995 - Der Kampf gegen die VAZIFAR
The Fight against the Vazifar
H.G. Ewers

The Vazifar flees Provcon-Faust and lands on a planet whose inhabitants attack them. GAVOK spaceships track the Vazifar and the entire crew of Laboris is captured. Amtranik escapes alone on board the Vazifar.

On Martappon, the PEW-metal stored by Armadan of Harpoon in the installations causes Jen Salik to enter a transe in which he remembers his knowledge as a Knight of the Abyss. A device projects him and Anson Argyris to another plane of existence and when they return, the Orbiters capture him while the Vario 500 flees.

With the assistance of Jennifer Thyron and Ronald Tekener, who have arrived on Martappon, Anson Argyris frees Jen Salik and they all escape and head for Imperium-Alpha.

Cedric Beust 2003-11-06

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