978 - Heimkehr der Loower
The Homecoming of the Loowians
Ernst Vlcek

The scientists discover a similarity between the message sent by the Cosmocrats to Laire and the cell activators carried by Rhodan and Atlan, but they don't have enough information yet to decipher the transmission.

Laire offers to Pankha-Skrin to take him beyond the matter sources. The source master accepts and Rhodan reluctantly gives a shuttle to Laire to achieve this mission. He decides to secretly send another shuttle called the Hurvo behind it in order to locate the Matter Source. However, Joker intervenes on Kemoauc's order and forces the Terrans to land on the eleventh planet, leaving Laire and four Loowians disappear toward their mysterious destination.

Laire lands on a planet and is picked up by a spaceship from the Disassemblers piloted by Servus. When he comes back two days later, he has a replacement eye. Laire takes Pankha-Skrin in the proximity of the Matter Source where the Loowian receives a transmission from the Cosmocrats. Pankha-Skrin realizes that the Loowians never had anything to fear from the Cosmocrats. Shocked, the Source Master decides he now needs to convince his people to give up the quest to go beyond the Matter Sources.

Laire comes back to the Base and the Loowians leave for their final destination, Alkyra II, where they will start a new civilization, accompanied by Joker, who has now taken the shape of a Monade. Kemoauc is nowhere to be found and Laire tells Rhodan he fears that the Mighty has come too close to the manipulated Matter Source and that he perished while trying to enter it.

Cedric Beust 2003-10-20

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