964 - Schwingen des Geistes
The Oscillations of the Mind
Ernst Vlcek

After what the concepts called the Long Jump, Eden II arrives to its final destination. The concept Maina believes that they are now in the middle of It's Sphere of Influence. However, It is nowhere to be found and Maina decides to try and convince the other concepts to leave Eden II in order to help Ellert/Ashdon to find It.

Maina meets people called the Icarians who have grown winds and have developed flying abilities by using the artificial gravity of Eden II.

In the galaxy Erranternohre, Rhodan is still trying to find the Matter Source. He peers into Laire's eye and distinguishes some kind of moving abyss, but nothing more. One of Payne Hamiller's scientists proposes the theory that the Matter Source is actually inside the Eye, in the same microcosmos that was hiding the Cosmic Fortresses.

A commando is sent on the gas giant Drink 7, where the Terrans discover an intelligence materialized as ammonia crystals. They uncover a human foetus which they bring back on the Foundation. A further study of the foetus makes Rhodan think that this is indeed Kemoauc who chose to hide from the Cosmocrats using a cell degeneration.

The Terrans are suddenly interrupted by the materialization of six huge spaceships in the vicinity. When Rhodan sees them on screen, he immediately recognizes them: they are the spore ships of the six Mighty Ones: Lorvorc's Wasten-Galt, Partoc's Abet-Dhen-Mar, Murcon's Nogen-Zand, Ariolc's Bolter-Than, Kemoauc's Hordun-Farban and Ganerc's Gor-Vaur.

Cedric Beust 2003-09-18

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