972 - Die Stimme aus dem Nichts
The Voices from the Void
Kurt Mahr

On their way to Durzull, an automatic device on board the spaceship identifies Harden Coonor as a Knight of the Depth. Coonor asks the Orbiters to pledge allegiance to him but the clones are suspicious. The Vario escapes and learns more about the Machine: it is comprised of twenty-four planets spread over three solar systems. The Vario teams up with an Orbiter who has doubts on the identity of Harden Coonor and together, they try to slow down the offensive of the Orbiters against the Milky Way.

The conflict escalates and ends up in the death of Harden Coonor, who reveals his real origin before dying.

Cedric Beust 2003-10-12

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