986 - Das Ende der Sternenstadt
The End of the Star City
Marianne Sydow

In a distant past, the civilization of the Ysch was getting close to reaching a new consciousness level. They create a gigantic spaceship the size of a sun capable of linear travel. Inside, the fusion of immaterial and material beings progressed to a point of saturation. They eventually recognized that they were headed in the wrong spiritual direction and the spaceship disintegrated in several smaller pieces drifting in the linear space, each carrying thousands of consciousness materialized into crystals.

Thousands of years later, the crystals hit the spore ships and penetrate inside them. As the spore ships finally arrive in the Milky Way, Tifflor asks Jennifer Thyron and Ronald Tekener to make sure that the ships were sent by the Cosmocrats.

Cedric Beust 2003-11-02

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