939 - Das Rätsel von Lakikrath
The Riddle of Lakikra
Ernst Vlcek

Since they have been transfered to Provcon-Faust, the Tempestians are slowly losing their aggressivity, but Boyt Margor doesn't pay attention to the fact, as he is increasingly under the influence of the psychodes. Hotrenor-Taak, who is partially escaping Margor's influence, decides to help the Tempestians and to that effect, he steals the Dancing Virgin, their psychode.

Margor doubts that the bodies found in Lakikrath belong to Jennifer Thyron and Ronald Tekener, since they couldn't find the cell activators. He intensifies their researches.

Tekener and Thyron discover several female pre-Zwottians, something they thought was impossible. The females are actually intelligent creatures who, along their life, turn into males and then lose their intellectual capabilities. The female takes the two Terrans to the Eye of the King, a massive psychode that is not under Margor's influence.

The Eye of the King once belonged to Tezohr, the last king of the pre-Zwottians, who taught his people to create preplasma which later became the psychodes. At the end of his reign, all the psychodes were destroyed except a hundred of them. Tezohr manifests himself through the Eye of the King and promises the Terrans to help them.

Cedric Beust 2003-08-18

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