967 - Die Materiesenke
The Matter Sink
Clark Darlton

Prisoner in the Matter Sink, Rhodan uses his spacesuit to leave Shamballa and soon reaches another planet fragment. Meanwhile, the concept Ellert/Ashdon has found the Matter Sink and, guided by Rhodan's telepathic impulses, he lands on the same planet fragment and the two men recognize each other.

They are finally contacted by It who explains to them that he was trying to rescue Igsorian of Veylt when he fell in a trap laid out by powers trying to destroy him. As a consequence, he became trapped in the Matter Sink. However, he is now busy creating planet fragments and estimates that in a few years, this will allow him to regain the normal universe by destroying the void in the Matter Sink.

On the Base, Atlan makes a pact with Kemoauc: he will allow the Mighty One to use the Base in order to find the Matter Source. When Kemoauc still can't find the Matter Source, he reluctantly accepts to help Atlan recover Rhodan from the Matter Source.

Back in the Matter Sink, Kemoauc realizes that Rhodan left and when he finally finds him, he understands that he is now outnumbered because of the presence of It. He gives Laire's eye back to Rhodan.

Rhodan still intends to help It out of the Matter Sink because he's afraid that the time it will take the super-intelligence to leave the Matter Sink will have terrible consequence for the human kind. It tells Rhodan that Eden II has reached the center of its Sphere of Influence and that the concepts need him there urgently.

Cedric Beust 2003-10-03

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