989 - Die Zukunft der Orbiter
The Future of the Orbiters
H.G. Francis

The Vario 500 tells Jen Salik about the death of Harden Coonor. Fights break out on Martappon between the Orbiters and the Neo-Orbiters assisted by Teusso's fleet. The Vazifar uses the confusion to escape as Amtraniki reveals his identity before disappearing. Jen Salik, who is manifesting more and more traits of Igsorian of Veylt, goes to the central command of the Machine inside the planet and destroys all the installations that were creating the Neo-Orbiters. With the surplus of Orbiter spaceships, there is now enough transportation to evacuates the Milky Way before the third space tremor hits.

The Garbeschians try to gather their forces on Woornar as Jen Salik and a powerful fleet arrives in the system.

Cedric Beust 2003-11-03

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