980 - Schwerkraft-Alarm
Gravity Alarm
Kurt Mahr

The Base arrives in an area of space where millions of solar masses are gathered. The anomalies cause the normal continuum to degenerate and Payne Hamiller has to come up with a way to counteract the effects of the disturbances before the Base can advance further. The spaceship arrives near the event horizon and two shuttles are sent in the space beyond, baptized the Barys.

Rhodan and Atlan's cell activators seem to be perturbed by the radiation coming out from the Barys, which frequency is 23 hours and 18 minutes. Only one spaceship comes back, the other seems to have disappeared with its four crewmembers.

Laire tells Rhodan and Atlan that he has received the order to bring the two men in the Matter Source.


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