942 - Der Margor-Schwall
The Margor Torrent
Ernst Vlcek

Jennifer Thyron discovers that the female pre-Zwottians are under the influence of a Petronian device. The galactic engineers left it there in order to control the females in the advent that they would learn about their past.

Tekener arrives in the colony and destroys the device, freeing the female pre-Zwottians. Bran Howztzer, Dun Vapido and Eawy ter Gedan arrive in Provcon-Faust and meet with Tekener and Thyron. They decide to infiltrate the Moonbeam in order to bring the Eye of the King on board. On Margor's ship, Hotrenor-Taak recognizes them and has them arrested. Margor attempts to lead the Moonbeam out of Provcon-Faust but the influence of the Eye of the King is too strong and he collapses. His consciousness is transfered in the para-plasmic cloud and all the psychodes suddenly vanish. A strong mental impulse emanates from the cloud and floods the whole galaxy, which Tekener baptizes "the Margor Torrent". The mission of the Laandians is thus completed and the dust cloud can now be traverersed without the help of the Vincranians.

Hotrenor-Taak decides to take care of the Iota-Tempestians while Roctin-Paar helps the former para-slaves to return to their home. The three mutants return on the Earth and give their report to Tifflor.


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