946 - Der sechste Schlüssel
The Sixth Key
Kurt Mahr

Alaska lands on the Cosmic Fortress as the energy discharge caused by a nearby norane makes the Drugun projector break down, thus preventing the Fortress to continue its trip toward the Matter Source. Helped by Ongelsken and a few other Vargartians who have also landed on the Fortress, Alaska tries to find the sixth key on the small asteroid.

The Drugun projector repairs itself and a short transition takes the Fortress near the second planet. Alaska finds the sixth key and returns to the Base, as Bardioc's Cosmic Fortress resumes its course toward the Matter Sources. The Base leaves the system and heads for Kemoauc's Fortress.

Shortly thereafter, a spaceship materializes in the system. It's the Drogerkond, the flaghip of the Loowians, which detected the energetic shockwaves. Not finding anything of interest, the Loowian fleet resumes its flight toward its original goal.

Cedric Beust 2003-08-25

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