952 - Die Höhlen der Ringwelt
The Caves of the Ring World
William Voltz

The archeologist Marcon Sarder is headed toward the planet Burduuhn with his crew. Sarder used to work with the Arkonide Kihnmynden and because Burduuhn has rings, he thinks its sun might the "Split Sun", which would help them gather information about the Knight of the Abyss.

Sarder meets with the inhabitants of Burduuhn, creatures that look like giant butterflies. When he mentions the name of the Knight of the Abyss Armadan of Harpoon, the creatures become more friendly and tell him about one of their compatriots called Canjot, who used to be Armadan's orbiter. Then he learns about the story of Canjot and Armandan of Harpoon.

In a distant past
Armadan of Harpoon helped defeat the hordes of Garbesch with the assistance of his orbiters, one of them being called Grenodart. After the victory, Canjot meets with Armadan of Harpoon on a planet and the Knight tells him they have to part. He is afraid that besides himself, Igsorian of Veylt and Derkan of Orn, there are no more Knights of the Abyss left.

Armandan of Harpoon mentions the name of Seth-Apophis, who seems to be behind the Hordes of Garbesch. Armadan thinks that Seth-Apophis won't give up after this setback, so he installes twenty-four stations across the Milky Way in order to watch for the return of the Hordes. These stations are able to clone new troops of orbiters if ever the Hordes of Garbesch are detected in the Milky Way.

Armadan of Harpoon must now leave for a distant part of the universe to fight another war, but he leaves two items to Canjot: a memorial crystal in order to maintain the memory of his compatriots, and the skeleton of a Garbeschian, a humanoid about two and a half meter tall.

Marcus Sarder heads to the Solar System with the skeleton.

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