999 - Heimkehr
Return Home
H.G. Francis

The Base heads for Martappon and Rhodan is met by the two Orbiters in charge of the Machine: Papriestal and Shakan. They tell Rhodan that they recognize the aura of the Knight of the Abyss in Rhodan. Soon thereafter, Jen Salik arrives on Martappon and meets with Rhodan. The two mean immediately get respect for each other as they exchange their respective stories.

Then the Base resumes its course toward the Earth where Rhodan intends to report on his findings. He tells the Terrans that the confrontation between It and Seth Apophis is just beginning. When he finally gets back home, Rhodan realizes that Ribald Corello's cell activator has been stolen from his cabin. Roi Danton tells him that he intends to marry Demeter in spite of her mortality.

Cedric Beust 2003-11-07

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