98 - Entfesselte Gewalten
Unleashed Powers
Kurt Brand

Insect-formed creatures land on the planet Vagabond, the world of the mousebeavers or Ilts, and begin the construction of devices that they call orghs. The mousebeavers, delighted with the godsend, "play" with these new toys and provoke a disaster that causes the destruction of most of the foreign vessels.

The energetic eruption is detected by the cargo ship POTOMAC that goes to investigate but does not detect anything special. Terrania, having also noticed the phenomenon, compares the data. It seems that it is about an energy that cannot exist. Perry Rhodan is immediately informed of it. But in spite of all efforts nothing is detected. The JANUS returns to the site of the energetic eruption. A blue stone made up of an unknown matter is discovered. It is determined that it is about a solidified organic energy.

For some time, Pucky has been depressed. He ends up revealing to Perry Rhodan that he is homesick. Understanding, the Solar Administrator grants him a one month leave of absence. On 5 January 2045, the mousebeaver leaves for the planet Vagabond with the corvette C-09. To his great horror, when he arrives he discovers that his planet of origin has changed orbit. He rushes to the surface and immediately undertakes to save his fellow mousebeavers who are attempting to survive the immense climatic changes.

He approaches the device that invoked the disaster. He attacks the orgh and succeeds in destroying it. A large, catastrophic explosion occurs. As the end approaches, Pucky succeeds in saving twenty-eight mousebeavers by teleporting them aboard the frigate BURMA which has come to the rescue. The planet Vagabond is destroyed completely.

Michael Mahoney 2011-08-31

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