99 - Ein Freund der Menschen
Friend To Mankind
William Voltz

At the beginning of 2045, the Arkonide, Khrest, who sees his death approaching (old age), decides to spend his last days on a peaceful planet. His choice is "Khrest's World", a planet situated 6,381 light years from Earth. The SOLAR SYSTEM, with Perry Rhodan aboard, deposits the old Arkonide on the planet and constructs a house for him. Perry also gives him a Gazelle. The SOLAR SYSTEM then departs, leaving Khrest alone.

In space drifts the KASZILL, a vessel reduced to a state of wreckage, aboard of which has been banished three criminal Unithers: Golath, Liszog and Zerft. It crashes on Khrest's World, and the three individuals immediately attempt to appropriate the Gazelle. This is protected however by an energy shield. While the Unithers prowl around the Gazelle, Khrest penetrates into the Unither ship’s wreckage but he is captured by a device.

Like most brutal criminals, Zerft, wants to kill the Arkonide at once, but his companions persuade him to let their prisoner escape. In doing so, they hope to follow him and to seize the Gazelle. However, Khrest understands the ruse and, after having escaped, he finds shelter in a tree. Upon wakening, he sees Zerft attacked by an acid-thrower. He cannot let it kill Zerft and intervenes in Zerft's favor. Zerft shows no appreciation and attacks the Arkonide who ends up killing him.

On Earth, a sculptor gets permission to erect a statue of Khrest on January 24, 2045.

Extremely tired, Khrest re-enters the Unither ship wreckage where this time he must face Liszog. This one is wounded seriously by several horned burrowers and dies. The Arkonide then returns to the Gazelle and, after having been mortally wounded while facing Golath, kills this last Unither. Before taking his last breath, Khrest manages to send a message to Earth. His last thought is for a girl whom he had known at the age of eighteen years.

Michael P. Mahoney 2007-08-29

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