obelisk Satrugar makes the Peace Drivers aware of Kantiran da Vivo Rhodan, Alaska retrieves him from Parrakh in July 1337 NGE.

Alaska stops and tells his listeners that Kantiran must now continue the story...

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2334 - Im Auftrag der Friedensfahrer
By Order of the Peacedrivers
Leo Lukas

Now that Alaska Saedelaere’s story is done, it is Kantiran’s turn to continue it from his point of view. It begins on July 16, 1337 NGE, when Alaska lands on Parrakh near Satrugar and speaks to Kantiran. The mask bearer was sent by another Peace Driver, Chyndor, but the recommendation came from the Nocturnen obelisk. Since the mask bearer does not know the young half Arkonide personally, he is completely impartial towards him and thereby already “wins” the meeting from the first instant, as Mal Detair sorrowfully notes. Perry Rhodan’s son comes along aboard the RESEARCHER, and the two people who are very different, but still similar in their convictions, go to Rosella Rosado.

On the way Alaska Saedelaere reveals more about the secret society to Kantiran. He admits that the current form of the society emanated from a far larger group. The Enthones and the Varia belonged to it, among many other races. This league had fought a long time ago against troops of the Chaotarcs and had lost the fight. The league was smashed. This is where the oath of the Peace Drivers, to stay away from anything involving the interests of the higher powers, whether Chaotarc or Cosmocrat, comes from.

They arrive in the Rosella Rosado system at the end of October. Kantiran becomes acquainted with Thonisch and the mental control of the ship, which he manages the latter very quickly; he apparently owes this to his psi-ability of instinct telepathy. The Heat Legion passes through Kantiran without problems, whereas the mask bearer is always examined a little longer. While Alaska leaves the RESEARCHER, in order to procure the order for Kantiran’s initiation, Kantiran wants to learn what takes place outside of the ship, as he is curious. He produces a simple sensor and turns it on, which is naturally discovered immediately and announced by MIRKET directly to the Examiner. Kantiran gets a bit disturbed over the fact that a message went immediately to the highest authority, passing over Alaska, but Alaska is fine with it.

They then leave for Kantiran’s initiation test: It is to travel with a group of Peace Drivers to the galaxy Zheiranz, in order to see what is happening there. The Shazzorien living there are particularly well known as prospectors and dealers in hypercrystals. In the past, the Peace Drivers had kept them from extinction during a confrontation. As a result, the “eternal agreement” had been proclaimed by the Shazzorien. They would from then on supply the Peace Drivers with as much high-quality crystal as they needed. But since the increase of the hyperimpedance these deliveries kept growing smaller, until they finally dried up completely.

During a stopover at Lasses Ipes-Uper another Peace Driver ship joins the convoy of eight others; it is the ASH AFAGA, the ship of the Examiner. It is the only ship that possesses a two tined attachment used to disable other Peace Driver ships, and is a somewhat darker green than the normal Peace Driver ships.

Starting from November 25, 1337 NGE the Peace Drivers get down to work in Zheiranz. The mission lasts until December 1337 NGE, and Kantiran, who fulfills his task as team leader beyond everyone’s expectations, clears the case up. It turns out that the Peace Driver Wilon Vass had been manipulating the Shazzorien on a long-term basis, in order to force them into a certain form of economic thinking. After Kantiran uncovers the plan, the Examiner intervenes and is going to excommunicate the Peace Driver, who in his own way thought he was doing something good for the organization, from the community. Vass commits suicide instead. After the manipulations are undone, Kantiran has passed the initiation test.

On December 24, 1337 NGE the consecration of Kantiran as a Peace Driver takes place, led by an age-old Enthonen named Fincan Kaldori. In a long running speech, the Peace Driver ‘nan Si praises Kantiran for, among other things, his high-standing ethics. Afterwards Rhodan’s son selects his own OREON Capsule, whose on-board computer is named ILKAN, and Kantiran christens the ship with the name THEREME.

After this, the paths of Alaska and Kantiran separate; Alaska goes to Hangay, where he wants to observe the prelude of the Negasphere with Chyndor, while Kantiran remains at first in the Rosella Rosada system, picking one of the houses for himself and learns how life runs on the residential moon. He hangs out with the Peace Driver Auludbirst and notices that not all the Peace Drivers live as reservedly as Alaska Saedelaere. In "Hakken’s Shed", Kantiran is cheered.

In the following year Kantiran works with Auludbirst and other Peace Drivers from the clique at Hakken’s Shed on various missions, until he meets with Alaska again in the middle of January 1339 NGE at the Inggaran station. Alaska has gloomy news about Hangay. Meanwhile, Chyndor has written and sent off a petition to the Advowsons of the Peace Drivers from many of the Peace Drivers, to take active measures in Hangay against the approaching Negasphere.

On January 19 a message arrives at the station, saying that the Advowsons have called a plenary assembly. It begins on March 30, 1339 NGE in the Rosella Rosada system...

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2335 - Das Geheimnis der Enthonen
The Secret of the Ethones
Leo Lukas

January 3, 1345 NGE begins as breakfast is taken in the HOPE, and then Kantiran continues his report:

The plenary assembly runs according to plan - according to the Ethones’ plan. Four thousand Peace Drivers appeared, there were eternally discussed matters, particularly the Negasphaere, but everyone just talks around the crux of the matter, i.e. the demand to leave behind or at least loosen the highest maxim of the Peace Drivers to not proceed actively against the higher powers. It eventually becomes too much for Kantiran and he finally ends up being the one to confront the matter head on. He ends up receiving a polite dressing down and brushing off by the highest ranking Ethone, Borgin Sondyselene. This Ethone persists in upholding the statutes and will not suffer any dissent towards them. Thus the plenary assembly is shut down with a single blow. Kantiran ties one on with his friends at Hakken’s Shack and thereby ends up passing out with Ejdu Melia in her place.

A little later, in order to divert himself, he goes on a mission with some other Peace Drivers. This mission leads them into the proximity of Ganuya, where Alaska Saedelaere becomes continues to be active. After the completion of the mission, Kantiran flies to the station Inggaran, where he arrives nearly at the same time with Chyndor. In the area of the station, inside an old castle, the somewhat dissatisfied Peace Drivers discuss matters without the worry of being listened in on. On February 6, 1340 NGE they organize the "Negasphere Action Group", a secret organization within in the secret organization. Kantiran is voted its head and he begins to accept how much like his father he is. By the end of 1343 NGE about three hundred Peace Drivers have actively joined the NAG, and one hundred others sympathize with it, among them Alaska, who still feels too much obligated to the credo of the Peace Drivers. Kantiran however is the head of the NAG. In December 1343 NGE, Kantiran is back on Rosella Rosado and meets Ejdu Melia again, but does not recognize her standing right before him at first because the shape shifter and intuitive linguist has transformed into an Arkonide female! She has done so for him, but he rejects her because he knows that it is only an unconscious reaction to the loss of her former lover.

A little later, he begins a daring venture, as he reprograms a transmitter to take him to the prohibited moon Rosella Enthon, but is disappointed when he initially finds nothing remarkable there. He finds a few, predominantly old Varias and an infinitesimally small number of Enthones, who are frighteningly infirm and old. As he is about to give up, he meets an old and confused Varia; he calls himself the Tulipan and speaks his own strange babbling form of Thonish. Kantiran, who keeps himself hidden the whole time behind a deflector field, lets himself be seen, but nothing changes in the behavior of the old man. When Kantiran is about to disappear again, the old man expresses a name, "Kazzenkatt", filled with hate. The name rings a bell with Kantiran; it is the name of the Element of Control. The young half-Arkonide, finally finds a goal. But he cannot untangle the old man’s apparent babbling by himself. He therefore goes to Ejdu, who has finally mentally stabilized in her new Arkonide form and realized that she was wrong to chase after Kantiran. Together they go back to Rosella Enthon and Ejdu learns more about the past of the Enthones and Varias from the Tulipan.

Approximately two thousand five hundred years ago, a large league of races, which the Enthones and their helpers the Varia, fought on the side of the superintelligence LIGHT OF ANCESTORS against the Negasphaere of the Master of the Elements. This battle turned out to be a disaster, where the superintelligence and its troops were devastated, leaving only eight thousand nine hundred OREON capsules, three hundred twenty nine Enthones and some hundred Varias alive. LIGHT OF ANCESTOR died a little later, its body resting in the sun Rosella Rosado. This history is the reason for the prohibition against interference into the interests of the higher powers. The Enthones are still much too shocked by the events from that time. Together with the founding mother, who was an ally of the superintelligence and whose refuge was the Rosella Rosado system, the secret federation of the Peace Drivers was formed.

Kantiran informs the NAG of this history January 13, 1344 NGE, who have met again in their castle. Chyndor announces that he has brought a special visitor. After Kantiran has ended, the Nucleus of the monochrome mutants appears. It requests the Peace Drivers to place themselves against TRAITOR, but not in open battle; they are to be used as messengers and solicitors of aid in the width Universal Lane. They are also to be ready to respond when the Nucleus calls from the Sol system.

On February 12, 1344 NGE Kantiran returns again to Rosella Enthon. He is searching for the mysterious fog, which the old Varia had hinted at with the statement, “hope lies buried within the fog”. What Kantiran does not know, is that the Examiner is on his heels.

Kantiran locates the fog with the help of the Lamuuni and enters it. He finds a statue of a young Enthone female; it is the spitting image of Samburi Yura. He also finds the Advowson kneeling behind the statue. They surprise each other, and Borgin Sondyselene orders Kantiran to disappear immediately, but the star bastard is hot under the collar, and instead peppers him with questions for which he wants answers now. The Examiner, who turns out to be the Peace Driver Polm Ombar, suddenly arrives and informs Kantiran he is under arrest.

Before the Examiner can take Kantiran away, the Advowson decides to answer Kantiran’s questions. It turns out that the daughter of the Advowson was the first and only Ethone child born after the disaster and represented all their hopes for a new beginning. This daughter was Samburi Yura. But a cobalt-blue cylinder showed up, and Cairol the Second announced that the Cosmocrats had noted the activity of the Peace Drivers. They were not certain if they wanted to suffer the existence of this organization. A deal is made, which Samburi Yura readily agrees to, where she joins the service of the Cosmocrats and the Peace Drivers are allowed to continue their work, as long as they do not interfere with the forces of Order. If they ever do, the Ethones will be wiped out.

After the history is finished, the Examiner takes Kantiran away. His career as a Peace Driver appears to be over, but on the way back the young man manages to convince Polm Ombar that the Negasphere Action Group is justified in their actions and that he should join it.

On October 15, 1344 NGZ the Peace Drivers return to the castle, which they call Inggaran’s Nest, in honor of the Peace Driver who built it. The Lamuuni, who has been ill since the Nucleus had shown up, suddenly chokes out a glowing spark, a part of the Nucleus! This spark sends out a telepathic message to the Peace Drivers informing them that they must send an OREON capsule to the Earth immediately. The spark then dissolves and the Lamuuni vanishes and does not return.

With the agreement of the Examiner, Alaska and Kantiran break the rule of the Peace Drivers about not returning to their home area and leave for the Milky Way with the RESEARCHER. But they will not actively intervene against the Chaos forces.

With that, Kantiran ends his report. It is just in time, because a messenger suddenly arrives with the news that two more Chaos Squadrons have shown up outside the crystal screen surrounding the Sol system…

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2336 - Das Wunder von Terra
The Miracle of Terra
Robert Feldhoff

In late summer 1344 NGE the team Luna Levitator reaches the final rounds of the eliminations for the Solar soccer championship for the first time in forty years. The championship takes place in January and February 1345 NGE in Terrania. The team from Luna Town Center is a glaring outsider, but the experienced coach believes in his team. The most important players of Levitator are the young "Ten" Junior Solari, as well as the striking forwards Morg D'Accuzu and Toto Ambest. On January fourth the team arrives in Terrania, with no female companions allowed, which is initially no problem for Solari, because he does not have a girlfriend. But with the first press conference, he falls in love at first sight with Catalina Tampa, a journalist from Albion3D.

Meanwhile, outside the Sol system the threat from TRAITOR rises, and on January sixth there are already four thousand Traitanks, with more arriving all the time. At first only four hundred eighty four Traitanks attack, which the improved crystal screen almost easily blocks.

On the Earth, life goes on. The Trivid is full of the threat by the Chaos powers, but more and more reports on the soccer championship move into the foreground. On January ninth at the Garbus Music Hall, a party is given in honor of the championship, and the players of all thirty-two teams are present, as are the press and VIPs. A skirmish breaks out between D'Accuzu and Solari. The defensive midfield player, who sees the Ten as a wimp, gropes Catalina Tampa several times against her will in front of Junior, who attacks D’Accuzu to protect her honor. Junior Solari breaks D’Accusu’s cheekbone and is pummeled in return.

Their coach is not particularly inspired by it, but the old forward, a retired major from the LFT fleet, uses the circumstance for the team’s purposes. He gives what the press is looking for: a suspension for the two players. But behind the curtains, things look very different. Alderfarn does not at all think of shipping the two men home in disgrace, but does forbid any contact between Junior and Catalina for the duration of the championship. He contacts her anyway, but she rejects him with a simple message to contact her after the championship. Junior is confused, but little time remains before play time.

With much trouble Levitator makes it past the first eliminations, but afterwards it goes more easily, until the semi-final against North Star Terrania, with the soccer god Cedric Van Zeldern. The game takes place on February third. Junior has found out meanwhile that his coach pressured Catalina to not contact him anymore with a threat to her job. The coach subordinates everything to success. North Star, the favorite of the tournament, then also makes matters clear. Up till minute ninety-five the score stands 2:1 for North Star, and Levitator seem to have no chance. But then two things happen almost at the same time. Junior Solari is badly fouled and injured and the game is broken off. The civil defense official Alma Ospital issued this instruction, when eight thousand seven hundred and twelve Traitanks begin to attack the crystal screen. Again the break-through does not succeed, but the screen and also the Nucleus of the Monochrome Mutants are brought to the edge of collapse!

Bad luck for one is good luck for the other: Due to the civil defense game stoppage, the game must be replayed. On February sixth Junior Solari is once again physically fit, after two operations on his knees to replace torn ligaments, but his head is still not all there and his coach notices. Before the end of the half time break, the coach relents and has Catalina Tampa come to the stadium. When Junior sees her, he revives, but the supremacy of North Star is crushing. Eventually the game ends a tie and Junior can finally spend his first night with Catalina.

Outside of the system TRAITOR untiringly consolidates its troops. Over seventeen thousand Traitanks in total arrive, as do some ships of the Prophozeuten. But on the Earth the life continues. On February tenth it comes to the final is played in the Stadium of the Stars between Levitator and Asia Delhi. The game begins at 20 o'clock Terrania local time. Perry Rhodan permits it the crews of the fleet, including PRAETORIA to watch the game. That is, until 20:48 o'clock when the seventeen thousand four hundred twenty-four Traitanks open fire. The system alarm is given again, and once again Alma Ospital stops the game to order everyone into secure bunkers. But this time the players and spectators refuse to go and remain in the stadium to pick back up the game with the second half. It makes no difference, what happens outside the system, because the shelter would not help if a Traitank got through. Based on the energy values involved, the whole solar system might even be thrown into hyperspace if the screen breaks. Rhodan recognizes the psychological effect of the game and the shouts of the fans and players. He notes that "Terra is celebrating" and laughing at TRAITOR. The Resident has the Trivid signal sent out through the crystal screen. The Chaos servants should break their heads over the behavior of the Terrans and about what an ‘offside’ is. Luna Levitator wins the game 2:1 and begins to celebrate. And once again, the clenched strength of the Traitanks is not enough. Not yet...

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2337 - Unter Prophozeuten
Among The Prophozeuten
Horst Hoffmann

In the headquarters of the New USO the captured Traitank rubble is being examined. Since the technology of the Terminal Column is totally enclosed according to the black box principle, no breakthroughs have yet been made. However four completely intact spacesuits cut for Mor'Daers were found - and these suits are equipped with dark field projectors. Camouflaged investigations using them are not possible, however, since each unit of the Terminal Column is able to locate a dark field.

Meanwhile knowledge that was gained in the year 1337 NGE in the area of the Antares Reef becomes useful, because it is observed that ships of the Prophozeuten are now involved with the building of an enormous, spherical object, which is designated by caught radiograms, as a CALLER. The Prophozeuten does not possess the means to locate a dark field. Therefore Roi Danton develops a plan to transfer four of his people to the building site using the Prophozeuten.

The CALLER is being built on instruction of a Terminal Herald. He informs the Dual Captain that the True Progress Antakur von Bitvelt is on his way into the Milky Way. He comes from a proto-chaotic universe and is dependent upon the signals of the CALLER, in order to find his way. Enormous quantities of hypercrystals are needed for this object. The Prophozeuten are assigned to supply a part of these crystals. One of the suppliers is Elraum Prince Murál, who is right in the middle of a throne battle for the right of succession. His father, the present Idol of their Rocket (i.e. the family clan), lies dying, and Elraum must become generally accepted against his greedy, intriguing sister. On the way to the Column factory TRAIGOT-0313, which he is to supply with hypercrystals, he discovers the wreck of a small Terran ship. When he examines it, in order to tear out all its usable technology, the TRAJAN suddenly emerges and chases away the Prophozeuten. Elraum does not suspect that four Terrans have followed him from the ship in the protection of their dark field projectors - Roi Danton and three more USO Specialists, who stow away on the Prophozeuten ship.

There they become witness as assassins attempt to murder Elraum on behalf of his sister. The prince keeps the upper hand, but one of the assassins returns to the hangar, in which Roi and his people are hiding, and tries to set off a bomb. Roi does not have choice and must paralyze the Prophozeuten. This weapon shot does not remain hidden from Elraum’s people, and so the people from the USO are discovered. However their space suits were modified in such a way that the impression is aroused, that Mor'Daer are inside them, not humans. In the role of such a reptilian being Roi puts the prince in his place - he portrays himself as a supervisor from the Terminal Column and demands an accounting for the assassination attempt. Elraum is intimidated by the Mor’Daer’s attitude and promises to do anything he wishes if he will only stay silent about the incident on the ship. In this way, the USO agents make it to the CALLER.

When Elraum finally returns to his Rocket, the old Idol is already dead. Elraum mounts the throne and confronts his sister with the captured assassin. In this way he makes it possible to exclude her from ever taking the throne and convinces her to work for him instead.

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2338 - Im Bann des RUFERS
In The Spell Of The CALLER
Arndt Ellmer

Roi Danton and his three USO Specialists penetrate unidentified to the inside of the CALLER. They deactivate their dark fields, so their Mor'Daer camouflage must be sufficient. While they try to find out what the purpose of the CALLER is and how one might be able to destroy it, they are identified several times as foreigners, but are able to prevent an alarm from being sounded. They are thus not pursued and able to move about the building site unimpeded.

They are able to understand hardly anything of what they see. Besides the typical totally enclosed High Tech the Terminal Column also makes use of much primitive technology, which permits the conclusion that the CALLER may only be intended for use once and will then be dispensable. They nevertheless manage to come up with some information. The CALLER is apparently a six-dimensional beacon, which is meant to send a pinpointing signal into another universe, in order to lead a so-called True Progress named Antakur of Bitvelt into the Milky Way.

The Dual Deputy Captain Malikadi, who is ambitious and full of hate for the Dual Captain Zerberoff speeds up the work on the CALLER. He requires the completion of the gigantic piece of equipment within three days. This period is actually kept to, and the CALLER is thereafter activated without a test run. Ultrahigh hyperradiation becomes sent and Strangeness effects develop - inside and in the direct surrounding field of the CALLER life slowly becomes no longer viable.

In the last moment the four USO people succeed in getting free of the CALLER. However the only vehicle available to use is a faulty Koffter. Another disk ship responds to his distress vehicle. Roi Danton believes first, that it is a space jet from the TRAJAN, but it turns out to be a Traitank. Roi and his companions are taken prisoner.

When Malikadi informs Zerberoff of whom the prisoners are, he is ordered to send them to Column Fort TRAICOON 0099.

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2339 - Ein halber Mensch
A Half Man
Hubert Haensel

On February 24, 1345 NGE, the CALLER fulfills its purpose: A gigantic, mysterious object slowly appears in its proximity. The CALLER seems to be heavily damaged with this procedure, and it slowly drifts towards the sun, in whose orbit it was established.

Roi Danton and his three USO Specialists are brought in the meantime to Zerberoff and the Terminal Herald. Roi Danton is to be delivered to a special destiny, and transported for it to the Skapalm bark LUCRIFIR. His three companions have no further use to the Terminal Column and are disintegrated before Roi’s eyes.

On the Skapalm barks the Column performs experiments with the genetic and surgical change of all kinds of organisms, to make them more useful to the Column. The products of their unholy work are regarded as works of art, but many of the experiments fail and lead to monstrous results. The micro-Beasts are also bred in the Skapalm barks, but the most outstanding creation that the Column Anatomists produce are the Dual beings, such as Zerberoff. Roi Danton is to be converted into such an unnatural thing. Yrendir, a Mor'Daer Kalbaron, is to be the "other half" of this new being.

Roi Danton and Yrendir meet during the initial examinations. They despise each other at first sight. When the Terran understands, what the Column Anatomists intend to do, he thinks about suicide, because an escape seems to be impossible.

The Column Anatomists however, underestimate the effects of the cell activator. After the initial exam, Roi awakes from his narcosis earlier than intended and is able to free himself from his examining room. He succeeds in overwhelming two guards and releasing an explosion with the energy magazines of their weapons, which masks his escape for some period of time. Danton flees through the Skapalm bark and receives the unexpected assistance of Untar Gabu, a being, which resembles a slightly oversized Haluter, but who is not capable of hardening his body structure. The Column Anatomists obviously tried to breed an original “Beast”, but did not completely succeed. Untar Gabu is now a garbage collector, a sad, peaceable and gentle being. He hides Danton in his primitive accommodation and even wants to help him escape from the bark.

Meanwhile Imarit Enkaraqon, the head of the Column Anatomists on the bark, send a troop of micro-Beasts on Danton’s trail, once they verify he is still alive. There is time pressure involved now, because Zerberoff announced his imminent arrival: The Dual Captain wants to observe the creation of the new Dual being personally.

Untar Gabu procures an old Mor'Daer spacesuit and radio for Danton. He wants to catapult the Terran into space with a large garbage capsule, to which nobody will pay attention. When Danton tells him about the Haluters, he asks to be allowed to accompany him. Danton agrees, but the escape of the two is stopped at the last second by an attack of the micro-Beasts, which tear Untar Gabu apart alive. Danton is again taken captive and taken immediately to his operation. Nothing can protect him now from the fate of being cut apart and be joined with another the Kalbaron into the new Daul named Dantyren.

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2340 - Zum Tee bei Jonas Untergang
To Tea With Jona’s Fall
Uwe Anton

It is February 14, 1345 NGE and in the Charon Cloud the LFT base Jonathon is well on the path of development and growing. In the midst of this lives the hyperphysicist Delmar Shettle who suffers from a lack of self-confidence. He works with his team on the refinement of the VRITRA cannon, a development of Aktakul da Urengoll, the Ka'Marentis of the Crystal Empire, who is now the head of the base’s administration.

Jonathon is a rather stormy world with a gravity of 1.2 G’s. A dismantled LFT BOX serves as the "capital" there, Photon City. In addition an area containing four valleys was settled. Altogether four hundred thousand Galactics already on Jonathon and more are constantly arriving. The LFT and the Charon Corps are indefatigably on duty, ferrying people and material into the Charon Cloud. Since the middle of September there have been more than two hundred battleships, fifty super-battleships, forty LFT BOXES and other tenders and transport units brought into the relative security of the Cloud by the special abilities of the Charonii. And now Reginald Bull has also arrived with the LEIF ERIKSSON II.

On February 17, 1345 NGE, Shettle and his team manage to destroy a Traitank in a simulation, using a modified VRITRA cannon and the clenched force of transform cannons from ten DISCOVERERS. On account of this theoretical success Aktakul calls Bull, who has been cruising nearby, to Jonathon. Bull decides on the installation of a live copy of the cannon, which has up till now only existed in the biopositronic simulator, on the LEIF ERIKSSON II.

Radek Beibel is also running around on Jonathon. The former security chief of the Whistler Company is still after the spy that cost him his job with Whistler. Beibel even has the blessing of Perry Rhodan to do so, and he uses this to track the spy down. He has pursued his prey to Olymp and now to Jonathon. He is a cybernetist on Shettle’s team.

In April the VRITRA cannon is mounted, and Bully plans a real test. Shettle is strongly requested to join the flagship of the LFT, as a specialist. Shettle, who suffers from a fear of heights, is not very happy, but he has no choice because he realizes it is about he survival of mankind. He becomes completely ill when he realizes that Bully wants to test the cannon by attracting a Traitank with a fake emergency call of a cruiser, so that the LEIF and a DISCOVERERS and attack it.

When it is time and the fleet has reached the border of the cloud, events take an unexpected turn, because the AUBERG, an incoming ship, sends them a real emergency call. Bully immediately changes plans. The AUBERG is to be taken in tow to bring it into the Charon Cloud by one of DISCOVERERS while the rest prepare for trouble.

As expected a Traitank appears. The LEIF succeeds in destroying it with the new Cannon, but they still lose four DISCOVERERS. Shettle becomes the hero, because only with his last second modifications, does the VRITRA cannon manage to get through the fractal rip sheath.

Meanwhile, Beibel succeeds in unmasking the spy, who it turns out is an Akone. But the spy has recognized the sign of the times and no longer works for the Energy Command, but for the Galactics, because one thing is clear: Only working together can the Galactics hope to fight against TRAITOR.

Back on Jonathon Shettle, who has won enough self-confidence after this mission, asks a woman that he has long had a crush on out that evening “tea with Jona’s fall”…

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2341 - Die Ratten der JERSEY CITY
The Rats of The JERSEY CITY

The Charon Cloud is a thorn in the eye of the Terminal-Column. Therefore, a plan is developed to infiltrate this area of retreat of the Milky Way races. The Dual Deputy Captain Krotkav captures the Terran battleship JERSEY CITY in March 1345 NGE, to murder the whole crew and use the ship to penetrate unidentified into the Charon Cloud. He knows that there is a research base of the Terrans and Arkonides on Jonathon. He wants to infiltrate this base with one hundred twenty micro-Beasts and six families of Koda Ariel. The JERSEY CITY makes contact with a structure dolbe using a holo-simulation covering Dual Deputy Captain Krotkav with the original captain of the ship and flies together with the dolbe into the structural drift on April 7th. The Charonii are made pliable by Column Motivators. The advance to Jonathon succeeds in this way without problems, as the Terrans have no suspicion of what is happening.

But two crew members of the JERSEY CITY have escaped discovery: the Terrans Cleo Yelvington and Vabian F. Baertling were occupied at the time of the ship’s capture deep in the supply shafts of the ship with the removal of vermin. At one time the two were supporters of Gon-Orbhon and married. They had been Luddites at the time and lived in a primitive hut. Cleo had given birth there to a child, but the child died due to her not knowing how to care for him. Vabian had taken the fall and in Cleo’s eyes left her in the lurch, which she still blames him for. This conflict has been more than annoying during their time on the ship and led to them being stuck with the dirty work in the water supply system in the JERSEY CITY as a disciplinary measure.

When the ship was captured using a paralysis beam, they were knocked out in the tube system. Once they recover, Cleo and Vabian develop a plan to foil the intentions of Krotkav. They block the weapon controls of the battleship and prepare the radio communication system of two space jets so that they can warn the Terrans on Jonathon at the proper moment. The plan only partly works, because before Cleo's radio message can be entirely transmitted, Krotkav activates the protection screens of the JERSEY CITY and thereby cuts off the end of the message. Johnathon only receives the part of the message saying that the ship should be refused landing rights.

Because he is not able to fire at the base on Jonathon because of the blocked weapon controls, Krotkav feigns a runaway reactor and steers the two captured ships back into the structural drift. At the same time he sends the micro-Beasts on the hunt for the saboteurs. Reginald Bull, who does not know what he should regard of the strange maneuvers of the ships, decides not to shoot directly at them.

Cleo and Vabian must prevent Krotkav from using the ships for a second infiltration attempt or getting the captured dolbe and information back to the Column. When the micro-Beasts find and are about to attack them, they blow explosives in a suicide bombing. It completely destroys the two ships.

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2342 - In der Kaverne des Laboraten
In The Caverns Of The Laboraten
Hubert Haensel

The Terminal Column is active not only in the standard universe, but also in many other ranges of the multiverse. In one of these foreign universes, the most important task for a TRAITOR task force of three hundred thirty thousand Traitanks is the conquest of a space sector, which contains the gate to the Cosmonucleotide TRYCLAU- 3. It comes to a horrendous battle with the Cosmocrats, with which masses of Traitanks are destroyed. Nothing is known about the origin and composition of this fleet. Anyway, at least one cobalt-blue cylinder of the Cosmocrats is involved in the fighting. However, TRAITOR remains victorious, and the Cosmocrat ship is driven away.

Jothadún, who belongs to the race of the Effremi, participates in this battle as an insignificant crewmember of a Traitank. The Effremi live in colonies (which they call nests) on many units of the Terminal Column and due to their perfect memory for numbers are used predominantly as managers and for planning. When his ship is destroyed, Jothadún saves himself with an escape capsule, in which the Dual Deputy Captain Yuegorensch also escapes. The dual being is badly injured, but Jothadún renders first aid and thereby saves Yuegorensch's life. The Dual Deputy Captain recognizes that Jothadún possesses a special gift: He is to a large extent resistant to Strangeness effects. Yuegorensch therefore arranges for the Effremi to be transferred to the service ship CRULT, after his injuries are cared for in the Skapalm bark TERGOSA. The CRULT is one of several command centers of the Terminal Column, an enormous space station, which serves as base for the True Progress Antakur of Bitvelt.

Here Jothadún is first tasked to carry out the repair and re- equipment of those Traitanks, which were damaged in the battle around TRYCLAU-3. He is happy to discover several Effremite refuges in the CRULT. He even finds a new woman, with which he lives together for the next few years. When the Chaos squadron administered of him is restored to full duty, Jothadún is shifted to work in the Chaos pit and the Cavern of the Laboraten, which is in the base of the shaft. An artificial Strangeness value is kept up there, because the Laborat, a supposedly immortal, monstrous predator, which is held here, can survive only if its environment has the proper Strangeness value. As a result, the people dealing with it need the ability to keep shifting between the two Strangeness regions.

The Laborat resembles an enormous larva equipped at the front end with tentacles. It can affect its victims mentally. With the tentacles, it inserts eggs into its victims, where they mature in the hosts and can also affect it mentally. Normally, when the egg finishes developing, the creature then bursts out of the host body. The pit workers, to whom Jothadún now belongs, harvest these eggs in a dangerous procedure. The Column Anatomists then genetically manipulate the eggs, so that they will not continue to grow within their host, but will use their mental forces in such a way so that they force an absolute loyalty to the Terminal Column in their hosts. The modified parasites carry the name Claws of the Laboraten. Jothadún discovers that he can pacify the Laboraten with the singing typical for his people.

After some time Jothadún is appointed to work in the center of the service station: the silver tower, which is also called the Office of the True Progress. He is appointed a member of the Chaos Phalanx. It is a group of Strangeness resistant individuals, who are the only crewmembers that can remain active in the service station, as it is moving from one universe into another. All the other crewmembers are drugged unconscious for their own protection. Such a change is soon approaching: the CRULT has received the signals of a CALLER in the Milky Way. During the preparations for to the universe change Jothadún meets Antakur of Bitvelt himself. The True Progress appears to be a twenty-six meter tall and nine meter wide, internally illuminated statue of crystal, and because he moves so slowly, changes in his body stance become recognizable only after days pass. The True Progress has two humanoid heads, two legs and four arms.

As the CRULT is transferring into the Einstein universe, it comes to feedback effects with the artificially produced Strangeness in the Cavern of the Laboraten. The Laborat falls into a painful rage, kills some pit foremen and puts itself into mortal danger. Jothadún gathers the courage to go up to the beast and use his singing to calm it down. The True Progress, who can communicate mentally with other beings, later personally praises him.

Meanwhile, the Galactics still suspect nothing of all this. They only register the fact that an enormous object has materialized at the former location of the CALLER. The first six new VRITRA cannons are installed into large Terran and Arkonide combat ships, and one of them is transferred to the New USO for installation into the TRAJAN. On May 10, 1345 NGE Reginald Bull plans a commando mission to free Roi Danton, in whose death nobody wants to quite believe…

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2343 - Dantyrens Qual
Dantyen’s Agony
Hubert Haensel

The physical union of Roi Danton and Yrendirs into the Dual being Dantyren is completed. But Danton’s consciousness struggles against the fusion into the Singular intellect. Yrendir is not strong enough to force the fusion. Rhodan’s son remains himself, although he suffers unthinkable mental tortures. He deceives his tormentors, as he seems to fall into madness. During an interrogation he reveals information - but he feeds the Chaos servants false information. In the meantime, Danton’s Laboraten claw is killed by his overpowering mental resistance.

Meanwhile Zerberoff proceeds to the service station CRULT, which is still surrounded by the remains of the Strangeness effects. The Dual Captain justifies his actions to Antakur of Bitvelt with the slow course of the conquest of the Milky Way. The True Progress accepts that the difficulties have been caused mainly by the incorrect information supplied by the Dark Investigators. Zerberoff is praised for his method of approach and confirmed in his position as a leader of the Terminal Column in the Milky Way. However, the True Progress does not fulfill his wish to receive Dantyren as his assistant instead of the unloved Malikadi. Instead he agrees to let Dantyren join Zerberoff in addition to Malikadi, once Davntyren is proven a viable Dual. Antakur of Bitvelt is still too weakened to intervene individually in the battle for the Milky Way, but he can calm Zerberoff with the fact that reinforcements consisting of several Chaos squadrons is already on the way.

Zerberoff sufferers strongly from the Strangeness effects ruling on the CRULT and wanders around the enormous terraces of the space station. In doing so, he comes to the direct vicinity of the Dark District, which is the accommodation of the Dark Investigators. To his surprise, he is beset upon by a group of Awour head hunters who are apparently just leaving the Dark District. The humanoids clearly want to murder Zerberoff. The Dual Captain beats off the attack using the endogenous torture. The survivors avoid the interrogation, by biting into poison capsules. Zerberoff is disturbed, however, does not find out how and why it has come to this attack on his life. He does not anticipate that the Dark Investigators are also active elsewhere: They transmit a radio message to a Terran probe, which is encoded in an ancient Arkonide naval code from the time of the Great Empire. This message, which Reginald Bull views in horror, is a holo-movie of the Dual Dantyren...

Meanwhile, Dantyren is brought to the service station. The High Medokogh of the LUCRIFIR, Imarit Enkaraqon, accompanies him. Danton is to get a fresh and particularly strong Laboraten claw directly from the source, because only in the Singular intellect, can he develop the paranormal forces typical for a Dual being. Jothadún, on account of his intuition, receives the task to observe Dantyren and take care of him. The Effremi recognizes that Danton’s feelings could be the lever with which his spirit can be broken. He suggests that some more Terran prisoners be brought to Danton. However, the Column Anatomists go one step further: They torment and kill some of these Terrans before Danton’s eyes. Danton’s fury grows to boiling over - and by this psychological load now merges his spirit with Yrendir’s into the Singular intellect.

Enkaraqon cannot be glad for long about this success, because Dantyren unexpectedly immediately develops extremely strong Psi-forces (the process usually takes weeks or months); he might be the strongest Dual being that has yet been created by the Column Anatomists. And Roi Danton’s spirit is still evidently free and in control, because he kills the High Medokogh and some Mor'Daers with the endogenous torture. After this, Dantyren alleviates the sufferings of the still living Terrans using the endogenous pleasure, as he tries to commit suicide by overextending himself. Jothadún also suffers terrible tortures, but survives. Dantyren is brought back to life by the Column Anatomists, and presumably his cell activator chip. It is now possible that the new Laboraten claw has begun to affect him. Jothadún believes in recognizing that Dantyren has now finally appeared – which would mean that Roi Danton’s independent existence is ended.

This assumption appears to be correct, for on May 25, 1345 NGE, a Chaos squadron appears where Quinto-Center has been staying hidden until now. The only place they could have gotten this information was from Roi Danton. However, because Reginald Bull had already warned Monkey, the headquarters of the New USO was already moved to a new location.

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2344 - Die Rebellen von Trakarat
The Rebels of Trakarat

The Dick recovers enough energy and speaks to the people on the Isla Bartolomé. It makes the fact clear to them that there is only one way to get rid of TRAITOR: The emergence of the Negasphaere must be prevented or cancelled. Then the Terminal Column will lose interest in the local group and leave. The Nucleus does not know, how this plan is to be carried out. It had inquired in vain some time ago with the Pangalactic Statisticians. But there is someone that was involved in such a so-called Retroversion of a Negasphere: ARCHETIM, the dead superintelligence, whose corpse rests in the sun Sol. It is possible that some of the Incarnations in the Clateaux of the Times on the planet Oaghonyr, ARCHETIM’S seat of power, contain the answer. However there are two problems: Nobody knows where Oaghonyr is, and the Incarnations only pass on their memories to members of the same species that they were made from.

Alaska Saedelaere questions NATHAN, but the moon brain does not know the position of Oaghonyr. NATHAN suggests however, that the information might be found with the Báalols, because the Antis have for thousands of years collected and archived all kinds of old myths, legends and information. The second problem can be easily solved, because many Schohaakes live on Terra. It is also known that the petrified version of SpiceDicks are also to be found in the Clateaux of the Times - and if anyone can really know, how a Retroversion is to be introduced, then it will be a Potential Architect. Thus Alaska Saedelaere, Kantiran and the Schohaake Mengo Soffix leave with the OREON capsule RESEARCHER to first go to the Devolter system, where they collect the old Algorrian stinker Curcaryen Varantir. In return, his pregnant mate Le Anyante, who stays with the next generation of Algorrians on Devolter II, ten children in the meantime, access to the technical machinery of the peace driver station there.

After this, Alaska and Kantiran use a container of hypercrystals to acquire passage on a Springer ship to Trakarat. A strained situation prevails there, because a Column-Fort is stationed in the Aptut system, and some families of Koda Ariel are active on the central world of the Antis. When Alaska and Kantiran arrive, the Cappin fragment of the mask bearer suddenly becomes violently active. The reason for this is experiments by a group of Báalols led by Amba Vatony. This group possesses some of the mysterious IPEV Psikolon suits, with which the Antis can enormously strengthen their psi-forces. Amba Vatony has a sky high plan. He believes that the Antis in a psi-block are strong enough to take over or destroy whole units of the Terminal Column. He wants to use power to release the Milky Way from the grip of the Terminal Column and thereby earn the Antis the respect and power they deserve. While Alaska and Kantiran receive permission to scan the archives and search for the galactic position of Oaghonyr, twenty-one Báalols led by Vatony actually manage to bring the crew of a Traitank under their mental control. Amba Vatony and his people succeed in entering the Traitank and steering it towards the Column -Fort. They want to destroy the Fort with the weapons of the Traitank. But then the Báalols succumb a psi-attack by a Column Motivator on the Traitank. The Column-Fort then blows up the Traitank anyway. A second Traitank takes Amba Vatony’s estate under fire in punishment – while Alaska and Kantiran are in a vault under it with Vartony’s wife. World of Warcraft'son escapes, but Diablo seems to be caught by the flames from the explosion. At the same time the Cappin fragment begins to blaze. As his consciousness fades, Alaska has the impression, as if it is eating away at his face...

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2345 - Im Clateaux der Zeiten
In the Clateaux of the Times

Alaska and Kantiran manage escape from the inferno on Trakarat and their return to the RESEARCHER, with the assistance of the Springers. The four passengers of the OREON capsule then immediately head on towards Ubanquar, or Gbts/2555620, as the current designation goes. They have hope that its actual name twenty million years ago was Oaghonyr. Only Curcaryen Varantir is skeptical, as is his nature.

It turns out, though, that it really is the planet they are looking for. First the searchers discover ARCHETIM’S STRONGHOLD. Alaska and Varantir look around there, while Kantiran goes on the search with the Schohaaken Mengo Soffix for the Clateaux of the Times.

Alaska and Varantir determine very quickly that the STRONGHOLD reaches into the higher continuums and that they cannot penetrate very far into it without danger of dying. Meanwhile the two others discover the Clateaux. Back together the four encounter a kind of whirlwind, which they identify as a guard. While Alaska undertakes the task of diverting the being, Varantir states that the Clateaux did not really outlast the twenty million years. The psionic loading of the complex relies upon the reciprocal effect with the psi-components of the Incarnations, which it accommodates. In return, the Incarnations cannot be accessed and thereby “heard”. If the sealing is undone, time will catch up to the Clateaux and it will begin to disintegrate.

With the help of MIRKET and other machinery of the Capsule, Varantir develops a machine, which shuts off the sealing effect. The Incarnations become accessible again, but the rapid decay of the Clateaux and the Incarnations begins at the same time. While Alaska continues to divert the whirlwind guard, Mengo begins to check the Incarnations. But he has no real success with the stories. Varantir comes upon three Incarnations of Algorrians that he tries to access. Two of them will not respond to him. The third Incarnation is a Potential Architect by the name of Fendérlen Kószondyr. On behalf of the superintelligence ARCHETIM he had constructed a special suit. The first success with it was the creation of a so-called vector helmet. The technical designer of the whole thing was a Gorgerain Varantir.

Curcaryen does not manage to complete the historical lesson, because events get in the way. The guard caught Alaska and snatched him into some strange dimension. Varantir believes Alsaka to be dead, but the mask bearer in fact still lives. He was snatched by the guard, who calls itself Alparaxxon Dawning, into a continuum between hyperspace and normal space. The Incarnations have served Alparaxxon Dawning as anchors in normal space, but now that they are dissolving, the anchors are being lost and Alparaxxon Dawingin is dying. It turns out that Alaska, who has a special connection to this being, due to his Cappin fragment, can also serve as an anchor for a while.

Alaska, who Alparaxxon Dawning releases again, comes up with a plan to lead the being to ARCHETIM’S STRONGHOLD, where it might be able to survive in the higher dimension, into which the homestead of the superintelligence leads.

While Alaska leads Alparaxxon Dawning there, the other three try to access as many of the remaining Incarnations as possible, but they learn nothing helpful. Nevertheless, they still experience a surprise. When the two "inactive" Algorrian statues dissolve, they leave behind two obelisks, which do not throw a shadow. It thus turns out that the Cynos also seemed to be working with ARCHETIM. This might be a new trail to follow.

Alaska and Alparaxxon Dawning succeed meanwhile in reaching the entrance to ARCHETIM’S STRONGHOLD. There, Alaska must pass through the dimensional barrier, in order to save the higher-dimensional being. He gets caught in the interstitial space, but Alparaxxon Dawning returns his help, because it turns out that a vector helmet lies behind the barrier. With this helmet Alaska succeeds in orienting himself in the higher dimensions and finds his back into his reality. Curcaryen "permits" Alsaka to keep the helmet, which his ancestor developed millions of years ago for the superintelligence.

Thus the searchers leave the former homeland of ARCHETIM. Only time will tell whether the whole mission is to be rated as a success or failure.

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2346 - Chyndors Weg
Chyndor’s Path

On January 18, 1345 NGE Chyndor, together with his Peace Driver colleagues Siby'an and Mas Bathe, arrives at the border of the Fantamagula system. There are strange incidents occurring there. The railway station in the small galaxy Qoor, a satellite galaxy of Andromeda, has given full alarm and lured the three Peace Drivers there. In the home system of the Dinath, descendants of the Lemurer, Peace Drivers get word of the confrontation between two unknown spaceships. One was completely destroyed and the other, clearly a Column unit, fell onto the home world of the Dinath, Dina Baca. The wreck is sending out emergency locator signals, but they are too weak to reach more than three light years. Complete chaos rules in the system, as all living beings become enraged and fight each other to the death.

The Peace Drivers discover the "black zones". These black zones are impenetrable visually. There are detectable only by sensors. They suddenly appear in an area and devour everything that comes within their reach. Chyndor decides to go to Dina Baca and examine the Column unit more closely, in order to try to prevent the senseless deaths of the Dinaths.

During this period, the RESEARCHER returns to the Sol system. When Kantiran and Alaska describe the failure of their mission to the Nucleus, the mental entity becomes agitated. Without the information the ARCHETIM’S home should have supplied them, the Nucleus has no idea of how the Negasphere is to be fought. The Nucleus sees no chance for Terra now, but the mental being wants time alone to think about what to do next. The being gives Alaska and Kantiran the order to fly to Rosella Rosado, in order to pull the whole organization of the Peace Drivers onto their side, because only with them might a stand be made against TRAITOR.

Chyndor’s OREON Capsule approaches the planet Dina Baca, but its OREON Cover suddenly fails during flight and a black zone proceeds to pursue it, as if intelligent. The Peace Driver just manages to land before the Capsule fails completely. They flee before it is swallowed by the black zone and disappears without a trace. Because the radio failed before the crash, Siby'an and Mas Bathe assume that Chyndor is dead; they feed this message into the relay radio net of the Peace Drivers. However, the two still want to hold out to see how things develop.

On Earth, Kantiran is met by the TLS agent Cosmuel Kain. She wants to become a Peace Driver. Kant rejects her rather sharply and experiences a surprise, as Alaska appears a short time later accompanied by an agent from the RESEARCHER. Kantiran has something to say about this, but then Alaska explains it to him. Cosmuel Kain is no Terran; she is a Cyno. The forty year-old grew up without parents on Terra, ignorant that she is a Cyno. It was only a month ago that she realized she is a Cyno. It happened when the words ARCHETIM and Negasphere were mentioned together in a news story, triggering the release of some kind of block in her hereditary memory.

The two Peace Drivers take off with the Cyno aboard and proceed to Devolter II, intending to call a plenary assembly from there. When they reach the railway station, they learn about the supposed destiny of Chyndor and decide to help their friend. Because the transmitter in the railway station on Devolter II doesn't work, they proceed to another railway station in the Milky Way which is in the Southside. From there they are radiated to Qoor, arriving on January twentieth at the Fantamagula system. Upon seeing the black zones, Alaska Saedelaere quickly makes a connection with the past. These zones are nothing less than Elements of Darkness. Does the Element of Darkness now belong to TRAITOR?

Meanwhile, on Dina Baca, Chyndor tries to reach the site of the crash of the Column unit, but can't make it. Hate, rage, uncontrollable fury and fear, all this makes him lose control and his orientation to the crashed unit. Because he cannot accomplish anything there, he returns to the main part of the city and tries to tear as many Dinaths as possible from their rampaging. As a Para-Charismat he is absolutely successful, but in the end it is only a drop in the bucket, when compared to the entire population put together.

Out in space, Alaska hatches a plan: while one Peace Driver ship should copy the emergency locator signals and reradiate it, amplified to attract a TRAITOR rescue unit, a second Peace Driver ship should distract the black zones, while he pushes ahead with Kant and Cosmuel to Dina Baca.

The plan is carried out and actually succeeds. The three make it safely to Chyndor, and he brings them as close as possible to the fallen unit, without completely breaking down himself. At the border of the darkness, Chyndor cannot continue, and neither can Kantiran. But using the vector helmet, Alaska can penetrate it and surprisingly enough Cosmuel Kain is able to accompany him without trouble. The two go into absolute darkness and push ahead up to the wreck, which is stuck in a two hundred wide and deep crater gleaming in black light. Alaska uses a rope to get lowered by Cosmuel. What he discovers in the depths, surprises and overpowers him.

Eventually, Chyndor cannot endure the psychic power any more and returns to the RESEARCHER, while Kantiran remains. On the RESEARCHER Chyndor suddenly discovers that a Column unit two hundred meters diameter is approaching the system. He succeeds in warning Kantiran on the radio. Kantiran now faces a dilemma; he cannot radio his two companions inside the border by radio, but he does not want to get hopelessly lost inside it. He makes a dangerous plan. He takes off his Dwarmari holster and takes out two queens. These little animals are immune to the radiation, because they operate using only about their instincts and these can lead them back to their holsters. Kantiran wants to order them to "show" him the way back. So equipped, he also crosses the dark border and sends out the message, then lets go of the two Dwarmaris and follows them by means of his Para-gift.

Alaska stands, or actually hangs, in the pit facing a Dark Investigator. This being is sending out the madness radiation, unending sorrow, and bewilderment, which the mask bearer perceives. This being does not belong in this universe; it is a descendant of the Element of Darkness. Alaska is paralyzed by horror, and he loses his sense of time. When he can think clearly again, he notices that he was pulled back up by Cosmuel Kain, since she received Kantiran’s radio message. The two make their way back out of the darkness. When they reach the light again Kantiran is still not back, but Cosmuel can see him a few meters inside the border. She retrieves Rhodan’s son, then events speed up.

Chyndor comes with the RESEARCHER and takes the three aboard, because a second Dark Investigator has emerged in the system and quickly approached the site of the crash. He destroys his "colleague" and the wrecked ship. From this, the Peace Drivers conclude that there are apparently two factions of Dark Investigators and they do not like each other. Apparently the fight which led to the fall of the first Investigator, was a battle between these two factions. The Peace Drivers note that the madness inducing radiation suddenly stopped as soon as the wrecked ship and its Dark Investigator were destroyed. The Remaining Dark Investigator attacks the RESEARCHER, which barely succeeds in escaping into hyperspace. The Peace Drivers now head to Rosella Rosado.

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2347 - Die Heiße Legion
The Heat Legion
Christian Montillon

After the events in Qoor the RESEARCHER is on its way to the Rosella Rosado system for the plenary assembly of the Peace Drivers. But frictions rule on board the Capsule. Kantiran would like to urge Chyndor into the leadership role of the Negasphere Action Group (NAG), but he withdraws and locks himself in his cabin after some heated discussions. Alaska Saedelaere considers Knatiran to be acting impulsively, even if he does fundamentally share his opinion. Since the flight will take some months, Perry Rhodan’s son turns to the fourth passenger of the RESEARCHER, the Cyno Cosmuel Kain. He wants to get her inducted into the secret organization as a novice. On the way to the central system of the Peace Drivers the woman learns to command the language Thonisch, one of the basic conditions for admission as a Peace Driver. Kantiran also informs her about the Heat Legion, while he is falling in love with the Cyno. Naturally he cannot bring himself to admit this, still thinking of Thereme.

They finally reach the system, and the incomprehensible happens. The Heat Legion focuses on Cosmuel Kain and disappears with her. Is she an enemy of the secret organization? Kantiran cannot believe it. Arriving on Rosella Fumato, he immediately makes contact with the Oracle and announces a murder! But the central computer puts him off. Meanwhile the date is May 3, 1345 NGE, and a discussion with Polm Ombar does not bring Kantiran a success. And it is now time for the plenary assembly.

Kantiran wants to borrow the vector helmet to use it to follow the Heat Legion, but Alaska counters that he will use the helmet to direct Kantiran. With the RESEARCHER they leave the system, only to turn directly around and return. Alaska then actually succeeds in picking up the trail of the Legion. It leads to the Chapel moon, which is a taboo area.

They then return as the plenary assembly begins. The advocates of the NAG are numerous, and as Kantiran finishes his speech which relentlessly opens the eyes of the Peace Drivers, the scene becomes tumultuous. This only ends when the Patron Borgin Sondyselene climbs to the lectern and makes it clear to the whole assembly that any of the Peace Drivers who wish to renounce the credo of non-interference in the matters of the higher powers of Order and Chaos are free to leave the organization. He leaves the Peaces Drivers a day to consider whether to stay or go. He then ends the first day of the meeting.

Meanwhile Kantiran learns that the initiation of a new Peace Driver is to occur that night and uses the opportunity to get to the Chapel moon. There Alaska and Kantiran again follow the Legion, which comes to each initiation ceremony, and find the residence of the Legion. It is a crashed spaceship, the YRKADA, which is built from the same material that the OREON capsules are made of, but which is much larger. The ship, which is buried under debris, fell two thousand five hundred years earlier, heavily damaged. It is a battle ship from the navy of the LIGHT OF ANCESTOR, nearly destroyed with the fight against the Negasphaere of the Lord of the Elements. The two learn all this from the Heat Legion, which shows up in a golden projection in the shape of Cosmuel Kain inside the ship. The Heat Legion had once been the Cyno crew of the YRKADA, and after the crash they were somehow transformed into the Heat Legion, losing a majority of their memories in the process. With its contact with the Cyno Cosmuel, many of their memories returned. Now the Heat Legion does not want to let go of Cosmuel Kain from their midst, because they want her to help them find the rest of their memories. But Kantiran explains the situation to them, along with the fact that the Heat Legion must stay and continue their duty to the Peace Drivers and let Cosmuel Kain go to find her own destiny. Before the Heat Legion agrees to it, they want to make sure Kantiran is telling the truth. Kantiran and Alaska will have to wait where they are, but meanwhile May 4 starts, along with the second meeting day.

While this is going on, Chyndor is unhappy because he had to not tell his friends the truth of how he feels. He makes his way to the forbidden moon, on which the Enthones and Varia withdraw, by way of the transmitter in the caverns of the Ellega Palace. He goes there totally conscious of violating this prohibition to see the Patron. He relentlessly reveals that he and the Examiner both stand on the side of the NAG. It is time for the Ethones to set down the reins of power; the Negasphaere threatens everything, including those who want to hold themselves back. The ancient Enthone finally recognizes the signs of the times. On the next day, before Chyndor can place himself openly on the side of the NAG, the Patron opens the meeting instead and resigns. It is time for reforms and the Enthones will not stand in their way. The Heat Legion is also present and sees the words of Kantiran, who still waits on the chapel moon with Alaska, confirmed.

Under these circumstances the Heat Legion sets Cosmuel Kain free again. By May 10, Chyndor is selected the new Patron, and Kantiran becomes one of the 11 Guarantors. On May 11, the OREON Capsule ETERNITY launches with Borgin Sondyselene on board, who wants to fulfill his last desire: He is going to find the Lady Samburi Yura, his daughter who he once lost to the Cosmocrats. He is leaving, never to return, and many thousands of OREON Capsules form an escort out of the solar system for the former Patron and joint founder of the secret organization.

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2348 - Quarter Phillips Sehnsucht
Quarter Phillip’s Longing
Quarter Phillips Sehnsucht

On February 10, 1345 NGE the final game for the Solar Football Championship is played on Terra. On the LORETTA Tender 22 Quarter Phillip and its colleagues are at battle with their technology fight at the same time. The sun tap is not correctly adjusted and eating away at the Salkrit dangerously fast, so that a spontaneous deflagration threatens. At the worst time possible, the next attack by the Chaos squadrons begins, but with heroic efforts Tender 22 remains on station, but Phillip carries off a heavy thigh injury and receives immediate shoreleave at home. Meanwhile Perry Rhodan receives the report that the Microtom hunters will soon be operational.

After the latest Chaos attack is over, the Nucleus asks for a crisis conference. There the entity informs the people that things cannot continue as they have been, for the continuing attacks is weakening the energy being and prevents it from growing. But the Nucleus also has good news - during the final game of the championship, there was a boost in latent psi-energy output everywhere on the Earth and in the solar system, but particularly in the area of Terrania. The mental being makes it clear that this positive energy was delivered unconsciously by celebrating humans. Therefore an experiment is to take place - in Magellan Stadium.

Right after his arrival on the Earth, Quarter Phillip happens to get involved in the project and meets the Blue Gueryliihitz, as well as the old Terran Yorg Alnas. Yorg grumbles about "those people up there", mourning for his daughter who had been lost in a spaceship loss, but nevertheless he participates in the experiment, which becomes a full success. Homer G. Adams explains that a small part of the Nucleus, a “collector grain”, will come and shift the volunteers into a mild Hypno-Trance, in order to generate a beautiful vision, and deliver the developing energies to the Nucleus. The test is outstanding, and even helps repel another attack by the Column. The process is supposed to be harmless for the volunteers. It awakens the longings of those present, and although it is draining for the volunteers, they are all inspired and make themselves available again, when the next test comes up.

Before this can take place, however, there is another attack by the Chaos squadrons. In a deep shelter Quarter Phillips meets a scientist who loses his nerve and warns of ESCHER. ESCHER is dangerous, and must be switched off. The man is immobilized by Medorobots and removed after the 'all-clear' signal, as Phillip observes.

The experiments in Magellan Stadium continue, and the press coins the term FILLING STATION for this kind of delivery of psi-energy, which is very quickly picked up everywhere.

The attacks of the Chaos troops continue, and with one of the attacks by the Chaos squadrons PRAETORIA measure a strange phenomenon close to Jupiter. Scientists call it "hyperperforation". It is a kind wormhole in space-time, which in the worst case could be used for a penetration from outside. On the "other" side of it, two suns are to be seen.

On the other side of the TERRANOVA screen Vice-captain Zarmaur gets new support by the column race of the Koryphen, which is close to becoming extinct. These kraken like beings possess outstanding scientific abilities. Their knowledge towers above that the Ganschkares. Thus the Koryphen make a remarkable discovery after some weeks: in certain ranges it is possible to weaken the TERRANOVA screen in such a way that small objects can get inside it, although it is strongly stressed that the passage for these objects does not come without consequences for both spirit and technology. The first attempt is prevented by a strong hyperstorm that continues for a week, but then the employment for four hundred Micro-Beasts in just as many Dark Capsules begins.

On the Earth, where it is meanwhile already the middle of March 1345 NGE, the first negative effects of the FILLING STATIONS show up, while two further stadiums have been prepared. The process can apparently promote both depressions, and awaken longings that become addictive, as the brain develops reactions, which are similar to those caused by the intake of LSD. This endangers Quarter Phillip, but a discussion with a psychologist is interrupted by a new attack by the Chaos powers, before he can be dismissed from the tests. And this time, his spirit gives in to its longings, killing him in the process. Phillip notices this happening, but before he dies, he sees himself floating before two suns, which is something he had longed for.

This last attack sees the breakthrough of two hundred ninety-six of the four hundred Dark Capsules, as the Koryphen reports to Zarmaur.

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2349 - Wurmloch ins Solsystem
Wormhole In The Sol System
Hubert Haensel

On April 8, 1345 NGE the Microtom-Hunters respond to an emergency. Two hundred ninety-six Dark Capsules have broken through the TERRANOVA Screen. But the majority is easy prey for the new special fleet, which consists of small globes. This fleet was ordered built after the assassination attempt by the Micro-Beasts, and its first deployment is considered a full success. The few Dark Capsules to get through are destroyed by other fleet units.

On the other side of the screen they are in the dark about what has happened to the Dark Capsules. Against his better knowledge Zarmaur holds the Koryphen responsible for the screen still being up and demands better results. His heads are also on the line and he can only pass on this pressure. The Koryphen turn to initially making further attacks to take new measurements, because the Terrans will make changes to the screen.

In the Sol system they come to the certainty that the wormholes that keep developing in different locations within the Sol system must be forming due to the interaction of the crystal screen and the Column attacks. During one occurrence an outdated Syntron probe that used to help steer weather control over the Earth disappears into the wormhole. They are certain that the probe was not destroyed. Afterwards Perry Rhodan orders two specially prepared probes sent into the wormhole, and one returns again, on which strong Strangeness effects are to be measured. In addition Rhodan receives highly secret information from Atlan in the Charon Cloud.

On April 20, 1345 NGE Rhodan personally goes with a SCARAB on an exploratory mission into a new wormhole. The ship comes under strong Strangeness effects, but Perry keeps control of the ship. When the other end of the “tunnel” is to be recognized as nearly reached and a strange ship is noted there, the wormhole begins to break down, and the SCARAB has to turn back.

On the Earth meanwhile, there are protests involving the TERRANOVA FILLING STATIONS. This culminates in the TERRANOVE-GLOBE, a self-governed peoples organization, which consists of active “volunteer donors” to the FILLING STATION project and other activists that organizes the use of the donors. Homer G. Adams, who at first maintains a rejecting attitude towards this organization, is worried about whether the organization can guarantee the necessary positive attitudes of the volunteers and an increase in output by them, but is pleasantly surprised by their results. In addition Perry Rhodan receives a dossier from the TERRANOVA-GLOBE leadership, which concerns “dreams” by the donors, whom all report of a double solar system with a white and an oranges sun. It is the system, which is to be seen through the wormholes, which has been kept a secret till now.

On May 16, 1345 NGE another emergency occurs. The full alarm is given for the Sol system, because six Traitanks break through the screen, but the homeland fleet, aided by a fragmented PRAETORIA succeeds in destroying the ships. They succeed due to the seventy-two VRITRA Cannons, which could be built from the documents received from Atlan. The losses of the Sol Home Fleet amount however, to nearly four hundred ships, a relatively high blood price.

Zarmaur is again infuriated, but still gives the Koryphen one more chance. On May 23, 1345 NGE, a hole is made in the crystal screen big enough to let through an entire Chaso squadron. Together with the AULYZ-33 of the Koryphen the breakthrough is sure to succeed.

As this breakthrough attempt begins, Perry Rhodan goes again with the SCARAB into a wormhole. Inside it, they find the foreign ship and try to make contact, but the Strangeness effects disturb the radio. A strange spaceman appears and has the vanished Syntron probe “in tow”. But before contact can be made, the stranger’s ship is destroyed by the Strangeness effects, as is the stranger himself. The ship must have been equipped with high level technology and it turns out that the “spaceman” was a robot. After this disappointment Rhodan turns the SCARAB around and leaves the wormhole.

It turns out that all but three of the Chaos squadron ships and the Koryphen ship, which had been accompanying the squadron were destroyed when Malcolm S. Daellian was able to activate the new LORETTA tenders 97-108 at the last minute and restabilize the TERRANOVA Screen. The last three Tritanks are blown apart by VITRA Cannons.

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2350 - Das schreiende Schiff
The Screaming Ship
Uwe Anton

Since May 23, 1345 NGE Perry Rhodan has sped up work on the SCARABS, so that a successful breakthrough with the hyperperforation can succeed. Forty-eight of the ships were fitted out with crews that are particularly resistant against Strangeness effects. Then on May 25th Rhodan penetrates together with Gucky into a new wormhole, but it is not a success, because the gate into a foreign universe breaks down too early.

Then on May 27th Perry Rhodan receives the news of his son Michael’s destiny. However, this message which arrives over the new LINE 2 of Project BACKDOOR on Mercury does not let his hope fall. There is always hope! The message was sent over so-called MOTRANS Platforms, which are made of seventeen joined together LFT-BOXES and represent a mobile giant transmitter suitable for long-distance flight which can send through spaceships up to size of heavy cruisers. Suns serve its energy source.

At midnight on June 1, 1345 NGE, the night sky appears anew over the worlds of the Sol system. For this purpose two thousand artificial suns were lit and exposed at the range of Uranus’ orbital lane. The "star formations" are specially designed, one showing the new logo of the LFT which was introduced at the fiftieth anniversary of the Solar Residence. The population of the Earth is inspired by it. On that same day the news reaches Perry that eighty-five FILLING STATIONS are in operation, while the goal of the Nucleus of the Monochrome Mutants and Homer G. Adams lies at four thousand FILLING STATIONS. That many are needed, for the 1.43 billion people demanded for continuous operation. Even in view of this number Rhodan does not doubt that his Terrans will manage it.

From Malcolm S. Daellian comes the report that with TRAITOR’S next wave, he expects two thousand three hundred and four Column Forts with at least one million, one hundred fifteen thousand one hundred thirty-six Traitanks. He has determined this on account of the "twisting" of the Forts at an angle of seven and a half degrees.

On June 4th the DAEDALUS, the SCARAB which Rhodan uses, is back in operation. This time it succeeds in making its way all the way through the hyperperforation tunnel, but the wormhole then disappears, and the ship is caught in a foreign universe, surrounded by a "pulsating" Strangeness. Something is going wrong there, as is clear to Rhodan. He heads the DAEDALUS for the ship which he had seen already once through the opening of the wormhole. It turns out to be an eight thousand eighty meter long, four car unit. Gucky receives very strong, painful "shouting" telepathic impulses from it and so coins it with the name of the "screaming ship", which seems to suffer from the changing Strangeness. But the SCARAB manages a docking with it, and the two immortals penetrate into the foreign ship. Gucky locates the mental source and teleports as close as possible to it with Rhodan. In a one hundred meter high, and just as thick "bell", which Gucky esperns to be the "Hall of the Mightys", they come upon the newest Seven Mighty. These are methane-ammonia breathers, as can be figured out from the atmosphere of the ship.

The Mightys Deltoro, Unscrow, Dumgard, Karrillo, Kafug, Konferge and Nuskoginus are stuck in "coffins", preserved in the material Ysalin Afagour. Perry Rhodan immediately remembers the Ysalin Magran in which the two Algorrians Le Anyante and Curcaryen Varantir were preserved for ten thousand seven hundred years. However, with Ysalin Afagour there seems to be a component which causes torturous pain to the preserved beings.

Over telepathic contact it turns out that these Seven Mighty had committed a betrayal to the forces of Order in their universe and are paying for it with this captivity in an endless loop of pain. This punishment can be ended only if the Mighty stand by the Terrans against the Terminal Column, with which they had already had direct contact in their universe. That's why the Seven asked their servant the robot Aquinas, to create a connection to the Sol system whose coordinates they had somehow gotten. Gucky and Rhodan visit this robot. He explains to them that a barrier prevents the durable construction of a wormhole. Rhodan recognizes immediately that it must be the TERRANOVA Screen. Due to this, the side effect of constant Strangeness changes is being produced which pull the SEOSAMH, the four parts of the ship into damaging itself. On the question of whether the SEOSAMH is a ship of the Mighty the robot gives him a negative answer. The SEOSAMH is no SOURCE BEARER – which are spherical ships with a diameter of one thousand one hundred twenty-six kilometers (which corresponds to the diameter of a spore ship) - but only a ship which the Mighty Nuskoginus once received as a present from a race that he had helped out.

Perry Rhodan comes up with a plan. With the next wormhole he returns to the Sol system and immediately orders all forty-eight SCARABS to go through the wormhole. Thirty-one ships manage to break through. They take three parts of the SEOSAMH, namely SEOSAMH SHIELD, SEOSAMH ACCOMMODATION and SEOSAMH WAREHOUSE in tow with tractor rays and pull them through the wormhole, while the fourth part, SEOSAMH WORKSHOP, keeps the wormhole stable.

The three parts enter the Sol system on June 7th, together with the Seven Mighty and Aquinas, the robot. He announces that the Mightys will contact Rhodan once they have adapted themselves to the new Strangeness values in this universe and report on their history.

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2351 - Die Gefallenen Mächtigen
The Fallen Mighty
Uwe Anton

Aquinas promises Perry Rhodan the history of the Seven Mighty, but the Resident must first practice patience, because the Mightys must first get adapted to the new Strangeness values of the standard universe. Iakes seven weeks, until on July 23, 1345 NGE, the yearned for call finally arrives from the badly damaged SEOSAMH. During these seven weeks more FILLING STATIONS were put into operation. Now there are three hundred and forty-five of them distributed about the whole Sol system.

Perry Rhodan, who together with Gucky, Mondra Diamond and his adjutant go to the SEOSAMH which stands in Mercury’s orbital path, now learn the history of the Seven Mighty from the universe Eud'y Asor Jaroso from Nuskoginus.

Sixty million years ago:

Eight governors lead the fortunes of their home galaxy Eudoccia. The eight people from the race of the Gyshania want peace in their star island. Besides the hydrogen breathing people whose civilization is highly progressed, there are some oxygen breathers that keep giving problems. While the eight are holding one of their discussion groups, which are held every eight years in the Castle Oquaach, movement comes to the black spot, which is also called the Oquaach Cathedral, above the planet. This strange irregularity which has circled circles the home world of the Gyshanians since prehistoric times and around which legends and predictions swirl, suddenly opens up. Out of it comes a cobalt blue cylinder of two hundred meters length and fifty meters of diameter. This ship comes undone from an object of one thousand one hundred and twenty-six kilometers of diameter and approaches the castle of the governors. Suddenly a humanoid formed robot appears in the castle and presents itself as a Srivonne, an emissary of the Cosmocrats. He announces that seven of the present governors are being appointed as Mightys. One of the eight governors present, Inkendyare, is not trusted by the higher powers, so she was rejected.

The Seven leave the castle and go with Srivonne, who controls the step without distance covered, into the black spot. There each of them is consecrated and receives a SOURCE BEARER. Each of these is a reflection of the object in the black spot and consists of crystallized Psi-matter. With these, they spread life and intelligence in their universe for ten thousand years. But all seven suffer from pricks of conscience with regard to Inkendyare. Therefore, each of them separately return to their homeland and support their former road companion, giving her access to a Physiotron to extend her life. But one day the CALL comes and they go to meet on the PLAIN. There they are reprimanded by Aquinas the infallible, a robot of the Cosmocrats that has been assigning them their orders. It forbids further Physiotron treatments. The Seven give in to this demand. This decision hits Nuskoginus the hardest, as it turns out Inkendyare is the mother of their many children and grandmother of their innumerable grandchildren.

But this does not bother Inkendyare as hard, because she has received a visit from Condeziz, an oxygen breather. He came on order of KOLTOROC and promises her eternal life on the superintelligence’s behalf. In return, she is to organize a meeting with the Mightys, if they happen to show up again at Farner Aly. And Eudoccia is to become a gigantic shipbuilding galaxy. Traitanks should be manufactured here in gigantic number. Certainly, Inkendyare feels a certain hypnotic influencing by the being that is titled a Herald, but she hangs too very much onto her life, for her to judge it as negative. The Seven Mighty also fall under the spell of the Heralds, which they take with them aboard their SOURCE Bearers. They now sow and promote life like that of the Morgotha Aldaer, also known as the Mor'Daer. Eventually the Cosmocrats catch onto what is happening. Srivonne kills Condeziz takes Inkendyare’s immortality. Then he CALLS the Seven Mighty to the PLAIN and kills the Heralds. Once this is done he renders judgment on the Seven Mighty. They are punished with an endless torture. Aquinas will now serve the Seven, as a punishment for not noticing the problem earlier.

The next sixty million years, up to the present day in 1345 NGE:

Encased in a preservative medium, the Seven Mighty fly under torture through the multiverse with the SEOSAMH, as they come to terms with their “life”. They pursue the Terminal Column TRAITOR for more than sixty million years and determine its exact structure. Then in January 1345 NGE, their attention is steered by a supposed group of renegade Dark Investigators to and Perry Rhodan. The Investigator also gives them to understand that this group within the group of the Dark Investigators wants to form resistance against TRAITOR.

The report from the past ends with this. After Rhodan agrees to give them asylum and try to help them gain freedom, the Mighty reveal the aim of the Column in the in the Milky Way and the other resource galaxies. They are to serve as a resource for the building and the crew of a Chaotender. This Chaotender, the VULTAPHER, is to take on the protection of the Negasphere appearing in Hangay.

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2352 - Griff nach Drorah
Grasping For Drorah
Hans Kneifel

The Akon Empire is firmly in the grip of the Terminal Column. Drorah has been occupied by Mor'Daers, and all the council members are either dead or underground. There is no government, and the population must improvise to survive. Since the proclamation of the TRAITOR DIRECTIVE the society and economy in the Blue system is rapidly going downhill. Only the remnants of the Energy Command are giving resistance and arranging violent battles with the members of the occupying forces and they take no consideration for the civilian population. On July 26, 1345 NGE Solina Tormas dies during one of these battles - she is present as an innocent bystander when a glider falls and she is lethally injured. Her commander Jere tan Baloy, whose ship the LAS-TOÓR was forced to land on Drorah after the proclamation of the DIRECTIVE and was condemned since then to idleness and boredom, cannot save Solina. Her death and the cruelty of TRAITOR awaken feelings of hate and the wish for revenge in him.

Jere and some other of his ship’s crew are visited by Dorn Tevomor. The leader of a protest movement has for approximately nine months had a mysterious package in his possession, which the Ma'tam of the Akon Council had handed over to him before being killed. Jere, Eniva ta Drorar and the other former crewmembers of the LAS-TOÓR examine the object. It turns out to be an impulse sender for more than four thousand explosive charges which have been put in all the important locations on Drorah. When Jere tests the device, he unintentionally destroys a high tech factory along with the native workers inside it. Not wanting to repeat such a thing, he requires full access to the functions of the device, but this is possible only with a code from someone in the Energy Command. Eniva has recently tracked down almost absolute proof that an Energy Command agent, Taje Karoon-Baal, has been in a nearby rehab clinic, since having suffered some major injuries on a mission.

Eniva plays the bait, so that Taje can be kidnapped. However, once caught he turns out ready to voluntarily help Jere’s group and even join it. With Taje’s E-Com code Jere has the capability to destroy any of four thousand four hundred nineteen target objects on Drorah, as he wishes. And he receives the opportunity to try this when the Dark Obelisk takes up its real work August second. A three kilometer thick dome-shaped zone of absolute darkness appears around it and emits impulses which have a suggestive, disorientating and painful effect. Dorn, who has already been protesting for days on the plaza before the council palace (however has been ignored), loses his life due to these impulses. Jere tries to blow up the council palace, in whose vicinity the obelisk stands, but the impulses of the signal giver evidently cannot penetrate the twilight zone. Jere then chooses another target: A tower in which the Column geometricians, who only recently arrived on Drorah, are. The attack is successful: the tower is completely destroyed.

Jere’s people cannot be glad for long, because during the very same evening twenty gigantic objects materialize in the Blue system. Fourteen of them are Columns ferries which have thousands and thousands of Traitanks aboard …

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2353 - Requiem für einen Mond
Requiem for a Moon
Horst Hoffman

Taje Karoon Baal takes over command of the small group of resisters. Jere tan Baloy accepts the change without comment and gives the impulse generator to the E-Command agent. For safety’s sake, the group goes underground in the artist colony Echnaricoll, lying outside of Konars. There Taje evaluates data about the events going on in the Blue system, which he collected in a secret Energy Command sensor station: twenty-four Chaos squadrons are in the system, as well as fourteen Column ferries and six enormous objects, which Taje calls Column MACHINES, because they are similar to the MACHINE TWELVE, which was used in 427 NGE by the Dekalog of the Elements. All the Column MACHINES consist of two hemispheres attached at the pole, whose flat sides are covered with superstructures. In the center is a rotating drive ring. They have a diameter of one hundred kilometers, and altogether are one hundred fifty kilometers high. These enormous objects go into orbit around Xoelyar, the major moon of Drorah.

Conditions continue to worsen on Drorah. Public order did not yet break down completely, but the suicide rate rises to a frightening extent. On August 8, 1345 NGE eighty-eight more Column ferries appear in the Blue system. They are with sixty-six TRAIGOT and twenty-two TRAICAH factories. These also go into an orbit around Xoelyar, and the moon is completely radio isolated and wrapped in anti-detection fields. Energy chaos develops within this area. Some days before all Akonian ships that were near Xoelyar were forced to land on the moon. Now it is certain that the Terminal Column is actually interested not in Drorah, but its moon.

On August 11, thousands and thousands of mini-obelisks emerge from the dark zone that surrounds the Dark Obelisk on Drorah and fly off into the sky towards Xoelyar. Taje and Jere use a secret Energy Command cage transmitter to reach the moon. While Jere helps the survivors of the fallen space dock CROFON-4 to evacuate to Drorah, Taje uses the signal generator to ignite some explosive charges, which were already put some time ago at critical facilities on the moon, just as they had on Drorah. All it accomplishes is drawing the Mor'Daers attention to him. They shoot him, but it is only a glancing blow and he manages to escape. His positronic returns his unconscious body to Jere and they return to Drorah.

Back on Drorah, Taje’s group find themselves a new hiding place. On August 16, the Akones observe how Xoelyar seems to grow smaller and then disappears in an enormous explosion. The explosion should tear Drorah apart, but the Terminal Column shields it from this. The Column factories are obviously adjusting the system’s gravity conditions, which were suddenly changed by the loss of the moon. But why is it doing all this…?

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2354 - Kolonnen Geometer

Jaghiro Ackan is a Column-Geometrician in training. Like all Column-Geometricians he comes from the race of the Oahm'Cara. The Oahm'Cara live, divided into tribes, in TRAIGOT Factories. Ackan’s tribe lives in TRAIGOT-1982, which forms a Sequin Doar together with sixty-five further TRAIGOTS and twenty-two TRAICAH Factories as ordered by the Column.

One day while Jaghiro Ackan is on his way to search for old historical data on the Oahm'Caras in the central archives he is pursued by another trainee by the name of Arfyss E'lhacc. Arfyss is always trailing after him, although Ackan does not want to have anything to do with him. After chasing Arfyss off once again, Jaghjiro is about to call up the data, but is interrupted by a message from the factory’s main center. In this control room of the factory a Kalbarone of the Mor'Daer has received a message. The message indicated that a new Nega-goal was set and the Sequin Doar is taking course for it. This is wonderful news for Jaghiro Ackan, because the last Nega-goal lay innumerable generations in the past of the now living Oahm'Cara. And the "Problem" of the Column-Geometricians is it that they become active only at such goals due to their special psi-ability the ‘Geometricians sense’. Otherwise they have no function in the factory.

The Nega-goal is close, but it is unclear just how close. Thus the training continues, until they finally reach Hangay, which is the Nega-goal. In the meantime, Ackan is being subtly hounded and attacked by Arfyss E'lhacc for no understandable reason. The Geometricians do not become active in Hangay, but only spend a while (nearly decades) there, because the first wave of the Terminal Column is late. During this time Ackan learns more about the local group, as the star islands call themselves in short. To his fright, he learns that the inhabitants once defeated the Dekalog of the Elements, a “quick response group” of the Column.

At about this time, the hyperimpedance shock begins, which also affects the machinery of the Column units, although not as massively as the technology of the Hangay races, whose interstellar space travel practically comes to a complete halt. The members of the Column see a Cosmocrat influence in this act. In response to a question to his teacher, the new Geometrician learns that it would require probably at least a True Progress, but probably rather a real Chaotarc, to reduce hyperimpedance again to a normal value in even a local diameter of the almost three million light-years wide range of the Nega-goal.

The work order for the Sequin Doar finally arrives. It is in the target area of a galaxy named the Milky Way, which is under the control of the Dual Captain Zerberoff, and the first Dark Obelisks are installed there. They are the points of reference for the work of the Column-Geometricians. Their first destination is the Akon system. Here they plan to work on the moon of the main world Drorah. It is to be subdivided into plots. Altogether six hundred and twelve thousand plots will be developed from the "best" worlds of the Milky Way. With their INTERDIM-Multidarts the Column-Geometricians are to begin preparing Xoelyar as a test subject.

However, just before they are to begin this, Jaghiro Ackan falls into a trap prepared by Arfyss E'lhacc and “dies” frozen in outer space…

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2355 - Die Ressourcen-Welt
The Resource World
Arndt Ellmer

Floating in space, Jaghiro Ackan is found quickly enough, so that he can be reanimated. When he has recovered, he participates in the utilization of Xoelyar and Drorah. Meanwhile, altogether two thousand one hundred twelve Column factories are in the Blue system, and they form a complete operation fleet.

Meanwhile, Taje Karoon-Baal’s small resistance group continues visiting a series of hiding places. On August 25, 1345 NGE innumerable miniature obelisks again arise from the twilight zone and distribute themselves all over Drorah. They mark the corner points of three-dimensional areas which enclose twenty-one by fifteen kilometer of acreage and pass several kilometers into the ground. These plots are separated by fog-like barriers from remainder of the planet. Taje’s group is in such a plot when all these areas are shifted on August 28 and become partially dematerialized. They are literally cut out from the planet’s surface. The rest of the planet is destroyed and the raw materials of the debris are processed for other uses. The Terminal Column is particularly interested in the Psi-matter which is inside Drorahs. The plots from which cabinets of the Chaotender VULTAPHER are to be formed are stored in hyperspace with the help of the energy released, where they are to be farther altered and developed. It is exactly the same thing that happened with Xoelyar.

On account of their Para-gift, only the Column geometricians are able to find their way about the hyperenergetic chaos of the Proto-cabinets and prepare them for their subsequent treatment. After his recovery, Jaghiro takes part in this process. He also comes in further conflict with Arfyss E'lhacc, who continues to try to kill him. Finally, in a factory inside of a Proto-cabinet it comes to the final battle of the two combatants. At the last moment, Jaghiro succeeds in killing his opponent. However, he himself is badly injured in the process and loses consciousness. This is how Taje and his people find him. Although they have just become a witness of the destruction of their home planet, they spare the Column geometrician. They want to transport him to their apartment, but are paralyzed by Jaghiro’s paramour, who approaches in the protection of a dark field.

Jaghiro returns to his tribe. They honor him as the best Column geometrician of his generation. The Matriarch betrays to him the reason for the conflict between him and Arfyss: in rare cases Oahm'Cara are born in which the wild heritage of their ancestors reawakes, giving particularly strong Para-gifts. Arfyss and Jaghiro were two these special Oahm'Cara. Ovo Ynshuune, Jaghiro’s lover, is the single female Oahm'Cara to possess the Geometrician's sense, but will soon lose it. She is to replace her own tribe’s current Matriarch, who will soon die – and Jaghiro is to become a brood father of her descendants …

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2356 - Schmerzruf
Pain Call

In the market of IL-Vuccash, one of the star cities of Hallie Loghts, two Katranes are wrangling over a deal on December 18, 1344 NGE, when they are interrupted by a mysterious noise. In a dead end between several containers one of the Kartanes, La-Kira, discovers a confused being, who is very largely, blue skinned and naked. They cannot communicate with each other. When the foreigner approaches, panic seizes the other Kartane, and he pulls out an emitter, but La-Kira stops him. With the help of a gas filled ball, which he hurls at the stranger, he knocks the man out. Afterwards the two Kartanes sell the unconscious stranger to the Incassis Karaus Msirako. He is owner of a bauxite mine. There the foreigner awakens on December 19. With the help of Ingittz Zaul he learns the Kartane dialect Kartasch, the main idiom used in the Lazaruu star cluster on the edge of the galaxy Hangay, extremely quickly. Zaul calls the newcomer Naigon, which means something like "mysteries", because Naigon does not possess any memories. But Naigon feels that he is not supposed to be there and plans an escape. The only problem is the exploding slave collars that cannot be forced off. In the course of days and weeks Naigon learns that he possesses a Para-gift, recognizing that he can split his consciousness in fragments and send them off to affect other beings. This makes his stay in the mine becomes more bearable, since he can manipulate the overseers.

When a mine collapse occurs on January 17, 1345 NGE, Naigon is trapped, as is Zaul. There is actually no hope to be had, but Naigon’s mind flies off and causes Msirako to save the two. During this crisis Naigon remembers his real name, which is Kirmizz! Msirako goes broke with this rescue and sells the two slaves to the pirate Tschaek Sparr, a Kartane. He sends his slaves into the radioactively contaminated desert of Foor to hunt for Lytrila – a type of hypercrystal -in the area of the Prion of the Mutants, who rules the desert with his mutated subjects. After several months it comes to a meeting between the Prion and Kirmizz. The Prion, a suggestively talented Hauri, is subjected to a psionic duel, when he tries to affect Kirmizz. The Prion and all of his minions die in the duel, except for his guard dogs, which run away. But since the Prion had attacked the camp of Tschaek Sparr before attacking them, Kirmizz and Ingittz Zaul are now free men. The date on Hallie Loght is now March 16, 1345 NGE.

Meanwhile, in the Rosella Rosado Kantiran Rhodan meets with the new Peace Driver Patron Chyndor calls, who informs him that a station is to be set up in the Lazaruu star cluster in order to keep an eye on Hangay. Kantiran suggests that the task of setting up Camp Sondyselene become the initiation test for Cosmuel Kain. Chyndor warns him against forming a personal relationship with her yet, since she is not yet an initiated Peace Driver. After the Oracle considers the request and agrees to it, a small fleet of OREON Capsules including the THEREME, the RESEARCHER and the ship of the Examiner Polm Ombar makes its way with several stopovers to the last stop before the Lazaruu cluster, where their paths separate. On July eighth the THEREME reaches the star cluster with three OREON transporters, and the two people orient themselves, whereby Kantiran leaves all the work to Cosmuel. She selects the locally important world Vibe Lotoi for the base, and on July twelfth the two make their way towards that world.

During this period, the two ex-slaves go to IL-Vuccash, where Kirmizz expects to find information about himself, but is disappointed. The two men thereupon decide to leave and take a transition spaceship to the world Vibe Lotoi, but the Hauri owners reject them, because they do not have enough money. Therefore, the two remain in IL-Vuccash for the time being, where a critical incident occurs on July twentieth. The dogs of Udafoor, wolf-like animals, which had once served the Prion as a "body guard ", seek out Kirmizz and Zaul, trapping them. When the animals fall upon the two men and kill Zaul, Kirmizz discovers another of his para-gifts. The front of his face “splits” open and a second face inside emits the pain call, a psionic wave, which kills all life around him. The animal, which were previously resistant to his mental control fragments, are affected by the pain call. After they are dead, Kirmizz’s face closes up again. Kirmizz retrieves the Lytrila crystals hung on the dogs’ collars and is not able to buy passage on a Hauri ship. Two days later, on July twenty-third he leaves Hallie Loght heading for Vibe Lotoi.

On July twenty-eight, the RESEARCHER’S computer MIRKET informs Alaska Saedelaere, who is hunting for clues to the SOL’S current location, about a detection that a probe had made on December 18, 1344 NGE in the periphery of Hangay. Eighteen thousand light years removed from the Lazaruu star cluster there was an unknown ship suffering with engine problems. The ship was using technology far superior to anything used by the Galactics. When the mask carrier decides to approach the ship, two Chaos squadrons suddenly emerge. The RESEARCHER goes to silent running and listens to the radio bands of the Chaos ships. Thus the Peace Driver learns that a cargo ship of the Chaos troops, the BANDA SARI, is missing. It was transporting something called Kirmizz. After a while the squadrons leave, having not discovered the ship. Alaska Saedelaere thereupon immediately leaves for the Lazaruu cluster, in order to inform Kantiran and Cosmuel Kain about his discoveries.

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2357 - Camp Sondyselene
Camp Sondyselene
Michael Marcus Thurner

Cosmuel Cain and Kantiran have reached Vibe-Lotoi, after a small dispute about the location for Camp Sondyselene, with which Kantiran overrides Cosmuel, who feels it is too risky. She then proceeds with the construction, while Kantiran continues to fantasize about her. Once the secret base is established, a group of other Peace Drivers arrive to judge Cosmuel’s work, among them Polm Ombar, Ejdu Melia and Auludbirst. The judgment falls positively, with only the choice of location, in a mountain valley near the capital, being criticized. Kantiran takes responsibility for the decision and defends it. He later turns out to have been correct in it.

Ombar then reports on news from the Milky Way, received from the Devolter II railway station. He reports about VULTAPHER and the Seven Mighty from another universe, of Kirmizz and also Dantyren. This news is a heavy blow for Kantiran, although only very little actually connects him to Roi Danton. Still, blood is thicker than water...

At the same time Kirmizz, who still suffers from amnesia arrives on Vibe-Lotoi in a Hauri ship. In contrast to his expectation, he was not bothered on the ship, even though it has not escaped him that Ushekka craved his Lytrila crystals. Leaving the ship, he engages the dubious taxi driver Cajanthas as a tour guide and chauffeur to drive him through the capital, in search of danger, because only in such a way, he recognizes, can his buried memories be jogged back to the surface.

When Alaska Saedelaere appears unexpectedly at Camp Sondyselene, he reports about the SARI BANDA and the "cargo" Kirmizz. Put together with the information that the Polm Ombar brought, an astonishing chance thereby arises for the Peace Drivers. They are sure that Kirmizz is in the Lazaruu star cluster. They resolve to immediately begin the search for him. Cosmuel Cain is told to set up a search plan for them as a continuation of her initiation test.

Before the search can begin however, half of a Chaos squadron appears under cover of dark fields over Vibe-Lotoi and covers the planet with a "search radiation", but departs again having seemingly found nothing.

While this goes on, Kirmizz experiences the dangerous situation requested by him, in a "leisure park" for Kartanes. But the Ay'Va, the most important Hauri organized crime cartel, is now after him, because of the hypercrystals. To Kirmizz the rabble on this world is all scum, and it is more and more certain for him that he is meant for higher things. HE also feels that he stands well above the "normal" living beings of this planet.

The Peace Drivers, who had taped the specific characteristics of the search radiation split up and approach the most important worlds of the star cluster. Kantiran and Polm Ombar proceed to the capital to search there, while Cosmuel Cain stays behind in the camp and scans the radio traffic for anything peculiar. She learns about a person called Naigon who the local mafia is after, however, Ombar is of the opinion that this Naigon is unimportant, although it is the only track that Cosmuel Cain can find.

In the capital the events come to a head, as Kirmizz is attacked by ten assassins from the Hauri mafia. They are under the influence of a drug that even makes them resistant to the pain call that Kirmizz can generate when in the highest need. While hundreds of Kartanes die from the pain call, the Hauri, indeed, survive although they are slightly slowed down, so that Kirmizz can escape into a survival game area. While making his way through this area, killing the following Hauri one by one, he regains his memories, although they are still in a confused order.

Polm Ombar and Kantiran realize immediately, after Cosmuel reports about the dead Kartanes that this can have been only the work of Kirmizz, and that they had made a mistake. However, now they follow up on the lead.

The matter is not over for the Hauri mafia either. They no longer care about the hypercrystals. It is now a matter of honor that they kill Kirmizz, or Naigon, whoever he is...

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2358 - Pilot der Chaotarchen
Chaotarc Pilot
Leo Lukas

Kirmizz is on the run, but he retreats quickly from the Kartanin leisure park to search for a quiet place somewhere in La Untique, where he can sort his regained memories. However, it is clear to him that he requires some kind of painful stimuli to help him focus this process. Using the city’s sewer system he comes upon an animal trainer, Sgisg Rotker, an amoeba like being that he mentally affects and orders to take him to his kennel. Together they build an instrument of torture with which Rotker is to torment the designated Chaotender pilot. Once installed in the chamber, Kirmizz dives into his memories.

Kirmizz returns to the period when he was being trained in the XIX Cosmitat, the same one Gon Orbohn had betrayed. The Cosmitat leads him to believe at first in a memory of youth which never actually existed, but the student eventually sees thru the charade. He also suffers from experiences of Déjà-vu, where suddenly remembers things that he has never learned; he also hears a voice speaking in his head. He succeeds in taking up contact with this voice: It belongs to Untha Myrre, the former owner of his body. Untha was a student in the XX Cosmitat, but the XIX Cosmitat stole his, deleted his memory and created Kirmizz in the mind of the artificial body. But a fragment of Myrre remained in the body, and now turns into Kirmizz’s "secret weapon". Some time later he discovers a classmate during a search for information about his "predecessor" Gon-Orbhon. It is the hydrogen breather Faro Nuun Jasper, who is being trained as a Mighty of the Cosmocrats and is much farther advanced in his training than Kirmizz. The two extort the Cosmitat in order to be able to continue training together. Kirmizz also finds out that he is supposed to have an accelerated training program by order of the Chaotarc Xrayn, because the Chaos powers are looking for a pilot for the Chaotender VULTAPHER, which is still to be built. It becomes clear that the Cosmitat is standing under great pressure after the failure of the training of Gon-Orbhon and therefore had implemented two orders in parallel, one for each of the two higher powers.

After a long education within the Cosmitat the two also go on outside tests, each in his own space yacht. Kirmizz used the SARI BANDA, while Faro Nuun Jasper who is nicknamed FNJ, has the AMD ENOFE; among other exams they exterminate whole races. Only once do they pull the shorter straw, during a confrontation with Xpomul’s Champions.

After this, the two trainees each receive the news from the Cosmitat about the accidental death of the other. But the two see through the lie. Moral tendencies are activated in each and it is now clear to the two that they are no longer friends, but deadly enemies. So the two get down to trying to exterminate each other. The two possess Para-gifts. FNJ is a dimensional converter, while Kirmizz possesses the pain call and is a mental dislocator, like Gon Orbohn was. After they almost destroy the Cosmitat, they search themselves out a dwarf galaxy in order to face off in a final duel. Everything seems to indicate that the future Mighty and Cosmocrat servant FNJ will win, but the Cosmitat has foreseen this development and manipulated FNJ’s ship, so that Kirmizz wins. The Cosmitat justifies this measure with the fact that the two of them were about to destroy each other and the Cosmitat needed at one to survive.

Some time later there his training ends and Kirmizz uses the SARI BANDA to fly to Hangay. Shortly before he reaches the galaxy, a shock of some sort hits the ship and Kirmizz loses control over it and crashes.

Then he once again experiences the events on Halie-Loght after he had awoken with amnesia, in fast motion. It becomes clear to him that he has to find the SARI BANDA again.

After he awakens from the torture, he kills Rokter, who had learned that Kirmizz was being searched for and wanted to betray him.

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2359 - Das Stumme Gesicht
The Mute Face
Micheal Marcus Thurner

Kirmizz remains in hiding in La Untique, but the Ay'Va are still on his heels, as are the Peace Drivers. The pilot of the Chaotarcs contines to regenerate and regains his power bit by bit. At first he does not succeed in taking over the Hauris via mental dislocation, but his abilities increase over the course of days - and, finally, he manages to take over the Hauris "in time". Then, from a Kartane that he had taken over in the radio tower, Kirmizz succeeds in sending out a radio message, which is directed to his ship, the SARI BANDA. While this message is caught by the Peace Drivers, they cannot decode it.

While Kirmizz is carried around in his hiding place, by a snail like Uhm, through the city, he notices Polm Ombar, but dos not succeed in taking over the Examiner. But he succeeds with Cosmuel Kain, or at least, he is able to affect her, but cannot draw much information from her.

Some time later, he receives a message from the SARI BANDA, in which the two robots of the ship announce that they are coming to retrieve him, without saying exactly when. Kirmizz has regained enough force at this point to penetrate the headquarters of the Ay'Va.

Because the Peace Drivers want to catch Kirmizz and free Cosmuel, Shala penetrates the base of the Ay'Va and switches off the protection screen that surrounds the facility. The Peace Drivers use the LIGHT generator to weaken Kirmizz farther. He is also attacked by Alaska Saedelaere. It comes to a duel between Alaska’s Cappin fragment and Kirmizz. Alaska lets his mask fall, while Kirmizz reveals his mute face.

The two combatants are strongly weakened by the confrontation, and the pilot of the Chaotarcs threatens to be defeated and fall into hands of the Peace Drivers. Polm Ombar paralyzes him, but at the last moment the SARI BANDA, which cannot be kept away by the OREON Capsules of the Peace Drivers, intervenes and saves the pilot. Cosmuel Kain lies fallen in the middle of the duel, but she surprisingly survives without damage, although she has seen Alaska without his mask and has heard the mute cry.

The Peace Drivers escape destruction by the SARI BANDA when Kirmizz orders his robots to shoot, because the damage to the ship’s artilleries has not been completed yet and cannot be fired.

Kirmizz now knows about the Peace Drivers, but assumes that they likely do not work for the Cosmocrats. Because the Peace Drivers fear retaliation on the part of the Chaos powers, Camp Sondyselene is wiped off the face of Vibe-Lotoi on August 8, 1345 NGE. Some time later a Chaos squadron appears and puts the mountain in which the camp had been into rubble and ash.

The Peace Drivers separate. Kantiran and Cosmuel who is declared a Peac Driver after this mission, and only lacks her initiation ceremony, want to allow themselves a little time off to lick their wounds, while Alaska Saedelaere proceeds to Terra to inform Perry Rhodan about the current situation. Ejdu Melia and Auludbirst want to continue investigating the border area of Hangay, while Shala and Ombar fly back to Ellegato.

Kirmizz, for his part, pushes the events to the back of his mind in order to concentrate on his upcoming duties. But he still wants to pay back the mask bearer for his defeat…

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2360 - Die Zweite Welle
The Second Wave
Uwe Anton

On July 26, 1345 NGE, the LFT NEPTUNE class spaceship GALACTO CITY is stationed in the proximity of Hayok. Very little is happening there.

At the same time in the Sol system the research troops of Malcolm S. Daellian are about to comb the SEOSAMH for technology. But Aquinas, the former Cosmocrat robot, refuses any cooperation and says simply that he knows nothing, where it concerns how the technology works, and that the Seven Mighty are not accessible. In order to fins a clue of where to start, Daellian calls in Dr. Baldwin Carapol, a hyperphysics prodigy. The man is initially angry, because his Project Petakalup can afford no delays. Within some days, however, he makes some discoveries, which for the time being are only of a theoretical nature, but may be of use in further improving the efficiency of the VRITRA cannon. Having given them a place to start, Daellian sends him back to Terra, because on August fifth they are going to test out Carapols invention, the Salkrit resonator in the Stadium of the Stars in Terrania: it is a cylindrical instrument, which contains a small quantity of Salkrit and will supposedly support the collector grain of the Nucleus. The test succeeds: the psi-potential of the Globists is multiplied several times. The only apparent side effect is the increased risk of cardiac infarctions in the participants, which does not represent a technical problem for the Terran medical profession.

On August 8, 1345 NGE the feared occurrence begins. Over the hyperradio relays bad tidings reach the Sol system. The space-time structure is being quaked everywhere and innumerable TRAITOR spacecrafts openly appear. Uncountable Traitanks, Skapalm barks, Column docks, TRAI Servicers and Column factories emerge in the Milky Way, along with a fewer number of cloaked ships. At first the Sol system remains spared, while new waves are announced each day from all parts of the galaxy.

On August tenth it becomes the Sol system’s turn. A fleet of 501 Column ferries with 242,484 Traitanks appears, as do two new Column Forts. The assembly of these Forts reaches the point within four days that they can boot up their fractal rip sheaths. After this activation, at exactly 16:35 o'clock on August fourteenth, the bombardment of the TERRANOVA screen by 259,424 Traitanks begins.

The collapse of the screen threatens, so in the greatest of needs Perry Rhodan gives the employment instruction for all the available Salkrit resonators. Eight hundred FILLING STATIONS are already equipped. These stabilize the screen, but only under enormous para-reality effects. However, these effects fade away, after the unsuccessful bombardment is stopped.

The deployment of the second wave continues in the galaxy, until on August fifteenth, the GALACTO CITY registers the arrival of TRAITOR ships at Hayok. There are 2,112 Column factories, 6 Column ENGINES and 17,424 Traitanks. Then there is an unusual sensor reading from Hayok itself and 49 spherical objects rise from the waters of the planet, each with a diameter of exactly 1,624.77 meters. In a ring formation the chrome flashing, dull black objects, which are assumed to be relics of the Oldtimers, leave the world. Intercepting Traitanks cannot stop them, as they accelerate with a speed of well over one thousand kilometers per second squared and vanish into hyperspace.

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2361 - Traumspuren
Dream Trails
Arndt Ellmer

Quinto-Center is now hiding out in the Lagoon Nebula, after its flight from the Portier system. There Monkey awaits the arrival of the TRAJAN. The ultrabattleship is on its way to fetch the Algorrians from Devolter II, because the situation has become unbearable there, due to Dantyren’s knowledge about the USO. In the middle of July 1345 NGE the ship arrives at Quinto-Center. The Algorrians behave as arrogantly as ever, but there is no possibility for the "continuation of their journey", because on August eighth the main headquarters of the New USO also registers the arrival of the second wave of TRAITOR. Monkey is clear that Dantyren will expect the Algorrians to go to Quinto-Center, and the hunt for the base will not give up.

At the Sol system, the RESEARCHER with Alaska Saedelaere aboard arrives only a few hours after the end of the last attack by approximately two hundred sixty thousand Traitanks. When the Peace Driver has reached Terra, the Nucleus is already calling him to a conference, because it has finally evaluated the data which Alaska had brought from Oaghonyr. The mental being explains that Malcolm S. Daellian has been chosen by it to fly with Alaska to Quinto-Center, in order to deliver a message for the two adult Algorrians. The message which is in a tiny spark emitting ball will only reveal itself when Daellian is physically meeting with the two Algorrians. Perry Rhodan feels insulted at first, but the Nucleus reminds him of Dantyren and insists upon absolute secrecy. Moreover, the mental being suggests that Daellian probably will not return to the Earth any time soon. As his deputy, Daellian suggests that Dr. Baldwin Carapol should take over the research tasks in the Sol system. The RESEARCHER leaves the Sol system over LINE 2, and is transmitted to MOTRANS STATION 4.

Meanwhile, more than sixty thousand Traitanks and a Column factory have emerged by the Lagoon Nebula. Monkey orders the use of the Paros-shadow screen, which has not been attempted for thousands of years now. The screen is soon operational with help from Curcaryen Varantir and Quinto-Center is therefore not discovered. One of the Column factories is destroyed by the young Algorrian Carzon Felvedir. The boy had discovered a psi-ability while on the trip to Quinto-Center, which MAJESTY later describes as being a Metalysator: He penetrates the TRAITOR ship over radio signals and destroys it from inside out. His death is assumed; anyway, his body in Quinto-Center dies.

After the TRAITOR ships have departed, the RESEARCHER and Daellian reach the headquarters of the USO and Daellian delivers the message sphere.

After Daellian hears the message, he has the following thoughts:

“I cannot do this. I was not created for such a thing. Do you hear me? I am dead! Dead! How are we supposed to do what we cannot do?"

He and the two Algorrians are supposed to build something in the Charon Cloud, which one cannot build. The sphere inserts a mental block in the three of them so that they cannot reveal their mission to anyone.

After this, everyone’s paths once again separate. Alaska is to bring the technical documents of the shadow screen and the solution to some other problem involving the rise in the hyperimpedance to Terra, while the TRAJAN brings the twelve remaining Algorrians and the Terran researcher to the Charon Cloud.

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2362 - Chaos für Hayok
Chaos For Hayok
Horst Hoffmann

August 18, 1345 NGE: the Effremi Algrim Gún is working his shift in the service castle CRULT. But he has problems, because his woman lies close to death and he can only save her if he rises in rank to be a herald of the True Progress Antakur von Bitvelt and can thereby afford her treatment. He has even good chances of accomplishing this, but then he has to carry out an order near the Dark District and encounters a strangely distorted Column Motivator. After the meeting he "loses" an hour of time.

The Dual Dantyren is also in the service castle. He is stationed directly by the True Progress, in order to give advice with regard to the Milky Way and thereby prove himself. Dantyren suggests moving the CRULT to Hayok to the crystal being to stand there as a sign of power. By chance he discovers how Gún keeps shuddering strangely and cleaning his fur if he enters the center of the Center Circle. The dual orders some Awour to watch the small Effremi.

Meanwhile Reginald Bull meets Bostich I. to submit a suggestion to him. He wants their fleets to come together and give pinpricks, because TRAITOR’S deployment seems to be complete in the Hayok sector, but strangely enough the "utilization" of Hayok is still held off. They cannot anticipate that Dantyren’s suggestion to the True Progress is the cause. Bull wants to use this circumstance and farther delay the "work" of the Terminal Column. Although the Arkonide Imperator uses all his possibilities to tease his "personal enemy", he remains calm. In the end they agrees to fly with altogether thirty-five VRITRA Cannon reinforced ships and several thousand other large ships to make quick run attacks on the fleets of the Column.

In Vhalaum the Fuertone Ethan Endoza is on his way to prison - he is a thief. But on the way the glider is shot down and only he survives, although he is badly injured and just wants to die. When he wakes up, he ends up directly between the fronts of Arkonides and Mor'Daers, only to end up a patient in the Perella clinic. Their chief has made the plan, to repair the ship HEALTH VII together with several patients. The old ship is practically scrap. But in the eyes of the partners it represents a real chance, because terrible rumors are making the rounds on Hayok about Drorah. As a thief Ethan is naturally a potential helper and, therefore he quickly and provisionally healed.

Shortly before the combined fleet of Bull and Bostich wants to set off, it receives news from Terra. There, a certain Dr. Baldwin Carapol has improved the VRITRA Cannon’s performance by twenty percent. In order to effect the necessary changes, the mission is held off.

On CRULT Dantyren figures out it is a plot against Antakur von Bitvelt. He discovers that the Effremi, whose woman dies in the meantime, shakes off nano-machinery every time he enters the Center Circle. He has already let loose two kilograms of the nano-machines, which will be set off as soon as they are exposed to ultraviolet light, and decompose crystal structures of every kind, as Column scientists find out. The Awour discover that the Effremi has been going into the Dark District. Therefore, Dantyren theorizes that the Dark Investigators are behind the plot. But in order to not set off the attack on Antakur von Bitvelt or alert the Dark Investigators too early, he does not inform the True Progress about what he has learned…

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2363 - Atem der Finsternis
Breath of Darkness
Horst Hoffmann

On September 11, 1345 NGE the CRULT reaches the Hayok system. On September thirteenth, the expected attack upon Antakur von Bitvelt occurs; but it fails. Since Dantyren warned him, the True Progress made a slow teleportation into an auxiliary control room and replaced himself with a double, which is destroyed by the nano-machines. Algrim Gún, who is subliminally called again into the Dark District, leads the True Progress to the traitorous Dark Investigator. In a face to face duel, the True Progress succeeds in killing the traitor with the help of the faithful Dark Investigators. This fight creates a side effect, which cuts off detection, sight and radio in the Hayok system for ninety-three minutes. The HEALTH VII uses this period of darkness to leave Hayok. It arrives in the sun’s corona, where it dives into the detection shadow.

Starting on September thirteenth, the united fleets of Reginald Bull and the Imperator Bostich I are again operational. The modification of the VRITRA cannons is complete. The two fleets of more than two thousand five hundred ships begin their attack on the Hayok system. They succeed in destroying more than a dozen Traitanks before pulling out without losing even one ship. But that is not more than a pinprick. The Column begins the parceling of the planet Hayok. Due to the attack of the LFT and the Imperium, the HEALTH VII succeeds in leaving the detection shadow, reaching entry speed to linear space and setting off towards Korphyria.

Dantyren is later awarded the rank of Dual Captain by the True Progress. Bitvelt also communicates to Dantyren that he will inform the KOLTOROC, whatever this might be, of the traitorous activities of the Dark Investigator.

Dantyren does not punish Algrim Gún - he in fact promises him the cure of his wife Shysarea and child by the Column Surgeons, as it was recognized that he was an innocent dupe in this matter.

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2364 - Unternehmen KombiTrans
Combi-Trans Mission
Christian Montillon

The past: 6296 - 6356 dha-Tamar.

The engineer Inday Anuun-Drazin is happy, for he is being transferred from Lemur to Omega Centaurus. It is a blessing for the averagely gifted engineer, because he is not contented on Lemur any more. However, already shortly after his transfer the boredom catches up to him even on the planet Kharmuu. That is, until he finds out that he is developing Para-abilities due to his contact with the hypermaterial Drokarnam. He can now mentally influence other Lemurers. He therefore collects more and more Drokarnam over a period of years. However, the hypermineral brings not only advantages. With constant contact Anuun-Drazin develops more and more rapidly growing tumors, accompanied by unbelievable pains that can be relieved only by the strongest painkillers. As his premature death approaches, Anuun-Drazin bets everything upon a risky plan and establishes himself a mausoleum lined with Drokarnam. As his body dies, his mind is released from it and continues to live within the hypermaterial. The plan has one unexpected sang to it; he cannot leave his " new body " any more and his mind is caught in place.

The Present, October 12, 1345 NGE.

Trim Marath and Startac Schroeder are aboard a DISCOVERER II, flying into the dangerous Omega Centaurus star cluster. It is traveling along with a second DISCOVERER and a PONTOON Tender. Atlan is leading the mission and not giving out any information on exactly what the mission is about. He fears a hidden penetration by TRAITOR agents.

When they reach the Kharag Sun Dodecahedron sun transmitter, they are surprised. The Haluters are already on site there. Atlan now reveals the plan to the mutants. Kharag is to become the starting point of the Combi-Trans Mission. After using the transmitters here, on Horror and the Gulver-Duo, the RICHARD BURTON is to arrive at the Jiapho-Duo transmitter, only eight hundred thousand light years away from Hangay. As the mutants learn, the planning for this has already been in action since September 17, 1327 NGE. Only Atlan, Perry Rhodan, Icho Tolot and Reginald Bull however knew this. Other people were brought in only bit by bit.

Now, the Haluters begin to test the system and finally manage to get the activation of the Dodecahedron to work. However, for some reason none of the other sun transmitters can be activated. At the same time as the testing begins, a strange phenomenon appears to which a total of two hundred fifty-three Galactics fall victim. They die of spontaneous cell growths, aka, sudden tumor development. Captain Lucinda and his men discover that five dimensional screens protect one against the phenomenon. Trim and Startac find out by experimenting on their own, that the phenomenon is caused by an entity that thinks of itself as Day-Drazin and which fears Trim Marath’s black twin, the being his Para-ability creates whenever he fears threatened to death. They also figure out that the being can only operate within the Sun Dodecahedron.

In old archives Atlan finds a connection with Inday Anuun-Drazin. Moreover, although it is not known, a team of Koda Ariel have penetrated to Omega Centaurus and they now know Atlan is there.

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2365 - Die Drokarnam Sphäre
The Drokarnam Sphere
Christian Montillon

On October 21, 1345 NGE, Trim Marath and Startac Schroeder got with a small mission team to Kharmuu, where they carry out further investigations regarding Inday Anuun Drazin. At the same time Atlan and Icho Tolot continue to look for a working sun transmitter passage from Omega Centauri towards the area of Hangay. However, they remain unsuccessful with their efforts.

Atlan is dissatisfied with this and goes to the central Positonic of the steel world and changes his method of attacking his inquiries. Doing so, he discovers a secret project involving an auxiliary control station designated Etuum. Despite his high ranking authority, he initially gains no entrance to it. Only after he succeeds again in “manipulating” the main Prositronic, is he able to penetrate the fist layer of the secret station. But then he suddenly ends up in a labyrinth, since the special Etuum station’s Positronic does not brook exceptions of the authority protocols. Nevertheless, the Arkonide manages to penetrate into the center and receives valuable information about further secret Lemurer sun transmitters. Of these, the Nagigal Trio, which lies 935,921 light-years from Kharag, in the direction of Hangay, appears of the greatest interest.

Meanwhile the two Monochrome Mutants discover the former “prison” of Day Drazin, a Drokarnam sphere. As it turns out, this mental being was released from its mausoleum soon after the hyperimpedance shock, when it was damaged by an explosion. Since that time it has been roaming around the area of the sun Dodecahedron, refreshing itself with the energy of the Psionic net. It is threatened by the activation of the transmitter and does not understand that the Haluters are now peaceful allies of the Terrans, which it thinks are Lemurers. For it the Haluters are still the Black Beasts and the Terrans are Lemuer collaborators. Day Drazin succeeds in taking the two Mutants and their companions as hostages. Afterwards it tries to extort Atlan, but he will not deal with the mental being. Day Drazin is weakened by a sudden activation of the sun transmitter and the hostages get free. After this, Atlan does not want to take more any consideration for the mental being, but Startac, Trim and Icho Tolot convince him of the opposite. Trim goes to the Drokarnam sphere and submits the offer to the being that if it withdraws back into the mausoleum sphere and waits out the transmitter activations there, they will allow it to live. Day Drazin has no choice but to accept the deal.

The connection to the Nagigal Trio actually works, so that on November 1, 1345 NGE the Combi-Trans Squadron goes through the sun transmitter. The squadron consists of the two PONTOON Tenders POLARIS XX and ZEUT, and the NEPTUNE class ship VERACRUZ as well as the three Haluter ships HALUTA III, THARI and AHUR, with 400 Haluters on each ship. Also along are Atlan, Icho Tolot, Trim Marath and Startac Schroeder. Command over the sun transmitter is taken over by the Haluter Cornor Lerz.

In spite of the screening by the Drokarnam sphere, which was even more strengthened by HU screens, Day Drazin suffers inexpressible pain. He has decided to keep quiet for now, but nevertheless plans to eventually destroy the Black Beasts and assumed collaborators.

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2366 - Unter dem Kristallgitter
Under The Crystal Lattice
Arndt Ellmer

The Combi-Trans squadron does not end up at the Nagigal Trio Sun Transmitter as planned. The ships appear at the Tellox Duo, a Sun Transmitter consisting of two red dwarfs in Omega Centaurus. The Tellox Duo serves as a trapping system, if somebody tries to penetrate to one of the forbidden transmitters by use of the Kharag Sun Dodecahedron. The squadron is then moved by a Lemurian Situation transmitter into a spherical arrangement of twenty-four planetoids.

The ships are held there with chain fields fed by a sun tapping network. The ancient control computer of the desolate world Tellox 1, similar to Mars, asks Atlan to identify himself as an authorized person. But even the high level rank authorization, which he holds is of no use. The control facility transmits the whole Combi-Trans squadron by a so-called ‘invalid transmission’ into hyperspace, in order to destroy the ships in this manner.

Atlan awakens on a grass-covered, hilly plain, on which several primitive villages and cities are grouped around a mountain massif. They are connected by a simple rail line, called the Ligne, and are mainly inhabited by Lemurer descendants. In addition, there is a Mograk village on this world, which is called Anghur Al-Tare by the inhabitants. Atlan is given a friendly welcome by the Lemurers. He is informed that they are the descendants of spacemen, who had been stranded in hyperspace emergencies and somehow ended up here. Since surviving the emergencies in space had to have been impossible, the Lemurers are convinced to be in a kind realm of the dead. A mysterious entity, the Convergence Philosopher, seems to have protected all these beings from permanently dying in hyperspace. An energy field, which reminds one of a crystal lattice, seems to surround the planet. Numerous spaceships also appear to be in orbit of the planet. Atlan hopes therefore that his people could still be alive.

He goes on the search for his comrades and finds the pregnant Haluter Elfah Komo, who is so weakened that the imminent birth might not be possible to carry out. Atlan helps, wherever he can. The two meet a Lemurian adventurer named Kirkazon, who helps them with their search for the Convergence Philosopher. Everyplace that Komo is seen, it causes an atmosphere of fright and aggression - the Lemurers seem to still be possessed by the old fear of their race before the Beasts. More than once the situation becomes critical. But each time insectoid beings, the convergence teachers, appear and calm the Lemurers in a psionically suggestive manner. The convergence teachers seem to be energy projections, which the Convergence Philosopher sends. Atlan eventually realizes that Kirkazon is in truth also such a projection.

During the journey with the Ligne, Komo gives birth to the child. Arriving at Convergence Mountain, Atlan and Kirkazon make their way alone to the mountain of the Convergence Philosopher. Kirkazon reveals that the being had recognized that Atlan carries a Knight’s aura. Therefore it is distrustful towards the Arkonide - apparently the Convergence Philosopher has had some bad experience with the forces of Order. Atlan is nevertheless convinced of the fact that the Convergence Philosopher must be a positively aligned being. With the A-COM, a fragile looking thing made of glass and energy fields, Atlan and Kirkazon make themselves on the way to the "world beyond the fog wall", the actual seat of the Convergence Philosopher…

Meanwhile, twelve days have passed in Omega Centauri and Cornor Lerz, who is waiting in vain for a message from Atlan, begins to consider sending a rescue party, which is to hurry to the assistance of the Combi-Trans squadron.

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2367 - Rekruten des Chaos
Recruits of Chaos
Arndt Ellmer

Atlan is brought by Kirkazon to the Convergence Philosopher, and the Arkonide is told the story of his life.

Approximately one and a half million years ago, the race of the A'irones intellectualizes itself. It becomes the new entity Molder of Haardh. The name the intelligence comes from the location of its origin, the star cluster Haardh, in the Formertor star region, on the outskirts of the thickness concentration of the Empress of Therm, near the intergalactic empty spaces. There the inexperienced mental being gets ready to help the people of the region, especially ship that get stranded in space. In the process, it comes upon spacecrafts of the Terminal Column TRAITOR and overlooks the danger which threatens it by the Chaos servants. Before a COMP of the Empress, which is stationed in Formertor can warn Molder of Haardh, it is already is too late. The Terminal Column catches the mental being, just as it does the COMP, and brings both in the intergalactic empty spaces, just as it does the former home planet of the A'irones, A'iron-A'iron. In the empty spaces the geneticists and technical engineers of the Column create the "Integrat" on the order of a True Progress. Over several thousand years, they succeed in integrating Molder of Haardh and the crystal body of the COMP into one being, and in brainwashing this composite being into working for the Chaos powers.

In the meantime, the Chaos servants split A'iron-A'iron into two halves along the equator, altering them into hemispherical worlds like EDEN II or Wanderer. The Integrat feels reminded of the smaller MODULES of the Empress of Therm by their form.

After the Integrat is "turned", it receives the order to establish a Chaos cell in a certain star concentration of several galaxies. This job demands some tens of thousands of years and ends with a revolt of the suppressed people. During the revolt the Integrat ends up in danger of destruction and is shocked back to its right mind. In desperation it flees before the thugs of the chaos powers which fix directly upon his heels when they recognize the betrayal. While the COMP would like to flee to the Empress of Therm, the consciousness of Molder of Haardh wants to go to Erranternohre in order to speak to the Cosmocrats, but on the border of the galaxy the ship containing the Integrat is intercepted by a cobalt blue cylinder. Now the Cosmocrat helpers are also after the crystal being, because they think it is still on the side of the Chaos powers.

The Integrat flees from the ships of both higher powers, but does not find safety anywhere. However, it succeeds in destroying the hemispheric world created from occurred A'iron-A'iron. Finally, Molder of Haardh turns to the Pangalactic Statisticians. It meets with the Statistician Tshi, and he recommends to the being to withdraw to Hol Annasuntha, an area of stars, which formerly belonged to the Ur-Swarm Litrakduurn. The Integrat takes the advice. Approximately thirty-five thousand years before the present, the Integrat withdraws there. To expiate its acts for the Chaos powers, it creates a hypersphere around the world Anghur and now calls itself the “Convergence Philosopher”. The entity listens in the hyperether and saves spacemen in need, starting with a handful of Lemurer and concludes with the Combi-Trans squadron.

The history of the entity ends with that, and Atlan becomes clear, why the Convergence Philospher has acted as it has. And due to his aura of a Knight of the Depth, the Arkonide understands why the Convergence Philospher had feared he was a headhunter of the Cosmocrats. But Atlan can explain to the being that he no longer works for the Cosmocrats, and he reports of his meeting with the Empress of Therm. He also informs the Convergence Philosopher of the danger that now emanates from TRAITOR. The Arkonide suggests to the Philosopher that it take refuge on Terra, but the entity politely declines this; it prefers to flee again. However, first the Convergence Philosopher releases the Combi-Trans squadron and sends it back to the system it had arrived from. Atlan is not happy about that point, but cannot do anything about it.

It is November 20, 1345 NGE, when the fleet suddenly emerges again at the Tellox Duo, but this time beyond the range of the planetoids. Atlan immediately orders them taken under fire, because the sun tap is going again, which hearkens a transmission approaching. It is clear to Atlan that it must be a fleet sent by Cornor Lerz. They succeed in bringing the transmitter field to break down, before a transmission takes place.

Atlan has no idea how close a thing it was. The breakdown of the field took place only six seconds, before a fleet of one hundred Haluter ships were about to try to reach the Nagigal Trio under the direction of Cornor Lerz, from the Kharag Sun Dodecahedron. Because the transmission field breaks down, the action is broken off by the old Haluter.

Meanwhile on the EDMOND HALLEY, Icho Tolot and Medics take care of a new-born Haluter, the child of Elfah Komo who dies shortly after the return to the ship.

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2368 - Sonderschaltung Tanta
Special Circuit Tanta
Rainer Castor

Atlan delves into his memories for clues to the blocked sun transmitters:

Flashback 1327 NGE

On September 17, 1327 NGE Atlan and Icho Tolot reach the Kharag Sun Dodecahedron on board the DISCOVERER VASCO DA GAMA, in order to prepare the facilities for the announced increase of hyperimpedance.

With reference to the effects of the Formation Emitters to the descendants of the Black Beasts, the high-rank-entitled Atlan manages to convince KHARAG, the central computer of the Psi-Bulwark Steel World Kharag, to at least temporarily accept instructions from the Haluter Icho Tolot with restrictions.

In January 1328 NGE Atlan visits the Cyno Imaginary Sardaengar on Vinara, briefly before the expedition of the VASCO DA GAMA leaves Omega Centauri again.

Flashback 1343 NGE

On October 1, 1343 NGE Atlan on board the EXPLORERE VERACRUZ and Icho Tolot on board the HALUTA III, together with the PONTOON tender ZEUT and four more EXPLORERS of the NEPTUNE class return to the Sun Dodecahedron.

Despite the preparation of the facilities for the hyperimpedance rise, the sun transmitter cannot be put into operation, due to the synchronization of the suns of the Dodecahedron being out of sync.

After the resynchronization proves to be lengthier than expected, Atlan leaves the Sun Dodecahedron on December 3, 1343 NGE with the VERACRUZ to head for the Charon Cloud, which he reaches on January 6, 1344 NGE.

Flashback 1344 NGE

On August 18, 1344 NGE Icho Tolot leaves Omega Centauri with the HALUTA III. On September 2, 1344 NGE he arrives at the Sol system reaches and that same day leaves, now equipped with a Kantor Sextant, to go to Halut. He arrives there October 7, 1344.

On October 11, 1344 NGE, 87,746 Haluters succeed in escaping from the Terminal Column. From various rendezvous points, the Haluters then reach the beacon star OC-1 on November 19, 1344 NGE.

The crew of the tender ZEUT, parked in the orbit around Kharmuu, produces with the plants transition engines for the 88,000 Halutian ships on Khar I, Khar II, Khar III.

After the installation of the engines on board the tender ZEUT at the beacon OC-1 the Haluters can fly to Omega Centauri. They select the planet Tharbana in the Gamac system, 66 light-years away from the Sun Dodecahedron as their new workplace.

Flashback 1345 NGE

On June 3, 1345 NGE Atlan leaves on board the EXPLORER VERACRUZ, accompanied by 4 LFT BOXES, and reaches the Charon Cloud and on July 3, 1345 NGE.

In the Kharag Steel World the workers again and again come upon references to the Special Circuit Tanta. On July 17, 1345 NGE, Atlan visits Sardaengar on Vinara again, in order to learn details about this special circuit. But the special circuit is also unknown to the former High Tamrat.

From June 1-5, 1345 NGE the mobile transmitter platforms MOTRANS-OC1, MOTRANS-OC2 ,and MOTRANS-OC3 reach their locations at the beacon star OC-1, the yellow giant OC-2 and the Kharag Sun Dodecahedron.

For the Combi-Trans mission, Atlan requests, among other things, Trim Marath and Startac Schroeder as reinforcements. On October 15, 1345 NGE the two arrive with the PONTOON tender POLARIS XX and the two DISCOVERERS EDMOND HALLEY and VASCO NUNEZ DE BALBOA at the Sun Dodecahedron.

November 20 - December 1 1345 NGE

Atlan succeeds in pointing out its limits to the computer of the Tellox inspection station. But the control world of the Tellox Duo does not offer a possibility of reaching the Nagigal Trio from there. However on Tellox 1 the mausoleum of the Lemurer Jerim Varos is discovered, who was involved in the development of the transmitter routes back in the day at that time. The body carries a bracelet control switch, which Atlan takes for himself.

During the return flight, the Combi-Trans squadron manages to reach the Sun Dodecahedron quicker than expected by means of the situation transmitter MOTRANS-OC1, due to the creation of new calmed down zones. Since the range of the cage transmitters is now sufficient for a direct connection, MOTRANS-OC2 was shifted from OC-2 to the Sun Dodecahedron.

Back on the Kharag Steel World Atlan visits a till now unexplored auxiliary control room in the Etuum switching substation, which is inscribed with "Tanta". With this, he unintentionally activates access to the special circuit of the same name and a self-destruct countdown.

The computer brain gives him a period of two corgon'ty, or approximately 100 seconds, to prove that he is authorized to use the circuit. Atlan inputs the command signal and uses the motto of the Lemurer Jerim Varos, which he discovered in the man’s dwellings, as the password: "Oana hu lachab - imprisoned in the body, but not in the spirit".

The command signals and the password are accepted. That countdown is stopped, and now Atlan is finally recognized as fully entitled to command and be given access to the secret data of the ETUUM computer. It turns out that the Etuum switching substation had been completed at the same time as the Nagigal Trio, in the year 50,211 BC.

In the year 50,165 BC, in view of the existing separatist efforts in the single voter Tamanies, the secret organization Tortmon Tenoy Anorrom (TTA) was created. It furnished an additional level of security in many sun transmitters based on the model of the special circuit Tanta. Jerim Varos established the Tellox inspection station for the TTA. The Tellox duo was used for the evacuation of the privileged class.

ETUUM gives the coordinates of further secret sun transmitters (Dadion Trio, Molanc Duo, Perpan Duo, Vengil Trio), of which so far only the Perpan Duo was destroyed by a nova explosion, as was well known.

From ETUUM Atlan receives new data for reaching the Nagigal Trio. On December 1, 1345 NGE the Combi-Trans squadron, strengthened by the mobile transmitter platform MOTRANS-OC3, now christened KAHALO, continues its journey.

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2369 - Quartier Lemurica
Lemurica Accomodation
Michael Marcus Thurner

Arkan Raphan is the only world of the Nagigal system, whose two other worlds were destroyed at some time in the distant past.

In the system live forty-two billion Raphanes, descendants of the Lemurers. There is a small priest caste, which consists of only ten thousand individuals, and lives in the Lemurica Accommodation - the three north pole pyramids, which are the adjustment stations of the Nagigal Trio transmitter. They have substantially better living conditions than the regular people on the planet. The technical understanding of the equipment and its purpose was largely lost over the years, but the Ordin Priest council keeps the rest of the population in the dark about this.

In the five megapolises of the world, which the many billions of Raphanes live in, poverty prevails. Despite enormous robot armies the economy cannot keep up with the population and this misery is aggravated when the hypertechnology begins to suddenly become less efficient or fails completely. The priests manage to hold onto their powerful position under the threat of using the counterpole cannons that they supposedly have control of.

Aheun Arcalotz, born as a nameless child in the megapolis Adur Bravuna, got lucky. His mother placed him in the global lottery and won. Together with approximately one hundred thirty other newborn children, he is taken into the Lemurica Accommodation and grows up there as a priest. He is lazy and interested only in food, but it turns out that he has an exquisite sense of smell and is placed in the kitchen service.

There is rampant intrigue among the priests trying to go up in rank in order to reach Ordin level. Aheun has no interest in that, but is secretly guided up anyway by his supposed lover, who uses him like a lightning rod for her own rise. He manages to survive multiple poisoning attempts and traps due to his sensitive smell and taste senses. After a series of mishaps, Aheun ends up the last Ordin head priest alive.

vThe priests had maintained the ancient histories within their ranks. Despite all the population problems, the birth rate is constantly driven up, because the fear of the Black Beasts is still present, even after fifty thousand years, and rampant propagation is regarded as their only chance for survival.

The Raphanes believe that should the sun transmitter ever activate again, it will mean the arrival of the Black Beasts. And one day, the transmitter does activate…

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2370 - Die Milliardenstadt
The City of Billions
Michael Marcus Thurner

Atlan da Gonozal and his Combi-trans squadron arrive in the system of the Raphanes. There a fleet intercepts them, but the High Councilor Kenton Self (city councilman Kenton Self) quickly recognizes the chance to help Atlan in exchange for Galactic technology to promote the society on Arkan-Raphan.

Meanwhile, the last living Ordin priest, Aheun Arcalotz, proceeds anonymously and confused down to the deepest levels of the Moloch of Adur Bravuna - in search of his mother. He meets up with the Raphane female Hilfi, who helps him through the Shadow realms and in the process wins his heart. The conditions in the city shock Arcolotz, it is so completely different than in the Trivid. He meets his mother, who has fallen on hard times, and the meeting devastates him, but also, nevertheless, strengthens him. He feels that he has the power to improve the terrible conditions in the underground of the city.

Aheun, just like the city councilman wants radical changes in the Raphane society, and Atlan gives the means to both upper class Raphanes. In return, he obtains the Galactics full access to the adjustment pyramids. Thanks to the priest they succeed in penetrating rather quickly to the primary switching room and inspecting the Sun transmitter. The Raphanes also take the shock with regard to the Haluter very well. In order to chance the society’s attitude towards the Haluters, they begin to be portrayed sympathetically on the world’s Trivid programs. This allows the Galactics to have the gentle giants put the switching station under the magnifying glass. Nevertheless, at first only the connection back to the Kharag Sun Dodecahedron is able to be activated. With farther investigations a search party bumps into rainbow-gleaming form energy technology, which stands under the Lemurer pyramids, but can under no circumstances be considered as having been built by the Lemurers. A new puzzle to solve has appeared.

To keep his promise to help the Raphanes’ overpopulation problems, Atlan sends a Haluter ship back to Omega Centaurus on December 10, 1345 NGE. This ship is to carry out a gigantic project there. The planet Kharmuu is to be transferred by the Sun transmitter into the Nagigal system.

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2371 - Der Sternenfindling
The Star Orphan
Horst Hoffmann

Immentri Luz awakes in his survival capsule, woken up by shock effects, for which he does not have an explanation. Except for his name, he does not have any memories. His capsule wobbles through the rubble field of the former planet Erontis. By means of suggestive abilities he lures the Raphane prospector ship TORMENT to him and befriends the crew - first by means of suggestive influence, and then for real later on. It is somehow clear that he is important, but he remembers nothing and does not dare to peek out of the shell, into which he goes, when he decides not to be interested in the events going on in the Nagigal system, but focus with blinders on the business of the solitary prospectors. They mine the asteroid fields for hypercrystals, a lucrative business.

On December 27, 1345 NGE Atlan holds a short conference in the adjustment station on Arkan-Raphan, but there is nothing really new happening. The Raphanes do not know, why the other sun transmitters cannot to be selected and the Terran and Halutian scientists are making no progress. Nothing is happening either with the Spectral technology, as the unknown technology in and under the pyramids was baptized. It is only determined that most of the aggregates are in standby mode. Only the planned transport of the planet Kharmuu, as well as further supplies of all kinds of materials and equipment coming through the Kharag Sun Dodecahedron constitutes real progress.

On December 31, 1345 NGE, Cornor Lerz announces that the preparations for Kharmuu’s transport are almost complete. All that is missing is Atlan, who as the high-ranking authorized official, is the only one that may activate the instruction for the transport of an entire planet. Therefore, the Arkonide returns to the Kharag Steel world.

Immentri Luz digs into the mining operation. Due to his sensitivity for feeling the presence of hypercrystals he is worth gold, but slowly overexerts himself, trying to ignore feelings of dread about his past. During one excursion he goes too far and appears to die, but his perforated corpse returns to life and begins to repair itself. It is thereby determined that Luz is actually an android.

In Omega Centauri, during Kharmuu’s preparation for transport, it is discovered that the Lemurers had already made plans for such an operation. Artificial suns are discovered, stored on Khar I, and ninety of them are activated to keep the planet from freezing during its transport. The PEW sphere of Day Drazin is also ripped out of its mountain and transported to Khar I. Then the planet goes via Situation transmitter into the Sun Dodecahedron, where on January 1, 1346 NGE, at exactly 7 o'clock in the morning the final passage takes place.

On the TORMENT Luz’z situation is discussed, and it becomes clear that Luz is something special and may not run away from it anymore. Luz recognizes this also now, after it becomes clear that he has had and continues to have a violent reaction to the transmitter passages. Thus he catches up in the shortest time with the story of the Combi-Trans squadron and recognizes the good in the Galactics. But he still knows nothing about his own past. This changes suddenly, when the Sun transmitter activates again. Hyperenergies of undreamt of power shake the system and threaten to tear it into hyperspace, but the space-time structure stabilizes at the last second. Then Kharmuu appears in the middle of the sun transmitter, and in the shock, which Immentri Luz suffers due to the gigantic structural vibrations, he receives a peek into his past.

50,000 years in the past

Immentri Luz is an Activation Guard and in the Nagigal system on behalf of the Sphero. He is a neutral observer and must watch as Lemurer begin to fight against Lemurer: The inhabitants of Erontis lead a war of extermination with the inhabitants of Sepdelen. How the whole thing began, is unclear, but when the two worlds are destroyed, it becomes clear to the Activation Guard that this Lemurian fratricidal war may not be allowed to be carried into the galaxies, therefore he shuts down the Nagigal Sun Transmitter to outgoing transport. The Lemurers then attack his ship. He goes into a survival capsule and his thinking processes terminate for a long time, until he is awakened back to life by the transmitter passages of the Combi-Trans squadron.

Back to the present

Now it is clear, what he has to do. He goes to Arkan-Raphan and ends up meeteing Atlan. The two exchange histories, and Luz activates the machines set up by the Sphero, the people, who had sent him there, and about whom he remembers nothing more. After some minutes of uncertainty the Gulver duo shows that it is ready to receive transports. Atlan wants to leave as soon as possible, and Immentri Luz decides to come along, because he wants to learn more about his past.

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2372 - Plan der Phantome
Plan of the Phantoms
Christian Montillon

November 2, 1345 NGE: the Swoon Kopty Pekking has just been promoted to the second highest position of the Swoons in the Faladur manufacturing fleet. But along with this success he has problems with his two sons who do not care much for tradition. The manufacturing fleet consists of six cylinder ships on which the Springers and Swoon have come to a kind of symbiosis. The Swoon develop hypertechnology, and the Springers sell it. This has brought both groups a certain prosperity. However, this was almost destroyed by the hyperimpedance rise. But the Swoons have made good progress in the area of hypertechnology, but they cannot be turned into money in the Errico system of the Hagu where their base camp is. Therefore, the fleet wants launch, but before they are able to, a Traitank appears and annexes the system. The Faladur fleet is demanded to deliver their technologies in the Traitank. Some time later a hyperradio message reaches the fleet from Reginald Bull. The Secretary of Defense of the LFT warns about a Traitank and warns them to leave the system. Unfortunately, it is too late.

Now Pekking learns what his sons have been doing with their free time. Siru and Wirgal Pekking, who were trained by the Hagu in their time honored art of thievery, want to smuggle themselves aboard the Traitank with the containers which contain the goods that were demanded. Their father sees through the plan and follows them, in order to dissuade them from it, but so he ends up in the middle of the whirlpool of events and thus on the Traitank. There the Swoons quickly find out that it is in fact a con job being run by Terran pirates. They mange to escape the fake Traitank and warn the authorities about the pirates. The ship and its crew are then captured.

Shortly after this, a renewed warning from Bull reaches the system. The fleet flees in the early morning hours of November fourth, but it does not reach the system borders in time. A real Traitank and six TRAI-Servicers materialize in the system and stop the small fleet. The Traitank demands their surrender and a technology delivery, but does not have time to complete it. Cloaked ships suddenly appear and the Traitank faces off against them. Potential throwers form a barrier against eth firing shadow ships, but the barrage does not succeed in stopping them and they destroy the Traitank, sending the TRAI-Servicers running.

As the shadow ships disappear again, a radio message reaches the Faladur fleet, containing coordinates which show the way to a rendezvous point. There, they will be escorted to safety in the Charon Cloud. The message is from Reginald Bull, who they assume must have been in one of the shadow ships.


Bostich I. gets bad news. The Column MACHINES which have disassembled Hayok into cabinets, are leaving the star cluster, likely aimed for the Arkon system. With it, the Imperator sends a message to his ally, declaring Crisis Case Echodim…

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2373 - Paros-Attacken
Paros Attacks
Arndt Ellmer

Bully is flying with the LEIF ERIKSSON II and five more ships in the Jamondi star ocean. Running Operation Sisyphos, they are on the search for TRAITOR wrecks. It is believed that with so much of TRAITOR coming from other universes, there should have been a fair percentage of accidents in the transport process. They are distracted by an emergency call, and they save an LFT-fleet, which had been damaged and was under pursuit by two Traitanks. The new Paros shadow screens function perfectly. After this, they also save the Faladur manufacturing fleet (see issue 2372).

By means of several sensor drones, which roam across the galaxy fully automatically, the Sisyphos fleet strikes it rich. They locate an enormous fleet of Column wrecks, which was apparently involved in a battle in another universe that did not necessarily end in its favor and then fled into the standard universe.

The Strangeness Scouts, who had already satisfactorily worked in small scale in the Sol system, with the mission on the SEOSAMH, had been distributed among the fleets, which are roaming the galaxy with Operaton Sisyphos. They penetrate a TRAI Servicer among the wrecks in order to take control of it.

Bully’s fleet diverts the Traitanks, which arrive in large number, in order to secure the heavily damaged fleet. After five lightning attacks by the shadow ships, the Traitanks begin to hit them, but the TRAI Servicer is already being towed away and the shadow ships disappear. The analysis is made that that the shadow screen functions, but is no all-powerful defensive weapon. As the fleet reaches safety, the Secretary of Defense of the LFT receives the message that Crisis Case Echodim has occurred. Immediately and without hesitation he sets his fleet in march towards M-13, not for the benefit of the Imperator, but for Arkon.

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2374 - Der Trojaner
The Trojan
Hubert Haensel

Ashtai is an Arkonide detection technician, who does his service on the Crystal World. With his colleagues he is one of the few people that still work on the Shulukai spaceport, because since the announcing of the TRAITOR Directive the Arkon system his sunken into a torpid state. And new trouble continues to announce itself, as the ever more numerous Traitanks, altogether thirty-five Chaos squadrons, as well as TRAICAH- and TRAIGOT Factories, altogether an entire operation fleet, collect themselves in the system. It seems clear that the world is threatened by the same fate as Drorah and Hayok.

On November 26, 1345 NGE Reginald Bull’s small fleet arrives in the insignificant system of Prebon’s Star, which lies in M-13, but is still seven hundred ninety-four light-years from Arkon. There the fleet is to meet with the PONTOON tender NARWAL, which has new, valuable devices on board, coming directly from the Sol system – including the Carapol structure burner. This is to be used to prevent a successful job being done by Column Factories and MACHINES. The team working with Dr. Baldwin Carapol, supported by clues from the Seven Mighty of Eud'y Asor Jaroso, and the knowledge gained from Hayok, have manufactured a prototype in all hurry. The heart of it is a Kantor sextant with further equipment which is based on the utilization of Salkrit.

Bostich I is naturally on the spot very quickly, when he is informed by the administrator of Prebon’s Star of the presence of Bully. Bull gives him several cold rebuffs, where it concerns the shadow screen and the structure burner. The Imperator understands that he is holding the worse cards, even if only with a crunching of the teeth.

The captured TRAI Servicer is meanwhile prepared for use, so that some technicians and Strangeness Scouts can use it as a Trojan horse with a fictitious emergency call in the Arkon system.

The NARWAL appears early and yet just in time, because the message comes a little later from Arkon that small dark obelisks are spreading out. The end is near for the once most powerful system of the Milky Way.

The LEIF ERIKSSON II flies in the direction of Arkon and ejects the TRAI Servicer a few light-years away from it. A Traitank finally appears and takes the heavily damaged ship, which now contains twelve people - including Shallowain the Hound. It brings the troop, which was dragged along with the TRAI Servicer into a TRAICAH Factory by Iprasa, the sixth world of the Arkon system.

The Trojan, as they call the wreck, is set down in a spacious hangar. The team checks out the area.

On Arkon meanwhile the "dimensional fog" expands and marks off the perimeters of the future cabinets.

The TRAI Servicer is examined by some Ganschkares, but the investigation is broken off due to the continued Strangeness effects. Afterwards the commandos come out from their hiding place and begin with the calibration of the structure burner and setting up the escape cage transmitter. Once this is down, the structure burner is fully activated and begins its work. Once the job is done, the commandos collect their information from the structure burner and make good their escape to Iprasa. They also set off disintegrator bombs to hide their work. Unfortunately, one of the team dies during the escape, shot by Mor’Dears.

On Arkon I the fog dissolves, the sky appears again, and the Arkon system is saved for the time being.

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2375 - Dantyrens Jagd
Dantyrens Hunt
Hubert Haensel

Dantyren, who now stands fully on the side of the Chaos powers, is stationed in the Arkon system to supervise the cabinet formation processing of the system. It is a routine task for the Dual Captain. But the routine goes badly awry when the hyperdimensional fog barriers dissolve, and the transformation of the worlds does not take place. Dantyren, or the part that was formerly Roi Danton quickly realizes the truth: this disaster carries the handwriting of the Terrans. While the Mor'Daer part of the Dual still holds out for it being a coincidence and does not attach much importance to the matter, the hunting fever has awoken in the Danton half. He decides that this is much more than a typical commando mission of the Terrans, and that one of the immortals must be commanding it, possibly Reginald Bull or even his father Perry Rhodan himself. He very quickly discovers the inconsistencies with regard to the Strangeness "contaminated" TRAI-Servicer and takes up the track of the transmitters that were used in the commandos’ flight. Their destination is Iprasa.

Meanwhile, Shallowain immediately takes over command when they arrive on Iprasa, and it is also bitterly necessary, because the Dual is already on their heels. It is only thanks to Shallowain, that they succeed in one narrow escape after the other. The Hound also succeeds in catching sight of Dantyren, to the Kralasenen becomes clear that their flight is in deep trouble, if the Terran is after them. Nevertheless they continue to stay ahead of the Dual.

While this is going on, Reginald Bull returns to Prebon’s Star where he comes upon a fleet of twenty thousand Arkon ships that Imperator Bostich I has pulled together in a hurry. The Imperator demands the data about the structure-burner wonder weapon, but Bully quickly explains to him that this was only a Pyrrhic victory, as neither was the TRAITOR operation fleet destroyed nor even particularly strongly hindered; the Carapol-structure burner has accomplished only one thing: the gaining of time.

This time is also bitterly necessary because Dantyren begins the second attempt at transformation, using the dark markers which were actually intended, for the second transformation wave with Iprasa, Naat and Bhedan. Because, however, the Dark Obelisk will be energetically exhausted afterwards, no other disturbance of the process of transformation may be allowed to take place.

Meanwhile Shallowain and his companions who are, in his opinion - now that the structure burner seems a failure - actually a burden for him and which he wants to silence to be on the safe side, succeed in making a transmitter jump to Arkon I. There the Kralasene separates in secret from his companions and attempts to kill them by trapping them in a building with an overloading reactor, but the Terrans manage to escape. They follow Shallowain, who proceeds to the Shulukai space port.

During this assassination attempt, the fog barriers begin to appear again. Bully convinces Bostich that with the support of the Arkonides the five DISCOVERERS, as well as the LEIF ERIKSSON II can again prevent a transformation. Aboard each LFT ship is a structure burner coming from the twelve stored aboard the swift PONTOON tender NARWAL.

So the fleet approaches the home system of the Arkonides, and the Arkonides distract the Column, while the LFT ships activate their structure burners. After a two-minute application time, using the calibration data sent by the commando team, the mission is done, the spaceships withdraw, and the process is stopped again, now for a longer period on account of the fact that the energy reserves of the Dark Obelisk are exhausted.

Dayntyren, who had now been on board an INTERDIM-Multi-Darter, abruptly breaks off his hunt. Certainly, he is close to getting his hands on the Terrans, but recognizes the uselessness of this with the successful application of the structure burner and breaks off the pursuit.

Dantyren admits his failure to the True Progress, Antakur von Bitvelt, and even recommends giving up the Milky Way as a resource galaxy on account of the rising resistance, but the True Progress rejects this. There are always rebounds, but it makes no difference to the Terminal Column, when Terra, Arkon or Olymp are converted, whether in ten, twenty, or even fifty years; this is short time when considered in the time scales the Column leadership is used to thinking in. And he does not blame Dantyren for the temporary failure of the transformation. The Dual thereupon asks for two families of Koda Ariel, with which he wants to go on the hunt and hit the Terrans with their own means.

Bully is glad about the success of the structure burners, and he hopes they will soon be able to be used in remote controlled space torpedoes, in order to free up people and equipment.

Having lost Dantyren, Shallowain and the Terran commandos, who have made a truce, decide to proceed deep underground on Arkon I.

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2376 - Tolle Tage in Terrania
Mad Days in Terrania
Leo Lukas

At the Stardust Monument a confused person is picked up and removed by two mysterious, black dressed men.

Meanwhile, the Xeno-psychologist Hajmo Siderip gave up his career in the LFT fleet, for his current life companion, but has grown apart from her since then. Now he is lecturer at the University of Terrania and also operates a practice, directly from his apartment on Thora Road.

On December 14, 1345 NGZ he has two meetings that affects the expiration of the next three weeks in an unexpected manner. First the scientist Matheux Alan Bari comes for an appointment. He is a lazy genius and very scared to travel, as well as one of the first Globists. Now he is supposed to begin a new job on Mercury. Since there are no other psychologists available to help with his fear of travel, he has turned to Hamjo, who he considers practically a veterinarian. In addition he informs Siderip that strange crystals have been forming inside his body. Hajmo is not sure, what he is to think of this, but the hour long consultation is already coming to an end. Alan Bari leaves the office, and Darasalaanaghinta Mitchu, aka Sparks, enters. She is a freelance reporter and interviewer who wishes to film Siderip concerning a Swoon rock band, for Albion3D. It is a rather lowbrow job, but she needs the money, since screwing up on a story two years earlier about a supposed secret love tryst involving Julian Tifflor and multiple women.

The two feel somehow drawn to each other, but nevertheless nothing comes of it and their paths separate again.

One day later, while he is clearing out his old office, Alan Bari suddenly breaks down. It turns out he has a new strain of the old Center Plague, which eventually crystallizes a body, killing the person. It is the third case of this kind in the recent past. The physicians assume a connection with the FILLING STATIONS, but cannot cure it. Therefore, the scientist is facing certain death.

Meanwhile Sparks contacts an informant about the disoriented man and his ravings about ESCHER. The only thing determined about this term is that there is a grey building on the Thora Road with a nameplate inscribed with ESCHER. As coincidence has it, the best place to observe this building is Siderip’s apartment. The reporter worms her way into staying with the psychologist and continues to pull him ever deeper into the events. Since Sparks is broke, she avails herself of his credit and he allows it.

On December twenty-seventh, two men come to Matheux Alan Bari, reveal to him that they know all about him and make him an offer to become a Processor for ESCHER. The scientist does not have anything to lose and disappears with the two men.

Sparks is frustrated as she makes no progress, but then suddenly two people emerge, who are considered as being located far away. The two scientists are supposed to be in the Charon Cloud, but they seem to keep coming to the buildings neighboring ESCHER. As Sparks finds out later, they enter the ESCHER building via transmitter. In addition she finds out that two further men are again and again to be seen in the vicinity of the building, but that their personnel files had been deleted. They do not exist any longer. The handwriting of the TLD is to be recognized in this. She also gets a special camera, which discovers ultra-tiny spraying particles, which got through the wall of the ESCHER building.

On December thirty-first Siderip and Sparks almost consummate a relationship, but it falls apart when she wants him to take a recreational drug and he gets angry over it. They stop speaking for three days.

As the two are about to make up on January 4, 1346 NGE, the information reaches them that another disoriented man has shown up very close to Hamjo’s apartment. It is Alan Bari, as Siderip determines in surprise. He is ranting to himself: “ESCHER is dangerous!". It is just like the fourteen other people before him, who had emerged in different places in Terrania and then disappeared again - fetched back by the two dark dressed men. But this time, Hajmo and Sparks are faster, and while he removes the scientist, Sparks observe the scenery: The two dark dressed men show up and then disappear again after questioning the people in the area.

Pal Astuin and Merlin Myhr are working for ESCHER. Using their information network, which is constantly being developed, their information base grows from hour to hour. It quickly becomes clear to them who might have snatched away the "Processor" from under their noses. On January fifth they leave to recover him.

In the meantime, Siderip does not manage to bring the scientist home, as the man breaks down on the way there. Instead, Hamjo brings him to a former girlfriend, a doctor in Terrania. He begs her to take care of his "friend". It turns out that he seems to just be suffering from exhaustion.

Later on, Hamjo learns that Matheux Alan Bari was reported deceased on December 28, 1345 NGE from Center Plague-B. He and Sparks immediately pack up and hurry to the hospital, figuring that they are being closed in on. They succeed in bringing the scientist into their glider but then the two dark dressed men close the trap, and Sparks and Siderip are knocked out. .

Alan Bari awakens back in ESCHER, and his mind is clear again. He is happy to be back where he belongs. After a short discussion with Astuin, the former LFT agent opens a "case", and a spark spraying light rises from it. The thing expands and coats the scientist. The man feels better and falls back asleep.

Sparks and Siderip awake in Hamjo’s bedroom and are faced with Astuin and Myhr. The two ESCHER coworkers make Siderip and Sparks an offer. Either they join ESCHER, or their memories can be deleted. Hajmo agrees to join, and Sparks pretends to accept the offer, but then jumps to the other side of the bed. She activates a Paralysator trap, which she and Hamjo had set up in the dwelling, but this paralyzes only Hajmo, as the two ESCHER agents are somehow immune to it.

On January sixth Siderip and Sparks awake again in his bed, but cannot remember anything that has occurred since the beginning of the new year. Her recording equipment and Positronics show no sign of anything having happened in the past six days and therefore Sparks finally gives up the ESCHER story.

ESCHER’S existence is once again safely secret…

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2377 - ESCHER
Christian Montillon

As Dr. Laurence Savoire enters the Solar Residence he is in a state of almost complete confusion, but manages to make contact with Perry Rhodan. Then he breaks down, but is given medical treatment. When he wakes up, he is in a medical bed and Perry Rhodan is in the room with him. Savoire requires that all technical communication devices be switched off in the room, including and above all any access to NATHAN. Then, under psychic pains, he puts himself in a trance and begins his report:

Dr. Laurence Savoire comes from the backwoods planet Diakat. On May 17, 1340 NGE he is celebrating the awarding of his doctorate degree in cybernetics. He receives the response that his application to join the Waringer Academy was accepted and flies to Terra. However, things do not turn out as expected. At the same time as him, a team from the academy made a particular pioneering breakthrough in the field. They gain the acclaim for it and he is left with a minor lecturing position.

Due to the environmental adaptation on his home planet he has a single eye sitting almost in the center of his head. This gains him the unflattering nickname on Terra of “Cyclops”. Outsiders do not realize his ability to see into the infrared and ultraviolet ranges or the fact that he has a faint telepathic talent. This changes only when he is found by Baldwin Carapol and becomes friends with him. Baldwin is also the one who draws his attention to the project ESCHER. The confidential project, run by rude, arrogant scientist named Rodin Kowa, is looking for a capable cybernetist.

On October 5, 1340 NGE Savoire is accepted. He is immediately entranced by the project, which is based upon the Tefroder project Thought Tower, done by order the Masters of the Island. The project failed in approximately 17,200 B.C., and Rodin Kowa only discovered the documentation in 1324 NGE. The Tefroder project ended in disaster, with everyone involved in it dying.

The core of Project ESCHER is the Thought Chamber, in which each of sixty-four cross cocoons can hold a Processor, a human volunteer. By means of SERT like technology a merged group of the neural net of the test subjects and the ESCHER Positronic is supposed to be produced, whose computational performance is to put a Syntronic in its shadow. However, the project stagnates. Some researchers think that it lies with the hypercrystals used. In fact, they are poking around in the dark.

In the course of the years Savoire climbs up the career ladder to the post of Kowa’s deputy. He also becomes friends with the scientist couple Sybel Bytter and Wilbuntir Gilead.

The project seems to stand shortly before failure several times, but squeaks through each time. In the process, Savoire personally meets Perry Rhodan. His friendship with Carapol, who is making a name for himself, also continues, even if they do meet more irregularly.

The appearance of TRAITOR marks a turning point, and supply of volunteers dries up more and more. However, this changes again, as Fawn Suzuke abruptly appears on November 3, 1344 NGE in the Thought Chamber, examines it and then gives the vague pronouncement that: “ The Nucleus will support ESCHER from now on. ESCHER contains all the prerequisites to become a Para-Positronic.”

Then the projection of the Nucleus disappears as abruptly as she had appeared. Kowa and Savoire can make no rhyme or reason of what the Nucleus might have meant by a Para-Positronic, but suddenly ESCHER stands at the very top of projects being supported by the LFT. Two TLS agents, Pal Astuin and Merlin Myhr, are assigned for security and recruitment duties at the ESCHER building. However, the Nucleus does not show up any more. The two TLS agents are very effective at their jobs. They recruit a steady stream of volunteers, but Dr. Savoire still does not feel comfortable about them.

As time goes on, Dr. Savoire notices that whenever he thinks to have noticed something strange occurring, he gets a strong headache. After he takes a nap, the headache vanishes and he is no longer worried about whatever it was he thought strange. Conditions in ESCHER become stranger and stranger. As a matter of course, even though it is scientifically completely improper, the scientists take up positions of test subjects, including the head of ESCHER himself. In addition, the employees become more and more apathetic towards each other, while they were earlier always almost like a family. Savoire catches Kowa once, when he is having contact with the Nucleus in the Thought Chamber, but he gets another pain attack. When the pain is gone and he goes to check the security recordings of the affair, they have been erased and replaced to make it seem as if nothing had occurred. Savoire slowly realizes that a post hypnotic block is collectively paralyzing the initiative of the colleagues.

When ESCHER begins to use small amounts of Salkrit as a power source, short test runs succeed with amazing results. However, it also comes along with deaths among the test subjects, which Dr. Savoire is not notified about. In addition, small “fireballs”, splinters of the Nucleus begin to appear more and more.

When Rodin Kowa disappears on April 25, 1345 NGE, Savoire makes an unbelievable discovery: Up to now thirty-six people have died in 2216 Torah Road, the ESCHER building; among them was Kowa on April 23, Sybel Bytter on April 16, Wilbuntir Gilead on April 17 and many other acquaintances. All of them dying of heart failure!

The first part of Savoire’s report ends with this, as he is too weak to continue. The post hypnotic block is trying to kill him whenever he tries to talk about the events. Perry orders him to stop for now. He has heard enough. He recognizes that ESCHER is running out of control and immediately orders heavily armed troops to surround the building in the middle of Terrania.

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2378 - Der Erste Kybernetiker
The First Cybernetic
Christian Montillon

While Dr. Laurence Savoire has sunk again into deep unconsciousness, Perry Rhodan calls Gucky and Marc London. He also gives Noviel Residor the instruction to surround the ESCHER Building. Because to the Resident understands that time is pressing, he asks the treating doctor Wolia Tramur to give a stimulant to the manager of the ESCHER Project. The doctor obeys, but points out the dangers of this.

At just at this moment Gucky and London arrive. Rhodan informs the two of them of what Savoire has reported up to now. Marc London has an unfriendly reaction, not wanting to believe it, but the story appears true, and the young mutant must also unconsciously admit this to himself.

Dr. Savoire who has to noticeably fight with the Hypnoblock awakes and continues his report.

By April 25, 1345 NGE, the doctor has recognized what is going on around him. He announces the death of their chief to his co-workers and also wants to pass on his knowledge of the background. However, the post-hypnotic block prevents this. Only two hours later the news about his promotion arrives. Now he is the manager of the ESCHER Project, but it is completely running out of control, and nobody knows about it. And those who do know about it suffer from hypnoblocks. It prevents them from revealing the secrets to anyone else - but leaves you free in your own thoughts; Savoire makes the decision to use the Thought Chamber to penetrate deeper into the matter. What he experiences, gives him a new shock. In a bodiless state he sees the bodies of the dead people; they are in the matrix, somehow a part of ESCHER. Then he recognizes Merlin Myhr and Pal Astuin and is torn violently back into reality. This is the "genesis" that Fawn Suzuke had mysteriously hinted at.

At first Savoire is confused by what he has experienced, and especially the emerging of two former TLS agents surprises him. He visits the two in their office and actually finds them there. Then he returns to the Thought Chamber to go back into a cross chrysalis, but to his surprise nothing happens. Then the ESCHER Terminal awakens to life, and a voice announces itself. It is ESCHER. The Parapositronic has awoken to life, and it reports on the Hyperdim matrix in which the dead people now "live on". It informs the scientist that it must grow farther, and instead of living people in the cross cocoons, the "living" part of the Parapositronic should be filled out by the dead souls. Only he, Savoire, is not allowed to participate in it. He is to be the First Cybernetist whom the machine needs, to be able to grow. Savoire has few options, because if needed to, he can also be forced to do so, and he knows this.

At first the Parapositronic grows, while it accepts only fatally ill persons, until January 1346 NGE. Savoire has not given up his plan of resistance yet, but he does not have yet the power to leave ESCHER, but when the two agents who turn out to be avatars of ESCHER suddenly also bring younger people in, the Cyclops gets angry. He finds out that NATHAN is passing information to ESCHER - in the present case about the transmitter route to Hangay, which is apparently important for the Parapositronic; NATHAN is undercover with ESCHER. The scientist recognizes that the Positronik network is being further developed by ESCHER. From his friend Baldwin Carapol Savoire learns about the confused people who have emerged in the city and begun stammering „ ESCHER is dangerous “ to themselves. The scientist finds out from the avatars that these were accidents caused by a failure of the separation and transfer process of a Processor into the matrix.

Now due to the pressure of time under which ESCHER stands, the Parapositronic begins to also parapsychically attract healthy young people, and therefore, Savoire decides to swallow an overdose of the drug Arimal-3 to counteract the Hypnoblock and get to Perry Rhodan. He does this knowing that the drug may kill him, if he does not get to Rhodanin time.

The report ends with this for the moment, and Rhodan orders the preparations for the storming of the ESCHER Building. Gucky and London, who is still insecure with regard to the truth of the story, remain with the scientist to protect him against the possible arrival of ESCHER’S two avatars. And it turns out that the two really are already in the Solar Residence. When Rhodan happens to discover them on his way to lead the storming, he instructs LAOTSE to lock down the Solar Residence.

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2379 - ESCHERS Liste
Arndt Ellmer

The storming of ESCHER fails because the building is protected by a force screen. However, ESCHER renounces the application of deadly means of defense; for example, it does not activate the HU screen which is available to it. Rhodan orders three battle ships to go to position above the grounds of the ESCHER building. The district is evacuated as a precaution. Rhodan plans, if necessary, to tear the whole building out of the ground and transport it into space, where it can be isolated. ESCHER appears little impressed by all this and appears to be warned ahead of time by NATHAN. Its two avatars Pal Astuin and Merlin Myhr industriously recruit new Processors from ESCHER’S "shopping list". One of them is Baldwin Carapol, but the scientist is mental stabilized and can thereby resist the hypnotic influencing by ESCHER.

Gucky, who tries to penetrate into the building by teleportation finds himself for a short time within the Hyperdim matrix and comes to make contact with some of the Processor consciousnesses there. It appears to him that the people are absolutely happy with their new existence and that they are cooperating with great efficiency. Then he must flee from Myhr and Astuin. Rhodan confronts Fawn Suzuke with the occurrences within the ESCHER Building. The Monochrome Mutant assures him that the Nucleus would never position itself against the Terrans and would have no idea of what has become of ESCHER. However, at the moment he is not accessible, because he is in a growth period and may not be disturbed.

Rhodan is not content with that. He orders the Globists to temporarily stop their activity and the TERRANOVA Screen to be put into a weakened condition. The Traitanks stationed beyond the Sol system misinterpret the flickering of the screen and begin a new non-stop bombardment. Now the Nucleus, which has grown enormously, cannot stay silent anymore and speaks to Rhodan. The Sol system may not fall, because an important contribution to the retroversion of the Negasphere in Hangay is being prepared here. The Nucleus states that ESCHER has only been temporarily out of whack - a disturbance which the Nucleus repairs, as he sends his whole essence into the building for a few moments.

Now ESCHER lets in the Terrans, so that Carapol can be freed before he would be killed. Rhodan finds out that the Para-Positronic is supposed to eventually be inserted into the RICHARD BURTON, because the ship which is intended for the flight to Hangay cannot reach its destination without ESCHER. Because the consciousnesses caught in the Hyperdim matrix declare themselves as wishing to continue working as Processors for ESCHER, Rhodan permits it to continue its activity. But only volunteers may be recruited, and ESCHER must undergo a severe control process. This is to be guaranteed by Dr. Savoire, to whom ESCHER should grant free access to the Hyperdim matrix and must have the possibility to switch off the Para-Positronic at any time.

Therefore the lines are now clearly drawn. However, Rhodan and Gucky continue to brood over why NATHAN seems to have helped ESCHER while it was out of control. Is there additional programming about which the Terrans have known nothing till present? Is ES possibly once again working behind the scenes?

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2380 - Es kam aus der Sonne
It Came Out Of The Sun
Horst Hoffmann

16th January 1346 NGE:

The young officer Taboko Jones is promoted to major and receives command of the SEOSAMH. There he very quickly discovers that his first proper command is fairly boring. When he enters the Hall of the Mightys some days later, he is almost overcome by the radiant emissions of the seven powerful beings, but manages to catch the feeling that something is not normal.

26th January 1346 NGE:

The special ship LUTRIKON XIII, which patrols with its sister ships near the sun’s atmosphere, locates an initially unidentifiable object, which comes directly out of the sun. Some time later other ships have contact with it. Perry Rhodan is soon called and it turns out that it is a Dark Investigator. No emissions radiate from the "ship", as well as nothing else that could be measured by technical detectors. However, it can be caught without problem by tractor rays and is soon anchored on a PONTOON tender.

They try to approach the vessel, but are defeated by strange effects. Looking for council, Rhodan turns, together with Gucky, to the Seven Mighty. They give them Aquinas. The two immortals note that a certain "greed" emanates from the former Mightys and that they are not quite free with their information. But all previous attempts to approach the Investigator have failed, so they let this strangeness be.

Then the robot servant of the Mightys succeeds in approaching the Investigator and even in penetrating into it. Gucky and Rhodanstay close to him so that they are not left behind. The robot is not happy about this and speaks of adversities which will await the two of them if they continue to follow him. But now the three are in the ship of an Investigator who was apparently chosen to examine the corpse of ARCHETIM. But this seems to have led to his death and the ship alone survived.

It later shakes off its chain fields and heads directly for the ship of the Mighty s, only to moor itself to this. On the SEOSAMH the Mightys warn the LFT scientists to evacuate and this is begun. But four researchers stay behind in the Hall of the Mightys and observe how the indestructible Ysalin Afagour blocks trapping the Mightys begin to dissolve and then float into the air, only to one by one dematerialize and vanish in a blinding light. The four scientists look at this as the last possibility for escape, because in the meantime the whole ship begins to heat up. They each clinch to one of the four remaining blocks and are transmitted away somewhere.

At exactly 22:47:52 o'clock on the twenty-sixth of January the ship of the Mightys explodes. By this time, the hull temperature has raised to two hundred ninety-five thousand degrees Centigrade.

Some time later the Investigator's ship begins to accelerate and makes for the TERRANOVA Screen, inexorably heading towards destruction, but Homer G. Adams gives the order to open a structure gap as tightly as possible. While the Investigator’s ship goes through the gap, four Traitanks succeed in pushing ahead into the Sol system. They are destroyed by VITRA Cannons.

At this point the whereabouts of Rhodan, Gucky, Aquinas, the four scientists, the Seven Mightys and the Investigator’s ship are unknown to the LFT.

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2381 - Der Dunkle Ermittler
The Dark Investigator
Uwe Anton

Perry Rhodan and Gucky are aboard the Dark Investigator. This "living spaceship" with name Ruumaytron is also called a Source Clipper. The ship resists against the Terran and the Ilt, which becomes apparent by a strong psychological pressure and for the time being blocks Gucky from using his powers or even being of any help. Aquinas, the robot of the Seven Mighty, appears rather cooperative, as if he was dependent upon the help of the Terran and the Ilt.

In another area of the ship, the Seven Mighty and four scientists who managed to escape with them from the exploded SEOSAMH, rematerialize. The Ysalin Afagour imprisoning the Seven Mighty continues to evaporate bit by bit. The scientists find their way around the ship only with difficulty and during their investigation of the surrounding storage rooms, find an empty Necrophore.

It turns out that a Dark Investigator is a fragment or descendant of the Element of the Darkness, who serves as a pilot and bonds with the Source Clipper. Because Ruumaytron’s pilot has died, the Source Clipper yearns for a new commander and believes in having found such in the fallen Mightys, but they must first be freed from their prisons of Ysalin Afagour. Perry Rhodan is not accepted as a pilot, because his soul is too pure.

The Source Clipper flies to Dengejaa Uveso, the black hole in the center of the galaxy, where approximately one hundred thousand Dark Investigators and Source Clippers are flying around a gas giant. It comes to contact with a Quantum of the Darkness(Dark Investigator) by the name of Inaischon, and it betrays that a ritual by the name of a Refactive Jump is approaching, which is meant to conclude differently from normal this time. The Quantums of the Darkness want to betray the Chaotarcs, because they feel cheated by them. The Chaotarcs were supposed to free them from something and failed to do so. They therefore intend changing fronts. In conclusion, Inaischon tells Rhodan what happens in the ritual.

After Inaischon departs, Rhodan is informed that the head of Nuskoginus, the leader of the Seven Mighty has been freed from imprisonment by the evaporating Ysalin Afagour.

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2382 - Der refaktive Sprung
The Refactive Jump
Uwe Anton

On January 29, 1346 NGE the atmosphere in the Source Clipper has converted itself into one of hydrogen and the evaporation process of the prisons of the former Seven Mighty is beginning to speed up. Meanwhile something is going on near the Dengejaa Uveso, the black hole in the center of the Milky Way that causes the Quantums of the Darkness to gather near its event horizon, and begin a wild circling dance. However, an unfortunate meeting happens on the clipper Ruumaytron; as Inaischon, a rebel Quantum had before penetrated into the clipper, now a TAITOR loyal Quantum comes. However, nothing untoward happens. The Terrans and the Ilt on the ship feel to their own surprise only rage, but no hatred. At the same time, however, a painful avarice and torture emanates from the clipper itself. As fast as the Quantum penetrated into the ship, so fast it also disappears again and rejoins the strange dance of the Quantums about the event horizon. How long it is to continue like this remains unclear, as does what will happen exactly during the Refactive Jump.

Because Perry Rhodan can do nothing else than observe all this, he proceeds once more to the dark heart of the living spaceship. And it willingly tells Rhodan its history:

The source clippers were built seventy-six million years ago by the Trophi-Terryc, a race of brilliant engineers. The clippers were conceived as powerful spaceships, which should have only one purpose in life; to unconditionally serve even more powerful beings. And that is what happened. For a period of millions of years they served powerful beings, in a time during which the battle between the higher powers raged to a terrible degree. Their builders repeatedly changed sides in the war, depending on which side paid them better. The clippers served the most varied owners; Knights and Protector orders, representatives of the Chronotrophian Domain, the Dakkar pioneers and a huge number of other powerful entities.

When they one day returned to the native lands of their builders, they found only a slag heap. It was probably destroyed by the higher powers, maybe because they had delivered too mighty weapons to someone in this everlasting struggle of the cosmic forces. At approximately this time the last owners also left the source clippers, and they then floated aimlessly around, driven by their internal compulsion to find someone to serve.

Then sixty-eight million years ago, the Quantums of the Darkness originated. In an attack of the Element of the Darkness on a Spore ship, a unique event occurred. Just as the Biophores tipped out their On-and Noon quantums, the Element manifested itself and an interaction occurred between the two, where quantums of the Darkness were nearly irreparably combined with On-and Noon quantums. From it originated the very powerful immortal creatures. While certainly insignificant in comparison to the Element of the Darkness itself, they were just as unapproachable. However, in spite of their immortality they were also punished with the unbelievable torture of having to continue existing in this universe, which they were not native to.

The source clippers knew nothing about it, but they were also suffering; the suffering of not being allowed to serve anyone. They even offered themselves directly to the Chaotarcs, but these showed no interest. As a result, full of desperation, some clippers tried to commit suicide, but failed due to the indoctrination by her creators. This lasted until fifty-two million years ago, when the mighty Chaos servant Twarion Uruc appeared and promised to help the clippers. He constructed the M'ZATIL, for whose protection the sixteenth ZENTAPHER was put down, in order to attract the Quantums of the Darkness and give one of the available Source-Clippers to each of them. In return the Quantums would work for the Chaos powers for a period of time. In payment for working for the Chaos powers, Uruc and his principal, the Chaotarch Xrayn, promised release one Quantum of the Darkness from the On- and Noon quantum after a certain time period. Thus did the Source Clippers and Quantums of the Srakness become the Dark Investigators.

After a million years Twarion Uruc gathered the one hundred thousand Dark Investigators at a black hole in order to carry out the Refactive Jump ritual. In this process a Quantum of the Darkness did appear to be "cured". Thus the Chaos powers secured themselves the services of the Investigators for the long term.

The report from the deepest past ends with this, and Ruumaytron then continues with more recent events. The Investigators were integrated into TRAITOR, and in the course of the Hangay campaign Ruumaytron was sent with his owner Bikschun to the Sol system to examine the corpse of ARCHETIM. When they made a close approach to the corpse, some unknown effect was triggered that irretrievably tore Bikshun from the ship and disappeared.

With this information Rhodan returns to the control room of the clipper. He reports to Gucky what he has found out and begins to wait for the appearance of Twarion Uruc.

The rebel Inaischon appears again, looking for an anchor to reality, in order to not forget his real mission and fall into the general ecstasy going on outside. From him, Perry Rhodan finds out what has caused the rebellion among the Quantums of the Darkness. They had discovered that the Refactive Jump does not actually produce the result that they thought it did, but that Uruc simply flings the Investigator into the black hole and another time and universe. They only learned this when of the Investigators finally managed to find his way back. Now, the small part of them who know about it have sworn revenge, and hope to have the surprise effect on their side as they try to destroy Twarion Uruc.

The rebels actually succeed in this, and the Chaos servant is destroyed by a n-dimensional impulse, but many of the rebels also lose their connection to this universe and are flung away.

Rhodan realizes that time is really running short now, because with the Refactive Jump ritual being over, the Investigators begin to return to their Source-Clippers and head towards Ruumaytron. However, having been accelerated by the n-dimensional impulse, the prisons of the former Seven Mighty have evaporated and Nuskoginus accepted as the new owner of the Source-Clipper The ship’s escape succeeds, but does not end as Rhodan had hoped for. The leader of the former Mightys informs the Terran Resident that he and his companions will be set down on the planet Yorname and then the Seven Mighty will take their new ship to get settled in this new time and universe. Rhodan is disappointed of course, but has no choice but to accept this. The former Mightys declare that they will one day fight beside the Terrans, but leave it open when this will occur.

With this knowledge Rhodan and his companions head towards the city they were landed near, in order to make contact with the LFT and get returned to the Earth.

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2383 - Avatare ESCHERS
ESCHER’S Avatars
Michael Nagula

By request of NATHAN, the Avatars Pal Astuin and Merlin Myhr hunt on Luna for a family Koda Ariel. NATHAN says he needs the Avatars’ help because he cannot monitor the inside of people’s private quarters on Luna. This restriction does not apply to ESCHER’S two Avatars. However, the Avatars explain to the Hyperin-potronic that Perry Rhodan would forbid this use of them! The Terran Resident has expressly prohibited activities of this kind, but NATHAN informs them that he will take full responsibility for it, and they agree to help.

NATHAN supplies a Cantor sextant and a small amount of Salkrit as bait for the spies. He diverts transmitter transports with these contents to the Lunar Aaron Quippo shipyard, where the training ship JULES VERNE is being refurbished, because he theorizes the band of Koda Ariel to be there.

Astuin and Myhr have a good look at some of the workers of the shipyard. They actually do discover three Koda Ariel – owl like birds. In their normal merciless manner, they destroy the accommodations in which the birds are staying, in order to give a severe shock to the form converter mentally connected with the birds. When they have identified him, they disintegrate the form converter, which ends up causing a spectacle and excited media interest.

Rhodan learns about this as he returns from Yorname. He is disturbed that NATHAN has once again taken action on his own authority and even disobeyed a strict prohibition against the use of ESCHER’S Avatars.

NATHAN justifies himself, by stating that he wanted to submit ESCHER to a test in this way. He did not inform Rhodan or the Terran League Service to prevent TRAITOR from being able to make conclusions about the way Terrans would react to his plan. Certainly, Rhodan remains skeptical, but he leaves NATHAN and ESCHER alone, as he is convinced that both are still on the side of the Terrans.

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2384 - Das Quarantäne-System
The Quarantine System
Michael Marcus Thurner

Owing to his success in his special deployment in the subjugation of the Sataien, the Tad de Raud Deville Kareem is promoted to Marshal and now commands seventy-eight Luster Drones, as the Tad de Rauds call their spaceships. In his honor he hosts a banquet for the officers of his squadron, which now carries his name. This is interrupted at its high point by a general alarm. In the proximity of the squadron is a double sun solar system, which is considered as a quarantined system, because a strange lethargy radiation emanates from it. The marshal immediately orders his fleet into the system, in which unusual hyperenergetic effects are raging. And in this way they become a witness, as the Combi-Trans squadron appears in the Gulver duo-sun transmitter. The martial Tad de Raud has already conquered the entire Orellana star cluster, except for the abandoned quarantine system.

Immediately after its emerging, the Tad de Raud instructs his fleet to attack the LFT ships but the attack accomplishes nothing. Their energy protection screens are charged to capacity only reach five percent capacity. Atlan, who immediately becomes conscious of the technical superiority of the Galactics, orders the two Haluter ships THARI and AHUR to fly a short maneuver and set off defensive fires, a shot before the nose of the Tad de Rauds. But Deville Kareem is little impressed, and demands the Galactics surrender. When they are likewise little impressed and simply turn to New Lemur, the Marshal shifts his fleet at first to the edge of system, in order to hold consultation with his superior, the Precog-princess Catonya, who is on his flagship.

Atlan finds the current situation unclear. Instead of a lonely system, as he had found when he had visited it in May 3460 AD, a whole star cluster now stands in the previously empty space. The visible light spreads over fourteen light-years, but the star cluster turns out to possess a diameter of over fifty light-years. It is an indication for the fact that the risen hyperimpedance plays a part in the events here. In addition, the system of the double sun is different than it was in May 3460 AD, being now without intelligent life in it. The now apparently orphaned adjustment planet New Lemur, however, is tapping UHF-energies from the sun Gulver through two of the three adjustment pyramids of the adjusting station. The Arkonide follows up this mystery first. Immentri Luz quickly determines that the energy tapping can be traced to one of his "colleagues". The puzzling thing about it is that if the tapping process continues as it is now, the storage batteries will overfill and blow up. After Atlan is accepted as authorized to command the station’s Positronic, as a Tamrat of the Lemurer, he has the android Immentri Luz stop the tapping process. Although he succeeds in doing this in time, he makes it clear to Atlan that it will take several weeks for him to set things up to continue the flight of the squadron through the Sun Transmitter. In addition, there is no sign of the android’s “colleague”.

Meanwhile Trim Marath and Startac Schroeder examine the abandoned cities on New Lemur. They discover the video recording of a deceased man, who recorded his last hours of life. It is to be seen that the emergence of the star cluster came along with an insanity producing radiation, which killed all life.

In the adjustment station, a research team makes a further discovery: With heat sensors they discovered three shapes, which were in the station a few minutes before the arrival of the Combi-Trans Squadron. Atlan sends search troops out to try to locate the three beings.

Meanwhile the Tad de Raud marshal Deville Deville-Kareem leads another raid into the system. His audience with the Precog-princess Catonya was not very successful; instead of giving him instructions, the female Tad de Raud who stands far above the marshal in the hierarchy and only under the Precog-empress, stayed silent. Deville Karrem understands this to mean that it is up to him to decide how to proceed. Therefore, he orders landing troops sent to New Lemur.

Atlan lets the Tad de Raud land, since he does not understand how Immentri Luz would react to aggression. The last time the android encountered it, he went into shock for thousands of years. Thus it comes to the fact that the Tad de Rauds land on New Lemur.

Startac Schroeder and Trim Marath eventually discover a strange section of forest, which prevents anyone from penetrating inside by means of a suggestive radiation. The two Mutants nevertheless penetrate into the forest after some trouble and appear in a strange village. There the three beings they are looking for appear to them, after they had gotten Atlan via teleportation: a small red-haired gnome, an ox-like animal and the searched for activation guard, who seems to be unconscious or dead. However, these three disappear behind a wall of UHF energy.

After Deville Kareem orders the landing, he is called urgently by the Precog-princess, who noticed the presence of a teleporter in the proximity with her senses. She makes it clear to him that she wants to get her hands on Startac Schroeder, the teleporter, no matter what.

Meanwhile, the three Galactics jump back to their base, in order to bring scientists to the location, which they discovered, but they never arrive at their base. Catonya reroutes the jump in some unknown manner and steers the three Galactics into the flagship of the Luster Drone Squadron. There the three people are paralyzed immediately. The Tad de Rauds disappear unhindered from the quarantined system after this action, since the Galactics did not yet notice that three of their high-level personnel, Atlan, Trim Marath and Startac Schroeder were kidnapped.

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2385 - Im Mesoport-Netz
In the Mesoport Net
Horst Hoffmann

Up until 1331 NGE, the Orellana star cluster has belonged to the galaxy Sporteph-Algir. The Telomon race living in the so named discreet domains lead a contemplative life unnoticed by the Tad de Raud who continuously spread out conquering Orellana. The Telomons are small humanoids that have no advanced technology of their own. They use the technical legacies of the disappeared race of the Andury which are considered to be the forefathers of the Telomons. On many planets in Orellana there are Telomon villages, which are connected over the Mesoport net with each other. The Telomons cannot travel by themselves over this transmitter like transport system; they need to use their pack animals similar to bulls whom they call Kamhaloxs. Every Telomon can transmit the mental picture of their desired destination to a Kamhalox, and the animal then takes its owner to the appropriate Mesoport point, which surrounds the target village like a fog bank. Every village is protected by a so-call ‘knower’. These are autonomous computers that dispose of their own detection equipment (the Ear of the Andury and Eye of the Andury). The traders of the Telomon carry miniature copies of all these devices on themselves.

The existence of the Telomon villages is held strictly secret. The Telomons do not keep up relations with the other races of Orellana, but to occasional interact with them. Their villages are protected by the so-called null screen-Combo, a system of energy protection screens that holds other living beings at a distance and prevents detection, as well as providing optical protection for the villages. Should a village nevertheless be discovered, it is evacuated as fast as possible, and then the village knower destroys it completely, including itself. In 1329 NGE this threatens to occur, because Allanas-Dreen, a colonel of the Tad de Raud, has heard rumors about the existence of the Telomon and risks everything to hunt them down. Alexim Afateh, a traveling trader of the Telomons, becomes a witness of how Allanas-Dreen almost unmasks one of the villages. Two years later the Tad de Raud - like all the races of Orellana – have more pressing concerns, because the hyperimpedance-rise strikes. Extremely strong Hyperstorms lead to the fact that an enormous Tryortan gullet forms, which shifts the whole star cluster into another area of the cosmos: It materializes in the Gulver Duo, which has apparently worked as an attractor upon the star cluster.

Many villages of the Telomon no longer make contact after this event. Alexim gets the order to explore them. In the process he meets the love of his life, the willful Lemaha Eliyund, who he has already has secretly loved for a long time. Together the two travel from world to world and they note that the Mesoport net is beginning to dissolve out from the border of Orellana - should it fail entirely, it would be the end of the Telomons. When they learn of the existence of a double solar system which cannot be reached over the Mesoport net and which the Tad de Raud have declared a quarantined system because of the lethargy radiation, Alexim and Lemaha begin the search for Dynh Abhwelt, an old depot planet of the Andury. There is actually a city of the ancestral race which is guarded by robots. However, the two Telomons are not found as worthy to enter them. Nevertheless, they are given permission to go into a depot and they succeed in bringing a spaceship into their possession.

With this so-called Mesoport ferry Alexim and Lemaha travel to New Lemur. There, they establish a point of the Mesoport net and equip a new village. Its knower points out to them unknown energetic activities, which they track down. In this way, they discover a conserved activation guard. Because they hope for clus to the reasons for the failure of the Mesoport net from him, they attempt to take him to Dynh Abhwelt via the Mesoport point. At the same moment as they enter the Mesoport point the activation guard awakes...

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2386 - Die Diskrete Domäne
The Discreet Domain
Michael Marcus Thurner

When Alexim and Lemaha arrive with their "find" on Dynh Abhwelt, the activation guard awakes. His name is Ama Zurn and had put himself into a deep sleep more than fifty thousand years ago, in view of the fratricidal war going on between the Lemuerers. Exactly like his "brother" Immentri Luz, he is not living being born from conception, but a "product". His task consists of protecting the Gulver Duo Sun Transmitter against unauthorized use and had at the time shut down the connection towards the Jiapho Duo and Zhaklaan Trio. Ama Zurn is fascinated by the city of And'rol and in contrast to the Telomons, is let in. Through semi-material holograms, the central computer of the city takes up contact with him and tells him the history of the Andury. This race had once worked in the galaxy Siom Som for ESTARTU, but eventually withdrew from the cosmic stage and perpetuated their legacy as beings, which they called their children: The Telomons. In Orellana they produced an artificial thickening of the Psionic net and energetically loaded it, creating the Mesoport net. This net is now beginning to dissolve, after the hyperimpedance increase and the transfer of the entire star cluster to the Gulver Duo. The computer asks Ama Zurn to “repair” the net by using the Sun Transmitter’s sun taps to recharge the net.

Although this request runs contrary to the original order of the activation guard, he agrees to it because there are no more Lemurers around and he owes the Telemons for waking him. He sets himself up on New Lemur and investigates the control pyramids of the Sun Transmitter. Alexim and Lemaha meanwhile set up a proper Telomon colony there. Over the years, more and more settlers come to the new community of Enduhaim and Lemaha becomes pregnant. Ama Zurn succeeds in tapping the suns of the Gulver Duo and storing the energy, in order to feed it into the Mesoport net as soon as enough is stored to stabilize the net in this way for thousands of years. But the storage process will take years, because the energy must be fed in one shot into the net, and the storage batteries fill only slowly. During this time it comes again and again to disturbances or complete shutdowns of the net. In addition the Tad de Raud Allanas Dreen is still on the hunt for the Telomons. The Precog-princess of his ship actually succeeds in seeking out one of the Telomon villages because the camouflage devices of the Null-screen Combo are likewise weakened. Some Telomons lose their life with the attack, but Ama Zurn intervenes, holding the Tad de Raud in check while Alexim organizes the evacuation. In the process of pulling people from the Mesoport net at Enduhaim, Lemaha loses her child due to the radiation it gives off.

In the following years more villages fall victim to the disturbances of the net and the attacks of the Tad de Raud, but they always manage to be evacuated in time. Allanas Dreen is eventually executed for his failures and his second in command, Deville Kareem, is given command. Meanwhile, Lemaha gets pregnant again and has a son. As the energy stores are nearly ready, Ama Zurn receives the indicator signal from the sun transmitter of an impending arrival. He does not have any choice, but to follow his basic programming: He must make announced transport possible – however, the entire energy accumulated up to now must be purged and therefore lost. Trying to complete the tapping process in time and avoid the loss, he strengthens the tapping jets, so that the process is enormously accelerated. He does this knowing that it increases the probability of a detection possible, so he orders Enduhaim evacuated.

Once he raises the power, Deville Kareem’s fleet promptly appears. When the Combi-Trans squadron coincidently arrives in the sun transmitter at the same time, Ama Zurn becomes unconscious due to the hyperenergetic effects of the transmission’s wavefront. Alexim brings to safety at Ama Zurn (during which he is observed by Trim Marath and Startac Schroeder), an a little later the activation guard comes around again. He is more than surprised, when Alexim shows him a recording of the events in Enduhaim, because in it he sees not only one of the feared "Black Beasts", but also the activation guard Immentri Luz...

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2387 - Die Präkog-Kaiserin
The Precog-empress
Hubert Haensel

Icho Tolot loses no time when it becomes clear to him that something has gone wrong with Startac Shroeder’s teleport. He proceeds immediately to the EDMOND HALLEY to follow the ship of the Tad de Rauds, who abruptly begin to retreat from New Lemur. Back on New Lemur, Cornor Lerz takes over command during Tolot’s absence.

Atlan awakes in a small cell, but he very quickly has contact with Deville-Kareem, who informs him that the three Galactics are guests and that the Precog-princess wants to speak to them. Because Trim Marath and Schroeder are still unconscious, only Atlan is brought to the princess of the VLON RADARIN, Catonya. Even as they arrive there, the Tad de Raud fleet makes its first transition jump.

On New Lemur a troop of Haluters reports that Atlan and the mutants have disappeared, and that a small village has suddenly become visible and three individuals have been sighted in it. Lerz orders that the Haluters should withdraw and three Terrans approach, because the old Haluter has identified one of the strangers as an activation guard. However, he himself proceeds to the small village as fast as he can.

Atlan is informed by Catonya that he and his companions are to be brought to the main world of the Tad de Rauds, Etad-Rauda. Deville-Kareem feels completely safe there, as their homeland has never been attacked, but Atlan throws him off balance with the statement that there is always a first time. Then the old Arkonide is brought back to his cell. Through the strange walls he succeeds in making contact with Schroeder. The Teleporter and Sensor is robbed of his Psi forces, as the Precog-princess absorbs them somehow. Marath has to suffer from her influence.

With a lot of small transitions and the splitting of the fleet Deville-Kareem tries to shake off the EDMOND HALLEY, but this does not succeed. After ten jumps, on January 8, 1346 NGE, Etad-Rauda is reached by the Tad de Raud, and so does the LFT ship, which goes into the sensor shadow of the sun. In the system the Galactics locate approximately four hundred luster drones, armed forces which have already been defeated by the ships of the SATURN class. But Icho Tolot wants to intervene only when the exact position of the kidnapped people is determined.

The three Galactics are being brought directly to the Precog-empress, and on the way Atlan causes a short period of confusion, so that Schroeder can do a teleport spring and free the three of them. But the short game of hide-and-sick brings only a small gaining of time, because the female Tad de Rauds are able with to hunt up the three with their psionic senses. So they are caught only one day later and brought to the empress.

The empress is a gigantic caricature of a Tad de Raud; her head is still built completely normally, but the abdomen is broken open and gigantic. Moreover, she controls her surroundings with her Psi forces. The Tad de Rauds are only marionettes, and Schroeder and Marath have also fallen into her power. Only Atlan resists this and finds out from the empress that while he certainly possesses an interesting aura, his two companions, however, are still much more interesting. She reveals to the Arkonide that she is able to take foreign bodies into hers, decompose them and to insert their genetic code into hers. In this way, she wants to transfer the abilities of both mutants into the genetic code of the next generation of Tad de Raud. The Arkonide is horrified and tries to save Schroeder.

Shortly before this, the specialists of the HALLEY determine the location of the three prisoners. Tolot orders the ship immediately into the orbit of Etad-Rauda and sends a ground troop composed of only ten people. But they are wrapped in red battle suits, for they are ten Haluters.

Atlan just frees Schroeder from the body of the empress, who is digesting him, when hell breaks loose. The ten Haluters get access to the throne of the empress without great effort and kill her. With this loss the Tad de Raud system grinds to a halt and the EDMOND HALLEY can escape without any great problems.

On New Lemur tension is smoldering due to a problem that Cornor Lerz cannot deal with. Ama Zurn has informed him that the Mesoport net will permanently break down if its energy supply is not replaced by the reconfigured Sun Transmitters. But the Haluter reminds him that whole galaxies are threatened by the Negasphere still more strongly and that their mission would be endangered if anything goes wrong during the reloading process. Zurn tells Lerz that he still reacts like a Beast, which deeply hurts the old Haluter. But to Cornor’s luck the EDMOND HALLEY returns and Atlan takes full responsibility back into his hands. The Arkonide remains steadfast in his conviction. While the way to the Zhaklaan Trio is still blocked, the connection to the Jiapho Duo is secured. In spite of the many complaints from all sides the Arkonide, who is slightly irritated and makes it clear that he is not Perry Rhodan, firmly sets the launch for January 18, 1346 NGE, at 14 o'clock and therefore orders the Sun Transmitters configured back to normal.

All of a sudden, three hundred and eighty luster drones attack the system, but they have no chance against the Galactics. The prospect of a slaughter causes the two activation guards to shut down. They simply cannot handle people killing each other. Therefore, Atlan orders only a barrage to scare them off, although the Combi-Trans squadron could easily decimate the Tad de Raud fleet.

On the opposite side Deville-Kareem recognizes that the attacks are senseless, but his Precog-princesses order more attacks in their madness, caused by the loss of their empress. These attacks are only stopped, when Catonya who is developing into the new empress, intervenes upon the advisement of the marshal and calls for a retreat. On January 15, 1436 NGE, the Tad de Raud withdraw.

On New Lemur almost everyone is disappointed by Atlan, but an avalanche of petitions cause Atlan to change his mind. On January eighteenth, at nine o'clock he cancels the countdown and lets Ama Zurn finish the charging of the Mesoport net. This succeeds without problems, so that a new launching date of Januray thirtieth can be set for the squadron. Immentri Luz, meanwhile, decides to stay with his comrade on New Lemur.

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2388 - Objekt Ultra
Object Ultra
Christian Montillon

Cosmuel Kain is accepted in the ranks of the Peace Drivers.

Three months later: the Peace Drivers establish a new base in the halo of Hangay, within a three thousand kilometer thick wandering moon by the name of Cala Impex.

Alaska Saedelaere is on a patrol flight together with two other Peace Drivers approx. two thousand light years away. Mondra Diamond accompanies him as a guest, in the hope that near the appearing Negasphere in Hangay her buried memories from Torr Samaho or Kintradim Crux might resurface and give hints about how to stop the Column.

The approximately ten light years wide area of space D-MODA are secured by more than one million Traitanks. Using interference impulses, the Traitanks make sensor studies of the space sector almost impossible. Several CALLERS are probably activated there to show the way to Hangay to units of TRAITOR from other universes.

The Peace Drivers actually do discover objects with foreign Strangeness values in D-MODA. They suppose that shifting from another universe is possible only from beyond a certain distance from the appearing Negasphere. The arrived units might have to be reequipped first for the flight into the surroundings of the Negasphere.

An object without mass, made of ultrahigh frequency energy also emerges, that the Peace Drivers name Object Ultra. It erratically changes position and produces temporary Pararealities in its close vicinity, as the Peace Drivers discover with their examinations. Alaska Saedelaere finally identifies Object Ultra, by application of the vector helmet, as a cosmic messenger which keeps bumping against an immaterial barrier approximately thirty thousand light years before Hangay and can therefore not fly into the galaxy to stop the appearance of the Negasphere.

After one of the Pararealities vanishes, a clawed shaped space station remains behind. The Peace Drivers assume that it is a Column unit that went off target due to Object Ultra and is put out of operation by Object Ultra’s radiation. Kantiran declares that they must go investigate the station…

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2389 - Die Opal-Station
The Opal Station
Uwe Anton

Eight Peace Driver ships approach the Opal Station in the protection of their OREON Covers. They assume they have a crashed TRAITOR unit before themselves, and want to try to salvage it. Using spy probes they discover an entry hatch, and Alaska Saedelaere decides to penetrate the station through it. Mondra Diamond immediately insists upon coming along, because she is with them expressly to use anything related to TRAITOR in order to pull out the knowledge from the consciousness fragment of Kintradim Crux which is supposedly inside her.

Within the station they bump into massive amounts of corpses of the most varied Chaos servant races. After they have determined the situation as still being uncritical, the other Peace Drivers follow them in, including Kantiran Rhodan and Cosmuel Kain.

During their further investigations of the station the Peace Drivers keep bumping into corridors which end in a formless flowing fog. Kantiran supposes that these corridors lead to hyperspace storage areas in which large parts of the station could be accommodated. The closer they approach the center of the station the more of these corridors they find.

In one corridor Mondra and Alaska bump into the corpse of a forty centimeter tall being that is strapped into a kind of support frame. While seeing the corpse Mondra unconsciously utters the word Praeggor. It immediately becomes clear to her that she can only have pulled out this knowledge from the consciousness fragment of Kintradim Crux.

Mondra gets to know even more by way of a thrust of memories. She learns that the Architect of the thirty-seventh ZENTAPHER had already been on this station before. Shortly after he had successfully finished his education in the academy of Harcoy-Maranesh, he eventually ended up on the Opal Station, or to call it with the proper name, the Space Time Router eMOX-3370. At the time, it was stationed near the Negasphere at the former location of TRIICLE-9.

There Crux, and therefore Mondra, learned that the Space Time Router was there to make possible navigating close to the Negasphere for conventional spaceships.

Some time later, after Modra wakes up, Kantiran’s group discovers a control room. Alaska and Mondra also proceed there. Unfortunately, the operating consoles are protected by force field screens, but Mondra suddenly goes through one of the fields and approaches one of the operating consoles behind the screening. Alaska tries to come to her, but fails to get through. He and his other companions are condemned to watch as Mondra feels the operating console, then breaks down and pulls herself up again. Then, after grabbing some kind of spike from the console, she suddenly disappears through a passage that did not exist there before. What they do not know, is that the consciousness fragment had won the upper hand and in an act of desperation Mondra ordered her suit to give her a lethal dose of medicine and then reanimate her, if possible. This occurred and Mondra believes that she is now freed from the consciousness fragment.

But this does not explain why Mondra has disappeared, and now the Peace Drivers in the control room receive the message that their bridgehead has been discovered and is being attacked...

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2390 - Der Raum-Zeit-Router
The Space Time Router
Arndt Ellmer

The Peace Drivers are attacked in the Space Time Router by Mor'Daer soldiers, who survived their station’s accident in deep sleep tanks.

While the Peace Drivers push back the attacks when reinforcements arrive from Cala Impex under Chyndor’s command, Mondra Diamond wanders through areas of the station, within which only the mysterious Transit Inspectors may normally move about. She observes the activities of some survivors is eventually taken prisoner by them. However Alaska Saedelaere, who was searching for her, arrives just in time. The mask bearer kills her captors by exposing them to the radiation of Cappin crystal embedded in his face. The two Galactics return together to the bridgehead of the Peace Drivers.

The Peace Drivers succeed in to bringing the underlight drive system of the Space Time Router under control and accelerating the station, but then the Mor'Daers sabotage the drive and manage to send out an emergency signal. Traitanks soon approach. The Peace Drivers must give up the station, but they set bombs and explode the station after leaving.

A Peace Driver that possesses the power of soul gazing examines Mondra. This confirms that the consciousness fragment of Kintradim Crux is really wiped out. While she had been under the influence of the consciousness fragment Mondra had carried off a small article before entering the innards of the station. It turns out that it holds a map that is likely that of the Hangay Negasphere.

The Peace Drivers must accept the fact that they will be able to use a space time router to penetrate into Hangay, but are still pleased that this might not be possible for the Chaos troops either, after the station was destroyed. But they congratulated themselves too soon: Thousands of Space Time Routers materialize a little later in the DMODA sector...

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2391 - Die Schwarze Zeit
The Dark Time
Wim Vandemaan

Malcolm S. Daellian and the Algorrians are occupied on the planet Jonathon with the construction of a device which is called the context converter. This project is top secret, and the facilities are not accessible to the public. All the work takes place in a partitioned off area, called the UltraTech Complex (aka: the Tech Farm). Not even Julian Tifflor is informed about its details or the intended purpose of the context converter and, therefore, has to work hard in order to move Aktakul to give any a meaningful cooperation with it. Daellian is also groping about largely in the dark - what the context converter really is, how it can be built and how it supposedly functions, only the Algorrians know in its full extent. All he knows is that it takes large amounts of Salkrit for it.

While the adult Algorrians work on the project, their youngsters are babysat by Viltur Milla, an Ertruser that suffers from the Gingor Trevala syndrome. This disease caused gigantism with him, but also stunted his mental development at the level of a child. He is the ideal playmate for Hargh Dor, the second youngest Algorrian. At the beginning of February 1346 NGE, Milla observes strange light phenomena that he cannot explain, but which on account of his childish intelligence, simply accepts. However, on the twentieth of February Hargh Dor ends up in the middle of one of these apparitions and dies. His corpse looks as if it is already millennia old.

The fact that it is a side effect of the context converter, which is traveling backwards in time, only become clear when on the twenty-fifth of February the first real test run takes place. In all of Photon City it comes to peculiar phenomena: causalities are turned around, delays and dimensional shifts appear, and people die in zones in which the lapse of time is accelerated extremely. However, due to micro-time zones it also comes to deaths in areas with an extremely slowed down lapse of time.

The test run of the context converter calls an unknown power onto the stage which resides in the Time Farm. It is unclear whether after this contact any further intervention of this power is to be counted on by Julian Tifflor and Daellian with further test runs.

Certain of these apparitions are reminiscent of Pararealities. In one of these, Julian Tifflor, who is at the deathbed of his sister Eileen in the twenty-first century sees the REGINALD BULL VII, an ultrabattleship of the Jupiter class, emerging over Terra.

In the appearing chaos Le Anyante is badly injured by an exploding console. Nobody can do anything against these phenomena – except for Milla, who hardly suffers from the effects. He smashes the central operations desk of the context converter, shutting it down, and at the same moment the effects end.

Julian Tifflor and Aktakul now theorize that the context converter is a kind of time machine. But the Algorrians continue to stay silent, and so Julian Tifflor can only speculate upon the purpose of building the context converter. Is the original entry of TRAITOR into the local group to be undone by an enormous time paradox?

All that stands certain, is that the work on the context converter will be continued.

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2392 - Die Vergessene Stadt
The Forgotten City
Michael Marcus Thurner

On January 31, 1346 NGE the Combi-Trans squadron continues its flight to Hangay. The next station is supposed to be the Jiapho Duo Sun Transmitter. But something goes wrong. The Haluter spaceship AHUR under the command of Domo Sokrat rematerializes somewhere in empty space and is slightly damaged – nothing is to be seen anywhere of a Sun Transmitter - the rest of the squadron has been shifted into a hypercocoon, although the crew of the AHUR do not know it yet.

However, the Haluters of the AHUR note nothing of this at first. After the damage aboard is repaired, a strange object is located which floats through space: a dead Lemurer that sits in a chair equipped with control nozzles. It is only one of a whole row of corpses who evidently all come from a kind of city in space: Here, in the middle of empty space, float more than a thousand Lemurer spherical ships, which have been coupled into a single enormous station.

The city in space carries the name Inkar-Durn and consists of a Lemurian fleet that was exiled because of an offence that had fallen into oblivion long ago. Approximately eight hundred fifty thousand Lemurers live there, which have pretty well forgotten their own past. The conditions are almost disastrous there not only because of lack of space, but also because of the perpetual lack of resources. So that the Lemurers can work off their tensions, a "bacchanal" is celebrated annually with which almost the whole population pumps itself up with the drug Petrogisch and dedicates itself to all kinds of excesses in order to escape from their reality. Another kind of escape consists of a suicide ritual, euphemistically described as " going to find Lemur “. Whoever carries out this ritual is strapped into a chair and catapulted into space…

The Haluters try to make contact with the Lemurers of Inkar-Durn. But their arrival releases panic among the Lemurers. It is not so much because the Haluter are the spitting image of Beasts from their old days, but because most inhabitants of Inkar-Durn deny the existence of a world beyond the city and cannot deal with the thought that there could be something else.

Some inhabitants of the city, the Current Catchers, have developed a special Para-ability. They can collect hyperenergy and convert it into Psi-matter. In this way some Current Catchers that are standing under the influence of the Petrogisch decide to steal the hyperenergy from the foreign ship and turn it back against it. But they cannot control the Psi-matter, thereby endangering not only the Haluter ship, but also their own city to the point of destruction. Filicut Cartomyst, who also belongs to the Current Catchers, but has remained sober, asks Domo Sokrat for help. A Haluter task force succeeds in helping the Current-Catchers remove the Psi-matter from the space city in time and ejecting it into space at a safe distance, where it explodes.

As a side effect of the explosion the hypercocoon, in which the Combi-Trans squadron is assumed to now be, becomes measurable in the detectors. A kind of tunnel also remains stable just long enough that the AHUR can venture a flight through it. Before the Haluters fly into the hypercocoon, they return the Current-Catchers to the city in space and leave the Lemurers some supplies, machines and data on their past.

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2393 - Androiden-Sinfonie
Android Symphony
Horst Hoffmann

The Combi-Trans Squadron arrives at the Jiapho Duo. All the control facilities there have been switched off, and they locate a mini star cluster with sixty-nine suns where, actually, only empty space should be. Moreover, it is found that the hyperimpedance values are lower here than are normal for now. Twenty Mercury and twenty Diana cruisers are sent out to investigate the area. The neighboring galaxies are not visible and the squadron determines that it is in a hypercocoon. During the investigation of the control planet Trixal, a radio message is radiated after a mental scan occurs. The message is an alarm to the something called the Ani-Sferzon, with the content „ alarm case activation guard “.

Soon an attack of six spaceships made from form energy, so-called Spectral Amaranthes, takes place. Several Galactic ships - the Explorer VERACRUZ and the LFT BOXES ADON and BURMA - are destroyed. It appears that only old-fashioned impulse cannons used at short range can become dangerous for the Amaranthes. The opponents retreat only after the destruction of three Amaranthes.

After the attack, there is a conference of the Ani-Sferzon, who show strong genetic degenerations, as they appear with too little genetic variance in a small population. The Kontrex among the leaders of the Ani-Sferzon informs a group of the ruling powers about the loss of Amaranthes with the first attack; something that has never happened before. The activation guards must be prevented from reaching the Spectral Tower on Vitogh'Farien, because this would mean the end of their power in the island governments. They would accomplish this by way of a second contingent of Amaranthes, more massive than ever before in their history, and with its failure the third, almost unthinkable, contingent will be sent, which will dig deeply into the resources of the empire.

At the same time the Galactics mine the nearby surroundings of the control planet with space mines calibrated for an impulse effect. With it they succeed in repulsing the second attack by fifty Amaranthes without any further losses of their own. Ama Zurn manages to bring about a short radio contact with the Kontrex, but it results in Ama Zurn recoiling in horror and shutting down his vital functions; he dies.

The third attack of four hundred forty Amaranthes is finished by the appearance of a hyperspace quake with which the missing AHUR emerges through the hyperspace tunnel. The Galactics are told the story of the AHUR and find out from a picture of the inhabitants of Inkar-Durn that they possess the same speckled eyes as the Ani-Sferzon.

After things settle down, Atlan learns that the other activation guard, Immentri Luz, has vanished on the control planet Trixal...

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2394 - Hyperraum-Nomaden
Arndt Ellmer

Immentri Luz regains more memories and proceeds on the search for the Spectral Tower, because he knows that he could intervene crucially from there in the battle against the Spectral Amaranthes. Using a transmitter he reaches the planet Vitogh'Farien, an abandoned residential world of the Spheros. An automated facility scans him and informs him, that the Sphero Morian Kinnaird has given the instruction to grant access to the Spectral tower to the first returning activation guard. Luz does not get any further information. Inside the tower he finds two dead Spheros –they are the perfectly conserved bodies of Morian Kinnaird and his mate. The sight of the corpses wakes more memories in the activation guard. He recognizes that the dead people are wearing so-called Mnexion-forehead rings, and takes one of them - at the same time all of Morian Kinnaird’s flood over him.

The humanoid Spheros are ancient and extremely long-lived, but a people becoming extinct with a dying will to live and stronger growing lethargy. Robots and androids must take over more and more tasks which have been done up to now by the Spheros. Some of the Spheros are psi-gifted, and some of these are able to produce Psi-matter. All the Spheros are connected over a mental network with each other, and particularly gifted Spheros can "dive" completely into this network with the help of the Mnexion-forehead bands, which contain a quantum of psi-material. For many tens of thousands of years the Spheros travel through hyperspace with the Spectral island states. Sixty-seven suns are surrounded by a nestling screen and serve not only the Sphero as a living space, but nine other races who are associated with the Spheros and live in peaceful harmony with each other. They are refugees, exiled races, etc. to whom the Spheros have granted refuge. The Spheros are a morally high-standing people and interfere only extremely rarely in the affairs of other races. They know that they stand at the threshold of collective intellectualization, however, reject this development because they are a people of individualists.

Morian is the first Sphero child who has been born in two hundred seventy-eight years. As an adult he completely devotes himself to the task to investigating the reasons for the extinction of the Sphero. That's why he searches for legacies from the time before the departure of the Spectral island states, because the current Spheros know nothing about this epoch. The High Arbiters of the Sphero which reside in the Spectral Tower support his research. During excavations an enormous object is discovered: the self-sufficient gigantic city Gorkwaisch, whose age is estimated to be at least one hundred twenty thousand years. That is where the single available records from the old times are discovered. The biogeneticist Erilyn Shirde also looks for the causes of the decline of the Spheros. She recognizes that the genetic structure of the Spheros are changing, which leads to a progressive loss of cell activity. The decoding of the ancient records from Gorkwaisch supplies a possible explanation for this genetic change: at some indeterminate time the genotype of highly developed beings which called themselves Anakones, was inserted into the genes of the Spheros. The Anakones considered this to be a "present" to the old Spheros, and it actually did come afterwards to an enormous evolutionary thrust. Then the Anakones moved on with an unknown destination.

After the death of the previous Transfer Master of the Spheros, Morian is elected as his successor. He and Erilyn Shirde become a couple. In a secret bunker in Gorkwaisch, information is found about the fact that the Anakones must have stopped sometime once in a galaxy by the name of Ammandul. Morian is more than surprised when he recognizes with an orientation stop in normal space that this galaxy has turned out to be the exact flight goal of the Spectral island states, and this, although its coordinates were only just learned. The Spheros explore Ammandul and learn that for approximately the last seventy years a war has been raging there between the Lemurers and the Beasts. They do not intervene in the fighting, but examine some dead Lemurers and find out that these carry inactive genes, which are identical to the genotype of the Spheros.

Immentri’s last impressions of Morian’s life for the moment are the memories about the stillbirth of his child. The activation guard does not succeed in penetrating farther into the Spectral tower. He catches a radio message, which informs him that nine hundred fifty Spectral Amaranthes are gathering for another attack on Trixal...

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2395 - Die Gen-Sammler
The Gene Collectors
Arndt Ellmer

When Immentri Luz picks back up Mnexion ring circlet of Morian Kinnaird, which he had put down, admission to the Spectral Tower is granted to him. Inside he meets the android Levink, who is only one of many artificial beings that still steer the Spectral island states from the tower. With its assistance Immentri Luz looks for a possibility to stop the Spectral Amaranthes’ attack. Before he can do this, he overwhelmed again by Morian’s remaining life memories.

Morian and the other Spheros go to examine the planet Lemur in the protection of their perfectly camouflaged Amaranthes. Inside the planet’s sun they discover a "6D-Jewel". They learn about the evacuation of the Lemurian race through the Sun Transmitters to Karahol. Even as Lemur is attacked by the Beasts , the Spheros do not intervene in the battles. Erilyn Shirde states that only every thousandth Lemurer carries Anakone genes. Millions of Lemurers would have to be able to be examined in peace, if Anakone genes are to be extracted for the revitalization of the gene pool of the Spheros. Morian therefore takes up contact with the Lemurian Admiral Lan Lan-Asfahan , in order to make an interesting offer: The Spheros will position the spectral island states stably at the Jiapho Duo transmitter and take the double solar system into itself, in order to make escape possible for more Lemurers, which cannot make it to Karahol. They would be accepted as the tenth associated race of the island states and be settled there on the planet Valianess. To calm the high council of the Spheros, which are afraid of the martial Lemurers, Ama Zurn and Immentri Luz are created as guards of the transmitter facilities. They will thereby prevent the Lemurers from gaining arbitrary access to areas of the island states. The Jiapho Duo can even be partitioned off from the remainder of the island states beyond that by a protection screen relay that can be activated from the Spectral Tower.

The Lemurer accepts the offer and begins the exodus. Now Erilyn can carry out her research, for which many Lemurers volunteer. Morian discovers a vault, which was obviously built by the Anakones within the Spectral Tower. It is guarded by a computer, which calls itself the AUTHORITY and be addressed by the Transfer Master. Information about the Anakones is not to be drawn from it however. For many years the increasing population of Valianess lives together in peace with the Spheros, which even have a Lemurer fleet consisting of one thousand three hundred ships, with which they can move about within the island states. However, Admiral Lan Lan-Asfahan secretly pursues his own plans. He wants to bring the island states under his power, in order to defeat the Beasts with the superior technology of the Spheros and even take over the Grand Tamanium itself. The Lemurers succeed in even stealing the isolated Anakone genes and thereby supplementing their own gene pool. With the help of the AUTHORITY, which uses an inertia producing field, Lan Asfahan’s attack is nipped in the bud. The inertia producing field makes all the Lemurers in the attacking fleet completely lethargic. All one thousand three hundred ships are then shifted back into normal space.

After many years – as the Sphero population shrinks threateningly - Erilyn produces the first in vitro child with the new Anakone genes inserted. To Erilyn’s horror it is chimera, but the research eventually continues. The children finally produced are raised on the planet Ani. Further generations of test tube children come to the world, which due to a genetically caused language error (which is later eliminated) they do not call themselves "Sphero", but "Ani-Sferzon " - from "Sphero of the planet Ani". The Ani-Sferzon rapidly reproduce, but do not develop as the Sphero desired. They become ever more aggressive, and in addition many disfigured children end up being born. Morian and his wife finally give up hope and bridge thirty-one thousand years in deep sleep chambers. When they return to life, the Lemurers of Valianess have become extinct and the Ani-Sferzon have taken power over all the associated races and suppress them in the cruelest ways. Only the Spectral Tower is not attainable for them, plus they cannot leave the island states. After Erilyn’s death of old age, Morian is the last Sphero. He prepares everything for the return of the activation guards and dies a little later.

With that, Morian’s memories end. Immentri Luz understands that there are no more Spheros. He orders the screen field of the Jiapho Duo activated, so that the Combi-Trans Squadron is untouchable by the nine hundred fifty Spectral Amaranthes stolen over time by the Ani-Sferzon. He then convinces the AUTHORITY to recognize him as Transfer Master, so he can use the inertia filed generator against the Amaranthes and remove the Ani-Sferzons from these ships. In addition he ensures that the Combi-Trans Squadron can continue on its way unhindered to Hangay, buy having the Jiapho Duo system returned to normal space. Immentri Luz decides to remain in the island states, in order to heal the wounds caused to the associated races by the Ani Sferzon and to look for the Anakones. An important lead for him is the information that the descendants of the Lemurer fleet banished from the island states still carry modified Sphero genes in them. Meanwhile, he refuses to take any active role with the Spectral island states in the fight against TRAITOR, as it would betray the Sphero moral stance.

Immentri Luz says his goodbyes to Atlan and then the Jiapho Duo system and the Combi-Trans Squadron are transported back to normal space…

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2396 - Traitanks zwischen 20 Sonnen
Traitanks Between The Twenty Suns
Hubert Haensel

Perry Rhodan goes to the Nucleus, in order to finally confront the collective being. He demands trust for trust and requires the disclosure of all the Nucleus’ plans. Since the Nucleus gives only empty clichés to him, the Resident refuses it any further LFT assistance. The Nucleus finally reveals to him, what the context transducer and the refitting of the JULES VERNE are for. This information impresses Rhodan so deeply that his fundamental attitude changes.

Later, ESCHER is cut out of its building and shifted into the now two thousand five hundred meter wide RICHARD BURTON, which has been reequipped with auxiliary modules. Rhodan and Gucky fly personally with this ship to the Kharag Sun Dodecahedron, where they arrive on March 8, 1346 NGE. Atlan travels there at the same time with the EDMOND HALLEY.

Meanwhile Zerberoff and Dantyren prepare an attack on Omega Centauri. Both received the order for this from the True Progress, and it is clear to both that they have thereby finally became official competitors. The Chaos servants have succeeded in locating the zones of relative peace within the globular star cluster so that they can penetrate there. Zerberoff fits out for this purpose an enormous fleet of so-called Reductive-Traitanks, which were cannibalized and equipped with "primitive technology" like transition engines. Dantyren uses three Koda Aratiers, shape transducers, whose abilities are much more strongly pronounced than those of the Koda Ariels, and which can unite, in order for copy larger beings. They produce a covering, which is copied from a Haluter and can take up Dantyren. In the camouflage of a Haluter courier named Dongu Gok, whose destination is allegedly the Sun Dodecahedron that ended up stranded in space, Dantyren is "saved" by a Terran ship and brought to the destination. His plan is to murder Perry Rhodan and Atlan.

On March ninth from Zerberoff and his Chaos squadrons reach the Sun Dodecahedron. Zerberoff receives recorded information from Koda Ariels that managed to get their way in. It informs him about the Galactics’ project to reach Hangay by means of a Sun Transmitter route. A battle involving heavy losses for both sides is then set off. Since the Reductive-Traitanks do not have their original equipment and armament, the Galactics, who are supported by the Haluters, keep the upper hand. They lure the Traitanks into the proximity of Khar I, where heavy duty Lemurian Counterpole cannons are stationed. However the planet is eventually transformed into a glowing hell by the battle. But Zerberoff has only been playing for time. With this a UHF Energy potential was to be established by the Sun Dodecahedron, whose intended purpose remains hidden to the Galactics. Although Zerberoff’s fleet is destroyed (he escapes in a survival capsule), Atlan prepares everything for the evacuation of the Sun Dodecahedron, because Omega Centauri is no longer a safe place of refuge.

Perry Rhodan, who had at first intended to fly with the RICHARD BURTON to Hangay, announces that he has changed his plans. Atlan is to take his place. It is clear to the Arkonide that the Resident is concealing something from him…

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2397 - Die Halbspur Changeure
The Halftrack Changeure
Hubert Haensel

After the victory over the Reductive-Traitanks peace has come again to the area of the Sun Dodecahedron. But the aggressors have left a constantly growing UHF potential energy field, which cannot be affected by the Galactics. When the emerging of a least one hundred kilometer thick unknown object is announced, the Galactics theorize that a connection could exist with the UHF potential field. Perry Rhodan who is annoying Atlan with his continued secretiveness, begins to pursue the object with the EXPLORER ship BEIJING. However, the strangers do not react to radio messages and execute transitions if the Terran ship comes underneath a certain distance. Therefore, Rhodan, Gucky and Icho Tolot change into a smaller ship: They pursue the unknown object with a SCARAB.

The durable little ship is able to approach the stranger close enough that Gucky can catch thought impulses. Because the mousebeaver can do this, Rhodan assumes that the protection screen of the strangers must be permeable to Psi-impulses. Therefore, he has himself and Tolot teleported inside by Gucky. It turns out that the unknown object is an impact impulse generator platform of the Lemurers with the designation ZEUT-80. This disk-shaped, dodecagonal station has a diameter of one hundred twenty kilometers. Enormous control pyramids rise on both flat sides. Generators aboard are used for the intensification of the hyperflood fronts ruling in Omega Centauri. However, the real intended purpose of the station was the building of Sun Transmitters.

Gucky discovers that ZEUT-80 has been retrofitted, meanwhile, for another purpose. On the surface of a protection screened round platform the so-called transportation court BLUE RIMBER has been established. It is a kind of way station with connected restaurants, which is used by a multiplicity of the most different living beings - tourists who are only making a connection in Omega Centauri. The transportation takes place over energy tubes of some kind. Rhodan and his companions manage to mix in with the crowd, despite a short dispute with the loading foreman Pscholian Lox. They learn that BLUE RIMBER is run by the Halftrack Changeures. Rhodan succeeds in speaking to one of these beings. It is a small humanoid that seems to exist in two continuums at the same time, because he is shined upon on one side by an invisible sun. The Halftrack-Changeur recognizes Rhodan’s Knight's aura and states that his people had found the station abandoned an "eternity" ago and taken care of it since then.

Rhodan is almost electrified when he hears that the Halftrack-Changeures come from a solar system by the name of Andury-Aphanur. He demands the delivery of the station into his hands and bases this upon the fact that the Terrans are the descendants of the lawful owners of ZEUT-80. Certainly, he must prove the identity to the station computer, but he manages this without a problem, because with wise aforethought Atlan had given him the Krish'un. Within the shortest time the Halftrack-Changeures clear out the transportation court and the energy tunnels vanish. Rhodan has the ZEUT-80 fly to the Sun Dodecahedron, where the station is more carefully examined. It appears that the ZEUT-80 disposes of generators, which can produce a Hyper-cavitation field - a semi-space bubble stabilized in normal space within which the hyperimpedance is reduced.

Meanwhile, the Dual Captain Zerberoff is floating in space in his rescue capsule. He had carefully programmed its launch to make it head towards the UHF potential field in such a way that it will reach it as the field becomes ready for use…

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2398 - Aufbruch nach Hangay
Departure To Hangay
Uwe Anton

Under Atlan’s command the Galactics prepare for the evacuation of the Kharag Sun Dodecaherdrons. The hyperfield left by the Reductive Traitanks continues to grow in size and turns out to be a transmitter through which one hundred twenty-two Traitanks and a Column-Fort are deployed. They take up station by the transmitter, but do not do anything else. A Column radio message is caught by the Galactics, revealing that the Dual Captain Zerberoff is still alive and has taken command of the Column force.

When another four full Chaos squadrons arrive, the attack on the Kharag Stahlwelt begins. During the attack the explosion from an exploding energy coupling hits a Terran technician, Laurai Broder, knocking her unconscious. Perry Rhodan appears on the scene with the ZEUT-80 just in time. By way of an impulse from the hyperflood generators of the station, Rhodan succeeds disturbing the Traitanks ability to fly and attack for a short time.

Atlan uses this time to finish evacuating his forces from the planets and taking them, along with a part of the fleet and the giant station ZEUT-80, through the sun transmitter with the goal of the Jiapho duo. Perry Rhodan and the remaining units leave Omega Centauri through the hyperflood fronts. The plants of the Kharag steel world and the sun transmitter have been shut down and sabotaged to the point that TRAITOR can hopefully never use them.

To make sure the shutdown worked, the ancient Haluter Cornor Lerz volunteered to stay on the Kharag steel world. Once this is done, he goes to attack the landing TRAITOR troops in a suicide attack…

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2399 - Finale für einen Dual
Finale for a Dual
Uwe Anton

The Galactics withdraw along the transmitter route before the units of the Terminal Column TRAITOR. The control stations of the Lemurain Sun Transmitters are meanwhile manipulated like previously in the Kharag Sun Dodecahedron and made unusable by TRAITOR.

At the Nagigal Trio Atlan says goodbye to the Raphanes, which should probably be of no interest to TRITOR because of their low technical level and their isolated location. Form the Gulver Duo the journey goes on to the Jiapho Duo where paths separate. The majority of Fifty-three thousand Haluter spaceships leaves, accompanied by some PONTOON tenders and Terran volunteers, for Andromeda and Pinwheel in order to support resistance there against TRAITOR. The majority of the Terran fleet and some Haluters are accepted, on Atlan’s request, by the Spectral Island States, to be dropped off again in the Milky Way.

The Dual Dantyren proceeds meanwhile in his disguise as a Haluter, Dongu Gok, to the Trixal switching station and lures Atlan to himself under a pretext, in order to murder him. When Atlan escapes, he gives up his camouflage and takes the technical expert Laurai Broder, who is now in the station, as a hostage. To save her, Atlan follows the Dual into an old forgotten underground city and finds help from degenerated Lemurer descendants living there.

Dantyren loses his powers of concentration during a Psycho-duel. However, Atlan’s attempt to capture him fails, and so he must kill Dantyren, after Dantyren's hostage dives into a ray shot meant for Atlan.

With the assistance of the impact impulse generator platform ZEUT-80, a Situation transmitter field is constructed by which the RICHARD BURTON leaves in the direction of Hangay, along with its escort ships. During the examination of Dantyren’s corpse, the Ara Prid-Reuyl finds out that only a clone of Michael Rhodan was used in the production of the Dual, so the original might still be alive somewhere.

When TRAITOR units under Zerberoff arrive in the Jiapho Duo almost two weeks later and take possession of the Situation transmitter, switching it off, the expedition to Hangay has covered more than five hundred forty thousand light years of its journey and now continues under its own power towards the Peace Drivers base, Cala Impex.

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