997 - Straße der Psychode
The Way of the Psychodes
Ernst Vlcek

Trodar, Salik, Tekener and Thyron, who haven't realized that Trodar is actually Amtranik, arrive on Zwottertracht in Provcon-Faust. Salik, who is slowly regaining his power as a Knight of the Abyss, suspects that not only does Trodar want to destroy the Order, he also intends to discover the secret of the psychodes. The Margor Torrent finally collapses and Jen Salik recovers all his abilities.

Salik reaches the center of the pre-zwottian culture and his aura allows him to make contact with a descendant of the king Tezhor, who acknowledges him as Igsorian of Veylt after Salik tells him about the revelations he received in his dreams from Marifat and also how he received the knowledge of Harden Coonor. Tezohr and Salik capture Trodar and neutralize him with the psychodes. Then Salik, Thyron and Tekener return on the Earth.

Cedric Beust 2003-11-06

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