100 - Der Zielstern
The Target Star
K.H. Scheer

By 2102, the Moon has become a gigantic spaceyard, in the image of Arkon III. Alfo Zartus, a spy, is killed by an agent of lunar security while fleeing from a restricted area of the spaceyard.

On March 4, 2102, Lieutenant Brazo Alkher is sent to the Moon to become part of the crew of a new spaceship with linear propulsion - the Fantasy. After believing by mistake that Rhodan was a simple mechanic, he assumes his post as the ship’s weapon’s officer.

The Fantasy's goal is a red sun without name 42,180 light years from Sol. After an uneventful start, it is decided to push the experimental propulsion system to its limit. The cruiser speeds along right into a sun and passes through a part of it. An order to cut the Kalup field generators is canceled just in time. The ship carries away in its Kalup field a fraction of the sun’s mass. The Fantasy is imprisoned in an envelope of fusion matter. Thanks to Brazo Alkher, an opening is created and the ship escapes.

In linear flight, they feel a shock. The cruiser emerges in the system of a blue sun, baptized the Blue System by Kalup. A strong, continuous shaking of the space-time continuum is detected, but there are no vessels detected. The Fantasy heads toward the fifth planet, which is named Sphinx. The echoes emanate from the moon of the planet. The cruiser lands on the moon, which is named Ramses. The Terrans leave the ship. They realize that the moon is in fact a gigantic transmitter station.

The natives, named Akonides, are humanoids who present some common characteristics with the Arkonides. The Akonides are believed to be the Arkonide’s mother race. Auris of Las-Toôr, charged by the Great Council of Akon to investigate the strangers, arrives too late to meet them. The Fantasy heads for Sphinx.

The Fantasy lands suddenly on Sphinx. Two gliders approach the cruiser and the Akonides scan the Fantasy’s memory banks from afar. Learning that the Terrans are not Arkonides, as they had first believed, they order the Terrans to leave. All the crew is paralyzed but thanks to Pucky, the cruiser manages to escape. It crosses the screen and disappears into space.

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101 - Der Weltraum-Tramp
Vagabond of Space
Clark Darlton

On 16 March 2102, Captain Samuel Graybound, who works for the Company “Startramp LTD Space Travel Enterprises”, is contacted by the Institute of Cosmonaut Retraining. He presents himself in anger to Ludwig van der Bloom, the director of the recruitment office. While Graybound is suspected of bootlegging, he has still been chosen to pilot one of the new linear spacecraft. Graybound violently refuses.

The Lizard, Graybound's cargo ship, soon takes off for the planet Glatra III. Bootleg medicines are hidden in plush teddybears. A Terran cruiser attempts to intercept him but the cargo ship makes a quick transition just in the nick of time.

Meanwhile the Fantasy, after having escaped from the Blue System, is traveling close to the center of the galaxy. Suddenly there is an explosion aboard the experimental linear drive spacecraft. Survivors flee aboard the only intact corvette and crash land on the second planet of a yellow sun. Its surface is composed of a grayish mush. Several gray shapes then head toward the Terrans. Only one SOS can be transmitted.

The Lizard receives it and discovers the planet that Rhodan and the Fantasy survivors are located on. This planet is revealed to be made up of 100% organic material.

On the surface, the shipwrecked victims come to the conclusion that the planet is a gigantic protozoa. They make progress across the surface but must use their beamers to pave themselves a path through the gray figures. They find shelter on a rock. Goratchine uses his powers to trigger some atomic explosions.

Perry Rhodan attempts to call for help with his wrist emitter and establishes contact with Graybound. Graybound does not realize who he is talking to and gets angry with his speaker. Pucky teleports himself aboard and reveals to Graybound how much trouble he is in due to his insolence toward Rhodan.

The shipwrecked victims are embarked on the Lizard. The cargo ship makes a transition but upon its re-emergence, it is inspected by three cruisers of the Terran Fleet. A Major Behnken comes aboard but Rhodan intervenes so that Graybound is left alone. Shortly afterwards, the Lizard and the Fantasy's survivors arrive back on Earth.

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102 - Abteilung III greift ein
Action: Division 3
Kurt Mahr

The cargo ship Carolina, while in transit to Arkon, is inspected in full flight by an unknown vessel and destroyed.

On Earth, Nike Quinto, chief of Action Division III, sends one of his agents, Ron Landry, to investigate the disappearance of the Carolina. The heavy cruiser Royal Irish discovers, at the location of the Carolina's disappearance, a cloud of gas, proving that the Carolina has been destroyed by heavy thermobeamer fire. However, an analysis of the remnants determines that a lifeboat could have escaped.

The lifeboat in question (Carolina 2) is carrying Lieutenant Silligan, Corporal Laughlin and three passengers. It heads toward the nearby water planet Ghama, situated in the Toghma System. While arriving in the atmosphere, the Carolina 2 is shot down and plunges into the ocean. Larry Randall, an agent of Section III stationed on Ghama, recovers a piece of wreckage. The analysis shows some energy impact traces.

Ron Landry returns to Earth and leaves for Ghama shortly afterwards on the Empress Of Arkon. He makes contact with Randall. In addition to the Terran colony on Ghama there is a commercial base of the Springers.

The survivors of the Carolina are recovered by the Ghamese, the amphibious inhabitants of Ghama, and are taken into one of their underwater cities. They learn that the Ghamese are allied with the Springers. Lieutenant Silligan escapes and disappears into the heart of the city. He is soon followed by one of the passangers, Dynah Langmuir. In their bewildered race, they stumble over a secret room for the fabrication of Ghamese glass, a priceless item famous throughout the galaxy.

A lidiok, an imposing marine monster, threatens the island where the Terran colony is located. Randall and Landry intervene and kill the beast. In recognition of this achievement, Zatok, a Ghamean, tells them about the five Terrans captured by his people. The body of the lidiok is taken by Landry in order to be utilized in the upcoming rescue of the Carolina survivors. Zatok indicates that the survivors of the Carolina are in the underwater city of Guluch. The two agents rejoin the Empress Of Arkon.

Landry’s submarines, disguised as a lidiok, approaches the underwater city of Guluch and attacks it. The survivors of the Carolina are recovered and the responsible Springers apprehended. Their plan to get rid of the Terrans fails.

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103 - Das Plasma-Ungeheuer
The Plasma Monster
Kurt Brand

On Earth in June 2102, Perry Rhodan and Allan D Mercant debate whether or not to inform the Terran population about the danger posed by the Akonides. Rhodan decides to meet Ballin, a columnist of the Europe Evening News who has been critical of Rhodan's politics, in order to discuss some current issues with him.

At the same moment on the relay station Ori 12-1818, close to Bételgeuse, a Springer ship, the Ug-DVI, is inspected by the Nile. Sergeant Penter (of the Nile) discovers a half dead crew, apparently victims of a virus of the intestinal tract. The hospital ship N-H III is sent in to help.

An unknown ship, the Retse-U, emerges close to Ori 12-1818 and continues its trip while apparently being unaware of the Terrans. It is soon revealed that the Retse-U is an Akonide ship and the alert is given on Earth. Rhodan orders the ships of the fleet to the Orion System. He takes off in the Drusus accompanied by Bell and Ballin.

On Sphinx, capital of the Blue System, the Retse-U takes off towards Orion. The crew is charged with setting up a mysterious station on the 7th planet of the Betelgeuse System. It transports with it the "Myl-Sé". The crew, completely ignorant of the N-H III nearby, disembarks without incident on Bételgeuse VII, accomplishes its mission in twenty minutes and leaves without being intercepted by the Terran Fleet that arrives shortly afterwards.

Worried, Rhodan decides to land the Drusus on Bételgeuse VII in order to study the strange construction left by the Akonides. He doesn't suspect that those same Akonides can also observe him on Betelgeuse VII from Sphinx. Once combat robots approach to within one hundred meters of the strange construction on Betelgeuse VII, the Akonides send the Myl-Sé.

Before the discharge of energy, Rhodan understands that the Akonide Structure on Betelgeuse VII is a matter transmitter and he immediately orders the return of the robots as well as the destruction of the machine. However, the destruction of the matter transmitter comes too late.

At the same time Degen, the chief physician of the N-H III, informs Rhodan that the virus that contaminated the Springers has been manufactured on the Earth.

While studying the energy tracings emitted by the hostile vessel and the transmitter, the Terrans discover that the Akonides have in fact sent something to Bételgeuse VII, but what?

In a matter of hours after the return to Earth of the Drusus (after a detour to the N-H III to recover the vial of virus in order to study it), a mysterious epidemic spreads itself all over the planet, as well as on the Moon. No one is spared! The N-H III is a victim of the epidemic and Rhodan understands then what was the "gift" of the Akonides on Bételgeuse VII.

Koatu, a physician at the Center of Antiviral Research, discovers the nature of the Akonide illness: it is a protoplasm mutant (the Myl-Sé for the Akonides) that attacks albumin. Humanity has less than three months to find a cure or all is lost. Even the Robot Regent is of no help to them. There is only one positive aspect to this epidemic: the protoplasm heals the intestinal tract virus found on the Springer ship.

Ballin and Rhodan address all Terrans, enjoining them to not give up in despair. A race against time begins….

In Soisy-on-Seine close to Paris, an agent of the Solar Defense, Jo Garibaldi, notices that there are no victims of the protoplasm.

Rhodan goes to Soisy-on-Seine accompanied by Bell, Ballin, Mercant and the mutants Pucky, Ras Tschubai and John Marshall. There, thanks to Pucky's powers, they discover a secret base of the Aras. The Aras are the ones who have manufactured the virus of the intestinal tract and are just now preparing to spread it throughout the Sol System. The Terrans discover the Pulsator device that holds the protoplasm at bay. They also discover an antidote against this same protoplasm and the intestinal virus. The threat of total annihilation is abolished on Earth, and the Aras will be judged on Arkon for the murder of the Springers.

Four months later the entire population has been healed but Ballin decides to tell Earth nothing so as not to revive any bad memories.

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104 - Nur ein Greenhorn
Horn: Green
William Voltz

August 2102.

John Edgar Pincer, the son of the President of the Cosmic Fruit Company, has just been married. For his honeymoon, he undertakes a journey to Ferrol (in the Vega System) with his odd wife aboard. He also carries in his private ship seeds for a variety of spinach. After being interrogated by a patrol cruiser, the odd couple dives into hyperespace but, due to a mistake made by Pincer, they do not arrive in the Vega System but, instead, carry out a hyperjump of greater distance. They emerge back into normal space around two light-years from the white dwarf Alazé. A Springer cruiser arrives and radios Pincer and his wife, asking to see a certain Shaugnessy. Prudently, Pincer passes himself off for Shaugnessy. The ship is brought aboard the Springer vessel, Valmonze.

The Springers believe that Pincer has come to deliver their merchandise, which happens to be opium. They mistake the spinach seeds for poppy seeds. Their goal is to develop the traffic of opium in the Galaxy in order to weaken the position of the Earth. The Springers are associated with a certain Terran named Vincent Aplied. The Val-I dives into hyperespace and arrives at the planet Alaze.

There, Pincer attempts to send an SOS but he is prevented by Valmonze. With his wife, he flees into the forest. The Ara Amat-Palong analyzes the spinach seeds and discovers that it is not opium. Pincer and his wife are captured by birdmen, the natives of the planet, who they befriend while offering them cigarettes. The smoke has an intoxicating effect on them. While the Terrans converse with one of the birdmen named Schnitz, the Springers approach. The Terrans are brought by the natives up into the trees while Schnitz gives false information to the Springers.

During this time, on Earth, Perry Rhodan must face the distrust of several races. The Springers accuse the Terrans of spreading opium throughout the Galaxy. Rhodan decides to quarantine the Solar System

Another vessel lands on Alazé. This time it is the real Shaugnessy. Valmonze understands then what has happened and is furious. Amat-Palong decides only to search for the fugitives.

Pincer and his wife want to find a hypercom station to send an SOS. Their native companions, not wanting to come with them, leave them alone in the forest but they are captured by a primitive birdman tribe. The members of this tribe are victims of the drug traffic and the advertising of the “white powder”. They are imprisoned but, at night, Schnitz comes to free them. They arrive then at one of the Springer stations that are distributed all over the surface of the planet but, just as they reach the hypercom, they come upon Amat-Palong. During the fight that follows, Schnitz is killed. The Ara wants to take them prisoners in his glider but the birdmen friends of Schnitz intervene and kill him. Pincer can finally send an SOS.

It is received by the cruiser Cape Canaveral. Its commander, Major Woodworth, delighted to break the routine, warns Rhodan who charges him to recover Pincer, but only using a 3-man destroyer interceptor.

Valmonze intercepts the message and asks the Springer Razmon to recover the fugitives. When the glider arrives close to the station, the destroyer interceptor eliminates it while, at the same time, taking aboard Pincer and his wife.

Shaugnessy, seeing an opportunity to change, opposes Valmonze. However, Valmonze is stronger and succeeds in neutralizing him.

Pincer is welcomed with honors on Earth. Vincent Aplied is stopped and the traffic of opium comes to an end.

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105 - Die Geisterflotte
Phantom Fleet
Clark Darlton

All is quiet in Terrania, the capital city of Sol. Meanwhile a vessel takes off from the Blue System on an unknown mission. Rhodan does expect a new Akonide attack, but in what form? Atlan calls to inform him that a mysterious vessel has landed without incident on Arkon III - the location of the Arkonide arsenal and the Robot Regent. The mysterious vessel crossed all defenses without meeting the least resistance! Rhodan decides to travel to the planet with his flagship, the Drusus, leaving Bell on Earth to handle current matters.

During its flight to the Arkonide System, the Drusus is contacted by Geral Khor, an Arkonide based on Salex IV. He asks for Rhodan to join him in order to confide to him an urgent message for Atlan. On the planet, Rhodan learns that nothing functions any longer: the Regent does not emit impulse anymore and, as a result, all machinery and vessels have stopped. Shortly afterwards, Atlan calls and confirms that the Regent and even all of Arkon III is surrounded by an unknown and impassable energy field. All industrial facilities and vessels - in short, everything that is actually controlled by the Regent - is non-functional and chaos threatens to break out….

At the same time Major Bellefjord who commands the Kénia, a frigate of the Terran Fleet, is keeping the Blue System under surveillance. He notices the appearance of a hole in the protective field of the Blue System at the time of the exit of the mysterious vessel and gets authorization to cross with the Kénia before the hole closes again.

The Drusus, with Rhodan and the mutants at his side, arrives on Arkon I. The flagship then gets under way for Arkon III but all attempts by Tschubai and Kakuta to teleport across the energy field are revealed to be futile. Only Pucky can teleport onto the surface of Arkon III with the help of the fictive transmitter.

On Arkon III Pucky no longer recognizes the planet nor any of its reference marks. Forced to nose about everywhere, he learns that the Akonides arrived two days earlier with their vessel and erected a temporal field that returned the planet backwards 15,000 years to the days of the Imperator Metzat III. The Akonides have convinced Metzat that a quarrelsome people from the Sol System have approached much too closely to Arkon.

As used to be the custom in that time, the Imperator wants to send a fleet of 30,000 ships to the Sol System in order to bring its inhabitants to submission.

Ten hours have passed since Pucky's departure. Colonies of the Arkonide Imperium have begun to realize that the Regent is out of service and, as a result, they begin to rise up and to seize deactivated robot-vessels. On his side of the temporal field, Pucky succeeds in embarking on a shuttle that is leaving for a reconnaissance mission to the Sol System. This permits him to cross the temporal field and to inform Rhodan of the situation.

Since Metzat III wants to conquer Sol and not to destroy it, Rhodan asks Bell not to react to the hostile Arkonide fleet that approaches him. This proves effective since, upon the arrival of the Arkonide squadron in the Sol System, its commander, Gagolk, meets no resistance and hesitates on how to proceed.

On the Drusus, Rhodan learns, thanks to the P-Brain on Venus, that there was, around 15,000 years ago, a ship that overflew Arkon III two times and then left after leaving a unique crater of 2 km of diameter on the planet. He deduces from this information that a vessel equipped with the new linear propulsion system had luck in crossing the temporal field. He embarks therefore on the Ralph Torsten piloted by Bellefjord. Pucky is given the mission to deposit a bomb on the planet where the Akonide vessel is located.

The Ralph Torsten speeds along toward Arkon III and crosses the temporal field without incident. Pucky teleports down to the planet’s surface while the vessel begins its second orbit of the planet.

On Earth, Gagolk disembarks and demands to meet the chief of the Solar System and to ask him to submit to the Great Imperium. He is finally received by Bell but the interview degenerates quickly because Bell gets agitated. Thereafter, the Arkonide fleet launches its attack against the Earth and, enraged, Bell throws himself at Gagolk. However, he only meets emptiness. The Phantom Fleet disappears at the same moment as the first bombs reach the terrestrial atmosphere!

On Arkon III, Pucky succeeds in placing the bomb close to the Akonide vessel. He returns aboard the Ralph Torsten that immediately leaves. The bomb explodes shortly afterwards thereby destroying the Akonide spacecraft. As a result, Arkon III is once again back in the present time. The Regent immediately begins to re-establish order in the Arkonide Imperium.

Disaster has been avoided at the last moment.

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106 - Der Götze von Passa
The Idol From Passa
Kurt Mahr

Nike Quinto, the chief of Section III, charges his agents Ron Landry and Larry Randall to investigate the Terran colony on the planet Passa where many colonists have disappeared. The Laramie leaves the Earth on 7 October 2102. The two agents make contact with Froyd Coleman, the person responsible for the colony. According to him, the abductions are due to the Evergreens, the indigenous race of Passa. Randall and Landry then discuss the situation with Lofty Patterson, the man who best knows the forest. He confirms the responsibility of the Evergreens. An expedition that went in search for the missing people has already been attacked and only fifteen men out of one hundred twenty came back.

In their turn, Patterson, Landry and Randall leave on an expedition in search for the missing. Their first goal is a house of a colonist who was recently found dead . There, they fall upon a single Evergreen. It communicates with them, after they use a psychoradiator. The translater permits them to understand that the Evergreens obey a god. The Terrans order the Evergreen to go home and then they continue on their way through the forest. Being unaware of the sense of the word house, the Evergreen ends up dying there in place.

According to the path indicated by the Evergreen, they reach the midland mountains and caves where the god is supposed to be. Randall remains close to the glider while Landry and Patterson penetrate into the caves. Each then undergoes an inexplicable crisis of hate. The three men end up finding the prisoners of the Evergreens in an underground cave. There are a thousand human beings who have been captured. Regularly, man-snakes come to sacrifice a man.

The three Terrans manage to be captured and are brought into another cave where there are more than five hundred Evergreens. They are brought before a dark rectangle from which rises a cloud of smoke. The three men overpower their jailers and dive into the hole. They face the one that passes for a god, a creature appearing at the time as a toad and a bear and handling a type of hammer. The three Terrans run away, the monster is crushed beneath rocks, and they rejoin the glider.

The hammer is revealed to be a weapon with several functions. It permits them to destroy a hostile glider which comes close to them.

The Terrans return to Earth where specialists determine that the toad-bear was an artificial creature produced by the Aras. Its shape corresponds to a legend of the Evergreens. Upon their return to Passa on 21 October 2102, agents of Section III use a robot as the effigy of another god to face a second toad-bear whom they defeat. Terran forces then invest the base and stop the Springers who are really the origin of the entire operation, which consists of seizing Passa and procuring for themselves the serpent skins which can be used as a weapon.

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107 - Das blaue System
The Blue System
K.H. Scheer

Atlan waits for the arrival of Perry Rhodan on Arkon. During the landing of Perry Rhodan’s ship, there is an attempt to murder Atlan with the help of his dog Mocha (someone has implanted a poisoned stinger in the dog’s muzzle). The attempt is foiled by Fellmer Lloyd. Canceling the festivities planned to celebrate the arrival of the Administrator of Sol, Atlan and Perry hurry to listen to the Regent's report concerning the Akonides.

Atlan, Rhodan and Tama Yokida present themselves at the entry of the forbidden zone, heart of the Coordinator (Robot Regent). After having convinced Security Circuit A-1 the necessity of the presence of the two Earthman in the coordinator's innards, they enter a room to listen to the report of the Regent and its recommendations.

The Regent announces its deductions that the only foreseeable course of action is an attack against Akon without notice and this idea leads to an animate discussion. Suddenly an Akonide transmitter appears. The three men are neutralized by a weapon of the Akonides (a "stream of green light") as well as by three Akonides who emerge from the transmitter.

When they wake up, Auris of Las-Toor appears accompanied by two armed men. In her presence, Perry Rhodan and Atlan protest against their abduction. She gives them some freedom of movement. Rhodan benefits from this by contacting his crew telepathically (which had remained on board of the new flagship Ironduke) and gives by this same method of communication the order to his and Atlan’s fleet to prepare to attack the Blue System. Considering an escape, they are interrupted by the abrupt entry of the Akonide ship into semispace, a brutal entry especially since the Ironduke is close on its tail.

Having overpowered two guards and an officer, Perry Rhodan and his companions win the command center of the Akonide ship. They take control of it and interrupt the linear flight to facilitate the pursuit to Ironduke. But, the Akonide ship possesses a transmitter... which is put into operation and knocks everyone unconscious.

Once they regain consciousness again, Perry Rhodan, Atlan and Tama Yokida meet a member of the Akonide Ruling Council, Fere-Khar. Realizing that it is preferable to wait for help where they are, that is to say in a spatial station, rather than to have themselves brought onto the planet, Atlan simulates an illness and Perry Rhodan demands the most assiduous care.

By means of procrastinations, swoons and bad timing, Perry Rhodan and Atlan win respite of a dozen hours and are able to determine the goals of the Akonides, that is to say, the Akonide’s plans to modify their blue screen. But their subterfuge is discovered and in the hour that follows, Auris comes looking for them in order to transport them onto the planet Drorah (Sphinx). The alarm sounds: Ironduke arrives and Rhodan makes contact with the mutants. During this time, Atlan and Tama Yokida guide it, following everyone to include Aurus and her escort.

12 minutes later, the group meets in the room of the transmitter, at the time of the starting up of one of Atlan’s devices and Tama Yokida goes into action and gets rid of the Akonide escort. The teleporters then emerge and transports everybody on board the Ironduke. The attack against the spatial stations producing the blue screen results in their destruction by the linear propulsion ships, opening the way for more traditional “transition” ships. Making with their fleet to the capital of the system, Atlan and Perry Rhodan require and get the surrender of the Akonides. They also obtain the rights for a trading outpost on Drorah as well as the plans of the Akonide linear propulsion system. Atlan then joins the flagship of his fleet.

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108 - Die Wüste des Todes
Desert Of Death's Domain
Kurt Mahr

On the planet Lepso, a certain Gérard Lobson consults with a Doctor Zuglert who ages suddenly before his eyes. He speaks of a liqueur and a danger for the Earth. Overtaken by panic, Lobson runs away. Shortly afterwards, the Terran frigate FLORIDA, returning from the Blue System where the screen of energy reformed itself, receives an emergency call from Zuglert but the communication is suddenly cut short. The FLORIDA's commander, Major Kindsom calls Lepso but Neary, the Terran Trade Mission Inspector, is unaware of any such call from there.

Colonel Nike Quinto of Section III sends Major Ron Landry to Lepso because other emaciated old men have also made their appearance, only to immediately disappear. Having arrived on the planet, Landry is taken in charge by a taxicab whose driver is Goszulan and appears talkative. He informs Landry that for the last two or three years, people on the planet are agitated more and more. In his hotel room, Landry meets an extraterrestrial, a Muddy, who searches for one of his fellow species members.

Landry himself begins to investigate Zuglert's case. He has an accident while taking an antigrav elevator and finds Gérard Lobson, who absolutely wants to make him drink a certain liqueur. As he is threatened by two Springers and an Ara, he is obliged to drink. He is imprisoned in a cellar with Lobson, and feels now full of energy. Lobson tells Landry that he has also been stopped by the three men and forced to drink the elixir.

When a Springer comes to look for them, he is cut down mysteriously. Lobson and Landry slip away and make it to the Terran commercial trading post. At the restaurant, where Lobson wanted Landry to drink the Liquitiv liqueur, an old man appears suddenly. Landry wants to take him into custody but policemen seize the old man instead. Landry and Lobson take a taxicab of which the driver is none other than the Goszulan who Landry already met. They follow the gyroplane of the policemen into the desert of Sukkussum. The driver removes his mask and is revealed to be Larry Randall, a colleague of Landry. He knows that old men are always brought into the desert, to a city whose center is occupied by a pyramid.

In the pyramid city, Randall and Landry see other zombies, among them the missing Muddy. They are then confronted by priests of Baalol, the Antis. After a mental fight, in which the Earthmen receive the help of the Muddy, they take flight and are able to regain their car. Lobson disappears. Then Lobson reappears and threatens them. In fact, he is with the Springers. The Liquitiv liqueur creates an effect of familiarization and Lobson tells them he became the slave of it. It's origin is unknown, one only knows that it was launched onto the market a dozen years earlier. The liqueur first has an effect of rejuvenation which produces the feeling of familiarization and at the end of twelve years an abrupt physical decay occurs.

The agents of Section III manage to escape and return to Earth where Rhodan interests himself in the problem mainly due to the implication of the Antis. Several agents return to Lepso and infiltrate the Temple of Baalol while passing themselves off as old men. As a result, Landry finds Zuglert. Zuglert tells them that twelve years earlier he had worked with a biologist named Edmond Hugher who developed the Liquitiv. From the beginning, Zuglert took some precautions in regards to Hugher. He has a photo in his possession of Edmond Hugher which he gives to Landry.

Landry is interrogated repeatedly by the Baalol priests but finally succeeds in escaping. A cargo ship simulates a crash on the city-temple, which in turn allows for the recovery of all infiltrated agents.

The photo of Edmond Hugher is revealed to correspond to the features of Thomas Cardif (Rhodan's son).

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109 - Der Blockadering um Lepso
Blockade: Lepso
Kurt Brand

On Lepso, Edmond Hugher is surprised that he knows Earth languages so well. After all, before arriving on Lepso and with no memory of his previous life, he worked on Zalit but was confined to a subordinate role. He was then recruited by the Antis, followers of Baalol, who replaced him with a robot in his image.

On the Earth, the headquarters of the Solar Imperium is worried by the extent of diffusion of the Liquitiv. It is the same way in the Arkonide Imperium. The photo of Hugher doesn't look like Thomas Cardif when viewed from a certain angle and the son of Rhodan is still supposed to be on Zalit. However, the news arrives soon that he was in fact replaced by a robot. Rhodan immediately orders the interdiction of the Liquitiv and the confiscation of all stocks. One learns soon that the merchandise stocks have disappeared. A fleet leaves for Lepso with orders to recover Thomas Cardif. The question soon arises, however, as to whether the son of Perry Rhodan is still under a mental block.

Perry Rhodan orders the blockade of Lepso and a heavy fight commences. Robot units sent by Arkon arrive and reinforce the Terran vessels. Robots are disembarked on the planet to occupy strategic points. During this time, telepaths concentrate on detecting and recovering Cardif. A brief contact permits them to determine that he is still subjected to the mental block.

The Anti Tu-Poa begins to wonder why Hugher/Cardif didn't react to the name of Rhodan. Thomas Cardif is submitted to a psycho-procedure in order to change his mental makeup so that he is no longer detectable by the mutants. Thus, the mental block is broken and Cardif recovers all his memories and his energy. His first decision is to distribute the Liquitiv free of charge in order to weaken the Solar Imperium.

When this message is intercepted, Rhodan understands that his son has recovered his memory. A Springer cruiser carrying the main Antis and Thomas Cardif takes off, and due to the unusual powers of the Antis, is able to escape. The Terran forces invest the station TT-1 where the Liquitiv was bottled but it turns out that Lepso was only a distribution center.

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110 - Auf den Spuren der Antis
Spoor Of The Antis
William Voltz

On the Earth, Henry Mulvaney is being driven mad by the lack of Liquitiv. He breaks into his neighbor's apartment to steal his reserves but the man committed suicide after having exhausted his stock. At the head of a group, Mulvaney then wants to attack a liquour store but the store turns out to be empty. He feels remorse after having stunned a one-handed policeman who was trying to stop him. His mental state getting worse, Mulvaney is finally driven into a psychiatric asylum.

The situation is catastrophic on all the planets where there exists more than two hundred million addicts of the Liquitiv. Riots take place everywhere, some desperate people attempt to procure themselves the drug.

Rhodan convenes a meeting of the governors of several colonies and ends up announcing the sale of free Liquitiv in order to avoid deaths.

On Lepso, soldiers searching the planet discover Doctor Nearman, an astro-physician who worked for the Antis. Before dying, Nearman reveals that the Liquitiv has its origin on the planet Okul for which he provides coordinates. The cross-examination of Aras captured on Lepso also indicates that Thomas Cardif/Edmond Hugher is the inventor of the Liquitiv.

On April 2103, the IRONDUKE leaves for the coordinates provided by Nearman, taking commandos armed with automatic carbines in order to pierce the protective screens of the Antis. But, having arrived there, they don't find anything. After a fruitless search for the planet Okul, Perry Rhodan decides to quit. It is at this moment that the structure detectors react. The Terran cruiser makes for the origin of the transition and finally discovers Okul. Rhodan ignores the fact that the shock was produced by the vessel of the Springer Valmonze which is loaded with Liquitiv.

The IRONDUKE expels soldiers and fighting commences in the city of the Antis. A prisoner reveals to them that the Liquitiv has its origins in the secretions of a type of caterpillar, the pierce-slime. Cardif and the main Antis succeed in escaping aboard a submarine.

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111 - Unter falscher Flagge
False Front
Clark Darlton

On Earth, John Rengall celebrates his departure from Florida. In a short period of time he must embark aboard the RALPH TORSTEN. At the time of the party, his friend Philipp Morris, an addict who has run out of Liquitiv, has a crisis. Fortunately, Garry Rescoll, director of a nautical Club, has Liquitiv reserves and agrees to sell them, for the sake of their friendship, to Rengall (in order to help Morris). Rengall embarks on the frigate that travels to Okul in the company of a cargo ship. The cargo ship is carrying twenty submersibles (submarines) that were found in a museum.

These submarines are utilized in a grid pattern on the bottom of oceans of Okul in search of the Antis and Thomas Cardif.

During this time, a team of scientists study the pierce-slime in order to find an antidote to the Liquitiv. They determine that the secretion has a rejuvenating effect but they are not able to determine the mechanism of action.

On Earth, the chaos is settled because the government has confiscated the private reserves of Liquitiv in order to distribute them better.

Rhodan gives an ultimatum to the Antis, otherwise he will have the planet blown up. In their underwater fortress, the Anti Rhabol proposes to deliver to Rhodan the names of three planets where the Liquitiv exists in large quantity. In return they must be allowed to go free. The Administrator accepts provided that Thomas Cardif is delivered to him. Cardif has a plan however. Shortly afterwards, Cardiff calls the Terrans, telling them he wants to see Rhodan alone and makes an appeal to his father’s paternal feelings.

Rhodan accepts but when he meets Cardif, he is captured. The plan of the felon includes taking his father's place. The complete mental diagram of the Administrator is implanted in the mind of Cardif, veiling his real ego, thereby making him undetectable by telepaths.

Researchers on Earth discovered that the mechanism of action of the Liquitiv comes from the gastric ferments of the pierce-slime.

On Okul, the false Perry Rhodan calls the IRONDUKE. He is "free" whereby the Antis are allowed to flee aboard a Springer cargo ship, carrying away the real Administrator without the knowledge of anyone else. Back on the IRONDUKE, Cardif/Rhodan reveals the formula for an antidote.

Twenty-seven days later, Allitiv, which annuls the effects of the Liquitiv, is launched in mass on the market.

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112 - Der Mann mit den zwei Gesichtern
The Man With Two Faces
Kurt Brand

Since his return from Okul, Perry Rhodan has changed. He seems to have become a stranger - he doesn't posses any more humor, and makes some inexplicable decisions, such as to accept the establishment of additional Springer trading posts within the Terran sphere of influence. One appraises these changes as the result of the Thmasson process, a therapy which allows for the elimination of deep traumatism. No one suspects the truth: that Perry Rhodan is, in fact, Thomas Cardif whose ego is protected by the mental diagram of the real Rhodan. His behavior intrigues and infuriates his nearest collaborators, to include Reginald Bell and Allan D. Mercant.

Cardif-Rhodan receives an Arkonide who transmits to him a message from the Anti Rhabol. Rhobal wants twenty cell activators. Cardif-Rhodan refuses. Shortly after, he announces his intention to allow the establishment of Springer bases on Pluto. Bell learns that Cardif-Rhodan obtained the coordinates of Wanderer from the Positronic brain on Venus.

The IRONDUKE arrives on Pluto, and only Cardif-Rhodan disembarks from it. He meets A-thol, the emissary of the Antis. Fellmer Lloyd detects the Anti's cerebral brain waves and immediately the alert is triggered. When a landing force arrives at Rhodan's location, they find the dead Anti, Cardif-Rhodan making believe that his killing of A-thol was an act of self defense on his part.

When a strike breaks out in a factory where Allitiv is manufactured, Cardif-Rhodan himself loses interest completely and it is Bell who must solve the problem. Cardif-Rhodan leaves for Wanderer aboard the corvette D-109, taking Stane Nolinov and Brazo Alkher. On the planet, Cardif-Rhodan asks for twenty-one cellular activators adjusted specifically to the biologic frequency of their carrier. The immortal agrees to Cardif-Rhodan's request. Cardif keeps one for himself, unaware that the collective being has adjusted it to the biologic frequency of the real Perry Rhodan. The twenty others are locked up in a temporal field that only Cardif-Rhodan can open.

The crew of the IRONDUKE question the Springers on Pluto and determine their innocence. One also discovers that the Anti A-thol carried a hyper-emitter in his ear and that Cardif-Rhodan cut him down in cold blood.

While leaving Wanderer, the corvette D-109 is caught by a ship of the Springers and is inspected. However, Alkher has time to open fire and damage its propulsion system. He also is able to send out an SOS.

Cardif-Rhodan is confronted by Rhabol who demands the cell activators otherwise he will reveal his real identity. Nolinov and Alkhers are captured by robots in spite of an attempt to escape. When the IRONDUKE approaches, Cardif-Rhodan is forced to deliver the activators to the Antis. He then reaches the IRONDUKE with the D-109 and immediately orders an attack on the vessel of the Antis. However, The BAA-LO (the name of the Springer/Anti ship) manages to escape.

Cardif-Rhodan accuses Nolinov and Alkher of treason, affirming that it is them who revealed to the Antis the goal of the corvette. He demands that the Solar Defense finds the BAA-LO again.

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113 - Die Wunderblume von Utik
The Wonderflower of Utik
Kurt Mahr

The High Baalol, head of the mysterious and evil Baalol cult, posed as Perry Rhodan in order to trick the superintelligence It into giving him a number of life-prolonging cell activators. But the superintelligence was well aware of what was going on and played a joke on the High Baalol and his followers.

One of these followers was the priest Kalal who, like nearly all members of the Baalol cult, was a powerful antimutant. As Kalal visits the Baalol temple on the planet Utik, his cell activator causes his brain to emit waves that convince everyone within twenty five kilometers that he is a rare and beautiful blue flower that must be protected. As a result, people chase him in swarms, seeking to pour water on his head and perform other botanical ministrations. Making matters worse, Kalal is being pursued by agents of Terra's Division 3.

Kalal takes refuge within the temple's screens, but he soon finds himself unwelcome. His would-be caretakers keep the temple under contant siege, drawing unwanted attention to the secretive Baalol cult and making it impossible for them to carry out their usual unsavory practices. When matters come to a head, the temple's high priest contacts the High Baalol, who sentences Kalal to death for placing his own life above the welfare of the cult.

Enraged, and determined to fight the High Baalol for supremacy over the cult, Kalal finally manages to escape from the temple after killing a number of priests sent to hunt him down and execute him. But the Division 3 agents are hot on his trail. When Kalal flees to Utik's northern desert, the agents force him to crashland. They wish to capture and interrogate him, but after a struggle Kalal is killed. He dies cursing the High Baalol.

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114 - Rufer aus der Ewigkeit
Caller From Eternity
Kurt Brand

Bell learns that as of August 25, 2103, Cardif-Rhodan will withdraw all Terrans that have been placed at the disposition of the Arkonide Imperium. He discusses the situation with Mercant but the two men no longer understand the actions of the Administrator. Such a measure is going to weaken Atlan. By common agreement, members of the headquarters decide to delay the implementation of Cardif-Rhodan's orders. The Solar Defense is given the task of watching the Arkonide bases and even the Mutant Corps is spread out throughout the large empire. A significant part of the fleet moves towards M-13.

Cardif-Rhodan discerns without halt a mental voice telling him that if he doesn't remove the cellular activator, he will soon become too big and too strong. This voice can only come from the immortal but he ignores it. Cardif-Rhodan wants to clear Brazo Alkher and Stan Nolinov, since their accusations could implicate him and blow his cover. A micro-emitter is soon recovered from the corvette D-109, proving the innocence of the two men.

Cardif-Rhodan is called by Atlan but the discussion heats up and the two men get angry. The only solution that remains to Atlan is to conclude an alliance with the Akonides. He sends a proposition to Drorah. The Ruling Council of the Akonides accepts Atlan's proposal but wants in exchange one thousand ultramodern cruisers and the appointment of some Akonides to key posts of the Arkonide Imperium. Atlan agrees to deliver the vessels. When Atlan learns that 28,000 Terran vessels have spread out throughout Star Cluster M-13, he calls Bell who is forced to confess his impotence.

At this point, Cardif-Rhodan meets an emissary of the Antis. Rhabol reproaches him for the death of Kalal. The Antis want the immediate opening of the Springer trading posts.

Fifty days after having received his cellular activator, Cardif-Rhodan receives a mental call from the immortal and feels an atrocious pain. He is immediately treated by neurologists. At this opportunity, one discovers that he carries a cellular activator. It is half embedded in Cardif’s thoracic cage and the neural terminations are in biologic contact with his nerves. When Cardif-Rhodan wakes up from his crisis, he discovers that he has gained weight, and this situation gets worse over the days that follow.

The agent of the Antis who met with Cardif-Rhodan returns to the planet Saos and informs the responsible priests there that Cardif-Rhodan knows the name “Trakarat”. Since it is the main planet of the Antis, the priests get worried. They decide to let Alkher and Nolinov escape while at the same time making them believe that Saos is Trakarat. A “fake” attack by Springers on the planet is affected, but during their flight the two Terrans intercept a communication proving the double-dealing of the Antis. They seize a lifeboat belonging to the Springers and are recovered by the GANGES.

Cardif-Rhodan, who everyone now knows is enduring a cellular explosion, continues to gain weight at an alarming rate. He decides to leave suddenly for Saos with a squadron of Terran ships.

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115 - Der Imperator und das Ungeheuer
The Emperor And The Monster
William Voltz

On September 2, 2103, the IRONDUKE and a Terran squadron of four thousand vessels arrives in the system of the planet Saos. Cardif-Rhodan whose physical appearance is becoming worse by the hour wants the Antis to cure him. He appears increasingly intolerable. He wants to remove Hunts Krefenbac from his position as second in command of the IRONDUKE because he refuses to pick up a fallen collar button from the ground.

In the very heart of the Arkonide Imperium, the light cruiser ZUMBASI illegally inspects a Springer vessel. Its captain immediately informs Arkon. Atlan, who at the time is meeting with General Alter Toseff, one of those rare Arkonide officers who still posseses significant energy and vitality, is informed about the ZUMBASI incident as well as about the attack on Saos by the Terran units. It is the High Priest Kutlos who calls him in person to force him to act. He decides to send ten thousand robot-ships, which he accompanies along with Toseff.

Cardif-Rhodan, who is continuing to gain weight and continuing to grow, arrives in the control center of the IRONDUKE and orders an immediate attack on Saos. On the planet, seeing that their last moments have arrived, the Antis Hepna-Kaloot, Kutlos and Tasnor begin a game of Paloot, which consists of a duel governed by certain rules. Even the arrival of the ten thousand robot-units can not stop the game once it has begun. The old priest Hanoor takes command of the Anti base.

Bell and Mercant call Atlan without the knowledge of Cardif-Rhodan. Cardif, whose face is now a formless mass of flesh, is in the process of making himself a new uniform which takes into account his larger body measurements and displays all the badges of his rank. All the same, Atlan agrees to withdraw his fleet that forms a blockade around Saos.

While Cardif-Rhodan launches ten cruisers to attack Saos, Bell organizes an operation on the side. A lifeboat deposits a commando team led by Brazo Alkher to the surface. Its men come upon Kutlos who dies without revealing the position of Trakarat. By luck, they find the Springers who Alkher and Nolinov had stolen a lifeboat from at the time of their escape. They obtain from them a description of Trakarat and its sun, Aptut.

On his end, Cardif-Rhodan, achieves nothing after having destroyed the base of the Antis. Upon returning to the IRONDUKE, he is called by Atlan, who appears shocked by his appearance. Cardif-Rhodan abuses him but Atlan decides to do everything possible to save the one who he considers to be his friend.

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116 - Duell unter der Doppelsonne
Duel Under The Double Sun
K.H. Scheer

On October 20, 2103, Atlan has a secret meeting, without the knowledge of Cardif-Rhodan, in the headquarters of the Solar Imperium on Saos. He informs Bell and the other senior leaders that he has delivered one thousand cruisers to the Akonides. Cardif-Rhodan has become a real tyrant, even ordering false arrests. Revolts are threatening to erupt throughout the Solar Imperium. Bell and his comrades want to place the Administrator under protective custody. To their surprise, Atlan has succeeded in procuring the coordinates of Trakarat by appealing to the Akonides.

When Atlan returns to his ship, he is called by Cardif-Rhodan and is immediately impressed by the extent of the physical and mental decay of the one that he always took to be his friend.

On October 23, the Terran and Arkonide fleets redeploy themselves close to Aptut. The Arkonide fleet is composed of robot-ships of which Atlan is the only organic occupant. A spacehunter rushed by Rhodan brings Atlan aboard the IRONDUKE. Cardif-Rhodan is now a monster of two meters thirty-eight centimeters tall. He acts very arrogantly towards Atlan and during their meeting makes allusion to the fight between Rhodan and Atlan on Venus in 2040. His description of the fight doesn't correspond precisely to the memories of Atlan, which awakens his suspicions.

The two fleets prepare to attack Trakarat by surrounding the planet completely. While stating he wants to recover Thomas Cardif from its surface, Atlan arouses the anger of Cardif-Rhodan. Atlan must appease Cardif by humiliating himself in front of the other officers in the command headquarters of the IRONDUKE. Atlan sings a nursery rhyme that had played an important role in the conflict between him and Rhodan on Hellgate. Cardif-Rhodan doesn't understand the significance of the nursery rhyme. Atlan then makes Bell explain to him the exact conditions of the liberation of Rhodan on Okul. Having understood finally that Perry Rhodan is actually Thomas Cardif, he goes to confront him in his own cabin.

There, Atlan reveals to Cardif-Rhodan that his game of deception is up. He threatens Cardif with his weapon but a robot intervenes and paralyzes him. When the attack on Trakarat begins, Cardif-Rhodan declares martial law, becomes violent, but just as he attempts to kill Atlan (who is still paralyzed), Pucky intervenes and prevents him. Cardif-Rhodan runs away whereby enormous laughter can be heard. Atlan manages to overcome the effects of the paralysis and reveals to Bell and the others that the man they thought was Perry Rhodan is, in fact, Thomas Cardif.

Cardif flees aboard a corvette, pursued soon by a Gazelle with Atlan, Pucky and Alkher aboard. The Gazelle is shot down and the passengers are obligated to eject. Leaving Alkher, who is injured, Pucky and Atlan head toward the Anti city. In the middle of the attack on Trakarat, they arrive at the center of the temple-city and attend a meeting between Cardif and the Antis. The son of Rhodan demands that the Antis remove the activator that he currently carries and that they give back to him one of the twenty other activators. By following Cardif, Atlan and the mousebeaver are finally able to recover the real Perry Rhodan. After Atlan concludes an agreement with the Supreme Baalol, the cellular activator pulls itself from the body of Thomas Cardif, who then dies in agony, and fixes itself on the chest of Rhodan.

After the body of Cardif has been delivered to space, the IRONDUKE leaves in order to bring Atlan back to Arkon.

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117 - Die gestohlene Raumflotte
The Stolen Spacefleet
Clark Darlton

Three weeks after Perry Rhodan has been freed from the Antis, he lounges with Pucky and Bell on Goshun Lake. Atlan calls them and reminds them that he delivered one thousand vessels to the Akonides, information since forgotten by the Terrans.

On November 10, 2103, Rhodan and Atlan meet on an isolated planet and Rhodan presents a plan to take back the spaceships from Akon without causing political complications. It is necessary to put back in place the microconnections that will permit the Robot Regent to take the ships under its control once again.

The two Earthmen stationed on the Terran base on Drorah are put in charge of procuring information for operation “Recovery”. Stanislas Jakoboswki leaves to spy on the equipped cruisers at the nearby Akonide spaceport. Invisible, he is detected all the same but is able to escape.

The battlecruiser ODIN brings Rhodan, the mutants and a few specialists to the Blue System. The screen surrounding the entire system has disappeared, but Drorah is now surrounded by such a screen, making it impossible for vessels with linear propulsion to penetrate it without crashing into the surface of the planet. Perry Rhodan is immediately invited to an official reception, where he finds again the beautiful Auris of Las-Toôr.

The following night, Pucky and Wuriu Sengu leave on a reconnaissance mission to a location close to the one thousand cruisers. The next day, Auris and two Akonides come to discuss the Earth-Akon treaty with Rhodan, who is attracted to the beautiful Akonide. Micro-connectors necessary for retaking control of the cruisers arrive at the Terran base, brought there by the smuggler, Captain Samuel Greybound.

Teleporters and specialists, Doctors Ranault and Sorowski, then undertake to install the micro-connectors in the ships one by one. After three nights where everything unfolds as planned, Pucky is obliged to intervene to come to the help of Doctor Ranault. He is forced to neutralize two guards. Suspicions immediately focus on the Terrans. The blue screen protecting the planet - shut off since the arrival of Rhodan - is re-established. When Auris comes to ask for explanations, Rhodan pretends he knows nothing about the incident. After threatening to have the Terran fleet intervene and after simulating an enlivened discussion with Atlan, Akon's Ruling Council informs Rhodan that the Terrans are free to leave. Seven cargo ships and the ODIN land on Sphinx and Rhodan and his team leave the planet.

The impulse is then sent out by the Robot Regent and the cruisers take off. They appear to plunge into a blue sun that changes into a nova. However, this is only subterfuge on the part of Atlan and Rhodan. In fact, the fleet lands on a distant planet of the Arkonide Imperium and is eventually recovered by the Arkonides and Terrans. The Akonides suspect Rhodan but they have no proof. Besides, for what reasons would he have destroyed one thousand ships? They try to get another thousand ships from Atlan but he refuses. The Terrans find an involuntary ally in an Akonide technician who happened to be aboard one of the cruisers as it flew away and was recovered by the Arkonides before their "faked" destruction. Given a hypnobloc, the technician is sent back to the Blue System and confirms to the Akonide government that a technical mistake was the cause for the fleet's disappearance.

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118 - Der Robot-Sergeant
SGT. Robot
Kurt Mahr

The cargo ship GILLAINE lands on the planet Azgola, located 37,000 light years from the Earth. To their great surprise, the crew doesn't find any trace of its inhabitants. On the other hand, they do discover a strange creature resembling a huge stranded whale.

Section (Division) III intervenes to determine what has happened. Colonel Quinto questions the influence of one of the cellular activators obtained by the Antis.

The cargo ship VICTORY and the battlecruiser VONDAR arrive in the Azgo System. While the VONDAR remains in orbit, the VICTORY lands. Agents Meech Hannigan, Lofty Patterson, Ron Landry and Larry Randall leave to get information. The soil has been infested by an unknown species of lichen. They also find a formless, puffed up, spongy thing that is revealed to be an Azgonian. This Azgonian directs them to a tower where they soon arrive. It is empty but they believe to see a face. In fact, the face belongs to another Azgonian, Baladoor, who, while still very fat, is able to speak and to move.

He tells them what has happened. Around two months earlier, two unknown vessels, a small one then followed by a big one, appeared on the planet. After their departure, the Azgonians began to feel no more hunger and, little by little, they became fat and formless. Only Baladoor has not been affected too much, living in a very protected office with its own ambient air supply. He is now certain that the air transports a nourishing substance.

Several armed gliders attack them and the VICTORY is also attacked. Landry orders the VICTORY to take off and go into orbit. The attackers turn out to be Springers. The two Terran vessels attempt to land but they are again forced to take off and return to space.

All the agents of Section III, with the exception of Meech Hannigan, are captured and taken to the Springer base where they are subjected to psycho-cross-examinations. The robot (Meech Hannigan) follows them with a glider. Inside the Springer outpost, Ron Landry manages to free himself and, while threatening the Springers, liberates his companions. On the other hand, Baladoor dies during his captivity.

One of the Springers blames their chief, Garathon, for having allowed the native to die. Meech Hannigan then intervenes and during the confrontation, Garathon is killed.

It is finally determined that the air contains spores that produce a moss fungus that one finds everywhere on Azgola. These spores contain hypercaloric elements that pass inside the organism by inhalation. The moss, baptized lipo (fat)-fungus, generates a ton of spores and is of extra-planetary origin. The entire population of Azgola is evacuated until a solution is found.

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119 - Saat des Verderbens
Seeds Of Ruin
William Voltz

A cylindrical vessel of one hundred meters in length emerges from hyperespace at the periphery of M-13 and heads toward a small red sun.

On Earth, Chester McDowell, the head of a department in a research institute dealing with extraterrestrial life, studies the mysterious plant that has spread all over Azgola - the lipo-fungus (fat moss). This fungus (moss) spreads spores endowed with hypercaloric properties into the air. Perry Rhodan receives the Regent's report: there is a high probability that three space vessels exist in the galaxy that are related to the lipo-fungus (fat moss) - a scout ship to find adequate worlds, a seed ship and a harvester ship.

The scout vessel that has arrived in the system of the red sun scrutinizes the second planet and then emits signals. These signals are detected by the heavy cruiser GULF OF MEXICO that in turn informs the Earth.

The seed ship ends up reacting to the signals of the scout vessel, in spite of the internal disruptions between its three robot-commanders.

The IRONDUKE immediately takes off, picks up McDowell, and arrives at the Snarf System which is 33,486 light years from Earth. Three auxilary vessels leave the flagship and head for the planet Snarfot. Thousands of robots leave the seed ship and begin to spread their grains (seeds) all over the planet. Snarfot is little by little enveloped by spores. Kakuta himself teleports aboard the scout vessel. The first time he is located and captured by robots, he is ejected into space and has to use his powers to come back aboard. The second time the robots seize him, however, they pull off his spacesuit before they prepare to eject him into space. The scout vessel attacks the IRONDUKE with a paralyzing weapon. The autopilot saves the flagship and takes it far away from the planet since all of its crew is unconscious.

Meanwhile, Tschubai and Pucky jump into the seed ship. Their mission is to imobilize the strange vessel.

On the planet, McDowell is killed as the result of an ordinary accident.

Pucky finally succeeds in destroying the devices that control the robot seed-sowers. The robots crash to the ground all over the planet.

The IRONDUKE, whose crew has recovered consciousness, returns to Snarfot. Commando teams land on the scout vessel and save Kakuta just before he is ejected into space. Contact is then established with the seed ship's three robot-commanders. It appears that the "Constructors" of the entirely robotized ships charged them to spread the lipo-fungus throughout the galaxy in order to procure food for themselves. Apparently, their planet had turned too cold. Alas, contact has been lost with the harvester ship.

Signals are received however, coming from depths of space.

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120 - Der Planet Mechanica
Planet Mechanica
K.H. Scheer

On Snarfot, the Terrans, rejoined by Atlan, continue to study the seed ship. They are informed that four other contaminated planets have been discovered. Unfortunately, spore supplies were delivered to Arkon II in order to be studied but following carelessness by Arkon's Science Council they are inadvertently released into the atmosphere and spread throughout the planet. Two billion Arkonides are threatened. As a precaution, Atlan has all spaceports closed.

Atlan rejoins the IRONDUKE in order to take part in the search for the harvester vessel, the only possible course of action at this time for getting rid of the spores. The Robot Regent determines that the transmitter that answered the seed ship is in a sector of space on the fringes of the galaxy. On 14 September 2104, one discovers that the only unique object in this sector of space is the red star Outside. The IRONDUKE immediately departs for it.

The only planet worthy of interest is the second one, baptized Mechanica by reason of the proliferation of robots on its surface. No living being is discovered. The automatic facilities attack the Terran ship with the paralyzing weapon named the narco-beamer. Harvest drones intervene, spreading chaos in the hydroponics rooms of the IRONDUKE. The Terrans disembark and must fight continually. Their goal is to locate the issuing hypercom, the “Collector", and to get the list of planets sowed by the seed ship. In order to help locate the "Collector", a Gazelle leaves for deep space where it emits a distress signal identical to those of the seed ship. They end up finding the station, which they capture after heavy fighting and great loss in men and materials. Indications prove that the constructors of the robots were of reptilian lineage. They are named the “Sauriens”.

The Terrans obtain the register of the coordinates for planets already sowed, but more importantly they manage to force the "Collector" to emit a signal which will send the missing harvester ship to Azgola.

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121 - Das Erbe der Echsen
Heritage Of The Lizard People
Clark Darlton

A Terran squadron maintains itself at a certain distance from the Azgo system. Perry Rhodan is waiting for the harvester ship of the Sauriens (Lizard People) to arrive at Azgola in order to send it onward to Arkon II. A Gazelle leaves the SIRIUS and deposits three teleporters - Ras Tschubai, Tako Kakuta and Pucky - on the surface of Azgola. Until the harvester vessel arrives, the three mutants relax on the planet where they meet two Azgonians who were missed by the evacuation. They have begun to get very fat.

The harvester ship finally arrives and begins to suction up the spores. Wherever the ship passes, the lipofungus (fat-moss) ends up dying. The three mutants jump aboard the harvester ship. The commander-robot of this vessel, Rabotax III, immediately detects them. This is not its first meeting with another race. Previously, it came upon a civilization of robots in the heart of the Milky Way. Pucky neutralizes the narco-beamers and blocks the transmission between Rabotax III and the ship's propulsion unit.

Rhodan then transmits impulses ordering the harvester ship to move onward to Arkon II. It normally could leave immediately, but its propulsion unit cannot be activated due to the blocked connection. Meanwhile, the three teleporters have been paralyzed and, as a result, Pucky cannot reestablish this connection himself. Fortunately, Rabotax III establishes contact with them by means of a robot with a picture communication screen. The mousebeaver is able to reestablish the connection with the ship's propulsion unit and the harvester ship leaves for Arkon.

On Rhodan's orders, the IRONDUKE heads toward Outside, the star of Mechanica. Enroute, it passes a mysterious spindle ship belonging to the same civilization of robots already met by the harvester ship. The harvester ship begins its work on Arkon II. When the operation is finished at the end of six days, Rhodan orders the destruction of the main transmitter station of Mechanica. In spite of an unexpected defense of the planet, the order is executed by the IRONDUKE.

The three teleporters, after having followed a treatment relieving them of all their excess weight, rejoin the SIRIUS. Rhodan then transmits an order parking the harvester ship on the periphery of the galaxy.

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122 - Der Tod des Lordadmirals
Death's Demand
Kurt Mahr

While a party in the Terran embassy on Arkon I is in full swing with three thousand invited guests, the Arkonide admiral Thekus is interrogated and then murdered in one of the rooms of the embassy. His corpse is discovered by the Terran ambassador, Julian Tifflor, who immediately informs Atlan.

A Terran group (Landry, Patterson, Hannigan and Randall) commanded by Colonel Nike Quinto gets ready for a special mission while on Arkon rumors run rampant because Thekus was the personal advisor of Atlan. Action Division Three initiates a misdeception operation which involves a great amount of theatrics: to begin with, the Terrans make the false claim that they have revived Thekus. Quinto and his men then disembark with all their material on Arkon I and the colonel explains to Tifflor and Atlan that in fact they are going to create an android of Thekus in an attempt to trap his assassin....

After twelve days the robot is ready: "Thekus" can finally attend a reception. One afternoon Landry summons a taxicab and takes Thekus for a walk in the city in order to buy a mokoki, a small Laurelian animal which can reproduce the face of anyone it has seen. In the store they are victims of a murder attempt but they succeed in escaping alive and returning to their base. Quinto destroys Thekus with a disintegrator as soon as they arrive back at the base.

In fact Quinto explains that Thekus has been kidnapped and replaced by another android during their walk at the market; the first part of their mission is therefore a success because they can now follow Thekus by way of a tracking device in the android. Thanks to the transmitter in Thekus they learn that the robot has been brought to Arkon II. About the same time the unknown captors help in the destruction of their own android by Quinto without suspecting that the Terrans are on their trail. Quinto and his men embark on their special corvette K-3605 for Arkon II. Landry remains on Arkon I in order to attempt to capture the Arkonide who had put a transmitter in their taxicab. He arrives much too late, the man has just been cut down by the Laurélien that sold them the mokoki. It only remains for Landry to rejoin his colleagues on Arkon II.

On Arkon II Quinto meets an Arkonide admiral who Atlan asked to help them but, due to an emergency, the four Terran agents must return to their corvette because the cross-examination of Thékus is about to begin. Meanwhile, Landry arrives in his turn on Arkon II with his mokoki. In the presence of the Arkonide admiral the mokoki changes appearance suddenly and takes on the features of one of the aggressors in the store: It is the face of Carba of Mintérol.

The Mintérols are one of the noblest families of the Arkonide Imperium and it doesn't take Landry long to rejoin his colleagues in the surveillance corvette to announce his discovery to them. At that moment aboard the corvette everybody observes the cross-examination of Thékus that has just begun. Questions come from Arfar, an Arkonide of very high rank, and a mysterious Melaal that nobody is able to identify. Quinto learns that the original Thékus was one of the links in a vast plot aimed at deposing Atlan and that he had been cut down because he was in disagreement with the utilized methods employed by the plotters. Thereafter a question from Arfar about a certain Bélubal confuses the android which Quinto is obliged to deactivate, covering the deactivation up by simulating a fainting episode. It is determined that the unknown Bélubal must be an Akonide and therefore the danger for Terrans is even greater than originally anticipated! Suspecting Terrans to be nearby, Carba suddenly appears and orders everybody to embark on his vessel in order to flee to their secret base of Kusma. The K-3605 follows them and arrives just as an Arkonide vessel sets out again from Kusma: Quinto sends a message to the Terran fleet and then heads for the planet.

On Kusma Quinto discovers the hostile base where Thékus is being held captive. The cross-examination of Thekus has resumed, led as always by Arfar, Carbà and Melaal. For one moment Melaal separates himself from the group to prepare the conspirator’s next flight because he has just realized that Thekus is a robot and that therefore Terrans are probably not far away. On his part, Hannigan notices the suspicious behavior of Melaal and Quinto understands that their misdeception game with the android has been discovered: he decides to activate the hidden transmitter in Thekus and to lead an assault on the base. Unfortunately the rebels react very quickly and they are able to flee.

Quinto decides to search the base but Hannigan discovers a bomb left by Melaal that Landry is unable to deactivate. They just have time to leave Kusma before it explodes.

Some hours later Rhodan and Atlan formulate an evaluation of the situation:

The machinery found on Kusma served to activate the second brain of the Arkonides.

Carba, nephew of Thekus, seems to be an important cog of the conspiracy and seems to have been helped by the Akonides.

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123 - Saboteure in A-1
Saboteurs In A-1
Kurt Brand

On Arkon I, Hoga converses with Jukan, a Springer who serves as a courier for members of the Thekus group. Hoga asks for Jukan to contact Joe Luklein, a Terran member of the Solar Defense in order to reveal to him plans of (and therefore to betray) the radical Arkonide group anxious to destroy the Regent.

In another place, an old Arkonide, Drakont, meets with Mith, Tro-Lugo and Haan. The uncle of Tro-Lugo has been recruited in order to replace the impulse-beamer of John Marshall (who has assumed responsibility for the close protection of Atlan) with a booby-trapped weapon containing a bomb. Drakont also learns that Jukan has just been murdered after he met with Luklein.

In the Terran embassy on Arkon I, Tifflor receives the alarming findings of the P-brain of Venus: the Akonides support the revolutionaries on Arkon and will denounce the treaties with the Solar Imperium after the death of Atlan.

The atmosphere is therefore one of conspiracy and the situation in M-13 is tense.

The substitution of Marshall's weapon takes place without awakening the suspicions of the telepath but he his lucky enough to cross paths with Wuriu Sengu who notices the bomb. Alone Pucky intervenes and teleports with the weapon well outside the palace grounds where it finally explodes thereby avoiding disaster.

Rhodan calls Atlan and counsels him to move inside the Robot Regent in order to be in a more secure environment.

Tro-Lugo and Haans commit suicide before being captured by the police.

On Earth, Mercant and Bell discuss the political situation in M-13: the situation for Atlan is rapidly deteriorating thereby placing him in great danger. Indeed Carba had his uncle, Thekus, murdered because Thekus had probably opposed the interference of the Akonides in their organization. It is not necessary to forget that the Akonides wish to destroy the Solar Imperium!

On the planet Trum, Luklein receives the very dangerous mission to travel to the village of Gilka where Hoga has taken refuge.

Aboard the IRONDUKE, Rhodan and Atlan attempt to convince the Regent of the vulnerability of its security control system, A-1, when faced with the temporal system (time field) of the Akonides. However, the Regent remains convinced of the inviolability of its A-1 circuit that is auto-protected. And yet, just a few minutes later, it calls for help: unknown intruders have penetrated into the A-1 sector.

Immediately Rhodan and Atlan decide to travel to the Regent.

On Trum Luklein locates his objective and gets ready to go into action.

Rhodan, Atlan, some mutants and engineers penetrate into the interior of the Robot Regent and discover with wonder the extent of the facilities of the brain: they need more than one hour to reach the A-1 sector. The A-1 main circuit room is surrounded inside by a temporal field within which eight Akonides are busy at work.

In the village of Gilka, Luklein watches Hoga's hangout. Just as he enters it in order to capture Hoga, he is discovered by robots: a battle commences and everybody perishes following the explosion of a thermal bomb.

Meanwhile, inside the Robot Regent, it is impossible for the mutants to cross the temporal field. Rhodan realizes that the only way to reach the eight Akonides is to pirate the transmitter that has teleported them there. Everybody returns to the IRONDUKE and a commando team utilizes a transmitter which is on the same frequency as the Akonides: they find themselves aboard an Akonide vessel which they force to surrender. From then on the Akonides inside the Robot Regent have no other choice than to surrender. Alas, they are cut down by the Regent as soon as their temporal field is deactivated carrying away with them the secret of what modifications they made to the Regent. However, the results of these modifications soon begin to manifest themselves when the regent orders all Terran vessels to leave the Arkon System.

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124 - Das Psycho-Duell
The Psycho Duel
William Voltz

On Zalit, one of the colonies of the Greater Imperium, Salor Henno, the delegate of the Imperator Atlan, is attempting to escape from his palace following a revolt by the colonists. He is able to flee thanks to the help of the Terran spy, Lieutenant Wayne Tate. Tate informs Henno that the squadron expected by him and the government of Zalit to subdue the rebellion won't come. Indeed the cruiser TROY commanded by Michael Fellmann was on patrol with five other Terran cruisers and a squadron of robot ships when it received the mission order to subdue the rebellion on Zalit. However, the robot vessels refused to follow the TROY and even fired on the Terran cruiser in order to stop it from getting under way for Zalit!

Aboard the IRONDUKE, Rhodan reviews the present situation: the Regent refuses to collaborate with the Terran squadrons thereby forcing him to enact a state of emergency. Henceforth, the entire Solar Fleet is ordered to withdraw to Earth in order to protect the Sol System. In addition, all reservists are recalled.

On Arkon III the Regent informs Atlan that he has become "useless" and that he will refuse to obey his orders henceforth because "a decision must be taken". At the same time the Regent stops broadcasting orders and, as a result, the entire Crystal Empire is paralyzed. Atlan calls Rhodan for his help. Shortly afterwards Perry Rhodan lands on Arkon 3.

It soon becomes clear that the Akonides have indeed succeeded in reprograming the Regent or, at the very least, obliging it to review its position in regards to Atlan. Shortly afterwards one of their vessels lands next to the IRONDUKE under the protection of Arkonide robotships.

On board of the Akonide ship is Sansaro, an old Akonide who is in fact the real chief of the conspiracy aiming to overthrow Atlan. He comes with Carba of Mintérol who doesn't suspect that he is in fact a stooge whose IQ has been increased artificially and which, in the long term, will drive him insane.

In fact the Akonides, while modifying the emergency control circuit A-1, succeeded in convincing the Regent that Atlan no longer governs exclusively for the profit of the empire and that his alliance with the Terrans is contrary to his own people's interests.

Sansaro contacts Atlan: he and Carba must immediately surrender themselves to the Regent for a psycho-duel whose winner will be proclaimed Imperator.

While traveling together aboard a robot car into the interior of the Regent, Atlan attempts to convince Carba of his mistakes but the young Arkonide refuses to hear anything.

The duel takes place on an imaginary planet upon which Atlan founded and developed a colony. Carba lands to announce to the colonists that the colony must close and that they all must leave the planet aboard his vessel. Atlan won't oppose the departure of the colonists but, at the same time, will not abandon the colony himself. Once the other colonists are aboard the ship, Carba returns to the village and a death struggle commences between the two men.

There is no winner because the Regent "wakes them up". To overrule them, he submits the two men to a set of questions. Carba uses the close collaboration between Atlan and the Terrans to turn the Regent in his favor because the computer can not understand such subjective concepts as friendship: it bases all its decisions only on facts.

Carba is proclaimed the new Imperator and his first act as Arkon’s supreme ruler is a treacherous one: he orders the arrest of Atlan! As a result, the old Arkonide begins a race against death to reach the surface.

At his end, Rhodan negotiates with Sansaro to ensure the Akonide’s neutrality during his attempt to save Atlan.

After many adventures, Atlan manages to regain the surface safe and sound. The mutants then enter into action and succeed in bringing Atlan safely aboard the IRONDUKE. The Terran squadron then executes an emergency takes off and successfully returns to the Sol System. Arkon, along with all its military power, is now under the control of the Akonides and, as a result, the Solar Imperium’s very existence is threatened.

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125 - Retter des Imperiums
Savior Of The Empire
K.H. Scheer

Three months after his dismissal by the Regent and his replacement by Carba, Atlan returns to the Arkon System aboard the IRONDUKE: having hidden a transmitter inside of the gigantic Brain, he gets ready to use it in order to deposit a bomb that will destroy the Regent. At the last moment, he escapes certain death: the Akonides have discovered the transmitter and short-circuited it! But the dilemmas for the Terrans remain and are numerous. The Akonides have modified the Regent's programming and the Brain is now about to launch a major offensive against the Solar System. As a result, Perry Rhodan even considers dropping an Arkon Bomb on the Regent's planet, Arkon 3!

On Earth the most important men of the Solar Imperium meet in the office of Mercant. They include Atlan, Rhodan, Bell, Quinto, and Freyt. A new, daring plan has been formulated by Mercant and Quinto. On February 12, 6,023 years ago (therefore shortly before the final completion of the Regent's honeycomb defensive screen), the arkonide cruiser SOTALA sent an urgent message to the Imperator Tutmor IV and was then destroyed shortly afterwards. The Terrans of the Galactic Defense have constructed an identical copy of this ship. Utilizing the Akonide “time phaser” (one of these machines was used by the Akonides in the episode titled "the Phantom Fleet") they consider returning to the past in order to travel to Arkon 3 and deposit a bomb in the Regent's heart before its advanced defensive screen is activated. The bomb will be set so that it will explode 6,023 years later! Reginald Bell is charged with occupying the large squadrons of robot ships which will become inactive once the robot Regent is destroyed.

Rhodan goes on an official visit to Sphinx, the home planet of the Akonides. In reality, however, commandos helped by the mutants work in the background; their goal being to seize the last existing time phaser and the four Akonide scientists capable of using it. In order to steal the machine, they break into the museum where it is lodged bringing along with them the 4 hypnotized Akonides, travel backwards in time around 4000 years, move the machine a few kilometers to the exact place where the IRONDUKE will be positioned in the future and return to the present time. It only remains to load the machine aboard the IRONDUKE! They also succeed in destroying the museum thereby camouflaging the theft of the machine.

Auris of Las Toôr suspects what has truly happened and embarks without the knowledge of her people aboard the IRONDUKE in order to ask for the release of one of the scientists who happens to be her uncle. Actually she lets Marshall know her true feelings (particularly in regards to Perry Rhodan) and warns the Terrans that a fleet of robotships is enroute to intercept them. Rhodan executes an emergency takeoff with the IRONDUKE and rejoins the SOTALA: the real mission can now begin.

10 February 2106 minus 6,023 years: Rhodan, Atlan, Marshall, Kalup, Quinto as well as a large part of the Mutant Corps find themselves disguised as Arkonide crew members aboard the SOTALA listening to messages exchanged by fleet squadrons of Tutmor IV 6,023 years ago; their ship is now well "in the past". In two days the true SOTALA is going to send its message before being destroyed three hours later. Once this has indeed happened two days later on the 12th February, the Terrans take up the role of the SOTALA and land on Arkon 3 very close to the Regent whose construction is almost completed: the first part of the mission is a success. They still have two days to place the bomb.

The mutants go on a reconnaissance mission but are unable to "hypnotize" the Arkonide’s great scientist and designer of the robot Regent, Epetran, and unfortunately this one in turn seems to have detected their presence in spite of their camouflage. Shortly afterwards a strange vehicle comes "to snoop" around the SOTALA before leaving. Finally Epetran, interested by the technical information sent to him by Atlan regarding propulsion units and more efficient transitions, invites Atlan and his officers to a meeting; Rhodan, Atlan and Marshall answer his invitation and are impressed by the Great Scientist. Upon their return the three men have the feeling of having been unmasked. Marshall explains to them that in fact during the meeting with Epetran they were hypnotized and their knowledge "uploaded". They realize that in a very short period of time Epetran will possess all knowledge of their plans and even of the history of humanity.

Atlan and Rhodan jump with Pucky and Ras Tschubai inside of the Regent to deposit their bomb, but it seems to them a little bit too easy. Once they plant the bomb they feel an atrocious pain lasting a few minutes: the temporal field ceases and they find themselves once again in the Gigantic Brain on February 15, 2106 with a bomb that is scheduled to explode in 17 minutes!

A fight commences between the four men, the Akonides and the Antis. Numerous explosions sound in the Regent's innards. A telepathic message is captured by Pucky: a small automatic vehicle comes to look for the four men and to transport them safely outside. Epetran, after having studied their memories, conceived a program that actuated the self-destruction of the Regent upon the arrival of the four men in the present time.

Once outside Rhodan attends to the destruction of the Akonide and Anti vessels present on Arkon 3 by the Terran squadrons and the landing of troops. Unfortunately, the SOTALA is badly damaged in the fighting and the last “time phaser” is destroyed. Even more tragic is the death of Auris of Las Toor.

In addition, the Terrans immediately seize 20,000 robot ships and take control of the principal administrative centers of the empire. The destiny of the two peoples - Arkonides and Terrans - is even more linked than ever...

Michael P. Mahoney 2007-10-24

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126 - Die Schatten greifen an
The Shadows Attack
Clark Darlton

In search of units of the robot fleet of the Arkonide Imperium that are drifting aimlessly in space, the ALDERAMIN is obliged to destroy three of them in order to ensure that they don't fall into the hands of the Springers. The CAESAR, which also is given the mission of searching for robot vessels, picks up Pucky and Iltu, a young female Ilt (mousebeaver), before getting under way for the search sector that has been allocated to it.

The CAESAR locates a squadron of eleven robotships and sends Lieutenant Germa and five men to open the robot flagship’s main hanger lock and to take possession of it. The gazelle of the lieutenant is taken over by invisible hands and moves out of control into inter-galactic space. Pucky himself teleports to the robot super-battleship and discovers that it is in the hands of invisible beings which he has already had experience with on the planet Barkon many years before.

By teleportation, Pucky jumps to Lieutenant Germa’s gazelle that is now moving at maximum speed toward a nebula outside of the Milky Way (turns out that this nebula is the Andromeda Galaxy). After having unblocked the gazelle's controls by means of Pucky’s telekenesis, they return to the CAESAR only to discover that the invisible opponent has penetrated into the Terran vessel.

However, before the CAESAR was taken over, a large number of Terran commando teams had already disembarked in order to take control of all eleven robot vessels. Thanks to the help of Iltu, the invisible opponent records more losses than the Terrans. It was during this time period, that the phantom beings managed to take possession of the CAESAR while using an unknown weapon to knock the entire crew unconscious. Sergeant Gork manages to penetrate into the CAESAR before the phantoms succeed in getting the ship under way.

After having warned Perry Rhodan by hypercom, Pucky and Iltu teleport aboard the CAESAR that is still moving away at maximum speed. With the help of Lieutenant Germa and Sergeant Gork, they are successful in reviving the crew but they are obliged to damage the propulsion system in order to stop the insane race of the CAESAR.

The crew of the CAESAR launches itself in a desperate defense against the phantoms, which, in turn, permits the IRONDUKE to arrive in time to rescue them. Rhodan uses a special device which can detect the ship of the shadow beings thereby enabling the Terrans to destroy it. Pucky seems to have a weak place in his heart for Iltu.

Michael P. Mahoney 2007-11-02

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127 - Zwischen den Milchstraßen
Between The Galaxies
Kurt Mahr

Since a conference took place in May 2012, humanity has tried to prepare itself to meet completely foreign civilizations from galaxies other then the Milky Way.

The BOB-21 station, whose role is to supervise a sector of space 5000 light years beyond the outer edge of the Milky Way, detects explosions and hypercom broadcasts, all signs of a fight in its immediate neighborhood (around 400 light years away). One of the messages is deciphered and reads as, "are you a true life form?" Alerted, Nike Quinto takes off with his team aboard the JOANN on May 2, 2112 and travels first to the station itself, and then to a position relatively close to the station (around 200 light years away).

He decides to answer the alien message with "Yes, we are a true life form". Shortly afterwards, the distant battle stops and soon a damaged vessel appears and heads, completely out of control, straight toward the BOB-21.

Eric Furchtbar, the commander of the station, manages to activate the station's navigation rockets and, in spite of an enormous shock wave which plunges everybody into unconsciousness, saves the station from destruction. A fter having regained consciousness, Eric Furchtbar and another crew member, Art Cavanaugh, witness bizarre events: a strange communication is sent by hypercom and the rate of oxygen consumption in the station is higher than normal. Eric sends a message to Nike Quinto: "Unknown invisibles aboard".

The "Invisibles" divert the station’s generator energy for some other, yet unknown, purpose. In spite of his instincts, Art Cavanaugh is not able to fight off the phantom beings but succeeds in giving the alert. The fight against the phantoms does not go well and the crew of the BOB-21 must evacuate to the JOANN with the help of the station's matter transmitters. Eric Furchtbar decides to remain aboard after having realized that the phantoms spied on them and now know how to use the matter transmitters.

Meech Hannigan and Ron Landry, both disguised as robots, return to the station and recover Eric Furchtbar after a particularly violent confrontation with the phantom beings. Together, they discover that the stations transmitter generator energy is being utilized to reinforce the defense screen of the station - probably in preparation of an attack by their initial enemies. It is at this moment that the hostile vessel arrives in view of the station.

The invisible phantoms, now the new masters of the BOB-21 station, open fire on the unknown vessel without producing the least damage. This unknown vessel apparently has power available to itself which is far superior to the BOB-21. Eric Furchtbar, Ron Landry and Meech Hannigan attempt to flee to the JOANN with the help of the transmitters. The first two successfully arrive there but Meech has less luck and the transmitter sends him to an indeterminate place. The station is destroyed as a result of the assault by the strange vessel which then disappears without leaving a trace after the attack.

Michael P. Mahoney 2007-11-05

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128 - Mörder aus dem Hyperraum
Killers From Hyperspace
William Voltz

The Galactic Merchants (Springers), guided by the Trox, Vicheline, and the Terrans, guided by Tonrim, another Trox, discover the HAT-LETE, an Arkonide robot cruiser adrift in space. The Terrans defeat the Springers and take control of the ship while the Galactic Merchants are allowed to escape. However, the Springers do leave Vicheline aboard the robot ship.

Right after the FRISCO takes control of the HAT-LETE, a fragment ship - the same type of spacecraft observed by the BOB-21 station - approaches the Terran and Arkonide vessels. The occupants of the fragment ship look to preserve all "mechanical" life and to destroy all organic life. Thus, the fragment ship opens fire on the FRISCO that is immediately reduced to a state of wreckage. On May 29, 2112, the FRISCO sends an SOS to the new Terran flagship, the THEODORIC.

The THEODORIC arrives shortly afterwards and, not realizing that the fragment ship has no organic crewmembers, "irradiates" the fragment ship with the paralyzing radiators but without effect. In return, the fragment ship attacks the THEODORIC which barely escapes destruction. Rhodan decides to send three teleporters in a space destoyer to the fragment ship.

The three teleporters arrive safely aboard the fragment ship, each in a different location, and are immediately pursued by robots that form the crew of the fragment vessel. Ras Tschubai and then Tako Kakuta are taken prisoner but decide to not escape in the hope of eventually meeting the masters of the ship. Pucky attempts a more direct approach by teleporting toward the two prisoners. On the advice of Double-0, one of the robots, the commander of the fragment ship uses some paralyzing radiators on the teleporters. As a result, the three mutants are obliged to flee to the HAT-LETE.

Rhodan, with the THEODORIC, comes back to look for the three teleporters but learns that they are stuck on the HAT-LETE because they are too weak from the aftereffects of the paralyzing radiators to use their teleportation abilities. A small troop of ten men led by Brazo Alkher is sent in support aboard the HAT-LETE with the help of the fictive transmitter.

Alkher's commando team splits up into two group: one of which comes to the aid of Tako Kakuta and the other to Ras Tschubai. Pucky attempts to rejoin one of the two groups. It is at that moment that the propulsion unit of the HAT-LETE in started up by the robots from the fragment ship.

Noting that the HAT-LETE and the fragment ship are getting under way, the THEODORIC takes the fragment ship under fire, without result. Fortunately, twenty-two heavy cruisers called in as reinforcements by Rhodan arrive just in time and engage the fragment ship which is forced to flee alone while abandoning the HAT-LETE to the Terrans. All robots from the fragment ship that have been left behind on the HAT-LETE "commit suicide" while at the same time the telepaths hear a non-human laughter.

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129 - Atombrand auf Mechanica
Atom Fire On Mechanica
Clark Darlton

To solve the unknown robot mystery, Perry Rhodan looks for information on Mechanica. He leaves on June 5, 2112 with a squadron to install a base on Mechanica with the help of the Mutant Corps. Everyone involved in the mission will be equipped with a mental-absorber in order to avoid being recognized as organic creatures - everyone that is except for Putzi, a gigantic cat originally a half-telepath from another planet, who serves in fact as a "guinea pig".

On Mechanica, five technicians, Ras Tschubai, Pucky and Iltu begin the installation of a transmitter. Pucky and Putzi leave on a "reconnaissance mission" and they fall victim to an unusual meeting. Through the finished transmitter, Perry Rhodan arrives and is informed of the disappearance of Pucky and Putzi. Perry, Ras and Iltu leave to look for Pucky and Putzi.

Pucky and Putzi have in fact been paralyzed by robots who take them to a secret chamber under one of the ruined cities on Mechanica but they are rescued by Perry and Iltu. After returning to the base, Claudrin warns Rhodan that five ships of the Laurins - an old legendary Germanic name given to the Invisibles - approach. They initiate the total destruction of the planet by dropping from orbit bombs similar to arkon bombs. Shortly afterwards, three Posbi fragment ships hurry toward the Outside system.

The fragment ships destroy the five Laurin ships, however one of the fragment ships is damaged severely and crashes on Mechanica. Immediately, Perry Rhodan gives Vassilov, the commander of the Terran squadron, the order to attack and to destroy the two remaining fragment ships with the help of five-dimensional bombs (gravity bombs). These bombs prove to be extremely effective. Rhodan and the commando team on Mechanica arrive at the crash site of the fragment ship and use their mental-absorbers to fool the robots.

All the robots of the wreckage are taken without resistance, since they don't detect any organic life, until the moment Putzi appears on the scene. A combat robot immediately reacts and reduces the tiger-cat to ash with one of its energy weapons. Pucky disobeys the orders of Rhodan by completely destroying his friend's murderer. Perry, feeling responsible for the useless death of Putzi, asks Pucky to forgive him but Pucky, deeply hurt, doesn't want to hear anything from Rhodan. During this time, the wreckage of the fragment ship is cut up into blocks and then stowed on the Terran salvage vessels. When Perry Rhodan goes for a walk in order to think about recent events, the soil of the doomed planet collapses under him.

Rhodan, after a dizzying slide, arrives in an ancient underground defense base of Mechanica. Trapped underground with no visible way out, Rhodan realizes the progression of the atomic hell initiated by the Laurins is quickly advancing and will end up killing him in a very short term. On the surface, Reginald Bell and Ras Tschubai attempt to force Pucky from his apathy and rage so that he will search for Rhodan by telepathy. They are successful and, when Pucky finally captures Rhodan’s thoughts and understands his situation, he himself teleports to his friend's help.

When the last pieces of the fragment ship are onboard, Iltu informs Rhodan that at the time of her telepathic “sweep” that she carried out during the search for him, she captured impulses coming from the robots. First calm and logical, these thoughts quickly transformed into anger, then into rage and then, finally, into hate until the moment that she put her mental-absorber back on. This indicates that the Posbis are robots capable of autonomous thoughts and feelings.

The THEODORIC takes off and moves away from the planet which quickly changes into a nova and threatens to destroy the vessel. Only the quick reflexes of Claudrin permit the THEODORIC to avoid disaster. Later, Pucky and Iltu argue over the prospect of their eventual marriage.

Michael P. Mahoney 2007-11-26

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130 - Freiwillige für Frago
Volunteers For Frago
Kurt Brand

The robots captured on Mechanica are studied on Earth. They are found to be equipped with two systems: positronic and biologic (plasma). Communications between the two parts is based on hyperimpulses. The positronic portion provides logic, the plasma feelings.

Presently numerous revolts are taking place throughout the Arkonide Imperium.

Perry Rhodan comes up with a plan to learn some more about the biopositronic robots, also called Posbis. Ten men are chosen for a special mission. They must head into intergalactic space near the Outside System where they must let themselves be captured by a Posbi ship. An Arkonide cruiser is modified and given the name ALTA-663. The crew is provided with mental absorbers so that they are not discovered by the Posbis. Arriving in the vicinity of Outside, the vessel gives out signals identifying itself as a seed-sewing ship returning home. The roboticist Van Moders, who participates in the operation, determines that the Posbis are governed by a very active and fast learning hyper-linkage between the positronic and plasma portions - a very important fact which makes them very dangerous enemies.

A fragment ship appears in response to the ALTA-663's radio signals. The THEODORIC emerges then and, as anticipated, opens fire on the ALTA-663 in order to draw forth the sympathy of the Posbi ship. The flagship then takes flight. The ALTA-663 is taken aboard the fragment ship which then disappears into hyperspace.

The ALTA-663 is brought to a planet without a sun in the intergalactic void. The ancient Arkonide robot ship is placed in a basin where a strange liquid bubbles. The surface of the planet is covered with facilities sheltering billions, if not trillions, of robots. Some protoplasm is noticed on conveyor strips. The mental absorber of one of the men is pulled off by accident and this unleashes the hatred of the Posbis who attack the Terrans. It is ultimately determined that the liquid in which is dipped the ALTA-663 is a metal regenerator. The men are saved from death by utilizing the ALTA-663's transmitter which brings them back to the THEODORIC.

Michael P. Mahoney 2007-12-11

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131 - Das Versteck in der Zukunft
Fortress In Time
Kurt Mahr

The robot Meech Hannigan has been missing since attempting to rejoin the cruiser JOAN from the transmitter of the observation station BOB-21. In fact, he has rematerialized inside of a time-field or field of relativity projected by a Posbi Station in the emptiness of intergalactic space. He has been there for six months and his temperature has begun to lower dangerously. A slight energy fluctuation projects him inside of the station for a brief moment. Signals that he then sends out are received regularly by the patrol cruiser VITTORIO. Nike Quinto, the chief of Section III, is immediately informed.

The VOLTA, accompanied by the THEODORIC, travels to the origin of the signals. Larry Randall has in his possession a box that he bought from a seller who confirms that he received it from a being whose description corresponds to a Posbi. The box is supposed to be linked to temporal line curvature - in other words, it is also able to project a time-field. When they arrive at their destination, the two vessels discover no spacecraft but they do detect a temporal distortion field.

A platform with Landry and Patterson on it approaches the distortion area. They use Randall’s box and the Posbi station appears before their eyes. Discovered, the Posbi station attacks the two Terran ships which are forced to take flight. Landry and Patterson penetrate into the time fortress. They find the generator of the time distortion field and destroy it. Meech Hannigan, whose human exterior is severely damaged, appears close to them. The three agents are pursued by the Posbis but robots sent by the fictive transmitter of the THEODORIC allows them to escape successfully. They rejoin the VOLTA by transmitter.

Five Posbi ships emerge and destroy the station. The VOLTA and the THEODORIC leave the scene.

Michael P. Mahoney 2007-12-23

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132 - Die Macht der Unheimlichen
The Sinister Power
Kurt Brand

Facing the danger that the Posbis represent, the Arkonide and Terran Fleets discreetly position themselves on the edge of the galaxy, facing the Andromeda Nebula.

The Akonides obtain the services of the Mounder Totztal. He is charged with transporting an Akonide scientific team to the planet Panotol located near of the zone of the Arkonide and Terran ship concentration. Their mission is to determine the reason for such a large Arkonide and Terran military buildup. In exchange, the Akonides equip the Mounder ships with new structure neutralizers. The Terrans learn about this mission and declare the planet Panotol is now in the forbidden zone and is off limits.

The roboticist Van Moders, who a physician has forced to sleep, begins to understand how the hypertronic linkage between the positronic portion and the protoplasm portion of the Posbis works.

A squadron which is keeping an eye on Frago signals to the Terran Fleet that a massive displacement of Posbi vessels is heading toward the Panot System. Perry Rhodan orders Terran ships to intercept them.

When the ships of the Mounder Totztal arrives in the Panot System, it is nearly entirely decimated by one Posbi Fragment Ship. Totztal’s flagship, the TOTZTA-IX, succeeds in escaping and landing on Panotol. Totztal uses the hypercom to warn the galaxy of the Posbi fragment ship danger.

The Terrans confront the fragment vessel but when Posbi reinforcements arrive, they are obliged to retreat. A commando team is sent to the surface of Panotol with the mission to destroy the hypercom transmitter before it invokes panic throughout the galaxy. The Gazelle of Mahaut Sikhra is cut down but he and his five man commando team progress on foot.

The Posbis completely annihilate the city of the Springers on Panotol, in the process killing the Mounder Totztal. The number of Posbis on the surface of the planet is so great that the Terran commando team can not accomplish its mission. The team is rescued thanks to the quick action of Pucky.

However, the commando mission is not a complete failure. The Terrans now have confirmation that the Posbis are capable of learning.

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133 - Roboter, Bomben und Mutanten
Robots, Bombs and Mutants
William Voltz

Since the Posbis occupied Panotol, the Terrans fear that they will seize the memory banks of the TOTZTA-IX, containing among other things the Earth's galactic coordinates. The problem of the Springer prisoners also must be addressed. On January 31, 2113, operation "Liberation" is launched. While the Terran fleet, utilizing extra-powerful fusion warheads, occupies the attention of the Posbis, the cruiser SAN JOSE approaches Panotol and deposits on its surface a commando team. This team is composed of fifteen mutants and thirty-five technicians, disguised as robots and provided individual mental absorbers. Their mission is to rescue the Springer prisoners and activate the Akonide transmitter aboard the TOTZTA-IX.

The commando team separates into two groups. One group moves to the residential domes where the Springer prisoners are located while the other group heads toward the spaceport where the Mounder vessel is located. There, they realize that they need Akonide specialists in order to make the transmitter functional again. The Akonides brought to Panotol by the Mounder Totztal are located among the Springer prisoners and convinced to work with their Terran rescuers. The Akonide transmitter device is finally synchronized with the accepting station situated on the ALEXANDER.

Perry Rhodan then launches a vast offensive that diverts the attention of the Posbis while the nine thousand Springers are evacuated. Once the last man is safe, Pucky deposits a bomb in the TOTZTA-IX which is subsequently destroyed along with its valuable information regarding the Earth's location.

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134 - Die Kanonen von Everblack
The Guns Of Everblack
K. H. Scheer

Perry Rhodan, Atlan and everyone in his team stays on the Terran detection (surveillance) satellite Maso-VI positioned in intergalactic space. A tug brings back the seriously damaged cruiser WROCLAW. It discovered a dark world which serves as a base of the Posbis and gave it the name Everblack. The Posbi base appears to have ignored the ship which made such serious contact with it.

The THEODORIC leaves for the planet Everblack. A Gazelle is launched, with a commando team on board under the command of Major Tuner. Perry Rhodan and his men are also on board. The Gazelle is affected seriously by the shock waves of heavy spatial traffic, reason also for the severe damage of the Wroclaw. The Gazelle must be evacuated, and only Rhodan, Dr. Anztan, Pucky and Atlan survive. Drifting in space, they send a message to the THEODORIC.

The flagship arrives but it must retire before an onslaught of attacks. The last fictiv transmitter is destroyed. Rhodan orders that the 14th fleet gets under way. The four survivors land on the planet, which is covered entirely with technical facilities. After having escaped the robots while making themselves pass for non-organics, they use the narco-guns, which provokes a panic among the Posbis. They then discover the domes sheltering the protoplasm. The Posbis possess two basic units of command, the thinking cellular formations - the protoplasm - and a gigantic positronic brain. While using the narco-guns, they paralyzed the protoplasm, leaving the whole control to the positronic elements.

Rhodan and his companions are rescued by the light cruiser LONDON.

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135 - Wächter in der Einsamkeit
Sentinels Of Solitude
Clark Darlton

Several measuring stations have been scattered on the galactic fringe. A Gazelle from the station SM-13 lands on a planet in the emptiness, a black star. The crew discovers the remains of an ancient civilization. The whole surface is covered by snow, the remnants of an atmosphere, with the exception of a station provided with an antenna. It is of Posbi construction. After a brief confrontation with robots, the station is destroyed and the Gazelle leaves.

The THEODORIC arrives, with several telepaths and thirty Antes on board. The telepaths unite in a para-block, reinforced by the priests of Bâalol, and try to contact Harno, the mysterious television sphere. Their efforts are rewarded at the end of one week. The being materializes by them. Rhodan needs help after the destruction of the last fictiv transmitter. Harno shows a planet attacked by the Posbis who subsequently inhabit the whole surface. Its identity and its position are unknown but it is in the center of the Milky Way. The inhabitants resemble the Akonides and, as a result, the THEODORIC leaves for Sphinx.

Perry Rhodan asks the Great Council of Akon for the coordinates of the planet but the Akonides don't want to reveal them. Finally, facing the danger represented by the Posbis, the Akonides open one link-transmitter to the planet Salor, while hiding the coordinates from the Terrans. Only one hundred units and five thousand men can go through the transmitter. Hardly have they arrived on Salor and then the transmitter dies out.

While the Terrans attack the Posbis, a message is sent to attract an Arkonide fleet commanded by Atlan. For a short moment, the Terrans seize a Posbi ship but it ends up self-destructing. Just as the situation seems without hope, the fleet of Atlan arrives and puts an end to the Posbi attack. The transmitter turns back on and three Akonides require the immediate withdrawal of the Terrans. Pucky unceremoniously sends the three Akonides back through the transmitter from where they came.

Harno departs the universe.

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136 - Bestien der Unterwelt
The Beasts Below
Kurt Mahr

A commando team of about ten Terrans led by Landry, Patterson, Hannigan and Randall disembarks on board of a Gazelle for Afzot. This planet, previously uninhabited, seems to now shelter an Akonide base which is detected quickly by Hannigan, the special Terran robot.

On Earth, Rhodan learns that the Akonides have agreed to negotiate an alliance with the Terrans in order to fight the threat posed by the Posbis. This is the result of an attack by a Posbi ship around Afzot which is repulsed by a solar squadron.

On Afzot, the Terran commandos comes nose to nose with a Draak, an animal which proves quickly to have escaped from the Akonide base: their suspicions were justified therefore.

Inside the base, two brown masses in two glass containers seem upset about the escape of the Draak. In one of the laboratories the Akonide Con-Ki continues her experiments on creatures which seem to have been made by genetic manipulations.

Meanwhile, the Terrans follow the ship that had originally pursued the Draak all the way back to the secret base and succeed in penetrating it. The commando team enters what seems to be a jungle inside the planet, with a normal gravity! It needs several hours to cross this forest and find shelter very close to a lake. The commando team wakes up under an artificial sun, which explains the jungle. They are then attacked by a species of spheres (balls) that enlarge themselves up to twenty meters of diameter and then absorb their prey; they manage to flee onto the lake on board of a boat found by Meech. The lake is revealed to be an interior sea populated by some very strange animals.

A scholarly Ara, Kule-Tats, begins an experiment on an unusual animal which looks like a piece of abdomen: in several minutes, he makes extreme variations to the climatic conditions of its aquarium without disrupting the animal.

Meanwhile, Con-Ki takes her boat in order to reach an island and continue her experiments.

The Terrans succeed in overcoming the dangers of the sea. Meech reveals to them the famous spheres of which in fact he recovered a specimen that he has been holding in his hand. Their density is 6 kg to the cubic centimeter and their matter doesn't come from our galaxy! After several hours of navigation they reach the island on which Con-Ki is and take her prisoner.

Kule-Tats departs his laboratory while leaving a message for the commander of the base informing him of the presence of a Terran commando team for which he intends to set a trap!

The commando team attempts to enter the headquarters portion of the base on Con-Ki’s boat but, when night falls, the sea freezes and the prisoners are trapped when their boat becomes immobilized by the ice. They don’t succeed in reaching land because while walking on the ice the sun rises and the ice begins to melt... The men are saved by Kule-Tats who wants to run away with them and who has already prepared their escape. He brings back with him the two brown masses that are made up of Posbi protoplasm!

The mission of the Terrans is a success and seven hours later Quinto informs them that the Akonides have agreed to negotiate: the attacking "box" ship of the Posbis has frightened them.

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137 - Sturm auf die Galaxis
Blitzkrieg Galactica
Kurt Brand

On Earth, the two best specialists in biochemistry, the Earthman Van Moders and the Ara Kule-Tats, discuss the nature of the Posbi protoplasm: for Moders it is synthetic whereas for Kule-Tats it can be only biologic. Kule-Tats, the “runaway" with the terran commando team from the Akonide base on Afzot, is under the surveillance of the mutant telepath and negative teleporter Olf Stagger.

At the same time Perry Rhodan puts in motion “Operation Werewolf": it is a complicated plan simulating a "visit" of three Posbi Box ships in the Blue System in order to oblige the Akonides to rally to the coalition formed by all races of the galaxy to fight against the Posbi threat.

Moders and Kule-Tats come to an agreement: during a summit meeting, they conclude that the protoplasm is basically a biologic nature, that it is capable to think and that the more its mass increases the more it is necessary to consider it like an individual: a "protoplasm planet" must exist! In addition, the machines discovered on the Posbi planet Frago would be, in fact, designed to excite the protoplasm so that it undergoes cellular division.

In sector MJK-7 a terrifying battle rages between a squadron of Posbis and a squadron of Laurins. The Arkonide Imperium decides to come to the aid of the Posbis and help them to defeat the Laurins in order to prove to them that they are not hostile. In spite of this, new Posbi ships emerge and turn against the Arkonide squadrons that immediately take flight. Alas, the Posbi ships follow them and it is in M-13 that the battle recommences. Atlan then asks for help from the Terrans.

On Earth, Olf Stagger captures thoughts of joy, not of hate, emitted by the protoplasm and, in addition, that it thinks: Moders concludes therefore that some of the protoplasm is capable of learning, which explains the inefficiency of the narcosis cannon against some of the Posbi ships.

The situation is so desperate in M-13 that Perry Rhodan asks all races of the galaxy to rally in order to fight and to evacuate the planets in danger: miraculously, many fleets arrive as reinforcements! Numerous squadrons show evidence of bravery. The battle last for four days and defeat seems unavoidable....

Another eighty hours and it will be impossible to evacuate the Arkonide planets... But always with Olf Stagger’s help, Moders and Kule-Tats gradually come to understand that the intelligent protoplasm also reacts to its environment and can feel anger: Can it happen that the protoplasm and the positronic portions interact with each other and that there is an inherit conflict between the two within the Posbis?

To verify this, they decide to try to capture a Posbi ship which is not yet immunized against the effects of the narcosis-canon. In addition, the mutants (telepaths and teleporters) are requisitioned: it is a mission of the last resort.

A Posbi ship can be immobilized and a commando team teleports on board with the two containers of protoplasm, the protoplam having been “calmed" previously by eight telepaths. On board of the Posbi ship the mutants intercept the commander's (who is an enormous mass of protoplasm in link with the positronic elements of the vessel) SOS that asks them "to save the heart, to like the heart!" and yet they are still attacked by the robots!

Pucky succeeds in attaching the container of protoplasm against one of the vats containing the commander of the ship and he captures some exchanges between the two entities: the protoplasm informs the commander of the excellent treatment it received on behalf of the Terrans.

The Posbi robots attack the Terrans and the commander of the ship and only the sacrifice of Stagger saves the commando team: he understands that the impulses of hate don't come from the protoplasm but from the domes of biomaterial that relay the orders of the protoplasm to the Posbi robots.

By his sacrifice the protoplasm concludes that the Terrans are in actuality the real life and it executes the last will of Olf: it enters into communication with the Central World. Meanwhile, Rhodan believes he has found the answer to the question - “are you the real life?" - and transmits it to the protoplasm. After several hours of anguish the Posbi ships suddenly cease fire.

*Note: "Blitzkrieg Galactica" is the Master Books American title for this episode from the 1970s and early 1980s.

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138 - Risiko unendlich groß
Peril Unlimited
Kurt Brand

On August 2, 2113, the battle against the Posbis ended. While the Terran teams study the inside of the Posbi spacecraft, Perry Rhodan returns to the Solar System and informs the Solar Imperium and the Arkonide Imperium of the situation. All ships that are available are invited to help towards the evacuation of the threatened colonies. Even the Akonides appear ready to conclude an alliance with their former enemies. A delegation arrives on Earth. An alliance is concluded between the Earth, Akonides and Arkonides. The Blue System transmits a list of all its planets. Unique, more advanced missiles are produced thanks to this new collaboration.

On board of the Posbi spacecraft, the scientists Kule-Tats and Van Moders observe a feeling of joy coming from the protoplasm when the TOKYO carrying Perry Rhodan moves away. They decide to redo a test while withdrawing the commando team from the Posbi ship. The experiment is conclusive.

Suddenly, a Laurin fleet appears close to the immobilized Posbi ships. They emit a message making the Posbis believe there is an alliance between them and the Terrans. The battle against the Posbis begins once again. Their vessels make a breakthrough and head toward Arkon.

Perry Rhodan decides to attack Frago. Ten thousand heavy units move close to the Posbi planet. The THEODORIC uses torpedos of a new type to destroy the relativity field of the planet. The Terran fleet invests Frago while the battles rage more and more in the center of the Milky Way. The teleporters place swoon devices simulating the cellular waves of the Laurins almost everywhere on the planet. The Posbis react by panicking.

The Terrans send a message, proposing their help in return for a withdrawal of the Posbis from the galaxy, but the demand remains unanswered. After the commando team on Frago seizes large quantities of protoplasm, the attacks of the Posbis suddenly stop. The Terrans evacuate the planet undetected and immediately come back, stating they have come to help the robots. These thank them, but don't affirm the need for more help from the Terrans. In the galaxy, all battles stop.

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139 - Die Laurins kommen !
World Without Mercy
William Voltz

The Galactic alliance, that unites Terrans, Akonides and Arkonides, is signed on 10 September 2113.

On Arkon III, a commando team is under preparation for an important operation. The team must be sent by transmitter to a space tug situated in the intergalactic emptiness, close to a Posbi station. Rhodan takes with the team Fyrn who is, unbeknownst to him, an Akonide spy who has undergone hypnotic conditioning so that he believes himself to be only a simple technician. The commando team, composed of 43 people, clears the transmitter.

The operation fails and, instead of arriving on the Tug BA-F333, the team arrives in an underground installation whose technology reminds them of the technology found on Mechanica. They discover machines looking in all ways like the robots of Mechanica as well as other machines that are completely different. They end up determining that they are on the first planet of Outside, the sun of Mechanica. It is named Surprise. The hypnotic conditioning of Fyrn disappears and he realizes that he is a spy. Confronted by Perry Rhodan, he gives up accomplishing his mission and joins the Terrans.

Some Laurins are detected and fighting breaks out. Several ships are destroyed thanks to the interventions of the mutants. The resulting energy outbursts attract the attention of a light cruiser. A squadron is immediately sent to Surprise and recovers the men. The analysis of the facilities seems to prove that the lizards of Mechanica constructed some robots and that these had protoplasm added to them by the Laurins.

Provided with a false identity, Fyrn disappears within sight of the Akonides and departs on board of a research vessel.

*NOTE: The Title "World Without Mercy" was the title of the original American Masters Publications edition of this Perry Rhodan episode. Literal translation for this episode is "The Laurins Come!".

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140 - Ein Toter soll nicht sterben
Deadmen Should Not Die
Clark Darlton

In October 2113, Perry Rhodan leaves Arkon III for Mars via matter transmitter, and from there he arrives on the Earth. He meets with Van Moders and Kule-Tats. They confirm that the Laurins transformed the robots of Mechanica while attaching blocks of cellular plasma to them but at a certain time, these same robots turned against the Invisibles. Rhodan’s goal is to get Ernst Ellert’s help in order to seize the transform canons on board of a Posbi ship. The mutant's body is always in its crypt while his mind travels through the universe. After two days of waiting, during which the mutant saves an alien race from destruction, they leave for Arkon III.

The THEODORIC takes course for Frago and attracts several Posbi ships. Ernst Ellert projects his mind and succeeds in taking under control one of the vessels. He brings it in the direction of M-13. On the Terran vessel, his body begins to show signs of decomposition.

While Ernst Ellert keeps the six commanders of protoplasm under his control, a commando team penetrates on board and recovers two transform canons. The body of Ellert dies but it continues to move - it seems that the minds of the protoplasm commanders have taken control of it. The mutant's mind loses control and begins to dissolve inside the cells of protoplasm. The Posbi ship suddenly surrounds itself with a relativity screen and disappears, carrying away with it a part of the commando team. The THEODORIC returns to the vicinity of Frago.

The Posbi ship also returns close to the artificial planet. Ellert succeeds in taking control once again for a short period of time, allowing the Terrans on board to flee into the space. They are recovered soon by the THEODORIC.

Its propulsion system having been sabotaged, the Posbi ship drifts toward Frago. When the relativity screens of Frago and the Posbi ship collide, the ship explodes and the mind of Ellert is projected into the universe. His body is buried.

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141 - Station der Unsichtbaren
Station Of The Invisibles
Kurt Mahr

Molol, an Anti priest of the Bâalol cult, runs away from the planet Aptulad, the fourth planet of the Aptut system. Pursued by several other Antis, he has almost given up all hope before being rescued by a Springer ship at the last minute. The Springer ship is attacked but saved by the intervention of a Terran cruiser. Molol has just enough time to warn the Terrans that some strangers appeared on Aptulad and that all civilizations of the Milky Way are threatened. He dies before saying anything else.

Nike Quinto, the chief of Action Division Section III, is informed and sends his best agents on a mission to Aptulad. Quinto himself makes the spaceship EUDOXIA his flagship and follows the ANASTASIA, an old vessel with Ron Landry, Larry Randall, Lofty Patterson and Meech Hannigan on board. The ANASTASIA crashes on the surface of Aptulad, after having allowed the commando team to infiltrate.

Meech Hannigan enters the base but he is tracked by the Antes. He easily escapes them and is confronted temporarily by an invisible creature. He then helps his three companions to penetrate into the base. There are not any doubts now: some Laurins are in the base.

In fact, a Lauren vessel landed a short time before and finished an agreement with the Supreme Bâalol. To get rid of the Terrans, the Laurins emit a paralyzing mental field. The agents of Section III capture some Antes whose powers neutralize the field. They then cause confusion among the Laurins and capture several of them. They confront some Antes who they defeat and scare into submission. All the same, only the treason of the Anti priest Dilan in favor of the Terrans allows them to flee. It is he who had allowed Molol to flee.

They reach their small space worthy lifeboat but stumble into a trap of the Antes. Fortunately, they are saved by the EUDOXIA, carrying away with them three Laurin prisoners.

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142 - Agenten der Vernichtung
Agents Of Destruction
Kurt Brand

In February of 2114, the Akonides are furious that Perry Rhodan did not deliver to them the plans of the transform cannon. A faction hostile to the Great Council and allied to the Antes, finalizes a plan to bring down the Solar Imperium. On Arkon, Atlan is angry because the Akonides succeed in getting the monopoly on the use of the transmitter. On Earth, a team works on the development of antiflex glasses that will allow the Laurins to be seen by the Terrans. For this project, they need the three Laurins captured on Aptulad. Van Moders goes to see Pucky because his faculties will be useful while making some tests on these creatures.

The plan of the Akonides is carried out, although the person responsible is murdered by some of his men. Three thousand Laurins arrive on Mars by way of the transmitter on Arkon and are forwarded on to Earth with the complicity of the Springer Cafzen. One of their first actions is to kill the three Laurin prisoners.

The Laurins then get involved in an enterprise of terrorism, focusing many of their attacks on the energy factories. Helpless in facing these invisible invaders, Perry Rhodan only sees one means of defeating them: the Posbis. He asks Atlan to leave for Frago in order to ask for their help. The PENGUIN soon leaves for the intergalactic void. During this time, the Solar Defense goes back to the source of the invasion and determines who among the Akonides are responsible for the invasion of the Laurins.

After there are already millions of deaths on the Earth, the PENGUIN finally arrives on Frago where, after several messages, Atlan and some companions go on board of a Posbi ship that heads for the Earth. There, some Posbi robots are ejected that begin to track down the Laurins without mercy and eliminate them all. The Terrans on board then leave the Posbi vessel.

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143 - Für Menschen verboten
Humans Keep Out!
William Voltz

A team of scientists studies the facilities of the Mechanica civilization on the planet Surprise, in search of a means to detect the Laurins. On 7 March 2114, some Posbi ships emerge and attack the planet. The Terran surveillance squadron is forced to take flight. A damaged Posbi ship crashes on the planet and breaks apart upon impact. The staff on the planet is evacuated but five people are missing.

Those of the team who are missing, including a doctor Riesenhaft, are projected by a transmitter to another planet, soon named Fossil. They are welcomed by robots identical to those of Mechanica.

The natives of Fossil, later given the name Snoofs, live underground close to a city protected by the "guards ", who are in fact the robots. Schoepproït, one of the Snoofs, burrows an underground passageway that leads to the city. He is witness to the arrest of the Terrans by the robots of the city.

The robots only recognize two forms of life: life which comes from the stars and the mechanical life. The Terrans pass themselves off as mechanical beings like the robots by placing the artificial prosthesis of Dr. Riesenhaft before the robots for their examination. It is studied from every angle by the robots who finally free the humans. They escape from the city and approach a stream beyond which lives the Snoofs.

Terrans and Snoofs meet and get along well. The natives of Fossil even learn some words of the Terran language. The Terrans clandestinely return to the city by way of the tunnel dug by the Snoofs and finished by Schoepproït. They find a device allowing the Posbis to detect the Laurins. The robots realize that they had been fooled by the Terran scientists earlier and attack the intruders. The Terran leader, Loden, cuts the city’s energy supply, allowing them to flee.

After having started the power back up again, they find the hypercom which they then utilize to call for help. The station-relay FS-491 receives the message and transmits it to the THEODORIC. A squadron immediately arrives on Fossil and recovers the scientists.

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144 - Roboter lassen bitten...
The Robot Invitation
K.H. Scheer

Atlan is on Arkon III where the launching of a new super-battleship that bears his name is taking place. He is informed that a questionable Springer needs to see him - that is, him or Perry Rhodan - with a very important message. Atlan and Rhodan agree to see him. The man, Beybo, confirms that someone asked him to bring the coordinates of a rendezvous point to them. The mutants examine the Springer and confirm that the man is sincere, although his memory has been blocked. They find a message requesting that Atlan, with the help of the Terrans, come on board of a Posbi ship at the rendezvous point in February 2114. Atlan is now certain that the Posbis are at the origin of this invitation.

Rhodan, Atlan and several men go on board of the Bey-XII, a real flying wreck, and leave for the rendezvous point, the planet Sumath. There, they meet a Willy, a creature in the shape of a jellyfish working for the Posbis. The creature, being panicky by nature, destroys the Bey-XII. The Terrans are paralyzed by a narcosis ray of a Posbi fragment ship and taken away on board the same Posbi ship. Upon awakening, they understand that they are dealing with Posbis no longer subjected to the central robot brain hyperimpotronic. Two units of command exist and make up the central robot brain hyperimpotronic that controls the Posbis: a robot brain and a biological broth concentration that constitutes the central protoplasm.

They arrive on the main world of the Posbis, situated in the intergalactic void at the edge of the Milky Way and illuminated by many nuclear suns. It is named the World of a Hundred Suns.

Soon afterwards, the Terrans are attacked by Posbis under the control of the central hyperimpotronic. They are brought to the domes where the central protoplasm is located and learn the history of the Posbis.

Forty thousand years earlier, the Laurins crossed the abyss between the galaxies and discovered the Outside System with its second planet - Mechanica. They forced the natives to construct robots that were nearly perfect. These robots were modified on the planet of the Laurins, with the protoplasm being coupled to the impotronic (positronic brain) by means of the interaction hypercircuit. They were programmed to feel hate towards all forms of life other than the Laurins. The process failed and, in the opposite, the Posbis developed a hate towards the Laurins. They returned to Mechanica and subsequently settled on many planets and stations along the fringes of the Milky Way. The Laurins then depopulated Mechanica but by then the Posbis had reached total independence. The central protoplasm on the World of a Hundred Suns had a gigantic robot brain constructed in order to relieve it of much of its workload. A circuit, which included the hatred device, was constructed to send to the brain a feeling of hate towards the Laurins but a secondary signal provoked a hate towards all forms of life.

The Terrans destroy the hatred circuit, thereby assuring a full collaboration with the Posbis. A vessel then brings them back to the planet Sumath where they are picked up by the THEODORIC.

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145 - Armee der Gespenster
Phantom Horde
Clark Darlton

In April 2114, Perry Rhodan is on Pluto where he waits for the THEODORIC that has just undergone a refitting. On the suggestion of Van Moders, he decides to go ask for help from the Barkonides. He travels to Wanderer on board of his flagship. The immortal refuses to bring him to the vagabond planet as he has already done in the past, but he does provide Rhodan the coordinates for Barkon, far out in the intergalactic void.

Lasting eleven days, the THEODORIC crosses the abyss to the provided coordinates. There, no trace of Barkon is found but a planetoid of 850 kilometers of diameter is discovered. The analyses proves that it is hollow. A team leaves to explore the planetoid. Little by little, the crew begins to complain about headaches. Soon, strange apparitions are observed, reminding the Terrans of transparent specters. It is quickly determined that these creatures, given the name Luxides, eat energy. As a result, the THEODORIC is unable to take off.

A commando team teleports itself inside the planetoid and discovers mechanical facilities. To their big surprise, they find dead Laurins. The truth comes to light: the Luxides are from Andromeda and that sometime in the past the Laurins had shut them within such planetoids that they then sent against the Milky Way.

The Terrans finally find the means to get rid of these energy vampires. The ship’s tractor rays attract the Luxides and the Kalup converters project them into hyperspace.

The THEODORIC returns to Wanderer. IT reveals that it had voluntarily sent the Terrans to face the Luxides that represented a danger, not only for itself, but for the rest of the galaxy as well.

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146 - Hinter der Zeitmauer
Behind The Time Wall
Kurt Mahr

Jerry Blanchard, a Terran agent stationed on Sphinx, informs Arkon III that a vessel secretly left the planet of the Akonides. He succeeds in transmitting its flight program before being stopped and arrested by the Akonide police.

Section III (Division 3) decides to intervene. The small Akonide vessel left for the planet Taphor located in a region dense in matter. Since the planet is in the hands of the Springers, Ron Landry’s team disguises itself as Outcasts and simulates a crash on the planet with the Springer ship, Tufatz XII, on 25 June 2114. While Meech Hannigan hides, Landry and the rest of the commandos are captured by the Akonides who have seized the planet.

Larchik, a Springer, joins the Terrans in their cell. He brings them by Onegor, patriarch of the reigning clan on Taphor. They construct a hypnotic trap in order to escape from the building controlled by the Akonides. The operation succeeds and Larchik drives them to the village of his father. His father is named Parro and he knows where a Posbi ship is located on the planet.

Meech Hannigan leaves his hiding place and meets Haika, a Springer woman. The woman brings him to the village whose chief is Parro, the father of Haika. For some time, he has detected the presence of an extra-dimensional field. He goes for a walk in a valley in search of its origin. He is attacked but the robot agent, through deception, is able to escape .

Larchik brings the Terrans of the Tufatz XII who escaped from the Akonides into Parro’s village where they reunite with Meech Hannigan. Meech informs them that since the annulment of the hate circuit, the Posbis ferociously attack all robots. Landry warns Nike Quinto who is on board of the FEDORIA close to the system. Quinto orders him to make contact with the Posbis. When Landry calls the Posbis, the field protecting the ship and making it invisible dissolves itself and the vessel appears.

It is at this moment that the Akonides attack but the Posbi ship intervenes in favor of the Terrans and destroys the attackers. The FEDORIA lands. Parro becomes the new chief of the Springers on Taphor. The Terrans learn that the Akonides were attracted by the Posbi ship to Taphor and responded to a call of the Posbis who were looking to contact Perry Rhodan.

The THEODORIC arrives and Rhodan converses with the biopositronic robots.

On Sphinx, the escape of Jerry Blanchard is successfully completed.

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147 - Amoklauf der Maschinen
Machines Amok
William Voltz

The Terran cruiser UPSALA approaches Frago and reports that the robots are facing off against each other on the planet’s surface. A team lands on the surface and determines that one group of robots appears hostile while the other is indifferent or friendly.

Perry Rhodan is in the Taphor System where a Posbi fragment ship has asked to make contact with the Terrans. The Administrator, not wanting to take risks, sends a commando team composed of Marshall, Tschubaï, Yokida, Moders, Bryant and Riesenhaft on board the Posbi ship in order to travel to the World of a Hundred Suns. Four other Posbi ships appear and force the fragment vessel to flee before the THEODORIC can force them to retire. The Terran commando team is shaken up by the sudden acceleration followed by a transition. Professor Bryant is seriously wounded.

The Posbi ship has been damaged by the attack and ultimately crashes on an unknown planet. On this planet a race lives for whom the climax of technology is the steam-powered machine, which plays an important role in their society. The explosion due to the crash of the Posbi ship instills fear in the inhabitants. The Posbis leave their vessel and begin to sow destruction among the Papinistes - the name given to the natives - while attacking the steam-powered machines. In their confusion, the Posbis have mistaken the steam-powered machines for Posbis who have not submitted to the central protoplasm on the World of a Hundred Suns.

The protoplasm brain of the Posbi ship’s commander dies after having confirmed to the scientists Van Moders and Riesenhaft that the destruction of the hate circuit entailed an instability of the interaction hypercircuit. While the other Terrans help the Papinistes, the two scientists use the hypercom of the ship to call for help.

The commando team is finally rescued by ships of the solar fleet.

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148 - Sprung in den Interkosmos
Leap Into The Intercosmos
Kurt Brand

The Ferguson and Ferguson Company concludes a juicy deal with the Solar Imperium for the manufacture of superconductive capacitors necessary for the fabrication of the antiflex glasses which permit the detection of the Laurins. A license is even granted so that the production takes place on other sites.

On the border of the Milky Way, the surveillance station Globe-18 looks for the location of the World of a Hundred Suns. In July 2114 they detect the arrival of Posbi ships pursued by Laurin vessels. The box ships flee, which denotes an abnormal behavior.

The Terran vessel SOSATA heads toward Frago on a reconaissance flight. The planet is in the grip of an atomic fire due to the struggle between the Posbi robots loyal to the central protoplasm and the Posbi robots loyal to the hyperimpotronic. Five Lauren vessels appear, attempting to destroy a fragment ship. The SOSATA helps the Posbi ship.

A message is received from the central protoplasm asking for the help of the real life. The Terrans answer so that they can send some vessels to Frago. The fleet of vessels, grouped around the THEODORIC, leaves for Frago. Upon their arrival, they must face some Laurin vessels. Two Posbi fragment ships agree to embark a Terran commando team and take it to the World of a Hundred Suns. The two vessels with three thousand men on board embark. A fight begins with other Posbi ships. When they arrive on the main world of the Posbis, contact is established with the central protoplasm after several attempts.

The X-1 and the GAUSS follow the Posbi ships to the World of a Hundred Suns. Once there, the GAUSS positions itself one light year from the World of a Hundred Suns and sends a location signal. The X-1 lands on the planet. The central protoplasm informs the Terrans that the hyperimpotronic cut its food and oxygen. The Terrans are obliged to face the unceasing battles between the robots. They nevertheless are successful in re-establishing the food and oxygen to the central protoplasm.

The central protoplasm then takes control of the hyperimpotronic and the battles stop on the surface of the World of a Hundred Suns. However, the control is unstable.

Unfortunately, guided by the location signals of the GAUSS, a Laurin fleet appears and attacks the World of a Hundred Suns.

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149 - Kampf um die Hundertsonnenwelt
Struggle For The World Of A Hundred Suns
Kurt Brand

While the THEODORIC heads toward the World of a Hundred Suns, attracted by the homing signal of the GAUSS, several incidents occur on board due to equipment fatigue. The GAUSS, attacked by the Laurins, is forced to take flight and lands on the World of a Hundred Sun. Its crew is forced to abandon ship, the vessel by this time being only a wreck.

On the World of a Hundred Suns, the reserves of energy of the central protoplasm lower again and the hyperimpotronic (robot brain) takes over. The battles between the robots begin once again. The Laurins begin to destroy the suns one by one. The hyperimpotronic allows the Laurins to do this, seeing in them a means of getting rid of the central protoplasm and Terrans. The Invisibles use a new weapon which absorbs the energy of the protective screens. The Terran team determines that the reason for the central protoplasm’s unstable control over the hyperimpotronic must reside in the links between the domes and the center of the central protoplasm. The place where the loss of impulses occurs is found after long research in the middle of the most fierce robot battle.

Reginald Bell’s squadron finally arrives at the World of a Hundred Suns but it is immediately forced to retreat back into the linear space before the Laurin onslaught.

Van Moders’ team finally repairs the broken link between the central protoplasm and the hyperimpotronic and the central protoplasm is able to take definitive control of the hyperimpotronic. All of the World of a Hundred Suns opens fire on the Laurins who suffer tremendous losses and are forced to withdraw from the system.

With peace having been established, Rhodan concludes a treaty with the Posbis. The central protoplasm provides all necessary information on the transform canons and Rhodan agrees to locate the world of origin of the central protoplasm in the Andromeda Galaxy.

Michael Mahoney 2011-08-30

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