960 - Das UFO-Serum
The UFO Serum
Marianne Sydow

The space quakes cause a new form of leukemia to flare up, killing thousands of people every day. All the known vaccines are powerless to stop the endemic.

On the planet Statischon, the kidnapped children are supervised by an androide called Alurus. He was sent by the Cosmocrats who are trying to protect the human race from the disease caused by the space quakes. All the children kidnapped have antibodies which, put together, will be the foundation for a serum.

A spaceship from the GAVOK spots the androide's base and the planet is soon surrounded by a powerful fleet commanded by Julian Tifflor. Alurus returns the children to the Terrans and meets with Tifflor, telling him about his mission and explaining why the Cosmocrats are acting this way.

The serum created by the androides is a success and the epidemic is stopped.


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