959 - Der Loower und das Auge
The Loowian and the Eye
Marianne Sydow

Rhodan is delaying the return of the Eye on board the Foundation because he wants to make sure that Laire and the Loowians will not cause any troubles. Unfortunately, Pankha-Skrin refuses all compromises: not only does he want the Eye back, but he is more determined than ever to wage a war against the Cosmocrats as soon as they will have entered the Matter Source. However, Pankha-Skrin knows that Rhodan will return the eye to Laire, its owner, so he tries to understand what laws the robot obeys in an attempt to rob it from the eye.

On Pucky's Inn, Rhodan manages to convince Nistor to give him the Eye and then he orders the return on the Base to hand it to Laire. The robot accepts to take the Terrans beyond the Matter Source and he assembles the Eye with the seven keys, which dematerialize.

Pankha-Skrin takes Baya Gherol as hostage in order to force Laire to surrender the Eye. The robot decides to give the Eye back to Rhodan because he feels that it is destined to be used for great purposes which can only be accomplished by the Terrans. Panka-Skrin releases the young girl.

Cedric Beust 2003-09-15

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