991 - Die letzte Horde
The Last Horde
Kurt Mahr

Larsa Hiob, the science office of the Trantor, escapes and a quick exploration reveals that the Orbiters are slowly degenerating because of the Margor Torrent, which also explains why the Laboris are feeling disoriented. Hiob tries to explain all this to Amtranik but the Garbeshian refuses to listen and decides to kill the Terran crew. He is stopped by Njasi.

Jen Salik tells Tifflor that after the production devices of the Machine have been taken down, the Orbiter problem will disappear since the clones cannot reproduce and only have a life span of two hundred years.

Alurus and the Spore Ships reaches the Solar System and announces that the manipulation of the Matter Source has been stopped and that there won't be any other space quakes.

Cedric Beust 2003-11-03

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