940 - Geburt einer Dunkelwolke
The Birth of the Dark Cloud
Ernst Vlcek

Thyron and Tekener learn from Tezohr the history of Provcon-Faust...

In a distant past, the pre-Zwottians were living peacefully, waiting for the wild hordes to attack the Milky Way. They called themselves Laandians and lived in the kingdom of Arla Mandra, made of twenty-two suns connected by immaterial bridges. The Petronians, also called Galactic Engineers, proposed to turn the third planet of the sun Thoto into a dust cloud in order to protect the kingdom. At the same time, Tezhor, who was still a female then, developed the ability to create paraplasma and received from a mysterious voice the instructions to take his people to a new level of consciousness by transfering their psychic energy into Provcon-Faust's dust cloud. The cloud would later become a powerful beacon destined to serve some mysterious purpose.

One million Laandians transfered their consciousness inside the cloud, leaving behind their psychic energy in the form of psychodes. Feeling betrayed, the Petronians attacked the place containing the psychodes. Most of them were destroyed and the Petronians were hurled into a different dimension by the Laandians.

A greenhouse effect caused by the contact between the atmosphere and the dust cloud turned the once flourishing planet Ailand into a wasteland where the ancestors of the Laandians settled. They called themselves the Zwottians and were the male counterparts of the Laandians.

Boyt Margor was conceived under the influence of Tezohr and he received a psychode when he reached the age of six. When he showed signs of degenerescence, Tezohr paired him up with Bran Howatzer, who was supposed to counterbalance his tendencies. It was not enough, however, and Margor escaped the influence of Tezohr, who later transfered his consciousness inside the dust cloud.

Cedric Beust 2003-08-18

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