993 - Bastion der Bestien
The Bastion of the Beasts
Peter Terrid

The fleet approaching Shourmager is Amtranik's, because the planet happens to be the original world of the Garbeschians. However, the crystals disintegrate as they approach the planet and most of the fleet crashes on the surface when they are suddenly exposed to the Margor Torrent again.

The Gurs recognize Amtranik as their master and they start attacking the Terran base as Amtranik heads for the bastion of the Horde. When he finds it, he realizes that there is nothing left but ruins. In the meantime, ships from the GAVOK have arrived and they destroy the few spaceships left. Amtranik manages to escape on the Vazifar.

Cedric Beust 2003-11-03

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