965 - Die Sporenschiffe
The Spore Ships
Ernst Vlcek

On Eden II, the Concepts gather and discuss their situation. Some of them want to pursue what they think is their mission: merge in one organism which will then become a new superintelligence. But this opinion is not shared by everyone: Maina and Herkas recommend to wait until they know more about what It expects from them.

In the Drink system, Rhodan and Pucky teleport on the Hordun-Farban, Kemoauc's spore ship. They find spaceships of the Dismantlers on board and they are soon attacked by the blue androids. They retreat to the Base. Servus, the commander of the spore ships, contacts Rhodan and tells him he was asked to bring the ships at this position and wait for further instructions. Rhodan is warned not to interfere.

On Drink VI, Bull finds more foetuses and brings them back on the Base. A further analysis reveals that they are all made of ammonium crystals. Rhodan continues his investigation on the Eye and asks the mutants to peer into it, but they find nothing more than the abyss that Rhodan saw himself. Rhodan decides to ask Laire, who explains that what he is seeing is a Matter Sink, which he describes as an extinct Matter Source. Remembering what It said before disappearing, Rhodan becomes convinced that It was absorbed in a Matter Sink.

The Spore Ships suddenly form a huge hexagon in space and something materializes in its center.

Cedric Beust 2003-09-22

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