1 - Unternehmen Stardust
Operation Stardust
Clark Darlton

It is June 19th, 1971. The cold war between Communism and Capitalism is at a stalemate. At Nevada Fields, history is about to be made. Four men are about to be sent on the firs\ t manned mission to land upon the moon. Major Perry Rhodan. nuclear physicist and ion reaction engine specialist is the commander of the STARDUST. His second in command is Capt\ ain Reginald Bull, elctronics technician and ion reaction engine specialist. Their navigator is Captain Clark G. Flipper, mathematician with a specialty in astronomy. The final\ member of the crew is Lieutenant Eric Manoli, physician and geologist.\r\n

\r\nLift-off occurs at 3:02 AM without an incident. When the STARDUST prepares for landing on the \ moon, however, everything begins to go wrong. A powerful jamming wave envelops the STARDUST, preventing the ship from receiving the radio signal for the engines to fire and slo\ w descent. The ship is forced to make a hasty landing beyond radio range on the far side of the moon, but one of the landing struts is damaged.\r\n

\r\nBack on Earth, Allan D\ . Mercant, head of NATO\'s intelligence agency, calls a meeting of the people involved in Project Moonshot. Although a theory is floated that the jamming is the result of inter\ ference from a Chinese rocketship that launched at the same time, Mercant disbuases them by revealing that the Chinese ship exploded shortly after launch.\r\n

\r\n36 hours af\ ter their emergency landing, the crew is prepared to take action. It takes 5 days to repair the damaged strut and another day to prepare the linar vehicle. While Manoli and Fli\ pper stay with the ship, Rhodan and Bull will drive the lunar vehicle - resembling a small tank - to a point where they can establish contact with Nevada Fields. At the moment \ they do so, Rhodan and Bull find their antenna destroyed by a ray of greenish light. Making their way to where Flipper had previously calculated the jamming originated, the two\ men find a spherical spaceship.\r\n

\r\nAboard the ship, they meet Crest, scientific leader of the ship and Thora, commander of the ship. They are representatives of the Ark\ onide Imperium and search for a legendary planet of eternal life in order to save Crest\'s life as he is dying of an unknown disease. Although the Arkonides as a race are degen\ erating, Thora and Crest are two of the more active members. Thora treats the humans as slime and is about to order their death when Rhodan remarks that Earth has just begun th\ e conquest of space. This causes Crest to interfere with Thora\'s decision and save the lives of the men from Earth.\r\n

\r\nThe STARDUST is brought to the Arkonide ship and \ Manoli examines Crest. He reveals that Crest is suffering from leukemia, a type of cancer for which a cure was recently found. The finder of the cure is Doctor Frank Haggard, a\ physician who lives in Australia, and the only person from whom the cure is currently available. Rhodan makes plans to bring Crest back to Earth with him to help cure the alie\ n scientist.\r\n

\r\nReturning to Earth, Rhodan diverts the STARDUST away from Nevada Fields and America and instead lands the ship in the Gobi Desert in the People\'s Republ\ ic of China. Ignoring the cries of traitor by Flipper, Rhodan reveals that he intends to set up a neutral third power between the two power blocs of Communism and Capitalism as\ it would be the only way to secure Crest\'s safety and the eventual unification of humankind. After convincing the others, Rhodan exits the ship and stares at the stars for a \ moment. He has a vision of a vast fleet of spaceships belonging to Earth. After the vision fades, he removes the rank insignia from his uniform.\r\n'

Cedric Beust 2005-02-20

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2 - Die dritte Macht
The Third Power
Clark Darlton

The day after the return from the moon, Perry Rhodan is discussing the situation with the other members of the STARDUST crew and Crest. Crest feels slightly better in the atmosphere of Earth. He tells Perry that Thora has sent along a force field generator, three psychoradiators capable of influencing a person's will at less than full power or paralyzing a person if used at full strength, a video broadcast set for communicating with the Arkonide ship on the moon, and the gravity neutralizer. Bull informs Perry that there is some interference with their radio reception - they are only getting a Chinese broadcast telling them that help is on the way.

A helicopter arrives at the STARDUST encampment. In it are Marshal Roon, commanding all the land-based forces of the People's Republic of China, and Major Buta'an, member of their intelligence agency. Rhodan informs them that the STARDUST and the area around it is to be regarded as a neutral state. Buta'an regards Rhodan as a spy, but Roon believes that something else is in the air after he and the major retreat to their 'copter. Bell uses the gravity neutralizer to have a little fun with the marshal, the major and their pilot and sends them off a ways, letting them land with a few bruises. Rhodan informs Bull that he will take the helicopter to get the drugs needed to cure Crest.

Meanwhile, General Pounder, head of the military space program, and Allan D. Mercant are having a meeting. Mercant believes that Rhodan and possibly other members of the crew have sold out to the Asiatic Federation (note: this is the name given to the Asian countries that are dominated by China. In the Rhodanverse, this includes Japan), while Pounder believes just the opposite. Mercant even predicts the type of reply that Washinton will receive from Peking (note: Peking is the correct name given both the year the issue was written - 1961 - and the timeframe this issue takes place in - late June to early July of 1971). When Mercant sees the refusal notice, he is surprised to read about a green dome of energy surrounding the STARDUST. Mercant is quickly disabused of the notion that this is a device that the crew took with them by Pounder.

In China, Mercant's agent Major Perkins hi-jacks a plane and flies it toward the STARDUST, but it is destroyed when it runs into the force field.

The STARDUST is suddenly able to make contact with General Pounder. Rhodan informs his former superior that he found the remnants of a crashed alien spaceship on the moon. He will not hand its contents over to any nation and instead will use its power to ensure that no one will be able to use atomic weapons for war. He will form a neutral Third Power between the Western Bloc and the Eastern Blocs (The Asiatic Federation and the Soviet Union). After the confrontation, messages begin to fly back and forth between Peking, Moscow and Washington. An ultimatum of seven hours is mentionRhodan explains the political and historical situation to Crest, who is amazed that this young, underdeveloped race could withstand such mental stress. Rhodan decides to have Thora send an energy beam into the Ahaggar Mountains. It hits the North African mountains and the time of the ultimatum comes and goes.

In China, Mercant has sent a replacement for Major Perkins. Lieutenant Albrecht Klein meets up with Li Shai-tung of the Asiatic Federation. Their mutual goal is to stop Rhodan from imposing his will upon the world. They later meet up with Soviet agent Peter Kosnov (note: correcting from the German spelling of Kosnow).

Bull flies himself and Flipper, who has had the psychoradiator used on him, to Australia in the helicopter. In Port Darwin, Bull finds Doctor Frank Haggard and persuades him to return to the STARDUST with him. However, the next day, Bull has to rescue the doctor from the forces behind his capture and escape with him aboard a yacht. Meanwhile, Flipper is put under a mental probe and dies from the stress of the probe and the psychoradiator's hypnotic block on his memory.

Klein is able to meet with Rhodan and ascertain what his motives are and in so doing comes to believe that Rhodan might be Earth's last chance for peace.

A week after leaving Port Darwin, Bull and Haggard arrive at Hong Kong, and Bull renews his acquaintance with Marshal Roon. He uses the psychoradiator to "persuade" Roon to give him trucks and allow him to leave the area. He and Haggard are able to get to the STARDUST without too much trouble.

The political situation has become extremely intense. Messages fly back and forth between the Asians, Soviets and the West. The final hour has come and atomic missles are launched from all three, though the Soviets launch at only the STARDUST. All the missiles, however, fail to detonate. From the moon, Thora has sent an anti-neutron field to blanket the Earth, inhibiting nuclear reaction.

The power blocs of the Earth meet in Cairo to discuss the situation. At the end, Perry Rhodan has been declared an enemy of the world, along with Bull and Eric Manoli. Rhodan accepts the price, knowing it to be just the first step of a much longer road.

Jerry Schneiderman 2005-02-21

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3 - Die strahlende Kuppel
The Radiant Dome
K.H. Scheer

29 July 1971. Major Perry Rhodan, commander of the Stardust, dictates a report on a tape recorder: it involves his meeting with the Arkonides, whose research vessel has crashlanded on the Moon, and a few of the events that have followed. During this time, Dr. Eric Manoli, physician of the Stardust, and Dr. Frank M. Haggard, who came of his own free will from Australia, have begun taking care of Khrest, one of the Arkonides who was suffering with leukemia. The Stardust and its crew are presently besieged by the Asiatic Federation that intensively bombards the energy screen that protects them. Rhodan is worried and wants to know if the screen put in place by the Arkonides is capable, over the long term, of resisting the intense bombardment that it is being subjected to. Rhodan decides to make contact by radio with Thora, who is still in command of the Arkonide research ship that has remained on the Moon.

In the General Headquarters of the IIA in Greenland, Allan D. Mercant receives representatives from the Eastern Bloc and the Asiatic Block. Their goal is to create a coalition in order to fight against Rhodan and his Third Power. This Third Power has certainly prevented an atomic war on the Earth and has promoted an alliance between all nations (due to the present circumstances). However, for the great power blocs, it also represents legal and diplomatic difficulties and especially a serious military danger. After having exchanged information that would have remained secret in normal times, the representatives of the three power blocs arrive at the conclusion that Rhodan is sustained by an unknown alien power situated on the hidden face of the Moon. They each agree to send a rocket, equipped with “cold” fusion bombs, to the Moon to discover where this help comes from and to destroy it.

26 August 1971. At the perimeter of the Third Power, General Tai-Tiang tries a new tactic to pierce the screen of energy. He concentrates all artillery fire on a reduced surface area of the screen. Initially this tactic proves to be unsuccessful but it also serves as a diversion. Albrecht Klein of the IIA, who knows Rhodan, accompanied of Li-Tschaï-tung of the Asiatic Bloc and by Piotr Kosnov, agent of the Easter Bloc, receives the mission to make contact with Rhodan under the false pretenses that he represents a revolutionary group that is favorable to the Third Power. In reality, the three agent’s mission is to introduce a bacteriological weapon inside the energy screen. But the three men, who realize that Rhodan has prevented an atomic war, have doubts about the merits of their mission.

Dr Haggard succeeds in healing Krest of his leukemia but the Arkonide scientist remains in a very deep sleep due to the action of the medications that he received. The energy screen begins to give signs of weakness in the face of the intense bombardment. Also the Arkonide telecom device has broken down due to the shock waves coming from the explosions taking place on the energy screen. Rhodan cannot communicate with Thora nor speak with Khrest. He asks Dr Haggard to wake up Krest by giving him a stimulant. At this moment Reginald Bell detects the arrival of Klein and his two companions in a helicopter close to the energy screen. Rhodan leaves the Stardust to meet them.

A rocket, the Stardust II, takes off from Nevada Fields. Its first two stages are equipped with chemical rockets so that it is able to cross the first 120 kilometers of atmosphere where the antineutron field of the Arkonides prevents all atomic devices from working. At the same moment, a rocket of the Eastern Bloc takes off from Siberia and another one from the territory of the Asiatic Federation. These three rockets are each carrying a “cold” fusion bomb to the Moon in order to destroy the lunar base of the Third Power. The takeoff of the three rockets occurs without a hitch. However, at Nevada Fields, Mercant and the other officers doubt the efficiency of this operation.

Perry Rhodan has the three men, who have presented themselves close to the energy screen, brought in. Rather than making use of his small steel bottle by freeing the culture broth that it contains, Klein unveils to Rhodan the deadly mission that has been given to him and the other two agents. It turns out that this mission, that Klein had proposed himself, was only a cover to contact Rhodan and make him aware of the departure of the three rockets with their dangerous cargos towards the Moon. While they listen, Rhodan lets them know about his present difficulties: the energy screen that gives signs of weakness, the impossibility to make contact with Thora by radio, Khrest who is in a coma and, finally, the threat of reprisal that will descend upon the earth if Khrest comes upon misfortune at the hands of mankind. Klein and his two companions leave, ready to help Rhodan whenever possible. Since the Arkonide ship stranded on the Moon is not aware of the immenent surprise attack, Rhodan asks Haggard to wake up Krest no matter what the risks are so that Khrest can repair the telecom device.

Haggard succeeds in waking up Khrest. Immediately Rhodan lets him know about the situation. Khrest understands that the energy screen is overloaded but that one can not shut it off because of the constant bombardment by the Asiatic Federation. It is necessary, therefore, to make contact with Thora by radio. Khrest is at least able to repair the Arkonide telecom device using the autorepair function. Khrest informs Thora on the state of the energy screen. Thora decides to come directly to the aid of Rhodan and Khrest. She immediately leaves aboard an auxiliary space vessel. Unfortunately Khrest forgets to warn her of the imminent arrival of the three rocket carriers of the cold fusion bombs that are destined to destroy the stranded cruiser on the Moon. Thora arrives above the Gobi Desert a few minutes later.

Thora invokes an artificial storm using an antigravity field. The energy bell protects the Stardust. All the soldiers and their material that were besieging the Stardust are blown far away and, as a result, the concentrated artillery fire stops. After the storm has subsided, Major Butaan gives the order to stop all firing. Thora lands with her auxiliary vessel close to the Stardust and Khrest warns her of the danger heading for the lunar cruiser. Accompanied by Rhodan and Bell she immediately leaves for the Moon. However, it is too late to protect the cruiser. The auxiliary vessel arrives right at the moment when the three Earth rockets drops their bombs. Rhodan, Thora and Bell directly witnesses the destruction of the Arkonide cruiser. Rhodan dissuades Thora from carrying out any reprisals and convinces her to return to the base of the Third Power.

Michael Mahoney 2005-03-30

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4 - Götterdämmerung
The Twilight of the Gods
Clark Darlton

At the 3rd Power's base, the ceaseless bombardment is drawing to a close. In addition, Dr Manoli pronounces Khrest to be in good health after his bout with the leukemia like blood disease. Thora and Rhodan have a discussion about their plans to get the Arkonides back home, but Perry explains that they must fix the situation on Earth so that the Terrans are ready for their step into space. The heads of three secret services hold a secret meeting to discuss the situation in the Asian desert. Attending are Alan D. Mercant of NATO's Intelligence Agency, Iwan Kosselow of the Eastern Bloc and Mao-Tsen of the Asian Federation.

The agents,Klein, Tschai-tung and Kosnow are asked to attend in order to report on their mission to introduce a biological agent into the area protected by the energy dome. It's agreed that a new plan will be tried. A tunnel will be dug to a point under the energy field and a nuclear bomb will be detonated.

Khrest invites Perry and Bell to undergo hypnotraining and explains that the process will increase their brain power in days to what would required 10,000 years of human evolution. As would be expected, the indoctrination is vehemently oposed by Thora, but Khrest proceeds with the training.

While things are calm in the Gobi, several occurences throughout the world signal a radical new development in human evolution. In Australia, telepath John Marshall stops a bank robbery before it can begin. In America, the telekinetic mutant Anne Sloan is recruited by Mercant to help in the fight against Rhodan but she recognizes the renegade astronaut as a force for good. Deep in the heart of Africa, Ras Tschubai longs to see his family and finds himself abruptly transported to their home. Finally, in Germany, Ernst Ellert finds he can teletemport to the future for brief periods.

After the hypnotraining, Rhodan dons a special Arkonide suit and goes to Los Angeles in order to find suppliers for the 3rd Power's projects. In LA, he is approached by Marshall who has recognized him and picked up his thought waves. Marshall offers his services to Rhodan and points out secret service agents who have found him. Rhodan uses the Arkonide suit's power of invisibility and escapes back to the Gobi.

Among the personnel working on the tunnel for the intelligence agencies is another teleporter, Tako Kakuta. Kakuta, in league with Klein and the other two secret service operatives, decides to inform Rhodan of the lastest plan to destroy his base. Perry has the Arkonides destroy the tunnel with no loss of life and Tako is asked to stay. When the Japanese teleporter accidentally happens on Thora in in a state of undress, Bell is enthused by the opportunities presented by teleportation.

Another undercover plot has been stopped and Perry has 2 powerful allies in the mutants Kakuta and Marshall.

Larry Eischen 2005-08-15

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5 - Atom-Alarm
Atomic Alarm
Kurt Mahr

Note-The ACE Edition published in the US carried the title Galactic Alarm.

Perry assigns Tako Kakuta to begin making deals with industrial firms so that the 3rd Power's plans can be fulfilled. In the meantime, Perry and Reggie resume their hypnotraining enroute to the moon. The plan is to visit the bombed out wreck of the Arkonide base to see if anything can be salvaged. While the two comrades are unconscious, Thora decides that she has an opportunity to impose her will on the Earth and force it to build a ship to take her and Khrest back to Arkon. Khrest rouses Rhodan and Bell in order to stop her. Thora faints when she realizes they are breaking into the command center to stop her plan. The Arknide scientist reveals that he risked the two going insane by interrupting the hypno session, a major crime on Arkon.

The ship lands on the moon and Perry and Reggie begin the salvage operation. Their search is interrupted by Khrest. The destruction of the Arkonide vessel has resulted in an alarm being transmitted through hyperspace. He anticipates that a fleet of Arkonide robot ships will answer the call and finding the wreckage will trace the attack to Earth. The ships are programmed to destroy any planet that would dare attack an Arkonide ship.

Rhodan heads back to Earth and uses an Arkon Suit to get into NATO intelligence headquarters. There he gets to Alan Mercant and warns him of the impending attack. Mercant contacts the US president who is reluctant to go to a defensive posture. The Asian Federation and Eastern Bloc are also placed on alert.

Thora offers to save Perry, Reggie and the mutants to be used on Arkon. But when an encroachment is detected, it is not a robot fleet. It is a single ship of the Fantan people. The shock again sends Thora into a faint. The representatives of Earth's governments offer to drop the embargo against Rhodan in return for his protection.

Lying in wait on the moon, Rhodan manages to ambush the Fantan ship and utterly destroys it. He announces to the Earath that the Fantan invasion was only the first of sefveral possible invasions. The Earth must work as a united world in order to face any subsequent invasions. The embargo is lifted and supplies begin to flow into Rhodan's desert base.

Larry Eischen 2005-09-07

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6 - Das Mutanten-Korps
The Mutant Corps
W.W. Shols

The 3rd Power is finally recognized as a sovereign state by the rest of the world, so Perry enters into negotiations with Peking to purchase the land that the new nation is sitting on. The push to gain raw material for production is stepped up.

In London, Homer G. Adams is released from prison and appears to claim money left in an account for him. He boards a plane for Tokyo. On a stopover in Zanzibar, he meets John Marshall who strikes up a conversation. He knows Adams is carrying a large sum of money. On the final leg to Tokyo, the plane is hijacked. The hijackers are after Adams and will destory the plane to silence him. Marshall puts in a call to Perry, who uses the Arkonide space sphere to intercept the flight. Tako Kakuta teleports onto the plane and uses the psychoradiator to stop the hijacking. Adams finds that he's been chosen to be Secretary of the Treasury for the 3rd Power and is immediately caught up in Rhodan's business dealings.

In Greenland at the NATO intelligence base, Alan Mercant is forced to shoot a guard who had intended to kill him. The investigation of the incident leads to a black metal dome with a dead alien inside.

In Japan, a dozen mutants are kidnapped by Bell and Tako to form the nucleus of Perry's proposed mutant corps. At about the same time, the telekinetic Anne Sloane joins Perry's cause. Mercant reports the dead alien to Perry and Khrest explains that they are dealing with the Mind Snatchers, an alien race that can take over a person's mind from a distance. Tako and the mutants arrive and Perry explains his plans to them. The kidnappees are invited to stay at the base for a week to unlock their potential and listen to Perry's mission. While returning to the base, Reg comes under attack from the Mind Snatchers. The Arkonide ship races to the scene and Tako teleports aboard the MS ship and leaves a bomb which destroys the ship.

When the week is up, the mutants have decided to stay with Perry. Te Secret Mutant Corps of the 3rd Power is a reality.

Larry Eischen 2005-08-28

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7 - Invasion aus dem All
Invasion From Space
Clark Darlton

A lone fisherman, Sammy Derring, is taken over by alien Mind Snatchers who mistake him for Samuel Daring the Secretary of Defense. The switch is discovered and Alan Mercant reports the incident to Khrest, who is training the new Mutant Corps.

Khrest notifies Perry. Rhodan is on Venus looking for a suitable base of operations on the cloud covered jungle world. Perry realizes the MS must have an Earth base and uses the mutants to hunt them down.

While the hunt starts, Perry addresses the world's leaders and convinces them of the need for a fleet of rockets to be used for Earth's defense. Li Tschai-tung, the Asian Federation's secret service agent with ties to Rhodan has been compromised by the Mind Snatchers and is tracked by Ernst Ellert and Tako Kakuta to A flight from Hong Kong to Nevada.

Rhodan pulls Ellert off of the trail so that Ellert can send his mind to the fuure to check on 6 year old Betty Toufry. Betty has powers of telepathy and telekinesis and is the daughter of an atomic scientist. The girl killed her father when she detected that he had been taken by the MS. In his interview with the future Toufry, Ellert is told that they are the precursors of a new development in human evolution. She also tells Ellert that his fate is closely linked with a far future galactic empire but refuses to give him details.

When the MS base is fond in Tibet, a trap is set by the mutants, but springing that trap apparently kills Ernst Ellert. It turns out that Ellert isn't dead but his consciousness is wandering through time and space. Perry builds an elaborate 'tomb' that will signal when Ellert returns to his earthly form.

The last of the Mind Snatchers are tracked down and destroyed making the world apparently safe from their invasion. Rhodan decides that he will use his Venus base to train the mutants and set up more defenses for earth. Meanwhile, Alan Mercant finds that the Western Bloc is secretly building another rocket to challenge Rhodan's power.

Larry Eischen 2005-09-06

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8 - Die Venusbasis
The Venus Base
Kurt Mahr

The Western Bloc rocket Greyhound is sent to the moon in order to scavenge the Arkonide wreckage for technology that will help rival the 3rd Power. The ship crashes, killing one of its crew. The survivors, Freyt, Derringhouse and Nyssen, detect an alien ship and fire missiles at it. It's the Good Hope carrying Rhodan and crew. Rhodan fends off the attack and, after speaking to Western Bloc leaders, enlists the 3 astronauts.

The Good Hope arrives at Venus and is immediately under attack by an unknown foe. The ship lands safely and a semi-intelligent seal race is found. Rhodan makes contact with the creatures who consider the new arrivals to be gods.

Rhodan, Reg Bell, Anne Sloan and Tako Kakuta set out across the jungle planet to search for the enemy's stronghold. Along the way, they encounter several dangerous forms of Venusian life, from giant worms to dinosaurs.

The group finally finds a cave complex where Tako is captured and submitted to interrogation by the commander of the base. The questioning leads to the Terran party being welcomed by the outpost. The complex is staffed by an army of robots led by the largest robot brain outside of Arkon's central brain.

The base is found to be the remnant of an Arkonide colonization mission. In addition to the Venus Base, there was an Arkonide presence on Earth that was destroyed by cataclysm (which Perry assumes was Atlantis), leaving the base unoccupied for 8000 years. The ruling brain has been waiting for a compatible human brain that it could work in concert with. Khrest explains that the appropriate brain was neither that of Thora or himself as one would assume. The robot brain found Perry's Arkonide-enhanced Terran brain to be the ideal one for its commander. Perry is now in complete and sole control of an Arkonide technological wonder.

Larry Eischen 2005-09-07

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9 - Hilfe für die Erde
Help for the Earth
W.W. Shols

Note-ACE edition in the US titled The Wasp Men Attack

Having gained control of the abandoned Arkonide Venus base, Perry becomes familiar with its workings and discovers a fleet of Space Interceptors hidden away. These small, quick fighting machines will help in the defense of Earth. The pilots Nyssen, Deringhouse and Freyt are hypnotrained in their use.

As Rhodan leaves Venus, he receives word of a major Moind Snatcher invasion taking place. The Good Hope and it's Interceptor fleet find and destroy 2 MS ships but find a lifeboat has escaped.

On Earth, Perry finds there are 300 cases of possible MS victims. He stations his pilots in deep space to watch for additional ships and asks the positronic brain for suggestions on how to identify persons taken over by the MS. The MS presence is felt at Perry's base in the form of a small revolt. After then unrest is put down, a hunt for the MS bodies begins.

John Marshall is sent to Chicago where he meets with Clive Cannon, a ganglord possessed by the MS. The meeting with Cannon reveals that Homer Adams is a prime target of the MS. Cannon is taken to Perry who reveals that he has Cannon's original MindSnatcher body and will destroy it if the MS does not cooperate.

The possession of Homer Adams occurs but due to his mutant powers, his mind is not completely banished. He feels himself as an out of body presence. In this state he is able to detect the thoughts of the MS who has taken him over. The MindSnatchers have begun the conquest of New York. It is surrounded by an energy shield much like Perry's "radiant dome" The joining with the MS mind leads Adams to the storage area for their unconscious bodies.

With this information and a brainwave pattern detector perfected by the robt brain, Perry manages to find all of the MS possessed humans and force the aliens to give up their host bodies. The MindSnatchers are sent back to their homeworld with the understanding that they have found a race that can detect and defeat them.

Perry makes a major announcement to the nations of Earth about the threats facing the world from other invaders. The people of the Earth force their leaders to accept Rhodan and his 3rd Power.

Larry Eischen 2005-09-07

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10 - Raumschlacht im Wega-Sektor
Space Battle in the Vega Sector
K.H. Scheer

It is three years after the defeat of the Mind Snatchers.

Out in the far reaches of the Solar System, a detector has registered over 200 hyperjumps into the Vega Sector. The relative nearness of this intense activity sets off alarms on Earth.

Thora and Khrest believe that the jumps are the result of Arkonide activity of some kind, but Reggie is dead set against investigating and putting the Good Hope in harm's way. Perry doubts that the decadent Arkonides are capable of the huge amount of energy needed to explain the signuals. However, he reasons that the jumps are the result of a small error by a race trying to trace the alarm signal from the Arkonide moon wreckage. He feels that his interference is needed to prevent the discovery of Earth.

The Good Hope hyperjumps into the middle of a huge space battle. Although the invaders are using Arkonide ships, it turns out that they are the Topides, a lizard race that has long opposed Arkon. Caught in the middle of the search for Earth are the people of Ferrol, one of Vega's 42 planets. The Good Hope immediately takes up the battle against the Topides, quickly destroying Arkonide and Topide ships alike.

Suddenly a huge Arkonide battle cruiser enters the fray. Dwarfed by the mammoth craft, the Good Hope, an auxillary ship, is severely damaged by the battle cruiser.

Forced to land, Perry makes contact with the Ferrons and meets their ruler , the Thort. He arrives courtesy of a matter transmitter which contains technology far beyond Ferron capabilities.

With the Good Hope out of the battle, the Topides seem victorious. The battle moves from space onto the planet's surface. Resting from the battle, Perry tries to solve two problems- 1) the mystery of the matter transmitters and 2)how to capture an Arkonide battle cruiser intact.

Larry Eischen

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11 - Mutanten im Einsatz
Mutants In Action
Kurt Mahr

The Good Hope manages a safe landing on Rofus, the 9th planet of the Vega system. Perry is given command of the Ferronian base on the planet by the Thort. He immediately gathers matter transmitters for an assaault on the Topide's caprtured battleship. While battling Topide ships over Ferrol, Derringhouse is shot down and must find his way to safety.

The plan to take the Topide ship is relatively simple. Rhodan intends to use the Mutant Corps to create havoc among the Topides. Using a psychoradiator and the mutants, Rhodan gains access to the Red Palace, now held by the lizard race. Once inside , a matter transmitter in the Palace is set to the same frequency as the transmitters on Rofus. Working with the Ferronian resisitance, Derringhouse has also made his way to the Thort's former palace.

Rhodan and his mutants gain control of the Topide commander's mind. The commander, Chrekt-Orn, is influenced to order the evacuation of the battleship for maintenance. This causes questions in the minds of some Topides, but questioning authority is not encouraged in the Topide forces. After some time, Chrekt-Orn questions his own reasons for issuing the orders, but is soon under the influence of the psychoradiator.

As Rhodan and the Topidian admiral approach the ship, the troops realize something is gravely wrong. Forced to leave Chrekt-Orn behind, Rhodan and his forces gain control of the ship and take off. The captured ship heads to Rofus.

As expected, the Topides sent a fleet to Rofus where it engages the Arkonide battleship and the remains of the Ferronian defense fleet. The battleship makes short work of the Topidian forces and Rhodan heads for Earth in order to gather a crew capable of handling the fully operational ship.

Larry Eischen 2005-09-25

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12 - Das Geheimnis der Zeitgruft
The Secret of the Time Vault
Clark Darlton

While Perry Rhodan has been away Allan D. Mercant has succeeded in merging all the secret services of the Earth into the Terran Defense Federation (TDF). Arriving on Terra, Perry Rhodan mans the understaffed STARDUST II and its hunter fleet. Then a call for help arrives from the Wega system. The Topsiders have begun their attack on Rofus, where the Thort is exiled.

John Marshall, who checks out the Thort of the Ferrones, finds out that he is loyal to the Terrans, but concealing something about the material transmitters. The Ferrones did not manufacture them, for they are not capable of thinking in five dimensional terms. They were given to them by beings that live longer than the sun. There is also a reference to the hidden vault on Ferrol, which is locked with five-dimensional locks.

Perry Rhodan scents a secret that he must follow here. He suspects that the being, which lives longer than the sun, must have something to do with immortality.

By transmitters members of the Mutant Corps are sent to Ferrol in order to support the resistance fighters of the Sichas and the Ferrones, and arrange bloodless disorder among the Topsiders and their fleet.

Later, from the Ferrone scientist Lossoshér, Perry Rhodan learns the story of the beings that live longer than the sun and that they came from the tenth planet of Wega. As thanks for assistance, they left the Ferrones the transmitters and their construction plans, which were however secured by five-dimensional locks, so that only beings who could think five-dimensionally, and thus were mature enough, could copy them.

Arriving on Ferrol over the transmitter, Rhodan, Tschubai and Kakuta search for the vault, but find only an empty hall. However a five-dimensional field must be there, since Wuriu Sengu cannot penetrate it with his ability as a scout.

The Mutants successfully disturb the arrival of a delegation of the despot of Topsid. The Topsiders panic, and immediately leave Ferrol. They fly to the fortieth planet and settle there on the six moons, in order to make new plans for the conquest of the Wega system.

Rhodan receives the key formula with which the time vault can be opened from the Thort. He gives it to the STARDUST II's ship positronic to decipher. The result allows them to use the converted radio waves of the local star to access the field which locks the vault and shifts it into another time, thus making its contents invisible to the present. If the waves are interrupted, it should be possible to gain access to the contents of the vault.

Anne Sloane tries with Tanaka Seiko's assistance to divert the rays in the vault. Ras Tschubai is ready to jump into the vault, if Wuriu Sengu can see the contents. This succeeds, but Anne Sloane breaks down and Ras Tschubai is hurled through time, until Anne Sloane can divert the rays again and the vault reopens. Although the attempt was interrupted only for seconds, Ras felt several minutes pass by.

The capsule retrieved from the vault can be opened with a little effort, and as expected contains the construction plans for the material transmitters, as well as seven documents, which are to be decoded only by the Arkonides.

Cedric Beust 2005-11-02

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13 - Die Festung der sechs Monde
The Fortress of the Six Moons
K.H. Scheer

The S-7, one of the twelve sloops of the newly captured STARDUST II, sends a group of three hunters on a patrol flight above the thirty- eighth planet. As Sergeant Rous and Calvermann, under the leadership of Conrad Deringhouse, fly to above the fortieth planet, they find themselves surprised by a materializing Topsider supply fleet and are taken under fire. Sergeant Calvermann's hunter is hit and topples down towards the planet, out of control. Deringhouse's hunter is also hit and he suffers massive burns. He and Rous manage to succeed in escaping, but they cannot save Calvermann. His hunter smolders out in the atmosphere of the planet.

They return on board the S-7, under the command of Rod Nyssen, and jump back to Ferrol , where they report to Perry Rhodan.

Rhodan is in the middle of negotiations with the Thort, for the conclusion of the promised trade agreement for weapons assistance against the Topsiders. He has his eyes in particular on microminiature custom electronics, which would cause an innovative advance on Terra. He also promises himself a stabilization of Terra's position as galactic power factor by the trade relations. In exchange the Ferrones would be supplied with goods working on the basis of hypertechnology and stronger weapons.

Rhodan insists on the establishment of a sovereign trading base, which meets with refusal on the part of a majority of the Ferrones. They want trade relations, but do want a base of foreigners on their planet.

After he is informed about Deringhouse's medical condition, Rhodan meets with Crest and Thora, who had demanded in writing the flight to Arkon shortly after the Terran's capture of the STARDUST II - particularly considering Crests opinion that the world of immortality was not to be reached. Rhodan rejects a renewed demand for it due to the proximity of the unprotected Earth to Wega, and the associated possibility of a discovery of the same by the Topsiders. The position of the Earth is to be kept a secret until it is strong enough to be able to defy extraterrestrial dangers.

Later Rhodan meets with Chaktor, the contact man between the Terrans and the Thort, who was saved from a space emergency. On Rhodan's recommendation he has officially joined the resistance against a Terran base on Ferrol. With his assistance a special plan will hopefully succeed. Ishy Matsu, John Marshall and André Noir involved in the plan also. With a fictitious escape attempt from the STARDUST II Noir and the Arkonide disguised Marshall "shoot" the Ferrone glider with the fleeing Ishi Matsu, and then Chaktor shoots them. Before her "death" Ishi Matsu manages to throw away a capsule. Chaktor picks up the capsule, visible to everyone standing around him and disappears into the crowd. He is to pass on this capsule with information to the Topsiders, on Rhodan's order. For this Perry Rhodan makes use of the imprisoned Chren-Tork, the deputy of the Topsider fleet commander.

As a calculated side effect of the action of the opposition against the Arkonides, which the supporters of the Thort strongly condemn, the trade agreement with Terra wins ground.

Chren-Tork is in a camp on one of the two moons of Ferrol. The alleged "Arkonides" Reginald Bull and Marshall bring the Topsider, who is informed about the discussions between the Arkonides and the renegade Ferrones, to an interrogation on Ferrol on board the STARDUST II. Here Bull lets a remark out, which encourages Chren- Tork in his previous assumptions that the Topsiders had miscalculated with the computation of the location of the distress signals sent by the crashed AETRON and looked for it in the wrong solar system.

During the "interrogation" Chren-Tork was affected with a Psycho- beamer and the Suggestor Kitai Ishibashi. He believes now, that the conquerors of the STARDUST II are colonial Arkonides of the fifth planet of the only forty-five light-years removed sun Capella. This also fits in with the impression that the alleged Arkonides made on the Topsider due to their activity and initiative, which did not at all fit the familiar passivity of Arkonides the Topsiders were familiar with.

The following night Chaktor flees in a hunter with another Ferrone and Chren-Trok, according to plan, before the Topsider can be brought back to the prison moon.

The STARDUST II lifts off on a supposed check out flight in the system in order to be able to avoid being requested by the Thort to pursue Chaktor. This will lead – arranged by Crest – to the necessary astro-nautical documents for the computation of a transition into the Capella system with itself, and is the Topsider of the necessity for an attack against the homeland world of the colonial Arkoniden to convince, in order to prevent a surprise impact against it. Supporting for this the S-7 under "fleet admiral" transmits the imminent arrival of an enormous fleet in the Wega system to Nyssen the "raised large administrator Rho Dan". This instructs the immediate departure of the entire armed forces of the planet to the fight against the Topsider, which get sequentially supply.

For the underlining of the threatening danger for the Topsiders, the STARDUST II destroys several ships of the Topsiders, which wait for the fleeing Chren-Tork, and destroy the third and smallest moon of the fortieth planet with two gravitation bombs.

Meanwhile Chren-Tork arrived in the cosmic fort of Topsiders and succeeds in convincing the head of the Topsider invasion fleet, Chrekt Orn, of making an attack on the defenseless Capella planets. This is supported by consciousness contents of Chaktor's Ferrone companions on board the hunter, who die with the interrogation. Chrekt Orn snatches the documents from Chaktor and orders him carried off to a spaceship, from which Tako Kakuta saves him a little later.

The Topsiders accept the data as desired and transit into the Capella system. However it not as directed by Rhodan into the space between the planets, but as computed by Crest, into the exact center of the sun Capella. He acted according to Arkonide manners of thinking and go rid of the problem of the invasion danger.

Cedric Beust 2005-11-08

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14 - Das galaktische Rätsel
The Galactic Riddle
Clark Darlton

After the removal of the Topsider danger, Perry Rhodan and the Terrans concentrate more strongly now on the search for the world of eternal life. However they find no indications of inhabitants of the tenth planet of the Vega of system in the Arkon index of the ship’s positronic. The Ferrone scientist Lossoshér provides the crucial clue to a gap between the ninth and the tenth planets. Perry Rhodan realizes: Vega is missing a planet!

After this point the search for the beings, which live longer than the sun hits a blockade and Perry Rhodan turns to the next reference on the trail of the galactic mystery - the time vault on Ferrol.

After a short radiogram, in which Michael Freyt, as Rhodans deputy on Terra, is informed about the new developments, like the conclusion of trade relations with the Ferrons and the STARDUST II continuing to remain in the Vega system, Rhodan confers with Crest and Thora. The path they will follow is agreed upon. After the successful search for the world of eternal life, a journey will be made to Arkon. Firstly, the position of the Earth would be announced, and secondly the Arkonides would get home. Afterwards they would return to the Earth.

While the Terrans follow their path on the search, the Ferrone Lossoshér wants to follow up on his own theory. He is of the opinion, that the immortals wanted to fool the searchers, and maintains they would have removed an uninhabited planet from the system and established themselves on another planet or moon of Vega. Rhodan gives Sergeant Groll to him as an assistant, who will pursue this theory with Lossoshér.

While the two leave with a space hunter, the time vault is to be completely opened by means of the documents in the recently retrieved container, which the ship’s positronic decoded. A screen field is produced with a generator, which holds back the radiation of the radio stars, thereby allowing everything hidden in the future to return to the present. One of the things that return is a material transmitter with the capacity to carry several people. However, it is defective - the searchers are to prove that they are capable of five-dimensional thinking and repairing it, in order to be able to follow the trail.

To assist them, there is writing that appears on the back of the transmitter, which reads when translated: You will find the light, if your spirit is of the highest order. This indicates that the trail does continue.

With the help of the ship’s positronic a robot is programmed to repair the transmitter. On the next day Rhodan, Khrest, Frank M. Haggard, Anne Sloane, John Marshall, the robot and Reginald Bull go into the transmitter cage. After something resembling the pain of a very long range transition, the group appears in an enormous hall. Owing to Khrest’s photographic memory the only briefly lit up characters on the ceiling of the hall can be taken down. They send the robot back to the original hall and it returns to the STARDUST II to decode the new clue.

Meanwhile the other members of the investigation group are checked out by a mental structure scanner. They are then requested to continue looking around. All of a sudden energy arcs appear from an unknown source which sets two gigantic robots in motion. The group is trapped in a corridor between the two robots, which threaten to approach and crush them. Only Anne Sloane’s telekinetic abilities can free them from the trap. However Anne is too weak to fight off the second robot.

When the robot from STARDUST II returns by means of the transmitter, it brings along Betty Toufry, who puts the second robot out of action. The decoded writing says: Welcome to the center of the thousand tasks - nevertheless only one of them will bring you closer to your goal. With the removal of the second robot the transmitter suddenly disappears. Then hall begins to heat itself to unbearable temperatures.

The only place left cool is the location of equipment, which is recognized by Khrest to be a fictiv transmitter. According to markings, which are indicated with a glowing of its control buttons, Perry Rhodan puts it into operation. The transmitter shifts a wall, behind which another, larger fictive transmitter becomes visible. The group finds another message that tells them they have only fifteen minutes to leave the hall before they will die. The control button of the fictitious transmitter lights up, but cannot be operated because it is protected by a locking field. The group figures out with only a few seconds to spare what is required. Betty Toufry presses the button in telekinetically. After the group dematerializes the center of the thousand tasks evaporates in an atomic nuclear chain reaction.

During their search on the outermost moon thirteen, Sergeant Groll and the Ferrone Lossoshér come upon a pyramid, whose inscription contains a reference to the immortals. There they also meet up with a shipwrecked Topsider. He threatens the two with its weapon and is shot by Sergeant Groll.

When the dematerialized searchers reappear in the fictiv transmitter within the time vault, they learn that during their four hour adventure, only five minutes had passed in the vault. With their arrival a bright ball begins to float down to the floor from the ceiling. In it is a capsule, which Perry Rhodan barely saves in time. Its content is a foil with coded characters, which must be decoded by the ship’s positronic.

Later on Lossoshér and Groll return, and report of their find. Rhodan determines that the pyramid represents a detour in the galactic mystery, and is meant for those who have lost their way from the direct route. He however intends to take the direct path.

Jerry Schneiderman 2005-11-30

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15 - Die Spur durch Zeit und Raum
Quest Through Space and Time
Clark Darlton

The unknown immortal who guards the secret of eternal life has prepared an endless series of “impossible” challenges that anyone must conquer to win that secret.

Perry Rhodan the crew of the Stardust II, recently ‘acquired’ from the invading Topsiders, has just established a trade treaty with the Ferrons, the inhabitants of the Ferrol system. Trade goods are being manufactured for export to Earth, to establish friendly relations between the two worlds. The negotiations also provided the first clue in the mystery surrounding the secret of eternal life.

Perry Rhodan finds out that the Arkonides discovered several thousand years ago that the Ferrol system contains a planet that is the home of the immortals, but it had disappeared. In order to track it down, they are forced to solve almost impossible tasks, for the inhabitants of the vanished planet have created a kind of cosmic treasure hunt. Only beings capable of five-dimensional thought processes will be able to find this planet of eternal life.

Perry travels to Venus to put the question to the positronic brain. A day passes before the brain produces an answer:

Over 9,985 Earth-years ago, an Arkonide commander named KERLON and his fleet of three exploration space cruisers arrived in the Vega system. The commander, named Kerlon, landed on the eighth planet and was welcomed by the natives. They soon learned that they were not the first "gods" to arrive on Ferrol: others had made an emergency landing there many centuries ago. In appreciation for their assistance, the others left several matter-transmitters behind. Kerlon wanted to know further details about the machines but the Ferronians told him that they do not know. They had received them as a gift from beings who "lived longer than the sun."

This was the reference to the race of the immortals Kerlon was looking for! He didn’t report this to the central master file on Arkon until much later. He sent this report from the second planet of another solar system: Terra’s solar system.

They left Ferrol and jumped to the Sol system, landing on the second planet, Venus. Kerlon and his men constructed the giant base there and sent off detailed reports to Arkon. Later, Kerlon’s expedition settled on Terra, the system’s third planet. Kerlon eventually met his death fighting savages on a huge continent, which was later attacked by enemies from outer space, resulting in its sinking into the ocean.

After learning this, Rhodan decides to return to the vault in the Thort’s palace on Thorta. Rhodan wants to discuss a few items with his closest collaborators in this quest. He reveals his notion that there is only ONE immortal being, not an entire race of them. The others are shocked by this, but are convinced by his explanation. A portion of the message read: ‘... just a few seconds according to my chronology.’ The emphasis on the word my, brought him to the logical conclusion that there is only one immortal being!

A party of nine people return to the invisible vault under the Thort’s palace. Activating an Arkonide generator, they cause the crypt to reappear. In the spot where the transmitter stood, there was now a chair on a low dais. Rhodan stepped into the crypt and sat down in the chair. An energy screen enveloped Rhodan and the chair as the machine began to operate. After discovering the symbols on the mysterious metal cube that had appeared, the robot explains to them that they are already traveling backward through time!

A new message enters their thoughts: be on guard, for they must find Kerlon without getting killed. Only he can show them the way to the Light, which will also let them return to their time. They must wait for three days exactly: only then will they be able to return to their own time.

Ras Tsubai teleports outside and meets the forefathers of the Sichas. He pieced together a picture of the situation from them. The owner of the castle was a count who ruled over this region. His neighbor, another count, challenged his claim to power and the current battle was another attempt to wrest the castle from him. The Sichas robbed the fallen warriors, not participating in the dispute. The bearded leader makes reference to weapons can hurl bolts of lightning, the same as Ras carried and asks if he was one of the Gods of the Sun, returned?

Ras ponders for a moment, the says yes, they’re friends. They are attacked and Ras defends them all with his weapon, a psychoradiator. The attackers fall to the ground in agony, defeated. Ras then bids the others farewell and returns to the castle. Ras reports what he has found out and they decide to throw in with the owner of the castle they are in.

The baron Lesur believes them to be Gods who have come to help him fight the barbarians. Perry decides to play along. They set out to defend the castle and locate Kerlon. They easily defeat the attacking force. The barbarians flee.

After two days pass, Lesur is discussing their history with them and reveals that in the castle’s cellars is a special cage, left by the gods. After hearing the story of a scientist who tested the mechanism and vanished, returning two years later, Rhodan determines it is the matter transmitter they were loking for. Rhodan risks using the machine to find out where the other end is. He rematerializes on the other side of Ferrol, inside a temple on a mountaintop. As shadowy figures closed in on him, he activated the transmitter and returns to the castle.

On the morning of the third day, three ships of the Arkonides touched down on Ferrol. Commander Kerlon had arrived. Kerlon’s previous expedition had garnered for him a metallic cylinder obtained from an unihabited continent inside a metallic pyramid located there. On this trip, one of his scientists detected an odd-looking cage; the matter transmitter! Kerlon uses it, vanished for a short while, then returns. He is convinced that the other unit is located on the opposite side of this planet. Kerlon begins a long search and landed directly next to the castle.

The attackers saw the landing and waited for an opportune time to attack. Rhodan sent Khrest to greet him. Khrest will tell him that he landed here several months earlier and thoroughly explored this planet and solar system. He will try to persuade him to continue his flight to Earth. Rhodan watchs as Khrest and a robot left.

Kerlon, accompanied by an officer, meets Khrest and his companion, observing their approach. After an exchange of information, Khrest manages to convince Kerlon that the solar system may hold the answer to what he is searching. At that moment, the barbarians attack, causing Kerlon to flee inside his ship, dropping the capsule he found on his previous trip. Khrest is protected by the powers of the mutants watching over him. Ras Tschubai appears and recovers the metal cylinder.

Kerlon orders an immediate takeoff and follows the other two spacespheres that were waiting for him in the upper layers of the atmosphere. After stopping on another region of Ferrol for three days, they left the planet for good. They cruise the system, then leave for the solar system, more than twenty-seven light-years away.

Rhodan tries to unlock the secret of the cylinder as the barbarians press their attack on the castle. As they are about to enter the room containing the time machine, the time travelers were thrown to the ground by a tremendous shock-wave. They are on their way back to their time.

Thora awaits them, but is puzzled why they returned so soon. They have been gone for only a half an hour. Rhodan reminds her that they are dealing with a being that has mastered time and the five dimensions. Time would have no meaning to it.

The message contained in the capsule is decoded swiftly:


They try to fathom the meaning of the baffling message. Perry’s intuition tells him that there’s danger ahead. They all agree against abandoning the search.

Mark Gearhart 2006-02-26

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16 - Die Geister von Gol
The Ghosts of Gol
Kurt Mahr

(December 1975) Rhodan has concluded that a hyperspace disturbance will be the next sign from the immortal for them to follow, and dispatches the eight auxiliary ships ("guppies") of the Stardust to scour the Vega system to watch for it. The guppy piloted by Captain Chaney reports the first of a series of disturbances, whose origins are traced back to huge 14th planet of the system, which Bull gives the name Gol.

Despite the extreme and hostile conditions of weather, atmosphere and excessive gravity (more than 900 times that of earth), Rhodan pursues the disturbances to their source. Luminous, cloud like, semi-intelligent life forms populate the planet. They are drawn to and consume the energy of the Stardust and the reconnaissance vehicles. Although initially repulsed, these energy forms swarm the expedition team on Gol and infiltrate the Stardust. Just as they are on the verge of overcoming the Terrans, Rhodan reaches and enters an obelisk on the planet's surface, which is the source of the space disturbances. Having met and succeeded in this latest challenge, the Stardust and the expedition team are instantaneously transported to an unknown galaxy of 56 stars outside the Milky Way.

Mark J. Golden 2007-07-13

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17 - Planet der sterbenden Sonne
The Planet of the Dying Sun
Kurt Mahr

(1975-76) Rhodan and crew struggle to identify the strange galaxy into which they have been transported. Rhodan orders the ship to remain where it is until they can determine their location. His patience is rewarded when the galaxy of 56 stars proves to have been an illusion. Once the true state of their surroundings is revealed, Rhodan discovers that the logical path to have taken (towards the nearest star in the illusory galaxy) would have put them on a course straight into the system’s sun.

They investigate the lone planet circling the dim and dying sun, a planet they name Vagabond. Although their instruments detect no sign of intelligent life of the planet surface, on board ship strange if inconsequential mishaps begin to occur, as if telekinetics were toying with them. A force under the command of Lt. Tanner begins to explore the surface of the planet. Telepathic mutant Fellmer Lloyd detects mysteriously mixed signals combining impulses of childish playfulness and blind, destructive hate. The expedition force discovers herds of unintelligent mouse-beavers.

An android impersonating Lloyd attempts to assassinate Rhodan. The real Lloyd tells a story of being captured by robots with two legs and multiple arms, which manufactured the android assassin.

Increasingly serious incidents of telekinetic interference threaten the Stardurst,, as though the hidden source had grown bored and had to find more challenging shipboard systems to interfere with. Meanwhile, on the planet surface, the patrol expedition faces attacks demonstrating an ability to control and use gravitational shifts as a weapon.

Lloyd leads them back to the underground base where he had been held prisoner. There they engage and destroy several of the hostile robots. A huge gravitational disturbance (triggered by the slow decay of the system’s sun) incapacitates the remaining robots, which are found to be the artifacts of a now extinct colony some 35,000 years earlier. The robots prove to have organic brain material in their control systems, and to have been programmed to seek out and annihilate any alien presence “invading” the planet. Lloyd informs Rhodan that the instinct for hate had disappeared, and only the instinct for play remains.

Rhodan leads his force through a long, compact tunnel discovered under the hills, where they discover burrows dug by the mouse-beavers. These prove to be of intermittent intelligence: simple animals at night; possessed of limited intelligence, telekinetic powers, and childlike playfulness by day. In their burrow, Rhodan finds what the immortal unknown had left for them to find: a chart of the galaxy, revealing the way back to Terra’s sun (Sol) and to Vega … and indicating the position of a planet without a sun, which Rhodan concludes to be the planet of eternal life, traveling on a great elliptical orbit through space. Terra forms one of the focal points of the ellipse.

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18 - Die Rebellen von Tuglan
The Rebels of Tuglan
Clark Darlton

A mutant mouse-beaver (unlike the others, he suffers no diminution of intelligence at night) stows aboard the Stardust. His playful interference (via telekinetics) with the ship’s control as it goes into a hyperspace jump sends the Stardust to the planet Tuglan, rather than returning it to Vega. Tuglan is an Arkonide colony, governed by an Arkonide High Commissioner, Rathon, and native Lord of Tuglan, Alban. (The Tuglanian race itself is descendent from an earlier Arkonide expedition that had settled the planet twelve thousand years earlier.) Rathon suffers from the same general decline as the rest of the Arkonides, as well as from leukemia. Although the Tuglanians enjoy peace and freedom, Alban sees the degeneration of Arkon as an opportunity to revolt against Arkonide rule. His younger brother, Daros disagrees with this plan. Alban’s operatives succeed in destroying critical communications facilities, cutting Tuglan off from contact with Arkon.

The stowaway mouse-beaver, Gucky, is discovered on board the Stardust, and John Marshall is able to communicate with it telepathically. Following a course of hynotraining, it is able to speak and be understood by the crew.

Rhodan and his team disguise themselves as Arkonides in order to protect the secret of the earth's existence. Alban implicates his brother Daros as the rebel leader and succeeds in casting grave suspicions upon him. When Rhodan is ready to expose him, Alban successfully captures Rhodan, Crest, John Marshall, Rathon and Daros.

Meanwhile, Karolan, leader of an underground, counterrevolutionary force loyal to the Arkon high commissioner and seeking to expose Alban and replace him with Daros, launches an attack on the palace. With the assistance of Gucky, Alban’s forces are defeated, and order is restored on Tuglan.

Rhodan and the Stardust depart for Vega.

NOTE: In the Ace English language edition, until the final pages, the character Gucky is referred to as “Emby” (from m.b. for mouse-beaver). Series editor Forest J. Ackermann added an episode on the final page, in which a character absent from the German original, Spaceman First Class Phillip Callen, jokingly refers to the mouse-beaver as a veritable Puck, making reference to that character in A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Rhodan rechristens the mouse-beaver Pucky. Ackermann had conducted a contest in which readers were invited to suggest new names for Gucky. Because Forry’s only copy of the editorial for the Ace Edition announcing the contest winner was lost during production, the contest winner’s name was never explicitly announced. Ackermann is reported to have indicated in conversations many years after the fact that the winning entry was from a reader named Phillip Callen, and that he had used the winner’s name in the story as part of his prize. The accuracy of this anecdote is not documented anywhere, however.

Mark J. Golden 2007-07-13

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19 - Der Unsterbliche
The Immortal Unknown
K.H. Scheer

(1976) The Stardust arrives in Vega only to find that the system's sun has inexplicably gone into an accelerated process of going nova. John McClears, in command of the Good Hope-class “guppies” has been patrolling Ferrol and planning whatever evacuation operations his eight ships might manage, and is relieved to see the great ship's return. Rhodan recognizes that once the system is destroyed, the chart locating the wandering planet of the immortal unknown within the Vega system will be useless and they will lose the trail forever. He concludes that finding the immortal unknown is the only chance of unlocking the secret of reversing the Vega sun's decline and saving the Ferrons.

The Stardust follows the chart, and is subjected to a massive battering from unknown forces. Chief Engineer Manuel Garrand manages to hold the ship together, while Rhodan's key decisions find the way to withstand the attacks. They discover the planet, dubbed Wanderer, which proves to be a huge, flat disk, covered with oceans, forests, mountains and prairies, its atmosphere held beneath a huge protective done of energy.

Landing on the planet, Rhodan must overcome a final challenge, unraveling a threat that includes reacting to human figures transported to the planet from the earth's past.

John Marshall determines that the immortal unknown (henceforth referred to as “IT”) is not a single entity, but rather the collective consciousness of an entire race, which has given up its physical form. Rhodan allows Crest to present himself to the being, but the Arkonide is rejected. “IT” informs Rhodan that the Arkonides (as had at least two other races before them) had been given 20,000 years to find him, but their time was past. Now Rhodan and the human race are being given a chance to establish peace and order in the universe.

“IT” creates an android (consisting of both organic and intotronic (sixth dimensional) artificial intelligence) to serve as Rhodan’s attendant on the planet (in Heft #32, it is given the name Homunk.). “IT” gives Rhodan a cell treatment that arrests any aging for a period of 62 years. Rhodan is allowed to designate one other to receive treatment, and he chooses Bull. The android informs him that they must return every 62 years for additional treatments.

Mark J. Golden 2007-07-17

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20 - Venus in Gefahr
Venus in Danger
Kurt Mahr

(1980) The Stardust hyperjumps back to our solar system only to discover that 4 ½ years have gone by. A new government has taken over the Eastern Bloc and (emboldened by Rhodan’s long absence) has broken the fragile unity of the earth’s governments. It has launched an assault on Venus, in an attempt to take over the New Power’s base there. General Tomisenkov commands the armada of 500 spacecraft.

With the arrival of the Stardust, Rhodan divides and disrupts the Russian forces on Venus’ surface. Tomisenkov’s ground troops, decimated by the Stardust's low altitude approach and landing is further reduced by the hostile environment, weather and wildlife of the planet.

Major General Lemonovich, assuming Tomisenkov has perished, takes control of the surviving forces and the remaining 79 spacecraft. Rhodan and an expedition force go to great lengths to disable the spacecraft and disarm the Russian troops without any further loss of life. Tomisenkov is able to rejoin his now stranded army, and sets about building shelter.

The threat against the Venus base now thoroughly neutralized, the controlling positronic computer allows Rhodan and the Stardust to enter the compound. Rhodan inputs his limited data (charting a portion of the orbit of the planet Wanderer), and the computer is able to calculate a complete course, ensuring Rhodan will be able to find and return to the planet when he needs to. He prepares to address the renewed disunity on Earth.

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21 - Der Atomkrieg findet nicht statt
Menace of Atomigeddon
Kurt Mahr

(June 1980) Returning to earth, the Stardust collides with a fleet of 200 Eastern Bloc spacecraft, in route to reinforce Tomisenkov's troops on Venus. (The primitive technology at the Russians' disposal is incapable of radio contact between the Earth and Venus, and, under the best of circumstances, five to ten percent of the ships will fail to successfully land on the distant world, and those that do survive will be incapable of returning to Earth until resupplied by another transport.) The Stardust is unharmed, but 34 Russian ships are destroyed and the squadron commander, Major General Pjotkin, is killed. The remaining ships have no choice but to remain on course for Venus, to be stranded there.

Rhodan had left the New Power on earth under the control of his deputy, Colonel Michael Freyt. But fearing that the almost limitless power of the Arkonide technology might tempt even so stalwart a deputy to abuse his position, Rhodan had secretly imposed a post-hypnotic block on Freyt, preventing him from using the forces at his disposal to intervene in world affairs, unless Galacto City was attacked. It is for this reason that Freyt has not intervened to prevent the revolution in Russia that brought Fedor A. Strelnikov to power.

Through a combination of psychological warfare tactics and limited shows of force, Rhodan foments uncertainty and counterrevolution in Russia. Major Derringhouse is Rhodan's principal agent of discord, assisted by a Russian fighter captain who has been persuaded to join the New Power’s cause, Captain Jaroslaw Afimovich Welinski. Derringhouse is successful in capturing Strelnikow and the renegade Russian Supreme Council, but not before the dictator's right hand man, Marshall Sirow, kills Welinski.

In the meantime, Rhodan has convened a meeting of the governments of the Asiatic Federation and NATO countries, which together establish a world tribunal, entrusted with the task of safeguarding human rights across the earth. Australian Frederick Donnifer is named Chief Justice of the tribunal. On June 16th, the tribunal indicts the leadership of the Russian Soviet Council for its crimes against basic human rights. Derringhouse surrenders the prisoners to them on June 19th, which Rhodan declares a holiday in the New Power. Further, in the hopes that these events are prelude to the unification of all the peoples of the Earth, Rhodan renames Galacto City Terrania.

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22 - Thoras Flucht
Thora's Flight (Ace Title: Escape to Venus)
Clark Darlton

(June 1981) While the earth celebrates the tenth anniversary of the first manned landing on the moon, Thora steals an experimental destroyer craft and streaks toward Venus, where she hopes to establish contact with Arkon, using the hyperwave sender in the Venus base. However, the ship has not yet been programmed with the proper authentication signals to be cleared for entry into Venus base. Her craft is shot down in the jungles, where Thora and the robot pilot R-17 fall in with Sergeant Rabow, one of Tomisenkow's men, dispatched to investigate the crash.

The Russians stranded on the moon have broken into several warring factions, and Rabow is considering abandoning Tomisenkow and joining the rebels, who have determined they will stay and colonize Venus, rather than continue the general’s effort to capture the technology of Venus base and use it to conquer the earth. Having turned Thora and R-17 over to Tomisenkow, Rabow and his company are sent to investigate fighting at the rebels' settlement.

Rhodan, John Marshall, and Son Okura pursue Thora in a second of the experimental destroyers, and like Thora, are shot down in the jungles by Venus base's defenses. Investigating the fighting around the rebel settlement, they, too, are found by Rabow. A third faction of Russians, the "totalitarian pacifists," led by Lieutenant Wallerinski, has attacked, and virtually wiped out the peaceful colonists. They turn next to Tomisenkow. Rabow and Rhodan escape, rejoin the mutants, and rush to warn Tomisenkow and to free Thora.

Bull approaches Venus in a Good Hope class cruiser, but the positronic brain has reacted to the (assumed) attacks by activating "secret barrier X," a defensive shield that prevents anyone from entering Venus’ atmosphere. Only an Arkonide or Rhodan, entering the base itself, can deactivate the shield.

Recognizing what a prize he has in Thora, Tomisenkow tightens security around his camp. These defenses kill Rabow and wound Rhodan as they are approaching. Rhodan resolves to make his way to Venus base. He sends Marshall ahead to the sea, hoping the telepath can establish contact with the semi-intelligent seal creatures (who they had met and assisted in Heft #8: Base on Venus), and gain their assistance crossing the sea.

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23 - Geheimschaltung X
Secret Barrier X
W.W. Shols

(1981) Tomisenkow suceeds in destroying R-17, and, heads with Thora toward the Venus base, hoping she will be his key to entry. Rhodan and Okura make their way separately toward the same goal, somewhat ahead of the Russian, whose progress is slowed by firefights with Wallerinski's rebel "pacifist" forces. Tomisenkow’s situation is further complicated by the arrival on the scene of helicopters, commanded by Colonel Raskujan. He is the ranking officer of the surviving remnant of the second flotilla of Russian spacecraft, which had arrived on Venus 11 months earlier. As Rhodan had predicted, "mutiny is an epidemic" on Venus. Raskujan has also rebelled and aspires to control of the planet.

Rhodan and Okura rejoin Marshall and search for a means to cross the 200-mile ocean to Venus base. Raskujan captures Tomisenkow and Thora. Rhodan and team are able to loot and destroy several helicopters from Raskujan’s troops, and set out across the sea in a captured, motorized life raft.

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24 - Im Dschungel der Urwelt
In the Primeval Jungle (Ace Title: The Venus Trap)
Kurt Mahr

(1981) With the assistance of the Venusian seals, Rhodan, Okura and Marshall are able to cross the sea. Despite helicopter attacks from Raskujan's right hand man, Major Pjatkow, they escape into the jungle and continue across the landscape toward the Venus base.

Tomisenkow, who has abandoned all aspirations to conquer the Venus base and wants only to rid his newly adopted home planet of the dictator Raskujan, escapes with Thora and a handful of his men. Despite early success in eluding their pursuers, all but one of them (Alicharin) are eventually recaptured by Pjatkow and returned to Raskujan's camp.

With Alicharin’s assistance, Rhodan’s team is able to reach, and enter the protective dome surrounding Venus base. Pjatkow is killed trying to pursue them into the base. Rhodan instructs the positronic brain to remove the secret barrier, enabling Bull, in an auxiliary ship to land and make short work subduing Raskujan's troops. Raskujan himself escapes, taking Tomisenkow and Thora as hostages, but is killed by Tomisenkow.

Tomisenkow expresses the wishes of the Russian troops to remain and colonize Venus, which Rhodan confesses was what he had hoped would be the result when he had stranded them on the planet. Rhodan returns to Earth.

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25 - Der Overhead
The Overlord (Ace Title: Menace of the Mutant Master)
Kurt Mahr

(July 1981) Upon his return, Rhodan finds the New Power's military, technical and financial systems under attack through a mysterious campaign of sabotage, kidnapping and aggression. It is clear that a mutant of considerable power is perpetrating these acts. Unbeknownst to Rhodan, the mastermind is Clifford Monterny, a telepath with powerful abilities to impose hypnotic control on his victims. Monterny has gathered a mutant corps of his own, forcing them into his service through hypnotic control, and is set on deposing Rhodan and using the Third Power's resources to rule the world himself.

Scientists are kidnapped and destroyer spacecraft stolen from Terrania. A nuclear explosion destroys an assembly plant, even though no nuclear material is stored there. One of Monterny's mutants, Elmer Bradley, is able to manipulate Homer Adams to cause General Cosmic Company to lose $4 billion in a fake investment. Another, teleports into Terrania. Tako Kakuta follows him, and is barely able to resist powerful, pyscho-suggestion before escaping back to Terrania.

Monterny's second in command, Ted McMurray is able to teleport into Terrania and kidnaps Crest. Analyzing recordings of Tako's brainwaves, Rhodan is able to narrow the location of Monterny's headquarters to a small area in the vicinity of Osaka, Japan. Nyssen is dispatched to try and locate the base. With the help of a Japanese spy named Michikai, he is slowly closing in on identifying the location when Michikai is killed and Nyssen captured by Monterny's agents.

Rhodan and a small tactical force attack the site and liberate Nyssen and Crest. Monterny escapes, but most of his men (including McMurray) are killed when, despite being warned that Nyssen had set a neutron bomb to explode in their headquarters, they refuse to surrender.

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26 - Duell der Mutanten
Duel of the Mutants (Ace Title: Mutants vs. Mutants)
Clark Darlton

(1981) One of the stolen destroyers, piloted by a Monterny soldier, attacks a destroyer, flown by cadet Julian "Tiff" Tifflor, on a training flight. Tifflor destroys it. Unbeknownst to Rhodan, another of the stolen destroyers, with Monterny’s most powerful mutant, has reached and is in hiding on Mars.

Back on earth, from his hidden fortress outside Salt Lake City, Utah, Monterny continues his campaign against the New Power. Fellmer Lloyd captures one of Monterny's agents, the Russian Tatjana Michalowna, a telepath who also has the power to block Monterny's hypnotic power. Rhodan exposes her to the super mutant's evil and ruthless true plan, and she agrees to join the New Power. She reveals the super mutant's identity to Rhodan.

Rhodan launches a full-scale attack on Monterny's Utah base. His technology neutralizes Monterny's weapons and his mutant corps conquer Monterny's eleven mutants, including Roster Deegan. Once freed from Monterney's control, all agree to join Rhodan’s mutant corps. Monterny himself escapes in the third destroyer.

Rhodan summons the presidents of the Western Bloc, the Eastern Bloc and the Asiatic Federation to Terrania, and renews his plea that all of human kind must rise above its internecine struggles and unite to face the opportunities and threats of other civilizations elsewhere in the universe, as well as against the machinations of a foe like Clifford Monterny. Moreover, he gives a deadline of one year for the earth’s governments to resolve their differences and form a world government, or Rhodan will use the force at his disposal to impose such unity.

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27 - Im Banne des Hypno
In The Thrall of Hypno
Clark Darlton

(1981) Searching Mars and its moons for some sign of Monterny, Derringhouse and one of the Good Hope-class auxiliary ships is taken over by the super mutant. From his hidden base beneath Mar's surface, he directs the commandeered craft back to earth with his most powerful weapon on board: Ivan Ivanovich Goratschin. Goratschin is a two-headed giant, with the ability to cause any matter containing calcium or carbon to spontaneously explode in a nuclear reaction. The Good Hope VII and its mutant commander launch an attack on Terannia.

Members of Rhodan's mutant corps are able to reach and interfere with Monterny's hypnotic block on the Good Hope's crew, who break off the attack and retreat into an orbit around the moon. Goratschin, freed of Monterny's control for the first time in three years and responding to the kindness shown to him by Betty Toufry, joins Rhodan’s New Power.

Realizing that he has lost, Monterny flees from his Mars in the last of the stolen destroyers. Bull pursues him and, with the help of telepath Tatjana Michalowna, is able to find him in hiding on an asteroid near Jupiter. Monterny again flees, but his spacecraft is disabled by Gucky, who uses his telekinetic gift to shut down all power on the ship. The velocity of the craft causes it to slam into a large meteor, killing Monterny.

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28 - Der kosmische Lockvogel
The Cosmic Decoy
K.H. Scheer

After three small spaceships disappeared and a mysterious radio-communication was received, Perry Rhodan suspects that an as yet unknown enemy prepares for an attack on the earth and seems to have an already good working espionage-net on earth. To find out who the enemy is and how his espionage-net works Perry Rhodan sets a trap. A young cadet, Julian Tifflor, of the Space Academy, where future star pilots are being trained, gets a transmitter of psionic radiation implanted, so the mutants of Perry Rhodan's Mutant Corps can locate him over several light-years of distance. This is done without Tiff's knowledge while he is unconscious after an attack. After that he is sent to the Vega system with secret plans concerning the financial plans of the Third Power. These of course are a fake, but Tiff does not know that either. The spaceship that Tiff is on to fly to Vega is attacked as expected. But the enemy's pilot proves to be more cunning than anticipated and the abduction of the spaceship can not be prevented by Perry Rhodan and his small fleet which secretly followed Tiff's ship. Tiff and his companions are boarded by a race that calls itself the "Springers" (which is "Jumpers" in english) because they primarily live on spaceships and jump from star-system to star-system trading goods on various planets. They are descendents of the Arkonides - Khrest and Thora's people. They claim that the great Empire of the Arkonides granted them the trade monopoly for the entire Milky Way thousands of years ago and they are very eager to protect that monopoly. That makes them a natural enemy of the Third Power which established trade-outposts on Vega. An escape-attempt by Tiff and his companions fails and they continue to be held captive by the Springers while Perry Rhodan and the Mutant Corps tries to find them.

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29 - Die Flotte der Springer
The Fleet Of The Springers
Kurt Mahr

Perry Rhodan follows the ORLA XI, the Springer ship holding Julian Tifflor and his companions captive, to the Beta Albireo System. The K-9 can escape the ORLA XI but is severely damaged by an arriving fleet of Springer-warships that Orlgans has called by hypercom for help. Tiff, along with his fellow Space Academy classmates Hifield, Eberhardt, Orsons and Felicita Kergonen, flee the K-9 with a small destroyer space-craft. But that too is attacked and damaged and the fleeing cadets use up almost all the energy of their destroyer escaping from the scene of the battle. They barely manage to land on an icy world of the Beta Albireo System which they name Snowman. There they hide from the scouts of Orlgans. Orlgans intends to capture Tiff on the ice-world for himself in order to obtain information about the location of the World Of Eternal Life that he thinks Tiff knows. Thus, he hurries to Snowman in order to begin the search for Tifflor. Perry Rhodan lets him do so and remains in a standoff position with his three ships, the STARDUST II, the TERRA, and the SOLAR SYSTEM, several light years from the Beta Albireo System. Rhodan hopes that Tifflor, once captured, will be able to find out more about the enemy and then be freed.

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30 - Tifflor, der Partisan
Peril On Ice Planet
Kurt Mahr

The TERRA, the SOLAR SYSTEM and the STARDUST II , parked eight light-hours from the double star Béta Albiréo, detect the arrival of a powerful fleet. The C-6 auxiliary craft (Guppy) drops a destroyer loaded with material. It is piloted by Reginald Bell. Pucky teleports the goods from the destroyer into the underground cave on the planet Snowman where Julian Tifflor and his companions found shelter.

The Springer patriarch, Etztak, orders the shooting down of the destroyer but the SOLAR SYSTEM intervenes and permits the destroyer with Reginald Bell to flee.

Orlgans, who has been forced to call other Springers to help, brings his Terran prisoner, Leo Mouselet, on board the ETZ XXI. Mouselet is put under the psychoanalyzer and, as a result, his mind is destroyed. However, the Springers are unsuccessful in getting any information on the Planet of Eternal Life. The now mindless Mouselet is brought back on board the ORLA XI by one of the Springer guards. When the Springer guard begins his return trip to the ETZ XXI in a glider, Pucky teleports himself on board and, at gunpoint, has the Springer sneak him aboard Etztak’s flagship.

Several antigrav gliders of the Springers search for the Earthman on the frozen planet Snowman. Tifflor realizes that they are located and destroys several Springer gliders and kills their occupants. One Springer succeeds in escaping to give the alert.

On the ETZ XXI, Pucky searches for Etztak. He learns that the Springer patriarch is about ready to destroy the planet Snowman with Arkon bombs stored in the HORL VII. The mouse-beaver teleports back to the underground cave where the Earthman still are taking shelter. They dig a tunnel with their weapons in order to escape from the cave. When the Springers penetrate into the underground cave, explosives are detonated, burying the Galactic Merchants. Pucky seizes an antigrav glider. Tifflor and Hifield borrow the glider to reach the HORL VII in order to destroy it.

Etztak gives the order to go to a state of general alert.

Tifflor and Hifield enter the HORL VII and plant a bomb.

Pucky enters the ETZ XXI with Eberhardt. He obliges Etztak to put an end to the state of alert. He informs him of the presence of a bomb on the HORL VII. The ETZ XXI and the ORLA XI, along with the crew of the HORL VII, take flight in time before its explosion.

Pucky informs Marshall telepathically that the agents that Orlgans left on Earth are in fact robots.

Rhodan decides to depart the area in order to look for new weapons, leaving the TERRA and the SOLAR SYSTEM there to keep an eye on things in the Beta Albireo System.

Tifflor and his companion reach natural caves situated close to the equator and set up a new base of operations in one of them.

*Note: The title "Peril On Ice Planet" is the Ace Books American title. The German title is "Tifflor, the Partisan"

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31 - Der Kaiser von New York
Robot Threat: New York
W.W. Shols

The STARDUST 2 materializes in the Solar System and lands on the Earth. The home planet is in chaos because of the robots which have been secretly reprogrammed by the Springers to act as spies. Rhodan and his men take action after 22:00 hours to deactivate all the robots in Terrania City since at that time of the night only around 10% of them are in use and, thus, there will be little impact on the essential services of the city. The programming of all the service and combat robots is erased. By dawn, all is finished but Rhodan is worried because everything seems to be going along a little bit too easily.

His worries are soon justified. On that same morning, the robots unleash a massive attack in Terrania City. One realizes that the Springers modified the First Law of Robotics so that the robots now do not hesitate to attack humans. While the Third Power mobilizes all its armed forces, Tako Kakuta leaves to look for the mutant Ivan Ivanovitch Goratschin, the “Igniter”, who is capable of destroying the robots utilizing his unusual mental powers.

The robots in Terrania City are finally defeated after a massive counter-attack by aircraft, tanks, and mutants. But the chaos spreads to the whole world. Mercant informs Rhodan that the robots instituted a monarchy in New York City.

A robot-secretary proclaims itself emperor of New York and attempts to seize Homer G. Adams. It is destroyed thanks to Rhodan but another robot takes its place. The torso of a robot is recovered while all available means are expended to put an end to the revolt of the robots in New York City and elsewhere around the world.

The STARDUST 2 intercepts an encoded message. Thanks to the captured robot Rhodan learns that Orlgans has given the order to initiate plan SZ-7. The message is emitted from Titan, a moon of Saturn. The STARDUST 2 immediately takes off for Titan and is confronted by the K-1, an auxiliary craft also known as a “guppy”, which has been missing for several weeks. They land on Titan and take control of a secret Springer base where they rescue some of the original Terran crew of the K-1 who are in bad medical shape. The STARDUST 2 pursues the K-1 to Venus and destroys it. On Earth, the robots are finally defeated and destroyed.

*Note: The title "Robot Threat: New York" is the American edition Ace Books Title. The German Title is "The Emperor Of New York".

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32 - Ausflug in die Unendlichkeit
Infinity Flight
Clark Darlton

Commodore Topthor, a Galactic Trader, descended from Arkonides, belonged to the clan called the Mounders. His clan had discovered the location of Earth. One of his crew, Grogham, asks why aren’t they plundering the planet yet. Topthor states that business deals are out of the question here. They have encountered serious competition for the first time. In barely ten years this Rhodan has managed to create an interstellar power out of this formerly backward planet. He possesses a mighty fleet, whose ships attack them. This is an open declaration of war.

Grogham points out that it was Orlgans who seized two of Rhodan’s ships and tried to pump his men for information. Topthor looses his temper, but then explains why they are here. He reveals that Rhodan is seeking the Planet of Eternal Life and that Rhodan knows where this legendary planet can be found. He is planning to go there to get new weapons to defend Earth. If he succeeds, it would mean the end of the Springer superiority in the galaxy. But if they beat him to it, it would be a fantastic business deal for them. Grogham agrees.

Perry Rhodan did not have a lot of time left. The Arkonide Empire was alerted to Earth’s existence. The Stardust II was racing toward the transistion point to begin the journey to the Planet of Eternal Life. Rhodan has a discussion with Bell why they need to go back. Bell brings up a good point about the previous trip: several years had passed while on Wanderer. Rhodan says not to worry: he’ll simply ask the immortal being, master of time and space, to even out the time difference. Bell laughs, wondering why IT would do that for them. Neither had the slightest inkling of the existence of the Mounders shadowing him.

Topthor follows the Stardust II after it left the Solar system at a safe distance. After the Stardust II jumps, he orders his eight ships to follow. Upon exiting the transistion, Rhodan begins to search for the Planet Wanderer. IT sends them a little welcoming surprise, in the form of a woman! She seemed familiar to him. Although he knows it is just another one of ITs jokes, he plays along.

Bull recognizes her as Stella Rallas, an Earth movie star, whom he is enamoured of. She approaches the terrified Bull and kisses him. As he begins to enjoy the kiss, IT whisks her away, leaving him holding empty air!

IT then speaks to Rhodan telepathically and tells them to shut down their engines in preparation to enter his realm. The Springer ships also return to normal space five light-hours away from the Stardust II. Topthor watches as the Stardust II begins to disappear, like a lunar eclipse. It looked as if something ate the ship. A full alert signal spread instantly throughout Topthor’s fleet. They began to search for the Stardust II.

Rhodan tells IT they he has come to ask a favor. IT invites them to the Great Hall to discuss it. During their conversation on the trip to the Great Hall, IT is distracted momentarily. IT just observed the death of a solar system more than 200,000 light-years from there. Millions of years ago, this solar system drifted out of its galaxy and the inhabitants of the second planet tried to detach their world from the sun in order to transfer it to another solar system. But the planet turned into a super-nova. Now that system has two suns and no inhabitants.

Rhodan asks if it can be undone. IT says: Why not? It would be fun. While Rhodan was looking at the automatic calendar he felt he was becoming invisible. IT snatched him away! Rhodan lost consciousness. He awakes inside a tiny craft on its way to the Planet Barkon, on the rescue mission he suggested to IT.

IT assures him that, being a master of space and time, they can save the Barkonides and return to Wanderer in a fraction of a second, even though to Rhodan, several weeks may have passed. Rhodan is startled to discover that IT is now he! IT assumed his form and exists inside him. Together they will save a solar system. They travel for over two days Earth time, far outside the Milky Way.

After arrival, meeting and greeting the Barkonides, Rhodan begins to see why they are trying so desperately return. There are no stars in their skies: they are utterly alone. They resembled humans and Arkonides, in more ways than one.

With the aid of the television scanner, Rhodan acquaints himself with the history of the planet Barkon. He discovers they this world had been colonized by the Barkonides. For some inexplicable reason their solar system detached itself from the gravitational pull of the rotating Milky Way and slipped away from it at a right angle.

As the pictures end, Rhodan explains that even he cannot bring Barkon back into the community of the stars they left so long ago. He thinks he’ll be able to help them though. They make a special request of Rhodan: they would like to scan his memories to see what life is like in the galaxy now. IT tells him it is OK; IT will take over and show them the future.

Eight weeks pass. The time has come for Rhodan to project his thoughts onto a screen. IT takes over and shows the Barkonides what they want, but Rhodan thought he was lying to them. The next day, they reveal their secret to Rhodan: the interior of the planet Barkon had been hollowed out for the entire population to find accommodations to live, procreate, and develop further for many generations to come, during the long journey back to the Milky Way. Touring the power drive that will move the worldship, IT locates and surrepticiously repairs the error that would have caused the reactors to overload and destroy the planet. IT jumps ahead and sees that they have successfully began their voyage.

They take their leave of the Barkonides and begin the long journey home. An hour short of their return, IT asks Rhodan to tell him in his own words what he came to IT for. He tell IT that he needs the ultimate weapon to remove the threat to Earth. He states that only Rhodan has the strength to unite the galaxy, so he will give him the weapon on the condition that it only be used in defense, never attack. He is going to give him a fictive tele-transmitter, to teleport atomic bombs and whatever into the enemy ships.

Rhodan returns to the Stardust II exactly one second after he faded away. They land at the city to receive the gift. Homunk greets them and begins supervising the installation of two transmitters. After two weeks, they were ready to depart. Rhodan asks IT for one more favor: to ensure they return to normal space without a significant amount of time passing, as was in their previous visit. IT agrees to adjust things for them so they return only ten minutes after disappearing. Homunk entered the command center and tells Rhodan he can leave now. Rhodan asks him how does the weapon work. Homunk tells him to find out for himself. He tests it by transporting a bomb into the depths of the nearby ocean. Far out in the ocean a huge wave arose, piled up into a gigantic cone, then collapsed. White vapors ascended in whirling clouds into the artificial sky. A tidal wave swept toward the shore, flooding a large part of the coast. Then it began to rain. IT began laughing. IT then reminded him about the restriction placed on the use of this weapon. They depart. IT also has one more gift for Reggie. He teleports Stella Rallas to his quarters!

Upon reemerging from Wanderer's realm, they are confronted by the sight of the ships of the Springers. Rhodan orders the new weapons ready to fire. Topthor couldn’t believe his eyes as his fleet begins to vaporize one attacking ship at a time. After all but three ships were destroyed, he orders a retreat. Rhodan watches them vanish as he procedes on his own course.

After Stella Rallas causes a minor commotion, IT finally takes her back, but not before playing one last trick on Bull. Imagine TWO Reginald Bulls confronting one another! IT freezes time for all execpt Rhodan and asks him to assist IT to observe something that is taking place this very moment on Topthor’s ship. He tells Rhodan of the plan to drop an Arkon bomb onto the ice world where Tifflor, Gucky, and crew are stranded. He wisks Rhodan's mind away to Topthor's ship so he can read the message Topthor is about to transmit to Etzak.

He returns to the Stardust II, ready for action, as the countdown to transition commences. Never before had Rhodan been thinking so much prior to a transition as today; never had the time seemed so long; and never had Bull kept so silent.

They jumped, arriving safely back at the Beta-Albireo system, where the Springers await them. In his subconscious mind was the residue of a question he had been asked during the leap. "Did you understand it NOW?" It must have been the voice of the Immortal. Rhodan replies he did not, but thanks IT for showing him a fraction of ITs eternity.

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33 - Eiswelt in Flammen
Snowman In Flames
Clark Darlton

In space near the planet Snowman, the Springers Etztak and Orlgans wonder about the mission of Tifflor and his group. The Terran cruisers SOLAR SYSTEM and TERRA continue to harass the Springer ships. Worn out, Etztak decides to kill the Terran group on the planet. Pucky detects the approaching Springer vessels and destroys two of them. The mouse-beaver also suggests to Tiff and his companions that there is life on the planet: he has captured foreign thoughts.

Etztak receives the message from the Mounder, Topthor, informing him of the likely arrival of Rhodan with new weapons which are unstoppable. His pride hurt by the resistance of the Terrans, Etztak decides to destroy the planet Snowman by nuclear fire and waits for the STARDUST II. The Terran battleship makes a brief appearance and, thanks to the fictiv transmitters, destroys two ships of the patriarch.

Rhodan immediately goes into another transition again, this time towards the Earth, fearing an attack against the Terran home world in his absence. And indeed, Topthor is back with eleven vessels, intent in gaining a foothold on Earth. Rhodan sets out to fool the Mounder, making him believe in the existence of a second battleship of the STARDUST class with the same super weapons. Topthor rises to the challenge and pursues his course toward the Earth.

Topthor’s quadron passes the orbit of the Moon. The Mounder remains deaf to the warnings of Rhodan. The STARDUST is forced to annihilate nine of Topthor’s eleven ships. As a result, Topthor flees with his remaining two ships and warns Etztak. Earth is safe for the time being.

Orlgans lands on Snowman with his vessel, the ORLA XI, in order to plant and ignite an Arkon bomb. His moral scruples are overcome by his fear of Etztak. Eberhardt and the robot are trapped in their underground cave by a random shot from one of Orglan’s ships. At the same time, Pucky, Tifflor, Kergonen, Orsons and Hifield head toward the large underground cavern lodging the mysterious creatures that the mouse-beaver has detected. The cavern has a lake and an artificial sun. The mysterious creatures are hibernators. They are intelligent plants similar to tulips but possessing the gift of mobility. In addition they are powerful telepaths and, as a result, they have identified the threat posed by the Springers in the space around the planet Snowman.

Orlgans sets the fuse of the Arkon bomb which has been buried at the north pole of the planet. Etztak informs him about the defeat of Topthor at the hands of Rhodan. The Terran cruisers return and attack with new resolve. The ORLA XI takes off. Pucky teleports onto Orlgans’ ship and accuses him of the murder of the indigenous plant population of the planet. He has named the telepathic plants “Semi-Sleepers”. Orlgans pleads ignorance and obedience to the orders of Etztak, but the mouse-beaver forces the ORLA XI to land. He orders the crew to leave the vessel, then he destroys the ship. The Springer crew, to include Orlgans, is abandoned to their fate on Snowman which is doomed to destruction.

Félicie Kergonen begins the task of saving some specimens of the Semi-Sleepers. On the surface, the shipwrecked Springers flee before the nuclear fire that ravages the planet, but they are surrounded by water and the nuclear fire catches up with them. Without hope of any outside help, they prefer to commit suicide.

Ras Tschubaï teleports to Etztak, carrying an ultimatum from Rhodan. Etztak is told that he has 10 hours to give up his enterprise and to leave the Beta Albiréo system. Etztak and his ship captains decide to fight until the bitter end. When Major Nyssen learns that Snowman is doomed to be destroyed by the nuclear fire, Rhodan understands that the Springers have forfeited the 10 hour ultimatum, and he immediately goes on the attack with the STARDUST II.

The situation becomes critical for Tifflor’s group, isolated on the flaming hell of Snowman. The ice cover of the planet melts and the underground cave is now at the bottom of a sea. The robot Aubrey begins to dig a tunnel upwards from the cave in order to escape to the surface.

Etztak’s ships attack the two Terran cruisers. While McClears resists with the TERRA, Nyssen leaves with the SOLAR SYSTEM in search of Tifflor’s group. Meanwhile, Tifflor’s group manages to escape from the underground cave and take refuge on an intact island. The cave of the Semi-Sleepers has been flooded and the plants perish by drowning, with the exception of the fifty taken in an insulated case by Tiff’s group.

The STARDUST II finally arrives. Before this reinforcement, the Springers retreat in order to regroup. Rhodan follows Nyssen and sends back the SOLAR SYSTEM to the TERRA in order to cover the planet from a renewed attack by the Springers. Marshall locates Tifflor and his companions, whose thought impulses were scrambled until then by the presence of the Semi-Sleepers. Rhodan sends a destroyer by fictiv transmitter to the group. Then he destroys the fleet of Etztak with the exception of two vessels, whose crews will be able to spread the story of their terrifying defeat to other Springers throughout the galaxy. The surviving Semi-Sleepers are transplanted in Terrania.

Michael Mahoney 2009-01-21

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34 - Levtan, der Verräter
Levtan, the Traitor
Kurt Brand

Ace title: Cosmic Traitor

Since November 25, 1982 a Terran world government finally exists which has long been demanded by Perry Rhodan. He himself was elected administrator. Thus he now officially has the responsibility for the whole planet Terra.

Because the threat from the Springers is still great, Rhodan tried several times to contact IT to obtain more Fiktiv transmitters, but IT denied him access to Wanderer. Apparently, the super-intelligence is confident that Rhodan can avert the danger with the resources he has available. But who knows, for the time being IT has no advice.

The Levtan outcast of the Clans of Springers appears in the vicinity of the Sol system. Lured by the activities of Etztak and Orlgans at Beta Albireo, the pariah senses the opportunity to earn a reentry into the Springer Clans. In this case pretty much every means he is right.

The CENTURIO, the third heavy cruiser of the TERRA-class stops Levtan’s ship and brings it to Terrania. The sneaky Springer first attempts to achieve a mutually beneficial trade, but before he is able to carry out a deception, the Mutant Corps quickly ‘pull his teeth’. They expose his treacherous attitude. Intimidated, he is now free but his valuable information is that the Springers are gathering on Goszuls Planet in the Tatlira system for a general assembly in order to adopt measures against the Third Power.

Perry Rhodan now sees his chance to deny the Springers access to the Earth by a ruse, and he starts the operation “Galactic Move”. He wants Levtan equipped with carefully crafted bogus misinformation about Terra’s military strength and then to send him to this conference. In addition, the mutants John Marshall, Tama Yokida, Tako Kakuta and Kitai Ishibashi, masquerading as crew members, are also infiltrated on to Goszuls Planet.

They have the task of supporting with their para-abilities Levtan’s credibility when he presents the misinformation. In addition, they are to delete the position of the Sol system stored on the positronic data systems of the Springers. This plan is not completely possible because a special backup also exists in the spaceship of Topthor of the Mounders. Tako Kakuta achieves the bypass by swapping the position of Sol with the similar number combination of Betelgeuse. Levtan’s onboard computer is destroyed by the suggestively influenced pariah himself.

John E McClure 2015-08-23

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35 - Im Land der Götter
In the Land of the Gods
Kurt Mahr

Ace title: Planet of the Gods

Perry Rhodan reached the Tatlira system in the STARDUST II. Also on board are Thora of Zoltral and Bully. He wants to bring assistance to the stranded mutants on Goszuls Planet after the debacle.

John Marshall, Tama Yokida, Tako Kakuta and Kitai Ishibashi have fled to the LEV XIV and launched. They landed on an island continent, where they are wanted and hunted by the Springers. In order not to betray themselves by the stray radiation of their transport suits, they need to store and hide then. Then they set off to reach the nearby city Saluntad.

On 27 December 1982, the STARDUST II hyper sensor discovers the Springer ship FRER LXXII flying from a patrol flight back to Goszuls Planet. After Ras Tschubai has put the crew out of action with a gas bomb, Gucky then jumps on the ship, to hide in some equipment. Thus he plans to reach the Springers’ planet undetected.

On their way to Saluntad the group of Terran mutants encountered a local man with his cart, Vethussar Ologon. The local holds the four strangers as gods and agrees to bring them into the city undetected. He turns out to be a more prosperous commercial trader and takes them into his home. The presence of foreigners in Saluntad is noted, however, and the high priest wants to visit them. After the brief visit by the high priest, the mutants immediately recognize that it is a robot, and thus an informer for the Springers.

The high priest Hornbled immediately recognized that the guests of Vethussar are the wanted spies. Together with the Springer Szoltan he forges a plan to bring the dealer into disrepute with false accusations and to force the surrender of his guests. But through the abilities of the Terrans the plan is prevented, and the wrath of the duped crowd is directed against the supposed high priest. The Springer Szoltan is captured.

That same night Vethussar sends them to the merchant ship STORRATA. Captain Fafer is willing and ready to sail immediately after they are on board with their prisoner.

The next afternoon a patrol of the Springers enter the STORRATA. With their parapsychic gifts the Terrans hijack the two patrol vehicles and have Fafer dispose of the captive Springers on the next island. They themselves fly with the captured aircraft to the North Continent. There they meet up with Gucky, who has come with the FRER LXXII to Goszuls Planet and is also pursued by the Springers. They mislead the pursuing Springers repeatedly on the wrong trail in order to gain more time to hide on Goszuls Planet

While Gucky and Tako Kakuta confuse the Springer searchers on the northern continent, John Marshall, with the other two mutants, try to hide in a settlement of Goszuls. They march in a southerly direction. After a several hour march, they encounter a group of Goszuls who are traveling with a car-like vehicle. This will take them into the city Vintina, in whose harbor are three large sailing ships. With the help of the natives they seek out one of the sailing ships, the ORAHONDO, as a hiding place. They note that there are also mutants among the Goszuls who have built a resistance movement against the revered as gods Springers. They offer the mutants their cooperation. After they have sent an update report that to Rhodan, he instructs that they should leave their base on the northern continent.

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36 - Die Seuche des Vergessens
The Plague of Oblivion
Clark Darlton

Perry Rhodan’s task force, consisting of John Marshall, Tako Kakuta, Kitai Ishibashi, Tama Yokida and Gucky, hide on a Goszul’s sailing ship. Perry Rhodan is himself waiting aboard the STARDUST II eight light days from Goszuls Planet. The Goszuls live in a civilization that is comparable to 18th century Earth. While Kitai Ishibashi protects his friends from discovery with his power of suggestion, John Marshall using his telepathic abilities discovers that an underground organization of Goszuls exist who wish liberate the planet.

Gucky describes to the others Perry Rhodan's plan to liberate the planet: The team will introduce an artificial disease, which initially causes a rash on the skin and then apparently attacks the brain of the person concerned, until they completely lose their memory. After some time after taking the anti-serum, which Gucky also brought from Perry Rhodan, these symptoms dissipate but with the sustainable and positive side-effect that the infected’s  intelligence is increased by an average of about 20%. Perry Rhodan expects that with the spread of the disease the Springers will flee in panic.

In order to implement this plan, Gucky and Tako Kakuta, the teleporters of the Mutant Corps, retrieve with some difficulty various gadgets and the bacteriological bombs that Gucky had hidden on his arrival on the planet.

In the second phase, John Marshall makes contact with Enzally, a telepathic Goszul and head of the underground organization. They team up, and John convinces the underground’s leaders to spread the disease by infected themselves. In the following weeks the disease spreads and not only increases chaos among the natives, but also among the Springers.

During a deployment mission, Gucky intercepts the thoughts of a Springer, who has a meeting with the Springer Patriarch. Gucky and Tako Kakuta sabotage this with plague bombs on the express orders of Perry Rhodan after it is discovered that the destruction or conquest of Earth is being planned.

Few Springer can escape the disease but nobody prevents them from leaving in an emergency evacuation as the outbreak covers the planet. The Springers impose a quarantine on the planet for at least 50 years, leaving a very valuable collection for Perry: several hundred combat robots and the unfinished prototype of a new type Springer ship.

John E McClure 2015-08-23

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37 - Ein Planet spielt verrückt
A World Gone Mad
Clark Darlton

After the flight of the Springers from the disease of forgetfulness, a plan is devised  in order to recover the combat robots left behind and to conquer the new prototype spaceship. Gucky embarks on a "humiliating" scout mission. He has to pretend to be a strange local animal as he approaches the shipyard, so that neither the abandoned chief engineer Borator nor the guard robots recognize him as a serious threat

In the meantime Topthor of the Mounder clan of Springers accepts a commission from Etztak, the influential patriarch of a major clan of the Springers, to salvage the robots and the prototype from Goszuls’ Planet. Rhodan dispatches ships to set up a detection network for when Topthor reveals his arrival by the transitions of his 13 ships. Perry sends a starfighter piloted by Sergeant Harnahan into space to hide and report to Rhodan on the movements of the Mounders. Harnahan lands on a small moon near Goszuls Planet. He takes a short walk on the planetoid with low gravity and approaches a small mountain. There in a valley Sergeant Harnahan finds not only a mysterious door, but also an even more mysterious creature. It has the form of a dazzling ball, about twice as big as a football and seems to be made of metal. This entity can talk telepathically and can show images from distant places, for example, the approaching Springer ships. The entity is in its own words about 5 million years old and supposedly knows everything about Perry Rhodan. It feeds on energy and needs some more so it can continue its journey. So it had stop here while examining ways to shorten its long waiting time which was imposed by the weak local solar energy. In return for energy, it wants to help Perry. The mysterious door on the moon is completely ignored and forgotten by Harnahan due to the communication with the unusual entity.

Meanwhile the task force, consisting of John Marshall, Tako Kakuta, Kitai Ishibashi, Tama Yokida and Gucky successfully conquer the shipyard and take the Springer's chief engineer Borator prisoner. Next Perry prepares a plan for the new arrivals, by having Kitai Ishibashi manipulate the chief engineer in order to convince Topthor that the disease of forgetfulness is both incurable and impossible to protect from catching the illness. Topthor can therefore be expected to be infected in spite of any countermeasures. Perry’s mutants help promote support for this story, and Topthor immediately flees from the planet without completing his mission.

The spherical being helps itself, Harnahan and thus Perry, by sucking the energy from the 13 Springer ships. It is completely recovered by the Springer ships’ energy. The spherical-being uses a little of its new energy reserve to contact Perry and tell him that they will meet again.

So the combat robots and the new prototype Springer ship of Perry are captured. The Springer ship is renamed GANYMED.

John E McClure 2015-08-23

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38 - Vorstoß nach Arkon
To Arkon!
Kurt Mahr


AFTER 13 YEARS Perry Rhodan can at last fulfill his promise to Thora and Khrest; to finally return to their homeworld. He plans to travel there in the newly constructed Ganymede, the latest addition to the growing Terran fleet, constructed on Earth. He doesn't think it would be appropriate, nor smart to fly there in the Stardust II. The Ganymede is a gigantic cylinder over 2500 feet tall and 600 feet in diameter. They lift off and begin the series of five hypertransitions that will take them the Arkon.

But before they can reach it, they observe a great space battle, in which the superior Arkonide forces defeat their opponents. Rhodan sends out one of the new Gazelles to observe the action close up. They rescue one of the ships being attacked by the Arkon ships. They bring it aboard, where Khrest begins to examine the body inside. He determines it was a Motuner, a non-humanoid race of methane-breathers inhabiting the planets of an extensive solar system at the edge of their globular cluster. This development worries Rhodan, because the Motuners were dealt with so ruthlessly. Even Khrest is disturbed.

When the Ganymede is fired upon, they decide to leave the battlespace and continue on to Arkon. Opening a lane, using their matter transmitter to transport bombs inside a few key ships, they quickly exit the arena filled with over 3000 Arkonide battleships.

Thora arrives on the bridge and wants to know why they fled from the Arkonide fleet. Khrest explains that they identified themselves with the proper code, but were ignored. Rhodan speculates that a fundamental change must have taken place on Arkon and in the Empire during their absence. Arkonide ship commanders have apparently been ordered to look upon anything that gets in their way as an enemy. Not even the old code signals are good anymore.

Approaching the 5000 platforms surrounding the Arkon system, armed with the heaviest gunnery conceived, wasn't easy. The Ganymede approaches the defense ring at 60% the speed of light, broadcasting the ship’s code signal unceasingly along with other radio messages. The platforms do not answer. A firestorm breaks out; a glistening wall of vast, concentrated energy shoots toward the Ganymede. A burst of acceleration puts the Ganymede more than 120,000 miles away in seconds. After the last shots had been outrun, Rhodan slows the Ganymede down. After attempting to reach anyone via hypercomm, an ominous black shadow appears; a battleship of the Stardust II class! Thora’s voice comes over the intercom, telling them not to fire; they had finally contacted Arkon!

Thora is outraged at the arrival of the battleship that begins attacking them. She and Khest contact the ship and explain who they are. The ship stops attacking. She warns the commander that if they do not leave, they will be destroyed. The voice doesn't beleive her, but tells them to wait for another escort ship and departs. A short time later, their new escort appears.

They contact the ship and are shocked to see it is manned by...Naats! Rhodan and crew are ‘captured’ by a tractor beam and towed to the Naatral spaceport on Naat, where they and their ship are impounded, immobilized beneath insurmountable energy fields. They must contact the Arkonide authority on Naat, Administrator Sergh, to negotiate their release so that they may continue to their goal.

After hours of waiting, Rhodan takes Bell and Tako Kakuta with him across the spaceport to pay a visit to the administrator. They arrive at the administrator's funnel-shaped building. Tako teleports inside to look around. He is seized by a strong force that pushes him violently upwards. He forgot to reset his transport suit gravity nullifier. After falling into a flowerbed, he begins his recon. He doesn't know that he is being observed. He carefully studies the structure of the funnel house. He tries to locate stairwells or vertical corridors connecting the various levels of the structure but finds none. He returns to his companions to report.

Sergh's young deputy, Ghorn, notices the damaged flowerbed. It looks as if somebody had fallen into it from a considerable height. Ghorn reports his findings to the administrator. He inspects the damage and the footprints. He tells the aide to follow him to the security station.

Tako reports to Rhodan and he tells him to teleport back into the building to open the portal to let he and Bell in. Tako jumps back in, opens the portal, and awaits his friends. The trio locate the grav shaft and float up to the next level. They continue their search for the administrator.

Ghorn monitors their progress while Sergh reports to Arkon. Reggie finds and greets him... with his thermobeamer. He demands to speak with the administrator. Ghorn contacts Sergh and states he has an important problem to present to him. After closing the connection, Ghorn sees two more figures appear out of thin air; Tako and Rhodan.

Ghorn leads them to Sergh, who screams at the sight of them at first, but calms down enough so they can sit and have a chat. Rhodan demands the immediate release of the ship. Sergh states he is not detaining them; the Arkon Administration is. Rhodan wants the ship released before he must fight his way out. Sergh cannot comply.

Meanwhile, Thora and Khrest are invited to see the Administrator. There arrive and float up to meet Sergh. Sergh tells them what has befallen the Empire since they left. A great machine was constructed in the past, designed to take charge of the important functions in running the Empire, should its human rulers since down to a certain level of decadence and lethargy. The greatest of all positronic computers now runs the Arkon Imperium!

Thora is aghast. Khrest is depressed. They leave Rhodan and his companions alone with the administrator and his deputy. Rhodan orders the two up so they can release the ship. They pass through a series of antigrav shafts descending terrace by terrace. Their decent is suddenly altered and all are pulled downwards with irresistible force and hurled against the floor of the next lower room. A mento-monitor had registered Sergh’s urgent, anxious thoughts and had promptly reacted to them. Sergh had chosen this passage on purpose because he knew that its walls had such a built-in monitor.

Sergh, Ghorn and Tako lost consciousness as a result of the crash, but Rhodan and Bell were only stunned, until paralyzing nerve gas sprayed from jets in the room. All inhaled the gas and paralyzed, but Rhodan and Bell remain conscious, in a daze. A dozen helmeted figures emerge from the four antigrav shafts and pick up the immobilized men, transporting them upstairs. They are separated from the two Arkonides and placed in a dark room, shut off from the outside world. They succumb to the fatigue caused by the gas.

When Rhodan came to again, he had no idea how much time had passed. They work on a plan to escape. He sends Tako to recon. He discusses a plan to locate and destroy the tractor field generators and controls, to prevent Serge from holding them or any other ships. Tako returns and reports they are on the 43d floor, in what seems to be a prison or detention area. He orders Tako to take the thermobeamer, jump outside and carefully shoot off the door lock.

Tako disappears and soon the door is open. Rhodan and Bell rush out of the room. He sends Bell and Tako to locate the surveillance room, then Tako will return for him. Rhodan waits until Tako and Bell disappear, then sets out on his own way to confuse his opponent. He shoots out two windows, setting off an alarm, runs halfway around the funnel’s interior, forces entry into another room, then uses one of the antigrav shafts leading downstairs. This should confuse them! He reaches the 10th floor without a problem, but then his luck runs out and all hell breaks loose!

A man wearing a uniform shoots out of a lower tunnel, part of Sergh’s palace guard. He reaches into his side pocket to get a weapon or a comm unit. Rhodan jumps forward and knocks him unconscious. He procedes, fighting off Arkonides on every floor, until he reaches the antigrav tunnel leading down into the funnel stem, were he arrived at the room to wait for Tako.

Bell passes through a series of Sergh’s private rooms until he finally reaches the room Tako described for him. He activates the video instruments and the screens light up. He uses one to search the uppermost room of the funnel stem, finding Rhodan Tako. Rhodan tells him to keep watch over them.

Rhodan sends Tako ahead to search each room and describe the machines in each, searching for the tractor field controls. It takes six jumps until he locates it. He tells Tako to destroy a telecom device interfering with their communications. Bell sees both on his videoscreens and watches as Tako raises his thermobeamer, aims, and suddenly hears a roaring sound in his receiver as the telecom began to activate its energy reserves. He warns them that the telecom has a mento-fuse! It goes off and knocks all three unconscious.

Perry awakens in the sickbay of the Ganymede, surprised. Dr. Manoli tells him Bell and Kakuta are in the next cabin and that they had all arrived in unmanned gliders, accompanied by robots. He learns that Thora and Khrest's permission to fly to Arkon has been revoked, probably by the Robot Regent. Rhodan apologizes to Thora, but she says not to worry; she has faith he will find another way for them to return to Arkon.

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39 - Die Welt der drei Planeten
The World of the Three Planets
K.H. Scheer

With the Ganymede secured on the Planet Naat\'s spaceport by tractor beams, and having to face the fact that Sergh, the Arkonide Administrator of Naat can not help him in anyway...Rhodan decides to take matters into his own hands. He tells his men to get a Gazelle ready, and the Teletransmitter crew to prepare to send the Gazelle with 50 veterans of the Vega battles to Arkon.

Khrest and Thora are shocked at the plan and finally relay to Perry their final secret. Arkon consists of three worlds...Arkon #1 The Crystal Planet where the inhabitants live, Arkon #2 is the world of commerce where all commercial interests for the Empire take place. Arkon #3 is the War world where the Robot Brain and all the fleets and war factories are housed.

Rhodan makes the decision to go to Arkon #1 and confront the Imperator of the Arkonide realm. They travel via teletransmitter to the Crystal World and rematerialize within the atmosphere, thus countering any reactions from the defenses of the planet as anything within the atmosphere is deemed \'safe\'.

After flying according to Khrest and Thora\'s directions...to see the sights, they land at a remote gorge and plan their next steps. Thora summons a vehicle which can be done freely by any Arkonide and Perry sets out with Khrest, Thora and a number of mutants to the Crystal Palace. With the mutants abilities, they are able to breach the security of the palace and confront the Imperator, Orcast XXI in his bed chamber. They quickly realize that Orcast cannot help them in any way as he is just a puppet to the Robot Brain. Although this is the case, Orcast does provide help in telling them of Admiral Kenos who is of the old breed of Arkonides. Admiral Kenos is in charge of recruiting alien races to man the Arkonide fleets as the Arkonides are no longer able to do so.

Andre Noir clears Orcast\'s mind of their encounter and they set forth to find Admiral Kenos. They reach his house and Thora goes in to arrange whatever she can with the Admiral. 4 hours after she goes in, the Admiral\'s wife appears and asks Rhodan and his men to join them at the house. They travel there and Rhodan meets with the Admiral, and is very impressed by his bearing. The Admiral inspects Rhodan\'s men and says that with 20 million of them, he could restore the Empire. He agrees to help Rhodan and arranges for them to be recruited into the ranks of the Empire.

Khrest, Thora, Rhodan and his men travel to Arkon #3 The War World to be inducted into the Arkonide forces. They arouse some suspicion when they all test at higher levels of intelligence than most Arkonides. The fact that they are impersonating Zeklonides from Zeklon 5 who were in the Zoltral family army, and thus were given Hypno Schooling allows them to allay the suspicion and they are ordered aboard the Veast Ark, a spaceship of the Universe class measuring 5000 feet in diameter.

They board the vessel and begin training with the equipment and the layout of the ship. While they are doing this Rhodan being to devise a plan as to how they will escape. Things come to a head when the Robot Brain announces that 1500 Naat\'s and 5000 new battle robots will board the vessel within 4 hours. At the same time this happens, the Naat controller boards the Ganymede to find out that Rhodan and a number of his men are missing. He send a report to the Robot Brain immediately. Alarms begin to go off on the Veast Ark, and Rhodan urges his men into action. Ivan Gorataschin goes to the bridge and is able to enter before the door are shut by the Robot Brain. There with his power, he sets off a small detonation in the robot remote control unit which freed up the controls of the ship.

Rhodan, Khrest and Thora take control of the Veast Ark while the rest of the men defend the bridge from the 500 battle robots that were already onboard the ship. The battle rages on, and Rhodan manages to launch the ship. While taking off they are attacked by a number of ships and defences and the Vest Ark repulses them as if they were nothing. Rhodan orders an emergency transition to the 5th planet of the Arkon system where the Ganymede is held captive. He tells Thora to send out \'three Dragons\' code signal before transition and the Ganymede is prepared to free itself from the spaceport with its weapons and with the teletransmitter.

The Ganymede launches and the Veast Ark sweeps over the spaceport causing massive destruction due to its size and speed. Rhodan order Col. Freyt who is in charge of the Ganymede to link up with the Veast Ark and they make another transition. Luckily, a large number of ships transition in to the 5th planet at the same time as Rhodan tranisitons. The short hop of 3 light years allows them the time to firmly link up with the Ganymede so Freyt can send over 800 men to help finish the battle with the robots.

With the help of the men from the Ganymede, the rest of the robots are finished off, and the Veast Ark belongs to Rhodan. He says that he will rename this ship The Titan. As things settle down somewhat, they begin to plan their next steps.

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40 - Aktion gegen Unbekannt
Challenge of the Unknown
Clark Darlton

Perry Rhodan renames VEAST'ARK, the captured super battleship, to the TITAN.

It is true that the GANYMED has the new invention of the Springers, the structure compensator, which camouflage transitions to and from hyperspace, but the TITAN does not have this new technology. Therefore Rhodan performs transitions through places of the Empire where there are many spaceships. Thus he manages to outsmart the Robot Regent of Arkon by the fifth transition. He comes out of hyperspace near the planet Zalit, where he wants to hide from the Arkonide pursuers. His arrival is not hidden from the government of Zalit and it sends intercept ships. To find out what's coming, Rhodan uses a team of the Mutant Corps. Ralf Marten is to mentally enter a crew member of the approaching ships. He enters a Mooff. Ras Tschubai, Tako Kakuta and Gucky teleport to one of the ships and inadvertently cause a little chaos. There Gucky also discovered a Mooff and learns via his telepathic abilities that the Mooffs have telepathic and weak suggestor capabilities, so they can mentally affect other beings.

Rhodan ends up in Tagnor a city of 30 million inhabitants and immediately has an audience with the local ruler. The Zarlt explains that he is not too happy being under the rule of non-Arkonides and especially a robot brain. He wants to change this situation personally in his favor. Here Rhodan offers to help with his ship and its capabilities. In return, the Zarlt is willing to hide him on his planet from the positronic brain.

Initially Rhodan has the mistaken belief that the Mooffs are kept as polygraphs and pets, but soon it becomes crystal-clear that they control and dominate the entire ruling class of Arkonide descendants on Zalit. So it appears the current Zarlt Demesor is the murderer of his predecessor. Advantageously for Mooffs is that that the Demesor has similar objectives as the jellyfish-like Mooffs and minimal manipulation is needed.

Rhodan holds the Zarlt off with the release of the secret to the unrecognized landing on Arkon and decides to use the Mutant Corps to secretly kill the Mooffs. He wants the people free from the yoke of the present Zarlt and therefore also support the fast growing underground movement against the despot. The movement receives encouragement on the one hand with the absence of the suggestions of the dead Mooffs and other hand by the negative behavior of Zarlt Demesor. It turns out that there still must be at least another group behind the Mooffs, because they alone can physically have no interest in the control of the Empire. Also, it is neither in their nature nor their politics.

As a government takeover still militates against Rhodan’s future plans, he secretly prevents a revolution and waits with the rebels for their time.

John E McClure 2015-08-23

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41 - Der Partner des Giganten
The Partner of the Giant
Clark Darlton

Ace title: The Giant's Partner

Rogal, a fighter of the underground organization, tries to assassinate the Zarlt Demesor. While this is possible, he only kills a robot, not the Zarlt. He is captured, mentally squeezed and forced to betray his friends by the Mooffs and their abilities. The attempt to arrest the other rebels fails.

There are new Mooffs imported which will continue to be killed undetected by the Mutant Corps. Zarlt Demesor pressures Perry Rhodan to have him make the secret about the capture of TITAN known and to enter into the conspiracy to overthrow the Robot Regent. The Zarlt informed the Positronic brain on Arkon that his space fleet managed to ascertain the location of the TITAN, but he did not say that it is present on the Zalit private spaceport. The Zarlt also asked for support of Arkon’s robot fleet. The Zarlt also bans Perry Rhodan the from leaving. Demesor’s goal is to hijack the TITAN and use the ship to increase the chances of his coup attempt.

Using one of GANYMED’s Fiktiv transmitter Perry escapes unnoticed with a Gazelle and contacts the Robot Regent. Perry explained the truth to him and supported his statement with the statements of the Empire loyal Commodore Zernif and the real location of the TITAN. So the Regent must acknowledge as part of the logic that Perry appears to be aligning with the Empire, and they agree that Perry will help the Robot Regent against Demesor. He receives the TITAN as payment.

Back to Zalit, a diversion of the rebels also unnoticed, Zarlt Demesors offers an invitation to Perry followed by John Marshall and Bully. With the help of some Mooffs, the Zarlt wants to force Perry and his friends to cooperate. Perry and his friends are captured. The Mutant Corps with the underground fighters lead the revolution. Gucky watches telepathically what happenes to Perry. When it is critical, Gucky can save time by using his additional capabilities of teleportation and telekinesis to release the prisoners. Here Zarlt Demesor is killed.

Through the successful change of government Perry proves to the Robot Regent that he acts in the interests of the empire, and so is "Partner of the Giant."

John E McClure 2015-08-23

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42 - Raumschiff TITAN funkt SOS
SOS: Spaceship TITAN!
Kurt Brand

To meet with the GANYMED, Thora suggests the planet Honur orbiting the sun Thatrel as a meeting place. However, this planet has been under galactic quarantine since around 12,538 BC. The Dust Desert, Bully lovingly calls the wasteland, seems to harbor no risks. The TITAN comes in to land. They are greeted by the local people who call themselves the chastened, but are referred to by Perry Rhodan as Honos. They seem to be descendants of Arkonides, but these are degenerates. Apathetic, they sit in front of the spaceship and seem hardly to notice the crew. With them, they carry the seemingly innocuous Nonus-bears, which are ogled by the crew. After a short time the spaceman are crazy about the animals and keep them as pets.

Rhodan meanwhile ponders the question of why this planet appears to be so unrealistically harmless. To substantiate his doubts, he takes a scout Gazelle with Julian Tifflor, the Arkonide Crest and Wuriu Sengu, to investigate the wilderness closer. Also joining them is the mousebeaver Gucky, who is bothered by the "stench" of the crew’s new favorite pets. While exploring, the spacemen find several Arkonide wrecks and other vessels and examine them in detail. In the completely demolished and dismantled shipwrecks, Gucky and Sengu find skeletons in the rooms, which are completely undressed and lie partly under meters of dust. Rhodan decides to return to TITAN, but meanwhile there the Nonus plague has erupted. The Argonin pathogen is threatening the lives of the 700 crew, including Bully and Thora.

Rhodan and his companions manage with great difficulty to bring the TITAN in their possession, while the SOS sparks an attack by robot ships that the GANYMED destroys. Thes scientists on the  GANYMED find out that the Nonus-bears are of artificial nature and carry the pathogens, but a cure for the 700 infected is not found.

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43 - Rauschgifthändler der Galaxis
Dealers of the Galaxy
Kurt Mahr

Ace title: Beware the Microbots

The 700 affected crew members are replaced by 800 new crew members that the GANYMED brought from Terra. Originally, the newcomers were to bring the crew of the TITAN up to its target strength of 1,500 men, but now Perry Rhodan must again make do with an inexperienced skeleton crew. He decides to fly back to Honur to find the perpetrators of this artificially induced disease and to eventually find an antidote for it. The poison is based on the inert gas argon, and is referred to as Argono-hexylamine or Argonin. The disease known as Nonus plague causes a state of hyper-euphoria among those affected.

Landing again at the old location, Rhodan sends two teams via land and in the air in order to analyze the world in more detail and to find the suspected stronghold of the originator.

Ultimately four adversaries disguised as Honos lead the away team into a trap. It turns out that the Argonin is not only transmitted by the Nonus-bears, but also by five centimeter long robotic flies that can even pierce through the material of the protective suits. Only Lieutenant Julian Tifflor and the two sergeants, O'Keefe and Halligan, manage to escape infection. They then find the base, are captured, but free themselves and O'Keefe informs the TITAN by means of a radio message. Rhodan then overwhelms the base with 500 men, but they did not find a cure for the Nonus-plague.

Crest identifies the dead base personnel as Aras, a branch race of the Springers, who have specialized in medicine and disease and - as the Nonus plague proves - generate each to their advantage. So they not only produce 95% of all drugs, but also 99% of all drugs in the Milky Way.

Because Ganymede has also brought a structural compensator made for the TITAN, Rhodan has no objections to a flight to Arkon, hoping there to learn more about the Aras and possibly obtain from the Robot Regent an antidote.

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44 - Der Mensch und das Monster
Man and Monster
K.H. Scheer

Perry Rhodan is faced with the following problem: half of his crew is suffering from the life-threatening illness – Nonus-Plague. He needs the help of the Robot Regent of the Great Empire to find the author of the disease – the Aras. However, the robot psychologist, Dr. Orson Certch warns Perry Rhodan not to show a large number of the diseased to the Regent. This would thereby significantly lower the value of the Terrans and therefore drive the Regent to look for better assistants. Ultimately, Perry Rhodan decides to admit to only a small number of patients and therefore informs the Robot Regent that only Thora, Reginald Bull and six other crew members are affected.

Rhodan assumes that the Aras are also behind the Mooffs and the attempted coup by the Zalites. But the Regent is primarily interested in the total submission of the Mooffs or to their destruction. The Regent has already decided to do this in Rhodan's absence, since it does not see itself in a position to dominate beings with supernatural abilities. Based on Rhodan’s latest findings, he asks the Robot Regent not to act in the Mooff system at its sole discretion, to stop the already arranged destruction and allow Rhodan to possibly to find evidence of the machinations of the Aras. For this purpose, Rhodan receives the necessary power. He sends the Arkonide forces home and examines Mooff VI for clues of a base. Perry Rhodan first receives telepathically several warnings of anunknown origin, which try to keep him from finding the base and landing. While the crew of the TITAN scan the planet for Mooffs, they are later attacked by a master-singer – a man-made life form. They can teleport over short distances, and give the melodic sounds. However, they have no brain and can therefore only be controlled remotely.

Perry Rhodan leave alone many of the attacking Mooffs and destroy the master singers, the people attacking the latter always get support from the strangers. Ultimately, he finds the base and conquers it - despite a recent telepathic warning from a being that is now called Trorth - and captures some Aras live. They are interrogated immediately. So he learns that on Mooff VI only the Syntho Teleporters are produced, but that there is no connection to Honur and therefore even here there is no antidote. However, he also receives a reference to Aralon, the main world of Aras, the only place where an antiserum can still be found.

Finally Rhodan decides to destroy the Ara-Base, but to spare the Mooffs and their planet – the race he holds harmless because of their organic inadequacies. Suddenly Trorth asks for a personal interview and the Terrans get a surprise. It turns out that Trorth is a Mooff. His warnings were misunderstood. The Mooffs are peaceful and apolitical beings, but their children were kidnapped by the Aras and misused. This created a false impression of Trorth’s people on Zalit. Perry Rhodan is tormented by remorse and self-reproach. Trorth forgives their sins, and they seal a future of mutual peace and friendship. Fifty Mooffs volunteer to go on board the TITAN to assist the Terrans in finding the cure.

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45 - Seuchenherd Aralon
Epidemic Center: Aralon
Clark Darlton

Perry Rhodan travels back to Arkon to submit to the Robot Regent further evidence about the machinations of the Aras that he found on Mooff VI. But he conceals that besides Thora, Reginald Bull and six other crew members also about half his crew is suffering from the Nonus-Plague.

The Regent decides its logic is to authorize Rhodan with full powers on Aralon, the home planet of the Aras. He sent him the system’s coordinates and additionally provides a robotic battle fleet. However, it warns him not to groundless attack Aralon since Aras are still urgently needed.

Crest has Rhodan understand that he had practical experience with the High Command  over a Arkonide battle fleet.

Rhodan jumps to Aralon and sends Lieutenant Julian Tifflor and Wuriu Sengu in a Gazelle with Thora who is in deep sleep. Tifflor pretends to be a traitor who has amorous feeling for Thora and ultimately brings Themos, the inventor of Nonus-Plague and the associated counter-agent, to heal Thora. As it turns out by their questioning of Thora after waking that the Aras discover that the alleged traitor lied. Themos decides that the two people should be dissected alive. Since Tifflor continues to have the tracking device provided by IT implanted, Gucky can monitor the events using his telepathic abilities and decide when is the right time for Rhodan's intervention. When the situation becomes critical, Rhodan ends up with the TITAN and GANYMED on Aralon, but keeps his battle fleet hidden in the system. Rigorously he freed the prisoners with Gucky and a delegation of combat robots. Also, the antiserum against Nonus-Plague is seized.

Themos dies by his own carelessness. Gucky does not help – on Thora's explicit request. He disobeys the direct command of Rhodan. But since it was not to murder, but to not render assistance in the specific circumstances, Rhodan dispensed punishment.

Because the Aras can not match the military power of Rhodan, call the Mounders for help who send Talamon wh happens to be nearby. Talamon immediately flies with 100 spaceships to Aralon. Even before completion of the rescue operation, Talamon with ten ships opened, fire on TITAN while still standing on the landing field. But the Mounders cannot break through their shields. Rhodan immediately ordered the robot flleet fleet to fight and Talamon who recognizes the overwhelming power, at lightning speed stops any further attack.

However Talamon knows nothing of the evil machinations of the Aras. He even reacts with anger at their treachery and is therefore spared by Rhodan. Talamon is deeply impressed by Rhodan's approach and is the first friend among the Springers of the Terrans.

Among the restrictions - free healing of all infected peoples by the Aras, no more production of pathogens - Rhodan also spared Aralon because he wants to not destroy an entire people. The Arkonide Empire cannot do without the medical knowledge of the Aras.

In a conversation with Rhodan, Crest and Thora thank him for his tireless efforts for the sake of the Empire and the Arkonide people. As he has in turn not forgotten the basis on which he achieved his successes, he returns the thanks and the team is doing well and now resulting friendship with the Arkonide center, which In addition may be the Arkonide Empire’s only benefit.. Perry recognizes Thora’s love and is confident that his hopes will be fulfilled.

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46 - Geschäfte mit Arkon-Stahl
Business with Arkon Steel
Kurt Brand

Ace title: Project: Earthsave

Despite Perry Rhodan's energetic approach to Aralon, the galactic physicians are not yet ready to throw in the towel and make plans to destroy Rhodan and Terra. Gegul, who is responsible for Aralon’s safety, takes a leading role in the planning and will soon send Ara-couriers throughout the galaxy to contact the Springer patriarchs.

Meanwhile, Rhodan, has received a "vacation" from the Robot Regent, but before he can leave M-13, his new friend Talamon asks for a conference. He reports that the Springers are being blackmailed by the Aras to destroy Terra and a patriarch meeting will that take place in the near future in a yet undisclosed location. He offers to Rhodan his honestly meant help, which in turn Rhodan offers Arkon-T-steel from the spaceship graveyard on Honur as a thank you. Talamon takes time to consider the offer.

In the meantime, the Aras determine as the venue, Laros 18, a moon of the planet Gom in the Gonom system, , where they have their large, partly secret laboratories. They assume that they have the appropriate resources available there to protect the planned meeting from any disruptive events, as they have learned the appropriate lessons from the events at Goszuls Planet.

Rhodan and Talamon reach an agreement. In their first joint action, they deceive the Robot Regent and the Springers about the departure of the TITAN and GANYMED to Terra. Under the protection of its structure compensator, GANYMED actually flies to Earth. The TITAN hides 8000 light years away from Arkon until it intercepts any hyper radio messages that indicate new crimes by the Aras.

To verify the information, the Terrans fly to the planet Exsar, which is inhabited by the only Springer clan who refused to send a patriarch to the meeting. Lieutenant Julian Tifflor reaches the planet with a Gazelle and confirms with his own eyes that the 3-hour rhythm plague has infected the planet as a punishment by Gegul. Two hundred thousand people are infected each day with this disease. Using the hyper radio station on the planet, Tifflor informs the Milky Way. Subsequently, the TITAN withdraws to Honur.

The Aras deny any connection with the disease and as a sign of their good will send a free ambulance ship with more than 6,000 physicians and all stocks of g/Z 45, the only antidote. The damage is enormous and Gegul is sentenced and executed in a summary trial to death in a converter. His plan for the destruction of Terra is pursued now under the leadership of the chief biologist Keklos on Laros. He is the most brilliant biologist of his people. In massive trials and cruel experiments he tried on the one hand to explore the secret of eternal life and develop the other hand, the so-called Bios from the enigmatic base substance of Gom: highly resistant organic creatures with very low intelligence.

Informed by Talamon about time and place of the meeting, Rhodan goes to the Gonom system. With the aid of the Springer, a Gazelle infiltrates Laros with the mutants Ivan Ivanovich Goratschin, Kitai Ishibashi, Tako Kakuta, John Marshall, Wuriu Sengu, Betty Toufry, Ras Tschubai and Tama Yokida, all under the leadership of Reginald Bull. Their primary goal - that Talamon does not even know - is the manipulation of the memory sector of a single alien positronicon with new position data of the Earth in Topthor’s flagship. Although the mutants are repeatedly attacked by an unknown paranormal power, they manage the complex project and "Terra" is now the third planet of the Betelgeuse system, 272 light years away from its actual location. Subsequently, the mutants even disrupt the Assembly, but they can no longer influence a favorable vote result for Terra. The Springers decide to attack more often and more brutally. At the last minute they succeed in escaping from Laros in the Gazelle.

The actions of the mutants do not remain hidden from Keklos. He even discovers Talamon’s duplicity, but he can prove nothing without betraying the secret of the Gom basic substance. Moreover Topthor, Talamons best friend, also suspects that Perry Rhodan has his finger in the pie. But firstly Topthor is upset about the machinations of the Aras and secondly Talamon has asked him to join him in a business venture with the prospect of high profits.

In the meantime, the Gazelle is suddenly captured by an incredibly strong, telekinetic power and forced to crash on Gom. Marshall can just inform Gucky telepathically about the most important details before he faints. Rhodan, who must not betray his presence to protect Terra, must wait for the end of the meeting and watch the developments on Gom.

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47 - Gom antwortet nicht
The Silence of Gom
Kurt Mahr

The Gazelle, with Reginald Bell and his Mutant Corps team, was able to escape Laros but was taken by a mysterious telekinetic force to crash on the planet Gom in the Twilight Zone. All have survived and have found refuge in a cave during a violent storm.

The approximately Saturn sized planet is indeed an oxygen world, however, people are exposed to massive stresses due to a surface gravity of 1.9 g, an air pressure of about 20 bars and outdoor temperatures from 100 to 500 degrees Celsius.

After the storm subsided, the telepath John Marshall and Betty Toufry receive faint contact with a semi-intelligent, flat creature that stands out only by a change in color of the floor and looks like a brownish varnish stain or a flounder. Initially curious, it approaches the cave, find the Terrans not interesting and leaves.

The telepathic attempt to make contact with Gucky on the TITAN fails. Apparently the superimposed transmission of the strong but senseless thought impulses originating from Gom are interfering and so they have no other choice but to wait.

Almost one Earth day long they spend in idleness. But suddenly the wreck of the Gazelle has disappeared. Tako Kakuta finds out via a short teleport jump that there is an incalculably large stain that can be seen from his long-range reconnaissance All at once as if under hypnotic influence Ivan Ivanovich Goratschin, Kitai Ishibashi, Wuriu Sengu and Tama Yokida embark and stand on the flounder and likewise disappear. The suspicion is that both ship and mutants were "eaten".

Again pass uneventful hours, until they are surprisingly attacked by the large stain creatures. They flee at first, but then have to face up to the fight, only to find that they have no chance against the two-kilometer-long and half a kilometer wide flounder. By chance, Marshall discovers a apparently man-made hole leading deep into the ground. Since the flounder cannot seem to follow them, they decide to escape into the tunnels.

The TITAN under Perry Rhodan continues to condemn the inaction because the patriarch conference still continues. Gucky believes he is receiving signals, but cannot fix on them because of the telepathic "noise" existing in this sector. Nevertheless, hope rises that there are survivors.

The small force with Reginald Bull, meanwhile, has found that the passage leads to an enigmatic system consisting of chambers and tunnels. The temperature is maintained at 14.3 degrees Celsius. Marshall receives hostile impulses and in one of the chambers, which is full of small flounders, they find the unconscious Goratschin. To all appearances, he was protected by his spacesuit before digestion. His rescue provokes a massive attack of Gom-being. Since the beings can only perceive two dimensions, but manages to escape via random steps created with thermal beamers. Then Marshall perceives a clearly formulated telepathic kill command which is directly followed by an armed attack by Ara-Bios. The Terrans technically have nothing to oppose this massive assault force. In a desperate attempt it is possible for the two telepaths to direct the Bios to retreat via suggestion.

Due to the sudden emergence of Bios, Marshall develops a theory. He suspects that the Aras have only therefore settled on Laros to use the Goms, as he referred to the flounders, for the basic substance in the production of the Bios. It is his opinion must be an environmentally sealed vacuum chamber created as a huge maternity ward with temperature regulation.

After finding the vacuum chamber, the pressure can be brought relatively easy to tolerable conditions for humans. It proves to be a good place to take off the space suits. Only in this way they have the chance to get to use the food concentrates they carried from the Gazelle. During this rest break Marshall succeeds in getting in touch with one of the Over-Goms - the merger of many Goms into an intelligent and conscious being. It turns out that the Goms are not very well-disposed toward the Aras and the Over-Gom by clarifying some misconceptions promises to show the Terrans a way out of the facility.

Once outside, they are attacked by two hundred Bios that just landed. While Tako Kakuta tries to seize one of the attackers’ flying discs,  the other fight desperately against the overwhelming force and are saved only by the intervention of Goratschin who the awakens at the last moment. He destroys all Bios with a nuclear explosion. Because they are so close to the action, they lose consciousness for an extended period.

Tako realizes that his captured flying aircraft is remote controlled and he does everything possible to override the remote control mechanism controlled from Laros. Even Reginald Bull, again awakened from unconsciousness, tries to make contact with Tako Kakuta to help him get a flying disc in his control. However, this proves to be extremely stressful and difficult because of the planetary conditions.

After the destruction of the first group of Bios, the Aras attack again. First, they send another four hundred Bios. Second, they command the Goms to capture the enemies and deliver them to the Aras or they will cause the destruction of at least half of the Gom-substance. The Goms give in to the pressure and combine to create a thousand square kilometers of Over-Gom and along with the now landed Bios begin their attack on the Terrans. Ras Tschubai and Marshall may still emit a coded cry for help to the TITAN prior to the battle using the partially disabled flight boat. During the fight the three missing mutants appear entirely unexpectedly and Tako can positively influence events with the conquered flight disc.

Ultimately, however, the TITAN comes to the rescue. Since the meeting of the Springer is over and their fleet has left the Gonom system, Perry Rhodan can at last intervene. Gucky calls on the super-Gom to retreat. The castaways are taken on board and the TITAN attacks Laros. With an Arkon bomb set so that the Aras have enough time for an evacuation, the moon is destroyed.

From Talamon, Rhodan learns of a hyper radio message that states the attack on Earth is decided and to be carried out shortly. The TITAN sets course for Earth.

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48 - Rotes Auge Beteigeuze
Red Eye Of Betelgeuse
Clark Darlton

After a six month absence, Perry Rhodan returns to the earth with the TITAN and briefly reports on television about his expedition to Arkon. He describes how it looks in the Great Imperium and how he came into possession of the TITAN. He also reports about the Robot Regent and the threat it represents to the Earth. The Robot Regent doesn't yet know where it can find the Earth, but it will continue to look for it and, probably, someday find it.

Perry Rhodan describes a plan that he wants to implement which will convince both the Robot Regent and the Springers that they have destroyed the Earth. However, in reality they would destroy the third planet of the giant sun Betelgeuse. Consequently, the Terrans would have years and possibly even decades in order to build up the defenses of the Earth. However, Rhodan's plan requires that the Springers don't get so close to the third planet of Betelgeuse before launching their Arkon bombs that they see through the bluff due to the undeveloped nature of the planet.

Rhodan wants two of his ships, the CENTURION and the TERRA, to set off for Betelgeuse, but he does not want them to take Pucky. Thus, the mouse-beaver sneaks on board of the CENTURION, commanded by Major Deringhouse. This ship, along with the TERRA, commanded by Major McClears, flies to the Betelgeuse System in order to feign the defense of the Earth against the Springers.

The CENTURION overflies the fourth planet of the Betelgeuse System. John Marshall names the planet "Akvo (Aqua)" because ninety percent of its surface is covered with water. While orbiting the planet, the Terrans detect round, metallic buildings that stand in the water only a short distance from the shore of one of the planet's continents. Shortly afterwards, the CENTURION is grasped by a tractor ray which pulls it down to the surface of the planet. Pucky recognizes the base personnel's brain wave patterns as Topides.

The Terrans take advantage of the situation and deceive the Topides by stating they are Springers who stole a ship of the Arkonides. After a short talk with the commander of the Topides, Al-Khor, Deringhouse and Marshall are taken to a cell. A gazelle from the TERRA with Major McClears and Lieutenant Tifflor aboard also approaches Akvo and is forced to land. Stopped by the Topides, they speak of the forthcoming invasion of the system by their clan which suspects the presence of a deadly enemy in the system. They are then locked up on an artificial island in an underwater room with transparent walls and floor.

Al-Khor interrogates Deringhouse and Marshall. He accuses them of not warning him about the forthcoming Springer invasion. After his departure, Pucky joins Marshall and Deringhouse and gives them weapons, to include a psycho-radiator. They escape and destroy the dome where they were locked up. Pucky has some fun and makes several of the Topides do acrobatics thru his telekinetic abilities. The Terrans reach the coast and make contact with the natives who resemble giant seals. They manage to conclude an alliance against the Topides.

The CENTURION takes off after having opened fire on the Topide facilities and joins the TERRA in orbit.

Al-Khor sends a message placing the entire Betelgeuse System in a state of alert. Wor-Lok, the commander-in-chief of Topide forces in the system, decides to repulse the expected Springer invasion without waiting for reinforcements. Al-Khor opposes Wor-Lok and his plan.

The Topides want to execute McClears and Tifflor and take them to an underwater lock to be drowned. Pucky intervenes, frees the prisoners and floods the artificial island base. On the Earth, Perry Rhodan is informed of the situation. He decides to play the Topides against the Springers. He orders Deringhouse to fly to the third planet.

The final result of all the above events: the Terrans have made the Topides, without their knowledge, into alleged war allies who will defend the false "earth" in the Betelgeuse System against the Springer aggressors.

Michael Mahoney 2015-09-30

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49 - Die Erde stirbt
The Earth Dies
Clark Darlton

A fleet of the Mounders attacks the Betelgeuse System. The CENTURIAN and the TERRA detect a large number of transitions corresponding to the arrival of the Springer fleet. The TITAN with Perry Rhodan on board is also present in the Betelgeuse System. On his side, the Topide Commander, Al-Khor, fortifies the third planet, thinking that the Springers will first attack the fourth planet, Akvo (Aqua). The Terran vessels attack the hostile Mounder ships making it appear as if the Earth is mounting a massive defense. At the same time, Al-Khor asks the Autocrat (the dictator of Topide) for help. The Autocrat promises to send only two ships but lets Al-Khor know he still expects a Topide victory.

At the time of his arrival in the Betelgeuse System, the Mounder Topthor immediately realizes that it is not the Sol System despite the presence of Perry Rhodan’s flagship, the TITAN. In turn, the Topides are surprised that the Mounders attack the third planet and not the fourth. Suspicion begins to grow among some of the Mounders and Topides that something is not quite right. The MV-13, a Topide cruiser, is hit by the TOP-II, Topthor’s flagship, and crashes on Akvo. It in turn opens fire on the TOP-II that breaks in two and crashes on Akvo. Topthor makes contact with Ber-Ka, the Topide commander of the MV-13, and, as a result, he begins to more clearly understand the trick that Rhodan has played on them all. Ber-Ka and Topthor leave together with a caterpillar vehicle for the Control Central of the Topides on Akvo.

The Topide reinforcements arrive but they are defeated and destroyed by the Mounders.

Ber-Ka and Topthor reach the Control Central but they argue over who will use the hypercom first. Topthor kills Ber-Ka and succeeds in contacting Cekztel, the oldest Mounder patriarch and, thus, the Commander-in-Chief of all Mounder ships in the Betelgeuse System. However, Pucky intervenes in time. He interrupts the connection between Topthor and Cekztel before any important information can be divulged to Cekztel; then he kills Topthor and puts the hypercom out of order.

On the third planet, Al-Khor unleashes the full power of the planetary defenses at his command and destroys half of Cekztel’s fleet. In turn, Cekztel sends the patriarch Bernda in search of Topthor. Finally, Cekztel ends up releasing an Arkon bomb on the third planet of the Betelgeuse System, which is ultimately destroyed. Believing he has finally destroyed the Earth, Cekztel prepares to depart the Betelgeuse System with his fleet.

The CENTURION overflies Akvo and drops a bomb on the Topides and Mounders who have banded together. Bernda and Gatzek, Topthor’s second in command, have already left in search of Topthor. Bernda moves away, interested by some plants. Ras Tschubai teleports himself with Deringhouse into the Topide Control Central and discover the corpses of Topthor and Ber-Ka.

Upon their return on the CENTURION, Tschubai and Deringhouses meet Pucky who has no remorse on having killed Topthor. Pucky then returns to the TITAN.

Perry Rhodan follows Cekztel’s fleet. The TITAN materializes with turned off structure compensators amid the Mounder formation. After Pucky teleports outside the ship with an atomic bomb, Rhodan puts down an emergency radio message, which he purposely ensures the Mounders will be able to intercept. He tells about the destruction of the Earth and his intent to flee with a defective structure compensator. During the radio message, he gives Pucky the order to ignite the bomb and breaks off the emergency radio message during the statement regarding the jump coordinates. As a result, the Mounders are tricked into believing they see a ship which, during the initiation of a transition, is torn apart by an explosion due to the defective structure compensators. Cekztel and the Mounders are convinced that Perry Rhodan himself has finally been defeated and killed.

Through the faked annihilation of the Earth and the TITAN, the Terrans now have time to strengthen their empire undisturbed. Perry Rhodan has succeeded in securing a peace for the Earth that will last for several decades to come.

Michael Mahoney 2015-10-02

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