983 - Der Ort der Stille
The Silent Place
Clark Darlton

After dropping Ernst Ellert in the Silent Place, Harno sets course toward the Matter Sink. On the way, it is grabbed by a super-nova that sends it back a few weeks in the past. It reaches the Matter Sink shortly before Rhodan himself got there. Exhausted, it falls asleep and wakes up after It and Rhodan have left the Matter Sink.

When Harno wakes up, it wanders in the few world fragments left in the Matter Sink and finally returns to the normal space, where Pucky detects its presence. The Terrans drop Harno off near a supernova where it eventually gets absorved inside It. The Base resumes its flight back to the Milky Way.

Cedric Beust 2003-11-01

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