949 - Beherrscher der Tiere
The Master of the Animals
Marianne Sydow

A group of thirty clones of the pirates, who call themselves Orbiters, are prisones of the LFT. Tifflor questions them and manages to get information about an Arkonide called Kinhmynden, who lives on the planet Durgen. Jennifer Thyron and Ronald Tekener leave for Durgen and learn that the Arkonide disappeared in the jungle two years ago.

They find the old Arkonide in the jungle, where he uses a drug to use the animals as guardians. He tells Tekener and Thyron that he once heard from an Arkonide called Fartuloon, who was Atlan's tutor, about the Hordes of Garbesch. He also mentions the name of a mysterious person called Armadan of Harpoon, who once visited the Planet with the Split Sun. Tekener and Thyron return to the Earth and report their findings to Tifflor.

Cedric Beust 2003-08-27

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