985 - Erzfeind der Orbiter
The Enemy of the Orbiters
H.G. Ewers

As renweed space quakes destroy more planets, Jen Salik tells Quiryleinen to use the fleet of the Orbiters to evacuate the Milky Way. The order it transmitted to Martappon.

On the way to Martappon, the Laboris are temporarily perturbed for an unknown reason. Amtranik passes for Keijder, Armadan of Harpoon's Guardian of the Codes. He requests to take control of the Machine because of his former position. The Orbiters submit him to tests but using the knowledge he gained 1.2 million of years earlier, Amtranik passes them successfully. However, he has to give up his plan to create Garbeshians instead of clones because the Orbiters are still suspicious. However, he modified the programming of the clones so that they start serving the Garbeshian interests instead.

When the Jen Salik's message reaches Martappon, Amtranik tries to delay its implementation. Suspicious about Keijder-Amtranik's identity, Jen Salik and Anson Argyris look for a description of the real Guardian of the Codes. Further investigation reveal a resemblance between the Garbeshian skeleton recovered on Skuurdus-Buruhn and Keijder-Amtranik.

At the same moment, the Terrans detect the arrival of six gigantic spaceships.

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