977 - Kemoaucs Bestie
Kemoauc's Beast
Ernst Vlcek

Laire cannot locate the Matter Source because it has been manipulated. He receives a message from the Cosmocrats telling him that they ordered the androides on board the six spore ships to head toward the Milky Way in order to evacuate the Terrans. However, the androides are not obeying. Kemoauc and Laire ask Rhodan to borrow the Eye but refuse to explain the situation, for fear that Rhodan would then rush back to Earth. Rhodan refuses and Laire and Kemoauc are forced to get the Eye by force.

They teleport on Drink 1 where Kemoauc unleashes a creature he calls Joker, that has the ability to morph itself. Then they teleport on the Hordun-Farban where they realize that the androides have been altered by the radiations from the Quanta On and Noon, explaining why they are disobeying the order from the Cosmocrats.

Joker is also altered by the radiation and he makes an alliance with the androides, capturing Laire and Kemoauc to prove himself. Rhodan and the mutants materialize on the spore ship and free the Mighty One and his robot. Laire starts reprogramming the spore ships when Joker tells Rhodan their final destination. Thinking he has been betrayed, Rhodan has Pucky modify their itinerary to send them into a nearby sun.

Laire realizes that he has no choice and tells the situation to Rhodan. The spore ships are diverted and resume their course toward the Milky Way.

Cedric Beust 2003-10-12

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