936 - Die letzten Flibustier
The Last Pirates
Marianne Sydow

A group of pirates attacks a GAVOK's base but their attack fails. Seven of them escape on the planet Dennos III where robots from an unknown ship capture them. They are taken on a planet calle Varovaar and tell the pirates that they serve an entity called the Device. The robots think that the recent tremors that shook the Milky Way are a sign that the army of Garbesch is about to strike again. They think that the pirates are part of Garbesch's army and they proceed to question the seven men in an attempt to learn more about Garbesch's plans.

During the questioning, the robots start a program destined to create replicas of the pirates, with the intention to build an army to resist Garbesch.

Cedric Beust 2003-08-18

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