1200 - Ordoban
Kurt Mahr

Millions of years ago, the empire of Nor-Gamaner was ruling over several galaxies. The main people was the Saddreykar, one-eyed humanoids coming from the Behanien galaxy. During a battle, one of the most acclaimed Saddreykar lieutenants, Ordoban, was killed but because he was such a symbol for his people, his consciousness was conserved in an energy container. Before he died, Ordoban asked his assistant, a two-eyed hunchback named Saddreyu, to take over his succession. Nobody knows where Saddreyu is from.

In memory of Ordoban, the Loolandre is created : a spectacular monument where Ordoban's psychic essence is kept in the Room of Stars. The Loolandre is destined to become the tourism center point of the galaxy and the main symbol of the Nor-Gamaner empire.

Over the next millennia, the Nor-Gamaner empire spreads, stagnates and finally declines. Saddreyu dies of old age and his mind is now able to enter the Loolandre. During this period, Ordoban has honed his mental skills and he is now able to send his mind light years away. He is also busy writing up the history of the Saddreykars.

During the 20th millennium, the Cosmocrat Tyrik arrives in the Loolandre and tells Ordoban that the Power of Chaos have been making alarming advances lately. Tyrik explains that two main powers are constantly fighting for power in the universe, and he represents the Power of Order.

Shortly after the Big Bang, the Power of Order created the Moral Code of the Universe, made of a double helix structure that spans over the entire cosmos, similar to human DNA. This double helix structure is also called the Endless Armada because it has no beginning and no end, it just circles endlessly throughout the cosmos.

The Endless Armada is made of millions of psionic fields and more recently, one of these fields, called Triicle-9, has been threatened by the Powers of Chaos, who are trying to disrupt its balance and to provoke a mutation of the helix. Tyrik asks Ordoban to assemble a gigantic fleet in order to protect Triicle-9.

In the months that follow, thousands of spaceships and tons of technological equipment arrive in the Loolandre on behalf of the Cosmocrats. The delegate of the Cosmocrats is a robot called Hortevon and he explains to Ordoban how the new technologies work. One of them, called Goon, will power the fleet, and soon, all the spaceships are fitted with Goon Blocks, which tap the hyperspace for their energy.

Led by the Loolandre, the Fleet arrives to the resting place of Triicle-9, which is hiding in a temporal crack. The first fleet to join Ordoban's armada is the Skop F'durnadde. The next one hundred races that follow are called Clans, and F'durnadde becomes their mother. As the fleet grows, Ordoban creates robot helpers that he calls Armadamonteurs, and also Armada Forges, where all the repairs are done and the new material is manufactured. Hortevon hides the Loolandre behind the temporal crack and four gates are installed in order to protect it from intruders. The control of these gates is given to Chmekyr, a creature that Hortevon nominated.

In the 36th millennium, the fleet contains five hundred thousand units and Ordoban declares that its formation is now complete. The number of units decreases with time as more and more civilizations merge and unite their respective fleets.

In the meantime, Saddreyu has been perfecting a cloning program and the first clone comes out. He has a silver-looking skin and Ordoban calls him Parwondov, while calling him his first son. Parwondov is given the control of the Armada Forge Hortevon and more silveries are creating in the following years.

A Saddreykkar expedition reaches the Loolandre and Ordoban is none too happy to see his compatriots. He organizes a big celebration but fails to pick up on warning signs coming from Triicle-9. He disregards Hortevon's warnings and suddenly, Triicle-9 disappears. Ordoban decides to go after Triicle-9 and he calls his fleet the Endless Armada, the same name as the Double Helix.

Several centuries go by when one unit is suddenly missing. Ordoban realizes that he can no longer trust the members of his fleet to follow him, so he creates the Final Impulse, which is a psychic order sent to anyone who tries to desert the Armada. In order to increase his control over the fleet, Ordoban has 70% of his psychic mass concentrated into tiny Armada Flames that are created in the Seal Ship and fitted over the head of every Armadist.

Ordoban also creates the White Ravens, whose mission is to maintain the order throughout the armada, and he asks the Torkrotians to constantly harrass and attack the Armada Units in order to make sure they are constantly ready to defend themselves.

Ordoban completes the history of the Endless Armada and calls it Armada Chronicles. The Chronicles are hidden in a pyramid guarded by the Wonnes, small creatures that each receive the role to memorize a fragment of the history. In order to limit the growth of the units, Ordoban creates Sleep Ships, where Armadists are put into a cryogenic sleep in rotation with other units. Ordoban also creates the Armada Prophet, an energetic creature that is suppposed to help him anticipate future events.

As his strengths start declining, Ordoban uses most of his remaining psychic energy to create Nachor, his heir. Ordoban wipes Nachor's memory clean and then sends him into the Armada, hoping that he will find his destiny by himself. Ordoban instructs Saddreyu to assist Nachor, should he ever find his way back to the Loolandre.

Throughout the years, Nachor gains some influence in the Armada and he takes the lead of the Rebels, engaged in a fierce war against the Armadasmiths who have decided they wanted to overthrow Ordoban and take over the Endless Armada.

When the Armada finally finds Triicle-9, Ordoban is convinced that it's the Galactic Fleet that stole it, and when the Terrans enter the psionic field, Ordoban orders the Armada to follow them. This was his last mistake, as the feedback shock he receives kills him.

Back in the present...

When Nachor finishes telling the story, Rhodan realizes he now has the answer to two of the three Ultimate Questions: what the Frost Ruby is for and where the endless Armada begins and where it ends. Carfesch materializes in the Base and he says that when he was kidnapped by the Armadasmiths, he was summonned by the Cosmocrats beyond the Matter Sources. Carfesch has been asked by the Cosmocrats to explain to Rhodan what the Chronofossils are.

During the past centuries, Rhodan and the human race have accomplished major alliances and uncovered many secrets. Each of these new victories has received a tiny fraction of Rhodan's psychic imprint, and the location where such a victory happened is called a Chronofossil: a distinct location in time and space that is an integral part of the history of the cosmos: Andro-Beta, the World of a Hundred Suns, Gatas, Eden II, etc...

Each of these Chronofossils creates a network of psychic forces and whenever the Endless Armada approaches one of them, it will create a shock wave that will shake out the restraining field that is currently keeping Triicle-9 immobile. Once Triicle-9 is freed, it will return to its natural location. Also, the shock waves are expected to revive Ordoban, whose psychic imprints still permeate the Loolandre.

Before moving on with his new mission, Rhodan orders the Armadasmiths to assist the peoples who were imprisoned by Seth Apophis in the Frost Ruby. To assist them in this task, he gives them control of the 900,000 spaceships of the Barbarians, while warning them that any attempt at escaping their new duty will result in their unconditional destruction.

Atlan leaves for the Milky Way in order to prepare the Terrans for the imminent arrival of the Endless Armada.

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1201 - Kosmisches Mosaik
The Cosmic Mosaic
Detlev G. Winter

Atlan, Jen Salik and Carfesch arrive in the Milky Way and present their report to the GAVOK. A Sigan notices that an Element of the Mask is impersonating one of his friends and the secret services manage to track him down and kill him, but only after he's been able to transmit information back to Kazenkatt.

Taurec asks Atlan and Jen Salik to go to the Abyss, which is the place where the Frost Ruby came from. There, they must meet with the Abyss Controller, and oversee the construction of a replacement for Triicle-9, which was started centuries ago by the Space Time Engineers. Taurec tells Atlan he is worried because he lost contact with the Abyss. Taurec brings Atlan and Jen Salik to a dying galaxy called Cor where they find a space station that belongs to the Cosmocrats.

Heading the Endless Armada toward the Milky Way, the Base comes across the Syzzel, and Reginald Bull comes on board. He says that Taurec and Vishna are staying on the Syzzel because they are exhausted but Pucky is the only one suspecting something after he detected that Bull was behaving strangely and emitting an odd smell.

When Pucky finally understands Bull is actually an Element of the Mask, it is too late and the impostor paralyzes Rhodan and takes him before Kazenkatt, helped by the Element of Darkness.

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1202 - Sturz durch die Zeit
Fall through time
H.G. Francis

Using Chronimals, Kazenkatt projects Rhodan back in time, in 2402, where he meets with Waylinkin, an androide capable of changing his molecular structure and that Kazenkatt asked to protect Rhodan. They rematerialize in space next to a Moby, and when Rhodan learns from Waylinkin the time, he realizes that in four days, the Masters of the Islands will be exterminating the entire race of the Two Noses by hurling Mobies on their homeworld.

Rhodan and Waylinking are taken onboard the Moby and Waylinkin secretly informs the Two-Nose commander, Karsof, who Rhodan really is. The two prisoners escape and have to flee in front of the Two-Noses and also from the Bio-Police, which is still active and indicates that the Moby is still alive.

After a long hunt, Rhodan and Waylinkin are captured as the Moby comes back to life. Karsof realizes that Waylinkin was telling the truth and that his race is doomed. Out of spite, he shoots Rhodan but as the energy ray is about to hit the Terran, the world freezes around him.

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1203 - Die Zeitgänger
The Time Travellers
H.G. Francis

The Time Travellers are a race of people evolving through time. They ride particles called chronons and are attracted by time anomalies. Each of them is usually assigned a period of time of 10,000 years and Nisel is the one in charge the current time. As he was picking up signals coming from the various time anomalies that Rhodan dealt with, such as the Akonid time transporter or the Cappin device, Nisel notices Rhodan, who is emitting strong time signals.

He decides to disobey the rule and using the time energy left inside Rhodan by the Chronimals, he takes him away as the Two-Nose is shooting him. Rhodan asks nisel to save the Two-Noses but he's told that this would create a time paradox. Nisel takes Rhodan to the Temporals, the ancestors of the Time Travellers, who live in a time area counterpart of the Matter Sources.

When Waylinkin sees Rhodan disappear before his eyes, he starts pursuing him throughout time and Rhodan manages to bring him into a trap.

Rhodan asks Nisel if it would be possible to transport the Two-Nose into the present time, and Nisel agrees that this should not cause any time paradox. In exchange, Nisel asks Rhodan to deliver him the Chronimals. Even though Rhodan doesn't control the mysterious animals, he accepts.

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1204 - Der erste Impuls
The First Impulse
H.G. Ewers

Rhodan makes an incursion in the psat to communicate his plan to Gesil. The preparations to host most than twenty billion Two-Noses start and when everything is ready, the Time Travelers send the impulse hurling the entire population in the present one second before they get exterminated by the Masters of the Island.

In order to accomplish is part of the bargin, deliver the Chronimals to the Time Travelers, Rhodan uses a Springer spaceship that has been identified as being manned by Elements of the Mask. When Kazenkatt sends the Chronimals on board, the Time Travelers capture them and take them into the past. Threatened to be captured, Kazenkatt invokes the Element of Darkness and disappears.

As the Chronofossil Andro Beta is finally freed, Rhodan's mental energy is unleashed and a tremor on the Frost Ruby is detected, showing that the Porleyter anchor is beginning to weaken. It appears to Rhodan and explains to him that he will need to do this for every Chronofossil before finally taking the Endless Armada into the Abyss. It shows Rhodan a vision of Atlan and Jen Salik in a city that Nachor identifies as Starsen. When Rhodan asks It the location of Eden II, which is also a Chronofossil, the super-intelligence answers that he will find it when the time comes.

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1205 - Kundschafter der Kosmokraten
Scouts of the Kosmokraten
Thomas Ziegler

On the Cosmocrat space station, Atlan and Jen Salik meet Drul Drulensot, the Abyss Controller. He explains that the Abyss is an n-dimensional layer separating the Einstein continuum from the other universes. The two men are only allowed to carry their cell activators and when they are ready, then lie down in crystal sarcophagi and taken to the Vault, the entrance to the Abyss. During the transfer, Drul Drulensot tells them the story of the Abyss.

The void left by the disappearance of Triicle-9 not only reinforces the powers of chaos, it also threatens the coherency of the psionic fields that make up the Moral Code. The Cosmocrats ask the Space Time Engineers, a people close to becoming a super-intelligence, to manufacture a duplicate of the psionic field. The Engineers create the Vault and then the Abyss, a gigantic disc-shaped world.

Then the create Abyss Schools, where the many races that will assist them will be taught and trained. A city called Starsen is built around the Schools to host the students. The Engineers settle away from Starsen, near the Mountain of Creation, where they oversee the construction of the replica, as the psionic energy of Triicle-9 is used to anchor the Frost Ruby.

Since a physical particularity of the Abyss forces the third dimension to never exceed 2312 meters, the Engineers surround Starsen of a shape-energy wall reaching that height in order to protect it against intruders from the Powers of Chaos. The four transmitter gates are controlled from the Mountain of Creation and a network of transmitter domes separated by one light-second is used to move around the Abyss.

As the reconstruction of Triicle-9 proceeds, the Vault and the Guardians start changing mysteriously, blocking the return to the High Land, the name that the Abyss dwellers give to the other reality. Before the way is totally blocked, the Cosmocrats manage to impress a vision of the Abyss in Ordoban's subconscious.

When they arrive in the Abyss, Atlan and Jen Salik are attacked by a black amorphous creature that Jen Salik idenifies as a Koa Shin, from his memory as Harden Conoor, which seem to come back to him. They are rescued by Drul Drulensot who take them to safety, where Atlan observes his Armada Flame disappear.

The civilization of the Abyss is stricly organized : every citizen has a status number, from one to four, one being the lowest. Status-Two citizens can use the Dispensers, that create food and matter on demand, while Status-Three citizens can use the Dome Transmitters, allowing them to move around the Abyss. Finally, Status-Four citizens, mostly creatures called Irtipits have access to the Life Cathedral, that allow them to extend their lifetime.

Two fractions, the Geriocrats and the Brotherhood, fight for power. The Brotherhood recruits Status-One citizens, team them up in groups of three made of a telepath, a telekinet and a pyrokinet. Five years prior, an unknown individual who identified himself as the Steel Man, showed up and conquered a part of the Abyss, granting himself Status Five.

Atlan and Salik meet Chulch, a Status-One citizen, who is looking for a friend of his who recently accepted to serve an individual called Vagenda. Attacked by a triade from the Brotherhood, they are rescued by the Geriocrats and are surprised when they realize they can operate the dispensers and the dome transmitters. Two Geriocrats, Hulnan 2317 and Kalk 978, realize the threat that the two strangers represent.

Atlan and Jen Salik are challenged by Ol On Nogon, a Status-Three citizen. Salik accepts the challenge while Atlan and Chulch set out to recruit more Status-One citizens for their fight. On their way, they are hijacked psionically and are forcred to land in Kraken, the headquarters of the Brotherhood.

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1206 - Flucht ins Labyrinth
Escape in the Labyrinth
Clark Darlton

After his victory over Nogon, Jen Salik gains the command of the Merkatenders and he teams up with their chief, Wolebol. In Nogon's palace, Jen Salik discovers a statue of the mysterious Steel Man who turns out to be nobody else but Tengri Lethos-Terakdschan, who disappeared without traces after Vishna merged with the Viral Empire.

Salik learns that the Abyss year corresponds to three Earth month and that each year is separated by a period of a few days where everything goes dark. This Dark Time is now starting, marking the beginning of a new year, and the Steel Soldiers capture Nogon. In the meantime, the two Geriocrats Hulnan and Kalk are looking for Jen Salik on the order of their mysterious leader. Jen Salik's escape leads him and Wolebol into caves under Starsen.

The radiation of Salik's cellular activator awake a creature called Jorstore who turns out to be one of the two Scouts sent by the Cosmocrats into the Abyss thousands of years ago and who became the victime of a phenomenon slowly petrifying him. Jorstore explains that the master of the Brotherhood is a former Space-Time Engineer and then dies. His last words are a request for Salik to go down deeper in the maze and to look for Roster Roster, the other scout. In order to find him, Salik should follow the light of his activator.

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1207 - Im Bann des Kraken
In the Hands of the Kraken
Arndt Ellmer

Atlan and Chulch's sphere is hijacked and forced to land in Kraken, where the two men are captured by the Brotherhood. The men of the Brotherhood belong to the people of the Ni Val and they turn Chulch into a pyrokinetist, thus explaining how the Triads are created.

Atlan is harshly questioned by the Supreme Brother and as he is about to give in, he is rescued by a mental entity that calls itself Vagenda, who claims he works for the real Space-Time Engineers. Atlan learns from Vagenda that the Steel Man is indeed Tengri-Lethos Keradschan. Vagenda was asked by the Space-Time Engineers to free Starsen with the slogan "Status is death" and she explains to Atlan that ever since he went beyond the Matter Sources, he's been carrying an Aura of the Knight of the Abyss.

Vagenda then suggests Atlan to pay a visit to the Blind Hermits, also called People of the Abyss, who are considered the oldest people in Starsen. Shortly thereafter, the Steel Soldiers break into Kraken and free Atlan and Chulch.

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1208 - In den Katakomben von Starsen
In the Catacombs of Starsen
Kurt Mahr

In the caves, Atlan and Chulch see seven Brothers deliver hundreds of Starsen citizens to the Blind Hermits, who turn out to be living trees moving around on their roots. As the prisoners are taken away, the procession is attacked by plants that kill some of them.

Atlan and Jen Salik finally meet in the caves and they find Roster Roster, the Scout of the Cosmocrats. He's a creature that can separate himself in several parts. The proximity of Atlan and Salik's cell activators restores his energy and he explains that the prisoners are being taken to a place called the Golden Area.

Roster explains that the plan of the Cosmocrats failed because they underestimated the power of the Abyss: some Space-Time Engineers fell prey to its psychic influence and turned into Gray Lords. Roster takes the Terrans to the Golden Area where the Blind Hermits show respect for the cell activators. Inside the Golden Area, they discover the giant representation of a cell activator, an egg-shaped constructoin a thousand meters high. The prisoners of the Blind Hermits are taken inside and when Atlan and Jen Salik claim that they are Knights of the Abyss, the Blind Hermits accept their authority and start telling them the history of Starsen.

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1209 - Die Grauen Lords
The Gray lords
Kurt Mahr

In a distant past...

The Alai are brought into the Abyss by Narl Narlensot, the first Abyss Agent. They received from the Cosmocrats the mission to build Starsen, a gigantic city that will serve the Powers of Order later. Shortly after their arrival, some of the Alai are hit by the Grey Influence, a force coming from the Abyss that drives people crazy and petrifies them. Caves are built under Starsen when a technology called Vagenda is used to counter the effect of the Gray Influence, which withdraws soon thereafter.

Thousands of years later, the main builders of Starsen are the Chrass, a race of tree-like creatures. Their leader, Krrrzssl, discovers that the Grey Influence is still present in a latent form in the caves. It has slowly permeated the underground of Starsen and additional technology from the Cosmocrats is needed to contain it. The guardians of the four transmitter gates succumb to the Grey Influence and the gates themselves stop working shortly thereafter. The hierarchy of statuses is created, segregating the Starsen population in four levels.

Two mutated Space-Time Engineers take the lead of the Brotherhood and of the Geriocrats. They use status-one citizens to refill the energy accumulators that keep the Grey Influence at bay.

More time passes and a transmitter gate is suddenly reactivated. The Steel Lord enters Starsen and it soon conquers Starsen with his Steel Soldiers.

The negative energy floods Starsen and all its inhabitants become victims of the Grey influence. Atlan, Chulch and Wolebol leave the city in search of the Steel Lord while Salik surrenders to the Geriocrats. Hiding his cell activator, he pretends he lost his memory and his goal is to be thrown into the accumulator, hoping that his status of Knight of the Abyss will protect him.

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1210 - Unterwegs nach Magellan
On the Way to Magellan
Arndt Ellmer

After starting the Endless Armada in the direction of Magellan, the second Chronofossil, Perry Rhodan and his crew talk with the Element of the Mask they rescued. He is willing to help the Terrans because he knows that Kazzenkatt will now hunt his race down and exterminate it, but before he can do anything, he is killed by Kazzenkatt remotely.

In order to replace the void left by the Chronimals and the Elements of the Mask, Kazzenkatt goes to the Incubator, a place hidden between the continua where the various elements are manufactured by an android called 1-01-Helm. The Androide blames Kazzenkatt for his failures and he shows him several Dolans made of protomatter that were recently manufactured.

Despite his power and his ability to Zero-Dream and therefore, go to any location instantaneously, Kazzenkatt realizes that the Endless Armada is too big of an opponent, so he decides to focus his efforts directly on the next Chronofossil.

In the Loolandre, Nachor is subject to visions of Ordoban's past life and he starts wondering if he is not turning into Ordoban. In Magellan, Vishna and Taurec discover that Rhodan's psychic matter has disappeared without activating the Chronofossil.

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1211 - Der gute Geist von Magellan
The good spirit of Magellan
Thomas Ziegler

Fake Dolans manned by Elements of the Masks passing as Dolans appear in Magellan and start attacking several planets. Vishna and Taurec are joined by Pucky and Ernst Ellert who confirm that Perry Rhodan's psychic substance is gone. After several unsuccessful attempts, Pucky detects some of Rhodan's presence and helped by Ernst Ellert, he makes contact with the Good Spirit of Magellan, the Magellan deity.

The Good Spirit turns out to be Rhodan's psychic substance after it mutated fromthe Neo-Howalgonium radiations present on Baykalob, the capital of Magellan. The Good Spirit revives the memories of the Elements of the Mask about their origin: a long time ago, during the Tba rebellion ,four-thousand Gys-Voolberah were rescued by the Element of the Technique and turned into a weapon of the Decalogue.

The Elements of the Mask recover their true identity and ask the people of Magellan for forgiveness for the atrocitied committed by the Bi-Conditioned. The peoples of Magellan are now relieved of their fear for the return of the Bi-Conditioned and the Chronofossil heals itself. The Gys-Voolberahs head for Targriffe, their new home.

On March 10th, the Syzzel departs for the periphery of the Little Magellanic Cloud where the Endless Armada just appeared.

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1212 - Die größte Show des Universums
The Greatest Show of the Universe
H.G. Francis

On the Base, several incidents announce the imminent appearance of Tyrik, the Cosmocrat, who will be featuring the "Greatest show of the universe".

Pucky detects panicked thouhts from Nachor in the Loolandre. Accompanied by Gesil, he returns there to find that Aytos and White Ravens have captured the Armada Prince and are about to sink him into Ordoban's psychic matter. Pucky realizes that Nachor is voluntarily submitting himself to this. Saddreyu appears and explains that Nachor and Ordoban's psychic matter need to merge in order to enable Nachor's memories of Ordoban.

When the fusion is accomplished, all the Armada Flames disappear and Nachor-Ordoban announces to the entire Endless Armada that they are now free to go. However, he asks from them one last favor: that they stay with him until Triicle-9 has returned to its native location. Most peoples in the Endless Armada accept. Nachor, Gesil and Pucky then head for the Armada Prophet who tells them that they must release the metal depots, which will open the way toward the Abyss.

Tyrik materializes on the Base in the shape of Nachor and tells Rhodan that he must abort the trip toward the World of a Hundred Suns and instead, set courst toward Rando 1, which will become the real Chronofossil because that's where the protoplasm has been moved.

The fleet reaches Rando 1 as Nachor, Pucky and Gesil return on the Base. Nachor now has the memories of Ordoban and he recognizes that the so-called Tyrik is actually an impostor. Tyrik suddenly disappears and a massive psychic wave hits the base and paralyzes its entire crew.

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1213 - Der Superkämpfer
The Super Fighter
H.G. Ewers

The Oxtornian Stalion Dove is hurled by the pedo-transmitter of the World of a Hundred Suns inside the Incubator, the main factory of the Decalogue. Inside, 1-01-Helm has fitted an androide with some psychic matter coming from Albert Einstein and he uses it to test the Oxtornian. In the months that follow, Stalion Dove is faced with various tests which he fails.

Einstein advises 1-01-Helm to create an Okrill, a fight animal that Oxtornians are usually paired with. The Okrill, named Peruz, helps Dove overcome his opponents and both escape from the Incubator through a time crack.

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1214 - Ein Raumriese erwacht
A Space giant Awakens
H.G. Ewers

Trapped in a time anomaly, Dove receives visions of a distant past.Nauvoac and Shivauc work for the Cosmocrats and spread quanta-On and Noon to create life in the galaxy. They are members of the Catarac, an organization that predates the Seven Mighty Ones. The hypertron of their spore ship breaksdown and they sacrifice their life to create three more galaxies before the ship explodes. As a result, their consciousness now permeates these three galaxies.

Taurec, Vishna, Ras Tschubai, Irminia Kotchistowa and Ernst Ellert arrive in the Incubator, where Eller hears about Nauvoac and Shivauc and of the presence of an okrill. In order to know how the Gruuthes and the Elements of War are created, Taurec decides to visit the real base of the Decalogue.

Taurec realizes that the fake Tyrik who trapped the Base is none else than the Master of the Elements, and that the Protoplasm from the World of a Hundred Suns has been abducted and is now inside the Incubator. When the impostor discovers the presence of the Terrans, he launches the Grey Force after them, forcing them to flee. Then he asks for their surrender or he will destroy the Protoplasm.

The Protoplasm manages to fight back and to awaken the Space Giant that hosts the Incubator. Weakened by centuries of abuse from the Decalogue, the Giant doesn't have enough strength to fight the Master of the Element and the attempt fails. The Terrans return on the Base and fall under the influence of the Hate Protoplasm, like the rest of the crew except for Ellert, who realizes that Rando 1 is a Chronodegenerescence.

Stallion Dove, Einstein and their companions leave the Base of the Decalogue that starts dissolving and rematerialize in an unknown place.

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1215 - Der Ruf des Stahlherrn
The Steel Man's Call
Ernst Vlcek

Atlan, Wolebol and Chulch reach the periphery of Starsen where they are captured by missionaries of the Steel Man. Through one of them, the Steel Man speaks to Atlan and tells him that he needs his help and that he will meet him in the Cathedral Kesdschan. Puzzled, Atlan wonders if he heard the message right, considering that the galaxy Norgan Tur is in the normal universe, 86 millions of light years from here. He finally understands that he needs to climb the Starsen wall where the double consciousness of Tengri Lethos and Lethos-Keradschan manifested itself.

After he voluntarily entered the energy converter, Jen Salik reaches the main depot of psionic energy where he is greeted by Lethos-Keradschan. The Hathor tells him he is in control of one of the four gates and that so far, he has been able to keep the Gray Influence at bay, but they need to act or in three Abyss years, Starsen will be lost. With Salik's help, the energy flows are disrupted and the status system starts falling apart.

Atlan starts climbing the wall and the gravity increases regularly. As he is about to give up, he reaches the top of the wall and is suddenly transported to the Cathedral Kesdschan.

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1216 - Drei Ritter der Tiefe
Three Knights of the Abyss
Ernst Vlcek

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1217 - Abenteuer im Grauland
Adventures in the Gray Country
Peter Terrid

Atlan and Salik arrive in the country of the Abakians, who were created from genetic manipulations by the Tizidians. The Abakians feel the influence of the Grey Life except for Bonsin, who has undergone a different set of mutations.

Dovhan, the commander of the Abakians, wants to become immune as well and attacks Bonsin, who defends himself by blowing up the lab using mutant powers that he recently acquired. Lethos helps Bonsin escape and they dematerialize before they can be captured.

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1218 - Der Haluter Sokrates
The Socrates Halutian
H.G. Francis

On their quest to meet with a Grey Lord, Atlan and Jen Salik arrive in the station Eugen-17, where they meet Domo Sokrat, a five-hundred year old Halutian whose ancestors were brought into the Abyss by Drul Drulensot centuries ago. Sokrat considers himself a philosopher and is not taking sides between the Gray Lords and the Cosmocrats.

When Sokrat discovers that the Tizidians have taken an imprint of his DNA and created twelve clones of him, he decides to rebel against the Gray Lords and he then sides with Atlan and Jen Salik. Atlan takes him as his Orbiter and calls him Socrates. After they've faked to have captured him, Atlan and Jen Salik receive an invitation from Lort Mhurthan.

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1219 - Der blockierte Mutant
The Blocked Mutant
H.G. Francis

Lethos Kerasdschan stayed behind to help Bonsin recover from his psychic shock. Bonsin finally wakes up and accepts to assist Lethos, who creates a robot in the form of a Porleyter from his memory of the Kesdschan cathedral vault. Together, they rescue three hundred Hatterian children as they were about to be sacrificed by an unidentified black entity that turns out to work for Lord Mhuthan.

Atlan and Bonsin head for a place called Schatzen, rumored to contain additional information on the past of the Abyss. There, they face Atlan and Jen Salik who have been sent to kill them, in an attempt to prove their loyalty to Lord Mhuthan. After getting rid of the intruders, Lord Mhuthan intends to conquer Schatzen.

The four men flee from Lord Mhuthan and join with Lethos, who has decided to make Bonsin his Orbiter.

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1220 - Im mentalen Netz
In the mentalen network
H.G. Ewers


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1221 - Der Oxtorner und der Admiral
The Oxtorner and the admiral
H.G. Ewers


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1222 - Das Chronofossil
The Chronofossil
Arndt Ellmer

Dove arrives on the Decalogue base Force, which is now under the control of the Admiral Normorken Shik. Dove and Shik decide to transfer the protoplasm from Margin 1 on the World of a Hundred Suns in order to neutralize the influence of the Hate Protoplasm. When Kazzenkatt realizes what his enemies are up to, he summons several Elements and sends them against Force, but the galactic forces prevail.

Kazzenkatt learns that his commander, the Master of the Elements, is getting ready to send his deadliest weapon, the Ice Mist, after the Milky Way. As the Hate Protoplasm is finally defeated, the Endless Armada approaches the World of a Hundred Suns and the 5D shockwave sets off, shaking off the Frost Ruby further away from its Porleyter anchor.

The shockwave alters the Posbis, allowing them to jump to the next stage of their evolution toward real sentience. Dove joins Normorken Shik, who sets off with his people, hoping to find their home world. Taurec tells Rhodan that the time has come for an important mission and both teleport inside the Frost Ruby. Vishna and Nachor-Ordoban leave the Base and the Endless Armada takes course toward the next Chronofossil: Eastside.

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1223 - Ordobans Erbe
Ordoban's Legacy
Detlev G. Winter

On the way to the Galactic East, the Base is contacted by It who tells the Terrans that the Element of the Cold is no more and that they must forget about all the people that have been sucked into the deficit world. The super-intelligence also tells the Terrans they must use the Viral Empire to calculate a trajectory for the Endless Armada through the Milky Way, but that the super-computer is experiencing unexplained problems. When Reginal Bull asks It for his help, the creature refuses and replies that the Terrans will soon have to steer away from the Cosmocrats and avoid being involved in the fight between the Order and the Chaos.

Vishna announces that the activation of the three Chronofossils hasn't restored the connection between the mental depots, so she departs with Nachor for the center of the Endless Armada to investigate. In a mental depot, Nachor identifies the mental fragments of Ordoban, and guided by Saddreyu, discovers that somebody is sabotaging and altering the memories of the warrior.

Nachor eventually finds out that Saddreyu is responsible for the alterations and learns that the Powers of Chaos substituted the original Saddreyu with one of their agents a long time ago. The fake Saddreyu manages to trap Nachor and Vishna and intends to create duplicates of them in order to take control of the Endless Armada. At the last minute, Nachor invokes the memories of Ordoban and manages to restore the connection between the mental depots. Saddreyu is defeated and Nachor completes his transformation into Ordoban.

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1224 - Rückkehr in den Frostrubin
Return into the Frost Ruby
Thomas Ziegler

On the way to the Frost Ruby, it occurs to Rhodan that Taurec needs him as much as he needs the Cosmocrats. Taurec tells Rhodan that the Moral Code defines the universe as a program, not as a set of moral laws. Each part of the Moral Code is in charge of a small part of the universe and a two-way interaction is constantly happening between them, carried by entities called the Messengers.

The nature of the Moral Code is responsible for the values of cosmic constants, such as the speed of light or the absolute zero, and they also define the foundation of physics. When Triicle-9 disappeared, the region of space it was in charge of turned into an area controlled by the Powers of Chaos, and Rhodan suddenly identifies it: it is the Negasphere, where the Man of the Elements resides and created the Decalogue of the Elements.

Taurec says that the Negasphere might cause a ripple effect through the universe if it is not corrected, and in order for this to happen, not only must Triicle-9 be brought back to its original location, it must also be rid of parasitic elements that have invaded it and are preventing it from shaking off the Porleyter anchor. Taurec explains that when Vishna tried to hijack the Viral Empire, the explosion that ensued caused him to recover sight from his second eye, and that since then, they are both sharing some sort of connection.

The shockwaves created by the activation of the three Chronofossils have destroyed all the Ruby Parasites except three, which materialize with Rhodan's features. After a mental fight, Rhodan manages to neutralize them and also to free Taurec from a time loop in which he had gotten stuck. As the two men leave the Frost Ruby, they realize that not only have they dissolved the Porleyter anchor, they have also restored the contact between Triicle-9 and the Abyss, and Rhodan gets a short glimpse of Atlan there.

In the Milky way, the Elements of the Cold and of the Mask launch an attack against Nathan and violent fights ensue. The first spaceships of the Armada appear in Eastside and are immediately subject to an attack from the Psycho-Cold, a manifestation of the Ice Mist that Kazzenkatt is unleashing against the Galactic Forces.

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1225 - Bastion im Grauland
The Fortress in the Gray Country
Kurt Mahr

The three Knights of the Abyss accompanied by their orbiters reach Korzbranch, a city at the border of Schatzen led by the Tizidian Fonneher. Using the powers of Twirl and a source of energy called the Pool of Light, which seems to have the same properties as the Vagenda, Atlan gives the city an effective weapon to defend against the soldiers of Lord Mhuthan.

The three knights then visit the museum of Gluschuw, which contains the history of the Abyss, when Korzbranch is suddenly attacked by Lord Mhuthan.

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1226 - Der Kampf um Schatzen
The Fight for Schatzen
Kurt Mahr

More than four hundred thousand soldiers invade Kozrbranch and after causing significant damanges in the ranks of the enemy, the three Knights of the Abyss and their companions are forced to flee after they learned from the archivist of the museum that Lord Mhuthan is headed for a monument that stands in the center of the country.

Inside the caves, Twirl uses his power to mix his energy with that of the light pool and successfully manages to repel all the Grey Fighters. Atlan and his companions decide to return to Mhuthan in order to confront their enemy directly.

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1227 - Lord Mhutans Stunde
Lord Mhutan's Hour
Arndt Ellmer

When they enter in the Grcy Country, Sokrat, Atlan's orbiter, becomes a victim of the grey influence and he turns against the two immortals, confiscating their life activator. Atlan and Salik become part of the Grey Life and are taken in the transmitter-dome of Mhuthan from where the armies are dispatched.

Lethos-Terakdschan departs for Korzbranch after he received a mental map of the Abyss, which turns out to be a one light-year-wide disk. In its exact center stands the Vagenda, which has the shape of a double helix, and not far away is the Mountain of Creation. On the other end of the Abyss Country is Starsen and two light-months away, Mhuthan and Schatzen. Lethos notices that the transmitter domes throughout the Abyss started pulsating, a sign he interprets as an impending disaster.

Twirl creates a corridor of mental energy that reaches into the transmitter dome, releasing Sokrat from the Grey Influence. The Halutian turns against Mhuthan and to save his life, the Lord shows the Halutian two double helixes on the roof of the transmitter, each of them containing one of the three Laws of the Abyss. The first Law says "Protect yourself against the Forces that are not part of the Vagenda, whoever uses them will transform peoples". Lord Mhuthan uses the distraction of the helixes to flee and Sokrat recovers the life activators, freeing Atlan and Salik from the Grey Influence.

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1228 - Clio, die Spielzeugmacherin
Clio, the Toy Maker
H.G. Francis

Throughout the Abyss, an alarming phenomenon starts happening: people vanish while other appear out of nowhere. Lethos-Terakdschan climbs on the roof of the dome and learns the other two Laws: "Do not modify the constant of the Abyss, or you will destroy the Abyss" and "The vital energy is the life pulse, whoever interrupts it enables Grey Life". The main accumulator of Mhuthan informs the Terrans that the Space-Time Engineers once experimented with some of the instable life sources but gave up on them because it turned out to be too dangerous.

The Exterminators appear in Mhuthan. They are sent by the Space-Time Engineers to enforce the First Law and they execute whoever violated it.

In the Vanhirdekin country, a woman called Clio is busy trying to create a cell activator for the humanoide Norb Erst when she is suddenly teleported into Korzbranch. When she sees the actions of the Exterminators, Clio flees through a transmitter dome and arrives in Mhuthan, where she teams up with Atlan and Salik. When she sees Jen Salik's activator, the memory of her youth comes back to her.

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1229 - Psionisches Roulette
Psionic Roulette
Ernst Vlcek

In the Trizidian station Eugen-1, Atlan and Salik listen to Clio remembering her past...

When the Space-Time Engineers realize that the Grey Influence are threatening the Triicle-9 project, they create the Vagenda, a source of energy destined to oppose it. In order for the Vagenda to permeate the entire Abyss, projectors need to be placed everywhere, and to achieve this goal, the Jaschemes, the Abyss Technicians, create the Chylinians, a race of people with this only purpose. The first Chylinian is called Clio.

The Space-Time Engineers then fit the domes with Fictive Transmitters and the Chylinian are asked to disperse the various people throughout the Abyss in order to generate a psionic field that will later be used to power the replacement of Triicle-9. As centuries go by, the Chylinians stop receiving instructions from the Engineers and become toy makers.

Clio becomes Jen Salik's orbiter and the Exterminators propose a negotiation to the Knights of the Abyss, which turns out to be a trap and leads to their capture. The three Knights are taken in front of Lord Mhuthan, who has been orchestrating everything

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1230 - Psychofrost
Psycho Frost
Thomas Ziegler

The Master of the Elements manages to rescue the victims of the Elements of the Cold from the Deficit World. Instead of being banned in the empty space of the Multiverse, the Icies are now able to return into the normal continuum, carrying with them the Psycho-Frost, an illness caused by the interfacing of the two universes and that causes its bearer to lose all their memories. The Icies are feeling pain caused by the Flame Signal and are therefore fighting the Galactic Forces in an attempt to destroy the Flame.

20,000 Icies are sent on Yurth, a Blue planet, and start converting its inhabitants. Rhodan and his team lead the attack against the Icies and identify their commander, a man named Tormsen Vary. Ten thousand light years from Verth, the industrial planet Chort materializes in the Stellar Tunnel, the pathway created by the Flame Signal for the Endless Armada, surrounded by twenty thousand spaceships.

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1231 - Unternehmen Thermoschild
Operation Thermo Shield
Thomas Ziegler

A small Icy fleet of a hundred spaceships arrives near Gatas, and in order to defend their home world, the Blues set up a blockade of mines designed to heat up the ambient space. In spite of Rhodan's warnings, the Icies attack and the Thermo Shield created by the mines creates chaos in their rank, along with a physical reaction on their bodies making them incapable of transmitting the Psycho-Frost. Half of the fleet is decimated, and the Icies turn around.

Taurec, Vishna and Krohn Meysenhart go on a mission to capture an Icy in order for Waringer to verify some of his theories. They board the Kisch, Meysenhart's old spaceship, and manage to capture Tormsen Vary, the leader of the Icies. Having captured their leader, Rhodan convinces the Icies to meet in the Intergalactic space, away from the Galactic Flame, which should ease their mental pain.

The Icies initially accept but a change suddenly occurs in their behavior. A fleet of several thousands of units coming from Chort appears, accompanied by twenty-five thousand Elements of Space and of Spirit. Rhodan realizes that the Icies have found a new leader, which he strongly suspects to be Kazzenkatt.

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1232 - Anschlag auf Gatas
Attack on Gatas
Kurt Mahr

The Icy Mist reaches Gatas and despite a strong defense from the GAVOK forces helped by the Cosmic Bazaar, a deadly cold starts surrounding Gatas. However, the temperature only drops to -20C and then stabilizes. Rhodan, now on Gatas, relaizes that not everything is going according to Kazzenkatt's plan and he challenges the Commander of the Elements, who then sends an ultimatum to the Gatasians that if they haven't left their planet in the next twenty-four hours, they will be destroyed.

Rhodan decides to send Tormsen Vary back on Chort, where he will try to convince the Icies that the Terrans are not their enemy and that if they cancel their attack on Gatas, the Galactics will do everything they can to send them back into the Deficit World, away from the mental pain inflicted by the Flame Signal.

Tormsen Vary is accompanied by Ernst Ellert, who is confident that his viral uniform will protect him against the deadly cold, and four Posbis, since Chort used to be a Posbi planet before it was captured by the Element of the Cold into the Deficit Univers and then sent back to the normal continuum.

Meanwhile, Waringer and one of his coworkers named Yling Reece are trying to send an asteroid back into the Deficit World. The experiment succeeds but has been observed by an Element of Space, who reports it to Kazzenkatt.

On Chort, Vary makes contact with a group of Icies and explains to them that their current leader is an Element of the Mask posing as him. When Kazzenkatt hears about Vary's presence on Chort, he dispatches Elements of the War and of the Transcendance on the Posbi planet.

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1233 - Rückkehr in die Minuswelt
Return to the Deficit World
Kurt Mahr

On Chort, Ernest Eller and Tormsen Vary are slowly winning over all the Icies, convincing them that they are being deceived by the Decalogue. Since the blockade around Gatas by the Decalogue cannot be broken, Perry Rhodan decides to move the fight on Chort, which is still in the middle of the star tunnel, hence preventing the Endless Armada from passing through because of its Frost Aura.

Powerful torpedoes are sent in the vicinity of Chort, surprising Kazzenkatt, who is forced to dispatch some of his forces back on the ice planet. Meanwhile, Abel Waringer and Yling Reece have completed the Negative Device and, by enabling it at the right moment, manage to hurl back Chort and its accompanying defenses back into the Deficit World. With this defeat, Kazzenkatt also loses 250,000 Elements of Space.

On November 30th, 428, the Endless Armada reaches the Verth System and a powerful psycho-shock releases Rhodan's mental energy from the Chronofossil and transmits it back to Ordoban's depot. The shockwave is so strong that Taurec calculates that the presence of the entire Endless Armada is no longer needed on the last two Chronofossils, Terra and Eden II. Only a fraction should suffice. The shock also has an effect on the evolution of the Blues, who will develop new abilities in the next generations.

Still worried by the recent non-responsivenss of the Viral Empire, Taurec decides to head back to the Earth, accompanied by Vishna, Ernst Ellert and Gesil, who feels a strange connection with Vishna.

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1234 - Piratensender Acheron
Pirate Station Acheron
Ernst Vlcek

As the Armada enters the Milky Way, the Terran broadcast is overwhelmed by a pirate show called "And all the stars go out". A bright light without face that calls itself the Warner depicts terrifying visions of a possible future.

In the first vision, twelve Machines from the Anin-an, the Element of Technology, invade the Solar System and drop on the surface of the Earth millions of robots that cast all Terrans in a state of sleep. Only Vishna manages to intervene by reconnecting to the Viral Empire but the attack is actually a diversion, which Kazzenkatt uses as a diversion to launch a massive strike against the Terran empire, killing Perry Rhodan, his death causing the stars to go out, as the prophecy claimed.

In order to avoid this future, the Warner asks the Terrans to not trust the Cosmocrats and the Viral Empire. In Terrania, Belice and Gesil visit a boarding school to meet with a fifteen-year old girl who has recently shown mutant powers. The two women soon realize that the girl is the reincarnation of Srimavo, who rematerialized here after she lost the fight against her older sister when trying to save Quiupu from the Spoodies that had been infected by Seth Apophis.

Taurec takes the three women inside the Viral Empire and decides to make the Endless Armada fly by the Earth, which creates euphoria in the Terrans who hope to make an evolutionary jump.

The Warner shows one last vision where Kazzenkatt manages to rally the Armadists against the Terrans, which eventually leads to the Earth turning into a sun.

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1235 - Blitz über Eden
Lightning over Eden
Clark Darlton

Ellert receives a call from It asking him to come to Eden II in order to help him prepare the Chronofossil activation. It gives Ellert a viral spaceship and a companion, and both soon head out toward the center of the Sphere of Influence of the Super Intelligence.

A rupture in the psionic lines forces them to interrupt their journey and they surface near a methane planet called Crabb, populated by creatures living in symbiosis with Psykians. Ellert detects the presence of the Nega-Psi, a field of negative psionic energy that is threatening to destroy the Crabb civilization. Using his viral abilities and assisted by the sacrifice of his companion, Ellert manages to neutralize the Nega Psi, saving the entire Crabb civilization.

With the psionic lines restored, Ellert resumes his journey and soon receives another mental call asking him to come back so he can be thanked for his deeds. However, Ellert realizes that this message is not coming from the Crabbs, so he continnues his trip and makes another stop on a planet where he meets the Lermunians, a people he soon realizes are ancestors of the Lemurians.

Finally, Ellert reaches Eden II where he starts preparing the Chronofossil, under the close scrutiny of twenty billion consciousnesses that have received a body for the occasion.

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1236 - Im Reich der Jaschemen
In the Empire of the Jaschemes
H.G. Ewers

Atlan's journey toward the Vagenda is interrupted by the Jascheme Caglamas Vlot. Various peoples are in charge of the maintenance of the Abyss, such as light or weather. The Jaschemes are in charge of gravity and they have a passive form, which looks like an obelisk, and a passive form, with a rubbery-like body. The Jascheme country is located halfway between Schatzen and Vagenda.

Clio is kidnapped by Iato-Iato, a product of an attempt that Vlot made to clone himself, and he asks the toy maker to create a time machine. As Atlan, Jen Salik and their orbiters become prisoners of Vlot, Clio and Iato Iato intervene to rescue them, but Vlot seems to be hostile to the space-time engineers, so he opposes to them continuing their journey. The latest events accelerate Clio's maturity and when she reaches the next phase of her evolution, Vlot becomes more friendly to the group.

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1237 - Rebellion der Kyberneten
Rebellion of the Cybernauts
H.G. Ewers

Atlan and Jen Salik discover the existence of the Wall, an impassable energy barrier blocking access to the surroundings of the Jascheme country. They receive an emergency call from the Technotor Fordergin Calt, who is in charge of the weather factory and who is facing a rebellion of his workers, the Cybernets.

With Clio's help, the rebellion is stopped and Atlan realizes that the rebellion was called by the Grey Influence, which is slowly finding its way through the Wall. He convinces the two Technotors to accompany him to the Technotoriu, the heart of the Jascheme empire.

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1238 - Zentrum des Kyberlandes
Center of the Cyberland
Arndt Ellmer

On the way to the Technotorium, Calt tells Atlan that a fight happened between the Space-Time Engineers and the Jaschemes. When the Engineers realized that they wouldn't be able to build a new Triicle-9, they decided to create a brand new psionic field by penetrating into the Mountain of Creation. The Jaschemes opposed to the plan, claiming that it was sacrilegious, and they isolated themselves with the Wall.

In the Technotorium, the Jaschemes are divided about their next step against the Space-Time Engineers and they decide to go see the Lonely of the Abyss, an adviser who will tell the way. When consulted, the Lonely tells the Jaschemes that the Knights of the Abyss are the reason why the Wall is losing its coherence and thereby forcing the Technotors to escape into the Plane of Light. He orders the execution of the Knights of the Abyss.

When Atlan and his companions reach the Technotorium, they are arrested and sentenced to death. An unknown entity called the Holt Tabernacle appears and interceds in their favor. Then the Tabernacle tells his story.

A long time ago, the Space-Time Engineers sent the Tabernacle out to find a way to break the isolation of the Abyss. The Tabernacle discovered that the Abyss was surrounded by an impassable ring of Grey Influence and he was almost captured by Mandhell, a Grey Lord who wanted to find out exactly what the Engineers were capable of.

The Tabernacle was imprisoned in the Ni country but found a way to escape by hiding in the Schatzen museum.

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1239 - Der Einsame der Tiefe
The Lonely of the Abyss
Arndt Ellmer

In the Neutrum, Gnassader Blek, the Lonely of the Abyss, remembers the past weeks.

As his body is about to follow the same fate as his predecessors by turning into a red metal, the surroundings of the Neutrum provokes a reaction that give Blek visions about what hs happening: thirty-six Grey Lords have managed to penetrate inside the Neutrum and they intend to conquer the Ni Country and then the Plane of Light. They take control of Blek and force him to open a breach in the Wall but the Lonely manages to free himself partially from their influence.

However, when Rarg and Nald come to him to ask for his guidance, the Grey Lords force him to lie and to accuse the Knights of the Abyss. Also, two Grey Lords take control of the two Technotors.

The Tabernacle of Holt explains these events to Jen Salik and brings him back into the Neutrum where he manages to hide. With the help of the Tabernacle, Atlan and Salik fight off the mental power of the Grey Lords who eventually perish by being sucked into the Abyss.

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1240 - Kampf um das Technotorium
Fight for the Technotorium
Peter Griese

Using the temporary breach in the wall, Lord Mhuthan and his soldiers penetrate in the Jascheme Country and dispatch a spy called Cy. Jascheme's army is defeated by the Jaschemes because the Grey Influence is no longer strong enough to keep them together.

Atlan, Salik and Lethos Keradschan capture Lord Mhuthan, now considerably weakened, and when their former enemy is totally isolated from the Grey Influence, he turns into a luminous entity who asks forgiveness for his acts. Before he dies, Lord Mhuthan asks the Knights of the Abyss to free the Abyss from the Grey Lords with the Vagenda's help and also to derail the plan of the Space-Time Engineers, which is threatening to destroy the Abyss.

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1241 - Der Smiler und die Sphinx
The Smiler and the Sphinx
Ernst Vlcek

Ronald Tekener is asked by Rhodan to locate the Pirate Station and identify the Warner. Tekener initially suspects Vishna, but the Cosmocrat denies having anything to do with it. She says that she has already recovered all her scattered consciousnesses back inside her, except for Gesil and Srimavo who have acquired their own personality, thanks to the Knights of the Abyss.

Helped by Srimavo, Tekener discovers that the speaker of the Hanseatic League is connected to the Warner. He used to be part of the Psi Cartel that helped create the fake Earth on the other side of the Moon during the conflict with Vishna, and the power he has acquired allows him to penetrate inside broadcasts. He is assisted in his actions by Patricia Kllmeth and Celeste Maranitares.

A new broadcast from the Warner appears on all the screens, urging the humanity to choose the Third Way.

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1242 - Tsunamis im Einsatz
Tsunamis in Action
Peter Griese

In the absence of the Signal Flame, the Star Tunnel is longer present and the Endless Armada is forced to scatter in order to fly through the Milky Way. The armada Unit 3017 arrives in the Trakarat system, which is Anti property. The arrival causes various problems and energetic shields suddenly appear around the major cities.

In the Solar System, Ronald Tekener, Jennifer Thyron and Srimavo are still looking for the Warner and they receive information from Kinon Kirgis, a Tsunami pilot, who has recently run a few experiments and has come to the conclusion that the visions broadcast by the Warner come from a Contra Computer, a special kind of computers that can only be found on Tsunami spaceships. Further investigation reveals the disappearance of Tsunami-114, which is soon located in the asteroid belt.

Inside the Tsunami-114, Tekener discovers the three speakers of the Hanse talking to a fourth person, protected by a shining silver protection shield. When he's alone with the mysterious entity, Tekener confronts him and discovers his identity: Homer G. Adams, the Chief Financial Officer of the Terran government and leader of the Hanse.

Adams tells Tekener that his work as the Warner is important and that the truth will be revealed in the next few months. However, he doesn't trust Tekener to keep the secret of his identity and has his memory erased.

When Tekener returns on Terra, he hears that the Decalogue has just made its next move: the twelve Machines of the Anin-An have just entered the Solar System and are headed toward the Earth.

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1243 - Die Maschinen des Dekalogs
The Machines of the Decalogue
Peter Griese

When he hears the news about the Machines of the Decalogue entering the Solar System, Rhodan wants to return immediately to the Earth but Taurec convinces him to stay on the Base, because he suspects that the only reason why the Decalogue is now attacking the Earth is to bring Rhodan back there.

The twelve Machines of the Decalogue are now headed toward the center of the Solar System at a constant speed. They don't seem to be accelerating and are not opening fire, which makes the Terrans wonder if it's some sort of a trap. With Ras Tschubai's help, Tekener penetrates inside one of the Machines and discovers lifeless bodies of Anin Ans that have been deprived of their protoplasmic brain.

Nathan establishes that only one of the Machines represents a threat and that the others are a decoy, but by the time the Terrans are ready to act, the Machines have reached the Earth and the main Machine is now protected by a powerful protection shield. Suddenly, they all explode, creating an energy surge that briefly materializes a fictive transmitter.

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1244 - Traumwelt Terra
Dream World Terra
Kurt Mahr

After erasing Tekener's memory, Homer G. Adams goes into hiding with the actual Warner, whose knowledge is so important that he must be protected from the Decalogue at all costs.

The twenty billion brains of the Anin Ans spread on the Earth and receive the name Technosats. Their first effect is to disrupt all positronic-based technology, plunging the Earth into chaos. Soon thereafter, they take over the airwaves and subject every person of the population to a radiation that puts them into a deep sleep called Hypnotrance.

Soon, three quarters of the Earth population have fallen to the Hypnotrance and only the mutants, Psycho-stabilized people and Swingers, former members of the Psycho-Trust, are immune. One of them, Gopher, receives a direct communication from 1-01-Nannor, the Anin-An leader, asking him to surrender. Gopher refuses and successfully fights back.

In the Spirit of Reason, Kazzenkatt is satisfied with how things are going and calculates that in a few days, the Chronofossil Terra will have been completely deactivated. He is also looking forward to seeing Rhodan come back to the Earth, where a deadly trap will then kill him.

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1245 - Der böse Geist von Terra
The Evil Spirit from Terra
Kurt Mahr

As Rhodan seems resolved to fly back to Earth with the Base, Taurec recommends that the Loolandre accompany them. Nachor accepts and the two men head back toward the Milky Way.

Fredo Gophes continues his studies of the Techno Sat and manages to decode their communications. He intercepts dialogues between Kazenkatt and 1-1-Nannor, who is increasing his efforts to locate the Terran and to kill him. When Rhodan arrives on the Earth, he immediately visits Gopher to learn what has been happening, unaware that Kazenkatt is now ready to unleash his trap on him.

The immunity of the activator bearers and of the Swingers was actually a ruse from Kazenkatt to get Rhodan to come back on the Earth. Kazenkatt suddenly unleashes the full strength of the Anin-An radiation and Rhodan collapses, his vital signs coming to a sudden halt which will cause his death in a matter of hours.

Fredo Gopher still seems to be immune, though, and he strikes back by disrupting 1-1-Nannor's life supply. The Anin-An leader dies and the psychic shock stops. Nachor takes this opportunity to cast a global call to all the Elements of the Technology and they all surrender.

Before he dies, 1-1-Nannor tells Rhodan that the Anin-An used to be part of the Endless Armada but they broke away when they found a way to counter the Final Impulse, which is supposed to kill anyone who deserts from the Armada. Later, the Anin-An were recovered by the Master of the Elements who turned them into the Element of the Technology.

After the Anin-An have left to merge back into Ordoban's mental depots, the population of the Earth slowly awakes from the Psycho-Transe.

Back on the Base, Gesil tells Rhodan that she is pregnant.

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1246 - Die Macht des Träumers
The Power of the Dreamer
Thomas Ziegler

Kazzenkatt remembers how he first met the Man of the Elements, four thousand years ago:

When they tried to conquer the neighbor galaxy, the Sarlengorts were defeated by the Wi'ns, robotic guardians that enslave the entire Sarlengort civilization. As he's about to give up, a man materializes in front of Kazzenkatt and asks him for his obedience in exchange for eternal life. Kazzenkatt accepts and becomes the new Element of the Steering.

Inside the Element of Reason, his spaceship, Kazzenkatt approaches the Solar System, which is heavily protected by the Endless Armada and the forces of the galactic coalition. He realizes that he is defeated and he's ready to receive the punishment from the Man of the Elements.

When his master appears, Kazzenkatt recognizes him as a Chaotarch, a member of the Original People from whom all the races emanated. The Man of the Elements asks Kazzenkatt to unleash the only Element left: the Element of Darkness. Initially reluctant, Kazzenkatt eventually complies.

On the Earth, It appears to Rhodan and tells him the time has come to activate the Chronofossil Terra, but that he will have to face one more danger before this can happen. When pressed by Rhodan to give him news of Atlan and Jen Salik, It shows the image of the two men crossing a gigantic bridge leading to the Mountain of Creation. Suddenly, the bridge disappears and they both fall into the Abyss.

The Element of Reason materializes in the Solar System and is immediately fired upon by Halutian spaceships. Kazzenkatt escapes in Zero-Dream and appears on the Earth, where he manages to kidnap Rhodan and bring him in his dream. At the same moment, the Element of Darkness strikes and the entire Solar System is plunged into darkness, where no communication or any radiation of any form can travel any more.

Vishna, who was outside the Solar System when the attack happened, establishes contact with the Viral Empire and manages to call her two sisters. With the help of the Viral Empire, they start fighting the Element of Darkness, which is slowly destroying the space-time continuum surrounding the Solar System.

Inside the Zero-Dream, Rhodan is delivering a desperate fight against Kazzenkatt, who is almighty in this particular environment. On the brink of giving up, Rhodan suddenly finds a depot of mental energy inside him. He realizes that this is all the psychic energy he has been collecting these past months while he activated all the Chronofossils one by one. With his new weapon, and assisted by Srimavo, Rhodan fights back and manages to kill Kazzenkatt, who disappears inside the Element of Darkness. Rhodan rematerializes in the Viral Column in front of the Cosmic Hanse and the Element of Darkness disperses.

Rhodan activates the Chronofossil Terra and the Endless Armada starts its long journey home, toward the galaxy Behaynian, 420 million light years away.

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1247 - Aufbruch zum Vagenda
Departure for the Vagenda
H.G. Francis

Atlan and his companion set off on their next destination: the Vagenda. On the way, they assist various people who are trying to resist the increasing pressure of the Grey Influence.

At the end of November 428, they crash ten kilometers away from the Vagenda, which is under siege by the Grey Lords. The Vagenda is a plateau protected by the Abyss Swimmers. Krart, one of the six Judge Lords, the supreme circle of the Grey Lords, tries to convince Atlan to join them by telling him that the Space-Time Engineers will eventually betray them, just like they betrayed the Cosmocrats and anyone who tried to side with them. Atlan declines the offer of the Judge-Lord but his convictions are now shaken.

The two Knights of the Abyss and their companions approach the Vagenda.

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1248 - Das Glaslabyrinth
The Glass Maze
H.G. Ewers

When he jumped through the transmitter of the Incubator, Griff Marauder materializes in the Ni Country and meets Larch, a strange creature that possesses powerful psychic powers. Shivoac, who Marauder renamed Shiva, influences the Grey Lords so they welcome them as friends. Marauder meets with Krart, Tree, Ffrigh, Hjorrkenrott and Storklerk, the other five Judge Lords, who tell him about the presence of Atlan and Jen Salik in the Abyss.

Larch monitors Atlan, Salik and Lethos-Terakdschan as they are reaching the plateau of the Vagenda and he is surprised to discover in Lethos DNA molecules showing that he is a Hathor. The Terrans are attacked by robots and are forced to flee into the Glass Maze, which is ruled by the Lla Ssamms. Not recognizing the intruders, Lla Ssamm dispatches the Shadow Army against them, remote controlled holograms that have the ability to inflict damages to real human beings.

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1249 - Auf dem Weg zum Licht
On the Way to the Light
H.G. Ewers

During the fight against the Shado Army, Atlan's status of Knight of the Abyss is mentioned in a radio communication, which is intercepted by the Lla Ssamms. They stop the attack and at the same moment, Jen Salik disappears, kidnapped by Larch into a microscopic world using a device from Hathor technology.

Atlan and Lethos enter deeper into the Glass Maze and eventually discover Marauder, who calls himself a Nomad and is now living in a village populated by people who found shelter against the Grey Influence. Atlan meets a beautiful Akon woman called Iruna of Bass-Thet and immediately falls in love with her. Salik and Larch are finally ejected from the microscopic world and returned to the normal universe. The shock kills Larch, which Salik identifies as a Horach-Teh, a messenger from the Ancients.

Iruna of Bass-Thete take Atlan, Salik, Lethos and Marauder to Suun Oon Hoo, the last Lla Ssamm, who explains that the calls made by the Vagenda actually come from his people, because the Abyss Swimmers, who were supposed to protected the Vagenda, have all been absorbed by the Grey Influence.

Krart appears and asks to talk to Atlan. He claims that the Grey Influence is part of the fabric of the Universe and that it's being blocked by the psionic fields of the Moral Code, which the Cosmocrats are trying to impose. He offers to the Knights of the Abyss to be a member of the Grey Room, the supreme council of the Grey Lords. The Knighs of the Abyss decline the offer, trying to convince Krart that the Grey Lords suffer from a delusion caused by the disruption of the Moral Code after Triicle-9 disappeared from its original location.

Furious, Krart leaves and orders a renewed assault on the Knights of the Abyss and their companions, who retreat further into the Vagenda. They are eventually caught and submitted to the Grey Influence, except for the three Knights and Irune.

Helped by Shiva, Giffi Marauder manages to assist them to cross over the Wall, which separates the Ni country from the Plane of Light. Marauder informs Atlan of what Shiva told him: Iruna of Bass-Thet is actually Kazzenkatt's sister.

Iruna confirms the information and explains that she was kidnapped from the tower where she was being held prisoner by the Wi'ns by agents from the Genetic Alliance. Later, she tried to free her brother and used the psionic fields of the Moral Code to locate him, but she was eventually sucked into the Abyss.

Atlan, Jen Salik and Lethos cross over to the Plane of Light while Iruna and Marauder stay behind and try to find a way back to the normal universe.

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1250 - Die Raum-Zeit-Ingenieure
The Space-Time Engineers
Thomas Ziegler

As the Grey Influence is increasingly covering the Abyss, Atlan, Jen Salik and Lethos-Terakdschan keep advancing toward the Mountain of Creation, trying to avoid the attacks of the Judge-Lord Krart. They reach the Last Bastion, a former construction site where an experiment conducted by Space-Time Engineers went awry and devastated the land on thousands of kilometers.

Inside the fortress, only five of the 150,000 Space-Time Engineers are still alive: Myzelhinn, Gurdengan, Boornhaal, Joiliin and Neusenyon. They are capable of manipulating both time and space and are therefore immortal. Inside the Last Bastion, the three Knights of the Abyss learn the history of the Abyss.

After Triicle-9 disappeared and its vacuum created the Negasphere, the Cosmocrats realized that Ordoban wouldn't be able to find the psionic field before a long time, so they asked the Space-Time Engineers to start building a replacement for it. The first recruit is Narl Narlensot, who becomes in charge of the Cortrans station, one of the few connections between the Abyss and the normal continuum.

Then the Engineers enroll the Jaschemes for their engineering skills and have them build the Abyss Land, a one light year flat disc whose South Pole is close to the contact with the normal universe in the Cor galaxy. The Abyss Land obeys different laws from the normal continuum, such as the maximum height of 2312 meters, referred to as the Abyss Constant.

Throughout the following centuries, the Jaschemes build additional support mechanisms to assist the other peoples that are regularly moving into the Abyss Land, including the Pit, an area that is 7.7 million kilometer big and destined to act as a buffer against the Forces of Chaos. The Jaschemes also spread billions of transmitters throughout the Abyss Land to facilitate transportation.

Then the Cosmocrats call the Alais and assign them the mission to create the city Starsen and the Abyss School. The Space-Time Engineers realize that the Grey Influence gets created whenever a region of space is devoid of psionic energy, so they create the Vagenda, a connection point that taps into the psionic frame of the normal universe and pours it into the Abyss in order to keep the Grey Influence at bay.

When the Chrass Kerzl discovers that the Grey Influence has doubled in strength in Starsen, the Space-Time Engineers create additional transformers throughout the Ni country, assisted by the Chlinians and the Lla Ssamms.

Then the Lla Ssamms experiment with a new ambitious plan: to creae a duplicate of Triicle-9 instead of rebuilding it from scratch. They start by trying to clone the consiousnesses of the inhabitants of the Abyss. The experiments wreak havoc among the Abyss inhabitants and the Space-Time Engineers now fear to lose the confidence of the Cosmocrats, which would ruin their plans to turn into a Super-Intelligence. They are particularly afraid of the scenario were Ordoban would find Triicle-9 before their task is over.

When they try to accelerate the experiment, a devastating psi explosion occurs in the Mountain of Creation which shakes the entire Abyss, accelerating the progression of the Grey Influence and shutting down the elevator doors connecting the Abyss to the normal continuum. Ten thousand Space-Time Engineers die in the explosion and the survivors create the Three Laws of the Abyss in an effort to avoid any repetition of this incident.

The lost Space-Time Engineers reappear throughout the Abyss Land in the shape of Grey Lords and the Jaschemes, horrified by the action of the Engineers, threaten to abandon their work and tell the Cosmocrats what has been happening. The Engineers react by trying to force their way inside the Mountain of Creation to take control of it, but all of them die except a handful, further accelerating the expansion of Grey Influence in the Abyss.

The survivors resign to sending an SOS to the Cosmocrats but more of them die in the attempt, only leaving five survivors. When they realize that instead of sending an army to help them, the Cosmocrats have only dispatched three Knights of the Abyss, the Space-Time Engineers understand that Triicle-9 has been found and that the return of the Abyss into the normal continuum is imminent. They then devise a plan to save the remaining peoples of the Abyss Land.

The three Knights of the Abyss realize that the activation of the Chronofossils is causing the barriers between the Abyss and the normal continuum to crack and they understand that the only way they can prevent the peoples of the Abyss from being exterminated is to become Grey Lords.

Atlan and Salik cross the Glass Bridge leading to the Mountain of Creation and everything shatters under them, casting them into the Abyss. As he is falling, Atlan sees the face of Perry Rhodan staring at him from above. Krart's shuttle rescues Atlan and Salik and after turning them into Grey Lords, introduces them into the Grey Chamber.

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1251 - Stalker
Ernst Vlcek

The activation of the Chronofossil Terra causes a phenomenon similar to the Halutian Wanderlust: millions of Terrans feel a strong urge to leave the Earth and explore the stars. Chmeky and Jercygehl An leave the Base and in February 429, the Endless Armada and the Loolandre depart for the constellation Coma Berenice.

The Viral Empire, which lost most of its mass during the fight against the Element of Darkness, dissolves into smaller parts that break the orbit and land on the Earth. In November, Homer G. Adams orders a meeting of the Hanseatic League to discuss the recent events, which Rhodan reluctantly agrees to attend.

Before the conference, Homer G. Adams thinks about something that took place a few months ago...

Adams receives a communication from a stranger calling him from the Tsunami-114, hidden in the Asteroid Belt. The stranger calls himself Sotho Tal Ker and says he found the Tsunami abandoned in the periphery of Erendyra, a galaxy in the Sphere of Influence of the Super Intelligence Estartu. Sotho Tal Ker introduces himself as an emissary from Estartu and he wants to create a trade relationship with the Terrans. Adams sees an opportunity for the Hanseatic League to recover from the recent setbacks and accepts to take the stranger to the Earth. He abbreviates Tal Ker's name to "Stalker" and realizes that the mysterious humanoid carries an insignia in the shape of a triangle made of three arrows.

Unbeknown to Adams, Stalker creates the pirate station Acheron and starts airing messages under the identity of the Warner, using the Contra-Computer of Tsunami-114. When he gets discovered by Ronald Tekener, Stalk convinces Adams that he must erase Tekener's memory or his identity will be revealed by telepaths. When Adams finally reveals Stalker to the Hanseatic League, the initial mistrust is slowly cleared and a vote gives the stranger the possibility to continue his work on the Earth. Besides Tekener, who feels betrayed and manipulated, Taurec shows some unrest during the presentation and he finally comes on stage and challenges Stalker to reveal his true identity, saying that Cosmocrats and Stalker's peoples are enemies.

Stalker eventually shows his true form, similar to a tall and skeletal humanoide, accompanied with a smaller version of himself called Skorsh. He explains to the Hnaseatic League that the three arrows arranged in a triangle represent the Cosmocrats, the Chaotarques and Estartu, the third way, which is why Taurec considers him his enemy.

After this tumultuous session, Reginald Bull seems to suffer from the Wander Lust more than anybody and he is longing to do something different that would give his life new meaning. After an entire night spent reflecting on his fate while staring at the Goshun sea, a virus cloud finally arrives in the morning and takes him away.

The next day, Stalker tells Rhodan that he wants to start a campaign to advertise the Wonders of the Estartu's Sphere of Influence. He says that despite the distance of 120 millions of light years, the twelve galaxies that are part of the Sphere of Influence can be reached easily with a new type of engines called Enerpsi Drives.

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1252 - Start der Vironauten
The Departure of the Vironauts
Ernst Vlcek

Assisted by Krohn Meysenhart, Stalker describes the Wonders of Estartu's Twelve Galaxies.

The Elysian Rings or Erendyra (NGC 4649) are asteroid belts surrounding most of the planets of this galaxy which is one of the biggest of Estartu's Sphere of Influence.

The Heraldic Gates of Siom Som (NGC 4503) allow traveling between the worlds of the galaxy. An inner void in its center prevents any interstellar flight there.

The Markets of Shufu represent the warrior Shufu, who once tried to confront the Super-Intelligence by making a pact with the Cosmocrats but eventually rejoined Estartu and became the symbol of its allegiance.

The Dancing and Singing Worlds of Syllagar (NGC 4579) are part of the biggest galaxy of Estartu and populated by Nomads who regularly get together and create magnificent structures in space. Their songs can be heard on all frequencies.

The Lost Gifts of the Hesperides of Muun (NGC 4608) are the costly legacy that Estartu once gave the Pteur, the first people who ever met the Super-Intelligence.

The Warning Ephemereals are cosmic diaries that materialize randomly in the two twin galaxies Absantha-Gom (NGC 4567) and Absantha-Shad (NGC 4568) in order to warn travelers from imminent disasters.

Stalker doesn't give any detail on the Caledonian Hunts of the Orphic Maze of Trovenoor (NGC 4564).

It contacts Rhodan and tells him that before the Terrans can break away from the Cosmocrats, the Frost Ruby must be repaired. When asked about the location of Eden II in order to activate the last Chronofossil, he only gives very vague directions. Rhodan decides to look for Eden II with Taurec.

The Virus Clouds turn into Viroships fitted with Enerpsi drives. Irmina Kotschistowa boards the Esculape, a lab spaceship. Reginald Bull christens his Explorer and tens of thousands of Vironauts join Bull by connecting their Viroship to the Explorer, among whom Stronker Keen and Lavoree. Ten thousand astronautes board the Lovely Boscyk with Roi Danton, Demeter and the Sigan Cornelius Tantal, a former Storm Rider.

Still suspicious of Stalker's motives, Ronald Tekener asks Srimavo to use her psychic skills to recover his lost memory of the past events. In the meantime, Stalker gives Bull and Danton a Permit, which will allow them to travel freely within Estartu's galaxies. He also mentions the teachings of the Upanishad, a ten-step instruction program leading to a complete control of one's physical and mental potential.

Srimavo unleashes Tekener's memories which show that Stalker killed the crew of Tsunami-114. When Tekener confronts him with the support of a small army, Stalker goes berserk and neutralizes everyone. Later, he apologizes for his behavior and continues to claim his innocence, saying that when he found the Tsunami-114, the crew was already missing. He gives Tekener a Permit and the coordinates where he found the Tsunami, in Erendyra.

The Vironauts finally depart, all headed toward various destinations: Eden II, Estartu's Sphere of Influence, M 87, Gruelfin or in search of Naupaum.

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1253 - Aufbruch nach Erendyra
Departure for Erendyra
Kurt Mahr

The three viroships Lashat, Lovely Boscyk and Explorer, forming a total of 1,600 segments and with 60,000 vironauts on board, depart together toward the Erendyra galaxy. On the way, a group of them separates and heads for Gruelfin and a few weeks later, the Lashat and the Explorer arrive in Erendyra.

Bull's Explorer arrives in a solar system which second planet is surrounded by thirty-eight rings covering all the colors of the spectrum. A further analysis reveals that the rings are maintained artificially from the planet by sending gravity impulses to keep them aligned. When they explore the planet, they discover a small vehicle looking like a hedgehog that refuses communication and fires at them.

When Bull activates the Permit he received from Stalker, the stranger finally responds to the Terrans and tells them he belongs to the Elfahdes and he was placed on this planet, Gyhdal, by his master. The Gyhdians failed passing a test and as a consequence, destroyed themselves, explaining the nuclear wasteland that now covers the planet. The Gyhdian commits suicide because he endangered someone carrying the Symbol of the Warrior, and before dying, he tells the Terrans to go to the planet Coreon where they can learn more about his master, who appears to have hidden a weapon on Gyhdian.

On April 4th, 429, the Explorer reaches Cloreon, the only planet of the solar system Virgo Gate, the other five planets having been turned in Elysian Rings. Bull calls the planet Hermit and thirty segments of the Explorer land on the planet, going through its protection field. Once landed, they realize they won't be able to go through it again but in the absence of any danger, Bull tells the rest of the Explorer fleet to stay put.

When Bull activates the Symbol of the Warrior, the Cloreonians respond by saying "The body has recognized the Symbol of the Warrior and is armed for war and ready for the Last Fight".

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1254 - Welt ohne Hoffnung
World without Hope
Kurt Mahr

The Terrans discover an underground installation of the Cloreonians and start exploring it. They are attacked by individuals who turn out to be similar to antbodies. The entire Cloreonian society is based on a model similar to that of the human body, where an entity called the Mother creates and clones multitudes of cells, each with their own purpose. Only the fighting cells that produce warriors are created independently of the Mother.

A Cloreonian called Or Mendin contacts Bull and tells him he is trying to convince his people that they are misguided in their attempt to fight the Terrans. Or Mendin was born with a difformity and this made him think differently from his compatriots.

Or Mendin tells Bull that five thousand years ago, an individual called Kalmer arrived in the Virgo Gate system and asked for the obedience of all the Cloreonians. When they refused, Kalmer destroyed the outer five planets and promised to return to make them their slaves. After this even, the Cloreonians withdrew under the surface and starting preparing themselves for the Last Fight.

The three leaders of the Brain Cells called Ce Droonen, Ce Hardinin and Ce Vullnenen make contact with Bull and threaten to destroy the Terran crew. Bull asks for the permission to access the Cloreonian archives in order to shed some light on the Kalmer legend.

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1255 - Unternehmen Quarantäneschirm
Operation Quarantine Shield
Arndt Ellmer

The archives recognize Bull as the Warrior and disclose the Cloreonian history...

Five thousand years ago, the Cloreonian empire included six solar systems on top of Virgo Gate. Kalmer the Warrior appeared and asked for the Cloreonian's obedience. When they refused, Kalmer ordered the Elfahdians to destroy the five outer planets, which they did using showers of meteorites. Half of the Cloreonians died and Kalmer surrounded Cloreon with a protective shield destined to punish them and keep them prisoners until his return, five thousand years later. Then, the Cloreonians would be exposed to the Last Fight and if they proved themselves worthy, they would become Kalmer's Warriors and they would be greeted inside the Elysian Fields. Otherwise, they would be destroyed.

Prisoners on their own planet, the Cloreonians created the Organism Society and started modifying themselves genetically while fighting for survival against the Elfahdians. Eventually, they withdraw underground and start preparing themselves for the return of the Warrior.

A Cloreonian spaceship from the outer colonies arrives in the Virgo Gate, commanded by Haikin, who looks like the original Cloreonians. He tells the Vironauts that the Blue Guards from Ciclaun, the Green Guards from Perpetim, the Red Guards fromSans-Cror, the Grey Guards from Alvaandoree, the Purple Guards from Manludum and the Black Guards from Vilyandoc are ready for the fight against Kalmer.

Haikin leads Bull to the control station of the Quarantine Shield and using his Permit, Bull deactivates it. However, and old conditioning prevents the Cloreonians from leaving their planet until the Last Fight, which has to happen in the contect of the Permanent Conflict. The Elfahdian Volcayr appears and also declares that he's ready for the Last Fight.

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1256 - Die Faust des Kriegers
The Fist of the Warrior
Peter Griese

The Elfahdian Volcayr introduces himself as the Warrior's Weapon Bearer. He kidnaps Bull and takes him to underground installations where an army of robots is being created, commanded by the Eternal Warrior. Bull is brought back to the surface where he is picked up by a fleet of three thousand Cloreonian spaceships.

While they are exploring a nearby planet, the Terran Rainer Deike discovers a recording made by a creature called Commenzatara who is looking for the answer to the Eternal Question, which concerns the planets Ciclaun, Perpetim, Sans-Cror, Alvaandoree, Manludum and Vilyandoc. Deiker takes the creature, which looks like a plant, on board his spaceship and returns to the main fleet.

On Hermit, the Cloreonians are revolting against the Organism Society, which they deem an aberration that goes against natural evolution, while Deike departs with Commenzatara to help her with her quest.

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1257 - Die Letzte Schlacht
The Last Fight
H.G. Francis

As Bull is trying to concentrate on the Permit, a small hologram of Stalker appears and declares that the Eternal Warriors, the Masters of Estartu, have a code made of three parts : the Code of Honor, the Code of Fight and the Code of Obedience, and their philosophy is the Permanent Fight. The Permit in the shape of a glove suddenly shrinks on Bull who can no longer get rid of it. Under its psychic influence, he turns into the Warrior and starts giving orders to the Cloreonians.

Bull also visits the consciousness of the Organism Society, made of Ce Droonen, Ce Hardinin and Ce Vullnenen. The consciousness puts Bull in charge of the Cloreonians.

Four Hanse Specialists, Doran Meinster, Agid Vendor, Colophon Bytargeau and Mirandola Cainz, want to serve Volcayr and head toward Hermit. On their way, they are captured by Arxanxer, the guardian of a place called Cloe-Trax-Whuo, created secretly five thousand years ago by Cloreonian scientists and artists where they hid Cloreonian artefacts. The fource Vorinauts eventually reach Volcayr and swear allegiance to him.

Volcayr eventually declares that the Last Fight is over. The Cloreonians have successfully passed the test and can now join the Eternal Warrior. In exchange, they receive the technology of transmitters and Volcayr tells Bull that the glove doesn't make him a Warrior but merely an applicant. Volcayr disappears with the four Hanse Specialists while Bull gets rid of the Permit inside the Virgo Gate sun.

The Explorer then receives an SOS from the Lashat.

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1258 - Sternenfieber
Stellar Fever
H.G. Ewers

Perry Rhodan decides to ask the Porleyters for help in trying to locate Eden II and the Base departs for New Moragan-Pordh. When they reach the Aerthan system, they discover one hundred giant structures that look like a radio-telesecope. Black spaceships are dragging a satellite in the shape of a Moebius strip inside the sun's corona.

In the same time, several viroships discover an invitation to meet at a specific point in space. They arrive in the system of Cyma in the Magellanic Clouds where they are arrested as spies. An unknown entity appears and offers them a second chance by sending them back in time and to the coordinates they found.

The two viroships, Lullubyr and Orchid, are then kept in place by a trap between the Milky Way and M-33 and they discover that the trap was set by the Ishanees.A man called Magus Coyaniscatsi appears and tells them he has the power to dissolve the trap thanks to his Crystal Sphere. After the viroships are freed, Magis offers the vironauts his help in locating Eden II.

During these events, a nomad who forgot his real name appears in a foreign universe. His name is Shadow-Spear and he's looking for the Jewel of the Good-Willings, which belongs to Lullaby and her sister Bansheeroom. She remembers the cold of a tower and believes she's part of a dream. One night, they are stopped by three bright shapes.

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1259 - Der Weg nach Eden
The Way to Eden
H.G. Ewers

The Porleyters explain to Rhodan that the Master of the Elements has acquired a tremendous psi power over the millennia and the only way to fight it is to cause his devolution and remove his skills. The Porleyters manufacture a weapon called the Impulse Activator, which looks like a spear with a hexagonium tip. The Impulse Activator funnels its energy through one hundred hexadim transmitters which turn out to be the radiotelescope looking devices that the viroships recently discovered. After handing the weapon to Rhodan, the two Porleyters Lafsater-Koro-Soth and Qumran-Fayed-Pogh accept to get on the Base and accompany Rhodan to Eden II.

On the Porleyters' recommendation, The Base then heads for Fornax where a creature known as the Nocturnian should know the position of Eden II.

The Nocturnians have evolved from fragments of the Swarm and as they grow up, they create residual psi matter known as Paratau. Their growth through the Fornax galaxy leads to the creation of rotating quartz towers spread throughout space.

The Base reaches Fornax and is directed toward the Nocturnian elder, Eye of Light, who lives in the Nocturnian Shadow system and is made of 700,000 quartz towers. The elder tells the Terrans that he is fourteen million years old and that he was given his name by the early Cosmocrats. In exchange for the position of Eden II, the Nocturnian asks the Terrans to remove the excess of Paratau matter that has accumulated in a region of Fornax, and which is preventing the creation of new towers. The Terrans accept.

During the operation, the immense quantities of Paratau create parapsychic phenomena inside the Base and cause Gesil to get in touch with her unborn daughter, who reveals to her the way to Eden II. After the Paratau collection is over, the Base is suddenly taken directly to Eden II along lines of the psionic field.

When they arrive, they realize that twenty other viroships have also found Eden II. Rhodan suddenly wonders how they have been able to find Eden II but when he finally understands, it is too late and disaster strikes.

On board of one of these viroships is the mysterious guru Magus Coyaniscatsi who turns out to be nobody else than the Master of the Elements. He is the one who led the viroships toward Eden II and now that he is at the center of It's Sphere of Influence, he strikes with his weapon, the Psiclotron.

The twenty viroships instantaneously turn into fragments of the Negasphere and the entirety of Eden II gets hit. The entire crew of the Base falls into stasis and It disappears.

Savoring his victory, the Master of the Elements remembers how he got the viroships to get together in order to hide his own mental radiation. He had already tried to move to Eden II when Seth Apophis emitted her Death Impulse but his attempt failed because of the Crabbians and of the Kartanians.

On the Base, only Gesil has been spared and she realizes that her unborn daughter is protecting her. Two other people have felt the psycho-shock from the distance: Iruna of Bass-Thet, Kazzenkatt's siter, and Giffi Marauder, the Astral Fisher. Iruna immediately sets herself into the state of Zero-Dream and heads toward Eden II.

On the Base, Gesil picks up the Impulse Activator and gets ready to confront the Master of the Elements.

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1260 - Das letzte Chronofossil
The Last Chronofossil
Marianne Sydow

As the presence of the Negasphere fragments around Eden II is slowly draining all the Concepts into the void, the Master of the Elements remembers the story of his people.

One hundred million years earlier, the people of the V'Aupertir were controlling hundreds of worlds in their galaxy, Kaan. When they started experimenting with their genes, their civilization started stagnating and most of their citizens decided to leave their home galaxies and explore the cosmos on gigantic flying cities.

During this period, they perfect their genetic manipulations and reach immortality, but their numbers keep decreasing. At the top of their evolution, they create a giant spaceship they call the Ark. Then their civilization splits into two parties: one that wants the entire civilization to lose their physical appearance and become a super-intelligence and the other that opposes it.

The efforts to become a super-intelligence fail and their V'Aupertirs start declining. Several thousands of years later, they discover the Negasphere and they seize this opportunity to resumer their efforts to evolve to a new level of consciousness. Using the energy that was liberated when the normal universe collapsed and gave way to the Negasphere, the V'Aupertir's merge into a single entity who gains the ability to move in time and space instantaneously.

Since his power depends completely on the Negasphere, the Man of the Elements starts fighting the Cosmocrats as they are trying to restore the Frost Ruby into the Moral Code of the universe, which would result in the annihilation of the Negasphere. The Man of the Elements becomes a soldier of the Powers of Chaos: a Chaotark.

On Eden II, Gesils receives the assistance of some of the Old Mutants and finally makes her way to the Man of Elements, who unsuspectingly lets her get closer. She strikes with the Devolutor and the Hexgaonium tip merges with the Chaotark. The Psiclotron is also destroyed during the fight.

wakes up and thanks Gesil by giving her Ovaron's cell activator. It tells Gesil he will need at least six months to recover from the incident and then disappears. His last words to Gesil is to warn Rhodan not to activate the Chronofossil Eden II before he returns.

When Rhodan wakes up, he decides to activate the Chronofossil anyway because he fears that Atlan and Jen Salik might be in danger in the Abyss. Gesil tells him she wants to go back to the Earth before the activation takes place in order to place their unborn daughter in security. Once on the Earth, Gesil takes command of the Viroship Migratory Bird and leaves the Solar System.

On April 8th, 429, Rhodan activates the Chronofossil Eden II and suddenly vanishes.

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1261 - Devolution
Ernst Vlcek

After losing the fight against Gesil, V'Aupertir returns to Camp, the last base of the Decalogue of the Elements, and Thinker, its syntronic computer, recommends to get Stalker as an ally in order to destroy the Moebius satellites and the hexadim pulses around Aertham, which should stop his devolution.

The first step of the devolution strikes and V'Aupertir is brought back to the Age of the Second Silence, where he is now clled Llyn'Vough, one of the first V'Aupertirs who separated their body from their consciousness. Llyn'Vough suddenly realizes the presence of another being in his consciousness and is shocked to realize that the newcomer is none else than Perry Rhodan.

Now merged with the Man of the Element's consciousness, Rhodan relives his history and the flight of the Ark, which was a spaceship bigger and more powerful than the Machines of the Decalogue, Parsfon and Klongheim and even the Loolandre. The close proximity of a super-intelligence about to turn into a Matter Sink gives the V'Aupertirs the ability to zero-dream. With their aspiration to become a super-intelligence themselves at some point in the future, they are outraged when they are asked by the Cosmocrats to become guardians of a region of the moral code, a task they deem unworthy of their standing. When Llyn'Vough hears about the Negasphere, it occurs to him that exploring it would be a task of cosmic importance that might get them the privilege to turn into a super-intelligence, so he convinces his people to head there.

On the Base, the failed attempt to activate the Chronofossil has caused the partial dissolution of the Porleyer anchor, which is creating phenomena known as Time Spots: people randomly disappear and jump a few minutes in the future. Time Spots immobilize the Base since they can't take the risk of somebody reappearing in the middle of space, and the crew realizes that the duration of the time jumps is increasing every time.

The failed activation of the Chronofossil ripples throughout the Milky Way and until the Earth, where objects disappear suddenly before showing strange white spots, a phenomenon called Space Mold.

Llyn'Vough arrives in the Solar System and convinces Stalker to meet on Acheron, one of Jupiter's moons. Aware of Llyn'Vough's condition, Stalker listens to his plan: by striking the Porleyters, Stalker would be able to achieve something that would serve them both since it would be a blow to the Cosmocrats. Llyn'Vough offers to Stalker complete access to his base, Camp, which he says is located in orbit of the sun Outside. With it, Stalker could attack the Moebius satellites and the hexadim pulses, and everybody would suspect the Man of the Elements.

Then Llyn'Vough leaves and heads for the Earth where he intends to hide until Stalker has stopped the devolution process.

One week later, Llyn'Vought learns that Stalker led a Galactic fleet toward Outside and destroyed his base by turning the dying sun into a nova.

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1262 - Schule der Helden
The School of Heroes
Ernst Vlcek

Llyn'Vough continues his devolution and manages to land on the Earth and take the role of an ambassador, while he is patiently plotting his revenge against Stalker.

On August 15th, Stalker opens the first Upanishad school at the top of Mount Everest. During the opening, he gives an overview of the teachings of the Upanishad which includes different stages: Beyond the Flesh, where the student will gain better reflexes and insensitivity to pain and Beyond the Spirit, allowing better control of one's emotions.

During the opening ceremony, Llyn'Vough tries to kill Stalker but the attempt fails. Stalker then tells Tifflor that a trading spaceship from Estartu will soon arrive on the Earth and it will carry, among other things, a device allowing its bearer to teleport.

Eventually, Llyn'Vough dissolves completely, achieving his devolution. Rhodan's spirit is then released and starts traveling along the Psionic Frame of the universe. He meets a swarm of entities that identify themselves as an old acquaintance of his but refuse to say more. They vanish after telling Rhodan that they would meet again soon.

Rhodan finally arrives on Eden II and It wakes up from his slumber to activate the Chronofossil, which results in his merge with the twenty billion consciousnesses that were already wandering about Eden II. Before withdrawing again, It asks Rhodan to take the Base to Triicle-9 where a final adjustment needs to be made to complete the repair of the Moral Code.

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1263 - Die Freibeuter von Erendyra
The Privateers from Erendyra
Peter Griese

On the Lashat, Ronald Tekener and Jennifer Thyron are still on the search of the Tsunamis 113 and 114. They arrive in the region of Erendyra where Stalker told them he found them and rescue an individual called Longasc, who belongs to the army of the warrior Kalmer. Longasc takes the Terrans to his master, Closcurt. When Closcurt sees the Permit on Tekener's hand, he reveals that he boarded the Tsunami-114 but he was forced to turn it over to the Elfahde Merioun.

Closcurt suggests Tekener to go to the Cepor system, a dual star system where they will be able to gather more information about the Tsunamis. The Terrans findd out that many spaceships from Kalmer's army are there but also thirty-three spaceships on their way to the thirty-three moons of Cepor in an attempt to turn them into Elysian Rings.

Tekener tries to disrupt the operation and the Lashat collides by one of the ten spheres that make up an Elfahde spaceship. Tekener sends an SOS as the Lashat starts drifting toward the planet Nagash.

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1264 - Der Flug der LOVELY BOSCYK
The Flight of the Lovely Boscyk
Arndt Ellmer

After parting with the Lashat, the Lovely Boscyk reaches Cetegon, the only planet of a blue sun surrounded by a force field. Cetegon is part of the Ckatonian empire, which contains about one hundred more planets. Ckatonians appear in a pyramid-shaped spaceship and tell the Vironauts that Cetegon has been declared forbidden world by the Warrior Kalmer. The Viroship approaches the water world Ollinaud where Ckatonians are studying the development of its natives, short creatures called the Manzategs. The Vironauts discover that the name Estartu seems to be unknown in this part of the universe and the Lovely Boscyk departs for the outer world Lempau.

On May 5th, 429, the Lovely Boscyk receives the SOS from Ronald Tekener. Roi Danton wants to go immediately to their rescue but a sabotage immobilizes the spaceship. The sabotage was caused by the androide Jo Polynaise, who is directed by two Sigans, Susal Ail and Luzian Bidpott. They work for the Cosmic Hanse and they want to wait until the arrival of Edym Varuson, a student of the Upanishad school on Kreel, the fifth planet of the sun Curalia.

Varuson wants to join the Army of the Warrior in the Cepor system. He shows great respect for the name Sotho Tal Ker and he has never heard of Estartu either. When Danton shows Varuson Stalker's permit, the Upanishad warrior immediately complies and brings his small spaceship, the Ettena, inside the Lovely Boscyk.

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1265 - Die heilende Göttin
The Beggar Goddess
H.G. Francis

The Esculape, led by Irmina Kotschistowa, reaches Erendyra in the Cepor system. She analyzes Roi Danton's Permit and discovers traces of an unknown peptid.

When Volcayr leaves the Suite of the Warrior with his spaceship to meditate, Irmina follows him to Urdalan, the only planet of a gian sun at the center of Erendyra. The young woman discovers a dome filled with creatures exhaling molecules similar to Roi Danton's Permit.

The scientists on board manage to produce a creature that looks like Sotho Talker's symbiote and when the creature inhales the molecules, it starts behaving violently and has to be tranquilized.

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1266 - Der Troß des Kriegers
The Suite of the Warrior
Kurt Mahr

Passing as a messenger of the Eternal Warrior, Roi Danton visits the spaceship of the Ring Engineer Be-Lugo and learns how the rings are created. Controlled bombs called the Impellators are placed inside the asteroid rings and take care of setting the gravity and colors of the rings. When Be-Lugo complains that the Ring Engineers are often attacked by the Gorims, the Elfahde Merioun, who is directing the operation, makes him stop giving more information.

An individual called Volayr arrives on the ship and forces Irminia Kotschistowa to leave the Beryhamian spaceship. She ends up on a foreign spaceship surrounded by grey walls.

Reginal Bull is visiting the Annual Market inside the Main Plaza, a thirty-kiloemeter dome made of shape energy. He learns about the organization of the Army of the Warrior: under the Warrior are the generals, the Elfahdes. Then the Body Guards, made of graduates from the School of Upanishad, an army of technicians and scientists, all bound by the Code of the Warrior. Bull receives a plaque with the symbol of Estartu on it and is told that it should only be used when he finds himself in great danger.

Bull manages to get access to the Merioun and he observes a communication between the Elfahde and the Eternal Warrior, on the planet Nagath. Kalmer orders for the Gorims to be treated with the Gorims because a Sotho just appeared in their galaxy.

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1267 - Flucht aus Elysium
Escape from Elysium
Kurt Mahr

Coulinor tries to drug Reginald Bull to get more howalgonium but Bull manages to flee. When he gets threatened by carnivorous animals on his way out, the medallion from the Drakker appears and rescues him.

Irminia discovers that the living spaceship she is in suffers from cancer and she starts healing it with her psionic skills. The spaceship, called Yaddah, discloses his story.

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, the Kkers appeared on the planet Kke from a protoplasm creature. A volcano eruption filled their atmopshers with ashes and forced all the individuals to merge into sixteen creatures in order to survive. Then they learned to travel on the Psionic Network and when Yaddah became ill, he headed to the Annual Market to find medications.

Yaddah gives Irmina a shuttle and the young woman enters the Annual Market, followed by Volcair. She receives assistance from the Drakker Whisky, who claims to be sent by Yaddah as well, but they are both captured by Coulinor shortly after they learn about Bull's presence in the market. Irmina is eventually freed by Bull and the Vironauts return to their ships.

On June 11th, 429, the thirty-three moons of Nagath are turned into Elysian Rings and Merioun orders the Vironauts to leave the Cepor system. The Vironauts comply, realizing that it won't be possible to establish trade relationships with the Elfahdes.

Irmina pays a last visit to Yaddah who tells her that it created the Drakker from its substance.

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1268 - Die Tiermeister von Nagath
The Animal Masters from Nagath
Peter Griese

On Nagath, the Vironauts are attacked by hoards of animals and eventually rescued by their tamers. The planet is ruled by the Animal Masters, who can communicate with the flora and fauna. The Animal Masters worship Kalmer and one month after their arrival, the Terrans notice the creation of Elysian rings arond the planet. A giant holographic projection appears in the sky and orders the Eternal War.

The Vironauts eventually leave Nagath which is soon surrounded by a protection field. They decide to head for the galaxy Siom Som.

On June 15th 429, Segment-144, also called the Pendulum, heads back to the Milky Way to report the latest events but it is attacked on the way.

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1269 - Ein Auftrag für die SOL
A Mission for the Sol
Detlev G. Winter

Carfesch appears on the Sol and asks Surfo Mallagan, who is recovering from his separation from the Spoodie cloud, to move the Pit on top of the Mountain of Creation, so that the Frost Ruby can recover its place in the Moral Code. Carfesch adds that Atlan and Jen Salik's fates depend on the success of this mission.

The Abyss is guarded by a fleet of six thousand spaceships from the Powers of Chaos but a shuttle makes it into the Abyss and manages to drop the psi detonator that Carfesch gave them.

On June 1st, the Pit makes a hyperjump and reaches its final place, just as the Endless Armada starts approaching the Abyss.

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1270 - Der Rettungsplan
The Rescue Plan
Arndt Ellmer

The Jascheme Gnarrader Blek listens to the five Space-Time Engineers as they explain what happened and apologize on behalf of their people. Blek becomes convinced of the good will of the Engineers and together, they design a plan to save the Abyss from its destruction, as it is planned by the Cosmocrats in the process of restoring the Moral Code.

The Abyss will be broken into 150,000 islands that slowly start materializing in the normal universe, near the Pit. The Neutrum is destined to become a star around which the island will be orbiting. In the meantime, the Judge Lords are busy protecting what is left of the Abyss from Cocmocrat intervention. The energy released by the destruction of the Abyss wall eventually destroy Starsen as the last inhabitants are evacuated. The Mountain of Creation drifts away from the Abyss Land and the Pit stabilizes in the normal universe on top of it.

On September 30th, Triicle-9 is approaching the Pit and Atlan and Jen Salik, who have only pretended to become Grey Lords, are found out by Pirx, a spy sent by the Grey Lords. But it is too late: the energy stored in the Neutrum has already started powering the 150,000 islands and all the inhabitants of the Abyss are freed from the Grey Life.

At the same moment, the first units of the Endless Armada appear near the Pit.

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1271 - Finale in der Tiefe
Conclusion in the Abyss
Kurt Mahr

It teleports the Base 198 million light years away, to the original location of the Frost Ruby, where it is soon followed by Triicle-9. In a vision, Rhodan receives a warning from Sato Ambush about a distortion field that is slowly gaining in strength in this area of space.

Lethos-Terakdschan boards the Base and tells Rhodan everything that happened in the Abyss, not hiding his contempt for the Cosmocrats and their failed plans despite the presence of Taurec and Vishna. The two Cosmocrats tell Rhodan that in order to complete the repair of the Moral Code, he must go to the Mountain of Creation and then wait for his mental energy to be released.

Rhodan is teleported on one of the 150,000 islands where he meets Atlan and Jen Salik, who tell him about the rescue plan that is still ongoing.

When the Frost Ruby enters the Pit, it turns into a bright ribbon and Rhodan is offered a vision of the double helix of the Moral Code and its constituents, the Psi-Nucleotides. Triicle-9 issues a Messenger which destroys the Negasphere and restores normal conditions in this area of space.

Because of his all-encompassing vision of the structure of the universe, Rhodan is offered the answer to the Third Ultimate Question but he makes the decision to not hear it, afraid that it would compromise his mental abilities.

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1272 - Revolte der Ritter
The Revolt of the Knights
Kurt Mahr

The remnants of the Abyss Land merge to form the giant sun Taknu, which is 150 million kilometers big and around which orbit 150,000 islands. The Taknu system has a total diameter of one light-year. Gnarrader Blek is staying in the Neutrum, inside Taknu, and he has sealed the Pit, isolating entirely what's left of the Abyss from the normal continuum.

Myzelhinn leaves to settle on a Taknu island and Clio sets on a search for Purple Water. Domo Sokrat decides to stay on the Base in order to visit the homeworld of his ancestors.

Rhodan returns to the Base and tells Taurec and Vishna that he refused to hear the answer to the Third Ultimate Question, which makes them furious. To make matter worse, Atlan repeats his intent to be stripped off of his Knight of the Abyss status and Lethos Terakdschan also voices complaints against the Cosmocrats, infuriating Taurec further.

Despite his protests, Lethos is teleported against his will back into the Kesdschan Cathedral and Taurec takes Rhodan and Atlan with him on a trip in order to win his willful cooperation with the Cosmocrats. They arrive in a system where a sun is about to turn into a nova, thereby threatening an entire civilization. Taurec says that Chaotarks manipulated the cosmonucleotide responsible for this part of the universe and that the impending supernova is only one of the many consequences of their acts. Rhodan and Atlan are unconvinced and argue that they don't need to serve the Cosmocrats to have a positive impact on the universe. They return to the Base.

The Base starts its long way back to the Milky Way, two hundred million light years away, but since it's not Taurec's interest to have the Terrans inactive for such a long period of time, he accelerates their trip back. During the journey, the entire crew is the victim of terrible nightmares trying to convince them they need to serve the Cosmocrats. Taurec appears to Rhodan and tells him that when he reaches the Earth, he won't find Gesil and his new daughter. Rhodan is devastated.

Back on the Earth, Taurec hits the rebels with the Shame of the Cosmocrats, which paralyzes their consciousnesses as long as they are within It's Sphere of Influence. Rhodan receives a mental message one night encouraging him to board a Viroship and leave this area of space. The voice also tells him that his wife and daughter are safe and left the Earth on their own volition, and not because of the Cosmocrats.

Rhodan creates the Viroship Migratory Bird and, accompanied by Domo Sokrat, Atlan, Jen Salik, Pucky, Ras Tschubai, Gellmer Lloyd, Geoffrey Abel Waringer and Icho Tolot, leaves the Earth for a destination unknown.

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1273 - Upanishad
H.G. Ewers

After a heated discussion on the installation of a new teleportation technology to be installed on Arkonis and offered by Stalker, Homer Adams convinces Julian Tifflor to become a student in Upanishad, the School of Heroes.

After a week in the school, Tifflor turns out not meeting the requirements to become a Shad and leaves the school. He then meets with the Kamashite Lelila Lokoshan, whi is visiting her father. Because of a transmitter error, Lelila arrived in the former center of the GAVOK. Tifflor decides to return to Upanishad, partly to see a woman he met there but also in order to fix his failure. On December 24th, he meets with Rhodan, who asks him to join them on the Migratory Bird, but Tifflor refuses. Domo Sokrat also joins Upanishad and Tifflor decides to concentrate fully on his training and resigns from his political functions.

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1274 - Die Paratau-Diebe
The Paratau Thieves
H.G. Francis

Zrec-Kkerr, the Topsidian galactic representative, arrives in Fornax and accuses the Cosmic Hanse to have a monopoly on the exploitation of Paratau. Leila Terra, the Hanse spokesperson, rejects his accusations.

On January 1st, 430, the Exploiter-1 takes off. It's the first prototype of a Paratau collector and it's going for a test drive with Leila Terra on board. It carries on board two hundred automated collectors that can isolate the Paratau with mini paratronic fields. A few days later, one of these collectors is taken away by an unknown ship that a Fornax specialist identifies as a Karanian spaceship, coming from the Triangle galaxy (M 33).

The Terrans follow the Kartanians to a system made of three planets. They are attacked by a fleet of spaceships controlled by a Paratau entity that lives on the second planet. The Kartanians also receive the help of Zrec-Kkerr, who is trying to make a deal with them. However, Zrec-Kkerr fails because of Dao-Lin-H'ay, a feline-looking humanoide, who claims that the Paratau belongs to the H'ay family. Dao-Lin calls the Paratau the "Tears of Njala".

On January 4th, the first spaceship sent by Estartu reaches the Earth. 250 Panisha are on board and it is bringing a complete Teleport system made of a geostationary satellite whose function is to thicken the Enerpsi lines, thereby making it possible for everyone to teleport to random places throught the Solar System.

The syntronic computer given to the Terrans also turn the entire Solar System a Quiet Zone, making it impossible to reach with Enerpsi lines. After long negotiations, Stalker and Homer Adams agree to buy the Teleport technology with one million Paratau drops. A caravan for Estartu is put together and Sotho Tal Ker opens additional Upanishad schools on Akonis, Gatas, Etrus, Plophos and Arkonis I.

A few days later, the Galacticum asks the Hanse to stop collecting Paratau in order to avoid a conflict with the Kartanians.

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1275 - Die Gorim-Station
The Gorim Station
Peter Griese

Still on the track of the missing Tsunami crews, Ronald Tekener follows the advice of Longasc and looks for the Gorim Station. On the way, Longasc receives a warning from the Shabarian Cher'ub, who tells him that the Gorim station is now under the command of a crazy individual called Laymonen and also of several Elfahdians.

The Elfahdians on the station respect Tekener's permit and tell him that more Gorims can be found on the nearby planet Mardakaan, where they are being tested in order to become followers of the Eternal Warrior Ijarkor.

Tekener makes contact with Laymonen, who turns out to be a Querionian. Surprised, Tekener asks him if he knows Kytoma, who is also a Querionian, and Laymonen is shocked when he hears that name. He explains that Eternal Warriors keep damaging the Psionic Network by creating the Wonders of Estartu and also Quiet Zones. For this reason, Querionians and Eternal Warriors are at war and if the Psionic Network is not repaired, the local Cosmonucleotide, called Dorifer, will be put in great danger, which will have repercussions on the Moral Code.

When the Terrans leave, Longasc and Cher'ub decide to stay on the Gorrim Station.

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1276 - Kodexfieber
The Codex Fever
Arndt Ellmer

In the Esculape, Irmina Kotschistowa discovers that Meinster, Vendor, Bytargeau and Cainz are exhaling Code-Molecules. These molecules are making their bodies more resistant and the Code Gas is soon spreading throughout the Explorer and they cause a metamorphosis in Kido, making him remember that his real name is Kraish and that fifty years ago, he accompanied the Sotho Gun Niiko into the galaxy Yanitscha Yan, also known as Gruelfin. The Sotho was killed during the expedition and he ended up stranded on Manghala.

The molecules activate the Eternal Warriors, who wake up and start destroying the Explorer flee. Kraish calls for the destruction of the Yanitscha Yan people in order to avenge Gun Niiko. Kotschistowa manages to create antibodies and the molecules are eventually eradicated.

Shortly thereafter, the Livingstone arrives in the Connection system with three Cappins, who are bringing news from Gruelfin after Ovaron's death.

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1277 - Nachricht aus Gruelfin
Message from Gruelfin
H.G. Ewers

The three Cappins, named Scharlom, Dorschorow and Neiradyr, give a report on what happened in Gruelfin these past years.

When Ovaron died in 3580, his body was sent out through space where it merged with the Psionic Network. In the years that followed, Gruelfin was then slowly conquered by a Cappin race led by Keltraton called the Wesakenos. Their conquest is eventually put to a stop by the imperial fleet who use a new weapon against them: the pedo-computer, which lets them take control of positronice computers remotely.

The new leader of the Cappins is called Hatelmonh but the Wesakenos create a cult under the direction of Dawidosch, also know as Kynovaron, the son of Ovaron.. They start an underground battle for Gruelfin. Dawidosch starts having visions in his sight, first from Perry Rhodan and then from Ovaron himself, who warns him against the Eternal Warriors, who are trying to make holes in the Psionic Network.

The rebellion eventually succeeds and Kynovaron then tries to unify Gruelfin with the assistance of his daughter, Siralia. Following Ovaron's warning, Kynovaron sends patrols on the borders of Gruelfin in order to guard against Eternal Warriors. They finally discover the spaceship of the Sotho Gun Niiko and destroy it when they realize that peptides inside the Sotho's system prevent them from using pedo-transfers to take control of him. A shuttle escapes from the Sotho's ships but the Cappins let it go.

In 429, the Vironauts reach Gruelfin and are taken to Erysgan where Siralia identifies them as friends.

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1278 - Der Elfahder
The Elfahdian
Kurt Mahr

Humiliated by his peers, Volcayr leaves Erendyra and remembers his story.

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, as the Elfahdians were ruling over two hundred colonies in their galax, the white dwarf Aach threatened to destroy its planetary system. Eight billion Elfahdians are evacuated and three billion of them are turned into plasma creatures through genetic manipulations. The altered Elfahdians can survive the space void but need to be stabilized by exo-skeletons.

The other seven billion Elfahdians are exposed to genetic nutations by the Warrior Ayanneh. They are then put in stasis and wake up five thousand years later. The two groups know about each other but don't interact. Ayanneh comes back on Elfahd millennia later and starts teaching the idea of the Permanent Conflict. The first Upanishad school is created on Elfahd and graduates become generals under the orders of the Eternal Warriors.

Volcayr arrives Mardakan where he's told he needs to take part in the Game of Life in order to rehabilitate himself. Volcayr hears about the presence of Terrans on Mardakan who won the Game of Life and are now students in the local Upanishad. Inside the school, Volcayr finds a statue of Oogh at Tarkan, a humanoid who is the creator of the Permanent Conflict teachings.

On August 8th 429, the Lovely Boscyk, the Lashat and the Explorer meet in space and the Vironauts tell everyone that a Quiet Zone has been found in the middle of Siom Som, interrupting the Psionic Network. Then they head for Mardakan where they are welcome by the Ophalian Graucum, who tells them about the Terrans who are already attending his school.

Graucum kidnaps Volcayr and makes him inhale Code Molecules in order to pit him against the Terrans in the next Game of Life.

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1279 - Insel der Sternensöhne
The Island of the Son of the Stars
H.G. Francis

On the fourth planet of the Octo system, the Kartanian base is devastated by a psychic storm. The Masura heads toward the planet Scora in order to repair his linear drive before heading back to M 33. The Scoranians do not possess space travel yet and fights ensue when the Kartanians seize a factory on the Island of the Son of the Stars. Wounded during the fights, Dao-Lin-H'ay tells her story to her assistant.

One thousand years ago, the Kartanian discovered the transition engine, which allowed them to buidl their empire in M 33. Five hundred years later, their empire is four thousand light-years big and only Maakars, methane-breathing descendants of the Maahks, are still resisting them. Space quakes originating from the Far Galaxy, their name for the Milky Way, echo through M 33 and create psychic storms through the paratau matter dispersed in the galaxy.

The Wise of Fornax channel the quakes toward a transmitter where the paratau mutates and turns into paratau drops, also called N'jala Tears, which make the Kartanian women capable of reading thoughts. The mutated women are called Espers and a matriarchal system is formed and seven female-driven families are soon in control of the galaxy.

Various conflicts erupt to take control of the paratau and decades later, the seven families meet and identify Fornax as the origin of the psycho-nucleotide. Long-range ships are sent to Fornax, 2.5 million light years later, where they make contact with the Nocturnians. Kartan slowly becomes dependent on the Espers and the Kartanian civilization starts stagnating. The Kartanians finally make peace with the Maakars through an agreement involving paratau trading.

Strong signals coming from the Milky Way pushes the Kartanians to intensify the collection of paratau in order to be ready in the case of a new conflict.

When contact is made with the Terrans, the Wise of Fornax forbids them from collecting paratau. Dao-Lin-H'ay and two compatriots break into the Faalim system, guarded by Nocturnians, and hack into their computer system. Dao-Lin-H'ay spares the life of Leila Terra during the fights and the sabotage of the Terran computer allow the stellar soldiers to seize the entirety of the paratau stock.

The Kartanians arrive on Octo IV where they are attacked by psionic animals that Dao-Lin-H'ay barely manages to tame with her psychic abilities. Since they can no longer reach M 33, Dao-Lin'H'ay decides to trust Zrec-Kkerr and to head for the Milky Way.

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1280 - Meister der Intrige
Masters of Intrigue
Ernst Vlcek

Stalker is now trying to make sure that the two Spheres of Influence of It and Estartu do not interact, so he asks the Springer Goshbon to sabotage the caravan that is getting ready to head for the twelve galaxies. He is also trying to create as many Quiet Zones in the Psionic Network as possible.

On the political scene, Sheela Rogard, who used to have a relationship with the Master of the Elements, is running for the position of First Terran after Julian Tifflor gave it away. Goshbon's son, Mailler, tries to undermine her campaign, but his attempts fail and make her even more popular. On March 24th, 430, Sheel Rogard is elected First Terran.

The Panish Goozren Ter Kaal reports to Stalker that the Vironauts he gave a Permit to and who are now in the Estartu domain have behaved in disppointing ways. They have taken part in the Game of Life, violated the Code and they are now on their way to Ijarkor through the Heraldic Gates. At the same time, the preparations for the launch of the Teleport are almost ready in Arkonis I, and the real goal of the operation is to create a new Quiet Zone. Stalker meets with the Masura and convinces the Kartanian Dao-Lin-H'ay to join him in his efforts.

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1281 - Teleport
Arndt Ellmer

Jlian Tifflor, Nia Selegris and Domo Sokrat have successfully passed the first three levels of the Upanishad and are given a silver suit as a reward. Then they head out to Arkonis I to meet with Sotho Tal Ker in order to take a test for the fourth degree of their training.

Throughout the galaxy, several Upanishad schools have closed and more galactic races are making pressure on the Galacticum to ban the entire program from the Milky Way. Stalker tells Tifflor, Selegris and Sokrat that he learned that the Kartanians intend to kidnap Homer Adams, and that their fourth degree will be to free him.

When the Teleport system is kicked off, the Kartanians attack and by causing a diversion with a massive Paratau attack on Arkonis, they take advantage of the confusion to kidnap Adams.

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1282 - Sprung zum Dreiecksnebel
Jump to the Triangle Nebula
H.G. Ewers

Afraid that investigations of the Teleport system might reveal evidence against him, Stalker has Goshbon and his daughter in law destroy a specific station. Julian Tifflor meets Iruna of Bass-Thet and Lelila Lokoshan and Stalker allows her to accompany Tifflor, Nia Selegris and Domo Sokrat on the Estartu.

Convinced that she's being followed by Stalker, Dao-Lin-H'ay decides to try to fly to M 33. Giffi Marauder, who was present at the Teleport Inauguration system, was rescued by Shiva and then brought on the Masura, the Kartanian spaceship. When he meets Tatcher at Hainu, the half-Cynos awakens his memory and reveals his real identity, Tovari Lokoshan. The Kamashite remembers taking the identity of Giffi Marauder to escape the curse of his family.

The crew of the Masura attempts to cross the distance to M 33 by exploding three hundred thousand drops of Paratau but the experiment fails and the spaceship rematerializes in a semi-real state.

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1283 - Der Kartanin-Konflikt
The Kartanian Conflict
H.G. Ewers

The Masura crew regains control of the Masura and rematerializes in the Guunen system. In the meantime, the Maakars have revived an old planet-big creature they call Gonozal, in memory of one of their former enemies.

On June 4th, 430, the Paratau blast is detected by the Estartu, which then follows its trail toward Fornax. When they reach Kartan, Stalker, Julian Tifflor, Nia Selegris, Domo Sokrat and Lelila Lokoshan fall into a psionic trap laid out by the Kartanians for the Maakars. Using his psi-suppressor, Stalker manages to break free and the crew of the Estartu strikes back, freeing Homer Adams and destroying the creature. Tifflor and his companions thereby complete their Upnahishad training.

Stalker's goal, which is to create a conflict between the Toxics, the Kartanians and the Cosmic Hanse, is interrupted by the appearance of ten thousand spaceships led by the Base, who also detected the Paratau blast to its origin. The Cosmic Hanse and the Kartanians sign a treaty making them equal partners in Fornax.

As the Galacic Fleet heads back to the Milky Way, Lelila Lokoshan and Iruna of Bass-Thet decide to stay on Kartan to follow the trace of Tovari Lokoshan, who left on the Kartanian cruiser Garadan.

Dao-Lin-H'ay hears a mental voice called Ardustaar who tells her that she will soon be leaving with a big fleet to accomplish great deeds.

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1284 - Am Paß der Icana
The Icana Pass
Kurt Mahr

Bull is informed by Graucum that since he no longer has his Permit, he won't be allowed to participate in the Game of Life. An individual called Salov contacts Bull and Polynaise and shows them the headquarters of a resistance movement. He arrived twenty years ago and lost while participating to the Game. When he realize the punishment would be eleven years of work for the Warriors, he decided to disappear and to create the Guild.

Bull manages to break into the Upanishad and to talk with the Terrans inside while the first stages of the Game of Life start for Danton and Tekener, who are asked to prepare the attack against the Sacsamara Pass. Instead, they use a ruse and manage to get the enemies to leave, thus passing the first round of the Game, even though they broke the rules.

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1285 - Das Spiel des Lebens
The Game of Life
Kurt Mahr

Bull realizes that the Terrans inside the Upanishad are the crew of the missing Tsunami 113 and 114 but since they are under the influence of the Code Gas, he needs to leave without them.

For the secound stage, Tekener and Danton are asked to defeat Targilv, a tyran who used to rule in the medieval times. Targilv is actually Volcayr under a disguise, and when they realize that, they understand that the overdose of Code Gas he received from Graucum almost killed him. The two Terrans hand the Elfahdian over to Irmina Kotschistowa who saves his life with her treatment. Irmina is then arrested because she went against the Code and Volcayr erases all traces of the antidote before he gets arrested as well.

The voice of the Eternal Warrior Ijarkor declares that Kotschistowa and Bull are now banned and forbidden from leaving the twelve galaxies of Estartu. A red circle is imprinted on their forehead and it's supposed to kill them if they ever leave the area where they are now bound.

Ijarkor invites Danton and Tekener to cross the Heraldic Gates with the Vironauts and to meet him at the Royal Gate, in the middle of the Quiet Zone, to meet him.

Bull and Kotschistowa leave with a few Viroships, accompanied by the Cappins Neiradyr, Scharlom and Dorschorow. Volcayr is brought with the twenty-eight Terrans in the Eternal Warrior's ship, which then leaves Mardakaan.

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1286 - Comanzataras Träume
Comanzatara's Dream
Peter Griese

When a spaceship led by two Maahks approaches the center of Siom-Siom, its Enerpsi drive breaks down because of the Quiet Zone and it is forced to land on the planet Hulos, where the crew meets with a creature called Comanzatara. The strange creature shows them what is currently happening with the other Vironauts through a dream.

Guided by Farran, an Elfahdian following the Eternal Warrior Granjcar, Tekener and Danton reach Siom-Som's Quiet Zone. Only the Lashat, the Lovely Boscyc and three hundred other Viroships reach their destination, the Zahtora system where the opening of a second Heraldic Gate is about to happen.

The content of the Quiet Zone is interconnected with transmitters and the psionic lines coming from the Royal Gate are the center of the super-intelligence Estartu in the double galaxy Absantha-Shad / Absantha-Gom.

The Terrans land on Paillar, who possess an empire of seven suns where they are shown a vision of the Terran Gate, a two thousand meter high monument, which will soon be activated.

One hundred Gorim hunters suddenly appear in the Zahlora system and destroy the three hundred Viroships.

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1287 - In der Kalmenzone von Siom Som
In the Quiet Zone of Siom Som
Peter Griese

During a hypnotic show of the Heraldic Seal, Tekener, Tyron, Danton and Demeter learn that the Pailliarians were once in conflict the Somians, who were technologically more advanced, two thousand years ago. The Eternal Warrior Ijarkor made the hostilities cease by giving an Enerpsi drive to the Pailliarians.

When Gorim spaceships appear in the Asylum system, Kotschistowa realizes that the Somian Remkeor is being influenced by Code Molecules, but the spy manages to flee before they capture him.

Tekener and Danton enter the Terran Gate on January 28th, 430 and are transported to the Sapphad Gate, on Pruugh. The Pruughians have strayed away from the teaching of the Eternal Conflict and Tekener and Danton need to educate them back. Demeter realize that the two men are also being influenced by Code Molecules and manage to break their influence by confiscating their Permit. Then they are treated with Kotschistowa's antidote and recover their abilities.

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1288 - Das Barbarentor
The Barbarian Gate
H.G. Francis

Tekener and the Terrans arrive on Mliron, the firs tplanet of the sun Thidda, where the Eternal Warriors are repressiong the Mlironians by controlling their demographics and keeping them away from any technological advances. The Mlironians are expecting the arrival of the Desotho, a mythical hero, who was once banned into the Orphic Labyrinth of Trovenoor. The Terrans also lean about the existence of a secret Gorim station.

The Terrans discover the Gorim station and Bull activates the hologram of a Querionian who looks like Laymonen. The hologram presents the Querionians as the real representatives of the Third Way and claims that the Eternal Warriors are purposely destroying the Moral Code to bring the Cosmo Nucleotide Dorifer to deliver a particular Messenger.

The Terrans are finally declared ready to meet the Eternal Warrior at the Royal Gate and the Somians accept to grant independence to the Mlironians.

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1289 - Sterntagebuch
Cosmic Diary
Ernst Vlcek

On Februaru 28th, 429, Srimavo leaves with a Viroship and arrives in a region of space made of a gigantic crystal. The Enerpsi drive breaks down and the Vironauts land on Gorikjak, also called the Gorims' Tomb, the only planet of a green sun where the Warrior Nastjor has settled. Srimavo leaves the Vironauts to explore the area and learns of the existence of the Psionic Labyrinth, which is another name for the Caledionan Hunts of the Orphic Maze, a name that Stalker listed as part of Estartu's Wonders.

With the help of a Dallonian cyborg called Armanach, Srimavo receives a hunt permit and on August 13th, they cross on Tlampiku the first of three hatches leading to the Psionic Maze. During the journey, Veth Leburian manages to paralyze Armanach and to take his place. He was a prisoner of the maze for two thousand years and explains that time flows differently inside the Maze.

Srimavo starts feeling a liking for Leburian, whose only goal is to reach Estartu's center, at the intersection of Absantha-Shad and Absantha-Gom. For this, he needs the help of an Eternal Warrior and he convinces Srimavo to be cryogenized and used as a gift. Srimavo accepts, thinking that the presence of Vishna inside her will protect her. Unfortunately, she loses contact with Vishna and becomes convinced that her sister is now beyond the Matter Sources.

When they arrive in the Gorim sector, Leburian shows Srimavo's cryogenized body as a sign he is fighting against the Cosmocrats.

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1290 - Stalker gegen Stalker
Stalker against Stalker
Arndt Ellmer

The Hanse caravan arrives in Fornax and is hit by a psi storm. Anson Argyris learns about Adams' rescue and the signature of the treaty with the Kartanians. The Wise of Fornax tells him that psi storms started appearing in Fornax fifty thousand years ago.

Stalker brings Tifflor, Selegris and Sokrat back to Tschomolungma and then leaves for Fornax, against Skorsh's recommendation who tries to convince him to keep working toward his goal : prepare a Cosmic Wonder to turn the Milky Way into a defensive weapon against the Gorims.

Still wondering why Stalker is suddenly interested in Paratau, Anson Argyris uses a Stalker mask he just created to investigate. Stalker discovers his existence but refuses to fight him. Instead, he only destroys Argyris' mask. He also gives Argyris a Permit and convenes to meet him on Olymp before the caravan finally heads out to Estartu mid-July.

When Adams finally returns to Earth, a treaty is concluded between the Cosmic Hanse and the Galacticum. A citizen poll recommands that the Teleport Project be abandoned but asks for the construction of more Upanishad schools.

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1291 - Die Verblendeten
The Blinded Ones
H.G. Ewers

Tifflor receives a warning from a pacifist telling him to not trust the Upanishad, as a terrorist group called the Star Warriors start causing terror attacks in an attempt to revive a separate Terran government.

Tifflor, Selegris and Sokrat keep passing the various tests of the Upanishad which culminate on Olymp where they are introduced to the Permanent Conflict by inhaling Estartu. Argyris penetrates inside the school and during some confusion, apparently kills Nia Selegris. The shock frees Tifflor from the influence of the Code and Stalker grants him, Selegris and Sokrat the title of Eternal Warrior.

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1292 - Das Versteck der Kartanin
The Hiding Place of the Kartanians
Marianne Sydow

Following the instructions from the mysterious voice of Ardustaar, Dao-Lin-H'ay brings the Paratau collector in the system of N'Jala and boards the Kasamu, a disc-shaped spaceship waiting for her there. The commander of the Kasamu is Ga-Lui-M'igay, a Kartanian. The Kasamu is followed stealthily by the Terran Nikki Frickel and it flies out to secret base where the Kartanians are building long-range spaceships.

Frekkel and her crew destroy the Paratau collector but have to run away in front of the Kartanian forces on the base. Ardustaar's voice explains to Dao-Lin-H'ay that soon, she will be taking the direction of the biggest Kartanian fleet that was ever build.

On July 30th, 430, a public announcement is made declaring that Galactics and Kartanians have concluded a treaty. The Terran government also learns from a Vironaut that the caravan headed by Anson Argyris was destroyed by the Suite of a Warrior.

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1293 - Desothos Geschenk
Desotho's Gift
H.G. Francis

Tekener and Tyron arrive in the Royal Gate of Som where they learn that the Heraldic Gate contains a direct access to the Dark Sky, the seat of Estartu. A long time ago, the Eternal Warrior Ijaror arrived in the Siom system and incorporated the Somians in his Suite, and they became his followers.

Ijarkor summons the Permit Bearers and confronts them to Srimavo's cryogenized body. Appearing to the Terrans under his true form, the Warrior confesses that he has doubts on Estartu but that he's still faithful to Estartu. He and the eleven other Eternal Warriors, Yarun, Granjcar, Ayanneh, Nastjor, Shufu, Pelyfor, Muccor, Shargk, Krovor, Kalmer et Traicy, belong to the Pterus people.

Ijarkor promises to free Srimavo in exchange for the promise that Tekener and the Terrans will work for him. Their first assignment is to go talk to Estartu and ask her important questions that the Eternal Warrior cannot ask himself because he doesn't want to raise any suspicions.

The Terrans are teleported to the Gate of Estartu in Absantha-Gom/Absantha-Shad where they will meet with the other twelve thousand Vironauts and witness and important event.

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1294 - Die Botschaft des Elfahders
The Messenger of the Elfahdians
Arndt Ellmer

Bull and Kotschistowa land near the Gorim Station on Mliron and hear a message from Volcayr, who has now become an enemy of the Code after he was treated by Irmina on Mardakaan. He says that the station was threatened by an Eternal Warrior and was therefore deactivated.

Srimavo, brought by Leburian, arrives on Mliron and confirms to Bull that the Desotho acted with her agreement. Irmina gives Leburian a large quantity of serum and instructions on how to create more. After the Desotho and Srimavo leave ,Ijarkor has the Gorim Station destroyed.

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1295 - Der neue Sotho
The New Sotho
Kurt Mahr

For the first time in centuries, the twelve Eternal Warriors meet on Boldar, a deserted planet. Their spokesperson, Ayanneh, says that Stalker sent the Vironauts to the Estartu Galaxies so they can be studied in view of a future campaign against the Milky Way. Tyg Ian becomes the new Sotho and forms a suite of one hundred thousand spaceships. When they are ready, they will head out to the Milky Way.

Tyg Ian treats Srimavo with Code Gas but the serum preseves the young woman. Then the Sotho sets out to intercept the caravan. Tyg Ian neutralizes the engines of the entire caravan and defeats Anson Argyris. The caravan is stranded on a planet surrounded by an orange field. Persuaded that the caravan has been destroyed, Srimavo escapes to report to the Galactics.

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1296 - Intrige zwischen den Sternen
Intrigues in the Stars
Peter Griese

Stalker is feeling more and more sympathy toward the Terrans and Skorsh is feeling it, but he is not ready yet to relinquish his title. He is reluctant to accomplish his mission, which was to expose the Milky Way to Code Gas.

Tyg Ian, the new Sotho, positions his fleet in the M 53 galaxu and on August 11th, he orders Stalker to surrender. Stalker tries to mobilize the Galactics to fight his successor and assisted by Tifflor and Selegris, they gather a hundred spaceships.

Stalker flees to the Matter Bridge in the Magellanic Clouds, folowed by Tifflor and Selegris and Tyg Ian sends former Vironauts in the Milky Way to convert them to the Permanent Conflict.

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1297 - Zweikampf der Sothos
The Fight of the Sothos
H.G. Ewers

Stalker arrives on the planet Terzrock but Tyg Ian is hard on his tail and forces the former Sothos to a confrontation. Tifflor lands on the planet as the fight is unfolding and Stalker is turned into a cyborg shape by a whip-like weapon that Tyg Ian found on the planet.

Tyg Ian then forces the peoples of the Milky Way to sign a treaty and announces the creation of a powerful Wonder that will make the galaxy a cosmic beacon.

On September 15th, Homer G. Adams learns from Pucky that the events in the galaxies of Estartu are threatening the Moral Code and that the Sothos should not be trusted.

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1298 - Der Gorim von Aquamarin
The Gorim from Aquamarin
Kurt Mahr

On June 14th, 430, the Explorer and the Esculape arrive on the planet Arsko where Bull is brought in front of Volcayr. The Elfahdian tells him that the Gorim on new Mliron was actually Atlan and that the Gorims call themselves Network Riders and that they use the Psionic Network to travel. Bull and the Elfahdian receive the coordinates of the planet Aquamarin where another Gorim Station is located.

Bull departs for Aquamarin with the Livingston while the Explorer brings the three Cappins back to Gruelfin. He and Irmina discover on Aquamarin the remnants of a spaceship that doesn't seem to come from the Sphere of Influence of Estartu and bears the symbol of two arms opposite to teach other.

Perry Rhodan arrives on the planet and meets with two Toshins on the Gorim station. They tell him that the mission of the Network Riders is to protect Dorifer, which includes Atlan, Jen Salik, Fellmer Lloyd, Ras Tschubai and Icho Tolot, Pucky and Gesil, whom he recently got back together with along with their daughter, Eirenne, by following the call of an old friend.

Rhodan asks Bull to wait for a message on Aquamarin and Bull decides to use this time to solve the mystery of the wrecked spaceship with Volcayr.

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1299 - Im Garten der ESTARTU
In the Garden of Estartu
Ernst Vlcek

On August 10, 430, Ijarkor lands wiht Ronald Tekener, Roi Danton and Veth Leburian on Etustar, Estartu's main planet. The plants and the animals seem to live in osmosis and all claim "I am Estartu". They also spread Code molecules that have no effect on the Terrans. Tekener finds a plant different from the others called Aldruitanzaro that tells him that Estartu no longer lives here, a statement that is later confirmed by other creatures. Estartu left the planet 50,000 years ago and has never been seen again since.

Only fragments of Estartu's culture and philosophy are now left on the planet, and they are carried by the Eidos and the Morphs, the other names of the creatures of Etustar, who have been asked to propagate the principles of the Third Way.

The Terrans discover the Heart of Estartu, a subterranean continent where they are shown how Sothos are created, and in particular, how they used the crew of the missing Tsunamis and linked them with morphogenetic fields to what became Sotho Tal Ker. Tekener and Danton learn that even themselves have a morphogenetic connection to the new Sotho, Tyg Ian, but they have no control over him. They also observe that their guide, called Bulsk, takes it for granted that the teaching of the Permanent Conflict in the Upanishad school is the only correct way to teach Estartu's priciples.

Bulks claims that Dorifer is endangered by the attacks from the Network Riders (also called Travelers of the Net) who have been trying for fifty thousand years to tell everyone that Estartu was gone and using every possible means to block the construction of more Estartu Wonders.

The Terrans learn from Aldruitanzaro that Estartu likes life and that it stands for tolerance and peace, which contradicts what their guide told them. The Terrans become convinced that Estartu's original teaching has been corrupted through the millennia and that the super-intelligence never supported the Permanent Conflict.

Tekener and Danton decide to sabotage the Sotho control center and with the help of the Eidos and of the Morphs, a death impulse is sent toward the Sotho Tyg Ian. The Sotho factory is destroyed and lost forever.

When Ijarkor realizes what the Terrans did, he banishes them into the Orphic Maze in Trovenoor while the Lovely Boscyk and the Lashat escape into the Psionic Network.

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