981 - Helfer der Kosmokraten
Helpers of the Cosmocrats
Kurt Mahr

Laire brings Rhodan and Atlan inside the Barys, in a place that looks like a planet, which he calls a Barys body. This place is actually the manifestation of a higher-order structure. The mission of the two men is simply to explore the vicinity and then they will be taken to another one.

Puzzled, Atlan and Rhodan inspect a nearby city before Laire takes them to another Barys body. He tells them that their action seems to be working, even though Atlan and Rhodan have no idea why. On the next Barys, they encounter a creature who tells them about a being called Gourdel. Rhodan remembers hearing the mental call of Gourdel in his previous visit in the Matter Source.

On the Base, Payne Hamiller and his team determine that the area is overcrowded with Barys, and that the presence of Rhodan and Atlan's cell activators is accelerating the disintegration of the Barys.

Rhodan and Atlan meet with Samkar on a Barys, who tells them that he found the four missing crewmembers thanks to Gourdel and that he left them in a safe place. Laire explains to them that the manipulation of the Matter Source came from the excess of Barys, which is now being remedied. They all return to the Base along with the four crewmembers. Samkar disappears.

Cedric Beust 2003-10-28

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