984 - Waffen der Verdammnis
The Weapons of Damnation
H.G. Ewers

On the spaceship Vazifar, Amtranik wakes up after a 1.25 million year sleep. He is a Garbeschian and he observes how a race called the Laboris is defeating unknown spaceships. Amtranik takes the lead of the Laboris and realizes that the installations on Hay Hayyat haven't been activated by the arrival of the Hordes of Garbesch but by the recent space tremors that have shaken the galaxy. Familiar with the Orbiters' history, he decides to head for Martappon and take control of the Machine, with the ultimate goal of reprogramming the cloning machines to create Garbeschians instead of Orbiters.

Veled, one of the enemies of the Laboris escapes and manages to draw the attention of Terran vessels, which attack the Vazifar. Amtranik escapes and the Terrans rescue Veled.

Cedric Beust 2003-11-01

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