970 - Das Ende der Wächter
The End of the Watcher
William Voltz

A mysterious individual named Ulrus contacts Samkar and tells him that the person impersonating him as Igsorian of Veylt is called Harden Coonor. Samkar accepts to accompany Ulrus.

When the Machine installed by Armadan of Harpoon detects that the Hordes of Garbesch are back in the Milky Way, it wakes up Harden Coonor from its sleep. Coonor refuses to be involved and goes to the surface of the planet, where he mingles with Terrans under a false identity. He learns that fleets of Orbiters have already positioned themselves at strategic places in the Milky Way but he soon understands that the Machine has made a mistake and that the Terrans are not Garbeschians. Two colons discover his false identity and Coonor returns to the base, where he is sent by transmitter to Martappon. His base self-destroys, leaving no clues to the Terrans.

On the Earth, Jen Salik has a dream in which an individual called Marifat tells him that he is a descendant of Armadan of Harpoon. Marifat tells Salik the history of Armadan of Harpoon.The armies commanded by Armadan of Harpoon are finally prevailing against the Hordes of Garbesch. The Knight of the Depth wants to make sure they will never return, so he installs two different safeguards.

First, he needs to create a safe haven where the citizens of the Milky Way will be able to flee from the Hordes, should they ever return. He asks the galactic engineers to create a dark cloud around the twenty-two planets of the Laandians, called the Arla Mandra. Then, using the psychodes found inside, the cloud was fitted with powerful psychic emitters which only the kind of the Laandians, Tezohr, was able to manipulate.

The second safeguard was a set of installations able to clone humans in order to create an army against the Hordes of Garbesch.

Later, Armadan of Harpoon had to fight against a negative power called Navel, who, just like the Hordes of Garbesch, was sent by Seth-Apophis. The Knight realizes that he is aging. He meets with a dismantler called Nargus who tells him he is the last Knight of the Abyss and that the Cosmocrats have decided not to renew the Order of the Knights. Armandan of Harpoon dies of old age soon thereafter.

Cedric Beust 2003-10-11

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