969 - Der falsche Ritter
The Fake Knight
William Voltz

In a distant past

On the planet Schusc in the galaxy Norgan-Tur, a family wants their one-year old child, Harden Coonor, to be given a chance to become a Knight of the Abyss. They turn to a mysterious ermit called Lussmann to do whatever he can in order to make that happen. The ceremony of the Knights of the Abyss is about to be celebrated as several babies are about to start being trained. Lussmann substitutes one of the cribs, replacing Igsorian of Veylt by Harden Coonor.

The real Knight is called Samkar and brought up by Lussmann, who tells him about his origins. Becoming more bitter as he grows up, Samkar leaves the ermit.

The fake Igsorian of Veylt pursues his destiny as a Knight of the Abyss until the incident with the Bilkottians. Attacked by the energy medusas, he asks his servant to take care of Zorg, his orbitter, while he turns his spaceship, the Zyffo, into a black hole, destroying most of the Bilkottian forces.

As he is dematerializing, Igsorian of Veylt learns about his true origin. He reappears in the center of the Machine, built by Armadan of Harpoon to defend against the Hordes of Garbesch, in case they would appear again in the future. Igsorian of Veylt is put in a cryogenic sleep by the installation.

On the planet Feeling in the Milky Way, a human colony is investigating a construction that has obviously been built by a foreign civilization. Harden Coonor appears on the planet and pretends to be one of the colons. On the Earth, a scientist named Jen Salik feels that his intellectual abilities are improving dramatically.

Cedric Beust 2003-10-03

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