947 - Der Matazema-Plan
The Matazema Plan
H.G. Francis

Jagur and group arrive on Kemoauc's Cosmic Fortress and they discover that the Drugun projector has already been assembled. Initially distrustful, and wondering how Kemoauc was able to achieve this feat, he activates the projector and the fortress emerges in the normal space. At the same moments, robots attack the group and Jagur barely escapes.

When the Base arrives at the location of the fortress, all the Terrans find is a cloud of gas leading them to believe the fortress has exploded. However, further investigation reveals that the fortress is actually hidden inside a mountain, on a planet two light-years away. Kemoauc's plan was to escape from the Cosmocrats by simulating its destruction.

As the Base approaches the planet, Icho Tolot's activator stops functioning and he gets very sick. A Terran commando manages to enter the fortress and meets with some locals of the planet, called Matazema.


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