975 - Die zweite Welle
The Second Wave
Marianne Sydow

A new wave of space quakes shake the Milky Way. The radiations cause arkonite to dissolve. All across the galaxy, cities and spaceships disintegrate under the concrete plague, as it's been called. A group of Blues tries to attack the Orbiters with a new molkex coating but the attempt fails.

Julian Tifflor and Quiryleinen meet. Tifflor tells the Orbiter what he learned on the Pan-Thau-Ra about the Cosmocrats manipulating the Matter Source. The Orbiter doesn't believe him and is convinced that the concrete plague is a Terran weapon. As the ultimatum is about to expire, Quiryleinen meets with Tifflor again and meets Salik for the first time. He imediately recognizes him as a Knight of the Abyss and surrenders his fleet to him.

Cedric Beust 2003-10-12

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