957 - Der Traumplanet
The Dream Planet
Kurt Mahr

When Pucky returns to the shuttle, he finds the crew asleep and realizes he lost his ability to teleport. Only one person is awake, the archeologist Dano. Soon, a group of alien creatures enter the shuttle and take the crew with them. Pucky and Dano follow them under the surface and after listening to their conversations, they learn about the past of the kidnappers.

The people of the Valugi's were living peacefully on their planet, which was regularly shaken by earthquakes. One day, a powerful being landed on their planet and offered to make their civilization progress if they would accept to guard a precious item. The Valugi's accepted and they split in two, one part living on the surface and the other underneath. Before he left, the mysterious being left one last present: the Protector.

The Drogerkond arrives in the vicinity of the hyperdimensional bubble and penetrates it easily thanks to Laire's eye. Shortly thereafter, all the Loowians fall in a deep sleep, leaving only the Siganese and Nistor, the Helk, awake. After they land on Pucky's Inn and follow the trace of the Valugi's.

Pucky finds the device generating all the illusions and destroys it, recovering partly his faculties.

Cedric Beust 2003-09-08

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