944 - Planet der Puppen
Planet of the Dolls
William Voltz

Ganerc-Callibso and Alaska Saedelaere realize that the Time Wells have been deactivated by the Cosmocrats, forcing them to use Ganerc's spaceship, the Light Cell, to reach Derogwanien. When they arrive there, they find out that the dolls have turned evil and Alaska is made prisoner, while Ganerc-Callibso tried to use his psychic energy to control them. His attempt fails.

A giant doll appears and helps Alaska escape. It is one of the seven Great Dolls that Ganerc once created to help the Mighty Ones. Alaska's Suit of Annihilation is destroyed in the process and when Ganerc is finally freed from the dolls, he tells Alaska that even if the Terrans manage to unlock the access to the Matter Sources, they will need the assistance of one of Alaska's compatriots in order to fulfill a mission from the Cosmocrats.

Alaska leaves Derogwanien using the Light Cell and the civilization of the dolls disappears inside the Time Well, now reactivated.

Cedric Beust 2003-08-25

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