979 - Der Nachfolger
The Successor
Peter Terrid

After making sure that Laire reached his goal, Kemoauc enters the Matter Source and soon discovers a giant cosmic fortress. Inside, he finds evidence that the Cosmocrats created him and the other six Mighty Ones. He finds the trace of someone called Samkar, a human being transformed into a robot by machines producing close-to-perfect parts.

Kemoauc steals Samkar's eye in order to go beyond the Matter Source and he decides to destroy the factory. He is chased by robots sent after him by Samkar, who wants to capture him alive. The two men finally meet and as he is about to kill Samkar, Kemoauc realizes that a symbiote inside him prevents him from harming the servant of the Cosmocrats. Kemoauc gives up and Samkar tells him that he works for the Cosmocrats and he was once called Ygsorian of Veylt. His mission now is to fix the manipulated Matter Source.

Kemoauc realizes that his life has lost all meaning and decides to commit suicide. Samkar convinces him to go beyond the Matter Sources where he is expected. Kemoauc accepts.

Cedric Beust 2003-10-21

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