96 - Der Anti
The Mystery Of The Anti
K.H. Scheer

A ceremony takes place on Arkon where Atlan attends the fourth session of the Grand Council. He has business with the Arkonides of the Council who are hostile to him and don't propose anything constructive. During the following night, an unknown individual enters Atlan's quarters and steals his cellular activator, thereby leaving him only sixty hours to live. Atlan asks Perry Rhodan for help.

Rhodan arrives with the DRUSUS and two frigates. Thanks to a device developed by the Swoons, they are able to search for the activator. In the same way, a blockade is formed around Arkon II. The pilot of a private vessel is interrogated, at which time he endures strange headaches. He is convinced he conducted two field officers to Arkon II on Atlanís orders. His mental block is raised and the content of his true memory is projected onto a screen. The Regent identifies one of men as being Segno Kaata, the Grand Priest of the cult of B‚alol on Arkon II.

An assault is made on the temple of B‚alol on Arkon. The mutants realize that their special faculties don't function anymore. It proves that the B‚alols are anti-mutants, and are therefore given the name "Antis". Atlan enters into contact with Segno Kaata, stating he possesses a spare activator. The Anti ends up escaping aboard an oval vessel. A corvette takes up the chase.

The Anti vessel rematerializes in the Gala system. The corvette opens fire, forcing it to crash on a moon. Kaata survives the crash and the Terrans pursue him. To pierce his protective screen, Perry Rhodan uses a bow and arrow, since the screen repulses only energy weapons and not material objects. Kaata is killed and the activator is recovered.

Michael P. Mahoney 2007-08-28

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