994 - Problem Langzeitwaffe
Delayed Weapon
H.G. Ewers

On Martappon, Anson Argyris and Jen Salik are trying to find out the device that started the space quakes. They mistakenly destroy a machine that causes the Margor Torrent to fluctuate, making Salik feel disoriented. Later, Orbiters tell him they no longer feel the Knight of the Abyss aura and they begin to doubt him. Argyris intervenes and manages to buy some time. Jen Salik is afraid that Amtranik is on his way toward Provcon-Faust where he intends to destroy the paraplasmic sphere with the Weapons of Damnation on board the Vazifar.

Salik informs Tifflor of the situation and a fleet is sent to Provcon-Faust. When Amtranik arrives in the vicinity of the dark cloud, he is faced with a powerful posbi fleet and he has to fall back. The fluctuations of the Margor Torrent allow his crew of Laboris to feel much better.

Meanwhile, the Base arrives near the Milky Way and when Pucky detects the powerful radiations coming from Provcon-Faust, Rhodan decides to stay on the safe side and to head for the World of a Hundred Suns until he can learn more about what is going on in his home galaxy.

Cedric Beust 2003-11-06

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