941 - Pakt der Paratender
The Pact of the Paraslaves
Ernst Vlcek

With the assistance of the Eye of the King, Ronald Tekener manages to control all of Boyt's paraslaves in Provcon-Faust, as an offensive of the LFT against the para-mutant is building up outside the cloud. Jennifer Thyron reaches a colony of the female pre-Zwottians.

Hotrenor-Taak, who sees in Margor someone capable of ruling over the Milky Way, decides to learn more about the psychodes. He makes a pact with Tekener in order to intensify their research.

Margor has heard about the arrival of the Eye of the King and has his twenty-eight psychodes transfered in his admiral ship, the Moonbeam. Tekener realizes that Hotrenor-Taak is still under the influence of the para-mutant and gets ready to paralyze him before the attack starts.

Cedric Beust 2003-08-18

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