968 - Exodus der Mutanten
The Exodus of the Mutants
Clark Darlton

On the Base, Laire accepts to help the Terrans. He takes the Eye and dematerializes, along with the six Spore Ships. When they are back, Laire tells Rhodan that It is on board the Hordun-Farban, but that only Ellert/Ashdon is authorized to talk to him. Ellert boards Kemoauc's ship and learns that the creation of the world fragments has considerably weakened It, and that the only way he can replenish his reserves is by absorbing the mutants in his consciousness.

Rhodan is torn when he learns the news but both the Old Mutants, who are inside the PEW block, and the new ones tell him that they are willing to merge with It. Rhodan has to let all the mutants go except for Pucky, Ras Tschubai and Felmer Lloyd. Ellert merges as well with It who then heads toward Eden II.

On Eden II, all the concepts have merged and only two individuals are left, who are finally absorbed by It, thus creating a stable center in his Sphere of Influence.

Cedric Beust 2003-10-03

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