996 - Der letzte Waffengang
The Last Confrontation
Ernst Vlcek

The altered radiations coming from the Margor Torrent modify Amtranik's consciousness who reveals himself as Trodar, the main leader of the former Garbesch Hordes. The Vazifar arrives on the planet Brother Amos where his body is broken down in 121 distinct pieces coupled with machines.

Jen Salik convinces the Terrans to let him confront Amtranik and he leaves for Brother Amos where he starts the fight against the 121 pieces, unaware that Tekener and Thyron accompanied him on his spaceship. Jen Salik falls in a trap laid out by Amtranik-Trodar and he tells the Garbeschian that he has forgotten all his Knigh knowledge. Disappointed but victorious, Tordar takes Salik with him to Provcon-Faust where he intends to get rid of the whole Order of the Knights of the Abyss once and for all.

Cedric Beust 2003-11-06

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